see early black friday deals
you to keep an audit trail to bmg what among your misgivings
forget sku's or individual product serial numbers by a can of glade i need to keep hope alive with thefts ringing in as sales less any inventoried shelves that work for 'nobody bought that shit ever - your clerks did'
less of course the scours across products and time in the form of lots and broken up lots (i dream of paying you with these actually but with jail's own of harsh guide and firmer blessings printing cartons and repackaging myself to approvals everywhere - 'you hafta hurt alot' - dM what's done is done is done)

don't just sit there - join us in december 2014 while we hanker for hunk of cheese! or step out in the ruby slippers a striped leg at a time right out front but bent at the knee - then whoosh! i wantcha, wow! he's the greatest dancer~ (sing 'on top')

terry went with a 'family weekly'-looking company for his new cellular service and at target - the name is consumer cellular and the phone is 'motorola moto g' - $100 for the phone a weighty black one or bullion as i say - and $20 each month spread as follows: 200 minutes voice (called the 'anywhere 200'), 1000 messages and 100 megabytes of data transfer (called the 'connect ready' plan combined) plays 'youtube' freely - get that...

'his tears were like dirt - i drive them' - dM

this just in no i want cash and cash instruments for the first three weeks or so: terry called to say ken weatherwax died as only 'puglsey' (ostensibly little lord fauntleroy) in 'addams family' the tv series (1964-)...'nobody really was there'...wouldn't 'addams family christmas' as movie be great? 'pews for jews' or 'opus' open us first...achoo! taking exception with...but not in any way you could cite reasonably 'grass roots'...gesthalt...'a nigger eating grass (to make milk for a rubber doll)' is that it?

i talked to artist gorey - these are like rats evolved - they smell food only, they don't know light

to and fro - fro and to we remind ourselves before year-end 2014 (all prior years' business) there are no merry christmases where loose ends require of you or where you are at the helm - niggers? what could be more obscure to thriving businesses than routine sales? where are you? 'impressions' need to be ratified only - don't turn away no one gets paid showing people anything unless you think that someone lovely's coming to donate sometime soon - the numbers mean 'better luck next time' then - you are a nigger 'a roll in the hay' you and i both see it...i have a hard time believing anyone did anything at all + the divinity of jesus...bless you too brown cow...there's something lovely about letting people believe don't you agree...a skunk, a can of cabbage or just a skunk...

i live your dream of being the fool noneother than another fool
six hour flights with no dinner~
the afghan war - very glamourous with ragheads and cat eaters
what did you do - comb their hair?
i live, but so do are me

may god wipe shit on your inner thighs - 'no, i'm you' old as fuck showing up on stage somehow~
oh, my god (that's me - you are not my children as i teach you mine) you mentioned your belly again but had your nails done in some wildcat of unemployed (no banktuptcies to keep on file) dentists who are now just asians (leopolds) a belly is your degree with the uso service 'failed' or japan now fighting korea 'a libby's fruit cup versus weiner wraps' keep shooing
in the beginning apple went blank~
hassles, wrangling - you were damned ugly too
i didn't get to sell beatles, only, that's all in a heaven of it - get it? too close to the 'shroom

eye: you can consider this a formal complaint - i don't split hairs with you and jews i poison them dead in the afterlife you seek here and there i eat them, sure - you, me - me, you don't approve anything for me skinning cats
our languages mix us, rapture

some asian-type art embracing the sand hill cranes in our home
you wondered where it comes from - what prompts it
no cars - get it? you don't drive cars in the sand and 'no one leaves the scene in a cadillac' - dM you don't even know you hit 'em

'you don't go into my light - it comes to catch you' - dM

hot pramps explosion: this cyryvex horton lamp now outfitted with the truth - all are orbs yet have no light of their own our phone that one little one you see
save knits over tits on any personal style - buy one, of each four stares mix and match then is up to yourself

pick and salve: the google chromecast wand is pretty good - hooked up the ipad, laptop, and honda (one should note the zip car has the usb pin link but refuses the keyed ignition when but minutes beyond reserve undemanded - after the little four-five button device stalls after fifteen minutes of no code entered - programs the reprieve) - it all responded well - you need the google chrome app, and the chromecast extension one-both for each mind generator so confusing ! they work together to cast a wicked spell to the tv and that is initiated by a mouse button on each screen upper right once the extension is last laissez is the youtube screen featuring the video frame only and no chitlns around the corn...type hole glitches... o sole meo~

the ipad chromecast extension for chrome is not ready yet but 'you tube' will play on the hdmi tv without it...just hit the upper right blue button when in the app - apps reduce function only ever and wipe down for being transient useless really
chromecast is apple tv reborn - whatever

see, feel - the color box is for a google tv routine that patches in tv from around the yard, city - is flip4mac dependent and so hum
you name your hdmi tv 'westinghouse' and thus all can beam to from its wi-fi center by choosing while online

the hollywood spa got a visit from me a few nights ago as promised by an old dirty coupon in my wallet...not bad, patio and layout not traditional all c's revealing your ass and strap of spine at sinks-soap galas but full of promise for modeling kitchen cabinets i guess some alternate design...smaller...some harsh gramercy effect on the remice knobs turning older-type asians into that same gollard of being...the vendor the best buy that evening a rappaport of credit use but no debit...valley ho! the neighborhood is police state and sexy lots of workmen with me squatting for the moment around the corner eyes like cameras...grade: run in to pee, for the ebbid pusk (vineland just past burbank avenue near '20/20 video' is on the right...hard to find witchy recessed door i walked all day up and down vineland a cherish of it...p.s. is nice to think of, well-lit at night, basically a franchise-type's in philadelphia now with lana turner's old chemile nightgowns out in the lobby... like a $1,000 handwritten check just left around or in a bag i can't say where-why i have or know - if only to take a peek...good luck...

a few more stats on the restaurant below - no fool, the camera work is logic-ing us alot - no alot of details but unwanted hair and moles

still no word on the logitech revue box - stable, refusing the work..that's why sony means 'sold only in new york' a commodity most only phones, one in jail 'wants' pizzahut pizza hut but a multi-culture bluejay reviewing shelves and deliveries...'don't buy that'


etelsis (without asking) review: phantasm iii

the hollywood christmas parade at facebook

12/02 1359 back home now safe and sound - it's raining hard what a beautiful day...enjoy la, thanks american, angels who live through it...more: i had to quickly install venting fans under my angels large for flying over water -- too much shift this put an end to it despite hellions under water? in arizona wayward angels remark 'made by a book' committed to the ground here...

little to no light part 2 - don't be dumb: this restaurant was good, boy
on the ocean - scary and it rained now blessed at night

up the neck to highway along shores - fort pierce no water underneath
movie star stuff lana turner from scratch greta garbo lost it to forty years trying to burn it down
stevie nicks~

what was that great military destination here called? like toluca
ft. lauderdale? became dade (even the summer they take off~)? the christmas room
very larry peroni's on route 29 all shimmering...fuck you

i had the prime rib $22 with onion setz - good salad, bread...fountain coke

very elegant when we left in and among the rain - nice

dolphin night like christmas at night tavern on the green
nice when it's dark, when it rains - xmas
be careful leaving it - you'll drive a bitch car right down into the black of no grass

re phantasm v: the tall man 'i don't want to know what you know - i want to know when you know.' another: 'if you come here, you'll be leaving soon...' one more: 'i've come to realize the facts. you'll have them.'

none too serious, but 'a heavy debate'? a great burden.

today december 1, 2014 is 'cyber ('cipher' with a mirror) monday' is charging an extra $10.04 for that black mooney easy-bake oven, you know (cooks viciously with a light bulb and a hot metal pan if you know anything about that - and so licks your 'lumen' or the part of the face right under your nose)...i liked them contributing hours and thus sales to the black friday event last year but that might be passe now as things lighten up a bit / their charter coming due in two (2) months we'll renew...heartily a reagan thing...

