'from the why ask me?' files:
folks wanna know what the flag with stars is about (again?)
someone made it to honor mary, some say haiti where the day closes katmandu
others think a european union what boils down to euro-disney i think
our intention for this great flag is moon in the middle with fourteen sons (plus one daughter i hear)
none in this lifetime just the past restating itself
i don't think much of the act but love the idea of playing games?
not with real frights afoot...
you did it, right?
women should be counseled i have a hard time with certain oddball behaviors
nothing too strange but you have lots of time to acquiesce
great sacrifices - you want the job, have it
no one needs you? halt the talk...exclude family types too cavalier


re-pflug: like all who solicit by e-mail, why not give it the ol' college try?
oh. (the above reference for jo ann pflug in crosswords - look it right up)
i'll get back to you - so soon me?
i'm still reeling from my own typewritten inserts announcing sales by e-mail
the difference? seeing me old work in comparison if still i breed
that $30 box ream of paper still stands i've been scanning people on tv 'fortunes - how made?'
what to work on now?
'what might be' the very presage
still shopping?a few nice gifts keeps christmas from coming!

much, much kudos to cvs - they had boxed 'lemonheads' (um, ferrara pan) today - went out looking last night in the (((cold))) and came up banks...crunch with care....

i wanted you to meet my thanksgiving evening guests this past holiday (source: my iphone 7 with aggressive pixelization yet)
not quite alone, i demanded consort and me and their owner-guest a female lied about in my bedroom watching spielberg's debacle '.e.t.' that evening
me and that creature argued origins mostly and we assume these things are intra-planetary mostly - a friend of the foe disconnecting your electricity at night
i hated him souping himself down for the kids, but like any charge we and they all go away
enter real hero c. thomas howell~
after violating me properly - my room? - all must le depart
tip: the very key to e.t.? the mother dee wallace - she couldn't hack it and needed the kids' help

best buy will give you the latest full-size ipad for $249.99 right now no bother - regular value is $355 including tax in los angeles, ca
my first one from ebay was $230 used - shop around

stone temple pilots offer a new look and a bit of intimacy here - 'hello, it's late' from the 'thank you' lp (2003) i guess no 'shangri-la dee da' (2001)
the peace sign is eponymous or self-titled (2010) - upon us to do it again?
this a current vein with us no playing around - think alabama or keys
is not 'melancholic' a crown you wear - give it to radiohead they'll get right rid of it
this is roughy 'fairlane' or getting along
(psst: no, you don't cut glass round - you frame it round with a saw and sanding)

hello, it's late
you know we tried to stop the rain
did you read about it?
did you think about it?
did you cry but nothing came?
nothing matters again
i didn't think we'd last that long
but i'm just sitting on this merry-go-round
and the music is too loud
it's just a game that we used to play
i didn't think we'd take it all the way
it kills me just because it can't be erased
we're married, married

hello, it's late
i know we tried to win the game
did you hear about it?
did you dream about it?
i know you cried but nothing's changed
nothing matters again
i didn't think we'd last that long
but i'm just sitting on this merry-go-round
and the music is too loud
it's just a game that we used to play
i didn't think we'd take it all the way
it kills me just because it can't be erased
we're married, married
married, married

but i'm just sitting on this merry-go-round
and the music is too loud
it's just a game that we used to play
i didn't think we'd take it all the way
it kills me just because it can't be erased
we're married, married
married, married

-------------------------------------i used to live this, it's beyond words

friday, december 13: went to check my non-pluss of mail at labrea and santa monica today and then dropped into mcdonald's 24-hour drive-through palace for their sweet-tasting sausage mcgriddle - just $7.50 with hash brown plus small orange juice but i returned to the counter seeking folded egg add another $2 or whatever that price is ? though all went well....making up for that jerky shit yesterday...'cauli'?!? i got you down again....

