check it out!
i really don't know what to say about this one - go for the food
is probably commission junction (origin: bmg music service) but was rakuten linkshare (origin apple itunes) - the advocacy numbers won't admit me
i sign into both freely still trying to keep a foothold
i think about these being temporary agencies for distributors or higher ups on the manufacturing or production level that have to be careful advancing and billing others - unlike staffing requirements that need be paid every week on friday no one needs them?
better to not kill the goose before it lays the golden egg? a current expiring budget or plan to spend prevails us, too...'make hay [alfalfa] while the sun shines' beautiful straw is wheat cut off and left to grow still wet and muddy pushed down in the field some - they mean suffer it hayfever...'needle in a haysack' having been stitched closed itchy shit... - Movies, Music, Electronic Games & more
responsibly, fye has notified me they are is closing down their shopping links on december 31, 2017 - as always thank you for your affiliates support

join us in early 2018 we'll be a'waiting...

tuesday, january 2, 2018 1338 it's raining again~ keep it comin' we love it

note: grand duchess chik-fil-a is at treasure coast mall the food court opposite the regal movie theaters in case you're interested...'goon 2' is real good so far...gets an a++ that movie is purely brutal but sleek watch it!

also at netflix: 'pirates dead men'...

quick list:
a gray state (hate them for ruining a great intro to being with war gunk..ok!)
batman returns (see only two villains penguin and cat woman to michael keaton's batman who's in 'goon 2' also - christopher walken births that penguin is john lennon)
bad santa 2
guardians of the galaxy
alice looking glass
el camino christmas
charlie chocolate factory (killers)
death sentence
8 mile

went to jersey mike's for dinner - the philly sub next to exquisite about $14 extra long but real good...they get it right enough...the roll, the cheese...very nice...importante in california people don't make 'em good?

loved visiting petsmart with terry today - they do pretty well with live pets
these the cupped bettas waiting for a home - one per ship please
the parakeets very lively are noisy as shit in the morning covered uncovered but you can double them up nicely enough around $20+

starbucks gift cards this year have keychain holes - don't forget to charge up with cash at the register
pet peeves: coffee-tea handles that heat up in the microwave - a junk? teavana!

make hay while the sun shines - golden straw is wheat cut off and left to grow some in the wind and rain then gathered for bales

st. etienne 'answer song'
should she ask to pop the question? no - to not go so fast when you speak of that she'll ask...

how a second film might be even better than the first: 'goon 2' at now at netflix - we loved 'goon' dougie glatt...when is netflix due here? on the 14th they cut you right much offered though...

get back to mutato club reels...

golden rule: i love eating all i made and seeing it all gone by others, foodwise that is cake etc.

monday, january 1, 2018: no change just to sleep...a frog - from god-knows-where - crawled past my bedroom door last night as i watched...he was mid-size and strangely human...i scooped him up with a broom set and placed him in the front vestibule and then out on the walk - it was cold enough outside so i watched him rejuvenate his movements and then hop towards the warm flood light out there however bright me strangely concerned i've had enough wetback stories about others not doing well in the inclement weather sense...i went to gather my few isaac mizrahi ornaments from out on the tree for my mailing box but eddie made me put 'em back january 1 our usual closure him citing the '12 days of christmas' somebody male called us around nine but hung up as he was declining sent - i hadda wait 'til nine to get direction 'q: can i sleep now?' he acting like the she here would just pop right up more like she's dead in there a pastiche of laying strips on one glamorous pillow-top bed...i drop in to place a blanket here and there...very witchy...but sane? all new to me her lover handles drinks etc.

made a chocolate sheet cake last night with 'ready to spread' chocolate icing for the occasion - an alternate could've been a spice cake - one of my favorite tastes - with cream cheese frosting both very nice....i think of others and a casual moment to eat some how 'bout you? lemon fosting? for a lemon cake only~

a red glow when sucking air (rice paper) is de rigeur here - flattering you - plugs into the back of your computer to recharge
someone here had excellent disposable acrylic sets for a child's interest the white cap pops off (with thanks to michael - 'the way everything goes to hell' - dM)

michael jackson (and one-half another) was over for a bit today monday we painted our new electronic cigarette on the end by his guide 'no fun makes me happy'...unlike the others, there's just a bland white glow the cap can be pried right off but reveals nada a stated is no anti-smoking device but to punk smokeless statutes it's not smart stuff ever but they go 'round the wheel challenging each and every as no having interest to me (who do you know - jesse james?)...remember, cigarettes keep people or strangers where they belong as moving away from you too many questions is their bother a language of sorts a dominance then - further, a woman is known as 'brandeis' as long as pregnant or helping in a smock, as long as she wears fragrances or hoop earrings, as long as she is ours to are not appropriate you know nothing but may ask of it gently...michael says 'a pied' that's french for 'on foot'....starter kits are just $6 or so at 7 eleven....

gary numan 'this wreckage' from 1980's 'telekon' lp

new for 2018! the famed medusa lamp!

what about bamboo fence - anything you like here at home depot?
preserve your bamboo fence it's very rare: any rotting white string along the way can be redrilled and replaced just once with indoor speaker wire aluminum/copper never will you work on this again once knotted on ends...transfers heat beautifully too

happy new year 2018 when it strikes think of all those who didn't make it here...some lying?

our brilliant christmas eve film from last year appended with this year's film on new year's eve...hosted by youtube!

the secret history adds in great footage...
credit great soundtrack of singing to sarah brightman-susan boyle

'where is my mind' male-female by 'yoav feat. emily browning' brilliant 'alice.' musicaphelia - toni's halliday's much-anticipated work due on 02/05
this song by yoav big on itunes as claimed a soundtrack else - trust that i love it so bad~ the girl pretty too
someone was supposed to take her out they didn't come for her - she learned to live within it hiding~ great

genesis 'follow you, follow me' a sure shot for the animal beast...

great tea light lamp ay macy's one candle two pieces - lovely
see it at macy's
lilypads show up right here...

great blood red glass for hershey kisses - we love them anyway perfect portion?

this is the brand sauce i used for lobster alfredo it was white or alfredo
the side of the jar had black pepper or something like it breaking through - is that okay?
this above the washer in the laundry

pet shop boys 'dj culture' from their greatest hits stanza once twice
' like lisbon before bethlehem | shore to shore | suddenly you're missing | then you're reborn '
each one preparing to be the mother of god for one god~

sunday, december 31, 2017 0946 up and about...showered...still no response from the master bedroom someone knows what they're doing her lover's here i put them under governance now two (2) ghost men as if...this stuff is messy horseshit a whole week lying around spitting in my face kinda but it's not my style to project i keep things clean and organized with no arranging wares to it back to our side of things ad piles of crap to report just moaning alot here and there the teeth too myself up and showered to await this final day of 2017...syncing is king by the way never worry if the right day is held nevermind customary challenges to the calendar we have it all set in stone anyway...mind is caring for me, but i hate it here in florida to the point of not having two thoughts the extra in any direction...i've been deprived of my christmas money now too like i'm in hell (spare $25 from leslie thank pu! i owe you one so thoughtful~ everyone's naturally good at spending but when it comes to putting it out there on the table you can't afford the talk or to help out all secret sciences)...more later...all die...spite 'i'm no one' you are gonna die bad too don't forget that...i am no mercy...

terry ed and i ventured to target and macy's briefly today to look around a bit and get some ciabatta bread a few loaves $3 each no one has this but we like it alot terry got tired and left before leftover lobster i ate the rest up...hoping not to have any stomach problems like with gorgeous watermelon etc. i can't trust anything but ask to try...doing well a new bottle of bayer 81mgs a dream of dreams if you can get it right...for cholesterol? i'm of the opinion government would strike that out a plaque leaking through vessel walls as balls, organic...a punch in the head a stroke? 'a feverish night' alcohol...all heart crap is me a new mark 10 e-cigarette for $1 today at 7 eleven doesn't burn orange now (a toy burning rice paper somehow you plug into the back of your computer to charge up its battery) - stupid? they hafta be real looking to thwart smokeless society...why i have one, only...

the starbucks hot cocoa tin usually $9.95 proved out the first cup made in error with water you need milk only and there's bits of red candy on the spoon when stirred nice stuff...

saturday, december 30 0540 - the day next to the day that ends 2017 forever tony romas? change but minds enveloped ordered clean of heats etc. and supervisory natures held now - no more free steps to heaven...more later

made lobster tail, fettuccini with sauce, and red lobster cheese biscuits for dinner...not bad!

don't forget all there is to see at ikea

make sure you drop by trader joe's too - the 'fearless flyer' this month is reminiscent of nbc 'cheers' the opening song those who fought prohibition - 'we're here' it says 'it's nice'...i thought maybe not? they like woody yet? these guys are fresh and claiming filming in nyc...someone said nicholas colasanto is bob peppler of allentown's big house peppler funeral home? hi hi...i left a service for someone on my beautiful schwinn bike to be late for school about eighth grade i felt superior about that dark church no patrons but its blessings - how much tip for an altar boy from peppler? $5...nice those caskets (we call it a 'hemovac') will take your breath away all day...nap time...eviscerates you the way it should...