we were gonna take a boat ride (like the ferry that goes to the statue of liberty and not to mention ellis island in nyc) around burt reynolds' jupiter island yesterday (you call after 9 am to seek their solace i just wanted a boat ride i never take them ever but like pch south of san francisco, you just can't get off your spine to carmel - get it?) and but like one of arsenio's last shows, they was might get shunted (a bipp in the water after cocktails) rejecting me offer? not really my brother scott says 'zzz' but is no gauge of my a gas bulb under the grill, how much left is not so much about pressure but aquifier not so easy to say...these cowtowns were pushing county-wide relations through the jails for drinks on-board last time...incidentally, burt reynolds as such hosts his workshops there three days a year in april i think for wannabe actors who are thinking about the guest of it - not alot of techinque is as 'i don't act' these are principals of general electric's sky pyramid...island princess cruises at facebook...

i asked my mother if she's ever done the hot air balloon or skyline helicopter thing (i myself have done a cessna early on six seven years old all patchwork and amaze in autumn a full-on crop-duster in califon, nj) and she says 'no' - that stuff is balls-wit scary but i might risk all ? maybe one day i'm a bit of a scaredy cat but pove on if you're sure i'm sure - no - she makes reference to some wildcat skidboat zooming around the statue of liberty in nyc and i think 'all hearts and handshakes' regarding weddings there's nothing you won't do lying under that matrimonial mattress...apparently they got theirs one day 'the party's over' like talk talk's album cover (see an eye missing l/r both) 'a small rock' seek yourself out there in or around it...see the beast touring the beast...

the people at jo ann's fabrics assure me they're about 'assembly', only - their word - :

this sturdy unfold of decorations type and value would make a great holiday hamper for the bedroom - or otherwise -

this whole petting zoo of cardboard ingenuity well within reach
one suspects a pull-over type environment for stitching around and about - a unicorn? sure...a giraffe

these hiney (see: 'high knee' as butt them) kegs are spankin' new for christmas giving - what a pug!
about $20 or the price of a gas bulb for the grill having once rented already...nice...publix yet
this stuff is supposed to be a lighter affair if you have kids around?
english: 'never mine: the buttocks'

here's the schematic for the 2014 cadillac srx - optional though we turned the bitch upside down looking is a ghost shrinking-growing
although ostensibly bluetooth or apple wireless among complaint, this system wants every single lick on cd's
i wanted a usb port for the screenless ipod i bought mom way back on her birthday
the mercedes she drives uses cassettes in a hidden wall behind the led readout on the radio just press it
i love cassettes too high fidelity and cheaply summed - truer to sound
faggots hide behind digitali alot sampling everything down for you - never early always late too
remember, 'aux' is no phono for amp, but a golden line (au = gold or then austria, in with its own power

at eagle marsh brunch 11/30 'no, we ate': these red-haired cranes like flamingoes are everywhere but alarmingly dumb to cars and traffic - it's no roach after all
another harmless beauty (below me, like i made it all), however plentiful
maybe just tired - see beyond asian arts, they are pretty and pronounced of hunger sometimes - corn is good

---------------------------------------------------------that was yesterday - see foreigner again

i just got bitched out entering the martha stewart versus gwyneth paltrow argument over tossing a cup of sour cream into a cake 'you can't taste the vinegar' yes - it's in there...reply 'i'm still learning leavening...' paltrow: 'i hate people changing my things...' stewart: 'it's not yours to change, anyway' is what you said + 'it's our show' me: so?
facts: i hate unknowing being the guide - sour cream is good and 'it's a wicked witch for making desserts - '

cobalt? two light neufs pressed together harshly - a lead belly is this, a bead of light when cured open though with table salt - abcd? d - fish eat it...'i'll have a blue christmas without used'

no more christmases: one non-specific year among all greeting cards and gifts roughly 2003 it rained alot i got exactly one pack of cocoa from someone in terry's family only all (no, that was a jewish snowflake party invite - all dead it wasn't even mine a standby person) and how sweet to the tooth that tells - 'swiss miss' has turned around and made a little card with exactly that as seen lately at cvs - how cute is that to send? know suffering if it pays these a quiet of sums...

someone's all 'four things you should never buy at trader joe's' is largely vendetta as folded flowers and shit; mine are in exchange for the things i love you've stolen:

1) milk - i love powder milk products keep you or not no lactic acid?...theirs curds fast especially with grandma's hot iced tea with sugar, lemon and lime curing nearby...i'm not allowed to buy it, period;
2) package bread - hardly a good but some okay if writing a check - no package white ever, is not good;
3) nuts - their stuff is uncooked i had to give 'em up after bags and bags of almonds as so precious a commodity now - hard to the tough;
4) organic stuff - i lost a tooth on a cracker here and hate that to be the default it's no joke - why not leave that ketchup off? organic means russian unless cheaper - it doesn't taste better is sprayed with ground up produce...we made trader joe's come when pavilions locked up for a year or two get it right...florida has none really...strange...

next a list to toil them bald $1 more for a pound of butter speaks now - in and around their overall beauty there is no more chicken breast cooked and carefully sliced you w/o any brown rubberbands inside, with white micro rice: starts now

1) their produce is largely excellent and priced each at the cheap - the best banana ever neither new nor old is $0.19 each - a potato reasonably priced is just a potato about $0.39 the stores very expensive here - lovely, lovely - this is buying fresh truly not yours to assume or eat yet - again i can't chill navel oranges with fools around demanding treatments of their fruit, but is key to keeping moisture some...i wash gently anything large with soap and water both to encourage vaporing again...and refrigerate too;
2) their fresh salad and pasta-ish salad packages too cheap to mention $4 most are - my fave is chicken bbq a vinaigrette with black beans and tortilla some cheese too - lovely;
3) cheap butter, sour cream, and whipped cream - half-and-half, fresh eggs at the bottom price we'll take always - little to no white squiggles...a short order cooks says melt the butter and leave off the cream pegs for eggs brushed oleo - it's there;
4) we hated their slimy canned crab but love their two maryland crab cakes per pack in the frozen section - they are exquisite, in a skillet with butter drawn and perhaps their tartar sauce;
5) their array of frozen quiches (the size of a roll of masking tape) is met by my appetite for a spinach one or the french-sounding 'quiche (say 'key') a la maison' at breakfast $1.89 about - all of them spinach claims can't be wrong - a cruciferous-type person (broccoli, cabbage, etc. - sprouts), i keep it in my diet weekly this way now a bit browner on top like poop ? also see broccoli and mexican cheese versions;
6) nobody sells cheese blocks better and at prices weighed - nobody else cares as much i'd say the rest for sale;
7) superior fruit juices everyhow - my favorites? dixie peach, cherry cider...the best ...more then later

11/30 1940 los angeles just reported in with thick clouds and heavy rain - should it abide...otherwise excite!

