hello? hello-
wait don't run away
i'll fix it up here and bring it back there
he laughed at the thought of dumping it all - so silly!
i'll be back

january 2015 so soon - get it here...

richard and i are marvelling over this woman actor who is traditionally expensive - he says there are fifteen of them working it out - a dark haired woman with shorter hair firmly dressed feminine always in blue knits no coats a la jaclyn smith but piercing sharp in the eye and cigarette raspy in voice - christine something 'did god have to help you?' i asked only seriously ...a 'berceuse'...'a broken head' hates people...barbara harris early on, maybe? ebersole? more: someone tortured me in the head with 'lahti' one more time - give it to christine ebersole she fits the bill mention me (death~) not...more: current to be 'genie francis' then lisa vanderpump of 'vanderpump rules' ? fame...says was thrown out of 'falcon crest' production for f*rting - lisa knowles-denise giliberti a black woman did this to her 'too much wathe [or waiting to do]' and is unflattering as such but somehow to be noted...in and out and about some...

been thinking about accessing my paypal account from their credit card $4.95 (these at pavilions today 01/09 - see later i'll be exchanging my multi-color nightlight from july 2014 and just once successfully)
initially they want $20 of your cash down at the register too - we'll wait on this one
the card is rare yet a mastercard (chase is this mastercharge and is of england, bank of america is the progenitor of visa-bank americard brazil 'john varavatos' barbados) only

we honor hydra's fangs with green candles this year (bed, bath & beyond our hero about $2.50 each but with 50% off coupon? it's like that - they take expired coupons they say)
four incisors, two bicuspids or fangs...kinda
red wine

we wanted to report omaha steaks as being very good for their pork cutlets and steaks this year - see $100 currently for a ten-pound salted bird! made pork chops in a skillet last night 01/08 with garlic sauce and salad, 'stove top' pork stuffing, corn, apple sauce...

terry got a black eye (a 'szajna' or 'shiner') and slapped hand too moving a budget sofa into here while was i careful and sick and wondering why i had no help in the world (a: cheap) - we had to abort again...no corner units i guess i let the movers two (2) off the hook back in january 2006 too...at $80 an hour, that is...

note: the short hdmi extension wand for google's chromecast has shown to provide excess static during chromecasts - relieve it of its post if so...that is, unplug it if shown to be unnecessary...the unit is still uniquely brilliant at casting hdmi error-free and is now welcome at you tube in the lower right corner to cast your frame...

1742 01/08/15 and from may 2014 (i thought a whole year now + see my first cvs-style watch now defunct): halfway through 'godzilla' - gondola - people die on-time, arrive on-time and the action's just getting going - he godzilla protects us it seems in honolulu anyway - from a nuclear metal-flesh eating war-of-the-world's type 'galliephiedes' his purveyor 'it's hard to give your gift' no disappointments yet...the junkyard dog has roared out now...more: very elegant the first touch at golden gate bridge - 'my bridge...' and reportedly the highest point at world's revolve...all in all, 'of angels and demons' very good a+ sympathy was retained for all...good, good...clap to clap!

mind over's synopsis (or take at hand): 'there's a guy who wants to be a big deal and he tells godzilla - a friend of sorts - not to worry 'we can handle it' but he can't...he enables godzilla to be by praying, but he can't figure out why it doesn't matter...'

if there's one thing the hydra represents, it's the everglowing flora in piss - the heartbeat destroys what others complain about is a moss - a dirty fishwich...

'cooks her food with a geiger counter - nothing's ever done' - dM

'for no pay? even a lab couldn't sort that out' - dM

'pain says 'don't do', and it says it in the nick of time' - dM

real life exchanges: the cash-for-your-gift-cards machine at pavilions - now claiming a certain cashlessness - offered us $130 for $200 snaps on a gap card just for instance that is 65% of the tab...gap will follow you from here to holyoke on gift card funds and that means no cash ever forthwith...the machine featured amazon not at all so is a bit picky...p.s. not so free-form, you hafta choose approved vendors from a grid or table on-screen...no so glamorous...

