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You Can't See For Yourself Any More Than You Used To In February 2013 So Why Not Take A Look
Can't feel a thing in January...

Someone says paraphrase "Bubba Ho-Tep" so here goes: If badge-wearing Elvis could share one part of his life, this would be one of them. He woke up in one of two situated convalescent homes in suburban Texas to find one length (a beauty with barkeep poles up the glass - no seeing in) shut down as being for funerals only and if all libraries are redouble morgues anyway kinda in a richness of beblast. There are about three principal beings here and as one of them is fail saved and dies ultimately, they seek his killer once seen a ghost an egyptian mummy in a leather suit and cowboy hat who decides to show the others who he is one fine night - a kindness? Besides Elvis, and yes he is real here a combo cop and undertaker who keeps these places for hangers on, he has Oswald as a congenial old black man, and a nurse who is rebuked often enough not to matter much to points made future or elderly scares 'you are here' anyway. Oswald gets up his dander enough to enlist Elvis for a fight with this ghost as coming for them one day from the closed down part of the facility they keep to theirselves. Have and to hold as a bus accident of legend researched but unrelated proves them unworthy of people and their assist as makes death seem a not so grand as all at once (moving around of and as to the music one adds with sneaking adding the rush and fear). Ultimately a haranguing of a ghost that is at once famous of God like Elvis but not in need of the work. We fight our own demons? We fight to be someone to it anyway. A great looking film - no sights of light to lead you down and out with cheaps.

code word 'mock'

highest seat?

still keys? leave a light cash basket on the table for keeping whole host, touches...some

this on 02/11 valentine's thursday you are mine but are never really here (can be seen, thrown right out...thrown in the ocean air-sea) ...new february page to paper soon tax papers returned jan 30 earliest electric submit to feb 7 paid - fast, easy olt...why wait see nothing for you here though nothing in my name....

come to me disease, famine, frankencense, artists, music: watched some grammy's last night (hi all come back just now or as stay) to in fact 'while the worth'...taylor swift was jerky stuff....is actually you? pu! leave me now...to resume, 'party 'til we die' should butt soume you've only closed every record shop here 'what if you made money?' this isn't the american awards as recording sciences the medium so artist backed down...most will examine their glamours later with all so gnome who'd of thought target would be music central? walked through hollywood nights ago singing to meself...is so beautiful for hazing now (where my annual salary lies whats taken? well to be spent)....blessed the chinese theater (them to now 'select and throw out one unlikely cement handprint...' ) and another to be asked of 'amoeba' records - you don't see me now...you didn't see that cloud come all the way down (on fuller up from sunset) to say hello in hollywood one day it was more than gasses it was white ribbons and pillows hatched like cottons-hair dripping, bitch, as they wouldn't just join up easy right above on a blue-ish cloud-type day (no nuts ranching hands on sidewalk, but feign waiting for you) you'd both hafta say waiting a bit before some entry to let since be it for me....any to forgive (get same) your sins no one cares more about that brand sink is no one new anyway i need older stuffin's....gold sinks that don't laquer in the light i hate fencing shine 'turn that off'... circus 'coitus' cures that, what annually...$$$ no tipping, $$ saving me some since...

cup of mince its broth 1:1 sez 'they'll arrest you' - get back to work...women basking in brazils will need panz therapy for cosshing lines even if they wait to sing you praises at parties 'oh, say can you seem?' just bits younger...'buy all means, be silent' rape, pillage otherwise no pay just resin tests any skin for green a color meal, trench dental exams with ball flurries, cursory porkpie reviews by cush, police state pizzas max 600 one dutchess oven who is it now? them to see me again...fryskin yolks, pan dems...'nah - he orders a new report even if we just ate one too....doesn't care about me'

know abraham killed his parents (a nude fire no escape 'no, they were mean') - why? they needed to emancipate him (this only for underage earners with wacko money being spent the rest to be refused cigarettes with) never do i refuse me anything...'is not smart' just now help me to bring it to a full think'

all is a wash anyway all you got paid less all you spent and should be seen as a garage sale in jeans made young? i hate some of those days but don't go ruining a great snazzy cold weekend with it talking aloud! sums of nothing to be sent but jurry i'm aloud...punches that right in...

apple 'illiad' my dream machine: i get the name is 'nicro' now for apple's new deuce-betrayal so what's 'nothing new'? some pote from the dump they would muse with: 'they wouldn't use the name 'illiad' because he used the name [as online]'...in unsupported pasil stance, we mirth is used by dems already somehow....the device as so-named by me, is to record a lengthy walk down the street as encounters with you filmed from above it and pages you a phone? should also voice command but lights up to show any fouls of breath it's recording (note: the uniden long camera works well in the dark my asshole stlill can be seen...light pressure of glass bringing sight to is a big boat though...the shine on sides receiving the light is a mend with stance light to be upped - is not from led pegs on camera but lights - great)...very cool it gets you seen on camera and tapes long interroute....to so soap

heard the pope ('highest seat to god' a fight after since?) was shot is not job related a security a jewelry heist 'no view' should so seem AS POPE NOT CLEAR we like 'em all as meet as just a merely voice shpuld eat shit...theirs, that is and so quips mcdonald's 'i didn't tell you to do that!' each private personal...no notes from above...fourteen off-duty officers downed by a single man here? sure 'we fucked last night - nice chest'...

