feathers oars blades trying to get away: favorite 'rooster-fish' is 'cordon bleu' no feathers...advance your concerns in october 2015

thank u cathy hutchen - 'part owner' said 'too graphic' (we don't want him spooling tape for me i gotta pay now...) fart burp

coming oct 31...the sphere hatchery-incubator is unbelievable shit !!!! like bumble bees they are 'all you may ever need'
goodly good ! shit

new page soon -- this is wednesday, october 7 the other one here back at work, disability has rung in somewhat and october rent is now paid....add a flat $15 for cash missing in the mail even as insured and we're on our way...$15 on appeal that is...$200 went missing flatly...

apple's new os 'el capitan' (like disney's hollywood boulevard theater) is already downloaded here you to get yours now...

as an aside (what else could it be by the water cooler shaping minds as not to think of me at all), i tried to describe my ongoing problem of not being paid for squaw efforts under the guise of not being wanted or having eaten too much while you may be hungry later or what doesn't fit with what doesn't go with what i have (i took off my clothes hosting a variety of political or aspirational themes and no 'inspirational' is your way of saying it)...these links (to professional types or lightly employed to do nothing 'here') have a number of ways of saying nothing at all ('yes' but 'no' extra qualifiers that make no sense but you hate being on the phone to a hindi-japanese jailbird) but never with a nice (never seeing before i do) person or anything i think might be true (a nigger)....hinch-newman said they'd look into it maybe i guess nothing yet but things i hear in my head all aggressive for me while presenting diddly squat all of the same people who play chess finding out where the food comes from the bishop or hand on freebies plus fung...wait see...hates me name, sees me...the highest nigger sees me less and justifies itself by paying no taxes, ever...how does one make their claim among beggars? religion helps you...not to be that ever a criminal on-hold while the police search your hut to certify you as me your god 'knows nothing, is that'...i am the one who says 'take the three months in a spa annually for the little job you have' and the fucks perceived nightly with bugs under a tree - kathie lee ! must go~ it's just people they don't realize where pay is with being slimy and thinking 'why wouldn't i fuck you over?' they didn't say you hadda come to life every day, that's what's available to you second shift among few opportunities and insanely old queers who live in hell naturally enough waiting for someone to kick them out as no true source of wealth or hate - is washable wool...do the right thing as soon as can it pays to be sent off as having noted nothing i want will be here a fraction of the cost is to avert - is nothing but grandeur made of getting back to toilet paper and dinner napkins in your shopping cart. p.s. being off during the day is nice but others less noteworthy (i take nothing in for rejecting me - stealing a ream of paper is cheaper? i said dilutes 'purchasing power' so as not to think) gotta work still like you did...one should note work has people there you like them two days off during the week is enough to keep the weekend busy. these bitches wanna own. they wanna be attractive. everything is beautiful to them. dos (this was 'god' it changed on me as spell correct another nigger at 'work') gave me your stuff never coming or going just you and your junk. admit you can't read and i'll admit i don't know why anyone would ask. 'dos' edlin feeds the soul...a fish.

'we prove you're not there...' someone blarthy quentin crisps (falsely attributing wealth with its apparent glamour) about me not acting on the suggestion that tomorrow (its paycheck) never comes...striking first is my way of saying 'i hurt you' trust that...

we are not perceived glamour - the mashed potatoes (as extras? no corn?) come first or we're not dining together yet...i sit for a bit, and i leave to no talk...i clean up

just for seraphs: terry's written 'powerless over' statement to the ones who remit him...with x approvals
1) alcohol
2) our name for it* meta name to firmly resolve not being liked at all, other lies;
3) 'douglas who has been diagnosed bi-polar and won't get help'
4) past things i have done or haven't done
5) mother nature - my higher power! (me: 'i'm mr. heat riser, i'm mister fuck' see 'the year without a santa clause' you...are that)
6) what people think of me
7) mta's bus schedule
8) social ills
9) hatred by religious people
10) others behaving the way i think they should

i don't know what you did to get to this release of gas-air (air-water-cold its all the same prevalence), but i'm here...see that (heat-light-sun never should thus they mix but come to take this away important points seen missing 'never stop!' hot hot hot)

