Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
1) shrek wasn't mean to the christmas special i know i'll like;
2) although i'm assured other bands will as follow, journey is okay i hear they made tons on tour steve perry's me voice was there
3) 'offend me again' by mentioning in your letters to...

Apple iTunes
4) this looks a million bucks good - why not be and see it
4) i think short circuit is what people are: hot flashy cameras on wheel
4) do a good job the mural-moral i paint to be that bald on both sides of me
4) i'm the white robot and hafta guard things as mean - he is abraham
4) kim wilde asks 'do you always hafta be the glamorous one?' no, i need others to win me routinely or risk show off, unwant - we hide too
4) p.s. jackie gleason is in 'short circuit' hence the game see you tube for trailer
4) p.p.s the ed asner holiday movie is 'the gathering' with maureen stapleton et al and a young gregory harrisons...i loved that too

Saddest song of late news (actually at Yahoo!) mention? Chrissie Hynde of Pretenders and "I'll Stand By You" Pretenders - Last of the Independents - I'll Stand By You ...simply evil from the "Last Of The Independents" LP (1994) and replaces Ben E. King nicely enough (their list bored me to tears with Pretenders "I Go To Sleep" from the "Pretenders II" (1981) - no way, but fast prompt). We toured Chrissie's home as for sale in Bristol, PA on tv while here at home in NJ, and see she likes things simple and tilt free no spills. Thanks. Photos of our domicile on bottom, more later.

Went to see "Four Christmases" yesterday at Princeton Market Fair the 3:10 showing and Mom and I give this an eight "8" outta "10" we guess as funny enough. They honor us routinely with our family photo album and nonesuch Reese is really Maureen McCormick and Vince is Hymie from "Get Smart" and thus is the real Ronald McDonald and is then your gift with any purchase. Good enough all! "Four christmases" means the kids of divorce a celebrant and you hafta count them each off like Willy Wonka remade was counted off each scene I hate sitting like that, but okay - time well spent. Good people...Cybill is there too as her sister, others. More: The expression "2+2=5" doesn't ridicule us -it means we are really the kids of our grandparents each. We skip a generation to be known that well and for them.

My sister and I agree this film is great - "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  - lots of spirit here. Remember, Chevy Chase is Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler a nice man.

Went to the tree lighting ceremony in Princeton last night (11/28/08) with my family and boy ! it was cold out. Some played music, some sang, some read poetry and here we are the lights were pretty and multi-colored unlike the hurt and bother of 911's aftermath lighting red, white, and blue - yuck. So be it. We live to see it done better. To see if all's still there only. My rich sister gave me some stuff a new Olympus digital camera (CAMEDIA D-560 Zoom) and an RCA phone system with headphones and mike (ViSYS 25110RE3) so we'll see (headphone range is four times the Great Adventure ferris wheel or 600 feet - trees and their canopies are about 75 feet high, therefore eight times range that is and as out on the sidewalk waiting for)....a "Dazzle" USB card reader...some cash...that all helps me only. Dad got me top-of-the-line Nikes (the gray and orange ones worthy of God - the Air Terra Sebec 5) and both donated brand-new Fossil wallets for us with flip ID's for front pockets. Catching up with the Jones' now.

Finally! One of my favorite movies "Amadeus (Director's Cut)" Amadeus (Director's Cut) - great acting, story, and soundtrack. Get to it. Saw Rosie's show the other night me and Marc Ondy danced - Marc on right facing...hard women there. Hard. Watched "Fred Claus" (cute intro with birth of a saint-satan and not doing as told) and "Hancock" (the name of our very street in the back where I sit and oft on stoops...women, blacks currying each other into nothing known) as a family last night. Now maybe you.

Saint Nicholas' older brother "Fred Claus" Fred Claus  loves him and hates him too as being so sainted but damned cute. They get it along here. "You give away everything I have to give", part two. Regent Kathy Bates is their mother here.

