Advance Your Cause Next Year - Not Here - Join Us Then In June 2005: A Gay Celebration Of Hate Returns Me My Open House Real Then Saturday, June 10 - 8:00 PM-10:00 PM Thanks It's Real
And so am I, damn you to sense. Bring chips and a dip.

Thank You's Afoot 06/02/05 1454
Thank you Sav-On Drugs for selling personal lubricants like Wet Light Formula in full-stock and cheap too - very classy these days. A dozen beautiful eggs to me so cheap too Swiss Dairy. And thank you to the United States Post Office at West Hollywood 90069 for taking pennies in your stamp machines. Very classy. I mean that too - now to change I seem. The penny the dollar once again legal tender this a business ours samed. Business to business is ours samed. Each one an independent state-nation is my term. Use it well. A resplendent is mine too. No customers, just friends helping friends see better then. Business is friends of a friend then mine - not "buying something and selling it for more" - that is a black, a woman, an underpriviliged talking it out but all rules right out the door. Why weren't you here but centuries earlier with that particular brand of command about you your dime. You work in a 7-Eleven only where people come in and for only what they came for and at certain price or and you snake it out fast no talk - that's guard...a vanguard I seem and you work Christmas Day we don't need you here after all. That owner died fast plus I don't believe in saving money - I save you money only.

i'm over MY HEAD !

More News Of Late 06/01/05 1659
No, no June yet - you wait. With all the reprint and reknowing afoot, there's one album A Flock Of Seagulls don't have back out yet and that's the "The Story Of A Young Heart" LP - my grandmother's crystal heart pendant is on the cover she had shitloads of lead crystal in her china cabinets I don't know anyone else who loves that shit, but she does all in storage still for her return. That's in the "Titanic" too a real sleeper then - nothing special to me. Anyway, I can't get the song "Over My Head" unless I buy this CD even the Lime teases me yet with no solid offer. Anyway, the stuff is cheap at CD Universe who won my bid for being two dollars ($2.00) cheaper with that online credit card and all, but I was asked in the head by all certify to avoid this in favor of FYE who called on today to cancel the order flatly no excuses. I hate that thinking can have freely now and then this and at additional expense I might just add that in. Liz Fraser again I blame her. I heard in the head yesterday they woulda had to pay someone else for the CD - a few bucks more than what they got from me and boy ! that's stale. Keep yourselves in business by pleasing us only and always please. In the meantime, I await CD Universe a cancel too though they confirmed by e-mail again but my very name of it. I bought every last piece of crap from every such cash, but not never really paid AFOS for anything past the second album what I bought in Houston, Texas with Culture Club's first LP in 1983 (the shackles coming off a gay but brilliantly) save the greatest hits comp from BMG and then a rebuy of the first album on CD again at Tower and a scant single on CD "Magic" and then of course the vinyl of this album also featuring a rose lained with thorns bought second-hand at Aron's for two-bucks ($2.00). Got the "Listen" LP even again on eBay - I sold many records vinyl to Aron's and then started collecting one-hits on even again so what. The eighties were vicious in terms of my consumer weight against dollars voted in. Too many excels and from this camp too. FYI, this CD is named what it is "Essential New Wave" - "a series" - to avoid contracts and such with them where does it all end. They are disinterested altogether after last feats not doing well. So...what. Mits on 06/13/06: Rec'd the CD proper over the weekend so nice it saint (first stingily copy of locum "Men" too women we'll discuss more of this later - hey, I know that sounds gross - do the math for your nuts - somehow the forest green...ridicule? open to all who venture we risk it seeing and to believe if just that. Your? Il' dee a-finley sum sem. 

i'm into 'modern love is automatic' right now

I was just asked if I bought this record, and after much consideration (after all, I loved them in concert after this release - "Over My Head" stilled me with pleasures live at Great Adventure), the answer was 'no'. There were exactly two (2) songs on the "Listen" LP I could stand to know and still but further blast out "Nightmares" and "Wishing" as grands le tot. I loved them, but two (2) rad singles and "Transfer Affection", at simply no, does not an album to make and to magical types. Not with fiercest competition afoot like Tears For Fears "The Hurting" LP what I really bought in Houston not yours - I just saw yours there in Target at Humble (my first - how should we say? - 'visitation' with - we said "Tar-zhay" to be classier...this was Kingwood, after all - the queen's countenance in field and florry) as just released you and Bryan Adams "Cuts Like A Knife". Gets it soon anyway with that great cover awesome video for "Nighmares" (I have that a copy right here and fully - not all is just lost). But therein lies your dead, third record to me. C'mon - you can't stiff an album worth of materials at me with a Pete Shelley raging on and others. You do what you do - and still magical, kinda. I resent you. The "Dream Come True" LP (remember, someone new died and after dreaming) one missing on the cover, no (but is now re-available on that CD, yes). The violas (no strings, you play the box only with taps) - cool though. Damn, that discussion was hard on me. Damn! All that changed now - I pay you jerks for one CD with a great song on it a blast. But you fight all the dogs independent and homemade like sticks eating chow handmade and at home. Someone has to hit it - not one. "A feather for each bird flies no one home." - 'Til Tuesday knew their sophomore effort buried them dead though. No one came, no one cared. Yours dead too for that woman hating everyone when someone dies. What stinks the most still? Good music - you fucks are there and interesting as still the cob. Let the others out pecking of kernels for it. What remains, stains. I remain. Let no one know - or simply help them to it. We lose some, little.

More on 06/02/05: As to me "'Transfer Affection' was a hit." No, we call that a "single" for "singled out" and merely. Someone says "an introduction" to an album. To me, you issue the so-called "sophomore effort" and then live or die in the public theater, your next album at ruse. You are dying then - take it to easy enough you'll lose. 'Til Tuesday a "singles" problem? Not necessarily. "What Above Love" hit it with me? No, "Coming Up Close" did and big - why would anyone mistake that? Both are good enough to me, but hardly gate crashers that first one. I like it though and listen often enough singing along that "one good look". Per Flock - a video makes a hit surely. Some people get away with nothing - know that. Even bigger? No a promo is hopeful only. You were capped with that money coming in. The style ruled you down and into holes too much money flowing around. Hey fool - no video for "Space Age Love Song"? Why? Biggest ever to you trust that.

A Flock Of Seagulls "Over My Head" MP3 (3.6 Megs) (and as extension ".m4a") associate with the QuickTime application on the way in if necessary. These are big and brash to us. Otherwise, a switch out soon. These also deteriorate in time if you don't listen to them - a trick leaves just the end closing if just you keep. Keep playing it, keep it having for you I just bought it too. Just see MP3 at one half memory used not one another lesson. Consistency is key if to limit talking a witch is never once born.

As Today
06/01/05 1018
Tomorrow ! we talk of assault (you made me fear for my safety, or then, made me know you - a harming is in the head, you made me change my way home), battery (you touched my person with the intent of hurting me - a hurt may and leads to death if continues), and announcing the "tristeen" - something new (you touched my hair my baseball hat and directed my carings or then took my time with it - I had to go back and reconsider myself my look then what was already taken care of by me - a crime at, I had plenty of hair most then and thought nothing of my beauty shining onward - it was that I didn't want to know you that well having to ask repeatedly for my hat back and embarrassing me by being exceptive to others afoot with behaviors with being heard I didn't want them or to talk of me either). We'll explore these freely in the morning you said. Here it is - further law is needed for faggots who touch people in friendly fools way. They touch people being queers and I hate them for it. That's hate - no need to consider. No, empty bulb of it a balloon in the air sissing from too much heat added. When the police ask you why you did it to them and in that way, you won't be able to say at all. That's hate. Not unwilling, unable to from being crazy and stupid both. Hate is stupid to say and stupid to know. It is that. Avoid in favor of your own angers, your own very reasons for hurting freaks (I like a summary statement and further three [3] or so lines of detail underneath, myself - I hate being touched in any way by sad clowns) - maybe more later. What was this about? Again, to my hate. To you - a thought off. Heh, heh - you never know who people are anyway - you'll fucking die in a head and then true. My friend Chris Ondy now goes "My father used to spray them with water and say 'whaddaya think?'" I'd hafta make a preparation of the ol' cornwash of water sprane to take the tags off your pantsuit with burning-off dots of cornstarch as having been silted overnight. Way before you burn or battery to me with your cigarette (nothing like a browvoun halo of tar on the skin - test that to use no filter).

Lumisource Couldn't Help With A Replacement Part Fucking Cheap Thing Stripped 05/31/05 1113
"Michelle - I took that bent couplet out of the middle of the Medusa lamppost anyway and replaced it with a long wooden dowel inside that had just enough room left within for the cord running up next to it. Sure, I hadda cut a few wires and then cap them back together as carefully coded, but all worked out well. So - no need to know other or bother with. I love my Medusa lamp again.

Thanks, I guess.
Doug Moon, ever the triumphant"

Before that FYI:

Unfortunately, that piece can not be replaced. The wire runs completely through the lamp. So in order to replacement the coupling you would have top cut the wire. We can not recommend that you do that. Also, the piece you are looking for we do not stock it. The lamps come to us already assembled. All we have are the lamps, not the spare pieces.

The only thing I can suggest to you, is to take it to a repair shop. Maybe they could permanently weld it together for you.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Thank you,

Customer Service

From: Doug Moon <>
Date: May 23, 2005 11:15:26 PM CDT
To: LumiSource Sales <>
Subject: Lumisource WebSite Feedback/Request for Information

*** Begin Feedback Content ***

Name: Doug Moon
Method of Contact: Email
Phone: 3106597511
Email Address:

Request Info On Product: Medusa lamp
Heard About LumiSource: lamp purchase

A couplink weakened on the medusa lamp - the one that joins the basepole with the second pole up. I need a replacement - any info or help would be appreciated. One little piece or to throw the whole thing away.

*** End Feedback Content ***

Best regards,

Nicole Minale
LumiSource, Inc.

After the fact law:

"You're supposed to sell [these days], Doug." Fuck that - I paid one hundred fifty bucks ($150.00) for that bitch after no one bought it for me at Christmas and replaced four (4) of the "globes" on the top from done to a dope and then mailing it here. The dead - who no doubt stripped it with heat and vasp esthers - are all trying to get me to bury it in the yard for study - fuck that. Only after I pour lemon juice all over it and break any all of the glass. It'll be buried in a landfill with dirty husseins, diapers, and your last watered pledge to avoid nascent pleasures in favor of pruding a self already wise to it happening again and yet this. "The dead make me eat breakfast meats and I, in-turn, manufacture neutral bio-wastes in the form of paraffins to sip their cigarette butts in." I already studied the lamp anyway - it needs one more spider arm with a purple wang on top to be 'gay' - I know this for you right now so don't bother or be with me. Still implied though - no, that's yours in the head saying. This is Christmastime, not queers - they spell it all out. I'd just change the balls anyway can't have that inside. Hate is for just outside a bit like a marine with the assingbon seal of approval on his boulibed window reared. "So, but Officer..."

If buy your lamp at Hippy-Gift - the whole thing with UPS standard shipping and a proposed 8.25% tax will be ninety-nine fifty-nine ($99.59) - may be less I won't tax their quirk in styling us to count no tax on shipping stuff who eats this? They were very nice to me when I called to replace a few globes cheaply.

The lemon juice pits metal with whitened gas crystals on the surface (oxygen and lemon sulfate) - period. Remember this from March 2005?

"I once tried to burl out pits in a used tournamen or swingline and now know the value of getting facts fried up firm before suggesting a try by just hanging one down the offer is new and hardly amply honored at all. Simply scalved "reuse at will" it sloams the slining seams of 'at once hidden but alarmed as if real and yes then I'm in me' give way to nothing if "warm in it a lense laavs lo massages cornish the eye up both flights the stairs" aren't enough to wet the whistle of a mercer hang-nail even if as soon you could you'd truthfully leave get-away then."

A "tournamen" is a slight tube of metal (like an upside-down test tube) on a flexible metal snake with a plastic lining inside that fits up your ass for douching in the shower. No mud then. There are small holes on the rounded end and it squirts a water of your mix-choice if hooked-up as in the place of a shower head. About forty bucks ($40.00) these days I think I saw that lately. My joke here was that a friend had an old one kept under the sink and I tried to buff it up to my use for guests as connected and wield softly by us to their way. I have many an offer said, by the way. Anyway, after necessary remedials with the Dremel tool I hydraulic, I noticed pits in the metal and threw it right out in favor of a new one on one comfort day - the right way to go only now. And always I concern anyway over plastic seams on dildos or now with this what I call "mercers" or bits of metals hanging just off. You'll rip up your belly being clean in your ass - drink soda manage I do and never madge in the bed no matter how polite I seem once overcome by fumes and succumb. For the record, there's something about a person now just countered on the floor on the other side of the bed (oh, sure and to your wife 'what? it isn't a real dick...') while ming-ing with a nervous-type tool up inside their ass (the handle-end of a modern screwdriver wears my rubber, one of them Sharpie permanent markers can be lovely too - black is harder to explain..."a licorice?" all that burner) and the barn afterwards when no movement strikes me. Mine quakes are quite real - even now a touch leaves to others a tear. Pad of the finger just lightly over know may see resist off. Bit of an esoteric - who I'm with mattered it, but the extension doing to is my true pleasure. My vein of not knowing you. The prize held slightly by if.  
hey deanie won't you come out tonight my father's smoking he needs another light  coulda looked like this one but no a sight seen

This Record Got Played By Me Over And Over And On The Admiral System, Curtains Drawn 05/31/05 1950
I had something to prove with this to someone I hate on the Warner Bros. label and just like Dire Straits "The Sultans Of Swing" I played both to death. As child of economics a tyranny, I couldn't afford much, so I only got the best and often enough. I paid dearly cash for all seen here once. See me I'm interesting enough - the doll though - if worthy, you'll know who. "Yeah - there was a skin button on the back, but it didn't do anything [when you pressed it in]." Meaning? He knew who he was, and true-to-life, he didn't move anything - still quite charming. These jokes - a desperate suck on the breath-dust of life. The roses from Neil (and me, kinda).

