no sheep fucker is at the airport these days...who farts more but after them? pierce morgan?
lyndon johnson used to say 'if you hadda fart, i'll help you see for yourself that's not a sanit brown' ok, nolp really?
should no intimacies abound, u joust to hitch it a lift, then liskare
your bupp overfloweth to me sint! litted skin me another so dare you!

March 2011 not yet...not you. The small chinese jacket (worn by Phoenix in "Phantom Of The Paradise" - both Phantom and Swan are ghosts Phantom is Winslow, but that is not the guy who intruded as Young Frankenstein Marty Feldman as nasty toss-out 'blame someone else' is key - he sings with tape and very childlike he just gets what he wants in an order of seeing) is called a 'uviane' say 'yoo-den' dance too well...

for me, not you my mother at the beachhouse

some people throw shit away - i work in it still a long russian tea neck must break 'did you do that?'
my high school senior pic less combing - reddish hair color is way off (early 1982)
i share a tie with five friends only (don't provide a truth so fast i'm hidden gay) - if you are a black drape and dusty rose

see? the glitter fades...rub reba and the president (mgr., mccolluch) down
i got me green shamrock shake at mcdonald's last week or so (um, sunset and crescent heights, always sunset and crescent heights)...add now with whipped cream and a cherry on-top (no cherry pies though? got to in-n-out for the rootbeer meal...$1 mcdouble still feeds the saint 'santitos' $2 san-tit-ohs in me smelly elucsus shaver pu! da screen)

March 2011 soon! The 'Galloping Gourmet' only served eyeballs to his tv-land guests? He really ate them in the 70's...I guess. Two (2) convection ovens same wall is the point - you can't start (can't serve, cancer) trouble like that for nuthin'...and now you may see the meats rise? Not while ordering for me. New-ish site for goo-goo muck: Spy On Dudes

another mosaic for the colors only - very toilet my sin lavin execution is everything...everything

Recent pictures of Rodney King beaten badly are not welcome as were the incidents that inspired them 'chumps versus villagaines' my words to be like 'blacks versus asians' at Denny's. The whole dress code can't be examined at home for tips just as yet but go to Chan Darae on Caghuenga (a street in Hollywood that goes to the valley along the 101 Hollywood Freeway) to have my bliss of all seen doing well together and no further to say (now rush in to see us out). Gary Coleman's bedroom inspired by Oklahoma bombings ? doesn't cover it all, but english Angie of the singing Five Star looks very sleek these days and is no ape no longer at Ralph's...Michael Jackson says she used to tour them as group visiting too deep into black-owned territories and she too had to reconsider herself too many times. She's not that black? 'Not enough money' she says of the self-owned bargains she rouses. I swore I'd never go to England or abroad being poor and as with no one 'special' either (no, I decide both - you only having regretted me coming white people must move past hard-won relationships to see me come with no further bother another chump to me). Both a reason or another to do for right now, and if my own father visited Ireland like an oldster with his best man afoot all white like Burt Bacharach (the above unit now waters plants in unusual protest I pee in them just as innocently while disease airs their eyeballs out with blood like Lady Di popping one never to pull). Don't show us that again (and meanwhile Terry to Florida yet alone this month at the 23rd day) and 'how many days left until your 'living will' (a job? now actually a degree) kicks in?' isn't the question 'did they actually pay out?' is...I had that kind of insurance that's you as yet still living and cutting the wires in my engine while the alarm is sounding off all night because no bank installs it going over a cliff on PCH after just having signed for from else this time. I would laugh my head off in the back seat of a used car seeing my father tinkering with a stalled engine in the middle of an intersection never to buy new again (after this writing?) "Two cheaps fail to a sure thing." (um, maybe we use strings to pull flaps in the wings that default to electronic silverflats you may save expensive harm and reuse the strings, that's all) - dM noting our AT&T home-wired account as milestsone canceled for TracFones and cable DSL-enabled MagicJack and may reverse notes when you visit us 'will I make you feel bad with no teeth instead?' You're here voting us apparently...hey! that's no moon

Lamont 'Larry' King - a real pulpit who disgusts me usually by being saint 'can't we all just...' and fuck off? I never do the 'right' thing as to be a satan with the both of us hauling shit in - brought two (2) all-wood flank coffins in the door on "Sanford & Son" recently and honors me with no books but a $5 fee for the both by the local funeral parlor for no deal knowing they avoid certain taxes this way after his profit knelt (I'd have them here hidden well by innards). Some God-type trinity reference maybe ? two kings maybe two coffins bury my $5 dollar fee for the blacks killing with some more than you but extras here or two holes fed to each other we over-give the gift heard coffin searched for by me in the head (for its own art) was underwater to be like a pond but is like that in style all pulling at ends with black hardware. Ho hum. My latest death dream had me spinning in a tv-type dark some small white by the feet while being taunted by others surrounding (but a handful of, loud). Not really enjoying this, but nearly that. The taunts of losers yet forced me to hault the process with my mind exerting and seek retribune for this trying at all. I hate losers that much - almost as much as heroin trips the room spinning. Nearly crystal (or coffin them) at ends. No foot up. Okay - no feat too watch this strange piano mover episode. Money for nuthin'...some people say 'where is their shop and home?' I assumed they was one and the same - not so. For while there, the coffins looked like they were in a garage another covered storage place with the windows in back. Anyway, my vote is downtown here near the convention center and USC...someone said an episode made reference to walking there for school.

