klackety klack don't call back~

december's page for 2015 is gonna be from florida 'le page aux folles' what i wipe my ass with your scraggly hair and teeth the rest money can buy - 'i'd hafta smack that cage in the morning' (give song, take wing) spray with fds 'rage' for natural but oppressive aural stink 'it's all oral if you been thinkin' about it - robert's rule'...there's a million (f)lies around everything true...it takes a village and alot of piss too...

target has these ugly sweater kits for the holidays - very cute mostly cut-outs to affix $24.99 target beverly connection
that cheap look ain't free the sweater is all red - reindeer eat at your nipples like a cracked corn areola
even though you can't resist i like alot of mirror talk backing away with each surge forward - what time is it i'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs

in connection with lava lamps, this black girl's all 'salt and lemon juice' to whiten teeth - give it a try

add a superstar to big movies for me: star wars 1977, sgt. pepper 1978....amadeus for sure 1984

new sexy calendar for december 2015

around freaky friday, walmart sold me an underneath cooling fan for the laptop about $10 each with purple light - one good feature is you can plug into the usb when one's already there to use the printer or whatever a shortage of usb's is no le grand...they don't provide for the wire underneath its exit much but it's ok - i got two units in the place of one magically enough about $24 delivered by fedex truth be known...ok...we orderded checks printed at the same time a confusion of sorts...

this is bb8 - one wheel will do

i'll have you know i went to domino's pizza late the other night a take-out only at the top of lacienega near santa monica boulevard and ordered a large pizza at the behest of who i was with some guy pushing a chair down the street - that pizza with pepperoni was $9.99 and was so fresh and tasty...herbs and all - so there this was late, crowded, and very helpful i couldn't figure what to do...the guy is like a plant person from outside very nice like captain america kinda...


student wages of sin: polite versus a courtesy - is a fixed fight if you win 'i never said that i'm her.' she is not mine if to say, speak.

i understand everything you say in english every little thing...when i overhear i ask for clarity a known happy thus a bore is no further bother...answering questions is now boss number two slave to the rythym...you master me not each telling a report for no questions...i learn of you

more true than beauty: one day at a supermarket a little fight with a cashier ended with someone just behind chastizing the man...i apologized at the car closing the guy's door - no one came here to meet you. frightening me.

imagine finding a pez (pez penis still stupid for the loading of kim) dispenser with candy in it (bed bath and beyond is a good source for refills) - finding a battery-operated toy that still has power...so selfish the cunt!
beware shock pentels 8v as riggs 'em - put you into fibs getting credit
sitting on the toilet with a towel on a la mc hammer 'u can't touch this' - a door on either side at the dorm unlocked always has no lock and you wanna know jews
still stinks no matter how you look - your ass has the details in a wordsworth or two 'nah'
rather than see for yourself, you sell them but that's not cash (something you can use and save for a yen cherry fruit in peel-down underwear with 'sandfish' if for home use, a double 'king-king' snickers for sharing centers as fearbase) they never meet
here's my twenty
p.s. it seems no mistake that r2-d2 (demanded to be here - all special) won't dispense candy - he feels bad
the new rolling robot 'bb-8' seem to honors us too
if r2-d2 is a bit headstrong, c3p-0 the guilded gold man is our roddy mcdowell from 'planet of the apes' a gentleperson

from my facebook page: a dog treat at sight just one dollar or 10/$10 if you pray - had a few taste treats already pavilions 'nobody comes'
it's still there for us - i ain't never seen a shelf change over me news - fact as bitches glut a healthy profit with friends who don't care and balk at selling anything less than a dollar 'when do you know?'
all that business acumen and no bell bottoms to sell

tip: the extra percent of tax e.g., '8.25%' for the next one you buy, same order 'not that cheap'

watch them statistics i never use them then explain why not a thousand loaves with no hineys: salary at 20K is not useful stuff...33% is good baseline for half dead unless 60 years old...why not? the dumb ones win here...15% off why bother me with it...what's my favorite color? la grange it's grass, black if long car no mirrors - brown for a new liver, a tint...i like my tits pink and small on a boy some surgically cut no glaze for striped shrimp.

