office depot-max has three different dell screens right now: $99, $129, $249...monitors only the last one curved
self-contained units too...

august 16 is the savior's magical day - get it right enough 1964
thank you cvs for two cans of van de kamps pork and beans - regular fact at $1.57 each
with a $1.99 price on oscar mayer franks from target

today is friday, september 1 labor day weekend - gather your pisser in september 2017 our new refusal to seek warmth and your supermarket counter here and here's clarity for that term

the $1 for up to $75 green dot cash placement direct to card went beautifully yesterday no if ands or buts at dollar problem, low paks are separate and adjunct now use at 'em and send pin number along the up at if will...other than, western union is about $12 for a five-minute transfer of $100 cash anywhere they seem to be, plus paperwork in advance...supermarkets, etc. the post office sells money orders cheap if you don't mind the wait - or insist on one they cash 'em for free at discretionary lengths...

spent half the day easy getting the mercedes c240 fixed this was while waiting for a/c service fort pierce mercedes
two more demons get attacked tomorrow 09/01: sun visor driver's side, hood latch
love the new amg edition in the background - what? $49,000 clams i didn't look
amg like bmw 'bavarian motor works'- austrian motor group...or russia upscale something

to the moon: trump thinks all that water is from the mississippi river...maybe...all going to arizona i hear....

thursday 08/31 - the last day of august is this

i awoke today to frosted windows it was so cold in here and with talk about going back to the hospital...all very innocent, glass of hot tea, celery sticks, and what else? in the meantime watching 'addam's family' all over again on netflix we have a lot in common it seems...the hood on the mercedes 240 is another killer waiting to be apprehended today - washer fluid other minor details...'i need money' the familiar cry...

lamb 'lusty'

french fist-fight: ----------------------
ten - dix
eleven - onze
twelve - douze
thirteen - treize
fourteen - quatorze*
fifteen - quinze

cat's eyes?

someone's flat-out tree house from facebook - this on wednesday 08/30
another supercold night in the a/c that made a lot of talk but no abandonment clause to pursue 'you're gonna what?'
be here long after i'm gone, long after you've been hauled up to the sun to thank me
i fuckin' hate the rules here

introducing giphy...our only lifeline club devo
brava linn sulphurs
angry musical birds
our mistake! mutato reels and commercials i can watch for hours! art + style

new devo corporate pillow: the first warner bros. album cover made cloth - $30 a plop not as cool as the circus liquor clown (i drew him as a kid)? ponder them both we asked dan moon (john denver and others gary numan) for the true essence or ridicule of 'devo' and he says 'a devotee [of thought]'...of not wanting own contribution is mark in goggles howling at you over a podium to get it right with capital 'd.e.v.o.' in colors raving (from 'the truth can now be told' film) german, fracas, teutonic - whatever - all real no emoting across to the other side...masks only...

day 4, 08/29: nothing superlative, no rain - not my idea of a good time

these white mushrooms like birds - see them come

dad sent me some gold, frankincense, and myrrh - better late than frankincense

like a bowl of powdered milk in the desert - don't avoid the next days' nipple (never pull) quest

gold (a 'gulliver', god 'gossamer') - you're shiny, your dad is mean and hits people;
frankincense - a chalk you feed to animals makes them rabid, crazy enough and to eat them;
myrrh - poopie from a nearby invader - buckle up, be gone to them first.

wings 'helen wheels' just cause i like it

08/28 the heavy rain is here again - day '3' of maurice's sendak or harvey from texas his wind and his rain - great privilege...florida and keys just docked in heaven's sent or the moon taken from them in 1968 so expect great change and me to feel small feat!

this is day 144 here in florida...from april 6 no shit and as i exceed my 200 lb weight tolerance with pleuries from more...sticks of celery in, wheezing and fat out~

08/28 rough night sleeping - trying to kill someone with talk? back to school soon the ritual dying off is here at hand metal crucifix under the bed...ribbed and veined...leaf in my river now...rake...labor day is monday, september 4 next weekend however...

new order 'love less' from the 'technique' lp 1989

08/27 more rain ! but in the meanwhile: i've got disney's 'parent trap' featuring hayley mills (not to mention look-a-like jane kulp from 'beverly hillbillies') queued up on netflix for a complete showing to me - starts off at girl's camp army fed and one notices another to be similarly fashioned in the head...are we rich? yes - and so it is another film obama himself leads 'police academy' while it lasts he's not young enough there or yet but still there he black but socks showing...tip: hayley mills is olivia newton-john ? more: most of this movie was very joyous thanks to the rich wife - only to find out brian keith is grandpa moon - trust that - then they wanna credit stockard channing a bit my aunt godmother or cousin...enough b+
p.s. we thought of karen rusnock (um, jennifer aniston) too

next up: 'i don't feel at home in this world anymore' w/ elijah wood...verdict: a- one good film but is full of shit using our 'not to pursue ends' and 'let religion be your guide' maxims - the whole of vigilante-ism explored through common tongues is astounding here but we don't hurt people - do we? we don't ever...not one magical person in it too...

