You Take That Back ! And A Host Of Other Wicked Gay Wordsays Just For The Ass-Kissing In July 2010 You're Home Awake And Basically A Loaner-Type You Were Never That Good

There was a huge swarm of wasps at Santa Monica and LaCienega the northwest corner last week - looked like gnats upon approach I ran back across the street when I noticed what they were with yellow and black bands. Someone was bothering a big nest near the flower shop. Meanwhile, the Taj Mahal - improving me like the Great Wall of China, the Lincoln Memorial - is to be traditionally loaded full of bees with a slide in for women who will never be to survive its pleasures? The word "Taj" or "tajil" is for bee as "a touch [will do]".

Happy "Fourth Of July", America, as if we pulled their heads right off with horses I hadda hold them down for six (6) days you romp me stealing shit you don't know about yet scraping car doors with bambler poles and make me water pipes screw sewers back into archimedes and a tush to me phalanx black pope canchre's tea. Sing to me o ye bated bad breath. Push down the stairs backwards she went wanting me I sing for your things. Whatever you make, bless the beak and the bills for you thinned them. Scrooge is Tiny Tim, make it better for you or back to the daily buble, sesame tights-on. Only cauliflower has more warts to be so shimmering if an alantis could have culved, and true to be, warned by the dirt.

'As cold [culved] as a witch's tit in a brass bra' plagues us these days no internet will off-end. An umbrella [wide, black, poking at you]? A candleholder with stilt woolens awick [a pointy hot to the touch, then cold again too soon to flame]? A forward-looking car ? the one-eyed 'Tucker' with hot steering blamph and genuine 'victor borge' bumper holding back the years [fresh produce, steaks] in a vicious rusty scupper with pot peas and a crapper's worth of tethla-d'tamps in margarva and sloughed silms [shaped like a raging bullet, but as hollow and thick with battered chrome]. A thankless of death with no meaning in copper? Answer: The RCA Victor grammaphone (sp?) with brass hotpocket [the horn outward capping tip down] and space draco [very hard in the make, cruel to the touch] needle is my flying dutchess. Ask them not getting enough to hear well. A woman is behind it all with her monied interests again, calling you back all the time.

eurythmics 'sexcrime 1984' do 'julia' too
'for the love of big brother'

eurythmics 'sexcrime'
'do it do it do it don't do it' dougmoon!
about twenty years old in 1984
we here first had consensual relations in 1984 a launching of sorts at age nineteen the year I would turn twenty years old
with this comes unspoken prices and notes to be - no one has these for us, really
'do it do it do it but do it!'

can I take this [each] new emoting
with your lies over me?
in this place
there's strangers each morning
i know there's always somebody

nineteen eighty-four

and so I face the wall
turn my back against it all
how i wish i'd been unborn [alts: 'never been born']
wish i was unliving here [alts: 'wish i wasn't living his']

nineteen eighty-four

pull the bricks down
one by one [to see who i am]
leave a bit hole in the wall
for just when you are looking at me

english people want to be told what to do and on tapes overhead
'is it okay for you?'
p.s. if a 'eurasian' is european white and noticeably asian mixed, a 'eurythmic' is a black and an asian mixed
considered foible, you'd need to nearly feed a 'eurythmis' well they are not stable
my mother fed our cat milk and maple syrup as similarly to dope it out of insulin shock (insulin is when you get hit sugar opens up in the head too much you see stars, 'adrenalin' is sleeping too much - both work here)
the cat went into shock insulin because i threw a pillow at him scratching the couch from behind...he wouldn't move dad said throw him in the bathroom...the next day my mother raged at me after school 'if that cat dies...'
what if you win? then what? it won't be like you think - to keep it down inside you like the cat did
remember, a retard is superior in every way for loving, being loved - i hate smart people, unless paying-playing for us
don't react here, protest my funeral - god does in-fact hate fags but i love that stuff and trust your judgment only unless denying me service or goods and yet still you could be smarter?

Trader Joe's $3.99 striped watermelon at half-size (actually a ball) wasn't bad - check it out and thanks for so little.