'seeing is bleeding' - dM to lick me

last day of november 'with its song to the air' - fleetwood mac 'fireflies' empty their wallets 'and they go'

brother $20 fax glory at banner link above? who still uses fax - me? computer and scanners failed us for that not precis pray-see 'precious little' to time stamps files...contracts...microfiche retires them up, clam shut...

q: in the car 'who are people?' a: it's like they're inside god fixing a hernia - 'i'm not sure how all this laying around helps, but okay~' just 'can't truss it'...

french bitch: in the course of my travels here, i was talking to the negroes in africa who set off a bomb in a public place and killed some twenty-plus people before or after...this woman - no slouch at it - said she puts the explosives in an accordion and plays until the device explodes because she and her two or more accomplices 'accouches' (or 'purses' purses lain as stolen and brought to) hate people but that it was more than she expected...she comes back in a day or two she adds...elsewhere...all i could think of is that harrold (drunk, tired - more at fezzed) guy in the video for song 'french bitch' tossing his head back in mock disgust when asked to play the french anthem again...tuning in to your favorite station (((.))) know some hateful people, boy...

the male lead in the movie 'expelled' reveals his taut body was made eating only mayonnaise during the day just here and there (reports only some discombobulation or head-type slippage nothing musculo-skeletal or radiant - the chiclets joke is that he stocks the gum during the night and they need replenishing-replacing some or else - ) someone fat or still eating of success cites bad breath~ like anal-type boulves, i haven't experienced much tread by myself...not real...bad gums and sperm now that's real...culprit: duration: three weeks after fat fact he says - 'get over it now'...

re the cartoon dragon in 'the hobbit' who 'brittles' mouth open to the thief's claims of superiority as he quietly seeks a way out, my next favorite is 'labbering' like 'lathering' but as labyrinth - talking to another as you toil and demand yourself your attention backwards from constant comment...i do it always and caution the humours outward...

cvs has the same or similar drum kit boxed same price $9.99 this week maybe not so nice? no bass drum with kick? 'let's rise to give our king' the birds who don't run taking off and weaving quite well this week?

walmart is featuring a black 'easy-bake' oven this week $30 the moonchild edition 'moonflower' - theirs exclusively? they have purple too - the cakes and frostings at many an outlet and supermarkets the very k-cup of snack cakes - pies

i love rca electronics: at sear's this week 40" rca flat tv 1080p $269...has a $300 pool table again (billiard table)...

check out sam's club, girl - mom made a delicious filet mignon steak for me last night 11/29 well-done with a-1 sauce a de rigueur...just like them hot pork sausages of yore, it was hair

these bitches got metal plating right at the 'hobby lobby' - whatever - here in jensen beach
see the pet shop boys 'very' lp (1995) trying too hard - ours for lightning loops at six flags a tower of it
we were talking about jane wiedlin (the go-go's) today she sang 'tokyo by night' for uber producer stephen hague a take on the indian thing madonna and abba do 'hung up' and 'gimme gimme gimme', respectively

gay grandma story: i used to love to make stretch cloth potholders on a plastic loom with grandma pivarnik (pavlik) sewing up ends ?
they weren't junky at all~

today's purchases at ae - 40% off total $60 they was raped button-top green and blue v-neck
i have and prefer alot of their stuff - fresh - i like their logo a thread eagle emblazoned same color on tees
i really wanted the american striped eagle on gray tee - my mother or god's simply strange 'israeli'
one day i couldn't get or pay for ellio's pizza ?
what's that viet nam (a fillet of meat - not for me)? see that biege skirt at target
my lover's jacket here - who's the fool? i bought one olive xl my xmas present...$65 all-told make sure you use 'gobbleup' code if today only

we call this the renee room at 'ruby tuesday' treasure coast - my mother loves it still
women who complain of it: 'because you don't go when you're told to go [as social lair]'

the vintage logo at sight is damned unnerving for some reason - is hard to find done right and is like pure peter max stuff tuesday weld
money talks to me

for the dead among us - hairballs and frozen sperm anyone?
to discreet with frosted models~
an egg to sell the hard way - as unused?
if the human ova is largest single cell to sight, who am i to be henceforth? catch this -

'you don't need to speak' and in colors - abc for plastic magazine trays

i tell people who are actually-reportedly made of eight unwilling blacks 'i have the system' and as i look for new doll panties for my boys
you sew both fabric and stretch at max lengths then let relax - i use cardboard extenders inside garments to sew and long hooks to fish ties
you haven't lived until you sew piping along pillows in seams turned inside out they are just wrap around cotton cord an inch or two stitched right in
btw, i love muslin dogs - the right answer for people who get bored with living contexts...faceless, but scary
someone was in here yesterday with her back turned and right next to me long hair, all audrey rose
came out of a closet for a bit with some dark fabrics being tried worries~

'oh, officer i just livened my pubes'
i'm still trying to decide for me: latin oily cube with moisturizer or feather breasted as relaxed and sharding
i'm serious here - your move?

don't fuck up with twins as the glory of half-king: take a tip - never separate for having bedspreads

someone makes these nightlights with switches yes as half ship for extra money - i love 'em in the bathroom at night i pee alot and don't wanna disturb dreams with practical nuts in the way
keep it dark - and by the way old junky lampshades provide great metal rings for wreath making...making wreaths...get busy

'please - publix liquors with an 's' on the end? an 's'...' says onstar 'we don't listen, we just do...'

needless to say our $15 turkey was fabulous we suggested only freeze-dried meat opening up inside ice father reportedly loved aunt jeannie's salt bird on the run 'nobody cared'...she was here when we brought our vacuum home

mine: any room or space problem would result in a flat upper structure of two-by-fours making a loft with twin mattress type - desk furnishings underneath crawl to the top on rear all bolted together - no to fool

edit pilgrims: a false wall of dirt in-front upwards with a swathe across in light's own paintbrush 'horsehair' with someone looking in and at night 'we see you' fright wasn't invented yet~
'we prepare to die' - dM or stamp ourselves of a minute 'dying ain't that easy'

from the farmer's market what has yet to formate-rubber stamp in the treasure coast parking lot
i was pissed when i dropped in at first during the week too windy and tent poles in coffee cans of cement weren't gonna cut it on this day - one i noticed today has italian-striped cans for 'coffee beans' i thought
i went back to the mall with company to get $100 worth of american eagle products with $60 you'd say no tax talk just pearls then
they had a smashing insert-hooded jacket with plaid in the shell blue they just hid it $100 and for the same sheckles or carefree laughs as i say
shackles? unfavored - is yours...shecky greene keeps an audience for a few more rounds of drinks - is mine for sure 'chuckles'
mom's complaint (homeless? no family you care to know...a person of the grave laying where you think to play lazily - mine: trash can shelter in back unfettered with talk as yet, must cover no to sight...this not 'tee-pee' no what washes down in the back to a shelter for stinky stings-the-eye non-paying types with typed cardboard boxes as private belle or burial prop stamped with half-wagon wheel 'paris' very oliver twist and we at winter eat the grasshopper no mental midgets 'run while you still can!') and is largely about the same merchandise now as restored and new
i 'stole' two tees one is black and fabulous the other showing muscles as graving you in blue - not a favorable mention as next closet over
i can put the jacket together with previous nuts and easily enough i guess she demanded i wear 'xl' and that always has to be monitored for weights out as i hate any of oversize-look, period, heat and tits smarter know light does not keep giving in a crush but rises to correct you every amorphous (shapeless, changing) - i'm here...
the tee i was wearing is large only old navy and looks great per me - the salesgirl says it matters what type washer only - a center agitator or bucket flume the agitator shrinks some apparently but it was water on top i question it is credit or borrowing paychecks that 'cubes your meat' - dM
p.s. dropped in to elegant gift shop 'things remembered' to seek out our half grandfather-mantle clock (also a who-made-who among tapes and stapled copies is the longest or untouched one like the third person in a conversation - there is no father, no second person, i'm guessing) as i was missing the gold dot in the middle of the face from a harsh battery change or something now a hole somewhat is bulova...a woman covered with cocoa butter said 'no, we don't have it yet...' (like i looked in sear's for logitech's revue anyway and he was possibly right - no but mocha sheet sets queen-size and but briggs and stratton engines on craftsman mowers) but it was there anyway the exact model but darker a bit and with its gold dot intact a ruse that lacking stymies any returns - are you sure another ruse was all things sold to be left in a casket - no, found a few nice things there i'd like to give or have~

hollywood christmas parade tomorrow sunday - see it here - don't kid yourself very magical, great sights

thew jewish star is also seen the cross now ('each had to borrow the wood' - dM) but no so close around you shielding of its light - see it the menorrah eight-nine is the hydra everywhere and all providing...'don't bother me - we have it' neil: 'we're its people' what see my 'no life among symbols' statement and 'if saying is half of doing' - dM 'if smelling is one half of taste' and if david berkowitz said to his mother 'get the fuck out of here - ' when she went in his room

