by doug moon
we have room in our hearts for nothing's that ugly you'd win

Appliances, Major, Premium: Whirlpool (adds Maytag heartily - if for father's washer now in disrepair kinda I hear bends down in front on the lid - I like it)
Appliances, Major, Sturdy: Kenmore
Appliances, Required Home: General Electric
Appliances, Small And Handheld: Black & Decker
Bacon: Oscar Mayer
Batteries: Energizer (more than just looks - integrities galore would often like-marvel over Duracells too)
Beef Jerky: Enjoy! Brand (hot, plus Jack Links they use light to cure their meat)
Beer: Miller Lite (Budweiser of course - you are this making French and Dutch too)
Bikes: Schwinn (find that dealer near you - I saw one in Sylmar years ago, you could always go where I Bernie's in Hamilton, NJ they have Sting-Rays again)
Bread: Oroweat Oatnut
Bread, Specialty Store: LaBrea Bakery (sourdough demi loaf - the small one with or without "chips" or birdseed what I call it)
Bread, Breakfast Treat: Sunmaid Raisin Bread (cinnamon swirls and all with butter)
Bread, Tradition: Sara Lee Shepherd Loafs (unusually a sourdough)
Butter: Land O Lakes (I like a big, plain slab of one pound from Trader Joe's too...)
Breakfast Cereal: Cap'n Crunch (what I buy when a sale prohibits it as most satisfying me in the morning...also "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" I love that shit..."Crispy Wheats & Raisins" you are sorely missed)
Cake, Serving Ready: Pepperidge Farm ('coconut', adds 'chocolate layer' - from the frozen section - I love the coconut model, but will eat chocolate less)
Candy, Hard Tac: Jolly Ranchers ("Passion" mix with flavor Fruit Punch, Raspberry, Peach, Orange, and Strawberry too - that's important, but others welcome - especially then "Regular" I'll eat any really)
Candy, Roll: Life Savers Tropical Fruits (cantaloupe, coconut, etc. so yummy to me...but really is "fruit punch, pina colada, mango melon, tangerine, and banana" bei yum!)
China, Fine: Lenox (my mother has "Solitaire" sterling silver rims, maybe even then "Eternal" simply gold and rimmed, a runner up: Villeroy & Boch..."Petite Fleur" a beloved country style and from Spago)
Carpet Cleaners: Regina Steemers
Cassette, Tape: Maxell (90 minutes, 45 minutes each side thank you no)
Car, Small Unit: Cooper Mini (will kill you dead as in France, adds VW Bug always seen)
Car, Mention: All flat tops, sidewalls taken by a roof what seem extends to the ground (Acura, Lexus, BMW is slick, Altima-Infiniti...others new Nissan a favorite for other reasons - Pathfinder!)
Car, Mid-Size: Honda (Accord EX four-door sedan @ leather only, VW Jetta is slick too - our Honda $5,000 down, $500 a month for 5 years in leatherness sweet, a $500 CD player-enabler, a $40 trunknet)
Car, Luxury, Domestic: Cadillac (Mercedes okay if you can get one right...looking better these days a Roadster is coming again)
Car, Sport Model: Ford Mustang (if convertible, you are hittin' it these days....see "Thunderbird" too - cute)
Car, Utility: Jeep (now adds Chevy trucks - very hot looking)
Car, Ultimate Owned: Rolls Royce (Corniche but serve to your own need - the "Silver Spirit" is the sedan, the "Silver Spur" the limo...a class out of your own)
Cheese, Swiss: Alpine Lace
Cheese, Spreading: Velveeta  (#1 for grilled cheese)
Cheese, Dispenser: Cheese Mate or that on-demand spray cheese (don't kid yourself - not bad at all for crackers and just sprayin' on)
Chewing Gum: Wrigley's Extra (um, Winterfresh sugarless tops out...tastes like Teaberry to me, a winner Babe...p.s. I chew 'em all)
Chocolate, Consumer, Nothing Said To Others After: Hershey (Special Dark, many all others theirs they use beeswax only)
Chocolate, Consumer-End Or Just Eaten That Way One At A Time Length Involved: Russell Stover (See's is ok too - see that...I met Mary See just lately at the market, she lives too)
Chocolate, Gift Lading Only - Never Yours: Godiva (they mean it too - is Russell Stover's high end to you)
