you don't need to do anything more kinda personal:
i see by e-mail a ream of paper is just $30 or so for 10 reams - is that good?
ask yourself - looks nice ain't cheap
do you think it's like corn sprayed on glass?
i like that - but you should see first
might crack the glass while spraying
tastes good
i heard bleach is horse piss - it's like that
giddy up i've got whites to do

all the world speaking plus sony sound:
this the first few minutes of sony's 'skyscraper' and thank you for nearly making me cry? the bomb so loud!
lose a leg like a bug meet your wife in surgery - how appropos - i love her
i left at that point i was in the wrong movie as early bird (one day early) anyway - was it 'mary poppins' tee hee
you're right back at it up a building in china or sumpin' nothing bothers you
thank you and the bomber too? his one crime was supposedly 'attrition' or not coming to the fray (usually no hiring within stance)
don't be so serious? i don't need you yet 'cut all the wires'

s" s"
mr dump makes it official - no knocking on heaven's door
can we be sure? yes, you can like a grave knows no more thank you
the iron girders across a note of surety that's real nice the work split with the city

thursday, october 10 just a bit past prime but all fees made to me the weekend's here - took advantage of sale prices at the supermarket (tacos? they're mine and last for days unless guest unfortunately not so many shells at home i dallied over hard, soft but white corn...declines me both unless sore about it) the seismic work was begun in my building adds asbestos or wwii spying devices for this ?? got someone's black crotch in the laundry room but that led to others-pleasures my camera obviously pronounce was found later that year in a pot in my kitchen and hey ! i'm still keeping up with the advances of electronics with the new 'govt-type' spy cam on e-mail 'smaller is better'...but anyway all comes out in the laundry if you aspire to such things i took french not greatly but only one need be here see that singular cone of vision ('nothing there' says small to big lyrics exposed a gray area)...the seismic work quite involved 'bless you too' maybe a pour to big black brace ? but we wait to see how all evolves...new page soon but see nothing just yet...i'm not part of your plans yet we'll wait...try it now....

'downton abbey' about where lady di resided ('i hate it still') was a great film - liked it alot it wouldn't end though, editor...see facebook grade 'a'
1) not a woman in it that wasn't frothy and interesting - not even one;
2) i don't know why people make these - is richly tailored and quite researched it seems a real troll of pronounce, local royal-type parades and their security issues at with;
3) some gay stuff - you like that its handling was interesting 'no bother' plus remote location dancing in the early 1900's...a kiss, a crime.


what? there's only rob zombie's 'it' and 'downtown place' in the running and i had rent to pay...next up: you made you and a guest see your own stuff for pay....
we'll let you know - it and khomeini both, actually.


from the la times - another convenience at $5.36 a month the pictures strangely made of a clarity
today it's the golden gate bridge 'even bigger' with notes of shifting priorites away from citations and court costs...'jail runs the world' hey that's for you, you know
you again.

convenience value - no waiting in grocery store lines (and hey - what about that strike?)
entertainment value - makes your wheels spin freely in the head (stuff you hate waiting for takes forever?)
real value - costs alot can't have it even you liked it? (makes 'em wait to know even if they do)
candace value - for brevity in exchange (no blacks featured on the box, you as matron get them to take it out of here anyway)
more labours from me soon? i, like the idle 'rich' (use avg age 93) paying hair-scorned but service-wide blacks at a grocery stand, may also be seen buying more water now no bubbles (or just heat surrounded then - no such thing as you entombed either, ask me how...acme)
no worries
afterthought plus past remisces: utility value - you get to use while others wait for its use (you know what to do with it or think about doing it alot to no thought)

to fool: love the stuff below - keep it coming
*itunes* has great bundles of movies for just $20 - you can't beat that - go see yourself then catch up with all the things i've seen not bad most of them and we mean it! go figure...'leprechaun'? 'back to tha hood' one and two? not bad.

just got cable in my bedroom to alt with the computer that has to matter much...you know me...you and me, them....

october 2019 page soon enough! oh, lighten up - lyin' ain't cheatin' for ya...s'what~ (say it fast like that my new humour line 'so wot') you lived better after that and for days on end! nigger.
forgive (for same as before)...terry also gave me 'two-ton n*gger' it's big and it's black...'a bridge' is the answer selfless with 'who killed jfk?' sprayed on it we'll leave it at that while i rethink stuff over again...'it's not right'...take a tip: 'j*ws for k*lling' is the alt phrase hindered...let it snow

i watched this little feature in essence over the last few days - actor shia labeouf doing promo - and the logo that was 'yellow teeth' at the helm i loved them at facebook one imagines
interesting little way for sampling the person and limiting talk? maybe not
i use tabasco brand for scrambled eggs hash brown potatoes and such (vinegar the flavor most dominant) and suggest with spicy foods that the opulence you seek is unwilling to remit
you're on your own - they served food here and that's good enough! the roster of performers suggests no need to bother me with it
thank you (and no more 'how to pronounce' talk gaborni sidibay - acid freak - to refocus on 'sidibe'...sid-di(b)e a long, slender knife in the side of eye...for a demon perceived)
p.s. just added asian pseudonym ken jeong to our viewing list - he's solemn about the mints there good survey...more later

sunday, september 22: assumes all went as expected with the equinox a problem or not, or no problem plus understanding how it might be...and you? we keep thinking...saw rotten egg 'hustlers' with jennifer lopez (plus some kim too! everyone who knows, knows usher looked greater than ever) read my careful review on dougie fresh's facebook page no need to talk i'm talking still...evidencing myself...forgive thy neighbor...my sin lavin...another daily indulgence, venial sin preparing of yourself made cost....