at club monaco, monte carlo beverly center - a new york-style holiday lighting apparatus (well done)
note american eagle is no more here, but is at hollywood and highland
otherwise at ikea burbank town center or the glendale galleria

cvs at lacienega and santa monica has $5 watches again
a timekeeping revolution, i still have mine~
note the alarm silences on right top and bottom - top gives fifteen minutes only...so you don't break 'em
also, if you get stuck in military time, keep on going - it does the military time 24:00 first then lapses into am/pm 12:00 ante meridian chron-dial

someone used no 'good deed [goes unpunished]' as title: itunes now has all twenty-three james bond films bundled for $100 flat...hd or otherwise...i'm finally gonna watch 'godzilla' to tie into recent french and france problems...only $3.99 SD...i got mine going...next up is 'frozen river'...

ann wilson and mike reno of heart and loverboy, respectively, do 'almost paradise' from the 'footloose' soundtrack (1984)
i love this song too (i've sung it a hundred times now this iterative - great guitar layering in)
p.s. almost makes up for hearts' rendition of led zep's 'stairway to heaven' - emmylou harris was made to do that
i sat in the car in florida thinking 'best sound, ever' on the radio that song and then 'before the rain' or just after - 'after' i said, or so i thought
yes' 'roundabout' comes close to being inspiration there...when people really had to play
mind over says of led zep's song 'is about women who never steal' (roundabout? 'never leaving heaven' mine is 'distracting tastes brought us to be here with'...)
mine: why you work so hard - some woman to play at ease a deep shame in us if not so

'there's a lady who's sure
all that glitters is gold
and she's buying a stairway to heaven

when she gets there she knows
if the stores are all closed
with word she can get what she came for...'

venus says 'aphrodite' or bust...'hera' add if
carefully, juno a 'jounot' wino or housekeeper? but, um

red light under branches snipped - very um, haiku

real flame as gas ? in them sticks burning the house down
try white hot flashlight on blowing white cloth oval
robertson and beverly northwest side

another tree to regard standing near the cat poop

finally got my free drink at starbucks today for signing up with the new app and all...and six stars incidentally, i'm guessing...another gold-ish card in the mail today 01/07...tried the wi-fi finally all went well too it's in there...my store is near trader joe's on santa monica...

speaking of jennie o turkey store chubs, ralphs (fresh fare beverly and doheny) has a three-pound chub of turkey store lean for $9.29...we got one to cut up....pavilions has special hyacinths 'from birth' in a jar 3/$10...

current panda express with radius west hollywood: nothing new coming, either
the grande dame is number two at cahuenga and yucca - really brightened the area at cvs on north cahuenga past hollywood - all at one light plus 7-eleven
plenty of good windowstop seating really bright at night in a small mini mall and although i had tough days there doing laundry around the corner
p.s. all economics aside, you can get comparable orange chicken in a bag at trader joe's frozen section for five plus dollars $5+ (22 oz. or 1 pound 6 ounces) i'm eating it now...

pavilions has their great microwave burgers again 3/5$
pavilions recently featured 'chubs' or hamburger tubes of jennie o turkey store turkey meat two pounds $5 - seek again
we used it well - the main difference is the meat is not pumped outta holes is wiped out flat - same coat no taste difference

on westbourne here in west hollywood (903, on a street opposite eddie's barbershop on santa monica) - a 'cabernous' wine tasting room
on tuesday night $8 gets you a glass of any open bottle
cheese, wine, maybe a bit of crust....'the wine room'

the coffee bean sunset and horn (under the world-famous restaurant spago and originally a budget rent-a-car) being refurbished yet

one woman in one room over the years $30k each year - a supper club
relate to ingrooves and ellen's 'the only holiday album you'll ever need'

the sweatshirt found in the street one night after a racial-type fight
was cocteau twins home label back in 1993
pay no mind wear with pride

lingering issue after captioning:

when i set it - the account - up here, they had a nice tally for the card $50.00 top right and i bought her first song as suggested sadly when i was there as presented late in the visit on a little handwritten list - looking glass 'brandy'
she didn't use her perfect screenless yet engraved ipod shuffle (pink) yet since her birthday anyway in february*
she's not very hands-on like doing speakers and wiring - she shouldn't do it, really a male pursuit
is she looking glass' brandy? i don't know

got mom a $50 gift card at itunes and i loaded it up on a new account (sent her the used card - new - as debris in the mail for no simple theft or stealing) - the hard part is getting her to sign in and agree it's her account yet...by e-mail...i called apple yesterday in reverse talen they are very mean about verifying accounts...maybe one day...you can always turn around and send e-mail and gifts to whomever nonesuch with funds availed...we don't argue a mind out there wandering it south...