In "Hancock" Hancock a woman tells a black man that she thinks we're born in pairs, but must never be in the same room but often like me and Neil as lucifer or one who pushes you into the light to see and be seen. Not so - they are both returned to a normalcy for no overall effect seen. The house goes up and comes down every too - like a hand-job does for a great big world? Our outlook shapes every all only we have it all this way.

a bit of rosie's show 'rosie live' nbc with gloria estefan, rachael ray and about food...add lombard twins
my aunt jeannie (barbra s.) produces these and says she likes it because, like you, she thinks she could be in it easily enough
...if she could just stop being so nervous entre nous
fyi: 'slapstick' is for a 'slap shtick' - get it? troublemakers

See brother Chris - a chef to this day - make some kind of scallops from his work or whatever. Happy Thanksgiving.

this is awfully pretty - the other two (of new order, sans) do 'selfish' from their eponymously titled lp 'the other two & you' (1993)
get to their song 'tasty fish' too...the other two are gillian gilbert (keyboards) and stephen morris (drums i believe)

I was waiting for the news to confirm me that American Airlines fucked everyone with a bag check charge of $15 per bag once there (how you do it - the army). I was bothered some, but it honored me as they hate people for me. We hadda go through timetables or lost bag check systems too to honor me fallen here I'd say. Their quote "They're shipping too much stuff with it us, so we slow them down." Not a big deal, but very unkind to only always. I paid only $10 with $10 returned a twenty no credit card available me. Thanks lonely. P.S. I was high - so what?

something good and strange from richard and father must seem...lies with prince pondercherry

we're here in nj...this is called 'the seralsie' say 'seral-lassie' by davinci o,y
'the less you say, the better' it seems

a star is beborn...

1) i don't open anything 'til you do (mother and child);
2) why wait - i've been here forever (a new year's guest left off)

finally! meet prince pondercherry from 'charlie and the chocolate factory' (2005)

neil and madonna are these two and are hilarious to me every time
thank you dvd ripper for mac at
most bitches still won't let you take what's yours and naturally enough

Porno For Pyros "Cursed Female" Porno for Pyros - Porno for Pyros - Cursed Female the hottest song on their debut album 1993 - my favorite drugged-up song and after "Pets" below. P.S. A "meija" is an old person falling down never "very astute" they say. We love them as so mean! Also get to "Thick Of It All" from the "Good God's Urge" LP (1996)...very Led Zep.

cursed to be born
poor and female
there's none that suffer more

she's the queen of strawberries
that doesn't mean more (alts: leave marks)
fresh as a strawberry
and then she always wants good sense (alts: good says)

cursed to be born
poor and female
there's none that suffer more

(ex tempo)

when two girls
in two nights
got caught in the back of the alleyway
fresh as strawberries

two girls in two nights
when no one came out
zipped up vegetables
and washed back at home

cursed to be born
poor and female
there's none that suffer more

Perry Farrell "Pets" Porno for Pyros - Rev - Pets as from Porno For Pyros - now featured his own album called "Rev" as in Reverend Perry Farrell (Jerry Falwell his father of sorts). Jane's Addiction stuff is here too.

children are innocent they
teenagers fucked up in the head
adults are even more fucked up
and elderlies are like children

will there be another race to
come along
and take over for us?
maybe martians could do
better than we've done

we'll make great pets
we'll make great pets

my friend says
we're like
the dinosaurs
only we are
doing ourselves in
much faster than they
ever did

we'll make great pets

[alts: grape heads - a roman cuts heads off with grapes in mouth to say you lived it - see album cover]

Movies? Marie Antoinette (again?) Marie Antoinette and "Niagara Niagara" Niagara, Niagara 

Heard this yesterday overhead in CVS and I really liked it then: Cathy Dennis "Too Many Walls" Cathy Dennis - Move to This - Too Many Walls from the "Move To This" LP (1990). Enya? "I Want Tomorrow" (1987) so leave me alone. "Oiche Chiuin"? As you do, I do too. Best said: "One and only one - me, with no you ever. One of a kind I am." I long to be with myself. "I wanna be alone to know me better."

i needed you to see the big dump of cement attached to the meter but they took it 'downtown' already
here's the mooney suzuki hole anyway

