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1, 2 - richard desandre (michael the archangel...endless passion spanish-type lover martin hewitt always true...rupert graves thanks for coming to my aid(s) love, god...other unsung...take two fry me sepsis of the liver, should be to remind you your stations in life...the pretty one, come-come david underwood) and others are in these...i watched 'entourage' last night lost in yucca with awful homosexual's waiting game...we have that...caged within it swiss-glyphs very own 'gig's' wunder-wheel - you pull desperately at a couple of dirty ol' rubber tits to fire off scalloped potatoes rising and stinking off hot curling irons pinching viciously at the nu-skin badger carrol and the wine tasting fanjol enjoining the in-flight snacks harming you at the each but an engine light enoming 'e^c oyl: llgw-prt,xc bct' the queen shat lil' abner comics for days 'you gonna eat with that on my sofa tuleen?' lying sideways on the ocean floor no one was as such prepared helping a slow hatch to be this just or then not to seek so if it bjorn (imagine the coldened mustard of pre-pupone beak unable to remove itself from it the outer shell of egg what wormed of it water but looking noticeably prominent as side dish thus be it nor stalinesque as seem from the side at-once indignant)...each timberlome-greece icee (of wooden sticks pushing in with 'cold hearts' she say) given to thanks and what not have i got yet you prey to leaf of it me brind...'rotten button' (cr imagine with toni halliday) the betchy english caav of ur-schitt coloring books pame (you did the harder parts...horror flames, makin cheese horns and that outdoor gourney of hot/cold limescale corning any befluted of cashsclinde asks it pits) is now to be exhumed with joss shit, windril piss, and binny skimfs of the garlic and road salt cangered with the candy-oaf 'chuckles' in pimmed bits of spit and nervous fluis wom-to-be-flact;
3 - sure, and why not shia labeouf turned his black pick-up and all he works at the corner burger hut, you know, but is older to you in set...mornings our love;
4 - 'family guy' would hate the snub...if you're gonna tell me what to do every day i'll be here to ape it for you and why i've hesitated...after all, you can love everything we made hells of it like ice in antarctica you have it already this for jailbirds who know how precious an off-thought oft thought can be...we'll get you time, in time...see the 'jesus' one for sure if can nicely done by us too;

5 - 'the godfather' is always welcome and watchable - just saw bits of 'taxi driver' with deniro and jodie foster too....if link does not work, go see it anyway.

"We Couldn't Wait To Give You The News But Thought Nothing Of It" Part II "You Old Fucking Used-Up Fool" Working Title With Numerous VP's Now No Longer Just In Our Lobby But Keeping Their Gifts From Me Simple
Here we see at November enter a "glass onion" is just the dead for seeing bits of it off but in your home - the one place Hillary Clinton refused to go ('now ye know nothing yet ye'). After that be it a fact if you fact seem, you go on to Dallas "da last" place of just last week to make all is to be sure with ancient rumns (similared the sybil-rights botha'dem movement or gubner's mansion so-to-speak to blow your trussed hot-glass of lobe on this precedent another what if as not sent ("Is that with bipple?") See then how courtly sparks "rides Michael Jackson" in the very center of back in his beautiful roll'd rice silver spur-finger clasp-bus unwittingly getting both bags of reclaimed hair on fire sitting too close to the folk engine but up centre goulbs our mutter superior...vengeance is mime). The man who threatens gay black barracks a veritable "is real" of sci-deco crispins with being aegian or least likely to be seem as so seem and running the place black to pur or what it is that makes you come to life with button eyes and plastic spoons dipped in precambrian "before you see hauk" chocolates don't need to understand anything at ever and mostly you don't care to someone taking bets and then taking their share anyway so what you don't pay in you split the purse down to.

By the way, these niggers are really handsome knife-white (nicer than me, is paid for it the teak challenge) fuckers who somehow never get to that place where I wipe shit up and down their hairy legs and lick it off - that's a fact. The guy who is Obama (afterbath, V-8) offered to live with me and mine "move in" once and I'm like "sure - will eat that and when and with so many spots to fill" but anyone will do for now but not like that over and over again with anyone else like that or simply good shit and that is everywhere unless the adultress black who drags that back down into the ooze to part for me another day with boobs in it.

Islam (avery a 'bedlam' as 'no one gets up in the morning?' sees me own > nature calling back on our terms or just keeping one close to the ground for sleeping just listening for death) wasn't spare of Jews you know nothing...anagrams "salim" or Salem or Jurasalem's lot. Dead center are we who hate fross and just an egg at that with burned-up fags and other shit I hate listening to and seeing but throwing just before at-once back out there with kindnesses they will one day seek for else but me each time they have this overlord of a bar scene that makes choice everywhere couple like Faglands thrinking they could do just blintzes better when you receive your own modest made at interest in another just as half-shitty ooze out and away what? how? o'comma but saying they're there for the job if interested in me (how so if left to decay, the wind and some partial sun) and my price or fifty-percent of nothing at ten percent fee for fee or fifi's (first in [is] first in) own scant wage of 'just like them but without it and we made that to be perfect and for sure it is but off it goes to see how "two cheaps fail to a sure thing" or how "perfecting something brings out the flaws in everything else" you you you. Pay the man to be with me or I'll come along too and make you die of knowing why no one will care ever but die with it another clue.

Everything was good for me, by the way...Lindsay Lohan came in the building after parade or whatever as I sat outside on step (I was lured away by comments as I do what I do even when you do) and told her I was Doug and we agreed sweetly (I was feeling cute to me that night, ask guilty) with a kiss she was Patty McElderry (the father reports in solemnly as Marc Ondy again...this stuff challenges the evening thought, but okay is also Dean Jones) my elementary school friend (Tabitha, sure) out playing...others of note are here and are encouraged not to bring it up but be slightly neighborly it helps me ever. No grands to no touch. Thanks...Denise DeVitis (no crumb opinion of yours expresses it here - see that) is Pallin and was encouraged to "speek freely" about "feelings" our own little feeling on things after another debacle over what's simply not interesting or welcome upon surface review like speaks comedy will break down and just buy to be with it any at all and what ravenously funny to me, but hampered by serious types and their late-of-life devotion to universal-legend cocksuckers. Being used is not a feeling - it's barely a tip and at great arctics of lamphboat cost. You pay me only to see it come.                

HAPPY HALLOWEEN~ from yours truly the pagans at DOUGMOON.COM
Play it again, Sam...
10/31/08: Now, you'll just do it...and with nothing to be yet. Aah's on Sunset was brimming with business last night as I waded through and cursed it all. See then payday is upon us, but maybe not for you...pray me.

this is our new radio mouse but black key from else but - it plugs into the back of the new-ish wired keyboard we have (no real brand 'mini rf mouse' model no. 'am-6500u')
it works really good and fast at that...the scroll wheel (to move web pages up and down) up front is fabulous - get to one as i hate using side bars and clicking around (comes to life with this two 'aaa' batteries inside)
the front rectangle is where you store the usb plug to be seen again and again
is for a notebook probably but why would you know more about these than me no one has a computer at home but geeks

"In dying, I like to think we each take a part of God's only death - if only to prevent its being." - dM, plus have an ass

this our new cd clock radio from cvs $34.99 -- hadda replace the sony we had it flaped and they wanted $80 online to switch out and replace
it's in the trash now but the clock and radio still work i don't keep defective junk here at all
i like the name craig like you have wiry hair and you're crazed
we hadda take the first one back for reporting in military time (24:00 my ass) and indicating lower right pm but wrong dot wrong color (the manual made no mention not even setting to pm nor online)
the new unit is fine and now i can go in the bedroom and play cd's alone again (the cheap-ass $18 coby boom* has been working that well but bits fast playing cocteau twins' 'otherness' ep for me here at the keyboard)
the last unit refused to play one record on cd (seriously refused, but played others and easily enough): curve 'doppelganger' lp (1992) for being hateful seriously - you get beat for that and it did with screws removed and glues
that's the impetus for our fight and surgeries later...thanks for many years, anyway 1995 or so
*purchased from from koontz hardware motts earlier

amazing "members only" jackets on sale at amazon! one two three (get this, et tres gay)
got me the red one for now...


Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas (Remastered) - Wolf In the Breast

by request cocteau twins 'wolf in the breast' from 1990's 'heaven or las vegas' lp about being sly and keeping bits to yourself for a day on later - no matter who suffers the edit

(we here leave this first verse out to painful remorse and sing it phonetically as is not said and is not volumed...a portmanteau)
lending my shirt
out to a mall
it seems an entertainer
chomps on with bags all day long


this one i'll leave
it puzzles the truth
and me i lent it out
tomorrow --
and that's just fine

my babies cry (and lie awake)

locked it all away
i pretended i flew away
especially when
my earth angel
i'll need some day

this one i'll need
it muzzles the truth
and me
i lent it out
and that's just fine

my babies cry

locked it all away
i pretended i flew away
especially when
my earth angel (alts: call off our angel)
i'll need some day

i feel habitual
i feel habitual
the truth will be around meals
i feel
i feel
the truth will be about me

my babies cry
locked it all away
and pretended i flew away
i feel habitual
and so alone

[she's taking clothes back to the mall for spare change - she can buy then again later and after wearing once to twice]
[we don't have enough to lead our lives as spoken it said...she's in a kitchen alone at the sink thinking about not so much eaten today and not buying much in order have on that one special day that may follows]
[she overheard another woman smartly say 'my babies cry' and thinks about using on the clerk when shirts are returned at the mall no one knows us after all]
[your babies don't need to eat so much a secret discipline we lock away some but maybe i'm suspect at meals shortened and not so nice looking at suspicions...i lend or borrow smartly 'tomorrow will be fine']
[you can give too much self after all a wolf in the breast-giving hurts you inside and may the honeybee is often blinded by duty to the gift it leaves behind a veritable wolf milking at underneath your mother sow]

if *67 hides caller id on most phones international, what restores them promptly if then? use *82...

