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you to just *click here* while trying to be sure there's not gonna be any shenanigans before you lob the vote in november 2012

was watching 'return of the jedi' (star wars iii) again on tv (see cnn's then and now anti-aging fair for star wars) and mark hamill's character is supposed to be the evil emperor too - look again...two hands off with vader and him fighting...

and so notes it a failure: the mac mini's hard drive finally 'fails' by serial number even at the genius bar...their replace is $174.33 ($39 labor)...ho hum...ucla moved monthly-paid employees - a glory - to a bi-weekly cycle replete with loans - hurts us yet...usually unions only hourly wage...simple save solutions plus the state billing us $150 a month in returns for 'head of household''s burger king at leconte and westwood now closed in response? only westwood closes a rent pix from halloween you're on your own...rosie o'donnell (seen in a vision-dream last night setting her hair on fire while working on a staging project up on a ladder - looks like she sawed the cord) reports only a fourth of invest from sales that night...banks keep the of america took me from a teller window to open an account last week or so and then closed it within one day asking me to call their fraud department...i thought the welcome unusual since 2005 was the last job i held...usually a sit-down means you have a job...nobody ever gave a shit to me! p.s.the account locked down in response to a direct deposit request from linkshare what has no pay since august 2008...mere pennies otherwise put elsewhere b of a is aggressive and stupid about me too?

unrelated doublespeak, but a good amount of interest develops here
speaking of national geographic, commission junction - bmg's linklater - is back up and running - won't approve anything to cite our differences it's like they can erase it all after using you
government grants for involvements being held by politics - i hate poor people now with an education too
one day you'll hafta pay in shit to go to piss school

been looking at alot of syria pictures on you tube with islam writings - just as i suspected nice looking people who hate people trying...more

it's chuck moon's birthday today 11/01...all souls day...happy birthday, o' is due again...and right after halloween flatzed

our pumpkin was cute this year - i did nothing to honor you doing nothing
sad? we get to own the whole place for the rest of the year


got chastized twice over the storm's damages - i thought 'nothing done' as is usual...if you have it bad, celebrate the economic stimulus package...little orphan annie hates being without a bald so...and if 'the firmest insult is replacing' - dM

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these little xmas trees now at target are perfect for the value-price of keeping the spirit under cloak

that hoover vacuum below is now $129 but note it has a sharp retractable cord ! that spins to be closed right under the wind tunnel
their carpet steamer in gray and orange is a beauty too

a somber ? halloween approaches us still wait - find a masked (fun spelled out) party and don't be a boob at home, lonely or graveyard...we'd still hate having you too

related, we were talklng about walking corpse jfk in the lobby of an emergency room as put - he was up and about (trust that) once haltered or chained up physically with ropes on his seen, it took two white-labbed doctors pushing him back (using no arms, the 'targa') to his quarter as pressing for an exit to lobby one eye pegged with bullet (not diode as fraught, but over the right eye at eyebrow and shirt ripped open (he liked the look 'it was rough' he now says 'my head was bleeding [as only]')...then he passed out forever two days before saying publicly...and onward...the doctors (perhaps lab techs as not just seen) were horrified and kept asking him not to be anymore, kinda 'what are doing here?' to what speak 'asking questions' and oswald was there and saying he didn't mean to hit him with gunfire as three (3) shots only but just scare him a little...a friend...

at target: room essentials microfleece blanket - we got one in blue seen here - warm to hot

don't forget lillian vernon at banner link has a photo fleece throw for $80! their new christmas section features something i've always wanted: an authentic wooden christmas carousel with candles $40

apple's $329 ipad is raising eyebrows at cnn st. ann's - hey they wanted an additional fold-out screen that got pooped on

meanwhile, old tape in my bedroom super weird but true to form...i wouldn't listen to me and 'friends' but you know how people love to hate me...p.s. thank you hp...old st. howard facial scrub (exit nudes por favor - cici no fumar, no puente de lal not just yet)

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yet and yet again - the october 31 block party is on
signal the creative city here for more details...

radio isotopes? rain, only - a mask of iron isn't isotope, only oxygen wrapped in water is and is made in outer space as such and is collected again (makes it move) rainfall is no fish afoul i need to live well i'd say they make air too well

eurythmics 'for the love of big brother' from the '1984' soundtrack and 'heaven' from 1987's 'savage' lp - dining in and out

search for "halloween zipper makeup" at youtube...

