november page soon (do it here - it hasn't mattered yet plus they don't know anything, anyway - thighs unchanged... a little belly, 'check' spring's coming get to work facelau) ...and why not? thanksgiving 2015 in a matter of days...three weeks from today the last thursday of the month (check with your own communisms here's a free calendar for the purple-browns of november to mark it all off) father (the one who did the job unless his mother objects) had his birthday november 1 - i called to say 'hi!' the day after no big exchange there just another birthday went to the liberty raceway harrah's casino in pennsylvania (check as rule: about $30 in scratchers - per week? $600 month) one assumes they'll be there until i need something (got my own leather wallet this time no outlet another fossil brown flip - we douched down the one i had same front pocket)...and despite everything, nothing needed just yet...hard to buy for? hard to please...twice my cost to ship why badger it?

doug moon's favorite charity? a of america (what labels me 'fraud department' so poor faggots (in banking?) have something unhealthy to eat besides their simple of belief system and how many times now your fish caught by the gills only to be thrown back?) forgive yourself, your murderers... don't keep signaling me with compact case mirrors i'm real and 'mad mad mad like a woman, like a man'...kicking your ass 'is against our philosophies we admired it when we young and unpopular points of view that can't mean much''s chrissie hynde month like it or not i didn't ask you....'bring it back there, and you to fix it up here'...fraud are the companies who haven't paid me yet all those companies apple and bmg...that's fraud...i wouldn't let them do ever i must have hidden ownership using my name to sez 'apple wasn't apple then'...'it was apple inc before it could be sold'? whatever. i don't know anything 'unconscienable' to jailbirds...? i know the only act i didn't get to sell with itunes was beatles...just one act...michael jackson says 'they didn't sell anything' mostly public performance or playing loud is his money maker you should buy 'cause you want to - we were sure of quality then...and now? who are you profiting with my pay?

' and if all those worn-out dreams on defiance | are a method in a modern day mystery ' - for a lack of astute or 'a student' i don't know what you're fighting, but it's there i think...

....note kellogg's who make frosted mini wheats the best, plus trader joe's clusters banana, cranberry, etc.

....note maxell's cleaning cd with little brush on surface is useful again for getting rid of sheer bother...

after climax...november 5 actually with the olympus camera a big gun
note great salad spinner green-white for like $8 (with usual coupon) from bed bath and beyond you pull a string with handle
also the battery-operated colored led balls from target are blessed-looking in the dark know that the halos and all

what? the third one (orbital) is mistaken - one electron length per nuclei the each have one their own plus one...only oxygen is real - 'oxy' is eight parts get it? is hydrogen as arranged in the dark? with plants the space plasma whatever...light-light-dark-dark with swing forward in the middle and the reductions to center capsuling light...white is depth with its own light? no read but frame with object force or guns outward (object force relays a punishment as dark chasm breached - is not just running up against - is shot at the energy level just for touching and is always aimed at the 'open' or vulnerable side) ...a cloud then...we hate people? 'step aside' a poopalooza of ribbons...i understand, but the atom is here light-light-dark-dark and becomes module or what's uniquely moveable to where as joining the heat belt or teletech at strength again...heat moves and forms everything that is light expanding open from center if cued to do so...and only as cued...

the last of it from halloween 2015 - see the ease of november into the holidays
it's here gray and purple

if you don't get who this is supposed to be, look further as montauk ...i ruptured my asshole quite near 11:00 p.m. making this shit without kit or guide
never beforehand should it be...this is no easter egg

whoever touched this: you are going to hell~
trust that

was thinking about doing it but pooh-poohed it as studio work usually just on film (not one in the world as so fashioned 'real' it said) each of as every taste reflected sense
never would i usually as not necessary but driven to kill (source? roseanne barr's tv show)
i was made to do this by certain of importance while i waited for a friend to arrive through the crowd a cab 'from silverlake' (at the end of sunset east this strip of a place begins - a dry wonderland of mexican-type living and leather nuts)
this whom arrived plain clothed by way of a party next door in the rear their yard a mauling of decorations with schoolkids touring - the old man pictured's way of returning my seeming complaint
me trying to pick up somebody in a wheelchair crossing front to back while they waited for me to answer the phone and let them in
'you won' but is like knowing my name before i do -- why the bother?