friday, december 29 - quiet overcast day the master bedroom door cracked not once with mind over and assist but i nap favorably (asked about more 'bumex' power water drop run out through cvs application at-once improving their advice to tally up and get new care - my doctor comes to me we align codes)...the time 1742..and i quote yelling female-sounding tripe inserting self only by invite 'i'm not special?' and 'i have nothing' a reasonesque for touching and hating others willfully...'groi' get rid of it we weren't meant to bind with others over a misfortune a no-go here...terry's father pulled through his obedient task a colonoscopy yesterday...ok...tsj should be taking it up the ass soon per any ominous warnings i am thankful for all procedures of note!

my wanton advice previously has two words 'diazo' and 'lenape' it's all there deer bones etc. - strangely enough 3m diazo or shadow and tracing paper from high school art class made in tallahassee uses ammonia - a chickenshit by-product - to cause a yellow sheet to darken with blue what implies a hard water retention no matter what with yellow sunliht around...vague...warning to you...

my choice for an economical new computer monitor - this at walmart
among the unliving or teetotalling, this may not be a priority the dimming screen suing me as i hadda borrow one to use it here
the current screen a dell brought home from ucla (a doctor's afford) and not a dime paid though shipped here (they get top tools at work, only - education)
a new one would be pardoned for a it me? toybox-toolbox

update mom december 28, 2119: presenting the flu, the flu shot - it's christmas you can't even sit up i personally used your $10 gift card for having one however ameliorated at publix - thanks....don't make people unhappy i'm here...flu

'what's good for a goose is good for a gander [or look-see] - conventional logic the keyboard

'a stitch [little giggle] in time saves twine [hearing an explanation but twice now]' - convention again but is naughty (let you tell it)

terry's new mini keyboard arrived today from ebay just $9.99 the each free shipping
a present from me, you can see the quality mac windows buy it now yourself
the mac demands you fit the exact make-model by pressing keys next to the shift buttons left, right
apple's closest wireless counterpart is $99 the 'magic keyboard' - i eschew wireless for taking time off alot
p.s. i wrote the seller about the led light on left and they're all asking me to 'know my ideas better'? pay attention to those who can't read they're everywhere, hostile writing funny little notes in pen on everything...

the official word - append to the 'star wars' holiday conversation: i asked art carney what the term 'force be with you' meant at the time 'star wars' was released he said literally 'the fifth person who will stay with us and show us what to do, how to live' etc. that's good news - we always defer to what moves the unseen as 'magical', simply...and at once assuming the fourth and the first persons are the same...thank you carrie fisher - i was in a real quandry over the joint death news etc. for months now - should we say rebels only? a vampire? 'a leg up' is hers...roddy got $86 less his agent who to call? i want entire cashout they get for other slights too...

new purchase today 12/28 is the threshold sugar bowl at target
five bucks should do it - i had big ants in my topless bowl at night i hate that

the bmg story (all affiliate work commenced in 2003 - this company and affiliate for 2004-2005 more later...)
03/2004 590
04/2004 559
05/2004 617
06/2004 165
07/2004 285
08/2004 78
09/2004 288
10/2004 360
11/2004 1,108
12/2004 999
01/2005 1,125
02/2005 1,295
03/2005 1,466
04/2005 1,216
05/2005 2,204
06/2005 1,740
07/2005 2,641
total shown 16,736
close the gap 30,309 prior to- reports say 30,063 at 02/2004 - we'll work on it
47,045 memberships x $5 with each paid introductory shipment = $235,225 assuming no default no allowance +/- the membership exciting, the business closed eventually...
@ 10/24/2003 28,457, @ 10/26/2003 28,498 is growth - they made my website tank with traffic i couldn't afford it?

book of love with massive first album hit 'boy' a heralding of sorts...

12/28/17 you will address sheer pain again somehow - two good methods were 'percodan' and 'percocet' one male and one female...percocet is female check that...i'm no doctor and too many think i deserve it ratchet the pills...i got them with a whole ingrown toenail removed by scalpel a top ligament cut on it and gauze 1981...nearly crying in the car as tissue throbbed and needles wore off, my mother was told you better get there soon [to the pharmacist and that was that...]

so repeats the graph ending soon

12/27 another big glorious day at linkshare-fye but still under the gun or not the highest impressions day just close to it from the last 30 - deadline 12/31/17 for link...thank you all i guess impressions (how many, but not how much - perhaps times another number across the board be appreciative) are all anyone gets for numbers the rest a fool's game...

'you take what life hands you, and do the best you can with it...' - dM my own gentleperson's advice for nothing i'd yet know

'ch-ch-ch-chia...' - dM waters your damned self...trump, 'bob ross' (longtime tv host 'the joy of painting') barack obama bits kim kardashian is certifiably white by the white as you'd wanna be 'get the essence of man here' get a clue while with it...the james spader...hand outta chia grave is great 'the tease'!

somebody questions me over what a mile is again 1,622 feet or whatever - how do you use that walking a measuring wheel? you don't - belongs to a road and county length not ours to say or quote six (6) miles down on a sliding scale...i cannot misrepresent my hate a foot before you plus one foot measures it out so you can know what went wrong only - some of you so perceptive you should die...the yardstick at 36" most useful to me, the inch most beautiful...

notes for the star wars special: nearly borders on social programming, chewbacca - a virtual unwanted unknown i hate his noise and avoid like vagabonds - picking up the hopeful slack from 'planet of the apes' less the scientist woman who is made mute here a freakshow of hate we think we loved roddy mcdowall anyway the other bitch had your life in the balance too much his family strikingly mean but he chewie is a paternal god to the singing carrie fisher (they're all pssst 'sally field' over and over again who has her problems being debbie reynolds too - ok) - her god - get that...han solo way too swedish yet his big break coming with 'indiana jones' that made him big big big my friend made and cast that in 'blade runner' not knowing what to do yet ?? saw something he liked - roddy sued 'star wars' three times and got fifty grand for the art but know this strange humana reaching out at the beginning i say more about the lens pulled up close and that selenium robot very loving of aperture to bubblegum cards - chewbacca admits wearing a hair suit to protect his self...the woman he keeps (portrayed by mariel hemingway) is super strange like a beady-eyed black woman holding her tongue fitfully...bea arthur lives in this naturally enough no splicing her only like she was on the cutting room floor somewhere...what an apeshit this is...know every word in everything translates and has distinct meaning too...coneheads, slavic...a few things: 'stormtrooper in drag' is gary numan's way of saying you like dressing in black a contrast of female countenance to a male counterpart...the legs on darth vader parading around are hardly prescribed but always like dick van dyke / anthony newley maybe? a song by hayzee fantayzee is 'john wayne big leggy' - 'he owns it all' have a heart the guy in 'psycho' couldn't just dress up for mom when tab hunter was around...

wednesday, december 27, drawing a firm close to 2017: the mother still seriously bedridden but vowing to make a professional appoinment of some sort later on (later on deferred by phone, check)...doing laundry and keeping clean and did i mention going to cvs and walmart and the bank yesterday with terry to deposit a check for him (another wells fargo girl, i drove the mercedes and made him park on the street out of the way of ed)? his account was seriously joyous with no fees pending despite tidbits in overrage and that's good to see have it all his dad still cranking his case as having his own procedures pending and with ominous warnings ('every crisis is self-limiting' - my mother)...i got 3-color tide pellets cheap by arrangement with cvs $2.44 12-16 of them imagine that - $2 in extra bucks right off the top if punched in to card - scott toilet paper, paper towels, and put some some electrical adapters back as too cheap and unused to be here with christmas lights (the cvs battery-operated light 'aa' strings are superlative yet - both color and white flashing - a bit of soapy spray and new premium batteries gets 'em going bright again - the color leds lavish)...$1.47 or so for two adapters they get stuff back if i don't need it they need to stock well not have cash they say ok they had it all for me on demand...the air or consensus in the place was useful but not too bad with has prevented us from doing christmas properly as of yet ? you know the type of ease here but i love the feel of them being out of the way mostly during the day the husband shirtless with tits out always can tend to her needs softly...see ya later pigs my two soft clean hands in the morning are enough of a greeting for pillows and adjust nothing inviolate here...p.s. it come sto my attention that moons own this house you can't sell it she the grandmother can (is a younger dade now has visited as - reduces spit in the mouth) i hate it here he wants arco back on their feet to the tune of $80 grand from me as unpaid yet...we like arco a los angeles company but know this place is a fuckin' hell hole...the sun and all...the driver of his own truck 'a to b' (mine for trips delivering goods 'over the rockies' lots of truck runoffs for 'runaway trains' in any descent the rise up is slow and arduous with air lacking around the cones of dirt - a one-shot maybe - frightening, unknown territories where accidents may begin - alot of candidates try and refuse having been left for hours 'in detroit - they're hard on people) my grandfather clement - he knew where to get gas but wouldn't let others provide it 'on store credit' know why 'they don't need to make my friends happy, i do...'

