This Will Do For Now...A Pack Of Quilted Northern, A Single Scoop Of Pliss Kitty Litter, And Just A Bit Of Hothouse Ice Rolls Out October 2006
I just ate grapes with seeds again...yuck! Still, we'll risk a few bad choices over being more attentive to this detail. Seeds!

Going to New Jersey for Christmas this year come come. The ticket bought December 15 through February 16 is then home here somehow from West Palm Beach, Florida. Disney? Maybe. We're driving down south after the new year speaks it and mid-month. Couple of hours in Houston on layover and back - 'tis great!

Beck "Soldier Jane" Beck - The Information - Soldier Jane from all-new record called "The Information" (2006)...great stuff very cosmic-sounding but tight and active.

October moves soon enough...and for you too. When checks clear.

"Pass The Soap Puh-Puh" Guests You And Gets You F*cked Gently Says The Deh-Vuhl-Vuhl As What's Simply Passed On No Hanx 10/03/06 1624
What else can you know about another cheaply and without asking for judgment or receipt? How about Madonna's first three (3) individual requests for in-service and help at UCLA's self-fashioned clinic center for stars (darts out the tv and television department where I interviewed once to be assistant dean to no further made me? no - the career centers including substance and abuses help have mercy or see me doing it as you but as simply a first seen...our cancer is your clarity to clear hurdles of it seen heh heh a richness of life led to 'little sisters'-type vacations and suspicions then of child abuse, then if local calls...'I remember someone entering my room that night' a horse and key beta test if any):

1) "engendering myself" - says her "how to be more woman-like without entering clause ["parts of people have done"] or making me know too much - a problem with me and my men. I'm tired."
2) "making music fly" - again her "no one knows why, I need to know why music sells. It makes me sick to consider my fame alone - it needs help to win again. This helped by landing sources ("people who make music"), not plays around ("fanships or people who love it all")."
3) "seeing others to done" - her "people needed me to do too much landing and hopping on stage while they just bask in it. 'How best to avoid their says of performance afterward? Will I say 'yes' to them, or will they go after this?' They go always for saying me or too soon at. So what? I died too many times making me shine and alone, so I said 'Why know more?' and it stuck." + adds "No one came after that."

Good stuff stolen by me. Thanks to no one again. I wouldn't listen to that shit either.


Not Just Snakes If Came From Ol' Frost's Farm "Presenting The Electric Fence" By Once Bit 10/03/06 1337
When I was young, this old horse farm next door to a neighbor's house had along its unpainted fence a single aluminum-type wire and relatively minor thick running around on ceramic spools screwed in and along. The wire running wrapped around but about once to then continue on then and I assumed by color matches as no longer working, but casual contact and off gazing the field one day led to a small but potent-enough shock that pissed me off. DANG YOU BITCH !!! Now you too: The wire comes from a single plug in a wall or then switchbox at one hundred twenty (120) suited volts and the other end is issuing-heading toward two (2) standard light bulb fixtures on the wall at barn maybe inside then to further plus back into the same receptacle outlet issued on circuit. No one knows how thinking else mechanic, but the two bulbs when currented issue a blink that is affirmed or bell'd to all plus after one hearty shock at levels heard everywhere but playing around. Then just a bit of cheese to honor B.F. Skinner as a future no-go? Dig in if proper no suit will come. So sue me..."if only so they could know my own of pains you."

This lectern (short lecture) leads to the magical bug zappers of yore (ideas: "the last supper", "heaven's gate" with swirl of galaxy to zapping irradium in center asking "go into the light...all welcome, all welcome") - how you do it and all. New for both of us maybe. I was thinking you need two (2) open screens of blocks - one in front, one in back, and how you get the bug flying in to touch both at once a real dummy...only one (1) screen needed plus two (2) bulbs then (maybe black, best is green) for delay and pitch at once then no delay as device added in. 

Near madness maybe you missed it! Future Sound Of London and their up to two (2) beautiful songs one from the "Cool World" soundtrack (1992) the other and with Cocteau Twin Liz Fraser (P.I.P.S.) who sings us not but besides that stabs and gets stabbed at daily. To crumb:

"Papua New Guinea" The Future Sound of London - Teachings from the Electronic Brain - Papua New Guinea originally from the "Cool World" soundtrack Corey Haim now this their computer comp "Teachings From The Electronic Brain" (2006) the song title means "find my new home" in "Guinea" or Australian-type talk. How best to say-speak? Say "pay-pah noo ginn_knee" and to fool. Toni Halliday and Madonna lend chord here the band are actually those two only without exploring nascent lesbianisms I hope "for faggots only" the 'magical' ones and who pays ? if is the beginning of the end here Janet Jackson an off-putting note to sleeve and again thanks to Rosie O'Donnell for sitting in a lawn chair with your tits out in West Hollywood Park years ago pre-fame. Now I can actually recoil and do my part...see some a humour to honeycomb never mention at me if all seen to be print. The extras are mine.

