office depot-max has three different dell screens right now: $99, $129, $159...monitors only...the last one lcd all dell great with used Mac mini - we love used mac mini with opt drives built-in
the note is for 'drug-whore' (his turd) terry jackson who needs a new screen for his mac mini but suppresses ads across the boards
self-contained computing units - towers not laptops - are here too screens all in one box all is in the screen somewhere
virtually no apple hardware - see best buy

honor columbus day shooting from the hip this october 2 - and welcome to the great dying i crave annually....

bleech you bosco - eat shit whole lot of nuttin': your savior hiked it over to stuart toyota on saturday morning only to remain hopeful today on mail payment? suggesting someone look in a drawer for mail is a crime these days it's no king's cross $2,500 in knickers but i held my stance i need one of them white top greens or at least terry's car from the honda dealer love that $10,000 white cobalt he took matching '777' and went on the lam citing some other boring fact you should have whooped me up near farrell's 1976-1986 in college trying to get some dirty polish-american ass rolled in nair ..boom boom boom the last day i poached one even the small print was planitive only as-and-or-even-coat i and having had de the last faggot nerve try their handerpants at it...ever kick the bowl? loots of people and niggers everywhere hanging the outcome if you talk - we kill la france trust that to fruit you bald motherfuckers...this the guy who wouldn't suck liam neesoms dick for pit-a-pats of curded butter good luck you die no christ on the cross don't you get the the whole albatross thing scorsese himself plays him i hope to see $5 to each of them years later he schemes me back with big business sean is a fuckin' genius now crush his car...they gave chris moon their '86 bmw and that wasn't shitty enough...cracked the windshield better at mcdonald's one night a real thinking man...when the sheer horror of sean's patronage went on a job hunt the next day shirtless you can thank me one needed to have him there....

radon poisioning the stinging parts matter as below sight a tornado placing all it's real i made it to break through, to break through the get used to it? all moves to hide on the moon in its whizzing by to water ball earth ursirus aquarius...dark matter of space it' s there

madonna does jimmy 'fallon' as scheduled sorry we're late...'the show must go on's' jimmy 'kimmel' the mother covers the basis who made them pay more in 'phantasm'?mommie shearedless 'a knife?'
kim kardashian? you mean elton's john's russian mail-by-order bride 'sharon' ann orson doing backup....
depinto below is 'dr, k' kevorkian material...any way sliced it is hero heard of helping
kim kardashian is no male nipples territory - never ta touch i'm learning
iovine is for gathering sheep toss in goats as 'irvine'...gloss quard

anthony depinto in 'halloween iii'...sorry for bothering you

reindeer brown chosen by me for the holidays or a car - a plastic bag of rice sealed, a piece of thick cardboard, a big piece of felt around cardboard what will beurge and melt forward, one cable tie, a box of tissues, two screws in metal rim on bottom after smooshing all in...steel wooled dumb acrylic flower off not here it sez 'i loved it'...hi jayne

my latest greatest conversion tissue box for the car or home a beanbag bottom....
stays put while you pull a tissue out i never buy these boxes ever for it

that's not the point i do one of these and get off two scews to undo the bottom cardboard, a bit of felt, cable tie
rice in plastic bag - vacuum cleaner died first hold the phone!

' blinded by the light | wrapped up [as in a blanket with someone you know] like a deuce [with you same risks trades until doubling down his bet while the other holds the line] another rumour in the night [you, your friend? who stayed on, who cared less in an unsavory market?]' - mannfred man (man for a man) that's kindness and your song better than thought tyler we love you i guess

serious catalog types shouldn't miss: grand in road 'blass it on' bill blass that is...'franks? thanks...swank party~ farts horming

newer oddball hearse ignoring mores and witlessly,fully gassing up on thursday morning 07/28 as i shopped for oven-fierce baked titty at 7-eleven and for egg croissants
like any the older bible in a hotel room ('when you're ready...') sez 'it's not my property' it'll be hands off for the likes of richard again 'i hated women....'

downed stop sign at sam's club 07/29 - my mother runs to something there as i labor slowly
thought the $2.38 price for a fred flintstone-sized flank of rib meat was right on the money demanding she get one she knew better that is the per pound price she said 'no' and bought it anyway
you rub it down with trader joe;s coffee-can rub a gift from me....busted a patio tabletop i was drilling for an umbrella the bitch waited 'til i walked away (they went shopping and i move in on it) then it popped the question all over the place very comical this hole the lead i have a drill bit set you'd complicate sex don't know me i do or dine what do i care serving rare shits on yellow-bellied skin? i'll plexiglass from underneath one dry cunt...

thank u mutato: kevin bacon very austere (no meddling)-astute (knows to) is john hancock of insurance fame - get that! loved the mutato commercial i featured is number one the at&t logitech brand julia roberts aka olympia dukakis brilliant more crying sally, debbie reynolds? see - what do you know....burt is dom dekuise he says sally now you're crossing into the abyss she is wildlly popular flying nun...'mrs. doubtfire' follows her divorce's not okay nobody cares...

