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Who's Movin' Who October 2012

aah's on sunset is ready to go with halloween - this large flat hanging skull with cherry lights is fun

hustler nearby has these roman costumes (aah's has 'em too for just under $50)

sunset live the old tower is finally moving up the street

aah's again


angel at hustler

tatiana at hustler

Remember that cruise liner that turned on its side white and yellow? I scanned it the accident and it was heading north along the shoreline and it turned sharply left a 'u' turn of sorts because there were freight boxes in the water jutting out making a wall (they were reddish in color about two sizes above water). The ship tried to make a left turn in too little time and scraped against rocks, the coast...

you'll just hafta bubba to the top

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sundance thanks the mention: what's that movie called about a mother whose young son is being filmed while some guy fucks his butt cate blanchett - not bad an action pot...i can't stand some from my family sucking a weiner and saying it's 'so good' like a retard...action-pak with salmon dinner

so soon to seek: ms (um, 'microsoft') excel tutorials starting from the beginning and why not play? a great toybox if no further threat is perceived? the first thing is every cell (column-row intersect by cell address) entry must start with a "=" then your entry of word (place any text iincluding spaces in quotes), number, or formula (refers to individual celll addresses for numberrs to be pulled as end values only) the smiling face stops you from using an apple and at little you to make-keep...

i like these animated 'flank' hosts at porno sites...walking and stripping with each screen

clips from past and present...the girls are either deja vu or close counterpart 'fife and drum'
could be anyone coming to dinner, the real rosie o'donnell, her mother

of course i snatched that purple-light halloween tree at marvin's way back and right just when, but disclosed it and just yesterday to believers, followers of type
'if you knew anything, i'd know it too'?
get it home first, then to explain where you've been keeping it since then

they knew more...a denouement (a little bit of tread after the climax through catharsis or relief of tension)

the light is reveal sometimes no play...

i don't see anything...not with you

'arrested development' you'd say

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a few repeats?

located the rankin-bass family classic 'jack o' lantern'
we still wonder if ralph bakshi took his stuff home - has a more gandalf look (the staff of ra smokes with wood) and feel (see the 'hobbit' before peter jackson ruins the telling with has-beens, no-names, paying clerk types)

Koontz still has the Marklin mini train set in the jack o' lantern ornament $162 as shelved....

Scrubbing spoil pans on your electric range? Soak first in dish detergent and water then scrub with SOS or Brillo pads...

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We honor the solstice (what happened today 09/27 at 4 am nationally) by lighting every visible candle in the home for a moment's glance then blowing out...thats' all...I've been churning water vapor all over the world for a while now (looks like black smoke wheels in the sky 'round and 'round) a needle and thread is not water until cold matches with it...held inside the bubble some negotiated to the sun it doesn't take much...and you wonder where oxygen comes from? Too much saline everyhow...not enough rain. It all winds up dirt as used to feed us...

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soho 'hippychick' - sample the smiths' 'how soon is now?' ('hatful of hallow' ep)
i am urban and i need to be housed in an artist-type loft somewhere

reprise: doug moon's all-time favorite childhood book 'mousekin's golden house'
out of print it is - see ebay
p.s. it won a 'caldecott' or children's fiction medal too and, yes, it's drawn in color
i read mine at the public library on main street in allentown new jersey 08501 when it was in the red-roof building across from monsanto's
p.p.s the summer solstice is tomorrow somehow september 27

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Not to slight to our other vendors, but Magic Cabin still finds us offensive (doesn't stop you from shopping though!) In their decline, they mention use of "BHO's" behind the scenes organizations..."behind our organization" are "people who hate us" if see their bevy of Halloween stuff anyway.