we herewith dump best buy's tamarian 'geek squad' for more laptop horseshit - i gotta wipe my whole lenovo drive for just operating system memory plus $200? no way, nigger. the insanity is gigabytes or extrapolate figures failing to materialize as a runaway shorthand on your physical disk - get it right there is no physical memory - sheerly impossible as 1,024 (four times bytes in a row or a four-letter or four-character symbol word) x 1,024 (megs) x 1,024 (gigs) x 1,024 (terabytes) - just read and write same speed in/out failing your humble of disk somewhere no change...women looking for quick pay...what junk...you don't have money? you don't have skills playing all eighty-eight keys up and down all the time...you wanna sell, huh.

more or less: made the lenovo compress c: files across the board to no known detriment and everything background looks brighter we'll see - who changed that by the way? also we stick with 'internet explorer' the heavenly halo for web browsing...more later.

a first of firsts: like mom when she was dying nearly two years ago (only time would tell 01/12/18), health care practitioners succeeded in giving me a seabag or 'foley' insert catheter this time out...it hurt a bit or alot though i protested (a rubber with a hose was preferred) but 'there is no free piss in this world' - dM as leaking forth (even the depend(s) and the foley still leaks some what cheap junk)...they were intended for women or those who are incontinent (as set adrift?) or those who can't piss under their own volition (free will) plus pain, no? mine came and went over a few days but to no known benefit...now see that...i wouldn't even look at hers and those looseback japanese chairs that dump people on the floor are back too...we live for vengeance-intelligence it seems...more: 'seabladder' is when your piss is thick from pills or whatever? take a tip.

12 days of nbc's 'ellen' 2019 with gentleperson octavia 'ma' spencer helping out - no good can come from it
one swears google maps isn't best for global positioning and navigation in female voice
figure it a dome~
'it's not yours to say' not in unison, ever

down, down > > new page soon for december 2019! soon 12/15 when you should get your live tree home depot? it's only thursday the 12th...maybe 'mr. rogers' tonight...not yet...

thursday - gotta go back to cedars pharmacy on san vicente for pills (wouldn't sit tight for more magnesium drip nope) dad called is ok, wreath is up, fridge is cleaned out of junk or waste food gotta watch my piss again but the weight is real good anyway...harbouring around 175 for 6.25'...is this country christmas (jon benet) or just pushing buttons for filth (having a fine array of things to play with)?

bitched at the local 'dialog cafe' - a fine sandwich maker, usually - for putting shitty couscous-cauliflower in my eggs or potato 'hash browns' they were filthy - i hate asian-tasting junk...talk about aftertaste...sunset and palm playing dumb...'where the old carolco (brick building) eats'...if you don't watch it, will feed you paid-for unnatural shit 'til your dead...make your own sacrifices at home...the meat was ok.

'is antiquated, war-spoken, and nuts' as some woman thinking we've gotta carry the load as a younger male plus i don't want vehemence of any kind nor you...better you go to meet the snow as now drifting?

to honor 'the conners' on 'http://www.abc.go.com' (plus affiliate stance - be that smart use your ipad on wi-fi not your phone or cpu) we get new tumblers from ikea via amazon 'kalas' instead of beautifully green rice cups (like halloween masks they are - cook and simmer over wood?) from the supermarket! one (1) cup of uncooked rice per two (2) cups of water! the regular (mexican, short grain) bag-type rice at the hospital was exquisite yesterday....

kartell gets naked for the holidays? see it here

another representative nature is honda motorsports!

wednesday, december 11 back from crack and re-integrating nicely but add pills? few and for no bother...full steam ahead...watching 'the conners' others...'http://www.abc.go.com' get my $13.25 tv affiliates worth....

monday, december 9 being checked out at cedars again watching ellen and anson williams as donnie most? 'will and grace', no mention, oh.

call powell electric for a new electrical box $77? do it...i would!

wow - here we are on the verge of 2020 and still no gift or compensation for the fraudulent acts of hiring me by online contract to sell your junk since 2003 am i in the army anyway? don't tell me there were no sales...there are banners, charts, and the certain fate of being dumped by vendors for coming up slight...we have no connection to your businesses and you should stop selling that junk to unwary site owners. thank you again bmg music service, apple itunes, columbia house and others below who think everything is joke and you wanna pay all at one time. sure.