"Lifeforms [their track or "Path 4", actually originally is very important to note no album here just single made it]" The Future Sound of London - Teachings from the Electronic Brain - Lifeforms with Cocteau Twins (1995) they are god-type music that cannot say how-why or shouldn't and are simply staged to you fool but I'm go back to seeing and having we care for this not. Yes, I am now Liz Fraser, thanks off and until made to perform live. Be ready to do some any or. Remember, no one wants you to sing for real, kinda - we want your particular vocals, thanks. Anyone can sing we want you, your way with it (all but and in "alto" of course you sing to them all). Says she of her acrobatic virtuosos "round a cookie you bite" to leap sing. I make cursive s's myself no pardon swirling blooming closing back up to sink and fall gently then again soar. Whom made whom made it pass jail "collect $200 no go" buy it new wig a clam shell.

The Sundays "Here's Where The Story Ends" The Sundays - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic - Here's Where the Story Ends from 1987's "Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic" LP (1989). "Skin And Bones" maybe no like "Summertime"...yes no recommends again "When I'm Thinking About You" both on other albums.

When I must say and to hear back "Is it auto-didact?" to ridicule comprehensions missing. Learn me more now: If that one term is for "self-taught with no formal guide", adds "poly serv" what places a book or shelf before thee to read as both of you learning together for the very first time and as soon enough; and adds then "run-didact" what tests you individually and after placing news yourself. You bring and you ring for it all to come in but yourself (my own "briangame" comes little pop quizzes and with it grading testing a nouveau or "just coming in" teacher type playing office or formal again and simply - see also "acts rich" with lilacs in voice and a richly placed of hand if both are me yet).    

Our New TV Is Not Only Cheap It Pays Us To Know No Better 10/01/06 1039
Gee, the only Samsung (no chance of be glamour here - same song [as Sony or else...jailbirds again no extras working with us here] and you see the fee somehow) was the portable tv we got when my mother bought her first Cadillac (if you can't watch tv driving the street - even if your cigarette lighter powers the way - a pimp with d'elegante and spoke wheels can watch the street corner in red leather the stoplights check-functioning in rear view you see all). Now our new tv descends us from yesterday's early-morning shopping trip at BestBuy (and for just that little) without me. Everything is perfect yet. Know us here for only $288 all-told or so yet (picture is so bad I should see you too - you don't get nothing but mine mostly used up for that money less tip - still working on the previous unit for that yet no sale). Yes, cable is back on now and simply.

Cocteau Twins "Wolf In The Breast" Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas - Wolf in the Breast another beauty from 1990's "Heaven Or Las Vegas" LP (the song's working title: 'another tough titty' + 'angels dying of the aids' it's all behind me, now...some singing it out 'i shit that right out with her tape methods no god will know how...this door closes back up to offer made and other still to be open 'round the siren but clock') - couple with something else like "Fotzepolitic"...about cunts, sure. Two angrier-type tits, and a hole. Someone's mother? Cheaper yet. These are like crying to God in slyer-type talks no one is fooled by this is use babytalk, but I sing 'em along beautifully knowing me not. Someone else will know what to do I art up only so holds the camera.

Christine McVie "Love Will Show Us How" Christine McVie - Christine McVie - Love Will Show Us How from her solo debut eponymously named hers (I just try and gather Mac music no matter what 'whatever'...). This hails from 1984 I was there for it, she requests. Related: About Sinead's song-album "I Do Not Want What I Do Not Have" (all is sex, sex with won) with "Black Boys On Mopeds" a screamer about them taking it right up the ass but elsewhere and as usual no hurt too small what's uglier? Quite nothing - and I loved her stuff then all tapped in to that song - the art of only - but never questioning its wisdoms me. She is simply a young too dumb and questioning of death as that stupid really another Aimee Mann you are not that special yet sorry girl pain is sorrow a place to sing from. Black ride mopeds - an expensive bother yet unseen by a regis or grand public driving around on yards of pisses - in front of white and get polysnuffed for it as no one special at door it's that simple ring ring. Rude, but done with scope. I love her lying on the graves of others 'less fortunate' or whatever (who knows they had all-too-yummy and illicit sex that's for sure probably a bounty of it no discount for what you do and at it's all pleasure to me - who has to know even one of them? you'd never have it, not ever - not ever to you) and having their babies in error awaiting some of corrections that sort (a vegetarian-type driving ugly ol' me from the world to achieve a beauty status - blecch - but see me in there too just a wart off, now to impressing my friends with the pope's body somehow still a friend wandering but kills people and simply he does this will and eat eyeballs). She is me no one loves her but I love them as objects, stools, thoughts, my little way with it. All shit, but still there eating at yours for a place to be in a complete and rousing success. No. Love will show u how it all works and for me. And I quote "You're not here to lie in a grave [such as love will lets and even as a black I monitor daily with great prides, only]. Only I will lie in shallow graves and giggle hysterically with little dead boys that fly around at night to tease you some. Yours go down, down - and to be right back at morning's crest. Why? He "said something."