phantasm v: next week (one week if fer sure) if you can secure the 'bauble' required in three (3) days time - parts the end of the 'four investors-for-three parts' sweepstakes or so they'd be same...'we keep our catbox clean' but pull down the pink fiberglass to box coffin while we sit and to shit...tall man quote attacked for talking to a severed 'shaved' head with neck parts a'gibbon...add plus fact-rrhoid learned today: sinead is for the gromma 'skinhead' a peuris - more sexual a shave leg dripping with rinsewater a head then shin or person - indian assumed name):

'you don't need to be here, i do...' that's great! ba, dah-dah dum

home number growing up: (609) 259-7694 yours? the only joke i'm ever able to recall: 'why does helen keller wear tight pants? so you can read her lips.' why does toucan sam ask questions? so he can see who's been talking about me...a vanity of yours...a fluourine (with hot vaspers) burning up with questions about while i pee...

my christmas minor: all skids out and and how! each broom so precious to the 16th (four (4) months later you' d visit, four (4) years later and no vacation you to wit? sometimes you shouldn' t ask) talk talk talk...16th to 27th....i guess the 28th actually...

repay it sam: camouflage 'motif sky'
i love motif 'the party's over' cans overturned, balloons popped - nothing but nature's demise...who were they?
the joy of being able to stay long after the others are gone?

not your usual 'guess how many pubes' contest
it's hard to say off the top of my head - none? wishful? how many boogers in my soup? nm 'not meaningful'
some appear reddish but are not.

the roommate objects to everything transitions 'you won't be around then...'
garbage pickin'....great sales....then you the grace of being accepted
i'm not the least i've ever been - you hafta mine a tooth, then seem
grace, not greek passive...bff 'best friends forever' big fuckin' fatty
be a friend first - no advancing the cause

travel dec 16 i need to look at the itinerary better...'you buy, i fly'

the new printer was best suited to the mac or closer to the router something - it just fuckin' worked and beautifully at that - easy
i thought hp printer to hp laptop it gave me nothing but okay who's the fool <> $40-50 maybe 'windows 10' is advancing them wireless isn't bluetooth i guess whatever mac has it all kinda...i hate waiting - period - sometimes a flaw, but is you
blessed! i use the old one in the bedroom as planned some i need nothing wireless - waitless! the wiz kid gives a punch in the head just for entering
still masterminding everything hateful what seen in advance

commission junction or conversant - another bag of affiliate shit - writes to say i haven't had any sales in the last five months - these niggers spring from bmg music service and our government does nothing to ensure that these fuckin' creeps don't do business here i gotta think about whether to drop these assholes or not, not about whether women eat or not...nothing's paying and here we sit eating shit with others who don't see the money they make selling, not taking a part of your ongoing misery - what is this jail? you are niggers making endless media trying to get out of it all isn't it past your bedtime? apple and bmg...

monday, this last day of november (as you've been avoiding me)

made a goat cheese pizza last night (like the one trader joe's used to sell) coupled with his turkey chili during the day - turkey store-type chili

the first thing printed on my new printer less test and connection sheets
we dallied all day - others - see tumblr.com

update thanksgiving 2015...

i channeled a local movie house (nuart on santa monica in west la) most associated with phantasm and magnet studios and they said they should see it next week or so...maybe

news they'd refuse...blue-ray shows the flaws, period - see white cloud below is blued and flawed seriously nothing real enough to joy to, not real

