and to forgive the intrusion just before it tries to kill (lock in a hot oven kiln?) you we suggest november 2014 and actually it was shrapnel from a bomb he was making [making ourselves in november 2013] the picture how he gets around

for the inspiration 'some asian bitch - they got her in a parking lot beat her some and fed her live fish to eat...' so what 'the damage is done' see foreigner...

now apple's safari has gone totally mobile or viscerally minimalist and slow - just do whatever the fuck you want - i are cheap and stupid motherfuckers - get that? they market as more time on the battery - but as plugged in - why? my laptop and ipad last for no time but okay so what goes nowhere with too...p.s. no fonts what a jerk - i hate the look of times roman...first you want to help out build a mountain by digging at sides now you're here bothering me should we stick to operating system guidelines match for match? i wanna go with what's best for finding out later the hard way with a source-paid job to levy the task?

rather 'thans-giving' ('altopier' as undoing ourselves - strictly afterlife) is thursday, november 27 (what? christmas 'xanier' rather than being there...)

11/06 free (um, $1) full-size holiday drinks at coffee bean until 6 pm - today - tried to inform others

santa monica and hancock - get it? at&t in our usual zip car spot...
mine was rum or something nutty~ someone said latte destroys all musculo-chemicals (teas, basically) but it all comes right back together in six hours inside you a morely danger 'i didn't know i didn't want this' do what you do however you strive to make others wrong all the time having less for you yourself - equate with video games no prize for it the speak
the world doesn't need you to be the false hero - break it up like the three stooges and get busy regionally and at your level
bombs and disease meet at smarts - otherwise you die the same grade aspoken if you don't disgust me with your language first 'who met who?'
'write if off right there' - dM i don't travel, really just between ports that's correct and with comments collected to self

now my ipad is magic jack southwest florida calling (239) 205-4843

q: why doesn't it work? a: because they don't (no matter what you do - someone's fat ass in review)...true...if it's not them, it's still them - you just don't react...doesn't worship (um, wordship) free time usually rx another nut

thanks to the murks at logitech for their asap-useless app for connecting to logitech devices this supposedly would run the revue box without keyboard intercepting with wi-fi if it ever worked at all waiting for a friend i can't even buy a new one for the problem unforestated i just interfere with auctions make you sweat it up price - you are simply unamerican involving yourselves with good as abroad to you i have your problems and not should i the talk doesn't pay me in fat ass or otherwise - we gravitate towards good not rumours of time let me write the app just as useless that flat panel...and how so?

don't walk away - i want that revue box operational~
seven years? you keep going no matter what - find a way, meanwhile carriers are suspect as reducing costs a lit telephone line is cheapest don't be a timefuck (taking the time to make it expense - know hate, see it anyway like freckles) we know who you are and see it coming
you don't hafta embrace it all like a little girl - freedom (((rings)))

who is this at&t again saving seals by not poking them in the eyes with a pencil? only a woman with a black man inside does this for me...the hp pavilion laptop is jerking us off with vicious pop-ups for things i don't want to be bothered with (like windows 8 for free at search)? i had wipe to the ipad clean it left some apps off you don't need 'em now i'm gonna get the starbucks app (why? i don't know) free drink by november 26 - this isn't apple's core third-party but by business what a jerk-off the grass roots were serious type folks (gay or not - women hate tumblr. too i hate them and weak faggots that 'can't win a fist fight...' i love tumblr.) this is lowly business with advertisements as employees no real needs you open the shop for someone who won't work look at their websites 'just a fluke' they'd rather die than do their job what is being resource for less talk with and by you...we don't want you...piles and piles of everything everywhere no you just be and be right there...we'll call you if we need anything...what are you gonna do now with no pride ever...nothing testable in education either it would brighten us all...