*a place to hide amidst caring for the blades, is really a pain in the fuckin' ass no soul to sell driving a car made toth (to oneself against the wind: made of souls you turn) hoping to have less of a saint...junky stars stuff even during the self massed of acclaim - highs highs lows lows throw myself in the pot no treasure taken by tott...a bladder shaved is more like it colored brown as root to stink 'is no worse' them...

you are niggers 'once upon a time'....one at a time, then simple it up to be all of them hoping to remove, exchange

'the more you know, the less you'll feel' - have that made toth

'you are my hero' - heard of, never do we meet here

'the words rejected simply because i struggle to believe in you too' the rest yours, elation or having it come before sweat breaks...from my house, what i have...less bonnage served and a bill for it...that's cheap

stock market 'what's in a name' i think accounting takes a corporate name entrusted 'til i can't even think and 'sells' or hands over with debts brauned to 'goodwill' you can't argue the pot, you know...the believers and what is the sinful promotion of cesares (hateful quick with coned head like latins wear corn reefer 'where is she now then?') take its stock - a name - is everything 'johnson & johnson' no gus like 'sears' (see hers? a laugh out loud 'yee haw' can't yodel yahoo! to luminsky another pilferer amid no price for great fears) and we bet on the the inevitable tooth loss as a national pride heralded by blacks with no real clout i never use that 'really?' using the same phone i just flushed for being a piece of shit anyway...the piss makes us together somehow...like 'apple' i toss in a few big boys to give them a couple weeks of paycheck glask and obvious support - paying in is but tits and leaving is real too every day i want 'cdnow' (one brilliant tampon yes that works enough thank fool) and 'netscape' (avenue of the americas-stars navigating while hell insists there's no greater evil than at-once being understood) no one to talk to but the name mine to enjoy privately...forever they weave me...and i never buy for others fact-day...i need to see what they do...

reprise: emerson lake and palmer 'lucky man'
btw, asked main character figaro in 'fereuse' or 'false name' what he was measuring - a cot to keep others out - couldn't get his chores done early enough.
figaro is in the movie 'amadeus' a confusing political satire made german opera despite granule hate i am f. murray abraham? he measures his wedding bed how so? is charging us for it...pleased, i'll pay
i never let self-conscient behavior or 'zaning' interfere with my guest as not thought of properly - you don't reject me you told me i don't matter at all (thank cubed) no one hoped for this not real bad anyway a mutton
you cry because i live, i cry because someone died or frightened me as no one should see though i love the thought as purely informed - change is made if a burgeoning of hate is here and there oncely 'meal ticket' at a canopy affair...you stopped by
no one cast as you giving to me...this, is yours

today he brought the ripped-open envelope nothing in it sealed in plastic only
i can go to see a supervisor tomorrow~
or i can file a claim today the max is $15 for cash what crap did it anyway
some nigger named marsha watkins took the cash on her break - last test david kampf - both for richard and sex at us #10 or universal studios what a fuckin' craphead

heaven came to weigh it

our answer to the ongoing silence you speak of: chrissie hynde guests in-person on conan o'brien co-masturbator with pepper fries in the morning and repossess dean 'princeton at brooke' cain to her left
i couldn't stay awake that night but saw most others waiting for it, i saw jupiter yes
for the record, chrissie does the progressive insurance commercials to bits younger and maybe without her great mind in tow

voiceovers we'd like to hear again:

linda hunt (what is that - acura? the 'a' is an 'h' for honda)
sally kellerman (hidden valley)
paula poundstone (whatever her misgivings represent...)