no wi-fi? apple tv is now $59 at target all this week - and all on the heels of being $200 somehow soon...
you need wi-fi or a direct cable line (phone line with module connector) to/from your router
go with the $59 - never a discount, still i'm unpaid like i live for my mother
just bought another printer for the bedroom < $50 (hp envy 4520 wireless - best buy again, crowds - zip'd over there yesterday friday nissan cooper-style car no front to it but not bad) the old 'bait and switch' tactic i went for a $20 model but quickly upgraded and i reserved one by phone in advance
not a great yet, but i can use wires as all that's sought
these are mexicans...nothing shames them
did you know i got the last datsun with my 1981 210 sedan - silver black no hatch? no shit

i cooked and ate alone - the other here on the computer all day
everything was lovely - thanks
served a few friends full plates with dessert (pumpkin pie) to go - just like downtown without the stink~

back in elementary school, the library had these books - a whole encyclopedia version - on witchcraft, ghosts, etc. (time-life)
this one photo had a man issuing protoplasm (as a stateless white cloud - like a dry cloud in the hot desert it was) outta his ear
this reminded me - usually and although made of light and dark for the witching hour (nothing like this can be seen with the ol' plain eye)
people complain and are pointless for having been shown - see 'a bad lay'
my way is to take all back in essence - not to survey - a bad penny never having shown
a death is kinda serious - you gotta draw the line somewhere
after all, you said it was good for the paying by leaving your body

call your mother? no thanks~ besides no pay for anyone due, you can go on forever citing 'no money' it isn't yours to say anyway who involved you...one full week after taking extra with books get this 'pueblo bank', still no money returned on the $100 extra withdrawal from our atm at the corner burger hut - keep playing - now the check cashing place 'money mart' on sunset cites a negative checking balance for overdraft protection - all this fuckin' fat waddling around...jail awaits you

with the ultra-success of godzilla (um, gondola), we note the second coming of 'ultra man' replete (not missing with) with crotch and asshole
the arriving doom signals johnny sokko's robot my personal favorite with egyptian style

from the 'your problems are easily solved' now go away department: this guy - no doubt a homosexual (home as usual) - writes columnist 'amy' 'i had a friend at around twenty years old in school who decided to have a savings account with him that will make two (as one?) millionaires by the time we're sixty' at thirty they are $300,000 in the rich (as one) right now as one's wife knows and complains richly and of divorce spending...one assumes she should have half of all and also enjoy the knowing parts of and at when for the glamour of being paired...no actual money in the talk, but figure four (4) decades and $300,000 per or $1,200,000 the both for correlates. And you? Like nine (9) hours used in the place of twelve (12) hours for one full day eclipsed beginning over one ocean the sun rising racing over 2,400 miles or which is faster a plane...you leave off twilights?

we remember we need $1,000 a thousand times split or not...that means with no bankers we need at least $250,000 for each decade or $25,000 a year...no interest or best said, you could buy savings bonds at half face to cut contributions in-half and take three or four years off to boot but are starting from the wrong side having none - have some and good luck.


made that pizza regular and fast - mozzarella cheese coulda been better got a peg of goat cheese next up $5 no one cares still waiting for that credit union but all turkey day shopping is done for me...orange meringue, pumpkin, two (2) crusts in the freezer and one cheesecake eats on the way no pumpkin cheesecake available at tj's and no bounced check to commies...thank lee eat your heart out flowers grim...wanders out in the grass where to now?

too many fucks in the web hosting brew still - don't lose your head over no apostrophes...women's junk

as sunday tries to make a comeback with eggs and frozen sperm in your cheese blintzes: this fuckin' diy atm (ask the mask) on monday (certifiably then tuesday the 17th) night took an extra $100 from my thanksgiving budget feathering its own rats nest on my anti-pay statement (movie now playing on my mind julia robert with meryl streep, fred thompson in powdered drag revealing the very tips of the nothingness you seek featuring eric clapton 'long in the tooth, plus tall sally' crimes made untrue by the cayman trench at rest)...everything weasled out then this and fee nuts burring in everywhere - beware still waiting for the credit union to barf it up after they shop in honduras this weekend (all kuhlua cremes) using my sweet teas...just when you think the lips were sewn up on your particular fish...beware any excess flicking at banks and note people just don't take they thank you with witty retort (are you bare-naked at home still?) i pull out trees with a car and carousel drill...see you at the annual tom hanks asparagus...

