May 2010 Leaves Languages To Desert Us - Effigy Freely

on a sidewalk (san vicente) heading to beverly center - is it a real spill?

Motheur's Day 'When Mama Was Moth' get 'em together two for one: MacMall has been conspicuously absent we see circular in the paper today review review. Went to H&M ('his, and mine' as women and me buying some a closet full really the trinity in logo: the staff of rod [ra], the holy cross and me 'M' as family father and sons for ampersand no federal departments ...highly and motivated?) and got a beautiful light yellow (my color of choice for grayscale, prints well) knit standard in light cotton for $12.95, but the showstoppers here are still their smoking jackets just under $70 - one white flat satin with with black piping and one in beautiful midnight blue with white piping I tried on as too small leaving a sweat my tooth. Probably someone's prom coordinate they say and we joke about gays appearing and doing it well ever to not no one you'd want to know unless be that. Don't go snapping everything up with Hollywood shit that's a casual cool...meanwhile CVS adds a beautiful Craig 2GB video recorder like what I use with screen $30 and other such our little tv. I'm on the lamb [under the lamb? laying on a temporary bed somewhere lamford landaford]...eating my pets. My mother got her subscription to People magazine renewed by me and his the other's mother calls to note her Bambu 'bamboo' plates and trays from Ralphs are not reuseable - you do it anyway as 'not intended' only four or so such about $10-$15 his on sale somewhat. Read on.

two (2) gigs is more than have at one (1), but it is leisure
(thanks to the guy who ate upstairs at mcdonald's last night with two friends...the bordentown connection that's too bad for her...i had meal #1)
no light in the room is no feature, light well above and beyond
my latest has me crawling around like joey heatherton we both love sealy mattresses however the finest buy
i had people standing on mine with only one sidehook came out slightly
the lcd tv, incidentally, sent me to radio shack looking for similar reception device for a coleman emergency unit (tv, radio, headlight, flashers one end to the other) i have...we'll wait on it

New page soon with other lies by the very father [fellow, or false friend looking for release or gain] of lies [leaves it to know better, allies with self] and untruth [what's adapted for strength or endurance], bits of truth [what's presented for use, equivocal or speaking out the both sides of one's mouth], and truth esthers [what fragrances cheaply at no wait as cell wall or not coming and going, the prevaricator as having been viciously extracted to no further if no choice made here] (any naturo-pectoral shin birth prior to '41 and its alliances in faith and record being). Japan's flag however ugly and representative, represents a good thought: 'everything and nothing' as in bloodspill. All of it, or just some - it hasn't mattered yet?

Just playing around, as if time were moving slowly toward any commitment. I'm still on fascination street with that boy singing...who is that? Richard says his legs don't work, do I help? I do. People think they're funny with these propagandas but permit me to issue myself as warning I'm clearly here and juggling quite of bit of talent now. Boys apply within, bring no health. When people get serious they know what to do instinctively as I cheat a fur with its chemique or chemical compound less having been seen if so to neat. Where do they throw bodies in Allentown, NJ? In the water tower...usually a balbo watertank in the house filters hard or soft salts with your ass cheeks and teeth, you hair spinning on top like a guilty pleasure is seamed in the rise of platskin by ordering for an outsize in trampoline or the hardhat harnessing of just pants. The dishwasher, the dryer, in walls they make great company. The running man in the dirt...the savings and loan vault too. Keepsake. I'd have 'em pushing pedals by hand and track jumpers under the hood do the dixie queen up sound to the spill incognito. You slap that road on the way to rest right up for your turnabout and jane wagner smog test broccoli with no florets versus cream-of-corn pie plus gesson's soda from the stinkhound there will be no waxin' it.

coldplay 'warning sign' + '42' from the new record

When the birds get back from San Juan Capistrano as swallows or molting, you're gonna need supplies. Analwalt Lumber on Robertson has lots of hummingbird feeders of all sizes and shapes I've seen. Some cheap and space-age looking...all soda-bottle plastic ones nearly see-through. One clear plastic is about $4.99, another is $9.49, the one we have is $23.99 (Koontz's was cheaper here).

"You know, I tell faggots there is no ban on queers marrying - the question is about people who are hetero presenting for marriage in the faith. You told people you were gay and now you are this here. They don't want what you are they see it happy and more now." - dM, you'll learn to resist sophist thinking one the way, all laws are against 'saying' and if seeing is believing 'tis more: 'promiscuous' promises us roundly and serves none...don't fight the bank or the baker to be so 'participle' i'd say