More 06/01/05 0945: There's what I was really gonna do with the 45 as picture - we were playing a game me and Shaun in the head his birthday yesterday - 'if you really had this, what label? who wrote it?' type stuff. I thought for sure Del "Bette Davis Eyes" Shannon and wrote that earlier you see, but see here Eric Carmen and dull, I accept yes. No - Del Shannon wrote it for himself and then for his son. That's his son - Eric Carmen (sings with that name "All By Myself" a very fucking big one, plus REO Speedwagon "Keep On Loving You" he does the vocals is mine). Del Shannon couldn't get the credit. So there. Just listened - still great ! but my faulty memory pissed me off - I love looking at this stuff as bought so fascinating and great a song. Have it ass the tournamen come. By the way, the Adobe shit isn't easy getting that doll inside - you see my early effort halfway through first - it looked odd and stimulating. I don't read the manual, I just play around so suffer me I said. There may be an easier technique, but I get the results you see. You see it. Freely exchange Graphic Converter for Adobe when plagued by cash or straps. Their host name "Lemke" means "last to know you[r way]". Tip for Adobe their try-outs generous: I convert all GIF's to JPEG's for my site for that standard GIF can't shrink plus why guess what more memory used to then and must compress the elements sighted repeatedly to save to JPEG as I hate layers crap as too exceptional a woman's need made seen again yet made to mine nobody pays still. Copy the whole GIF in-frame as then "Select All" to paste in a new frame and that should size automatically when asked for to save a JPEG anew - don't fuck with the old GIF at all - I dump it flatly afterward a tripe of it (maybe use this format for a cheap cartoon only and to keep as replaying several frames one after the other - see my front page the "Cocteau Twins" logo I hate that bitch - that's one GIF I do keep - you suffer it for this only an obvious error to shrinkvalve or to have knowing why and when, then how - a cartoon only then it will use). After this, use "Layers" on the menu and then "Merge Down" or mostly then "Flatten Image" - especially with text - a very real cunt now. You position paste-ins kindly and sweetly with the four-way arrows (<--. -->, up, down etc.) after each letter of necessary is made - just hyphen or select this option before doing as to move anything really - you just can't swing things around in layers anymore once pasted in - it's just that dumb now, so select "Move" to first then. C'mon you wrote this shit once and plagier me with it. "Cheap bitch - we'll stop you from using it." Yeah - the day it died and you wrote it no more. Try me, Cunt - I kill artists like you every sick day for speaking my word with disdain. Eat crap now or be fed by me forcefully as I clip your fingers off for hair braids. See it in your day come, you black witch. Eat up on mine, Bitch - it's cheaper to you. Your cheap brand made me sick and I can bottle my own Windex to spray it in my thanks. Many more dreams of snorting kitty litter in lines to you "for multiple cats" now I'd say it.

FYI "Hey Deanie" is from the "Born Late" LP - damn ! all these people are here already. Shaun worked with me at UCLA as a project manager - he is Ron Enholm, a nice man, but quite frankly - too old for me now. Another project manager (does renovations, refurbishments, new constructions on campus and in student housing plus else but off-campus), Curt Ginther, is Jason Priestley's father and is David "Scanners" Cronenberg. I loved that movie (Fangoria reveals that head exploding by telekinetics from the Michael Ironside character's headwork was done by a shotgun blowing jello out from the rear of - Ironside is also John "Nightmare On Elm Street" Saxon and that is merely Burt Reynolds our uncle shaved down, lathed - great movie, Ginther-Cronenberg stars in this too as the protagonist fighting the mix of - we saw this with my dad in the theater at release I loved it when - he is Wes "The People Under The Stairs" Craven too - and basically, an asshole about this - in this, a dog falling through a trap door and sliding down a smooth ramp to the backyard made me laugh so hard - only this 'whelp' heard as tricked down a predator becomes prey type-thing). His mother, who was Charlene Tilton of "Dallas" fame, also worked with me as a lead administrative assistant named Char Flanagan. Nice both, they hate me now. So what. Jackie Raymond in the contracts department then - Lola Falana. Back to Flanagan, I used to tell my little sister she was adopted and that her "real" last name was "Flanagan" and she believed that only. Sounds like a 'rag wearer' to me and is that (or then actually a "raglan" - farts, burps generally yuck to know a class murvuhr). The name Flanagan is actually someone who buries people but in France - same then. Wears their clothes. Fellow analyst but with larger post tends to many losers in-private I few Barb Laval sung for Taste Of Honey "Boogie Oogie Oogie" just on tv now I hear - her sister Suzanne also know as "Shannon" went on to Sister Sledge what Barb also did too - she sings all of it I love and in-fact. Chic too - "They're nuthin' but Nile Rodgers, but pay us still." Barb was Monika? and she is the mother of the two twins on tv comedy too "Tiffani and Bridget" of dancer Gregory Hines - one was dead I brought her back she roasting in the darknet for a long time she complained bitterly no one came to see her while hanging there in our own hell (note for me advancing you: never come to me as if - I'll just fuck my mother's memory 'til thanks it have off). Hope she's better, I'm not yet they pulled your mother's building out I see she remains director of services yet - thanks then. More later. Marika "Liebscher" ("last woman", France) is Tristan Rogers from "General Hospital" after a car accident plus sex change? Yuck - Elton John paid for that. My other friend James Tarbutton Wendy Winter Monica Seles is coming to movies soon. A great day. Academic Planning & Budget director Fay Woo? The gorgeous Faye Wong featured here. Paul Townsend - consulate to priests third floor entreats (kids, crimes in their nature seen by us - a Walphton man kills kids for being unruly - killed me once too), The Vatican. Killed seventeen (17) kids so far - so what - they hated me too. More yet to...Dorothy Gray - worked with Marika....Dorothy Dandridge...says "prays for me"....who will heal her prayers? Thinks I stood her up one day at Divine Design. Nope - forgot all about on meth ("black"? no) See same, pray see.

What Is A Derelict? 05/31/05 1342
That picture below (see no trade to me after all) is just Neilsy again with "bellows" or weights over the eyes. Trying to look like my own eyes masculined but pegs leering (both sighting muskrats, really, hoping you'd leave it all stilled ours now I prefer - knowing, seeing you, but in rings around centers). His father is Max Factor after all, broken and lying though. What is a "derelict" (no relation to talk)? A person talked to many times about being displeased with others up-front and without asking. A royal pain-in-the-ass seeking pleasures entirely and often. To be jailed once soon. French. Theirs: "derelist" as if said "dare-uhl-lease" for "does the least [of this but asks why]". See one broken sometimes - full of hate still, but dying of it. So what? A mental case yet. An animal as if to just shoot it. As insistent "We were raised for bread better." Still, and to me, a mind trying to rule over what matters again - just shoot it. Simply I'd shoot that. How long until we can understand nothing anyone need know? Your life wastes here trying to know the dead of and in it. Adds some if I come to see you together. Adds you. Reasons? No - no after-fact said. None here. Be clear to it then - there's no thinking with me. That leads you away just as I'm coming in for a view.

What You Had What You Lost 05/31/05 1302
Unwelcome: Lacoste, welcome: Members Only then plus oops! another link yet (a lime-green jacket looked so nice I saw a few new - three (3) or so - yesterday in a small shop on Melrose in West Hollywood...tailoring, style; on the way back some - I'd get another in men's large color is navy thank you, but perhaps no as now in white this guy knows what...had a perfect one in black - a major unit all silk inside - circa 1984 one my mother has it still and another very heavy in royal navy blue wool shell with burgundy red inside plus wool cooles as levined hangs from a chain - simply fabulous tried to refashion it collared somewhat now in your storage wore that to Boston early November 1986 just as all needed). More: How does silk work actually, as shooting out the ass of inchworms? First off, it comes from their mouths, and like honey, and then dries on their 'cobbs' or wettened sleeves around the mouth. You pick the worms up after harvest dead, but they are back inside their cocoons elsewhere nearly invisible as all that they are is disposable for you having been so mean to them and destroying my trades when jealous of us being together, me and mine. You put all collected in skin and gobs in a hot pot full of water and grease (that's theirs too I guess - trying to charm 'em out and on-top, just in-case they're there and still mining), and then toothpicks dipped right in pull out strands as if by the balls of nature just in strings lightly each one wound already but air with and gasping about. The simplest of all textiles made, you weave then. An atrocity of caring. To honor the feel and weight inside ours here and seen. The Member's Only "bombrete" - theirs named as in Chinese - is all silk and no matter what they say silk. Silk made fashion finally mine. Dry clean only ever or else see nothing new to ever again you noo. Not even Woolite should. Rather Murphy's oil soap here (and seriously - a wax in Woolite just now kills'll let go of the wax in-time you aways do). 

Last Night's Dream 05/30/05 1918
Last night I was in some house in this dream I laid. Everyone that came in was problem ass tome - few joys of the sight and many too many I didn't fear having to know. Not mine, the place was big, but nothing dogs didn't have their way with. Not mine and annoying with being unable to hook-up with anyone or being able to relax. I remember hating but not leaving. Soon, a catharsis of sorts appears in the kitchen room - my editor friend Art Young (the same one who fell on his face at the Palladium in New York City with drink in-hand early 1986 and at the height of kingdom yes, we got picked to go in, thanks it still - top songs then and there on the massive dance floor with odor house coming down from the ceiling as just four walls to surround with mirrors inside I guess and further no roof but all around me they trap people if they position well when as sirens coming on cables and laughs 'for they stink' : Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" + Phyllis Nelson "I Like You" - I laughed so hard and still I on the way home in the train I did - big ol' geek spread out on the balcony near the bar in that white pallor jacket both sleeves rolled up - hey they're either showing you up or crapping their pants in your car). Art - now told to me the 'sultan of brunei' (?) - had on madras-type shirt stained with blood all over the bottom portion from being stabbed to death last night (Jason did it - I get it's just like Terminator 2 in the head - a black floor morphing its wax a blade but up in you - an eye too....whom to thank who). He seemed better now thought after some surgery or something but puffed out around the belly bad and blood. Apparently goes the story, he's been living in some house in the hills here without knowing us in any needs a higher plane of sought who cares he's been out of touch forever but agreed to make me his savior in jest not the last time he was here and years ago. I needed him of all people to take me seriously like all of the friends I never hesitate to toss into the fire at night when I tend to grind my own burgers with cloth and krim. Is it real? It's real enough for you, I'd say. Cross me up and why would anyone defeat my thought? No one's here to think it over with and I tend to get mad having risked all of mine sufficiently against your world the 'sultan of brunei' who cares ship it to the world Zaire with shave monkeys craving in your ass. So classic ours a story and yet so dumb to it too. I went to the mall (um, Beverly Center - again, all levels thanks you) today anyway not like I can't still have all that I want and easily enough. To trust that our purpose. "You can shove your money straight up your ass." - Doug Moon once to his grandmother who favored herself openly as this too. Again, do better for yourself and again and again I'm serious enough and still here saying it like that too. Say something a dead man. Meanwhile, invisible walls cross in this house of ours to slam bone and head against crived knot every time a micand makes me sick to my gray stomach with people I thought were already treated to my verbs doing. Come see a betrayal die.


New yet by request times is tighter now:

I Wanna Do A Page Of Famous Quotes I Loved 05/29/05 1849
But I'm afraid I'd fuck them up. I'll make a page soon as inspired by Gore Vidal (book read "Palimpsest" as the dead only know it in self review once if placed back). His stuff is linked back with Jane Fonda last month. Soon and growing.

this is abraham 'the father' making christ know he's real and by touch, adam no that name means "to touch with me"

Your Guide To Denominations Of the Dollar Learned Today While Dining Out Is Expensive 05/28/05 1100
The one-dollar ($1.00) bill: for tips and small favor, just one;
The five-dollar ($5.00) bill: for cleaning of clocks, hard drivers (lawnmowers), no change;
The ten-dollar ($10.00) bill: to be mailed out only in denominations of this or to carry-out Chinese - no thickness, no wallets, to cursory or inspect your home or auto;
the twenty-dollar ($20.00) bill: a greeting card handed or personal sent, to accept a greeting of candy once to yourself;
The fifty-dollar ($50.00) bill: do not use as cursed with hate as too little or for too much, or then a traffic cop for calling others and halting error on you;
The one hundred-dollar ($100.00) bill: a gift to you given in spare, never to the less.

No greater denomination to see from other - for cash ladings or received made too significant. At the bank you leave that stuff and one-hundreds and fifties too.
Leave it cash - that operates on its own no explain. As for the picture, Abraham 'the father' courts christ the man our son here left to obey and makes him know we are real as by touch only. They are three (3) sizes bigger than us in these visions called "kleriez" say "claries" - fucking awesome scrollings around the vivid mind they are real (and, the best I've seen in film involves Uma Thurman as the goddess of love, Venus, rising from a mandclam with cherubs swirling ribbon in Handmade Films' "The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen" - cheers, ours relish you there....he, Baron, was something God hated, however ruthsome or then "taking without guile or then mercy", an old man made young post-death to hear his own voice ask it to me again - no, never no). I, the holy spirit, am all decor of voices surrounding Abraham I will not know you but art others unmercifully I scare people for a living as God above. Know this or be with it. I love~ pe0ple^  b u t  c a n n o t  h a v e  t h e m  n e a r  m e  I  s e e. *B*

Never again the dancer.

so juicy

Just A Day After Sale 05/28/05 1947
Pavilions in West Hollywood ended a great sale on strawberries last Tuesday - get this - a sixteen ounce (16 oz.) pack i.e., one (1) pound or more than a quart then of the biggest, brightest berries (~xXx~) went for one dollar ($1.00) each as ten (10) packs for ten dollars ($10.00) with their club card and all and of course you could buy less at each this price a bargain ever. I take three (3) of these packages max for us at home and that's enough for me as I never abuse these obvious losses to sense and barrett. Andy Rooney my asshole, I like the yellow-cake dessert cups they sell routine with these and plain ol' Reddi-wip on top (not just 'whipped' cream, but an 'egg' cream - just like at a soda fountain, if to fool - the best ever, but at a cost to taste if none). Some people think 'oh, a bundt angel cake' for this need but not me - I need tradition afoot them angel cakes from Germany must be full of eggs belongs at a wedding when you can't afford some traditons afoot or per head you serve this these (at the local firehouse, one assumes). Just kiss me. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, these berries I often like just sliced in-half in a bowl with a bit of granule sugar on top are now two dollars ($2.00) - the price just buckled up. I compensated now with one of their full-size but round seedless watermelons for just two ninety-nine ($2.99) in-total right now (usually I wait a day after the sale to mention to you, but not today - Madonna said to me in the head "we provide the answer, not the question" - what is that mean?) Tubs and tubs of them melons fresh right now I just hadda pick up one more a little while ago on spurred advice so cheap and so luscious within (I bathed the last one in dish soap lightly and dried with care "to enjoy fully with me" per mind over). My head said to me in the store people in Scandinavia raisied and delivered 'em to Monsanto via San Francisco for free, for the taking, they was gonna rot, but I just don't get that (no more information to me - no more! I ate one already it seemed). I paid 'em for one and another and boy are they nice got an all-american cherry pie cheap too - even hung a four-dollar ($4.00) flag outside today too a full-size, very lush-looking one from one of them old Pic n' Save stores we walked around in today lost in money lent). You around? Prior to getting a new teapot again at Target (no one has my favorite Gemco's "Whistler" - cleans beautifully with white vinegar - here in town you gotta go to eBay for it now so rare I broke the soap-ask handle on a new one that's just usual and ugly - the very same one - just weeks earlier slamming it down on the stove in anger fifteen dollars [$15.00] up, and a waxing custom airblower for the queen-sized air mattress I bought last August so sad to be wilting on only hairdryer twenty bucks [$20.00] a Coleman for in the wall plugging for future need like anyone would stay, plus my DayRunner needed a calendar too from Office Depot to document all that we see happen here but in days weeks said) I had lunch at Chan Darae (in Thai spoken only, no dialect or words like this really: "insignificant house of worship or plainly seen, not as holy as seen by else" - on a richter scale, loses one [1] point only) on Cahuenga today too the usual stuff: mee krob, chicken curry, two (2) luscious Thai ice teas so yummy I died in it. Toni Halliday was explaining how she sewed up the tablecloths of ranchored velveteen from a local fabric haunt we both love - apparently she owns it all (?) but sews lightly. Saw a nice picture of Jason (Priestley - again, we say of these mitt "a known for beauty" - for music people "you've done your part") near the bathroom too I ran when mentioned by my roommate to see it our whole little family named within walls (a few other lovelies too with all them Asians around just like two white hands at a blue-light j/o club). Bored to me yet? Outta the goods? I must eat. It's like I always say to women "if you can't please one hole, you might as well please the other." That, and "proper oral care is at least as important as proper anal care." Now eat it up. More yet: Jewish woman quotes from bedtime laughs last night me and friends my roommate bitching at noise in the am: to threats say "Like lamposts inside me." To being me with you "You cite using a toothpick up in the nose like I bother you. I don't know why you mention it improperly. You've been disquising me forever as what's on the outside, why would this make you know me if to have more?" I'm gonna hafta clean these up a bit, but you might get it with me and more on sense no Andy Warhol is not this interesting either writing about cab fares and all.