the starbucks app at work - i left them and apple only $1.66 to play with
for now - no promises, no demands

but before the ravages of sheila kuehl (doad - are you sure? died 'fiercely' june 10 breasts cancer thanks again ;) playboy) who was #26 on the ballot as missing some? mind over was stumped as positioning me for the vote here (our opinion distant but expressed nothing ugly should vein something farms and puerto ricans - love, like all wealth is not real)...left off much but we voted jerry brown back in to get linda ronstadt or something done continuously he knows problems there are fuckin' women* everywhere and their henchmen you know what i'd roommate voted brown too...says he 'i like cash and borrow' if i don't pay i don't approve anything either...'i like cash alot' - dM i like cash everywhere with smart people hopping they decide to invest extras that's all - what to buy and from whom no market shifts...your very last cd in a pile in the red utah desert it's for garbage made with your money - so what picking out of the trash is a glamour science no ecology bare boned-life with flies matters to money made don't get in the way we honor each other if possible i can't stand the stink yet...i don't type 'cause i didn't want to be a secretary, and i don't speak spanish 'cause i don't wanna be a maid housecleaning person and then they don't even know any english $40 two toilets a tub every other week isn't enough~ one pop quiz before starting the day and it's over our gay love...clean and paint the whole fuckin' house hoping to meet a new lay...but you don't know your mother's maiden name city you were bornded in before that...don't make me mad i don't know no retinal scans...check the ears, a old mole on the scalp...sheila had one...

*you hafta hate women at-large to be anyone they are nothing to us but a last stop before certains of hell picked clean men have babies like they make mother's milk the woman helps him father-daughter...don't be sinister (the last word from you until) be happy enough death puts 'em all back together too it knows a bad trash after a fire...

michael jackson 'leave me alone' as aside from 'bad' lp - liz taylor i'm all 'you know him well?'
'to think for myself', to frame your voice
then new and approved:'a place with no name' from xscape 'hungary - we hate them they steal' - is the home of all gypsies we use them 'they make [wwii] bombs' loverboy 'take me to the top' and america 'horse with no name' slightly and then no new nudes
note only sonic purity...

rarebit the film: depeche mode: 'it's no good'

a scene from 'warrior' narrate 'the boy george family fights'
on the path to wellness an apple a day, this middle-aged guy starts fighting in the vein of the family business, kinda
as he prevails, his father thinks to himself that this 'good' son is gonna lose bad one day to a severe punch the heart of belly ('in the head' no - they the two don't fight ever is pure junk - the one would fuckin' die like in life see 'outrage' and a gun too 'don't be a fuckin' nigger~')
so the reluctant father hires a russian cosmonaut-type son or no son to join the fight halfway through to kill any a contender - this guy is outcast, prison, etc. but good looking for the kill (we hate any racist implement, btw)
the other fights himself here alone a take is simply wrong, but you get the gist of it: no one goes anywhere but down to be again
'i wish you dead' - dM

there's always next year: sample the halloween 2014 celebration at google 'get a load of that!" others not so pure (yelp! spans the years)...who's the fool? someone loose in conversation said we haven't lived until we've been to the village in nyc for halloween (go to the tree lighting at rockefeller - that'll kill ya with fear, boston after november 1 for sheer cold) can do the village on any night if their st. patrick's day gay parade can't be queers i hate 'em (they ravage everything but hi)...the mother as madonna laments that people ignore the flame too much...if in quasi-drag (nun, witch, etc.) i know i won't get laid (sow, we had fine australian-type company teaching me how to roll cigarettes with a filter? hated me voices all around - c'est chic, le freak...meanwhile i dream of a junkyard palace, red soils, and creatures of the south seas larger than life has to give - wasn't this antarctica how wrong are you gonna be? tell me now...if you get a dirty fish hook in your finger and you're being ravaged with infection give us call on your cell phone (one of my favorite maritime stories along with having your tit popped by a tuna while fishing overboard 'how hungry could you be?' and being an olympic diver however landing unfavorably on two sea snakes then cut to a big black bubble drying in a dingy right behind then exploding...that's for me and narwhales incidentally...i had one of them hanging in my closet one night it is brownish and has tail fin that is beige and flat...a nouriander, eel...angels?)

