Guess What? We'll Be Back To Touch Up...Feed The Senses June 2010

Self-Test: left [ ] right [ ] = a bucket of shit and piss if wrong-abstain
no self-exams here, none
Q: Better to be on-top hurting 'em than waiting around to see if you're liked? A: No...better to leave it all off, around. Better to clasp, show naked.

Rue McClanahan...Gary Coleman...I asked Gary - "Isn't that your old bedroom in the Oklahoma bombings?" Madonna - who was supposed to pioneer the Lady Gaga character - says it was ruined when they did the Denise DiNovi character in the "I'm busy" video. She doesn't have 'lupus' (an inflammatory disease most likely from heroin derivates and being quite devoted to samples of thought with others - no class for the doctor, but no bother for you either I'd say until, and like Russians, they devote your parts as yet unheralded, will shoot back like we all do as these concerns meet any hate for it) but um, she shaved her eyebrows and painted them on and works at DiDonato's on Broad Street in Trenton (NJ) a famous beauty supply to us there or The 'burg. A figure of "mastadon" or "not moving" beauty, she receives Madonna, in-disquise even, for having inquired previously about pubic hair that is tighter on the bottom and looser as it rises up the front of one such (another "mastadon" one the warmer piss department? use tea bags + salt lightening it up and so). These were accusations, however one keeps such secrets, and I thought you'd like a little less or more of hearing it all out - stance stuff that will keep you unemployed forever as frightening in-person my own quest.

Mariah Carey is the devolve from Marie Von Saint or then DiNovi...Devo is for a 'devotee' a person given to thought only (very Boy Scouts, no girls need apply...see Webelos). They know why...see it shelf.

Some say Texas a pipeline under it (the queen ? put it in) that runs north to south but my original vision says right under it west coast to east coast. This the spill you have now. The pipe is a box actually with a cross in it, so like a heating vent but with heavy fill in it that keeps it moving in all weathers. The box was installed underwater and drilled in like bricks taking out and placing in the late 60's. They would remove the bricks placed, to drill more each every sixteen (16) or so days, seven hundred (700) miles' worth. They were flushing the pipe there then forced the flow resulting in spill - not big, not bad. Six (6) weeks down. The Alaska pipeline and Siberian pipelines are used for walking to England and the US nicely enough.

Franks to anglo Johnny Depp "From Hell" now on cable not much...we like it alot some money spent here. He never looked better just back from death and proving himself again. Take a look Jack The Ripper and all. I asked "Any of those handwrites real?" He was 'Jacques' really a jackrabbit to him. Also, kids pulled out the guts of the one girl with grapes he wouldn't do that cutting their throats harshly with a blade (to the bone is mine). Dirty and mouthy types about world. Another good film is "Hollywood Files [Flies?]" with Brad Renfro and the kid from "Terminator III" Nick on your own for that one. Really, and after being misinformed, we week the film "Bully" you see nothing more.

Adding "Al Queda" to an August 2007 lesson I gave (my sister's e-mails there still shit in mind showed me someone - possibly in Colombia (I looked and looked at that spelling - there's no spell check on that like there's no paycheck doing this) the drug cartel with chainsaws a nice-looking German-bred maybe as not seen by me not shown is made to be female further lessons and learning of the world and its escheats we are worldly some - farting on her face in some type of sexual marand or helping out (there is a dot on her top cheek that seems to confirm her ID I look at the legs and ears alot for these, she had technical-type legal problems there avoiding interfering with plus-and type arrangements):

Your key to future lessons:

bin laden - me and people like owe us so see nothing more yet;
hezbollah - the women who rule from above they say...a real darkness to some, we say faggots here...won't let up on their prayer against us - fags - he exterminates them daily;
osama - women who lack skills...they won't work without too;
taliban - the parts that don't move men and women in chairs everywhere sucking softly on daily habits we seek...purity itself;
kulerallah - the ones we seek when and them...they will not come until hezbollah is dead (say "kulerallah" as "cool-er-ah" disease "cholera" sees things wrong for them as there are unseen as agents afoot);
obama - women who wait for nothing, industrious types never had, never will (combines osahallah and obama...osahallah is hate never-ending a family tragedy never seen here much)

