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welcome it new, i guess...'tiger' and 'usb' is usually associated with the extra-noteworthy magic jack...look through tiger direct coupons

Burl On Through To January 2013 What a Disaster...

view the cartoon trailer for 'the hobbit'...the live-action soundtrack is purely unintentional

just seen on tv jan 8: new 'oraquick' - now at retailers - tests for aids in as little as three (3) hours at home - needs to be confirmed by health professionals and however...

new use: a $5 box of morton 'kosher' salt also makes a great carpet freshener somehow... spread lightly, bless, and vacuum right up after a few ozium...

'regarding new ball speakers in ads, 'bluetooth' means 'wireless' only - and as if no two should connect...' - dM

the cars 'strap me in' form another block of interest somewhere
a 'not known to me' in an album sense...lead being ric ocasek got too much attention with the good stuff lain elsewhere as solo
'i just make a skeleton of a song [as on rhythm guitar] and the other [band members] help flesh it out' - ric ocasek from 'creem' magazine
what he really said: 'i don't make music - they do...i help 'em only'
see ric's 'emotions in motion'

more or less your crap: the state writes us to inform of $1,200 (balance) coming from any federal return despite a $150 per month payment arrangement made months ago (this to repay the head-of-household deduction twice now - 'ask a lawyer to pay me more')...don't dream it's over...don't even try your non-union bledded wish junk here...the burdens real but seem unheralded to people who never stop trying just to junk...we love taxes made across the board, but hate the idea of repaying one paid me an owning of me yet

'just tell me what i can have' - dM is why i pay my bills: to see what's leftover toward no further debts calling

thank all who write in the guestbook - a number at count isn't cheap you know....your experiences are valuable but the penwork hassles me right back...

to thank terry's parents also...thank you a flight out?

word of the day: 'ranting' for 'renovating' or pulling the curtains down in effect;

'o sole me-o': madonna says 'i can't stand you', neil 'i don't want to know you' - mine: 'i'm so alone even when i'm with you'...sold to the lowest bidder as to be just me

i don't want to know you but i do - carmen, of carmex fame?

nice treatment in a local paper for a recent decease - nice looking and all (for me? no thinking with)
at breakfast every morning, his father has a big page-wide ad in the paper for greater givings one might say all wedding-type portraits
the roommate cites 'jews' as a labor to see every single day we sit, but we else talked briefly long ago - wants to help wealth burdens exist and share their thoughts
the rest is easy on you...come or go
note aside: another retread is where seemy actress 'divine' died every time we pass a certain bush at a certain corner...ho hum...see 'lust in the dust' again, but later - her films an 'outrage' then own a copy quietly...'fierce' fearless
no one here like that yet...see you later, scott
terry is no one i'd know? i chose him too just once (what will have you less any further remark)
adds him in a nuclear (shining, spinning on axis) dissuade 'he's not even [buried] yet...'

when one word is worth changing: i get tired of being like a little girl (um, 'big baby' an inj mocking tone, usually) hoping someone reacts to something i the right thing, have it ready to go...'who cares' is demonstrative not interogatory, not just yet

what's given then what you'll get: one note from those kiddie-type deaths is that the president extended his hand during campaigning to one of them and got bit hard with lots of plain-see giggles afterward - another fluke? you don't need a reason to die - trust that

my mother loved the $44 electric eye liquid soap dispenser with lavender starter kit from almost 'human' or whatever ('simple human' as a hands-free see feature - see the kiss song same name - the 'dynasty' lp? it's the 'love gun' lp, actually...kiss the apparent same have been here in the backyard the silver foil of makeup is unmistakable and they are huge, i called death the grim reaper 'morgana' in to walk around as self seen only but night my texan cousin christine's head aka stella mccartney was big and all gray rotating on a plate...hi - why now? the phantasm 'awacs' are just arriving now little sweethearts raving it everywhere and the 'hellraiser' box is the right hand of god - now know with me as demonstrated) - there is a cheaper black plastic model not so brush-metal sheened for $10 less i couldn't say it that well...bed bath & beyond maybe you remember their was so mad having to find something nice for her and husband...mad mad mad