think of it: the halloween tree still awfully purty think next year koontz hardware has the exact same right now $69.99...three (3) left...note a $10 coupon for anawalt hardware (roberston) in beverly press the thursday supplement paper for $10 purchase through 12/31...with la times...

sow?...'speaking of which'

pat benatar 'i'm gonna follow you' from the 'crimes of passion' lp (1979)
one line in there i never get: 'you come around here in your ballet slippers padding on my alley'
in your maserati

macaulay - a little bird of a person who eats at mcdonald's
a small key to fathering or being heard first
another is limiting scorn to admonishment or not getting too raw with children~
with high wind or squeaking voice 'why did you do that?'
the snake in the overshoulder bag 'oop!'

i get paid in fear...

still, you do nothing: our very next feature is no hambone for the dog - basically a hate mix featuring dM
q: do i have my pumpkin in-hand?

ladybird: note cold drinks or cream force heat outward and make a belly the hot and cold do it - one goes out and that is heat - don't belly out with cold...and if cocoa butter reduce a lap and butt and i hate sandfish the lines down around the belly itself...the old age (natch) aids poster...

our jack o'lantern timely for 2014 playdoh girl as always gettin' ripped off - couldn't've been better
'there's always someone dumb dancing around my desk' - dM

my mother's all 'take pictures' she just having her second cataract done (why so soon? bebe le strange 'before it gets hard' or before that 'you gonna need it') - we had to run around alot the bus to hollywood and all was fun too - fun fun fun...the parade here is merely guarded; faggots in drag did it anyway the sheriff and vendors come second with the crowds...both bewarmed...see early of junk here:

at pavilions xmas ain't over...not yet

cheap bruin or ucla jiggler molds still available half aghast at pavilions - a bad idea? i never make them - jello made with vodka? nyuck nyuck

canvas pictures at aah's - keep the spirit but small < $20.00, $11.24 i think
two 'aa' batteries later and the picture has led's in it around and about

the wild life at aah's the tree cheap to dance at parties

bread we made - pumpkin banana-type bread - with nothing of whole foods
all to process me

coupla fools early on before hollywood we had to go buy fish food at petco not open bitch won't even eat...liberace and 'luvr' scott 'billy bob' thorson who had plastic surgery to 'look like him' ('look like his [liberace's] mother his only lover'...trine: with a mother as a bitch, life will has no meaning - eat up green garden you made this)
my mother says 'is not his lover, is his friend' - who am i again? we are all liberace had he ever lived~
i think they're real too

alotta early birds for the rice...'me geow!' me go now
see ya later on...

halloween was great, poured down rain halfway through more to be upwards the crowds were teeming with it carnival...many sat outside with under the front awnings - fun - some bitch was barfing or something in my usual bush on left a dead friend of sorts (while i make snakes with china - all ghost should reveal to for some see then they move inside from graves any when it rains) trying to get attention i'm all 'fix that out'~ more concern than visual...imagine a membrane between each if poles a ghost like vapor then glass membranes in your vision...heat riser keeps photos nice....firemen

blame it on the reign: pigs here shit in everything, but i go out with my fish line and take vapor rain from wherever it is to amass here hence any clouds sold to fool - blame the rain on any day off taken by freaks of nature - you can't hold your piss forever 'although you shit' - dM the water is dirty too like someone made it

carving the pumpkin and the costume attempt both stunk (on the road someone said something about my 'belly' overheard michael jackson incognito 'i had to do it - you're not goin' out like that' sense and sensibility it seems) - rude fuckin' fat cow) although i had that thing stuffed with pillows all weekend still hurt my face at the bridge of the nose so said fuck it~ we'll stuff it full in years on to hug only... a full-on bastard to see at night, period....$40 at aah's most have paints on them they are too hard on the face...most decorations here were pleasing to say the least never hesitate to retail (merchandise yourself) at home...