al qaeda - the first man that loved me as god (is abraham or brian m. then) or the first man that loves a woman for who she be considered false as abraham is never that real and i am never that dead a reference to god only...thanks la times 06/01/10 the man at the mirror with tattoos is me the reflect is someone else todd shelton a friend the army complaint is 'a punch in the arm, that hurt for days'

my little film from yesterday 05/30 among chant and scan...someone says badillo is here
don't be mad...i don't see it yet
thanks to the darlings in white - otherwise use your film, nigger
the pool was so clean, i talked with some girls about their boys send 'em down
no, we are not gay - you to ask each time
ask again: we want to acknowlege apple quicktime 7.0 their 'save for web' feature for making a folder with content-instructions for presenting an '.avi' film cheaper and better as a poster on your site
menu picks [file] + [save for web] (there was some fumbling in naming your film '.m4p' versus '.mov' the one named in html must be a principal or material file not just an big deal referencing file sizes nothing good is that small
p.s. the box with window with left is our workout room with adjacent lavatory, shower box with glass door no privacy met, and dry sauna of cedar and board...i want these made private somehow you to ask each time?
i use the doctor's office scale often i'm now at 196 pounds dropping in with celery sticks...

Have a good Memorial Day, May 31 (to me then, a date with the national dead 'bohemians' they say if 'we don't speak to a success' but we have a flag, chips, grill the base touch to fly away). I woke up today (I went to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning) expecting this day gone in a long-enough butt skid me laying on the roof secretly filming wisers (the better-off of dead), but he, 'the least likely to be here' as paying was rising with time in the morning again and not leaving I hate that for me as unstable with hateful desperate people around and not paying to me. These days drag with hate...and you? I have too little time to enjoy the god-less (vaporing min-max all-so-shown) state of being in no time it goes fast in relative stillness but I get to and I get to ' to be and be again ' a vanilla of lyric coming soon against someone who must then ' live and live again ' a work of sorts). Welcome back, Kotter. I can add back and subtract days for me (real, but a perceive) while ghosts fly in from western civilizations looking at us I ask what's needed for an expected annual being-gift and at harm's way. I'm not bathed yet and with a single scooby snack that will make me cry sweetly and ultimately. Like that electric menthol ashtray and cardtower "Oooh!"

freeez 'iou' by yes, 'freeez' then not 'ebn ozn' a white clam i guess
keep your set lists free of exchange - these people deserve clarity, not function or having to say some once
nobody paid me to hear anyone or anything yet, but i just got felt up by 80 gb an ipod your songs not my quest but once, twice (see 160 gigabyte 'classic' black ipod, and as new)
my lover michael jackson? i have a herpes today what heat in fibrous tissue of lip - and sun foot and who knew?...still steaming away the fanship

New Jersey = New York City - say it some. After-the-fact qualities developing here after previous dicussions make sure I'm thinking (leaving for better if so to seem) and solving (reassuring in no parity or seeing it with me as true then and to be with in it...) myself. To brush off quickly, I claim anglicisms (English speakings of it only a sophism - no true way about therms or making it do - not good either). Be both proud, but inner city (all at arm's distance) is having too much charm (making it a memory or hard-held) I'd say not a bargain ever to knowing and having it all but I am a bargain for what you are. I need little from it.

if bette davis is the queen, here's another bottlecap from coke rewards that won't work and at full price
i need just one more point for a free bottle of coke, too (have that now, check the box)

doug loves hostess shortcakes (about $1.50 a pack) with strawberries now in season...
and with whipped cream always and from trader joe's (tall can about $2.69)

'hellraiser ii: hellbound' but from stingbots at youtube
then play 'murphy's law' by cheri for a good look back (cass elliot made this - hated it really is updated somehow we love it...making music is spending money out toward our way the lesser-being of arts, not making it happen, really, as by selflessly serving the monied get a royalty to get you to help us make copies that are being demanded in format or expected maximum numbers of quality plays only and at current studio standard and type a paid form issues it to be - you wanna be there so what ? i need the saterial (um, saturday) setting and to avoid being you only, i need to charm people my way as me choosing to be with you)...see no fact unturned i loved things no one loves as manic and a success perhaps with no 'real' (the long road downward, a 're-al' with nothing more accommodating) room for you as doing-being it with and 'thank you' for that...see no market talk to me making me as you plus me a definite synergy (you plus me equals me plus you maybe some and then only you paying) to us only, i left out to hear a symbol of choices made by me in filthy lies ? is not truth i am greatness i know that you hate me for it stabbing grimly in the dark...i am purchased twice-over by my market 'me' 'tis the truth yet sometimes just for the record cover...