gary numan 'a shadow falls on me'
from the 'splinter' lp

plenty of thrills from yesteryear but these velvet pumpkins are nice at pavilions $13

bits early but the harvest season in full swing soon 09/27 for the third time now it seems

a remarkeable staying power the junkbag angel wings this just yesterday 09/26 at santa monica and palm...
this a lab in the back where they used to snuff unruly dogs - they appreciated it only i guess shedding a body and in time

got me a 20oz (um, chilled) bottle of cherry coke last night 09/26 by printout and slight enlarge from city target a neighborhood walk to beverly connection usually no fumble to make up for the day before even with a woman from verizon - the jailhouse provider - assisting me with her own wi-fi connect by password...i entered over one hundred (150) in bottlecap-type points during the last few weeks (one helpful a carton from in the trash while sweeping up in and around don't say you don't need the help moving in and out (plus you're more outta shape than you've ever been - a woman?)...add in a full baggie of coke-makeup since then flushed down the toilet 'not ours' but fully managed (you know how just a bit of the wrong stuff - although awarned a lavender - no matter how little - stains the soul), one 'minute maid' lemonade to be choked in by mail, one coke thus spared for the time being like black-capped imports from honduras sparing bill cosby bottlers (located behind and inside 20th century fox then sold to wesson oil five years ago~) and to a lecture of how a saved coke could spare my life under christ's '3-days tops' rule - wrestling with wi-fi could take it right back ostensibly within the same three-days time - you vow the system (an amalgam or 'mixed-together for the wrong response always as is filling a tooth' black family as electronic woman 'what's made to you as opposed to institution or government embrace' who had the nerve to bother it inward) to keep trying...you to remember e-mail is not messaging ($10 per thousand on my phone failing here and there and on the roof - 3x the purchase though $20 is noted '3g' somehow while teaching you its ways home) and how messaging or instant e-mail uses the 'net to produce the coupon think ahead like they do...print it out by entering the url you get before invoking the coupon...our laws preserve the eagle 'evil' eye that comes and takes long before you arrive, cheated by your expectations only (a grandeur) they'll fuck you good a hell of sorts leading out...five cents a bottle or can paid in and you with one fear of money you never had slipping away...spread the pain-fear employing others cheaply enough there's nothing without me mother lode closing soon and also mickey's for a month...you with her here with me and him...for the record, coke 2-liter is $1 the each for five (5) bottles this week at target i just got some at pavilions same price might be their 'freaky friday' though with whole rotisserie chickens $5 and alt...both-all an employment of sorts...

out-and-out drunks recommend taskrabbit.com for linking up to labor around the 'hood - check it out

with 'phantasm v' looming, remember 'hellraiser v' by an alternate production house i saw it anyway - a man chained up in a morgue for a car accident with wife ataken i liked it alot
it literally stained me the thought

you are niggers part iv:

radish bald niggers were on the prowl for savings yesterday sparing the 'free' but anti-purse wi-fi at each of provide cutting off the bottoms for agreement preventing free cokes at city target and the like - wouldn't it be easier to pay? not yet with college loans on thousand-dollar tuition and you should go too - you're only as old as you look - that's old...i go to cvs all burned up to get a vanilla coke if all that tan stink plus unruly crespo hair ain't gonna work out assume nothing you don't know me i pout and get what i want only and print out in advance now too...i don't get guided by voices i make that shit for you and to comfort rings of all your wet farts around your head and neck abortions screaming with the threat-fear of being born the last word on the subject...used to be easier your mother in hell quasi (seemingly so) gunshots break the detente only...you win again...what do i get for that? oil and blubber in a hot lamp? i wouldn't buy a $600 roaming phone if i had the money with this extra junk in and out for army motherfuckers - what shit...is it over in your head yet? beggars.

my nest well-feathered with your takings and dust, doesn't need to think i need to stop talking to you i can't stand by that shit my ass alone i do it quietly and to you - a theft below being covered despite any $75k liquidations a taj mahal what a fool i am this is like apehole sex with you around - not real ever aren't you dead yet:

take your time nigger...gotta be cheaper than $500
never send cash...through universal and other niggers? let 'em do hair
i might be dumb, but you get naked - that's gotta pay me somehow your old dreams...tag, share

niggers include: bmg, columbia house, itunes...