our walmart here has burger king as opposed to mcdonald's elsewhere...i wait for others to decide what they want
he terry just wanted fries - i had the bacon double cheeseburger, fries, and a drink from the value menu and chatted up the staff - sparse, fun
he could have half - too much food

see one better in fuscia - i love the green though

hello marc jacobs thinking about you not
study the flag again 6, 5 x 4 + 6
four (4) red bars (there are no 'white') for the starfield above and three (3) below - an open starry night or amoroso
'avenue of the americas | avenue of the stars'

why three lobster tails in the fridge won't matter - every wednesday is the special at jensen ale house
my potsickers way too spicy last time but i have perfect ones at home - a tray of p.f. changs, and a bag of 'tai pei' both from the frozen section at publix - add kikkoman or 'geisha [say 'geigo'] mine'

theme this month - the stuff that made me dream of the day santa would bring - this is hugo another such said 1973, 1974?
inspiration: a picture of yoko ono 'war is over'

coldplay 'god put a smile upon your face' from the 'rush of blood to the head' lp
bought that at tower records on sunset 'site unseen' when they were there retailing it still...has avoided mta to date
next stop? doheny at sunset hornburg jaguar side very petit six (6) miles down 'god bless the purple line' you to ride
prior stop? lacienega at sunset (the steepest street in la) south side - 'within a hotel it is for now'
before that? santa monica at walgreens thanks...century city mall grounds underneath - going montreal new owner - westwood at bel-air or current ucla parking structure at hilgard damned shame...'the university was here first' - dM
onward, upward - or else - meteor showers clear the path
when you get the facts

'they're gonna kill her'? try ignoring them outright first - that's a real fixer-upper' - dM who hates the neighborhood only cheap sets of berets

the greatest gift yesterday? a big flake of skin (among others) from the bottom of the scrotum (see 'standard issue' and the bottom of the feet too) - seriously anti-aging this precupice, terry thinks it's better to give a snake-skin from the backyard (faked with gelatin some when they are dead but so telling a nut)...'third times a charm [mild to harm]'? for you~ most men's complaint-compliant? the 'prostate gland' or male's uterus plus urethra down center...yeow! that or you have one...change sex? the flayed vulva plus antigen soap? phew! dance and sing. 'where does hate [keyspoke anger] come from most?' - dM a window in hell painted with shit cracks and all your barfly friends come flatzing out - but not you - there's something you gotta do first...

terry gave me this disgusting bookends-like letter holder all makes way for one or two bills see what's available online
if the intent was ever to keep you down, this may help to keep you out of reach with scares - lest you decide
there's no undoing that i'd say (and all from a museum of death i'd show you later on after your death)
you can turn the heads - a curse?
god sez 'no blessing yet' salt and pepper shakers i'd say
make sure: kikkerland

my xmas day evening photo for posterity - doing well enough one big mirror reflecting the dining room table is it - see the electrical plug lower right
the mother in absentia all day woudn't remit - that's not so bad
my rice-a-roni dinner was ample, my lunch and breakfast were exquisite too - god and i cooked...he's a bitch about things but knows what to do from water to pan
no one else would care, but we appreciate all greatly
now you know ;)

2341 december 24...see ya in the morning...merry christmas! p.s. made terry's crushed pineapple bread stuffing - is that it with egg and sugar but no vanilla? i guess half a cup of olivio...

crushed pineapple casserole dish - serve with breakfast meats (mind over says 'bacon' i thought 'turkey' sausage links freezer section a tribute to pancake syrup maple nothing's free):
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup granulated sugar
four (4) whole eggs
1 regular can 20 ounces crushed pineapple, drained
5 slices of white or other sandwich-type bread cubed - remove crust
cream all ingredients in that order and pour over bread in a covered casserole dish - don't stir the bread in it'll damage or distribute its flavor too finely
pre-heat at 350 for 45 minutes then cool a bit or overnight and reheat to serve - mine was great!

decoder ring hi-c fruit drink flavors - this excites me as filtered water and plus no bubbles or heat:
fruit punch? peach juice
orange? grape juice
bonus ecto / cactus cooler? lime juice, some grape

this my favorite ornament this year - a fine green glitter starbanger from isaac mizrahi's target way back when - i love the contrasts somehow 'can ya eat it?'
i love seeing it along with a henry Viii ornament and the colored lit-up netscape star from walmart i use to be like italians in chambersburg (trenton), new jersey
i pruned that bitch back down using finger-licking fiskars from home depot but caution the last install including sticks and masking tape - you did it my way after all
i don't think, you don't think

the union label in 1978 per star wars the holiday show - how much per hour did they command? $6.00...the last time i worked minimum student wage it was $6.75 (december 2004-april 2005 ralph's grocery on beverly and doheny) lavish enough for a neighborhood job at a grocery store....those fine bespectacled ladies look great and work 'when they want to' they say...'we don't work with you' they add....thank you...incidentally, minimum wage is $8 everywhere you look excepting hamburger joints...we accountants senior used to get $18 an hour as tested proficient in a few disciplines - they the robert half agencies are just coming back to life now...'they won't hire you' - black nigger, they need people to work you are a fucking fool, as usual...the ugliest fool i'd shoot at that...old crying in the morning like a pile of crap on a pool table...

finest vintage commercial within? bell labs - your own mickey mouse phone? a guy said when his mother got one (snoopy?) she couldn't stop using it - take a tip they were powerfully attractive and infinitely thought opposed to 'friends' and 'helping out'...yeah, for a senior class trip...note on phones: ebay has them all in complete supply and simple modular jacks still rule the day here...

maybe you don't do: cliff got someone on 'cheers' to recognize the open mail collar as not so auspicious (verdant) a look when delivering 'as sent'...see that
forever young - we deliver to written address only no favors 'no friends' he says it's your time
someone here had the foresight to avoid cordless talk when purchasing a ryobi drill - a cord, a man to do endlessly 'til done
no matter how vicious the bit, you sit and stare with cordless equipment soon enough - graduate up back through through handheld the rest women junk (and me? big brother)
'the world afull of people who rest when you rest' - dM who play when you play
p.s. finally found out where that eucemenic bread smell comes from...why you?
home depot has this i guess $30 or so with storage bag

the final countdown has begun - watch a little 'creepshow 2' (link below) with me friends galore~
this excellent digital clock in our kitchen here is from walmart and be careful that's not the year second row
'12 24' is the month and day - i got stuck on phonics originally, the day of the week 'sun' and temp about 75 degrees fahrenheit
recently the alarm was set to 12 midnight - i thought it inherently (without asking if it's there - we see it ) useful when the day flips
but in time, i bowed down to silence it me?
twelve tones from the kitchen - big deal~

ain't no big deal to say our love is real: the hollywood spa...

the cars 'touch and go' from the 'panorama' lp (1980) the third record and studio dark
' i just wanna be in your panorama... '

terry was over today 12/23 'round lunch (i think his white car a chevy cobalt was such a good buy at a honda dealer no less - no ceiling handles getting in though)
he had to go four (4) hours later it was nap time (remember, a someone who does your bidding? a priceless person - for you?!?)
he was sleeping in my nest of the woods - out! his dad's around so he comes here to sleep i haven't bothered them to this day - i'm not selfish
his dad is the guy painting the indian in 'creepshow 2' - that's good enough i.d. dorothy lamour and all

jerry brown's quote to holding office again fast to it, seeing it's done: '[as amazed, hands off] people really got around this place...' won't touch much - dM

saturday, december 23 - tomorrow night is christmas eve! let the day begin a bowl of cap'n crunch with crunch berries...0611 am est i feel as good as i can i guess hobbling about with sore nuts still extra fat around the's getting better all the time? we exert to make it all clear then sleep is finely drawn we get dressed amply enough - on thanksgiving i hadda use some rope to close my pants-zipper jeans the only pants possible with prickly stretch seams to greet exactly one guest then defer to's that bad...i ate in the kitchen instead...keep your pains in life then i keep mine...that'll do...