paid full-price $20 or less for a 13 lb. (cock-style...right in you) bird...'it was a big, big, bird' (the b-52's 'big bird', nigger) can't wait to burn it up the lane...'dear samla, hate you looking' signed, one freckled-up elf body with cold winds up in my ass...a woman 'one more wouldn't help ya' either way...

thursday, november 20 - if there was good, i'd hafta say so - hold tight....keeping the oranges (in color) around for a while to enjoy the days between then and now you're early for red and green what's acceptable after next thursday (got a green full-size origami ball - symbolically a 'moon' - for $5 even at 'lightbulbs unlimited' on beverly has every whatnot for pre-holiday needs - get a job)...you don't usually have a bother qualifying for a discounted bird what $25 in spending but a $100+ shopping trip left me with two-for-one butterballs for same made to us only we can't store that i'd hadda wait for a better deal to keep in the fridge from monday on...that was pavilions-vons maybe a cautious cat this year...we could cut it up for later use but we keep too much frozen for cooking as it is beef stew this week...what if the fridge dies? it ain't our fridge to replace - a real bloodbank model...just caberns...no handles...

keep omaha steaks in mind dessert apple tartlets were divine trust that (sixty bucks is a dinner out with drinks, apps, and entree for two one drinks soda only and both shared an app?) i don't mind cooking in a reynolds bag (gravy is flour a tablespoon mix with drips can add water and cornstarch is pudding and pie) and now the pan as foil monk is bought too but no bird as yet...maybe make a pizza early on i got six (6) jiffy's crusts from amazon you recall...$2 a box all called in we individual each meal maybe you take...i don't eat cod, nigger...

purchase with no ersatz or inferior substitutes: safeway's onion soup & dip mix - i was enchanted as never a variance from lipton onion mix...couple with the latest squeeze pack from daisy sour cream an idea before its time a bit of soup mix with a squirt...how you may know life's better~ i eat it always with lays chips coming off the hook is vinegar chips from kettle brand...i never heeded that

you to remember bmg and itunes were hard work no matter how time drifts by - idiots reconcile to nothing coming when - our basic deal was to sign people up and get them to pay immediately for any the introductory offer and only - they used to toss you a free a cd from their door (that is, with shipping and handling but was friends of yours personal contacts only making matters worse is $5...alert: 'fob' freight on board poses as 'only best' bills shipping costs in a box with stuff sent; 'fobd' destination pays by having someone pick up for them a third party; 'fvb' 'freight very best' in 'sgt. pepper' steve martin - same - 'father sun' is living here 'he doesn't listen' not a bad guy he has to be dominated): bmg passed on a great deal about $6 per cd in after-market (credit for leftover 'lover' units what offered) resolves may make an avid consumer of back catalogs heretofore unwanted but see credit for to having one; itunes didn't thrill me from the bottom up with non-descript group efforts i hate maroon 5 and voice shows when we started selling there was no system yet 'a: you didn't pay' nobody paid you a jail made me...wound up being very clear the artform was handled well both front and back colors and sound everywhere - reformats give way to 'no sale' as people demand (damned) opportunities to sell not offers to buy you see i got to sell everything i wanted to sell - period - where is it all now? 'i had five cents promised me for every record' - you've heard it all before but $50k for a million singles sold as sales - get busy....i had to go into a fucking labyrithine system at apple for each one with occasional balks at for who i am then paste in without adding any colors of your own...see it...not to mention days and days of hoping to see more checks i got only two: office-laser types - big deal totals $18 worth but is apple's money never seen ever like japan has it all 'incredible' savers do you know where money comes from? from 'not using' take a test do a chart - that's lazy enough and is overpaid necessarily your friends shop daily...neil says the amount is indicative of millions made...all across america...i didn't want neil at all...neil? neil and his mother closed pavilions westwood too...all hard choices 'i made a million - she uses it to buy people by hand...'