i myself sold a seriously worthwhile overcoat (an american werewolf in london just being here) and got a beautiful uniden security eye system (with everything cable and transformer for tv and computer hookup but don't get ahead of me just yet...takes four cameras to switch among and also has about four lens poses per camera if one doesn't move up and down and side-to-side with arrow buttons...and remember picture dark is everyone's problem with daytime light pressure and as not being behind the camera works well still) - is now noted for online cams literally - until i get to setup a gilligan's island-type outdoor bamboo shower ridge in a hidden banana king still learning the cams with small disk...thank generosity on ebay the only place people can't see your good laid out first...what's good...thank u india

is that st. peter's (add after then the first pope...fed to balderans for same problem not being able to just say with any clarity - polish) handcuffs, lady gaga (seem on a new ep)? i love those gold ones (perfume now a minsk - i myself like britney's cache spray and as for advice: just do it when you know to) at the vatican magic shop encased in glass (psst: i got locked up from fri-tues evening for meth - they were all mad there was so little left avoid them only...coulda been anything but those classes were hard to shit out...i told female friends-franks 'no way, clarabell' and got tried again for saying 'fraud + btw, i'm christ'* that made them real mad but the text cited to the court was 'fucking bitch' and i don't use that ever, nigger...i wanted out and had to hustle around these pregnant war criminals...$800 total...i don't want anything but maybe more sexual stuff with better inmates - neil was mine as someone else my 'chrysalis' cummerbund ('chrysanthenum' is the three-day word see 'pyrethrens' of 'rid' fame? all to note freshes of any decay coned from the inside) the ball ran and hid behind heaven gates to squat and check his red rag for infidels my recommend) but richard wants me searched up in my asshole next seatless toilets are no fun all sketched out - the smell! answer? you'd be dead for seeing me hassled in it - dead, only - but the job is dirty and few more unsuspecting rapes won't hurt me many crimes so little to i know better...hrrmph 'come and get me' you're not supposed to jail the christ tell people what you think anyway court was feb 6 - do it right now - then flask...they couldn't take my payment with another arrest warrant issued so i just mailed it in, la fool - these bitches are canadian boy now drop i still real? rushed that court right along...still they argue simple stuff i'm not you butt thanks again all...only a nigger can be a felon, to fool...that is a felon...'killers'

q: where's my money? thanks again now 2013 bmg, columbia house, itunes (ended 2008) and now others more...all in denial of me...don't leave us just yet...'you are gonna live in a walk-in closet' you to keep talking - i'll be right there for it all no more words

with a new le page in the pantry - 'soda king' king of b-bop: finally watched that movie 'the help' what a nasty little edit that was at two hours and twenty-some minutes - the black woman that looks like lou rawls (what after david burlwhip ran him right over) is certainly pretty (i'd be time reba is the nasty socialite...i guess...their house is great..say hi to the woman in red and her husband...why ask me?)...all in all, a racial-type garbage but we like your looks...lou rawls...pretty)...other than, watched terrence howard 'hustle and flow' make a song out of pimps and whores just like that?!? sometimes you gotta blow someone for a new microphone (showed 'em my birthmark for no sales tax over the phone) ...who are you? klymaxx? 'we don't work no more, so don't even ask' day, the traveler cheques just stop cummin' pu! thanks it again black woman - you're texas you'd swing - remember to pack that one up...fleece...constantine is the lead girl without cat-eye mascara this time...her spirit lifts it all and again...shit in my food? women play little inscrutable games as having been read for it once, twice their secrets unannounce to me...i tell boys to 'honor me' a little of less perhaps later on, but say something to be right...shit and piss? not exactly...s & m, n...oh, pee!

over the herd -- q: 'did you fart?' a: 'perhaps' (like you have chaps on as a nude)

rap? play it again, same - where's my 'house' tapes marques wyatt rip-sol...'you just can't truss it' no, but you can push it right back in...if it don't squirt right out even bigger!