Will Sinead again? Sinéad O'Connor - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got - Black Boys on Mopeds When done, make sure you enjoy "Nothing Compares 2 U" again and finally the others mentioned "Three Babies" and all.

"Got me one of them 'new-fangle' dogs that smells for moles. Can't stop barking." - dM (yeah, a 'em all too and right at the sidewalk)

"Doctor, please...I have it right here in me the cancer. Of course I'm sure he wouldn't even eat." - dM quoting that one woman being heard overhead

"These days, people think that you live to receive their opinion blurting it right out like the dead let you know they've moved. I don't live for that shit, but how could you possibly know?" - dM

"We think together over the hours and quite frankly you know it isn't any good. Not just a bit of it either like you're me somehow. I know my own shit, it always stinks. Not for you though." - dM

"I feed that whatever it eats: lies, whining - whatever makes you dye your clothes in the washer. Then add color-remover to stain and set to dry flat inky powders everywhere." - dM

"Black babies used to line the sewers, some say. Those were our babies. Yours? They never keep." - dM

"I ridicule blacks for always being at-fault with whites looking on - so sentimental and each volunteering their time at leave. They tell me they spit all over the turkeys they serve." - dM 

Okay, I owe you another unforeseen truth for these - something small, hurtful. Please, Bitch - you're in the business of making people happy, however criminally minded. I can't live on glamour, you know - eating my own nuts back up into my ass I'm starved of women-type issues and their newsday of it if smartly aged and to grief stricken what will finally then die for you too never real the ol' pu-pu platter the usual diapers another rag-muffin. Nigger is not the woman of the world. She makes me say that stuff to her and you. Intimidation is never too real for someone who never hurts right. Say less than me, be sure to leave it a guest. The words still burn me right up, but I can't afford to lavish myself so grandly quoting and questioning the day-fact like no one will know. They see you too often and do nothing about it ever why crap it out twice and so to be embarrassed but to test that radiohead myself 'what did you say to me, o! nigger o' my heart?' A blindman if to speak.     

John Fogerty "Old Man Down The Road" John Fogerty - Centerfield - The Old Man Down the Road from the "Centerfield" LP (1984) as properly mentioned somehow. I loved to hate Creedence (Clearwater Revival - on the Fantasy label in Sausalito, California as right off the Golden Gate Bridge and just north of who also gave us the "Amadeus" soundtrack and the Vince Guaraldi "Peanuts"-type tracks) for celebrating the war-related activities of the viral 60's (all sweaty negroes running from the 50's and their since-seens, painted cinderblocks and their subsequently called for explosions, hippy freaks with their promises of holding their bodies against us - you, me, etc.) We don't want your love. There's an old man down the road who hates all this and who shows up one day to kiss that? No - to help you if you need it and then see why not. Then I'll remind you that our one introduction across the street at your yardsale doesn't mean that I'm not the greatest evil you suspected of once. Check again - I gotta too.

Creedence Clearwater Revival "Green River" Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle, Vol. 1 - Green River from "Chronicle, Vol 1" (1991) with yours truly Ozzy Osbourne singing it on the cover - now you know where he went. People died to this shit you know. Know that. The name means "kill your mother" from Creedence, Florida they wash her down a well for forgiving "franks" or her brutal boyfriend for beating you. This song is a powermong and is the one I'd perform if had to. He says "Proud Mary" (the one Tina Turner made famous too, infamous - link to "I Might Have Been Queen" - " i'm a new pair of eyes | every time i am born ") still in it for the money and to be recognized. People hate my perfections and I still await your pay for having tried to know you of better sent. You still want to be there and instead of me. It's a green river of envy-hate seeing how we live so better. What? It's my dream of being in a grass hut while it rains outside three boys of like me no women nearby as not part of the dream just checking boxes off. It is warm, there are bugs, no toilets, and finally disease is rampant. There they are!

Old Man Down The Road You Got To Hidey Hidey Hide Better Ever Than Yet 09/26/06 1701: Avoid costumes at your own foul functions - name if an each on over p.a. and have stand each of pupil required once at year and with no audience participation yet grapples. If such at a flatter invite can call for no tort, why wait for fox news at ten? Dig your own crave while they figure out the interest in each of at a said. Just us for the kids we honor no one they haute after us and have them to be new. Speak it to less have more fun at having to be said once never more and at a gaff. Each wit a campbell surprise at their own wedding it said no interest for cash lain then taken aback what said. Keep it normal be no one more to me there or die like a dog bites back at cheese in the throat with coat hangers digging out of the simmerling holes. Bore no one more.