one such possible munition for sharing a high-speed dsl connection...refraining from any a 'theft of services' that is and if you yourself knew why - gifts aren't key these days (and thus, restrict, deny...don't keep asking about us)
why would anyone give a jivaunch (another jaded way) to be so hapt (sure in advance) an encoodle (witty answer as to be pet)?
this router (if expand dsl to four places on true duplex coming and going individually) should do the trick at radio shack if don't pay at any mind - cisco linkys e3000 (see at amazon then)
women shapp (give their opinion no-fact as cheaply whether or never there's mine) 'he doesn't know what he's doing'...better than having it purplain (know they're there as this and always reasoning help down) the details in an arved (seen sounding or practicing to question for no such cost and as if spontaneous) mirror
rule: let them cross lines individually - no courtesy plates for hope as to be having, for no class (pays no mind no matter how closely or be unattractive) a-teaching
more: some radio shacks are balking at green dot money paks (give sum, check sum), but the website says 'service me' (sure it's me) still...a franchise (a fortune frankenstein) is no stevie nicks (market send) soon at the hollywood bowl maybe us too? oh! madge rod just now is bottling the dregs too

a coupla faves to shine on...a big 'operation' beachtowel? how 'bout computerized naked picture towels like olan mills has your intended (your only selfish thought) in oval inset you get out the party tits and insert ass both in skin-strapped ricemask

I saw a pocket (or keychain version, them) of Milton Bradley's electronic massis the four-chore 'Simon' - sure - the childhood electronic 'simon sez'. Faster and nastier its rhyme gets against your enfeebled mastif short-term 'homing slage' memory or slight of langerhans. I don't play a clock against time simply a rude beelzebub IBM can't zip you up in back or register the unusual of disgust both calves doing as halves down, but this isn't as dumb as the tried-and-true kingmaker 'Rubik's cube'. The fool's fool and the fool both entombed in rise and set-type triangle smarts no dick so sure if it's written to be both of it or you're having your balls slapped. We had 'Simon' ourselves from a cheerless Christmas (wish: instant coffee lacer the unspeakable limitless of wars won in gin-rum the sorb-be-it-gartered group gift, 1977) I got so fevered with flashing colors I didn't know whether to shit or piss that game was vicious. Who's the fool? Also noteworthy is MB's 'Operation' too - you don't live in a 45 grave 'look at you - just like a little girl again' doing 'the jelly' on the floor, you have each thought placed with care and being evident. You show people so they can know a harshness of larboured in a taking smanch to be it in further witherings of once having had it, but just once too...note you. More: 'Operation' is a masked metal panel that asks you to remove individual bones in the body (and if guts are the fright itself...just ask me) with a pair of wired tweezers. If the tweezers contact the rim (to be found of each hole or incision then) on the way in, the nose lights up red and a harsh buzzer goes off. Game over for you - like musical chairs kinda or any spelling bee the music stops and you play no one but yourself 'til violating ours teaching you not to pursue anglo (not measured) needs. Hmmm.

" when a word's worth changes (and alts 'changing' or vice versa? um, no)..." - Nine Inch Nails, from and but um, 'the hand that feeds' - good line, however, on and on goes handling cholves

alice cooper from 1980 '(we're all) clones'...the 'flush the fashion' lp, sure
also check out the 'sgt. pepper' performance for the beatles 'because' okay maybe just you
one big national holiday 'school's out'...june 23 and not a day before sept too shall wait