'that's not my asshole, fool - get the facts - i don't smoke a pack of dorals almost every day' - dM, no purple hearts in the middle just yet

naming one big music database a la imdb? my first one is 'memphis' music database - real big black (and white)...greasy too...a world of mentions, locomotive

new years eve for 2013 - when did you say you'd have your act together? 2014 - a mistake yet?

monday, december the last day for technical pay (a government that spends money - that's june 30): and what was so magical about 2012? france? more junk

we hate surmise text links placed to nomen businesses - let me add them for no voice...there is usually a point to not making the any the link along lines like the point being made....the rest is business and should be considered helpful to having a mention no seeing from where or else is pursuit...nothing there works for us after all our links deny us a sale for pay too and should left off while i wonder if i make anything to pay you your debt on a house i never live in as chosen such a bride in my father's old underwear after his mother had his cock cut off for trying to please her as his we see, you're also paid but participate widely with debit cards (no bank losses with super-creepy ach collects)...for those who ask, 'you never seem to know too much but take with great care' you shouldn't even be speaking to me...there are reasons why people sit around in no old age of having it be pecked to death is for woman and are outside or get bumped from the toilet again...

thursday yet: the houses across the street aren't being demolished just yet a bad joke at best 'cause you squatters and rentpay with many plants don't let someone in - is it me in a wordfight or just them making placard? i've been wronged before but ghosts underneath must defend with vigor...the abf (arkansas best freight - my father worked there in edison, nj before the prison gig) truck dropped off to compliment the news 'a rid' had one casket and six (6) chairs in it only - a nineteen year-old from texarcana we talked some his face burned up a bit as ghost in my garden...i feed them coca-cola occasionally they like it but they want a sandwich bottle of it: our rent is going up today with a signing to $1,435 + $40 (the price of a single gift for my old mother bought just today - you NATURALLY know where to SAVE - i dropped off an arch card for courtney love who asked in the head while dancing locally 'three bags of food for $12' i gave ten from $5 increments only - don't forget that hurts you hearing about too and is a simple day brightener for me...or the church then gets repaid as another jerk-off...they got $3 from me on the day it spins more for them somehow and by magic i myself don't wait around for) or $1,475...'that's the way to help people to yours' one pays the base is small i add...'no signing (without signing the amount is $1,525 for the one bedroom per month - or move out) until you pay your water bill' around $50 bucks one and another with extras like $7 late each month i myself never pay in advance if and avoid is a fool's gold or something given for getting hurt and one here get hurts much (there was that plant thing - a plant i guess - getting bitten viciously by plant cobras either side i in my wisdom added a harsher venom it looked like quite a fight all green and leaves and wiggling alot) but being questioned harshly is good enough for me...should i begift? and i was expecting a rent reduction somehow and wonder where the money goes you're never good enough paying and saving as 'making too much'...i am just a guest yet...just today...i want a lease signed for my exit-entrance but remember rent control as being no bother at all but an undesirable area looking to have you plainly (our phones as area code are hassled over gay - 'rich gays' what a joke)...extras like having me ? are certainly being mentioned but are not enough of a threat to issue the hard stuff like the pay i've earned and don't deny it i'll be there every day in every way asking you not to comes in my name yes to me...the junk and odd-note of kills are back to and with you...the junk is what i don't want ever what you make having your way evident i don't care about school or retirement ever ALL NEW TO THE FACE LIKE MILITARY WE ARE FREE I HEARD YOU SPEAKING...i don't let ANYONE buy new way...not with money that stopped counting for me and in my don't stroke your old fat skinless cock with my lover in my new home here...not as long as i live you were just essence before a thought 'should someone else fuck that anyway how bad could it be?' the drift over to love's own fantasy is 'more than a bath' and as someone before me mentioned to a clerk in a liquor store 'you want me to give you head?' to non-plusses (now 'a greater person' to our female constituency of hog farmers and its emphysemas or bades of bad breath)...bad enough you're walking these faggots to and from their've been had...again...admit you don't know...

hi, gary numan - another story had every sheriff car racing over the hill to sunset to musk this fight between a black woman and her botherers -- they a male chaperone type asked her and party not to enjoy herself so much with having drinks while others are waiting around for yet another and she tossed a glass in someone's face to thank the old miyake's i guess as i hear it loosely - i asked what's the bother while waiting outside? some woman backed not noteworthy only from days and days ago...a mole turned up on the high cheek...the red rock at sunset is now firmly closed - we bid you adieu i never ate there either...