My father's stepdaughter Becky (her real name) was just on tv playing cello a strange red-haired woman...

catch up with harry potter half-blood prints from-at
people don't think he can 'do' anything but he one day pierces his cloud layer of invocations-incantations (sumb in the can) to rule them out-down
an evolution of the eye keeps you here, bored?
get the second half of the movie at

Emma Watson (um, Ashley Ivans) is in her boyfriend's video? 'How can they use her name?' I thought - Alanis couldn't give me a picture with her, a property. The boyfiend is Harry Potter the new movie still being watched by me and see Alan Rickman is and was the old guy too 'Dumbledorf'...looks like a graverobber now his robes unnecessarily dirty in filming.

(previous feature reduced...)
not bad....again, it was good to me
frankly, i love a titlance
see for yourself

omd 'we love you' but um, no rude
produced by...stephen, no further to be true we bought it up
who do they love? this is stuff made by jail i hear somehow? john ondy-chris squire involvement to some
this looks like a jew-fest for the queen to me...rider college where aids itself (a giant space fan) sits in the audience loving howard jones his english faggot stuff 'so good to me'
it the love here has no connect to anyone special but says 'would die for you' like prince...just take your piece of it i say
when i recorded pet shop boys i was told to say 'i love you' boldly as 'you'll mean it one day'
like dying, i just wanted be there and for no certain of pay...another lie...i needed something big after 'west end girls' recorded for and as 'go west'...that was 'love comes quickly' in 1986 as record buyer
if chris ondy is stephen hague (to me, a puerto rican half brother), i am truly no one - you hafta be rich and pretty to be nothing people give you in this world
to quote his youngest brother over a one-hundred dollar limo from the airport (newark to lawrenceville, nj) and with lover ('leftover') in-tow 'are you a star?'
since aborting college in may 1986 with about ninety matriculated credits in business yeah i've been pretty big...i lived like rob lowe in the dorms and all he taught 'mis' there i got an 'a'

big jim, big josh, big jeff, big jake?
big jeff!
these fall under mattel's 'gi joe' doll series in the mid 70's
with all available, is what finally caught my eye...someone says 'wacky in the leg' is naturally yours 'natch'
yours must be to note me as happiness should to only spread open...that last great guy all hopeful
like all receiving too much focus, we are but happy about having to see again...aged, broken, pressed in a box like a wrinkled shirt by the cops
jeff looked great when i got him new, a height thing to a child maybe...i don't remember the stand well but he has chrome muscle band to pop off
remember, the best things lie in path after a wait with a dollar i never paid gi joe...i never get paid either but you can feel some real hair

The gas strike in the gulf: Texaco said to ARCO "Don't you have 'gas strikes' available yet in the south?" and that means anything to waste in the sea so BP can clean it up. 'We don't believe in talk' it says 'just get it done.' BP then created 'vapor locks' under the sea to dredge up the cables that relay sound and mitre or wash the oil ashore if spoiled and played dumb when it came to drilling. They wouldn't drill around vapor locks, but someone else did and that was ARCO now defunct and they popped the sewers, so-to-speak, open. That's all for now. BP specializes in cleaning up in leads only and in light of their fall in the 1973 depression. They became Getty and Gulf, and Chevron then.

Finally, a toilet bowl deodorizer by Lysol that works ever. This clip with a cup and swirl of colored deodorants (we got the blue one) specials everything right up, but it hangs under the seat on the left rim upper and I thought it would get maize in it. It doesn't happen ever here - at least not yet.

Been watching that movie "The Hangover" on HBO or whatever (and as still waiting for "New Moon") and besides the fact that I can't stand knowing zanes pushed to the fifth article (your right as unseemly or not having enough) they have the gay washwater of being at the beach and although the room is full of people they all leave you at-once high and dry (for me it was American Legion Boy's State in NJ he who screamed knows just why). Apparently, you can rent a tiger for your room at Bally's - sure - about $400 a day with steaks provided for them at the table and with their trainers no more than two doors down and also a $1,000 deposit per cat (in the words of Alice Cooper my friend here - "Get the pliers, but do it right now.") There are about twenty of them and when they scratch at the glass on the shower it is not "necessarily visual" if they want to know you better. To me this is like R&D on the Sony Betamax in 1975 - for those who are willing and can pay first, or as I say, to 'remove' and 'dispose' of (research and development, usually, as you recover your initial costs to make the first one or few and as per regulations of charging through against profits taxed). Anyway, as Sigfried and Roy may have exclaimed on stage "Zhu-Zhu! Your ripped my Elia!" You can watch "The Hangover" at right now...and note the guy missing is the baby present he lost the right to be there fucking someone male? Madonna is there as great girl holding the baby at the motel (someone else switches her out) and the chicken in the suite lays 'fresh eggs' I hear...thank Mexico types if Las Vegas actually crowns Texas queen right on-top as Nevada or 'no water'...'no bother'.