Put back queers [where the brain folds over at mention of women, harms - like a small basket of hot buns to be placed, but on someone else's table], have-holds awaiting letter of news said to. Be that black to call on one they kill theirs softly one dying throat they'd say 'too many mirrors in one homo' then if say 'no one-man woman depended on us more to be" then if we cracked, came sense out of it (why you need to hurt...huh?) and then said 'no more tears just this or yet' (running the family down with hate at for not being special prior to - not that it ever would be and yet, and with you out in the street eating clips of your mind) to be with the mama as she cried and at a'clock it webbed (cried 'unmercifully' all over she said - no more formal could be seen from here to Tallahassee). A corsage (one white or pinkish color or blue-ish carnation ribbon with pin) given to our new neo-gay (not born to ours, but seen as and to be) might be given in exchange for mirth a Starbucks card perhaps we recommend. No play here - we want outings. We helped raise that you know - friends, neighbors - straighten it out now and for all of that be converse. So many feelings unsaid to. If everytime I tell someone that I'm gay it feels so bad still I refrain mother, mother of mother - her daughter then. No one cares and reminisces "why did I do that anyway?" Because he who asks for receives and unduly. You don't have to put out plates for everyone, you know. "I don't eat that ever." And since duly noted for next time, friends of friends get upper-level hinders plus rx, and only that old woman may leave unattended if only after accusing me of moisturizing in the bathroom "again". Of course, she was only right, but not that right. But how could she know for sure? She couldn't. Even if you had OJ on tape it wouldn't help her.

"Never to be wasted, I wanted for it and not, if just some is to be made."

"If God asks to be with and my witness..." turnitup.

"And I my Lord, may I say [to you] nothing...again?"

"What goes with it up, comes with it and to be down."

"What goes it around, comes with and around."

"He who asked to see nothing of it seeks no permission neither or to forget you too of then."

"She took the cup and again gave it to her neighbors and said 'if I drink this, will you make me one of your favors and set the flask down nearby to have any friend of me mired before and I asked?' You got the bread backed in-time, didn't you?"   

More later...

Septembre 25 Novia Scotia (urr, 'not a sound') yes I'm here waiting for you to die right off and shed that celestial of banded skin and a shipmate's perskatter of molgaub finned: While you're waiting for new Doug Moon due and dimmed to vision, you may seek the guide of one Bryan Hawn having left his site address on a telephone pole grubby sticker I pocketed (across from Gelson's on Santa Monica - they accept personal checks nicely and without convert - see small change). I seek gay spritualists (no offense seem - just helping a neighbor see through to the pain they describe then god kills you) like you seek freedoms from the very things you never actually had or planned to experience not once ever. "I heard about you -- take it off the next contestant's ability to make entry level squibs. No horse shows made me see you less apt or better done off the task than helping it survive or succeed you as dying off again but trying to harbour my faith as less of it sees why not." Are you like me then full of hot blask? End it here. Seek a rewrite of it to home.

Give the world your best anyway.
(Moon: Get back to yours...a river loses it to be passes of it some. Drink it back up then half if too given to be and to...cheating you is like questioning the accounting of formally books...for internal references only, and you)

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;

 It was never between you and them anyway."

-Mother Teresa-
more than the feet, not just firming of balms - ask if either may
Her then often dying and to tell it off  "Tits are extra, we don't wash those - they are clean."

To all the days endlessly pursuing the haute effect of racint drugs and with their small talks and to the endless indulgement of selves never to be seen as just been yest selving, we leave you with these then this: was born old, fucks the dead back to life. My friend always, Regin. We moved a box of "pamprins" together she insisted on shaking up the soda alone then one of her balded kelshish niggers sended our affair by challenging white superiority. Both won back to surmise in the whole world way. He who says less is less apt to say. Say to me then and hold the say so. I hate prose you win me anyway a gay lingers with breaths unspoken by it and ever no cheap such wit sees.

Be back soon...where are you?  Hoping I'd die again with felts on the winter-cold of fur staring at you by bald makers, inc? Cube you a zirconia but not mold by them sans soar. Poor is to seem then as just as poor, bald. Black is to gay as bald is to? "Behold the only 'two things' blacker than yourself." Your mother said your breasts were "just as" beautiful - not a word can be squalmed or reasoned with to. I quote her vet - "no cat dies of holding it - you cold witch made a cat die by making it heat the couch once over against harming vapors to be around or then praised next door at the vet." They paid and posed with her anyway.

see this movie yet?
hope it don't speak to the mind of it may...pass bulb
we loved some of it, that's cute...I'll be having to guess
pass on that, pass on it, pass it on...may your day's work sewing that boots be harder to find, if ever said back to that, bat!
you don't shop for the queen in a men's store, you hold 'em off note from that as fat women make sheem look up words, act blaring, eat something not too modern but new


Hey! We never had Burt Sugarman's "The Midnight Special" on the east coast neither Philly nor New York (we get both at same times in New Jersey central) - see in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Ohio only - they paid for it. Filmed always at Trenton State College and Toms River at Screen Gems. My "boyfriend" Todd Serfass is Rod Stewart in these. A real jerk-off. An epsiode was three hundred thousand dollars ($300K) in candace or trade (airtime versus products, viewings of family at funeral homes) to air. Minnesota got it for $312K they say and sell it the commercial today..."We didn't know it was so cheap to produce [with New Jersey making much of the music and with so many Puerto Ricans and their bands about]."

only $1,750 at the each for twenty-five hundred 2500 copies signed
features oddballs and family types in various repose and state
book soup has it for outerview and buying
good enough art and some to be had

Apple iTunes
downloading whole movies? now you've gone too far!
well, okay - and who knew...about twelve, thirteen bucks $12.99 - this one is pre-order, but you can get jodie foster's 'flightplan' (xxxxx) for nine ninety-nine $9.99 right now ! if that's you...i recommend all disney cartoons they are funny and fabulous...last night watched 'jesus is magic' (xxx-xx) and 'kinky boots' (xxxx) on dvd...