went to walmart for supplies only (the fifty-cent vanilla coke in our front door here us #1 - it's better done i offered some black girl one today - they had theirs anyway - ours is a burger king too the whopper offer still stands 2:1 along with serious mixed popcorn cans $5 and other stuff butter cookie tins great gifts $2.88) - went to publix for indian river juice even more expensive than i thought like $4.36! touched up pennies at the bank i've been charged again by enewspaper la times...$7.86...i don't need it every day like for page, word for word, clamouring for attention in my inbox every on the sunday inserts now you can always do more...tip in the news: pier 39 is on market street what curves around the wharf and hits castro street dead on...very important christmas shopping year 'round this pier...on right near castro 'divisadero' that corner building within 'interview with the vampire' and then it's up divisadero to pacific heights an enclave of prostitution, restaurants, theaters...tres chic...if you follow market to the biggest baddest bridge ever (and perhaps sausalito where fleetwood mac recorded the 'rumours' lp), there's golden gate park a street avoiding the bridge on left has exclusive pizza parlors, haight ashbury a famous street corner like hollywood and vine atop a hill record shops etc...

me and mom at the grammy's in los angeles, february 1985
red carpet only - mom is very catalina (a dark-haired person, prurient) here

our family and grandma pivarnik-pavlik center
left to right: scott, leslie, doug
next: the youngest chris, grandma, mom
one christmas before moving forever i'd say, moving my grave

of mutual interest: every christmas - especially in kitsch shop aah's on sunset or in westwood at ucla (they have a full-on spencer gifts in the mall here, mind you - treasure coast) - i notice some merchandizing toward the film 'a christmas story' i never watched it ever a quiet first-person narrative representing national lampoon's john hughes' childhood - he took off for the heights long ago - well, turns out out a fine thing that as i said 'no jerks to be found' eight minutes to change an unannounced flat tire on a night out with family or wrestle with a smoked-out oil can furnace that's a good guy ...a show on tv yesterday showed me a more serious side...someone has the original house cornered with personal tours and all featuring production logos and there are stage productions about the film certain places in the heart and a whole organized annual gathering of stage and screen - ohio? the lamp was ostensibly from a bowling alley and some are more shapely than others why not have a home for one or string of lights about? when neil lives that well he's with dolly parton literally the sunset boulevard woman replete with visions - take a tip...two doors down they had everything new to discover...

'a christmas story' the museum - let it roll
it's in clevelend, ohio - my mother's hometown of ship and claim, incidentally
i swear ohio (ottawa) runs halfway up into canada canned water

carried across the threshold item #1: gift box (and residual spirit nest - the oblong of boxes have brown packing grass in them and, incidentally, one reddish egg) from harry & david! i loved took the cookies mostly i had one pack...

carried across the threshold item #2: drinking glasses from amazon with curious gray cubes! dougmoon thought the gray cubes for conversation making points the drinking glasses self explanatory...adds: mind over says to know which glass is yours without being too overt, unlikeable...the odds?

two more items since then later...

our time is short: if you want a sprig of blue oleander as shown here (blue is for the leaf as lavish dark green), write me:
one self-addressed stamped envelope to doug moon, 987 nw mossy oak way, jensen beach, fl 34957 be discreet with any directions will have the root or email me '' whatever i'll pay a stamp or two - take propagate at will
p.s. oleander is plainly noted for growing heartily without water - it lines california's highways north and south

with respect to my illnesses, i've placed some fresh shards of ivory bar soap in a spray bottle with plain tap water for keeping things clean and as anti-septic enough to be ultimately dried pure of white with it any the lye - the luxurious waxy feel of its clean floor is amazing ! give it a try sometime the stuff's cheap enough three bars like $1.50 while avoiding any mexican versions from the ninety-nine cent store full of formaldehyde...a corn-made liquid at the root...even if you pay, is confusing at times...ivory dries up dirty stuff well enough...

the dieter's grapefruit juice? jacksons brought to my attention 'indian river' grapefruit juice in the blue bottle as freshly made - a bit more expensive, but glass after glass a world of enjoyment for people who love grapefuit juice - check it out! no, not a saccharine flavor really~ terry's mother's quote in the head: says it affects her 'heart and her soul...' it's that good...

friday - went to dollar tree (they make a wide assortment of helium-filled balloons on the spot, too) and got more candy for the holiday - of particular note this time is green mint leaves jelly with sugar - not bad $1 plus palmer's christmas stuff wearing out the boxes i got two (2) platts of small foil santas for the candy dish - a big foil santa in pull-open bag as pictured - ferrara pan jawbreakers mid-size made in the sky that perfect and a box of spree ongoing...

...went and got a rock-solid poppyseed nutroll and regular nutroll $10 each at 'polka' deli 8950 route #1 real close by same side as walmart...real nice polish christmas place there inside and in back...real nice...the women don't speak english well, but the supplies of european products are simply endless wall to wall...they want to sell freshly-made authentic kielbasa from the deli case (i love the stuff when properly made, is basically made to different coin widths) so be forewarned...forearmed something about pizzas is in back the boxes stacked...

friday, december 22, 2017 - nothing doing today gonna hafta outsource my favorite date cookies (squares, powdered) 'cause we're missing the mark on instructions somehow they are turned in to me and i agree 'perfect here...' rather than miracle ear to them again...the rest a play by ear we'll schedule more chocolate and candies from dollar tree...the sun is out and there's no precipitation to speak of just clouds along the ground in the morning what's to say ? we'll wait...i always figure the weather a 'zeitgeist' a general consensus of what's wanted when...the queen of england approves...p.s. watched trump's proud signing this afternoon got keyed up still can't a news agency to ante up with dollars and cents - cnn used a slide rule i think it was them...get with it soon...cover up with protest...when channeled the grandmother says of date bars 'a flat cheap yellow cake mix' with dates cut up mashed inside cut into squares, powder...whatever...boboki...little shiny loaves of egg bread in sauerkraut or poppyseed the both but separate...the latest claim here is poppyseed wet in the jar is no longer available...i like it all someone's nuts...

for additional bits and pieces: doug moon's facebook page

nuttin' yet
the irs got my w-4 declaration though an exemption for each year i waited in vain?
eat shit - you're not gettin' nothing
p.s. this is you too...and a fucking jail - a real one

review american mcgee's 'alice.' - the other one by disney so good now on netflix...

per terry jackson (um, alice cooper...aka 'telly') , 'the star wars 1978 christmas special'
p.s. this thing is grounded and not bad at all - being home with chewie's family? not bad!
my favorite character is 'c3po' (the gold man as just roddy mcdowall a perennial favorite - enough woman lang elsewhere)...and remember 'space 1999' had it all saturday nights this is them striking out on their own you don't top barbara all english fashion...

it is thursday, december 21, 2017 i went to target myself today a bit ;) got a new snow cap for me $3 - christmas eve is sunday night!

god bless trump's victory today with tax relief i estimate what a $60 raise for a $3,000 a month cash (electrostat, salary) person (or a forced raise 2% of $1,000 is $20 x 3) correct me if i'm wrong this is actually withholdings being left off and is just as fast? no, better it happens right away pay your electricity bill with it - tell me if it's more for you only! dreams do come true enough talk now~
p.s. if you make less, i dunno how...the first special club per dM: you make $25 cash an hour or more both terry and i have had that sustained - no gratis or part-time neighborhood jobs we mean full-time gigs - rule: half time is not half-rate...student junk with no benefits get all you can so what...'all i want for christmas is my health net card' - dM i loved them

where is the current theatrical release about women and christmas? not there yet? we need all the help we can get!

these are the earliest gifts to my mother from us kids - they were purchased from a gift window at walter's pharmacy on main street in allentown, new jersey
their gifts and other merchandise were very lovely and for kids looking to shop it was nice enough...the mouse? i dunno...
salt and pepper shakers about $6 for the two - the plastic plugs on bottom now missing

no christmas would be complete without a nativity display - i love them
this is ours from my childhood - the ox has springs as horns the indo-chine blacks are so key the angel is new an addition...
baby jesus laid in angel hair a silken-type strand from something~
where so placed? under a mirror atop the stairs on the mirror's round out shelf or diamler - black ornate alot of army-type women have round stars and stripes here and eagle bearings in gold...
never would you speak to a mary - she is very humble and pure and a beautiful person
all real, glamorous too...or as i say, 'the only person born where god didn't play with her balls...' he hates being alone with her?

kartell is on roberston at beverly boulevard in los angeles-west hollywood and alessi is good too right door - gifts unsurpassed near cedars

donna tartt 'the secret history' still threatening moviegoers to be - july 2018
p.s. i think of five names principally a reviewer cites francis-frances her canon and wit - who is that? maybe key dimension~
the murder is a bungler here - a murder of gun waving around the accosted head no shot put just a dropping death you adopted it for yourself...let's be sure gifts a collapsed lung no matter what see that

the extras tossed in to isaac's ornaments back in april that is...each in its own color 'fuschia', green, sky blue excepting the center bulb as just what you see x (2):

another santa present from 1974-1975 a school year (no halloween rained out, tree downstairs)

okay - the simple premise behind 'daddy's home' the first film was that mark wahlberg showed up as a racy counterpart to his wife's boyfriend just to see his kids - will ferrell the replacement father tries to keep up with the obvious appeal of the kid's father he has a motorcycle and all and gets into trouble...