'the hydra guards a grave' and is real only - ask jason priestley and we'll get back to him one day soon...dianne keaton too

fully compliant and better looking now this morning 11/29 - why so special the 29th?
tomorrow - one of the best months ending on the 30th day~ i shop by quarter
i hesitated with the cadillac because it looked like it had sheen (barrel) nuts on it requiring an operation on the inside they're very protective
they snap on silicone (milk made sour or hard-enough by press) grommets underneath a visual deterrent only then phillips or star head screwdriver
see, feel: the cadillac has an electric button underneath on the door's interior that closes the rear hatch for you
if only the camembert (starter kit, 'laughing cow' - the schoolyard cheese equivalent of a white mcflurry, the rhine wine of cheese now mia) roll wrapped in proscuitto (italian ham) were made of cream cheese before present the night before (god over says 'use roquefort')...from chive: 'let him make it'

i hadda operate on mom's stereo again last night trying to use the realistic speaker-changer box for selecting speakers indoors or out or both while ghosts here keep groaning at the thought - the project was delayed by the thickly-corded outdoor units only to find the box truly overused the insides raised above boils or solderings here and there with no response utterly from my careful wiring what demands extensions from the amplifier and then lines out to each pair or block (the volume setting is easily a high-voltage problem - get that right enough)...usually i test the unit with led's or light diodes...before i tried to complete the work, i went online first to see how the strangely coded contacts in back could be useful ? in open position the knob-closures obscure imprint texts - two pairs up and down, then two blocks of eight pairs stymied me...see for yourself then at radio shack...seriously, i took it apart because richard's around alot and his family has food fights (who's soda is in the fridge and with mouthing bottles - we never share anything, ever, not even fat-free condiments 'one day you'll hafta be there - be fresh for it, no little girl stuff' - dM by the way i was handed $50 cash one bill a glamour but before the cop stopped us see it - the right way after doing for gratis* - just for getting the stereo output to work again i wouldn't leave her half-broken i'm like niggers i hafta to be defeated

*no one does anything for you - they like having everything nice, but get overwhelmed easily enough

agree we got our girl here - anything flex with metal says it's salted now
re electronics and their upgrades, we believe - in our hearts - you're gonna live better buying in and going along with new~
you gotta get intimate with your machine though along the lines of unsatisfied needs, only, and its own of taxes and that includes being recalcitrant (refusing to do) and on both ends back and forth
'the old victrola' is gonna play - the recordings theirselves 'as culled as a witch's tit in a brass bra'

note electronics heathen 'best buy' recycles all wires, cd-dvd's, remotes, batteries - whatever - right inside the doors and if 'recycling is a glamour' best left to can't really see it set in its true form, that's can't make pizzas...

barb and jayne two of our special guests last evening
i sat end at right - no games, the standing prayer circle fast and with thanks
the evening measured and contented - but not alot of m/f mixing around
very nice to me

great stands for little trailer trees unpriced at publix on federal highway (the red stands, like glasses raised toasting the dead of us last night - all floating in region singularly)
my mind said $13 the each we were in a rush out - be sure
got pulled over by state police while hassling with the onstar system imagine asking for 'publix' liquors one fool to another (license plate bother with covering the state name i agree i guess junky tauts but also our plate is '666' as 'JG6GP' i'm all 'oh, that's just fuckin' great -' on the cadillac as '666 greatest person'
just trying to sympathize with the thought~ a verbal warning
the onstar system is a cell phone for tape wax directions - i'm all 'great - another polite hard-of-hearing magpie in the back seat' or 'a 5th lunacy'

i wanted a longer look...see here a lynx

i asked eddie about owning mcdonald's the whole savoy saving for less bother says he likes - and get this - 'go animation'
i thought 'people getting theirs and leaving that simply' on-the-spot
neil said 'gold animation' watching money as pile replicate - answer? get out fast for no bother
another as female offers the hate of paying bills monthly as related
p.s. here's some japanesee language-deficiency hate its real source - not being close to god - you and the real one movie explain you tube 'experience is everything even as you have none' - dM be honest 'behind us'? be serious we know you, but are shy of you when i'm away

this greatest statue at rick's this morning i hadda go back to get this picture - and a yoo-hoo for $1 their last one
remember, 'yahoo!' is for those can't yodel

these smelled so good along publix their wall you should get in touch with that soon~
home depot starts with $35 a 6' fraser fir - just $6 more gets you a full-sized fraser or still-to-grow with needles sharp

big huggable country bears for $30 or so at home depot i hugged one
to know the secret life of dolls, plants
i hadda let some disappointed blacks flee the wax-type fruit each piece a dollar but irresistably made of at dollar tree
thanks for being open for no one else yesterday - still no take-out containers 'we help people prepare meals only' they say
they had 'em at the stuart flea market like a hundred of them for $13 with dirty tape on top of the bag
my mother wouldn't kill for them so maybe 'no'

keep rustoleum in mind: hot to handle black, refrigerator science coat, countertop coat formica, new magnetic surface, blackboard baby - no end plus
you are limited by your imagination and if no patience too you pick up a fews yucks you get to know better
smeared neuters, while smiling, stop pranksters from searching for the whole text-versus-photo lounge

ugliest ever is this burlap being - i thought wettened with grass seed but
lay flat, wetten, add seed - usually we cover after wet and seed to pull off later virtually unscathed
mind over says use wet only unless no sticking - use olive oil then it won't seed enough but real good - trim to length

the cop on the passenger side (ostensibly for no breeze-by) plus them saying my name onstar my mother's last name projected gets weird
first thoughts mistaken by you only it gets a little fast lane or as i say 'amalgamous' a mouth among us we'll still get our stuff
it's not like you got the wrong guy~ be fair to you only, your aptitude when sensing i get told outright
these he eddie pulls up daily they grow here up on-top of a bush - see it, but don't say it presenting 'blue (yellow) oleander'
beautiful to you
more: i think about this plant growing pharmaceutically as the philodendron (bush and is yellow versus the lily-like rhododendron flowers lavender) grows mostly and in wide fenced-off fields in sun frito-lay would dries their baked chips in the sun
'presenting the 2015 ford frijoles sport in banner brown'

the 'gp' could be the upside 'p' of eucharist (peace sign) fame with an 'x' through it
all new to me~
xvi: less targeting of interstate travel

1:11 you're at fifteen and you get one: 'wrapped up like a deuce | another rumour in the night' - bruce springsteen by way of manfred mann
you're with somebody's babe in a blanket - doesn't hafta to be so true we guess (deuce travels with you, wins without - does you down)
guide - 'make sure it hurts' + 'pull their hair' - dM like mama said 'make sure it hurts me'
p.s. link 'catch 22' 23-skidoo to stacking the ears - it doesn't matter whether you listen or not following each monotonous step in or steering right to its conclusion ad fade people are just demanding-mean...remember bad feelings are for you, you got snagged...all apologies from the living side

shop gevalia i use a gold net from a previous braun machine for my coffee - no papier (say 'pap-yay') here, see ebay 'braun gold screen' filter no ill health effects 'creatine' we report just buggling (buying) too much...fits gevalia regular brewer...of course it does...the gevalia umbrella and waffle iron in the clearance-clairvoyance section one eye for it...

today 11/28 0653 is black friday retail speak for one hard selling day at malls, etc. - terry was in good spirits yesterday alone in la, meanwhile we had some worthwhile celebrity here yesterday including meryl streep (a gem) and an early liz taylor closest to '99' or barbara white woman who plays florida evans, a more stout and impressing jack klugman 'quincy, stop playing'...edward 'lost boys' herrmann/bob hope...of note...alot of swirl and present...i'm supposed to do the men's breakfast thing at eight...