the first place brand 'samsung' seen - my mother's '78 cadillac coupe de ville when sold us - they had a samsung tv inside you plug into the cigarette lighter...colonial cadillac olden avenue in tnj....get on over to their mcdonald's nearby when it snows...i just had a medium shamrock shake at mcdonalds this past weekend with a mcdouble (double cheeseburger) from the value menu...

better than arguing in the store so now that i may eat: remember, there isn't a turkey in this world that foster farms made...see jennie o turkey store, see pavilions, do not see foster farms...see my meatloafs to be perfect only

getting chased by 'bubbs'? a bubble = outta shape

'bubba ho-tep' ('both at the hotel', as so found an elvis - one other says 'better off dead') is unavailable right now - thanks for giving...bruce campbell is michael as youthed, btw... 'the lorax' is there

you can get the first season of 'american horror story' on netflix ($8 a month the first month is free) i'm in there again interlacing movies to be with us...'crash' is one and had to be turned off for racial context too soon in me

aah's on sunset has a post-christmas sale 90% off - sugar babies aplentiful are $0.22 each a big box tax included

men are from mars, women are from venus (the 'cuckoo' lp is twenty this year to be toured at thanksgiving)
a woman never knows who she is because someone else has to tell her (is not on-top rationally, and thus makes up her mind alone unfettered...venus is 'avoids')
a man admires himself too often....mars
p.s. the art is reminiscent of blab issue #18 - god caught in the water as a pink and yellow eye with pink nymphs around as attached even as tentacles

for february valentine's day around the neck

Wow Her! Don't Settle for Less! Thoughtful Valentine's Day flowers & gifts starting at only $29.99 at 1800flowers.com! (Offer Ends 02/14/13)

a little more or less known to be: scrimm's interview with la times
says him: 'i'm no one, really' - smarter people gas the halls
remember, i'm here exchanging quality experiences with readers - an undeserved of heaven-sent
'it's never for me' or 'i never do anything for you' - dM this past weekend was holy by the way no needs expressed by you

the candy heart doormat - from lillian vernon - must be referenced at their site...the link suggests 'candy heat' doormat and that is what you get working for favors...'a kiss, a hug, and a couple of fucks' is what i reported as income this year...that's 'cash basis' only...'earned but not paid' or 'alas, is unpaid' is like getting beaten in a race against time 'yeah, but i went and borrowed a potato from the folks next door after she left in huff - we agreed not to charge her with theft, not to free her of her reasons not to barter so but considers each meager as larders the heft...who to lift if then offers to crank?

preview for 'john dies' - not just your regular drug and magic carpet ride, this is a self-contained kinda 'what would i do different?' than thou if faced with similar facts (this, here - a memory vane) and no real interest but obligate to hear it all out as personal tome in the making of a gift to book...one friend lets a bob marley from vegas-type shoot him up with 'anecrals' or black icy crab lice raging in suggestion me from the pacific northwest and uses the alien of crabs to burst it out or then at-once revise to a china as drains bodies of a black ilk naturally the by-product of a penciled hair...either-or a gifted blindness ensues and then things take shape out-front maybe before others cognate...on the way to the hospital one is seriously ugly about babysitting junkies, but he gets injected also on the way somehow in a struggle with the syringe what shoved down in his front pocket and then police and other non-beings materialize all friendly enough but looking to have company with...no great reveals, but a black telephone pole fezzing (um, feathering - light activates and disintegrates with no bothers afoot) underground behind a 'ghost' door (basically, a shanghai - a penthouse door) some see, others don't and is as if to be god himself if you know who to ask...how to open a gas or ghost door? some girl uses her amputation a stump and that's a sick appeal to a higher being stuffed with straw and cow shit - what else you got? anyway, everyone gets shot with guns (my command is to 'use the gun that matters...' with reticence or any 'since thens' to be reduced) but nothing really matters when you make it as yourself and know of events ahead of time a quick snatch is all i suggest as 1) everyone there you hate knowing, and 2) guns pull you out of a body they don't get there in time to know much with you...people like me whomever is running the attrition there wanna know the cute kid the rest keep their bullshit detectors on at night for company's sake a late-night radio...'my boyfriend who's been dead now for two months is bothering me again'...the love that dare not speak its name is here calling...only the mother makes that rise up...