This on Friday 11/21/08 and closing in: Just went to Bristol Farms and got me some hot pork sausages (@$4.99 lb) for cutting medallions on my plate fork-knife at bei yum. On the way, stopped by Analwalt ("anal", yes...but see "add a wall" really with their $26 red currant candles on sale in staple gift box - now to see my mother) on Robertson to get California poppies just later (I'll deliver them - just $2.29 a block - in a big Ziploc suitcase bag to my mother for her flower garden fenced in under the dryer vent) and I heard this accident like three (3) big smacks only to run out of the garden center and see this woman down the road used her Porsche Cayman convertible to run someone afoul and with flat tire and cleanly pick out a parking meter - roots and all - herself (east side of street) while striking a parked car in it on front. Three (3) cars flubbed up then but with hoards (helping as lone boards blocking sight) of people watching up the street on the sides like the plane crash in "War Of The Worlds". My mind says a 'rental' and Kitty Carlisle whatever - do you know what "Carlisle" means (and no, no one got hurt enough she sat there blonde short speaking of it as with candors)? It means you can drive over the top of it like an island and miss nothing to see. We said that a day before as a new store name there so see it stack up for me alone as Chris' mother who took 60k from me earlier "sucker" she says...yeah - while you rent a bra from Sear's.

"If in-fact this day pays for the very next one." - dM you'll still be here

a flock of seagulls 'wishing (if i had a photograph of you)'
another beggar for sense had
from the 'listen' lp (1983)
A Flock of Seagulls - Listen - Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)

it's not the way you look,
it's not the way that you smile
although there's something to them
it's not the way you have your hair
it's not that certain style
though it could be that with you (i know you like mine)

if i had a photograph of you
as something to remind me
i wouldn't spend my life just wishing (drawing faint images for myself)

it's not the make-up
and it's not the way that you dance,
and it's not the human sky (what makes us know, reflect it back)
it's more the way your eyes
are laughing as they glance
across the great divide (a large view as taken up heights)

if i had a photograph of you
as something to remind me
i wouldn't spend my life just wishing

it's not the things you say
it's not the things you do
but it must be something more
and if I feel this way for so long
tell me is it all for nothing
just don't walk out the door

if i had a photograph of you
as something to remind me
i wouldn't spend my life just wishing...

[we love synclavier in this of lutes...]

New Kyle-type underwear with color pockets or blocking are now mine to see at Undergear...

like a $3 dollar bill
you are

People say who the president is doesn't matter. To me, it's a like a picture of who you masturbated to most from Olan Mills (Sear's then) - you at-large, and them in cloud inset on lower right as suggested by. Don't kid can be unwelcome on both sides.

New ! bug zapper design: Peter Pan, as in know, the skyline of English rooftops with Tinkerbell afoot. Other ideas yet: Da Vinci's last supper, heaven's gate with irradium light spiral center...see game 'til then.

zapf! pow!

sheryl crow 'perfect lie' from the 'wildflower' lp (2005)

this not the first time the album lyris found scathingly wrong
best example of when not to?
we dated often sunday morns at brunch + we looked bad
the song a duality or back and forth her and i

Sheryl Crow - Wildflower - Perfect Lie

like a cigarette
all inside my head
reminding me not to forget
words i'd never say
things along the way
are telling me that i'm the best

you cut your face
it doesn't look like it did
you give away
everything i have to give

you want to be lonely
to never give only
so you opened up your arms
and take me in

this is our last goodbye
this is a perfect lie -
'til you're someone that
i used to know back then
(doug moon)

help is on the way
that's what they all say
but the thing that they don't know
is i
i know everything
and maybe it's just the rain
but i'd believe me -
let it go

you cut your face
it doesn't look like it did
you give away
everything i have to give

you want to be lonely
to never give only
so you opened up your arms
and let me in

this is our is last goodbye
this is a perfect lie -
'til i'm someone that
i used to know,
doug moon

you cut your face (as in meth reveals a plastic surgery)
it doesn't look like it did -
you hide a love
that you're not willing now to give
(willing now to give)

you want to be lonely
to never give only
so you opened up your arms
and let me in

this is our last goodbye (as longing, feeling falsely to get away)
this a perfect lie - (whatever it takes you for now)
'til i'm someone that i used to know back then

this is our last goodbye
this is a (alts: pointed, poignant) lie 
and i never have to hear my voice again...(as bitching at, being shrew)