got my late 2009 mac mini's opti-drive (um apple 'rewriter') repaired using ebay again $10 for the exact part by model # and mention...would love a new half keyboard for it $10 (done, that - another gift to...) no side digits no wireless as bung...the dell monitor (and my mother's wit) is making me blind trust that...none is mine really but i love playing...use youtube whenever you endeavor few things turn out unduly the same...i hate things left around that don't fucking work the garbage truck ate one of these mattress-boxspring combos right up along with a whole host of shitty trees mom does what i want her to do without asking too...see ya later junkbag...1986 wormy shit...everything here dry and prickly and dry too (pizza too crisp on arrival is like glass somehow? place in a plastic bag in the microwave that'll do) what a dump the tree is nice now someone sent me some extra decorations with my isaac mizrahi cones they are all on the tree the cones go home...only...

dougie moon (772) 342-0638 is the direct no bills, fool... messages are unlimited, free
*scott moon (609) 498-5354
*leslie moon (732) 833-2506
*for studio reference, do not abuse you never do

lords of the deep harry & david can still help you get it going on for christmas - no one is received better (we got a starter box from some smart chap - truffles, yogurt-type balls, gourmet caramel corn drizzled with chocolate, shortbread chantilly's all from medford, oregon...

on the 20th, here is omaha steaks for your consideration all delivered to your gift door in a large white sealed styrofoam pack very influential...unmistakeably opulent...

here's our tree down the line further i bowed out - the mother does a good job you don't sit there talking to me, nigger
she allowed the isaac mizrahi ornaments anyway thank you sender the cones for the motors that drive me crazy
p.s. she dropped and shattered a heavy glass heart thing showing me how - too bad

these - there were three - are actually kinda nice an oil can?

macy's made good on their $10 additional savings card from purchasing underwear last week - i got a few things today december 19-24
all good grace has great little gift sales and lets you keep a balance on a card too - worry not
p.s. the starbucks cocoa tin with ample supply within plastic bag - was accented with a salt and and caramel version - is priced $9.95 under the tin but is currently on sale for about $6
a lovely peppermint bark tin nearby was $12 before sale...candy cane and green tin

right now at burger king: two (2) full-size whoppers six dollars ($6) - that's a big sandwich, you know! merry fillers...

elizabeth fraser 'mary'
she's singing about being the blessed virgin's mother - her name is jezebel and she raises her here 'on this sleeper train'
they just get around to the best of their knowledge

the devil-vuhl-vuhl: what is a 'beezlebub' (see 'bohemian rhapsody' by queen freddy mercury) besides the devil's name that governed salem witch trials? a fake diamond that haunts you in the head - a 'be-elze ze-bub' a gem above us our view...beetlejuice-beteljuice? same thing cut glass with bug juice on it something seeped in or reducing leaden color a shellac grandmother moon (for now, patti page - see itunes her xmas album - 'rockin' [walkin'] around the christmas tree' is hers only she sang it for the fact you hear...) loved cut glass around her dining room chairs had it embedded in back and she had alot of it elseway - 'you sell me yours, you get mine' she'd say....her gift was to have breakfast for anyone who stopped by ever - scrambled eggs, toast, country gravy*, sausage, and percolated coffee above all...trenton, nj some people love it there
p.s. my favorite devil's name? salkind - the devil that governs people who fuck horses the young horse's head is misshapen for a
*a tablespoon of bleach flour added to heated bacon or sausage fat 'til the gluten splits open in a skillet....salt, pepper to taste, add milk to your complete liking gravy is flour only in drippings - i make this always...are we poor? apartment dwellers better said where everything is mother's always 'you'll be out on your ass in a month' let people be happy i love renting you buy 'cause you's not gonna be geographrically great our last rent was $2,000 a month for one bedroom ten years there and then $1,500 usually....$50/day is light fare...

wet ones (anti-bacterial, sensitive skin varieties) on-sale at target $1.89 right now! that's right...pillsbury sugar cookies squares that flatten and at least hold red green sprinkles $2 a pack 24 cookies-squares guaranteeing your money back~ granule sugar too! why ghirardelli chocolates (is very much approved among lindt balls, dove, etc.) there is a big square building in san francisco a landmark you like that with cable cars nearby remember the hilly streets up and down with these open cars everywhere to grab and hang onto like in spain...i guess their style...the cable cars run from a pulley house and wires in the street unless too wavy?

a neighbor's house finely drawn - we stop the car each revolve (as in door)...
yada yada yada

one such preview 'daddy's home 2'

on the way to 'daddy's home 2' at regal nearby cinema after chinese dinner beef and broccoli (and the usual meltdown over being denied an amc theaters showtimes at touch - be smart who cares what it's fucking called you freaks fuzzy logic here makes me itch i'm like a nigger with pride's disease seeing for myself only otherwise is what i call 'keystone cops' take the time)...terry's staying over but is having a shitfit over the late hour 9:30 p.m. he agreed to prior and not being able to see 'star wars' earlier instead after wettled - we're not opposed these days i'm not paying either, we're not there yet liam neeson killed me enthusiasm today - but choosing this pump over daddy's home with john lithgow? no way, you to wait...strangely enough, alot of sequels out to vague references - are you sure? psst: mom spent the day in bed...also see...

vicious film i was in tears alot...laughter was overwhelming too...en guard...are you in jail? from the moment it opens up with supertramp's 'give a little bit' in full fidelity (like i sung it i did roger hodgson) we're in trouble - the laughs way too hard you think the live action grinch was funny placing lights with a rotogun, these bitches had a snow blower eat lights off of trees in straight lines and off rooftops forever a lake arrowhead-type vacation in nobody's home - very harshly funny - alot of us can't breath well you know...some beautiful little kids and mel gibson with every cent he ever earned to keep people straight he's a real coup that one...p.s. no guns per se anything that died in your care as wounded you'd hate...a brown duck in a wooded trap during winter died on me with leg splinted in our laundry room 3-4 nights rip 'aristotle' cold salt water cascading at night is near you...of course we made him fly across the bar room a few times diagonally and the cat was there while he slept in the laundry room near the furnace ...the cat died shivering in his litterbox at fifteen near the gas furnace second floor of our townhome lawrenceville, nj - 'socrates' (um, 'siamese')...'pfeiffer' (love name...adds 'givaunchy', 'perfect')...1974-1989 rip

by the way, they have full-on lounge chairs for every patron at regal ciemas and i'm deciding if the leg lift shit is detrimental to me? alot of sweaty weight in back of knees i am fatted button to place or relieve but it's there already no extras with great bubblegum machines at fifty-cents in the hall bring change yourself for a handful i recommend highly the 'spree' they're tasty~ the movie closed with all the actors in their lobby it looked like...very cute! angels do this...

'be american - we don't get in the way of money or's illegal'- dM take yours and leave, please

a young girl goes wild turkey hunting with the dads involved (no single relation does the average movie goer get to acknowledge - who am i?) and gets charged at by the cornered pack or notably 'ganguin' accidentally shooting mel in the left shoulder enough to draw blood - she then shoots one or two of them anyway...we have wild turkeys in new jersey they are always around i feed 'em cracked corn with the deer from the hardware store - where do they go? kill 'em - for what? you scare 'em only they hop on metal home depot-type fences to stand between pool yards ...they're good at it crossing pool yards that is...still, i don't believe they have eggs...washington crossing, nj

safari went mobile in some sneaky way - we hate that...

miss netscape communicator (browser plus writing utensil)? here it is i'm back on mac so let's refresh sea monkey project...safari won't come in yet [financial] and chrome is my choice usually only whatever you want though...

finally - the greatest gift this video mastered
devo 'ru experienced' from 'shout' 1984

12/17 third sunday of advent: got three brand-new relatively unused things on sale at ebay...a black metal tool chest on wheels, an americana-style round pedestal table - one local only, one local or mail-ship - and one bella rocket blender all new...give your gifts too...we hafta sell nothing but i'll try...

hershey kisses most overplayed commercial tubes kinda junk...michael j. fox utters 'need a lift?' halfway through anticipation alley he is still here (uncle lloyd wasn't sick) back to the 'future iv' his mother is meredith baxter birney (not to mention the real husband terrorist with chocky cakes thrown around in his bed) . and his brother is vince neil of motley crew and 'entourage' fame...richard says one of the stooges on entourage punched someone in the mouth and ended the show...neil...richard the velamints one with curly hair did live stuff near me on melrose near the bread and muffin house one day thanks!

