like all who solicit by e-mail, why not give it the ol' college try
i'll get back to you - so soon me?

mind over's all 'france is meticulous about things it's really november 12 here'...whatever we have october (11th) for a whole month right now about or three more weeks 'til a thursday halloween serve that right up freely enough...in the planning phase? hate the countless of farm? piss in the ol' apple cider again? you gotta watch that...had a great dream last night but had to get up for a moment to cider meself - was in this submarine on the potomac (with officers $1,600) near washington dc and this small theater of people (i was in-front and on the right) headed along the waterway or shore with what felt like a wheel governing and bobbing the craft then it got real exciting heading out to sea! does that make sense? i awoke to tell everyone here what i was doing as doing just what i wanted or as i got up to pee...before that it was the touching tale of yugoslavia how earth and sky were personified to be god and 'richard' as meeting 'the night' or space but that was another nap's quote....

prays to roman god 'gunk away' (versus the philosophy-oriented 'agrees') the new techno geek reader-hair spray that actually sees nothing more and engages it freely for you - takes the time. remember, clock speed was a big deal too now mammory games. never to pull.

joy to last month's link as we prepare to conjure you more of a bargain if that helps septembre 2019 hombre! my windows laptop is doing better now with days off from being porno king what do you expect for $130 a lenovo ideapad 120s with windows 7 looming over the budget...even cheaper to think-give away now? not yet adjust your grid!