first things first
to be continued
things are starting to take root
but i hate things that are alive
wishing they were elsewhere
one day making it happen
we here opt for the fake stuff instead
some say seems even more alive
even more vibrant
someone seen washing their joshua tree a log at the do-it-yourself coin car wash
not quite artificial and hardly dousing of expectations

first, do a little something for yourself
can't just do for others all the time, can you?
you gotta sell something just to make it these days
commission junction is the owner here - no vj

new page for september 2018 is there - i still can't fuckin' believe the fiscal quarter ends on september 30...you'll wait with...routine maintenance on the 6th delays us

the all-new 40th anniversary michael myers 'halloween' with jamie lee curtis looks real good the john carpenter music and all - that woman- what a hag! october 19

thursday 10/06: 'the nun' is opening tonight 'round town - i'll be there looks good

'where the day takes you' was good enough but is kinda early in 1991 it's simple a 1993 drug scene in hollywood took place - those were blessed times - 'no faggot i ever knew died on meth' - dM as born too late

let's face the facts as in any video, facebook - i know me, who i am the are rest scary...
'who do you love, who do you know - where does the wind blow?' - dM

netflix's 'narcos' season two episode four (s2:e4) was excellent all the way through that one...

i flew my flag for labor day - and jous? took it right down, too

around my birthday just days before, i had these ghosts over for an impromptu party, kinda, a filming of sorts and a veteran's administration-type housing giveaway - get that - and whether i liked it or not, you could say - hi hi - and this one ghost flattened his black-haired head upon approach and after simple questioning by me...it was like one of those gorillaz characters - funny, but ridiculing of me so i clipped one of its hands off with imaginary-type scissors...the hand was art and easel like freddy krueger with syringes on each finger kinda the wrist and hand wooden and fashioned...what was it? like what they use to color film, actually, a rice kinda thing with old days afoot like long pencil leads they were...so thank you and all heals well when we meet again later and playtime is over...thank you again...too much to mention me aloud....

'nyuck, nyuck, nyuck' - curly of the three stooges

from 'coco' my favorite song herewith (inside without you playing for me)
the lion-like creature is a spirit guide sent by the child's mother ('coco') to find him in the land of the dead, the heretofore afterlife
he is not truly dead, just spending time away learning to be with us again
enjoy 'un poco loco' another place in the heart

kelly (kettle) green? to put it right in your kettle a carrot or two...

my little coffee table book continued:
'needle in a haysack'
'three streets to the wind'
'on the q.t.' or queued tape
'a stitch in time saves twine'
'from here a highwater' (our inspiration: model, actress whitney moonves - cuff tailor)
'fool for the thought'
'pigs and a blanket'
'hurts like a difference'
'four [slash] score and seven years ago'
'chatecorner' for 'kitty-corner'
'dish for napkin' (for a buffet - devolves into 'tit for tat' or 'dis for dat' like 'gee willichers' for 'cheese and crackers')
as country song: 'half past the monkey's ass according to his balls'
'now and again'
'cold as tips'
'culled as hell'
'all day all lay all odds are free' (subject to no matter - the exclaim ends a 'hide-and-go-seek' game)
more later...

why not you? hollywood spa

our old lobby on franklin avenue - 514, 319, 320 and 308
i guess

friday, august 31 our theme 'two tits and a glass' - senator john mccain? i voted for him once i know that my full republican vote...when was that? bush senior out, one term...clintons in two terms...bush junior two terms...obama ('omaha' the breadbasket if offended) two terms...then trump (um, hillary's third term?)...we unseat no sitting president, we honor senators as bigger than a governor ever...we see jesse helms say 'you can be governor but you won't be good'...from senator...hall of kings...ever on the loose....

most probably aimee mann tonight at the greek...probably...doors open at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm is showtime...no lessons to learn....

all amc films funneled to itunes sooner or later - the local movie house is still the right place and time, i think....

terry sends us rose hills a beautiful resting place towards palm springs?
whatever. ron glass? 'barney miller' hi...where's wojohowitz?

this movie 'where the day takes you' comes with great expectations - watch with me
baldazar (bald as you are?) getty and all
oops - $3.99 at itunes to rent

extra credit: the miramax studio 54 movie '54' starring ryan phillippe is currently at netflix...know that.

three cheers to dickie's all-season socks sold at target (when you can find them)
i like the look, the way they wash, and incidentally, the price
fyi, i use them always - it's hard to keep white clean
incidentally, dr. scholl's has new white socks out - unproven yet - mind over says 'no' as yet
more: got another great set at beverly 'on clearance' including a great orange-banded black!

three stooges and the birthday bash
shemp was a genius - dM
open sesame:
if i knew you were coming
i woulda baked a cake, baked a cake - baked a cake
if i knew you were coming
i woulda baked a cake
all day long~
p.s. as with any youtube video, the links are just as important - get around a bit hitting other videos blended
...especially with three stooges
funniest ones yet: the wright-wrong brothers completely cruel and funny, runner up: shaving a turkey the women were hilarious soap in their coffee pot
the oyster soup one is famous overall

post guide:
most assume the three stooges struck out during the great depression of the 1940's
looking for any work, these cement mixers say 'they just keep doing it their way'
a stooge to me isn't mexican, but a stool-pigeon someone sitting in the wrong seat that gets chased away as soon as found
'we couldn't afford anything but we did it' is their quote
don't be too hard they make me laugh and i use that for me - best seen before a feature 'in a mall' or auditorium setting then
quick tip: curly's real name is don ameche - hey, that was neil sedaka too

red alert: shasta cans four (4) for a dollar ($1) - recently missing in action - are back at 99 only stores...i myself love cream and lemon-lime i'm guessing - labrea circus location etc. plus halloween stuff is creeping in...abc.go.com?