From the above, worth of strawberries each: Seven dollars fifty cents ($7.50);
The watermelons? Six dollars fifty cents ($6.50).

Horseshit! I want six dollars ($6.00) for the strawberries, I want eight dollars ($8.00) for that melon - that hair. An orange or colored pepper? Three bucks ($3.00) no sale.
A bottle of premium musk a caffeine soda two (2) liter (e.g., a neo-Coke)? Six bucks ($6.00) to me - they are worth eight ($8.00) easy to nine ($9.00). Now see that - my opinion counts.
There are almost six (6) cans in there, you know.

What does the produce title "organic" really mean and at everywhere seen by law? From Russia - they don't use pesticides (soaps, half-salts) they'd say. Looks like their stuff..."this, the tukelov 990 and in such style to me."     

Your Note On The Balls, A Tip 05/27/05 0910
No, we did not achieve a firmer understanding on the balls - you were set up again. We don't know any more - do we? We do not. You infer or deduct this erroneously. Please, Sweetheart - I'm about the reals of it - real havin's. Do you have? No, you don't - not yet. With God stuff, it's not like I can just go fly off and look for myself. Please Honey, I'm in the meat - carniste - and have to listen to says, but they are hardly misleading and some ghosts. One more tip toward you: Everything is linear or in squares dominating - no funny twists or roundings ever. Disprove Lichtenstein (really, a techinque to pale or reduce color used - not every square fulled, a grey's having - we don't grey, we put white in we have to for the dirt, for the matter of it - we are cloth, simply, and per Jason's review the dead are talkers kinda, and see nothing mined to truth they use stuff...again mined) it is flatly wrong ever no bricklaying of balls they rest on comfortably and occupy the nearly same space as squares by exertion (that is, as if contained in squares tightly they number the same - no more seen inside by as use of less...maybe you make a smaller square of it the circle to see area made...tee hee). To women who know better. Even on the computer screen where mattered and proven, we are squares-driven reaching and growing. Check this yourself with zooming-in feature - no need for improvement here as displayed, really (the are blanks in pixels however not your bother - see how made). We call this "fallacious" reasoning or "as with the wind [blowing away, nothing to hold]" the mind etches (moves backward and forward over) it when. More later you now know less. 

It's Intelligence We Seek, Not Randoms Of Thought 05/26/05 1248
My friend Chris goes "I'm challenged cerebrally [with you most times]." Let's correct. That would be "I'm challenged cybernetically." There is no challenge 'cerebrally' really - that would mean in and of having a head. The prefix 'cyber-' is for what we cannot reach or know - the "abjoubet" that's French for "subject to your feel on it". Thinking is more abstract or having to do with what's made inside as taken in - what little you have to work with, then. The more you listen, the more you have to know and thus play with. I release it to you. Cybers have nothing to say - they are with thoughts about you or thus thinking with you and in your way. All flawed, really. Speed along with us by knowing and using words correctly. Just finished my interviews (2) at Target scheduled at 10:40 posthaste - went well rode the bus those unmerciful turds with handicaps and all making me late. Was talking to actor Patrick Dempsey about being dead he's back now, he lived "in a cave" in France he said. Heroin death NYC 1983. Jason says he's a good friend both as seen in a magazine there in Target. Jason was being faked by someone. They are angels, really. By the way, I told Patrick his father is John Densmore drummer of The Doors and his mother is actress Swoosie Kurtz. Have that. He was raised 'beautifully' by actress Shirley Jones alot too - singer Shaun Cassidy dated his mother Swoosie apparently and they were married. See. I like to see you 80's guys turning up here and there you're never off the hook my stardom awaits. As I observed to one erstwhile 'friend' yesterday, "it's easy to elect [hominl] death after all that [once the body has shed and all - the hard part being over]." No, no.

More languages: A girl who talked today said something about "imperialists" having named their price on everything and then "milking it down to nothing" once purchased by them a queen's regal, but that's what she learned and no, not here. Let's assume we're correct there, and fairly. An "economist" is really what we're reaching for here with abuses if an "imperialist" has everything priced. The "economist" is the dirty word looking to drain everything down with no care. The owner can, but the economist what does to others in front of what's free is always my problem. Remember, an imperialist is not a dirty word as one who takes for you, but others rule me in: The "cantenist" is one who asks the price of everything, but will not buy - is looking to sell you and cheaply it said. That's the first one out front. The third one is the "empirist" as in "empire" or "short-changed others" - wants to know 'how much?' and won't buy either. Wants you to give them some. Will report the facts to some later as in gold borrowed for them. See some. See the imperialist fairer, but not good to me either as having been paid in an unruly manner. So see. Tip: An "economist" suffers by virtue (the way seen home, what you think is right for you - what you think to be is), by nature (what is real and stalking you). They want too much for too little. Put-down then or quote: "You're quite the economist with my time." And that's not saving me double.
916 Hilldale Avenue red 'x'

Look Ma - aerials care of Google: Santa Monica Boulevard is the double-belt on the bottom, Sunset Boulevard is on top running along kinda. My house with a red '+' I dare you.
The impetus for this showing? My roommate came home and showed me our domicile from above (um, the 'para-' to view) after he kicked me off the computer. Ours then a spiritual guide to.
Someone gonna bomb you from a plane? See your backyard pool, how you might live, your lifestyle? There's something about you - simply odd. Trust it, they'll just drive over, a gun.
We'll fill in some of the dots later on these with locations...simply too fun:

1) Rage; check out their Mexican street-buffet on Wednesday evenings - somewhat free with a drinks, something about two-dollar ($2.00) Coronas in the bottle a life of it;
2) Tower Records with additional parking right, upward past Spago (that is next);
3) Spago (now closed); but has a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf underneath now - right on the corner!
4) Devo's Mutato Building it is round - EXTRA! see DEVO at The House Of Blues On Sunset Boulevard, August 6, 7 - a whole tour ensues;
5) The Whisky;
6) Hustler Hollywood;
7) Our last residence had ghosts, visitations too - 915 N. Wetherly #4 (but not like this, though);
8) The Wyndham Bel Age Hotel
9) Le Montrose Hotel a clever fake for stagings - see them from here at night;


10) The MTA or "Metropolitan Transit Authority" - they park buses here as white lines, not these pipes;
11) West Hollywood School - an elementary one it seems, and theirs alotted;
12) Sunset Plaza, both sides of the street - outdoor dining on the sidewalk like Chin Chin is here...I don't dine with my back to the street, others;
13) West Hollywood Sheriff's Station with Jewish neon zodiac out-front as on-corner, heliport landing on-top - note the ease to arrive us;
14) United States Post Office, West Hollywood Station 90069 'sixty-nine times' with parking on-top, if will;
15) "The Desmond" a newer apartment complex no condos yet "no walls" - just built recently and full of ads wanting. Very reasonable, I hear - especially in exchange for what was there a junker or two;
16) West Hollywood Fire Station - was a church of higher demand, but only as a front to building this by Disney. The last firehouse on Huntley and Melrose burnt up over dispute and they said 'go to hell' for having to build this one. They hated it onward and upward people died and all next door. 1986.

I know you wondered it all. No, Pavilions is the furthest corner lot at bottom left-central being usurped by. I found out yesterday they want ten dollars ($10.00) for regional delivery of groceries and a schedule made. To have that.

Remember, West Hollywood 90069 then is Disney-made - a landmark of it. Do not disturb it to then.
No roads, really - you drive along to know. This is California, not Texas.

Look - I got Disneyland (um, "a perfect day") in Anaheim too. You gotta press the "satellite" button once you're located - it's on the upper right.
I know Disneyland traps you at their site once made, but give it the times and visit with. They have little films and pictures with each attraction-entertainment that are pretty fun (e.g., the teacups).
Better not have taken out the Country Bear Jamboree - real tear in song and having song (they're in the um, 'jungle book').
Notice also, and mind over says, half of it trees on the left and none on right. 'Nighttime is trees and is magical' it says from its world view the pretty tavoli lights and all.
Mercifully, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey on Monmouth Road near Prospertown Lake, while huge, isn't worth looking at yet a photo scan image - junk. See this site though!
All them coasters and thanks God's bless for redoing the carousel....the top bulb or craydace to coming soon an evolve each. Best coaster of mine yet? The red "Ninja" at Six Flags Magic Mountain (see link above) as hanging from above a track over and under the hills there. I love the front seat position in that bamboo forest setting on hill...never to see, never know come. Exciting, laughs. Space Mountain.
New Jersey balks at this - look at Great Adventure sometime anyway on your own to practice up. I looked again on yesterday still in amazement, actually, but is unworthy of us here (i.e., the 'big wheel' 150 feet tall is turned somehow this arted it needs to speak to God alone His viewing of, a 'fruit bowl' or tempest).
By the way, that is Spago's "agent" Swifty Lazar starring at Six Flags in the black-rimmed glasses older set. He is never no agent, but is chef-to-the-stars Wolfgang Puck's father *dying* of cancers now in Austen, Missouri ("and Florida" he adds) with money at-held (no problems there). Apparently, Wolfgang, the truer host of any party at Spago and meeting big wigs "he needed my money from horse raising - thanks" has already checked out of Missouri steed and welcomes him back one day both. Seniors live on sometimes. See his restaurants here now evolve into California Pizza Kitchens - also his - who handle big financial messes with some ours. Serve it 'til death.
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find Paramount's King's Dominion in Richmond, VA.

eats myself

If I Was Being Shot Over This No Balls In The Ground 05/25/05 1731
A ball on top, a ball on the right. One in the middle of both as on-corner then a diagonal line corner on top of only. Mine to use, but with shift right. Simply we add and then fill (¿) Further, we investigate the "+" sign growing throughout a color made. No one is gonna make us more stupid stick with squares of.

Oh Alright Another Ghost Story 05/25/05 1555
Last week I was out on the back porch late at night down at the bottom on the edge of our new construction - even while friends muddied were digging theirselves out left and right this is all in light only, really (no, I touched the next item right in the dirt - it was really there but is now missing at cursory inspection) - a small metal box but long two halves implied by a band on top 8" x 18" lifts it lid but slightly a crack open and challenges me in the head to put my fingers right up against the blade of it (as though something might come out on them - note the box lid falls over the edge). I did it to laughs after scooting down to it the last step - I had to only adjust my seating on the stairs it takes time as I'm in a 'lament' a leaving and taking or tweaker's heaven. With this, also remember the ghost in my living room late at night a black angel dress with a huge swarm of unmoving hair like an evil cloud so static. An afro, kinda. This is Jason doing these "my embrace - a black cloud of hate disintegrating you instantly" his marriage not prevailing him but a bookshelf has sunk into the floor in front me twice or so I love playing with the black cancer it is. Meanwhile, I make a tree across the street grow out to meet us for fun. This is real and we love it at will I do. Ask me in the head at twilight and beyond I'll do it for ya maybe in your yard and all. Heaven is here.

A Reading Will Make You Know 05/25/05 1448
Me and my friends in my head were talking about Ad-Libs again, and I lamented "yeah, I learned all the easy stuff - an 'adverb' ends in '-ly' and describes a verb 'perfectly' - but grammar (putting together a sentence and well for English types - more than a matter of style you lost stuff over this) was always a mind in the clouds and who could know?" Paragraphs - when to do one, a new one - then came up, and I only have one (1) rule - you summarize three (3) or so ideas neatly in a statement, the first sentence of the first paragraph, and then investigate each one thoroughly on their own paragraphs two (2) through four (4). Every time a new idea is expressed? That is every sentence to me. I do this for the first paragraph: "There are three (3) things I hate: taxes, death, and livin' - and in that order." The second paragraph starts "Taxes are no one's bother but mine..." The third paragraph goes "Death makes me sick for this reason..." and then next and final concludes, kinda "Livin' doesn't pay me yet..." A word comes to gay mind that would be "elegant" (for 'no one sees more', compare at 'eloquent' or 'no one says it better yet' - roughly the same thought leading away to bliss then). Each new idea? Fuck that ! it's poor learning from teaching it. Am I a fool? We are all simply done - have that again adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing - maybe you add up a range of numbers made up or then perform a summation. Mind over adds this: A new paragraph starts a reason to know only - a shift of thinking to this from where you are. Thinking and their ideas lead you away. Another paragraph forms to avert another person being with you in mind their point of view, and also then to introduce another person or thing as idea. And there you have it all. Me speaking, you speaking, that speaking and is it. Stay close to what you say and think - I try to and convey that here. I lock my thought down. "My mother" says Neil "says 'you talk like you know something.' Do I? I don't speak for others - that eliminates much of it." I, Doug, don't believe in fearing away with such a tactic and thus having to cover my tracks with it. If I can't say it well, it bursts inside me each time until I can do it all and without thought or to have this in me as moving away. I ask others much I need, after all is from them. And they read to me in writing - reading cures it all by example, you'd say. Friend John counters psychically, "The new idea is yours - at every turn. You are mental." Keep it all conversational like Stevie Nicks sings - giving and taking if at once - my rule in writing this to you. Note also and just between us per se that writing is voluntary - that's what Neil meant to say, I believe. I won't repeat it again.

great stuff, little to know that's hard
something that helped me greatly - little to no finch, plenty of how to dot your commas and all (like things no one need know reads the same in or out)
tip: if you're not 'investing' or 'getting a solid return on your cash avowed', you are 'speculating' or 'having dinner watching us dine' - that's the word we use

Running Contrary To Truth Paid No One 05/25/05 1328
What do you mean you don't like Wacky Packages? These weren't the best (ours still to kill with favor and fancy - instead see "Crust" for "Crest" toothpaste my favorite yet), but I also see Book Soup "we think you're interesting..." has new Ad-Libs (you fill in the missing words in a story already made - nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., then read 'em back for laughs) just for adults. Whoa ! from this past. All that's left is them Hot Wheels motorcycles in the shape of a skeleton or praying mantis - get your seeds now for Spring. A lovely venus flytrap with soils made "if even the ugliest thorn has a rose."