12/27 is thursday a whole week off with; pancakes, blueberries, and no ham cooked up yet? will make my tacos one is still windy wet cold except for daytime - great - didn't get what you want or anything some? get it yourself one day against selfishness shows you no more thoughts to come...i hate no talk and still need to get to my mother sister makes me wait but charmed this year right on xmas you wait some...and thank you...don't try me for your crimes i did it to you - how's that? back to sense...cents...and a lifted rear tooth from don't have anything i don't have...sour, lonely, ghosts...some...'you should die for that' to risk it...rushed in by a dope? better than saying things you don't mean to be helped around by the meek mending it and for pumpkin pie on thanksgiving haunts you now...the current fest ruined...worship no speak, say

12/25 from nowhere, nothing, no thank you: everything nice enough ! today no hanks to you...nothing desired no...nice days, no travel -'s peppermill is grinding away...later on more musings...they got some snow last night back east - we'll cook a ham or fade it into the appreciative distance sunset was clean and dry last night - seasonal at best no people really but some...dM

pat benatar sings 'meddy christmas motherfucker' for 7-eleven...just kidding
to fact, this is 'we live for love' and says 'hi' nicely - i love singing this song the angels are hurtful...she does it good here a fast powermong in voice
'what's that - come over [move over]' doug moon'?
see-feel: the original album track as recorded (i hate live a watercress but marvel) 'you better run'

'morris' suge knight the blackman lover of white creeps everywhere (averages us about one month for eighteen simple kills we note nothing to you) was at subway last night during a heist by sheriffs (best avoided me it's not lapd after all i have their card with pencil and all still i keep all notes from males as psychic calling card - i asked the sandwich guy is that him? he's like 'oh, yes' like they just made love - and now with so much that monty's in westwood is closed) - did they take it all? although a firm ridicule, some are not real - what's the answer? don't be that - it's still christmastime (no making me, i'll do it all over again) to a jew and my days are simply great without them playing're here, but so am i...i'll be here...don't hurt people i do get the blame only and hafta pay me back too...not so fast ...'not you'...

who me? in heaven (sometimes when you are not here) they have bulletin boards for creepy-type kids who store all that massis in their face like my old father sucking my cock last february...they kill 'em gratis with no more words 'a grave leader' someone creepy using syringes for matter what you hear, you don't know anyone related and of course your dog-lover heart sent right out ignores my quote to do better as a direct line of sight - who the fuck is that? someone you need me to kill like the centegenarias on the 'today' show i'll try but i need firm quotes from life not mapped in a pure of old is that one with no gums? - stops more people from doing it i'd say but dick's sporting goods? thank fuck! i think walmart for sewing it all up with a clean conscience 'no, but thank you that's sweet of you') - i go out and soak it up and everything says wait for better pay or 'not just yet' is surely female comic hirsute with flowers in her hair and accordion - no one would hurt her 'cept the queen of england who hassles with purely black administrations 'killers' under the guise of light who can be more beloved a thrill (one opponent is dead already anyway - is not the same there are no training corpses for better fucks with that around, china steals your food at night, only - have some piss) hear nothing about me at all a simple nothing dumb - pray will should and fuck you...i make a real halo for myself easily but not to walk down the street basically a drug whore...more: if you silly but giving to sense me use public address to warn from a helicopter i drag you to the ocean even more for landing then light seem...these flames are not real to you but can joy the world over for at christmastime...junkbags in stores do that i know who you are though...fat, and dryly brown hair like corn with no worms just laying around...a get out of my foodstuffs you don't pay for you i do but the manage is crimes risk-made against thee flaving, for being a known of self (you like greek mustard ice cream with your fatskin tits hanging down after a local of home-made bomb mows the sand lawn in the backyard - i'll just eat the two or so bags of pure shit while it's still not that hot) why would i know about you having me first? you don't touch anyone's dick for five fuckin' hours in a commercially zoned tattoo parlor but have 'watch me crap' nights each month and insist the cement floors 'you can eat off of' - why barge it over?...i don't hate, i know why i despise hearing women while my dick is out it's no threat of doing something better...i'd have that but for you much later on (tip: 'never mix company - never' + 'poopie time?'...gays have been warned - 'you are not gay - i am' that is pure vapor stink rising from another stink - or is just stink)...why not just hire one from the off ramp at santa monica? maybe they'll fuck...why not just kiss my ass - it's a cleaner shot from the rim in my you won't wash your hands after i just picked my nose and used your toothbrush to clean the toilet (someone really did this to us i mention it not - no affair seen they meet in back as bungholes always...mine are hardly new but are encased against wayward winds i don't melt with 'i'd eat three dirty asses to get to something nice' - dM who reveals 'i'd work in three mcdonald's before moving back home' is not three meals a day, but annex that so fit never do math to be here...'as about appealing as a bowl of tits' is probably a rice bowl for poor people 'no one cents from canada' served a bowl of powdered milk and nothing more...i however envison pink nipples or as a dopey slag serving a wheat chex of bourb skin globulins then....minnesota, indians - scandinavia? still trying to get a tic-tac salad for mutant bad breath...