'antemeridian' like the 'greenwich meridian' or start of the day post is where high noon is at any time of the day - a little cross if you will on the equator anywhere...england is just in front of it as the very next day but as ending...fyp...amplitude meridian, no....

recent disease 'ascites' (you didn't have the name until i gave it to you - thanks) has been traced to ice dispensers or dry ice then in your lead acetate or drink - alcohol may stem it, thus as coat...i think the name is just for our planet 'o(r)siris' or aquarius then...watch out for that quote...what's the sun's name? 'capern' like capricorn...jupiter is good. deep space nine? a study hall of sorts above us. outer limits? on top of it all, studio-wise. you covered with tar a dewdrop no further extolling or asking of it.

our continuing study of acorn (tough as nuts?) office products 'how best to say':
our 'received from' promissory note with guest signature line; see memo-liens
things to do (long after you're gone) - ample stepwise how-to lines with check boxes for hearing it as it come
'while you was out'

another revealing expose of the hollywood hills - this one? what it takes to visit the hollywood sign itself neighborhoods and no one's guest
this film starts off with favorite running site 'lake hollywood' near universal studios in studio city over the hill - up barham from the 101 to dewitt or so
i always favored the longer view from griffith park just past the greek theater on vermont...maybe we trot up there friday night for 'til tuesday's singer aimee mann - doors at 6pm starts 7:30pm.
we'll see - i failed to do her at a pomona, ca gig once - had a ticket and all but no company

itunes now has standout film 'hereditary' (yes, seen by me at amc) to buy ? but not rent until september 4 a full week plus plus away for now - maybe you can't go out on your own, maybe you have an itunes card you don't want - whatever i liked it alot...it's your job to tell me about films at-large but not about your own stuff. great spectacle here, shadowbox. at the end the old woman as voice only crowns the tragic son 'king of hell' in christ's face - so what - you lowered us all as frustrated and bent over. others? 'life of the party' !!!! and 'adrift'....

monday 08/27 the only month graced with not a single holiday! just shelled out my third $19.95 'by agreement' payment to amc for films each week (while you look for similar work, sure) - we will continue for now...see the a-list at amc theaters...the theaters not overflowing yet however the money is still real a small sacrifice (one day you'll need to ask someone for it again yourself) of yet...so far so good....

as for 'coco' (me and my roommate watched via netflix) i really liked the animation and its gifts but the male child was misunderstood as 'coco' his name is miguel and miguel ('my only son, then') was magical playing guitar and singing in day-of-the-dead makeup...'coco' is the mother who sings but they never stop beating up the man who left her a big star after all the bell falling on his head again? no way that's no gong show but doing too much with too little for others...ernesto is without blame and keep the corner off the picture no one needs to know that is god staying for a bit whatever just leaving good songs...where can i go? good enough but that swerve ending is junk - bring back the kid in makeup. you're the kid's father? that is ernesto - your father. loved your grave and your house of guitars you know why they're all good in there.

remember, showbiz is made to show people who they are 'you will never be here' to big lusty laughs for those who do. not only are you not enough just dropping by occasionally to check, you choose not to quite often.

terry sends this forty-minute youtube video of local california beach territory - watch with me
the film starts with the california incline down to pacific coast highway and the serpentine walkway over it to the beach
mta's subway should empty out just moments away down pch
certain highlight: malibu beach rv (recreational vehicle) park - terry's parents stayed there a while retired with pop-up camper, cinderblock bathrooms, chandeliers

finally getting around to 'coco' on netflix -- charming film i paused where a skeleton woman smashed a vintage apple computer in their 'day of the dead' afterlife - great stuff...'el camino chrisrmas' was good too we'll leave it at that....

our father who art in heaven is nothing scared? this movie needs a break
melissa mccarthy and her sex jokes are absolutely hagged here, but the muppets who rule a&m studios freshen it up
who wouldn't love to see one get fucked? nevermind the sex talk
the asian influence. my sheer genius flayed for your amusement.
nicest birthday card this year? from marlboro with coupons in it trust that
no mention welcome - the envelope so pretty
button it up. and thank you for everything just yet.
remember art: larger than life, fewer details. you, are that. think it over.