*you don't need a screen or videos really the ipod shuffles at $49 are brilliant to plug in to headphones or speakers (an 'aux' or lit connection if bluetooth can mean it has it own disk inside) - anyway, you just flip through and connect to a computer if will to arrange and organize songs that way...i have one generic ipod for .mp3's only and use it as often too but want to play along with better sound...less battery needed for same of strokes...


kel hollywood give us a call doug and terry (was in hollywood by bus last night 01/06 at your very address and to no avail...the doors left open)

chrissie hynde and i talked about her covering 'lay, lady, lay' (in french no less) but it's in the background of 'you're the one' somehow...her solo stockholm 'stuck home (and robed)' lp

more aside: look to 'modern family' for grant tinker and mary-tyler moore...

we can talk a little about that and not be too affected: david lynch was hired $30k to deliver duran duran (a dead kennedy's paen or simply sirhan sirhan or 'they went to hell and kept on going') to the cyberspace audience a cameo of a concert 'unstaged' - i have great memories like 'view to a kill' 1985 or so and grace jones flying around the eiffel tower to that song...the film starts with an upside cross 'holding his hand' - you just put it on at netflix and listen in...keep marc ondy in mind with makeup on...paul mccartney is as close as we can say to a lead in...what else? his son in-law...refocus: lords of acid and future sound of london both headed in by toni halliday...they're getting up too...

beat new year's blues - nothing for, or from you: my coke rewards
i hadda settle for minute maid on one of two prizes and over a hundred points - nothing but mail order too i have cokes in the fridge yet

while u wait: the winners of this year's o sole mio:

on holloway this recombo effort

tree family~ long gone the next day

monday: still sick, recuperating - sounds like frying in throat while lying down~

sunday 01/04/15: getting over a severe head cold (with a sea bucket of constipation no less -- yuck -- an old envelope of orange metamucil with hot teawater flushed that right out i never have that never) -- i am no one but loosely threatening when i'm sick...better now but with stinky post-holiday cold everywhere....

friday 01/02/15: '2015' pfft...how to keep it going? who's missing? a new local restaurant wanted $100 to fete each another after a halibut dinner with others paying or then just standing around 'good luck' (i'm all 'nice' with my roommate only hoping to spend more money at the store only while playing pleasant valley sunday my favorite role-part if known patron - the desserts as crescendo or 'height of enjoyment' do you down some kinda apple crisp 'um, no thanks') - they dining say 'coulda been better, but nice' is called 'horn' on santa monica where marvin's drugs was (another threaded half-ass? not just yet with apologies to the woman televised at 'pump' genie francis? nice...seems like deceased ? rage bartender their nicest - besides the black bitch who does security - mark hammond - hi hi - you're not here to get hit are you? proposed to some girl on tv maybe a boy while a vetching co-owner struggles it all out) i missed the bell on wednesday night it was that good i was out and about seeing and doing - no one around someone not real said 'east coast only' - no - that's money's morning only but trips back around will it rain again now the question? a mild cold in the throat with sputum and all like your bladder leaves by way of your asshole every thirty years or so an electric net of peardrops you hafta have it out 'boo-hoo')....

'we all hate feeling too good about things...' - dM what am i your fool? be fool with or i'll know everything's fine...too many 'chucks'