we don't buy for you and as a consumer and our laws our pure - you make junk, you keep it. we'll be here. thanks again you are niggers.

we'll keep doing anyway like your lawyers in cahoots with universal. i'll just leave.


not quite right? finally settled on 'autumn & winter' for a&w rootbeer since 'stewarts' a drive-in sidewalk talk is closed during them months - maybe all the way? see previous interest seem....rushed to target westwood's side (a b-of-a 'city' version at ucla) to make sure they were still there - i couldn't believe if that folded! not true, another foolery.

was considering 'tinkle' as in little girls having to pee?
someone lighthearted asks - a bad idea gone nutsi 'none see you'

no chat on macy's live? hrrmph! citing costs 'oh, brother [can you spare a dime?]' for text?
promised i wouldn't cite - liked seeing my jostles but people were sexual around kids? my tag 'pussoir' a bit new
look at me: voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soir...non!
thanks for the tip~
they wiped up that israeli-type boy bite by shark fast
he needed a kiss on the lips, huh
while you starve it....

[x] called dad
[ ] brothers, sisters - the latest 'urges us success' report asserts naturally a husband-wife shoal lost their jobs simultaneously, wish them well a badger ensued

this just in (with so many seasons and so many reasons - not to?): my turkey at 20 lbs. but 'fresh' a butterball re-enters the arena but in my reynolds oven bag so quite perfect looking as stuffed (time? 4-5 hours take an hour off with bag but temperature they want to rate as dirty birds)...hi mom...and despite all helpings and misgivings their partner in life, still consider yourself welcome for a knock-chat if you no obvious of pieces missing how would you know? anyway the macy's parade is on at nbc most notably and we're gonna settle in...no 'chasing rainbows' they come here now...unheard of...more later...now the macy's parade will run at 2:00 pm here with comment - for those who cook i guess...nbc live schedule here...they do the work, you to enjoy with.

recent: my cable bill cite as nice enough ($60/$60/$20 cable-wifi-land phone) i called first but seems generous enough - no deal thanks...add in a lonely surcharge for network tv $13 and there ya go...eating roseanne's old show 'the simpson's' slowly over days i never get there on-time tuesdays abc.go.com with carrier id...p.s. jackie wants to buy the old loosemeat place after her shitfit and some smart-alecky realtor is all 'your [recently deceased as younger] mother still owns it (and after all that, too - half is a loan? that's probably just to defend the claim it's not free yet)...no one knows....

been taking some dogs on quick walk at night it's a big step they know everyone along the mat and insist upon saying hello - 'yeah yeah' - call me 'big d' until you know better...until you remember snacks...see the saucers with...like the dog, no speaking please our heads rotten with it.

thanks for being there - chicken with lube?
on thanksgiving? could be worse - trust that

the wednesday before thursday thanksgiving 2019: food shopping now done for the bird and all (bigger than i wanted is the theme this year - see that the cooking no bother pray + eat) may see a flique with psychic friends after the memory of last time fades...been getting around no family with as such just people you suspect of wrongdoing have a great day tomorrow i will try and remember the macy's parade what is always fun fun fun with live chat and all...really....

known for woes as yet? big, big baby can't resist and has to give in? i can't resist good, really - you don't have to and i discount any discipline as not being key...not being good....

movies i wanna see maybe soon: that black story 'harriet tubman' no, it's not really underground i know it's talented some i see it, 'mister rogers' fer sure i guess you hafta see that spectacle, and something else 'star wars' looks good still...keep looking with me...i was warned once over the china stuff 'is not intended for me' as subtitled they are ok looking though old news playing dumb....

saturday, november 23: best-price provider target's all 'if you spend $50 on groceries on or before sunday you get a $10 gift card'...now see that. target's food is pretty good their hams and all plus selection is good. have a day.

someone said in relation to the new fred rogers movie someone was gonna rape him on-stage at some point to which he lamented 'if you do, you'll be sorry.' real nervous, he said.

