Download iTunes
all-most songs you know made to your remote and on-demand - to be sure, the highest quality sound transferred to date
just ninety-nine cents $0.99 each find one! a coupla plays and it paid for you too - and see both pc and mac win!
into the night use vaseline on black stocking over face will shine on film no depth perception
make sure you listen-watch "rollerskating" too...the large version

August 2005 The Summer Equinox Awaits You Now And Right On Time Another Bag Of Dirt

Liza Minnelli "If There Was Love" If There Was Love from the Pet Shop Boys-written and produced LP "Results" (1989) and with corresponding videopak "Visible Results" and I quote lyric sense here " and if there was love | would that be enough? " To ponder it that. Also get "I Want You Now" singing " i cried to you for help | but the wind blew away | all my words | ah-oo! "

Update To Twice A Weat 07/31/05 1920
Yes, an A-C-E - TSJ on vacation in MN for ten (10) days to begin this August 9 pray-see...see it ace being. Just picked up a beautiful beige lounge-couch (see below - so perfect that's exactly it from God, and from Bench Craft) on the sidewalk down the street but marked it to "free" washed it all so purty sprays lotions scrubbing done to me now for fleas and all, some parts went in the ace being one pillow missing however so I covered the other in cowboy fabric for. Apparently, there are three (3) dead boys living inside - all aged nineteen (19) to welcome me. Add one (1) snake plant repots for inside from Anawalt Lumber ($8.99) and we reign you in, all the way in. An ace to being sharp shooter that couch is 'spensive too someone lost it out big. My neighbor living in but now down the street Stevie Nicks someone else lost it and for me to see no bugs. Neilsy was gonna try and get it somehow it'll I'll be.

just like this - almost new

Kraftwerk "Numbers" Numbers from the "Computer World" LP (1981)...also see "Pocket Calculator" and "Computer World" the title track. If must, "The Telephone Call"..."Tour De France" the original is shopping in heaven.

Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville "All My Life" All My Life from the "Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind" LP (1989). I had it myself plus "Don't Know Much" (not available at the iTunes as such, but in the box set). Also "Hurt So Bad" from the "Mad Love" LP (1980). Oh, sure - "Different Drum" my favorite song ever.

What's great about this is the rare combination of stuff laid here - it's not like you can just steal my ideas, you come here to know and see with others here as seeing. See why it mattered some.

Yesterday's Shopping Trip At Target Per Se 07/31/05 0708
Per our cash register receipt:

Limeaway              4.29     - For inside the toilet
Mop N Glo             4.79     - For the floors, the roommate hates Pine Sol now so he pays
Plax                    4.24     - Works well on tooth and gum so white
Sauve                   1.47     - Guest-level shampoo
Meow Mix              3.79     - I feed the strays around as I don't want hunger around me
Sauve                   1.47     - Guest-level conditioner
Cetaphil                8.99     - Oh, he needs moisturizer
Gilette Gel            5.84     - Two value deodoras we'll share nothing
Oberto                 3.97     - Beef jerky
CH Ultimate T        7.99     - A washed out purple tee; something new for both
CH Ultimate Polo    12.99     - A new thinner polo shirt - brown for with blue or beige pants
CH Ultimate Polo    12.99     - Another one, bright red
Mesh Body             1.39     - Terry likes those loofahs for an older pussy
Lamp Shade           5.99     - To replace one bent up during a fight in the bedroom
Poplin Box             5.99     - Something dark blue in boxers with pretty little spanish or chinese flowers
Cherokee Men        9.99     - Terry, underpanties boxer kinda
Wedge                14.99     - Blue bed rest in the shape of a wedge
Prem BXB MD*       6.99     - Terry, underpanties again
Hanes 7P Brief 38   5.74     - My favorite cheap pair of briefs in seven pack
Spray N Wash       2.79     - We need the odor color stick
P2RL Contras*       5.99     - Terry, more panties
Shower Liner         2.34     - Time to replace
Body Pillow           9.99     - Just sewed a long pillowcase with the cowboy fabric - beauteous
Pillow $4.99 each   19.96     - For the four (4) dyed pillow shams I made

*Tax 8.25%          13.28   

Total                178.25   

Surface "Happy" Happy a great one from the "Surface" LP (1986).

Toto "I Won't Hold You Back" I Won't Hold You Back a killer from the "Toto IV" LP (1982).

Mtume "You Me And He" You, Me and He from the album of the same name (1984). That name "Mtume" say "em-toom" but I say "meh-too-may" means "flower" (actually, a "pansy") in Kariiban or Kenya language. Also be "Juicy Fruit". You, me, he and she.

The Meaning Of "Lame" 07/30/05 1842
Just going through some paperwork writing in dates and stuff in my Day Runner - when did, when didn't - being accurate counts - and the word "lame" came up while doing laundry (whites - that blueing stuff Mrs. Stewart's I always somehow add something new not needed extra troubles and with this a new trouble tends to leave blue - stick with regular Clorox bleach my cue). Meanwhile, the word "lame" - French for "lamay" or "leaving me here still" means "lay with me" from also "laramie" or the dead as heard groaning again. Someone who is lame is who I live with - asking to hold back for a while until better is sought by me. Never know this. "He pays for everything, though." No - that would be you and me. Mostly. Paying ain't everything - there's "preening" too or "pulling it apart once seen". French again - praying it all works itself out somehow ever somehow.


07/30/05 1318: Nuthin' yet but MS Excel that's what allows you to print "reports" page after page, but page orientation (portrait, landscape) is ignored. Better to write your own "macro" or your very own keystrokes saved all at once as recorded and invoked with a special code you type in sweetly to repeat it all very fast and at-once. Fun fact #253. An IBM typewriter will does that too, kinda, with adjusts the paper on scroll and all your very mistakes recorded within no edit but up/down. Make no mistake he's mine.

Barbra Streisand "Make No Mistake (He's Mine)" Make No Mistake, He's Mine a duet with Kim Carnes from the "Emotion" LP (1984) - my mother used to tell me she hated songs where women are fighting over men, but she obviously comes up bags on this one. A lesson to be learned - and what is worth fighting for anyway? This is, sometimes.

the amazing chocolatier

This late on 07/29/05 (maybe just into 07/30/05 we get our monthly paycheck this morning praise be it see ya at Target new pillows, cheap): Just got back from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at Graumann's Chinese Theater 9:30 p.m showing - the audience clapped me too MMMM. Good fun, lotsa laughs. More later. Best downing sequence? Veruca Salt with the radiotope, so icy. Keys: Jon Benet is the blueberry girl I'm getting "Cathy Stilts" and her mother is there sometimes. Jon Benet is in the whole film. Johnny Depp's father is Veruca Salt's father in the film. Ignore the preview - everything the man says is funny in the film he hates kids. Funniest is the chocolate palace he Willy builds for an indian svajna that starts melting in the sun when done - hilarious - a dot of chocolate falls on his forehead for starts. The only oompah-loompah is story author Roald Dahl - a hilarious indian-shakespeare man with cruel twist of grease hair jetting in back. Played by Neilsy's dad before dying in 2001. He dances well to all said, but is mean and disgusting too - "stay away from me" it says. The fat German kid who eats too much has his face spray-painted or airbrushed to white beauty as a joke on Germany who retouch pictures at liberty. More later: On the gumball machine - honor who delivers it to you, not who makes it. "YDSL" I think I remember "yours done says less" ("you do so little", "yours dumb still learning", "yuck - digits swab loins") eat here instead. They don't make it for you, but a number.

Your Last Birthday Is The Only One - The One You Would Use 07/29/05 2004
Happy Birthday to Neilsy (Gregg David, 50) and Grandmother Julep Moon. Almost forgot ya. XoXo

M People "One Night In Heaven" One Night In Heaven from this the "Elegant Slumming" LP (1993) - Shirley Bassey sing it!

Terry's Gift 07/29/05 1355
As I spend my time sitting and waitin' for people to do for me, thought you'd like to know a sandwich Terry brought home for me yesterday, the "Gordon" ("Garden") as made for God. This at a place called Damon & Pythias - I hear they have their stuff up at the Getty Museum too, but seek no traffic for it (great stuff, I ate it all):

California Garden Sandwich
Grilled Marinated Zucchini, Squash, Eggplant and Portabella Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Sprouts, Cucumbers, Mixed Baby Greens, House-Made Garlic Aiöli and Honey-Spice Mustard Served on Grilled Foccacia Bread.
6.95 / 8.95

Very tasty the grilling matters - even a day later the foccacia (say "foht-ah-key-ah" for "found formed" in Italian-French) held up nicely.

The Damon & Pythias Story

The story of Damon & Pythias is about two young men whose loyalty to each other symbolized true friendship. When Pythias was condemned to death by Dionysius the Elder, he was released to arrange his affairs and prepare to die only because Damon stayed in his place ready to die if Pythias never returned. Some time later, Pythias did return, and amazed by this act of loyalty, Dionysius the Elder freed them both.

No, actually Damond was a lover of mine "Matfifth" say "ma-feef" who wouldn't stop loving us both Dionys and I - what I had, and me. I dispatched Dionys to go and kill us both at once - one a fake - to make the other know who was who as both dead. No one left or came back to. I made Damond eat shit for having that Pythorgia say "pith-or-ee-ah" - a woman acting as during the day, the deception around to be sex, she was nobody's special to me however - over too many times while I was there. Both returned to each other one day as unwanted, usually - both old men - unwanted by me, anyway. Dionys is a demon and should never be mentioned except by me. A huge antemind of excess proportions that fakes sceneries and buildings for me while you walk asunder. A giant mindcam of hate is this.

does a hella good

Got my No Doubt "Rock Steady" LP (2001) from BMG yesterday - thought it was such a loser without Gwen, but rewarded it by buying for having "Hella Good" on it - so slick. Only nine fifty ($9.50) all told as due on credit by August 19, 1995. That includes all applicable shipping and handling if sounds no better than the MPEG, actually, I have the right to hear it now.

Front 242 "Headhunter V1.0" Headhunter V1.0 from the auspicious "Front By Front" LP (1992)...also get "Never Stop! V1.0" or "Welcome to Paradise"..." hey, poor! hey, poor! you don't have to be poor anymore! jesus is here! jesus is here! " also the great add "Felines"

Helen Reddy "Ain't No Way to Treat A Lady" Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady from Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits (And More) LP (1987) - a sparkler of the faith seen.

Moby "Everytime You Touch Me" Everytime You Touch Me from the "Everything Is Wrong" LP (1995)

New Kids On The Block "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" I'll Be Loving You (Forever) from the "Hangin' Tough" LP (1988)

Depeche Mode "Clean" Clean from the "Violator" LP (1990) radiowaves from the past from the very of dead. Get "World In My Eyes" too.

New yet! Bananarama "Move In My Direction" MP3  (4.6 Megs)

Bananarama "Once In A Lifetime" Once In a Lifetime from the "Wow!" LP (1987) plus get "I Can't Help It" a smoothest of groove gives it time. One of the first LP's heard in my Jeep 'round here.

Michael Jackson Must Dance For Your Mama 07/28/05 1221
See Jason Erickson on the latest TV Guide as some Star Trek freak - that's him, but not really - thanks. Jason is my great grandfather, mind you. No redhair pictures of that here, well okay one or two. Jason's dad "Chris".

Geraldine Moon To Doug Moon
Subject: RE: Stevie Nicks Maybe Tonight

I love your stories about how you channel the dead. Mr. Coiro is alive and well and remarried. Jean Walsh. Enjoy the show.

Subject: Stevie Nicks Maybe Tonight
Thanks for the money - it helped. Mrs. Coiro died in Texas on July 12, 1999 - her son Michael took care of her. Apparently, the Mr. (Allentown Caging And Equipment) died in 1982 and they just run his company from above for him. where the others? Mrs. Walsh's daughter is in the movies for a while and was cute - Elizabeth McGovern. The daughter Kristine stood in apparently for this meeting you had over lunch - what a group. The mother was Louise? Anyway...have a good day. I asked Terry to take us to Universal tonight to try and get scalper tix for Stevie Nicks on the hill - she's there tonight. Talk to you later.

Yeah, we missed the concert last night 07/26/05, that e-mail discussion was from yesterday to today. In the meantime, Chris Ondy rented Coiro's old house in our development in Allentown and made a bathroom in there somehow boiling beefstock soups in a tub turned sideways. I saw it in a dream all of this bullion and onion boiling over him living like a curmudgeon. So....sorry for the personal stuff out front. Fuck concerts - no one gives a shit to attend or beg attend and plus BMG writes today through some asshole to say they are no longer going to let me affiliate past July 31, but no mention of paying a cent after three (3) years solid either, my website dipped down once. Fuck you - all niggers. At this point, we don't give a fuck what you do. Fuck you. P.S. Coiro's and Donoher's kept their homes status quote - they were the finest examples of neighborhood living theirs with screened-in patios and all. Very nice each. "We destroyed every home like that" say Chris who even had ours in conjunction with being bought up by Tony Pecoraro of Trenton Corrugated Products. All of our neighborhood moved on.