look at others - the stuff is simply gross to misshapen or squeezed no art form yet but camera work some...junk and remember no one has the right to be good at anything at first hack i speak your every word let it fall;

your regular child-like stuff is king the lack of perspective is height (last year's object derivative makes it point 'why bother')...'the idea is one thing, the execution quite another' - dM get help i like products, services - known goods while i suffer with being unclean, known to you

'phantasm v' - from imdb is okay oct 31 but they want $60,000 up-front to be the first to open we can wait but i hate being for a nascent film so many unhappy thoughts it will provide us soon i suspect before 2015 end or i'll lock you down...the pumpkin made its point so many granthams...all well-attended though...hell hath no fury...get new...

a few friends from shops nearby - alot them inaminate but seemingly personified
patches of skin? falls off - 'but okay no need' the source of life a fish pissing moss

ghosts were 'commanded' days before to offer up a little something to keep in mind a perceived lack of effort and may have shown beyond their means to seem unapparent (as halo seen on me)
this is no call for a reaching in-sight - it would be there simply~

montenegro the highest nigger says: many goods seen tonight where's the party? 'no place for hell' mexi-cal day of the dead stuff, contact lenses looked great light blue, and what else to lighten your hidden load? painted faces no drab - i hated everything i saw at shops not to mention no femme that that's three days in the making you better see it out to the curb...mama's outta milk and bothering it.

aids ate that up, girl, back in '56 eating her black shits...fact-rhoid: your mother didn't give it to you unless you douched with her cinnamon lavoris
'it was your father's' a rhodes scholar biking it at night - a parting gift from trousdale estates another horseshit still dropping hints
'nothing grows on horseshit' ask for it in french crepes 'les shiites'
dear faggot: born dead, is unliving me
dear wife: you are to blame, my baby hated high school
p.s. you are fuckin' gross - see it

'we just ordered a couple of her shits on ebay...'sandfish' free shipping as scallops 'these just weighed in'...

october 2015 1916 'what else can i take without paying too much for the simple thought?' your looks betray me faith in vets cat and dog both eat fish...thanks for all the stink we're here enjoying the hight points for now moats still hoping to see...'phantasm v' typical as stealing the show why do they know about you? diabetic in colorado now just kansas in a fit? see you later, so to costume billed but unseen the t-rex from jurassic (hails from a fight while dying on the toilet) park...pubic bones smeared across lunch box...

bellamy? listening to old music? showing people stuff they hate like corpses and stuff...

just between you and me, but after we part ways: ever think about stealing someone's underwear because they capture you in the head? 'made me so crazy to you' usually you just take-borrow when love isn't so present and you're on your way to the cleaners with special instructions not to waste your time with any urology (bladder and piss problems, only - yellow with spinal bifida etc.) logically speaking 'please, those pills made this?' not all of it 'this is thought cured' by ham and mustard...see ebay and you know things oughta be more private with the curious but hateful around....used underwear how thoughtful...'great...'

' i cried to you for help | but the wind blew away all my words | awoo ' - liza minnelli

' come to the cabaret-o-vet | come to the cabaret ' same 'old vet'

' i love the nightlife | i've got to boogie | on the disco oh howbullyane ' alicia bridges - 'oh, how will it be'

kudos (i couldn't do any better?) to cvs wreaths made of orange balls (with that one black feather) from last year or so - they're still up on doors around here and are quite pretty...made a few sugar cookies the hard-to-find flat sheets (2) by nestle tollhouse with no nuts and gunk...very tasty but had to fashion my own orange crystals to sprinkle on-top as i couldn't find them to use...usually a pack of cookie dough means someone eats the squares right out of the fridge...made some cream soda from soda stream odds and ends...windy last night today 10/29 some but no hell neenya...and i helped some for clarity's sake may glocks of milk find you hazing at supper...

our door in the final countdown - others perish waiting
i thought 'kinda charming' anyway terry bought at target the wire lights $6-7 at cvs if ya can find 'em

one sidewalk now not much for the work - another mother of pearl
make your own acronym 'this ain't the same'
tattoos? cheap

see the point

'you don't have money' and the trots are hardly worth it

'what - that you steal?' the dumb blonde one on 'two broke girls' talking to me - really dumb show with the very last of elton john's russian drag 'sharon' (see liz taylor traipsing over your comment - family) but captivates me brunette what is that anyway another slob from good grace central? humble is nice around dumb thriving~

see the point rare - is metals, flex
that's local starshine hospital cedars-sinai in the background