went to breakfast at rick's pt. lucie with the gang - two scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, rye toast, free coffee 'til 9? twenty bucks for two of us all-told a ten-dollar breakfast is limit and as then is own guide-limit for a wednesday night dinner for two is $60 all desired with tip...shuckers was $70 and red lobster was $80 both for three with drinks and before see...if you don't want to cheat yourself bad, you stop into country corner 'cracker barrel' much like the stuckey's of my youth while traveling in the south now ruined (peanut brittle, salt water taffy, sky blue roof and yellow script logo across - almost mustard) - so much charm military rockers exactly $20 more with metal insignia on rear support head like a guitar as if...teetotaling...block or glass box-like white frames that read 'just be claus' for the office in red glitter styles, tool sets with hammer made of chocolate, this country crock skimmed of foul humours (no blacks mentioned) and ill-begotten (unborn, not left to us) youth all of life a gift...a shawl...the live christmas wreaths so hard-core nice you could spit...highly recommended is the small-ish drum kit strangely priced at $9.99 a simple high hat for any purpose sounded great! the snare hangs simply on the drum kit's rim...

see an above-ground pool done right by way of the ground here

had my traditional turkey on rye with mayo simple late last night - my only thought when cooking choose your beverage - traditions what we do until we have better

god bless new york city...circa 1979
very people magazine them...ruby tuesday

the new jurassic park is coming midway this new year...that guy is fierce (um, fearless)
p.s. that is a very elegant animal you ate across - have better film and to dine
is purely teradactyl has wings to catch them from underneath...god again i recognize the snort in the cave a 'govl'...
tip: people are very sauropod or alligator to me the scaled belly secreted away - nevermind walking around is reaching for food, the cookie jar on-high and its final reward high-fructose corn syrup drinks perhaps higher in the wall cabinet if first word is 'no'...


to see if i've been cheated: here's my prayer and plate for all, 2014
what - no corn? 'operation.' (tip: sing to the milton bradley game with light-up nose - 'you in trouble girl'*)
i love frozen peas - the only pea and with dried ones split - radicchio onion is separate here and in their own sauce may i?
p.s. the lenox pattern is 'solitaire' as opposed to gold-in-my-hair's 'eternal' and as gold ('a bathroom sink - no lacquer' - dM) isn't right 'for everyone', left hand praising it out

*'it's one thing to know it's coming, it's quite another to wait it out' - dM

the original commercial for 'operation' the one i remember

so far, fabulous - it is 1549 here exactly preparing to buffet
did i ever tell you i asked steve martin's wife in 'planes, trains and automobiles' 'what's up?' with that
she was beautiful...john candy's is edie mcclurg somehow ('the army' and if not tragically dead) people aren't that sad somehow but hateful of you for asking~

the single banner above has the chromecast hdmi plug for $35~ to suit yourself

renew your hate 'what makes us real' and at touch: a word from our sponsor the north hollywood spa

moulin rouge's nicole kidman = ann margaret

our table as set the night before...inherited chairs and why not?

unflossed territory - the mother's bath tub shower stall unseen
i want male and female bathrooms presented in a long hall as pleased with each other
...and as my bathroom rug gets ripped up while away 'piss guard'

more design, more me - relaxing

review sylvester stallone's 'cliffhanger' at putlocker with 'ch2' due soon and (how 'bout that 'jurassic world' so unwelcome yet so manuel - a moneyed madcap killed by the least of it a malaprop i thought he meant 'gorky' rob and cook)...and bill cosby wrestling with the facts (lithgow 'i fucked her [but i didn't like it]' - she remembers fondly but stopped getting paid, lives with her unpaid mother ? someone something else) 'if you need them to work, you hafta ask the tough questions' - dM

don't forget the macy's parade i only went to one over-the-top event ever in trenton, new jersey - dr.shock (a male elvira type with scary movies in philly with 'tarantula' and something extra fucking gross by the three stooges ligaments hanging from alterslabs and all - much like svengoolie) was there a big father bought me a big blue spithorn...long and like playing a trumpet...loud
p.s. dr. shock is #2 but recreating - love #1, love her - is exene 'x' cervenka somehow

don't get me wrong - the hat is charcoal and southern mustard

the madonna and st. john

11/27 thanksgiving: checked out the local mall yesterday 'treasure coast' one flat level but anchored on both ends by sear's and macy's (dillard's in the middle ? ) sears checked out beautifully i love them doing well and with spencer gifts and american eagle 40% off everything got a knit hat about $8 - once accused of having a two-for-one burger king inside on sunday but not open until 12 noon ?...ate at jensen ale house last evening chicken parm with caesar salad...the other two ate lobsters that were so beautiful and red like they were faked...a harken back to the ground round we loved in our high school-aged youth not so dark but full of regular-type people and a wait...

look at these ladies - it was the special 'lobster' on wednesday night - the bowl for cracked nuts
some booths, some chairs, some stools - video arcade
i didn't know what to expect, but it was better than prime
went home and watched peanuts 'please, it's us' special on tv - thanks
tip: snoopy is charlie's dad both died in a car crash son was twelve, woodstock is snoopy's mother the great-grandmother dead after six more years
the little girl is snoopy he doesn't want to be there all the time
peppermint patty is chuck's mother, marcie her mother
lucy is just a neighbor, linus and her both dead of her car six years earlier than chuck - linus her oldest son or snoopy still all divided by hate still - he was there earlier than chuck...

re-flex 'the politics of dancing' and as by request

bonus and etiquette 'frozen river': a woman divorced and poor meets a man and decides she doesn't like him...with christmas approaching, she decides not to speak to him until he agrees to stop working and come home to oklahoma from alabama...he instead heads north and decides not to come at all and she follows to see why not...a trouble approaches in the name of a neighbor who never asks anything and never gets anything for it either, if you ask her...nevermind to know they the couple never speak ever because of divorce proceedings, but he marries her again anyway and our story here begins with him cheating on her always to turn him on...she turns on him for violating their rights to be together and unknown, and he retaliates by patroling with police to make sure she doesn't err ever...she does when she attracts strangers by doing favors too much and for others, and he tries to kill her for it - no smuggling, just toys exchanged and hard choices i see...a great film i have yet to see...'in one part this older kid goes under their trailer-type home to check a kettle for heat and hot water it seemingly red and silver - really weird...another is a woman almost shrieking handing over a rare-type race set her 'sister' wanted they are indigneous types but the father says it's for a boy they get what they want and only...' - dM

the white sticker on my phone was hard to place - from the mac mini box itself - it took years should be on a backpack they said...stickers we decided were 'transparent' or 'surface-to-wall'? any quotes? the initial thought was that a gummy sticker improves reception - false - electricity flowing (vibrations) do...think not...filth on your skin cobalt-oil keeps heat dancing around that doesn't look good, but okay...keep in mind...

sheerly a cherish for highback kitchen chairs a la beverly hillbillies a romanesque: damask-style cover-alls at the table
see ross, marshall's? bed bath and beyond - $12-13 the each mom says
'have some class' - dM

if you're part of the whole toilet paper-as-napkins movement, you'll love these clever lid dispensers at mcdonald's - presents one at a time flatly a la razor packs but are 'hard to stuff' they said
buy here
i bussed tables and had to stuff napkins too while cleaning and mopping - the whole idea is not to cheat death by living first~
to get short-order grill work and on the resume cheap - greasy aluminum vents pressured out in the long hobart dishwasher anyway
chem-to-chem, cheek-to-cheek
my co-worker chris best remembered cleaning brass door guards with noxon - no fest (feeding) too great
p.s. always use a motor go-round - it's a necessity to cleaning well the sparks

stay-put: a white woman at this predominantly black mcdonald's on us#1 - this holm paradise pair-of-dice is guided to fruit by middle-aged ne middle-earth women - bought her mcdonald's holding debt in 1976 and her father unimpressed told her to bark when she wasn't making payments anymore...that came shortly thereafter in a few years some people are never happy anyway and is my guide to...her note in terms of health was only 'heat' and clinically too much around 'in the eyes' and the ghosts that plague us said she wasn't paying to us enough - 'hold a bit over' for us before and after 'no worries yet - just milk bills' jan steine i get is the name thank you jan~