simon says 'i've been off meth for over two (2) weeks and over this bullshit and is trying to stimulate you adversely and pop your locks...see the addams directory below' and you? looking over my state taxes after years there's no way i could owe $1,500 - what did you do? fail to collect my employer's part on 75k? you only get 2% a year on any money i make how - how much was that? i only possibly left off eight grand ($8,000) from annuities taken and in the tricky paperwork of quoting feds to the state let's try...seems you owe me, nigger, having garnished some at ralphs leaving me $150 a week only but at the 'lavish of minimum wage' ($6.75) i told my father on the phone the other day...and you wonder why you die

someone writes yesterday for a cash price on my keyboard and in-person - sure, eighty bucks $80...terry's having his ass opened again tomorrow for $100 cash for the bother of him a study of it (he's had difficulties this is all good) if his father just donated $200 we await my parents now both mother and her husband got back to new jersey yesterday complaining of turbulence 'something hit the wing' delta his terry's are taking their time in savannah, ga heading back up to minnesota i guess....i hate getting behind and over you....

hadda put more tooth goo in yesterday having tongued and brushed it out over time, but see how it stays...days and days...we're gonna go to the dental clinic at ucla soon $110 the hafta show up 7:30 in morning or 12:30 in the save? we'll see...i'll go to work with terry one day....

someone asks what meal do you give up if we do bread and water three (3) days a week? breakfast - i'd have a fine cup of cocoa like the french...but mind says 'give up dinner no clause' for finer fit...i hate sleeping on a hungry though as i channel too and wake up like a diabetic so hungry and insist a meal is best waited on slightly...that's why my stomach burbles in any class...remember the french with me...and how meth fasts you funny and proud it's real good to you...that's different you're happy all the way out...make up your own then.

the thinking man's brew from ucla mental clinics
the hypothalamus or heat minder is lower right thick
its pencil counterpart above is the sclera or white part of the eye or heat thermometer
cool the eyes to make heat dissipate naturally enough by not looking at so much
the superior and anterior vena cavas are under the neck and shoulder middle down
never hurt people in the neck it kills them dead tee hee

Devo - New Traditionalists - The Super Thing

more by request: devo 'the super thing' on the 'new traditionalists' lp (1981)
people mess this up bad, but its truth is here

today, what does it take
to do the super thing (super thing)?
i'll tell you
what it takes
a very simple thing (simple thing)
i observe
like the pilot of jumbo jet (jumbo jet)
or a girl
on the go
who hasn't got there yet

magnetic trumpets blowing
synthetic saxophones
the evidence kept growing
from below
hidden under nations
buried in the past
still gives us strength

for the super thing

the red alarm
a root surprised
every tiny thing (tiny things) (alts: kind of thing)
means it's time
to go beyond
the normal thing (normal thing)

pay attention
and be prepared
to do it right (do it right)
the super thing
the thing
that makes you bigger than life

to do the super thing --
won't you tell me what it takes?
to do the super thing --
won't you give me what it takes?
to do the super thing

signals start to travel
from a distant place
lights go off
a pleasure being (alts: that pleasured me)
can make you sick (make you sick)
it's the super
human thing
and it does the trick

magnetic trumpets blowing....

[note: the 'super thing' is studying shit - its two halves - like god can...but as being you]
[romans used to blow trumpets with hot 'magnetic' rocks, boozy bluesy sax-types in bars are replaced with tape snippets and orchestras, one to the other be extremed - we seen how you do it we don't need you here]

Richest Of United States
10/28/08 1240
1) Texas (1.2) MIT, actually and owns some, handles women problems and ships around beautifully;
2) California (1.3 + owings lessing them to Mexico...1.2 then) ...showbiz and having for alot of people;
3) Maryland (0.8) ...owning land always selling and buying cheap, is that;
4) New Jersey (6.5 with harrowing debt however, if think tanks solve anything no news is better...1.1 then) ...imports only ever (shopping districts, we mean);
5) Florida (1.0 no debt whatsoever no loan to or for them) ...jails and more jails...they abort babies like crazy + no new ones...they are France, Ltd;
6) Maryland (Washington D.C. think of as "B.C." Roman and no God as pay ever, just plans...Washington State corner to corner is best a hinterland) (1.0 with debt some) ...Apple is here truly (and w/bombs), Microsoft.

Poorest: Kansas - way too many storms (real tornadoes and often we love that...six [6] times as many as any else) and no food ever, then Oklahoma, then New Jersey lower or Delaware then (it's real only) where newcomers are thrown and easily enough.

Nations? Richest: Russia (cars in the cold, oil). France (as New Orleans then between us "we get into trouble, they fight and are Haiti too" and adds "we're rich, but we're not happy" as telecom only). United States (corn, livestock). China is six (6) for now telecom and having ready everything we want always "we're twice in nations, though" and we agree).

Numbers four (4) and five (5) nations we add: Belgium (is Germany playing again and is rich on livestock or cows as bred - always breeding only, no just eating - and computers as makes Apple and all their stuff itself no Japan, no suppliers, nothing - yet you buy none. I pay them all, you pay a fee to lawyers to remove you one day for fielding one for others as for me) and Argentina-Brazil what joined to make Apple, but failed miserably half way up in 1992 due to no costs retreived they just manufactured like crazy for years to no bargain ("we don't manufacture for people, we make for ourselves as rich enough"). Is now rich on textiles like cloth and feathers for cloth. Rich means "can buy you [and what you own]" to me means 'has what you have, wants for nothing'. Nothing makes you move, nothing makes you know people you hate to know. You can sit and think about what it all means and at leisure. Important: Rich has no ridicule of others - just deeps of respect. Important II: Deaths are margined greatly - if you died, you know why. No such answers from others and outside.

"Rich" can be-is for "Richard" a 'king of men' I nearly hate that stuff but pays others, men is good cause (your flancy checkbook...two bishpipe flutes rounding top a fanny pack fully-front wishout a neshaminy crespa of hair de'lunes). You don't pay anyone and dive right down "you probably hadda come...thanks, then no" when it's apparent I seem to know. How? I enliken these back to what's truly 'free' or then frozen for the thought and that's producing orland food in excess for too many takers tarveling at the sun. Food stinks in the complexion basket 'no flanas' plus you prepare waste products and then some so how then no. Wood is food too "wood" or "wooder" some food and water. Rich doesn't make me think of national levels (as no friends either - just expatriates like Chrissie Hynde or people who sought else naturally and as informing to us and perhaps over citizenship saving up to be that much) buying and selling is tomb reversing its token (not actually meant to have what it claims - a stacking of art, artifacts as mostly some unfamiliar then nothing more then seen all graves beyond it sun you asked to see too much it is said...although I stand on Ben Franklin (Christ Church, Philadelphia on a street corner) and Paul Revere's (Chapel Hill, Boston, up a hill west on left at Boston Commons) graves to note the surest dump down for all days you make it all in the head and we invoke beauty-thought of and as together you seek no truth plus 'if that's here saying it, so have I a thought and to say' if this better be dumb again).

If rich impresses you, having some food prepared as no guest will probably do. The Bradys below were rich rich rich you should not have an Alice or live in Los Angeles, California as growing up - that is for heaven's children to dream of as worlds away (the success of all-round garden stores not yet apparent here - the offerings of garden hose yet slim to us). Cigarettes seem 'too tall' but too advance and politics too..."are these yours?" is never the problem so to be yourself a solve.     

was reading this in line waiting as i was #97 and quite late when i noticed up (was gonna check the crowd for her anyway) but supposedly of a declining line with 455 guests approved...that's happy the crowd looked good
we, i talked to her anterior mind all the way funny...i threatened to ask about the asian food palace on wilshire near 15th that featured her on their menu and i did - she liked someplace there on wilshire, she said
they had her on their pink fold-up menu when i worked at santa monica hospital in 1992 or so - hoy's wok i believe they moved to hollywood or not
marcia had to work three (3) years there behind the scenes because she punched singer natalie cole in a bar in nyc and thus moved the whole thing she can't say...
all in all, the girl was lovely to meet and very vibrant, but her arms appeared dark-ish on approach and this said 'of the grave', then matron, then gym worked out and strong - all told, was youthful and no disappoint very nice
a late-model rolls-royce sedan was parked outside and we note her bodyguard followed me all the way there too as i laughed with myself fluidly 'oh, well'
-- we watched 'the brady bunch' as family every friday night with a pizza

we did...thanks again...lovely...traditional: say 'hi' to the guy with tattoos handing names...cute
p.s. i weigh two hundred pounds (200 lbs.) exactly today (i used the roof-top gym scale this am), i think i've been as high as 230-240...she rages at being black-rimmed and 150 at the start of her book and for vh-1 masters

more: when i approached marcia and was given her attention (they sit at the book counter in the rear, but can be seen signing from the front just right of the door) i told her 'you're really perfect - thank you' shaking her hand...she said 'thank you!' really happy with that but you know how disappointment makes itself known to us...i left after a little talk together and with just one bitter silence dropping in-between it happens always with us as stars...i hang in there...she shook my pinky and fore and aft fingers together on the way out a little unnerving, but there it is...the hand of god and all, but among friends only no to worry...anyway, we've fought bitterly in my head before trust come back on any one day i don't remember anything only...her real mother cybill shepherd was there undressed with long hair but 'hi hi' we like you thanks.

notes: someone burned a tire that evening around or outside our bedroom window under the guise of engine difficulty the firemen were here as i layed on; i gather the smoke and put it inside you your belly if you have ideas i hate...the smoke went and smell went immediately then and just yesterday the wind blew east and a flag rose on demand too - watch that stuff, stay prayerful.