our guest speaker from waves and waves of black (as gifted only) talk is 'polive'...we place a grape or olive in the front of our closed mouth and agree with flair once and this second one as to the side - more knowing you than is usual? you'd hafta ask the grape....

nothing but news: the world about to endure its annual change of pace for the fall (for witches, is the autumnal equinox) scheduled for two (2) days from now the 22nd...i thought we had thursday itself on wednesday no one is to blame...basically our one-day swing-through changes the axis for halving the orbit around the sun...we re-align now...one swing through at each equinox? the equinox changes the axis what never changes in relation to the sun (belly up is summer we're heading belly down)...at last check, the thing morphant was sliding at me but not turning...a perspective or catcher's mitt....

the moon at the very end of the axis...on one side of the wheel? the other side, 'til morning...blah blah blah...one of my favorite moon sights is the olive on top the world more like a black hole...now see that....

not unrelated plus you may have paid too much declines england:
i will have my day
i will have my say

i will halve my day
i will have my say

that's a song by curve previously featured here - it's hard to get that eye of the moment to spring out and echo at the end!
keep playing - put the music before words
itunes england has most less this song

won't choose each other as on-site? things i've said or things my mother said (which do you like if any thoughts at all):

'better to have a few nice things than alot of junk.'
'drives across town to save ten cents.'
'champagne taste with a beer pocketbook.'
'you'll be out on your ass in a month.' versus buying a home out in bumfuck norwegia (if all is 'at touch') know better
why can you have and not me is the most prevalent theme while you wrestle with fishing bait [i like crabbing with fish heads - that's real only did it once though like most things associative i liked it enough and caught stuff too]

most popular ages in:
france 56
uk 92
america 96 (you bitches)

so old. no truthing is just as top faves.
i'll do more

no, i didn't wanna check if said earlier i'm still busy with those...we help you be happy where you are with what you got that's cheap...know better i like everything i like too...everyone likes a new ipad when they see it ('that's not mine').

great - aah's at sunset has in-fact re-opened and if briefly for halloween season at least - plan no returns just yet
at this part of sunset described to me aptly as a 'wharfside' at night, we welcome anything that doesn't end up with retailing itself?
no, redux is not enough, but we don't need anything as still bright and airy with lights and passersby to dinner-pub life
p.s. and psychically speaking, those standup cardboard characters are real in terms of company and they spent months with me until relocating elsewhere
i found out one was a spice girl (?) and that's cool but the underlying theme is goodwill? they would run outta here but they have the experience to draw from...
all express from rights 'until you bother someone'?
they didn't bother me specifically and the girl should be noted as no bother if a bag were necessary sometimes? no bother.
as angolan or sharp in the eye: 'sees, knows' - dM

a cameo of the original scooby doo staff - 'all you may ever need'
the best ghost and villains while you stare for no more - never do they unmask for anything real, but provides as its exit
better to pay and adhere the priest - there are bigger costs to real life and they live too
should you bother with me? 'oh, well i can pray too' correcting to father karras as 'exorcist iii' it made my day he's better at it too
alan: the leader, do-gooder asks you to be nothing more - owns that van, girl (though i often ask for near-rental quotes just walking by)
daphne: his girlfriend as acting in support of (he says no girlfriend...ok)
velma: the female science center is truly in danger as nearly blind
shaggy: always scared, always
scooby: can't talk like shaggy, is scared too
good luck - 'there is only fright'
hanna-barbera made too many superlative and laughable delights for us, is life itself if not living core? 'we never get paid, we're jail.'
and thank pu! for that
at least you can pay - they took that debt to society and the pay box [mind box] at-once with year 2000 terms in mind
don't challenge me again
let jail rule me
it does.

ends the siege: consider the basic lava lamp just $20 at aah's (or target them?) i love mine low light and still so many to guest of pleasures...have it still mine is blue water green candle luv it on my desk here....

achtfung if the august 2019 page is all you can think of after trying to install microsoft's security codes...i suppose i'll hafta do something else while i wait to see if i can still pay? can you still thrill if i do?

i can't believe you did stuff for me
i'd do it for you
people don't let people rise without getting the facts
maybe all is still well
fact is, i'm still all over the map
what to do?
what did you do?