pratt & lambert 'red rubber' sounds like a wet dream for cinderblocks in the basement...moisture through walls no bubbling?
a garage floor would be gray me flat won't wipe up
i like orchard's floorbase for little things no one electrical switches
home depot isn't big on minutia
meanwhile, i hafta get a new sd card soon maybe and start using directories in ascii sorts (every keyboard character has a numeric value across fonts - they sort this way low to high...i never do use directories but 80gb in music? 40 grand in songs?)

bits more of penelope pitstop that made me laugh hard...called me father 'in nj' yesterday 06/20 the day before
don't wanna be considered an off-topic...rock the cashbox
i notice that 'you tube' or our service provider is fucking over this apple machine - java scripts for that quicktime running?
google's opera is used to negotiate 'you tube' presents out flatly i see...generous anyway, but expect nothing for nothing i want - manage yourselves out 'for profit' or i see you later
nobody watches a bother, nobody wants serious hinting at stuff or your personal weirdo shit either invectives (lines down on people) yahoo!, being known for is a glamour you must have paid for yourself?
a glamour

"In hell, a window cracks open and out comes a cold breath. You can't just know things - someone has to tell the nude." - dM

"You don't go to hell without clothing and bitemarks all over the wood on sleds." - dM, it's not that it's hot, there's no cotton 'gin' sleeting a fur

The Mac Mini is now $100 more at $699...still our best bet. Remember, Intel is for phones, Motorola is radio.

if you're worried about the price still...ours is still worth something after usage values

pretenders 'jealous dogs' now is 'bad boys get spanked' get exposed maybe lyric later

pretenders 'jealous dogs'
from 'pretenders ii' lp 1981
and if 'jealous' jails us

those jealous dogs
always on the alert
drawn to the rice (alts: 'turn to the right' as choosing for oneself, to choose as being happy enough)
they'll take your back (alts: 'they'll take you back')
and leave your shirt (alts: 'and leave you surely')

like that jealous bitch
always wanting more
the courts have made her rich
and the scripts don't follow him [think: the scriptures never care, and don't find cause to know these areas of wanted, driven to glory]
down that corridor

jealous dogs

those jealous dogs
protect us everyone
don't be a sucker all your life
she's gonna have you hung
suspicion invites treachery
all you've really got to gain
bringing home the bacon

jealous dogs

bow wow wow
here come the dogs
here come the dogs
don't lay down
here come the dogs
stand straight don't slouch
get down off the couch!

you're gonna wet on the couch
get down off the couch

those jealous dogs
everyone's seen worse
everytime you turn around
they're sniffin' at your purse
who do they think we are?
what do they think we do?
it's hard to get in the mood
when you're treated
like some kind of dog food

jealous dogs

bow wow wow
here come the dogs
oh ruff ruff
here come the dogs
get down
here come the dogs
mind your leg
roll over and beg

happy birthday darlin'
it's a big deal to you [really a phone conversation ending as soundbites, longings...'talk to you' later, think of yourself more in a caring atmosphere i still care then finally 'tough on you' piss on you? no]
merry christmas

pay 'em anything, i'd say

zen and again:

pretenders 'bad boys get spanked'
from 'pretenders ii' lp (1981) me: 'all machine guns'
you're not supposed to do that
you know you're not allowed to
but you seem to get some kind of kick
doing what you're not allowed to
you been living with a fight of rules [really, a 'pack' of rules and alts: 'you deliberately defy the rules']
'cause the law's upheld that rule [to fight for the best and from within and alts: 'by fools']
chill on a big mac attack [alts: 'shit on that']
bad boys get spanked - huh!