'fatter than fat, even fatter than that' - dr. seuss with disney's 'fantasia' now streaming on netflix i merely fantasized ever about it ever thank theater disney

diabetics need note honey in kit kat white i love 'em and eat them anyway - throw them away if simple nausea or throws for faraway made with grass sometimes a big infernal mess here a wheat they say 'doesn't grow in winter' - that is where it grows steadily you guess wrong, fish hate grass they eat wheat naturally see it come...

mind, body, spirit

my scattered notes to the dead and publishing ideas while at the hospital:

rules of the road:
half a circle or color wheel only heading right;
on top is midnight on bottom is noon - there can be no white at the stoke of midnight, no black at the stroke of noon no extending the designated mixed message past demark;
each minutes hand along the way the very same but continuum there are twelve blocks of black and white up the minutes hand to arrow what is a line on-top and around the clock...
there is only one minutes hand at three o'clock divide evenly; only one the lateralus; a second in time is a white and a dark or wait in a count...
the hands blend to form black with a curve measured in time five up like five out - you don't make black or white it's the same line like pages in a book one after the other the same line forms black a curve in the center white is the vacuous upper part in the corner
the only complete strip of the black and white cherebord is the lateralus on right or three o'clock
this the same line out at every angle there are 245 but form the continuum of line that evidences black and white
five lines on bottom, five lines up and linked by the first vertical and last horizontal the exlusions of black and white decide which and where
there's nothing but black there at midnight...
now - clap off (or then noon)
p.s. the line up the number three or 'lateralus' is one - have one by plot with each interval or sto along the way if necessary but statement and its inverse should be evident - you know where to start with a black pen just past twelve - each of two hundred forty five angles in available to end black and white talk forever...

this the forward link

three great random words or names from mom's past: robert louis stevenson, chestnut, lois...use at will

god over says he gets the digestive tract or ailmentary canal to flow backwards with that bird shit flavor i now hate - no eggs in a greenish cake attempting to map heavy farts in the jehovah's witness council - i hate that smell period i have it now no cherish but have had diabetic priests issue it in their own home 'or rectory' no pun that smell now from my home too from me...close your eyes here's a better a black tile floor lain in squares in the 60's with pink, yellow, and aqua-marine parfait i can't get a sample captured (ours putty only - but already most floors sampled well here) but it'd really stands out for me a little party place has a certain smell deads end houses 'round ours have them 'for blessings' you don't hafta pretend either...for little ones or just living? someone adds about green eggless bread stink 'it's the piss' shit is piss to me rudely, but um...i ate ate eggs mustsa refused them in the turd baker this id pancreas not liver this you didn't know that what does a pancreas smell like - chicken livers? ok it think a decoy puts shits out hoping to have?

gotta end the madness with contacting apple computer online? the fiercest url for any business of account is '' and you always start out dot com - know to avoid it.

scott and terry last month great picture thought i was gonna hafta call triple aaa for a trip
we just gave eddie (of eddie's donuts, hamilton avenue polka dots chambers street intersection...formerly buxton's yes) the tour of terry's place - new beginnings?
fortunate only we are
p.s. scott is also our goodlooking hero in 'phantasm' the first film as jody pearson he is with general electric somehow, lg

junk nearly sunk: this is the stridex pad-tucks (aka 'the tucker' 'round town) verdict still a wood kinda detritus from the infection that rose in me
the back of the leg where socks cover me only sheds a very cold inside-type water you can see and then sop up

what do you think would you call it - 'scabies'? scumbags in love know there are painless water-milk filled pimples that pull right open-off from the groin area when you have a good lay i've had lots and have never been sustained to a hurt todd 'douglas' fraser and i used calamine lotion and 'rid' from robert 'henspert' cooper who got it from a doctor but is questionable youth my age nothing fails one-time applications and bad jokes only oop!
between leg and groin are pimples you can't see 'em there a gift for having it good?
pictures taken today 09/27 to show a dick and balls swollen but like any piss pain released to a hospital-toilet finally one day
the stinging is lateral veins cut in a line by screwing plate down against vertical stance - one vicious slice across after that never do i feel dragging or anything else
cleaning mid-stream?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------you stink anyway

frustrated in the balls with at&t's online access 'my at&t' do they hate you-me? quick tips i finally got smart there: do not use an e-mail address of any type to give yourself a favorite login name - no addeccos '@' - period - need apply; mine a single value name 'dougmoon' went right through and easily enough they tell you someone else has it no matter what genius you use until you get it right...the secret passcode, a simple mention only probably over the phone to prove it is you quietly your favorite pin number that granted you flawlessly or the one most often shared with card holders although refused a second lady of the haus, needs to be siphoned out against phone calls right now - we come to rest somewhere knowing all about each other how many deeply-wounded friends do you have to share shopping food with? alot of security questions pro-forma and delightfully cruel are on the equivalent of 'the price is right' money wheel in glitter on the bottom - even state abbreviations are here 'don't get mad, get serious!' try and stay with it and help others out of this rut with a computer hag 'people want people' i don't...the correct answer is diamler here rounded outward or most forward prominent on a wheel moved up and down, then say 'done'...first grade teacher? 'mrs. hughes' wife of the real mr. hughes james mason himself...barry kaye does that mostly...'um, yes' the mcdonald's man...'brady bunch' too...

p.s. use the zip code from mail aproven only, that is mail in print from at&t only - do not be the hero updating information get your online account first - use the zip and account number they publish only the last digits plus four is like something they know not you regard as such...leave the four off always your housing unit number staggered for mail carriers...

do not edit my website ever i'd beat your ass, that...your concerns are not mine

for a good cause nice folks good food trust that

got the 2001 mercedes done today - brilliant - loved their workers too
mom lets me drive it everywhere and keep it for nights on the town

for art sense - outlined lamp 'tetrazolla'

this a ganguin turtle head - big with art men makes waves
not quite japanese - patagonia?
brothers johnson do these....

sandra bernhardt = mrs. pavlik my great grandmother - we see her 'in heaven' kinda.....and i avoid her scrutinies alot she's not young usually but a gift to me a friend you wouldn't know

'bad santa 2' is george harrison that's his mother we call him 'patrovic' for mary pasternak the woman who inspired archie bunker's maude is mary pasternak or the woman in tv's 'wings' sitcom a far funnier woman...

