like all who solicit by e-mail, why not give it the ol' college try
i'll get back to you - so soon me?
that $30 box ream of paper still stands i guess
what to work on now?
what is, what will be....
p.s. feeling the beat from alloween? keurig k-cups keep the focus on you $14.99 a box of 24 right now!
how much usually?

get ready to split the entire bill *squawk* we're heading to november 2019 and its latest pote 'nothing you'll see' waiting for it right outside
'i've got a blank roll, thanks' + sorry subway doesn't have proscuitto who knew then?

sunday 11/03: true to form, everything is sailing south in feelings...but 'the lighthouse' beckons solvently at amc theaters maybe tomorrow?

11/01/19...all went real well here attendance wise - maybe not you? it's personal, huh. lots of folks went out here - shopped too...talked to dad (in new jersey) for his birthday 83 today and he has a new mobile phone now very clear in voice...are you real?

happy halloween today october 31 - we have it, you don't...enjoy the memory of october 31, 1974 they canceled that bitch outright over rain and never said a thing eighty homes turned it all away! we usually give pennies to folks who show up late - take a tip - no, we weren't poor 'middle class' if class means a woman held well? that's what i call class male/female....

didn't see peanuts halloween special this year (a first?) love lucy's mask still...i am charlie brown inside everyone thinks that? no. you are pig pen and that black insert franklin. frieda lay. my mother taught me the real name 'penis'....? that would be penises.

upcoming auto-interview (not completed yet) is 70's icon cheryl tiegs
the answer for me being challenged: ok, great

ctv: how old were you when you lost your virginity?
a: six, to my father - he wasn't good and neither was i [sure, non-invasive we'd add].

ctv: who made you - a[nother] model?
a: my mother - she always reprimanded women.
dM: for not taking the time or grooming?
a: my mother hated women - it spelled trouble [she might be my girl].

more later - ain't never had one of them capris...now that is a faggot puff p.u.

mon-tues octdaver 29 so calloween is this thursday - whores everywhere reenacting the past with mismatched masks and cauls - what? no hobblt water? no fishing with turds - - salmon can read your mind but won't take a look...

last few movies we've seen yes these:
in that order see my flacebook 'facebook.com/doug.moon.92' page seems you can pick the '92' in my address as offered under the 'settings' menu we leave it at that a monster of thought beside me, turd layor.

this music newcomer (a new one to you - doif is not reveal but thinking aloud boy ur dumb) deserves a little exposure for the spiderman opening 'sunflower' 'ur da sun-flowa i think ur love would be too much' alan sues
interesting confection - make another - it was that strange like bananarama's 'nathan jones' a black cobbler in voice slowed down for no guessing of names
maybe the reason 'doesn't suck' you can speed up alot of shit to make things sound good shrink doodly art too 'now get rid of it' no care of how it goes it went
to fool: sam 'cheers' malone is the obvious answer for shelley long 'blatherskite' and rebecca the firmest 'brown ale'...you like that? be good to it a hyphen in space matched word for word 'but um') the indignation of being assumed no burden 'wot?'

today's mensch moment: 'oivay' is a jewish woman's pure reaction to a pig showing you their loins 'oivay' although you would have rathered they didn't...'oichvay' to correct oneself you knew better you did. blecch-ugh!

fumble and notes (not to be confused with mr. bungler the fool):

david spade - there is nowhere to just 'gun it' turning left in front of beverly hills hotel...hope all is better a rear tire missing plus theft? get the facts at you tube, ellen tube whatever and there's more j/o humour?;

unfortunately, the 2-hour 'joker' movie is real good though he stopped being ballet at some point the blue eyes one - good show. what are blue eyes? cigars and sunshine black like coal. back to, the black woman whose blood was used to make footsteps on the way out of jail said she was helping him...you too? his real dad was the tv interviewer...messy, but a star. the real joker is the one in 'home alone' shooting some lowdown dirty whatever on tv...still around too his face stung with hives always.

monday, october 21: was watching the queen's hootenanny (from british parliament replete with purple crown of heart) as she was talking alot (and to me in-between) about wanting to sell more not to just work (i guess) and add in her fisherman 'regimes' (no asking of by others) and there's troubled times being addressed...thank you...the rest to see yourself if want...we strive to keep current but face alot of unpopular statements and as unkind...make me believe in you...halloween coming up with all its cares being to a moan and we hope (have a hospitality) for the best...the building here ripped up and somewhat noisy during the day but looks better somehow we remit...more later...you care, you do.

i'm not burning at the wheel, but lucasfilm's december 2019 release of 'the rise of skywalker' looks good enough so far
we've been apart for so long, but i like this idea so let's have it then...this final chapter actually prevents a more significant loss
you finish up on top - no fond remembrances

it's $5 tuesday at amc theaters tomorrow (is that good? no kids at mine plus more mature snacks) and we're going to either 'joker' or 'judy' and must thank the thought yet
that's great if i enjoy one, i'll let you know
a 2-hour box of birdshit is what looms and what you won't wait for but hear about
now see that

mind over's all 'france is meticulous about things it's really november 12 here'...whatever we have october (11th) for a whole month right now about or three more weeks 'til a thursday halloween serve that right up freely enough...in the planning phase? hate the countless of farm? piss in the ol' apple cider again? you gotta watch that...had a great dream last night but had to get up for a moment to cider meself - was in this submarine on the potomac (with officers $1,600) near washington dc and this small theater of people (i was in-front and on the right) headed along the waterway or shore with what felt like a wheel governing and bobbing the craft then it got real exciting heading out to sea! does that make sense? i awoke to tell everyone here what i was doing as doing just what i wanted or as i got up to pee...before that it was the touching tale of yugoslavia how earth and sky were personified to be god and 'richard' as meeting 'the night' or space but that was another nap's quote....

prays to roman god 'gunk away' (versus the philosophy-oriented 'agrees') the new techno geek reader-hair spray that actually sees nothing more and engages it freely for you - takes the time. remember, clock speed was a big deal too now mammory games. never to pull.

joy to last month's link as we prepare to conjure you more of a bargain if that helps septembre 2019 hombre! my windows laptop is doing better now with days off from being porno king what do you expect for $130 a lenovo ideapad 120s with windows 7 looming over the budget...even cheaper to think-give away now? not yet adjust your grid!