"I'm 'partial' I tell people. Partial to myself and sometimes it lies in me." - dM, don't tell me about you again I eat

like the cell phone i use, target has great schwinn bikes for around $160 now the price i paid for the first one i got at bernie's in trenton, nj
(incidentally, just gassed up on double minutes from target required as due on 05/04 now extended through 08/02 for $20, $10 online 30 minutes 30 days, mine are now at 255.90 with thanks to the us census for ruining my plan to have all benefit me only - too many text messages from the bus at .3 minutes each a nonsense only)
marvel it on...if your bike was stolen like neil stole mine and blamed it on niggers, my condolences, but neil knows what to do always (the bike, orange and from 'grants', was too big with blocks on the pedals)
get hurt by someone big - no one wiry and little touches me
then i get a schwinn 26"

challenge 2010: these are my additional phone lines for my own reference
what i look at to remember nothing 'magi' being magic [michael] jack[son] theatres in beautiful crenshaw district
call me and i'll have your ass kicked in your own home - i'm really here living with the memories of trees

"I want the miracle of life, not the making of it." - dM walking home after a great buy

"My father's whiskers would turn into little bugs like gnats (winged) in the sink when I was little. We think nothing of it." - dM who also sat on the rim and pulled forks across my teeth

--- something else brilliant but to be valued by you here --- you don't appease me --- 'istichthes' (now 'osteichthyes') the fish family genus-brand (aves, birds...avarice runs away no distinguish a humble really) is 'isomers' or 'isoceles' (half a triangle, with right angle) part of something more box-like or just 'i stick these' here they are all worms, for thought, fool for the thought...'purse before swine' you don't know you're gonna be in it

this is the musical act from 'snl' with gabourey sidibe: mgmt 'time to pretend'
i like everything this kid dresses well we had sex and all but their message is jerky and i hate junky english crap coupled with women and their junk
this kid's mother is getting him done, though - smart kinda
so we review and there are good songs you had a responsibility to bring great to the fore and you did here i really like this stuff although psb complain
gaz coombes should complain but see here real cute...others: 'brian eno' + 'kids' (produced with curve)
snl is up against people's memories - make it to be worthy of saturday night them or right in the posh filter it goes and i make you reconstitute any from scratch then - what were you looking for?
if i don't like you, you'll know that...the name of the group makes reference to 'for they might be giants' [but they died so bad at my hands and i've begged others for a second and third and neil begged for our lives as little boys lost in the woods]?
no, the style is 'boy' and 'mgmt' means us tells us what to do when you have something to ruin already a faggot sits in your chair unless neil
i swore this was ronald 'evil empire' reagan making fun of me won't live in the 70's show or otherwise i know khomeni 'you live [for me], but so do i'

i like this cover as much as hairy legs, i think
it morphs i hate god loving a boy [at once a chalice of giving and taking so i caution you, cupbearer] in front of me
he says 'he hurts too much' like my mother wouldn't remove moles but cut my nails and hair with bandage scissors
'no one put their cock up in my ass...' - dM either your balls are popped or your ass is cracked - take the balls still? we have the balls in our little family
mgmt my god my thought: in church you mark your forehead and your lips for the gospel - why? no one is my sign of the cross for the holy spirit - 'as it is said, it is done' to honor my perfect mind what never errs but speaks to me in plain english and only i may fumble the ball outward

cvs has this prism tv using a telescoping antenna on-sale for $80 in-store - the reception for regular old shit is simply great - try it out...meanwhile beverly connection sports a cvs open for 24 hours and their new huge ross dress for less is ready to go now above soup plantation (item? how about curly-silk fabric bedrests and with arms? $6)....ralph's still awaits us still with the regular nordstrom sale box still open.

sears has the first handheld wet and dry vac by hoover and i've seen
been looking for 'the stinger' from home depot, but i've been thinking about these alot too...
my mother said she had puddles in the basement when she got home
how best to remove and without shocks?

payday tomorrow the state wrote us again (from calling in and leaving a message) about filing status for tax year 2008 only and it's because the feds said so: hooray to burger king for trying out brunch (dicussed here at cnn) - we love its gay nature mimosas and all using sprite...try mimosas as champagne and orange 'bout princess anne french toast? beat some egg, a bit of milk, and some vanilla to dip thickly-cut slices of french bread to then heat with butter in a pan and then slice on the side to add marmalade and cream cheese blended to the middle and serve with powdered sugar on-top maybe...a richness...get recipe online if you doubt it will send...cinnamon?...sure 'queen anne'...whatever...whatever will you i have rules

precious gabourey did well enough on snl - all is online at this link - a bit professional and we see how with frames missing it is arted up and she fouls occasionally but is artful and damned mean too...good work...take your time is blessed to fact...and remember that is mca's lew wasserman in drag no one to compliment calls in twice a year 'do nothing for me yet' - don't worry i won't 'knock you in the head, kick you in the bed' - dM that's from the b-52's 'lava' a poseable threat yet