I'd go to the Linkshare symposium (all questions no answers) in Toronto in November 7 if could as a nice setting near Niagara Falls...I went in early November one year (1986, Novemver 2-5 roughly) and loved it!

the niagara falls parents honeymooned here '63

Jerks leave you just enough to pay your bills on-time: Went into the Apple Store yesterday and saw the new iPhone 5 - is nothing special yet size or style and serves as an excuse to lock down all the iPads in the shop for the express purpose of describing it black and unsure - pure dung yet (a slide on the bottom of the lit screen unlocks the phone for use). Meanwhile, iTunes is going to be featuring MP3's one day ('spectral' or 'more liquid' MP4's versus 'reversing' or stamp-down MP3's as transparencies)...I'd like to get paid for developing the first system, one day Napster (or MP3 sales) having been avowed by me...still nothing for having sold. Did I invest smartly enough?

Columbia House - nope
Apple iTunes - nope
BMG - nope, no pay

'carmageddon' is upon us again near ucla on the '405' a refresher north and south

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The Apple iPhone is selling to sonic stock or retailers abroad - you call, they come with a new one at $6 per share or phone profit...should be looking to be the iPad smallened...

The street below is Hilldale at Santa Monica and just about...around the corner from the bars we'd say to a great lay...

a few latent (a 'wait and see?' doesn't comb and to be as simply a bald) pics from our neighborhood....
supreme satisfaction takes its seat over the rainbow: thanks for the spelling errors, see no thrive in a just as hearing

for the little homes and their style...the white house with fireplace on the way to beverly center got torn down completely
cement k-pool in the back, electric meter, gas pipe...nothing more
p.s. i sent your wallet back to amex (with platinum card) after gay pride hope you got it
millicent: the coke satins a vidge drug test for old burnt-out queers (no one's husband as thought of seeking warmth with tough-and-tender tacits no thanks, and just a slim day before dumping in their mailbox...i however sames opens the conversation as having been nicely placed again - thanks to fool another court date and i have christmas booked at your expense you old maxi-pad
know god's subliminal work doesn't include you often - you have that now - like no black majors science chem against the big white 'king's cross' of being truly scared of disdain and are having a concerned
'we open and close your ass for you' as none such should fart - dM

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pirahna (a small-time jaws in the water - seems exciting, willing to work vapors for food)
monty python's meaning of life (vignettes as i understand it - maybe that mustard-colored fart bladder is in here 'oh oh oooh' pushed in with sticks to orgasm - 'is not actually wrong')
haywire (this is new a one yet to be seen - male gun killers meet a odious female she dies naturally enough to them i hear off center tip: one is an outrage it helps - has to hide in a rock like tiny tim with a bag of hot oil, usually)
tommy boy (a dangerous fat boy makes a known good happen in the absence of his father - features david spade jerking off why to me)
coming to america ('ooo - you a high nigger'? see 'montenegro' a montezuma much after sought? see the amazon river open down wide to three 'bet you will' falls four hundred feet rafts with trees then)
omen iii (how they would say it as me with nothing in-hand but time will tell plants again 'rejection hurts' i don't eat that shit)
howard stern's private parts (hi - an apology to a wife that shot him dead at a nj reststop - no romance is this well-paid...he is eternal somehow, she is a wire black...and i quote me 'you didn't have nuthin', girl')
stephen king's graveyard shift (a stand out to omits - we seek it anyway)
double jeopardy ('naomi' judd as duped wife in a boating accident is really good when she catches up with him in new orleans and tries to play it his way - is a jerk an aging versus bruce greenwood)
hunt for red october (remember david - the way he died, the way he used to fantasize our love)
roast of roseanne (she wants me to see in a nighttime speaking will be good if any are good - a chance for franks i hate the challenge to pass-fail pray-see the star of she-devil like me is meryl streep)
lord of illusions (i think about about the bald guy with spike teeth alot - any dangerous magic is archipelago or held by quiet surrounds no potents)
clueless (dumb languages but has its point - is ucla flatly in action with turds or sign-ons among us - see second comings or as i say second-time arounds hi paul miller)
capote (brilliant is one of these movies - brilliant - a good-looking guy adds in to accused to make its point seem numb)
blitz (jason statham)
boy culture (i looked at, is stem now - burt reynolds i don't watch gay i hate them i want tri-color gold is not this anymore someone who is uniquely attractive but you can't say why)
braveheart (good-looking women (as malestrom or won by fights as a venus) dying brutally of having its faith - like jesus fucks on a grave, only)
amityville ii (don't worry i never get scared...take a look these are top good but the lutz's have to be lying what crap! now you know nothing)