synopsis: this girl somewhat na�ve, gets her laptop, some silverware, and some drugs stolen while she's out galavanting one day - someone just shit in her yard so she's been out reasoning that mess with a neighbor...the police come and take a report and the next thing you know she has suspects, a footplate in plaster, and case of 'who stole my iphone?' to confront...pretty enough, but her pie-face rendition of 'why can't we all just get along' leads her and her dog poop friend abroad it was enough to see the unfortunate recipients using her laptop at night, she hadda follow up with the brokers or hub of deceit leaving her brand of manfight and mayhem to ensue - none of this is cool but some old man plus another lose dentures over that silver stuff not to mention any rightful of cash and she gets a head whackin' too - the people here not unattractive, but you gotta be the fool for talking it over too after just doing it anyway...good film ultra nasty only the girl with the laptop lives after a federal agent showing you how it goes with arizona-texas types...from the film recommending ten films...rated [pg] with a big black water snake hoffing somebody's face for just wading through a shitty swamp in hot pursuit...

cardigans do their headbanger hit lip for lip - is this a good thing?
'for what it's worth' you have it inside you now - no giving so great love the rabbit wacko good art

keep your eye on target this week: a 14" hp laptop is back at $179 - a whirlpool fridge is just $80 with no freezer compartment, a black or brown ottoman is just $45 in plain leatherette a big steal here, a dirt devil vacuum is $50 with wand action good enough...a moto e4 smartphone is hideously on-sale $40 through verizon...check the smartphone status...we in the family have a $150 moto g4 through consumer cellular is bigger, heavier not mine i'm still i6...all paid for however, at&t service made cheaper now...the phone was $544...i still excel and love the cheap ones too 'tracfone'...'net10'...check 'em out lg phones...

check out @@ the disney over-the-shoulder bag at bradford exchange and else...use keyword 'disney' when you get there to include tim burton stuff...

at macy's, we love michael kors bags these at treasure coast mall last night 08/26
price? you on your own around $300 then look for sales often - do it now

08/26 finally made a pot of my own mccormick's powder chili original with mahatma (um, 'taj mahal') white rice - that means the commodity that is jennie o turkey meat nothing too lean arrives in plats and boxes each time - two regular cans of red kidney beans, two cans of hunts diced tomatoes unflavoured, a smaller can of tomato sauce all slightly deviant follow mccormick's minimal style to more meat i just finished my second helping on a bed of rice a good sign no matter what the meat was $5 even from publix - winn-dixie had none of jennie o...i need to be sure, only...

waters by the gallon - another friggin' pain in the ass: if the spring water with minerals is what i've been using we now switch to drinking water - i want pure tap water only a store water fountain, a park water fountain taste...drinking water then if spring water is for washing clothes damn you...distilled is for steam irons all along...

a god and six kids? welcome harvey! use or be used this 08/26...six is how many times not thanked on the way to no asking? maybe god over has this...two parents, four kids like me nicklaus day in december?

a vote in the right direction: we hear about the double bill that is elton john and billy joel ($30 grand each) and think that billy joel is the real crowd pleaser - his stuff once settled in ('all for leyna')...and you? keep up the good work~

glass tiger 'someday' equals george michael - see it

alpinestars 'burning up' the girl just becomes what you are - is you (peter schilling 'major tom')

the month almost over, zero in on feeling good tees...ipads for back to fool

my own jerks along this line:
stairs to no wear
panafried and dry rob roy
you might might hate it, but i don't know that
crotch and crohn's disease
peru and lima then came shit
megabattleship - you didn't lose much
if you had one, you had two
be that as it's made
so cold, so hard to free
i couldn't make that if i had a gun to my head
buried the potato

car info here

kartell as featured in 'absolutely fabulous' - look on robertson in la enquire about price or use ebay your best bet yet...
someone named neil started that ab fab movie crap up with me again - showings in two weeks or so?
i've been watching their specials e.g., 'olympics' at netflix i enjoy them all no more now

this is a split or 'date' palm - you gotta clean it all the way up the bulb or corona as i call it
i get it done but boy ! it takes time

because you enjoyed 'pink orange red' in the car and so much: cocteau twins 'quisquose' mp3 (3.9 megs)

green dot: it's wednesday get your available spins in now!

despite everything, i got to home depot today and a new pair of fiskars came my way about $13 with some wiper fluid for the mercedes i drive - go figure
they keep these out on the patio in back the third aisle out for ease? the prices are good the choices many but you'll be wheezin' for air soon enough i hate them for it - all of them
i have these in essence on two long handles, but the weight is obnoxious for little ol' me lifting off center - yes, fiskars orange and black
back to, i hate them playing games with me nobody supplies me more couple of candy bars by return credit issue
despite the girls today 08/23, all came together for a massive desheaving of neglect - i get things done and are looking forward to cleaning up the coronas of the split palms around the yard
then what? they should be an arc de triomphe of green spout, only - no droops
kudos to the trash men - your once-a-week pile up service is great i'm bursting with excitement 'til then
p.s. i know i don't do a good job - i don't care
for what - some woman? i'm like a dog - i eat

putting an end to a bad joke, i met my brother chris' twin girls today and their mother for the very first time
no bother whatsoever, they enjoyed everything - all of it - and tuckered my mother out often squealing for my attention
all went well, a bit confused they expressed no interest in disneyworld - that was my sister leslie's kids 'oh'
potent: remember disneyworld - an exciting but deeply mysterious monorail runs through their a-frame 'contemporary' hotel - you can't just stay there the inside up the walls is quite a sight to tired eyes on vacation
just between you and me, we fake the art of any indigenous (um, indignant) people by study because it's worthwhile only~
at night there's a luau a la the brady bunch hawaiian vacation with seashell necklaces and toxic mai-tai's just for starters...don't be a fool the place is breathtaking i'm sure
i'd like to live in the swiss family robinson treehouse alone with nets and chlorined water and nighttime boat explorers below

wanted to share the house floor plan here as posted in the garage - why wonder
the community is gated

i couldn't remember what stand was christmas-like in a store - i didn't have my phone with me
we bought lottery tickets today and as i stood by someone said 'go take a drink' and there it was
co-incidence? hardly - this stuff is great 'totes' reasonably priced ever in publix my ticket for no splits too
p.s. my mother got a big black totes umbrella for her trunk recently at cvs - unbreakable thus however funeral-like...along with a blue beach model and stand from cvs...take the time it says every single day
cvs gave me a $2 beauty bonus but insisted i buy makeup three times down the register...what are you nuts ? two cheap cans of ajax powder ok but no baby shampoo will do? i don't need anything that bad ajax brightens the smile, bitch