for hair, legs: now note with the mac mini (what we have here with at&t dsl using the magic jack free phone, the 'intel' dual processor or vice-learner model, $600) an osx leopard application called boot camp allows you to upload the ms windows operating system to a formal and separate partition on the hard drive and crack their nuisance of code readily for laking their '.exe' (executable or program files as opposed to '.ini' initialization or preferences) files and shitting out any their preferences for each other if to the wind...note...and note again...i tried the new 'office' (excel) and it's good enough but the graphs still challenge with changes to the wizard 'not made for mac' is still their theme and yet i note no doughnut meets the 'pie' chart and keeps its percents rational an actual hole in the middle...why know more ? interchanging 'y' (quantity in and of achieve) and 'x' (as over time) if so why be not? we know adobe and others are learning why and why not with us adding and subtracting layers and so what? so what? i interviewed people who have the fast clocks and big machines and they say 'boots up faster' really fast and that's their one get to those $900 apple screens that made my tooth look like rot from the grave shrinks pictures, one edits for the queen, one won't say why not. p.s. our computer will not play the mini dvd or cd associated with windows even if you have windows installed ? we have an additional dvd burner by iomega 'super dvd' that does play it within a recessed inline prevalent, apple may have an adaptor ask the shelf or get the files online.

unword page title: like a house in a one-ton drum (used often enough in movies...will not flip over as wood to metal, is unusual and unkind changes light to dark easily enough), otherwise warm enough and it's not like the walk out over land ravaged by moving glaciers is going to be any kinder and to just you thinking little of it

eye to eye: i'm begging you to stop...usher 'there goes my baby'
nothing interracial should please but take your place

another beauty i picked from the trash as unfortunate being is my 'acu rite' oven thermometer ataken whiles ago
mine is 'gus' red, i use it in the bedroom to monitor any excess of heat and think about hanging its pointed nimrod out the window for external reads if and around the screen
you get here a food if for the thought, a good one...kohl's has a model i choose in advance for you as seem (mine is 'acu rite' model '00993stw') as i like digital always, but not in a car odometer as necessarily no
the newly-installed ceiling fan is a-#1 by the way - don't be dumb it is rest itself and no falling is never acceptable to stature, to its very thought

no asses, just ask us! tach-alert panic ducts to falsely warrant our klonos-folic stunpumps by seat-urich our aussi-german nincompoop and xeno-crotchless hair pencil l'peau pardons you after it must simply massis: terry's aunt 'vidge' for virginia peterson finally died this weekend (almost 17 pasteurs ago - i hate them for it leaving news like that here him crying all scared) after all that concern bulbed in tears i hate crying vidge said it wasn't bad at all she was over her bed...i like people doing well...the cancer was unforgiveable i'm sure it ate her up inside and out under the arms like that girl's boyfriend they hadda transfer some skin and all...that's vidge...we'll be here...sad a real death hurts me...i hate that it's never what you think...i cry thinking who is that about? are you ridiculing me? i have fear, i have guilt now my mother's dead...great...great...'when josie comes home'....that's steely dan...about jesus?

more: vidge was here in the hall delivered for a look-see by agent...heavyset, a bit asian looking, glasses on...i'm interesting...we passed as i took out the trash 'now you think things' wait and see...we meet the greatest evils and no one cares until someone beautiful is there hypno-queer beautydied.

let's honor john hughes' 'curly sue' his last movie with us...for grey, mostly
we watched headmasker jim belushi on tv again he visits a museum like lucy would at night a t-rex falls apart...thanks, manchild
even though you hate me, thanks to all lifestyle out there failing and winning again with me the world will blow up at the summer solstice i hear
okay, i'm still planning it and to attend

we made both - from martha stewart's 'everyday food' jan-feb 2010 issue
don't even try to make chicken salad without this...

we ordered out from chin-chin last night 04/23 - theirs is heavy on the mushrooms and thus dysentery or wet stool evoca
we had 'chicken fried rice' and 'chicken and snow peas' if you must know and we slept well on it

Crate & Barrel has Marimekko prints - don't forget that. The Craig liquid plasma tv at CVS is now $100 can get one. ALERT: Pepsi, Crush, 7-Up and other premium sodas are just $0.69 per 2-liter today and tomorrow 04/24, 25 at Pavilions (limit 4 per card we doubled up). Any price of $0.88 (this just under and per bottle, you'd say) honors me, by the way.

Went to Target today 04/24 and picked up some Giada De "Laurentiis" pasta - they have pots and pans and utensils by her along with others we like. We're gonna try her Fusilli Col Buco or "serve this with dry wine" and we note her heavy $70 panini iron top and bottom in dark red. With these folks there's always something special in the works a verily hush in the air to 'celebrate' - each night another yet macrame opportunity to impress a no one but with ulteriors set as finely as plastic forks and the rim on the toilet if seen to be unclean (as opposed to dirty or just no normal use). Ebullient? Not quite - higher standards I guess...a dictate. Also, and back to Target what must fete me each day (like McDonald's I quest, the original in Humble, Texas circa 1983 just outside of Houston built like a K-Mart and Sam Goody had a baby), great bamboo placemats (4) in a pack $2.50 at the front loader section (gifts for kids or stopping by as penniless and if i'd say). We bought lots.