Also Reject Claims Made By Force 07/26/05 1258
Take a look at this cleaner too - I think it's good for all that rusts and waits to rust. Comet can't do everything well. Toilet cleaners fail me too - this helps all. Lime Away. "It does work on rust, but people don't have that." We do. Tilex failed me somewhat in the kitchen too. Works in blocks with heat rising - strange. On the left as flat failing me with walls.

Two Rejects At Learning Center But Dazzle At 07/24/05 1659
All this celebrity powersless-zimbalist telling you really who now that no one has a single clue is repayment I think - "see how easy to have someone step in and be that?" To what I slight add "so - I get to leave before realizing it's over but on my own and with my own money funding the research but in chancellors pieces from the already dead, in the lab" and "even the stage name isn't well-known - who is this to? we'll call it faked for now, then you reveal your identity to me - not as the other way around". We pass this along and ask ourselves why. Jason Erickson aka Spike Jonze is Michael Jackson carefully choreographed yes and deadly white (yeah, thanks - come over and fuck me soon). His father "Joe" a cheap grave just robbed, is played by Sherman Helmsley (most notably of "Amen" with that crazy black woman Anna Maria Horsfords, and of "The Jeffersons" George). Judy Cormier ne Gummert of my department at UCLA is Cindy Wilson of The B-52's (oh, sure - the traditional chronic thyroid condition, all technical mine far more acute and the prognosis is for far less of me than must be seen doing take my piss sure, where are the big brown cow eyes? Ricky has them as I noted in-person). Both greats to me - I hate this but okay seems right - thanks fucks. Support: We mocked Judy over modern dance the very of provocation of in diazo tights, the language of a mockingbird bests with it too a pleasing to queers - she told me she used do this for people in tights. Okay - an idol. You mocked that all on tv I see modern dance and something else noted by me - please, people aren't that bad (yes they are in secret - a real racist lurks here). Jason, who often sings and dances to own little songs for me as programmed on a cheap keyboard and as shirtless while I masturbate to someone who comes to see me anyway, will not do anything now but hug and kiss on the street being good for someone else not me that's surely damning too I ask about everything while I make do without all some fine fine we are not just lovers then any yet. Okay - I give them away people are no one to me we cancel each other out one is real to one or at least a real one knows all about nothing as for that one. Point is, these are missed and taxed by me too as friends alternately hating and loving. If true - never ask people if they know - they don't make music special like we do it's just there waiting for better and with them as insinuating  to both with them, but I do and wouldn't bother it ever, but there it is. I'd rather die than be known on the street to no one who pays me for it (for asking this, most freaks identify as 'fans ' after thinking a moment "sure you can safely say that" if only to edge it back up that simple ass but curse-offer that they kinda like your stuff, but haven't really bought any - I have that one tape (within it personal scope stuff - an insult only) made by blah blah, blah blah blah, it's stalking and made as carefully to kill you. Let's face it - people are like enemies of mine barely there and hardly noted except by me. We do this all well enough still I'm a bit precious about leaving it down. This is the stuff fantasies are made of -  you already know them as else release in stages to me. Go for it - I make it true. You sing it the same way I heard it with my mother listening or else you dance it off from the top while sporting bare mid-drifts each gliss straight across the top of any song to the end of the list says "applause" instead of "thanks" - why here? You ran out to get my favorite cheese-food again? Last time the false hair sprayer didn't work - all the oil came up after the lettuce was sent as semmen mist. 

The tour through our home (none of my stuff is here) rounds up and engages us pray to see me in it.

The B-52's "Debbie" Debbie is better than anyone has a right to expect yet with *Ricky playing on tapes old and this from the "Time Capsule" compilation LP (1998). About actress Debbie Mazar someone's girlfriend who died in a car crash "an angelcrash" not too long ago and in Brazil "no questions" she herself adds - she's back enough another fake one, really. "A pleasing" she says having died too many times, anyway. "Really, a male enjoying myself again that way and as." Other males: Shirley MacLaine, Jaclyn Smith. Kate Jackson. Yup. No, Cheryl Tiegs (the Kate Jackson collection at Sear's Surplus...get it?) is really female, however, good follow. Chris Everett (Will Z's - screenwriter David Koepp's - father in this life and beyond) is also male once to twice. Pretty too now as John Z. Got ya.

Rosanne Cash "Seven Year Ache" Seven Year Ache from "Super Hits: Roseanne Cash" LP (1981) - Rosanne is another one of Loretta Lynn's lies on tape "a mood in pu'd music - that's all." Neil plays guitar, Liz Fraser sang some at the end to "fake it on - we like her alot, but not that good is she." Of course we saw you on tv without your looking glass - fine, fine you live just next door. Janice "smile while your lying inside" Murphy's sister? No - not yet. Note her other son Dennis' older brother Richie was on "Leave It to Be There" as Beava's older brother - she a talent agent of sorts until lockdown took a notch away. Candice Beggarman.

The New Coldplay Has Secrets Afoot You And Me Or Odd Versus Length 07/22/05 0925
Like Beatlemania, but with real players afoot same, a hard day's night of a script on stage our day done this way in front of no one and casually cool a brilliant gem to you sound + vision a perfect package without fault it takes many people to make anything good no one does this type-work of alone or with me. What else? No, you think you're good enough starting out with too songs polished up over x number of times played upward to me and it but you need know of better done. See the stars shine but perform in little rooms in odd places no one is there but producers of filth and then is beamed to you somehow Madonna is little and dies in a day done of being ignored if trying to reach you at home dialing off on her own a bad dream I have often I can never dial right push-buttons fasting but over and over. People with money, influence looking to be-have all as this and in front of you some a home community production is just this fare and stellar too then travel if seem far away places mentioned so you if travel it to. Stars are special people with lots of larger-note thank-you's from people in the pocket already. So our mission continues here the dead fake much for you I make them do it they know you more than I will and are desperate to please you if then (see no sex made with me...)

Liz Fraser "You're wrong - I made me happen." You are my dead grandmother in second stages of knowing me not. A bitch dying to herself. You are forbidden dead, however a pleasing to some, me. You have warts on you for bewitching people in my place. Have some more. P.S. Neilsy loves me only - "Neilsy is my friend."

The soundblock above as next - tell your friends how first. Be smarter than me:

The first or top block of gray to black only, no blanks or whites, says how far - the more colors lit from left to right says how hard you sent with tongue or padder. It's right on top before anything else - nine (9) blocks for left to right, up then down (but is not lit correctly for show - s/b gray gray black, gray gray black, gray gray black- no white they added that in). More later.

The Beloved "Sweet Harmony" Sweet Harmony from the "Conscience" LP (1993) features Peter Hook singing and of New Order. See no other.

Sinead O'Connor "Three Babies" Three Babies from the "What I Do Not Want I Have Not Got" LP (1990)...see also "Nothing Compares 2 U" neither the most beautiful song ever to me by her.
" it's 'cause you thrilled me | silenced me | stilled me | proved things i never believed "

cat powerses, doug

This is a cat in a glass stocking. Someone's body within...come and get it? See me now.
Goodbye Chancellor Carnesale, "you fat pig."

to Morrisville, PA from the state capital complex

Billy Joel "All For Leyna" All for Leyna from the "Glass Houses" LP (1980). Also see my faves Leyna is #1 ever "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)"..."Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" both from "The Stranger" LP (1977). Hate that "Just The Way You Are" song - should be David Bowie a draq gueen's revue - but do nothing always playing in Tiger's Deli in Princeton-Hightstown, N.J. a plague. Note - the song "Allentown" his from "The Nylon Curtain" LP (1982), is for Allentown, New Jersey the soil in my yards so dirty with clays for having been a steel mine local once. Travel there for one day see how quaint but much of mine memory is missing - maybe no. Blacks made the town happen, but the old mill on the riverlake on Main Street still stands in testament to ours made. Steel and chromium a clay are what makes iron bad news to know. Steel has fruit in it and orchards were there once and still is in many places. Exit 7A, New Jersey Turnpike - on the way to Six Flags Great Adventure maybe as on the 195 east to the Mt. Holly exit. You see my housing development through farmland on the right as passing on the 195 just before the Allentown-Yardville exit one past first mentioned Allentown-Robbinsville. So see from what this comes something wicked yes this. No, Allentown PA makes nothing - see that. "Trenton Makes The World Takes" is ours yet and on a bridge there crossing the Delaware river at the state capital complex (this the southerly view to onlookers in traffic running north and south on the I-95 and as just U.S. Route #1 there - the river flowing under to south sees this the same). All steel is made in Trenton, New Jersey (Allentown is suburban Trenton only) - not Pennsylvania at all. U.S. Steel is Trenton, New Jersey only; see the Steelers champs over all made here and as are Princeton University professionally and only - not college level. The Dolphins? South Jersey with an Atlantic City base and in Tampa, Florida - both ours to know. All ours. The Giants are New York City only; The Eagles are Philly still and of course. Philly is Philadelphia - crowned queen of England more than twice. Philly is ours too, filled of what hurts you and real bad at that too.

Heart "Barracuda" Barracuda from the "Little Queen" LP (1977). "Magic Man" and "Crazy On You" are finely seminal from "Dreamboat Annie" (1976). Also note you missed "Straight On" and "Dog And Butterfly" from the LP of that last-mentioned title (1978). These girls are ass-kickers with the drums tapping it out on "ooo - Barracuda" and all.

Book Of Love "I Touch Roses" I Touch Roses from the eponymously-titled debut LP (1988) with voices of real angelses in there they make hurt in me so bad. Why do you cry? Someone said to and I'm vulnerable too..." when you cry I will be there I'll sing to you and comb your hair " (EBTG "Apron Strings"). Others: "You Make Me Feel So Good" a cunt wrote that and plus "Boy" I play with my toys.  

Sade "Haunt Me" Haunt Me from the "Stronger Than Pride" LP (1988) " haunt me | in my dreams | if you please " - I know all this stuff for having bought all album art and having listened first respects first and listened again. I owe you nothing. I was lost in this when I moved to Los Angeles - that and Eurythmics "Savage" (1987) and "just watching you"..."I'd love to". Oh, there were others....

Massive Attack "Unfinished Sympathy" Unfinished Sympathy from the "Blue Lines" LP (1992) - also see their song "Teardrop" from the "Mezzanine" LP (1998). I wanted you to hear "Protection" too the title from that LP (1995) and they don't have it doing a partial album for that one. Instead, see "What Your Soul Sings" from the "100th Window" LP (2003). Shara Nelson (aka Diana Ross), Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl), and Sinead O'Connor guest vocalize and as respectively. Now see that.

eat to your health at the pray home better to starve so quietly eats weenies

Another Dumb McDonald's Closed Still Makes Westwood Look Bad 07/20/05 1359
Add to our list of dumb McDonald's (you are that fat - alcohol, milk if celery quits both, get to the logic of it seem all the salt in the worls keeps it with worms and in you) the one at Highland Avenue at Sunset Boulevard now all closed up with all the neon tubes pulled out of their woods (a retro-stand of it, never really a full one - they served everything though and had a plethora of outdoor seating - beautiful enough). May rebuild? Be sure of it one day. The state lost money there - can you believe it yet and right across from Hollywood High starving students and all? Simply a hate by a dying Sizzler neardown - I ate there last year they suck all that cheap fingerfood is expensive to us. Do better - nobody pays to eat that way. You gotta clean up your cheap junk you wanna take a loss that's all I hate you for making that there. Until then, McDonalds at LaBrea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevards or at Laurel Canyon and Sunset Boulevard. So see. What? They're buidling a new one at Sunset across from Rock and Roll Ralph's? I know - that old one converted to a burger stand with lightless metal arches taken down finally. Someone was murdered there in 1972 for refusing someone else fries at a table? So what - take a few days, not the whole place down. What? Elton John was killed? By Ronald Berger that name is real? I expect six (6) days only - seven (7) is me - and why you?

the one little piece that locks up my cupcakes

Amana Self Clean 07/20/05 1346
Here's the guilty part and so-to-speak that locked up my cupcakes in the oven - bitch lights right up now as repaired about a week ago. Mind says China uses these to burn you just a bit (on the eyebrow?) when being marked by them "for being less than should be to us." Does that make sense, or what? One hundred ninety-three dollars ($193.00) all-told the landlord's account also.

Sayings I Loved From Reading People Magazine 07/20/05 0901
Regarding New York City clubs (Studio 54, Limelight, The Palladium) and the people who guard them and then admit others selectively by choice into "the portals of pleasure..."; about Rick James' mother doing his hair in a photograph - tightening his weave - and him "subjecting himself to his mother's ministrations" an inside pool in the background. Maybe more of this later...scarring somehow your underneath crackpipe-tb test. Just the way you seem put things...I use them still having read once. 

Alanis Morissette "Are You Still Mad?" Are You Still Mad of course you are from the "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" LP (1998) - also note "Unsent" for this day we love Alanis' work her father is guitar meister Glen Ballard who was also David Ball of Soft Cell for one in previous life made. Come back Jonee! Also "Thank U" "providence...thank you earcall | an illusion was sent". Good enough to repeat: "[about Gwen Stefani of No Doubt] Yeah - she died. That's well-put." UCLA's Glyn Davies is his father? Stop! Chancellor twice removed or backward only Franklin Murphy is Dennis Murphy's (aka Jay North's - died in flying at Viet Nam, came back to us our neighborhood after six [6] years down) grandfather - I went to his wake in Hamilton, New Jersey way back when. Set himself ablaze one day with day-old vaseline on his face and as smoking with it. One more from "Jagged Little Pill" (1995) - "You Learn".

Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf" Sex Dwarf as originally seen of, and best-heard from, the "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret" LP (1981). I missed this shit bad - too many radio airplay for "Tainted Love" and bad choices made by radio from "Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing" (do "Memorabilia" from this fast also...skidhorns everywhere you dream of me the dead) - remember I also have the song "What" MP3 (4.2 Megs) up here for playing it some so gay to me (this of October 2003 with explain you see). Famous story: One day in the distant past my ertswhile friends told me James - who is Marc Almond - ran into Marc Almond on Melrose Avenue (cool trendy shops) and they were kissing each other on the mouth and I'm all "really? yuck" - that's how they find out stuff like how you really feel and all by lying. That told and this big Mexican guy who thinks he's Pete Burns at a bar called "Revolver" - the door was once a revolving one now changed off with Madonna's deaf so see. Pete Burns is like Mochee - short, stocky legs dark hairy, slender smooth upper body. Very cute I'd stare at both so smooth they are hearsay brothers made by me once in a while.

" sex dwarf | isn't it nice | luring disco dollies | to a life of | vice "

Today...What Grimm's Fairy Tales Really Mean And To You 07/20/05 0830
"The Pied Piper" - song and fest kept out of the city lights until dusk when women could join. No one allowed to enter until Peter the piper came into the city and saw women's work done for that day. Music and fest draw men who slaved to death to earn their freedoms - they stayed out during the day or were put to work drowning in our hate for it. No one drowned intentionally or really. Rats are they. "The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe" - women needed to be matched with other-type women in a "shoop" (see French derivation "choupelle" say "shoo-pell" or half-a-house seen) or place where people can come and go at will. Their children matched up during the day breed hatefulness away with child-like humours and sway and they continue on without sex and its pleasures. Men arrive home to see many children not theirs and they pleasure as same pleasures same. A tale to bewarn thee of not having enough to do or so much as to not know what to do next. A volume happy made of clues and keepings to it. "Jack Be Nimble" - a tale to keeping yourself full of breath or having breadth in one's work. Not to do things so fast you can't see why they are being done or as to be to so far ahead of the candlestick or reasons why you would. Jack is responsive to request, but not so far ahead he doesn't know why he does it or where he himself fits in. He stays behind the light of day shown, if so, and so if to speak. More of it later here it is 07/21/05: Little Miss Muffet was three (3) people - her mother, her sister, and her friend all at once. She sat crying on her "tuphet" or "top drawer of friends taken off once seen" or "hardened right ass of it" because she was black and faked being scared to get attention - a good idea then once noted by me to get it over with - while eating her "curds and whey" and that says it - will do anything to be with you, will say anything to get attention. A real pain-in-the-ass that rejects others rejected like her when they show up as a "spider" and as then is class against class seen - they eat each other what noted both doing. Spray both with yours affection and be done with it. Mind over says "a junker added by Germans to make more than seem real to her a no-one to people." Then let us examine "Little Jack Horner [ne Hormer or 'a half-said to someone else not forgiving of us']". Jack pulled plums out of his fingerpie to signal others that he was weak-willed toward gentlemen and they had to make his fastings matter less. A plum ceased being special to men when other men took note of the daily gifting - such as a powder-blue tuxedo in those days - and asked for theirs back once a step ahead of the market. "Never tell people who they are" it said or ask for everyone to know one saying of it. We disagree. Tell people everything and be done with both for a plum is no bargain when attached to many pears or fruits half-nitten. Better to plum than be seen with others shaving fruit not picked of their properly. I kill to that daily whilst dining early on all manner of fruit to myself me made. Yours to know this not. "Rumpelstiltskin" is a tale of those who bring miseries with folly or having their way no matter what. That word 'folly' is ours and goes with 'fool' or 'follows eagerly' but means 'follows no matter what to merrily cash in' - a fool ever to then, if once to be. Rumpel made women rich for sewing and cooking if they'd leave his house as rich enough once a day to bother others over their cooking and cleaning-sewing chores if to get them out of the business of chasting his down for poor workmanship but fastly done. Once in business, your first-born, or first dollar made, is demanded each time by me to cease your arrest of hate against others who simply do better no matter what you say or do. "What's my name?" destroys my code in you. I am God and hate merrymaking against others - period you'll die and she did a princess nonetheless could feed people a crom so what my friends ate better of it. The things you can't say to others makes me fucking mad - a murderous even. Briefs but already tackled somewhat: "The Three Pigs" ate well, but with others standing - a bad wolf came and ate them up. Never ask, never know. "Chicken Little (The Sky Is Falling)" was about other birds soaring higher and shitting on them below. A fact-day of no misery is no fault or why know more? Best said left off to know more as birds that fly don't lay eggs - they hatch with them. In other words, they the eggs don't know any better they're just there laying them too - don't inform them of any else and make them mad. A carnivale of dumb token, a Spanish is made here. Back to black.

the name is ranger

Preview Six Flags Magic Mountain from the aer jerkie once home of blackest Ninja....Great Adventure's 'arch triomphe' will be this once done, but differences somehow.
At left, the only Ranger ever made. Pictures dub it elsewhere - a viciously good ride. On right, Z-Force or whatever who is this Robb Alvey ....not nearly the same wells inside. Okay maybe one is new. I haven't been to Magic Mountain since about 1993 or so - you can trust that. No, 1997 with Terry and alone one day the new Honda and one of years past 1995. Colossus (their white wooden traditional) made me die in the head - no more form me the first hill too steep too deep. Rump ranger. See me soon at you. Soon.

Another link is Maskworld showed to me by Terry again - looks good enough, Baby.

how it might be

My Mother Sent Me Some Cash So 07/19/05 1851
My mother told me she rented a beachhouse for five grand ($5,000) a month past and I died in the head - what?!? She just got back and said the weather wasn't so good this time. Too bad. In the meantime, I told her before she went to send me some of that and I ran out and got something of permanent value for the money received just two hundred ($200.00). They at the Calvin Klein website don't have any such thing as what I got at the store is Macy's Beverly Center I walked right over, but I dicked up a pair for you too to see in Adobe so nice heaven's underwear at thirty bucks ($30.00) bucks a pisser (I call 'em "the blade"). Took my sweet-ass time picking it all out too - coulda gotten a pair of these ten bucks cheaper (-$10.00) if plain white, but I said no to that finally. Signed your friend who shows you how the land lays me, Doug Moon (at sizes "M/M"). P.S. Do better next time. "That's very spic..." No, it's very hot stuff and only that.

six hundred copies - maybe more then
" water was running | children were running | you were running out of time | under the mountain | a golden fountain | were you praying at the lares shrine? "

Siouxsie & The Banshees "Cities In Dust" Cities in Dust as originally from the "Tinderbox" LP (1986) and produced by ubermastrung Stephen Hague (hi man). That record came with the album-marked Pet Shop Boys in early 1986 "we released ours first 'cause he didn't have the money yet...was counting on us actually - don't next time" - that's Siouxsie who's really Carol Freehold or Thayer's girl (hi Colleen, hi Sue....someone said "Maggie" now - what was it again your artings of self? go with Sue, please...Syndi...p.p.s scary: the old avadge group is with me and quite welcome even Mark...mean it) I now have a copy of the vinyl issue from friend, but truth is I got the song here on MARS 103.1 FM (now Groove Radio 103.1 FM as simulcast on the net too) broadcasting from the beach at Santa Monica, CA on or about 1992 the shit so good to me and you can't understand a word in it the chorus, but the quintessential Siouxsie song is made. Had to break my ass to know it. Also recommend "Kiss Them For Me" produce by Stephen Hague also. Pet Shop Boys own the name Stephen, but shouldn't yet. Get me my new album with them first. "We're having trouble selling it at our rates [without Elton John afoot - 'older stuff masters him badly' he said]." So? Siouxsie's bought by me and by request: "Superstition", "Twice Upon A Time: The Singles" and more than once, Babe, on that one - used to trade shit in even Curve dumped at least once then picked up a mercy had. Fiercest competition to get hear then. Maybe add "Peek-A-Boo" a weird time a weird song for me. Get that and "Shadowtime".

" nothing | or no one | will ever make me let you down |  kiss them for me |  i may be delayed "

This Mortal Coil "Song To The Siren" Song to the Siren from the "It'll End In Tears" LP (1984) - Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie might guitar, vocal Liz Fraser in strings. See her also talent "Another Day" his the "Last Ray". "Barramundi" a bare monday - sure.

Lush "Nothing Natural" Nothing Natural as originally from the "Spooky" LP (1992). See my recipe for others maybe not available at iTunes like Alpinestars "Burning Up" a psychotrip fulvalvae by them what I wanted for you there - these are big people too at 4AD.

Cyndi Lauper "Boy Blue" Boy Blue from the "True Colors" LP (1986) the title song so good to me too " beautiful like ray ay ayn bo " - but she really goes off on this other one live try and see on VH-1 Classic that too. Other highly recommend "I Drove All Night" by Neil and Pat also who write both as Tom Kelly Billy Steinberg (Madonna "Like A Virgin") not Kipner Snow (ONJ's "Physical") as and with the fabulous "All Through The Night" by the very Jules Shear. A beauty that.

a master of carrotballs

Making An Impression Matters? Meet A Master At Carrotballs 07/18/05 1343
When it comes to making carrotballs, nothing meets the defining standards at Cuisinart (ours white, but both here at Williams-Sonoma in both at chrome | white). While being nonplussed of assured that the people at McDonald's make onion garnish for their cambshaubs this way, I'm lacerating onions and carrots for my homemade split-pea soup (seem any bag of them to cook it yourself but see me use chicken broth or equivalent chicken bullion cubes then for water alone no not here - it is for the stock and not necessary the ham but why not?) but the bigger loose carrots I select once for myself at no cost to me leave balls inside of there alot and on a plate how fancy can one be - maybe just a bit of that colored plastic wrap from the folks at Reynolds. Maybe a paper doily - looks expensive though you labored. A hugerd of mayo-flex wipe in the middle should sound off with nary a care. I threw 'em outside for the birds along with broken potato chips leftover after doing surgery on the inside of my mouth and the crap ends clipped off the celery sticks I eat to shrink my skull. Tips: Never process anything cold, anything in cold water, or anything made of pure wheat or wheat itself in here - all too hard. Yes, crackers are fine - nuts too, what it made for. I recommend no blade excepts this one - they temper their steel well enough for me and as you too.

Kate Bush "This Woman's Work" This Woman's Work from her "Sensual World" LP (1989) and most notably then from the "She's Having A Baby" soundtrack (1988 - that eight-ball year honors me all's done in black and white the perfect keys of a piano and in my head - 1988 year of hymnal mass Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Knoll" CDLP and my '88 Jeep Wrangler (while pricing yours to note 15K: 4.2L, 258, in-line 6 cylinder - 4WD Command Trac on the floor - the towing model for trailers, thanks - you wind up on somebody's lawn with extra wheels modeling it all, you drove up into their home theater) moris of black with white rims and such trim the Jeep name logo white on the side of jet black the model name in rear a chrome-silver rise on all mine, not yours...winsome...palomino interior or then theirs of "spice" - a real meat rack - both used better to me...this one inspired by "You Again" as now called "Nothing In Common" Tom Hanks Jackie Gleason saw that silver-ish Jeep and how much $ could it be? alot, actually $$) of John Hughes' work and all. Another good by her is "Running Up That Hill" " and if i only could | i'd make a deal with god | and get him to swallow places " + " all the things i should've given | but i didn't | oh darlin' | make it go away | just make it go away now  "

Lifehouse "My Precious" My Precious from the "[Layne] Stanley Climbfall" LP (2002) Kurt Cobain wrote and sings this too. Hi, that new record - is nothing for me? See "Blind" I'll have that one. P.S. Saw you for real Jason on the steet near Trader Joe's. Well, my mind said it was you.

not my signed copy but from amazon

Pet Shop Boys "The End Of The World" MP3 (4.3 Megs) from the "Behavior" LP (1990) and featuring the production talents of Harold "Donna Summer Bad Girls" Faltemeyer and the guitarwork of JJ Belle. Oh, no! It's DEVO - it's not what you think...and I sample " if someone tried | you'd realise | it's just a boy | or a girl | it's not the end | of the world | it's not the end ".