Just met Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady to those who like wealth and its receipts, Tori Spelling) over at Book Soup - bought her tolb and all (hadda hide it in the $28 mailbox for now). She was perfect - we'll talk tomorrow. Some Democrat just called asking me to vote for Obama (what is he really asking for with name? I want Mike "Papi" Jensen...only) and I said I was voting for the other guy. "You don't even know his name...." he said in jest. "You know - the one who got injured in the war" I said still forgetting, but able to read if once more. This vote gives Bush another roundabout I'd say they are capable and I can stomach them well enough as see. My ballot represents winners only -- I do it to ridicule you by listening and replying only.

Tomorrow night Tuesday 10/28 is the 'onases' or origin birth - the first night you can carve your pumpkin without regret. See that. Someone says "...that's pagan." According to sources, "pagan" means "plagiarizes to us elsewhere" steals the show then and now. I think it's really pageantry all but flared seen as equal (this, truly ungiving...) but really is "play-it-again" someone messed it up with voice or shown then while I was singing-performing. A "persona non-grata" or ungrateful person is about. No one to thank then. Someone else adds 'plagiar' is "played it [or yours - all to be nonsense then] a year"...junk. Egalitarians. Implements another's stuff for junk, issues no respect junk. Plus plus violence.

Cocteau Twins want you to remember the eerie September or Fall-time (um, whole woods burning...) sounds of their 1996 release "Otherness" the EP what includes stellar-kind remakes of songs "Feet-Like Fins" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 2 - Feet Like Fins ands its ultra-cool 'roman à clef' or middle silence to a grace as rejoining, "Seekers Who Are Lovers" if 'seekers' are just secretive always and truly yours then, "Violaine", and then "Cherry-Coloured Funk" as AYDS dying with me - all gauzy ("diaphanous") and pretty enough. All on the "[From] Lullabies To Violaine, Vol. 2" comp out now for some time with "Lullabies" being the first single or EP through the "Violaine" EP's released - there were two. All are important and severed in order - collect them all for beauty's sake. The cover of "Otherness" honors Gary Numan's "Dance" LP (1981) and also is yarn sewed into construction paper - a heart or ribcage basically.

went to krispy kreme on the bus today 10/26 santa monica and alone
6 creme-filled glazed
2 raspberry jelly-filled glazed
2 creme-filled chocolate glazed (chocolate creme)
2 chocolate glazed
12 altogether - now see that half a dozen would've been enough, yet you

What does b/w mean on the back of a 45 rpm record or CD maybe? "Begins with" - you wait to play the hit afterward, but "hear this first" it says. In Elton John's day, it was just and only just a lowly track from the LP at-hand and was least valued to me as "bought with"? As "black [and] white", a deep, dark contrast? Is that right? Not when "Harmony" a raving fave comes with "Bennie And The Jets" - never to be true as I guess. Maybe I matured. Still, I run to turn the unwanted sound off as opinion merely. Stick with "begins with" for too many great examples of gift having you over. Too many times is a great track resisting additional production by else - you can tell, Girl.

Others offered: "Back with"...backside with...broken wing...balances wear...beware...brings with.

*for adults only: the poison control centre at amazon
i'd have one of them brown plastic beer barrels with tip for dispensing homemade misk personally (see 'mr. beer')
by the way, cvs has lots of studio popcorn makers, weiner grills, individual party blenders, arcade-style drop-hooks for prizes, candy, etc. - take a look 

by request: the lyric to 'birds of paradise' by pretenders (c. hynde)

not so pretty (petit) not so proud asking the dead not to hurt us before our time is up...
adds no one has the right to know pretenders lyrics - chrissie hynde is a brandywine woman with hoop earrings all gift only

The Pretenders - Pretenders II (Remastered) - Birds of Paradise

la da da (as opening song)

la da da (as getting it to feel)

i wrote a letter
to you my friend
so many letters that
i never sent (alts: i'd never send)

i think about you
at the day's end
the time that we had
elapsed in my bed
the stupid things you said

we were
two birds of paradise

la da da (alts: let her down)
la da da (alts: let her down)

when i was a little girl
with clay horses
and bands on the shelf
of car-fulls and beaches
incense or (for) else -
my friends and i
had a world into ourselves

the grown-ups could find us
when we
made up and starred secretly -
to run away
am i to be with their
bluebirds of paradise?

da da da (alts: let her down)
da da da
da da da (alts: let her drown)

where once upon a time
my mind still there wanders -
back in the room (alts: back under rule)
the things i remember

one time when we took off our clothes
and stood there crying -
they say nothing lasts forever
we were happy together

i thought about you and me
stuck home and robed
me in my hotel room
you in your home

this is the life they say that
dreams are made of

well, don't forget
please do forgive me
i still have it
if so many did give me
come into my dreams
and while
let me have dreams

and please, don't forget
do forgive me
i still have it
if so many did give me
come into my dreams
and while
let me have dreams

come along and dream
of paradise....

(note never: english-type people insist upon replacing our 'car-fulls' with 'carpholds' or postcards that fold up and induce car-fulls - have it your way, it's never good here with all an allowance never)
(in another song 'english roses' we get a bowl of buds and petals from someone because we ignored a funeral, but off they go into a hymnal or first chatechism with christ that apologies to god and as says there's no one i'd ask to bring back yet and humbly - thanks you for me i had my burdens in life, but we never enter field  - here credits david bowie - to change anyone or much...them..."to fields over[cast with] gray" that deliver food all year long and to anyway....)

West Hollywood Halloween site...2008 sees no haunted house. Got me a small bottle of Orangina at Gelson's two days ago for $1 and for the walk home ostensibly if lunchmeat (of my own pan turkey and Alpine Lace swiss cheese) so expensive and rare there....hassled with Trader Joe's last night over four-packs that were ruptured - $1.99 each it said shelf with 1 Liter bottles howeverlingly priced at $3.29. I got mine - two (2) four-packs - from signs immediately removed after I went back with receipt (I was grinding coffee beans while the check was being writ). Who's the fool? Amount returned was firmly two dollars and eighty-one cents ($2.81) and to thank you (my mother criticized always "driving across town to save two cents" and Trader Joe's was no one to visit until I got there a specialty of it). People made me work too hard for everything this week and now you see some too. Great bargain there: Charles Shaw wines - all varieties I'd say: white, red, blush - sure. Sauvignon blanc (white), merlot (red), chardonnay (white with bliss or rose hips), shiraz (cherry wine), and my favorite white zinfandel (cherry pop), adds whatever - are all under two bucks (<$2.00) a bottle brand-new. Get that as we do, gift-giving.

Another to recommend (if the scar stuff gets rid of phosphirilla light emptied on us and at least for one day): Clearasil tinted cover cream (your color is like mine, them) for getting rid of small stuff like Dear Abby you never get to see that on me liver spots...over time is healing above pimples. I just used "Dentemp OS" to great success too - is not truly temporary like "DenTek Temparin" all gummy, but smells like the dentist's office or then spray "Quinn" - it makes you sick...professional, no asking of it but run out of hell. Both you ball up, push in and scrape down any excess - no mixing, but this may be yours too. FYI, the least tooth is the filling in question here between incisors and molars. One day real at the office, but for now says "This is serious, Bitch." Or, no more cancer I got rid of that in folks too for too much talk about.

My Own Book Would Be Entitled "Where Did You Come From?" Or Then "What Little Difference A Day Makes - You Are Here" 10/25/08 0650
People say "Moon - how did you get to be so knowledgeable about sex and stuff?" First I'll add it ain't about sex - see "Sex For Dummies" (OOP? to thank you Ruth Westheimer provided a gay, was a speaker at our college for pay) or just be with them studying the physiological nortitures of sex-use impotence with your ass shoved up in a pillow my man teaches the whole class you'll see them out there so why not have it more 'round? It's about desire and gratification. If desire, as previously discussed, means you seek someone else's truth, gratification along these lines means you were allowed have that 'truth' and are thus worthy somehow to you. You can know more about yourself (our one true seeking in life) this way, and are paid handsomely for it in no more talk or little more then. Gratification is the dirtiest word after "salvation" (sending out news again and again) or then a bowl of powdered milk in the hot sun (no one likes you, you stay alone), but I use it well for me. I know me then. The finest book for children on the subject was Jewish in nature: "Where Did I Come From?" as all peach pit (having before you know why, but here it is - a monkey's tomb*). The book said your parents just wanted to get as close as they could as having just rolled over in bed, and I agreed some. Gays are this too them, and should not speak often of it as again said and as rare enough still moving around to see it rare. The point is in these extremes perhaps and as with drugs, no one makes more to sense you when it's all over in your head. Maybe you wear a rubber for your wife or whatever to keep folks out of this discussion and just to them (there's none more important and after all, but see us rage over no sense towards them). Really, they are for little boys to play Know you as an own intimacy then too and as first we'd say to none. And again, sex says you stay here at 'x' while we may go in and go forward - with nothing about penetration or solvay (what you saw). People hate that in you, but okay. That is private stuff like any shit or crumb on your bedsheets. Like mine, no one cares less.

*some fattish black kid always condescending told me about sex during recreation in 5th grade 1975 and the world unraveled in my head to restate itself as the adult of dead i couldn't believe it but took it in with exact words 'uh uh!' ...this book shared me from then until 1977 when no one could have said this was good stuff, actually, a hermes scarf of sorts ('this isn't what i had in mind when i bought the tux) ...a mention of pubic hair is made to gather at interest in other boys a canvas one will one has to know more about this for now.