See's Candies, Inc.

lapel under 'colleague-false friend' no tips left: this filthy 'sex questionnaire' (disguised as crap neo-pollster captain dan o'herlihy author 'the anals of history') nipped from some cam site - give offense:

q: do you enjoy cyber-sex?
a: not really
m: is a smoke and mirrors routine with you showing off my old car to prospective farts - i could always toss another rumpled-up bag of mcdonald's garbage out the car window

q: do you use sex toys?
a: not often
m: only after soaking in a bucket of 2000 flushes
not since my asshole was lanced open by a whirling motorized tongue on a '36 ford entropy - burled me around the carpet too

q: do you enjoy oral sex?
m: no touching the plates...on a great day you can suck your dick

q: do you enjoy anal sex?
a: absolutely
m: greek passive sez: no, and never have i...'makes me wanna shit'

q: do you enjoy porn movies?
a: yes
m: taped over a kiddie feature in da middle, i can't say why but i do

q: are you interested in sex with multiple partners?
a: ehh
m: on the other side of the house if there's no loud music playing it just soothes me the neighbors

q: do you enjoy bdsm (bladder disorder semicile durvachaesis)?
a: no
m: up until then, shit no...to tape up the hind for none of its gritts is selling back scarfs to mask its flakes for a toot

forgive, forget - to ask of it just this once and to live-have again

'hell is on the side, left out' - and for the children, to be sure they'll burn

went to see 'john dies at the end' last evening as planned - nice, nice!
this is the star foreground - alter ego chase williamson-james le gros - he carried the film single handedly while they introduced the lvp 'meat monster' post set
handsome man the movie was excellent but a bit hard on those who wander in the head to highs-highs lows-lows (bi-polar enthusiasms with firm reconciliations to truth-truce)
like me? i wouldn't hurt any of them...not ever

angus 'phantasm' scrimm was delightful but a bit shaken...we shook hands i made damned sure of it as he visits me often...thank u! all glamour, real too
people are like 'who?' that's 'moo!' fool

cocteau twins 'need-fire' from 'judge dredd' the movie...catch that one too

'worry about the havings being touched, not the not-havings - that comes easy enough' - dM

it's raining again today !! need an umbrella? 7-eleven has great 7-eleven logo umbrellas in black with their glass button on the bottom and perhaps top too for some small of change...check back later...$4.99 compact, $5.49 slender...

i myself like wreaths made of tree ornaments - very warner leroy
know that shoe repair product 'shoe goo' makes an excellent fixadent for wire and metal rings with no turning and as i used it...
take your time dries fast enough is a very strong rubber - remove the caps on the bulbs first

checked in with farrell's ice cream (a new jersey-pennsylvania favorite 1976-1986 but high-pressure staff - is sharply related to the six flags family with a long wait for a table always) here in so cal - they're on the upswing from when what

Free full-size bliss fabulous foaming face wash with any blissworld.com product purchase of $75 or more ($24 value!). Use code BFABF at checkout. Offer expires January 31, 2013 or while supplies last.

still at-touch for when you think of it remind, remind

the data is 1, 2, 3, 4 and once repeat like individual sales maybe if time is outward - why a hole center? is the same but artful? no to this clue yet
exploding pie is just like pizza pulled out by slices - your share to seem only
don't get funny - success (not having to ask) is all of ours somehow unless cherish me to be just as old anyway one day
nobody count the clovers to see what's to be under foot - the price once lain?

loaded up microsoft office (excel, word, etc.) for mac and played around with numbers and graphic charts a bit 'fumbling around' (reassociating, i'd say) and pie (percent of whole) charts that have a hole in the center are vindicated by me (for sure) for not changing their percent values of the whole with radiant (as color bands) growth from the center as lines outward (i.e., 0, 2, 4 the max scope as removed...is not cubic or solid of sphere with individual colors but sticks of light emanating) with a clock's minute intervals grouped as bandwidth...have an intersect (cross) of fifteen (15) minutes the each subdivided by colors consistent by in discretes for timing each at the max depth or four (4) radiants from zero or sixty (60) radons for each fifteen (15) minutes ...simple to no bother our own sum answer earlier...the charts work - great...fumble, sure...to be more resourceful...on to flipping a penny one hundred times or half that at median (the sample at-once halved) once seen? be sure yourself then...