From Abroad From Nearby: Ever Try To Make A Paycheck Appear Every Week? For Whatever You Sell 05/24/05 XXXX
Remember as I get nagged to death and live inside of someone else's life, someone I refused service to, in-fact (of course, disregard all of the bags 'in' you've seen lately), that it is the almighty dollar that rules you, and of late, rules Madonna, as I move to close her banks and boutique laundries down. Make a little of them like I did with most bills paid around to see it well enough. The dollar doesn't sit by while people phone their bank cards off, the dollar doesn't sit by promising you a homestead of a capital later if you do this here with me watching. It is dime (dials me when it is ready), it is key (simply keeps what it has without next knowings). Don't change the way you handle them - please - I brought home fifteen hundred cash ($1,500) every half-month already less insurances and I don't know where it went we all say. Who cares ! it's all relative anyway I went and I saw simply across the miles you did and still I quit for it what it buys. No matter what you sell good or service sits by dying, remember this sermon - the dollar eats all I wonder if worth it and aftermax only. The dollar: it is mine and yours only. Did I change my mind? No - how you make was previous to this, how I make is new here. A dollar - you can't just make them appear, huh. You can't, can you? "They make people bark." Yeah and without your approvals, per se. Thanks to Topps "Wacky Packages" - the only stickergum I ever bothered with. Hi John Christensen....I know ours - the first ones - were older, better. A touch of Americana, if you will. "He is a jerk-off." I have Maureen in me. More 05/25/05: That was Tutor-Saliba I made that money on - the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) about. At UCLA, my monthly cash take home on each first (1st) was twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) clear after taking health insurance if any and California Casualty our cars both. Should have been twenty-seven hundred fifty ($2,750) if none taken. Oh, sure - I collected the faggot's paycheck from them too - a lesser note - but useful nonetheless (one of my friends notes making about twenty-two hundred [$2,200] right now - about his now then, add three hundred). Our life wasn't cheap for years and years. Now, it's like someone new - he's in charge - I hate that vengeance it makes me feel small you never earned the big bucks like I do your father a schoolteacher well-submit and I paid for this attitude in tears now get away. A gay is no one to gliss - remember, when everything comes too easy, you never do enough to make it shine. Tip well. At risk of being too much informat, tv's "Quincy Jones" Jack Klugman asked me about his show and money he had from. "What would God do?" he asks. "God" would take care of people. Doug - the one true God after business the dollar "the gift given" - says business takes care of the 'gift giving' altogether and run - like Michael Jackson ebony and ivory mixed slender fingers took care of The Beatles back catalog - what did you agree to? The money that holds the bag gets it filled. After that, it's gift-giving time and what's in your heart that matters time honors the win you should too no harm in asking I reward the shameless "damn ! no shame at all?" What? Nothing for thee? People are so grubby, I'd let the government - what took such good care of a guarantee made flesh with their toilet papers - wrestle them to the ground in it the tube. A gift - that's simple enough. Otherwise, you bought it all young when the feathers was still coming and the future was no one's friend. I'd sell you both and often will. People - they can't wait to get away from you and you're supposed to take joy in theirs like this. A person is sad - watch for God and his lazy ways about it in this too. Let him care for them better, always trying to make women and such the lazy ones happy with what's already mine - not to oppose the 'unclean spirit' the avarice what has and will not do with - somebody dumped in there and bad. I still remember driving to my grandmother's house in my brand-new car trying not to be the person always showing up in need (although I'd go through all her drawers a packrat) - like Neil does to her. Like my mother - such ingratitude having to know her for this and that. She just revealed that someone threw her husband's body in a velvet bag up on the lawn under a bush after internment. You should hear who was in on that one - Neil again the army ("just the head", he says - they saved it from the funeral parlor). Trying to get something more they'd burn the body after that. Hrrrmph. Jews. Someone said that Neil recorded Shakespeare's Sister (this is just Bananarama in a contract-type dispute with Universal Records Company - heavily to recommend the song "Stay") in the basement of that house 9 Orchard Lane (um, Little Cuba - see the sun here) in May 1990. I believe that. More 05/26/05 the rich pay the rich: Never make that kind of duty come yourself? Never to mind. In my mind, I was told that people broker the government to employ folks with cash down - much like my roommate is employed by unwieldly cash. You pay them, and they pay you while working for it and not slagging off or making anyone too happy it happened. Who are we then? Askew of truth - not our friend. People who paid two hundred eighty-six thousand dollars ($286,000) in 'tax deferrals' they say, and that motors him up the store, then up my ass. They owned stuff in Minnesota - lots of it, but unheard, unsung. I suspected the army somehow - never they, they're looking to get in themselves somehow (the army then is "everybody knows" - they merely coordinate it, it seems, war mongers). Three (3) payments to their state to see it done here. Believe it? I do. Why would anyone pay this much for so little said? Not to defer you, but to wonder off and on. Thanks to the father I steal you.

No, hold the presses - Saint Etienne "Shower Scene" ! Shower Scene from the "Finisterre" LP (2002) - the ruler as I see ( ! ) a gay pride. (MP3, 4.1 Megs - see the rectory to know what this word means.)

May I pause you? Saint Etienne "Mario's Cafe" as per Mario's Cafe as from the "So Tough" LP (1993) or then "Join Our Club" Join Our Club - see their full cataloguing Saint Etienne
In terse, you can only be other people too little.

"Tales From Turnpike House" 7A and all trying to relate. You're gonna hafta do the "< click here" and all. Walking down the "side streets" now no place to go, just checking out your stuff. Oh, sure - "the perfect sixties girl...of the English blood royal." She really is Etienne, you know. Really - the goddess of wares or making useful.

Was Scrubbing Down "Carrie" Last Night 05/24/05 0931
Was watching "Carrie" again last night on TMC ("this might change", "they might come", "takes my change"...others "to my credit"...oops! that was AMC "answer me, chair") but dipped out after she bellowed the gym. Amy Irving was and is never real. That is Dan Moon in makeup always and married Spielberg with his money, connections (the character is reportedly something Dan hates in women - yup, all the way up through "Yentl" - remember that is Burt Reynold's first son). Betty Buckley is Elton John in makeup always and yes he did star in tv on Bradfords "Eight Is Enough". More later. William Katt is Robert Plant's younger brother Michel "Bob" Plantus from France (you'll note Robert Plant is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin). A studio guy in Philly and New York. A quote: "[When we're twirling around together, me and Carrie] that moblie [of stars] isn't near us at all [it was painted in from above]." The movie was filmed in a alot of places - the high school front is a bakery you step up to in Chicago, Illinois. The White's house is Dan Moon's dump in Martha's Vineyard, Connecticut - a real cool cat he'd say. They had to borrow the tapestry of Michelangelo's "The Last Supper" or really "The Citaern" or "supper made for me [before you tell me or hurt me then]" Ancient Latin. From a guy named Bob Mills who had it hanging in his restroom at work an auto body - "remember the saint" when injured he'd say.

Key To Fix It 05/23/05 2018
Sean Hayes on "Will & Grace" is the real Ronald McDonald's son - his father was "Hymie" on "Get Smart" or real name Jon King. Sean's real name is Michael "Jon" King. The woman on that show - a great person, really, and trying to cope - is a man named Darryl Haines. See that we are fans faggots help me through it with friendly types. Note: Contrary to support, the real Ronald made over seventeen-hundred (> 1,700) in-store appearances as the famed clown-eater (I say "joquain" or cow-killer the Spanish knife carrier in red wig). Elton John made him do it. "If I can meet people, you can too - and as this [as holding glasses to fame]." We met him at Route #33 in Hamilton Square, N.J. - kinda - "too many kids around him" my father says we saw and left as enough for us he gave us stuff to no say really said 'hi' to my sister. We did this. My cousin Danny (John Denver) played Ronald there too - I wasn't there for that one. The person Elton continues "It was New York City-times, and they wanted to meet Ronald from tv. They'd kill you over it." More 05/25/05: Neil's sister the beauty queen as Minnie Driver was just on - we liked it with that guy from Monty Python 'tis real. We know you love us - ten (10) tissues please (a code describing my sorrows back to 'her'). Darryl is also the blonde guy briefly shown on MTV's Real World Philanet with my cousin Mark Oravsky - you know, Marky. No one in my family, in-fact, is that gay. We don't have that - he was "slimmed down" for it, that dumb fight faked I hate boys being hurt the blood squirted on the ear over. Faggots are not allowed to harmonize on tv....see it here. Oh, per Marky, they say "pounced" not "gay"....ho hum.

the #1 asylum here and there

Amtrak From Philadelphia To Los Angeles 05/23/05 1711
I don't know who that demon slob is in the photograph I portrayed last month, but I keep fantasizing Robin (see this blog avis) is just Sean and all the world comes together for me. I know you were here sniffing around....Network Solutions wrote me today to update wHOIS: We are at 916 Hilldale Avenue, just up the street from Rage "if you can make it there, you make it everywhere" (see previously interred at 915 N. Wetherly #4). A house split in two (2), males on right facing, then females on left with the driveway grass up the middle for spilled fluids and the such out the bottom. Used to be called "Moore's" the females weren't allowed to mourn as with the men. wHOIS won't let me correct anything for you - so there it is. Again, way back when, those Amtrak bitches at the bus station in Hollywood wouldn't tell me how much from point to point (from NY to LA). More 05/24/05: In Robin's memoirs, "Stan Getz" is simply Elton John - he used that name on a train.  He is the maker of my first record "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (1973) purchased as by me and yes, Lucy, I read others weather permitting. I demand equal say for you unless abuse but skim widely also for reader interest. I go running with me and mine too often to say it well here (tee-hee). You guys are trying to put together "Memory Gongs" from "The Moon And The Melodies" LP using others that's swell - trying to get by Harold Budd ("he's lovely") and all. Other than that, my parents handed me Rolling Stones' "Hot Rocks" (1971) double LP on the London label, an insert for pleasures even before my first bought or sought a young mind been shaped by "Sympathy For The Devil" and all very powerful and plus "I see the red door and I want it painted black..." - no more sex for this and not of this world. "France" just north of us -  fine Oslo.

Touching an old friend:
Blue Bell Knoll 
Blue Bell Knoll - this is album that started it all for me. Shortly after its release in 1988, a friend played a track or two from the CD and I was instantly hooked. Brilliant, melodic, guitars and synth swirling in a haze of shimmering light. And that beautiful voice! It seemed there were no limits to its range, each wave engulfing you and simultaneously disappearing. Very different stuff, indeed. I still think this the the Cocteau's tour de force, evidently starting the next phase of their careers. This album defined their sound, the new ones expand upon it. One more thing: despite the obligatory disclaimers regarding effects and overdubs, the final product of these tools -- the recorded songs -- will make your spine tingle. The sad beauty this recording displays in thirty-five minutes is unlike anything I've ever heard before or since. Oh, yeah, and you don't have to worry about getting sick of the dumb lyrics -- they'll be your own!
written by Doug ( ) on October 29, 1996

More to Robin 05/27/05 and in Randy Alexander's voice: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - I made my eyeballs bleed with your tepts. Yeah, nevermind to that "Earthbound" stuff with Sophie Barker bleeding at Liz - get us the little beauty-did from Holland America cruise lines [editor: a fat never leans here] - I died in that tomb on the tv martian so pretty in it. Have us in there. Am I ugly enough to you? I'm here to beauty, not to brag you. Brag yourself then.   

Just Thinking About People At Sea 05/23/05 1328
Re terrible things that happen to people involving machinery and blades, mind over offered "Like two butts: The horror of meeting each other [faces of bumping, then smeared as visual] - before you get there one another is exchanging something neither knew how make." Neilsy offers his grandmother saying "Just as the second blade is getting to the root of it all, the other one is missing it altogether."

John Ondy rules me still...

A Loser To Be 05/23/05 1013
"We mark you for pride" this year's West Hollywood festival showmarked for June 11, 12 - but see no fanfare at Visit West Hollywood they hope you die yet. The Long Beach festival cancelled until further notice by yesterday's lackluster showing. I'll be there to crap on you yet. Meanwhile, urge to stay local - we need the fool. Gotta get me a rainbow flag on wooden flasc or something for the front of the house a scour to yet for hate purposes and all. Someone at the laundromat is selling them maybe an open house no I'm going to friend Byron's party again for this year. Maybe the eves. More on 05/29/05: Just got the "Pride 05" official magazine from "Perfect Beat" and loved the "Pride est. 1970 parades pomp pageantry" feature. What a great idea - pix from 1970 and all with PFLAG (parents and friends of lesbians and gays all hopeful) still marching with only three (3) members our joke (maybe you need to announce another hate group for underpriviliged women and theirs seen coming). They all looked so outmoded these people all oblong (don't run out just yet - friends from out in the world New Hope go "no, wait" so desperate to know one - "just give me a drink, nevermind the piss") then I saw some cow holding a picket sign in one of the photographs that read [nec] "I Walk Because.. AIDS is still a crisis, period." Only until you find the cure (in truth, caring from 1986 - or a rude cow). So much for the 1970 festival. Get your copy soon they're still cool and free. See John Ondy and his father whoopin' it up on a float on exactly Page 3 upper right. Father has sunglasses on, the son curly hair and before he died this 1971 (name was Greg - hi). Universal's float at Elton John's expense. A real tirade, actually with 'actors', kinda. "All those people with nowhere to go? No - come here. See us too." - Elton John. "You're not doing that to the queen - she loves gays. Me too."  

Presenting 'Til Tuesday's catalog at iDreams 'Til Tuesday even though you nipped up the "Welcome Home" LP (1986 or so), some can be salvaged at the "Coming Up Close" retrospective.

Last Night's Dream Plus New Feature 05/23/05 0947
Last night I dreamt I was out eating breakfast and some fat woman served me labian eggs - you know - little flat pieces, vinegary to the taste what of vagina called "frangoez". What's next? Sashimi (fish muscovie/trout wrapped in bacon stabbed with a toothpick - a style of the sixties and taken aback the poop wand) - the anal wound? If this disgusts you too, see my new feature from my little song list about Admiral stereos of my past (with thanks to eBay). To wit, I made myself bacon and scrambled eggs when I got up was talking to Michael Jackson about the poor quality of all each (jumbo eggs some stuck in the pan a good thing with excess, my Oscar Mayer bacon #1 ever you pay for that seemed like Farmer John a lesser note of with fat layer just opens up on you - never to note here). Some Oatnut toast and Raspberry Royale tea - that should kill it. I encourage you to explore Bigelow teas - the ones I liked: "Constant Comment" orange spice, "Lemon Lift" lemon tea swalger or bite harmony, "Raspberry Royale" a lemon bitter, actually - when you're tired of lemon and in strawberries, "Cinnamon Stick" - a lemon torager too, "Plantation Mint" staves an herbal and to mint, all real teas plus caffeine.   

Interview Coming Up 05/22/05 1821
Got a little interview coming up this week at West Hollywood Target - they called today, in-fact. Things are looking up for you then. Told 'em on the computerized application about being garnished by the state and only needing about thirty (30) hours or so per week if you're smart. If they pay more, I want my one hundred fifty dollars a week ($150.00) for thirty (30) hours - so what.

