we laughed, we cried
we died as we were born;
alone some, as needing to know
there are others like you? hardly a hell of it
one in a million, is just, one and hardly asks 'zilch'
blow me a river i'll dance lord

You're Here And There A Heirophant Or Simple Deadman Flying Through The Air - Here, You Miss Almost Half Of February 2011
And yet, you'll still be beaten for its nodes - so now advance you to not.

more and all on or before february 8: cvs has noted a great 'sarah peyton' lazy susan (um, tabletop turntable for to pass ketchup, salt and pepper, etc.) for $9.99 - sure, two fancy plates of greenish tempered glass resting on a raised emblem dot of brushed metal in the center...did you know dap bathroom caulk comes in 'almond' and 'clear' too? i made the mistake of buying 'almond' and although cap at anawalt and it looked dirty a few drops in (now you know too)...thanks to cadillac for the '8-6-4' (um, august 1964) engine of our 1978 cadillac coupe deville with d'elegance, white finish and red leather interior (i just noticed its moniker now)...the engine shuts down pistons by on-board computer as not needed when cruising...

The Angels from Givot on Vimeo.

a little film on downtown la and airport...a funeral funnel cloud from nbc news

thank fuck for electronic filing and direct deposit - a return filed bright and early on january 15 to be accepted on january 21 still can't get a refund status going...any news you'd like to block? hands off...your chart says feb 4

new page soon...we hate deadlines, you hate paying...it's not done yet, and is not my priority...don't forget coke rewards takes their time but pays in real stuff...30 points is still a free cola...3 points a two-liter, 10 points a long box

faster pussycat! shoot shoot! kill kill! no jock strap with corduroys! a piss in the ocean! hth holds the hole! hell to the no! he gypt me! jews us! cheats us! walking in the sand, lenape...syndi?

"When choosing best for one's self, you should ask 'Who will have you?' our own prompt." - dM if further a choice keeps mine out front as width

"If two (2) words ever became as if to be handed as one: The queen of England (just for a 'poot') is both 'vanguard' (defender of the faith, has already the best words for sending down and out and along) and 'sovereign' (cannot be brought to trial under it law, or 'I didn't see anything - did you in-fact post this to you yet?' what 'usps'?) No meaning is just here." - dM who asks me 'who lives in the world this more?' and 'ooh, the clown's no good'

"You don't teach me anything." - dM to Christ with no thanks apparent as I ate these under my own volition the very last symbolic time I had it all my way now you

"You just wanna abuse the waiter -- they'd, in-turn, let me pay mere cents in a broken-down bus." - dM however little to be as dead is no bargain at just one-half I'll have it over for the words out and along no making it up just asks me not to

"Sometimes is just wordjunk or WIP (with each pronounce) like you aph said. Figure it out the tax." - dM who hates a bore pulling me over for simple cheats each day you live maybe nearby 'you eat at my asshole, beggar'

"Don't get funny, Fatboy - you have one box of language further at under header as 'French' comma wit. Add example? 'Coup de grace' or single death blow what finishes it off, God's mercy." - dM one dick in my sauce at each duck you understand nothing it's continuity I seek to praise

'help i've fallen and can't get up' shelves from cb2...for the back of a shower stall, candles i'd say rinses well enough not all dry
yet other stuff sanded by teenage pregnancies (no vonnage recemiccle is 'poor' averaging 'mime yourself isn't about an odor' others 'around'):

get your dander up in the planet gym...wide-angle cheese mirrors no set of three no be a fool at home
santa knows what you really wanted using herricks (i.e., a rope hung over a branch, the yellow ribbon...heretic? more than a hearsay, knows more than will admit to you, grows a single hair with each a tick of the clock) around bare trees

aikea guinea ('i hear it if you do?' the fireplace conch or large seashell): i don't see that either, a false sun is wit, verve
you got the shine, but so do i...an on-site makeshift grave the usual gutter drain, racks of funny girl clothes for little boys behaving tea...