laurie anderson neil's mother 'o superman' for 'massanet' complains about 750,000 copies while i labour for its pay and she uses to fund supermarkets - asshole...spend my whole life waiting for shitbags - i didn't agree to anything like it...next a motherfuckin' lawyer miles and miles of jewish bullshit you are going to hell...one word and no more being here...i'll bite your nose off

make your own survey to send out gather info! survey monkey
could be nicer~

check your internet speed too - internet frog

nothing yet as of 09/25 - what is it a million bucks?
mother had to resend

what if you had the job? real-life job-related complaint about singer marilyn manson as if on paper 'too many looks away from the camera' implies you don't wanna be seen singing - for words missing? thank you for being interesting on-topic

thanks for that free movie ticket, marlboro - have a smoke

ten (10) more days for a nip on the bottle last weekend (honesty is another burden for a lack of thinking, effort - more at lazy)...quincy, stop playin'...i gotta fuckin' sit here with this shit talking to me anything not legal is not wanted...takes its time with pay too...who's gonna make the grade at rent time? stop playing...do whatever you want, clarabel~ honk honk

'what if i die?' - that's no one special - honor the thought of being here, you're scared a no-no in heaven's way...

...no reason to launch into 'black velvet' - you know alanis did that? get it right enough...personally i've been innoculated (introduced as weakened) for hepatitis 'b'...bowel? aspirin, bowel, consumption...bowels...tetanus about '92...plenty of erythromycin for zits a birth control....

speaks of the devil...alannah myles
if i never hear of that one woman amy winehouse again

'pray it ends' - dM 'til it ends...when will, it end...when, will, it end

the pope looks like he's having a good run...'it's all fake' anyway referring to saint patrick's? i like a demonry - mass table folding in-half protoplasmically to reveal a place to throw bodies...stuff that hides from you...practically speaking...some boy on the news just loved everything - me too - but offer my opinion too much...take a tip...makes non-catholics cry...'we don't have anyone'...better to be sure...i guess...'it's a falafel - not good but okay...' - the pope

i like falafel 'cept when you make it - falafel 'king'

09/25...phantasm v 'ravager' is scheduled to be in theatres october 31 (a saturday) per the IMDb...a reason to decorate? seems fake...no news is good news...

i give you the choice i never had: although still cheap to spray, a enamel paint by brush is the best result! ignore the rest...still
incredibly, the number plates very elegant wash off - what crap! value? $200 at least and no choice or design

this locker - by far the nicest design ever - had to be refurbed (surfaces only, as opposed to renovation 'rants' or pulling down the curtains) by me for my half bedroom even while we speak (helps make porno - with absolutely no women ever 'that's entertainment' - better plus storage space...reach up to no real need)
this faggot here is gonna bother me for ten (10) more days (this is 09/21 refusing his work by speaking to someone this morning about bottle relapse getting a doctor's signature - where to now? i wanted sex last night, not this (all new persons just the inside the body never new as just arrived~
the woman eating in him (never received justly as 'mixed company' seeking to be alone in my rooms while i starve somehow - it works) woke me up early to go to trader joe's this weekend i was still tired from the night before without any such regard
'til then we art ourselves~ total losses to date $1,500 plus lates trying to be the usual nothings we are to people who'd rather we were dead (bitches hand him their job to process paperwork - fucking dumb they are not official at all just 'coin ops' real as any yet when you just go along we get no detail ever)
note that i care, but ignore hoping to ignore it again he's the problem too - everybody gets things done anyway while i somewhat sit and listen check for breath while they sleep i get punished for caring first and at margins easily enough no wielder of the stars all fake anyway but for you truth-truce is the moon a reflection of us with atmosphere blow dryer - harsh truth
while fat asses at bank of america charter me a brownish plate with 'twin town' - richard and his mother renting clubs - and just seen very much older at the local burger hut this weekend again getting paid by the same people who lease our building hard to get around 'they don't want you' at an aids hut compete with nurse stations i love this place anyway and masturbate even more than they i did - it's safer
don't get me wrong i care but am on-site everyday what helps weed out the talk during the hard-to-employ summer months or september song when naked tryouts at universal occur backstage - we live for money from outsiders it seems
i strike first trust that - all this jailtime barge isn't gonna pay people who have mandate already - they go to hell but dump bodies daily
here's their logo - 'til then i art in heaven they all wanna be me 'the one who sold your crap' is still unpaid everyhow while they try and steal it for theirselves you at the top of my page i'm still trying and they leave me to starve as homeless with the only ex-junker i ever had...i'm not supposed to know other taxpayers through you
i did it for free first and now everything made shit making a case for having given you are shit only and ugly faggots too they are everywhere here the first time still looming overhead - you paid now
tough times...you to go nowhere and thanks again for leaving me here they're all the same hating me just waiting for better...i have it somewhere
i take the truth everyday as it's prompted and i lie alot trying to be posi-florive with pay...
'the road to hell is paved with the promise of doing better'