Another Drug 05/22/05 1441
Someone asks about drug "loratadine" a sheep's fat made soluble or boiled to its own skin or covering (will pick up other things this way - soluble means eats others too - not just takes it on with it). Loratadine, put on as a lotion or mite is granules, makes a woman's vulva or interior skin flaps feel so good with blood flow that she is willing to eat most penises if presented for such. A bargain at any rate, we made this happen. For older women until ages ninety (90) through one hundred (100), we think (okay use then fifty [50] through [90] ninety or so - this is gross).

For A Greasy Moment At Tower Video 05/22/05 1135
Stopped into Tower Video last night (me: new Levi's jeans, white t-shirt, my Diesel hat) and watched a few minutes of a No Doubt concert. Pretty good stuff the songs and all my name "Doug" scrambled in her belt buckle and two guitarists plus one on rhythm sticks giving wig at the edge of the stage her still singing. Made me feel like the concert set wasn't so hopeless after all maybe I go. They didn't have it displayed whatever it was, but I wandered both the record and video stores and managed to have a few good laughs at titles and such.

Intraproducing The ePassport Visa And All 05/21/05 1800
Got me one of them ePassporte virtual Visas the other day all approved now for purchases made online. I like it and was trying to get a debit card from Paypal too. Trying to get around banks whom I hate to this day. Not a real Visa, but one just to use when and as if required. A virtual Visa perhaps masking one if you don't want the number known. Total cash outlay? Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or just five ($5.00) of that really with twenty ($20.00) on deposit. As soon as retards (turns aside and inward) make demands like they got me caught under their say, I dump 'em and leave 'em in the lurch. Will do here too.

'53' is the year actor dean jones won an essay about the car vw

Lindsay Lohan Not Again? 05/21/05 1516
Someone immediately interjects "She's bankable..." Hold the phone. I usually tell people as a joke to me missing in the media "That whole Lindsay Lohan thing - I just don't get it her father and all" so fascinated they. Like lesbians I joke turning my head back and forth in shame said - "I just don't understand." I promised my friend Christine I wouldn't say that again (hi Heather too - just kidding). No less than three (3) copies of the "Star" fell in my face yesterday at the store she Lindsay and apparently is woefully skinny and on the cover now. Fact is, I'm not either available for your rejects as God-made-man and Lindsay - a good Catholic girl - has done some decent stuff "Freaky Friday" was funny-as-shit her father is Disney mayhem Dean Jones she is forty-three (43). Now see "Herbie Fully Loaded" care of Apple QuickTime with her in the lead and Matt Dillon plus the guy who always comes into the supermarket I worked at Benjamin Stills (real name here). I don't remember Herbie much see my Jane Fonda feature earlier, but Disney cared for it beautifully and again it seems yeah Beetlejuice too.

still quite tasty

Something Time Forgot 05/21/05 1245
When I was working, I spotted this on the shelf and immediately demanded it again for myself. Just finished the jar now most notably on english muffins (rye mixed with wheat) with butter we don't use margarine (skim butter with water frozen and pressed further). I believe that, like the aloof, I have to pay attention better to see great things waiting to know my pleuries or half-knowings and "with a name like Smuckers" what could you see. Welch's concord grape and raspberry assortments of brands chases these away I feel. Grab some still I love cherries ! my grandmother grew a tree of red sours  in the backyard at 9 Orchard Lane in Middlesex, N.J. we made pies only. The black ones have lactic acid like milk in them the root of all fat not excepting here. I like the milk at Trader Joe's for being far cheaper and as made of powders all of their milk stuff is. A benefit seen widely as lactic fat is destroyed herein.

Why I Hate Them 05/21/05 1215
When I tell faggots (breaks in two, a stick or branch then, a silly homosexual, male) I hate them, it is usually for being "aloof" - from the French "alouphis" say "a-loo-fiss" or "quality lacking". What does the word mean here? "Guided without words, a head full of it [as away from me]". I learned to 'love' since (less a passion, letting another rule me away with guide to theirs, or then such, putting another's cares for one before oneself), I learned to listen intently too should I surely require such from then unless you barter me the aloof, and I also learned not to be there so much for it as I'm happy 'in' or 'out' but without you being here - but still refuse my cares to the aloof: those who do not require such nor move out of the way. I tell people I'm someone special to me neverless or how you feel, and you don't get that for what you pay in nature - however you price. You didn't want it in the first place, huh. This misunderstanding is ours, I seem. Remember, other people have their problems - I cherish these too. I had to watch someone's dogs the other day while being that to this, and I had to extend both love and care (coming to it then) at once to people in trouble I did this and mock my rule. The barking ruined my day, but those dogs innocent and their owners troubled a pet. They can come back one day. Someone adds "extend your pardons, then." I've found people die being silent to these things. I shit all over it. Know me better I'm no crusade for it. Note (again, as not to tell): Mind over says "Christ used to call people 'aloof' before they died." I like that. Before you die, I'd say something like "lives for the moment [for the time at-hand, my understanding then to now an innocent]" - a faggot taught me this about someone I liked who was refusing me then. One of his friends. I like it still I confronted him with it.

Should I Align Them? 05/19/05 1715

Pretenders "I'll Stand By You" I'll Stand By You from the "Last Of The Independents" LP so mean to me this song a cry very emotion - see their whole offering here a big-name talent to me Pretenders
Now that we know what we're doing and all. Remember, the MP4 is vast superior bar none - now eat that. When you pay, you get the goods to hear over and over though I let these go at price.
One day - no more on the computer you empty-handed again you buy it over. No one was gonna buy your CD anyway so sad to think it now maybe the BMG. I tell people what think and to who.

Pretenders "Never Do That"    Never Do That from the "Packed!" LP - never put "The" in front of their name - they do. See mine here. Oh, don't be so mean and stilted - it's about the album titles afoot: "The Pretenders [As] Learning To Crawl", "The Pretenders [Try To] Get Close" an adjunct statement reflects us. So see - we like hate though and brevity you know you can't price that.

Pretenders "Lovers Of Today"  Lovers of Today from their eponymously-titled debut - remember I told you what that means? Their name and all only? You should pay two dollars ($2.00) for this song.

Parsely Sage Rosemary And Time Or Carrot Tops, Rosemary Baked, Rosemary, Baby Rosemary Volume II 05/19/05 1618
Somebody said vanilla is just some cinnamon cooked in water and that is eucalyptus tree bark I believe that. The long, black, dried beans are just cooked stringbeans slowly and irregularly usually with cinnamon involved. Said they smelled it cinnamon on the breath of an animal that eats the bark. I believe that if spearmint is again just a bit of peppermint the only mint in sugar and some butter maybe. What is deck or the "section", "volume", and "issue" in magazines newspapers type-junk? The section is a letter 'X' for how many years expected of this stuff forward. An 'A' is five (5), 'B' is twelve (12), and 'C' finally, is twenty-four (24) more years when granted. You earn each letter to tell people who your are. No section stated forth, like in Time Magazine's case, means you exceeded your worth long ago to me at ninety-three (93) years. I enforce them to this with our army. The "volume" is for twelve (12) month cycles repeating not. The twelth volume is the first of your final year renewed. So, you've had twelve (12) years already if you're 'B' you are done. If you are 'A' you are long done. If you change countries no one will know as in the case of Fab! from France in 1987 it started. They lie still, but "weren't in publication right away" they say. Whatever - let's keep it interesting to fact. The issue is how many this year already made in pages. Fab has 1400 pages made to you yet in cumulative - where is that? 236? I dunno. Seem more, read less.

"Walking With A Ghost" I Like It 05/19/05 1232
Back to Garbage a bit (still a big noise to me - like me, they deserve better than you and I both - this theirs Garbage ) I looked at their little list of songs they recommend to others and got something cute called "Walking With A Ghost" from "Tegan And Sara" or whatever the "So Jealous" LP premiering of actually something. Good enough I went back to hear again, punchy, a reward some I never bother, really.

a murderer of kinds
Oh, alright you feel it too: Tegan And Sara "Walking With A Ghost" Walking With a Ghost reminds me of Musical Youth, kinda. Shirley Manson liked it "a claim to the future lies here" (?) coming up banks on that one. Oh, yeah and Butch Vig also chose out of others "Both Sides Now" as simply mandating (the joke-irony post-signal is that Manson's mother is chanteuse Judy Collins and this her most famous 'loving' to us after correcting Joni Mitchell before us our singing coach). Your fare share to get in on iTunes' merthy. You need to see us too.

a roy lichtenstein or tired of fighting you in German counte 

A Little Survey Reveals 05/19/05 0935
Been arguing with mind over (all you may hear as delivered to this my-our door - including crap, misnomer or overheard - all special, you see no phone but allow why how back to yours) about the balls and lengthening we have work to do in my understanding of things. I like knowing like you like knowing - what can I use, and as simply no bargains no tricks or down the asshole both with it. More and as I see it. Meanwhile iTunes asked me to take a little survey in exchange for one (1) free song somehow - I get motivated by speaking of and perhaps to myself only I don't need all that but you abuse with lengths and bother. My little witticisms are hardly appreciated but I get mine done at end. Oh, sure - I filled out a little computer-terminal application at Target down the street Sunday afternoon...."What languages can you speak?" to what I reply truthfully "I can read and write them all [and without further qualify]" - what do think? People hate that a little tip so what. "This person's a jerk-off" either that or a black fluent in nineteen (19) languages - "yeah, but I hafta talk to you. Thanklit." Your words back to you in English are easy - but not enjoyable you hafta endure something perfect not tailored to joy. Doug will help smooth this out I hate jerks that don't see me my need too. My laugh is always about a motherfucker just doing it to you and just like that - so funny to me as irreverent to learning slow as to never let the other speak. To brings no gift. Back to iTunes, I humbled somewhat and figured out that my linking could be better done (an arrow next to an album or song title or an artist then makes the "link" in text-form for HTML what makes this happen as links or your individual choices on-screen and thus no broadcast...I assumed them all the same - no, now corrected each individually pointing at). May I offer Devo once more from error on:

The song I seek as through to it:   Strange Pursuits

The album all perhaps I showcase: Duty Now for the Future

The artist at full offering made:   Devo

This is exactly what I've been waiting for - and finally to me! Now as yours. See. Nobody is that important to know or hear, but at whim we see ours clearly made to you. And at whim then. I don't believe in riding it all over town to share my thought - nothing bears the burden of exchange to demand but pokes right through having been drilled but on. An avoid this.

More 05/26/05: The iTunes gave me my one (1) free song by e-mail today you type in a code under "redeem" and agree to the new terms (?) whatever they are. I chose "By 7:30" the title track by Vonda Shepard. I have that CD, but wanted the song again. See. Someone said Toni Halliday of Curve actually sings this on tape (yes, I got your bare tooth in the cake your letter from your site another  miserable knot you - a contract expired unmercifully....we'll welcome you back soon stay outta my bed). What? My 'breasts'? Remember folks, people go for truth when there's nothing more between us. Anyone can have that with me. It's fantasy we fulfill mercifully and, or - the future lies.        
By 7:30

Someone said "Tell the Vonda story [the one I already gave you on the last site removed] to the worls." Sure - they're are only two (2) songs heard overhead at Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard that I can remember moving me to flight; one was Vonda's song said here, the other was Felix da Housecat's "Everyone Is Someone In LA" a brief take-off from the musical "Guys And Dolls" they call it "song levers" - a lasing style of singing - on the "Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever" LP. A Radio-Shack pinboard provides the wealth in sound as heard here through smaller speakers. Only Vonda got me to lift so to purchase immediately but it the LP as issued on CD wasn't even there yet just a teaser. I bought it there about a week later anyway. I stole the song by Felix from the Lime. So see.
Everyone Is Someone in LA

No, Catpower's "Shaking Paper" from the "You Are Free" LP I heard just once overhead at Tower Records on Sunset and snapped that CD up too. Again, the singer here is simply Mary Lou Lord, Kurt Cobain's mother she is cool enough and I like her style "okay, she sucks."
Shaking Paper

As If Wild Horses Couldn't Drag You Away 05/15/05 1825
A young black girl walked past us up this street carrying a yellow can of some sort to burn the house down.....gotcha. These days I might chain ya for a ride out - careful. (This was in reference to Faultline's cover of "Wild Horses" in as videoform exactly last May 2004 - a betrayal soon to undone somehow as you lay feigning it for yours ended, soon to be forgiven it at all I dare you to Moon "the coincidence is yours" so and to speak. Also, and although seeming cruel, my management is quite broad and I follow all around knowing and adjusting volumes to thresholds seen to be made of half-knowns and never seek to delimit or disquire you. That is, I don't make you me, but I seek it to end, and somewhat favorably. Cruelty is a reward in itself spiraling inward and never to see this happen squares on lattice. Again then, a yours made me. Neverthelee.)  

It's that time of the year again - California poppies abound.
Most noted to be beautiful are on Larrabee in West Hollywood in front of an apartment building facing East.
All colors abound you in greenest crabgrass.
Just planted my own little seeds by Burpee out front this on 05/29/05. I hadda put fuckin' applesauce in the dirt to cover for cow poop per mind over "the men just love it" both from Pavilions cheap.
My roommate hated it the portioned dollar fifty-nine ($1.59) in the woods. What a dick should starve all the apples bass-hummin' on the ground in the whole fucking world and you gotta pay for mine.
What a dick the seeds nailed under the cut-up burlap bag I got with that fried turkey my mother sent me last Thansgiving.
I never recycle anything usually I don't believe in it like I don't believe in eating fresh meat.

