repeats the 'good grace' of not needing to know: the sharpie brand fat marker or fat wick stays pure and colorful long after you figure out it stores upside down or right-side up! no guessing games! no hoping the simple at-home 'stooges of noodles' job is similarly salesworthy
remember to just remove any errant or serious markings with a rubbing alcohol-soaked whatever and you're off again...to resist the nuisant efforts of others who remove your now-indelible markings errantly?
hats off to you sharpie keeping the american dollar fit and lean while you shop elsewhere (get the job?)
if still resisting me layer, the keychain sharpie could attach to the cap and ring better we'll key on it for the meantime
no one i know writes in the bus, but thanks
used to be 'rides the bus', but sleek public transportation changed that - tell your mother

ready, set, now you to go away...the september 2019 page awaits we declare the equinox just beforehand or then when i get there...the days so lovely, no?

september 9, monday...too much smoke in the air or what? another wasteland day but we're kinda keeping the place clean and the laundry done...9/11 anniversary soon (is that still resonating with you?)...ex-roommate terry's 55th birthday on the 14th no further note his mother just transferred down to duluth from upper lake superior i hear her ticker acting up...we'll stay posted...new page soon enough we're here but inactive....

the video below is just real life for us - no separating the two...the boutique is generous enough to traveler or gay types...too many gay thieves? not unusually.

this recent video sent to me by the ex-roommate in florida - says the storm is petering out not really need more wet
an act of god? this? my sincere flatteries not withstanding 'luv your stuff and that name!' (no place for hell?)
anyway this too much pursuit at a local shop - says he returned something and they balked somehow
happens all the time 'is not propitious' of them and they're generous enough - watch that charity
meanwhile, the trees near the burger hut have our message - no two minds the same seen
source (just in case i would care): use this link poo

see my facebook - a bit chatty that you no molly pitcher anne frankly - to see my quiet review of the itunes-rented 'ma' about $6 no playing with the numbers, finagling - no bitterness just a gift now opened the boy figurehead did well with many shades of being displayed still a jerk? i have that...who's watching me now? still a gambit risking all here pyrrhic victory at best who bathed before midnight last night and still bolted down for the feature at hand? the porno included is your gift with any purchase get that no peeking...no mentioning the mother 'she bled a great deal' wounds care of god and 'exorcist iii'....

with no real reason to know anything, just seeking pleasures afoot (or as i say still arguing who made sight as lying alone a baby then - a list of things i hated seeing only coming into view, logo then): i ran another what-if type tape to see what would happen if my mother found me dead in a garbage can (a friend asked me to do this as something that happened to them once and ago): i saw my hand hanging out of the metal can and certified it was me by the hand reaching out not so much color off no head, no face to see and some hip as down in there past the water-type pit of being indefensible, always dabbling in certain wares and being threatening somewhat (she, now certifiably deceased i might add how are you?) was mainly concerned that you not get too close to it for disease's sake (the focus on guts not seen i'd say) and there was someone stretching clear plastic maybe hemmed with elastic on top of the can to seal its wastes not clear who it was i watched from some viewpoint close-by while others still took it on further hard as it was to hear following...it was her, it was me....other recents you proposed marriage to someone or similar...when it's real, you know what's what...what's important to them...one such truth....

saw the movie 'the kitchen' expecting to eat more of that one woman's largesse - melissa mccarthy (nice face that, fun times references for adults) - and though i had to spend acid raw time in badgered hoboken or whatever nyc doily it was as simply lowlife ugly i saw the girls through getting on their junior mob feet and collecting nail hut funds upward so there i said it...someone you can't see sat on the steps in the theater (they see me somehow and are part of a price paid to eat if asking) hoping to leave early they hated it so bad as old times (some movies i will not see - so what) all this wasn't junk but i got what i wanted - the men hit feds in the face but were lively enough to stop by and visit in jail commons...a real merciful junk but a story told then and again it was them maybe not you....

love this is so young we touched though gloves
too much john junk as visions last night - i'm sad, you know and 'you can't hide beat' - davis bowie 'scary monsters'
pardon le deux: hi paul...complains the record here cost $30k and he gets $40k usually for having done it...is worth it
success equals 'we just got bought by our own act and you know what that's worth' alex, alexander, alexandria (is not the cat, yet)
'they don't win, i do.' - michael jackson
'no one sees success coming. that's what you do.' - dM who doesn't know much but likes sophist (no one proved you wrong, a heckler) humour
p.u. beatles are the only act i didn't get to sell by itunes link - very fitting but on this elfin promise rolls a single pledge to do better - toward hell that is its only home
a union is your employer sez 'the fool' once removed a gay tarot huang revealed 'old maid' the card i got to be both 'the lovers' and their mother '[napthalene] death' (the hissing 'light as air' squealing of child seemingly injured by foot - the appearance of such)...excuse the consideration, to fool

pfft: we apologize sincerely for any misnomer but i check the facts with what i have with (?) to be childlike and fun, only...get it? as if you knew me at once and left anyway.

here we are on the other side of fifty-five (55) meaningless still...ten more years and i'll be what i am guessing the answer 'yes' you but not really...am i nuts? not just yet...spent the week collecting odds and ends from well wishers - none - and we try and fit in discussing plans....no music to speak of, no progress but nice days! thank you all and see ya later with more stuff you'll hate~

nyc 3.7m...la basin 2.7m...la county 3.8m...nation 289m...and?
census is looming...
when i moved to la in 1987, the city was 2.5m, 25 million county and 250m us population
people don't gang up without me
no one lifts anything to this world
what are you anyway?

love their stuff, ads...luv it
oops - that's parke & ronen
really are nice see ebay too
the model is particularly great here as innocent enough (an innocenzi?), but i worked too hard on this to ignore the shorts one is with the other
as side cap the ones i have - i liked them alot still - no one need see the piping etc.


insert no rib meat or grizzle along the backbone and style here > > still hummin' me price
the rib meat joke from a bag of cooked chicken slices at trader joe's - balances the scale for a great value but see for yourself is for the dog one asserts if the dog can't say i still ask? nyuck nyuck nyuck says curly or neil sedaka? same grizzle
is not 'propitious' or speaking to our own successes in expectation? whatever. stuff the bag with known good...you'll do.

you to punch right in at the old time clock to go back to july 2019 and just to see what you got more or less
it was more than nuthin' - now see that

i'd rather tell someone else...someone of average lengths going around trying it on an articulated person...david bowie again 'it's no game' is the inspiration here...'oh, you die one night'....ho hum

as if you could know: nothing new here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
...they'll be paid over you - could have washed feet for fish cakes, been a whore in the bible? what a waste!
still thankful for the chance to do
bless u

just found out that bleeding crucifixion rolling down the aisle in a marilyn manson video was really (davey and) goliath with eyes poked out? thought that was mary trying to get in on the act...the humour amends me
you know you're in trouble when someone says who it 'really is' - take a tip
if i knew, i'd pretend nothing happened like they do
art = larger than life, fewer details


not only translatable success, where money comes in...
you did 'the doors' great, too

a brothers johnson-type video - they're special
'married, buried - to be this young i'm oh so scared'
something dead the first person ever (clunky) or a woman - you got the look, freak
has be seen doing is caught in the act on camera
works out grasping her sweat by the throat, feeling her belly, popping pills
clunky goes on trading same or similar gifts in nature
doing for the self, or one just like it showing you how to do
you're very beautiful it seems but why pay more?
has her gift if you'll have your usual
if she can do it, you might ante up
label removed