the twenty-third is the official 'don't run' date for hanging jerks by their skinny necks in the neighbor's garage while serving hors d'oeuvres - don't get outta hand just do it...threats paid for my correspondence college way back in times see that crossed right off my list 'ungiving' and 'a troll' that real? is it 'shit for dreams' again? my last dream, was neil's mini bike on high street riding on black plastic axel cups - 'til the black lawnmower bumper met the road that is...the grass...boy's life magazine always had a vacuum motor tri-flyer just above the floor...moves in circles, is dirty looking too...if motorbox levers take your balls while you're running the show....

curve 'some good some bad'...something as old as green grape, something about you...
dug this up without you knowing or having to 'one day' do one about myself without you exultant a light both quote 'if' isolating
the song was given afree it reduces its logic to me - plus i didn't have a lick of it in the head now so saved is great to me


you live a life
i know little about
so when we're together
there's still some doubt
many corners i have never seen
a wealth of secrets still to be revealed
is this life
i can't be sure
is it fiction
that keeps me sore
from the

banging in my life
worlds collide to keep me on edge
banging in my life
the sound of love it keeps me in bed

i have opinions like everyone else
the difference is i keep them to myself
'til i can no longer contain
the sort of picture that they frame
is this light
i can't be sure
is it distance that keeps us pure
from the

banging in my life
worlds of love could keep me on edge
banging in my life
the sound of love it keeps me in bed

all i want is some good with my bad
all i want is some bad with my good
all i want is something in my light
all i want is something in my life


why wait: do more excel while bits of ours missing in action...'=vlookup' (e.g., "=vlookup(38, a2:c10, 3)" where '38' is the exact number sought, 'a2:c10' is the range to be searched at furthest left column only - you can name a range instead, and '3' is how many columns over to right using the furthest left as '1' - the formula delivers whatever's in the third column over and no '=index' works within a range and is messier somehow) goes down a list (in a 'named' or pre-designated range) in ascii sort l(to sort numbers and all punctuation marks) looking for an exact match then delivers it back to the formula cell - '=hlookup' reads across columns for an exact match of within a database header then delivers to formula address what need...why-how? '=if(c1="5", "five", "ten") 'says if cell 'c1' has a numeric five in it, say it as such, or display the next highest multiple 'ten' and as the evaluation delivers to a default...fingers repainted? reference the function each in the formula bar section or then help section to get perfect any syntax - too vent at this juncture....yet and yet again...p.s. you name a database (or contiguous range of related facts or base of information with fields or info blocks making a whole 'record' or single line across the database - no thinking or linking of name and addresses parts the difference is nothing that would suffice for a delivery as just bits of no quote) so the program can find and reference anywhere as a block of columns and rows drawn with the mouse (an apple original device-part, by the sure of that) a range under one of the menu picks...find it yourself...password protect? under 'format cells' each cell can be formatted or left open to change protected with password for no changes - optionally hides any formulas too...the whole sheet for no entry saves under a menu pick...or no write also to be both....