help is just around the corner - no sexual healing - the doctor is cute i see
i think he is...
the $200 note is for the post office - 'what did you lose when we dropped your package in-transit?' the $200 i get every month to pay for utilities...'i can substantiate having received if need be' - is insured...never use mail if can and i don't like checks~

windows update? i used google and online servers...c-net whatever looking to avoid microsoft with reservation in mind...all good so far...

somebody conshohocken (um, 'hungry heart' plus bades) with her tits out fights the scan of this engorge so the bottom is left off after tats
this is uc irvine ay fifty mistaken for ucla what is 1926 (1919) or sumpin' (memphis, colorado did the coloring in) mark harmon is still most famous being from there...hundred years soon but is similar this magazine in today's paper 09/20 the change of seasons in two days then park left, in the middle?
i think of phoebe hearst at ucla only a savendusky...vanderbilts (railroads), carnegie (steel)...publishing three times more the threat
this could be sunset and the 405 (airport highway) like is stamped up - irvine is farming rich and retail down the 405 where the 5 state highway up and down meets up towards san diego a hundred mile day trip yet
uc san diego has death trap torrey pines (surfing, windstorming) richard had to live there for six to twelve years a sandy egypt (valley of the dead - still right enough coin in mouth one wrong turn then the suez to china seas) of sorts his father wouldn't let him out...

usps of the future: resists-forgets any claims 'they just don't wanna do' from 'opa locka' florida ? our tracking number '13151490000096091984' won't take a claim was sent september 8...is due thursday september 10...can we have an answer sometime end the studio talk as interferes with these niggers around...thank fuck...more: i never heard of such shit the struggles with this madonna party this last week and all...you add one dollar in formal cash widths and you get this stuff no more now...i used green dot and it was still greatness one minute later (she has a card now for sending money is ten times better no mail 'pay people' function easy easy you won't miss money pack so much then they screw this over with opinions easy send though to anyone with a green dot card notify by email to forgive them again for this lack of function...people don't want something so what...i don't want you...i lock up your finances for being heard too well who are you? you to fight with postage stamps...

see it here - begin to begin and remember the method premature yet flawless
microsoft give no gifts these days is sutter home, literally - cheers a blush yes

windows 10 critical update 09/15/15 1325 (rent still due this afternoon - consider paid): the windows 10 package now complete arguing the fan error back down with about three repeat restarts and my full attention - looks very nice and now it begins all ready to go...

check box [ ] i'm still here like rodney wells in skin meister 'maniac' someone pinched my balls because my dick doesn't work and they're on a tight schedule 'i kill that and cry some too - they're mean to me'...i make cadillacs across the border 'the divide' as personal lust and are-am known as photo spread artist scavullo get that...calls sometime stand-in lew wasserman a 'woodman' gets rid of people...did rolling stone covers 'exclusively' then he od'd in 1978 put back in three days time...by some old woman (his agent)...be that as it may...