after i got my balls squeezed from the bank accounts here, i managed to squirt $5 starbucks cards to a few of the present and helpful staff here - i hate my portrayal as demon white coupled 'able to pay and play' go fuck yourself i love humility under me though unless exceeding my tolerances in thought someone nicer is not mine to say (no tip for the paper man by way of jail my preference is always a no-class situation even with the 'thank-you-from-me-signed-your-paperguy-hoping-to-see' (if only to split it out from mine) card provided in pained cursive prior to wrestling with an investigation of my own creepy affords - the only card i got half of one or not at all they'd say by who's paying 'i have it still' and besides no one talks to me like you know anything but butt fuckers who are latent and arguably surround a meaningful defeat] and they quit us hatefully too playing the bill and calling still - asian tricks of the tongue i ignore you so sums already called in but flayed somehow for no advance of delivery - you're talking to the guy who delivered daily - morning and evening both - to eighty (80) homes for years - you learn not to be anything but nice even in my underwear ? and forgiving - my pay in the monies i skimmed collecting in-person and prior to paying my bill for the one-sum lumps cast at me in the morning 'shitting my pants across neighbor's lawns' i say with bulging canvas bag around my neck and with what's commonly held outward my mind)...you don't know how i suffer (dine at the behest of others or while they babble on but brilliantly no hosting of it) and that is enough pay - unless you are 'not paid' but want to be here a woman with no purview is still a woman, a nonsense...see me no more...i know you don't mind me saying...so see nothing under the tipple of tree another bother i reasoned they were all packed up and gone at doheny on christmas eve note that...all dark and mostly clean at the lot as i walked by looking for last-minute excitement...'we don't need 'em - they're cheap' and that's beverly hills for you already said and done to the sacred home...p.s. the nativity garden dark pictured below is at the same tree lot during the day i was told not to touch in essence on the side where chosen trees were beknelt...we talked and talked me and the trees all along the way...another light at the end of the tunnel, i'm guessing...all in all, neatly nice just as expected but talk to move on your part lasts on and on this way making killers unless bright lights, big city cheers them past me...the recipient of nature's bounty my guide is leading and away to...we know everything but hafta pay you in a belief i hate it both if resolves neatly to not....a smallish way....

this fine drum kit - like the one previously featured at cracker barrel but somewhat slimmed no bass kit, no kick drum, etc. - is $5 now at cvs while they last...
make sure you get your cymbal kit buried under the bass drum
i think about a female supervisor's desk motivating the troops with a brill from the snare
p.s. see envelope with seal - something dirty from the state they swiped 1/3 of our federal return last year no matter what and called it owed
they went so far as to swipe the paper file in here as i protest and that's 'cause they fight me in my home as others posing
choose your battles as i bill you and faggots for this one more time
don't touch and run away is mine - don't claim hardship over consequences just yet $300 in the mail too...ask for how-why i have it here

don't forget quarterly extra bucks are here at cvs...i got $2.50 for q4 2014

more phantasm v 'ravager' sneak peek

stanley rubik's cube? a question of time the theory then made to itself...reverse each step out to be fruit again - from the scrotal junkbag of magists everywhere and how! a head of lettuce

'sd' cards as yet 'stationary disk' maybe 'send disk'? writes tighter code to an internal everydisk by way of hard analysis sorting colored gumballs 'what's mostly said seeing?' then retrieves it same in/out from verbose binary on/off - no two memory ratings (e.g. '2 gigabytes') note the same will probably not vouch for it already written unless same caliber-brand - one side of wires in to the other side then binary written tight or aroused...see you salved...that darned catch

i couldn't grate more cheese on this recent convert - do it more
if this one doesn't do the trick, another dry cleaner bag on top plots to half-kill or holds a just pressed shirt with rings and a spatch of sookie yammi
fr: tumblr.

another freestyle, put-down

'to fool: 'you drove out in reverse' 'falling free' curve...all mad and blocked out

it's raining again, fool - be you yourself sure (so many crimes, so many captions)

made that gruyere action cheese dip fondue again today 12/30 for bread and dipping (dougmoon.com june 2005) - each and every year - people think it's not worth it...not worth talking about...i like it greatly...made powder chili too...white rice

apple doesn't hold credit neither does their cards, apparently ('we hafta buy them' say workers of the itunes cards - that's slim - with a $0.10 on the dollar to be made of it and knowing the initial charge to take is half if you approve and they do too while mcdonald's stamps them all up 'at our expense, they add' plus adds 'nobody wins' and 'we don't want people here and send them off happy to be enough' and 'get a job - you can talk to us about furthers' - with supermarkets selling as 'union bank' and they just deposit quick no friends to fuck over...niggers (first seen learning-doing at christmas in malls at christmas - wow) coulda made it but we cherish the making of cards you see only then and while their stupid friends try - buying flowers you get one you pay them all...maybe not...the above says they pay taxes they shouldn't then...buying is a backwards drome perhaps a barter...ok for now...we tax at income levels, what's new to you too...