you can look but don't touch
(even though you can't resist)
don't you ever think about the consequences?
guys like you never do
that's the kind of stuff that rolls 'em mad [seems 'rolls a mat' + 'rolls a grave' as the ground]
that's the kind of stuff that drove him mad [seems 'drove him out']
bad boys get spanked [we don't take you seriously, do we?]
bad boys get spanked

you don't listen - do you asshole?
don't be a punk all your life
someone's gonna set you out
they'll try to make a man out of you
say yes sir, say no sir
say yes ma'am, say no ma'am
sit on a big mac attack
bad boys get spanked
bad boys get spanked

get spanked, get spanked
come here, get spanked
bad boys get spanked
come here, get spanked

don't get too fresh about it - other men like its look
big mac attack - you to quell that with a paycheck keeps you 'in-check'
so many bills, so many asses cover
'people like you, but they don't like you that much' - c.hynde

Molly Ringwald was supposedly at Book Soup signing a new tome yesterday 06/16. I didn't get that...suspicious. The movie "Class" holds up well, and no, we're not an Andrew McCarthy preservation society.

Something for everybody: new Devo record and blue energy dome! The energy dome (modeled after caps on electricity cables) is rice mask like in Halloween costumes - nothing too heavy. The "RU Experienced?" video at Spike!

Our monthly expenses notwithstanding (that means not without you looking):

Rent (Decron) $1,435
Electric (Edison) $35
Cable (Time Warner) $90 (includes another box, $65 for basic only)
Phone-Internet DSL (AT&T) $57 (includes all calls with Magic Jack)
Water (NWP) $15
Total: $1,632

enjoy the movie 'class' with andrew mccarthy, rob lowe

MEMBER'S ONLY cash stack at Dr Jay's...lots of colors.

Jewel's song "Foolish Games" is about famous bohemian Jack Kerouac - a person that people would love to meet for his looks. Few have (even I wondered off in the head from stylings seen). In the song, he is quoted as being quite nasty reading poems aloud and he also is someone's father erstwhile and too. The song takes shape here - really ugly as the daughter lamenting him at the door. Welcome back to cheap...

you put a buttercup under someone's chin to see 'if they like butter'
the yellow will glow yes on buttercup

'rhiannon' by fleetwood mac honors the summer '76 with andrea true (honors one andrea largo that sank in '75 off the coast of barbados...hit a tank of water? thanks a yacht!)
rhiannon is a woman you used to know that had alot happen in-between then and now...
no reunion would be complete without you noting alot of positive change but it cost her too much
very bewitching now as in growth outward and no burdens, why wonder it a person long dead and now dedicated to england in memory and thought
our borders don't keep profit out i look to england to gentle me a good time from their sufferings americans be so alive and bawdy - see kiss, the b-52's
the cover? the house of the rising son, someone is paying, someone is playing...cut off at the knees, you throw the glass ball in the air to see what he sees...occasionally, and as asking it
rumours: tailors balls say 'don't show me' as prompted by what heard, i'm bewitched by bring to me needs only, i'm bringing you back to the needs and as on my knee as if

approve lyric:
rhiannon rings
like a bell through the night
and wouldn't you love to love her?
takes to the sky
like a bird in flight
and who will be her lover?

all your life
you've never seen
a woman taken by the wind
would you stay
if she promised you heaven?
will you ever win?

she is like a cat in the dark
and then she is the darkness
she rules her life
like a fine skylark [cries, won't let you help her...the bird acts wounded and flies away]
and when the sky
is starless

all your life you've never seen
a woman taken by the wind
would you stay
if she promised you heaven?
will you ever win?


taken by
taken by the sky

dreams unwind
love's a state of mind...