one morning not long ago mid-october

when i got that soda pump the refill
near beverly center at san vicente

keep 'em tightly screwed avoid the argument you have it to use

nobody listens to that and nobody thinks of you either...anything to report in the current period any cash made? keep it simple...whatever~

please i pay nearly two thousand dollars in pure rent each month only pure rent don't tell-talk about a mortgage of $100 parlayed unto an unseen gains/losses you know the education comes up short but you remain hard and fast with bits of hearsay like i live - sacrament free? i have them, fool - a job someone has pays this all and leaves little but i get ripped off paying your panties to be cleaned...they try and get it all here and there and lord only knows who does this...'it's not you, is it?' any after-tax (too bad it's just you hoping i die or praying someone comes to kick my ass for you? i prayed too - see jews around town) nest-egg long assailed but looks bad on paper 'you could live better' i'm still feeling a bit shy of my halloween target of anything at all plus a loan usually by the comes...meanwhile...four (4) days 'til full-on fest the highest point of the season plus this year a few new sight gags ordered up early 'aw, cmon just do it or burn right up' - get it?....all the denial in the world an then me big, still connected to nature everything's good to me the piss stink in my bedroom i couldn't just live out? 'resolve' yourself with their new fat canister of white gunk 'kills piss' and soon enough for the ten bucks gone a'begging...replace the mother with me i'll try and bear it $40 more than nothing in drinks and chips and sentences in labour defined as 'interminable'...i ask 'em 'want come out' (sexy) it took a few days last time you may not want to say plus promises in the dark to be kept not to mention i hate talk from questioning interfering with me...honest at times always leaking a truth too much...wishes? do something for you next time...why wait it out two more wishes backfiring and my miracles beneath sight every day? seeing is 'seen to be leaving' - i'm is like a bottle of wine you want to give all away anyway as the lesser-fortunate you speak of this isn't good stuff with few skeletons on bottles at trader joe's 'not smart' we get that bottle though 'red for cooking' and looks too 'benefactor cellars' $5...'they have no need of your services now' to priest 'who are you to question one of god's servants?!?' these are mine here while you snoop and 'no' is not the trinity a mystery although three count 'em that's funny actually a 'trifle' as trefoil unwanted gift you come to running away with less fortunate times you see it no extras not snatched from 'angels have no hands' but their asshole is hung over everything new...we are taxed when our constituency gets taxed that's everything a church are its people basically good with higher thoughts around cheerless giving and classes at local colleges are now yours to distribute faithfully...jail usually handles these...sexual schezuan 'country' stuff fuckin' evil sex songs under some cloak of obscurity trying their hand...source? outsiders pushing it...did god make blue rubbers on the beach inflating theirselves while women wouldn't have anything ever suspicious but on-guard for children i'd say 'the deed is the danger' but are good-natured thanking you on the other side for good stuff you eat thank you...'no, thank you'...

remember i never gave you anything and i mean it, o'er the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house we go and we don't plan to 'inherit' any paychecks from that...anything new as 2015 closes and the cash collects doesn't ring a bell yet 'no sales' doesn't mean you filed taxes when a dollar appears in that fiscal period where's the money? what are you some kind of fuckin' jerkoff? we don't like you...where do my sales go? a dumb motherfuckin' faggot has my pay where is it....i hate the thought of some dumb motherfuckin' queer having my part still...think it over....keep the change, nigger i said 'no'...