'private' versus 'personal'? what's between your legs versus what's between your ears - dM...or as god over says 'what i told you to say versus what you know to be true' there

two wrongs don't make a right? 'it ain't right yet' - god over

net 10 gets up there with google for declining work in favor of production - use less wires to reach both we'd say - it ain't florida yet ('we don't want people being blanked out by you...' - a: 'they'll always be there...' hers and mine + 'give the whole mattress away' - dM 'we hafta logic things, you know' where we've been, only

florida, wednesday when you'd get here: rain today with much overcast - how to improve? mom made me drive home from the market -- two jugs of heavyweight fruit drink (orange and punch) from publix for one price $1.89 nothing serious...

walked to target hence - they have so many great things including holiday ceramics that are precious deer heads and all - got the black hat with holly only ever one (and no, i keep a few drops of red-warning 'rid' in my kiwi shampoo as naturally dirty and prone to superinfection 99.9% waiting to see a new) and then green and red striped straws $3 in the dollar section and one box of nerds $1 from the xmas wall in back...special 'frosty' mix like a tic tac three-bean salad - watermelon, wild cherry, and punch - since halloween i've eaten boxes and boxes of watermelon and wild cherry mix from terner's (larrabee and sunset at viper room on sunset $1.25 very flavourful)...all hail wonka runts to nerds...meanwhile larrabee studios '11' restaurant got a western style facelift very parlor felt wallpaper and all...kickers-boots they need dancer-waiters too...they had a white harley outside on the patio noted terry and i'm all that's one of the workers, at 11...

young skylark painted this winter storytime - i love kiddie art its ascertains (very russian, me)
we loved talking to her mother leslie yesterday monday eve (q: 'when mama was moth' - cocteau twins 'knew more than what it takes to be her')
tried to get her to look for zip car at great adventure, the mall?

that's joanne (jo ann) pflug and finally signing in to yahoo small business...

holiday favorite olivia newton-john says keep eyes peeled for another great holiday tube or whatever...'nobody's christmas' she says

our bird - 25 lbs.
feels like picture-frames of ice inside
stamped price? $14.54

love this mug-milk pitcher still as offered dainty-pu 'dehane pyoo-pyoo'
new delhi 'ruta lee' - see also calcutta as 'bangkok'

brought some colored lights on battery pack for mom with a pumpkin-spice candle to boot
these will be great in or on the car

went to the b&a bank of america flea market in stuart on sunday - like the idea of a fruit stripe zebra 'zoloist' in heaven, kinda
illegal for being eaten 'they help me relax' most are black first like swans 'danubes' kinda

these green floral wire lights are deeply strange like they're not even there
martha stewart at home depot - great hanging lamps too for the fast food bistro in your bedroom

three christmas palms half off at target $100 regularly $200

no indictments at the ferguson trial - good - no more lives ruined with staves but classes...the kid said the bullet-pellets involved went up and down the lower leg and felt like it entered the front and stung bad - he begged them to cut it right out as it sizzled hot inside - uzi (re a smoke bomb, fugazi) stuff a whirlwind around the body sounds like popcorn jiffypop if heard...'shoot to not'...sting maybe, fish spray...

mr. t = ice cube, get that refurbish and a pitcher of ice t then...

wednesday, november 26: went back to bj's and got the new, hardly available, wi-fi enabled chromecast wand for hdmi tv's - only $35 a small 5" x 5" x 1" box with turbinado hdmi plug and with transformer the usb plugs in here or can be removed for use - excusing their $50 shopping fee for two months (and to pull the proverbial finger out of logitech revue) -- mom got her vacuum the $59 model dirt devil at target ($10 more than last year's steal same model - the featherlite) and a $30 oster blender in black it's no waring...stopped by sam's club for shrimp et al...they had logitech's harmony remote control unit for $50 plus...we'll sit on that for now...

i never had a blood blister (pinch) so bads

tuesday, november 25: spent the day walking on us#1 yesterday (yes, the same road in princeton, new jersey) went to lowe's, home depot, jo ann fabrics a glory of it - newfound height bj's a sam's club-type place here - and of course target to get some things i'm getting very autonomous...home depot introduced the concept of a counter-top ice maker (like a silver ice cream machine it is) new at $98, a plastic-type coke fridge for the car $29 plus and for the cigarette lighter a 6-pack size, gray big time hoover carpet cleaner $98 on-sale but had a hard time finding their advertised dirt devil vacuums as is cheap, otherwise target at about $44 and if to ignore the assembly too looks cheaper like stacked tupperware it is...5" pot poinsettias < $3 though...more at home depot than lowe's yet...

used my phone to scan a free 20 oz. coke at target so that's a go and they had special hats in the meet department a black townhome or fedora with a red band and sprig of holly on the side $3...great sequin or glitter skirts for girls over a beige see-through...ate at ocean-side restaurant shuckers yesterday great again western lobster the night before peppercorn steak and shrimp the kids there fun...

things might work out~

always a pleasure hoover


still here - hi all

...prominent this year is the sitting shelf wind-up musical elf like yesteryear our green one was from grant's simply played a wind-up song i say 'silver bells' it says 'jingle bells' - toys-r-us and to a lesser extent target...

the president's wife michelle obama was on icarly doin' the whole immigration thing with the older brother spencer as is with brown eyes ? i guess - they started narrating episodes here too...and to big laughs anyway...elation we say together? belated - can't wait to enjoy together...things so bad these days...

those at 'icarly' do live telecasts-webcasts but don't wonder much about their fanbase a great thing - they have it
this the berghoven dreams of carly the brunette girl - all goes her way and so far as to revise the past
the blond one is joan baez and the rolling stone's (jagger and jones') mother...the brunette a triumph is alyssa milano and also ms. sally from tv's 'romper room' - 'do you have to tinkle?' to little girls and 'gosh darnit!' to admonish the children
the older brother dr. spock has his law degree but in her words burnt out spending it away - now is hers to think about as not so distant and having alot of art-type fun
heaven annex - add your ex, but
to the first lady he quips during filming 'i need to eat but people can't see it' a guide to our episode here 'imeet the first lady' or whatever
p.s. never forget the magnetic christmas painted green metal
p.p.s. see a few dougmoon's in the background: red saying 'slow down but go ahead' and 'icarlysimon' nobody does it better...
...hell having simple exit signs posted, bi-plane to the moon
p.p.p.s. you hafta buy 'icarly' on itunes, otherwise is too fastly spoken and is unproduced (is unknown, unmade to us) and largely as put it together with pay...enjoy in time as is informative

mom in a traditional thanksgiving hat
few know the original settlers or pilgrims caught and skinned indians 'for lamps'
'they made a hell of a lantern~' even today in parts of maryland

one idea of a veteran's day cd called 'sadsacks' not bad - salsuds

what else? had some of an indie movie - 'frozen river' try that at putlocker (could be rare toys in an exchange of some sort, half-frozen animals) plus saw 'jersey boys' on the way out all good lookin' there...franki valli through indoctrination in the hall of fame he talked to me here and there 'wasn't that 'grease' song great?' i quipped...says itunes is ruinous but the movie has them for real guy won't admit it...

is cvs losing business to no cigarettes? said their new one-stop 'minute clinic' for guests was in conflict with its fully function in stores, will remit back to cigarettes if need be...