Gay Pride (a pass-go this year as I made wet farts on the pa system for floats all fat and old like WWW veterans) was yesterday what a stinkbag. I'm gonna hunt homosexuals nationally for abandoning their home with me. Stink. I was further victimed by a boutique here that gets on my nerves regularly with a shitty house staff "B" that sold me an egregious light yellow shirt with skinfolds for $45 that had an embarrassing neckline like fat old queens with tits would wear. I couldn't exchange for smaller and I never try shirts on. Simply unseen about (my rule is 'just put it on' and I couldn't take it)...these moneycunts don't get it splitting rents - no sale is final unless you live south of the border (noting I leave extras for no bother sorting an 'a' and 'b' the risks too great to see alone). Also, you better stop putting the block on drugs for these days - no one cares and I steal your shit for the bother. I cry and die when I hafta hear your boring no-gift women shit about doing the right things. Go fuck yourselves you died the first time every time you fail yourself I can't keep dressing at Target just 'cause you stink at everything you do and are vocal about it. I'll give you AIDS you bitches new and approved and you take every drug until dead in eighteen (18) days flat. My apartment here saw nineteen bodies cut up personally and within walls while we burn them downstairs for being more bother than anyone cared for that's on the door raised letters like a doctor's office (lots of buildings here have inside morgue offices and you blow people to pay the rent while women inquire how they might best cover the bills). Don't use us so quickly paying for concessions at Universal with personal profit in mind our regular days are very nice thanks. You already bilked us for our pay being what you are (you don't ever question mine to me - I don't ask my parents and you won't ask me either, Pig). Pay us before we're on a float - maybe I can get a hotdog and decent shirt. Fucking pigs.

andrea true connection 'more more more'...why you?

"Dutch" is like the wooden shoes - no left and no right you split the bill. "Double-dutch" itemizes each guest's bill plus tax and tip paying only for their own.

Ran into Christina Applegate on Sunset yesterday after meeting with a tax advisor in the French Market (Big Daddy Don's...for queers) - no saint yet a clerk basically. Soaking your asshole in the tub in cold water (as in my rooftop video) thickens and plussens your legs. No talking to God. The girl on HBO's "True Blood" with the space in her teeth is authoress Donna Tartt (um, "Secret History").

the book is about two women who think their father's death is going to matter when they brag about it - it doesn't matter when the police investigate and lock one up for it
she made no effort to conceal her anger towards him and he is still around listening to the same story over and over again
don't let appearances confirm your choices, however, she still wins in an argument against bother
'the little friend' at amazon
the father is who died to my reading (the elder) - something changed
they held his dinner late on mother's day a day he couldn't care less about

here i paraphrase 'the secret history' - an oprah book club, i guess (i read this one):
a small group of college students have a bacchanal or 'drunken wine fest' on a farmland somewhere east coast in new england
only geeks (greeks, no experiences, all theory) have bacchanals in togas like unwanted people - you hop up and down to make your mind unstable (to 'frenzy' friends see)
a black (on heroin probably) shows up - and with probably living in a cardboard box in the ground avoiding others - and he is nuts over the noise having been scared and with shotgun in-hand
after a scuffle demanding them out but as crazy with hate, he the black is shot because he won't come off it not ever is simply nuts
the students - boys, girls a pair of sex (fraternal) twins their leader is 'henry' a dull, dark tall in a 'merry-go-round' coat and glasses - accept responsibility for this somehow and tell no one - why?
one of them, a known user to the group, eventually 'cracks' under pressure and tries to extort the others for cash and lay-about and they plot nervously to kill him by pushing him over a cliff - and it wasn't easy, but he went
here the crux of the story for me: a wake after the funeral with students meeting the parents and apologizing for what they are unable to share their own of horrors afoot - a big problem for me all along and with nice parents
laughably and true to a similar bret easton ellis book 'american psycho' - people won't know the truth unless they help you with it? 'a man could get arrested' is theme here
a loved professor in the small town runs right out like a clown making a mock of your faves all the way...another fool for it
why not mention as a major influence one day? maybe a building their honor all?
my character is richard...shows up to college open to doug moon as not expressing too much in the way of girls and stuff...plainly open to me
rope: keep a dictionary with book - i did i never read words to myself in any less than full understanding...many words here to be 'recondite' [overspoken, all challenged and used by recall only - a higher language of misuse] a fun game is me