'what if i get it right?' some smart asks after i say...don't trust it just yet 'please, i'm not you'

watch again madonna's great tour intro - the 'hung up' tour?
the divine ms. m....'administration and loans' - is that real?
'it's no gift'...give me a pigeon so it's released...give me religion so it's released
get them something near the end of it all - wide the wait should a fight ensue
lay lady, lay - lady lalane....

the real madonna sequence from the 'confessions' tour - even as i promised her to buy a copy...eggs and their shells?
(psst - a bowl of chilean eggs to live in as ghost was requested once, twice at christmas)
got me ticket for 'john dies at the end' $10.50 for saturday evening...don't forget to wash up for dinner
my mother indicates in the head she likes the film alot
a young boy finds out he can leave but he doesn't want to without friends, kinda (from the 'phantasm' family)
john used to own morningside it is said

meanwhile, nirvana do 'dive' again...i talk to kurt from time to time
'don't ask me why, but i'm nobody special living in toronto - hi to all kids' - kurt
i had a dream i was in-back of courtney's tudor-style home somewhere - the back only is tudor i guess and bandmembers lived in tents there as such (some kind of convocation on that day)

here it is so weird 'tate and violet'...ugly stuff
tv? i'll be there for this...'cause we can't say i'd love to' - c. hynde, pretenders 'i hurt you'

and i quote 'something about people who don't care about anyone'...been looking for that movie about that blond boy with brown eyes crying to some girl who is inemotive or stilled in it all the time...dying...i love him, the girl don't need anything...seven nation something or other? we'll be back...more here: tate and the girl now a singer her name is forthwith ('avril lavigne' april the wine let young ones in it says bougain - and if roger hargreaves wrote barry manilow's 'mandy') are in season three and four of 'american horror story' (itunes has it to season two) and hafta pay to shine somehow...tate is in the beginning but is not blond just yet and actress jessica lange is around as a heavyweight (a nun wrestling with prison and life-death issues as i'd gas her too until beauty and threats outward demand me) a who me ? proposition who doesn't really care yet...

imagine those tartar and barbeque sauce chicken wraps from trader joe's recipe book again - and as suggested lightly by the tuna ones recently passed on...twice now...what did you give-get for christmas? they the wraps stuffed with cabbage were even nicer this time my recent cole slaw on the flush down to savoir (eating everything stocked) was nice too...look-see on the august 2011 page here at dougmoon.com...the only omission was the smoked cheeze i went with simple shred mexican this time (three-cheese blend...use wood cedar chips in the barbeque though 'you don't have a pot to piss in'?....once, twice now declined) and is remembered now as not so hot to the simi tongue this makes four (4) wraps...he here responded with basic lettuce wraps made afore...i ate some of that too...more to fine: their coconut bars are approved for slimming or give all the sucra content you've come to expect from nearby convenience stores...$1.99 a pair of to a box...

in review:

grilled chicken strips in fresh pack $4.99
whole wheat lavash bread (wraps) in fresh pack $1.99
single fresh shredded green cabbage pack for slaws $1.19
trader joe's tartar sauce 1 cup $2.49
trader joe's all-natural barbeque sauce 1/2 cup $2.49
shredded, smoked cheese blend 1 cup $3.99
just wrap from at end all mixed up in a bowl do not swirl - unnecessary
a bit spicy, but you the get the picture i made two (2) wraps and sliced them up from this effort
use egg white to seal wrap if necessary, i didn't bother

and no, vomit is like brains - all corn meal or hydroles plus tomato soup or such some near sleep the lysine of markle made fame

from a shop on lacienega recently - come or go

this is a fm scan radio that takes three 'aa' batteries...the mouse has 'scan' (next station with low signal to noise ratio) and 'reset' (to bottom of fm band) buttons
'on/off' and 'volume' are on the side with good reception perhaps for the kitchen office...odd
from a small treasure trove...to be returned shortly

in some dark reality, we let god off the hook as 'sinful' or promoting his own offenses abroad - you are not born of such gift yet and are diseased of mind only (choosing while not being chosen to be with as such and for behaviors not yet taken aback - just say it, i might add some later) - you have the responsibility to balance - over many such lifetimes a vow made on a road free of history your threats to me and its plagues or simulcasts - your answer to me they are there...i die simply i die rather than breed it pro-forma in pots 'i did it all' trust that but have to be freed of your easy-made hates for it...come see...i don't ask to be you ever but would change some as please you some...

don't talk to me the great russian dark-cloud apparition of 'johan' (i suggest bach) was for the music slowly up the stairs black skirt golden armour breast perhaps a head of bees...no art (larger than life, fewer details - god is no detail, a topical only to you), no form...no [great or manic 'no you' just follow] music, no words from you...

jesus christ to bless yourself - be seen to spirit 'here i am' - right here - as all giving to as helping hand to the unseen...nothing dumber than educating to be with a simple-type fact as yet unheralded

be clean of thought...everyone would be that if they had the time to think about things (a true push-free pull) and the hateful niggers riding them around town every day looking for absolute proof they were always made from apes 'catfish, actually - see red lobster'...you wouldn't be so harsh about things...i lighten right up...what if they faked itunes and stole me every effort with a crude-ish hard-wired compaq skynet and all to educate a single black mind about being raised white 'where is love? does it fall from skies above?' - we don't use single-tot 'love' for is meaning free or over time taken aback, but now you to leave us for shaming our people and their topaz-sterling silver coq au vins (um, sweet teas complicated of individual demise or short term versus long-term versus text revisions and plaintive lies or counterfeits in purses lain and with no checking about another form of courtesy and with polite 'no food'-related musks)...(we here use personal disgust, phlegm) and why the security agent won't bend over...i'm better for it...i put my dick in the single bullet hole healing on his belly - another small impish factoid like 'flicking' (your pussy) at people dying of aids for being at once choked to death for it...do i have the job yet?