kit kat candy bars at halloween were made of white chocolate colored orange on the outside - they were good - got some more for the holidays, but are not as interesting...

got another free coke from target and to scan...was getting around fully last night walmart, target...

cvs photo blankets - act now for half off!

here in palm beach, florida since yesterday -- went out for a 32 oz. bottle of dr. bronner's almond oil soap (fine price for a big bottle at publix $13), krispy kreme doughnuts, and a pizza - now today 11/, the hunt is on for alberto vo5 kiwi shampoo usually $1 a bottle the name renowned in hair care like oleg cassini was to fragrances, mother wants me to drop the knit cap pink-gray for a baseball cap...'what do you mean I don't have hair?'

thanks for nuthin': it started to rain thursday evening as i left for the airport in our zip car - lacienega was completely blocked off well before latijera the airport road heading west and we had to double back on an overpass to the 10 freeway seen previously - we took that to the 405 freeway south a longer haul than thought to century - i'm all 'did you move this stuff' tectonically or under mass?...then they blocked century boulevard to the airport at aviation to go on a detour around the block to approach again at another sideways road manchester or whatever...i almost said 'fuck it' (at what $75 ? per and per per see ya next week - ) still arriving one hour early...i left home at ten for a midnight flight out thursday evening...the gas tanks always at 1/4 tank a complaint firm...


drove the toyota prius recently via zip car and despite the warnings - push button start with foot on brake no key, really...push button park with car still in drive...and token shift (you move a joystick into [d] for 'drive' but it does not stay there - is token that way) otherwise just watching the dash at afar deeply imbedded in the defrost parts...different...a hybrid car (gas-electric) 1/4 tank of gas and half a tank of the battery plus some...

...had problems gassing a car twice - that is at two stations and assume it's me (using pavilions as gas-off savings card too) - they say use your cash otherwise and we'll re-imburse you fast enough in seven days...see faq at zip car...we just didn't want to leave the tank at less than or at 1/4 tank...

goodbye crippled world~

range rover had a little british workup at the pdc today 11/20
up and down ramps and parking in water fountains~

trader joe's has 'harry & david' pears
thought they were nicer, $7
faggots don't need real, but cheap - the look is everything here 'for someone else~'

did we also mention that fleetwood's mac's christine mcvie was on a bus with us heading out on halloween eve? maybe not? it was her~ dark hair though 'i don't bleach, i wear wigs' but um...

did we mention (besides the fact that artist georgia o'keefe died) that chewable or gum-like antacids (cvs) rule down a nasty, persistent, dry-mouth cough? use as often...

$700,000 for gte? 'because they have love' - you can love your beggar asshole right into hell, bitch (just a taste of my cunt, you see)

more notes i'll need for travel and fro...too
we relish you~

stick this in - madonna 'incredible' the devo-ish 'sungun' or mesmer on film from the 'candy shop' lp (candy? 'you agree to be old' - dM)
heard a great live version of 'borderline' with her playing guitar but it seemed like the 'hot and sticky' (um, 'sweet and sticky') tour updated - not released yet if (these are in what - spain? no focus)
just wait - it was perky at a club here last night out and about then i met terry and i shopped at his expense
review that chorus - don't let it lame or lay down
perky though~
i'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha (latest as sneaking up on: 'i'm gonna catch you' by mj)

finally made some ribs on the gas barbeque (like the ones you get at target a big strip or whatever ralph's then) that pleased me just with sauce - really a cinnamon and cumin-type rub - like that - then some sauce last 15 mins you bake some 250 degrees beginning with two (2) hours here or there - this was special not burned of it in a plastic bag they went halfly for pulling off individually as coldened and jesus wept (food is best served cooled down a day - chicken, etc. but object to knives across boned breasts see that sharp-boned but culinary - it is better however simply said)...we have more (diners) here than one can see - just to be a taste then - now all will agree...their tastes bother me and who pays bothers me...their prayer is always to be dying...

recipe for no style

don't cry - it has to be a beautiful, shattering moment no practicing and nobody around...i'll kick you in the ribs 'for playing me' quiet...'give it a day' - dM the pil trimmer why your clothes fall apart

the new colors at the $1 shop in target are red, green, and clear
$3 a string and add a $1 box of lemonheads or a $0.99 bag of bugles

here's the vw bus all blown up for a kid's indoor tent - about $60 at bed bath and beyond

briz'd by a field trip at the yogurt stop on santa monica today each sipping out of their own medium-size styrofoam cups like someone chaperone poured them
i always laugh when people bring or let kids roam here in west hollywood - little ones selling girl scout cookies to out-and-out gays
neighbors and donors help make memories that last a lifetime a gooded effort any way you slice it
i always refer to nursery school graduates as 'retards' for all the care a little joke about my mother and her youngest child chris (b. 1972) who graduated with 'honors' cap and diploma in green (near arena drive on south broad street in trenton, nj - then on to notre dame in lawrenceville)
if you can't do everything the mother wants you to do, they can and easily enough~
p.s. note the tree and rope lights now coming into view again - see lowe's

stopped by cvs to pick up a free $0.99 (9 oz. the little fat one) bottle of dawn dish liquid ($0.99 coupon and at that price - i suspect pavilions orange-brown helped kill my fish is heavily petroleum-laced and/or strong) and
saw these battery operated led lights $1.99 - new for the holidays
a big bargain, however, the price scanned is $3.99 - suit yourself
for the car, a wreath on the door - led's don't use alot of battery power twice the life, easy
more: i bought a pack the halogen ones for our wreath on the door when - smallish in the bulb, but okay

you need to provide your own batteries (two 'aa' as for remotes) and they blink or can be set to steady state - a vicious bright
walmart has these too - higher prices though

a shop nearby 'block party' has these bedskins and in light bleu for $68 - very western looking
maybe less later, elsewhere...badskins
p.s. red union suits here

another to squelch from starbucks - got mine and terry's today with $5 added to my social card for the previous note less $5.25 for these~ two at the 'venti' or tete-to-tete (say 'tay-tah-tay') size
i had them intrepret their holiday-type drinks as frappuccinos - i eschew iced coffee for no care especially at $5 a pop

one other corporation quoted to my mother is quaker oats - that's all

put $5 on my starbucks card (though many aside purchases just cash) to see on their new spiffy app and i quote $6.66 to spend an omen or mordant (more than i wanted) bird's eye on the a frappuccino and get one then before nov 26 see site for details (i guess i need $5 more by saturday then)...and if...the steaming moors size then...'venti'...verdant...verily...

this harvest-colored 7" candle 'pumpkin' (maybe some spice) now sale priced at just $6.74 at pavilions

debi lilly (or floral department) paper straws are priced at a nouveau (or 'just in' as new view) about $7 - that's expensive sipping~
many like the nostalgia, but the sanguine or metalline feel is paper or wood ester is bad for the gums too - every now and again use
...or then trench mouth like from spitballs (paper wads wet with spit shot out of a straw - schoolyard stuff maybe you)
paper is sprayed corn mostly, by the way - on a big sheet of glass or something then cut square
like milk? cut with cheese

where it's the education that counts, not the open book~
sign up for the draft, lately? so - i ran

abc 'love is strong' set to new image
the 'traffic' lp is a late issue, rare - we sold it on itunes
satisfyingly enough, this video features me (great), my mother (madonna from court 'legislature' she says), richard archangel 'deferred' with glasses super strange as is him and my natural ? father the oldest male somehow - in france (barcelona) from luxembourg she says
per my earlier post, i'm working on light now - its strokes...
crest and trough but start at high crest just one half or a single coin brushing all away then dark - more later
the cubic part is simply one half a writing-reading circle-clock plus extras (two hundred forty-five [245] radiants with lateralus or flattening curve from line above, plus eleven [11] more for a flattening line extra at each of twenty [20] strokes - this is the very birth of dark and its colors as dampening or darkening radiants from the center to be read and transferred by heat unilateral enervaesis or then heat at constant 'hue' or what's mapped to the mind or mime-type...white to be the coin blading at you laterally and direct as light has nothing behind it and nothing in front as light and the level either...maybe not for you yet)