'he's the best thing for you - but he's so mean.' - president ronald reagan when asked of trump...further states he trump is president hardison

who's on the:

five hundred dollar bill? mckinley
one thousand dollar bill? cleveland
why andrew jackson?

ta da

our new runner to the mother's bathroom
better not to risk two pieces is custom made for over four hundred sheckels trust that
personally, it was a motherfuckin' nightmare picking it up at address - where?
to pay me floridly, i showered in my mother's stall last night my dick and balls still badly swollen from scrubbing 'prepubescent'...richard's wife was all 'i died in here being watched and scorned too' oh
my mother wanted the shower clean for the girls today - i used bon ami with much success against salts on the tub floor discoloring it this worked well but i get to painting ad if - a used wet one with shit across your forehead at night playing septic tank with other creeps

schoolhouse rock: cursive fonts at google!

the movie 'drive' - one of my favorites with song - better evidences the crying game's frog and scorpion fable 'it's in my nature'...hilarious

'drive' is about a guy who stars in movies as a get-away accomplice by day and it gets serious by night with daytime hours to be used as a cover for it the driving he does in los angeles outskirts
not one to talk alot, and built slight as an angel, he is the hero of others who seek his services - he can move fast on others if need be usually they have the time in a conscient-perceptive way
his mother as someone fresh back from the dead gets his angel services for free but she had to get pregnant to get out of jail your gift for coming back unannounced - some israeli guy obliged with the sperm
no great romance in any of circle, the israeli who delivered this uncomfortable arrangement is shot dead by radar gun stealing forty grand from the pizza parlor his the angel's earthbound father helps with invest - he invaded their pawn shop and killed people too no mention
the girl's father is loaded and ready to kill them all simply - you see it
a great little film and a knife in the belly for the bother you think you cause - it's god's way
p.s. the music here is tiny and scary telling you privately you could be our little hero right now if you want it bad enough...your mother kristen scott needs you, richard scott ne tomlin the undertaker...

we brought instagram online over mickey mouse a disney birthday greeting - one materializes its meaning as photo ops rendered to ocelot or general view share your enthusiasm herewith...

and it was just like
the great north wind
within the wings of a storm
i think i have met
my match
he was singing
and i knew it
and i knew it
ooh laces
i knew it in places

lollipop maker to the gods - charms - present their bountiful cotton candy pack at dollar tree
i eat this stuff - trust it
four colors? amazing wit
p.s. i ask others for their any the objection since flavor has been failing me these days from coke to general mills and bugles....spree it me again? you used to be able to wash and warm a melon back to sense its nighttime of gentle fumes as apparent as a needle and a bit of thread...stings don't cover up anchovies (the wings of baby chicks who died en route) missing in caesar dressing neither...every day they live longer for you guess that...

'ever stop to think about me?' i don't need anything from you:

what did i tell you before
when i was up
anxiety was bringing me down
i'm tired of listening to you talking in rhymes
twisting around
make me think you're straight down the line
all you do to me is tough talk
tough talk, talk talk
all you do to me is tough talk
if every sign that i see is complete
then i'm a fool in your game
all you wanna do is tell me your lies
won't show the other side
you're just wasting my time
when every choice that i make is yours
keep telling me what's right and what's wrong

i see you laughing at me when i'm up
i see you crying for me when i'm down
i see you laughing at me when i'm up
i see you when you're crying for me
all you to me is tough talk

08/21 solemn and partial the eclipse today we three received it indoors with all due respect watching tv in the afternoon and even though partial, the dimming of the clouds was significant and fun too...i was falling asleep holding it on-schedule in my head or as i say pushing away any undue influence from rockets and man (always nasty with a comparison's sake - i don't feel it a speaking before i do), but the sun itself reports a great deal of satisfaction as a being that inhabits a secret garden four squares it loves the attention...people were out in force - good show...someone said it really made a case for me and mine that's okay the truth is you make your way here and nothing undesirable is let to be once over the rainbow...

mind over's analogy is a megaphone - you can't see who's speaking...we agree the upper atmosphere of the earth gets in the way as seen from the small parts (no sun for the lower half past the sun ever), but a megaphone keeps other voices out and also the small hole allows no more detail when aligned big - not a cent line by line with fluff...more later

pet shop boys 'bubadubabudadum' or blahla blahala

annual viewing 'sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band' five stars!
'bring the trumpet-saxophone to me - f.v.b.'
freight very best...'and say hello to doug moon' - mean mr. mustard's robots giving him a massage in 'sgt. pepper's lhcb'
future villain band? new to me...where's the girl on the motorbike? 'you should keep some'

well, i looked at my watch
and it said a quarter to five
the headlines screamed
that i was still alive
i couldn't understand it
i thought i died last night
i dreamed i'd been
in a border town
in a little cantina
that the boys had found
i was desperate to dance
just to dig the local sounds