perhaps for the wander in thought? an 'iconoclast', conventionally speaking, is one who pulls down religious symbols (like art or that what needs a reaction to be first - is not yours but ok i guess)...a question to me? gays are famous for it but is cheaply analytical...like horohito smallish and a like-minded crazed island person we seem to honor ourselves seen nowhere yet...in a grave...a gravened (you lie here too) image? one of life's great mysteries is no talk at all while you use their things? get new...

structured annuities as paperwhites (maybe they bloom in the dead of winter in your home may be in a salad you made) 'they [trinity, eternal as heavyweights and beyond with free will afoot] know everything and won't know of you still' for implement [delvings against the grain, e.g., nuclear bombs] and hate-filled symbol-meanings...who gets the job? you, stilled in it...

remember, every god-goddess (as yours mitts exclude everything i ever had made to me always no removing ever as i check to see if still here is as my job - i had it all twice to never known)...to be continue...made theirself real (flesh in the pan) to only approach the upper self as virtue-statue (what you won't have of and plus the answers you seek)...to only blend in...mercury is the exception (as bemoled keeps the mail moving)...now new skin tag (dirty carpets?) removal stuff on the tv...i want a little x-stamper with a ring for targeting 'unwanted' growths-filths...you push on-top downward and slightish winghouse blades excise with little fat layer or subderma damage...adds a small electrostat for sparks to stop any bleeding and plus scarring...the best excise seen or then polka dot...no tell-tale cigarette rings-plumes and i add crystal lye applied on a wooden stick water ratio 1:1 is still my darling for at-home skillings of hate...get on the internet like i do...got a fat bottle under me bed now $15...i hate houseflies on my bare skin but find the effort never-ending with lapses in helping me out alone... test: will one more right next to help see? seeming of heredity is no answer yet...ringing, ringing...should now smear too for many candles at night...

adds to the lure...angus 'phantasm' scrimm on saturday 26 might be ok
from my facebook page...

sundance better stop singing their gay crap to me...i'm in the life business, fool, that stuff is gay crap, doa (dead on arrival, a bucket of black blood and stink - 'do over, again') you are gay (lives in an amusement park, a color already named but chosen afrom as to be better done 'more or less pure' yet...)

limits year 2000-type lapses of personal obligation with no lapse or therefore target date : a single sheet of five-cent stamps (i.e., $20 a week (ability to pay? to redeem your standing or catch-up only)...we don't sell our future as not having to sell? sell me yours by talking in and around? i'll pay you...upward mobilty or leaving for better or then 'perceived' better only - dM maybe i won't anyway and know every little home is simply a great with geographic points of interest a store that sells sewing notions (...glue guns)

'should be the beggar (beginner) still...needs a person, can pay some...' - dM a job is no market (meeting place hosted by kings or those who don't get paid to be there)...after all, your money didn't close the gap between a natural good found and not being wanted around at all for a lack of styling or symbol wealth (no jewelry, perfume)...

nothing bothered me much and i quote 'negotiated a better deal [for theirself]' - dM no one negotiates anything with prices set...is a gift somehow

eurythmics 1987 the rise and fall '(i love to listen to) beethoven' from the 'savage' lp

joan rivers - we owe her - has new stuff on itunes 'don't start with me'

tape hiss? record something silent in the background first and record on-top a transparency with no erase...left and right channels cut out all middle or zero to some frequency to reveal only higher track and left carries all the right just spikes...no drops to zero in so much sample just silence...any interval forward lies underneath and rises up...


new office depot banner link...no access

natalie wood: i was drunk and unhappy because of the weather and had a seat on the back of the boat wood left of the motor; someone called and i raised my head to loose my balance and fall backwards in the water the motor was running some but the boat not moving; i rolled over about once and the motor blade skinned my face below the left cheekbone and above my lips was gone; i fell unconscient; they wouldn't keep looking but saw some blood they'd say; one ran right home stuttagart...