william hickey (the old man in 'prizzi's honor' and 'jerky boys') stars in full moon's 'puppet master'
...also see 'mo' money'
i watched all of 'puppet master' - really good, really gross too...lots of heart or feelings as to be made with us

someone thought this a buy at lowe's
won't make noise going across the street, for kids in back of a sear's $1,000 tractor?
note: the linkage or fuse from battery to starter is the first to crust and fail...simply open and clean it held ours hostage for a day no start

From the 'because you're a piece of shit' file: Still outstanding are two state returns for OLT and one Federal. How 'bout you? Like we had to be bothered. We'll be calling. Tower Records was Jerry Lewis' Restaurant before that. He would cook there a weeknight each....Ben in HBO's "How To Make It In America" is the Ben from k.d. Lang - Ben Mink (Neal Girandola). They study the eternal question of who will sew my jeans (the needles break often)? Asked on the spot, I would make "Priest" jeans with a white evangelican cross on the right pocket.

Ill-fated: People don't remember who you are at all. Clock speed? There are only four-hundred ninety (490) lines needed to make a clock or circle then. You'd write a little on each line if could is the answer. If a minute is easy enough to have a note for further extrapolation or extracting an individual meaning from, then a second or stop and start is like this too ostensibly. You can write over five hundred (500) individual cryptic notes in a second is the clock we speak of with one pause for another second as waveform or greater meaning then? Yup. That's why we have dual clocks now - it gets absurd (upwardly served)! Support? See the nerve of Apple's "naphthalene" (a favorite of mine and is to be spelled off for such - issues gases of light) processor - basically a core of one then four surround (like LA's Westin Bonaventure) for total of 2.66 GHz of that is the clock of the second's hand a whirligig.

I got a brand-new Craig cd clock radio (the previous model now just $35 but now only usually online at CVS) by Fedex yesterday 04/20 with no note. The new unit is pretty too it is not white as appears on the box, but silver and is smaller too. We took it gladly having returned the previous unit twice now. Thank you.

Soundbite: "Precious" answering the buzzer WAV (168K) - we've been remiss, they'll take this out one day...then video update of Precious' 04/24 SNL appearance. The name Precious comes from what I called Marc Ondy when I met him for the first time at Great Adventure one day when he was like eight years old (circa 1981). His older sister, who was working lockers outside the gate in a trailer, gave him to me (the lockers, what are just numbered baskets really, also keep large items in plastic bags what are tied and numbered and other junk not allowed in the park - no indemnity). He asked lots of questions just me and him walking around - real cute. Like the guy who plays the latest version of Hercules on TNT that's what he's supposed to look like to me - a 'boo' with blue eyes. P.S. Richard DeSandre plays the staffer with Gabourey - you say her name 'gah-bor-ee sid-dibe', not her way. Richard mutes his body alot but we know the teeth. His family ran the show for a while '66-'93 he'd say. Whatever.

I tried Balade light butter (from Belgium then find at Trader Joe's) recently and it's what I'm looking for in regard to quality bread - wet and cool too. When it matters some like a restaurant's butter and just ignore the omega-3 brand it's not on my label at all.

Didn't I tell you never to use the word ugly (unless you know better, and you don't)? What does it mean? "I'm leaving"...and how about love? You're willing to stay because I 'love' you? I use the word "lost"...I lost you. Why? Because you are ugly to me after all. Pieces missing, things added in. You know - not mine. Or as God says "yours" or in direct quote "Forever yours." Never to me. The three little pigs live in a barbeque and despite all of the blowing, all is well to be and for all unless smarter or having hurt. Unless mean or having drawn conclusions in advance and on average. Ugly stuff. It smarts still.

john badham's 'sword and the sorcerer' or rescue body-christ from dinner at the white house before sex with the rightful heir's sister is found to be good
lady and the tiger open both doors and run? 'you will never be khalif!'
if s.e. hinton couldn't create a 'punchboy' from scratch, you'd be the prince tossed out a window for being ineffectual
now you are xusia a better buy plus shenanigans...all chinese showing doubleplusgood

"If intelligence solves everything, what are you working on? My stuff again?" - dM

People asked me to explain the "no wait" for heaven thing...we both hate sophist (sounds great, we sit on that) humour, I guess. It just means that they are like two separate rooms with doors pushed next to each other. You'd hafta be more careful, I guess. In my mind, you shouldn't be looking at any other ideas if you're doing well enough. I pay just enough here - don't ask for any more too soon.