**don't think you're superior to me in langs and exchange you write nothing about you while masters enjoy the match to be with at else...only a dope thinks there's anything here for a partner-type - all you, all hoping to have it that good...if you just get it right answering back, that's not gonna make me feel bad being let in as somewhat underweight...hugs and kisses and two hundred feet of taffeta won't make me know unwanted advances, but that black sure was funny and what? no.       

Olivia Newton-John - Gold: Olivia Newton-John - Heart AttackPet Shop Boys - Discography: The Complete Singles Collection - JealousyElton John - Rock of the Westies - Sugar on the FloorSheryl Crow - Wildflower - LifetimesSoft Cell - The Very Best of Soft Cell - It&#39;s a Mug&#39;s Game
new order from bmg as 'five (5) free' with purchase of one (1) the highest priced, and new madonna hold ($35.92 inc. s&h):
olivia newton-john 'gold' (two disc set 'if not for you')
pet shop boys 'discography' (again but here 'dj culture' + 'jealousy')
elton john 'rock of the westies' (w/ 'sugar on the floor'? yes)
sheryl crow 'wildflower' (my files get erased i want 'lifetimes' again plus new)
soft cell - 'the very best of soft cell' (for having, playing, 'it's a mug's game')

Pet Shop Boys - PopArt - The Hits (Remixes) - Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Remix)ABBA - ABBA - Gold - Greatest Hits - Dancing QueenSaint Etienne - Tales from Turnpike House - Stars Above UsRadiohead - The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition) - Airbag
considered for the maths i'm cheaply paid:
pet shop boys - 'the hits - pop art' (too more expensive, and hardly then see 'fuck shop boys' as below about $8 retail in-person most all)
abba - 'number ones' (after the fact we would've added maybe only to cost down)
saint etienne - 'tales from turnpike house' (always welcome but hadda be left off for excess of it costs)
radiohead - 'best of'  (is missing some...much)

finally, a figure eight worthy of us all...
turn down right a little as slithering snake inside a hard vow
'superman ii' sees of mine come

A friend - an aspiring magician, THE Robert Wagner I guess see the book - taught me about magician's flash paper when I when was younger. Touch with a flame or lighter and it goes right up into nothing at all - not even ashes. Maybe you? I thought to myself "What if we made personal checks outta this?" a snap at the bank.


*re the above - help me celebrate 2008 with the adam gay video directory (everyone pleases everyone, i'd say and at $14.95 each edition issue)

Pet Shop Boys - Alternative - Don Juan

'don juan' ('wear one' or then try caring for one for just one day) by pet shop boys (tennant-lowe)
producer lewis a. martinee of expose fame (this from the 'domino dancing' ep 1988 and is readily available else)

the man who's escorting don juan
to his bride
knows he is courting
an impudent bride
think of his jealousy -
oh, where will he hide?
the man who's escorting don juan
to his bride
the man who will cover for don juan's
old soothsayer
films for a warner brother
or mr. goldwyn-mayer

think of his starlet -
how much will he pay her?
the man
who will cover for don juan's
old soothsayer

an impasse has been reached
with the teacher of the rich
to quit would be discreetist with
but you know that i can't do that
it would be a disaster
it would be a disaster
i've got this sinking feeling
i'm not dreaming
we'll be sorry soon

at the end of the day
when everyone's resigned
to the heart
of the matter
and the measures
in mind

king's isle?
back from holiday -
married on jesus' grave
and king alexander
is dead in marsailles

an impasse has been reached...

(for marcia brady...king's isle is the brady bunch at king's island snubbed kinda until one survives jesus' murder here as famous no matter what...alexander is said 'alexucien' or 'king lucien' or 'saint lucia' brian mohl...ours suffered bad and i'm totaled as no say from the seem...the rich got nothing wrong we teach them only with films but i can't just end too soon or leave you without propers afoot....marsailles is 'and is morely said' in french)

p.s. hugh hefner had a great crowd last night - be good to you

how 'bout some expose? Exposé - Dance Vault Remixes - EP - Point Of No Return ...please (as in the french of 'fatigue' say 'faht-e-gay' or then belabored us) - this is the original i special ordered on arista and at rock dreams...these people are so cute! the vocal here is weaker

'domino dancing' then Pet Shop Boys - Introspective - Domino Dancing 'this record was made to make us money' - the first one really, 1988...i love 'i want a dog' and dreamed of someone smally taken who just stands in the closet and pleases me when, but never asks of theirself (and to teach you the one true 'nominant' or not worthy of mention plural 'passers-by')...mine would be a chow - two of them to leave you out: one beige, one black like cats they are but so needy...used to be a rottweiler the devil's own can kiss at a cat all day and they simply turn away eyes closed in remorse....

the only bob seger 'against the wind' Bob Seger &amp; The Silver Bullet Band - Forrest Gump - The Soundtrack - Against the Wind is here too...from the 'forrest gun' (sic - is actually chris ondy helping me at world) soundtrack...i loved 'her strut' yesterday and the day played on an amusement park pier as heavy struts or hydraulics lifting huge metal arms as feat - they played with at six flags magic mountain on 'ranger' i'm sure...devo's mark mothersbaugh is this too - get that  

one more - 'verklempt' or 'choked with emotion' then, left hand craipse-posed or dry enough from labors to you perhaps waved over at throat or on pearls, is actually 'brandeis'...german for 'not ours yet - is this yours?' and is said 'brand-ay-ace' or then 'bern-nais' same word but french for 'burned open' by same...mine is 'brandishes their daze at me' and won't make the effort to understand my lack of comfort and its pain

p.s. to jews so smart - the word you used on 'snl' to pose with no known negative effect was 'unkempt' (used at sex clubs by black lawyers to excuse the latin phrase 'unkept' from suitbags - "um, know anyone else yet?") - what did she fart again? whatever is having me bored now

may we offer nu shooz then doing a song called 'driftin' Nu Shooz - Told U So - Driftin&#39; from the 'told u so' lp (1987) if no 'point of no return' valerie day and all? while you wait me

she (cvs) has a new bag of spider hair now from the 99¢ only store - they have great halloween stuff and everywhere there...we make candy buckets to harsher truths you take mine in too; never real enough a welcoming
remember, halloween welcomes the oft-dead once a year for a year they take turns here from the moon and else...that mat third over is coffee beans made with spit and is beaded into a lounge for one month's pay, zimbabwe
yeah, like altoids ground up in a spit bowl and the pails, is from target
p.s. the skeleton is a cake mold to be cut as in-half with razors only be careful, sure...line with foil if must, bake it light


Got our Apple wireless keyboard and mouse (a Bluetooth or radio chip device both new at $148 with "Keyspan" USB plug-in radio chip - technically, is called a 'usb bluetooth adaptor') up at eBay and instantly at $100 -- you can't ship that for $15 more no bother or. This in exchange for an AGP graphics card I already piped up for $9 to help mend the way and finally around $22 all-told. He here blatherskite wants to change to PC what a fool believes and before I throw this over the balcony because he ripped my beaded curtain down again. "Lips that touch the vine do not touch mine." More 10/30/08 this "Mischief Night" (soap, toilet paper, egg'd houses, any pumpkins you left out): Sold this at the door this morning for sixty bucks ($60) and the guy calls back "some keys don't work..." so "come back tomorrow" and then I'll refund all to throw these bitches right in the garbage with that Sony alarm clock CD player (something gross leaked or whatever we got our $60 bucks per part meanwhile sell sell you corporate cunts). Buy new...and regret sales only to great prices on all your stuff halved. All beggars are to sell...meanwhile my Mom sent $20 cash (after the $475 cash for plane ticket, only $160 or one hundred off for drop-key plus sixty more in fare after last February's folly see American). Send more anyway.

Did you know that firecrackers are actually made outta carrots and if tamarind burning on a wooden stick actually makes facial m*les? Beware. The carrots hafta soak in water for twelve (12) years solid in a barrel cup for cup no skins and leave soot. The soot is gun powder when that. I sit here making facial m*les, I'd say.

please - i went over to in-n-out anyway to be sure no discount underweather
yet all is to be discount but 'maybe next week' you see me not
they slave so beautifully there plus rootbeer add in we helped celebrate their birthday for under five bucks (<$5) we are class itself
remember birthdays - all eyes on me, you bring a present with and in cashes up
on the way over, checked on my safe deposit box at bank of america all is well $110 now due but accessed easily enough
got some little halloween metal pails at target - one black enamel, one orange, two metal flavor as plain aluminum for $0.99 a double pack only...see entrance wares (candles?)
stopped by jon's subermararket no longer really an outcast of russian rage - got some hominy (white corn dried with brown eye on bottom, usually) in can for soup
my joke is hatches into baby snakes after eating and flushing in the ocean to bite something big and dumb - no filter works on vapors condescending...
i do my part...when they get bit, it's like pamprin 'these jeans just don't fit anymore' and 'don't do that again' to someone wronged by else like taking an excedrin 'i seen you around, haven't i?' after a harsh bite on the ass-fin
the humour here is called 'threshold' have something fat and unwildly on top of your tail maybe as snake and you can't writhe lose but thrash about biting air
alternates with movie's 'trifecta' - god over says 'lands in a plane but gets right in a car' as without thanks for the landing - never me i'm happy enough
affects us three ways i say: we didn't really win, we don't get accepted by others as having won, no one got paid for, and people who will not know you to be at play and with
how do they relate? they take without saving money by not buying food and too  

I signed up at new order Yelp! - 'yell help!' now you too? Check out Cocteau Twins "nudes" section at once - they came outta semi-retirement to receive a false award at "Q Magazine" for $50K each and in San Francisco I hear about eight (8) years ago, but is marsaled very Whistler's mother she won't do either. I was worth it all then but beautifully taken. The queen's constabulary or jailhouse pays for this even.