Enter Wathein 05/14/05 1717
Before I went to bed weeks ago, Chris Ondy wore a costume into my bedroom called "wathein" say "swath-een" German for "gentle clothing of the dead [seen faceless]". It was standing little tall, hands at side, and whole body wrapped in toilet paper or bandages for effect and with one fat swath drawn flatly across the face bowed down as if to scare parents and the like. Chris says he got the costume "and controls" from "the sky" (it also "jumps up and down" in-place) to scare me when I went to sleep (he held off on the jumping though). Have some. Meanwhile, I experiment with orders of "hindis" - little tissue people in white living all your body conversing at night as inpired by hindis in the world known reducing big, rusty oil ships and tankers to non-metals - and a blacker mist that makes all shift and decay like powdered loops down. Still playing at deceits, we'd say. Question after-the-fact for Chris: "Where are your legs in the 'costume' [his mother mad to give it away herself]?" "Hanging left both as if to balance, but not required by me." The controls? Jumps and "watheins" (harbours you in the head) by widening the eyes - it's in the eyes - what you see. "I was gonna do it to him [Doug], but he'll come after me in the head. No way." That's about me getting more to see and know before bedtime. "He defers to you." Thank you, Chris. This morning, it's Jason Priestley I'm dreaming of, you probably with your brother John. Everyone needs care to bother - now come back soon.

all hail stevie nicks,9,10,11,12

I Could Never Make It Better For You Anyway 05/14/05 1455
See Stevie Nicks is finishing up her four-night run at Caesar's in Las Vegas tonight May 14. They call it "Dreams" and all her most famous song with Fleetwood Mac. I woulda rushed to see Stevie at The House Of Blues on Sunset way back when, but missed this a Heaven present due to being poor (talking, but only to money) and poorly received myself. Same here, kinda. Doesn't mean you can't know about it. The first three (3) shows to lackluster performances testing and quickly it said as just announced freely.

dead too many times it's been said

Stevie Nicks "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? (Well, I Have)" Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You from the "Rock A Little" LP 1986 or so. Other than that, Stevie Nicks "Some Become Strangers" MP3  (5.5 Megs) as by and with Elton John and Dan Moon both from the same LP. We cherish this for Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olsson too both of Elton John Band. Stevie Nicks complains that "Who is Dan Moon?" as I explain John Denver and she says that this song comes from Olivia-Newton John's group (same all over) who said this song was "weird, but savory to most some" actually written with John Farrar for "Soul Kiss" and that she, Stevie, changes the lyrics. She complains that the tape has her voice on it already faked, but is not enough to be bothered with "it's really good" as she says but "pisses me off someone could stand in." All I can say is these things are made in Heaven for travel. We cling to this lowbrow mind here and things hafta be brushed up for broader experiences elsewhere. I can't let earthen mind follow me around in song. You do it all, but as prompted by different experiences elsewhere. She knows this now. A soul becomes a stranger listening to this stuff here, Bruce Springsteen. "You lose us in this." Stevie adds "I signed on the dotted line to make the money - I needed it."

The concert later here it is: Stevie comments "I am magical - I have to enter a refrigerator-sized box in my dressing room (boy! this is junky...) before the show and be pulled together by unseen demons - otherwise, I am just 'Susan' and am at length to explain myself. Too many drugs, too many hairstyles to boot. We won't talk about the songs, but people need to stress their likes and dislikes long before I take stage as I can do them all like this - my mind reels with memory too." She adds "Never believe it, never have it to use." The woman makes upwards of fifty grand ($50,000) per show seen and calls no one over it. "I just do what I do and no one can come - it's rehearsal if need be in my truck it stays then as tape unwound (I won't even get to remember it, we record all, however, for God or whomever). Ask no one about Lindsay [Buckingham] - he's been dead for ten (10) years now and comes to study it all only." See that. The show made blockbuster attendances at half-spilled over outside. Over twenty percent more than sold each show made. They sell it to the rooms as it's happening. See that. To her fans: "Quit rocking - we'll still be here." - Stevie Nicks

Keeping our lines down, 'hi hi' from Doug. See ya soon.

New 05/19/05! Stevie asks me in the head to defray the song title "Some Become Strangers" until she knows why it has "souls" in it. She is Jewish she says (yes - while you wait to have its baby sewn in you, take a seat then) and takes exception, kinda (I note Jews have souls, but not mine with them - a fault yet you'll see, for I am the dead only and see you living still). Narrows: The song is about a woman in exchange for her soul. "Will you come" I said "until I have better? Some become strangers to me and I won't need you, but better is not here yet." You said in the song yourself two (2) words written "that a soul is no one's bother yet" - I take that out sincerely. A soul is in the making and troubles me for its loss to me. You are no bother as funny and mean, but others are never mine they are strange to me and dying of it. I need friends, not lovers just yet. I love myself too much as God yet. The song is this - your invitation to me to dance it around and make new friends. No one is outside yet dancing - we are here dying 'em still. Some become strangers, yet I feel no one to you. Have some soon. Have me then - yours.

Stevie asked me to put back up John Stewart's "Gold" MP3 (3.9 Megs) from the October 2003 mitrepage (loved Pet Shop Boys' "Before" now still on there too - so yummy and it's about us and here again to you this is what you've been waiting for after all, see the love in a mother-father caring for you-type a day shined around you as then first to speak it clearly then to further) - there it is lyrics here. Been playing and enjoying just the same we sing along always people hate me for it and in my own home! Still love singing that part that goes " drivin' over kanan | singing to my soul " - still lovin' that abridge. People in the afterlife only hear sounds - songs then in full glory - given to the public domain - nothing making money still. Nothing allowed to be impure by their hand - now see that. Some songs I play here on the computer they hear - and others not so. Nothing heard - not even my singing to (bit of voice, me - a bit heaven then). "Turn it off" they tired of me then but I tend to play alot of stuff a dj of sorts and sing around it alot too a real "jerk-off" with this really I am the real Ric after all. My only prayer to the above (after 'make me gay once again and then please') is to be able to enjoy these faves-once (never say 'oldie' no - that's keying to the fifties a chewed gum, eeuu, no...yuck...a godless times of, the world run by blacks from Cuba) with the original enthusiasms as intact - I know I loved them at once then. I hear from the above that each song has "wands" in front of the title or song itself - and then in you - that limit the pause and glory you seek in it and just for you. Pray for this then. We move you toward new, but not away from these really. Pay, and you get to pay again for one day's pleasure. So see. Her quote "I know it's hard on you, but we can make you love these again." The recording is damaged, only. You return to spite us with this I see nothing I can't know for you. That's from God - the above and all - speaking to me and at once inside you breeding it then. Note: I take things down from my site to kinda be fair and avoid abuses of theirs others and other stuff then. I have feelings inside to correct on things and once inside me. Stay away, or I come through with explanations and other feelings on. You remit me well then with all answer and information...'we want it, we pull it in, and at no cost to you' is correct thinking. My site is about one dollar sixty cents ($1.60) a day based on a thirty (30) day mode per month and still isn't worth talking about yet in terms of that cost. Plenty of unused to know about my cost stays the same for now. Yours too.

bitch that's so brutal got a hankerin' for pizza?

A Few Days Knit 05/14/05 1054
Yesterday, Friday the 13th and all the day Christ was murdered I tuned in and watched "Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning" Madonna in makeup and moles dancing in skunkhair in her San Francisco loft (ostensibly doing 'the robot' as taught by artist Michael Jackson and on videotape for a major studio - "takes everything to itself in a cherish to say 'these are here', but cannot know or feel if it is that dumb to me - and you? you know that.") That series is about Jason or Jesus killing people you know. He did it like that urging a pig death from the swamp to carry it out. A featherly black coccoon shooting out (looks like a pinecone on its side) arrives in our neighborhood harbouring vampires and that "starts with a grave, usually", they said as ghosts needing to resurrect a stiff. See ya soon as from England they want to meet me. Meanwhile, I see they buried the guy who started Domino's Pizza here in LA at the new "cathedral" - a labor leader named "Dominick Pastoro" or "Villachaise" or "Anthony Villarosa" also confusing with mayor's race - a good friend to the masses kinda. Why would anyone cherish a labor leader I asked but the Domino's Pizza fits well (really, Mexico's pizza not Chicago) and I joked to him about handing the orders off to each other in the neighborhood. God above remarked he was gonna kill people in Chicago and that's what started all this up - they turned him down for being there all of ours in politics stiffened with wastes and unknowns. Patrick Monihan is the name we'd use but in the U.S. Army a lawyer-type changing his name often like an actor-type usually over threats. Earlier in the day, I was taking a nap and God over made me know the Statue Of Liberty our found. I was a big ghost and dove into bluest water shallow kinda and as I lay flat bands were locking down across my hands, arms like metal like a machine like motors and scaring the fuck out of me I was huge. He was collecting silts out of the sea ostensibly near Capri and planned on being this thing ten feet tall for the world. I pulled the plug for this was not me commanding actually. Without further details, this ran across the ocean from England to Plymouth Rock on stilts of sand, kinda, and stood for six and one-half days before positioning itself at New York unable to move and hollow inside formed to look human and stayed it would change. A 'titan' or "visitor from the sea", they used 'em all the time to kick people around. The face, a Roman toreador or grave robber for the masses unable to see dead once taken.

Yours too the making of the statue experience but in your sleep? Sign your name as printed out on and next to your body 'til 12 Noon tomorrow:

X_________________________________________ EsQ.

The last one a big success, yes to do.

Wasn't that horrible? That big, dumb bitch fell right down and got locked up with two old diving bells gagging on that last bit of crab sagoyled in the elder blas-veins of rheumy agrabbled sprownch-shrimp.

DI2Y Or Then "Do It To Yours" If You Have The Balls 05/12/05 1947
I was talking to mind over a while back about cutting off people's heads (like angels do it - sure) and then making it grow like four (4) sizes too big for a cheap laugh and an on-the-spot. My humour to you holding the bag having to cut one up. Mind says when doing this, one (1) ball or causal unit is now just lengthened upwards by three (3) more or four (4) in-total. I loved it - is that right? Do it yourself as on paper I wouldn't bother sounds right. Normally, I would replace one (1) ball with four (4) as close as they could be in square formation now centered on the one ball for exerting same in all directions, but not cooly positioned or set on stone right. Therefore, we defer to a higher thought. "It all comes up from the ground - you can't go into the ground."

As A Counter To My Racist-Type Remarks Plus Some Below Coming Other Rapes 05/12/05 1133
May I offer this morning's waking dream to lazy blacks everywhere as I live in their home (see some later for emphasis, conditioning by others): I'm in this crowded waiting room-type place like a hospital emergency room lots of people. Somehow prior to or just after (I cannot or will not remember) I hook up with a black couple man woman dignified and we now have a cardboard box (~ 2 x 4 x 3) with a famous funeral service name stamped on the side (one I recognize then as the height of proper, but I cannot remember it - a black carousel wheel or something like it as logo) to pick up some young black girl's body like nothing sent. Who am I to help in this? Me, basically - a young white man asked to help carry just outside of the place no reasonable way out although disconcerting (I have real experience moving real bodies - note this). The first room I'm in sends me to another across a breezeway and there a woman tells me "no, you have to go back there and enquire again - I'm sorry back to there nothing I can do" but as understood and nodding as 'no, sorry' no words used to me that's important (this is in France, I hear - no way to really know by sights seen). I note the cardboard box we have while having no blood or such is used somehow with a pissy-type morgue smell anticipated - moisture having been yes - again I'm experienced it is dirty like an egg crate is dirty. I go back to the original room but on another side of it (this is now a left entrance south or facing as opposed to the one on the right north somehow stilled) and now some bodies kinda on stretchers small covered in white sheets upper right facing about six (6) or so noted some empty but with a long desk and nurses on the immediate left marshalling all in and out. This woman - faceless to me now - agrees to release this girl's body to me the white guy as with the couple no said but she wants to know first why it is this girl's body only weighs "ninety-six pounds" as said by her to me exactly but not in voice I know it then only. The dead girl is really like nine (9) years old but may be as much as nineteen (19) years old too - who could say she is not seen by me ever but alluded to. I then search the place high and low for this black couple who are gone, gone, gone. I wind up going home after waiting a bit. The next thing I know I am having a phone conversation from this supposed home I know nothing of by myself an orange shag carpet kinda and I am up high on a ledge of some sort scared of falling should I not balance myself. I am that black girl - supposedly - having ridden home with white and am now enjoying the place I made it to. The dead are made to fear falling if they are in your home talking to anyone at all while there. The end - my roommate wakes me up when he gets up now I'm a freeloader again, he is the master I am the nigger his. Welcome home, Bitch. Get a fucking job moving bodies if you have to. We're in the business already I'm told. Sure - keep the box. I just got one alot nicer when the doorbell rang another three (3) pair of contact lenses from 1-800-Contacts (very as important: use zeros "0" not blanks when changing quantities at this site - or error will result because some idiot in academics thinks null or 'no set' or 'nothing solves or will solve' is important to demonstrate to you in no math will be done as if zero were used - and plus, divided by zero is real and so is zero divided never let anyone reason you off zero is nothing or then zero a true quantity called and taken, a balance to, neither here nor there then, but potentially with you - please bitch, the inverse or multiplication is universally true and so is this minor note - if, call your own ass) so beautiful to me all at twenty dollars ($20.00) I'll wear them to forever and a day you'll see nothing my every disease at a cured. To cure this. Strangely, their boxes seem similar to note a passing of significance to and fro?      

all you can stand to be

Good Times Bad Times 05/11/05 2027
If there's one thing I hate, it's people with computers wasting my fuck with dumb entry no guide necessary if done well and then teaming with others to make sense of who's buying. That goes straight to motherfucking hell like niggers leaving scholarships for blacks in a white world asked not to see (or smell - find mine in that). Enter niggers at Educational Testing Service billing theirselves as Educational Marketing or then what I used to get at UCLA - discount magazines like crazy a toilet paper of your needs sent me, not the other way around. Oh, sure - all the good taken from me once twice many times and now this again - a bitter bite ends our love as seen I wanted to mention up another bad-boy link but lashes out like motherdome "being in business means 'til the death you answer each only as called or no one came at all you seen that a bitter truth but the army comes in by radio call makes up for it kinda but not real we know nothing, huh." Here, they remove magazines you want from the list generated a-z less the one z you want and reject your credit card your e-mail whatever the fuck it is it's junk - you wouldn't keep anything I wanted in the order form by request out no option just the stuff I hate being asked for twice three times now the e-mail adress with fuck over adds of crazy computing talk double words to signal you down. Now eat bolts here I hate what you do. By the way, the order was for one year of "Entertainment Weekly" vastly cheaper than "People" a costly added-type (no words extra, all-approved by saints of) "Newsweek" (extreme glamour at a politic, a costly exit for it, actually) to them no not real now for my mother who rots at home talking to a tv like it knows her too - a gift? anything but that a murder out. "We need anyone but these rich whites." Seem niggers again you earn this here. Their world so glamourous living on our dimes in France starving of good deeds all around in Africa itself then and hair problems now. Better call home fast someone taking the cookies this time a kosher. What are you? Dykes again? I need a new word for fucking taking saints. I hate this junk but heard of problems 'round of the time I left UCLA all go to hell in a handbag she makes nothing take my good back. My good. You are crazy with wondering how why with colors spiraling added in means nothing except you are leftist (has spent too much money here talking doing to no sense) and racist (sees us first, a handbag to them too). You are the racist - I'm white and wonder not about how the other third lived. White doesn't wake up and wonder u - they know how they are this. They simply know all - an innate-type thing. You simply saw it and knew less to be.