What to feed horses for healthy? They like apples (green shiny Granny Smith sour for pies, then 'red delicious' only), carrots with any root but no greens ever, and "sugar beets" what are apples (if beets are hard potatoes and in vinegar, and actually). Beets were turnips (radishes, large is rutabaga, and then horseradish) but are far too nasty. They won't eat 'em. Lastly, 'Grade A' honey on Wonder Bread is good too. No salts, no fish ever. No water, really - they get that from the air as chain vapors when they sleep. "They're cats enlarged by people, really." Whatever. "They won't eat corn though [like cats do as dried]." Crackers unsalted are okay too. "Premium" brand saltines (Nabisco) are best as unsalted. More? Peeled lemons fresh in season they love for longer trips maybe...and brown or granule sugar on their tongue no more than one (1) teaspoon at a time or every hour then if needed more.

Someone stole (I steal, not you) my wristwatch (Fossil, gold rim with chron band that clicks and turns counter-clockwise to measure seconds off from time held, blue face, white block letters, brown leather wristband real gold) and the key to my mother's house spirits gave me in the backyard they located it in a little plastic bag...I keep a little list. We got Terry's sunglasses back under the bed. With this stuff, you can plan on a complete review of your holdings around 40 years of age and I throw your things in the garbage.

We recommend heavily sewing machines and their simple joys for X-mas giving. Please, I love sewing - see Sear's for selection.

Terry got a bottle of Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz and wanted to know how much it was them, the label says 2004...see here. "Coonawarra" means someone new is here a witchcraft to ward them off right away. Know that ancient runes do this with markings on the bottle itself. You hafta drink it with them then they go forever mostly. "Penfolds" means "after you wrote brilliant" it said.

Permit our Cocteau Twins retrospective and from France (Curve follows - nearly if all be original to thanks):

cocteau twins are reportedly staged in middle: robin guthrie, liz fraser, and simon raymonde...we'll be back at it soon they say

Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café - Evangeline

Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café - Evangeline

this ep isn't real no matter what - it's mine to give (late 1993)
curve are (upper left) dean garcia and toni halliday

Curve - The Way of Curve (1990-2004) - SuperBlaster

Dido "Never Want To Say It's Love" Dido - Safe Trip Home - Never Want to Say It's Love from her new LP "Safe Trip Home" (2008) everything is timely and for me my travel. I found out "dido" is how you write my father's nickname for me "do-do" - isn't that nice?

Other nice: Celine's new comp (sure, "Where Does My Heart Beat Now") Céline Dion - My Love (Essential Collection) - Where Does My Heart Beat Now , Mariah Carey's beautiful "We Belong Together" Mariah Carey - Now That's What I Call Music! - 10th Anniversary - We Belong Together , and Ace Of Base's new comp "All That She Wants" Ace of Base - Ace of Base: Greatest Hits - All That She Wants here we go.


early this am santa monica boulevard - just now 11/19/08

So, the new video memory card came yesterday 11/18/08 and does not work at all, but I put the old one back in with much stress and made some adjustments to iTunes (this while my friend 'Jason 13' insisted upon being here and hassling me with his 'help' and stupid talk about stars he supposedly called Lindsay Lohan about money he owes 'with interest' sure that I couldn't get my hands on while one will ever care about this stuff so I ask again 'are you ridiculing me?' with your dumb shit for dreams of hosting me as a vagabond but no lover ? that's not my style I throw that shit around and nigger please ! leave...this gets real somehow to me with my roommate belching and afoot and I nearly cry). You want expanded memory anyway - additional memory - for the G4 - make sure you get it right the card didn't work at all. This was the original card to be replaced and not so. Adjust iTunes by selecting whole screen to view and movies from a list only you cheat us daily your best of machines eat shit. You want me to be thankful for this, Huh. Shove that - it's all my doing not yours.

With this iTunes extends me my program through December 27, 2013. Five (5) years is that bad for payment?

just this much on early november 19...we wish you well, only

This on 11/18/08: Chi Chi Larue's new no-nonsense boutique failed to open on November 16 and it's still about rags of construction today when I stopped in although pink and orange flags on-top. The toph workers like Scott Trunbull were less than smart, but okay we see her coupon for a free DVD (as if one paid) is good until 01/18/09 as I punish that steadily. Pavilions is coming along nicely they have balanced verticals in-place made of penny weights (Madonna insists on these being made of Coinstar pennies - each only a hundred bucks worth!) and the garden shop and laundromat facilities take shape with wood laterals hanging as inward soon. Keep posted. Meanwhile, on tv they featured the 'lamaking' or facilitating of the new monorail here in LA. Sure - seashell like curves of metals are to be baked open with holes in the middle and then we see more as they grow and grow six times (6x) their size overall. These machines what bore them out are not natural, but are ours above to know and are called 'lamaking' or burning open with oxygen layers coming in like plastic almost.