as long i hafta to listen to women and their opinions you hafta to listen to me
any wind in the bag, nigger? supposedly another tale for 01/15/15 a credit reported by direct deposit phone alarm not yet placed on credit cards report? i hadda call and ask anyway - it's them
i hear too much garbage as it is - eat shit and who to thank?
in this world there's no shame - just clowns acting like they're so rich so affluent - big deal you're still there

per 'the wolf of wall street' some guy mistakenly quotes 'she can give me aids' - don't you mean you could tell people who gave it to you as there's no shame in aids? 'some wiry black man withering with age and carrying a marcel morceau .22 with an led robe rage encounter...'eleghim - your stay will end in tears' - by another black nigger
if flavour flav (reputedly 'a darling' - ) is nearly half in black gold, who rented you?

you wanna die with dignity? make these and die the right way - waiting to have
this chex-mix style sweet snack meets my approval - the quaker oats cinnamon square cereal not so cheap~
very nice to eat and at will

note 'halos' mini-tangerines mandarins were excellent this year for peeling no seeds pavilions just raised the price to $7.99 from $5 for five pounds or a box then - great great - see coupon $0.50...

rot your teeth out now: cvs has russell stover gift boxes one free if one purchased or $5 each - i got two boxes of 'nuts chews and crisps' my only desire in pink ribbon ? for $9.99 the both...wrapped in scottish plaid no less...

witnessed an accident (this too often) walking around last night 12/25 kinda a womb wet - someone stopped short with a non-descript hybrid and a vw circa '78 didn't stop in time and both slapped in sight - the damage muchly unseen, the cars both started up and i left happy enough - faggots 'k' parking in traffic still - 'don't leave' you should have gotten outta dodge before the law comes 'round - you won't do well one elfin fbi (their name is 'the fbi') though a meeting someone with a santa hat on but grousing about...how does it pay me again (so many names in my day - this was one)? a vw gets punched in the back often enough the back is the court's rule of thumb 'i don't like you' (a judge) nothing but trunk in front won't close right now the car $700 tops or the cash waiver for zip car its point somehow made...the vw still sleek though made of a rubber it seemed...

related saying: 'here comes the judge' - a bus to take you out of waiting for any the bother

there was as much grace this year then suspicion set in a small pot was made
surgeons saying: 'when in doubt, cut it out'
mine: 'if i were you, i wouldn't worry - but i do'

like poor people make you sad (like you don't do anything right)? i can assure you it was virginal and lush
bother can be the first thing you make, too
- being geographically undesirable is one major~

a restrain of guildings at the topriary 'empty vase' on santa monica - a home of it - an edward scissorhands left to be better than it made

i want to honor scant neighbors who lovingly reproduce rankin-bass on plywood - no one was evident the night before or just before now
high winds brought the house down then nothing but daylight
i don't stop winds until they get threatening - i love weather
the clouds come to me if not harbouring saint (new cars and stuff - i hafta ask 'em)
p.s. the figures left to right are the rabbit in frosty's magic hat, frosty the snowman, and karen his little winter schoolyard friend who cries when he melts-dies
karen is one of the seven dwarves if you don't look down her enough

smokers like this one here - a real hag - keep me company
beauty is everywhere if you would just shut the fuck up~
to stop and think when boring in for the fifth time - in a 'no say' how do you win? n/c
god bless us everyone 'uh-uh - to your health'
'helter skelter' - health in itself, climbing the walls
p.s. you can't get cookie tins at dollar stores i'd keep them a nostalgia or go online for that and the ho-ho-ho hats probably for food service mine is from macy's in quakerbridge nj a worker provided a while ago

that was nice of you, sean...