big ol' ass belly with sees-it's-true by 'miss lady fat of the hamph' ervet la douche! we don't say that to be 'ever more' the brint raven
'hell to them, no'
the hand sees is very morgue (mine)...there is no algor mortis (white etching under fingernails...rigor, liver, and algor), however

out and about...clovers without you, and so too has but one acrid wish in the welsh-ish witch of a cigar grave 'pray you smell it back' and is so lit

finally we'll just see! a white-iron bake sale at koontz reveals the french-provincial (no flies outside, washes dishes with cat food 'that dawn cat!' with potsie webber) stature of my hometown mailbox
sure - sans green color, pigstem, and parish gouda trask about ring
a mild cannabis shock at hover x-mas sends the chassis disabled back into the arms of mcdonald's with a brag-new fifty-cent yoda to vlasic
fr: nad's - ratchet your eyes out they're not actually curly, but the more-butch 'coarsen' danskins of our new chottle b'rag the egg-white minsk muffin w/strap
for twelve more inches out to be the old windmaker of pecker haste, we'll burn your tit and lap with a bitchin' hot oil stover - gets the ol' cock robbin back to the slap...p.s.s. every pregnancy terminated pst pray shit this
one big fat fact: someone stole the walking grape i got in this box right on my birthday from flavour-ayd after months of hateful chinese waiting
repay: make search for hocked shit...never be it a clue $ money balks

so well behaved the dogs with each other at weho's healthy spot...strange, friendly

someone rinses this the grass of shits and piss every now and zen (play: 'she drove her black shits into me | i was dumbfounded' - clemens, front 242)
maybe you are trained to be a pioneer in women's wear 'don't just put it on' it has to insult me sensually (um, notes 'odor' as what's essential, perhaps 'feminine') and by touching
like no true consumation of your marriage insults me with school vouchers and sperm secretly shot in my socks
anyway, the dog will shit but won't piss 'because it smells good'
u just hafta take a tip on that one 'it has to get out [my friends]' or i'll wait and bite your fuckin' face between them legs up in the back

these planters are apparently for gravediggers...franks big and tall
that much (hard - no 'sit just back' or crave of 'poutted' wets) water caves in a thatch of roof too - more pinch to be the point
no rust-bathe in champagne the cheap stuff byob or i'll youb...with tartar steaks from the magic pepper at old biscayne bay

still cold as ice...the bubblegum ketone (sees makeup with nail polish remover - he says was filmed anon as him rejecting her thoughts often and is her boyfriend)
party on tape: sheriff's number is (310) 855-8850...when I get their number out you do too...welcome be a danger...luck be a lezzie a fright
local firemen sent me their one-page calendar today: 'vote land horvath heilman' yours to care for, open it up wide, help it to helping
no sets, or, vis a vis (that's all fine, however)

Nevermind, and say hello to Time-Warner Cable DSL (um, Cisco) again! Like Jews, will have same day slatherings of St. Patrick and so too have the witless if it is to be style.
Saving fries and with a banana shake (and if 'food is no place to save money' - dM)? The splitter will cause to you sperm fangsalot - make sure one cable 'in' line splits into 'send' and 'receive' properly as smally labled. Not the same per per and per per. Hurt us again after half a cup of the usual mocha darn. Thank you disillusionment. Should you have service if I do? I don't have service myself since you left anita ward as 'big baby' bell. "Big baby" eats milk tots in bed. A big fat baby. P.S. For cable as related, high definition viewing starts at channel '400' add plus the channel number (e.g., for ABC or '7' use '407' and it's only tv, and why you wait).

break suey+

Egypt? My DSL still isn't delivering this is common quote and I think you should wait over it. You ain't nothing yet but see no problem for those stopping buy. We fire each opinion twice. What now Anwar Sadat (war, discussed as threat is real yes-no)? Think of nothing each of habbert and womanly (no fire) but (science Jewish) Denny Terrio's danceurs "Motion and Dyan" (um, blackjack "Moshe Dyan" - as "21" you can't bust an instant win with a third card made house) if finally a fix.