allentown, new jersey exit 7a: my yearbook as editor-in-chief 1981-1982 school year - millions of thank you's due
the theme was popular 45 rpm records of the time as the approved title was 'a year on record' leave it to me i'm very proud
one gifted artist val vishnevsky is the girl who does arcadia's (duran duran's) 'goodbye is forever' record cover - she does it all
' could be | an earful | i will | take the fall | could be | an inner-fold | i will | play bored | down here | in a hole | i will | save them all | out there | in the cold | i will | play ball ' - curve 'die like a dog'


' i'm just trying not to die like a dog
living alone, wheezing from the smog
i'm just trying not to die in vain
help me no more -
stake my claim ' - toni halliday, their lyricist

1 - a bullet in your head for passing others in life so gaily; 2 - the cars 'cruiser' from 'shake it up' is unavailable to me lyrically long after buying sight unseen - was red and green inside sleeve 1982 'alone in jets | and big vignettes' somebody quirky like lyricist ric? or 'a loan in jest' from a cop...we think you're gay it asserts 'put on your chrome dome' it shouts the magnetic wired window siren on the roof...

we submitted our world's finest order application by e-mail today 09/25 stay tuned~

my breast bowls from target 'michael graves' back in baby's arms
dirty? that's your screen, girl
bed bath and beyond has 'em a set to peruse, purchase right here silicone is milk dried fast

who are you? been peeing myself silently a room-size view

mom at the pancake house i didn't eat breakfast i had lunch and asked about funnel cakes - make any?
i was just telling mom that bruce jenner 'was no bother'...marathon-wise

eddie the husband 'the holy family'
best such portrait ever with halos? grandma pivarnik's fireplace mantle - rempi gh brandt?

here's terry 'birthday boy' from the 14th - who is he? the angel that never agrees or runs away 'montgomery'
he would be hank keller, only

is this good luck? don't hurt yourself flying in
the greenish pole rammed in your face sure ain't

michael's crafts gearing up with fake poinsettias are a blast of cold air by the window looking out for me
that is you isn't it?

madonna to be on jimmy kimmel tomorrow? we'll be there...

watching 'la la land' now cute little film - junky like nostalgic displaced kids made it then made excuses stay tuned...he gets her a stridex pad and writes songs flavently...

directions to griffith observatory, griffith park: on the way to glendale from the basin, take franklin avenue (one above sunset against foothills) to western avenue at the light turn left curve right hook in the road and move easterly on los feliz to griffith park entrance enter left on vermont avenue head up in past the greek theater on left one big theater entrance in the flats (k.d.lang, olivia newton-john) past that follow the road up into a tunnel and once through turn left that's parking for the planetarium...if the tunnel doesn't block the entrance at night it is because it is after the turn off on left - this one looks fake folks with no lights inside be careful...the hollywood sign is seen past here the tunnel in great approaching though by car be underneath the rumour is that the letters are a height of three pieces each at sixty-five feet per just one of the parts how big to be seen is a god thing hundred fifty feet is good measure a ferris wheel above trees halfway...all the street lamps are there every night...the observatory seen best from below looking up kenmore avenue...we don't have have the side rooms beware disappointment even if can't get in - the pendulum and the backside cityscape marvels us the bushes downhill grubby but touchable...easily related runyon canyon walking park of heights at the top of fuller avenue during during the day at franklin in hollywood i lived there for years...

shakespeare's sister 'stay' produced alan moulder (sean caravelli, unless toni halliday pulls the plug - her name to bestow)
it's hard to get cold compress on any day and thus healing
her motto: 'you're dying and i'm gonna die - why ask me to come now i'm no one'

counting crowes 'mr. jones'
unmistakeably, scotland's van morrison proving once and for all he's transcended his own death fairly enough - i guess
unmistakeable talent, one unhappy person 'a shit in a shoe'

for wrapping candy bars a bit of research...the broken ipad view
terry's birthday breakfast is on today at the original pancake house 11:00 or so route #1 near here
plan: take in as much chocolate stack it and sell it with friendlies get it all in here first

hospital gown print is compelling

the planning post for nurses each day new
the food horribly bland but experience got us through and we planned for better done

i love this tape and steal it quite often

i lived in a virtual tent alone for two weeks i could stay forever trust that me in my office eating and singing cocteau twins abernathys up to curve
terry brought me full-on panda express one day two sides orange chicken and chow mein not rice
the chow mein was kinda hard...

someone black in housekeeping broke my ipad 2 surely enough as i watched
$320 to fix a $230 machine wi-fi from ebay now regularly $340
it factually works better in a rubber bag with tape across it to hold heat and apply - get that

the better fit? 'i'll fix it up there and bring it back here he said with a with a clever lie...'

the purest breaking bread piss since canada reeves spokaned on water
we want melted ice as tap water the finest coldest tap water no sheen

jamaican socks and you thought 'just yellow' anti-slip
the floor is ikea only this a mcdonald's covenant house for cooking chefs fully funded for work, really
aids hate wouldn't treat us right - no one gets it though
back to fun times 'no one asking me not to'

mom was good about everything like she knew what to do always

a good locking device from a laundry bag drawstring

i woke up one day unable to go and piss shackled in these simply illegal i was dressed and ready to go while i slept deeply- however the rubber foley was excellent exterior installed nothing urethra thanks - love that rubber sucking on me piss

handerpants to keep legs thin they can be dry and hurt
i may hafta play my mother madonna sometimes i guess for her mother - neil does it

the very reason i was admitted yelling out i couldn't stand it inflated stinging me'
believe it or not, liz fraser my grandmother washed me weiner as younger betsey johnson a new york stage actress and with pills? now i understand our next door neighbor with dogs a bit better...
alot of mentions this week and last - richard as prince one or the other

trump's childhood home we speculated 'was in queens?' texas? arizona? a distance in from a bad something near water i'd say
he tells me personally then i try and think it out...
hillary clinton was around walking me and doing therapy? who am i? donald t. trump a triumph or 'decided win' as god says


god says the eucemin bread stink 'who farted, fayed?' is mos like bird shit and flows backward in the body to link things up...get new guts i'd say

note i'm now trying 'toffifay' for the first time ever a tray of twelve candies is like $2.39 at target, bitch...point is, they're like i make an ocean - for bleedin' - a crisp yet stale tostada bowl of sandfish but reinforced high up and with dabs of crude oil point?