Update on our amended Federal 2005 sent 06/10/09 and made by OLT: The small dollar case appeal for disallowed goes on and on. On 05/21/10 (we called last Monday) it was sent to the tax advocate and they will have some information by June 15 with a final determination by July 30 they say. Whatever. We're taking the state stuff to a professional for $300 they say they'll handle it all. We don't pay fat women for their opinion on anything yet...when they're dead I'll ask.

add in soft cell's non-stop erotic cabaret...exotic video show part 1

Somebody said something in quote today, and I reject still for no voice (no ability to make stick or have me know). A woman (and just enough, for you) criticizing me over what doesn't get through and naturally enough? Don't bother paying in-full (making me do to you - it's always there). If I acquiesce (um, finally agree somehow, then ask if there's food...and possibly drink?), it's because I am no one special speaking informally and as friend (unforunately and if to the end, the licking end of a flame if barely should). "Me and my dumb chauffeur" (Soft Cell, "Sex Dwarf") doesn't mean he is less and not to be regarded, it means the apparent wealth should be ignored in favor of wealths. A greatness.

Review, and for the way I see it (what you have to see, what gets excluded for talk down the line as not a bother for you yet, and although):

Kingdom - all I've been shown, some may be missing yet;
Phylla - bugs that 'fly' and make you crazy with bother a 'feliz' fleas - whatever that is dying and to living some...and butterflies, add sure as won't come near;
Family - mammals (tits + milk, a great place to starve), marsupials (external 'gestation' or still 'fetal' or fatal to present like kangaroo), istichthes or fish to most a body heat issue as 'endothermic' (oops, 'exothermic' or 'external' heat is and as from the sun....'endo' is within and endocrine or digestive for drawing heat energy for popping hydrogen plasmas and flushing cells only no strength what is salt or electricity only) or cold-blooded (exothermic, 'ectothermic'...only 'ecto' is false as lapping around something no fish works this way they are worms only making the rounds together - all of them...ecto is skinny from overwork, starving, a flesh eater only never taking much in should be floured or making the rounds too...hates being pasty) - how they eat together? how they coin or make the bodhi body tree as widely seen (best: how seen on approach the road in);
Order - their evolution as 'seen' only and by linking up; primates (you are new to them and every day and if you remember your 'tools' or extensions of the self made a finger only no 'simple machines' or screws, fulcrums...nails...pulleys), invertebrates walks upright (no change seen within, sides pulled in from top to bottom from vertebrae), spine? no, as seen with spine included - seemingly ordered up by not liking you yet, still not eaten up is liked if actually chosen to die 'no food, no farmers', or not adapting well to be left and thought of a skunk is always personal to some keeping;
Genus - genius or what flies (hops only as scared off)...unknowingly or not taught to as a preserve 'basic instinct' ongoing to a survive not to ensure or see it there a hate of you only, nervous coming and going among others having it over;
...the rest is du jour (your usual as not my memorable) and these are all I think of test just simple fun, unless you to dope up my clue...always list why not, and why not you...alone?

for all the people i disgust - i was you
'til would hurt me
i am disgusted by are not me
i was you and however thankful, i never pay nor interfere with pay
you tell me to leave, and i do unable to avoid bad feelings
you have that and my efforts to assauge bad feelings
you shouldn't care - i neither accommodate nor pay
i left to lie in wait - a nervous knife with breath of cold never a fertile for more of what's seem
i don't hurt much, but the visible scorn leaves me wondering and the threats leave me appearance-wise looking like the next guy
you couldn't be smarter, i couldn't care less
you care to be first
cable in soft cell 'mug's game'...and still

Acting school coach Lee Strasberg is Larry of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' too. Oh, the confirmation stuff is bit hard on you? I wanted Neil to sponsor me....he wouldn't. So, my Uncle Paul (um, the singing 'McCartney') then. No one cared...but don't be too hard on folks. I don't follow things that tightly in disagree but felt some is a God issue Thanks again...we as Catholics don't talk about anyone ever and that's nice too. We hate ridicule.