'phantom of the paradise'' (1974) we'll watch risk life and limb while waiting for a lift?
phoenix's little song 'special to me' mp3 (2.7 megs) (hear in the movie and watch still - reportedly a 'lynyrd skynyrd' song, no simple death knell will cease as they continue to do our psalm: 'too stupid to die' sasses our own linda lavin) is in part number four just past play...sans salt uk-freaks and laser coach uber poop 'take that' weren't permitted its chorus at all she still rules it @ 10,000 snips a year ascap 'stays in your head, like a missle kit'
you are phoenix to me well-done missing in action the snowbird...this is unholy god junk you blame someone else for the heed-you-nots no one is that crude these are ghosts and a manic howling god he is that the falcon bartholomew
this is purely elton john culture going nuts at the height of kingdom is elton john - like 'basic instinct' is madonna and friends in sf...williams is alice cooper made midget with problems died in 1971 asking friends 'not to come' now lives with me brainless a shell...ignore family 'to die'
the only winslow (worthy of a blow job?) or phantom (why you ? fathoming me) is the first guy in the movie as the umbilical 'juicy fruits' - other than, these zebra-faced (antelope - hours opened against our love) morgue attendants with asked for on-the-spot arting as eggs offered by chicken (why not these instead ? once being seen to be in the dark) asks no one if it's you they seek ? while removing the rinky-dinked heads and hands of same-usual ghosts amusing its territories to piss on eggs and their shells... is it you yet, at&t as yolk all over the face ? you...and the blade may represent what i used to pack the crown of my my tooth until sum splits two years later you to sew me honor me a thought only.

picture this: um, who is it exactly all pictures of me, that was with you the whole while and with grapes hanging between the legs ? don't fix me just symbol is the moon with white and black stripes...isn't it ? that's not at working jupiter but three sizes smaller to treatise (may where i end and you begin) and me as now me but us too.

is, exists:
caught up in your wheelin' dealin' you've got no time left for simple feelin'
i thought i knew you but i didn't know you at all
trapped inside your world of worry you miss so much when you always hurry
well slow down baby you'll only get hurt if you fall

well you told me one time that you'd be somebody
that you weren't workin' just to survive
but you're workin' so hard that you don't even know you're alive
workin' so hard to be somebody special not working just to survive
well you're special to me babe but what i don't see babe is
where you go once you arrive
where we go once we arrive

damn all evil that takes possession until your pipe dreams become obsessions
they scare me baby and we should have nothing to fear
i'm no child but i can't help wonder it seems like some kind of spell you're under
you're listnin' baby but somehow you don't really hear

well you told me one time that you'd be somebody
that you weren't workin' just to survive
but you're workin' so hard that you don't even know you're alive
workin' so hard to be somebody special not working just to survive
well you're special to me babe but what i don't see babe is
where you go once you arrive
where we go once we arrive

-----------------------------------break its spin, paul williams has the credit hear say 'not to me again' we'll exchange chastity for industry and simply uk midget version of you an industrious elf only (elton john is an elf in 'tommy' seX, only ('we don't need that' or be it woman? tAx is nO tAlk)

more lyrics:
all about paul williams: inside your world

Had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen last night Beverly Center - not bad for two (2) lozenges at about $43 plus tip ($49.25). Hadda argue the three-leaf salad outta hiding with an else house, and the California Club pizza was still good...a few $6 tees from Old Navy and as mother's birthday is tomorrow 02/23 I'm still shopping a little gift they are hard on me can't be.believe the misery of it giving. Carpets cleaned professionally today too...$70...very damask the water out. So clean the clock.

some people really like amputee stuff - simply gross, but maybe you fit in
no boys here - strange - 'i hafta look at all this to see mine' another of care deferred
josh sundquist your prayers are answered thank you
all ghosts by the way like midgets...a minute adds money, but then threat
gross, but josh is cute

Did your mother make the Gerber baby? Mine did - she sketches very well but has done us kids you're beautiful sure but it hurts. Gross. Mine is Play-Doh Girl - the young world miss who fashioned her own porta-putty glasses in the Play-Doh 'fun factory' (says she 'theirs was nothing new once force blown through the crusting browning strip').

"Imagine the flower not wanting to know the pot." - dM, and who exchanges with 'flour' quiet often

Happy Valentine's Day Marc Ondy and the IRS...our 'check' mailed 02/11/11 still awaits us we called and although direct deposit...thank you due promptly on 02/15/11 the day the world made dollars and sense, $2,318 no head cheese less vicious cashing 'fee' fee for fee about $97 (cheap as corn, blow the whistle now) what doesn't pay faggots to discriminate against 'every day is importato musicdat to me rear' types we bury sane with dog limbs and three vicious needles in their twat. Thanks, Louis Rich...the hot of crack pipe surround the inner thigh meat. Pay the man, Clarice. Fangs alot. Now to loosen the firm of cash grip that comes with cash...and then, no you. Nothing about you having mine and enjoying such sames. "I glutt mine..."