Madonna says "Pennies foam wildly at the heating bank and fill the need easily. A girder he speaks of cost two hundred dollars ($200) to make [a real girder or stand-alone is ninety-seven dollars $97 all made, I'm told "Heights Shipyard", San Francisco um, um - sans editor...seem Bobco Metals for "oven grades" or stand-alones 'we have plenty, but that's very garden center type stuff' they say]. That's sure of it. Chi Chi is sick, buy the way - that's me mostly." Chi Chi is supposed to Ryan Yeager's (a video star his) twin. He and his twin are working evenings at a local Starbucks and they're both slight and real cute to me...choose your weapon. "Madonna is the impresario part. We make the film with my father's money. She gets it done. The store is ours, but leaning on her." One continues softly or else "My dream is to have you dead Doug Moon for this. Die young, be young or kill me." We'll kill you. We did.

Remember, Pavilions has a full working pharmacy on-site still in the corner staging unit with credit cards you can buy, mouthwash, toothpaste, and some sodas and other stuff. In the corner, but no clothes donations in the lot. We might recommend further the first-pick of thieves over at Out Of The Closet just east of on Santa Monica.

Quotes to me:

Jules Stein "I don't love you. Love that." Adds "Love in me."

Sid Sheinberg "What if I shove that up in your ass? What if you do it again, but for me this time [as jerking me off]? I'll kill ya."

Seymour Stein? George Burns (who was later identified as Marc Ondy again...pain in the ass, he needed more money than that, he'd say). "What if I had somebody come to kill you" he'd say. "Any day."

Lew Wasserman "Shove that." Adds again "Be back in it."

1) these are isaac mizrahi ornaments from target way back - hadda show ya;
2) these are the ornamotors that turn them silently in radio stance once plugged into string lights humming along very moon;
3) these string lights by 'hoferts' are available still at koontz with lots of other goony stuff...bits greasy inside

this is at
koontz hardware...the four balls lower are very confusing as mounted on poles, but they are just a string of for big trees outside and wires go in the bottom of
they have red, blue, purple, black (seen front), and pink, and silver trees what seem as merchandising but I love the very thought in a front parlor - others - upwards of $180
analwalt lumber (on robertson) has california poppies right now in the nursery run run and also decorations too cotton balls in trees for snow

well, $100 for that sase (self-addressed stamped envelope) i sent
got me routing number though
from beyond the grave it says
still going home to nj this sunday nov 23-dec 2

Another UK link! Electronic "Gangster" Electronic - Electronic (Special Edition) - Gangster (1994 Digital Remaster) (soft quote: 'i like to read | i like to write | but where i live | i learned to fight | so don't you ever say | that we're the same') supposedly a 1994 freshen of their 1991 album "Electronic" - the whole thing is damned good. Get Pet Shop Boys on big meter "Patience Of A Saint" and "Getting Away With It" too if must. Their album "Behaviour" is here too as note.

Change your store to me briefly then: Bananarama "The Wild Life" Bananarama - Bananarama - The Wild Life from their first album LP "Bananarama" in 1984...others, "Through A Child's Eyes" and the "Wow!" LP (1987) is here Bananarama - Wow! - Once In a Lifetime and with "Once In A Lifetime" one of my very favorites.

Also, big hit Kim Wilde "Say You Really Want Me" Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde: The Collection - Say You Really Want Me with its great bridge "alta coma and with percussion" she says and now new hit "Boys" Kim Wilde - Essential - Boys are here sorted in the UK store. Make a new account if necessary you.

Someone says "Someone noisy in the room? You ask them not to, then leave." God wants you to know that both are unwelcome and for you to try and stay and stick it out. You hafta move around the room and get to others who will help keep all bother spread out and to a minimum thus. Don't think anyone lives to see you, but bother all to get it all to see some. Don't be polar - it hurts me some.