Real issue - Egyptians can't see the pyramids from where they are led (Tangiers). They think people have hid them. Really, are in political South Africa now near China on the Nile and from a distance. China Seas now.

I talk to folks everywhere en masse in the head and ask for croak (when not teaching Africans the word 'nigger', that is...'think back - what did you first think of white? was it cancer?') Never take media seriously it isn't about you but video is about as shitpipe as it gets. 'Enjoy' it says. I never left our country ever (Tijuana, Laredo, Niagara Falls, period no) - is it as nice? Like AYDS, I want believe but can't verify the delivery on silent order. Like Sharon Stone's sequined rainbow-collared minidress from "Casino", I'd hafta add that was made of screen gems without her pissing a thing. "Don't ask me - I don't know. Why?" It was real for you. "Left to be loved." You don't shit in my good. I taste an armpit and ask of a peach.

-----port du port----baschund 2010

Rather than spend another afternoon with the pig you preserved for me sans tits: AT&T has refused our repeated calls to fix our phone lines what now default to Verizon no internet at all (I would never have Verizon - for jail). Meanwhile, I hafta endure no drugs plus the roommate and we got our state refund docked $900 for 2007 (really 2008...this year is $1301-$900 about $400 a check mailed). These beggars needed to know that there were two amended returns held behind that to be paid, but the woman called back quick and said "head of household is refused". Nevermind you fat bitch - we go with the feds and they said it was okay and you argue the rest from jail. You cheap cunts are, at best, trying to save money like our landlord who won't renew our lease at a savings while some ugly beggar profits (on the basis of no raised rent yet $1,435/month and to piss on your grave). We'll see...communists. I'm not principal ever, but you used my name? The law doesn't work for fat and dumpy women yet...

our church windows bear it some


my mother sent us our church's slim blue history book st.john's in allentown, nj 08501
i'm directly behind the first boy on left, my brother scott is blond on right first row
strangely enough, brian's missing - the reason i became an altar boy in 5th grade 1974-1975

CB2 has chrome balls lightweight very cheap as for garden but may rust and 'c' tables made outta polyurethane. Other stuff if the catalog is not reflective...

"Let's talk about it never." - dM

"That Obama Kuwait guy meeting his mother after seven years is just the oldest man on record with plastic modeling - the Neanderthal guy. The iceman cometh." - dM

remember pfeiffer with me - mom sent pics today

I bought a broken one (with the handle cracked off) on a deal (less $10 and with an e-mailed coupon one day off for 25%), but check out this $30 speaker from CVS. Plays MP3's on a card by itself so it's more of a deal actually. With remote and other controls is strangely good. Uses an earphone out to project sound - like computers do. Has it's own flatpack battery and charges like a phone does with regular USB. Note: They have plenty at the CVS on LaCienega and Beverly.

Visit "Creepshow" again it's first vignette "Father's Day"...asking lord over, I sold about 17,000 copies easily enough and what then? Watch...a vignette, usually a story told in rooms (fade to black is stage and style, sure) seals your fate. You remember well-enough why you shouldn't have and is the point. Hello to Part 2's indian 'tantom' or wood statue come alive too...good thought. A 'manitoba' ('moves across the waters') is a child's spirit and 'manitou' ('moves across the sky' and our high school yearbook) is all of us frowning on it. 'Manitonka' as seldom used is me as 'god' over (takes its time to see you only). John Carpenter made "Creepshow" and is Adrienne Barbeau too and another good one...

men without hats enter naked with 'pop goes the world' i like its seeming chinatown
if the liver could unfurl and show you it's skin, the bob in the back, the hand-held turd baker
pu! patagonia is france-less rome, atlantis is its foreign friend afoul of their simple rules no women or weak sex...egypt, anwar sadat

there was a little macy's cash left $13.46 (and after a red spatula set $19.99) so i dipped into the men's store and got these for $6.12 exactly and then cash some about $6 i get paid for going along shopping no matter what
three racks of sale stuff yielded these first at small then large they shrip bad...
they say all of this meets the trash one day soon enough and maybe mexicans can pick some out later ('even better we get it ourselves maybe [from no sale]')

Oh, brother! I thought it said Toni and Dean...while I throw Olberman's wife back to him. I don't want her but that woman on tv the senator kissed me on the lip while watching tv she got hurt in the eye people hate that for her did I? Her kid is pretty ugly, huh. Young. I don't watch or know much here no one to talk to 'cept retards. Don Simpson (producer, I think) is babysitting me of late in the body some no talk.