the above's version:
an officer of the law is used by two twins to manifest theirselves as twins - the officer is black
when one interviews the other onscreen for a purpose both despise - what is making sure of oneself - one blurbs and the officer must die for corraborating them if in the future
if one self is rule, the other is too and both twins must die by one 'bunny' who attaches himself nicely enough to their fortunes
adds me: 'bunny' got pushed over the cliff laughably as having held on to a second lateral...they had to go down there and get him again

the card my mother sent me with some cash and blurb
'my earth angel i'll need someday' - cocteau twins 'wolf in the breast'
credited to renoir it is st remy only - the same person but credited the penis
i love that touch like i liked the boys swimming naked in that spanish film with subtitles...pretty only

this month we honor the japanese beetle
...for having hooks on the ends of their legs only
more: japanese beetles ravage roses their greens like god would for being common, upstaged
their thorns honor christ what use the rings to pull hair only and over bald spots
a pretty (petit, smallish) joke for oddballs who hate a commonness of beauty and a big mouth too
i love thorns meself, however, bougainvillea will go through a shoe's sole - trust that

Make lasagne by Doug Moon! Its perfect month is July...August?


1 pound of turkey meat browned (I use Turkey Store-Jennie O only is very clean...2:1 at Ralph's right now I bought four this on 06/08 $10.98)
1 pound (16 oz) box of lasagne noodles (uncooked, wait one day for best talk)
2 larger jars of Ragu sauce 'with meat' ('with meat' substitutes garlic for onions as it doesn't taste good with onions, with extra on-hand)
1 pound (16 oz) ball of mozzarella cheese
2 pounds (32 oz) of ricotta cheese (the larger bucket we think to say, is corn cobs ground up in milk)
1 large egg
2 tablespoons parsely
1 tablespoon salt

In the bottom of a glass or metal (I guess) pan (rectangle, I use a Pyrex pan 13 x 9 x 2 my favorite), add sauce unheated to cover fully, then layer with uncooked noodles (prepare in advance if you want to - I usually don't). On top of noodles, layer with ricotta mixed in bowl with egg, parsely and to taste (or sight with beauty in mind), and the salt to taste (mix well and when in doubt of salt use the noodle box's recipe). Then ladle in meat on-top, mozzarella shredded, then sauce. Then, a layer of noodles maybe breaking some to cover all seen on the way up. Repeat ricotta, meat, mozzarella, then sauce and noodles. Finish with noodles and sauce, I don't put meat on-top just some mozzarella.

Heat in oven for one hour at 350 degrees. You can eat after cooling, but I wait a day making after dinner maybe. Very tasty, no extras.


the perils of penelope pitstop...dastardly dan and motley too
i've been thinking about spider eyes - a ribbon with holes wrapped around the head-eyes, almost pinching off the blood
the villian is charles deshaw - that name
to me is just god and his mother made young - he won't hurt her, but she has appeal when he gets there an almost non-sexual (won't ask you twice, corrective)
the ant hill gang are each small steps to resolution - not so fast
about france - they want popularized races here - how best to win and see the winner over here now
as a team, and she tied on train tracks, keeps bother on alternate routes from arising the train can't move you don't rescue that!
does god win the race? yeah, but fairly and squarely - where do you think it comes from? we don't worship cocks and balls like you do we have that

Good flique on Cinemax starring both: "Cortometraje de Guillermo García y Diego Navarro" latin types boys feeling their way around with a girl all heading out good, subtitles, paying tolls through Brazil like Russians. Or then EL BUFALO DE LA NOCHE (AKA NIGHT BUFFALO) something tricky.

"Thanks for nothing...and those nudes" + "Um, better to RSVP than to serve you." + "If love were all, you'd leave with no note." + "But then again, someone else could also rid of you." + "Asking for things is like working for it all - it hurts me so bad I can't believe you'd eat the glove box sitting at it so still."

the new 'friskies' commercial is pretty on the inside...offhand and why not?

Soon! Gay Pride is next week and I'm still shitting in last year's event...I could die of the hate. I used to run and tell my mother I saw lesbians do. Real.

On A Clear Day I Can Barely Hear You Breathing At All
If a cigarette says 'please, I'm busy', what does a cigar say? PU! or then 'what stinks?' + 'i'm fresh outta brown rubber dicks with turtle eggs'