get the facts:

doug moon
1027 hancock avenue #5 (the santa monica forwarding and business address still good through january - 7111 santa monica boulevard, suite b #106, west hollywood, ca 90046-3458)
west hollywood, ca 90069
cell (772) 342-0638
home (424) 279-9582

from ex-roommate terry comes this stylish tee i guessed 'well hung'
he writes back 'hung like a horse' - not my key, really
i don't get much right e.g., a letters over numbers puzzle, but i like a mistaken mind? i do
credit bruce villanch at one of those west hollywood fund raisers - the rainbow connection and all
incidentally his birthday is-was yesterday or today 73

yahoo small business features 'june flowers' as a proposed online business - those who surround and don't get married? nevermind flowers, i need watermelon in my mix!

recent scans from the news (i talk to the animals? i hear they ate him but i can't envision them - zulus - always...more like pygmies?) any nice parts - the palate, and yours?

from a camera guy following a soldier 'in somalia': 'guns are exciting...they ruin people's lives plus they don't care.' - yep rata tat-tat

america versus ukraine in talks wondering why so different: according to early trump 'america stays put - they don't follow people around.' an empty home has hard-to-rid filths he cites? another discussion maybe female erst says 'better to help buy and sell they think'...better to sell as a known stinker? maybe the dowdiest place in the whole crock - check for others.

israel leader (lightly) back from um, vacation: everything seems 'newer'

just tidbits....

in 1985 i got to go to the grammy's at the shrine me from new jersey 'til then...assured my mid-terms i was going anyway, what it means to be me: i loved spying on michael jackson and lionel richie down front a power duo then and he says later of the bonaventure hotel parties that he was 'doing' a-ha at the time - please, i met them. ;) we want you to be happy like i was - get it?

madonna getting boo'd in vegas? everyone 'major market' does them as mean...usually can't even see the bitch you'd never know. i've never seen a shitty show but that's were it would happen, no? her only quote 'couldn't get the lights on in-time.' don't feed me, another dead homo? so full of it. i believe in you.

was asked to watch 'complete turn-off' 'taxi driver' (as currently offered on netflix - 'drive' is back again too why?) and i just thought maybe i got that wrong after all (why?) robert deniro was mostly great like he was brand-new with chest hair (my father, not quite the balls of the operation was seen in a better light like this too someone cares and made me happier now you can use the upstairs toilet with the guests who think they know about the soap too $$) - nothing about oscar or jodie foster she dumb but convincing with family problems but is handsome no sex but good enough for sure the ending ultra gross like 'deer hunter' stuff plus stupid but the damage is done amazing violence 'three fingers one gun' and as usual senseless - a junk, but well worth the effort to think of yourself...scorcese's junk but deniro? amazing young see no more with cybill shepherd ? - elvis' other landlubber - is here too looking good...no pacino however as what was i thinking? a junkhead...all in all worth the wait to see. p.s. shepherd is pregnant by some man at work...gross, but her choice as strong. it lived too. gross means you know who u are and show people to beat them to the punch? it's like that defending yourself if possible against being unwelcome.

we add the extras you see as 'god' both taking and talking during any feature and any mistakes rest with our first clause - no one here said that 'but guess what' no intention but to interest our friends here little me...no, we don't do or make anything enough to say so think of loose moral issues being a good guide...one such film offered maybe elsewhere says 'no flicking' or fucking then as letters blended at base and now is mia...why me? 'flicking' btw is super funny as a girl playing with herself downstairs...lol! why talk you're alone aren't you?

another good netflix is 'roswell' good male and female leads with some good body language as i view it. a series short. gay stuff some.

another q: who else besides apple itunes sells movies online for on-demand audiences? no one? remember, apple tv a separate unit with its own buying schemes plus hdmi is to translate all you rent or buy to the tv screen its very use. wi-fi the greatest since i got it on a laptop. messy.