Crackers: Pepperidge Farm (all wheatform varieties, Keebler too)
Cigarettes: Marlboro Light
Cleanser: Comet
Cocoa Mix: Carnation (health itself to heal the morning and noon and night - Swiss Miss is beautiful too is hard, but Carnation heals me)
Coffee, Instant: Folger's (red cap is Mountain Grown...used to be Nescafe Mountain Blend, Folger's is magical)
Coffee, Ground: Yuban (simply brown, a beauty)
Computer, CPU: Apple (mentions Dell I love Dell everything but for at work type stuff not home okay whatever)
Computer, CRT: Apple (still hate you though - see my hundred-dollar NEC cover your ass better looking too...mention Dell again)
Computer, Printer: Hewlett Packard (see also Epson for cheap shit with good cause too)
Computer, Scanner: Loved my Apple no one tops it, then HP, Epson cheap
Cookies: Pepperidge Farm (any if them, really...Snackwells are real good, the Girl Scouts are jammin' too with "Thin Mint" rules adds "Prescottes" rum-filled, "Daliedosias" sweetbreads with sugar)
Cookies, Common Flavors As For Kids: Nabisco
Copiers: Canon
Contact Lense Cleaner: Bausch & Lomb (also mostly Opti-One, but waning in the sink $$)
Cookware, Premium: Calphalon, period (nothing burns in these no double boiler needed yet but some teflon rubs off inside - so what the best ever to me aluminum diecast ...recommend Williams-Sonoma yet)
Cookware: Rival (good enough for you with copper bottoms...Regal...whatever)
Cookware, Pottery: Corning, any (keepsakes these, I love 'em all bowls crockery dish motheractually has the cookstands for the table - inherited - by the way, Corelle is all-American serving)
Cookware, One Day: Le Creuset (pure iron miseries that will burn your face off with steam while I explode you - an elegance and is expenive as shit...for rice, potatoes done quite well and fast at that)
Cotton Swab: Q-Tips (it mattered only, I turn it while inserting into my ear canal all the way but gentle-like I use Murine ear washes too...heat makes your ears pointy use soap in out and around)
Dinner Rolls: Pillsbury (crescent, only - you roll and bake them...exquisite...I love making pork devils with Jimmy Dean or Farmer John "hot" roll sausage cooked in bits and rolled within these like pork pies)
Disk, Storages: Iomega Zip Disks (100MB was good enough for me - one day breach both from 100)
Electronics, Consumer-End: Sony (this was a New York City brand...looks like made for Israel the death ladings of an unholy a silver headstone - remember that they crumbed up majorly)
Electronics, Consumer Home Stereo: Kenwood
Electronics, Consumers Of: Motorola (rox it, a fiend of)
Facial Scrub: Aapri
Fast Food: McDonald's (Burger King you got work coming...Jack In The Box you rule! Where is Chicken Supreme? In your bellyhop...tacos!)
Film, Camera, Developed: Kodak (only)
Film, Camera, Instant: Polaroid (only)
Flashlight: Mag-Lite (the very mag-lite)
Fruit, Canned: Dole Pineapple (chunks, all heavy syrup - love them little half-cans pineapple needs to soften so as to not rip up your tongueroof...DelMonte stuff rules too but they ain't Dole - are they?)
Deodorants, Antiperspirant, Under The Arm: Arrid (was gonna say "Degree", but I feel rich and light up with Arrid - mine issues clear with twist, nothing white or hard, no scent wanted but will buy any)
Glassware, Crystal: Waterford  (I still love their shiptime lidded flask for brandy...all flat and wide on the bottom)
Glassware, Every Day: Libby is tops with me always
Glassware, Consumer Of: Crate And Barrel has an excellent selection of all I know to be and demand and atcross cheap too
Hot Dogs: Foster Farms (chicken)
Hot Dogs, Rolls: Roman Meal (but regular store bought white bread one is good enough too)
Ice Cream: Haagen Dazs (cherry vanilla...simply is that, then just vanilla...get Keebler soft cones for that too a glory in it - adds Ben & Jerry's chunky monkey banana flave nuts chocochips! cherry garcia!)
