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december 2012 *clickedy-click* hates your gift registry asking for no flowers unless you charend them yourself - no goats in the half-day 'by-this-noon pete we're flying legs to play the behind in a skin-made - why cash it a known get-around to be found handed gaupt in the hide'

one last kick in the pants: george michael does 'praying for time' a la mtv 'unplugged' - as good as any i've done
i always like this song (music versus words versus music) he says he played it all himself
thanks! p.s. jesus hates you too! other add: 'waiting for the day'

watch a 70's gay porno on me a 'me and mr. jones' - no fats freaks femmes just beauty stabs at the ass and at a minimum of aids le stink...luv'd it me bulb

our numbers through november

seen on a job application: 'uses buttermilk to make butter'

old dvd now heaves our featured song: baccara 'tokyo by night [asian delight]' mp3 (5.2 megs) is also 'gina t.' on itunes (is like madonna's 'hung up' and abba's 'gimme! gimme! gimme!' with 'the last mohican' inside) other, we hear haysi fantayzee's "shiny shiny" is signed again...although i love her russian stance 'no chance' and all, check out this kate garner interview as photographer - she's very natural (she's photographing an early kate bush at trenton high)

to no further flare 11/27: so the new optic dvd drive installed in the mac mini without any a delay and performed beautifully...nothing more to know sail on (make sure the plug in back is split before buying)...

by and by request: the julie andrews and james garner holiday movie 'one special night'
two people existing lightly around the surmise deaths of their individual spouses in the pre-need world (pay as you know to go) find theirselves stranded in a country-type knee-high christmas and both finding the room to eat bits more...i talk to the mother silent for my yucks one day her daughter said something off-note and she clapped shut she said...hate has a home after all

note everyhow and when that teensters donny and marie are doing a christmas show live from the pantages theater on the hollywood boulevard walk of fame from december 4th or so onward...thanks it off me

baby metal domi

i take in bits of 'twilight': bella is a queen you know and edward is her memnoch a dead boy of her son that defends her unnaturally and at night with speakings into windows at 'clouds of people we don't know who' - every queen has just one...she said this was a german type and bald-ish as she didn't know where to turn...1940's...we like the soft-spoken indian one (but only wipe my ass with the hair) who fixes motorbikes and his friends - they are mine more naturally, and change into things to kill without knowing they do...think sigue sigue sputniks all the way - running and jumping from a ledge after two others fatefully do...

smart (you've been hurt before) recap - read it and weep and don't assume all homos you pick your parts breast leg or wing
'one day chicken, next day feathers' - sade (from 'never as good as the first time')
live jasmin
boner tube live
flirt4free yup, hadda bag that peepers (and one other vegemite) it's all fish, all day, and no bungholes to be seen afairre....a sweaty make-believe, a vulvan*
porn md

*faggot, please end this to sense giving shall have and if to be and should prevail if and what again is just us

*some think we oppose these plaster or dirty-by-hand 'lazy susans' as 'too big a plate for too small an appetite'? - not true - we oppose them for making people feel like king - 'you are no one to me' a point to point

tip: law (and thus any-all civil-type court) is a courtesy it's in the word - don't expect much when money isn't's another gladham at best a fanciful type...minimums paid to get out and away from sheer criminals who are paid consultants down the line 'get hurt by-from who hurts most' or the rejects of justice 'just this' for more cold called for or sit around sewing in a new zealand pot while fear - 'you can shit in front of them' at their kitchen sink while mending it...

visit a month before christmas with us rankin bass 'jack frost' and baby metal 'domi'
'a penny saved is a penny to be earned' - the above as 'we don't spend money we have it'
a stock splits ('halves the share at half the price') because the call outward is not heard and is thus hidden from view - add one half back when the stock shows right up when and if
p.s. if the live action 'hobbit' fails you - see the rankin bass cartoon...the dragon 'smog' (um, 'sand' really) is perfect in the cartoon version and i quote him sensing the dark always 'i know you're there - i can smell you'
the 'hobbit' is a petty thief that hides with a ring that makes you invisible when worn - he stole the ring from gollum (um, 'gourna' say 'garna' the god above) who has to live in a cave to hide and is thus now greenish a young man taken to be
the cartoon implies all those elves are not necessarily important to know - 'no, they don't die for you and they don't want to know you either' - john (jrr) tolkien
nor eaten along the way, they in posters ask me to back off when countered at busstops...ok...gandalf is abraham like it or not as a german earth spirit he is germany a toybox-toolbox in england as newfoundland else as teutons two-times 'round
they still swear to losses in buildings they will never forgive as i ask them along the way 'aren't the new ones better?' as always decorative
p.p.s. i'm still thinking about shares in mutual funds - you lose money or by shares and divide what's left by a share to find a value per share - you don't share a loss, do you?
bite or sting? you know you touched a nest one way or another. an unclothed step?
a flower makes a sting - it's there hiding