Home Of The Stinger Two Gallon Handheld Wet/Dry And Blower 07/16/05 1808
Just got back from taking the bus down Sunset to Home Depot - friends in the head wanted me to go. LL Cool J got on the bus in a wheelchair - seems he needs me to fix him up I will car accident struck in Miami I joked to him in the head he looked "like a Wayans..." and [so] kinda "cute [that way as for whites]" he added and we laughed "and what's up with them eyes?" Anyway, got a real nice piece size 2' x 2' of "grain" or more thoroughly "pattern" hardboard - real thin - for a one dollar twenty-seven cents ($1.27)...I'm like my maternal grandmother Johanna these days citing every bargain before fact said - someone lives well yet on her money even today. This for the bottom of a little square CD and tape case I made one tweaker night out of a desktop paper holder from a desk set. Mind told me this flimsy shit I'm replacing drop-off cardboard with is used on the bottom of drawers just in case you hafta break it all out in ease to haul a body in legitimacy's way. Apparently, you bury the whole bureau of drawers and with it the crapper doubt inside and tricks ensue with drawer papers may pulled if by rolls and if from the bottom but inside and under. What do you do? Roll of electrical tape too for the mouthjaw boned at sixty cents ($0.60) - I didn't have any when I repaired my lamp earlier as last month or so (and so I used 3M shrink tubing instead - strangle around with a heat, like dipping in red rubber handler). Place is like an amusement park for rewarding assholes and like any black, I like to prepare to shop once I've said I will and one day.

Pet Shop Boys' "Pop Art" is finally seen by me and out on DVD. The "Televison" VHS was so good too all priest and hardhead art and of course "It Couldn't Happen Here"...the movie...still a classic to me. Two more unrelated outings of star friends at: Cynthia Ingham-Bachman (is now once married to one David King who uses the name of Stephen - yes is the author, real last name is Sebolsky with her to there and uses it too...odd is off-center but friend each, kinda) of UCLA who worked with me the nicest ever hates my sexual humors around women - Pat Benatar. James Tarbutton-Marcia Brady now Monica Seles - the very Marc Almond of Soft Cell. I always wondered to myself why parents would let someone like that teach kids - so accommodating to a sex change. The best one ever I see.

More: Just rented the DVD from Tower Video after getting an english muffin with sausage and cheese from 7 Eleven on LaCienega and Holloway - the guy there had to sport me eight cents ($0.08) to make a dollar fifty ($1.50) for one with tax. Thanks again to bless it - watered my plant given at the church too - letting it wilt or my fault as no container made to give your gift away (I'll pot you one later after I make up the eight cents at the convenience store...leave pennies, change more I will too a bargain). I just watched about ten (10) of the videos such great memories and sound made in technocrit - (there are forty-one [41] of them on the disc itself) and sang along as beautifully as ever to all of them, I think. Well done - a great bargain neverthesee. More later. Tried to get one Ani DeFranco all left of Eartha Mary works at Tower to admit this DVD has only been out for about three (3) weeks, a month now - 2003 indeed! Neil Tennant is freshly new and revised in some of these his grave is shown in "Red Letter Day" one of the few videos now made anew as well as Tom Cruise in heaven or they think...others blah....Madonna and Liz Fraser as men wrestling shirts off - I said to mind meaning me "who are they [so cute]"...or then football players in my windows at night....."come back Jonee!" Thanks more was import only or sumpin' no. Chris without makeup and Neilsy "Cumminard" appears yes by contracts now with the father of his singing and playing along also thanks Elvis who's once fat too - but how does this all pay you? A young Neil Tennant was fresh and cute and well-done, Bitches....he rules you all and that brother of his too Mike so sour to yet. Patsy Kensit, sure...a last one Madonna is really dancing in her black go-rimmed titsuit in "DJ Culture" and I my Lord, may I say nothing? Max: I've been in the same room with both Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe - they are real, only, a certifact. Real - and in-costume and so to speak. They are real. The Wherehouse - a funk-glam record store here, Hollywood October-ish 1990 although that gig at the Mayan highly suspect (that is the name of the theatre shown in "Rock 'n Roll High School" too where The Ramones played - get that Pet Sematary song for yourself - the studio version please - so good to me I sing that too, that bah bah black sheep stolen from Kevin Shields' band tryin' just hard to be that boy won). To Neilsy, who would kill to be them - they are a big deal and hate your pig-being of Hollywood glam to one self. Be happy being mentioned as if in-name on their records even as you help them - they are big stars really. See Olivia Newton-John in one of their videos trying to get in on it all too...

Thanks for "Somewhere" Chris - I know you're both talking about me thanks and at Trenton's War Memorial too. All too true too. I told the people at Tower Video I'd pay them later for having watched apparently my account frozen until I further pay to rent not. Make thee choices well then. See no well-at-night re-deposit box.

Mochee....these are from you, aren't they? Creatively silent as given in love. The sun goes down, so eyes pop open...
Neil's dad drunk age 20 but now a mess 1976, me drunk one night a Disney World esprit - please, that t-shirt oversize is a Generra, Neil and me mixed in blood only, Neil drunk one night last week, Mochee aka Eric Connelly dying of thirst and blood taken the day before a donor heart surrounded by beer sells he made in his yard one day, Mochee again a beauty to me too wants to be Pete Burns and Christ for real, Mochee as cat-in-the-hat, Brian Mohl Tom Connelly aka Abraham the real Jack Skellington of my heart that round head is real but potent and "behind no one" telling us of the things not done by him or work to do first "love us only" he'd say and we do, Eric Mochee sleeping "but not in our floor plan" the terms made for one not paying us he'd say, Mochee feigning distress over women hassling him every day over his beauty fading or lacking he'd note his mother Patty Lupone made Mochee with "Joel France" or Brian's father John who died in 1986 of a real bad chest compression received in a car accident with Brian in Allentown, NJ just outskirts icy bend....turns out I moved the body as hospital security guard unlocking doors plus attending to and with single-arriving mortuary agents...his eyes open, very scary (Brian notes eyes slightly raised in the casket-morgue look - "it was mine alone" - I didn't recognize the man but barrel body and well done for that young enough - jet-black hair and all). The last picture? Someone no one knows but likes anyway George Crespun of Montreal Heights, Georgia in Malibu one day protesting fags as Mochee would say "too many made this day" he'd note in burlesque style. Thanks - take the fruit back home please. Incidentally, another rape for me on father John (Saint Marten, Diego) because no one deserved a funeral more.

More 07/16/05: A chest compression is no big deal - you squeezed the heart muscle too hard (perhaps with forward movement up against the dashboard and steering wheel viciously - "slow down" my advice I yell too projecting it wildly for you) and the pericardium (s/b "periscardeum" if to be right; is the sternum-like flexing sac structure, yellowish, that holds the heart muscle inside air-free unless if - the heart sternum or flagging the part you see think of drops right out as moved by electrolodes or water shocks see blood move around not "he won't have that - it distributes hate or drugs too fast...") fills with blood in response to air being pressed out - natural effusions or suckings back in with robbing heat, right? Cool the chest down with ices mostly all over for six (6) hours then add fluid by needle into the sternums or hollow parts directly and under anesthesia. A propered saline or sugar-binded water with heat will do. Thanks for John's type - an asshole on cocaine all the time like the raging bull (if thankful, I usually cite the jackass or reckless one, the cariay "carries all with them" first). The pictures arrive by Terry the roommate forwarding an e-mail from someone else at UCLA. A brand new day, huh. I captioned myself as challenged to know for you and as Adobe'd or messed with bad - real bad.   

This girl Britney Spears is really good, but I've been waiting for something really asshole from her - and here that is: Britney Spears "Toxic (Armand Van Helden Radio Edit)" Toxic
Heard it today at Perfect Beat and asked of it...a great entertainer, a kickass song. Forgive. And note: If using Apple Safari to no such success maybe once done like mine, clear your cache by selecting the "Empty Cache" option under the "Safari" menu item - the program will not recalculate stance for us strongly...a freebie.

Cleaning It Update 07/15/05 1812
Just got my new extender cups from the folks at Amazon - one is banana colored, one is bright orange and both arrived as an au pair sealed in a single formpack. Cool, Man at three and one-half inches (3 1/2") high as fully extended to drink and with caps to boot for a quick swill and at ten dollars seventeen cents ($10.17) for both shipped here just tested both for leaks - none seen but perhaps with normal use-wear? Also see a little hole in the bottom or base for an odd stitching to pants or clothes I'd see and like for keyrings, kinda. The cap another small drink cup for yet another. I'll hafta try it my pocket calculator now revving up. Also got both of our watches back from Fossil too - thirty-two and one-half bucks ($32.50) abilled (you still to pay - 'or no more from here we remember it all' they'd say) for one just a battery and a new watchband on another installed. It's worth it being bothered with - ever get bit putting one of them bands on with that little false tool you get with a new band purchased? You paid right away. I like professional service anyway you sell it, but you could have removed the krazy glue appied to a broken wristband that stops the outer ring from turning...from measuring seconds taken to and visually. Apparently, I hadda ask for that an extra care then a little polish i'm never happy it takes a few days and convincing then to me. One day we'll be happy again.

overhead is yours to see for me

Thanks Again Parlait Or Said Beautifully 07/15/05 1153
Thanks to everyone in Acton, CA for that beautiful figure-eight & in brushmountain burning and of course under the necessary electrical lines to get attention for the "crown fire" it seemed thanks. Very nice - I saw them on the news yesterday and said to my roommate Terry (who always turns on the tv at-first when he gets home from work and I sometimes must or just overhear) "look - they're honoring me...a big ol' black figure eight....see?" He denies my glory even yet (on the sidewalk walking home from the store his only sense of living it well, always arguing fact-money) "please, I'm the very savior [and you to this]?" But back to sense and what matters least here, and then sensing for one's self accurately, Acton makes me think of Tom Cruise and his parent's gold sinks (they really are nicer, warm - a soft, pliant feel - the parents I mean tee hee not one (1), but two (2) gays and their sister with a husband and kids I felt bad for them only...the father wanted to know all about UCLA's building program and I was fit for it...I love talking business sense, and with the very Faye Dunaway...who knew?) And you ask me why I live - if only to see how it all ends and to me a living.

If Everyone Knew Me No One Would 07/14/05 1734
If being deluded means questioning your own potencies afoot as previously discussed (and "alluded" then means scented to then see and then but to yourself no else attending to), what is "harbouring" (the roommate as then enters here to discuss world)? Back to now, "harbouring" is left to considering whether or not you can actually deliver after telling someone for sure that you could anyway. A false prophet is you. We ask you again "are you sure?" anyway too. I live with this shit daily being the very voice of authority on subjects I know or have experienced not - a good game I play with you mind knows all but I hate some most. God is mean about sureties and folks - hates you having and knowing anything for sure or really....the stuff I hate may changes to if and you agree never was that you argue. A bit more, as in deluded, think about nearby word "diluted"...made less potent by waters clear and other added. Reverse matricing is this or marrying two (2) after getting to know one (1). As seen, is falsely made though - don't cite it too well with others is false and in-fact. Derived from each other not, and I know for sure what's what you left to guess it all out. Deluded is lead to falsely and made to know as fact falsely. "Harbouring" is trying to stay or hold after all? No, flying above to check it out is more like it as from a tree above "arbouring" climb and know again not 'to hold and hate' as is else - this the "harbouring" is trying to know again by experiencing in small fact or detail picking a fruit daily. It's a small shame, a small world after all.

Prince "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man from the "Sign O' The Times" LP (1987). Also get "The Beautiful Ones" from the "Purple Rain" soundtrack (1984) and as if may, and also is recommended "Erotic City" from those times even better to yet. I hate Prince still - a dog to me. I went to the First Avenue (as across from the liquormart) and Paisley Park (as set back in a cornfield I had to see and like you just set back a little..."Three's Company" filmed there mostly, "The Brady Bunch" moved their props there mostly, but filmed in Atlantic City, New Jersey and once or twice in Georgia Heights - and Lakewood - or nearby) I saw 'em both when visiting my boyfriend's family in Minnesota. "Those are big army complexes" he says - adds "you're the dog - I'm propered yet...FBI too." So? Did we meet at a pool party here and earlier? The dead seen here? I heard when I went to see "War Of The Worlds" that Michael Masser died in (Matthew, of Georgia - no relation to Whitney, Sissy...or) Houston's steakhouse there in the back in the bathroom. I believe that only I met him with Val's brother Stewart...abusing me queers I get laid only couples know me.

Rit Dyes Will Stain Your Whole Home Up With Spilled Little 07/14/05 1229
Dyed some items navy blue yesterday - an old Nike hat for golf I stole it from my brother Chris' room in the basement once a flood with shoes other unused stuff - an off-white with copper-colored facimle - came out so purty with white stitching unaffected I love it now even the adjusting band a white plastic dyed with it (some toothpaste added per mind - Colgate, I use and with Crest and alternate as both different somehow - on the copper swyse first protected it nicely through dye bath and it shines still). Was somehow gross no matter how washed with a brown of some sort like an old blood now mined. See it and other things perfect if directions are followed 'to the teeth' (that is, no talking back) a pain the ass somehow but too. Back to baseball hats wear to without caring at all: If that back adjusting band wears out, you sew it together again at the proper fit setting. Poke two (2) holes in the plastic closed with a needle and thimble like I do and stitch with separate colored thread. A little sample stitch will do for there and for washing nicely is always banana plastic and its grease and will stain. New ones, hats? Fine always buy it new throwing it away at once, but a girl on-the-go needs a budget minded as if too. Mine own is now as stitched and now as dyed the white thread my hate expensive as a minor theft then and good-looking too.

My Latest Feature 07/13/05 1129
All the books I ever read are listed by me and right here - you needed to know nothing of it, though.