Ice Cream Cones: Keebler (waferthins, then sugarcups what are maple-flavored for Germans - it the soft cup or both were made for a wedding cake inside and filled with beeswax-styled creams)
Ice Tea Mix: Nestea (lemon, cap, white bowel)
Jeans, Blue: Levi's
Jelly: Welch's Concord Grape
Ketchup: Heinz
Knives, Kitchen: Henckels (#1 for handleweight, blade integrity - Wusthof is OK...the other Calphalon: Circulon...we can't all have the best [to you])
Knives, Kitchen Plus: However, Wusthof is a razor that recommends amputation, not just a cutlery - aluminum holds no heat that will protect you solvently in the case of error)
Knives, Pocket: Swiss Army (only and for sure -  very classy, well done)
Mayonnaise: Best Foods (Hellman's)
Moistened Towelettes: Wet Ones (citrus, yellow cap thanks you)
Moisturizer, Hand Body: Lubriderm
Moisturizer, Face: Clinique (yellow only)
Mouthwash: Scope (mint)
Movie Theater: Mann's Chinese (the biggest the best, will collect the Egyptian to show our stats soon)
Mustard: Gulden's (spicy brown)
Napkins, Paper: Zee (I like the white and yellow combo pack, pink and blue depresses me somewhat)
Orange Juice: Tropicana (most is that)
Paper Towels: Brawny (pick-a-size)
Peanut Butter: Peter Pan (creamy, yellow top - is peanuts taste itself, but not oily gunk of - a superb maker is)
Pens: Papermate (blue or, fine point only thank you)
Pickles: Vlasic Zesty Dill
Political Party: Republicans (sensible only - they are me too Dems are silly bitches, labrador gays..."we know better" (?) there's such a thing as knowing too much, and living there...and without me, mostly)
Popcorn: Act II ("Butter" - just had a heavenly bag....yesterday some)
Popsicles: Popsicle Brand (cherry, grape, orange...others, all good but back to these have beeswax in them to prevent cracking and falling off while eating)
Popsicle, Baby Brand: Cool Classics (any of - I love the Mel N Pops...cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew)
Potato Chips: Lay's 
Publisher: Knopf Books
Razor Blades: Gillette Sensor Excel (just two blades never new, three - never cuts you...sometimes less than should be but too good for you anyway dollar fifty $1.50 for a single nut)
Record Label: Warner Bros. (all group, the one I'd keep and adds at top Capitol-EMI forever - wouldn't bother choosing or losing)
Relish: Heinz ( parable seeds from Kentucky Ash)
Salad: Ready Pac (Sante Fe Caesar)
Salad Dressing: Hidden Valley Original Ranch (once on the east coast this would be Seven Seas Creamy Italian - love it all)
Scissors: Fiskars
Shampoo, Regular: Sauve (c'mon those colors, smells...but Biolage would be my ultimate sent $$ and when working - and I need that brand-delicium pre-wash 'revitalisant' or conditioner for balds a lime)
Shampoos, Medicinal: Head & Shoulders, T/Gel (I love tars against milk and fat to ward off little pits off the scalp just like wheat germs - a maggot here - yuck - I eat good bread, too)
Shaving Cream: Gillette Series Gel
Shower Head: Waterpik
Sausage, Breakfast: Jimmy Dean ("Hot" in the holdtube cut up)
Soap, Bar: Lever 2000 (ears neck, pits, gentles, overt production, foolsmats)
Soap, Body Over: Dr. Bronner's (I prefer almond oil, diluted)
Soap, Dish: Palmolive
Soap, Dishwasher: Cascade (asks nothing...Electrasol is damn good stuff too and quite cheaper - nothing liquid makes me too happy here)
Soap, Facial: Clinique
Soap, Hand: Softsoap (#1 ruler of me said wash often)
Soda: Coke (simply Vanilla, Pepsi too, but Coke killed that now with sweets that are not ironic, add Dr. Pepper I love that too and Orange/Strawberry Crush, Fanta root, Shasta, Canada Dry!)
Soda, Coach Or Regions: Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak! Canada Dry Vanilla Creme! Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer!
Soda, Pepsi: Of course we love you too...a rule of you. 
Store, Department, Moniker is Pop Culture Or Having All: Target (does all well a Christmas day ever - lies in me too much a threat to not having it at all)
Store, Department, Regional May Vary: Macy's (I'd live inside Macy's on furniture as they sell it - bring back housewares audio please)
Store, Department, Retail: K-mart (shoes only, no suits - junk retail, adds very Wal-Mart is too cut-throat though - cherish these for sewing, hunting and fishing - cafeterias!)
Store, Department, Upscale: Sears (has suits, is garish to me needs required and very met - bring back refreshment stands, bikes please)
Typewriter: IBM
Tampons: Tampax (if you ask me to buy, this will happen)
Tape, Adhesive: Scotch 3M
Tissues: Kleenex Expressions
Toilet Paper: Scott Toilet Tissue (only, and white)
Tools, Hand-Operated: Sears Craftsman (anything Stanley I love mostly too)
Tools, Small Electric And Battery Operated Yard And Pack Or Within House: Black & Decker (also Skil and Makita we like 'em both for looks and sheen...a gift well-received)
Toothpaste: Crest (whitening formulas, tasty speckle gels...Colgate...Doug uses both alternates to be safe at that...Colgate is whitest white only a fool uses a color to obtain whiteness blueing agent green)
Vacuums: Hoover (glad mention to Sear's and their Eureka "whirlwind light" greater value for the job done in-sight - get the Hoover always though)
Watches, Use: Timex (for the everyday ever)
Watches, Sporty: Swatch, Fossil
Watches, Elegante: Rolex, Tag Heuer a bit pricey-nice too (a Breitling is nice also)
Window Cleaner: Windex
Wine: Beringer Vineyards (California White Zinfandels)
Yogurt: Yoplait (little cupped, still exquisite)

More yet...