god said the depressed flora skin or edema that get gets molded easily pushing down is for 15 minutes of outward effect - get that

the straight up family history - the one you crave eat me mom was always real pretty get that~

to prove i'm me now that you're done skidding out:
'our family' the wedding-gift first and last elaborate photo album with facts/immunizations
intro page for first-born doug fun and facts
hate that nigger singing - a put-down? s.h.i.t. seems, has is this~ mrs. girandola not too long ago
while some say neil the borrowed child nine years our senior was brighter-better, i had no hair to speak of...yardley, pa
me and mom on couch her plain paper frames give way to mosaic tiling in-time i love mosaic she had lots - the furniture is cuban with plastic bits and wool of weaves stroking it out
grandma pivarnik (um, 'bette davis' for 'be better than me mean it forever' she never mentioned it ever) with hair held out held me in a wall-mounted flat mirror next to the kitchen over the dining room credenza 9 orchard lane, middlesex, nj
me in bathing bassinet surprised you'd ask 'he pees alot' you diaper apes too much yardley
me mom and dad 41 probasco drive, allentown, nj exit 7a uncle paul her brother is around too...
me with santa at sear's and roebuck complex, mill hill - now is dmv with circular car ramps?
me vacationing rudely at seaside heights our family resort in new jersey everyone pays to be on the beach period it's that good
me at corner of the 41 probasco drive house with baseball jacket on
me and mom on one early christmas day only (kindergarten) her style is ursula andress
my first communion st. john's patty rosansky is the girl she grows cabbage out of town slightly a green house with a breexeway todd serfass (rod stewart, ron wood) lived across the street with me alot he was sexier trust it
we think beautiful father atzert was mr. rogers too - he is at least todd 'schuler' a beautful man who hurts me a neighbor
aunt jeannie (barbra streisand), grandma moon (shirley temple, mae west, patti page, diana ross, peggy lee), and grandma pivarnik...sherry and mark jeannie's kids
me and brother scott and sear's mill hill with santa
me skinny on christmaa morning third grade? front handlebar basket for schwinn stingray shaker maker mold kit, quick shot, trusmoke dumptruck. king ding-a-ling, hang-on-harvey - mom says same tru-smoke given in august for my birthday that erotic a toy
me flannel pajamas tattered and leslie the first christmas with toys ideal big wheel, 'lost in space' robot black-red, talking dr doolittle doll with string, strange change machine, bikes etc. - there was just one before us all colors tree centered in room - look for spotlight or color wheel
- the parents never enjoy us, ever - we still enjoy all they have for us given to the letter of saint...i love solemn beginnings, wordy wrapping stuff!
the girl gets cheated bad and we all laugh and lay between her legs too later on 'good enough' says the doctor new pill kit in white alligator plastic
tricycle, hooded floral jacket, big dumb doll, ironing board not one thing extra - is young, a tattler
we've got to stop christmas from coming, it says we wait for the day always
the blue décor was e-gorgeous! a halon for someone who died? the tree skirt a party dress with plasma (blood) stain
mom hangs cookies in the tree too they are more than delicious with margarine stakes a wreath with green powdered sugar icing by milk and half maraschino cherries as bow parts on bottom
me and leslie at 41 probasco drive summer cut
us four kids with mom on christmas day - she looks great and I love spanish chair in the living room upstairs don't get too comfortable? source: einstein moomjy on route #1 lawrenceville, nj
mom with her new toni tenille haircut at my confirmation to christ ceremony 1977...pre-eminent hair is everywhere you look dorothy fleming, Jennifer aniston
me and brother scott given boxing gloves for chrisrmas the old tall man still alive he died in january 1974 a smiling corpse no talk just smoking a pipe
'will you still need me, will you still feed me when i'm six feet four?'
he is john lennnon, fool
they mix and match
me and scott at grandma pivarnik's with cousin michelle the one other girl leslie Kristine not shown is christmas eve dinner
41 probasco drive uncle paul my sponsor for confirmation in 1977 - neil mentioned one or other neil was getting pretty in 1979 he was with us at christmas
chris moon our youngest and hillary rusnock (jennifer aniston's little sister) their youngest 1976 in a boat i borrowed from a scout master across the street mr. gossard - mr. gossard drowe Volkswagen buses only
us four kids at easter one year probably '77 - i walk this two-legged bird made of jar lids and pom-poms a fascinating fad then
great vinyl smells in our backyard above-ground pool installed one rainy summer day fruit salad that day? watermelon, cantalouope, honeydew in shell - doug leslie scott
doug sixth grade portrait 1975-1976 school year
our first family outing to great adventure - grandma just back from Hawaii in 194vthe park still private the best day picnic there ever was in 1976 before corporate six flags with rusnock's on my birthday i loved it and was of age then twelve years old...riding home up and down hills karen's all 'i'm going to see elton john at the sprectrum' - not onloy that he's gonnna call security for what you did...
forty-one probasco drive in script above the door eventually the house would be painted mocha nail's influence - me in my sear's eagle's nfl poncho sear's are sexy scott got creepy teams dolphins usually we lost a halloween thoroughly to this weather then no makeup though i waited in the door 1974 the say 'cause i 'died'
me and mom again confirmation 1977 st. john's, allentown nj - allentown equals kurt cobain's bethlehem in pennsylvania nearby what is neil's as given sam kinison the elf he is a commonwealth
my sister leslie riding swiss bob at the shore pier lucky leo's - there is nothing more exciting than lucky leo's period she keeps taunting me with i[ts destruction a storm
me and brother scott a mercer county community college park iceskating rink a winter destination with paris hilton sheila saperstein and ron wood too...chris ondy our elvis...hey they got a friendly's ice cream here in florida get that
our vacations two in north carolina were cute and naturally lovely the dough-boy crabs in the surf all before jaws we had full-on sharks too
pecoraros went with us camping too - i had chafing on my red and blue striped belly staying in bungalows we rented with keys in sand hill wilmington
buried up to my neck my idea my rate
us kids when aunt judy came over
me and the unfinished garage at 41 probasco drive the cat pulls down the insulation to wipe his ass near the litterbox
the girls - mommy - were lovely i make 'em stay at home only work later if will i want her home with me
then i want something else i never get to know about money ever not me i'm god trust that all provision all feelings tamed a priest may come neil is david soul too 'how you doing' his brother comes around late at night
bahamas? she's dating priests with her healthcare bosses around - all is in check her flights outta philly featuring her scary bridge over philly harbor, fires, friends with boats caught unawares...i don't know anything 'bout setting sail for new horizons
1976-1977 school portrait like kevin bacon a bit austere
the two boys look great in a picture i myself orchestrated at olan mills, hamilton, new jersey in 1986 jews supposedly frame the person you masturbate most too as inset - no one here we don't fuck other people may live better
cut to me with leslie's husband and as i appeared married terry's and his parent's are here 1193c onward
someone to take care of thoroughly~
me and my dad at christmas around 1995 - nice shirt me
i was laid off at ucla at the end of 1997 terry loved it i had three months severance october through december we'll worry later i make $50k he less
me and nephew zachary at christmas at leslie's prior to 1998
scott me and chris at leslie's christmas party
mom and her husband ed together we are the jesus holy family you seek with halos - fact that he st. john
when mom retired i retired, kinda
we are proud and a chinese god, really
me and pregnant sisted delivering neil he died - will deliver who died
she is dauschau or the pen laden to me
neil was never hers- gwyneth paltrow aunt mary is his real mother refusing faggots i'd say
they are puerto rican hard russian in stance
many pics at mom's uncle jim's in upland, ca around year 2000 before he up and died- we went to disneyland that day after dining
he met us there as young is all i could say new orleans section the boy is pretty trust that german mother dark-ish father
my type only
terry's parents with us lefterly at sunday brunch on the patio sunset boulevard 'butterfields'
terry (no full name - is 'montgomery' an angel like expert sous lee montgomery 'girls just wanna have fun') and my mother
terry and me
me with lemons at uncle jim's in upland way back - this old woman's all 'microwave them' we need the real daughter the rich one 'corinne' likes germans? to instruct us maybe old too?
mom's backyard prenuptials 09/21/95 at 18 creek rim, titusville, nj she won't can't blend assets maybe later he's richer? his mother helen kamienski too?
i was told no gifts - you got two roundtrip plane tickets, route #1 hotel, and car rental for us anyway california paid for alot including us gay folks - i tell women nevermind reveals without their man - me - you gotta hurt bad - they will - all you've taken for granted a guest of theirs only
we never borrow much here - you hafta go back home most often i don't
the most i've ever had in the bank for spending freely? five grand by hook or by crook that's just a pot of money for me terry was granted alot with cars paying off school loans - i made more our money was pooled however a gay glamour
one last dullard of me 'what - what?!?' see faggots're just outta touch with sames not the way to go