Simply Studly 07/13/05 0948
Bought a bunch of this excellent cowboy fabric at a yardsale this weekend (Madonna's and from Neil) to sew up as something nicer (mind's eye is looking over it all as me then...soon we'll know). The fabric I have is stamped with the name "Bandana Bronco" and is from Alexander Henry Fabrics, Inc. you may see it here fabulous stuff I got it all about two point five yards (2.5 yds.) at stitch length for one dollar ($1.00) saned to me plus some other junk mostly good-condition RCA cables all for eight bucks ($8.00) you seem the VCR to TV to and fro DVD a madness. Terry the roommate added a yellow ceramic pot with a ring on top of the lid to heat-cook diapers or dead babies bornededed - whatever. See us around we know things too. P.S. My fabric is royal or dark blue with puffs of black smoke - similated as above here as not available to me. A puffy housecoat maybe with sterns about? Dead people fashion these to me. More: We have a sewing machine called the "Bernette 330" and no sooner did I tell people that a favorite set of sheets (I put on the bed yesterday) had a small hole in it the flat as on top (I was told not sew and cause more hole with punctures nearby) that someone had puts their toe in it today this morning as ripping seem mentioned. See all come to done here with mere thoughts and as to say. "We want to show you..." yeah yeah. The machine is Terry's from fashion school, sews all manner of seamstitch includes a darning setting yes thanks but maybe no and comes done from Round Bobbin sewing centers in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota where Terry is actually from and Grand Marais up north then (take a drive - small and cozy army town on Lake Superior, Swedes plus Indians, camping, drive past Duluth and their bridge, unusual skiing northenly - summer camping good, right on the lake - no one there? no - usually a crowd of people, quiet, we recommend here in Malibu instead or too on the ocean here with camper and Ventura then or mostly?) God says he was a major fabric dealer-art manager-designer before he died in 1962 April and at Universal also. Tommy Lafarge of Greenaches (say it like this "green-ozzys"), France. All I saw was this hideous brown full-length frock (um, found to be off-center but doing your way still...not learning how) in calabas cotton seamstitches threaded. An ingenue (um again, someone opening the world for their own pleasure it seemed) would know this I assume. Noticed seemly: The quality of a lavender and brown matched. A darker blue with brown my favorite yet (you an angry yellow with brown? not just yet or my college colors).

If no Bryan Ferry "Boys & Girls" LP (1985) "Don't Stop The Dance" Don't Stop the Dance " every thought i have don't mean a thing " see this a remix by Roxy for "Roxy Re-Modeled" LP (2005) by BiTeR mc & Elena Deluca. Strangely, I never bought anything from Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry this song original is so hot and an immediate dancing to me...but English, we all have our charges in life yours is not mine - sleepyheads, is doldrums. However, the roommate my ex-lover (years done and in-tow thanks "you stay with him then" please, no to you else an other...ways, yuck both all aversion claims thee remember - he gave me all...and yes, under direct competition with...I never wanted it then and actually while you waited it out it seemed and then he easily enough, again, you waited on it, for a better done then saw your own truths come done...if some) gave me much in havings had including this very album on vinyl where I found out why, how. Gave me lots of "King" too - that hairstyle (bangs, long in the back, brunette, a verily queen - to Clay C. a boyfriend as manager then...never rejected by me, however, a friend to yet too much for you to handle if once I'm not that...his Terry's mother is demanding own Roxy's cuts back from my storage place in hell...Dan Moon their principal architect says "if you had Gary Numan [also now at iTunes if bitterly then], you had ours too anyway" and I did and all of that there) marches out but on vinyl some. Still trying to make The B-52's know that no one bought PiL's punk buttons, just theirs that great logo amid a sea of veritable loser. I checked often, DEVO, Pretenders.

son of Diane Sawyer, Johnny Mathis - older half-sister by his mother is Anjolie

Extra! and as from 07/12/05 XXXX gotta lay off today (39% vs. 29%) will write notes instead for further use-need...I hate being straight, is this...simply I hate it...hate it...mostly I hate....
See Val (Tom Cruise) talk up his film during a preview here at this site - and fast at that. He's in dark makeup here and looks nothing like this - consider blonde, skinnier, same eyes basically - heavy debt load. Ignore his words the film is great - again, simply fabulous. "Fantastic Four" with my lovely neighbor Chris Evans Jon Majors across the street soon, soon. You know - the driver-cab cleaner and sister on the roof. What? ABBA are Puerto Ricans too? Val furthers "No one asks us to do these promos - I make 'em and send them in to the 'ap' [Associated Press - NYC, in reality] and they distribute accordingly [as to their will]. There were at least twelve (12) of them all differing in look and persevere. Brooke Shields is a friend and we fight online - loves Doug Moon, but hates his views on women [as] so savvy [editorial note: lacking in skill, but judgment is fine enough] she says. End here. P.S. No one hates you, but they fear your life opening upon them. A real horror." Fine - tell Brooke I believed it when she said she never fucked (and seriously, me neither - you and your mother so classy Princeton and all rumours of sightings at Thomas Sweet...she your mother knew better I'll hand you all over yet). Back to Val, I'm just me all along unknowing yet ever as unfold to slower me and you my greatest pr agent ever talking it up so fine. No one knows how pure yet. You get yours any way you slice it, but keep your own bitters asided. P.S. I c@me up your @ss @nyway. No one tricked behind your back ever here - you never odded out, I doubt me ever to will. Do better - we remember all you gave and well good, my friend (lay off the spirit gum, will moisturize). Biggest disappointment, what? fat? me? Not having you and Byron [Patterson] question the fuck out of my mind with legal-ease. I'd amaze your ass today, any day. A friend to you for me. Your father (he does Tom's voice and mostly is this) is the greatest ever and is like my favorite actress ever. See ya in heaven ours just got shot up the ass though...yeah, I could call you up on the phone, but I'd rather brand your ass here with others no denying it then. Too many calls unreceived by others and else being just that. Being you. 

i love penis  Dennis Murphy "roughly" (left, circa 1993); if the "HoLLYWooD" sign 

1) Park off of Lake Hollywood - dawn to dusk usually;
2) Enter run-walk;
3) Cross the dam on foot, note Andy Gump is here and ranger's station - this dam filmed cracking water shoots in the Irwin Allen movie "Earthquake" as the Hollywood Freeway 101 bruises it left;
4) You may exit or enter from the basin side here at dam center - I don't;
5) Keep going Madonna's office-house was above here or near something;
6) Exit fenced-in protected to run-walk the street;
7) You're not done yet - careful at this dirt pad to rest then or with bikes;
8) End race or start again.

I ended my hate halfway through 1993. Can't do it forever one stress fracture only, a foot does not work really but had to vindicate the man here at this proving-me ground. Head ended it.
So many disapprovings afoot.

Note: I wanted Robert Plant's "Big Log" from "The Principle Of Moments" LP (1983) - and instead the video here.
At the end of video notes God "I have to haul to you to success. People need to rise, Doug. I break you and haul you in." We mused about Robert Plant's voice just being my mother in bespoken lang e.g., "Bryn and Mawr" from Bryn Mawr, Bala Cynwyd say "kinwood" PA her high school paper on two foes. "It stops tapes" and with echo added, her mother's intones or guffaws layered under. She was taped often by the dead..."leading me on" is then "leave me alone, Chuck or I'll scream of how this marriage is taking me home" is the whole thing. My shower curtain has scribbles from me all through it like lace strings most seen is the cursive "D" I made often as with someone's body wrapped up in it once too and after poking holes and tapping in grommets I sing you too. Half-wings and such.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "Dreaming" Dreaming from the new "The OMD Singles" LP (1998 -  fine) what is missing heavily the song "We Love You".
" we love you | would die for you | we need you | every day | we love you | wouldn't leave you | we miss you | far away..."

Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb" Comfortably Numb as from "The Wall" LP (1982) a beauty about death and dying made to me.
You don't just 'write' lyrics like this.

Arcadia "Goodbye Is Forever" Goodbye Is Forever from the "So Red The Rose" LP (1985) the superior album art and a Duran Duran hybris.
I rescue this from obscurity with a song about love and maybe dying in it.

Remember the "Power Station" LP (1985) too The Powerstation with Tony Thompson drums and all. "The Heat Is On" as "some like it hot | some like it hot" or-and "Get It On (Bang A Gong)".
Is police and fire chief Willie Williams too...lived in our New Jersey house somewhat after Diana Ross left Titusville (her father is Titus, apparently).

Duran Duran? "Save A Prayer" Save a Prayer from the "Rio" LP (1983) - is like their best song ever.
Well, save the "Duran Duran" (Wedding Album) LP (1993) featuring "Ordinary World" and then "Come Undone" with Kate Bush-Tessa Niles. Then they followed up the big splashy return to sense with a cover album and "White Lines" don't do it neither - no one gets away with that. They wanna live they say. I agree.

no recommended by God too much power required for mass said

Psst: Um, no - this model fan from ours at June 2005 is for outdoor use only. It has a bowl as on-top what ferrets water out through the metal wisps on blades and mists it so to you by cup. Know this, or leave me then. A Casablanca fan is more than you see it to be and you know this somehow as made in heaven once to twice or. The "Estrada" or "made in strides [you cannot know]" as Spanish then.

Lexus Nexus 07/11/05 1500
"Let's not know nor learn to know"...the Latin-influenced "nexus lexus" - say "nexx-lexx" - is my way of describing this to you. No product nor use need bear - watch it there. Meanwhile, a "method" actor looks at someone else while filming - not the camera or only. A "langering" (say "lasering") actor looks directly at the camera while filming such. The "histrion" is simply filmed in the act doing and often against their will. Not a cherish actor, a stuntman is this. No method actor survives in Hollywood - we hate them mostly for fucking up their lines and too with thoughts of others. Goodbye, Sean Penn the most famous of method actors a stagehand made - a stage worker only. Good bye. 

The Ramones "Rock 'N' Roll High School" Rock 'N' Roll High School as now from the "Loud, Fast, Ramones: Their Toughest Hits" LP (2005). Been loving their "Pet Sematary" too Pet Sematary (Single Version) and actually is Dan Moon with The Cars (great song if from the studio but if may and Lime then). This all on 07/11/05: Rented "Rock 'n' Roll High School" (1979) on DVD last night - a great film anyway will review over three (3) days from Tower at one fifty $1.50. Revelations later about Stevie Nicks actually being P.J. Soles and her quiet friend Kate Rambeau at once. Dan Moon and Elton John sharing the role of Mary Woronov the new principal (Elton John born to play the role as prettier in the face - in the eyes - really, but both deserving of). Joey Ramone is noneother than Howard Stern too - all calmed down. They both died together in July 2002 and have returned in some ways. Joey is "Screamin' Steve" or Phil Spector too. Others maybe soon. Howard Stern rest stop on New Jersey Turnpike southbound? An apology to him by Christie Whitman, governor and sister-in-law then, for having been shot there and to death by his gun-wielding wife Lisa Prawnle in July 1993 and who subsequently died of heroin injections ("like bees, wasps - but all over" she now says) in prison and is alive here with us anyway.

Presenting the complete Elton John catalogue at
Elton John I dare you to pick a song for one.
John Denver is a superstar too, you know.

Fun: When friends depart for the neverland, they reside in little homes I call "wendells". A huge room seemingly and in the moon has tons of these offensive yellow blocks and in tandems or perfect proportions - squares perfectly - hanging in a room like as in the book-movie "Coma". Accordingly, you sit in front of these mustard-yellow blocks or hide inside - they are solid appearing anyway you pass through as spirit - waiting for friends and the alike. The lights are on in the whole big room if you want it there and as calls made out once a day, but seems imbalance from time-to-time. Six billion (6,000,000,000) of these per room made and shiny are the gossamer walls around each of these bricks and all seeming eight feet (8') apart in every direction unless known to you and pulled in closer. The moon is used ours for ours, but yours as just here are in the center of the Earth and are blood-red and ask no one to see you in the dark unless made better by you. These just inches apart, and in pink air-glow. Rude, rude - just sitting out in front on a high chair - a big chair - no one sees. See with me. When I died briefly in my sleep, I went to the moon it said again. Really? Yup - but it was told different for practical reasons. A worst-case scenario maybe it said. For you.