our living room at home the post-divorce years '41 probasco drive' (80 homes, easy named 'indian run') the probasco is roman countenance 'proboscis' or then 'kronos' boned taking exception is my read versus 'klonos' hiding me
you get it, basically - a mediterranean or 'corinthian' no leather? feel - a high-backed chair unseen left is a 'regal' queen anne type and goes with a foaming 'whiskey sour' to be made maternal grandmother the other estranged from mother never visits in any way? we go there with dad...
the front living room window the first anderson storm windows made with sly slide up center frame is on left and in-front goes our xmas-tree each year - we had twinkle lights yes, but was always blue halo nice type stuff silk balls over styrofoam spike downs nothing personal maybe sugar-cookie wreaths they were tasty too (still fuckin' $4 at the store are halloween with junk chocolate and nuts in icing and cherry slices two make the bow very tasty xmas)
on right a black plastic room divider with swirls-hearts always uniting dining room with the view is westerly here a rubber plant grew on it i took it to my room downstairs one day and then? it was huge - chimney? no? downstairs if no centering flame pot...there is a homemade bar there opting in already...grandfather hated help as offered but built some the paternal one moon
that is brilliant davinci the eyes as gassed almond wiser masked type honored the women sitting atop other and to no bother...crudity only
unlike army mothers of tough talk and uninterrupted tv, we are not permitted here the carpet is from sears extends to the bedrooms only
never in bedrooms wood floors and individuals looks only - i remember when it was installed pizza in the kitchen only for dinner that night
years 1974-1975 is fifth grade for me the mother's father (sensibly john lennon among trading places - the grave blesser one dressed in black abbey lane) now dead jan '74 one unholy easter funeral then mothers day hospitalized with pneumonia all alone too in the dark a memory you won't unmake soon no breath from the bottom for several minutes from little league practice too small but father's clout he the deceased wanted to take a friend along he says we'll release to halloween was rained to the ground no edit and the tree downstairs it's hard to grieve openly...announced in 1980 your way your other misdeeds having spent here alot new patio, dining room set, car...etc. all the same things in your place somehow and then boys ruin everything keeping people down while earning 'ceu' continuing education credits and heads roll in the trucking businesses shipping bodies ? in red hots my fantasy of claw-boxed eats...omnibox of hate's favorite breath clincher
high barn-like ceiling is good movement here...sound, snow scenes outside are my favorite memories being quiet the summers lush and green but not lazy - very manicure, suburban the water is real good, the light is good too front southerly

next month or no sooner than thought: juice, oil, tar, balm, resin - if saline is truly tar, wood esters are balm. resin is newspapers only. heat, pressure. 'we don't make saline right - trees do.' are we trees? quite nearly. 'stop time in reverse' in reverse 'pick one'...i like the living beings mist and unseen moving about 'but still connected' even as walking-hopping up leaves are hair...fruit like eggs 'how 'bout these?' snakes 'whaddaya think about those apples?' real or not real...but in your nest easily enough...'it's already done' i want stuff the afterlife won't have - sharing enthusiasms etc. how? you liked it, trust that...not a peep unseen but labbering...where will you stripe next?

what do you know? climb every mountain~
your days are excessive waiting, health problems, condoning me, being helped to, sassing each other into nuts, and finally excessive precipitation keeping you in - all snug with sicknesses no one heals - oh the joy! dirty hankies, pencil pushing, hard knocks who's who a caste system all owned by address now i ask 'are you sure?' even you a wastleland made functional never say i'm cheap not in theory anyway you don't need to see or know you need to be risked out in the dark - you don't know so few rewards for enduring as the night your food don't need to worry my plan is that you never mattered ever not by default - you don't need to know anything you have yours...i'll come if need to be then your secrets dry right up you need interaction, to be seen doing as might be wrong mostly...i don't need you alone in the pursuit of happiness...take care of everything still they still went too bad...

monday yolktober 26 although somewhat about my 'privates', yesterday notes dizzy's birthday diaz-our-family the date minder his jokes are still fuckin' funny (see the phlegm: no balls or malehood eating bags of grass and shit as propered by women who are chemists did you know that too? scotts 'pro-scoff' lawn builder burns more than the midday sun if you hose it down lightly - everything is water tightened to a nail though why bother ? steam is key to the universe all made floppy to it and of course the leaching not real for trace content in soups) and much is used here still 'please, i'm not you' a gay ('going away', is parting soon somewhat) a fatique...

apple money? it's gonna be everywhere trader joe's ? remember that some chip 'it's her, you black nigger' they complained 'bitterly' once i know, i know 'oh, lamour!' moysheyad-did the glands shedding me of their garbage a prayer by the dying an rsvp 'we're sure the very person you are' if 'fools by gold' once made)...if you're not gonna pay, why not. why know of it 'timeless'...a shimmering of it by granting by flac. i could be left as a joke you 'get' for many many years and you heard it here first there's only one faunt in life besides life's dimple making of itself more more more: not using-doing 'i don't want that junk' some fishy prostitute living the high-life with wines colored by the glass 'this is red, fool' while i make do with her thoughts about life and the world (actually see no evil not'll pay me to be again and again just to keep a simple thought made while snausages see 'vasuoules' for penis-like emits of steam and wets)...atchoo! makes fats to decode intra-oral is no waste of time 'a hair to get at it'...scilli...the villi.