morerecentvideoedit.avi - not for you? that's right...not for why you? with me? i'll be here...every, won't be here - probably not ever. i'm possible, you are hate only...i still hate you...p.s. your husband's lips on my weiner last night like magic boils it the hair on your back? it's hair okay...remember, not you. not just yet. an all-female jail is for you.

scylla 'helen's face' mp3 (9.5 megs) (nothing serious, just good stuff and by request)
by scylla (curve) as featured in the movie 'showgirls'
scylla's whole story is moulded here with another great attack 'trip to another planet [again]' like up the side of a building it is

i should look on helena's face in hell
when i issue my last breath
the stories they will tell

they'll say
men can be bastards (alts: blackguards)
so can women
men won't save her
women swim in (alts: many swear their)
oceans of untruth (alts: oceans are untrue)

in your
in your
in your own time
you will

should've seen the look on
helena's face
as she fell
but she succumbed to him (alts: but she said come to him)
and her soul she will sell (alts: a murdered soul she will sell)
there is no reason
it has a meaning
there is no reason
that has a meaning

i should look on helena's face in hell

we're always guilty
each of our toes
but remain and aloof

'bout the first ghost that fell...a chinese male, really a 'helapha' is pronounce
from grace? from not having to say
to saying it then
toni talks of helena's in beverly hills - she got snubbed by her helena, then they shot back at the place with guns kinda...not truly appropriate to our stardom here
toni is a big star and would shoot as a matter of getting rid of bother in high stakes

Wednesday, May 19 @ 1300: Just got back from Greystone Manor feeding the fish + turtles at guest parking (Doheny north of Sunset, end right at gate, go right up to guest entry on left past truck run-off) at and now I'm on my way to Target. I need money again, so I'm embarrassed and applying for various light work...hadda borrow $200 more from my mother. What else? Wish I could get another pair of these pants from Gap $14.99 in beige ("The New Fatigue"). I have on my green ones now...

Back from Target (applied for credit simply and at the register with a swipe of my ID...must wait for mail - update, um, see 'no thanks' and specifically for failures to meet my personal obligations here as 'no choice' in a desperation or 'being made to choose among no [clearly defined or delineated] choices' and then you making me just you again a raw talent in an eternity of 'no thanks' but striving me with no further of your own questions and for just you we'll simply hafta cash out among us with 'no thanks' but ham's home loving the bacon maybe we'll see you soon enough but I still hate it the ongoing mixing of paints I paid these credit (see: 'debit' as downward and leaving but a single stamp if crudely a 'divestiture' or taking some from, a 'credit' or 'creviture' as a further lifting off and over to a finer layer that is 'crevice' or dark in explain) bitches royally regularly as someone else and you see nothing but you striving, sweaty) and it looks desolate (like owners pulled out). They are clearing aisles for fresh foods they say: meat, salad packs, vegetables, etc. That's all. There are lots of things I'd like...on approved credit (all tools of good use or memorable then, but nothing makes me sadder than buying things I can't love and that means staying put usually. The individual state makes things available to us for your nation-wide dollar and on demand...that's their job and rarely involves a cash or land-wide guarantee of serviture (chez amis...says it's good) across this ours the America. Cash is Federal (although made firmly in Philadelphia or England USA less the horses I keep that will pull your heads off just like in 1776), and they all want it so bad it's that simple, but in the most childish way (striking at the individual demand for it and the simple-type sads of bringing in bags to no such desired of it a time-space or half-home of no enthusiasm for our individual speakings the basis of all heretofore-unknown joy flowing outward away from you with me being heard and seen against my will (s/b a simple phone call away if preserves us)...ask me how I am sometime against your witless sums like the first four hundred thousand you count on with each release of no such ether anyone can do that shit having been shown the money (a 'woman' who says Rogaine - a favorite topic of self-hate - doesn't work would have a gun to her head while she tries to cook the shit up exactly and in-front of me - I don't eat her doily shit. I wasn't made this to get that at the market - I'd just be that. I think nothing of you mostly 'I love me' the mind and most body but have your efforts to ugly portraying us as somehow together, but I like some of your stuff as you may do and for $15 a pop now just go away). If price keeps things on the shelf for the serious consumer at-will (mostly just nothing I'd have a trick of the night plus hat we love all trying but see the array of sadness an amature of hand farm offering cactus prines an unknown of salad ? you avoid as not yours to cite for quality in a life of farming like queers who are ugly and avoidant from outer space, a further mind of being and having just junk in no ongoing purpose), and to see something more for having held (no fly-out paid to me yet, but saw dinner the table wider, thank you yet my state a making me enjoy all or then get tossed to a higher price within a harsh cirque du soliel any-all efforts to be made near the sea. I'm averaging well-enough anyway if 'Christ wept' is really 'Christ [is] with me' smoothing the loss he says 'taking the time'). Cash is always a symbol of wealth (having more than you may need for perhaps another to see while waiting for none of this and you may see, seemingly 'well-off' you should be savvy savoring with them plus rich ? rich pays people conspicuously not good buy with them and well leaving us all here no national prides then) and you see some. When I see my own of cash, maybe I'll see more than the family dinner table with just us slimming at the buttoned lip and you getting to be a 'bodyfat' (fatigue?) and zits (you again, I have your note of seen but I was raised by these wolves in a love of tits to be offered bitten flat an ecstasy or 'utopia' of sorts we see other bothers of you first but not in my home yet) issue plus be bald (a 'pay to play' remedy of sorts I pay to hear mine again with you saying me my name) so be this yourself. Me (the 'modern entropy'...but you alone know how so every morning a warmed mirror no speakings) first that's my obligation to me and then you. Come over and pay me to be sometime, but never at work with you dying it at the helm and with no payments to me in mind. I'm poor ('portrayed' by me, you - know better poor people are scary like I don't live).