Nitzer Ebb "Join In The Chant" Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age - Join in the Chant from "That Total Age" LP (1987)...also feel with "Lightning Man" industrial strength wear not available here. By the way, "Nitzer Ebb" means "nights without end" in German.

Ever see Curve's "Chinese Burn" video in-full (from 1998's "Come Clean" LP)? Me neither. Here see at YouTube. You make friends with people to leave them anyway is that. I looked at Elton John's "This Train" too...others.

Curve "Forgotten Sanity" Curve - Come Clean - Forgotten Sanity or else then on 1998's "Come Clean" LP - despite Toni's little letter at the official site, Curve are due back with a new studio record ("[The] Last [Of] Banion[s]" I hear - a "banion" is what needs to leave before you do or then as left to establish comfort where you are living) within weeks of this notice. Money's tight all around.
Curve "Hung Up" Curve - Gift - Hung Up from 2001's "Gift" LP and " just give it one more try "...meanwhile, search on Lime for song titles "Star", "Sinner", and "Signals And Alibis" all from "The New Adventures Of Curve" LP (2002).

The Night Before's Dream 09/19/06 0930
The night before last I dreamt I was going to England by way of an undisclosed airport on the east coast limousine-type and all and that switched to a train ride and the queen's complaints in my head early enough. "You just don't come to England" it said "we've been bombed so many times" and how France now is the object and is really Heaven you die to go there. Sure enough, and as I watched fastidiously, the train tracks turned into wild "s" curves linked in two rows end-to-end I studied each one and how a wheel might and then my head just lay down on them as women's and such voices say they tend to each inch-foot of steeled track by pouring and hammering. My head lay down facing east and I could've stayed forever in that comfort of lying....Heaven as whirlygig train tracks with grass knolls about the queen's voice overhead and as demanding of saint.

New Music Tuesday everywhere sent!

Prince "The Beautiful Ones" Prince - Purple Rain - The Beautiful Ones from 1984's "Purple Rain" LP and soundtrack - still a big kicker here...

Electronic "Disappointed (2006 Remastered 7" Single Mix)" Electronic - Get the Message - The Best of Electronic - Disappointed (2006 Remastered 7" Single Mix) featuring the erstwhile vocal talents of Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant and from the new "Get The Message - The Best Of Electronic" LP (2006). Originally from the "Cool World" soundtrack one of my favorites. Don't forget "Late At Night" on their "Twisted Tenderness: Deluxe" LP (2001)..." well it's nice to hear the world | breathe a sigh | it's not the color of your skin | you know it doesn't mean a thing | nor do the clothes that we're wrapped in | it doesn't matter "

And pick through the offerings of "Gold - 80's Dance" brand new today or something Men Without Hats - Gold - '80s Dance. Recommends Diana Ross as 'Sybil' and singing "Don't Make Me Over" a great one I guess.  

'not again will you be this to me...'
and you will undress
people are not concerned about god-type events happening they the press duly report
i have everything and still i wouldn't ask of it - risk is your day
the day is done you your mime so flat like open terrain in a wheat field
san suey! be done with it you

well, touch my come flying abroad like kimwitch and some lower bitch is in on your gig reaching past vow to you alone
the flying is real you...always touching too much
they smell, too...if pubes warn of unclean spirits-genitals, breasts may keep one buffeted aloft and for days beyond it a vision won
"two tubes" dante is not this it is michaelangelo and his mother aching of the flesh in it...something you

this is mental stuff...nobody gets that...god? god who? to who?
a woman does this with her tits
shit tears and asking what others may think of 'these are for babies? for babies' (as forming logics to you)
so we lied a bit...they are not yours, you are front 242 this is not not call here again
"last week they turned off our phone and our electricity for just moments, but scan it in wisely"
talk is cheap, and a bitch still

cheap fact: we love dildos and their sense of community if with others (old white chooses big black for herself if privately while i shop nearby and bothers no one at it)
why how? i love violating others rudely (favorite rhyme to: 'the intruder') delicious fun
what? always in moderation and with balls - they're key...other thoughts? the double header to share with someone special much like going to europe
'you snapped that right up from me'
the dildo pictured comes from my roommate's mac sign-on - the logo is yours i don't usually use gay-type stuff, overts
is their maddening from me...lessens their import to others as nicely as roots call fools
these given us from upper wings who've done them wrong and to me - now eats that back up   

our little fall preview ensues > > looks good to me > > beep beep your temptual ethnic surname banched in cerril acid lights
very to nice

i love the 'warlocks' or whatever have you (that one is just like julian sands 'naked lunch' and all 'warlock' with lori singer) in the new movie 'the covenant' out just now renny harlin directs...he moved us here, in fact
they the magical ones all have individual blue bathing suits on in the print version...the blond is not me, no
i am most powerful and unseen to you but not them
just like 'the craft' but without all the psycho-jerk and moralities of the girls
off to a hell of a start...menau will come see you after all...
he came to me...know that...thanks to 'in' magazine  

this is the white person who always shows up after dark to do you all down...cute...was the skinny freak in 'road trip'? how why?
is that right? probably not, you

an overhear if must de "we hate faggots..."  - you will eat my shit, and eat yours can eat shit, bitch
or have to die...and be here too
no one loves that here
not on my dime, anyway country nigger