when along came a se�orita
she looked so good
that i had to meet her
i was ready to approach her
with my aimless charm
when her big fuckin' boyfriend
grabbed me by the arm
(oh, he was so macho)

and he said
grow some funk of your own, amigo
grow some funk of your own
we no like
to with the gringo fight
but there may be a death in mexico tonight
grow some funk of your own, amigo
grow some funk of your own
take my advice
you take the next flight
and grow your fucks
grow your fucks at home

target came up jugheads this week again - nothing new to speak of diapers - wow
that may be what trump's talking about - america's back on it the gristmill but out of session
your summer will end soon
these dr. denton's in army fatigue style are sent your way $14.99 to appease your need for violence thank you for blow up statues very nicely done confederate style hats and all
you have needs to watch it bleed after all~
you showbiz me - remember general patton (see statue at robbinsville, nj - route 130 split from allentown-robbinsville road) went early to build the bridge over river kwai
'you don't cheat death by livin' - dM and hi to ferment the cardigans drummer - love him
there's no guarantees one of three only - runs you over coming to keep you sane
p.s. the whirlpool refrigerator and freezer survives our scrutiny - despite our problems and repairs looks like a good deal

i love dollar tree at the corner of jensen beach boulevard and route #1 (next to hobby lobby and kentucky fried chicken)
now they'll reload your green dot card for just $1 per $75 in cash - is it just me? a $4.95 to $6.95 value depending how you play
oh, a few things have changed, but okay, you still get to buy and sell people you hate in your way - now eat up

polish, wanderlust:

friday night and the lights are low
looking out for a place to go
where they play the rock music
getting in the swing
you come in to look for a king
anybody could be that guy
the night is young
and the music's high
where they play the rock music
everything is fine
you're in the mood for a dance
and when you get the chance
you are the dancing queen
young and sweet
only seventeen
dancing queen
feel the beat
from the tambourine
oh, yeah
you can dance
you can dive
having the time of your life
see that girl
watch that scene
diggin' the dancing queen

the cardigans restrike 'i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer'
another view from the side 'for what it's worth (director's cut)'

in the moonlight
under starlight
songs old
as the night
are what i've been dreaming of
hard as iron
locked in
the modern world
dreams are made
of a different stuff

the flower duet from lamke (a place you could be if you didn't want to be spanish, in your heart)

first nice day at the beach today 08/19~
still looking at the paper's roundup of twenty-one or so homosexuals caught on camera nearby as presented dutifully by my mother - camping all night?
'quincy - stop playing!'

whomever was being housesit at river drive, your house was impeccable - the fridge open and empty two ceiling fans in the living room kitchen access at the garage all impeccable with late model corvette - lovely home 'now get out'...

update your records:

my current address is 987 nw mossy oak way, jensen beach, florida 34957 (my mom's house)
the residence house phone is (772) 934-6510
my cellular phone is (424) 326-6261 as formerly stated

no more
carefree laughter
silence ever after
walking through an empty house
tears in my eyes
here is where the story ends
this is goodbye
knowing me
knowing you
there is nothing we can do
knowing me
knowing you
we just hafta face it this time
we're through
breaking up is never easy
i know
but i hafta go
knowing me
knowing you
it's the best i can do

good days
bad days
they'll be with me always
in these old familiar rooms
children would play
now there is only emptiness
nothing to say

the old package style - a big gift

08/18 drove to walmart last night in the mercedes alone thinking a pot of green lemon-lime kool-aid would be the trick against my malaise these days - every flavor but, so i got 'black cherry' as a close approximate for no saline in the gets to be glucogen or spent down after days but there it is $0.24 the each...other marts try and package five for $1.50 like scented trees for the car three packaged at once who needs that? citgo nearby sells sensibly one tree $ big deal but three at once? for who? maybe their coke at $2.25 a 2-liter is still king with candies i mention and cheap gas...on st. james no less...citgo became what - mobil? france...

here's my own belief
about all the dirty girls
that you hafta clean the oyster
to find the pearl
and like rags that belong to you
i belong to myself
so don't show up 'round here
'til your social worker's helped
and 'oh, she do!'
gonna tell the world
you're a dirty little girl
someone grab that bitch
by the ears
rub her down
scrub her back
and turn her inside out
'cause i'll bet she hasn't had a bath
in years

with good things like painting, dry wall, and ceiling fans you better sign up
see home depot

like it or not, the los angeles times prints their paper daily online in format (stress the 'e-newspaper' delivery is not the website) and has the very last gasp of it - the only complaint is 'comes too often' once a day? try it i like it alot...i like it on the doorstep mostly each morning it looks good in print and has coupons...i like my bills on paper too in envelopes a great glory is in-absence billing you work up to that keep the lights on falsely~

stuff looks great - you on your own now at pillsbury birthday treats

more 08/17: we left red lobster as it got dark yesterday and need to note a mild power outage during dinner - the power came right back on in red lobster - but the mcdonald's next door was completely dark when we drove away and that was a strange sight - hope you all enjoyed the time off or sitting in your car darklot - in the morning i had a sausage mcmuffin there or at least the day before $1.08 and know it gets ferocious! thanks for being so weird - other mcd's down south are ardent about being there review, the red lobster food was all good today even our a-1 sauce made the grade i ate it all two sour drinks pushed up the spine rudely last night the mojito or whatever needed to honor midori more that's sweetkins and celebratory my intent...the potato small? it's no outback 'big as my fist'...and the dessert? make sure you don't skip both the butter and sour cream next time hope all went well ;)