AT&T pratts (Mr. Pratt...two episodes of 'Duke Of Hazzards' I love John Schneider that car now do you ever see how cute? he was hidden over Wopat same guy probably a dream less Guess jeans threw mine in the garbage for that rise try blue garage again) a new iPhone deal in the paper (made mention Apple Store same price at-of 8GB): The iPhone 3GS now only $49 priced and $55 dollars a month with one-time $36 connect fee free shipping. AT&T is finest pay less any jail talk, but I fucked up a two-year slavadge with them years ago (see it here mirror mirror may pieces of ice your lip) and maybe you're not new and yet even with a bankruptcy on the books I lie around alot. My little TracFones are lovely yet I'm still experimenting with the web and all we wanna monitor pig talk on the phone and at the price paved. Don't beep me you fucking slags (English, as a smelting of metal: what is wiped off to see the good, um, wears no make-up has moles and as unsightly) or your mattress is less. I guarantee it. Those quasis you sight although never asked to are not moles and they are still nicer than brown marks. "If that was a booger, you'd wipe that right off." - dM "You put your cock in that and I'm no good? What was it - the freckles on her ass plus red hairs?" + "If that's all you wanted, you could just be that." Are you really good-looking or something? I don't need you yet.

our $200 card yielded a martha stewart 7 qt pot for $89 and also cuisinart mini-prep for $40
both on sale now at macy's
by the way, a similar size-color of le creuset (the 'french' pot is round, i guess, the dutch oval or oblong 'up long') is $274.99 and at macy's online - don't get screwed slopping from home an heirloom
lesson? in a shop nearby, of row of beautiful nylon studio jackets something car shop on it is just $20 thank god the size is wrong twice now the size the price
p.s. martha stewart is noted as hating the price and the sale quote from me - and why bother it? sixty years on...'i've already been screwed' she says
friends of friends people need to know how they were fucked and lied to but not necessarily from me
martha stewart is kindly a choice and more contemporary or giving to ours here...i need to affirm my choices always and simply at that
phil 'money store' rizzuto (the guy in the partridge clip died 1978 and still the woman is aunt bea from andy griffiths dave madden is the same john candy?) closed up my steak shop can't use the name philly sez he...
well risotto...the food ain't that good, we'll hafta get gino's the farfaralle (the finest from home afar, french) back with kentucky fried chicken now

neil and dan moon used to steal too much food 'and sex' he says
lord knows a cloth till is dan moon's only guive - 'no bartending' he says
the eats are quoted as 'i hafta keep my strength up' a salidad

by popular demand: the inside of the 'news of the world' lp
strangely, the band are not afraid to die - their stance
they know things you don't know and that impressed me then
the robot 'madarne' say 'med-ayrne' is styled in many ways, is real and says 'they want me to come, they said'

target west hollywood has these wreath boxes on sale for about $7 - you needed to know
great for swimming, travel
also check out great bowl candles made outta wax ! in natural colors (see large a pineapple yogurt)

tears for fears 'listen' one of the 'songs from the big chair' (1984)

mother mother i'm badly burned
while children lick your wounds
pills and bother sailed away
brave new world
new world

just because you said you would doesn't mean you will;
just because you have no role doesn't mean you're safe;
just because you hear the call doesn't mean you have to leave us right away.
bark! bark!