did you venture the '.mp3' player (like apple shuffle player with no screen but headphones on the go) with me at ebay? mine keep sketching-skidding bits here and there and in the car so i erased it entirely and reformatted it for 'windows (fat)' and now it works beautifully...why ask apple? too much for too little? it took hours to clean as that (maybe you know more, but won't say?) but i did the full process among formatting choices and then copied songs and it was flawless only...maybe you? at eight dollars ($8) for the whole shebang - player and memory - i note here 'send disk' 'sd' ('stationary disk'? mine too) is my propered virtually stink-free name for any the gigabytes granted by analysis and reduction of code (what we don't use often, what is to be noted as a common block of data or concatenated as string both writing down to any interior 'white' disk and relieving itself by translating back to the wordy language at first proposed...overheard block-string '..' dot-dot is the flaw why wait here - if there is no wait for time just combing why know?

you make it real touching and delivering to no actual work (or hassling 'enjoyment') by me what are you little japanese faeries pulling on any the avocado of micro-sheer pantyhose for seemings of light one slender tube backed out to 'no stink' the much ballyhooed human ova 'one raw egg' is 'not real' vs. 'what do you think now' plus 'have it go' away 'd'...everything backbone up to shelves no fin or blowhole to announce the unwanted post 'too many bugs' those are worms two mouths equal brown our 'find the sugary tab' game hitting on the one 'eye' button to decline any invite as treach 'no, i'm busy filtering a lifeline among your slender shits, still' - no, 'taste test' is when you get home from the supermarket 'say it to me now' the savings in english 'go broke saving money you'...the new home edition 'sand and seaweed' one bigger gulp...did you piss here? maybe me - it's like i had nothing on at all that's possible...calvin klein micro sheer their new four-pack twenty dollars at marshall's is approved for gotta check first i love them all...fine, fine...$40 at macy's or jockey blood band like my mother's lavender boxed kotex but with guildings as is unused...a gillibrecht of needs in heaven 'haven't you herd'? please - not here, venting?

as time goes by and you remember no one got to hear anything unless you paid for a copy and you did this or were known as a dullard only even at breakfast...why you live spiting me no one knows album tracks did you do this? poor little rich girl...i'm not staying, so giddy up all my good lain before you then nothing but squelch and resentment why is it better to be me? focus here or there o summary 'i'm here to be made to know' zip...

having raced out to make without me a privilege no one shares, i'd take that full featured junk and razor it to read one line hung in time that never comes to the median or dropping down to be zero the continuum relates to palate (bit depth or differences voltage) and snapshots (writing down each numbers on a single go-round a clock reading writing as the same function never the two confusing) - you write left channel for speaker-level electricity output the truth is here and with all the regular stuff left out all here just notes the stuff you're not paid to note by analysis use a code for it every extrapolation is taken against time to the left and upward a traject out from the verbose making more with less difference to be sought among all crap songs adjusting median values for beats furthered as 'not real' for this process we don't use recordings just pulsing no voices then (no memory of, i'd say - like symbolic 'vocoder' junk but no flaw to be you remembering me)...not in our baseline of making recorded sound coming and going silence is engraved thus no listening, period. the right channel is spikes to sound above left only. the truth is here - it all fits. no amplification. nothing electrical data nothing informing an ear. the ear welcomes clarity...there's no clarifying what isn't there...see it. video is blocks of light or a screen powering the sound by blocks within it a symbol. codecs. the source may name video to a sound capture but is easily shifted among another derivation by source...things don't seemingly move when any change is last noted before next phase it seems. is that right? a summary to be noted last.

got those pea-green sheets, queen (see above and remember the half-king: two twins but no knowing of it) and the $40 spice rack (wire racks, black or chrome for the extra bedding all this week at target...

better to assume someone fed you a wavelength with clothes half-off at noon (sent you something per your history with)...who knows so to be better

'the party's on...anyway...' better to struggle with the extra debt needed rather than trying to keep a little gold pot

'you owe me still' think it over

a third of the pay, now one day early or on-time for a tuesday night debit? i just noticed a one-week lag between a sunday closing of the workweek and the wednesday or thursday you get paid - that's a long wait with my money though we're told we receive someone else's good true to it...whole days missing 'cause i don't work? a clock keeps clocks not opportunities for theft and dumb submission.