logitech's revue (tower of power - $0.30 a day is the quote per attach with no lines to its control panel on the internet though the unit has it) still fuckin' around with google tv...we'll advise more later we stand by it...general electric will clasp with at&t for folks who don't want or have a computer (pair with academics or those trying-solving a hole in the middle) but cable has warranty (express of hate) or precedent it seems...'buy it new box the old - more memory'...we got a new $30 b&d toaster oven from target flashing perls at us too much...'we don't save electricity, we make it for you' is having too...sometimes you pay to provide some and that's not cheap giving your gift i give mine, my gift...

david haskins symbols us with love and rockets 'so alive'
so alive~ they have pills for that, you know...cells that bethink a hell of it

To Fool: Ooo H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ooO ('riddle the litter')

10/31: film and stars later a bit overcast today no rain yet but somb...they expect crowds later we see it's true i stuffed my black scot full of pillows to try again this year...last year i ran from the jamaican steel drums at frenzy tonight we try and stay around more...something else i did made me different to speak somehow nights ago...phantasm balls around your teeth with soap? set clocks back this weekend 'spring ahead, fall behind' 'you are here, but so am i'...'for each small gain read aloud, another such to reveal' be me more~ and it spurls

video strike: me picking my pumpkin among smarts or not having to waste...after four pm you can carve it says...this year's model is play-doh girl with her glasses on and after cheats mouth hanging open with loose teeth and pee-pee polly the squeezable mustard dispenser as opposed to red lemur...i have my sketch ready as opposed to a 'dobie' or someone recently dead (um, 'debt') as rounded on candle...the video still loading it up ** note the approach of (s)candars round electronic balls that roll into a quiet room and scare people as jack-o-lantern music and farce of having placed that is remote or muted sound along along common widths no scare...mime type

aah's sunset is still there for you with all manner of yard and approach cheap scares...nice stuff~ at san vicente across from the whisky...boulb...

a particularly ugly war of words here - richard's mother again
sylvia's mother a bloodletting of sorts

if you're alone or homebound, get the 'halloween' movies out they pay the door every time you cast to play...god stuff christdom afford

add to my tv theme greats 'rockford files' a western stanza (as unwanted in a cool-to-the-touch world - as gifts from others, really) - from a purely musical standpoint horns, letters - as orange in color....mary tyler moore is great too maybe the best...cityscape

grace jones re-invents 'slave to the rhythm' live - the original cut is not this good per me and me too strangely has live contexts about it - intro
same to the rhythm

apple has yosemite osx ready to rock if you are - drops the care to say 'we don't refuse anyone' get new...if not in your sign in, why? more: we downloaded the whole tribe and it works the computer itself says is radically new as someone else keeping ship...timing belts overboard with keys too...welcome hombre...the applications sign-in is locked to the computer's owner a woman-owned thing you are no-one still your money somehow i don't care why i substituted mine fast enough on admin rights and that went on from there - he's here but just as you unwelcome in your own home there's a price to pay all are expensive but it's nice you said 'hi' we leave it at that~ or i'll die as you an ayds chron - right on the digimark at a sprightly eighty-five but of 'pertussis' this time...leave the desk to sleep and sort gets it done if we are both here but away for the moment it helps...thanks? happy to thanks...whooping cough is often confused with being spry or like a tree's branches bending nicely enough as bowed...burdened not, however...antacid chews what disintegrate completely get rid of nasty coughs nicely enough cvs brand is right rid of it...

don't just display pez dispensers - get the complete system going with candy inserts...cures the thought...more: hadda buy another dispenser to get refill candy i hate that welcome vampire a black bird for the tree and...jack spout, yoda, r2-d2, and now vampire...more elsewhere through the ages a candy amway...