friday 08/24 as summer fades to and fro: not much to report good or bad - good enough for now paid my cable bill have yet to see the madonna tribute to aretha franklin is that ok? aretha is a big loss those screams~ on and on it goes...i think about madonna as the girl in the glasses these days smart and youthful (see below with early mixmaster jellybean benitez)...my wish for her...now we'll look~

aftermath: pretty amazing - that's madonna filmed live yada yada yada more than you think but it is madonna - hard to ridicule.

perm date 08/19/18 less the frizz: looks like you made it...still waiting to grace myself with a few new movies the shark one and the asian one with no serious contenders...called my dad back today for being short on the phone earlier in the week - so what's new? got my free cup of cocoa from starbucks and gave it a break walking around...so there....time for a haircut soon...

this made me sappy - morcheeba 'otherwise' from evolving album 'charango' 2002
thanks to dopes who frique this up with error trolls - how does this help? you stop and yearn to drive at home it's all simple now
what? it was hard to identify and place - something special

be black soon...not a room for the toilet, i spared you the oven-clatch

entre nous 'crazy rich asians' or hawaiian punch holiday 'girl's night out' junkbox added to get me away from the goat's cheese presented: 'bock-bock bitch' the chicken joke is funny driving a car at each other to see who barks out first - two crimes: first who told you to do it? 'yu are nicholas young' (top pe 'jung' or body saint as woman? taking over after all that) - too funny - not seen cautiously yet this on august 13...

see it here first 'causal factor': what when removed ends the plague or what's seen for no good reason to link it all up - a cup of piss as snake in the grass or water? 'girl, who do you belong to?' rick james 'dance 'wit me'

back to netflix: i'm gonna try and watch 'el camino christmas' finally (was great - beautifully filmed - is not on their 'xmas' dropdown ask for it)...more to come...'coco' day of the dead too...off to a good start....

amazon still sells this flavor note that - a rare sight these days and my favorite flavour
in my fridge right now is blue raspberry lemonade (then black cherry) - i love kool-aid

s" s" s"
our theme this month in society is 'studio 54' film and fabrique - take a gander at google images

our touch-and-go ('shit and piss') centers: my facebook page and my dougmoon.com externally funded message board for leaving your own droppings
they say i joined facebook in 2012 - maybe

the internet first surfaced on 't1' connections at work in 1996 - mostly '.edu' or university-based connections
the first at-home use was in 1997 - i had mine installed above hollywood in october 1997
itunes was started in spring of 2005 - music, movies, podcasts, etc.
you couldn't buy just songs or album tracks right away - whole albums only under lock and key ever
by 2008 all we knew to sell was there blended wholly with new issues
individual songs or album tracks eventually came free unless album-only purchases
last studio records were sold on vinyl in 1988 (among those stevie nicks 'other side of the mirror' and 'til tuesday's 'everything's different now' lp's) - by 1990 there were none issued
during the interim, there were conversions to cd best described as catching up to 'aad' or recordings analog
analog is always listening with silent hiss implied but digitally copied with no pops-skips from vinyl
as an example, curve issued their first lp 'doppelganger' on atlantic straight to cd listening stations in 1992
more later...we piece it all together still

amc theaters writes to give me free popcorn and a soda for my upcoming birthday (in the month of madness, so to speak 08/16/64) their a-list deal holding up nicely so far...$19.95 a month/three (3) movies a week like it or not renewing the tally friday mornings each week...my third movie this week is going to be 'eighth grade' an independent film by a24....

this is the very bed frame from ikea (see amazon) that i use to date with air mattresses - not in any rush to lose more stuff
mine is a full set worthy of knowing about kmart has beautiful full-size mattresses with air within though i prefer queen-size coleman from target
here's ikea's showcase and price schedule - i inherited mine know that

movies we've seen in the theater this august:
eighth grade (good subject matter errant or social technologies rising among youth)
christopher robin (hard-hitting disney bullshit - must see - makes you forget the cartoon, simply a great film)
hotel transylvania 3 (sony quality animation and entertainment - good stuff van helsing vs. dracula storyboard but the comedy suffices well)
whitney (if you like her voice, you'll wanna experience this miramax film - it's well endowed)
crazy rich asians (light meets dark - you bring the light to this unhappy warner film)
the meg (let's face it - the fish and trenches of lore are beautiful - why are you there? a good film, not too campy i feared that instead)
happytime murders (you got the green light - the puppets still upstaged by real people get that message good enough)
black(k)klansman (it's their government-like warmth you'll remember - a decent film i liked it alot the only document death a drunken girl getting run over by a car in a local protest of moving cars)
la minute (starts out with a free gourmet buffet for the homeless around town - they wouldn't take period - it's hard to give your gift plus spit)
-----------------------september sound
we the animals (there's enough male forrestry for the rated-r boy inside - no place for people who scare easy i stayed on for it)
active measures (slipping the noose of controversy around your neck, i liked seeing the famous ones shine on trump, hillary, putin - russia, trump plaza, ac's taj mahal! what? go with the press - we do)

recent photos of your host

read from bottom up (this message for me) - never to fear july 2018...see the state wants nothing from you at all until october 15 - everyone extended automatically

' help me no more | stake my claim ' - curve 'die like a dog'