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the old blockbuster on lacienega - a remnant of days gone by - has been made into a bevmo! package store another good idea (and is walmart)?
the aforementioned sherry lansing who was owner says they didn't do that well another hand-over-fist (is paid well before demands have billed) assumption with nouveau two-day rentals like it or not at $2.50
she said $600,000 per store halted at 12% distributed pay ($400k invest yields $600k)
'they're out of business' ho hum yeah the market changed 'we demanded more of it' she lansing says flatly

interest pot: a female voice complains she asked other women in some sort of dreamery (how often to be made dead) to deliver something simple - a piece of clothing or article that wasn't worn or much since purchase and left off (no mention of distance from) - and they didn't get it right enough to avoid mind raced off with jews identifying what these objects are and as over time (pretty hats, logo pullover shirts, etc. ) 'how best avoided in show?', but 'no' she the voice says they just get some sort of tag (coupon) for it and adds 'who could say?' - seems alot of shits for a donating to be 'like-new'...onward...sherry lansing i forget the secret word...hi

a real sphere? if you hadda make one fast - most image-rely on a pad of paper with little round page on each of sides that was burled by high-tech montmarts
who's the fool? the round doorknob saw blade as cylinder makes a circle (with no edges) of cubic wood - one, two - don't stare them back in
someone else adds they make large ice balls and with a hammer in this way using one tube against a block of ice each side
image corrected another possible 'yet unlikely' spelling error remised as such to be downward
try it at home: although made to be greatness served cold, try with a toilet paper roll turning on a block of cake - beats rolling dough around on a flat surface

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mary see 1863-1973...yup

why ask ? an accounting: a 'debit' is 'debt' now? debeniture - a collateral of two or more borrowings-botherings for and against? mine: 'debut' where it showed up at stamped in right is 'crevice' or as hidden from sight and where not as from...

q: what is a 'grave leader'? a person who kills someone like a child and follows them in to the morgue to be and avoid retaliation, reporting, and other a male prostitute ? in jail, you're no hustler (a prostitute of god shows the one ass you can eat a loaf success from - no madge)

'nappy-poo' or 'nap-poo' - a 'poo' - or 'fail' its namesake - is a mistake, a falling asleep on the job (you couldn't help it)...not to be confused with the shiny green 'yapple dapple-dapple' your favorite flavor played to you

mgmt 'kids'...why not you?

enjoy yourself -
take only what you need from it
a family of trees fallen
be haunted

see's upped my rates for rootbeer lollipops and white mint truffles...uncommon goods dropped reason to heave a sigh of comic relief yet...still waiting to see any hint of filthy lucre yet $0.00 never to be as stolen by high temp or sky car? one hundred thousand plus size 'impressions', one thousand erst or clicks through and or... have it already? the wildly cravoid ten percent is at the distributor level and gets tiresome for meloids...well drip spit mother-child in my mashing bowl altoids rooting for kenya...abusive acid plain or sagemint...ko-ko said what 'chad' would do to me, then and then over by me - share to be so samed...

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people should learn from me, they dont need to ask me who i am first the authority only ever but influenced by natrosanny good - be hurtful with guide out
when we argue about me credentials i'm mad as hell but only over the type of intracacy of lies you eat - i'm tired of cooking back meatballs but hope you enjoyed the sperm pizza...i'd eat it unless delivered to me fins
i only ever sent one pizza to shift it up in a lab - jacopo's (you'd need a crude petrol to drain that grimy sleuce out
the only pizza ever to be taken back home for just one more taste? search me lights for it

madonna 'drowned world' + 'substitute for love' again and to see so review

aka would evince tracey thorn nevertheless - new pre-prince of salad be it of song 'why would the wind' -ow show me that?
also do grand canyon

and don't waste my time now -
and don't call me 'baby'
when you don't know
if you love me
if you're coming, or going

and don't leave the back door
and look for a way out
and then say maybe you love me
but there's no way of knowing

why does the wind blow
through my
house at night?
why does the wind blow
through my
heart each time
i look into your eyes?