i mined another gem from stone temple pilots no. 4 'i got you' a good little feeling - now see that
don't mention it

what - all mad over no hooks for the fish? still flapping with fresh they say
we like the sistine chapel look - old and rheumy

pop quiz: who painted the last supper di vinci or michelangelo (not so distinct i hear still) - this pissed me off i think i did it...more later. di vinci was design with holy spirit feel in dark shading and michelangelo was about not being able to keep your flesh to yourself - very nourished, very indiscreet great stuff. other artists are really good too, so think it over. btw, i want those attendants to be known and thus make sense...thomas is far right (left looking on - why the pose or perspective no bother). i want people to be happy, not just full of facts - both? god stuff has extras and here i am doing what i do for myself. whooping it up. p.s. was thinking about 'the last supper' as on catholic host we use at christmas eve with honey - we call it 'oplatki' and as previously stated i hit people over the head lightly with plates of snow citing that name to liven them at play the word passed down through the mother's family as seems i clone her as dramatized - exchange freely with 'her plot keep' in reference to the grandmother a savings nuisance but the introduction of which? polish like the taxi driver? slovak. - polish is ok i guess...'knows everything' it seems says god over.

those seen with, those who saw them together. alot of freaks wanna be jesus - i didn't want that for me. i like the importance of being that and to know better...holy.

cheryl tiegs still developing...she is a harmon, you know. then again, so were them twins.

from the enabling file? time-warner shows us the remnants of aol.com (or was that .net) with the latest aol.com - "look you made it." good stories at least each one a capture of my attention get serious yahoo.com initially a glamour we're in this together...remember aol got you online if you could afford the delays...people wanna know who's there exactly the ip address is good enough? not really.

a current youtube explosion of interviews/speaking talent yields garbage 'vow' however in a nutshell...we seek you anew in the meantime
'why we're no longer here'? we'll just see hafta see about that many greats - you know the typing?
a *burp-fart* ripped at both ends sos

stuff is so long no matter how much the interest~
they had 'downton abbey' on pbs - an ersatz? couldn't tell for enough of a revisit
homo you don't

very funny - you to forgive the botched type while seeking the original non sequitur (double-plus blank ?) and at-will
while the drawing was comical, the egg stuff was too hard to resist - shoulda considered sharing a single worm from the unoccupied nest?
their worms provided atop corn (the cob's 'hair') - the father-mother scareaway comes next

feeling guilty i remit the original was too involved for the laugh
one assumes a blackguard connection (you let your friends in at night? again?)
dolly 'madison' is a dark cameo image revealing no person, only you know who know who you are as 'login'
someone suggested those who work on madison avenue these days as reduced set 'um, no'
taking your 'carrion' - what is that? making a false tooth as repair with a braces-type band pulled around the tooth? cassion?
'dead and putrid flesh' as free from merriam's - no -
you get home to find you exchanged theirs for a leather then
five-finger discount? no price but refused bid in mexico [the nods turning you aside are worth the decline if not the kahlua]?
guessing, thinking too much 'carrion' threw me but the art was funny...
egg-cited by news of no eggs found?
examine your flying partners - a bit new?
the beach too?

pdq: 'you are a beggar' - no, we never beg - it shows others you couldn't possibly regard the person you're speaking to...try that 'same face' + 'broken mirror white terror' quipped from k.d. lang's 'kiss kiss kiss' you really understand however in an upside-down way? that's chynna goil...women let me beg for a home in the supermarket, you know...'oh, you die one night' david bowie 'it's no game'....

did you know that a 'japanese' girl seeking american duty farming can enter the country for $4,600 if she has a 'rooted' (no soils) job - no shit? not to pick on them, and it's cheapest by far...and why not we have everything else and nafta too?

'hey, mister whistler [a certified clock-watcher] - here comes the cinque au vin [chicken in wine sauce 'coq au vin' - the cheapest to serve] roulette and blackjack [no two skills but refusing an upward bid] builders of paradise [pardon us, miss mcdonald's mansion]' - abc 'lovers of life'

the lyrics might differ some - so what
not only wrong, we annex good stuff to be the fool
argue they may...

You Should Always Quote A Bit More Above Expectations - To Have Your Hopes Dashed Then Re-Established, Rubberband Back Through To October 2019 You Have It

'we don't have money'
you are niggers.