-----------------------------------more later>the

i love 'world's finest' chocolate more than m&m's for fundraising period (great looking stuff we sold alot of everything in high school - ate alot i hadda pay for too) picking boxes of it up for free at the student center - krispy bars my favorite - for a prom not a trip (but i love it when people die abroad one of my fancies look at sister mr. fish um, ryan seacrest obliged with neil by stepping on 'a seabag' he calls it a rubber bag of heroin needles under the nearby surf...a death lading) still getting the facts christmas club my informal but steadfast selling theme a check for $40 for shopping so what? you'd appreciate that i'll handle it you sell my arm off in october november...sixty pieces...40/50% take you'll get it banks got rich $5 coupon deposit a week april through november 10 or so...a check for christmas shopping issued on demand at the bank no palpable interest just spending money...look here for now for clip art the past offences made to me i like the english look 'don't get mad + get peevin' with crown +.....doubleplusgood double your money plus good feelings (eurythmics '1984' the year big brother turned twenty....) secure chocolate sell it everywhere you go only' get $8 items chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered almond pastels certainly valid, chocolate caramel squares in candy-dish assort otherwise $1, $2...we expect a fort lauderdale-type distribution outlet for coming and going too fast buy buy banks coupon book? green tape on left spine, santa hat santa rosy bearded face on white gloss cover with script pinretto in green 'christmas club'...tear-out coupons...all joy getting there unscathed and shopoing for friends and family...nothing too extravagant mind you party atmospheres...

christmas clip art from to climb the roof over!