'eight more days 'til halloween' is real - right now october 22 - honors me then an eight '8' again
the boy is anthony depinto of our hometown parish who died at deborah with a hole in his heart so scary
(actress mary elizabeth mastrantonio or then raymond 'coffer' kervorkian...our friend 'his penis was so nice to me')
his sisters or mothers the family are known for excavation or something i guess semi-rich but are like the onassis family probably are them - women have dark circles always under the eyes
our parish st. john's, while prayerful and intent always, unusually cited your givings at christmas afterward in the bulletin
they were tops and have windows in memoriam too
p.s. a 'shamrock' is like using a rock to hammer a nail - 'we don't agree, [as poor types really], but we'll help' it says the irish or then a scandanavian-type
a 'silver shamrock' is a big, bad mistake with money types a heat-type radio pulling on a platimum-style quality pin in the rear top of a mask melting all
therefore, a good roman joke for costumes of white robe bearing gold rope ties: "like sandolvians made it."
'like we send you to ask for it', or then, like someone who doesn't know anything at all made it and with their brand of having before seeing it good as by else -- no ruin at all as accursed people, usually

"Halloween III: Season Of The Witch" Halloween III: Season of the Witch I saw this a few times in the theater - the commercial for masks inside so strange but wildly compelling! Good stuff by John Carpenter-Debra Hill...a real story too. No Michael Myers necessary "I was above planning my next escape to you" he says now.

Brian DePalma's "Body Double" Body Double featuring the Frankie Goes To Hollywood song "Relax" and another great little song to dance to Junger-Witt. Pure magic here. Other mentions Full Moon's "Anaconda" Anaconda with waterfall flowing up and all and Scorsese's "Goodfellas"..."7th Voyage Of Sinbad" others await us.

Rebbie Jackson "Centipede" Rebbie Jackson - Yours Faithfully - Centipede we wanted "Reaction"...from her "Yours Faithfully" LP (1995) - sure. Note here that Atlanta Rhythm Section is the real Greg Brady singing...for Marcia..."So Into You"...yeah.

The Jacksons "Torture" The Jacksons - Victory - Torture from the "Victory" LP (1984)...get "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" The Jacksons - Destiny - Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) too...from the "Destiny" LP (1978).

"I don't mate with the unseen. That's what it means to mate: make with them." - dM to Neil as from god over a great time no matter how you slice it

...and if "Cocteau" means 'coldly taking' like the dead (um, a 'cut-throat' is this)

do it out of fear, illiterate avoids reading, but scents higher with talk...literary likes what it heard, only no reading but speaks of it..."Comteau" is a black or is not coming when called...further Cocteau Twins are Catholics being agreed to by another who can't speak...not two who kill and agreeing to Catholic you can't die? The first one like birds of a feather...a "larrabee" hears you and comes a black, a "maccabee" moves to hurt you when seen. Maybe more.

Local Krispy Kreme: 1231 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, longer in our local of Ralph's

my suggested manufacturer of inexpensive toenail care: trim

Neil wants you to know his mother Shirley is actress Catherine O'Hara ("Home Alone", "Beetlejuice" among others) too...when youthed at it. Her mother (um, Sandra Bernhardt) was Betty (Betsy) Grable too she says...

"Jealous? Jails us both (with much of accusation)." - dM

"Envy? Serves us both (as couple to no one who wants us)." - dM

Stopped by the C&C Internet Cafe on Saturday 10/18 because I went to Rock n' Roll Ralph's to get melon-flavored freezer pops (see the Fountain and LaBrea shops only then - the others broke...also the McDonald's dollar menu nearby double cheeseburger and small of fries $1 + $1 - a day made then bus up and back). Turns out they changed their card systems and the $20 internet card (you swipe like credit, is a credit card kinda) and its 213, 230, 250 minutes left is no longer good with new scanners-pockets afoot. I bought the card in August 2004 (always use "Wayback Machine" on front index page for these dates on our stand-alone message board 'et scal' or without bother then) when I was really low (staying luxuriously at Motel 6 in Hollywood for eleven days and prior to moving into the fiesta that is now and again 916 Hilldale...morgue) and would like to see it to anyone who is willing to go to the similar-kind office at 3500 Wilshire Boulevard at Normandie in Koreatown (we love Koreatown and its MTA subway stop around Normandie Avenue - get that). So ask for and receive somehow if this is you for six (6) weeks longer the 'anglos' (asians + lituricks with pat answers, sharp refracts) at the desk told me where to go only and at Wilshire and Normandie. Invest in me...some fucker teaching someone something over at the Beverly Center Apple Store (investors and their niggers) said my music was "too loud" and offered to turn it down with me while I amaze over previews I never get to see. You need to put a user-friendly (spelled 'the good son') Apple store where Tower Video was on Sunset we'd say soon with the advent of point-and-shoot recorders of memory and video called "Illiads"...fuck me.

source: < west...^north...east >
the red line is the subway system that runs to north hollywood and back to union station gray center under the mountains along the 101 hollywood freeway
beware the purple line west - is being constructed now as rails and runs to santa monica along wilshire boulevard and properly underneath the hills...2009 high grade
the ultram or buried somewhat monorail runs from greystone manor the grounds to six flags magic mountain complex as eventually up ventura boulevard and highway from the sea...2010...see ya soon  

Speak of the devil (and see "Sex In The City: The Movie" you can rent now - move it both around) the Allan Carr-produced movie "Grease" as first-run to rent starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Grease 

The only one song available here yet: Pete Shelley "Better Off Without A Wife" Pete Shelley - Step Right Up - The Songs of Tom Waits - Better Off Without a Wife from the "Step Right Up" LP (2004)

Ever Since That Heart Walk For Deborah Or Then United Way Early On In High School In Millstone We Got To See Denise DeVitis' House 10/19/08 1014
The ol' AIDS Walk Los Angeles is on today (I hafta beg off any a marathon for hurting yourself quite too often - though very capable, I'd win something if one 'club foot' swinging from the side as a 'stress fracture' is that enough) and the streets are blocked with lots of people some saying my name in reverse etc. Usually, I give you six (6) straight weeks of diarrhea for that and steal your money. God over says to me: "As long as we remember being afflicted with AIDS [acquired immune deficiency syndrome - or nothing at all then] we'll have to remind you that we don't appreciate the news by being forthright and having the facts. As long as we're scared we'll be here." Fine, fine. We don't block your unions or anything - we are DEVO. A simple pre-prapped answer to your plight. No one locked in for having chosen well. Estimated take this year: $13M ($6M so far like a part-time job you no meth scheduling on loan you're in trouble see diarreah for Halloween).

When I had pneumonia (breathing locked up at the bottom of a breath I'd say after sour stomach and for a good few minutes...some say was dead) at age nine, I felt sacked when I got out of the hospital after one week. And feared its return forever. A movie I watched on tv had a guy sign over a piece of property to these girls in exchange for the cure: a bath of raw onions. Come see. Was it pee in my drink? I was a weakling (couldn't run well) and insisted on being on the Little League team The Tigers (green motif) my dad arranged it all for me a long-time football coach Pop Warner still doing when I called yesterday. His wife - ever sparkly like after a heroin trip - thinks she's gonna get her garage back as he finishes this up soon. Send money, Fool - we talk to the stars we see this.

'Measure H' makes Beverly Hilton the Waldorf-Astoria...a 'measure' is city council vote only. 

'no jesus christ at all on earth'...beverly hills on sunset boulevard 10/18/08

Just watched our friends Gio (the young guy, dark hair) and Neil (Spicoli) in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" (1982) still good and all but heavy issues. The girl played by Ally Sheedy is hard on the guy who made her pregnant (a Steinbrenner) not real - she takes a pill and gets fucked by the doctor only but is cleaned too the uterine wall and makes some money too as Phoebe Cates would instructs. Bad news bear. Her brother Judge Reinhold is Terry's father Gregory Peck in hiding some with others a family flame of it. Ridgemont is in Illinois and was experimental...we swore iTunes had this earlier. Also, my son Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is here bald but cute nonetheless.

New West Hollywood eatery alert: Lemonade at 9001 Beverly near Robertson -- lemonade, exotic salad of dishes, roasted meats in canopy. Studio lunch and take-out patio, basically. The lemonade at $2.75 was delicious.

The link shop is down for maintenance until 8:00 PM 10/18/08, but get Bigod 20's cover of Madonna's Pat Leonard composition "Like A Prayer" Bigod 20 - Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna, Vol. 2 - Like A Prayer for Halloween like a grave calling-praying of you - great stuff with their "The Bog" too. Is Front 242 on hiatus with Toni Halliday (um, Toni "collect") playing soft, they'd say. Also try the Shakespear's Sister song called "Stay" as Studio Group...great ghoul is all. "Disney High School 3" would be banner our friends there.

Studio Group - Almost Pop: That&#39;s My Goal - Stay - Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By: Shakespear&#39;s Sister

High School Musical Cast - Countdown to High School Musical 3: Senior Year - Countdown to High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Q: What does "Bigod 20" mean? A: I'd give two dimes (for a phone call then) if you knew what was wrong with you (first). P.S. That's "antongod 39" for all bisexual types with the lord - no.