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a favorite scloom by prodigy 'breathe' about heroin addicts eating crap (and so spits a hole in the wall)
why not? but, um

more excel tutor soon - i've decided to teach the menu picks is clarity itself - play along
tip: the '^' character above the '6' raises a number in formula to a power or exponent (times by itself and how many times) and learn the 'if' statement fast - '=if(a6>0, "yes", "no")' that means if the cell addressed 'a6' is greater than zero by weight* OR EVEN IF NOT SHOWING IN A FORMATTING of no decimals, say or print "yes" in this cell, otherwise print "no" as simple text...a veritable toybox yet
more: an ampersand '&' joins parts of text derived from other cells or then just not to form a sentence and should include any-all spaces that need and to form naturally when are added together -- is the 'concatenate' function '=concatenate(a6, a7, a8)' too
dollar signs '$' anchor rows and columns for copying up and down and all around as they morph with drags across lines - put a dollar sign before the row or column number-letter in the cell formula or both before copying and pasting and the cell addresses stay the same
*all sorts are by ascii code (american all-purpose symbolic code instruction interface) or weight - is best made in a list onscreen and sorted yourself to see how so it goes

i scanned this billboard for talk - why so happy?
the friend says 'i never let him win - he's not gonna get to play anyone else'
that's cute

joan rivers reminds us the election is not nearly close enough 'what becomes a semi-legend most' as busts are nearly minted into 'apollo xiv' coins a pewter principle
name a president never to be minted into a wax hat? 'howard stanvison' the one who started the civil war with lincoln a monty hall-type 'no one knows him yet'
curtain number '3' and you already won the winnegbago - what could it be?
a years' supply of kraft macaroni and cheese - or then none at all? mine is about twenty (20) boxes of regular use - they say is about ten (10) boxes 'a use'
back to, i watched bits of the debate on you tube...obama wants 'more schooling' to create jobs - no (a rich job starts next week on monday and pays thee well)
the laissez (limp, lighter touch) - what is romney (and mind you both are young wearing makeup with moles under scalp line, always next door in a magazine layout - sexual predators need only apply these days) - says 'tax [the rich]' again them schools
a debate is supposed to be a freelance town meeting a town like princeton full of humanities that pay their way - not a butt licker above waves of frizzy hair
i'm not proud i turned that crap right again?

another view, demanded of

fierce (fearless - like you can't get hurt)

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no cashbox too great...october 15, 2012

alanis morissette 'everything' (for 'a. mother' and the 'twenty different deals to a make', to a ford lp)...great, thanks it alot
'they can't say - i won't'...'let life carry it out' + '[as whispered] be spirit'

some lyrics to 'thank u' -

' how about stopping meeting when i'm so young '
' how about them transparenting a link paris '
( you could pay for her too as student learner 'transparenting' means to send to your kid only, a gift outward)

a stories-high billboard on sunset catches your eye - plus the whole vera wang thing 'they said not to talk'
'not to touch people and talk' (or, make them listen)
don't talk to me

"You can always make them what you are." - dM, only

"Remind not to take stands against people - is an already opened letter from 'Dear Cheap' on my desk." - dM says they can't make you change say you will

"What says "Can't pay" more than a dollar bill?" dM now hop to it in Spanish

"No thanks." - dM be the fruit not the tree

"I didn't pull down your pants to find out you're a man." - dM, now scratch your hands off to be hook, but as takings over time thx

make sure you check out skymall's halloween shop at banner link above...

i read the papers and repeat verbatim: that guy savandusky got 30-60 years ? what does he have about two days left? that's what i say about my father too...anyway, a quick scan sees him wearing rubber gloves in a locker room type setting and pinching boys on the back of the neck and with tetracycline on them...rosens and grows into something smelly and bulb-like over time - whomever he's lacing with is figuratively small and runt-like - rejects of the self and belaboured with feelings for others...this guy was like full of shit like that preacher jimmy stewart and hadda let it all out with the wife as on-board i guess...