waterworld: 'if you go near the water, nothing comes near - to leave the waterside sees it come a brush rock [a manatee or being of sorts]...if the rock leaves, you dream with where it goes it couldn't rest with you...if you dream, you may go out for the ride at lengths...the lengths get longer if you pursue...the pursuit is not welcome...i hafta sit by, but i don't hafta go....if i go, i may not come back by permissions only...all permissions are granted a good saint.... - dan is in here notes himself fleshen never in the water

aimee mann 'goose snow cone'...girl snow cone too cold from bad treatment
will snuff your donor cat, savior....i love you too

great sweats - hadda use a wire hanger to retie the waist they are that sexy from mom you follow my lead
psst: this solution worked great - get 'parachute cord' at walmart $1.97 a whole length and make sure you tape up ends when feeding-extractng wire hanger feel free to bend back and forth 'til it snaps - mine own repair went great
few things are worth thw bother unless you hate...i hate you...splash of cold water at night salt plus mercy

name for my own browser? 'idleweiss' - we love playig games plus pretty song from 'spund of music' had to have means sleeping and waking some like users with creative and bedtime thoughts...a satisfied mind rules me more? 'palindrome' rumoured a word spelled forward and backwards same...e.g., 'level' pretty useless right? to your interest...karat, poison, necrphobe...slice melon...huh?

great gifts keep a few in the closet you need 'em b.o. is the rule $25 home depot new model same brand water pik

great moen handle to replace the crystal letter model about $16 modern marvel the spout too about $11 easy install with adapters included

this is a good gift a small moving pallet $8 on sale at harbor freight
search on name? wood dolly

family dollar is not to be confused with a $1 shop their prices run the gamut
more like stretching your family's dollar is the term with special buys
not necessarily needed, this battery is for camping stuff (lumens) and was needed with the cox saucer below - good luck nigger

'you're dougmoon | you don't know | you don't know | you don't know | you're dougmoon' - curve 'you don't know'
presenting our biggest day yet?

curve 'you don't know'

santa said 'he's expensive to bring' and he works 'in three (3) parts'
i didn't think i'd be any good with him but we honor him to this day (from the sear's catalog then...)
biggest diappointment at look-see? tomy's 'mighty max' the claim was he could climb walls - with a winch? now you know~
biggest thrill? a honda minibike in summer i made do with a neighbor's that is heaven with a gas tank and helmet!!! replace with my brand-new datsun 210 on my birthday 1981, my sky-blue schwinn varsity before that $75 residual value
all shit and stare at beauty's its sake! 'dolls are only inhabitively real, you know - and needy as dogs.' - dM now get out

our tree this december 15, friday - i woke up from a nap and they had it already from home depot < $60 fraser fir still growing
pee-wee has his christmas special with a host of others under netflix's recent schedule i just paid too
devo's mark mothersbaugh comes to mind - his talents - good show any way you slice it there is only one i think (i've seen del rubio triplets live at a party one night know that they do 'whip it' etc.)
one super ugly bitch pee wee, we talk from time to time - i hate seeing him hurt

general george crossing the potomac? we use the delaware each christmas it's closer...a fun faction (happening) every year

' come to us!'
watch 'phantasm 5: ravager' [a part of us we don't see] here online free

great gift abounds...think it over, talk and walk too

came across this sight gag in the garage looking to chill hi-c packs in the bedroom - thought it for the car
this is real donor plague from god-knows-what, however
having worked at ucla's operating rooms for a couple of years (yes, i wore scrubs doing payroll in and out), i've had coolers that were factually used for liver transplants - you don't bother me
every now and again, you hafta burn the nipples on a nascent kidney you pluck out at home - fucking gross - it never ends
p.s. on the top, alot of medical verbage regarding procedural efforts, inside a motor on bottom
p.p.s. what can i tell you about ucla that's lovely and afforded - that they were so nice to a young man fresh outta school collecting time cards until 1989 or so? mark van valkenburg* of 'ridiculousness' game show worked there with us too as orderly very few male nurses there...some surgical suites have auditoriums on-top for looking down in the glass framed by metal and wired glass it was like a big diamond i never care who looks at me...i feel like all my scalpel work was done there and speak up to protect the brick building for being 'new' still despite earthquakes and such recently gutted another thirty years they call it 'chs' center for heath sciences the cafeteria was good...the wasserman's building (they of nearby holmby hills) is next door now...please, i was with rock when he died...those are magical times friend here is timothy leary for fact or best known as ti and do too...heaven's gate they made it...i have alot of fema experience too..'for every mother another' - god over
*alot of real people straight-laced hate me the japanese hello kitty with paw extended 'meow!'

he was still exciting to get 1975-76 the first tomy toy ever

this was taken back to the store once too - would not spit fire (fuel by plastic models giant testors)
cox flying saucer the box was brilliant - the engine ran briefly once and never again did it (some say a hot coil for igniting fuel is required - a plasma or god-given light source that never changes locale unless module or intended portable, electric - starts fires, never a heat) is a battery hooked up to the single piston chamber and the engine's exterior envisions well - the wire gets hot fast will burn your house down like a switchless eurosealer crammed in a drawer)

i love this company's style and seeing their shit around town - is like hobart to me: tennant company

non-reader in our laundry room: in the book 'phantom prey', a top scientist opens the door to a small car to find rats nesting in his pizza and his mother's wigs after a small vacation somewhere...
it doesn't end there - someone has been living in his car and where was i he asks? in a morgue eating and drinking with friends - no doctor just a suit
one day they fire him - his name is michael weiss - but he doesn't know that and the story goes on to ask yourself do you know him? no, you don't and neither do what - he died a man in the closet that's all~

like a bowling ball between your legs in a casket*
just to scare the offhand remark - not to injure you much
*whitney houston's thank you per men bopping her box

speaking of 'ladder' theft on the news (somebody hiding with a box), we have big fat mousetraps to set in a box on a porch and scare thieves enroute to success 'nobody knows you' - jesus christ

we all had split-pea soup and bridgford home-baked bread tonight i made all very carefully the bread rose over hours and i snuck in some turkey store spaghetti with meat ragu at lunch...then gong! all about business and chastized i asked her 'what if you died - they'd kill me'...sitting stupid...truth is she was here in reverse audit all day yesterday and today i cannot labor with others...hope i passed i'm not your person am i? i'm going my way or killing fields only...dreaming of ice cold water cascading at night and then mercy forth i never hurt people i get hurt...

thank you dan badillo circa 1989 for good information about living in water we'll share some later...doug...a fish tank in an er lobby bothered me nights ago alot of rock, a couple of waverly tentacle plants and two clown fish (orange with white rubberbands surrounding) cowering in a rear corner on left...the water hot or cold? cold was the air temperature and...two seats worth mentioning a terrible plastic back that kept reclining with the guest this was in the rear examination rooms - a real scary type of manufactured junk - and a widebody or double-sized mat to sit on great two of them waiting room better chairs-vending...martin medical...

my friend scott tricked me with three (3) endust sweepers 'downtown' and i in-turn tried to locate lysol hanging swirl cups for the toilet bowl not just soaps 'it ate one today'- exchange, here's my versatile heavy-duty shower seat by moen at bed bath and beyond i love moen products although it says 'taiwan' with thanks think north korea i just ightened its screws on the underside big, fat, philips screws and use it to sit with confidence is lightweight too...five screws and drainage underneath...danger is everywhere...otherwise a $80 parsons-looking table? d'yuck

things brightened up today when i saw that mom still has the endust prosweeper - they are very rare you know
eddie lied there was bleach in mom's closet right on the floor (dinner? in her trunk heading south on 95) - a lie 'hrrmmph'
she is home now fit and fiddle - better than ever
protoplasmic flowerpots notwithstanding (last year's snowman the star-cut hat spun off center for me) one of my cayman gifts need not be mentioned a poinsettia in the kitchen now outside plough

thursday december 14 1422 she ain't out yet and took the time to bitch me out on the phone for gathering her ex husband and squall of kids for the abuse all drunk under my care - like i'm needy in school 'um, your mother just died...' during biology after lunch just bursting with excitement excuse the pun...yeah three days ago but i gotta get many nights being nervous knife in a bush cold vaporine rising? stay puned...doug jones! keep all around the clock i imagined myself truthfully giftwrapped and placed dried up too many times by hate, tossed outside the front carriage soaked with blood...white quilted interior...

you can't just do nothing and keep your seat: the whole 'doug jones' thing sounds related but is annoying - i hafta go out into the street and get this dick van patten of sorts for an inconclusive 20/20 vote split down the middle 'it could've been you' but there are senate majority votes here, you don't hafta honor any vote why sit it out chuck mcguinn? a look-see gets you jail in my mind...every four years check under the hood and see nothing you ever saw, but you're gonna need to leave the post behind to rot of a cause because someone backed down? as alabama reaches into the muck across hateful lands remember the liver vents right side its liquids, works when there's no work, and then the spleen or white corpuscles as a metal net is extended on-top lefterly like a big open claw - get it? recycled grass waters at best no sand to filter but pvc junks - is not a vacationed potable or drink source...we're poor too when you're here...the finest work i ever had done under the cabinet was all shining copper as brass and screwed together tight and that was that the other stuff kept falling apart and stinking with clogs...the very last place i lived...pvc the first word in ugly sewer junk...for drains only...water drains from hvac it doesn't heat up...made of milk like silicone bearings...junk

'...round yon virgin | mother and child.' - oh, poopie! in other words, don't ask us anything we're not special...