more, lightly copy paste: you can paste a copied cell's formula to change as not anchored from with dollar signs before each or either column or row indicator is relative to counts away only and changes exactly with any such movement, you can paste the format only, the simple value the formula produces (excellent tool for isolating and removing formulas from extractions that change with moving around copied cells and their results, and simply paste no attributes or colors formats evaluations for 'not equal' anything but use "<>" a big secret yet..."=round(a1, -3)" rounds a cell to the nearest can format cells to keep the rounding out as separate or do it with formula code what changes the number for real in pennies and cents as dollars (also see the specific and controlling "=roundup()" and "=rounddown()"...the format doesn't actually do anything but is for paper and present - never kind to having making add and remove columns by highlighting the header either or and say by menu pick 'insert' or 'delete' find...moves everything to and fro and changes formulas automatically

for referencing cells in a closed workbook, make the last page in the saved workbook a link target that does not copy any cell moves within the workbook itself...any place that is static and unchanging will do...any else, fails, but is your rhyming and clown of signal to insert and act!

mourning ikea at burbank center? you to welcome ikea west hollywood at pacific design center! our money's good too...

pavilions has beautiful $5 poinsettias at the front door outside - rich green leaves no rot like they were fed coffee

a whole set of twelve (12) cupcakes is just $5

a whole set of mini christmas-style cupcakes is just $2 through december 25 plus

i made a string of 'c7' (indoor as opposed to 'c9' outdoor) ceramic lights alternating red and green - beautiful! for a window box...all bulbs from at koontz
just $2 a four-pack of bulbs plus colors loose at the c7 size

got these harman kardon computer speakers 'champagne' as used and in all-black at a local disposury - sleek! good sound is 'fingerwidth'...

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deal of the day at petsmart - look every day

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only $279.91 at office depot: lenovo 15.6" screen

our holiday present is cicely tyson as scrooge in 'ms. scrooge' - it's all here
qnd i quote 'uh-uh - god bless us all'
note: i just found thirteen dollars ($13 - two fives and three ones) on the street walking home from the store just nights folded and spread along, it paid for my groceries outright!
alts 'a mom for christmas' (1990) with olivia newton-john

12/17 make a reindeer outta your car or ruv replete with red nose and all $9.99...see skymall banner link, think next year some...

SkyMall, Inc.

scandoll jay baruchel was on tv last night in 'she's out of my league' we watched is a bit subdued for him but ok...his handjives in 'goon' are funny (i scanned him - that character had a heart attack on drugs, coke says he 'a synopsis of one - doesn't feel right' and has to take it easy now)...

Free Shipping Day! Shop our collection of Holiday flowers & gifts and get Free Standard Shipping at! Use Code: FREESHIPDAY12 (Valid December 17th only, Ends 11:59PM EST)

alternates to thrift: 'calidad' corn tortilla chips are robust with flavor if you wanna steer clear of lard ? - see at pavilions 'round the early of price...

you got it here: if 'saying is exactly one half of doing' - dM, you didn't get it here...

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don't forget the wooden candlelight carousels are grandmother had a big one in plain salts from france or germany that got busted up before i could get it myself
the last functioned christmas with neil and uncle paul was in 1979 it was there in middlesex, nj (to be aim and memory shot - celebrate with led zeppelin 'in through the out door' delivered me sane)
the heat from small jewish (can(n)ebra) candles makes it go 'round it looks like people are running to and fro like a cuckoo clock, kinda
during the interim i had small golden metal one with hanging angels from macy's in new york city
and so alts amazon for the wooden carousel having mia - is $99.99, however and me

this is the exact metal one i had - one with farm animals-sheep was used in kindergarten on individual birthdays
my birthday is midway through august net however, but you got a single frosted barley cookie like brand mother's animal crackers - you'll sleep forever no bliss
everyone else just watches as well-wishers only while you blow the candles out
thank you anyway, mrs. mildred golden
angel chimes at amazon

today's the last day (12/16) for that topolino (top of the line, the last word, is sue-able) starbucks 2-for-1 holiday drink act now - wednesday is payday here i'll get mine then some 'fiscal cliff' means you have pay awaits us then none but level?...i don't always need to be with free...this weekend was gorgeous by the way, hurtful

the oscars and other plent have announced their usual scatman of honors to no be fret - a scanty replace for gifts trait...the pose phone camera for two linked phones (at once featured in the debbie reynolds movie 'mother' with the father from 'drive' albert brooks) was 'polaroid' (and has been replaced somewhat by an itc unit) mugging your haikus back and forth someone's toothbrush in your ass...see videophone technology rise...and fall...again