A young George Peppard (Brad Pitt's father, was Robert Redford b.y. 1943) stars with Lindsay Lohan in "Georgia Rule"...thought you'd like that. I hate her unzipping his pants on a boat.

Someone says what does "entre nous" mean? I use it unwittingly all the time like it's innate or born in me. It means 'enter, even if you're not wanted' with "entre" being "enter" and "nous" meaning "never to say [as first if you want it]". Most famous example is Rush's song of the same name 1980 all expensive-type art rock like Genesis. They don't need you to enjoy us, it says. A noose around the neck is good to be speaking of as nervous entry - they'll hang you.

"Geek" is for "greek" someone who bites the heads off of chickens to get attention or other. "Greece" isn't greasy ("greecy"), god over says is "grace" he loves  'em. We think is anal-passive mostly a friend.

West Hollywood City Hall says it's only one percent (1%) for late and-or bounced not six percent (6%) as paid with twenty-five dollar ($25.00) bounce fee. I got money coming or petition back with paper they gave percent is fourteen thirty-five ($14.35), we have seventy-one seventy-five ($71.75) coming back it seems our money order and all. You divide $14.35 by 0.01 to get the full amount and as usual...and note we still got first dibs on 916 Hilldale when opens this holiday. They all but collected the $3,300 we got paid to move out with high rent as increases. "He coulda left." The original rent was $1,150 in January 2006.

Answer: No from landlord citing no "rent control" like all fags who are lawyers and doctors - nothing when you need it, just false glamours afoot and dating junk talk. The city then adds a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee (like on-the-spot - creeps) and cite "rent control" to be not on "new" constructions "after 1979." Why don't you save that fucking stuff then as we pay old ladies in apologies for no life until we're bald. This is federal-level talk of paying people to be and now we have a big ol' nigger handling it all - you'd think they'd be mad. Our best hope is seen to be best (no vengeances afoot) and as paying for it all too. Show us how you latent white bitches. You leave it all to me then. By the way, latency (um, gay for "wait and see"...someone new says "late in the seat"...never against you just for you and kings here) is our greatest fear - hating women and me from inside our homes. Thanks again. P.S. When my grandmother maternal was dying of too many drinks (a beer and a shot every noon) and a mindless of heart-pressure pills way beyond year eighty and cared for beautifully when they finally cracked down and snapped that hip, we noticed others afoot and how they save! That's nice no matter who you are you get some late-term care no matter what, but what of it? She saved and all them blacks caring for her beautifully and I mean it but everyone around. Steal something for me.  P.P.S. Don't you threaten me - we in America can go anywhere England but penal. You are "expatriate" (an ex-lover of it here) you like something better - so what? You are not ours then? Ours we educated plus, plus some then. Be us.

Federal - creates personal incomes, and wealth (well off)
State - majors individual consumption (at any-all distribution levels)
County - property, before you leave us (as perimeters, fence - jail, school)
City - comings and goings, commerce (streets, stores)

wanted to take these family heirlooms to a ceramic shop to be redone to you - very trefoil
one, you open it up; two, you learn to like it; three, you see how useful it is and love it to others
instead you see put flowers-pinecones-ornaments in the center of sleigh what is 5" tall, the deer about 9" ruby eyes
another is baby jesus, mary, and joseph (jobeth) she holding the baby christ all with discs on the head and with pinecones surround

"The Good Son" The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood - I let both of them go, but Macaulay is still worth a million bucks.

"The Spiderwick Chronicles" for goodwill (comics in cereal boxes) and sense to me The Spiderwick Chronicles 

have me the cassette here...been waitin'

something's coming over me
i'm so dizzy i can't see
can't make out the forest for the trees

my heart is beating faster now
as the traffic's slowing down
and suddenly i'm all alone with you

it's so good
baby when you're at the wheel
i can't believe the way i feel
it's such a rush
just being with you

we're driving in the rush hour
ooh you send me
you take me to the rush hour
you got me in the rush hour

feel it getting hot in here
feel me getting close to you dear
slow motion moving you moving me

now your lips are touching mine
and in your eyes that certain shine
honey i know just where you're taking me

Jane Wiedlin "Rush Hour" Jane Wiedlin - The Very Best of Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour from "The Very Best Of Jane Wiedlin" LP (1993)...get "Blue Kiss" too a German-type glockenspiel. "Rush Hour" is produced by uber-producer Stephen Hague.