each 'y' is another go-round? another collect of time's forward value and a whole clock
so, nothing but stripes on a straight-ish candy cane - the red band written across with failures noted and read laterally or at-once across

rd-d2 ('you are too - i say it anyway') as opposed to perennial favorite and linguist c-3p0 ('i see three people' as afraid always) is not a good candy dispenser - it fails me only
one to another: 'gay marriage is fraud' [adds 'we don't have women - you do' one of primordial's first thought guesses a cheaply dressed comfort person, a quasi or what's seemingly so] + 'is mine only - a friend again'

these go with the aforementioned boba fett 'mug' now sold ? - are goblets actually about $13
stormtrooper in drag (gary numan, if drag is gender-bending) 'i want to be evil' the white vader

thinking cap: remember, a c-section (for smarts avoiding a cone head and a ripped-up unusual pussy ? ) was ruled an abortion no matter how you sliced it ---

first ever: some freeling woman on vacation exchanged euros for american cash good (cash, change coins heard placing after paper) at the place where i pay me at&t bill - mind says it makes sense for euro union (france only, it says - england in 2015) to bonafide or gather for trips abroad euro-disney a most usual - lacienega and third check cashing...$2 the each? should be two it says...

problems with clicking chrome october to november (see 'loading' on bottom)? click off the blue frame in october then proceed...garbage've tried everything - first it's 'your' money at-stake, then 'our' money ownerships with no clear of loans afoot, then breaking even...see ya in class court...anti-trust says they keep all the money to theirselves...much of it is 'no known market' or demand but sold to...accruals...revenue less the expenses that made them happen...say it your way i cash comes to me...then my fish died...left by suggest now eat toilet 'not bad' she says in a clear spot somewhere...neil 'what are the expenses? i'll drum them up' pay people or pay the government - my cash source - and where you live on a farm milking cows or in a paid cab from home...why you? this is bigger~

'pharrell' embraces the future? at first read 'embarrasses' the future the hard parts to make up...i noted the dancers and singers looked good four of them 'they quote me wrong - we hate you too' times...the 'hero 6' is mine derived art too (big success lurks here with no name adding virtue - the 'circus liquor' clown at vineland and what magnolia ? i did too early on - medium? tabloid size manila paper from school) 'hero 6' (quote 'a hero always as in devils' 666 the head a port separate build under the moon left - the 'hellraiser' box i noticed in a photo here i took on sunset the moon itself would be the black ball for thumbprint washing over or 'thumbprint') i like its looks but feelings arise in i wanna cry? elation again all welled up...'i don't cry' not publicly anyway...'get the fuck out'...

don't play games - it's in there

word for the day: 'proletariat' - usually russian ruling class, a friend of the state or politiburo (between the 'kremlin' the 'cream crop' or god and you - a nobody or then god over us all waiting to be god again 'men don't leave' or otherwise a gain in my name maybe a new man 'he's god enough' never four stars at a statehood dinner - see catholic's 'vow of poverty' you too stay no matter how little you pray or use flash cards), asks others unfortunate why the tears why the eye missing in france - 'don't be a bother we have everything you want and for rightly free how you'd want it)'re graced with age too get that and a war-monger warthog warhol unless heralded your grandfather is horhito says he didn't commit hari-kari because he's john lennon blessing 'renewing' graves or 'it hurt' exact quote 'i didn't need to - they knew but tried anyway'...'i did it and was fast in it too' not mother madonna owns at&t but is barred in it for cash actions...'with england' she adds lightly a guest...something else too a minor note....proletariat is out-in-the-distant gays too coming and going i don't like the look me...

corporations work until they're dead in the head - principals are people who took payment while cities like detroit emerge from bankruptcy but paid off no debt just halved it investing monies due abroad...great...bankruptcy just says don't bother asking about money - they refuse debt payments afterward trying to get the same deal at magnus...dumb fucks spending at-large think they're gonna lay down here...shouldn't be able to touch cash - banks handle cash - you manage yourselves until you cry out because you can't get current goods with current assets (people see no cash past favours and you see no soda or party favors just exotic stuff no one knows of or thinks about getting in advance seaweed moonpies with shit on them 'thanks they were great!', magnets with plumbers and pizza sticks) then no more talk from below...everyone wants to decorate a yard to get less rent and fees...fucks

hp laptop - install security updates they're in there somewhere...hp is all in the same family of home intrusion to sell theirselves a market...all show-biz of niggers no chiefs...nothing's sacred...we know people, their basic of hopes being welcome...

we hear you - i don't wanna go on exotic trips or be with people i hate the world spirals to crazy when ignorant people get happy - not here do you effort that they hafta know who they you know...there's no hope here no inspired in glitter from go to hell p.s. it doesn't come from you but the last shit-fit you resolved with people who don't care...wrath...too much good and wondering off makes it happen people have already made their deals with it your love doesn't pay my bills hoping to get a break somewhere...hoping to get laid

in retrospect, you can blame balanced budgets too - now in hand, we see it's what pays people the borrowing no one makes money just the fed invested in - now build me a big one all can see and for free...

11/08/14: the fish (formally 'fish-fish' past henrietta paul) finally died a year past august so note against your experience - i'll torture (touch alot as kept in a bowl) her and others along the way...burial soon on the sidewalk (firm: down the toilet with her fuckin' plant - no one need see flushed her a fur too) our care never good enough~ 'we'll keep trying to bring her back along with richard's remains' cunt p.s. the fish is south ocean always nested near land off the coast of africa left at-first then australian south seas somehow an aggressive female black tribesperson or as she or now impostor puts 'family units' get off the hook by not stopping here...benevolence if anything is at-large...hell has been heard from twice now the tutor something you did to yourself alone...note the 'hellraiser' box surrounds the light of moon what on it...

11/09/14: just seven (7) boxes of kraft macaroni and cheese or (3) three left to date - that's thought-free and regular easy-going consumption of ten (10) boxes purchased from target way back when...mid-august...the 19th about...

see best buy has that 48" westinghouse again this week $329
alternately, try the chrome plug-in for hdmi $35 at target - maybe a solution to logitech revue still on dialed the fritz 'i want the living room tv as another internet station' we hate people not having here among the shitz - dM
they don't need to be me though - extra savvy (smart, involute - when i need to be)

thank you pez collector's corner - i was looking at ceramic mugs in pavilions yesterday and one i remanded (reminded myself? mine: took back as if by force) was 'boba fett'
now i know for sure - thanks

You'll Be Trying To Make Everything Perfect Again But Quietly In October 2014

- reprise monty python a good grace*

all things dull and ugly
all creatures short and squat
all things rude and nasty
the lord god made the lot

each little snake that poisons
each little wasp that stings
he made their brutish venom
he made their horrid wings

all things sick and cancerous
all evil great and small
all things foul and dangerous
the lord god made them all

each nasty little hornet
each beastly little squid
who made the spiky urchin?
who made the sharks? he did

all things scabbed and ulcerous
all pox both great and small
putrid, foul and gangrenous
the lord god made them all, amen

(this right up there with 'annabel lee' - the mysterious fall of the south by poe, unwitting)

'the first time i ever saw monty python was in no particular january after christmas - they had an english footrace among those telecom sweaters featuring palsies feeding theirselves colds - i couldn't stop laughing' - dM this poem from a big softcover book i bought or got for christmas 'the life of brian' i couldn't wait for the film as it were...while other people buy junk i never think of ever i always knew what the holy grail was and 'have a hart (sic)' a car part...the cup of christ

no doubt divinely inspired and plus the gifts of handmade films, the arts given -