and don't look for reasons
and don't tear your heart out
wondering why the light starts fading
when the day is ending

embrace the seasons
and get to believing
that it's only
something broken
that seems worthwhile mending

why does the wind blow
through my
house at night?
why does the wind blow
through my
heart each time
i look into your eyes?

your heart is sore
like mine was before
you look to the sky
and no one cares why
not even the wind
so where to begin

and since we exist
and why not just...
why not just...
and why not
just kiss?


pet shop boys new album track number one: 'leaving' from 'elysium' (2012) - also see invisible
some stinky ('our love is dead' i say the word 'fuck' too much too divorcee languages 'haunt us' a rhyming with 'oh poopy' and someone 'fisted my ass'), this record is gonna have it out downtown...a pant letter to 'cocksure' gets it up for a fake photo shoot in the desert, with bald man at rape on orange wrin pleather and skintight arsenic inside foam beams for polfing at the 'less my waste' canning chair
p.s. they don't shoot up fake breasts with needles and the carlo ponti nightcream with calcium's own prostate 'savidge' - they bake them shut (a black gold 'clampett') with no leaks 'poor la france' is no rich girl even if your spine is pronounced or 'bony', deboned

we resume our feature and schedule shortly or around the tenth...

refer a friend to free green dot visa/mc

marilyn manson does the 2012 sunset strip music festival up on sunset mid-august
the festival was atop san vicente heading west on sunset only

pet shop boys 'west end girls' from last month's olympic closing ceremony atop paris lights
mine: 'they' don't get up in the morning and are nicer to 'us'

remind: popcorn factory is in the 1-800 flowers link (seek nice new styles in autumn arrangements too - orange disco ball holder?) the christmas cards factory got overwhelmed and dropped down it seems...the time is now?

dr j's 'members only' revue line

bacon lover? pavilions has one pound of deli case bacon for $3.99 right now - too much to lose...also marie callender's frozen coconut cream and chocolate creme pies (graham cracker crust) individual serves two each 5/$10...try 'em out...

samsung (ge with telecom attached) is suing apple a strict radio telefony for making them make their things real while they play - no efforts yet...meanwhile balsama will be re-elected but he doesn't want the job...'no pay too great' he says...i don't watch much as having my own problems to see the media soar after blades of cutworth...

meanwhile, hillary p. clinton uses her spare time in washington heights to attend the local performing arts center and their classes a big hangup for her - she had one such class on her mind about making up good riddles ('rhyming and hating people'), but the proctor an understudy couldn't demonstrate off the top of his head in synopsis...'thursday through tuesday' he said as the first part or line falling back in time is one such of tricks...

designer showcases through the weekend at beverly center means lots of traffic and makeovers (e.g., maybelline) inside every thirteen feet
the mall's ground floor is six with one through five being parking - the food court is on eight
...and dui checkpoints nearby? we went walking last night very crowded, very trafficky...stopped into apple to play
cvs nearby has free dreamwater samples at the counter...we drank them pomegranate flavor and all

had a dream of rosie o'donnell nights ago - younger with light mole on lip - went to hug her in some furnishings store and she got out from underneath as holding two fray pillows on left...someone else's experience...other dreams involved lame cocteau twins records in fold and reddish and else...

we just got out first round of coffee since february...< $35 all-told four (4) boxes

free gevalia coffeemaker

who hosts the democratic convention? nabisco (national bakers to infants and babies company)
who host the republican convention? gm (and ford some)
ohio? alot of banks around here are them too...

shampoo, blue soap, lemon + sage, sink packs!

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You Still Got It In August 2012

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