Bliss World, LLC

nest, plague: with respects to a greater number of change (twenty down), the victims say they were made 'black' or skin in different locations forced to lie on their bellies and were shot the back of the head with .22 rifle? they'll be back after ascent...lyndon larouche reported in and one mitt romney funeral she supposedly croaked recently and is seuss-involved...thanks it again...zoo-zither carzay ('who's here - can you say?' says seuss himself is 'can you say before they get inside?...comes from zoo zither, a snake...')...camino real? what else? join to be massis: 'les miserables' opens soon and i quote 'we just wanted to book the name' i agree it's only been twenty years of saying it out loud our 'verisimilitudes' very similar attitudes - a young girl parentless after revolutions gets passed around to moliere (a french wit) extents (sophist humors - no one knows clearly or for to be sure)...who would say and when did this happen? less miserable then you? presenting the most miserable ones yet...who were they? study my own haitian-style long wood bead with whitewash on wire axis 'tournavale' the one word missing heretofore - i hate its way of being tired and sad at arrive or to know well and why not, reasons...see it combed down...

relook at 'drive' the cruel violence (the israeli muffed up two old bitches inside the loan shop - he punked them bad and is getting his own beatings along the way to make it a meet) - i like ryan gosling a good joke of no speaking and of always morgue work - in his underwear during 'all good things'...i watched this other guy - quite nearly a real man, rare and factually a grave - in another boozer seen to be overseas on 'sundance' called 'fish tank' the guy is unusual but strung me along with witless women breaking in but no surprises and we get him naked anyway...more dump, more junk about you...women and blacks all new tales to tell...i fought bad for it having been nearly a remove from my sight...'i never blow myself ever' - dM a privilege only, and as god said 'never' and is law (um, 'islam')...fatwa a 'fat one'...'our love' allah...'chuffed' is 'really impressed'

attention all snackers: potato chips-crackers bugging your teeth? it has been said that palm oils are being mercied with real driftwood and their nuts - actual wood esters (um, 'sylvers'...hotline, hotline - also see genus frito-lay is for 'frijoles' or 'beans', finally (palm oils are three times (3x) more conductive along lines than saline or salt water bonded by heat and process - like chunk-made chicken and the 'glans meatus' have along the 'pons' (um, in total sum the 'bishop'), is hard on the mitts...back to: bean dip their mainstay and so predicts 'you'll be eating alpo out of a can' and so too adds 'flies rest on your baked chips' while they crispen in the calixco sun? 'i never question a known good' (but stink is 'no question to me' from you as other yet others)...i hate being guided to and fro by women and so reach for a hot holiday cup of oakey-piss at your seating establishment...the greatest gift? sperm cupcakes? i'll have one right now, nigger...byom...believe you'll (pu!) owe me...the 'only insult is having your own' - ford motor company and at as fisher motor body - you price your enthusiasms (the under-arm money pit) to keep it on the shelf 'nothing's that free' to the a fatty yellow liver in a burncow, it'll still be there long after you're gone yet inside and in knowing hell for sure breaker-breaker ('make or break her')...'please (in the french 'fatigue' say 'fati-gay' - the tiresome faux wealths of gays everywhere), 'i have mine' soaking in lavoris red from jellyfish who exist simply to love poop and as cites is 'ours alone'....and the rot of pocket gums too...the chinese 'pyoor'...the liver lined with slits and with holes for heat and electrically exploded cell structures is most like a catcher's mitt those fact-day...

docudent: this past week, had a nightmare dream ostensibly at an old hospital i worked at...some blond guy thick-ish and a married type - in the fuckin' morgue no less - had his peter cut off and was raging in the basement hallway bloody and scary to me as i was held in place as not so unusual to be me...odd the man was both dead and living to me both...i couldn't stop being frightened before and after...later a small ziploc with the diminutive (small 'someone's lover') part inside like a vienna sausage...upstairs in the vestibule and surround, the guide was not to admit it was real, plus resolve deep wounds in the head...again, held in place a horror...god over says 'nothing i know or see', live or die is not important to me a nothing top to bottom drawn...the scares are rare and cherished, though....scary!...push back together with a toothpick in the middle to trick the wound to be closed with wet sugars afoot...some say....then add some don't say?