It's tax time (before you take, we slice each cake...like Richard counts the drawer, you're both happy enough about it mellow yellow...like choking a dog all cute trying to stay outta the way who is it ? little ol' me) and of course we forgive OLT for not enforcing amounts against our state full of gay cheats. We file same as Federal and mandate again and to be again. Your last pay stub of the year does not have a control number (or edit number) for W-2's but is optional anyway and get paid for the monthly lapsidae and at end by filing early the newspaper averages us filing at $3,003 somehow or about as refund. What else? No monies back from state or fedreal in revision are subject to tax or withholdings. Only your income from a job is reported as for tax and no excesses returned ever change that figure one for one in statement having no crosses to bear ever.

Checking back in with 'adobo' herb-spice from October 2010 (noting we leave off the extras as stated - not mine, really): Adobo to me, replaces bread crumbs without the calories and bother of. Is oregano? Why would anyone sell-abrate that? OK. "For fish" it said. Adding, celery salt is for carrots - we have the official whys and hows but bothers for no ask and I sometimes like people knowing better for theirselves true. You're asking the guy who has actually used 'agar' and 'cream of tartar' to make homemade marshmallows and meringues, respectively.


Having a hoidy-toidy (um, 'who to avoid' as hotchkiss the hot penny in mouth as cut off speaking and once reminding not to touch) tonight? Some guests gonna be over soon? Try these crackers on for size - we did. Simply baked individually and with shaved almonds on top not bad...I'm not real big on 'recipes' that just mix ingredients lightly as if 'suggested serving' (the difference is 'people wanna know'? and then remembering a mixture can be separated by mechanical means or then fingers, however, there is no brown sugar in this as fact seem...I really deserved that "D" in high school chemistry I went on to higher study).

line a cookie sheet with a layer of crackers separated (Club crackers are best here...I've been enjoying 'duoz' Cheez-It's lately but first thought of two bags inside not mixed as)
boil 1 cup of butter and 2/3 cup sugar for 1 minute
pour mixture over crackers and sprinkle with sliced almonds
bake 20 minutes at 300 degrees
remove immediately from pan (use wax paper and if, ours was non-stick some have remains)
break apart, keep covered
thanks 'alice moren'

New from the makers of 'PU!' (What stinks? Is it me again?) No that's box-top odor from graveyards in France. Upper shoulda under the skin-on-skin you jive! 'PU!' handles the piss test while you shit twisting our dirty Irish-feminine clover torniquets with natural piss ale and e.g. grant's big brown tomb of hot peckers in the ol' whipperwill a known titan of wide-eyed slavers their wand skinmeats of the upper salas. Eat that old furred shit, Bitch, or I'll cuss you out and arouse natural immunities of the finnich and rear anus sweetened by the apart we seech of. No tit, no hand to tack at u-tapple.
The return of color and fonts and other Netscape Composer-type frills is hitting the map with a new application that ocks Mozilla...zala it by plabo. Finally free! Verily it's called 'SeaMonkey'. End up the rag I don't learn HTML like I don't learn numbers on speed dial, like I don't learn deaf-part sign language or the languages of indigenous peoples, like I don't read the thoughts of Oral Roberts, like I don't honor last wishes or quite frankly the 'best boy' in the latest home movie from Gannt Associates at best a seabag with serabole and hymies in it or a vance hartnet cummerbund with coordinating (serftan breaching) bib and tucker. My heart's on my sleeve and I wiped poop under my clitoran 'viking' shield and skin lamp tapier with hoit-stove bellafronde and humanly impossible handclaps of the burnt sienna gibbon native of singapore and tight shintos abroad and what of crim eschewing 'scottsdale' planters nuts over white-fecal sunsperm and bladder-ront sunami natchos. Speckle calves litter slerved with pellican laislans and vlad's own grannich ransboot lurithe at pokers-on and search mansfield at aim-to-beheft a blittled torp of the skin plus each vesicle weeps for mankind in its own unpleasant rank of nitral valve discharge - the littlest liver you should pierce for pim - while one seeks archers-fantz the what-winkle best of in eyevow-one-of-two-halves as purt beforeand after scant with no new leurings act same so to have said or seek wonder at eye o'toul tastes red is axhound of wild birch and poplar native brend and bfay a leak maples the tit no vury aft and a sound. Holoof!   