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remember the thick of ghosted air with witch symbols that surrounded those in 'blair witch' is called a 'holophim' - yeah, thick greasy air and scare everywhere around is warning NOT TO FOLLOW SO CLOSELY....the gift given a word...


meanwhile m. night shyamalan's 'the village' - and so what?
synopsis: in a start-over village akin of the amish and in scotland where ghosts are too real for no fence of high, a young woman is refused marriage and with seeking a tribunal in confirm is the hesitant (another no-no) that gains him a knife in the belly from a 'known retard'...the young woman is forced to head out to the fence with sheepish others seeking help medicine as blind with stick tapping...she succeeds in drawing in those who must be left alone a part of the forest to be avoided strictly, but only after being deserted in the mud and rain by her phlegms...reaching the fence she encounters regular life in the form of a boy guard on the border road who aids her, but the man will never get the medicine you'll see because her father the religion mayor of sorts tricks her by showing her similar costumes kept against the ghosts to fail a thought even as they popularly visit homes at night to gather some supplies...a higher essent of it

this the plate 2012, at 1800 or so

happy thanksgiving ! to be just yet 2012...fuck you, too

11/22 memory lane - left my laundry out in the vendor shaft on our floor for one whole day (colors) to no loss and to thank my big blue ikea bag for sticking it out too....the pope wrestling with angels and animals in nativity scenes? i love being with dead the outside at night as ghosts and silent snow and ask angels not to just be and do silently, but rest here with us always (in the city of angels lost to self pursuit) while we wait for no jest...i would be alone with animals who never express anything but humble need and no nasty talk but care...simple times for simple folks who are tired of high-class thievery in the name of being smart (as having been hurt) for us all...

ordered an 'lg' optical drive (the very prospect exciting the other as fail is a 'sony') from ebay ($39.99) less a few cents and by request for having tried - the back plug split in the middle is all that's important as i've had to note and as it seems i spent all night noting no difference in terms for a fit ...the guy has ten (10) available or so...see you later on that one...p.s. the new ones don't have optic drives built in but usb as locally and that's fine but you don't get to stay here while in disrepair, however, nothing useless (and abandon? no - is not yours to dispose of while make-try) should, our mac mini was purchased in early 2009 a 2.0 gHz model dual-core intel and has been used viciously for read-write many overnights and as you would say to no vent...the lateral fan in it blows down a vent to the rear and i note the greenhouse heat (as dreamed of is actually green as fume) rising from and as the ipad too is abusive to the touch always at left but underneath, but is a long vent emptying out not just pump to heat rising as seem...

by the way, if i owe you money don't remind me i came up a bit short yet and will sell my 'loans' to someone else you lend to...see you soon if you cared enough not to ask...and so lend to me again and again...

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alanis morissette 'guardian' because i really need new and fresh....that is not you yet
is me really? just like me but with an opinion that doesn't match right up...that boy in the 'everything' video with spill - is he around me too? xo
remember the 'rise' in the pants

curious: if i don't do, you don't do? a: known to be fact (this, here - just once a day) get back to work as you have the job - the part that hurts (having to be paid every now and again and on a specific date in the future)...when a bank stops working, you can too - look to saturday some...


apple store event? no one serves less to their guests...they 'don't need anything', thanks
i need some things, i'd guest

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rihanna little and mean: her chris is onj's son (there are two, one has real nice hair on his legs i seem to notice) but hated her showing up one day from the other side in cream ridge nj an outhouse there they use
she inhabits a nice multiplex on fountain ave here in la that is new and insists he not be there as not making a hit of himself these days
she rihanna offers he should be a roadie 'til times improve - but furthers 'not here'
women want no bother with 'big legs' while i'm 'out and about' - leave it at that
see it come

never one to disappoint me, i'm still here....'oh, well...i can pray too' - 'exorcist iii' the bell scissor i've got an extra rib again
pumpkin cheesecake? trader joe's has 'em ($6.99 in a paperboard lacing of a box with michele lorie-equivalent new york style at same price)

amount? $50 bill...that's enough for a pair of cherry panties in japan

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thanksgiving inc: one ten-pound bag of 'betty crocker' russet potatoes is now $0.99 at ralphs - i got mine - also 'cuties' mini tangerines are $2.88 a box-bag....cvs has ocean spray cranberry sauce for just $1 a can

all that's left of duke's on sunset - a prayer hut

got me a 16.06 pound butterball turkey this year (rather thanksgiving is next week apparently...) from pavilions up the street (just $10 with a $25 purchase plus a $1.50 per-pound fee for each over 16 pounds - we haven't been bothering with the laborious 'just for u' program lately a task taken me too far)...a butterball is injected to death with greases and i like it best, i think...and while some of you fry the tips in an oil pot...