"Half past the monkey's ass according to his balls." - dM, revised and enjoying "Square Pegs" et al like they was made for me (I watched the baseball one first, then Bill Murray thank you Jami Gertz-Alisha for the laughs).

peeked in on snl's betty white and ryan phillipe like they was faked it was
meanwhile trip back with mgmt and their 'time to pretend' live

TV's "Square Pegs" at Hulu

the movie 'twister' because the wrong one is at hulu - hi to paul m still waiting for 'goldilocks'
the film stars jami gertz, bill paxton, helen hunt, and cary elwes (aka john-boy walton)
i watched it again - loved it
when you're done, watch 'spice world' with me at hulu
p.s. there are no triangles - none cut in-half form a '1'?

Quotes of mine are updated here and to be to.

Worth repeating, and if we shall (should enough) verve or resist the suggestion freely and at thought enough (symbols for symbols or no further good or for personal use seen to be yet plus no due date on the face of note):

"Like a pig has a parlance to Paris." - dM by way of quote, we'll pave the way

"There are no worlds within words." - dM go next door and ask

We check to see if you're confirmed to Christ (made to be a soldier of Christ in hard times...the Catholic church). "You'll never be rich, but you'll never be poor either." We here are confirmed to three (3) churches: St. John's parish (parish is "sent to their death") in New Jersey, St. Gregory's in New Jersey, and St. Anne's parish in New Jersey. Speak to me from these only per the above. Others fall to ancillary and not wanted at all. Catholics means you'll care for me too. We publish everything freely and I like it. Quotes one priest "Nobody cares enough for us, anyway." Honoring controversial people after death is to ask to be a vampire. They are real...only.

my favorite part of 'the color purple' and then some to all

Did you know watermelon (and pears) are only the fruit the body uses as real water (H20)? Yup. Usually and as told before, the body takes in H30 in the stomach only what is natural and abundant and reduces the structure to H20 making mucous and thus infection if needed on the side with cold and the extra hydrol. The body (what takes up to half of this water in, and naturally enough) makes water again with the layer of skin that is all white (shoot with glycerin or egg whites to get it to be better again, but that is another story).

At the start: Insert the inner-outer workings of a noise bag...and remember, 'mental' is all internal processes, nothing to seem. Ask for me again.

ours today 05/09 (from cvs) - a bumblebee of it
that ol' hummingbird feeder at manufacturer perky-pet and amazon too

cocteau twins 'when mama was moth' from 'head over heels' lp (1983)
then, 'five ten fiftyfold' about accepting others too easily and staying to the same place
no, not 'sunburst and snowblind' looking to the future too much
'moth' is mothered by me - she was told not to speak 'mothballed'
' mind electric | my new hat trick '
by the way, 'utz' is for peanuts, penis...undoes the zipper, lay's

If You Were Really Here In April 2010 I'd Have Nothing More To Say - You Can See That Still
Don't be a fool. If I'm interested in knowing more about you, you'll see it.