Note our Cuisinart has refused to work for us and at that price (no switch will turn) and we head back to Macy's to replace simply no receipt no box...that having been done, we now resume and note the machine is fabulous to chop and wig stuff. Period. New price as noted on return receipt? Only $25.69...I was making simple relish from pickles for tartar sauce (adds mayonnaise) when the machine failed. Sure, for baby crabcakes (as appetizer) from Trader Joe's. And also note that although Martha Stewart, Le Creuset is alot prettier - I saw 'em again at Koontz. You should season a pot or rust to rim - vegetable oil like Wesson on the rim only then heat at the top and bottom separately in the oven for one (1) hour at 375 degrees...

michael jackson and justin bieber hang out here and with great gift
they dance septa-position (raunch! excite!) to depeche mode's (e. cranch secs is peaches, as with cottage cheese, eating fresh on the run...french class mags...deepest mood?...deepest at enjoy, a place that people don't go to...a gay bar? not so - is a lair 'never so willingly' wakes up to flace) song 'it's no good' (doug moon = 'um, no good') actually a 'universe' track that is 'barrel of a gun' remade to it
wake up the talk...the beach goes on...thanks is electric, however, i'm jealous...simply jealous
president obama (little nicky) loves justin bieber...that's real he told me himself yesterday...what so marbles if to be more? is union with older sase
'no mention to mate' means nothing here joins you for a rave see it sorry we still hate absent ridicule a chum to it
others you need but have some: 'fragile tension' + the powerful statement of 'world in my eyes' from 'violator' (1990) those are punch-bullets hurling at you, pleasures ataken
slim: 'personal jesus' and 'world' are not really about ayds - it's rock by those who dare from bordentown...jesus is anyone who grants you personal favor in a bar we don't need religion, thanks...'world' is a lovecraft he is sure he sees it all for you who may have bothered - he is sure yet
reach out, touch faith ('me')
god wants to be thanked 'worshipped' - no asking for stuff
'you like this? it's mine.' like everything you ever met here, but bulbed

love at first bite: (master to st. janes) 'i can give you eternal-ded light.' (st. janes as on the 'q.t' or then 'queued' or halted 'tape') 'oh, no - i've got prudential...' (as dismissive)
another: 'being there' with shites peter sellers...a russian diplomat says his name laughably at the dinner table 'chauncey gar-ved-nee-ehr' (some) for 'gardner'...he is a seriously uneducated butler's son who never left the house while being reared and is being quoted as a serious of practical cyclical insight by gubbish politicos...'seasons change'-type the end, is seen walking with tits on water i loved it and shirley maclaine's (is paul mccartney and wings' denny laine too?) fabulous connecticut wealthsames...'oh, no - i'll get it' (no sex for true wealth, all 'textures' i always say of her of fine linens) to an ailing melvyn douglas who is mosque-questioned in rear judgment for introducing him - an odd-note - to the president (the fax who is robert loggia, jack warden tv 'brian's game') in private sanction...a raging foolery i couldn't really watch but twice or more i wanted to know of this type fool real bad too...sellers has great porno logged with me at any rate - trust that - is not really him of yore, the dipshit role passed on and but a stand-in the one we kinda like you...grandma p built their house is wingate-over-the-hill in ct with at&t money 'six plus mil, 1963' died there bad too gunshot from friends a foul of felix '66...six months later malcolm x (little stevie wayne, stevie wonder, lenny kravitz, others some and others next time the parking lot for sure) would fall fooling around with her again...the house is 'ny state' grandpa says yet, a clubhouse best said to's index money? six million, fool, you go out to barge that to a low bid...a shelf helix of rance cabbage and the sand you meet in real.


On the queued tape (qt): We've been trying CB2's rug squares in the smallish kitchen here the floors too hard to keep clean and I like pure powder scrubbings and the heavy wax and ammonia ladings of Mop & Glo too a dichotomy (like trying to drive down a fork in the road) of sorts. These squares, kinda heavy, shouldn't imply any payment or commitment to excellence, but are extras yet from else seem. We cut the carpets after laying to full-size squares against linears in the cheap-ish linoleum and fix-apply with a 3M-like product in the store made to be long in a strip that adheres and pulls up too. Follow their lead at about $11.95 a square...we'll see and note yet that our sguares have the lines in to follow the eye around. Meanwhile, the roommate took a blood-ish slap to the mouth days ago for a drunken fit next to me washing glass down on the patio and by unrelenting demand. One fool too many and here I am unnecessarily violent with you again thinking about how it all ends too soon and maybe my ceiling fan pulled down. You gonna hafta pray to Terry Jackson to be himself you keep it up...

a fancy screaming toiletbox at the corner of lacienega and santa monica - 'makes bees in france'

i want these plaid at foremost as dolls entertain me - seen at lasc but not online $105 as yet?

another fresh of keepsake noted on the way out a 'suburban' not unlike the cheyenne i showed you...
richard's family i hear and with universal preserving...

Janvier 2011 Is Not Same-Sounding 'Javier' Or 'Savors The Flesh Satisfan' You Never Get To See That Gloating Over An Easy Win Shall To Blind You
Some magic sort of it then you lart. Lift to give mail. Shift to see smouch to it soldened. Marp to get a hair raveled around what moods. You. Me. Then you to fend as hide in stone.