'i don't have the time for you | let's get it over with' - blondie 'pretty baby' my roommate swears brooke shields wrote this 'same napkin' - like barbra wrote 'evergreen', like olivia newton-john wrote 'the promise' the annuls of history a list to destroy
like the rosenbergs wrote 'dynasty' - kinda

fya: an hour and a half $15 with the jeep compass and i had to park it out front today at 930 palm because someone was relaxing their mercedes in the zip car parking spaces afforded us in the rear on hancock the corner
called it right in before elapse i couldn't start the car later on in an offer to move to the back then see garbage truck~ 'jealous voices are all around' try your hand
...found 'orlando' avenue another set stated simply next to la boheme restaurant and the mobil on santa monica so now more voices to and fro...still cute and in-hand...parking choices are: the standard hotel on sunset (tight route that), palihouse on holloway, in the rear, and now orlando too...the standard is a bit of hoofing it there now we meet...

pot: watched some of 'john dies' again 10/19 while waiting rewards the view all the way around//netflix waiting for 'phantasm' one true overlord hi loudivan (jester in 'puppet master') 'loved it to life' logitech camera (windows mac the two) was full-flush this weekend but asks why not?

ravager: american airlines made good on frequent flyer miles before they pooh-pooh us again i've had a few free trips how would you know? at 25,000 miles a pop for coach or about five trips completed to and fro about that
time, people, entertainment weekly, details - wall street journal? nothing to sneeze at...people is a dollar a week unchecked
if you wait long enough everything i sold you comes back in to say they don't need me anymore - doris janat of florida formely of witchita kansas says hershey's owed her $1,700 for 1976 for sales upward 'it stunk then too' + 'i sell often these days and locally from my own hand' she adds 'the problem'
back to, i need you though~ with you in mind, of course other airlines-hotels too i have 5,889 miles to for the record fdr...late-night flight | lax | still sixteen and you're all set | on sunset | on sunset | rainbow girl | whiskey man | spotting every star they can | on sunset | on sunset' try beverly hills they're staffed 'with men'...on the qt

today's hardship if seeing me: 'grande' (um, fatter') and 'venti' (smokin' with it - a moor of it as on-high) are bigger and biggest repspectively, what's the regular one called? 'tall' - no one here knew that and mine were 'regular' regule and 'cafe' or just stopping in, (from starbuck's the seamaid logo says 'what now!?!' not 'for me?!?' she said this...'helvyn' is her name as female and as 'bigger' she says) supersize it? not just first

how many teaspoons in a gram? exactly one (1) and if a quarter cup is four (4) tablespoons except shredded cheese if water and salt next-to's then...hold it out...a quarter (1/4) cup is two eighth of a cup is one (1) ounce...four (4) tablespoons is two ounces...two teaspoons is grams measured or then less than a single ounce never weighed really not in cooking is almost heard of...a teaspoon is one half of a tablespoon or how many ounces? is grams with gram...let it rest...

can't buy a thrill: seems-to-say 'word for the day' is 'coy' and that is not 'covalent' or shared electron in chemistry speak (the electron is on the meter much already or not likely to be found there on the sides but centers region statistically - never smeared not ever lengthened or shortened not thing like that) - i use 'coin' no sharing of details for being held even if the face is rubbed off (intrinsic in and of the nature versus sentimental value what's that word? extrinsic - is not that natural)...that's awfully 'coin' of you that works - but do better...i had something like co-owner co-yield the 'y' traveling along too showing you a better done while with you...

like punctuation these aren't wordy kinda 'recondite' um, too many niggers (mixed crowds)? punctuation marks then add some...brackets? math talk what comes first '(' then '['...matters of style...still all the while...

go to hell~ there's nothing you will do but flame not very imaginative...what destroys all feelings inside? heat~ that's not hot, to the touch yet reflaxives

hi to you somb~ and to think i only use scott toilet tissue if can it is the master of wasteful provision still > $1 a roll if purchased as single roll (and we just had to bite it last week - is about us? and you too...)
if you had to pull it the roll or spindle clean it is like thread - you'll be there all day pulling winter white 'i love that' 'tis true
fyi: shittiest thread ever? ikea's - no machine will know is homemade in any respect get nylon polyester thread and i buy extras their cups are great else~