Meanwhile, you should consider the flame (of the 100th floor)? Everything flies upward into the air creating an almost weightlessness. Is that what I meant? No - but you should keep an alternate explain for being questioned in reverse too much (questioned in reverse means they ask you your professional opinion only then to challenge it heavily and in-front of others - don't be so smart all the time - I'm not...we call it being 'pro and con' or 'pronounced' when you speak like I do I have that). Like heaven, no one really cares, but you may be reactant for your own self having being changed alot. "I never did that before" or as my Grandmother Moon used to say "I ain't never tell of it" and before things get too serious. I never told an old woman I was gay, but she wanted to know if I was "done moisturizing" in the bathroom all the time. "No" I'd reply even as she was right. It's unwanted filths from others we need to dismay no matter how you demonstrate or get it out of our hair.

just like you left it: terry got this bulova 'grandmother' clock with timed receipt from a resident doctor at work...classy, is getting divorced and separating however
you still have time at twenty-four and there's so much more around you...keep it fresh where life begins

i got my promo tee whiles ago - too many legs in the sauna with clouds around the faces last time...gas-x
i don't sit next to that...thanks to red tank top 'my husband for the evening' i usually pick one but resist three stops to stay hello avoiding open apertures with high-speed film...i met my husband for the evening one day earlier (but certained to a childer death for placing need next to bother aleading) walking home and that was really nice...still using depilatories and delousing my carpets with raid but i have the socks and empty wallet to discard yet, richard

take too: a 'bad penny' on what? too hot and from the arctic circle, the state of texas? don't answer if simplistic or not actually having said so...we don't need anything more from you yet...see the crime in and of it...roz chast
the symbol is us mail to england...they make their first english penny, apparently - ours (um, see 'rupee' or repay as sounds enough...tap with a hammer to make your first us quarter we're more expensive thanks to pat + andy swal or richard then nickels pushed up into lateral slots go in some better)

i buy women's 'eggs' and throw them away i hear like john erik hexum's liver and nails or terry's asshole and single masso-endocrined polyp (pour homitus: an economy what is stabile in exchange of what's sought after most is having been said isn't based on need, but having needs - the 'present' or what requested of is everything should i giftwrap)...after all, you can't be sure of having gotten ultra-pure sperm these days without pure guile (although seann astin scott did well with me) and if money isn't everything, i still love me (if all goes well below i still wouldn't know to eat his sperm, but will you?)

couldn't get it out of the fryer vat after we picked the single poisoned hot wing out of the handardly-aized vomitus butleft - see offenses at heft
hairliss vargin? time, clock of me heart...shit out me last long hair from the bellin top
blacks poison one hammy part in a bucket if you run and steal...must be removed by cashier
i pay only $10 for that shit when can - that's enough not too...remember, replacing is the firmest justice like not having to know...set me free, go to hell

very nice it was three (3) hours we were there...chablis, sliders, spiced beef skewers, even chicken quesadillas!
lots of nice faces...older
we blessed by the house and ran from the clouds
thank you!

"Remember, if heaven and hell met there would be no wait." - dM who adds never give people heaven and irrespective of your job and pay you can always do more to make people happy

"Sure - if heaven rises up to greet you, you wait a minute before offering me. A minute or so." - dM

We made real pancakes again this weekend using Lucerne (the green label at Pavilions - if a "Lucerne" is a 'lose herd' finds grass in a mine shaft it is the light on a miner's hat...'unless heard') buttermilk:

3 c. flour
2 tsp. baking powder (soda is for cakes only, use more mix for more height)
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. soda (keeps it flat, though, and inside of itself)
1 qt. (four cups) buttermilk
6 eggs whole
beat eggs well
mix buttermilk alternately with dry ingredients
is light enough for crepes, cut recipe in half at-will

This Cinco de Mayo (um, May 5 if will - send it to my house, I'll take care of it): Keep Acapulco restaurants in your heart. They are rare these days. The real John Gotti is Mr. Trask in "Working Girl"...Trask does trucking like my dad did his whole life before prison set in. Ships dead stuff.

'yann tiersen' as by moon and some although of excellent lyrics at you tube

do you recognize me?
here on this sleeper train [alts 'trail of tears']
and do you feel the pain
you're bringing to my life, mary? [exchange with 'marine' for 'hell and high water']

and i can fairly taste
of your third birthday cake
remember how it all was
to hold you in my arms, mary?

hate was neck [and neck]
the summer lost and found [alts 'lights surround']
i wasn't there
his hand upon my knee...

hand and heart [alts 'and we crossed']
we crossed these sunny streets
and we scrawled
no 'dear diary'

and we go faster now
together through these fields
here in this sleeper train [night train - 'you're not so bad, after all' it says]
and i can touch your face, mary [a memory, but i can hurt you, i know i can]

the precious things we deed
laid down, will give us sleep
i let you sleep at night
i let you sleep right [through] 'til morning [and as 'mary']

i was there
the summer lights surround
i was there
his hand upon my knee [we had no choices like that, and we needed to be them not]

(excuse unvoiced: and we go faster now
head in hands
to speed the plow, to spit [spin] me out [as through meanings, through these tastes, etc.])