Toni And Dean Report From The Top 09/13/06 0516
Toni Halliday of Curve reports that Dean (Garcia) "threw away his [guitar-playing] hands" to make music in some sort of agreement against thee. He uses pre-made tape samples now already made for other musics note-by-note and in some strange twists, they the tape masters say they "helped create music" in some way. We agree, but like your samples, it ain't worth a shit, really. When placing what you've done on tape for others to see, the music has to resonate with others and they hafta be able to play what seen. He plays a 'B' note with a 'C' harmony or slide off and they balk - "what is it - a 'B' or 'C' and harmony up?" they say. It is neither, it is his to say and when. Yours is getting by only they'd say in court - his is the artistry involved or what's not saleable to you. He should help them do their best only and not to be him. A "harmony" is notes played around to soften steps away.

Your home guide to embalming fluids:
Prescott - makes whites look ashy and sulken or waxy as deep yellow - to note as never coming back or finally "no more sex";
Anabol - makes children or adults then look rosy or then a bit of clear with yellow and red - "they may return one day, keep hope alive" it said (the funeral director slaps his face three times from the side to evidence color);
Tetrol - makes blacks look ashy and forlorn or mad - will one day see you over this black liquid installed, once here "no more play" it said.

So there...pre-latins and yellow use white some.

Thanks 7-Eleven
09/13/06 1304
Tomorrow's Terry's birthday and all sixteen (16) days after the ascension (feast of lights once again to be noted and yes, we missed the commemoration of 9-1-1 hello? hello?!? - one day we'll talk about my firemen-working-out-in-the-basement fantasy (or first floor then) "just trying to get by" or then the "Serpent And The Rainbow" scene up Sunset with candlelights fuck you still both USA in Haiti we'll take away your job for this moment made). Chris Ondy then one month later we'll see that. Then, 7 Eleven sends us free coupons in the letterbox for:

12 oz. coffee 
glazed doughnut  xx
20 oz. Gulp xx
1/4 Big Bite hot dog xx
$2.00 off any sandwich $2.99 or higher
$1.00 off any salad there

...and all to be redeemed before 12/31/06. Was just in there today for a Slurpee and they are remodeling some with much traffic seen. So - be on the lookout with lots of fine eatin' happening today big, new hot dog tables moving the registers over a bit. See ya soon (ours is at LaCienega and Holloway).   

Two words for forming in front of you - "maudlin" and "squalor"..."maudlin" to me is "made to say less". In my mind, relates to vaudeville - has their face painted down to a high contrast like a corpse and with no color and is not allowed to say much for having been seen. "Squalor" lives with its own garbage. More later. 

Melissa Etheridge "I Need To Wake Up" Melissa Etheridge - I Need to Wake Up - Single - I Need to Wake Up (From "An Inconvenient Truth") we think "okay - now be you" in this similar to the Pet Shop Boys title "I Want To Wake Up" (great song me, 2nd album) taken from her "An Inconvenient Truth" LP (the title refers to one album remaining on her contract the 'inconvenience' is "hers too" she says of it now) but honors to whom? Stephen Hague untitles it too unspoken but with me as pet to be yet. Keep the names fluid here.

Or then, Pet Shop Boys "I Want To Wake Up" Pet Shop Boys - Actually - I Want to Wake Up from 1987's "Actually [No, Pet Shop Boys]" LP - I still love and perform this and at the end exclaiming the "hoh!" proudly loud and on target...

So, either a song whatever your taste to me...they are definitely related a fan sees.

no contract since 09/01? 'i don't do them all the time' it said...'i miss her, but she's expensive'...nancy is for ridiculing blacks in the 40's no thanks...we remain wishful
the comic very much me again prada - having to ask for shit, time off after a new job...laments forcing words and i'm hurt again at it no one need listens
work harder at nothing new

Pet Shop Boys "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" MP3 (4.6 Megs) at once from the "Fundamental" LP (2006). Is the song called "Pompanstance" from my youth growing, yes (Upper Freehold Regional Elementary, Allentown, New Jersey - no one will remembers me or that do not ask yourself this...other fond memories of being Catholic and being excused from a morning schedule to be an altar boy for a draped casket in a darkened church then with five dollars $5 tip from the funeral director I wasn't good but I was cheap and scary doing Catholic blood rites and for talk)...a blessed one here. *Note the LP has changed now reason being.