beelzebub 11/14: just got the mac mini (what seem here) up and running again from hard drive failure - total cost $50 on ebay for 120GB mac mini replace...despite everything, and as when installed fresh, i erased the hard drive by partitioning (at uppermost or fujita level in the disc utility) for one (1) big partition (select 'osx as journaling' with 'guid partitioning' or then 'general user interface deselect' and under custom or believe, have an entering of zeros to polish off all along)...then signaled 'osx snow leopard' (version 10.7) to install from our external superdrive dvd (hold down 'option' or then 'option c' when starting up)...once installed, go online like i did and get osx software updates under the apple icon upper left (this will add the 'osx combination update' to include the app store where the new 'osx mountain lion' as paid for in unusual demise rests as there is no disk published) and use the app store to contact a repeat version of 'osx mountain lion' (version 10.8) and here we are...the hard drive installation shows me all is plug and play with a few mounting screws added - use the you tube instruction guide under 'mac mini' to install any-all...once outside of the box, the old drive easily collars for tapping in with a common $10 kit and for usb hookup up: the optical drive and its shits....

for no yucks: depeche mode 'world in my eyes' still impressive it says me
originally from the 'violator' lp (1990) the squib sounds are bullets being fired all around u
also hear 'blue dress'...just kidding 'halo'?
someone says 'never let me down again' to remember how sad then dupe...produced by flood (god)

why waste: popular vote 19% romney...18% congressional...the president is the speaker of the house for the senate, only - the house of reps is all aides to congress climbing up, in...roseanne (no write in just at 2%...more potent if not so threatened with filths) was on my ballot with a woman 'cindy sheehan' chris cook whose son died in algiers (afghans)...still they argue he 'marc' was blowing stuff up and caught a tail wind from need seventy-five million votes to be president not 7.5% as mitt romney dutifully reports in the colored hand-me-downs of boy george...

journey 'send her my love'...from stills

ready for the world: what i'm singing these days 'slide over' great stuff!

calendar close 2012: money talks by stevie v
'v' is for 'vadge' not victory,'vyceroy'
'viscount' + 'you are going to hell' - the above hates this (cheaper to rule) while artless (ours - no less) beings roam with debts

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while my mac (mini - now a challenge for parts) is having its tits pinched for oil of skinner taught us where the food comes from...a good ass-beating reportedly shocked, dismayed even...we here process alot porno for ucla, and apparently

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olivia newton-john and john travolta have a christmas duo out now, keep the lonely phone-beak of 'she & him' around too...i'm always the girl, btw
the rest have to be shocked into the killing field, fed off

CircuitCity 120x240-pinkfriday

'til tuesday 'j for jules' from the 'everything's different now' lp (1988)
'have mercy'...

niggers at (compare with the niggers at asked me to sell christmas cards again their lead...then still owe me glass pits from the first lot of ground round...we mean that

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-----end the talk-------better to have than to have spent?--------better to owe than to own nothing?-------you could do no better than to have it speak-----i had to tell you, i didn't have to take you there...movies circa 1977-------x

olivia newton-john holidays with 'soul kiss' from that album - great song

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vote: and that, was more talk...welcome you have the job by the hand...the rest grieve...there shouldn't be a debate with a sitting president - just two new ones only capping an eight-year term...get real...'i'm still talking'...queers

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curve 'habit' from the 'coming up roses' cd 1 (1996)
what is a 'habitue'? someone who's always at home enjoying nothing new, a cave-like dwelling of no pets, nor 'domicile'
toni's reportedly working outside of atlantic city at a vibrant fuschia casino-looking place 'albertts' i guess (saw in a dream)
my sister says seaside heights got mowed down (her wish-dream) but arials reveal my pier still stands 'lucky leo's' casino pier is mine...'funtown' is less for less downstream
best of luck to all - boats wagging about are funny but signal only a rich cow of milk

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i scloomed this film 'we need to talk about kevin' an english witch does all she can to bring this hero of sorts about - devil worshipping
in the end, a few people remarkably dead and maybe now and in time some peace of mind

October 2012 Only Looks Bad But Probably Hurts A Whole Lot More

catching up: some of these are a projection light show at moca pacific design center..
perhaps how a 'no' vote can be translated into placing bits extra on-top and having missing your mark
you don't always have to be the first to say

fyi phyllis 'barry' diller...long since frenched, this act was pretty funny at first the jello stuff is on

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