comedy is no safe haven - kylie does another water to wine trick with this 'the one' fish and bread basket
only the homely asap ext 2 cheap for blurbs so tumbles the ice you corm

Was watching this (gruesome) movie on tv ("The Untouchables") about an old woman who lived in a house on railroad tracks in Chicago (an old mortuary) who had some old man with a violin or so rent a room then others like him came to plot along one was Al Capone. They played records to get around her (and her birds) hearing. She is noneother than Helen Keller in the film and that became Barbra Streisand they say...whatever. Gruesome.

the theme song partridge

The Partridges, as such, are no real team, but I thought about me and my mother and how she handles apparent or orderly fame. We are no weaklings here and I command quite a high salary just for being, I thought. We continue that no one edits here because all of the kids are me and so is the mother if I let her talk. The mother is me as a Sid and Nancy - the price paid for fame is real - no talk, just doing. Fame in itself is no bargain, you have to bargain fame and this family does just that way by buying along the way. That is fame. More later...but this for now: Each player was contracted for now, but they won't work. The look is my family somewhere too.

lost in a 'celebrity' ghost town - from a gig
no one will come
you can hook bare signal wires (from a turntable say) up to lit speakers in an amp and it will pump the sound as if always there from the start
is the way you forward signal like a telephone line - just add it in after loop or play out at higher voltage

some of yesterday's enjoyment in flex...the blond guy is them (alligators) thank you
national geographic ad sumb

If you eat alot of chicken, will your legs turn black over time? No, but see steak does color your teeth light brown. Who has that - real steak - without being tricked outta the meat? I don't pay for any real - why not ask if it's an old man's ass I do sometimes. Ask my grandma - eating babies makes wolfsheims on your face. You can' t just dig them out they spin a wool inside.

most just enjoy liza minnelli again for the find 'i want you now' this video is not fanship but local good made aside
the dancing is key art...from the 'results' album with pet shop boys on capitol emi (1989)

DNA won't help you look unlike a fish you eat. They're not bad kissers, but they're scummy outta water. I have nervous ticks and leisters (feathers fried from incomplete or sloppy pulling I love fried chicken is good for the 'colon' too 'el poyo lomo!') Love corn. By the way, Christmas was really perfect if cheaply assumed. No cards or anything noteworthy, but I had a great time doing what I wanted to and still staying up all night and wearing my $5 Santa pants and hat from last year's escheat briefly and to myself. I sent nothing out but gave briefly to the sun of it and asked to break something in your home for entertaining me with it. I start to think about not having unless celebrant and seems very react but I wonder who cares more than me? Not very supportive seeks answers to light questions and topic. I'll get back to my mother and sister later they think of me still but we fought bitterly some. Your move and thank the rejects at Apple again for selling all that expensive shit to Hollywood pigs while we slop in your shit for dreams now you're a star. Where's the English kid (Gus Weigert to sp?) on Disney's 'Wizards' - better jet off before it crashes? And iCarly on Nick ? we like you...the blonde girl is a neighbor I heard an old woman Mrs. Umbro. Thanks you're funn y but old in the head. They'll be 'iCarly' on deck next you don't use my shows for just playing it out to norms charge the attic. I doubt Justin Beiber (sins, Michael Jackson) is on deck I simply remoulve you. Neil got ol' what-his-face in the wheelchair to disembark we'll get you too...Richard or poorer.

last month's review of barry manilow notwithstanding tracks missing maybe our seeming interest it was lush
he don't wanna sell it

Remember Paris Paree While I Remember The Big Tupperware Cup Tumbler With Lid That Was Stolen At Work One Day It Was Magenta Purple I Have A Blue One Still Lid Too And Carry Forth Bitterness And Memories Most Burning Inside Me To Be Throughout December 2010 If Thrown Down Itself And A Bone
Bitch, please - a man is made of solutions to allay your fears. I am a man and fear no evil. You are not evil, no. Not really. The Tupperware site.