...and jason statham finally full-fledge on tumblr. somewhere - thanks again

apple store sells those square credit card readers for whores (michael jackson says it pays fast - yeah, if you're michael jackson and know banking) but won't take paypal...the ol' sideload of credit card charges...merry christmas giving the finger...

sample this new track 'ghosttown' like 'me and my shadow' a few mere shades off - rancho 'coco' cucamonga nobody ever at home yet the neighbor's gardener lives there after term limits were lifted by judges who took the call from sears 'six years and your name still sells like crazy' - where ya been looking for newer underwear by phone?
goldilocks tries her own this time and likes it all still unmade - what's appealing here is invention this is not evident to us, ever, using scissors to shave wires down each poke to a curl so no bra issues shocks before fastening loose thread right inside the nipple and to trim spots from the carpet
the ashtray with lips on-top thanking you for the mocha-flavoured kitty litter 'am i still right to ask of the occasional off-scent?' am i right?

see-feel: madonna has a new 'album' at itunes but i might block it after all - she doesn't know any of it the third song is okay but beneath her advantage...it isn't the first time we've had to bridle the store bought issue - make me a record to play and be worth a shit for stealing too the other wipe me...other stuff pays me to leave it off...next genius and p.s. 'gang bang' and other sex junk is purely stupid but how would you know? a label 'pregnant by my father at least twice - who is that interested in us, anyway?' glenlivet says 'just how clean, is a brooke to be scot?' amazes freaks 'i'm not gay talese - playing with my tits so i can't eat and drink with a corn flouta rolled up inside a rubber - piss nog of egg cracks and no dick meat'

key figure: 'i want to know what love is' inspiration? she got a $50 gift card for picking up a song or two at itunes - nigger

another inside job - a herb ritts-style magazine edit with ribbons drawn on by the likes of me
she liked the picture as taken, but is framed with an 'x' on the face in her office downtown somewhere
someone said to measure out a surety - and isn't that the point?

depeche mode 'nothing's impossible'

god didn't play with her balls on the way in...rare
shove you in the ass with my foot~
she's good - but you know niggers

key to above with thanks to 'the life of brian' and the four months before visits begin:
1) she doesn't like people she meets - she doesn't know who they are, but ok;
2) there is massive stink as she is caught unawares by others approaching - the animals they breed stink;
3) she is caught drinking milk ostensibly the baby's milk - starbucks as an anachronism or out of its time in space.

december 24 - to fool: 'merry christmas' fromage: judge jewelry 'i'll get it meself, thank virgil' 2050 ? whatever- fifty-eighth





nature versus nurture

'from the desk of mrs. claws:' now that santa's got his sleigh loaded, i can open my gifts
i asked for a blouse that changes color when a smoker breathes on it -
mint? some of those plague pills wouldn't help me just as i'm flossing down for the long winter with topol - interpol - get it?

reprise u: bolero de reval from dougmoon.com december 2011

an angel plus 'dM' in the rear of our palace...

12/22 went shopping with my roommate last night - although personally penniless - at beverly center and beverly connection - still all decor...supposed to see 'the hobbit' with a friend tonight...maybe...dreams last night of being in jail making watches or something, living in horserace canopies...who is this there's always lessers to look upon...see for yourself...

you know the motorola moto g (our $100 phone/$20 month iphone equivalent me in a black plasma) has a flashlight on the back - very bright too - add that as strange meat a veritable laserium...measures distances too somehow...not up on that yet...i like motorola alot...its logo

poorboy at eleven: made a pot roast last night saturday 12/20 potatoes, carrots, horseradish sauce (mayo with horseradish, if sour cream and garlic is ranch) - very elegant as we savor days sliding in to x-mas...still thinking about stuff left to do...i think about these one-ball meat cuts being payment for ages on - do teens think of it often enough?

our door this year

i hagged with starbucks over the stars system i thought three stars was a drink - twelve stars? why bother...i didn't ask for anything now a gold card that's out there still drinking on its own (a ms 'junk' mail asked me to accept it as yet coming - more head to be junk)...how about them links for coffee last year? all those machines 50,000 units neil says that's more important to me still - what are you running here?

to travel to it - 'you could give me a handjob' he says, hence
your children could eat fig newtons in a sewer, too
mine don't think of it yet

12/20/14: logitech's revue had power pack failure - that's all...get a new one with a led indicator light and all about $20 will (may be?) be fine...a great machine after all...

made orange meringue pie today as suggested by a dessert at thanksgiving i was prepossessed by the thought it humbled me - the chocolate cream with graham cracker crust, hershey's special dark pudding two packs, and cool whip was last week (once birdseye, is now kraft...the accordion squeeze a real good time too) - see betty crocker substitute orange zest and orange juice equal to lemon use both...color appropriately red drops, yellow...also don't meringue right away let the filling cool on both pies...bake some afterward...to brown...meringue: it does rise and harden as made...

we have nice wreaths and so the artificial tree from rite-aid to be used again this year is the answer...dinner is planned to be cornish game hens...see mr. greentrees on doheny if a live fir is yours to hold this year (like douglas? douglas dionys fir the lush living one - fraser is 'afraid for itself' mine in 2005 last time i worked swung a face around at me mid-level from back poignant $65 then full-size)...i hafta take stuff down on someone else's schedule i remember last year vividly and still...