neil 'people want you to walk [never to reconcile with...]' - nobody real delivers this here get that...we have sex and you don't know anything - not for sure - do you? one of the fringe benefits for being this is having what you work for already - people are no bank my lava lamp shows you what you might have been missing follow the white balls up and down...still cooking then will gel is coming in...

factoid: communism = jail...nobody makes that couple with interminable sentencing or to 'stay free'

-------------------------now here at aabaco small business controls the same but nothing for owing my $12.95 a month now paid...thanks, nigger

you believe it or not, 'elf' and darth vader's underwear at beverly connection target
yuck~ plus the season's greetings truck this past weekend:

seen from a distance, seems to be a tree lot

update report tracfone lg (see dougmoon.com july 2015) $50 at first elapse of service november 6 or three months: the $20 sixty (60) minute card provided three (3) months of service (ninety days), one hundred eighty (180) minutes of talk by phone, (180) one hundred eighty messages, and one hundred eighty (180) megs of data transfer - each time...i needed to add one thousand (1,000) messages and three hundred (300) megs of memory or data transfer times three or nine hundred (900) megs both cards ten dollars ($10) the each, then one new $20 card just before lapsing ninety days the rest as options wouldn't pay...sees the moment...

you are niggers~

old you tube is placing things in 'restricted mode' so you can't watch or then bill them for video all the shit you proffer - the button pushed says to not offer to protect us from whatever we see - don't bother it again...'protect' ? another zealot's around...you let me see it all...and thanks for fucking up on monetization 'they don't make enough' all that gladhanding when someone stupid comments though - stop playing~ people don't intend to take a part of your business (a la jerry lewis' telethon) whatever that is 'it doesn't hurt to know nuthin's coming either' - dM

where is my money itunes years 2005-2008? i'm not free, i'm the christ you cornfield of niggers - no one has the right to make money on my money as made now run and tell your fat-ass mother...these are japanese motherfuckin' criminals 'prove it' you renting to hope with england...you are niggers

there are two people on the internet what is mine alone: the provider of content and the access to...none other...you niggers have tried to make an online life for stupid girls who you are suppossed to be...now go to hell

you can't afford the cost, you shut it off - like you had my website tossed once 'for traffic'...

stupid voting fucks at universal just gladhand the money just made posit everywhere while you ignore current delivery costs - these are niggers paying people as they please niggers i'd pull your ass right the fuck out...fucking junk they make sure bets can't get through with all these performing niggers everywhere...one big can...these are hateful fuckin' old garbage while they spend our youth but quite comfortably i'd say or you'd get your ass kicked...educate that

btw, 'magic mike xxv' whatever fuckin' stunk...that's yours...no magic mike but you carry on with outtakes (i rented the disc with porno at a petit shop nearby - women in there too talking shit...old women who wanna lay down the law...but died anyway seven years later as unwanted by the dirt and air...

gorillaz 'on melancholy hill'
do stylo too - maybe new elements the demon now fleshen?
bruce willis = stephen dorff

nameless faceless a catalog: if there is one thing that holds steady for sipping and relieving at interest it is burned media 'if they don't know'...i was looking at old c-dvd's (i think someone swiped my homemade 'phantasm 3' i was looking to be sure of the facts) and got muted with all the reverse chron and new 'carrots' leading me in as agent orange - the girl in purple 'kathy lester' from film number one actually the same raving lunatic i thought of~ the boy stabbed her i think - he brandished the knife at her another 'french clown'...always someone who hates fuckin' on a grave enough to kill...i was powerless as a young boy, but came to understand from that one day when a black spilled the beans i was only ten then at thirteen years the scrotal orgasm 'in hiding' helped - otherwise you to die~)

i highly recommend burned disks the collections i keep while itunes loses stuff religiously talking about what i paid for? what's the risk i can have anything i want...unless it's prince's stuff...