buy new: getting back into the swing of things with this member's only seashell from ebay...i had a royal blue one way back when
fyi, there's a hood with strings rolled up in the collar behind a slim zipper

our halloween tree placed with skull lines
i can't find a tree as big - was $69.99 retail somewhere like walmart

my favorite song from church surfaces...thank st. victor's
change the line 'lord god of host' to 'god of power and might' at very least and though
do it

this is an announce great at target this week - a $100 hoover spinderella vacuum is right on target
talk to you

"Five-dollar gas prices pay me when no one mine alone." - dM who reminds that $6 doesn't appeal to my sense of stature

Keep them rockets outta here - they draw in too much heat (a potato water all saline) and I don't want that you're not going anywhere, anyway...they wanna fake the sun...a big robed ghost with shining head walking the earth is as reveal to, no

The lord of the dead in "Phantasm" and fame is named "Omnavera" (say 'omna-barra', I'm no bearer) is real and female and as eye length...thanks...'she (made to a great, gross burden, scared to look, kinda - egyptian) was sitting in a car a night or two ago talking to me is a size bigger...note that...'two people'

the top pin for another person 'seekers who are lovers' retolded on 'otherness' - all wakelings or 'the day beginning around the south' they'd say
guest 'twinlights': people found to be together in the dark
twinlights: something proven false as watching lights in the sky - something moved a plane, something stayed a star

cocteau twins ahem? my favorite autumnal from the 'otherness' ep 'feet-like fins' a here and now of radio isotopes or space languages...what a big 'oral' dish might capture 'to [our dear] fool'

i like the blue pants guy alot but the picture and at aah's on sunset may betray the point made

this is tower video exciting me with red metal beams up
the parking valets at the standard 'hi' and reversing

decorations as run-of-the-mill ('running the mill' the mail room?) this one springs at you violently and is scary enough in a darken bush
that black tree is good to me and the skull lights from target hold up well why?

Thank fuck it's Columbus Day! - no mail no banks and my mother sent me money that should have been here Saturday from Florida...thank fucks I pay with cash...remember, a Green Dot card ("cherish [be] me") can help get around fucks like a "money pak" at local convenience stores for less than $5 (for up to $250) and supply the pin number by e-mail or phone to whomever has a card or account or then do an online instant transfer like I do $2.95 the account has be verified first (is your own, or at your address maybe...sends two, three cents to your account then you input numbers at their site - is not PayPal, this is truly effective) 'til you say...they are instant only...also, if you can't network cash until one day flips over (wicks and sticks credits get abused too much), go to a store a supermarket and take cash that same day. The one day wait is safe and secure against ACH phlegms...'all cashes held' now unless to the wire out...suspicions.

try your hand with excel...and don't settle for less than what you want (ask someone)
excel makes lists, does math routines, models stuff to see how changes affect and outcome
once you know what to do, you can threaten others with it like i do
'it hasn't paid you yet' - why don't you offer your tits to pay for next month's rent?
p.s. start each entry with an equal sign "=" and then press 'enter' when done

the actual excel 'tabletop' in a mac...the "<>" button seen in the upper left corner selects-highlights everything on the page for copying to another page, and perhaps

"Personally, we're going with Blackglama again...I can't hide the fact that I'm trying to get paid somehow with government grants (against the grain, the illiterate unfounded or 'new you' body tubes the aquarium warmer as neutron bomb with feelings about 'us' however in the water solvently 'can we fuck?' now) afoot and I'm thinking someone new is gonna be magical that way...loser...don't mention Jimmy Carter I still can't believe Ford lost but is Ronald Reagan somehow a rising Brubaker warden from the cells the 'informal manager' yeah in a halter top...they got his balls they didn't tell you that..."the orange what does that mean ? incumbent being drawn curses you" - dM the daughter of Romney was outside bitching about the father not being taken seriously and delivered in a prayer way and in my way but "sometimes the best thing for you has nothing to say but it's there against you" it holds up and fuck you all...I don't listen to beggars...body shames...Jeb Bush...Lyndon LeRoux


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The Mr. Bones pumpkin patch on Doheny north of Santa Monica is getting up and running even as we speak...

One Such Hayride Back To The Pumpkin Patch September 2012

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