remember fraser (friseur): we don't seem to be understood
in edit is beauty, she was shot in her head talking to a faith
no one cared less
she wants nothing, really - she laments herself as a question to self 'am i happy enough?' it is to be said
adds: this originates against me as a woman who was taught she was mary's mother jezebel - pure crap i look for instruction and note a child identifies the mother, the mother identifies a son their relationship to only, then we'll pay for tele-rena not wanted for disturbing the piece of the pie that america holds in being happy for us all together, not wanted for terrorizing the russian latter-day sex of curly-sue into singing the national anthem - you make her do it and make her suck butts too...the release comes from an office the agree comes from just me - don't tell me about you again i deliver me
the best fucks here are from broken families? from broken promises - you don't wipe my tears with ten (10) seat liners covered with your lady's shit
you eat some...the ukraine's gonna take acids of years to make up what i did to them and scotland's 'big brother' is being assumed during castle lunches still...and still
no one pushes a broomstick in an educated person's spokes...they know what they did to get that and 'we don't want that' ever do we? who are we?
the lyrics of 'til tuesday's 'coming up close' are not nice - about people who are never happy waiting to get to know you better no matter how valued by you - you want to die for that? a stupid gangly girl's big dumb sex? don't ask for that it's mine to make out with you then...better unheard...the real point is the dumb bitch was shot up her ass with her family by god while she shat in her lover just militias away from dying bad while i eat her poop unwittingly and never, not ever - they shot the fuck out of creeps like that 'in cold blood' over corn holes and still the bitch drives 'round and 'round in hell in a muddy cornfield while i drug her latest 'manson' soundly to get him to lick my balls and under the asshole hairless with no farther mention of aids afteryet...i'm here now after all and must not fail either or die lying it says here you have aids (age) 'that's gay' i told you that, now 2:3 no names yet no names just me naming you ask a death now
love people, i love them...don't tell me who you are just yet i see you lacking in blonde hair on the legs dyed and pulled a real lion while i aggrandize myself a hasty past ('i have a little band' you are a freak and i hated myself correctly and not to touch is in no thanks...fade into view)...i masturbated to one girl ever it was temporarily real though and then her politeness to me sandra bernhardt kinda...the help, not the hurt...someone should say, is not you and your childhood fantasies about having hate's only black baby shoved in a sewer 'round roman hall because you thought 'it came out of them'
remember, all is harsh and economic against poor (portrayed i'd say - them talking with 'porcine' rotted pork in gums...what's that denture seal? that's fucking mad cow pin holes coming down the nasal passages from shit pushed up nostrils by me - get that out you smell nothing but you now, bitch, while you snort cepacol) people who make us sick without chemicals and unnecessary recall by false mammories (no one just overhears these days you don't just touch me, a pig)
we are middle class yet...untrained, uncooperative, damned funny and still no one to know well yet i never fart in public i hold my ass an intimacy 'baby talk' yet
the next step in manliness is to grab a tit like blacks and latin women at 7-eleven do quickly in cars over $5 honoring shot death before dinner the usual not supper see me having the best seen and if you see at all - you don't need to lie on demand yet a good is never heard from personally if i'm not ready say why to you just yet...telecom 'no answer' no send? not received 'well!' and in good order just yet you then wait to pay to no speak but get yours back fast or else that $10 is mine from you until ask for but is not mine no i don't go that far without knowing for sure how bad it is and when i decide to get there.

not even a year yet, and craig electronics got my space-age cd clock radio back with a $10 money order by mail last week
bought at cvs in may of 2009, i cannot take the static of noises anymore
i can't sing to curve and pet shop boys with this happening but see the philips dvd player gets it right and through the tv

CVS has Russell Stover and quality Easter candies on-sale today at 75% off...I got two (2) big white RS bunnies for $0.99 each. Quite a bargain plus others. White chocolate by the way is called "vanillin" or what I call "cocovan" (is the French 'coq au vin' chicken and wine or with bread) say "cordovan" like the cordovan of leather fame as just the blood no black-brown. Remember, vanilla or denatured (boiled off) cinnamon is always proper with preparing chocolates or coffee bean left to grow. "Nothing comes done." "Sumptuous" as in feast is worthy of being "sent to us", or a summit seen over meals wide.

it's hardest for birds etc., to get loose food in may and june - trust that, the ground too wet
this birdfood bell, complete with heroin spikes, is just $2.99 at pavilions
something ravaged the last one to seeds as we keep it low
they also have hanging green-metal baskets with feed blocks you insert yourself too, but are more expensive
all animals are commanded to eat at-hand despite no hungers held for long - sure, we toss a dead cat behind the wheel and as i hate independent types

it's raining today, of blues tonight 7-9 with guest act 'stryper' steel panther
the air conditioner is not in our kitchen, no, but next door

"Do ya, do-ya do-ya, do-ya?" - Pet Shop Boys from "I Want To Wake Up" the part you miss most, the angels

Ancient? Ages only as it gets to see a brick rots to its center, will no longer be there as this grows to be more of true. Some say a higher thought although sees it with you (or as coming and going).