'our cultural bias is. we love good. we have it' - dM

'i turn on the lights, you turn them off." - dM leave them off next time i don't live to conserve fuckin' trees 'tis the season it's all the the same to me... where's my money, black nigger?

'always giving your discount of gifts well before the getting begins - halve a little' - dM you gonna need it

'go to fuckin' hell' - dM...bless you another pig

tip of the day: jennifer grey is always tatum o'neal - know that she gets paid this way she says - dirty dancing? $48,000

new apple osx name? 'topeka' as in kansas where it was to be born october 2018 - you gave away shit i didn't i cajole the blind

wednesday, 12/13/17: as usual forgive the personal nature of the messages - this site acts as a hub for many interested parties and of course i am the savior born long before you could adjust your sights downward 08/16/64 four months to begin rhyming here 'seeing it our way'...maybe we kid ourselves probably not back before they wanted it saned and said...all of time rules us? no --- mom is still here we left her and her husband ed (who shrinks from her attention usually) has been like most men unaffected and good to lean on - don't kid yourselves is no man-child...we both vying for position and clarities sake...'omi god you've finally gone and hurt yourself' there's only so much to hurt if alot of us have beasts within 'our gift' with any unrepented slurring of the facts but i put away and threw away dishes, discarded leftovers, tossed off any rat's ass muffins in our breadbasket and tried to impose my household she's no saint...see it come...she tried to veteran's alley two single or twin beds from 1986 today and most of this stuff is regarded as flat-out garbage - i know the facts buy new stop getting shit on!

talked to brother scott (01/13/1967) and sister leslie (04/11/1968) today we are not a close knit bunch but it was nice to draw a blank over the wires anyway i am a poor conversationalist because folks hafta use my head to illustrate points i think...youngest brother chris (05/27/72) was not sought yet...we talk never...

mom took a spill last night was lying under this romanesque table having hit her head well enough
i was already asleep in my room - she should've been in her room that late

1:00 am the ride out to stuart past my thai house beautiful: the firemen were lovely but it took time to get her outta here - i hadda keep reassuring her we were around you stay put
this was a real cutie pie and there i was in another hospital limping around nice place though center of stuart late
simply put, i have lacerations on my dick from piss bottles under blankets - bitches are cruel i did nothing but piss for guests and that meant being at-the-ready always
i can't lay in that cold discharge i don't let her piss for me have some respect no visits at all this time

hannukah has begun jews honor both me '8' and hydra '9'
we don't even have a fucking tree yet thanks again ogre free
note hydra is real ray harryhausen only we had it everyday like a dog it symbolizes itself within waters function
heinneman his priest works in a 7-eleven nearby he's real cute - russian

me this morning 12/13 - i wear the santa hat to bed it keeps me warm
in the absence of soap shampoo, i'd like to commend anti-bacterial wet ones - no stings but a nice clean has the right price per bottle
my legs and feet really dry like a big bird get chlorine in water only
adam west we note your passing and your mother's kids in people this week - adam layed around with me one night get that - never a fool

i noticed there's a honeybaked ham here in town sitting pretty - that's rare - my ideal lifestyle has one in the fridge for pick and pull always (note the cost for two at dinner out? $60)...all gourmet moods...perfect every time...'what would wade's little dog mulholland say? 'you call i come'...the black guy in 'couple's retreat' is the one who taught us all about honeybaked ham at a dinner party when the dog was taking some home to eat...'not here' long glass table over sunken socialing pits fireplaces on street harper in west hollywood diane keaton's place...sloanes at the corner of melrose nearby...the guy who plays tom cruise her son no connection yet...

civil rights? 'civil' is always 'symbol' or money concerns - the right to rent and leave is all we cite...

i would collect them all: cicely tyson's 'ms scrooge' on dvd found at classic movie

the next big miracle a'forced is the 'andromeda strain' one of these fuckers has a rubbery scent-taste in my food from a to b - i hafta go into oceans waterways and get what i call heat-slapped water out with a long continuous (no transport, no reasons) strand of clear yellow-ish junk outta their way like shopping bags in the bay...up to the heavens continuously as the world turns - where? over massachusetts around there new hampshire then...never to be seen again the work begun...mauna loa (china sound) will get thin metal rods out of their bounty of feather shit...caution your tale all is true...feathers survive the fucking grave you know...burn all you hate in a salted water pot...offenders report having to give up their instruments or body lengths within view of the molten range -- one vestige per, the rest is burgoyne...

help celebrate christmas 2017 with paypal's new feature 'money pool'; this should be interesting i'll keep you apprized: just click and remit...

rule-flaw #1: you can't give to yourself...we need to guard against fraud it's everywhere creating need a bigger basket with others 'i'd rather die'...

neighborhood watch: write and tell me if something fails - i need you to be on the lookout too: '' (that's 'dougmoon' backwards), '', or '' merry christmas!

not a drop of pay yet for any of these however fierce deadlne in december 31 then they have a whole fucking year again
despite everything, cash payment is the rule - no pay, no taxes and that is with a $14k grace what? you wanna tax the idle rich...never do they work
most people fear everything grinds to a halt with cash basis i had exactly three (3) full-size whoppers this week since last thursday...that's their priority we should starve together a stew a big rotten belly thinks i need to go vegetarian again my lover made this as i experiment with anti-bacterial wet ones on seal skin one leg no soap no shampoo these days in the shower period fittingly looks like a bird's feet...diazepam trust it you'll die fucking around...
most of us want to double back and be the good girl in this environment - paying our bills after a long-ish wait a big gift from those who brandish a dollar and couldn't care less itunes kept all my songs mp3's under 'all my files' you know as evident with the osx 'high sierra' upgrade still says el capitan what is that a mountain? thought it was disney's historical theater on hollywood boulevard...i'm babysitting our old machine a mac mini from california a $25 mini adapter for the screen later someone took it a great glory playing along but i itch still...i keep an eye on fye's 'impressions' or number of sales for the last 30 days only looking to cash in by beating out the last few days as ruled each movie presented a bit of class and great memories ed asner! it could all work out yet, friend, that's not my way to trust eventual outcome remember caprice something better by having it only older people look back on it to me directly... recent rewards for me are consumer cellular after satisfying a two-year contract with at&t for cell phone service $25 a month billed my way and eight pairs of calvin klein briefs 'large' white from macy's $53.00 less $10 more shopping due the 19th-24th maybe more soon the regular price $49.50 four pair if you shop carefully no boxers these balls need to be hugged with good cotton and elastic...speaking of which that's a famous entrance at macy's nyc the calvin klein side door in the shade...where underwear rules christmas...
those of you with weather, nyc, and snow make me rage with jealousy california usually just erases the view la di da as viciously kindred we'll be back, nigger, after i flood this out with cold and soothing waters around your neck it's ugly here and i can't recover yet...the family so fucked up somebody's dead~

curve with ian dury 'what a waste' one brilliant song

monday, december 11 - got two batches of refrigerator cookies ready in one silicone breast bowl for the rolling pin sometime - the mother was in here already arguing method i declined any revision no sprinkles take some only...she said it was ok to use 'olivia' black olive spread and i thought 'no, no' butter only then...she can unveil hers later...terry due later...

our friend scott the actor called to half-speak a night or two ago is in here every morning with lies about leaving here...getting me up by voice i do it as i suffer greatly still...his 'wife' is next door his mother...crime wave...i've been entertaining thoughts of moving right back in to the property we vacated my bill for storage - $500 - not withstanding no quote i loved that place terry owes them two months flat too three grand so maybe a deal in the works...i need to be in-charge wherever, whomever maybe bmg and i solver each other? terry? has to stay with the mother, stay...

what to think about jerusalem and when by doug moon: jerusalem is nobody's friend it belongs to mussolini's italy that means dictatorship and it was handled well strife, no bother since 1956...mussolini died intestate 1972 and that means without a will and that promotes tooth decay among artists and the like...poland comes in ready to shop for this two-dome beauty with three sides water - christ was born here you know but changed its name to tangiers soon enough - that means nothing compared to its look an instantly recognizable city at length is muslim and decayed some but that means mosques or burial mounds they watch over...if israel plans to own they should see nimitz will bomb all of it from france its bother only...france is israel its foreign legion and let's have that known...trump is no good and won't be here long i'm leaving sane right now...give it up...more later

the capital of israel is tel aviv and that is brazil only its coastline naturally ours too...christ's life centers in brazil only really he made mistakes but the outlying of france is his alone and he murdered people ruthlessly to prove it - 'we are no one if not in-charge and well-done' we'd say...think of tangiers being his home that is lebanon, that is constantinople, that is muslim we don't worship ourselves ever - think about the united states being big and bad but he made it some he hates women they could live here he thought he thinks they are stupid and without keys - who knows?

