first things first
to be continued
things are starting to take root
but i hate things that are alive
wishing they were elsewhere
one day making it happen
we here opt for the fake stuff instead
some say seems even more alive
even more vibrant
someone seen washing their joshua tree a log at the do-it-yourself coin car wash
not quite artificial and hardly dousing of expectations

first, do a little something for yourself
can't just do for others all the time, can you?
you gotta sell something just to make it these days
commission junction is the owner here - no vj

kelly (kettle) green? to put it right in your kettle a carrot or two...

my little coffee table book continued:
'needle in a haysack'
'three streets to the wind'
'on the q.t.' or queued tape
'a stitch in time saves twine'
'from here a highwater' (our inspiration: model, actress whitney moonves)
'fool for the thought'
'pigs and a blanket'
more later...

be black soon...not a room for the toilet, i spared you the oven-clatch

entre nous 'crazy rich asians' or hawaiian punch holiday girl's night out to get me away from the goat's cheese presented: 'bock-bock bitch' the chicken joke is funny driving a car at each other to see who barks out first - two crimes first who told you to do it? 'yu are nicholas young' (top pe 'jung' or body saint as woman? taking over after all that) - too funny - not seen cautiously yet this on august 13...

see it here first 'causal factor': what when removed ends the plague or what's seen for no good reason to link it all up - a cup of piss as snake in the grass or water? 'girl, who do you belong to?' rick james 'dance 'wit me'

back to netflix: i'm gonna try and watch 'el camino christmas' finally (was great - beautifully filmed - is not on their 'xmas' dropdown ask for it)...more to come...'coco' day of the dead too...off to a good start....

amazon still sells this flavor note that - a rare sight these days and my favorite flavour
in my fridge right now is blue raspberry lemonade (then black cherry) - i love kool-aid

our theme this month in society is 'studio 54' film and fabrique - take a gander at google images

our touch and go centers: my facebook page and my dougmoon.com externally funded message board for leaving your own droppings
they say i joined facebook in 2012 - maybe

the internet first surfaced on 't1' connections at work in 1996 - mostly '.edu' or university-based connections
the first at-home use was in 1997 - i had mine installed above hollywood in october 1997
itunes was started in spring of 2005 - music, movies, podcasts, etc.
you couldn't buy just songs or album tracks right away - whole albums only under lock and key ever
by 2008 all we knew to sell was there blended wholly with new issues
individual songs or album tracks eventually came free unless album-only purchases
last studio records were sold on vinyl in 1988 (among those stevie nicks 'other side of the mirror' and 'til tuesday's 'everything's different now' lp's) - by 1990 there were none issued
during the interim, there were conversions to cd best described as catching up to 'aad' or recordings analog
analog is always listening with silent hiss implied but digitally copied with no pops-skips from vinyl
as an example, curve issued their first lp 'doppelganger' on atlantic straight to cd listening stations in 1992
more later...we piece it all together still

amc theaters writes to give me free popcorn and a soda for my upcoming birthday (in the month of madness, so to speak 08/16/64) their a-list deal holding up nicely so far...$19.95 a month/three (3) movies a week like it or not renewing the tally friday mornings each week...my third movie this week is going to be 'eighth grade' an independent film by a24....

this is the very bed frame from ikea (see amazon) that i use to date with air mattresses - not in any rush to lose more stuff
mine is a full set worthy of knowing about kmart has beautiful full-size mattresses with air within though i prefer queen-size coleman from target
here's ikea's showcase and price schedule - i inherited mine know that

movies we've seen in the theater this august:
eighth grade (good subject matter errant or social technologies rising among youth)
christopher robin (hard-hitting disney bullshit - must see)
hotel transylvania 3 (sony quality animation and entertainment - good stuff van helsing vs. dracula storyboard but the comedy suffices well)
whitney (if you like her voice, you'll wanna experience this miramax film - it's well endowed)

recent photos of your host

read from bottom up (this message for me) - never to fear july 2018...see the state wants nothing from you at all until october 15 - everyone extended automatically

' help me no more | stake my claim ' - curve 'die like a dog'