' i hear your voice | it sounds so moist | like angels dying '

Q: Where does Madonna get her name from as in studio? A: From the 1982 show "Square Pegs" the black character LaDonna was the inspiration for the name people loved it as "loves doughnuts"....then and now. Rose Raynor. By the way, Madonna is Patty Greene's (um, Pamela Sue Martin's...she's also the rich girl-fiancee in "Who's That Girl"...) dark-ish friend Lauren Hutchinson (Amy Linker) - get that? Upward stance for girls. If anything, I identify clearly with the young, dark-haired boy...scissor-cut hair...always interested in everything-anything. You can summon bitter articles and full episodes of "Square Pegs" at IMDb. Recommends highly the very enjoyable "Halloween XII" episode the "12" is for like twelve days of Christmas others dropping by. The sound is so good comes from the screen almost.

enter beverly hills on sunset same day...we are heaven unless you know

Koontz Hardware has great Halloween stuff and much of it, wall clocks like crazy, and those hanging eva balls for Christmas or whatever. They hang on white string-light cord, so plan ahead as very thin. Red, blue, and white in a square box as such $11 as in-person 6" ball but diameter not diamler...see their contact papers too as truly a great hardware boutique by Universal Studios. See Halloween is in full-swing at Aah's too...

Just went to CVS and bought two (2) fluorescent orange sweatshirts for the upcoming holiday, kinda - two (2) for $10.00 x-tra larges bad check and all.


Cocteau Twins "The High Monkey-Monk" Cocteau Twins - Cocteau Twins Singles Collection - EP - High Monkey Monk from the "Cocteau Twins" EP from and crowning the cranberry-linen box set (1991). This is the quintessential (no one means more with us) Cocteau Twins song to me about "perdeen" or personal being without us around. "No one uses more" they'd say so "just don't don't don't don't don't" be seen doing and taking any more than with us and not without us. The song style is "taliban" to mean "totally being and with god" and is modeled after Sri Lanka and their Thai-related dancers of gold dress and modeling within the sky. The monkey is mucky-muck or dirtying each time he lay...of the orbs is he.

Ric Ocasek (lead singer and chief soundmaker of The Cars...the core are him and bassist Ben Orr) "Emotion In Motion" Ric Ocasek - This Side of Paradise - Emotion In Motion from the 1986 album "This Side Of Paradise" (California) the next is "Beatitude" (lifting and laying again) or whatever. Ric said in his "Creem" interview 1979 with the release of The Cars' "Panorama" (head count in photograph from above only) LP "I just make a 'skeleton' on rhythm guitar, the rest [of the band help] flesh it out." Ric was last seen acting in John Waters' original film version of "Hairspray" with Pia Zadora (1988)...Debbie Harry...others.

Hardly worthy of Ric, but here's the on-demand record-radio of bassist Benjamin Orr - he's like Billy Idol making faces at people...or The Donnas they'll kick your ass. Is "Stay The Night" Benjamin Orr - The Lace - Stay the Night from "The Lace" LP (1986).

Them used up Target gift cards - we have two 86¢ and 55¢ - you get them to me or the store then. MTA just gave Terry a gift of $15.00 for riding the bus and commuting I went yesterday and bought soups...they the busses suck on 'em paid in over the three (3) months and relieve pressures here and there with extras and rewards some.

artists i recommended at bmg and how now brown cow:

fleetwood mac - not a thing (good shape)
pet shop boys - they got two good comps there
pretenders - not a thing
the b-52's - not a thing
the cars - not a thing
madonna - one the new record at premium
pat benatar  - plenty of choice in we sang with yesterday
led zeppelin - mothership basic
elton john - some good comps yet
heart - some good comps yet
elo - not a lick
chicago - none here
sheryl crow - the last few profits to be seen
curve - not for you
new order - not a one since then
eurythmics* - nothing to you

a 'eurythmic' is a black and asian baby you hafta care for bad to keep as weak and dying always
makes reference to spoon feeding as liquids 

it's the great pumpkin every day doug moon

"It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" Peanuts Specials - It&#39;s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - It&#39;s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / It&#39;s Magic, Charlie Brown / Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown the CBS television special !!

Tower Records on Sunset is now Live! On Sunset if you'd like to enquire online...their $125 candy bucket is at odds here. P.S. They have a real skeleton from Australia lounging in the front door - a young girl I touched her foot and we talked a bit. That lower spine reminds me of iron staircase kits seen on tv...

Just watched bits of Billie Jean King and Gloria Steinem on "Oprah" bitch still asks if I'm real (apology - she hates me: we like when she disagrees with folks like she has a mouth full of shit, lips closed...'storneng' she says ' mmm...mmm' - there love, doug not you) "Philadelphia Freedom" was the name of Billie Jean's tennis team in training for Wimbeldon. Bobby Connors is who she fought viciously for title he is "Greg Tournquist" to us. Billie Jean's real name is Donna Hartshorn I knew her younger brother Kyle well and was there always and we've been waiting to see her (is singer Anne Murray too...her mother was the actress who plays Rose Marie with black ribbon and is in "Suspiria" too as Latin or German dance coach). Billie Jean is supposed to be actress Jessica Harper too? Yup. She died in the Swiss Air plane crash that killed Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe's father Pete (Dancer) her companion, and also Toni Halliday's father that I know as a friend here all no fraud just sleepy nights for them 1990. As with all accidents I can listen to her crying in my head...welcome back. Is her "mother's friend" only to the family. Donna coached gym class with us early on along with "Angela" the black girl from 5-Star one of Neil's groups (Denise DiNovi of Tim Burton fame). The hardest group of people ever.

Elton John "Philadelphia Freedom" Elton John - Elton John&#39;s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - Philadelphia Freedom from his "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" LP (1977)...all others sung too.

Movies? How about "Tommy: The Movie" (1975) by Ken Russell Tommy: The Movie

The new Indiana Jones Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull "Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" (2008) good stuff!

"The Abyss" The Abyss directed by James Cameron and starring fave person Michael Biehn ("Tombstone", "The Seventh Sign", "Aliens" II, "The Terminator") and all. In 1989, I needed to believe transcedent (across all) love was real - little did I know we are selfish beings. YOU hadda come this time...five stars. It was really about the think tank they made with an old nuclear reactor and black beads floating on top keeping the sun out.

"You need to look with better eyes than that [as stated in 'The Abyss']? I need another set of eyes to check it out for me." - dM borrowing loosely from work and math stuff coming undone

"She was there imploring me again in 'The Perfect Storm' what junk. That 'Oceans 11' was good though and surprisingly enough she battles her father Gene Hackman in court is better too." - dM that film was "Class Action" don't forget the old ones around.

the 'son of satan' (sainted) reference means 'asks no questions to us ever'
the 'son of god' (gold) means 'never stops asking questions to us'
neither need the bother, so no suit but abortion languages all junk yet
we portend and we recede with it all as inside us...heaven help us it said
your wish to have is met with my wish not to be bothered with it at all but have
that is truly heaven forming and in it...nobody asked her to come either
each selling something no one buys
p.s. the song that sounds like it should be called 'dance music' is just cocteau twins slowed down a bit...'pearly dewdrops-drops'
a hate for the next day that reminds us we went nowhere again and the work of day has just begun
a radical of change then each day - we act out
raymond (mary elizabeth) is their manager since 1986

everyone's hoping to eat...sad
this, homebase of ours links...beware, choosing itunes cost me columbia house
a good move yet

California Ballot Initiatives General Election Tuesday November 4:

1 - Allows schools to drop their own curriculum in favor of another's work. Vote "no" twice - both are the same reproven as 1 and 1A.
Answers: We don't pay schools to go searching for schools and their work. Vote 'no'.

2 - Makes the daughter of doctors ask both questions before going for an abortion - their doctor and him. Vote 'no' no one needs this.
Answers: We don't get involved with underage girls and their fathers here. Not here votes 'no' as not a priority.

3 - Makes lawyers answer calls promptly. What is this? Vote 'no' in favor of personal and paid efforts.

4 - Wants mayors to call their delegates in favor of any act obscribe (obstructed when as written) or unwilling by others to follow. You'll see this 'soon' they said. Vote 'no' we're unsure too, only.

5 - Wants doctors to call people to see if they'll treat minors unattended. Vote 'no' this is poor people unattended you mean - not a good idea vote 'no'. Bargains us.

6 - Wants criminals to be labled as such before hiring. Has had three (3) infractions it said not convictions. 'We we wanna know when we have criminals' it says in favor of them we see.
Answers: 'Wants to work us too hard' it said. 

7 - Wants to have many workers fired at once instead of one. Makes the case for firing - say 'no'.
Answers: No one person gets fired ever - they just think they do. It's all in rooms no one sees - our rooms at home, we think.

8 - Wants lawyers to marry people out of wedlock before marrying them as gays. 'Ensures us' they say. Vote 'no' is hate making the rounds with us.

9 - Wants elevators and shafts marked clearly as dangerous to mothers expecting. Not so ever - vote 'no' as more women than men voting it, we'd say.
Answers: Not clearly ballot what is supposed to be made sure of with others first. We hate with a ballot only.

10 - Won't allow seniors to bake with gloves (oven mitts) on and in houses - 'burns their skin' they'd say. Ignore outright a woman's flinch or bother here.
Answers: Oldsters want attention fast - this helped them I guess.

11 - Helps oldsters have credit beyond goodwill - asks the government here in California to initiate with store owners and will fall through to young people. Vote 'no' there are no owners but state.

12 - Asks others not to blow horns at night along certain old-age districts. Vote 'no' a horn is bothered first. Calm that first. Vote 'no'.

Vote 'no' on all God over says...