"So, I was over this house the other night (after I threatened myself to a curse) and was feeling light with some smokes and I thought 'let's kick back and see how these other guys - ostensibly gay - handle a noisy friend. Why be the devil and nerve-wracking all the time?' When one turned around to ask me about this, I said with a laugh 'I was hoping you could show me better...' and isn't that funny? Being so grace to me." - dM who also notes the noisy ones are men who won't have you making life so small either...we met many a star out on Veterans Day they come from the bushes to be here...and I love making little jokes to myself as basically those, I'll be back over knock-knock (my roommate made me know the street name way in advance as we walked it was coming to me).

"The Love Guru" brings to mind "Phantasm IV" -  that tabernacle with jaws of a shark to enter. Alot of the war dead were eaten in their entirety by sharks as thrown in the water dead. That's who we are, and "life is tough and taut" they said. Hrrrmph! The ballask heights or onion bulbs stop spirits from moving in and out their collicks or branches outward move them around.

Note that Firefox browser blows up any screen for enjoying movies along with text etc. Menu picks are "View", "Zoom", "Zoom In" and work for printing too (these adjustments seem by page only it seems). They prove my theories of on-screen enlarging with programming but maths. Each browser professes strengths in split ways.

Went back over to Williams-Sonoma Home and our prices are as follows: the silver-plated walnuts are $36 for twelve (12) regular-size nuts in a clear cellophane bag - nice deal. The signature pineapple candles (nearly black as brown and beautifully rendered or pulled from their molds and in clear cellophane) come in two (2) sizes and are perfect, but you must ask for them from the back as so precious -- small at $12 and bigger at $20. So there....

The have what they call "Cyber Monday" today at Linkshare (really just darker, faster computing wheels no extras - ) so I thought I'd poke around and rape them again. My pay is finding out that my Columbia House "impressions" are still largely intact with 2,298 impressions for year 2004 and 2,287 impressions for year 2005 - they just split years on me for a grand total of 4,585 impressions. I was dropped by Columbia House when I got approved for iTunes so there begins late 2004 in November. 

Country favorite Mike Myers stars in "The Love Guru" The Love Guru - and why not? I haven't seen, but know no alternative to sense...very funny previews and we like Justin Timberlake too like he's me.

pet shop boys sing 'jealousy' from their 'behaviour' album (1990)

Pet Shop Boys - Discography: The Complete Singles Collection - Jealousy

See Melrose MAC (Hollywood & Burbank) has it real for you Tower Video Sunset? Otherwise, Apple Store.

To thank faulty banners we try for you anyway the difference a day makes a wave of bad checks better than no checks people love playing office where cash starves everyone to death:

"Kung Fu Pandas" Kung Fu Panda

"Six Feet Under" Season 1  Six Feet Under - Six Feet Under, Season 1 - Pilot

"Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus - Best Of Both Worlds Concert" Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert 
"Hellboy II: The Golden Army" Hellboy II: The Golden Army 

Download iTunes Apple iTunes

Fancy It Back To Our Cooperative Scene November Part Douche
We couldn't keep arguing with people like that - find your way back while I break and discard the last of the marigold banded plates and bowls from Williams-Sonoma...bought long ago with a tax refund. The federal government writes that they owe me $28.50 in a return but won't admit to it saying they don't leave people e-mails. What are you nuts? Neil - still waiting for your remit from July.

toni asked to see our dirty little vanity at home here - this is it - you clean the grout you asshole
it's opposite the bedroom entry and you can see from the front door...toilet, shower room on right with window inside door
some of these are really gay with bed on platform and a communion rail of sorts - some units are long and nice enough
here, everything is my way with fights though i hate fags and their way...i'm the difference between neat and clean
by the way, bold (plus) detergent is back on the market at gelson's
the box is like $8.50, but store-brand stuff is good too excepting fragrant and liquid

from me to you and yours yet - for art some
the santa what flashes with plug is because halloween was packed in
never make jell-o with the lid on - cold can't fall in, heat can't leave