Justin Timberlake "What Goes Around" Justin Timberlake - FutureSex / LoveSounds - What Goes Around... / ...Comes Around (Interlude) from "FutureSex/LoveSounds" LP (2006) - let's get it over with and me. Buy that.
We Talk About The Truth, Warts The "W" Is For "Wart" Or Anal-Type "Wart" I Never Seen One Yet We Had 'Em Here Up Inside But It Seems Like Junk To No Bother No Better Sobeley Is Nice Enough For That But Win 09/10/06 1605
Coming to done...and yet some will be free. This just in after lengths of time boiled it boasts blue: twenty-five 25 "palms" or greasy-back bullwhips from my dad for the old annual connote - it's modest yet squan-fielding sums sent erroneously but without aplex [noticeable apology or feelings of] to our prior address a bit of sleuthing slathering saves the next error prone free. The others massis [sent grandly without text saying why - we know why, a body of work always] asserted wisely? My mother gave one hundred-fifty $150 to my rodent infested snap at the wheel and my sister kicked in one hundred $100 clipts a fine year thanks it back up the cupsy-tight keep, tethers your tit. If tingle-bit money in my hands simply snaps yours up at the list of things you'd do if anyone had asked (a humour of sad clowns and their titmice 'til that o'er fateful pick-snap at the back of the cheese por eye) see it later your son's ass in mine one day with all the trimmin's yes all I do is masturbate to you and yours sure two firefighters helping a sundrenched narcolept (a black says yes and then no) to revitalizing-me crotches this fauxpod [false sighting made in pictures to your direct] snapped at from my daily constitutional and egro-carlsbad last week simply scrumpdillyicious (health plus add it back wealth - you are nearly retarded with bodyshames and doing the right thing for you and your brand of ass problem but I save sight looking right at you and then close my eyes sweetly to turn away in mock disappointment source guide: Randy vee Hart drop my hand at once should meet a black knows what may good, lifts both butt at the gate) waiting for some sense nothing anything. Elton John was coke thanks I have greater gifts no problems with you having it all and dying just off our property (not here will you begin at rest - ride the dresser over to the done right down like skinflakes in your sweetest taboo). I just shit my pants like a heroin addict farting at some bitch very if the same cunt (in-fact has warts heroin and shit lathers - the doctor always gags "and thus will must put your blouses back on" to a sealped granwich mumu) - does that count me, Pooter? Thanks God for army-type underwear (holds any suggest by ruse, flap) and shorts my one pair your comment is to hold an annual "bathe off" - no crapper be in need if to show I hold my farts bitch there is a difference you're so natural like no plastic bag for fruit at the cashier you must eschew symbols at having for life. I would never ask talent to answer to asswipe no matter how you care to be bi-clap. Who are you with me? The very death knell of it dies, still trying to be that but underneath eating pins and sharps. No one came down to this you got in under it somehow we feel you in it lapsing flattering yourself give me in it graves. Butter that ass up the wipe to me said.

Females are here living again - you are simply crazy this is a homosexual's wish-dream promise-vow to see a rising in the rear of it titmaker held for noise and sadly each but nutbags. Fire your shots in to the ass I must and mill so seek you not. Your tits are not for make milk. We don't make milk in you a hairy pussy is the tip to be fire at-once put right out thus no seem. Cheeses only, some dessert toppings your main exports are hate, hate-by-products, bits of hate, hate esters. Shames - you do alot of that too but never well, never to me. Defends it to be that being defended.

Doug X (fuck that - seen as to be you, with you)

Traditions abound: Hi Matt - the rude get no thanks but meet to me and saddle countless of asses up for the ride to it...a bone vandal binges with it, but sees it with one more if be 'til fang. So be it, be to bite.

That one fixed income sees it anew: I love my new credit card for taking payments online with check number and routing and account numbers firmly in-hand. A much-awaited but feared personal check for twenty-five dollars ($25.00) may becomes one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the bit-smartened exchange online, but is somehow seen check fraud (um, an "embezzlement" but with times taken and court and costs being far away from the nominals involved with um, "greater gift giving" and such if each gift mentioned appreciated somehow less bother and wait, mentions). I was gonna ask for the individual check information over the phone as sent me, but when we spoke it sounded like too much of a bother for that grayened voice on the other end explaining how it works and all the made credit available within one (1) business day less the twelve or so bucks (~$12) fee'd for. Why bother it? We think off to no bother yet.   

we return you of legitimacy's sake early enough
not my bother, territory...a fact held up and gathered too long
we hate any sexual-type bothers of disease or nature being judgment
i suppose others standing by while you whittle-wait or pleasure yourself with is an injustice of type 2 (happening to someone else - not mine again, will die of it a sorrow i suppose)
i'm not big on disfigurement and however - my boyfriend is fucking dogs and has a red pee-pee?
not mine, not this nor now we protect our ideals or what is inside held as expectation still
("ideas" are exchanged with others, "ideals" are held for us only as bother and plague elsewhere sent)
you beg to differ? a wart defends you here outlying as ideals made in us see it done then with bother to you else
most people do not understand, will not understand, or will not understand with you further...that's understood and simply now
illness helps the truly lacking in judgment see you even better...sometimes we turn away or not
p.s. a dog will bite your face over acts undone - ain't i better about things? better for you somehow?
"no, not you - see the dog"
no more talk to you from me
pee colors warts - note that
i've never one a wart ever inside or out - note that too
other gifts you, though...thanks again for cold ice water and scrapes down see mine largely gone too
or for the moment yours