08/17 everything went well-enough yesterday - thank you - add the founder or mcdonald's story to your palette at netflix it's strangely good too i dunno how factual though...we have it all now, but see the primary struggles again? not without a horned ramp in...

it's too much
to think about
so far to go
she'll need that
twist when she gets to the crossroads
'cause it's too much
to learn about
in so little time
she'll deal that card
when she gets to the starshine
(and boy will they shine)
she'll be a habit for the rest of life...
and just to have you i will be a slave

mom had this chocky cake ready to roll before dinner at red lobster
one glazed strawberry from publix? ok

like this picture alot near the fridge - mom, me and husband ed (um, st. in 'john dies at the end' the baptist? no fran ermi - eugenia street is for his mother in this life...a back entrance to our clout)
terry was lens, i'm not old - unshaven, fattish too from scrubbing
mom's bubbling with new eggshell paint samples to do the cabinets over i want the woodgrain out and been declined for the service - bright glossy eggshell i see it myself
the people here are unusually good about color matching know that - not us, them

great glass from a mojito looking melon ball two stripes of sour green yellow - blue? with pineapple slice
chuck that piss - gimme the glass i love it (ed got one too)

[ ] two garlic shrimp skewers and steak, baked potato, broccoli crowns, butter and sour cream
[ ] caesar salad the parmesan cheese was wrong too opaque too milky i was eating sliced asiejo all day however a favorite stick to the gills;
[ ] coke was annoyingly saline again the water very good;
[ ] a-1 stung my cheek and buttock with 'vinegar flavor' i made terry evaluate fully with his quote;
[ ] big slice of cheesecake vanilla bean though they hassled with my 'no need for birthday wishes' versus brownie and ice cream quote - after all it was just there for me...nice enough the waitress was shown my id by me to end the talk.

[ ] mom got that admiral's pile of claws, ed steamed mussels, and terry steak and potato like me a buttery scampi better? choose carefully they put those people to death every day - i remember just to eat some and leave the rest all came home however one bun resought...ok? ok!

08/16 looks like we made it here to year fifty-three (@ 14:49 you can officially begin again if you ignore other cheats of the day) though i woke up in a serious tv haze like i was a ceiling fan at mcdonald's or gassed flatly dead as i gassed others the night before 'hauled your ass to the sun' they thank you agin(g)...and so the day begins more later...

red lobster tonight after 6 pm gathering sharp - it's agreed (then again, an excellent mozzarella and ricotta calzone from big apple pizza would be fine...we've had 'em...about $8 but way too big for one)...

big data 'the business of emotion' i attribute 'white sea' to toni halliday
stickers too - for dinner napkins - how you feelin' ? in advance
before you start your day

' you see who people are - they need to be there, they need to be the star attraction with knowledges...' - dM, it makes me feel little sometimes no foxbase alpha

manifest (the lyrics i use myself often enough):

people are strange
when you're a stranger
when you are lonely
when you're alone

when you're strange
people come outta the rain
when you're strange - when you're strange
no one remembers your name
when you're strange
when you're strange


be pleased as i am
to introduce myself
i'm a man of wealth and fame
i've been around for a long, long year
so many a man
so many unmade
[i was around when jesus christ
had his moment
and died in vain
made damned sure the pilate
washed his hands
and sealed his fate]

psychics and fools always tidy up when done manifesting, banging their hands...

i light your cigarette
i bring you apples from the vine
how quickly you forget
i draw your bath
and roll the wine
i bring you everything
that floats into your mind
you don't bring me anything but down
you don't bring me anything but down
you don't bring me anything but down
when you come 'round

kudos to for detailing repairs in any origin event they help me see the light way too often beyond fact-finding...give it a try...alot of fats would rather not eat than portray a bit of self-interest around the fife...i don't need to hero out...current malfeasances include the dishwasher light panel (whirlpool 'quiet partner' i through iii), the in-door ice-maker system (whirlpool 'gold conquest' - a bearded beauty on you tube helped me see the facts yesterday), and of course, the air conditioning system 'call your dad' and then i can defer to no act...ebay has the parts trust it and keep google in mind always search and sort visually with no sale to make usually...'heed buttons that won't push?' while appreciates an autoclave effect on dishes we never need anything but to hand wash as mindless, cleaner, and simply elegant (excepting the sheer power of hobart industrial washers with chem pumps) and bauble water? no way, but at the store an extra bag of ice is unusually correct...drinking water, sure.

he didn't die at the end - he's back with his mother this time

08/16 with nothing but coal in my shawl, my gift was waking up in one of these pre-warned societies not to be here: got pissed off watching 'bad santa' again on netflix you better scoot me to film number two they have it with neighborhood kathy bates - three punks march to june, then june to december froth, arrange a holiday of hell for each other to see it come and this second film sees it shine so let's get back to no shame you can call your own - not just dirty this time - determined to be dirty on netflix year 'round with the talent box on-hand shaking leaves...more: we got another forty minutes to go, but they spent twice as much on this film as the previous mott and i really love the chicago pick-me-up all glamour shots...more later...note wide-eyed elijah wood has settled into these crime-fighter roles nicely enough since being saved uniquely in 'the good son'...we'll have him...happy birthday dougmoon! a+ for this one

[ ] note flower duet from lamke - those bird-like women rock us out;
[ ] alot of fuckin' in here forgive us sinn fenn or mouth-fed macaulays at-large;
[ ] hmmm...woulda loved it if 'santa con' (um 'scanticon' in princeton) were filmed in hollywood anyway behind disney's el capitan theater and masons temple - too right for us...magical moves the unseen

birthday bats in austin, texas see-feel culture worth sampling...san diego zoo keeps a cage of big ones near the front entrance...a living joy upon entry...

reminder for friday else not you...done...and now: live the nightmare of someone else registering for your site you a beggar be found...$40 this year...