'john dies at the end' screens at nuart jan 25, 26 -- 'bubba ho-tep' with director coscarelli (fyi to 'phantasm v') afoot at jan 18...

fashionably, don't miss olivia's 'a mom for christmas' on this january 14 - i'm watching it now and is more recent than one relays...not bad...gets right over its eighties stigma...i didn't even get to watch the bradford's christmas ('eight is snough', will geer...remember nicholas is the real eddie munster...purchased on itunes) yet...didn't do much this year in terms of music and dance it was real good though...

quentin tarantino thank you for inglourious basterds i watched yesterday - not bad...nazis (jesus) versus russians and cowboy brad pitt wins all why? like god meeting people - hates them all gets an eye poked out...for no hair? x

honey boo boo = baby jessica

new: folks want you to guarantee your own payments with money in account that is debit/credit - another way of stopping your pay...for 'non-entity' they call it

i like to point out things remiss and no levine's 'the front runner' (as gay and an off-topic as a 'personal best' was never made - gus van zant then died?)
having said, this is the best 'boris and natasha' could do...
i can't believe no one makes 'the secret history' into film - review: these geeks going to an exclusive vermont college have a bacchanal (drunken roman wine fest) on some dark farmland only to be approached by a raving black man who shoots and is shot thus...why they take this in they do...and one - a user - betrays the others and gets pushed over a cliff (they hafta go down to do it again he's just lower at first)...the parents get condolences a cherish professor runs away from them as usual and the laughs ensue...an oprah book club...any rob lowe? related, isn't caesars las vegas the best damned setting for good time the golden piano and all?

the difference a day makes: boris and natasha (1992) at amazon; seek me more

>>is at itunes now too!

news on 'the front runner' - is two males but made read...billie jean king says 'disgustingly real too - a planning mate i hate knowing too well is brusque and mean'
funnily enough, a 'harbinger' isn't a 'front runner', but a sign of things to come...maybe it doesn't show up

01/13: one scott moon birthday...tried the pumpkin cheesecake (previously mentioned at thanksgiving) at trader joe's per a sample - real good try one...i'm a pumpkin fan anyway...then on to the black coal candy sold at mall pharmacy (um, 'far as the can see' or 'farmed as me') cvs for the holidays a sweet candy gum basically...a curiousity settled at their generous unadvertised post-christmas sale...some...the golden globes are on now a whole chicken in the oven....

a gum that was most notably small and shiny much like wonka nerds
just fifteen cents as seen no bar code
oops - trader joe's has coal candy too $1.99 mint chocolate dives
also note salted caramel for $5 a box and a decorative can of four-way popcorn (kettle, caramel, white cheddar, and olive oil) is $9.99 yet

hp = internal anti-theft mail meter 'pitney bowes' bupp backwards...bp?

naming losses (from theft, fire) on the (internal) books again? remember, 'cost of goods sold' is determined (even in work-in-process sense or what's done halfway or thereabouts in manufacturing) by what's on the shelf (um, 'inventory') times the price paid (seen by invoice and/or accruals and adjusting for what's not actually true yet) to be subtracted from all inventory of costs sold and then as a total assumption from revenue or cashes in from sales (you match revenue with expenses, always - to determine the true cost of doing business for all of one year and by system?)...figure it out...your bottom line drops and the government gets less again...why? it's private

people trying to squeak by (and who would normally be a purist for such things like itunes but see no concurrent pay) want to know why i don't buy from my own banners? not ever a kickback scheme, these the any would be separated out and disqualified for pay along the way and i never mix business with pleasure and stave the thought to be presented cleanly....as absurd? thanks to all along the lines who see theirselves fit...a business has to speak out not just stay there hoping on the inside...draw the line...and see bush's new world order (nwo, 'no way out' is mine) play the cards out 'no speaking until spoken to' (i.e., 'nobody enter' - is deadly) is one...that got the father dropped in office - does it matter? like coming home from jail you expect everything yours in a neat pile in the center of a vacant living room...you don't know how my burdens excess i'm not you...the new lease for $40 more a month now signed but not in my name...(still at only bitches a day <$50 if any thirty-one is a gift like any a hotel rooftime jacuzzi and hands at betouch...see a job after aggrandizing any pool insurances against meeting the bitch, meet the maker every day hands emptied of it or suffer the calls from stores who sit nearby and squat with me...)

i talk to see people come of it - after all, what if you win: re office depot's migration from linkshare (originally only itunes) to commission junction (originally bmg music service):

'the commission junction offer fails me when entering plea...are you ending the program, actually? i am cj member already trying to keep an open relation with those who already owe...is-was bmg music service only and hasn't paid ever either when things weren't so complicated (hit or miss) and no dollars were posted.'

sea turtles? penguins...seals...sharks....you name it (scales are always feathers - name one three days in essel alcohol)

talked to 'a' chicken last night re taking their eggs too soon (this from complaint of early morning work while in costa rica or haiti then - the bomb-earthquake they said pushed air down on them harshly and repeatedly they say) 'not while i'm sitting on it' almost sexual 'wait 'til i leave' also says it hurts laying them and as the eggs are always hard when laid...the spirit comes and goes to see trouble out...not a full-time job, apparently...i hate sacrifice made in my name always...that means having to ask for what you already had and gave away...