wisdom on the news this am 10/20: 'you never know how crazy someone is until they do crazy things'
oh, we've met~ the pumpkin patch north of santa monica at doheny (in beverly hills - 'uhl') is there again this year - bring your purse-wallet, a person willing to spend the day, kinda - ask the tough questions first who's driving

i don't work for you but 'ok' oliver kelly in a world without dM ('greater than or equal to zero' still a chance): new design for fetes at pacific design center 'what might be' - the blue so long no building was ever made to be more like ikea but i shudder to think~
this one is premier showrooms as local enthusiasts - you can't (incendiary that to be as cheap as five-dollar fuel - as 'nervous knife' breathing cold rising vapours in a bush outside your home at night) just enter a vous (as you and me, 'et vous' without asking)

ghoulish this on san vicente just south of pacific design center

i spent this evening writing stuff and it crashed wrong keyload - fuck you dumb cunt see ya later (maybe i should erase the whole thing as nigger - one more dumb fuckin' story about women and money you are as cheap as old ass thanks nigger let's see your stuff now crapheads~)

dental fillings: if teeth grow like pencils outta the gums powdered with calcitate like white dots (i hate the dryness of calcium added however - the stems of leaves basically), think about fillings my way the up and down linear strength is being tested by candy or whatever and soft or sticky spots alarm us - the filling's idea is that it shrinks when it should grow, and grows when it should shrink and is hard to make truth that way - really brilliant 'amalgam' - a wood 2x4 coupling nailed versus cement pylon argument ensues - one wins one loses unless metal plate to distribute the linear down...'doctors are supposed to help us live our lives, not theirs' - dM but okay i'll hafta pussy (run home) one day (women and others seem to get better over all with age - i didn't say you got to be beautiful' - dM '...but that's not a fuck')

factoid: whenever i make hot cocoa from packs only (milk and hershey's in a saucepan is ok too) i use marshmallow and whipped cream the both like what was served at candy kitchen when it snowed in my skimping ever the marshmallow whole or in a jar i monitor my body for too much granule and no bother...i always think about how others object to the use as economizing for someone else's thought always (better to fly) there are things you don't keep in the fridge and one of them is whipped cream - another thing not kept is lemon juice - pam spray! times are better shelled eggs with bits more yellow to eat...what do i care i was given a dead body to wear and for all we know to eat too we rise above the thought with me here and i remind you you don't give me anything...i love it all and had brains to eat too trust that...fuckin' wonder why you have moles...some girl in my neighborhood in the very home above freckles was around a dead-end corner playing with 'a bottle of acid' one day - see the link? i found live peanuts growing in the same yard waiting to be a build raspberries they are in the grub of ground not buried...'[perhaps too] shallow then halo' you are afraid only...the dead rage me with excitement

cher i owe you a picture of you and your mother since last week or so - go fuck yourself and her (georgia holt - this for margining over age and age-old stature):

there - tried to get a real one this is ten (10) years old or so (no clues)
what is junk? looks like many pictures made - fades are too extreme
p.s. georgia is the mtm character 'georgette' she says - the real one

fedex vows (promise-vow, or aloud, and to myself) to help repair your stand-alone computer system or fealv with no mention of money be yet...check it out @@ 'friends and enemies are all the same | burns to flame' it's alcoholics that strade the knife along its blade...another gun to reject the notion ('no shit') flatly for the seventh time...the 'seventh sign' a woman not a sea of water that separates...keeps you there more later maybe...

i don't make accusations - you are there to counter them to as me only...i did it of course i did and who used to be the fool then?