McDonald's "Monopoly" game - how paid for? Each restaurant gives $1,000 times 6,000 restaurants nationally is about $100,000 a week...six (6) weeks over.

isn't it time you served yourself better than mp3?
the apple ipod shuffle 1 gigabyte 240 songs (as mp4, m4p really) is now just $49
my mother wants one for christmas she says...and more importantly, you can stop others from erasing your stuff when as nomad or tent-made like me
see none on ebay cheaper than $40

The three (3) levels of surgery and what you should expect to pay with no insurance and per god over:

1) The "nuremberg" as "hot to heal" or "neurasis" (we can erase this): $7,000 - tooth injury, toes and nail removals only;
2) The "holyoke" as "not of god then or now" or "holspeur" (we cannot see this actually happen easily): $14,000 - feet, blocking of eyes, and hat removal or blades in deep;
3) The "archin" as "never to be seen here again" or "elevente" (never bring me this again): $55,000 - lost eyeballs and pieces of face and also deep wounds of the chest* will die, but they save someone here.

*open-heart stuff is here too as injury, as elective $10,000 off and to all.

The rebuilt "Cocoanut Teaszer" ( the cocktail now known as a "blowjob") reopened all dark gray on Sunset last night (10/14/08) as "XIV" or then 16 ("XVI") in a way obviously honoring my thought. I had to honor my belly at Carney's railroad shop, however, just bits up the road. Sure - a chili cheeseburger, large fries, and then drink if all cups look like they're ready to hold their express lemonade being yellow and with green writing on them no hot dog cheaper than four bucks ($4.00) right now might as well demand a bloodletting by remote (see then the singular kindnesses of Linda McCartney and her felles meals). Terry got mad at-once insisting we share fries and when I sat down and spayed them all with ketchup (and after carrying that whole load to the outdoor patio so we could sit with our backs to the traffic and satisfy some whim of hers). He apparently hates ketchup and although I've known him for years so what I still don't know that or care like I didn't know his city of birth (Superior, Wisconsin) or mother's real first name (you on your own for that Jerilee, Sherilee) when it came time to access his bank account from New Jersey and online. Just use the phone line it's easier I'd using credit with no "PIN"...

We saw a great McDonald's van last night a studio - something about "tall man microphone" and with a reference to murder in a slogan somehow. Good art of Ronald's face on the side a keep eating they use so little of what's necessary to be. Wear a leather coat to a stabbing sometime.

Take a Rorschach test too - and why not? You fold a big piece of white construction paper in half, dip a string or yarn in black paint, put it in the fold and wave it down and out of the way. Open the paper, let it dry, and then make someone tell you what they see: a black butterfly, night death over Salassie, the great spangled fritillary by Cocteau Twins (the nighttime sky filled with twinkling stars as on somewhat attack run from the self a game) - whatever. You are dumb - you KNOW that.


Curve "Triumph" Curve - The Way of Curve (1990-2004) - Triumph from their beautiful CD comp "The Way Of Curve (1990-2004)" -- this my first link to the England UK iTunes store (I thought this was verboten, but here we are asking and receiving...I'm not thrilled, but okay here's Curve in all its glory). By the way, we import from the UK to get a beautiful record and station in life paid well if Americans are a bit bawdy (see The B-52's) with it all. A major export of tradition for them and us. Limiting myself here, see Lush's full catalog too...along with Pet Shop Boys full catalog too ("Behaviour") if not American sounding enough? Whatever. If you have the iPod, you'll welcome some additions to choice paid at. Howard Jones the "Dream Into Action" title cut is there but is starred out as "A****n" weird the lookup no Beatles however. The real "Basic Instinct" theme and soundtrack then...

Saint Etienne "He's On The Phone" Saint Etienne/Daho - He&#39;s On the Phone - Single - He&#39;s On the Phone (Accident) [Motive 8 Mix] from the Saint Etienne/Daho EP (1995) more won't hurt at all this is extraordinary too. "Daho" is just Neil as producer we get to hear now. I had it on the "Too Young To Die" comp LP and couldn't get my Mac PowerPC 6800/250 to rip it off the CD too close to the center too many songs or something not mine...this from the guy who got more RAM to edit that ten-minute Curve song by Aphex Twin (um, an "affects" twin or Christ then while dying if "apex" is little done then redone or undone) down to a one-minute sample (see comp above for newer then). What junk, but you hadda know why then...just the acetate moving around too fast for press. 

note: we're very serious about the separations of church and state (that was for me your junky cockworships of each other made me real, as just fleshen - now you do this), monarchy and democracy...whatever your sexhome and public decorum not this to be here not yet profiting me over you a fool...we give our love, and the rest is shit in to be yours...threaten me once with your indignation being a fool two-for people and you'll be seen as not worth speaking of i declare you not worth it at all and i beg not to then 'remember why we celebrate [as not going to church]' yeah i do sell this to me too - respond favorably to kindness or be without it under per-diem nurse your screams unhelded the finest bath ever a child...we take ourselves seriously too...nobody cared? nobody will care and we're all still here being threatened with hurts our thought that's real enough to be true and say nothing of it once more pre-plan that studio grave make no friend of your needs to be met...we are america 'united states' of having held a perfect pre-form of nothing i'd want being here and how properly shit in every one...we sent you niggers to fight no confusion ever and other retards that fuck asses in blackbombed groundholes like hoover dam you wanna help 'make more water' we can't get more trash from the moon and to quote our hometown mayor-judge randomly tex ritter 'we just don't like you' and that's damned funny...enter hell...healing you die of reform you know bothering me again...relapse...saving grace...see the light do not touch

Soon, Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh gets his story related...northern types, short supply on foods, no work, no cancer, no fun and piss shivers at there to hare of it. Here and note Mark sings "Kangaroo" on the This Mortal Coil album suggested and too:

Mark says that growing up in Kentucky wasn't good enough, and he moved to Wisconsin and then Idaho trying to get into ROTC and school. Neither would have this runt he says and he went on to try farming and auto repair before breaking down and going to jail for it (robbery a small gas station...with a gun, $700 take). In jail he met my mother as "Sally Strauss" or whatever. They formed a coalition with Brazil that included painting globes green around Brazil ("right - there was no ocean there" he says, she too) for no bargain met by us as ordering and placing orders with them - no work ever for Brazils they said this in '66.

More on 10/27/08: Marks hates me for outing him, but he is me in many ways and is also my mother's friend ("Monsignor"...for 'mostly said about') Ernie Siska (this, a priest of laving or not having much to say here - went to the Bahamas with her and others + prayer at our dinner table in 1977 or so - I was impressed with this as a child: "rub-a-dub-dub | thanks for the grub | yay god"). Ernie wants me to talk more about "saving grace" (or then not asking so much) with people, but I won't ("that's why you're in danger" - I'm in danger WITH YOU, I'd add). So there - your story to me is deeply depressing, but think of Mark at Kent State. He got shot asking questions rudely of ROTC and making noise (there were three shot including my mother lightly "holding hands with people"). IS that - a noble among no-ones. Thanks Mark. Is real to me..."He is real - a genius" says one and perhaps with me another.

Mark talks at length of being unable to grow food and survive no matter what and having his teeth drop. "The sun didn't work, I swear it, and we move on from there not being able to support ourselves." We here cite mostly iron mines making everything too hot. Recommends now the finer toothpaste "Colgate" or the English "coal gate" - it's all there against soot. As with any disease or helping, you are there. Be with it. Be of faith, knows when to die. P.S. Mark Murphy was last seen at East|West a few days on the patio having drinks...another Mark was there too the same guy a lawyer I know. Quote: "Yeah, you're a lawyer or doctor until I need something. I did three bankruptcies alone and cured the world of tits too."  

back to fest, being festive now a day later is not me is this year's art trauble...screen flow...pour, no?
no?...a quick hot-cold burn to face from behind may ensue (always on the way to dinner, jews appear after all i'm not proud but seem) with smallened, round ceramic-cupped ring from the hotpoint...or franklin mint 'i disagree'
hi sean...get me to the facts...let me take you down to strawberry fields no acne is real but fends them down away off with fragrance...'i'll take you down there, i'll take you'
there'll be no 'flapping of wings' - bigod 20 'the bog'...clipped his red hand off in confession with wembled mort scissums i did moves the balls out you don't absolve me of it to be then or at all

This Mortal Coil and their Cocteau Twins vocal "Another Day" This Mortal Coil - It&#39;ll End in Tears - Another Day from the "It'll End In Tears" LP (1985 or so). Sings she " i loved you a long time ago | 'til the winds of forget-me-nots blow" ho hum that'll learn ya. I threw all of that shit away rather than love it to be lorn. "God was in my garbage again - there's holes punched in the faces so you can't see their hair. That's what they did off-kilter 'in old lady Scotland' he said. Those are the holes punched out of the credit card quilvesaurerum. I had an effectionate of beef-gravy cancer then - my scalp itched like shaved balls the lassur of cremes helped that harven tokev then shitzy pract'd it to heal." "Rogaine": It's just me...with someone clipped that long black suture pulling at itself way up in my ass." Others good: "The Last Ray"...Auld Lang "Song To The Siren"...the rest of you should be as without gift complaining of hairs in your food to hire away the champseun and lung-of-it jashish and the cook. "We bake the balls off a carmel as it falamed in can. See why you padge on it no goat by this." Pull on that lasc famke tit scarm again. You need the select of whingey by the surel crim. "Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust" on else is God's stuff about how long Christ lay we shortened the whole mercy tribute for thinking along lines...the man that raided himself is no big deal just be that good about things but in that veckel racist of Iowa only "you love 'em to yourself we really have that here" (um, the family that lays together stays together somehow as bound in hate perhaps then our bounty as having spent each and a day at strangers so precious on the cloverleaf of street centertown a las vegas of livingrooms nothing public not even shit on the sidewalk goes without a soiled coin of canopy) and you'll get back to being doped up in rags about international destinations, potmuffers and real soon I promise me that "fucking red-yellow heroin death of rooms spinning made me wanna kill the whole pay me that in bitches you hafta know."

trader joe's west hollywood features the witch on exit that we used on our front door when i was growing up...
this and these over from my new polaroid what takes jpegs easily enough - new jersey is this culture full of it
i remember god cancelled halloween 1974 with rain because i 'died' in april or so with pneumonia...see aids then
i stood by her all night no one came and i couldn't go out - few the next night bothered

Yes, I went to Millions Of Milkshakes when it first opened and business has since looks robust (see menu here). I got a vanilla ice cream shake with mini-Butterfingers ground up inside and a squeeze of pink bubblegum sauce on-top (as from a clear ketchup container or of whirling spraypaint arts then...dries right up into a harder crust) trying to decide from many, many options and you simply hafta know yourself better for at five bucks ($5.00) a shot. Nice though. A lover's milkshake perhaps...meanwhile, you can't top McDonald's for the regular vanilla stuff. Supreme.