my brother scott's son zachary's rebok (facebook) alerts to his birthday soon jan 19 - who knew?
there aren't so many to track but all are adults, really
it's easier to catch 'em on the back end, i'd say - see who lives
happy birthday, zach - how are you feelin'?
p.s. emma anderson (lush) and steve monti (curve, drums) are new facebook friends - the rest mingle

the girl is pasted in - he's leaning on a desk is molly hatchet's russ kunkel him too...my mother (um, madonna still) won't pay molly hatchet she says as proposed by him at age nineteen 'i can't yet'...madonna is greatness yet, see it come first to last video...not easily ridiculed

Take 15% Off Orders of $60 or More at PetSmart.com! Plus, Free Shipping on Orders of $49 or More! Enter Code 15JAN60 at Checkout. Offer Ends 1.19.13.

thank you aunt jeannie for the village roadshow my gummed name in the piano the 'o' in the capital taliban 'd' then longshot 'isn't this great' but was about the instruments to be most...does a card mean i hate you? no i'm not doing well enough to brag out visitors...the father absent but employed else still...heard of a small show in ac with stops and starts and comparative singing...people loved it 'i never really sing and they play in the background backwards then sing on top - better than ever' continues 'i sing, but cannot listen much...tired' xo i like the expressive stuff 'breathing well' and mock you by doing alongside often...it's that serious

...a vision reveals is costumed as a 'radar' room performance and the speaking of clue given was 'yentl' too defining i'd say dressed as a bird? a wise man it looked like to me...clown-ish

Weekend Sale at Spiegel: Buy one get one 50% sitewide. Valid 1.12 - 1.13 only!

don't offer to help me again, place with care and at touch only - fast doesn't go direct for no mercies seem...even beggars on the street can't marry the sting of method acting meets harsh response - that would take pills, darling, no cafe science meets no decay with any delay...lights stings at light, but lets it stay mostly some too...be light as but already employed...

hdmi (high density media interface) pissed me off last night with no relay of sound to tv from laptop and the resolution is almost stinky...'s' cables got too hot from dvd also a fail...the sound should come from the device that put the signals together for play and i add the speakers do not adjust for volume but bass what a qualm - what crap to avoid me...finally i used hdmi cable plus a lone .mp3 speaker - why does this all seem womanly like it lived for the day? junk me...also, text is often too small - see the serial number on apple tv a meaningless devoid in gray...your eyes are challenged routinely with passive-obsolescent tones like bitmap fonts half white checkerboards of half gray is no say to me...and i offer that impedence is electricity being costed out - what's in the way reducing the in to a lesser out on the end and is taking it away - lights do this straining the flow for more shines out...led doesn't impede with solid state as salts layered nice and polished to a shine nothing in but out the other wants massings of voltage first for twisted pair or wires relaying a physical chain of failure or max slow achieved no harbor underwritten by a next to along the way notice...

'any a forward moment in time (any change) is mine to be, only' - dM don't make it a mind just hurt

that means people of the past have programmed to us with change to be met for in their context and still checking as conditional and is thus operating in my realm no go...they thirst through it and leave nothing for anyone with intentions as such expressed me...note the problem first as having seem, letting them in...exclude the meander in thoroughly rule the day back...no histories without seeing them fit a mouth i like reticence myself as nothing's that great but impedes a hot red barbeque iron making time to a bright shine...you made all come to be as allowing it then or noting we start right here having all and reach for problems much just paying-replacing for money a trained person...be my guide...you may format one bought only...after all you don't write much in and about but don't have things in your way yet...

no morass to be with: called apple last weekend regarding an unnecessary but glim browser (set with sightstand or conversions box for autoload - a computer is there still acting with force and paying by remotes setting an active arch as only an unwanted) for no active interest - you don't need it ever as retro connected to a sinking r&d fee at min markets, (no pay to no value me an autoclave or heat steamer sterilizing to a light out, i'd stay) but see cheaper alternative everyhow (have 'em all revolving you to no say) i wanna be happy anyway with and sing the light fantastic i told them...i had to lookup - in an alpha sense - a syrian video on you tube (linked at the top of dcm's october 2011 page) that sucked and smacked of sterilites too...sum is sexy...he at the callback response said to 'do apple feedback - the engineers review all the notes' now with any jailbreak stuff is like osx ('oh, they have sex' to older neat of bother) wanding no tether to the actual web of non-being just crystals talking it yet...a friend has extra logos for apps on apple tv (the surliss army of the dead one supposes) and i called right away to be a flag in the water...they don't allow paperstocks (um, e-mail) it seems but voice to capture 'and med'...make sure it's good, only

Be Near Me from ABC on Vimeo.

see also again abc 'love is strong'
factoid: my brother scott cracked the front axle on his first car a chevy cavalier 'better you than them'...douglas scott leslie chris...no tammy yet

insert tongue here > 'charity is a coat you wear [in new york city] twice a year?' that long black fur isn't cheap to store, you know - dM is that new and just used?