Somebody said *free* Slurpees all day today the 40th anniversary of 7 Eleven there..."ours is one".
More now: Got mine the free one is a beautiful eight-ounce (8 oz.) waxen Dixie cup - good enough for you - note a can of soda is twelve ounces (12 oz). Better than that, a thirty-two ounce (32 oz.) plastic cup the likes of which you get at Taco Bell gives you a free song at iTunes - and all for one fifty ($1.50) including tax of here (I got one of them too with a Coke slurpee in it the cup stamped on the lower portion with a numbercode in computer dotblack for - the little one I had to drank a blueish berry but small with refills if to must). The official site of all and all maybe win a 2005 MINI (modern interface not introduced) Cooper too other iTunes songs. Dropped off a little three-dollar ($3.00) flowerpot from Anawalt Lumber on Robertson at Our Lady of Guadalupe (is to be "seen drinking as much of it seen, then to doing it yourself" in of Italian-French dialects) on Holloway too...bit of a devotional seen for old ladies and such (nothing old delivered by you, please or during a mass). The mood that good to me. More: iTunes won't take my code yet - but is redeemable through 08/31/05. Maybe tomorrow when all is seen to be? Not like I have anything in mind you. More on 07/12/05: Just redeemed my Slurpee cup in success for a song, so all is well. One (1) credit for a song now on the book upper right of skindome. Thanks 7 Eleven...happy birthday to you actually on September 12, 1964. The date 07/11/64 is cute though. Chosen by me: No Doubt "Hella Good" from the "Rock Steady" LP (2002). 

not related to site below

We like Extension Patio in Trenton, New Jersey forever and a day if there...sunning umbrellas with large flowers underneath and pedal-push carts for seasonal living-driving on lawns and across boardwalks everywhere. By the way, I used to love pedaling around the neighborhood in our own lace canopy-covered cart steering it at once a handglide from chain drive someone older with me. The shop mentioned? A real national-level beauty on Olden and Princeton Avenues - see ya there even Madonna shopped there and says to me in the head "very hangnail there - nobody serves anybody coffee" meaning "not cheap, not negotiable" - from France most of it. Also seem if, Target has the car above cheap, cheap. Eat celery to virtually attack drink and milk-addled fat, and pedal around the woods using Deep Woods Off! in the can. Off my ass! Also eat peaches to clean yourself down in the liver parts with gamma globulins galore. Remove pencil here! Remove aspirina! Kids - nostalgia and pedal cars. I had the fire engine while my neighbor Michael Umbro (hi dude May 1) had a green farm tractor - the coolest ever to see-ride (his father - Michael, his named changed now to Dan Zeoli a studio plays drums is also one of my sons with brother and their daughters too - was always devising cooler stuff, a "mechanic" he always said of his dad). One day I ran my fire engine too close to our weiner dog 'Fang' and he nearly killed me with hate and growls and he was removed forever to then. Back to Michael (and may I mention was very competitive along the way Lennox stereo and all) he also had the Tru-Smoke bulldozer (oil drops in the fake smokestack makes steam, charm) I hated him for that me just the dumptruck but twice I got it anew again.

What Are Anchovies Then? 07/10/05 1925
Neil's mother Shirley Vescera (that name - just livin' it your way all made up from the start, huh...a great joy is Neil - it's in the eyes ^ ^ ) insisted upon cooking for us one day in the office and using real anchovies with (I can't remember the dish yet an Italian feasting of sorts) - I thought them little fish and underdeveloped bones what are like hair in there all lines out but and like hairs in-fact. No such. Anchovies (in Italian-proverb or overheard said by them, say "andevoh" or then pronounce "and-day-vee-ott" for "all that you say [isn't known to you]") are the ends of chicks that do not live well and die - usually within two (2) weeks. The "findes" of the wings - the muscle and the feather shoots - are what anchovies are, and Italians pickle them "to eat softly and slowly" they'd say. The hairs are feathers then. So then. They taste like fish because that is what they are, basically - nearly inedible. God says "Yuck!" but they honor Abraham xoxo who ate everything given, anyway - he was a pig for it. "I starved to death twice - remember that." Yeah - by your own hand-deed I hear and then I die too - and as a peculiar "thanks!" for being so tight with it all. And, see his skull puddings of the ground made [as in "The Illiad" - his story for and by the underground] survive above us. Skunky souls use 'em our heads really to make batter to eat and to this day. We eat sugar, and they monitor our use for the use of it and consistently in toilets (um, in "half days") everywhere across the land. He left them there it seems. "I came to get them, they wouldn't come." I know - I said 'no' too. Chris says "It isn't that bad. 'It isn't what you think' they say." Thanks again to Chris Ondy - again your name your mother and all. "To you, a hoop of trust" is another he'd add. Mine: I'd taste that like two buckshots [testicles] on half a bun.

better to travel

My Very Last Movie Was Harry Potter Prisoner Of Azkaban At The IMAX And All 07/10/05 0031
Just got back from seeing "War Of The Worlds" starring Tom Cruise and all - that gets a highest rating from me MMMMM. Action-packed, and lots of gruesome fun. Saw it at AMC's Century 14 in Century City (too many previews as I sat watching? never no) with Chris and Dennis Murphy as in-tow - they both loved it the 9:30 p.m. showing had us there (otherwise ten bucks $10.00 for each a seat - we economized, sorta, plus had a fresh pretzel three seventy-five $3.75 with yellow mustard...bei yum!) More later, but those huge spacethings so artful like Abraham xoxo stepping around are called "galliephiedes" say "gal-ee-if-fydes" to mean "if from broken languages by us". You did a brilliant job making them an unknown god-like to onlookers - they change rapidly and well-done, Bitches, you cannot know and they were not seen and to be at all by me well-done! These are made up of many souls, ghosts, and they are seen visiting with people as they destroy all too (actor Tim Robbin is one of them as many as seen - you see that wariness in his eyes no running). Demon god-layer secret stuff used on Japan in 1941 from the skies and below while Christ ruled them into the ground. In the movie in scriptlang (a modified language): "Don't get any ideas [for] Doug - we already had this, sort of." More on later - locations in Trenton, New Jersey etc. the intersection of Moon Electric as once home of Irwin Allen (opposite the "Fisher" building - p.s. they filmed "Lost In Space" at Princeton itself - not the Twentieth Century Fox lot where we were last night, the MGM and "Die Hard" buildings in the distance and all - now know that). Good stuff though - ignore the plight one clapped at the end but I did. Other previews of this one movie at the Apple site. Ignore much in the previews...Tom-boy takes a backseat to effects in every such scene. They don't show the galliephiedes at all not once and that sucks - they star here, Bully. Apparently the film cheaply made doesn't look it those huge windlegs of suckers-blowers happening all at once on you spinnin' too (call 'em "spin tubas" like I do simply wrecking everything coming and going...HONNNNNNNNNK! mind over says two [2] short bursts far away then one up close - up your ass and you die of a heart attack simply and including by heat drawn into it made - a sweeping windbomb, really). Was the original film like this so excited to know you? More: The red popple veins all over everything used tell us-you we've already been here - to cease and desist. No egg layers, so human bondage ensues in eye-like "platypus" cages above our nest - your very nest. Heaven's sent mixing with age-old ghosts fleshen, yet they were ours and toil in cages within us and make us happy any way you slice it. The roundish, pink orifice above sucks in what we want to help us run things of no eating actually. It the hole an "andrafice" or "no female signs [nor a male yet]". That is all to yet learn. Photocontact and known Catholic Orson Welles died covering this stuff in Japan yes and told his story here to evermore. "And they were fucking mean" he's known to say "biting off heads and eating shirts off of bodies and such. A fuckin' nasty retreat too - all blades about them dying theirselves." Oh. "Elfin [or helping too much]", God says. All I see is Brian everywhere stepping aside and as forward in that way I love seeking his knowings I do.

my mother hates bridges

More of 07/11/05: The rainbow bridge in the background of the opening sequences is the Bayonne Bridge (I thought it was the Verrazano Narrows as up to the Boston area - but what did I know?) Seek more info here at the government site for New Jersey bridges and such The Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey - one and the same, really, but in deed different.

Paris Won France You Won Nothing 07/09/05 1522
Sorry 'bout the bombings in London (there were two [2] - at Heathrow and at Bombol Commons in "Trenchmouth", so to speak - a Hyde Park area with subways teeming, gays). They thanked US commoners for their thought-speech at England proper when the first bombs went off here in 1983. What? Me too. In short, the bombs thank England for speaking at France during their win here. In 2012, the subways from America to France, Paris open up and we see what we want to see without a Flight 800 anew. Injured in the blasts? Try again later - you'll lose but again. Cheers France - see ya in 2012. We need five (5) years just to test the shit underwater and two (2) years to know why you with commerces afoot. Will open probably in 2010 for sure you'll be. An eight (8) hour trek there and fore lying down almost but with stops along the way for two (2) hours each you'll eat and see much. A le grand of travel awaits us! The photo above is at Tuilleres (say "twee-lah-rees") Gardens - Paris gets both Winter and Summer games, actually, and if reading the maps. Year 2012 - it's barely here yet.

Killing Joke "Black Moon" Black Moon from the "Pandemonium" LP (1994)...see some cool swirl artness inside that one.

In the meantime, we rented "Small Time Crooks" again with Woody Allen - this movie is mine so good to me. Take a watch about tunneling bank robbers whose interim stint as cookiemakers-to-the-stars takes off inadvertently. Tracey Ullman wits it, Jon Lovitz - the oldest Schwed brother of Lawrenceville Heights, Marc - is alot of laughs too (Kellie Martin a sister is Louisa who died by a brother's gun - adopted Tommy is in "Sopranos" with their father Jed and Chris Ondy's aunt Lorraine or then Louise). Also, Neilsy wanted me to mention or say that is Ron "Horshack, Welcome Back Kotter" Palillo as Michael Rapaport - so there. By the way - that is Stephanie Yakelewicz' ("Real World", all singing is for The Donnas) mother Tracey Ullman is. I noticed her legs the same as Stephanie when reclining in the film in yellow pasteures or frame pants as stamped out for you in silicone. Stephanie works here at Citibank on Santa Monica Boulevard now - I just deposited at her window as someone else's account, but said nothing. Hi Steph. We met in 5th grade catechisms or Catholic parochials or after-school and hated each other at first. A friend seen later then.

all different now

Tori Amos "Sleeps With Butterflies (Live)" Sleeps With Butterflies (Live) an iTunes exclusive.
Just ran into Tori on the bus on the way home from the check cashing place a payroll advance and all - she coming from the Sunset Plaza Hotel roughly. She had red hair, freckles, and no makeup on with blue eyes, she had on a champagne-colored slip and flats on her feet. I asked her as no one else was really around "aren't you Tori Amos?" and she said 'no - why? are the buses in Los Angeles that popular?' and I said "yeah - everybody takes them [including you - a liar - embarrassed somewhat]." No, we've never really met, and this gets her off the hook as our recording together ensues. Thanks again. We dropped "Tori" off at the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrating their opening just below the old Spago location taking the place of the Budget rent-a-car and as using Spago's colors (magenta, an off-hue white) shown in balloons twisting and everywhere as we traveled blocks further west to descend to here (she hadda get away from my stares - my roommate's all "yeah - Tori Amos takes the bus" - a retard yet). She's going to meet my erstwhile friend Joel her brother in San Diego it seems with light luggaging and all but in-hand. So see.

someone said it's my shaving cream

Bought My First Box Of "Just For Men" Brush-In Color Gel 07/08/05 1902
My beard and sideburns have been evidencing grey, so I bought a box of "The Rejuvenator" or just then called "Just For Men" for "Mustache, Beard & Sideburns". My own color is "Natural Medium Brown J400M". Mind over recommended using white toothpaste on my skin prior to mixing two (2) tubes within at ten dollars ($10.00) all to prevent discoloring of such - you'll see. Got mine at Rexall Drugs on LaCienega at Beverly Boulevard. The two (2) tubes within will last forever you use their little spatula to mix and then apply to your sideburns and such from a plastic covee and using a little toothbrush-type tool. The results were fabulous, Darling, but unending maybe. Now you may know how to use this stuff too. Who would've thought a black like that would lose any color? More 07/10/05: Yeah - I saw Sav-On Drugs has this stuff here two dollars ($2.00) cheaper, but their assortment was all ripped up by plagues (I do, however, like ringing up my own purchases there with instructions a la Kmart - almost left three bucks $3.00 lying there in the change pot underneath forward had it not been for manager assistance I would have tipped someone - going back today for cordials those little cherries in liquor sauce to calm one's woman's nerves). To Rexall then for fullest choices made me, but see Sav-On on LaCienega at Santa Monica has a Coinstar meriting it still and plus great savings across the afford of.

The Three Daytime "Naps" In Spanish 07/08/05 1346
Here goes: The "hacieste" say "hahsee-est" for "the head is missing [from such]" is the nap you take when the master is away. No one is home, and you need a small rest. The "sieste" say "see-est" or the "siesta" say "see-est-ah" for "half the day [spent sleeping in yours then]" is for women and-or for men too as respectively during the day as announced then. The men add company as implied, not sex then (maybe a doctor to see you off of work then to your home inside us). Finally then, the "polestie" say "pole-eest" for "under suspicion" means you took the whole day to sleep whatever it was off (an illness perhaps you). To note you backwards and forwards. The picture - the sombrero nebula - our solar system from afar yet. The Earth within its brim or dish to the far right and only.