'go to hell' - dM

ate dinner at california pizza kitchen beverly center last night (split the california club pizza and the chicken dumplings) after shoe shopping at macy's (him) while sampling their pea green sheets at target at the pillowcase level to see if i can stand the the meantime we took in jersey beige~

'you are shit' - dM

another such jerkoff - tower reports the opening signs for 'just one day' while they shoot some shitty documentary - it's always something with these niggers at universal always a second thought - someone says march get over yourselves everything you touch is shit that company didn't roast on unpaid bills...

10/14 happy birthday chris ondy replaced my soda stream tank with much bother and still no gas - i'll wait a day but this bitch is heading to the fuckin' trash - if you have a prayer say it now...i want chem not helping hands you know the tune...p.s. just screw in as tightly as possible that worked...near the edge

just what you least expect - just when you least expect it~
after much strife, tower records is coming back in
remember, we sell the past not to be the future - that's theirs to tape off of

just bought a soda stream tank for $18 at city target beverly connection courtesy desk - bitch piffed out in half a use maybe i shoulda taken one from the stocked shelf? got me a free coke anyway less $2...

what else? where's my mother~

still waiting to hear anything from online affiliate courtsters hinch-newman...see september's page everything's a fade to interest - coulda paid to hear this america are niggers

10/13: the soda stream gas tank ran out officially with no bubbles to seem - is it me? we'll go to target later before the price goes up on trade-ins...the postal service rejected my further claim for monies over $15 - don't do it...i hate checks, mail wait, and money stolen - what to do for regulars people who insist upon using these things? i can't capture you? green dot's card to card (green dot cards only) money transfer is the answer very easy to do...'send people money' or 'pay bills' you claim sent money via verified (you send back a 'yes, i'm here' while establishing) email and it's have the money on your card for immediate use with no beggars, no waiting...the card is free to get $6 a month with no activity...this all in lieu of their green 'moneypak' cash register cards for placing cash money on the card...jailbirds and the like don't want you around 'you spend and spend and spend' they what you want a voice yet unheard...

at&t just came over to gussy up our internet modem for 'power' max turbo internet $77 a month less $10 for six (6) required an in-house visit and replaces the router at least one other small box on the wall...

when worlds collide: the double ferris wheel - truly scary
'it'll end in tears' i nearly cried

stephen jobs a quote: 'i always knew i worked for somebody (a daughter mostly - mean)'

still amazed by the crumbs fed me 'ravager' - i think 'careful cherie' of the bloodletting one day it's just here i'm all buzzed up and keyed in and then nothing more to see-feel...take with care any delays greet the mixmaster the thief of hearts...madonna, downtown columbia...

sunday october 11, reporting from the 'light days pantie shield with wings and an evaporator source' no cotton but wool another section 'blow me' - was walking 'after midnight' two days ago on santa monica heading west just past lacienega and this four or more car pileup happened right behind me each slapping the other with but moments of delay i hate that around me guest, metals shapeshifting beneath conscient one prsesenting as dark wood...these bitches wouldn't stop for gas...i sincerely hope no one was hurt the rage!...then the police came they're around alot these days like blacks first making welcome by lowering standards of thought a miasma of heat and dark then the obligatory advice 'not to be here' issues them or us...when will it end? when will, it end? i got put to fanzine hell the last few months with this mollick (never approaching softly but ruled out and down) talking to me too much as it is arriving home with each thought freed of it...ring my bell...'i waited [for six months?] with you' he says no choice a fasm of others made sure to be with - mine was legal 'when the court starts talking, i start walking' chrissie hynde 'jealous dogs' she a small-time counselor them...'um, no'...see you 'round the bag...

pretenders 'jealous dogs' from 'pretenders ii' (1981)

paul prudhomme died and one more of lesion...cajun (creole yummy) shrimp master you know i hate spices for being unruly people use it like england glues dietetic light red-green leaf cookies to a plate hoping you won't eat for the next guest - latin spicewacks should be fed their own cooking when the dish cools...antidote? water maybe milk it's that bad...brush your teeth? dental dam like jim carrey's 'the mask' still socializing-associating freely...can't swallow...people have fed me squid twice now one figment of nutrition laying on top of cooked white rice in the fridge maybe it will go away (terry's an idiot with such lazeures as 'cod' the very camembert (bland muchachos 'laughing cow' is this - mostly no reason to snack) of the fish world other feckle i don't sit for) and this new taco place named something like 'constantine's' (um, guisado's) their sampler plate of junk awares left me with a little soft taco my choice stuffed with one slimy piece of squid made in their language 'but um' what junk i went solvate prayed for forgiveness and took it in big data follows it around...salmon hate fellowship too working so hard to be they allow bears 'they don't hurt us much for it' the muck helps the north atlantic maven to live longer lives...'it's okay to eat fish 'cause they don't have any feelings' - kurt cobain 'something in the way' getting rid of the beatles simultaneously a great song...