enjoyed this slimline telethong for no chatter and hum - post no cots or we'll sleep with the health maintenance dinards at accor services 'don't die flossing your teeth' + 'not just another aids-chron' we ask them right out before tempule (a pills as food match) is served 'round noon
the skull is the french 'chien' for cat? 'cheyenne' for hot winds

so nominate, then withdraw: this year's 'russian' (orthodox) christmas tree (mere days after the loan)
it's 'not small' in their mother's native tongue 'vanna white, wheel of garvednier and furnaces'...you beg to know and why not just then pack up the mobile so informed by the harp...i cannot bear to hear of them playing 'dj hit that button' by minsk trio 'you mustn't come' and r.v. salvadore 'the dream is fine go grosvmet, p.v.t.s. to vasnadone'

'i love brown eyes a pet...they hate blue is unremarkable but doesn't leave you wishing or hand-held either' + 'the shape, not the color'...'isn't really that fat'...'you don't relax that here'

i got this after applying online days ago to meet their thurs-saturday open box interviews at beverly center across the street...due diligence doesn't tell anyone yet though no job history asked of...will you go and see more off and out for us?
retail is like chase banks everywhere with but no jobs - money and their oddball priorities afoot all junk rehabs with investment taxes in the form of no cash to spend waiting - is mexico and japan trying to live us between the lines of no interest, no neighborhoods, odd family kunk from hate seeing it too hot to be
i have a dream, above ground tombs too - you to live it up, nigger
money is clear for invests all extras you don't need pay - unwanteds do this to seem stupid still all mouth in a living death of being left right out
i'd get by, still i do (p.s. i spit in your food if you ate out on new year's eve and some get piped pure sewage in the water at home the pipes go nowhere and change)
someone's still here - is it yours to complain? me neither all hearts afoil igy
p.s. you are sam goody you know you are - all seconds wrapped for sale 'nobody ever got anything from sam goody' (see madonna's 'who's that girl' how she buys tapes with mere seconds to approval)

her black leather jacket is made of human flesh, by the way - 'a gift to her (the mother)' she says

someone said that in nebraska a target shopper found at register without the cash gets to leave and pay later if no matter what..not here, they call police [after a food is taken] and you run with if so, otherwise leave without...'we place back with care, we say'...they just need to have a $1 sale at the entrance to sour me off enough i just ate two (2) of the personal pepperoni pies by their internal pizza hut just in the last week or so...the other here doesn't eat anything i like a bonus in review i guess

another oldie but goodie ? the hollywood spa writes their biggest fan (a veritable hellhole in the basement - three floors lightly kept by no whites owning any or at all too many pigs for no prophet)
i still owe $35 from the last time i overstayed my welcome not knowing midnight from twelve noon like a weekend in jail? yup - neil spitting epitaphs from a car of unwelcome friends while i walk my way home singing to myself (they don't fuck, you don't clean or serve meals - no heat too)
i hate being called there...a la french...the pictures of star sean connery with who? connie selleca? next door haunt me still all eyes on me 'are you still there? i'm happy'
the car wash doesn't make me think you're there with but no peeps at me
it all makes up for not being able to sit around in your underwear under clasp 'please, i'm not you'

vericle dna from a fat black arriving downtown from singapore....'we hafta fight them on their own land - what if it winds up here again with no chance at a life abroad and kids still eat what's spit-free right after the 'thirst of the month' (legillaume...thyme in a bottle of naked juice plus 'mad dog' the land-lady's croce bowl of tight knits in a wax hut) sets right back in?' no lapping in the pool...

so? i.e., that is 'not to be here'...sole...someone odd - lick envelope

beautifully glum kim-chee hats will mask any foul odor and chime right in with dirt and preset hard-water flakes known for 'bisque louie' and any half-nut versions of rotten pearl (cosmet or 'no perceived loss' obituaries - seeded by soft talk) 'grotto' finance with nothing of or by a person you can actually know wax-to-honey...the ol' praying hands trick by a no-soul (no one remembers you at all) or then charity scout (one and the same)
at pavilions west hollywood...i started using 'just for u' again full time but missed my bottle of diet canada dry in flavours...upset...diet usually says you're running out of 'unlimited' chilled cans in the garage fridge an effort sometimes (see their own brand of soda is just $0.58 this week a two-liter somehow sugar or diet)
do you think buying too much leads to over-consumption and naturally enough? no
we're here to get the extras in time left as mapped out to you
the 'time value of money' means i don't hafta pay right now and i have it on-hand now 'til then a savior if not highly priced for any penalty
i hate suffering to you

the eyes of syracuse, new york - and the world-famous cat's eye chez lounge in carteret, new jersey and frankfurt just before the wall came down 'no one just made this - they left it up to us and why ask of an old brown liver - to see it get beat back down into two black shits again?'
from the water drains at the red rock on sunset now closed down so long, goodbye

Either You Do Or You Don't And You Haven't Yet According To December 2012