12/18 more menorrah: six is a mouth full of teeth - the hydra its fangs i decided - two ivory fangs and blooded four or vice versa? more christmas red - they say six others born a day...channukah started last night...today early - more: got a six pack of black marais candles in glass cups at ross $7 for wishing you dead, i guess...my menorrah is theme this year...six? for 'sitz bath'...oooge!

ups dropped off a single styrofoam jaunt from omaha steaks yesterday - you know how that launches an investigation from blue bell knoll the above-ground cow grave at river knoll - again to be 'well done' and so rises the grave a bloodless chicken running back to the market another sale looms...phalanx...'blue bell' could be the white birch out front like a dome it is bare with branches...my dream of a coffin stockwell inside like 'dark shadows' when no one's home just then...'a cat'...'horses' back to: i'd love a salty bird $50 from them, but instead we have: round steaks, pork steaks round, sirloin burgers, potato boats like lobster they look, caramel wontons for dessert....

pensacola is the florida 'toluca'-type destination now under carpet swept...we welcome the army in and among our highways-alternates as homes abroad? whatever~ like supermarkets with jail types grooming theirselves among laments (no reason to say tomorrow won't be a better day anyway and why is that? your $20,000 bag bullions for self-invest clipped here - cry the clock it once said) don't whine too much about all the foodstuffs partially consumed on break - some is not that good, you'd say...fish...fish for it...run across the county chasing your lunch...starts with failing gym class then others female acquire you...from their father who hates them asking too much...the mother absent or is marked as absent only...'i'm here' somewhere inside having given of you some...

12/16: while i wait to see the fruits of my labor and so spins the gold with carrots just brush on rumpelstiltskin says, or then run while you still can still a desperate cheat of it life: terry aka 'the jerk' had the sheriff in here last night for threats made of a brasierre...one such 'throw you in the ocean' read back to me...trying to solve with others in and out their nonesuch by problem 'violence equals no pay' but size plusses in the horm i'd say...no writing of it check yet, but needles the roth has been tapped of its after-tax contributions 'play while you care to' i'd say the money contributed after-tax drips not plus all back to science is a good thought...some aren't so lucky but having seen to their way...i'd hafta clear any rousing of funds by statement with signature guarantees in place from your bank with direct deposit of course all come freshed if wished back to be well...no signatures means nothing today by mail but soon...three days otherwise fedexed in...too bad, the credit union now lets you type in checks for deposit long on my mind but short on review - 'excellent' says mr burns and who handles rib meat from the past-handler's cage? nothing mine, is walked home without feed...

if all were mine as thought, we care mention green dot cash transfers from atm to your card as being very simply given for household expenses i buy little to nothing but find myself straddled with talk from others with papers prepared - is like your pay 'as long as no one knows' with no sex implied as stated...still easy, easy cash $2.95 each made to me as post review (is formal enough unless cheaped to be human an incest) but now blocked along with changing accounts and passwords pulling all back in is more about you privately and others seen glisten - where mine and $200 a month from my mother lays inside his ass i wouldn't know but that last greasy fart near my food never made me a drink while home at lunch...so maybe i leave again...is this how it happened to you? i don't need reasons and still with all afford made box...he's very wealthy apparently but can be up to nine persons each day...why ask no new body is no quest by me...i have that stuff...reportedly a child of aunt jeannie and my father his father too...get it back down to be here...a blooded cousin for tax claims...i'm not funny, are you? merry christmas i think...has been great !!! so far unless window...'wait 'til you get it, then see with me' dM after the fact, an only child of the thought long dead, a son of the gun not with hearing aid, you again...