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specific hit/miss at skymall: Your school becomes a masterpiece with Campus Letter Art.

more unless, maybe you is old news 12/14 maybe still you honor it: Today Only! Free Shipping on orders $150 or more at Spiegel.

reconsider 'home alone': kevin is a ghost in that house that does alot to avoid aging by terming himself with gas inhalation in the oven (ever see? turns head buried in chest left right alot and chuffs)? was screwed over in a family house deal - the fat kid is him too and also he has the future what they the burglars will do and when and then perfects with those tortures at time...strange! happens each six years a beggar but think it over some the mother says he's just there alot running the boards...barely seen

CircuitCity 728x90-Geek_Shop

electronic 'if you've got love' another pretty ditty from the (marc ondy cute blond-type waif) lp 'raise the pressure' (1996)
reload: 'late at night' the lays are easier to get them home - why say more? too much choice in the world - is no fare

i love the jacket and hood - don't kid yourself i'm pleased as punch
the old one was blue...midnight blue

great weather cold rain - love it! gunshy? i never shot one ever - and you? you could lose your weiner over someone dumb...tit for a tit?

'who paid who?' - dM

new zoo revue: aya 'uptown' also max'd on lp with meatball beats pulled back, we love the 'contacts' lens cover actress sound
some say the cover is rosie o'donnell slimmed and fattened for the kill, and is aaliyah too

bananarama issues a new single called 'now or never' as we sing the don ho-elvis cha-cha version 'it's now or never (my 'love' won't wait da da dum - won't start the car on a cold day, either)

jay baruchel (never mine the buttocks: say 'bara-shell' or 'by yourself we can talk'...i say 'bah-ru-shull' - by the roots pulled up, out) 'it's all real' is the lookalike on album left - what wore a chinese-looking freak last evening somewhere 'hi again'

smog performs from the rankin-bass 'hobbit' - there's lots more to rub it the wrong way (he calls the hobbit 'burglar' as if set to flame and also instructs him to look at his 'perfect' belly and black-ish pubes)
if a match made in heaven, surely this to tax us the rich

'no, i didn't wash 'em with a bit of homey powder...' (talcs to clean a hair, fur? yet a scurvy of peroxides)

to: saucy lady from: christmas kindle - satins hot to the raspy gubner's touch, 2% sperm + mucous membrane sez lady m. levine

tracey ullman balks at the amount of spanish spoken on cable tv - a vanity as not to speak it? the cable office here boasts the quantity as to clap on ore...
note the ending is just as carefully scripted as not to have you come home at lunch (a 'too turned on'?)

Effy Jewelry

Effy Jewelry

Now That November 2012 Is Finally Over With We Can Stop Praying For It All To End Without Saying Happy Birthday To Marc Ondy And Cheese Suits Glut Dated The Nineteenth A Shamrock
that bra is expired, you know

doug's christening in 1964 just submitted with mom's xmas package baked goods, photos, some cash...she's going to nj for the week
the white plates suggest you smoke these outside

right to left, clockwise:
a) mom and me, my grandma johanna (bette davis, etc), aunt judy (gilliland, paul's wife);
b) me, my father, and aunt judy;
c) doug at halloween

you can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man - like you can't get a lizard's tail
at trader joe's - they have rock candy on wooden swizzle sticks for $2 a gift pack and nice pinecone of wreaths for $10 no bow yet

this stinks? why wait for it to crim a sheen is no compliment? again, she took the buttercup, the cupcake, and the honeybun...smallish sweetbreads? use more flour nigger three cups is all and you get to eat? plain milk is no rice bowl, have an aloe and a simple eggdish