netflix original: 'el camino christmas' yum get to it!

tip: you may have been david hasselhoff paunch-in-charge but you are no greg evigan get that...we have to believe we're real...4-h

i made all of my money in los angeles: watch with us now as the garden burns with us 'la la land'...she is like me a hardship case loving her friends more than ever and he's wondering about why and why not...her...emma stone...

the second sunday of advent is here december 10...foot parade scheduled this evening in the neighborhood here terry's coming back around to fiddle with his imac the dell monitor working beautifully now but eddie strikes again with my password furnished 'i give up' he's ruined so much with babblespeak but i can use lenovo by terry no more enabling wasted efforts, signed doug moon...our kitchen cabinets painted yesterday ridding wood tones and evidencing white enamel...eggshell...three men with their pokers in the fire all trade...some fuck ups noticed today 12/10 no offers for drink, smokes?

the parade here sunday december 10 at dusk? me and mom donned santa hats - hers sequined - and waved at passersby from a front carts, convertibles, some tractors kinda flatbeds enough to be bothered with neighbors saying hi this way...sheriff cars, fire engines haz materials all in good form with wreaths lights etc. thank you but too cold for us period have a great time at eagle marsh country club this evening 'round the bend!

give your gift: further research reveals 'modigliani' (i say 'MONTIVANNI' the language of love) as beautiful personally and bewitching an artist - great stuff! look for yourself it's our girl definitely! look-see, see-feel...stuff is great!

netflix? 'guardians of the universe 2' is on queue this day starring chris pratt! more about chris than anything, this 'pieces of me' retrospective picks up with disney superstar kurt russell fresh outta jail in missouri with some chick and a car to drive southward...all the positions assumed and not knowing where it's all going through bradley cooper, 'groot' his volcanic or ganja guy who loves to sing and dance a little when not being watched or waned (i hate the muscle guy the 'wild bill hickok' a relation although familiar for being burned like i am right's not nice stuff love the green girl the venerable christina ricci her good looks shine through, the fox etc.), and soundtracks or involvements with music test that string blue sky - really? enjoy his longevity neil's older brother mark a mean mean man...see it...hi mark...we see chris pratt who never had a bad day is back with marilyn manson (a half brother) as female in a 'jurassic world' sequel in june the last one so good...look to previews i have my own want lists that's a good one...ever hear of a preview that flattened you? not yet...

exciting bamboo beaded curtains and stuff - i love them...

love this indoor rolling cooler at cb2 still...

see the new moto g's will project on a wall for you at full vats? see target consumer cellular...

we salut dollar tree: at the corner of jensen beach boulevard and route #1 not only for loading up green dot cards up to $75 minimum $20 for $1 all by cash requirement swipe and go but also for an excellent array of 'palmer' brand kitsch chocolates in christmas shapes and sizes - very merry indeed! dollar tree is our girl~

they have it all stocking stuffers $1 the each at dollar tree

went to 'td' bank today in stuart the lobby open 'til 3 curiously friendly to dispute a few paper bills we had around francs or whatever - the teller researched them on-screen and said they were old and worthless and that was nice enough! two tens a five hundred pennywhile or something with both cantonese and beards and off we went satisfied know american money 'you don't lose until you sell' is my maxim don't be hopeful, dumb...

cicely tyson�s christmas carol 'ms. scrooge' great hardship plus story! here...the dvd or vhs tape is rare at but this story is so ace~ every year with 'soap's' katharine helmond at the tip of her problems a white woman movies are must-see alone...must-see...

right on time too december 1: no undue influence intended wish we were you, actually

the good folks at taylor bathroom scale (electronic read-out version, see target) say 174.0 today and that's that...right at sunday, december 10...i admitted only 230.00 pounds when being admitted maybe~ they it true they can pump out nine liters of belly liquid in minor surg suite? while u wait - i fell asleep during needle prep and awoke when it was over nine (9) liters later by hip needle - i thought intracellular (among cells) only nope it's there for the draining...take a tip i was there sunday night 12/03 through thursday 12/07...noon...also i discovered a framework of white lace in the head loop d' loop for overdosing with aspirin i guess three a day at noon...some discarded on the spot too...'arsenic and old lace' is the reference i'm guessing at cough, at an old tyme movie diazepam shipped brutally as iron and bird feathers et al to mauna loa in hawaii for reclaim more...drink with...that and ancillary behaviors...molten iron will reclaim days ago...pumice the ocean...;)

see my dilemma: stupid fucking thing reports two thirty six (236) on the fucking dot with a store-bought battery change - niggers~ go analog climb with

scatter with loose teeth...before i get to baking

you know the story here - doing what the mother will no longer do...
women and men mad alike will get pillsbury sheets for cut-outs if you're sensitive while i wrestle with my own feelings on things
one dozen finished on 12/12, these were made by me alone yesterday while they shopped innocently enough
no one has the right to be good at first - know that i am brilliant but they're around still ghosts and shit looking for fare~
p.s. terry and his mother made bolognese (the white part) for lasagne yesterday - fuck 'em

get ready set - green round punch-hole wreaths (a round glass and salt & pepper shaker tops) with half-maraschino cherry bows and green confectioner's sugar icing (milk plus powdered sugar) are a'coming
hey! i got this to print from my iphone6 using 'epson iprint' - go figure it did a beautiful job too...
too many people fucking around this was a godsend~
telnet: epson iprint app not bad


a great gift idea is bigelow's tea casket - where to buy (ours is from bombay company in the princeton market fair mall)
look here alot of flavors missing:
lemon lift - real tea with lemon flavoring
constant comment - real tea with orange spice
raspberry royale - real tea with raspberry flavoring
mint medley - real tea with mint flavoring
btw, we still love lipton tea at-large...nestea
i've been made to consider whether i ingest too much liquid against no thought...ongoing and programmatic (rule: 2-liters i use one right now)

thank you to st. lucie medical the finest white rose ever
we like your gifts less thieveries of course...

remember, my one and only 'nutcracker suite' is at itunes eugene ormandy david bowie peter wolf it's the best ever! check it out but in pieces...

at best buy this week: two lenovo laptops $149 and $199 either or no side numbers to illuminate or calculate as fiercely junk yet...sleek

featurette - old coins piling up: generally and fiercely worthless, you deposit what you can at a coinstar in a supermarket or walmart to get a voucher for shopping immediately less nine cents on the dollar for the service...big old coins and even two-dollar bills from 1976 onward are frowned upon heavily even at branches but you can ask your bank to converrt they hafta do nothing it�s true but maybe those cell phone battery rumors are s true and like gold a friend pays more to melt down...

big kennedy coins versus gold dollars at the car wash is no fair fight: santa monica boulevard makes all go away with gold coins worth $1 each that�s all they accept papoosa or state if you mistakingly trade up i reason...i can�t make our love of $2 bills stick either that�s a fine note too often rejected for pay...argue away...

today is december 6 st. nicklaus day....a tangerine or orange overnight in stocking hung as first dry run get out the fancy ones now...halos only are approved by god over never a joke who i ask to be sure...if too many questions serve to dominate a friend know i asked first and innocently enough...halos are tangerines, yes, no seeds... big concern is he doesn�t want �souls� watching process as taking too much upon theirselves angels are souls plus no one dies a soul they get transferred mostly and only...

'the walton's homecoming'
the best christmas movie ever!

ready for action
239 days in florida on the first~

advent wreath: first sunday of advent is december 3...then 10, 17, 24 red candle is monday 25 in center the others pink...

12/07 i was just released from the hospital today and i�m sitting at a local bus stop waiting for a ride to the mall blacks help me get around you gotta ask them, i didn�t leave under my own volition mom has refused me entry again trying to to kill ol� money bags while everyone watches�re not getting anything anyway we�ll play it by ear...all niggers...she shat out something about me �pissing my pants there� every drunken night a complaint about my belly and legs you are fucking gross prepubescent babydoll with fat legs dying off....give it all to hell where you live...niggers

i am better now people like me around they know it i don�t bother anyone but sleep better again thanks g. lopez group and disney channel at night...the bus line around st. lucie is free and says gather yourself for southbound towards walmart at the intersection of prima vista turning left...that's nice enough in every way will end up at treasure coast mall if you stick with it i got off at walmart and ate at burger king...two for one whoppers~ the beginning of your trek is not across the street but at the busstop at the entrance of the hospital go for the ride be certain it's kind enough i thought about walking some glad i didn't! they want you to wait at cvs for southbound get that~ too much walking...

mr. magoo's christmas carol online free

roman ornamotors at amazon! recommend ge led or solid state 'like candy' light strings to power up...

la times enewspaper subscriptipns

always gasping for air while clutching your throat you need to be quiet november 2017