Transgendered? You see what you can get for nothing first, for no effort. Like a man becomes a woman and runs away.

Kalamazoo? You call from inside a maze and get us both lost.

how it might be...

If it wasn't bad enough (a 'dry' weekend so far with a party date looming tomorrow evening...Precious Gabourey 'Sidibe' kills you with little knives was hosting SNL...enough said) I've been to Target again today (new Uniden 6.0 cordless phone $20.99, Devon or fedora hats $7.48, at the entrance hanging colored glass candle holders $1 each, Wet Ones krazy-to-be-priced at $1.99 I like the aloe, Hanes boxer underwear premium, Comfort Flex, 4-pk, black, green, maroon, blue, chinese ball multi-colored light set, etc.) the ol' homestead is back on the rental block now at 916 Hilldale and with no 'first dibs' call for us (the $3,000 once paid to leave in January 2006 and to no closets what conveniently collected back in rent increases but I kill to you). We signed a lease here, but not for two (2) bedrooms, two and one-half (2.5) baths now, and two parking spaces off-street. Call (310) 289-8297 to know how you will be scared to be off-site. The girl renting (um, Cherrelle) supposedly in jail until the end of the year.

the underwear is not mine, no...i bought a 3-pack of klaus kinski (calvin klein) underwear at macy's days earlier now at $24.50 for the 38w i buy for looks
still only $9 a pair even as with sales tax afoot
i want a $77 in-store bottle of issey miyake citrus pour homme cologne...the new one has graffiti on it

APRIL 11, 1968: Happy Birthday Leslie Moon at 42 right behind frank. "Dessert" is ruined now (after-mint drugs ? as my mother is going to be surprising her arriving from Florida that day - has been there the night before with friends and used a credit card I checked psychically)...she's going to "The Shrimp Box" for dinner, she says. Also notes she took the kids to Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) for season passes already and is actively selling Apple's iPad too (although it doesn't use Macromedia's Flash or change frames slowly enough for phones). Meanwhile, AARP memberships start irrevocably at fifty (50) years of age. Now you too? If sixty-five (65) is too young to retire what is the golden age then? Eighty-two (82) says lord over? What you can afford ? this is about being smart enough to be let out of our wartime of jails, and is not for keeps. We work the smart ones (over and above one age or person to a world - we provide nothing but people with a sense of well-being to a democrat who has thrown this discus out and about) to death and remember why we hate being at home alone and with you or then. Freedom from a thought rings the bell. We don't work us all and we don't have what we want either - bad combo as long as life.

Poppycock? "Pop and click" of a clock - in a moment I'll know why not. A "taco" is a telephone or top phone...keeps me busy all day long.

True or false? McDonald's used to be called McDonough's (like "Madonna's" or 'if you're not happy, we're not happy' too...a picture of you then, a 'mad dog' is mine). It was named by my paternal grandmother in 1971 after someone who would cook great fish. A quote about Mary of Virginia "She couldn't cook, but she made that good, and we had it there soon enough for fishermen of the east coast." I love their fish sandwich still that half slice of cheese with tartar sauce is just right. We here in 'heaven' have a first McDonald's in Downey as staged, that's all. We have one of everyhow and thing. The first is on Route #33 in NJ and is owned by Stevie Nicks yet.

...and if not, be 'merried' then

Saturday, April 10: Just saw Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" at the Century City AMC 15 7:25 p.m. showing and it was pretty gifted, all-told. Grade is "A". You hafta see it in IMAX 3D like we did (originally intending to see the 80's jacuzzi movie - we couldn't agree so I gave in - and only "Alice" called me over, yet you see). We had one free ticket left over from since Michael Jackson and still our box office total was $19.50 for two (2) and with assigned seats now at everyhow - get that. Green seats are available on a cashier's electronic chart. Mean streets and then requisite snacks to be on-top of that. Anyway, the movie was good and all are-were defensible what is really cool, ahem, the girl is great as Marc Ondy or Alice or "ours" then. Each 'she' is a 'he' and he had problems with me split into three (3) persons plus two. "And hast thou slain the jabberwock?" or talking to me too much while I fail and as afoot. In the movie, the balderhans or white-spotted angry cat is the jabberwock too. "Have you killed all of your fears them?" it says to me dumbly. Good girl ! and back to crack.

Incidentally, the mall at Century City is vibrant. Festive even...we take the bus in. Stopped and got me a pair of green fatigues at the Gap there on sale for $20 ("The Fatigue Pant" 33W 32L or so). Walked up to Greystone Mansion to feed the turtles and fish yesterday 04/10, but they have a car show going on this weekend. I was up there last week or so with more success and more old bread...Stevie Nicks usually has a flower gig up there in what - October? The property is being restored (by Nestle) even as we speak with a huge property development next door on Sunset...