more about you: i died 'twice' in a row in my sleep last week - no bother, really, but i found myself bracing-prepping for the hump over one after one fought...no bother yet...for the record someone tackles you out gently enough is funny basically but stupid are everywhere trying to birth you before four (4) years of babysitting a developing eyesight very unhappy me...but guest...i'm a ball with four arms that brace against and we laugh...or the bad penny hanging in the womb just to contact before another bloodletting to back out...you as ghost down the chute at a local of catholic hospital and $400 later as shit out in a gasoline bag...my latest thinking of...'round and 'round...

looks like great adventure 'yum yum palace'...traflagar square really the french are their(s) ok
france is russia? 9/10's or no actual touching - wargods? normandies gardens above sanctioned for nuclear (wastes) 'they're good at it'
'someone has to win...' - dM no lapsing in with smiles if god is to be two little girls as etruscans conceding to everyone present with nods no talk

fan-clock mesmer from the reduced set that is brookstone on-site beverly center -- another message in a bottle 'you gotta live'
jimmy carter hi-hi took gap retailers down the chute officially be it since 1976 a hostile...house of blues sunset bolted shut like patio brunch 'bloomingfields' butterfields or whatever before that still there sunken patio as kitchens but empty and a value plus on sunday morns (the dead cherish and hope not to have - many interments 'powder to flush' they say awaiting my paint can with road salt shakers)
more junkin' of value labels everyhow they wanna be me simply hoping to have

'gap wouldn't sell baseball hats on-hand like koo koo roo wouldn't make a turkey dinner daily' - dM no flaw with ascertain death comes thanksgiving-type dinners get it right with the trimmings no work no play' - dM if the family that plays together lays together...more: h&m one wear? see bristol farms for daily dukes at dinner...

got me windows downloading now 26% 'eat my shit' - use their media creator tool to pass out the grass 'p.s. to fool: good luck, you dumb bitches'
why upside down? as you pee in the sink, i showered this shit off
update: 'nothing has been proved, meeting initial requirements one being a 6gb usb stick that is clean and formatted at six lengths - more doom and gloom soon' use mac's disk utility formats for both mac and windows and erases prior uses too use desktop will not just show up otherwise is great to go
cleverly citing an internal fan at wits end error console 90 that is now muted with a specific application 'speed fan' and external cooling factors - another legacy of hp bullshit with it and a perhaps a hot wood varnish (just press skip for now - keep it cool with ice around too it works nicely)

princess-man french toast with orange emperor too - bed bath & beyond
princess leia ear wax system by official hearing 'testors' beltone 'no squinting' - that last radon of heroin flakes get your dander up? be more real~
lecture: a simple proctor-silex toaster is best use one black and decker whatever if no curio or need - some need be showmen

butt of course, ad man...terry back to work sans one bi-weekly paycheck and $200 in total meet $200 after-tax taken the each and or mutual fund annuity for years on my back left through the grand stock facade $20 grand through $14 grand and back up then to expect nothing live well...twenty years retirement? pretty on the inside no one pays me ever...microcost levers to the feds on a budget end the talk the same volumes every year means find something to do...do it now...while i beat afghans to death...niggers

those who saw 'phantasm v' 'ravager' in detroit (the real destination about an hour if george washington 95 bridge over the philly harbour thanks me to 'b') after stage work september 12 raved in our absence 'no footage, all film' + 'we made seven copies anyway...in burbank - no news yet' and despite the obilgatory claims of any whirlwind post-postponement you'll be there soon enough + 'make no mistake, this one is mean'...'no one introduces the mother'...

Third Quarter 2015 Is Closing Steadily And You're Here Getting The Facts Most News Unworthy The Sale Another Calico
Jews still don't communicate secretly among newspapers if all you read are the splash ads from Target...they know you when they see you out and about no severs up the back.