' thunderbolt and lightning | very very frightening | me ' - queen 'bohemian rhapsody'

although it sits for a cover, this colonial-feel dior makes me happy in a priest kinda way
the french call it a 'malakin' and in no way is wedding dress fare
the pure linen cost is $700 and you wear it to a racetrack in ballankind, france - get that

'kkk'? some say the holy trinity sent 'em...a 'k' says 'greater than or equal to' that's smart stuff...whites don't eat sometimes when in says 'obama tweet third loved, ever' that...we don't tweet yet...

lady diana died august 31, 1997...take some in...i remember the queen talking about receiving her body shortly after breakfast one morning (a 'tuesday' she now says)...

on the eve before my 53rd birthday, we honor the cross at st. john the baptist church in allentown, new jersey 08501 (allentown, nj points nicely enough to allentown, pennsylvania, kurt cobain and bethlehem steel)
the altar i served on from 5th grade through elementary school - not alot of talk roughly 1974-1978
we'd walk down from the sacristy through the basement to emerge in the front (or rear) of the church i often presenting the cross on a pole first to the altar - a clip i believe unless no one was there to serve the mass
on the other side of the altar, an office with a refrigerator-sized control box for the bell tower - all clocks and knobs in safe-like brushed metal casing playing hymnals or whatever
i go to church to meet the dead, i still say they drive me crazy sometimes but ok! nice to garner and have around mostly
p.s. can't say i've ever had a dead one from one day to the next a friend missing - most evident won't enter my sepulchres willingly for me being naked and up all night?
my little adopted church in west hollywood with knelt angels on either side folds its altar table for me and reveals a hole under the outstretched arms of the burial cross - 'for us waiting' it says
a dump, really...

cutie pie starbucks granted me my free birthday drink this year (two days before you better drink fast too) - we'll keep to the day 'mocha frappuccino, venti'...

approved birthday cake year 'round a goob - and hey the occasion may strike you: pepperidge farm classic coconut layer cake - i love 'em fresh, so proto...

something else i really love: potstickers from your grocery store's frozen section - a bag of 'em steamed warm with but tablespoons of water and vegetable oil in a large covered stovetop pan and doused with soy sauce like kikkoman - keep the water chestnuts to a dining minimum with pork or chicken and you're off! these don't take long to cook as steamed to a crisp in minutes but boy are they delicious! the soy sauce makes 'em great tasting, fool...

my favorite headphones these days bar none - koontz hardware is the cheaper originating seller
the lightweight rca brand is at walmart for $19.66 they say perfect all the way around too

piddle, paddle or feathers, oars, blades (stick with hook on end to pull yourself ashore - you touched a nest and left a few things in the water out of pure fright):

our last eclipse in los angeles 2012 sunset boulevard westerly facing in the afternoon - you can only see the effect reflected in the sign a half-eaten apple, kinda

big storm today 08/14 is always welcome...called my mother - twelve miles away - it isn't necessarily true there not a drop to be seen
i like weather...eases the hynde

i hadda return a $5.75 jar of hellman's mayonnaise to mom's house this weekend (best foods same but sent to england for stirring - get that) while she raged over that missing from her pantry i'm offered much anyway tooling around in her mercedes but that struck a note blt's for the beach maybe...fresh tomato, ovened bacon slices smothered with maple syrup karo syrup is the same note that before stealing-accepting...i think red lobster is our destination wednesday night if i can ascertain a resounding cash gift first along the lines of my monthly stipend now mia 'not here' - i hate eating out but red lobster is cute for four of us...local yokels need not reply...shrimp scampis yum...i shook them down for a bottle of merlot and real-lime lime juice today these pigs laser the air around me keeping up appearances...go fish...the lime bush picked clean recently...taking from the dead...i'm here they are too...

before there was kenwood from macy's-bamberger's, there was lenox from korvettes as seen here (two speakers missing with silver circles inside under black mesh - all for about $170 then never photographed google on the rag has much these days)
fleetwood mac was raging on the radio (excellent reception...wmmr, wpst, etc.) at the time with 'sara'...starship's 'jane' too...john lennon's death imminent circa 1979-1980 the first new wave record ever david bowie 'scary monsters'
the lenox replaced a nigger-rig in the corner of the playroom involving a swingline enclosed phonograph with speakers clipped in - it was light green its speaker case (some were pink, some were ivory from two guys a department store in bordentown on route 206) and a sear's guitar amplifier left by dan moon-john denver in its box...all educational, however
the powered audio line from the phonograph could be lain at the lit speaker in the back to be conveyed fully at amp volume...devo 'duty now for the future', kiss 'dynasty', pat benatar 'crimes of passion', etc.
slightly islamic looking, a neighbor who also got one of these could advance and record 8-track tapes on his particular model - i knew of three such placements (occasionally, the cassette player rested on-top of the unit - very strange)
there was a gentle needle lift-cue, stackable automatic lp player, dust cover, dual cassette microphones or record off the radio...the cassette eject was cushioned also with tape counter at right

these lights from walmart i bought to see the rain outside at night...
cheap enough at under $7 a pack
p.s. i haven't seen embroidery this nice since patti labelle was signing autographs at macy's now the truth can be told 'at home' she says

terry - no big wheel - hated this salad dressing but i loved it
ken's asian sesame with ginger and soy valeuch - take a tip
loved it

how many years do affiliates hafta wait with others involved? these bitches range from family to hate and try and deny you any breath because they sit and wait with you - do you think we'll ever get cash payment as agreed in the past and breached secretary steven mnuchin? 'we don't see the need as storage payments lapse and people get their greedy ways delivered in sound - we need to pay our bills, nigger.