back home from hospital now - all is well and good nice stormy day could set up shop at st. lucie and live there easy enough! really an employee's place trust that...mcdonald's chef argument...real classy...they need your blood it seems...hillary clinton takes me for short walks not what she seems again...what do i know? betsey johnson is a nurse and so is helen pecoraro who signed me out...lots of famous that billy ocean? ethan hawke doctors the wi-fi online...thanks, fool

rainy glory this early friday, september 22...glorybox

to honor folks who make pickle slices for mcdonald's and contracts trader joe's stuff - great-tasting refrigerator pickles from '' (7 cups worth you'd say...get 'ball' jars ready the basement shelf too 1/4 cup each serving - like any self-squeeze of orange juice, you need to convey any perils removed versus unhandings of guilt or understandings unshepherded....
6 cups thinly sliced pickling cucumbers (about 2 pounds ideally from a local fruit or vegetable stand)
2 cups thinly sliced onion
1 1/2 cups white vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeded player
1/2 teaspoon celery seeds
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

place 3 cups cucumber in a medium glass bowl; top with 1 cup onion. repeat procedure with remaining 3 cups cucumber and remaining 1 cup onion. combine vinegar and remaining ingredients in a small saucepan; stir well. bring to a boil; cook one minute. pour brine over cucumber mixture; let cool. cover and chill for at least four days. pickles can be stored in refrigerator for one month. like any candiote secht each successive offering must be sale-worthy when finished and furnished for mealls perhaps as gifts made they taste great!

the father charles a. is undergoing cardiac endocrine exams this very week he is eighty until november 1 all souls' day...

09/20/17 steven turner mnuchin secretary of the treasury we now have wells fargo checking account access with atm card in our the hospital still....we'll institute online presence in a day or two...hope it helps me out now signed 148-56-9407...taxes due at cash present are no bother a w-9 at one percent of one percent reported or w-4 requires payment to be taken seriously the funding is suspect you or me otherwise let's talk or otherwise 424-326-6261 we're counting on you all to collect spaces in our heads as called into appropriate behaviors signed et al...$350 is no bother...certificate is not needed as yet...

september 21, 1995: mom and ed kamienski (um, ' baldasari') are celebrating their anniversary on this date - appropriately they were married with our attendance in the backyard of 18 creek rim drive up river knoll i was there supporting cast, sure so was my friend terry from grand marais, mn on lake superior who just celebrated his 53rd birthday on the 14th of september godsend scott goodman the 18th her original marriage to my father twenty-seven years her senior and spurring my birth was not far from here at washington crossing inn our property and lifestyle is everywhere you look i love it here...who wouldn't?

still waiting for summary discharge and breakfast (love jello cups now fascinating size that), wednesday, september 20 - tomorrow denotes fall last day of summer is there waiting...

monuments we've visited (that is I've seen with my own eyes):
washington monument
the white house
statue of liberty
liberty bell
the gateway arch
the alamo
hoover dam
golden gate bridge
duluth aerial bridge mn
valley forge pa
chapel hill boston paul revere's grave boston commons
christ church philadelphia ben franklin's grave
bowman's tower
niagrara falls (the parents honeymooned here i loved it in november 1986 and all)

look for 'apple clips' with ios 10.3.4 a step up late mismanaged - cartoons video clips some

ambrosia or five-cup salad make some today --------------
1 cup sour cream
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 cup mandarin oranges
1 cup walnut halves
1 cup coconut shredded

best place to get logitech revue with google tv and no computer required beyond wi-fi now then has some new toaster box for $60 or just about...reception-wise

money-making chocolate sales? see 'world's finest chocolate'

the finest portable m3 player sans apple is bose's lexar 256 mb sd expandable handheld digital mp3 music player

bloody disgusting alert:the 'puppetmaster' dvd collection to end all collections $250.00....see full moon

welcome new tropical storm 'maria' on tuesday the 18th my supposed discharge day...the ipad 2 wi-fi i use here ($230 ebay) bit it at the hands of a housekeeping person it hit the floor and shattered but is under's price for a new glass or screen?.$249.00 plus $6.95 shipping fee...a new unit is about $320....

doug moon's sat scores november 1, 1980: 520 verbal / 480 math tested the day after my halloween party never do others discomfit with their sex of complications a rule when worlds collide

get to for mini doughnut makers white chain box and fryers with basket holders...

we recommend tucks suppositories for infections of the groin people play it dumb around your pain being innocent...or not so astute...funnily enough, they cite 'witch hazel' or hazelnut the legendary brown parsed 'nigger toe' for relief i take that threat in these might be spider mites on plants now in the underwear alone by stinging death stabbing hearts...use densitin it says? mercy me...the date palms will be first unveiled as christmas trees at target too cheap four shoots all glory...

meet california's third gender 'the boniface' they don't drive much are less astute and round in the face - no such fees driving means no having to get around them we went public mass transportation we love each other...

bitcoin explained: a layaway of types - six layers of serious appreciation towards acquiring sense releases all good to you as seriously pursuant a contributory essent...

bloody disgusting: a puppet master collection to top all collections $250 limited edition through full moon productions!

eight weeks digital duty at los angeles times is still free alter your e-mail address if prior they have my credit card number anyhow free...

matzoh balls from scratch sickness and health: a few saltines regular mashed in a bowl, an egg, a teaspoon of vegetable oil....drop balled and or chilled in boiling chicken bullion or stock and serve in a bowl of soup stock in minutes as placed...where did encounter these? just like sony's two hundred dollar speakerphone in the late 80's, someone i dated fell ill and got a take-out from canter's jewish delicatessen on fairfax a see-through quart container of matzoh ball soup like your mother made it...

sight vision versus 'seen' has revealed gossamer at many a length now - alot of ghost shards as glass moving around and gossamer or spider webs infinitely and intricately placed at distances like plains of meager ability perhaps stepping stone...add movie 'coralline' at netflix the mother's mother doing time with the young girl a studio length of apartments when where....nice...her sewn-in button eyes good advice for less taking ridding pain pinholes but so much to master like 'lift nothing to your face'....we're here somewhere...