nirvana 'something in the way' from the nirvana 'nevermind' lp (1991)

the first season of netflix' 'narcos' was examined i have a new boyfriend like macaulay culkin all grown up head hanging down on a pole like make mine and a federal-type person kinda - is actually someone's son there a latin...head covered up with bag for a casual robed meeting at the inside pool reminiscent of james bond and his columbian hosts...bei yum...are family types the body parts too real...waiting for godot...'i can get for you cheaper'...

'excellent.' - mr. burns grading your paper

folks at temple (philadelphia, the us mint with real cash printing up the coins take forever to get through, however the clay they use to fashion and all near independence hall a veritable prison looking down on it all 'i'll halve you' for this, fields of the nephilim...nazareth...nazarene) i guess took bill crosby's (sp.) honorary degree 'PhEW!'- that's cheap only one rescinded there ever ? after billy joel 'hrrmph' as 'not real' and joanna lumley 'not english 'enough' how to accept with grace if so named? 'tom hanks' (see mayo diet on that island - no tom). 'if you need it, use it' maybe someone else needs to get laid? seriously, he wants to fund women in his life he can't do this well enough these days and thanks for the coca-cola (coke 'classic' still on the shelf) information and wife camille* stuff I wanted to know is it mother or daughter type says she is cute only and little for it all. 'ba da da da dum - vah vah vah voom' you can't take the education so to speak, but pills for that, two in the morning, and nighttime aspirin aspirations at end (i usually make people 'sick' for the evening). not so smart now like people with moles cut off can't stop showing you others...'that one behind your neck ain't gone yet less it's a housefly breeding eggs.' i hadda go buy green garden raid this week 'flying insect' is out of stock everywhere bedding down for the winter euthanasia but on screens sprayed...keep 'rid' in mind too shampooing the self although hilarious as suspected infidel 'it takes alot to get the meat to leave' - can't be too sure, is of the grave you so?

for the record, rosemary's (the girl i moved here with - now 'barefoot contessa' on tv with neil who is bobby 'clay' and my cousin on the ranch? i need a show) and is paid with 2% funds i'd have that 'take a tip') degree is in 'recreation administration' from there her counterpart emma anderson of lush was challenging to miki berenyi back on tour 'that's why she died' ok stamp...hope i got that right~ she has that degree it mattered...meanwhile i owe folks a performance of 'nothing natural' by lush...wacko good stuff...'why'd you hafta hurt me so bad?' straight outta compton~

lush 'nothing natural' from 1992's 'spooky' lp

*as for background influences 'alma' comes to mind (i.e., alma mater - like the woman in 'terminator 2' why all the fuss only to keel over?) i wanted to get inside the home to see a natural habitat i suspect is like white but perfect never do you get not ever...i pick people clean you don't watch me shit...

here is an alternate take on 'phantasm v' - 'they' (a big people-pleaser surrounds us however i am god, love-fool~) were serious about stopping the mix here and so 'ba da da dum' nothing's free
do not relax the advertising and it might do better cutting out less
so many creepy good sights - the dead usually hang their legs to the side curled in a closet maybe and yes, i had visitations last night in the dark the girl in purple who fashions ru paul (the name implies someone married on jesus' grave?) and the tall man both 'pfft.' the work here nearly done
she says she hated seeing him (the bald guy - the other one just waking to like others nearly incoherent always) there in the mausoleum very wall-seeking as curving - no one is there ever and he scared her (to death? to act...) they don't have the usual alarms in the head as those made to be mine...'don't let them come [home?]'
so, the beehive nest in gloved human incubator was skin-crawling good now missing in action...the music great, but is like a movie maker? hope it survives all new~ the baubles at her feet help her find her way around as nearly blind (using demonry or slices of life really old - 'the 60's' she says very cart before the horse still doing her look and all with grapes she finds (they call her 'kathy najimy' why ask?)
more later:

we try and repeat 'phantasm v' someone bitched
i had the exclusive too bad
meanwhile, looks like one mean film sound + vision

And That Was That 'Til Just Now