pet shop boys 'hit music' a favorite here...then 'shopping' both from 'actually' the lp
we're shocking~

one or two new babies? who's the fool
one adult two babies is foundry

michael jackson 'you are not alone' lyric by carol bayer sager (yes, that's her 'absolutely fabulous')

once and for all: an 'indian giver' is much connected to wrath or throwing all up in the air to deny others their efforts - you're in control but shouldn't know it...the indian giver takes all back with wrath...

depeche mode 'world in my eyes' a big one from the flood-produced 'violator' lp 1990

terry and i went to the thai basil garden 201 sw federal highway at the base of a bridge in downtown stuart florida for lunch the other day and had 'mee krob' (we called first) - as good as any dried 'shrimp' noodles with chicken and shrimp in a tangy sauce - and i had a green curry chicken dish and he his own ? chicken with garlic pepper the lunch menu extensive - no yellow curry though - the cokes here in florida are putrid saline mixes only even from the can! the striking heat too you can barely walk like cars over the rockies avoid avoid...bad shape...back to lunch, about $25 all told...this all-for-one-stance 'poor-people' highly extreme nothing is good but tastes like it has make-up in it quite often enough...making your own food? shit. highlight? thai iced tea right from the spit or roaster...

depeche mode 'nothing's impossible' a follow up to 'never let me down again'?

these days i'm wrestling with the 'certs' disease - too much scrubbing head to toe in the tub with soap and brush leads to gum-like pleurisy but manageable in amounts - destroys veins, anti-youth scales - the above hates the trauma but it teaches you flow of structures maybe you die...we'll stick with it what was it most evidencing the jacuzzi at night? ssst. the top ten list for short-lived hostile breathing is strangling in itself: pneumonia (cold prevalence and infection in lungs), asthma or hay fever - why not?, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 'copd' chronic oncological pulmonary disease or effects of ongoing cancer, lung cancer, pneumothorax or collapsed lung from shooting guns, pulmonary embolism repeated breaths taken too deeply, anemia or lack of iron ore, congestive heart failure coagulants, generalized anxiety disorder worry wart, pleurisy from smoking the brown leaf, sarcoidosis eating cum, tuberculosis eating the dead...could be anything, huh.

terry (nascent or incipient breasts are free to cuscave i assume) insists i go back to the er for breathing hostilities in and out of extreme pollution and heat but i won't have it - you've gotta get a grip one day your brand of caring gets folks killed i'm sure tip of the proverbial hat to you...who wants their hands sullied with udder balm and nonsense demanding answers from a clear case of dysphagia liquid down the wrong pipe - we sing it matters alot just to bear with it the liver says rolls it up with water in the stomach for pooping and suck on a vacuum pipe or do the heimlich to yourself...medic alert cameo 'let me die trying' to medics punching holes...nobody special evidences this? you know nothing that's hardship to my final quote is 'what?!?' for relying on me fortunes too much...

two more great toys from the 70's - mattel's hot wheels rrumblers
praying mantis style, the riders very fashionable and removeable too

i had this one too - the mantis was really cool
both circa 1973

for your reference and use...this is august 10

one year of 'bon appetit' is just $10! order here

it's still clear - no cash payments as of yet for any of these companies
who's to blame? and we're still delivering orders
i'm still badly displaced in florida suffering their air-heat

some highlights to be brought to mind for each:

1-800-flowers: the finest and most elaborate giving in flowers i've ever seen - still true? proud company supposedly started by ellen's anne heche
office depot: most interdepartmental fiends forgo an internal storehouse for this catalog coupled with office max...downright exciting with popular goods
uncommon goods: an online gift shop of strange and awares - couldn't take the heat from readers think glass and braided rope
lillian vernon: if you don't like lillian vernon it's because you don't see or you don't live - something for everybody like walter drake it's that's good fascinates us with their vast array of song and circle - a last bastion of american youth where is compu-serve again? in hell eating grass
military supply: ever had a local harry's army and navy emporium? the answer is here a super selection of organized mayhem for the fortresses in your head - foot traps, dickies in colors, canteens, dog tags, you name it...
petsmart: to this day the finest array of aquatic fish-foul pets and supplies bar none - nothing funny here the best shopping to date
tiger direct: supermart for family-style electronics like logitech's revue way ahead of their time and as good as any they didn't keep up...proud
skymall: the first thing you read on a plane taken from a back pocket in the seat in front of you - mesmerizing products at value prices you think it over while zipping around the planet maybe you live still at it in malls their entertainment stuff keeps me interested in their merchandise only - lots of creepy style
blissworld: i hate bliss for not pushing more of their heavenly dope - prairie grass lemon and sage soap, blue candlewax soap - shampoo for hair like wool no mistaking it
see's candies: always a charming array of holiday wraps and favorites to insult the thought laden - their shop most like hospital wards no messing around there in antique black and white
andrew christian: the embodiment of swiss army knife fashion - cuts you loose personally
photocards direct: we love personalized anything mailed at the holidays - couldn't take the heat here at
cd universe: the working ersatz of genius 'cd now' - i'd own stock in cd now still about $200 a share i hear - why here? it's all you got that's why
spiegel: used to be alot more in the early 90's they have my goodwill forever - i still ask 'that came from spiegel?' three elephants and a glass water ball on-top all high-end quality period
gannett: does usa today for planes, travelers, cheap locations - the finest 'no thank you' to junky news and the horror of seeing it humming nearby
circuit city: these are federated programs that still live somewhat around town after burning every sony triniton to death with overnight stays - apple screens too they died of it a lettuce train citing cabbage and stink
effy jewelry: the effy is for blacks in hollywood citing 'fuck you' with nabisco they wanna play well at arms and give nice gifts outward (see makeup brand 'mace' or whatever)...macy's picked this shit up rudely our thought remains maybe you hafta replace something one day
starbucks: no matter what, a great west coast beauty made by nestle charged with keeping babies safe - so many perfect blends but gives alot away don't do it - don't be there either
sms audio: has some black selling wireless earphones of the highest grade - i can't dream that big $300 a pop is their replacement too none needed yet
tazo: the tea side of starbucks makes me rowdy simply - no one asked either couldn't take the heat