at the banner above through 09/23 or sun - tues doorbusters
20 % off one qualifying item free shipping at $9.99 threshold...
brenton brown studio chair doorbuster $59.99 vinyl chair replace wet, diseased, and flat prior sets now!
hp office jet pro 6978 $99.99
brother laser printer mono laser $69.99-$99.99
'friends don't sell friends an epson printer' d moon hp enthusiast
logitech wireless mouse m187 $9.99
logitech wireless mouse keyboard combo $19.99
logitech wireless keyboard $24.99
samsung 24" led monitor $139.99
hp 27" monitor $199.99
samsung chromebook $189.99 11.6"
office 365 home $79.99
talk to you
see serta icomfort chairs

see my response to our need for a pre-amp and speakers out on the lanai or enclosed patio here at best the price is right for safety-minded folks lm innovations outdoor speakers plus receivers the wires routed out of doors way too thick to be motivated by a stereo with simple output power plus safety...the issue was the electromagnet or positron within has to push off the ametron or resident magnet in back then refract sharply enough with spare ohms or on the meter distance or resistance...

the barometer a lovely guide to earth and sky something more captured in-between....something there you see it

dry chinese noodles? we love wontons (crispy chun king noodles) and plum sauce out and about that is cantonese red and gold style....year of the dragon etc...shrimp noodles dry white and wavy help make mee krob with special sticky sweet and sour preparations...know oyster sauce is good too broccoli and beef or shrimp....egg drop soup is simple fare too...simple yet satisfying...try potstickers from the grocers freezer section too sprinkle with soy sauce...steam 'em water and oil anytime of the day....

i was not only editor-in-chief of both yearbooks 8th grade and 12th grade, I was art club co-president we don't hafta share but we do...many supporting roles along the way in diction and freedom or citizenship...

new facebook insert 'our family'...our family leatherbound by app 'slide lab' promises work though...
this stuff, while-heart rending as falls by the side is packed full of good shit got to lift it to my server as just five megs or pounds per taking on see it soon my mom was so pretty me normal i nearly cried like i was dying 'so strong myself' as a lyrical stevie nicks in waiting i wanted this album seen bad each picture nearly a pleasure trust me...

'if i had nuthin', i could go to target and be happy' - dM never a day too soon - never

target sale items week ending of 09/23:

$279.00 kitchen aid ultra power plus stand mixer heirloom aqua marine like our first kitchen and phone....formica
$79.00 kitchen aid spiralizer attachment
$31.99 kitchen aid hand mixer color coordinate
bogo 20% apple itunes cards
$27.99 'wonder woman' dvd jason bateman
$17.99 revlon reflect heat volume blow dryer
20% car seat trade-in allowance one-time
$15.00 corelle starter set plates...pure americana from oven to microwave I had them
$39.99 lg rebel tracfone no contract smartphone online account new number pre-pay cheap
$10 for 3 bottles tropicana real orange juice blends
$5 for 2 bags doritos frito lay or 2 boxes cheez-it varieties
$5.99 each starbucks ground coffee when you buy three

---------------------------the end p.u.

of odd note at

apple $12.99 lightning 3.3' usb cable
apple $54.99 lightning display av adapter - remind all is available at target, reasonably
hp celeron 14" screen like target silver $199.99...4gb 16gb hard drive chromebook intel
save the trip, too
note the mac mini employs two screens easily enough an intel processor - see circa 2009 at ebay $100 solid albacore

who's the nigger? weezy jefferson asked edith to pick up her lottery tickets at the store 'cause she couldn't shop for herself that day - who won later on?

early saturday morning, september 16 still hospitalized st. lucie medical

join me getting hi-c ecto cooler from ebay they have plenty...take a tip

wednesday,september 13 around noon sitting in my hospital chair begging forgiveness for vomiting yesterday and last night very catharctic however

took down the shutters promptly yesterday after a whole week of storm mayhem and then it was back to the hospital for me...thinking the storm prompted delays i waited all week with massively swollen balls to recede i couldn't even walk from scrubbing, pruning, or the storm so the time was now to rule all out no one was here and i remain grateful in an icu unit on tuesday after lunch....see you

the storm irma was vicious when it finally got here the water sheeting and exploding simply...

another great login screen from hp!

greatest ever: thai iced tea....mee krob chicken shrimp appetizer only!

elton john 'this train' promo - thank you scott wilkins
love the brown eyes behind pink lenses look...

sell? you was sold.

please - the party's on we are now boarded in fully
this is my room

this was the first serious preparation day all manner of lockheed
amazingly eddie was allowed to put shit up - is mental

every door-window denied certs you sit and wait within
weather beeps just issued via satellite 5:54 pm 09/08/17

so there

simply bewitching - real?

stevie nicks 'greta'

best skateboarding site:

ladies choice: not to be ignored among 99-cent store choices family dollar, this sly hammer set provides small-time criminals as much as slyly unawares...

phillips head (1), flat head (1), flat head (2) - to find within like russian dolls

connect with my facebook issues - do it now ''

just learned to edit better in ipad and iphone i guess - these move the cursor only for letter-character changes in a string...">" and "<"

a genuine laptop picture on september 7 - waiting for destruction in jensen beach from 'irma'
i guess

looking back wth kevin bacon at mutato - love this and att's logitech revue - thank you

other favorites: ---------------------
comic-cons (featuring among 'vin-cent', 'johnny-tech', 'average in time', 'brava linn sulphurs'...'baldazar', 'gunball', our own 'angry birds' named out)
nabisco versus ikea
an udderly yellow submarine
adds: vera wang

big-deal christmas day release at netflix 'gangs of new york' daniel day lewis, liam 'dracula' it is all new to me good start...more: this film is event - beautiful - you don't hafta go begging! martin scorsese directed this christmas day release in 2002 and by all accounts cameron diaz daniel day is christ never eating too much controversy and holding up well henry thomas not so bewildered as leonardo dicaprio lost in it all they spared lives here while shooting ugly down for a few hours on holiday turf - why did christ die? nobody wanted it...for his sins of being there remote comfort had enough in dining rooms and age of content...dicaprio wouldn't even settle on being him christ said i didn't wanna hurt people but he did and he ran~ scorsese chowdered dicaprio the whole time what are you gonna do? what brought to the film? diaz was shining and alone to it...