This just in on 10/09: Just had the reputed "Britney" sungrass shake (we split it at $6.95): vanilla ice cream, raspberries, kiwi (and a bit of tea?) -- tasted exotic and healthy nonetheless both had whipped cream on-top. God says this is the one, not pot and tomatoes but that's good too (rome tomatoes and hash or untreated marijuana is the "Hashish Pipe" you're looking for no ice cream however is soy yuck). Instead, may I suggest the "ambrosia" shake: vanilla ice cream as perhaps some sour cream (or yogurt then), marshmallow, mandarin oranges, coconut, walnut pieces, a cherry ground up? How about the pumpkin shake with pumpkin and cinnamon? The orange creamsicle shake McDonald's used to do at Halloween? Friday's has their non-alcoholive "Orange Dream" blender mix to suit up...

What it feels like being me:

Mother: "Doesn't have a way, but will get there. Is mean as shit and has nothing for you in mind. A pig to me, really. Thank God he's here."
Father: "Leaves us with a small bag, has a bigger one for us. Is no sexual god, but seems like one to all of us. We had that before in him - is mustly wrong. Won't take the right way in - that stinks, but okay."
Scott (brother): "Won't have us over for dinner anytime soon - we have him instead. Looking forward to that hambone again. Is never nice, and we don't like that anyway. Thanks, Doug, for one of the longest ugliest rides ever."
Leslie (sister): "Won't speak until spoken to - is shrewd like that if that's the word. Won't have beggars [um, 'beginners'] and we laugh that's what we are when we're with him anyway. He is mean and ugly. Happy president you died again - thanks."
Chris (brother): "We don't talk to that again because he is truly evil visiting me in my sleep and coming over as friends all the time. Once a girl happened to be him. He is mean that way thanks again, no. No you, ever."
Aunt Jeannie:  "Isn't mine to talk about. You find me there."
Gregory Moon (cousin): "If he says he's real, it's because he is - that's all. Like me - real."
Eddie Vedder  (cousin, brother of same): "No one does what he does. It's apparent we gave that away somehow."
Neil (Gregg David): "I don't listen to him - I live there and he beats me daily. So what - I'm his son now."
more later some...

reggie bannister and dan moon (john denver et al) converge as one moon on subject 'phantasm v'
six (6) weeks ago at a press kit in denver, colorado
don't miss the 'reggie bannister band' playing the phantasm song with dan on acoustic 'mid-range' guitar
i've been learning about dubbing and stop-action filming techniques and all...
i saw dan much different yesterday 10/08 dressed in a fireman's outfit at bristol farms while i shopped for one pound of hot pork sausages...i also had lunch at mcdonalds #1 with coke

Wisdom teeth - what are they for? Singing - keeps you from rotting your teeth out with vibrations only. Braces made room for mine, and with a cheap flash camera they call 'em 'chunks'. unwary for the lens.

"Little Miss Sunshine" Little Miss Sunshine stars Grandmother Moon as Young Olive (trust me - it's her) trying out in a Jon Benet-type pageant in a Redondo Beach, CA motor hotel. I've seen it - good enough all the way around! Her mother Jasmine (um, Dottie West) appears and won't let her compete...but not for long. Says Grandma "I had to do it two weeks in - not funny either, but okay and with outtakes not mine. Where's Dan Moon the producer here?" She queries. "They tried to do this in 1978 - a true story for me, but to Branson, Missouri instead."

"A friend of a friend - sure. Not someone with you, but a step away." - dM like reaching for interracial stuff, on the side, a step away

coldplay '42' (alas, woe, and berude)

those who are dead are not dead
they're just living in my head
and since i fell for that spell
i am living there as well

time is so short and i'm sure
there must be something more

those who are dead are not dead
they're just living in my head
and since I fell for that spell
i am living here as well

time is so short and I'm sure
there must be something more


you thought you might be a ghost
you thought you might be a ghost
you didn't get to heaven but you made it close
you didn't get to heaven but you made it close

you thought you might be a ghost
you thought you might be a ghost
you didn't get to heaven but you made it close
you didn't get to heaven but you ohh ohhh

those who are dead are not dead
they're just living in my head, ohh

Coldplay - Viva la Vida - 42

"Mr. Bones" all-new pumpkin patch on Doheny!! We went in tonight on 10/18/08 - was very cute and Toni Halliday guarding the door. Lot of friends and fancy all my pictures of your boyfriends slyly blank. Love you later.

Sniff 'n' The Tears "Driver's Seat" Sniff &#39;n&#39; The Tears - Fickle Heart (Plus Two Bonus Cuts) - Driver&#39;s Seat from 1978's "Fickle Heart" LP..."fickle" means changes its mind alot. Hats off to Jon Heder's "Blades Of Glory" a great Minnesota feat.

David Bowie "John, I'm Only Dancing" David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (30th Anniversary Edition) - John, I&#39;m Only Dancing originally to me from the "ChangesOneBowie" LP (1976)...I guess.

in-n-out's 60th anniversary is wednesday, october 22
on that day: burgers are 25¢, cheeseburgers are 30¢, fries are 15¢, and drinks are 10¢
rush on over you...eliminate the talk still true then no blatherskites (word: shelley long's character, nbc 'cheers'), please
be willing to pay our friends on their 60th anniversary no matter what sez moon...have some class (like at the deli counter getting samples for lunch - four times before you had a basket full)

"It behooves us..." - Muffy B. Tepperman (Jami Gertz) talking to an auditorium full of kids on "Square Pegs"...means moves us forward with heat and bother or stealth then as in a horsedrawn load

Square Pegs - Square Pegs, Season 1 - Pilot

I'm so pleased with the Polaroid Pixie - here's our first video you need a card for greater lengths and the batteries must be sure we recommend Duracell Power Pix what got it up and running fast! I had to upload the ".avi" file to YouTube as a QuickTime ".mov" by the way. This clip was nine (9) megs "SD" "surer device" card is $15 for 512 megs more and $25 for a gig more. Kodak brand at CVS. Yeah, TMZ means "three mile zone" but it's more than that so "the most said" is ours now.

it was alot nicer than this - trust that...
the record is a flock of seagulls' debut lp (1982)

A Flock of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

delicious popsicles at ralph's
no one will say (now 2 boxes for $4.00)

When you buy the whole raspberry-topped creme brulee at Trader Joe's, you get real glazed pottery dishes inside to keep and for what? For sniffs (we miss goat cheese pizza and theorize that time on the shelf is what pays or the price is too small...substitute 'Thai Green Curry' sauce for 'Mojito' sauce on the pork carnitas over garlic mashed potatoes I nice or better)? Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is Aunt Mary to us and is also Neil's real mother (her father is actor Ben Kingsley and Paltrow). I walked her down the aisle at Leslie's wedding...Marc Ondy is Uncle Steve then. For your consideration. I loved Uncle Steve who visited me a few times whomever that is...other husbands South Carolina and all.

One reader else quotes: "The brulees are skimpy in amount; but there are 2 in a box (~$3.99). There is a smattering of fresh raspberries on top of the brulee. They supply sugar and you are supposed to broil to carmelize. Foodfly never takes the time...when hungry she has a no-waiting rule. Therefore, nuking on medium for 30 secs makes the brulee eatable immediately. A sprinkling of the packeted sugar goes on top - no broiling involved. The curious part is the shallow ceramic heat-proof dishes that the brulee comes in. If you purchase enough boxes of brulee, you will wind up with a collection of new cat dishes to serve up Spoo's food. Seems a shame to toss the heavy ceramics in the trash. I already have a small collection myself. The shallow dishes also make excellent cantaloupe holders or saucers for under small plant pots. :)"

Thai food lover Marcia Brady-Maureen McCormick is gonna sign books at Book Soup soon - check their calendar. TV's Beverly Hills '90210' 90210 - 90210, Season 1 - Model Behavior is available at iTunes now here soon? Is not the original series, but yes is some. Shannen Doherty is there at least...

Was watching "Jesus' Son" what features my cousin David as Billy Crudup, I guess, and I love that face. Will get back to. At the Dorothy Parker event my mind said "there's the real Billy Crudup" (always on my mind) to someone going into the bank nearby from car and I draw a blank. Short, and some hair missing? Fine, fine a diamond in the rough is yours to.

Insert stuff here it's a lazy flight to New Jersey for Thanksgiving - November 23 through December 2 - now booked and cleanly at that. I don't worry about bombs like I don't worry about you paying.

Download iTunes Apple iTunes

Fly On Back To September 2008 That One Wing Melting in The Sun Doesn't Have Real Beeswax In It And How You've Learned