More 07/18/05: The world and the sun face each other on the points of two carrots. The world, if always on the right, turns on the end carrot - actually the world's axis - like the sweeping hand on a clock and moves upwards right to backward down and then forward up left and begin. This - the seasons - has nothing to do with the sun's light what fills any vachle or hollow left with its light. Thus and like thin poles of light bulbs no distance from minds you as all the same. The lunar disk does the same as usual, but the sun fuels itself by turning this way backwards and forward also somehow no mention. To read this is to give me credit - know that. I descend upon you too. Of course I don't want linears or straight known of lines to anything - it disrupts me.
Carpenters "I Won't Last A Day Without You" I Won't Last a Day Without You from the "A Song For You" LP (1972) - their finest song ever to me " when there's no gettin' over that rainbow... "

home of the ten-dollar breakfast

One Premium Breakfast 07/08/05 1100
Went to have breakfast at Duke's on Sunset today right next to the Whisky but west of. Three (3) scrambled eggs, hash browns, three (3) juicy and plump links of sausage as extra, and two (2) pieces of toast plus a Coke with any refills is gonna set me back ten bucks ($10.00) easy, but is so tasty as all get out. So nice someone would cook for me like that while I read a complimentary copy of LA Weekly. For all, I hand 'em a ten ($10.00) and get a dollar ten ($1.10) back what with forty of my own cents ($0.40) makes minimum said tip if all city and state taxes taken at once (Sunset pays city taxes as if served). Then, and as per usual, it was on to Tower to make a look around. So see. Found out there at Duke's and from a signed poster on the wall that Neil is actor Casper Van Dien (name means "very dashing" in Dutch, he most notably of "Starship Troopers" the poster seen and asked of, and "Sleepy Hollow") I hate him for it. Casper told me he was dead of a heart attack when I channeled him long ago and I hated that. Hi Christina Ricci we love you still. Oh, a poster at Tower for the House Of Blues on Sunset has Stevie Nicks performing at Universal "Gibson" Amphitheatre July 26. Note that please and finally. More about Dukes 07/09/05: Forgot to mention that you sit at long conference tables with other people while eating and I like the closeness of it. Said 'hi' to some people sitting nearby yesterday mouth all full of food and smiling. The name "Duke" means "nobody's ashamed of what happens"...a "parladuke" or "meaning not denied" in French, a tip taken then. You can "duke it out" and again.

From "The Sound Of Music" the soundtrack may I present "Do-Re-Mi" Do-Re-Mi by Maria (Julie Andrews) And The Children (one is Angela Cartwright from "Lost In Space" - know that...Irwin Allen is my grandfather too - Grandfather Moon)...stole this soundtrack from my grandmother on vinyl. Think I still have it adds a few of "My Favorite Things" and "Edelweiss" (means "if you may, I'd like some too" in Swiss languages - a French dialect, really...blacks again). My grandfather John...Douglas Fairbanks singing it here. Remember, Swiss chocolate has goat's milk in it. Very nice too as all cheese - excepting limburger from a rat's ass and cream cheese from a cow - is blends of goat's milk. Period. My favorite luncheon cheese? Alpine Lace Swiss - it's the best for cold cuts some pan-roasted turkey breast on Oroweat Oatnut maybe.

Not From A Popsicle Stick Neither 07/08/05 0821
My roommate asked me for a word that is spelled the same forward and backwards and mind dumped on me here no answer to that one I got mad. I was thinking to myself at the time something to do with rivers, riverbanks - that's the word - "river" the same forward and backward we had our answer. I solved for that last night at the store, mind you and with confirm. The number "eight" spelled out comes to mind too from old popsicle sticks or something once bitten. This morning, I put that whole expression "spelled the same forward and backward" into Yahoo! and got the word-meaning "palindrome" for a sentence or word spells backwards both. Yes! but "river" - see that a firm 'no'. The word "palindrome" means "puts away once heard" in French - we don't allow them to be used, really. I hate trick meanings and fight you every step of the way here. So, a palindrome is simply asking to be put down and soon enough, a basic tenet. That would be "tenete" French-literal solved and said for "firmly held against you" actually mind says we'll keep going. Even the folks at Merriam-Webster online refused to discourse you a word on that one, but it would be a word only no sentences as too easy to construct this way. What? "Able was I ere I saw Elba"? I rest my case - leave it off...."Elba" indeed! ▪ "Madam, I'm Adam." (Adam's first words to Eve?) ▪ "A man, a plan, a canal--Panama!" (The history of the Panama Canal in brief)...these dug up by Apple's Sherlock - the first of mine supposedly from or is Napoleon's lament. All junk God will kill you Shakespeare had to do these for the queen it seemed so clever a bomb-box of hate a puzzle to you so clever. "He's supposed to be so prim and all." More of these added - save some: "civic", "deified", "radar". More later.

Devo "Snowball" Snowball from 1980's "Freedom Of Choice" LP the whole record good, really. Got this at Jamesway in Hightstown, New Jersey Summer 1980...when it was fresh out on the racks.

Talk Talk "Tomorrow's Started (Live @ Hammersmith Odeon)" Tomorrow's Started from the "Natural History - The Very Best Of Talk Talk" LP (1990) also le must the title-crave song "Talk Talk", "Life's What You Make It", and then "Such A Shame" with the very spiritual-painful "I Believe In You" with dead people as angels humming along to a heroin death seen once or twice with no note or bother calling the "spirit..." and on and on. A must do. "It's My Life" big hit then if you must.

" if every sign that i see is complete | then i'm a fool in your game | all you wanna do is tell me your lies | won't show the other side | you're just wasting my time | all you do to me is talk talk "

Tears For Fears "Mad World" Mad World from "The Hurting" LP (1983) also seek "Pale Shelter" and "Watch Me Bleed" from same LP. "Ideas As Opiates" no, no but "Change".

Before Leaving With Someone Tell A Friend Or Bartender? 07/07/05 1212
What's the alarm? You may not even make it to home base. When and if you get there, you may want to phone your home or job then and leave your whereabouts in a message from you to you but as other. Have a machine - it counts to us too. We know where you are anyway...we just can't say it to yet. Another you can do is mail a letter to yourself by any friend telling you you didn't want to stay out all night but you did anyway and from where you went. It sent itself from your mailbox early on.

oil can harry  my love aberred

Neilsy...the oil can seen by me yes is coming here it is Rammstein "Amerika" MP3 (3.4 Megs) need to get it yourself I have it now and is brude...people eat that shit but as in front of me no discreet again or a difference noted between this and that or you and me and so what? They're showing you to it again possibly a glamour but we scent a way of knowing us to little for, the esteemed poor jangling it again to employ us dancing for sex is at food.alt a bit cupcakes and if rather I'd feed it the bark. Soon but asks people to die has no shame and for this is scaring to me what's next ? is said too. Note: Black drip says it to me 'not mine yet' plus 'held for review'. The dark or in-fact "black" itself to see and is a presence? Mine black tv holds the light around so rather than say to it why. I leave it there for those known. In the meantime, we have Chris Ondy in 1993 with photo touches realizing my wrath for not loving me again. Those tits - simply not mine I call 'em "crazy eyes" for reading out two pages at once the ads (God says call them "lamours" for "more love wanted by me"). So knowing of it. That Hitler sphinx looks almost injurious by mine. All wrapped back up as together no gift to if at once unreceived at simply maxual gross my love at once inner-thighed, made a belly. His quote (note, he was all mine...still here, but hanging around) "my mother says equality starts with having been with this." You are simply her equal here adds mine. The little red 'x' my comment for "not thought of" and thus never to me. Additional tax 07/06/05: Chris gets his influences from his mother's side of the family what are blacks usually made white. They need time downside to said. Along with talking franks as Gloria Leonard, she was Marilyn Chambers too. Forever her and then died of it. See. "That stuff is all fixed up online" she said. "Well, I need to be given credit." Gloria Leonard, again, has her handprints up at Hustler Hollywood's porno walk of fame previously seen doing time. Marilyn Chamberses too? I'll hafta look again yes she's there and exactly the same in handprint except for signature series she is Ginger Lynn as there too but young now I suppose. P.S. Saw Larry Flynt - who says about Chambers et al "she's the army"  - younger and more knowing walking around there recently when I was in. He's all better now. "I'm young and fresh - but still me. Watch out for that. See me here and with too much to say. Get a quote [a weblink] in here fast." I love their shiny fitted-boxer underwear for men maybe dancing around - black, silver, red. "Dimes. Looks scratchy inside." Takes great pains to be just that beautiful to me. They was looking for Flynt in Topeka, Kansas - where he lives - over this stuff just a day ago....

More 07/17/05: Amerika features the voice of Christ taped from telephone conversations to Hitler by accident and with me afoot. He himself talks in German to please Mochee, his brother Frae, who was Hitler then (not seen by you though). "Heaven was dying, and for this a world dies too..." Two words: For you is "vunderbar" or welcome in all stages, a mirth - no troubles. "You wonder about how it will happen again, and you see no troubles ever" he'd say. Adds "welkommen" as in French taken from French or just overheard and is pleasing to him to mean "welcome me" and that is error. The word means  "you are welcome" - he didn't understand that or need to. Mochee laughs here and says to me "no one ever gets anything right - but you do always and we hate that together as all. Is my day seen yet or by me?" Not yet. You describe me aptly, but do not know anything, really. That counts too, and to me. Seek more for it. Pet Shop Boys made the music with Neil but was unused yet. I thought the gutteral tones heard with were ridiculing and Jewishness fiddler on the roof again - I hate that galivae shit from rooftops seen not from the bottom up. End this to me - good song though...a powerful stance in music. For Neil. 

i wasn't blind affair i took from castles my purview

Something Else You Didn't Do That Tells You Who You Are 07/04/05 2016
Listen to this one if you're fading fast like smartmouth labians (est les labians? cleanly represent with international symbol " (|) " a demure you got it too bad, huh...lights shifting outward may add a hazard to be noted in advance " ( ( (|) ) ) " and if then to signal a pause if when...did you see?) getting shot at on the anal-greek passive-isle of phant lesbos (the first mouth and made it a morning - you still talk no matter what and I still skewer the skin rapidly in swipes over with the most bewooden of pulls "get to the point" - you die for that and is like you lived - nothing at all said by those and who at all know nothing to a mix of made it to): Who is Rachel Starr "Till There Was You (Original Club Mix)" MP3 (8.6 Megs) ? This sung by actress Kellie Martin (late of ABC's teledrama "Life Goes On" the ups and downs of acquired immune deficiency syndrome) who was dead by the plugging hand of her fiance for a while. Everything I love dies. Now if to then you will too. Yes, Michael are here, fool. Adds note beyond Michael: As in "let's" an apostrophe-contraction for "let us" (pray), "till" should be then be 'til for "until" shortened as hamped or then as shortened stylistically your call. There is no "till", scrabbles that and even the correct value makes me unhappy to look at and just as God says "it has to be that...leave, we'll fix one day." So but never to me, but see it here first. I hate confusion in symbol it pilots me. My father's next quote hey this is real folks received just now in my mind "Nobody sees you, nobody likes you too. I do." Fine. I don't ask to know anything of your value, I submit your review to me later. In the meantime, we all see what we see and know nothing more for truth what we can see again and again and with you and then to know or note. "I don't know that" is best said. Better folks see me and then others see me yet. See yours, but at home. No matter what - and this is truly sad - what sits here may be all you were given to see. That's truly sad for me, but I may see more in you one fine day I'm given. An education or experience in flavors marked you an animal may run one day. "I believe that children are our future" give them hands and a future blade. God knows you came - trust that our world perfect to yet. So see it, so be in there said. Rachel Starr - it isn't all about you yet. I see more even to yet a lonely sad. Even you wouldn't defend me as cleanly as I do you. To borrow a dollar you'd ask me why again. I never do that unless I was asked not to note it. Doug's way home is here inside me waiting to know you better. Just a tit more then: "Lesbians" that word for sure. Derives from the French-collate or word used often to be one "les biens" or "let's beautify [as in lips colored - it's in there as in 'begins and ends' then 'be-ends' a note to simply then forget]. My name used to be for "dougmoon" is example of collate-derive and then as derive meaning off to me and you if then used. Say the name all at once lose meaning to me a gift given for use and having used.  Meaning is symbol and is cheap - we see how removed from experience is so said lesbians - you know that's dirty stuff. No? So seek the Latin inflect as all source known. The inflect "labiat" states let it be known by you who sight it only - then as to "let it be". As in "labian" the ending "n" means-states "not to be noted again or ever then as not meaningful to us". No duct rises here they'd say. Nothing of value to see. Thus, never know why. Never to ask. The penis pencils you similarly. Must I always derive your meanings with me? Must I note you as in advance of again? Why seek me here as yet just you?
One Fag's Other Of Both Bother 07/04/05 2015
Women...they killed Jesus over a cactuspine of desert-region blacks their cause of virtue its pain and his electric gifts what would it seem - his swarm preferences once clearly stated never bothered me yet a thorn what to tooth. C'est et whirlibomb. May both die but with it wants samed firmer breasts and a shit pipped between each english a cheap't teat to beak. I'd die before yet and sends if the grave no flapping of wings. May it die to his well of once wishing or dig further in the ol' shitbag to see what's left to scent attic patchouli nicht santchels at nervous-nine pussy barn colds. Hyack! Wipe both inner thighs down with a sheen of excrement and stand at it what made still. Feathers or blades take wing what to give it a song. Personal to bitch: I work overtime on your case you are hated by me bitch. Until mine, yours saned. Count on nothing I'll be sure of it again only. Never will you seem to rise me without word you only die for this a haven of it said to 'em again. Count 'em and keep countin' - I fucking hate you, and only. That is clear no one gets this out of my side. Kedem. Toodle loo Chump King - you were too fucking fat for the letter "K" in a fresh kitty litter reminder being it sent. Keep it once coming. Oh, sure - we had that surgery here someone too -  I noticed nothing before or since but after blades caressed it of scales, a gentle-calming soothe sitz bath was necessary squirts up in the perianal region to ease watts away while the fuse blows on the forked rose each time you shit on the rips. There are larvae anuses in the foodspent gettin' into cracks of the ass no soothsayer should it shower instead both balds are at tuna if viral plan while at sea. Warts (if lifts of at breast, threadened wind goggles) play with smames infandels no too secrets for sure marvellette soap it up good check the diaper to open another anyway.  