one such rule: no land in sight but five minutes or so before neighbor? has cell phone now to note no private calls me for the store only

like any sony the commodity (any 'why would anyone want this?' name as indexed by price) flushing it down out: redeem logitech's revue box and keyboard fully with google tv - a new unit works great is more again i love it really...sony won't labor long either to fix stamped up crap - is okay with me get new...don't misread their inactive of interest it's still worthwhile...the other google tv device 'chromecast' is fine at $35 - is okay - but is apple tv's original thought framing and beaming sent anew...logitech's screen resolution is the cappa here is very elegant the system...more thoughts later...cheat to cheek...

p.s. the infrared device added on post-sale 'ir blaster' is not a push button as previously thought ('sooper dooper push of powers out') but just an extension of either side front remote windows in red glass...is not new but optional extending the both by wire to be more nearby what not functioning ...'ok, so no computer'...ebay a good bet still, amazon...the app for revue is still at-large dumping back into desktop blues, but at least has grabbed the remotes fully now...you'll see nothing needed nothing waited for, the right light of two on the cab unit now blinking no waiting room to consider? led's cite polarity issues too (the wires on the uniden security cameras are pointed to logistics or have to be correctly spliced if burned - purrfect night viewing however on computer screen application or monit)...used kit i guess...shop locally we'd say...

did we deliver this musical epitaph (words seem, i'm not sure...last words as if pegged on): 'emmett tonight see it' from 'great spangled fritillary' cocteau twins 'tiny dynamine / echoes in a shallow bay' ep (1985) a witch works casting it out - an 'emmet' a dried black cat starved in a cage the eyes seem to see more while balled up and quite dead (the rector is flanned out dead if)...

love the rain here - hardest ever, i swear it
hardest ever

'i wantcha, wow! he's the greatest dancer~ i wantcha, wow! that i've ever seen'

get this - there's this place in sylmar ('like wine' it is said of country stock - no leaves make wine) that will lock up fifteen guests for the purpose of escaping a basement trap or warrant (it's called the moon 'the basement')...seems legit if a bit gillaume 'you can't believe in mary martin, but seems a tight fit with martha raye carousing - not too tight i hope' plan down but i can see trouble far ahead women carrying on over it 'am i special - no, not really'...maybe you are but this is gonna be trouble in the dark with sizemore shit and piss mingling and stuff - keep an open mind - studio actors and stuff...i'd be game but it sounds like trouble in town...good luck...ron popeil is there you know...'lady laflax' seaweed colonizer 'the house began to twitch' btw my mother just had her ass cleaned down professional no polyps i told terry she had cancer anyway - probably a little brown mole...oleg cassini used to do colonz with jhodpurs on...'yes, don't wet up...i'll be pee-pee'

a good bet - calvin's still make happy
marshall's sells cheap but comes back to collect dismay then i go 'round trying to get more stuff for a great price - i feel guilty paying full price
...but save on pillows and stuff i need
p.s. for the cookbook...naked stuff you'll hate...'have a point' - dM what? people won't wash their hands here - great~
you gotta do it - spa's not open 'challenge 2014'
run sheva run all arms handing over torso, neck

more gobbledy gook...

but seriously - here's your opportunity to shine $ you know how much it has to hurt...alot...no more fantasies, to fool (...made up to go out...she's desperate and lonely...and she's been puttin' it about...'look at the spinster-')

more naked stuff

doug moon $20 (siss~ hot off the nimble press and so merry you'll be quick to counter it too - he who passes that code sees it a blessing, too)

this year we're doing the whole kwanza thing blowin' yolks outta eggs for the carport 'careful not to scratch at the mirror!'
homemade is always fine, but it takes alot out of you - my uncle's girlfriend used to sew coats up like a dickens, then a cancer from him - trust that now a sneaky black shit in the afterlife we miss him the girls so crazy! one is, anyway...one, two
not all cancer is life-threatening - some you've lived with 'can-ca'

bob dylan 'lay lady lay' - why so dead and buried?
'we don't want her'? i don't want to know but cute song
let video explain - tom petty made great strides with 'don't come 'round here no more' it's better - he's better too i guess
p.s. lady lalane mister roger's neighborhood so is named - is peaceful looking but dark yesterday at night

add one more finery by note: faye wong (wong fae) 'amusement park' mp3 (3.1 megs)