P.S. If you or someone you loved had a wart (although meticulously covered with round-ish cosmic curad suggesting 'van allen belt', you see the center for what it is - simply in lunar phase ebullience), you can see it for yourself how bad people (no prior of events selling to the likes of you knowing better - 'how will these dits come off' my record eventually not all some noting what you did back at them hurt bad too you were fired and perhaps fired at - it all comes together at steps before you seek it for not) do bad things and get bad things back at and while working for bad. We hope for the best, make it shine asses at the 'asking me' booth and tool faraday [taking without having to note or then say] clipping out that bitch's picture famal [nearly as famous as us now - remove for being overshot] under the candor sink [no bottom drain - you need to bail these for having washed at all] and leaving it right blank for me who at the copy mat miffed. They studious change heavy bras on the cover of "Time" too it seem - coko [rag bearer, not paid for effort but allowed and is somehow being used] columnist Dear Abby (the type-set equivocal punchmeat of Ernie Bushmiller's spiney "Nancy" - all superimpress [never bemused, always taut for having told no value again to no value] chalvoate [easily enough removed for being colored off] chads [young black boys here] - bournos [removed for having been rude at least ten times before us as noted once in the head] - treating hypertension with clothes and wires in their upper hair pieces - all silky-smooth lavenders by the 5th Dimension and as intrepreted further by the solid gold dancers and their seeming mercurials of pre-frontal horse and handkey [someone enters boldly, then the others show up - an english term of a very black entry and in of ghouls what you look at and hate - like the cats do in the play of the same name]...) had 'planar' or titbox nipples never, but advised of 'smarter cremes' versus mascist [makeup artist] cover-all's what's exactly printed as paint - her daily, none 1972, seem black paw printed on pen: "what is that shit? a hindi praying to norms?" It was the Greek god "euclid" [clips hairs on dogs and women harshly to warn of thee near and having no say yet] reducing pigmentation among the hirsute and sadly waged among sin and for sake if to be truly sinful. Nothing cranks open the vicious-like spongiform locos (caulifs) of viruses like the digestive tract so keep that in mindful matters as unremarkable, white. Rid yourself of my play and game topically applied to an otherwise "neat" ("clean"? like cats clean by licking scaggs from the bratche of hair faltching both the bubb) and ill-suit. Shun the blame to and for. You didn't get fed to it here but I told 'em where you lived on it pills, booze, skim drum rolled up and too tight for warm nights aglow in it pee box.

By the way, the 'van allen belt' (I can easily acquire the space-science term from The B-52's song "There's A Moon In The Sky (It's Called The Moon)" that being what blacks say to each other - a joke of sorts to them) is what 'I' use to measure light distancing itself from the sun. The question is being "How much light gets through this [belt of heat waves actually - seems like rocks, meteors to sightsound) when hung between us and the sun?" It answers us for "Can we turn off the sun this way without actually touching that device?" Seems storms are needing some advance from this thought of light adding sound comfortably to you and them. Not used since 1972. See some soon?
The B-52's - The B-52's - There's a Moon in the Sky

P.S. All "kryptonite" is just crushed plasmas or then plasmas mostly as black - will kill you with heat or radioactivity brushing around but is not free to use as captured to and linked on....brushing by, waving at you heat. How best to make? Use aluminum foil and a hot, heated hammer head to make close enough with repeated taps to a flattened ball of. Heat waving around is why kryptonite or foil burns you in the tooth.

a favorite cover-series of mine say it, say it
this cover chosen by me after scanning all quickly...just love these shame is not for you, add little so thought in..we can't, we will not say
i just love this stuff 

Aimee Mann "Today's The Day" Aimee Mann - Lost in Space - Today's the Day from "Lost In Space" LP (2002). We love this with bells inside and the cover and title too. Honors me " i'll go in a home " like Dorothy flew to and fro. "The socks please - the socks. You keep the shoes."

Movies left here yet:
"How To Lose Your Lover"
"Basic Instinct: The Original Director's Cut"
"Notting Hill" (as in 'not in here' you don't...that's hugh grant in "match point" too along with christine mcvie playing the mother both)
"Japanese Story"...watched some dumb movie over the weekend here a white shot a black hitchhiker in the car...crap...more "crash"

An internet radio that suggest you a style based upon a group you list - mine was Curve: Pandora
"Increases sales by two to up to four percent..." sure

an image search on 'doug moon' at yahoo! reveals...
thanks for being so good about things

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Set Back Among The Flowers August 2006
Sure, the bills are all paid and so what...not that I can think of anything you'd do.