a few friends roosting on our porch must be a good sign?
at terry's...the weather still keeping me drained of life

august 6, 2017 already...

rush 'tom sawyer' from the 'moving pictures' lp 1980
here's another irony worth singing 'ghost of a chance' pretty interludes

target violates us again since 1975 the birthplace of microwaves - presenting the thirty-dollar microwave now just $29 see their weekly ad
sunbeam is the manufacturer good enough...litton then
expect extras like interior carousel, one button commands, etc.

what is that cat & jack brand about? ' the banker never wears a mac | in the pouring rain | very strange ' we save for a rainy day, period...ask him. the mac says 'don't even ask.' source? the beatles 'penny lane' says 'they'll be at this though you're not there', cap & jacket for the inclement weather?

someone's all 'columbia house is going back online next week' another phoenix rising from the ashes? fin de lis not with that deal...but good luck~ check in with fair water foul bmg too and their new 'royalty checker'...'um, nope' sweaty palm size, nigger.

something stimulating by kraftwerk 'elektro kardiogramm'
'it's not real - you're not real' by those pained by you
gentle studiosound sample: release to me the vaporine

this is the original pop hard to remember...had ferrara pan jawbreakers today
visit online (amazon has 'jawbusters' very tasty)
i saw these - an alternate brand retail - couldn't remember this name sampling-circling the alphabet jarred my memory right at 'b' 'til then i had 'ttopps' close but no cigar a baseball motif
thanks again for ceramic hand the wax progressing nicely anyhow...wish-dream last night saturday was plaintively berghoven
thanks, mom

live webcam! day 1 of the annual fisherman's picnic in grand marais, mn who's gonna work the lion's club fishburger stand this year?

terry just signed up for his jc penney app for his moto g and received his $10 reward what is now in-hand for summer shopping~

progenitor elton john says 'it's nobody's orgasm - god's way of telling you it's over'
xenon is verifiably one of the best machines others pale and shoot

all the news that's fit to print (or then comsume with abandon) august 1 or just before:

mike douglas - who incidentally is merv griffin? - interviews the brady bunch early on...
the two eldest siblings get up and do a 'paul williams song' by the carpenters (my all-time my favorite no less from a tape 'a song for you') 'i won't last a day without you' from 1972 i guess
i think it was gonna be dubbed out...'let's spend the night together' that's not what you said in your letter...neil is david soul and that is mick jagger in a bit of a massage layer...'we are dead people - we can't leave it'
nobody new - all still tryin'
p.s. the real jan (um, jodie foster or lives with her) is missing here, but i remember neil or umbro (jagger growing up again with all respects) saying he met them all at the steel pier in atlantic city - this kid was incredulous if i believed them at all

insert here...the meats and potato's 'eye booger'

what'll they think of next? every store has lasers somehow upon entrance
i'll get you for this

the store selling girl scouts - that's who was staffing jc penney last weekend all polite but sticklers for details
their st. john's bay <> shorts highly recommended yet < $15 on sale i have them on right now a comfortable light poplin
plato? i paid to be here - who traveled who? socrates? siamese...should know better full-throttle on

kate bush? elton john's mother 'sheila' doing her thing - it's there

reprise: aimee mann 'goose snow cone' something extra-precious being made to vie for-with you its ornate long neck trying for food and other basics maybe one side of a snowcone - it's not right...'girl snow cone'? don't bother askin' a hardass
live version of 'snowcone' plus other
adds live version of 'coming up close' (i like to sing with) and something from the last record 'looking for nothing'
p.s. that's grandfather barry humphries playing along with...elton john's father, his grandaughter then

today (really sunday july 30 pfft.) is 'national cheesecake day' - get that
went to walmart and sara lee and comstock helped out all for under $9
you can't just buy the suggested serving you gotta put it together - so worth it
too many cherries? the photo icon sets it right with plate - not enough now~

dyk? all the roofs here in terry's neighborhood are metal - the 'cincinnati' at work - i watch ghosts working always day or night~

ace frehley's (kiss' lead guitar) solo record reveals hall and oates 'how long' - imagine that
however i'm quite sure i'm darrell hall~
paul carrack plays a studio version and he's quite charming too~
is that why chrissie hynde was around? pretenders 'the adultress'

just like a football match | tell me of the score