New at MOCA West Hollywood-Pacific Design Center: The signage of original status and Las Vegas...I've been waiting. Features a great matrix of the original casino curses: Sahara, Caesar's Palace, Dunes, etc. Grrrrr-eat stuff. Also the gift shop has penchance left and right. Example: Clear plastic rings like shake-em snowballs and green-liquid construction levels with the bubble balancing inside. Both $6 and then add some odd plano shapes too. Also, the individual color tones of Panetone on mugs (this available online and representing Panavision or our pantie-time). Go for the films and slides on the white-ish walls and the color photography of Vegas - honors me, only.

new order 'loveless' from 'technique' 1989
' can't you see | why don't you look at me | it's not your right to be | so much my enemy...and you won't even talk to me '

the 2010 pocket calendar-payday minder

"Carrot top": You loved everything, but you ate the wrong parts. Like you're married, you just do it all. We just had breakfast at Norm's (mine: two scrambled eggs, two bacon, two sausage, hash browns, sourdough toast, large grapefruit juice) since we can't get any 'lustre' this pm. Neil? The Chrysalis (Pat Benatar, Blondie) office on LaCienega and Melrose is now closed and is up for grabs....sad.

pat benatar 'we live for love'

your love's contagious
one kiss is dangerous
and i have run a race
and you lose

i feel passion growing
i know that love is only
just one inch away
it's dragging us

we live for love

when we get tired
and watch the summer fade away
will you think of romance
what will we do?
is there a place
where we can go
where time stands still
for those who know
'til eternity
will we fill our desire?

we live for love

i never planned to win the race
but you convinced me
face to face
there was never a chance
of losing at all

we live for love

too good a song for the angels they'd sing
makes me think of j geils band

A "conniption" fit - what is that? A comic strip captioned to fit. An artist gets really pissed off when the bubbles in comics and text come done and you hafta fit any text. So, too little time for too little benefit or fun game?

A "lorelei"? Weeds in place of flowers or an ugly woman as siren calling your ship over to rocks. No longer what she was, and friends too. A lore or story and to a frightful lie. "...nor will I."

here's 'lost boys' the full movie in links outward from you tube
some call it pier pressure - get it? 'pier' pressure, santa cruz
'nanook' is eskimo or then 'panatan' say 'pabalan' for 'not mine usually' or rubbing noses something isn't right for you like bad breath? is 'overly priced'
in this, and else, barnard 'doc' hughes is michael
the theme song 'thou shall not fall' as in angels 'cry little sister' is soundtrack only as gerard mcmann ('legend' corey hart or then richard)
along lines we recommend the remake martika 'toy soldiers' its most common misuse
no, 'sister christian' by night ranger is abuse of me, only
'don't tell me you love me' is better by them for people who only want you with them as staring 'motoring' then

Some, soon. Then some (now passing down)...

the ceiling fan from home depot came in yesterday with the b&d scrubber from target
the scrubber comes plainly sealed and only has two (2) blue scouring pads with it beware and order soon at a cheap price anyway
it uses regular batteries as four (4) 'aa' but this is as rechargeable too
the fan is installed as powered on the side (and with wood blade showing i thought white, he wanted wood...and nothing at all) - you see it here with ceiling hooks and anchors

like me, you'll certainly
order the custom bristle pad from b&d maybe others
we went right to home depot on sunset late friday 04/09 to offset the excess in shipping and handling costs, and they had nothing...nothing

oh, well...real-enough savings are everywhere and how

stevie nicks stars in 'child's play' the chuckie movie

Nadeau Furniture ("with a soul") at 9040 Santa Monica Boulevard across from say Dan Tana's (or should I say the forced intimacy of) has inexpensive old-looking stuff a bounty of it. Check in and see...some.

Stopped in to the Apple Store in Beverly Center to meet the iPad. Is the glorified iPhone, but is bigger and starting at $499 as very sleek and fun to operate. The pages shrink and grow with pinched fingers but all locks up at YouTube when you go to play videos - they want you to look at their stuff, lo an behold, and you can't get out of that subroutine easily and anyway I didn't bother. Look at it yourself and remember that $60 monthly AT&T bill. Moonlight Candles at Beverly Center upstairs has Ed Hardy candles at 30% off again. I told the girl "they melt, you know."

Remember 'M1' and 'M2' money supplies (traditionally a 'liquid' or 'savings' supply in economics)? Think of 'M1' as 'mine only' no one else thinks with you and 'M2' as 'mine too' something you've bothered people with at a bank returning with it, maybe investing. Savings, etc.

we got this rachael ray orange-handled pan from united sky miles
6,300 miles to be exact...

terry ordered this black 2 door buffet from target for pots and pans near the kitchen
hasn't made it yet...$159 free shipping put it together yourself i sawed some pegs on the way in
the white round vase with red lip is also from target and is modeled here
the vacuum gets hepa ('heat every place and') filters brand new it matters somehow - now you too

Who It Knew It Would Hurt So Little In March 2010 - "It's Your Thought I Can't Stand"
So shitty to look at I swear it's the lighting.