x ---------------------------calcifers

(stink, part) hold the praise...you didn't do anything albeit portray ('i'd still have if so many did give me'?) more pictures? more original work some...only 'health' makes you climb the walls 'helter skelter'...hell to them

curve 'forgotten sanity' - we'll try and lay off curve, but i play this often...

stargate ? 'stardate' for 'in a cab' (and as 'clocks keep clocks'...the majority of them 'who made who?' this time - the glory is in erasing you as 'vow' and being rehad) 11/07/15 in the evening of 2054 under the 'dirty' daylight savings program west coast edition and the skin-so-tough high sun now arranged-porridged like flowers way overhead 'for now you too sit' you're somehow coldened by this and my latest theory on pinched-at backboards being the truer tilt of the sun (we don't move under current strictures we have windows to the above) in a seasoned-world sense now come back at me 'you': someone (not ever the new) offers the 'incomplete' pronoun ('a woman hiding' as another suggestion made ? a directional nickname or substitute name of sorts like 'he-she-it', a 'quasi' as seemingly so...) 'stink' as 'stays in the eye' loosely referring to my 'stings the eye' quote off in that direction...then think about a 'sink stilled' what remains as what it took to clean and make you a day out - that's stink...and your right to produce on the way someone better - what's the point green oil-based grasses as painted in my river? i call it being 'snide' - needs a friend is looking to be one and after the sale of which the morning after...thank confidence less any insinuation for being kind and knowing theirself first...

russian christmas 'that old tree'...and its wizards~

type o: orange creme halloween oreos now $2.25 per max at cvs but corrects 'orange-colored' candy-flavored creme for no hyphen (one term expressed) their bag depresses me some...thank u

blast from the past continues a nomen:

hadda refill my $10 lava lamp with new fruece (a carrot juice) or 'wax' and that didn't hold up (root problem? opening the cap to change water out - it was cloudy with corn silks like hot water has often enough from the heater i guess) - online recipes billed as 'home' and 'office' versions cite old frank sinatra 'alka-selzer' as prime ingredient along with brake fluid and other stinky shit ? am i cheap ? maybe dumb too you think you know heated wax floats the (presumably blessed) orange wax i used came apart like legs and a beak in scrambled eggs and pure water - maybe a playful ghost the previous red wax had a fuckin' long spring in it and other junk that failed to perform plus a firm stink was palpable but hardly chem 'no air' - looks like it tried to make the same pencil spring again too 'on your own'...erstwhile friends just noted in the press brad pitt and angelina jolie were here today telling me to 'get a kit' like at universal they have this...any the hardware still attractive me...more later

i didn't wanna buy alka-selzer as never having used, ever, but now have it < $5 - the olive oil 'no way' it's stinky...crisco for now
i wondered why the deep discount on crisco these days...

here we are: i drained and picked all of the orange wax out only to try the latest oil version with salt only that promises 'no alka selzer' (see any-all at youtube where most repairs lie about categorically for the asking unless mute)...it looks okay is curing with caution still, but the new 40w bulb went south and i bought some alka selzer anyway with just fifteen dollars left of a $165 cable and internet bill 'til saturday november 14 ($80 cable tv, $80 'optical fiber' internet if there's always a step up one day later with ordering the fastest...still and to this day, pure cable internet was liquid shit we paid $100 for that back when 1993 but ruins saved files breaknecking and literally)...still looking to declare an all-safe zone for disability that's probably not what got my nest egg back to having for small loans keeping all fresh - it was almost at the 'marginal utility' end of the stick (fact-rule: one more day one more dollar won't please me)...maybe not...probably not...why 6% late on rent not per annum? you hafta achieve each month is not an annual rate but ongoing lease and fulfillment...$60/per thousand late...

where we ended up as orange chosen - no guarantees yet alka-selzer awaits

Never To Read The Lines In-Between Or Lick Your Lips Trying
Remember, alot of talking dries your spit while keeping questions down helps to manage all the sweat and tears. Be dried of it.