To balance, a "preamble" or then "before walking" no not "before saying" no:
This company "American Educational Services" now "American" or then "All American" ! whatever ! their now quote "we can do business now [he helped us anyway]" I got from the student store at UCLA (like this hundred-dollar screen I'm using right now as replacement for screen tricks out) - they threw their little response card, much like a Columbia House, in every bag served from the student store at Ackerman Union (another serious blackened belly-up delivered by grand service no one to blame but buy back - pay to play forever it was beautiful only ever Beverly Hills Bel-Air beautiful students fucking in the sun forever their mission under God up to four [4] years, eight [8] max no business degrees here how economics matters only then thanks no). People hate me - now see that and why. I raped these people economically for many magazines it is simply affluence itself I, and in-fact, could actually care for another it said to others if I wanted to and I would not for some time a reply. They would bill you for already low, low prices unbeatable to you if you had the associations necessary under "education" - still a vast fraud by any measure, but what opens old cranky wallets the government said one way or another leave your money to food then to fight off your own favorites at the supermarket eat and shit your way to hell inside you a faceless mime - a guilty pleasure unseems unless you noted us as and a big deal any way you acronym. A big one sent and taken up for esteems. My collection included all I sought from hellsbound to known by this with three (3) easy payments in monthly installments reducing the total robbed ever no mistakes nothing out of the way. Mine included "People", "US News & World Report", "Rolling Stone", "Spin", "Details", "Interview", "Forbes" - you name it. Renewals, gifts - sure, you name it. Now this my wrath seen. A tastemaker a big deal no matter what you say and how you say it tasting less on your behalf. Note: "Interview" says to you 'get it now' - rising up. Stage or New York is coming up, rising. Screen or Los Angeles are eternals an ever to pleaser being made for the masses. We are done or coming to done then. An added-type is no one's friend. Hi.

yours, and mine

Close 05/14/05: Devout fans of need know that I was able to send a gift subscription for "Entertainment Weekly" to my mother at $0.79 per issue for one (1) year or forty-five dollars three cents ($45.03) and they were allowed to bill me. No sooner said than done. Also got her three (3) magical gummi rings (orange, pink, green) to to be sent out on Monday. Otherwise, call American up on the phone - make them eat your order. More to yet 05/19/05: Sent those gummi rings out late the day before yesterday placing once in the ol' FedEx box at the post office using my own box to ship made as exclusively for a VHS tape (a 'whitehall' priced to remit favorably in-stock and at $2.49 from one those mail stores with hours seemingly more convenient - the local post office was ravaged by hate their selection pored teeming with affords but for greater gifts going out with none received however unpopular to seem - see someone even scraped the fucking hours off the lobby door I'd hafta ask if they were open if I ever got in the point made?) Meanwhile, I had to take back one ring for coming on unannounced in the box (again, you're supposed to press the top to get the 'amber alert' ( ( ( quick ! she's coming ! hide the snackwells ) ) ) this one too sensitive somehow an omen? no - mind over told me it was defective when I walked out of the store the first time, I said after all that bother yet something like "nevermind - they're fine enough" - see this ambered). Anyway, it was time to re-establish hearts with my personal FedEx account and have reason to see it further a class of person. Maintaining accounts is all I to see, mine delivered to no sign early this morning 10:34 AM, in the door, knowing you, seeing better. I watch progress online along the way scared of it getting fucked-up until reported on-screen as accepted for pick-up. A pill for that.        

Back To Alienating Drugs - Boring For Me Assembling What's Left Out From Previous Feature But Here I Resolve You From Notes Taken My Friends Laugh At This But I Reproof As Usual 05/11/05 1437
First up - "ambien" makes all normal for women you suffer with her - we covered that see it anyway. That's you again asking me not to. "Phentermine" - made from pills digested in pigs once a day. Has the needs of people afoot, but makes blacks rich with doubletalk. A skin whitener that takes blacks back to reality: harsh muscle diseases and weight loss from it. If it makes you happy, take less each day then renew. A hog is no friend ground up and poisoning you with fecal wastes in your heart. Eats grass too - a volume offender of sense. Eat less. Take less or dies one day white and proud - our cost it works well anyway. "Hydrocodone" whitens teeth with the bone mass of several antioch (bone severed) agents. One is the foul sense of slime on teeth, the other the noise in your ears a static or wandering thought around sense. Is methamphetamine discounting teeth again. Heat and wear absorb light the wrong way, adds in color as yeasts usually. Wait one (1) day from drugs, then adds this in to whiten only on teeth, not in-between. Recommends manufacturer not to even bother "our whitening is false - yours real with flossing and teeth brighteners..." See Moon shine off yours made anyway - I hate hate making me less to someone new never to be less or ever to you. To die. You to less then anyway you cap it. I hate hate. I hate it. Note to you soon. The semen-sperm known as "adipex" takes muscle from frogs again - their lips, really, kiss that - and makes a woman think her heart is failing so ulteriorally she spends money making you happy ("[as agreeing then and finally, a nod some] I think it's time [to meet your cash demands...]". An anti-drug I helped make because as one laughingly puts it "If you won't spend the money on us, perhaps you'll consider your own health care. Have yours a day for it." Shame - robbing an old woman like that (probably as seen her effort to rid you of it and by fail). I caution them to spend each cent a day ahead on news about them someone needing you closer a  thoughtful gift to lain. Leave nothing to our government who cared for you beautifully as sexual prospect reduced by being a prospect to yourself. Ah, people have no value anyway they are worth nothing in dollar terms a dollar is real as our people laying naked each seen by me simply naked waiting for sex and nothing else has value either in our sex-type five-year plans. We are simply shit - quote me then. If people can't kid theirselves, we all die on pig's feet. Laugh it up, be sane, spread the filth wide and clear cure to no truth no one pays for that they get that with here from the unemployed seeking but not looking just yet. Served a'plenty by, still sexy, starves right to death in one (1) day yet fuck my bones, unlike the feet, I know what raises the meat. Then, "fioricet" a taste-maker of the stars. In this plan, a woman makes men happy by being sheen or without flakes - our vanguard and simply. Gross yet from Israel, they have internal troubles masked by flaming tits of desire and I call that home each day. A woman needs to demure somewhat our love strengthened by them. We need women to take shield, not arm against thee. A woman on this shit askes me to take her in battle. I will not. Make yourself pretty each day and get it right - to deny you the work you cannot handle, then see us proud of you. This with drugs grows tits roundly - if you know what I mean - for gross fakes with hung breasts like champ meat kinda square-looking gross this is God's work again - making areoles flame a distract from out-center - His work to again. A pig eats this - do not abuse it makes your labias or pink areas large what are simply gross much like the head of my dick 'shroom out! an unfocus. Thanks this it's simply gross - not to focus on so inordinately. If this, other cures for people who reject us for no care because we are ugly or unfounded. Each speaking to walls then an ugly crying is one down from trying to be. One down is one my way. "Save [it] for the beasts - for they bless us with children [as in violence spoken to us correcting along the way...a 'beast' does not listen while we speak endlessly against horn - a harm - and trout, a knowing stink]" is the correct saying as to not hurting to have again and again. Bless them all then - fuck it we'll eat. Eat less to be beautiful I'd say (if as concerned, a talent to be eaten to be first of then limbs forsaken to and by and I manage to eat alot of their "talents" whatever provided as no need to know more for this taken and but as simply) my mind my own mayhems hemmed never stuff that I hate it helps. What? "Brown gravies" covering this up make this even more disgusting to me - make none see it gone. Made from sheep's heads never use - simply gross. "We put it in everything [no matter what - you to win again]." Nothing is real, Fool. Our cost measured to you as taken and used eat my symbol down to you. Be that dumb just 'put it in, it works' no, that is somehow elegant. All the stuff you eat right up - one thing each day I make for you play along. "Carisoprodol" takes sheep's heads again and makes this real to you once more as "pig's feet in blends". No. Used to have people over to the house for sex it works usually but recreational drugs are here and near to us. They survive, this dives. Used for breast exams never use beyond. Recommend "cialis" as pig's feet (no, the recent bout of meth stinkers a flowery bad taste are cloves added in by Jews natural suckers - thanks like I care, even fumes can be sexy not necessarily a bad can say 'get out the way for moistures to come really' all oxygenating proves is that no one is there healing you twice a day like you seem to know) for that exam stuff. Finally, and proving somehow, "loritab" is my suggest for women menstruating during pregnancy as it happens for teenagers. Again, not recreational, but sheep's heads and healing somehow our gift to you. Sheep's heads, incidentally, are a gift. We reuse most heads taken never to interfere the work is gross anyway you slice it for guest and colleague. Bored now...thanks. Systemically (no matter how stated to you using), a drug is never "quoted" - I set that off as a "special term" here and not as a particularly distinguising name as by a manufacturer making one alone. A "generic" to be is no capital to use - a fail really rounding in, for casuals only, a dinegre I do it down. The brand name only would capital Bayer, Wellcomb. Underline drugs their mention names they are junk to me and need to be claused or captioned further - a cartoon for you acting up, outward symbol nothing more to known. I set off everything in single quotes because 'they anyone do say perhaps a ridicule may be this too so dumb look feign limp wrist goad' or "look at this as mine as you say this definitely and to you anything to be set off and made special by me using I don't know this shit someone said it to me I use it fondly never a ridicule not here that is single quotes or dubious dumb maybe said in ridicule nested within fail here argue not". See it a period in a quote only if you saw one there - only. In print said. Otherwise, it simply looks wrong - look at it! It is wrong in there always mostly. Get some little tiny things right for sure all knowledge is this only little stuff people do what they do they are little inside they are you trying to be, sell some back to me mine - add in as you go. Know nothing but truth - it simply looked bad my truth is not real ever. It is truth a clever trick.  

time to think about you again who you are now

Cherishing Each Opportunity To Know You Better 05/11/05 0209
Just ordered a subscription to this magazine - they sent me a little letter explaining all to me up front I said 'yes' for a little over twenty dollars (>$20) if I can make another asshole woman die in the head for asking or then knowing. Oh - just a stunted growth on the way [past] there my mother didn't care that much I would still kill both her and you too over your seeming rule trust that - see links instead you can see a quality done but in your own home seeing is having to monkey shines. Now seeing something for her, then take it away just a banana to me. The idea of choosing for myself to piss you off - that's real to you in yours a world dumb of it for good. This is the good stuff I've been choosing over you all along - trust it like that again. Now with the very last everything being so tight around the watering hole (you lay within a definite trout - you don't say! pu! hook up, please) I tend myself or risk being that burden one mentions or then sees you'll bend. So, just the same old stuff and you in yours thinking too much about mine (that shitbag of a personality - a definite dog - soon once meets me no it is you all along someone will kick your ass one day - real good too). Stay away from the merchandise or wind up selling with it - you get cheap to have just with snacks a luxury then. I hear stuff and think 'damn!', and like me, you want big things - keep playing it dumb. I'll keep showing you just how smart you are no I'm not ashamed of my body or at risk of seeing you with your clothes off you implanted your mother's breasts in you now - how charm de la may both die in your belly. Remember, it's the ones we don't want to see that keep ridiculing me as I do what I like when I like it. I know I have it good - you too, huh. You always do so good against it all. So smart to me - kinda ugly though keeps yours so fresh why hate people still hate you that's why....'til die then it'll ruse. Don't ridicule me - I've seen ya at it (quite frankly your signal this a lie, I see you to it). Remember that if no shame to occur simply that fucking gross remus age crime, dodge intrepid with the 'sars' (still aids really, same - a bit clinical you know if you pull that back and tuck it up your ass crasm God says mims 'tighter' - a pot of luck to you both pulling for ya - ssst have that in yours the world goes right 'round the problem my love ssst the power of Isis in you now again dying of it a tomb). More: Your son, (daughter, no) pictured? Please, a glory only plus your equal opportunity to be seen coming up rawed - yours known then as someone who "doesn't make me come too soon" heh heh that and someone else to come in and stress their preference just in the nick of time "you like this? really? simply have that to you more....less said if you then" (thanks, says this less) the producer, oh. Money again - that ol' weasel spend less if money is you a sperm deposit on dimetap. Please, Honey I promise you have the good I only say mean things to alienate you in code sequences - is this you again?

More stuff of 05/12/05: I pride myself on writing as speak-heard; it is humour-filled as being perfect is to clause - an asshole is this and laughs regularly. When I wrote "ssst" what I do is a release of air like the beginning of the word "straight" somewhat or at the end of the Colonel's word-hyphen "rotiss". It is black and from my youth a hilarity sometimes perhaps with a gold tooth out front. Someone here today rocks me by saying I meant "tisk". No - but thanks. The poem from blacks "[name-less] my boy | tisk tisk tisk | [name-less] my boy | you smell like piss" tells you "tisk" is taken, a flared-out, an already used for this then. My thoughts on the subject delivered the word "shame". It's a damned shame said only as with air issued. I rest to you then. "Tisk" by the way is from the French "tiscare" or take time [as next done]". Have that - I'll be waiting to know better then.

Putting Up My Force Field 05/07/05 1513
On the way back from Trader Joe's again today (see no car equal many trips to what we forgot, we tend to try the free samples out at home again anyway - this today is Thai Noodle Salad from last week or so as coupled with a peach juice dixie) we stopped at Lemon Tree Bungalow to shop around. A French louval poster for him at about twenty-four dollars ($24.00 - "juan les pins antibes" for "while you poke it, I know what I like and first" French a woman with hat adjusting the beach, they'd say) and a blue jelli ring for me at two seventy-five ($2.75). The jelli ring (available in other colors at least green, orange - clear then) sirens with colors green red and blue at each revolvings when you press the top and shine brightly. Mind says "for swimming under the water dark they can find you easily (the magnetic cans little are for car doors when you have an accident - buy many to steal as from France)." I say the top looks like the AYDS virus and when someone mentions you casually the AYDS while out dancing social, you press top to put your force field on and defend you against it such said. It's that eliminating, actually and of it. Now try to see your way about. When the battery runs out, you dispose of all issue to me again and pay to again. A great Mother's Day gift and some said. Something cheap me and Neilsy worked on it together. Note: These rings, in the dark, a special to beauty. Chases away ghosts with tiny bells in their heads. Again, I stress about not being too mean and providing a harmony there for. You decide to length of bother - not in my interest we don't equip people to bother they are there. Also, Jesus and Mary candles - good drug culture - serve to harm intruders women but bring no gift, another black hating black back - you know the type dines on glass and the furniture sweat. My faith rests with not being there in the head too much for the living - or to be with them. To take yours with theirs in mind is to be their slave then. A sad ritual of taking and having too little taken. Sad. We know what's best for us and you may too lines quickly drawn a parasite seen to be scared of host. With care (?), everything is real and a hit, but you get less to hurt others with. Be smart - I wouldn't tell you anything unless I knew for sure you wouldn't bother it much. I don't believe in knowing what I believe taking names and all. Leave it fluffy - someone is waiting to reproof me I smell them around every fur the pot boiled. This, the 'power of Isis' is real - to make others know your plight. Fuck that - arrogant my pain real and surmounts yours. To be so arrogant. To seek me in it. Brings no gift. Again, the ring: an "altimer" - raises your sphere of speaking and having me. Shortly done.

More 06/01/05: Just picked up three (3) magnetic 'flashpot' cans on the sidewalk in front of Bank Of America here on Santa Monica Boulevard (thanks...) the West Hollywood Branch and all - all three (3) five bucks ($5.00). There are little removeable magnet plates on the bottom magnets as is - for why? For attaching to glass. They will crack your car window in thirty (30) minutes - see China to know better they don't polarize glass, we do. Beware. Use the door instead, never a glass unless you see better - sometimes you do. By the way, one little one on the radiator of a car keeps it cold for one (1) hour after start. I promise. Let the auditor find out (LAFO). Thanks Denise - you matter too.