tuesday 10/14 chris ondy, just one day past columbus day doesn't mean today's a banking holiday for you and your leisures among: any dumb bitch* should know richard is my designation among pee-shy's and you shouldn't refract or reject on any such notion as not important and me however - don't instruct me on or as anything new awaited as we tutor ourselves at skill-less and cashless levels and as you afford yourself bride? i'll barber you among likes to be as pleased-with again and remember to note a light moment as no weakness or firmity to found - take it out now, craphead (opinions bestrade), shithead (false knowledges alerted of), and garbage head (to be still i hear you) are no one here and make someone want to kill something somewhere without you being subject to so much as a fall from grace...some blame crowded conditions in the inner city is actually made a cavern for two of a kind acting as one ('fizz and faddle' as you say, the amazing are always as wrong being a performer lactating if by bleed - the milk marm and seaweed 'consuela' fucked in the shit pile of grass she brays or the 'black mother of pearl' by virtue of a little balled turd in the toilet she further dirties after as much we be cleaning by plume)...all by my own rhume you needn't see ever or as i say 'i don't need you' if a dog barking is life, you are friends 'round the pre-eminent of hasselhoff or its hot shit to pick up by condom - to be taken home or then avoided as socks in mine? i don't need anything as jews might have it easily choose pork belly is to know firmly its pockles...only human-like, real. sandfish.

*if i were only one person among all tricks, i still wouldn't admit you can't see my shit dropping inside and if i know whether or not i'm you?

the bucketheads 'the bomb' - 'b-town swirling through my mind' with 'b' for 'boystown' or then 'blecch'
'bee-bop swirling through my mind, bee-bop...' very famous tune

at target this week the cheapest 'go pro' or video facetime and long recording - this one omits high density video 1080 pixel length or so that's all....
facetime means 'what you see is what i saw' or 'you, me, and he'...'what you gonna do, bay-beh?' now get out before i put a knife in your right 'calve-calf' while you're sleeping next to me...'button me own nape...round of toast, another mole'

a flock of seagulls 'nightmares' from 1983's 'listen' lp
imagine there's no money, honey~ what is love? a cat eating a dead shut-in's (um, closeout's) face and brains in england 'while crying like cats sometimes do' an open hurt wart-mole may keeps you out of quarantine source: john ondy as gray cat with a facial lesion kit
eat all them leaves that fall as you dying to be sunbrown on any one day (now and formerly known as an interview and dump process for the curb)
we don't take a lover (um, leftovers) in hell, we beat their ass (rented to be as a loan or i wouldn't count on its turds much) for making me flask

i thought a harken back to spirograph with apple framework at beverly center - is the new phone's outline top to bottom and is spinning
all knobs-circles have a 't' on the top as angle or intervals - each slight of turn seen matters

the genius bar (now terse at apple store at is few and far between now - make appointments online

more green is the quote here...sunset and holloway

at beverly center you can get your picture taken with the cast of 'wicked' or whatever
see info box for details - couldn't be as bad as it sounds~ the facebook lounge cited as tete to tete (that's french, fool for a head-to-head an argument...more: a 'malatete' a headache, and be related is 'vis a vis' as 'that may be so, but still i contend...' and 'j'accuse' as 'i accuse myself first' as admittedly looking suspicious...
'it literally stunk no sound and a bottle of scotch later i was mad over a trade period' - marie osmond
'hated it' - dM actually there are only witches (makes you choose as among no choices) of the north and west where people are chased to finally live again - they witches represent their retribution upon on well-rested lives about the south and east where bullion is bade 'the good lives leaving' - dM who adds 'if they didn't know the end so well we wouldn't have to drag them through the beginning parts' be 'careful' objecting not 'conscientious' one supposes as on your own always a bill to be unpaid...'carpetbagger' (keeps all on small mat to roll up and take freedom's wind upon thee), 'scalawag' (offers to help with 'foods' after dinner is served...a dog eating fancy of finery as cheese and potatoes one surmises again a monkfish with an offer of licking the plates clean)...'all apologies' meets unending questions with firmity or length astole
p.s. your hepzibahs (colonials) are well-arted among travels and don't forget my remake of logo why not as simply (no talk) briiliant 'a hedgehog eating' - toni halliday of it her past the medipac of self-examination eurythmics...

You'll Be Seen Taking Back The Streets In September 2014 Just As Soon As You Get Back From Picking Up October's Trash

whatever 'loading' is i didn't write it - get it off now