happy labor day monday, september 4

fingerling at target this week: hp chromebook 14" silver $199.99 - see it, other $50 printer yet

09/03 the story of joan kroc to coincide nicely with the death of dougmoon or other incidence...nobody values the macdonald brothers like joan kroc who saw them as a means to an end usually - no stock broker used them as well... when driving home from nashville one day, she encountered some boy fishing and she became his wife one day with two sons and a peck or bushel of strawdaddies to boot (strawberries plus lemon-lime)...he couldn't resist, and she fell in love with george c.'s son also known as wilbur...wilbur died defending his farm one night and became george c. scott in the process of knowing and having c. fell victim again and became horses' ass to his father who hated him, but intended to stay on then he died in 1956, the second man to irritate wilbur, scott dean folded his cards and began working as i do from scratch and making his way above the fruited plain we call georgia - georgia folded and became six flags in the winter of 1968...six flags began operating fiercely in 1972 when mcdonald's corporation caught on and that is me every step of the way ray kroc bride, joan kroc is his sister dying and living to tell with the mother they have yet to say but will in the coming months-years as joan kroc steps down necessarily from her duties - all the same to me as spending and having...make her your bride it won't matter to me she is richard stevens' mother mostly principally...

richard stevens is trump...from an earlier writing reveal...some lost...yes, joan kroc is hillary clinton et al, ralph macdonald is-was wilbur jr. 'he hates people' and is bush sr.

quick synopsis trump tower: a salmon-colored building with gold trim across the street from park plaza hotel on 5th avenue in new york city, the revolving doors replete with formal doormen have welcomed many at christmas with live baby grand piano playing and escalators up and down three lengths of cascading falls in the interior and three or so exclusive mall-type floors replete with boutiques and shops surrounded by pointsettias and new york stature-appeal...perhaps a park-like atrium in the back, you can rest awhile among the hubbub or have a tea and cake reception in the lobby, visit other patrons, and shops within the horse-drawn park plaza hotel and walk central park along the sidewalk to metropolitan museum of art another hotspot...fao schwartz was next up down the avenue same side...tip: the sidewalks too full to walk comfortably maybe you cab it down the lane easily enough....

09/01 woke up with frosted windows again...big belly...slow to dissolve trimming plants outside? second scrotum around the tip? you gonna get a picture before too long~

follow this autoplay line out to absurdity - record players. k-tel, fascination street- you name it

who started the american red cross? clara barton (we thought eleanor roosevelt maybe...nah) 1839 first certificate to detail others, 1852 first school in bordentown, new jersey (crosswicks)...about florida: rich and free no murderers, avoid tallahasse where indians were made to live 'they get to hurt people somehow'....

what can i say this time?
which card shall i play?
the dream is not over
the dream is just away
and you will fly
like some little wing
straight back to the sun
the dream was never over
the dream has just begun

fleetwood mac 'thrown down'

you're like a flower
if i want to be
the sun that you grow to
no dangerous power
between you and me
i longed
to change you

even though we had 'em fresh off the mat in 1977 (busch gardens) we need to go back and reconsider adidas sportswear again and again...see kohl's

to plan your exit or escape

the contemporary at disneyworld: the disneyland hotel could been this the monorail runs to or past it only same kinda shape but a rectangle right in the parking lot with snow white 'disneyland' on it - one hotel, some dining within
best described as a day trip - anaheim its home is full of unrelated but sizeable attractions - disneyland's parking is a beautiful surround with some shops like labrea bakery best described as christmasland with trams the monorail is to and fro the hotel only
florida's monorail is toward wealth and national accomodations - it is bigger, far wealthier an unknown trip outward
in los angeles, our public transportation is sleek only we love it only poor people used the bus shrugging it all off to parking garages and beautiful highways around the basin - all busses joined two trains with chains and hollows for fast cat and there are deep deep stations for trains in the ground to the valley and downtown...the beach? coming soon thanks to $1.75 per ride leaving change everywhere and personal transportation fee cards storing healthy balances keeping money out of sight but afoot 'tap' poo-poo or eating in stations deep within you get up and out of there only a wheezing hag like me...trim the fat?

the interior of the contemporary speaks to staying a few days with the family
a honolulu flavor beckons a luau at night torches and toilets with mai tais and seashell necklaces in a benihana setting (hot flat grills, cook to order some, strangers with) - fun fun fun
the polynesian? oh, so what - you get there

the walt disneyworld resort hotel another major destination for extended stays is purely reminiscent of the hotel del coronado in san diego
rumour has it one side is docking for catalina island - the showcase structures similar but catalina is small enough and demands visitors by boat only no staying at night - they got sea world too a big enterprise with blue orca and water tower
san diego is 103 miles away once highwaybound heading south
seeing the hollywood freeway 101 sign in green and white is like going to heaven - it's a big deal trust me
florida's close equivalent is the winnebagos in the parking lot and the signs overhead in summer governing play - campgrounds
heading into anaheim, we have it all too...koa campgrounds, winnebago rentals, medieval times supper clubs, etc. baseball stadiums marriot clubs

we're gonna curtail here - you got way way too much staying here the first thing we did was rebuild the world-famous beverly hills hotel on sunset like san tropez it is all real attractions and spread out across the city...all real...hollywood boulevard etc...lacienega our highest drop down in limo yet all real...

more fleetwood: 'fireflies'
'empty their wallets and they go'

no one wants you to cry over the comments at hand | and why would you?