Coal-Hole Miner's Daughter 05/06/05 1941
Some say that Carrie is actually Lindsey-Jamie or then Loretta Lynn or then Sissy Spacek herself all one in my family too. That's true she's young and that host of singing is how you make it a day. Proof: That name "Spacek" is for "space sex" or no one else in the room. My father used to call her (a cousin) "space sex" for being in her room all the time. Marines train for it anyway having to help yourself away from its table they'd say (they don't want you doing too much). Brian DePalma her uncle not related to us in any way they'd say. More: One of the actors had to run from filming for being in-demand it would seem. Not John Travolta, but date William "Tommy" Katt who actually held up then if you'd see it once then the "Greatest American Hero". Amy Irving a stoic and beauty I swear while so mad at her I just don't understand, but always relay her steadfastness in film to having fewer choices in life whether it be against Andrew Stevens in "The Fury" or against Barbra in "Yentl" then. Like her mother in "Carrie", she knows her trades in life. "It's easy to be who she is" some would say.

home don't grow home 

Last Night Kalife 05/06/05 1246
Can't believe it's Friday already no news. Went out to dinner last night for cinco de mayo at this place called "Gozar" ("take a look quickly - did you see it or not then?" Spanish-type junk) at 8948 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood because el Compadre on Sunset (the dark-inside place with real live mariachis every day) had an hour wait if on the phone (you don't call today of all days called). Anyway, I started off with a loose breadbreaking in olive oil type stuff, meatballs in a sauce, and then chicken breast with rice and black beans it was lovely if not traditional Mom's Mabley a comic stewardess served and seated us. My friend had the lasagne some both enjoyed. If you haven't noticed, I'm just that type - an on-the-go kinda impromptu sort. While dining, I get Madonna's junk in the head about not being "the type we want in to cater to here" for seeing West Hollywood again from your table so she could unload a Pavilions or an old bank building on you riche (see "Tara" in white from your window Elton John's bank-bombshelter where there are bathrooms kept "sprightly" in the basement for washing up, kinda, post apocalypse and all - three [3] of them I'd say). I explained 'yes' - a McDonald's on this corner, while shines brightly to, blares out the mini-businesses that take care of a kinder, gentler set. Too much shaft up and down, or in and out then. We could be anyone anywhere then and that is not what makes us a happy home to homosexuals here in miningtown. Keep it down - we have that in steps away, in-fact, I was just there days ago enjoying a Big Mac combo orange drink one free refill after a walk down from LaCienega and their Ralphs on 3rd getting rid of pennies at the Coinstar (my container is four dollars plus [$4.00 +] worth full, now I know to expect). Of the past, hail Chi Chi's and Casa Lupita!

Neilsy was telling me he has a clock with his mother to write words-of-the-day down on to know and feel - very Baby Lafo'ourche (say "laforges" to mean "uncles and such made this fatter in the head") of us. The word we got was the asian-influenced "kalife" or "bright shining to us not to say us". He thinks of some helping get it done, but leaving in the interest of others to present as theirs not possible but said such. Whatever. A Hoover vacuum declines to be the carpet, actually - not elves speaking in reverse to you. Best said "ours lie bigger ahead; we work for this." Boy George got it right producing some. "The word must be in pink for 'precious'....." says Neil. No, no.

The Speed Of Sound Remit 05/05/05 1824
Coldplay were in my "garden" the other night as all the other ones unseen - no Chris Martin, or else - three (3) or so guys just standing against the fence under a tree-bush tall, and as tree-bushes themselves with fully formed bodies and faces it seemed. They were saying to me something like "What now - we're here." What? All apologies I know nothing and hate the idea actually of yet another betrayal-type what could it seem. What happened? That conversation latticed and broke off when I saw a boutrice on the ground near a long pipe trovelled - a small mud skull turned to me in a swamp of mud cloth forming the bow-tied top for a lovely woman lain. The head shrunken told me to touch her muddy little fingers with blackened claws just inside a hole kinda, and the fingers fell to dirt moist although previously wiggling to me incessantly for attention. I had to run from that loving when another asshole bothered to noise me over my laundry on the front porch in white garbage bags like stealing comes (they took stuff already I ran then). The basement, or underporch-living actually, is open now for pipes being run and they hafta move a bit here while rebuilding the faith that sees them to me. So bother. Back to you later so much said and done, they'd say. In the meantime, Chris quips when asked last night (another bother yet we listened) that the "speed of sound" they mention is cheaper to use the Internet send - a speaker to speaker thing using sound instead of electricity's coal. Oh, sure - one speaker cups to another for up to three (3) miles I hear too much already. This is their gig type-stuff, but that's not your problem as nothing is costly these days unless you to be billed fancilly as so cheap then. You pay for routing through others because you cheapen the thought so often in England-type stuff around it I'd bother. Instead, you might consider an electric shot fired way over there that bucks back bad on receipt at term and sends a massive shockwave back to all who follow and to quell. That slap back says 'no more' from you a further here's receipt said the damage is done. You wallow in it some mine and place. You don't break the sound barrier in-fact, you run up against it only and get smacked back like thunder said. No more mission to move at sides actually.

Tales From Above 05/05/05 1800
For Michael Jackson - what did I tell you about Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May - Mexico, an albeit to St. Patrick's Day now another ridicule)? Fine, fine that vest you needed to be that special - and your father back from the grave stolen I see "while you clip up your arms over my hate to you." So see. Meanwhile, was in the steam room late at oft this past week Ricky Wilson and all pissing me off, and who but beside to meet but Seal newly refurbished and the man-woman known as "Usher" or New Jersey "Stevie B" again, a man and his synclavier wrenching it out. I'm sitting there in my white towel and baseball hat marked "Diesel" only (no fuel - you gotta pay to see that here) and one goes to the other [in a loose paraphrase I'm high no one else there in room cout a shadow lurks] "Girl, what are you doin' - so slender and all" the fabulous to see on and on she wait. I look across the form, see one, turn back, see the other, and "oh, I see" - exchanging compliments to again once the other. Two pearls in the sunlight and how could I know so rich the water. This after cautioning one what one might see should the waters not rise. Leaves it to be with. I offered mine slightly to be hear my own voice boom - true - "Bitch, you're the fattest ever." Who most full of compliment and to no remark "a slay" then? Seal, and not with trademark buttresses under eyes - now new but slighty and off I return. Oh, we've been here before - seeking the light of it. Off now. The two guys Neil offed in the washer here? On MTV one day sitting on a bench - and in front of me again - respecting each other down-flue. See nothing - know me.      

To Chris Ondy's Mother Avoiding Another Gift Of Giving Your Own 05/04/05 2017
Our lesson today, reverbed to you here: A "psychopath" is a particular kind of jerk that calls you in to see nothing real - every thing 'seen' is imaginary to them, and they make you know it. No, there is nothing there to see actually or not, they make it up over time and in their head (add browbeating here?) and then tell you about it all having to know. An asshole with it 'til medication takes over the talent side of things. And you? A "homodid" kills people for laughs - not real to us anyway, but describe further (no, a "homonid" is for "head on shoulders", Latin Ancient - so, no cats). A "homocidal maniac" - and really "homocidal" means "induces vomiting and death by it, a poisoning" - is actually a murderer of women. Attempt, an understandable, really. See me.

"Melange A' Trois" Or "For The Three Of You" Or "Fragrant Melon Salad-Type Threesome" - As Frozen Bell Pepper Slips Three Colors? No, That Is Somehow Elegant 05/04/05 2012
Is that like menage a' trois (um, your "threesome" my dial? I call you in, someone is there - an appropriate only)? Has nothing to do with the number three (3) - now see that to a fool. "Melange a' trois" is like saying "fresher then [after news or making your part known - a cooking perhaps]". The French "melange" said "mah-lawn" means to freshen - perhaps like a carpet being beaten to a fresher scent. To bother it there, no adding of. Add then "a' trois" to mean "of that day [or to then only]". So, you may see how the number three (3) as in colors or sexual partners gets added in for a great giggle, like you know along with all other to be said. Now see that. Oh, the word "menage" is just dialing your number on the phone to see if you're there - not a gathering or any else. A variation of "menner" or "mennering" meaning "to bother a man at home", to ask for the head of household, an actually as then. They say it quick and all but we got the message.

I know the peppers are ugly - artless even. I couldn't get good ones simply. Know the cost - can't have just text. Don't be afraid to deliver excess in need - others may rule it out, I bother to try. You like everything unintended anyway - a real jerk-off to me as I bother to. The peppers? No - never to me - pure shit. You probably love them, I live for clarity's sake only, to be known as me, simply then. No peppers, not these. No.

In iTunes we celebrate all that is new (trying to have me!)

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Exclusive this month: The Partridge Family "Come On Get Happy" Come On Get Happy the title track from their show and all (a Lexican says that "and all" to get out of speaking it ESL).

This month's iTunes linkfors start with Devo and their full realm:  Devo "Strange Pursuit" Strange Pursuits  "Duty Now For The Future" LP and all from about 1979 or so. Don't miss "Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA" my first luxury item there a voice of God mistaken. Strange: " intersecting love lines drew us closer every day | always kept your distance when you felt my presence near you | love keeps on rolling over | felt and seen a love and by attack | a stupid spud staggering to the flame to be had and rehad | rehad and rehad it seemed " + " i come running like a fat boy | in lead shoes | huffing and puffing after you " something like that stuff is missing, mind adds in what is underlined as truth known by an above, not mine seen, disagrees with others noted....the album had a purple insert, paper with a block of words smooshed together all lower or upper case I had the power to know all lost it some the power of one undone now eating shit somewhat.

Recent trips to the watering hole notwithstanding, The B-52's and their catalog may sing: The B-52's "Give Me Back My Man" Give Me Back My Man from the "Wild Planet" LP (1980) and subsequent tour reminds you not to say mean things " head's in a whirlpool | spinning 'round and 'round | if she don't get her man back | she's gonna drown " - now see that. I joined the fan club and got the lyrics of the "Wild Planet" LP and the "Mesopotamia" EP sent to me as photocopy-type pamphlets to have superiors in knowing - a great joy of being able to decipher-perform their codes so mean to the average of us now you may benefit also my tandems it's like no one will know the words right not even close an otherwise to leave Chrissie Hynde just that and you to aspiring to the less of it. May a star.

To now, The Cars as what's also bought 'sight unseen': Oh, I wanted to showcase "Cruiser" from the "Shake It Up" LP 1981 or so, but we fall back to "Candy-O" Candy-O the title track from same LP 1978 instead as forth not available yet. To go: " purple hum | assorted cards | razor lights | you bring | and all to prove | you're on the move | and vanishing ". A Candy-O is for a "candywine" drunk on self or then a woman knowing too much about herself - generally considered vulgar in her attitudes and takings. A black drag queen is this, always thinking she has what it takes to make it with you - a ridicule to me. English. "Oh, Candy-O...a hole in your heart for me." Short key: "purple hum" - a heart needy, "razor lights" in your head, what you hate that stinks about you, your look, "and all to prove" what you are ain't much to us - the same leaving sane, the place we could live forever in. Some say "quirky" of the lyrics - no manifest in the head, a 'new wave' of pleasure, not feeling. I say God is here - a jerk using other jerks to play a jerk.

Oh, alright - one more and avoiding placement errors is The Cars "Dangerous Type" Dangerous Type my favorite song from the "Candy-O" LP bar none " she's alot like you | the dangerous type | ooo | she's alot like you | c'mon and hold me tight " is mastery seen but of course having already given you "Nightspots" a killer song right here at Lead singer Ric Ocasek came to the laundromat last week as ghost to say hello. Believe that? Me too we argued over it who's the real 'Ric' me or him.

Been Thinking About A Small Metal Car Jack To Fit In The Mouth - You Crank The Cloven Fit Up To The Maximum Pence Setting And Pull Silent Keystick #0025 From The Base Front - Previous My Thoughts
Someone urged while forming the prerequiste for your mind's error - a page title you'll hate right into action - that I use the word "Galas" to signify a hair bode while preserving others in flace. Sure, that would have been fine as a dark-haired lady-type singing your key to approve once then, but Moon needed a jack-off from that emmet smart to something funnier I could be truly proud of and that would be from my dermatologist's office or then the two greasy pieces of glass wobbling before lab insert to contain the virile life sanction soon to been examined under smez lens, a carrier to and fro no stock reprieve - an evel truth recinded firmly. This bernale eye, just as disgusting as you might suspected and at half the bother, would insurge so lightly you'd see it off then. Oh, I never let a drop of personal filth marry me to trade - the extra cost of knowing health seen by those who know - but yours keep coming to make parla-establishment or vournal melanin on demand to see if perhaps coming a squel send. I just keep clipping up my arms with nailpolish removers now doubling as cares from your haunt to riss this bin brible long before I accept a pinpoint location to give the go ahead to the liver an ecourt now rising to seem place a hereditary right may to be seen and thus questioned ever the further as to why we, not then nee. Let no bible rise me here it stank for these came! Remnus burns preceived hamlet held or common vouch tort and give way to the stylish and pain-free projections of the pinch-clippers fittings fan fingernail an each of by cove and to seem only corner velvet timed. The burl of steam rising to perfections wiped blood teardrop once seen in a time bruolve wandering eye, now seem better in time to time no vanish so sweet or havold then blask a burn for fever fend. After my all seeb, a brovouwn skez bauble mixed from errol thoughts ne blamed as to you once is given, is no gift taken from me a hair restylish in itself corpling seen rising vlask in your breakfast bowl each cherish of post and then after late. A raisin in the sun never thinks of me too long a burn and I've been to hear it forever what seems knowing to you in this way all for given as for one knowing one could seen. There is no such thing as time where muscles flex isn't enough postsalt - only the time not taken to know mast precious of moments we now promise to keep and to no better our work for never have done this of then. I oft never to taste of such thing a haumis muscle at blank issued bratt: deep murdis reds value leave brown strias torn smokehouse nor brailled to bite - so flaxen yet fleed! I eat ouvd to be yours then. Dotted. And to pride I blind. Even the smallest nick nedded bourne need have mine said. Yours need leave nothing I'd say off or on - we'd stay with why now so smooth to ridicule you to say my await so sum no relate. No two dots see you ever this way one said borr 'the shirts' and 'the skins' have no matter yet nope boil off to your sweetest own we compare to distaste I see your nails may not respond so quickly to fungus harvings should you mole over my vision too song. That oint I remind is remedy to replete with gift or chron date made cure a then calm. Crispy yellow vourds sent from mine then never yours heroin transferine again a turpentine used some to be so smart of yet no bother when it gave. Heroin indeed if this! by bit a mole to bit clip no bodder yours if "." but held. 'oops! Let one say then moors one of god so such beaten. One grace mole over all kend moles made brown or blue in mole dish left dark in a pre-moist made morely of no blend. I'd widen each tamsk lens to see not my world so clean I'd eat no mole before meal or after as such said you've probably or so seen. Neva to me will be you but be this wembud a collection of shorn stories given to breadth to brave this further what some should have been to send. I'd ask no one for theirs, but keep the details in front of me should it come time to bite off the conversation should teeth affirmed deliver me mine once clasped of razors they'd say some clean. Never wonder where the yellow once went, know but for at nothing bit bone whence came.