Rubbin' It Down and Overnight 07/01/05 1236
I like one of them hard-ass hairdryers myself for skinning shades, but did you know that petroleum jelly (um, "Vaseline" is to "Kleenex" is what you are to melodrama) will remove paints including oil overnight? Yup - that's what mind over says. I don't know about that, but a spot of Nair from yesterday just eased the paint off the wall in the bathroom when wiped off (bitch went to town trying to kill a hair stuck on the wall spinning it). I groom to you still no matter who you are acting up with growth unwanted now suit a little too helpful. Now, you hafta wet the towel and apply moisture to the painted surface first, then just wipe off all in the morning with rag moist if will - never a dry one to that hanging or waiting to know you better. Vaseline is just banana palm - it kills pain dead on rubbing contact and drives heat through every sphere and bad at that too. Use lovingly. Don't go lighting any fires neither as once dried (tee hee).

"We hate people who [insert what foolsmouth disinterests me]." No one cares, you kim-shoot your feeble kron's-load on something small I said and then retire to the bathroom to shit the rabbled veins in your legs out of the tuna net. Meanwhile, no opportunity of life missed passes you by at once alerted by the mist of might having done this one up eaches and angled at one but if to right. "It is time to reduce his credit here on our accounts." A vagary is always against thee. Help no matter shine to yours - or else. I hear you simply a stupid bitch with no choices apparent to me offering striving to making as against me and you are simply that the dead but speaking it out in chains loaded agun. Shut the activity face up and lock that down to sense of not being here when yours demands to it. Why would you bother making me sick to my stomach just one more time when I get most of that now for having said. You have nothing to offer, but want to manage it well against a true delivery. I don't mind your condition being evident in this the world of come will done, I just don't want to hear about it again a young upstart collecting the very thing it plans to sell you at but a pride of its very discount. Redeem: A "net present value" calculates how much a face-value amount is worth if bought today and as earning any further interest to maturity redeem. So, it just reduces the note by an amount of unearned interest. A savings bond is this way done - cheap fuckers may give a seventy-five face dollar gift at maturity worth about thirty-five dollars at present dime. If you bought it off them, you'd pay nearly none said. The term "net [of] future value" is similar but exceeds the face of or then present value to a rate stated past maturity. Quick for now, but these ask how much today then for that much tomorrow. Interest earned and used to see what as more beneficial to it in cash flows. "You are nobody special and it shows." No, it just says that my world so clear to its corners. You choose pussy, you don't lament of the choices having once made.

More on savings bonds 07/05/05: Some balance to thoughts anew. When I was in high school (senior year), I won a contest for painting windows on a car dealership with other art students (who participated on paper first and were selected no matter what you lost fairly again somehow, however you flatter me else..."why always you win?" because Dear, your ideas of winning are at best a grandeur of yours made - there is certain indignation afoot as you may have witnessed other winnings I pined, wondered about excessively, made to yours too). Anyway, I fear you miss my gratitude, so else you say. I got a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) bond as first place that I cashed in right away (my father having primarily taken care of the ones my grandmother gave me for my birthdays and such while growing up - little affairs always twenty-five bucks [$25.00] but his secret cashings of recouped somehow in it all...don't be too happy here - fold in my new Schwinn bicycle for light labors in a trucking yard including his children say, 1976 - never you care - we'll get you paid back for all you've done to at Godco yours and mind). The proceeds less any fees taken and at a local bank unrelated was about thirty five bucks ($35.00). So, you get a substantial return to face value on the "EE" bond (note: the "I" treasury bond is not available to consumer - is 'banks one' called, the 't-bill' cited for-by assholes, the "EE" is earned investment or savings then, and the "HH" is household finance or housing loans made by the government here at) your money doubles at least in seven (7) years' time. Simple interest at my example is fourteen percent (14%) taken maybe more see here the government site Treasury Direct (another won by a guy named Robert converted twenty-five [25] shanks to twelve bucks [$12.00] - see no danger and no fear here either). I consider ten percent (10%) on dead money a good return for nothing I'd bother with - see banks pay you nothing for your dollar saved playing office and a demure with you ("we think that's crass...we help people over hard times" - not with a loan you don't, but repay and with the same burdens afoot), but is far more liquid or converting to cash as just near on a shelf like cooking they'd say. Adds no risk involved - that counts big-time. Know your rights? Know no exception to the rule - save that down inside with having to know else for sure then I bother no switch be predicted, predictable. Buy into their bargain soundly and considers spent 'til then. Play games with your mind as such. An excellent return for the dead is here too. They keep earning while others wait to know. Your fine government of provision no matter who you are to whom holds all keys to yet. Anyway all - doubles your money in seven (7) years time and that is for damned sure.

More for 07/08/05: The time value of money then is the theory that a dollar today (as in your pocket and ready to spend then) is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. You pay consideration or interest for not having to you and risk associated then plus plus. Also note of taxes - will be the same as if you earned it yourself. Bonds, traditionally, and as per my education, are free of municipal or city and local taxes ("municipal" means "may be one [1] or as few as two [2] voices spoken and in rural areas" - thus some cities and larger towns, no states is this), but are not free of state or federal-level communes. Don't be greedy - I gave you good stuff to know on your dollar while banks lend money as is in their business to. Further, I'm of the opinion that capital gains (money making for money versus you get up in the morning no, not the same people actually) should be taxed slightly higher and to yet they are not and to yet. We pick up the difference in consumptions and-or taxes there to yet. Remember, there are taxes no matter what you and anyway you slice it and also no guarantees for income yet this does for you. See it.
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the why, the how  

Hole "Violet" Violet and the sky was painted by sugarblind retards to be just like frangolecht (what's left behind by those wandering through - say "frang-oh-lay" in French for "makes small large then" - like snails they do it) a field of wiggled dreams - from the "Live Through This" LP (1994) plus "Credit In The Straight World". This stuff is blanding me used, but the lyrics make me happy again anyway. Make it to the next album too the "Celebrity Skin" LP (1995) - "Hits So Hard" I saw God....the first four (4) or so tracks made me happen with them again: "Awful" "Malibu"...title track with breasts hanging out. Celebrity skin means you show people at-large things you usually only show them in bed.  More than clean skin, a clean head. They go together like "and" and "sun" like in Malibu how they sell stuff. "Sand...and sun." She Courtney "Hole" hated it there - seems "too many blacks afoot for my pleasures taken." Adds "a northerner lives in the woods too."

Pat Benatar "I'm Gonna Follow You" I'm Gonna Follow You from the "Crimes Of Passion" LP (1980) you can't turn me on enough the way that i do i do i do - precious time factoid: 'birth of a nation' is the arrival of blacks. If you gild it, they'll hafta just come to see...and how about that. Also see with tunes already placed at my site this previous "You Better Run" and "Little Paradise". This record and you deserve each other. A firmly gold one.

No Doubt "Everything In Time (Los Angeles)" Everything in Time (Los Angeles) for everything there is a reason...well, no - please get the facts seems we have 'em all right and or adds "Spiderwebs" Spiderwebs if le must.
This the first song mentioned is of and from their crowning glory hits collection and is a single (2003) but is somewhat put down because it's new and I brought her back from the dead and people hate that but that's just too bad. Everything will back to you in time - in time. Also see the brilliant reason to do it again "It's My Life" on them there hits. No, the "Spiderwebs" a junky tune is not my idea - someone asked me to put that there I don't bother with it ever (q: what sells an album best and if noted? - a: why bother it you hadda know none but will hafta ask each of now - what sold it to me? Glenn Ballard stuff mentioned forward). The secret of nimh not in my heaven. "Don't Speak" and "Happy Now?" thanks it for being. Never miss "Simple Kind Of Life" from the "Return Of Saturn" LP (1998). A perfect symbol of song this, was remolded by Gwen when she got back, get to the original release. It laments not settling down "never at me do this" we all state our purpose. Guitarist-producer Glen Ballard's force of here a father-type "yeah - she died that's well-put." Well simpledone, what kills you, raises you too. Have it all some. Apparently, we're just waiting to know of you better without asking to it ourselves. So see. My father says here "we lament the death of sane" an avid reader says this. Ever an idiot some, we see and cite "not having" and thus no decision to make or then placand not having it and trying to sell it to me now a feel for it not had. We'll help you instead while helping ourselves to any some of it at all. "Anything" else said. Back to that voice randomly used in "Spiderwebs" but best most noted now in "Happy Now?"- the one I call "coquette" for at once flirting and with leaving you gone, out as less than should be noted. The star of.

Jody Watley "Still A Thrill" Still a Thrill from the "Jody Watley" LP (1987) - I didn't realize Jody did so much you see at iTunes. This song captures me right away to get busy adds "Most Of All". Maybe in a mood you listen to the "Larger Than Life" LP (1989) and get to "Everything"...I love that too. Your writer hated by you as "so mean" but approves with "I make money." Yeah, to live right next door to me our home...your house came right down on the striped socks to see. All that steam and to be so pressed. "He has millions in savings bonds yet." Robin Guthrie rolls over a million dollars every five (5) years he says - I love learning with him. Says they type out the front of the book only on the cover and then the inside page each one is stamped for clarities. Keeps in his safe deposit box. Mine safe deposit with my own clarities to be paid for sometime soon.

In July, August 1976, Andrea True Connection's "More More More" More, More, More, Pt. 1 was duking it out on the radio with Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" Rhiannon even still. Up and down the roads rural we went but who won more? " rhiannon rings like a bell through the night | and who will be her lover? | takes to the sky like a bird in flight | and who will be her lover? | all your life you've never seen | a woman taken by the wind | would you stay if she promised you heaven | will you ever win? "

Felt "Primitive Painters" Primitive Painters from the "Absolute Classic Masterpieces" LP (1985) Liz Fraser sings it the chorus " oh, you should see my trail of disgrace" artfully and you cannot know...
I was in a wandering sex club (stalls, darkness in labyrinth details - "The Zone" a late-night bluelight on North Sycamore south of Santa Monica Boulevard across from the RecordPlant who runs this at Church 'annex' in San yes, find it yourself at Dayton Squares ?) when first heard this and had to pull right over to find out how why - to truth. That pied piper of a voice leading gays to their miseries afoot the song list for the tape playing done on a bulletin board near the water or freshening stand. Alway do this but at no help we see. We knew it was her me and Robert Cooper, but how to see? Context clues you know the last few songs or something to say it for and to you. So rub - the club is there for you still to eat up at your pace. I'd say no fucking, but unfortunately I've seen that. P.S. The Zone - still open each night at 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sundays. Price is cheap, closes at dawn. See ya 'round - this noted by me and in-person on 08/18/05.

These all mean something bad to me and about you. Let your mind hoilb it all over. Drug talk is asks you to passing gas. A an introduction to the practical arts seamstarer, ply-foodmaker, shaptesmetal. Conga larone.
Okay, we're winding it down Can you believe fucks protest me making a dime. I'll fuck your ass raw over that type comment to me. Blowing on your dusty old stuff ain't easy enough for me intertwined with my little stories about what I meant when I wrote them lyrics so dumb. If they ever find my real lyrics based upon any number of song from Richard Marts, I'll die just like he did of being demanded on stage everywhere I look people paying me to play that one song only my wife hears once snatched from the other-dead so purty to me that once taken apart about hemloins and pombled shitnutters them of acmesens samed. I cry on stage from this one play me a river of it forever is boobjean. Retarded - me? You are an ugly fucking bitch - still can't get it laid, huh. Too bad eat my shit ugly bitch. Eat it - and what did you I tell about not wanting to hear that ugly fucking belly? I hate your lanolined belly signaling men you gross bitch stinky bird calls.

Last Month Was Alot Of Learning And Now May You See To June 2005
"We're going to lock you down in New Jersey. Too much talkin' about having not." My unheavenly father is this: a fool still, but I tell him with overly voices in the toilet paper roll - a magnadot reaching him - that he lives in hell and that causes concerns about him hereso (learn to add odd-some unwelcome and facts to the overheard speaking at home and, if, in such - I tell everything here twice to hear of better said it myself). More strummin' later - calls people who attrition you backwards to forgivings and such? Worshipped by few I know personally, but is washing yours hats out, I caution him not to speak of it God so much a founding-fathers type person who escorts police victims to their onward journey, but is tough and tender at times a love call - a lover of affair - and uses of it once said. See some of this mimed (he sometimes says "tamed") later. The jail awaits me he said I'm not young John Ondy that spelled out for here. Hi, John yet. I'm even more loving to see-know.