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November's Not Ready Yet But Okay See Nothing You'd Like And Anyway Asks Me How, If Again

If No Ones Writings Matter Much Ever I Should Speak Before Ending October 11/06/06 1349
Huh? Never you fear if no pay keeps trying things...why would I be here ever after all that and still against me? Because each day spent lying around perhaps spot cleaning no money, shall be extras - although steps to a nearly this and that cruel for persons like me: least likely to support any additional discussion after what time taken, most likely to leave it here or just there for having been made no one or not special with just you - needs to make change happen no matter what you! A little something every day unless foolb....we're grasping your sambe reality just now then and heading toward Tuesday's election day sit and spin. Can't be too cranky then - that woman I'm working with (a plague of three lawyers - better to know none, any none) keeps calling...what now?

Went walking (yes - cruising, thanks for knowing more, less...what if you picked me up bad breath-vsl and all? would you know the dead seem?) late last night on Santa Monica Boulevard up and down seeking somethings if trouble actually cherishing another opportunity to seem a meaningful living to me still with and without bother (to reverse shit on women and abstains who should marry and fuck off together like nature suggests firmly, but without words, words I use to describe you and to you for having you with) and I really fucking liked that and should do it more, but lie around each every time I think maybe I have a little leisure suit to wear beside town. It's simply easier choices calling in and rags to bear? I liked it alot anyway - people around me though? Alone with cliques and on mebbers? Someone must die if no gentle suspeed. You be shot off for helping me think yet mood.

1) Everytime I fuck an unknown woman in the ass with facing the facts my choices always at fingertip but with her (God's) rate of pay for it and but without, she dies in the head. Good. Still insists gay "isn't real" isn't a true. What a piece of shit - no one argues gay fled this. You visit land minds after they explode beciting them for use (why not? they don't hurt anybody - nobody is there...all freaks make this happen for, to us). This place is under a gun, face that and is barely alive having said yours. Fact that. Four (4) hover craft last night making dull siren in the sky as dumb square lit - what is that? Expensive? Keep them out or own at options to rent. The Halloween parade was great with attendances I visited briefly and shat, but is nothing to me. OK! You missed not much but sames said some something thanks for sticking around, I guess. Thanks...pagan is us...celebrating with others again for quite different reasons thanks. Don't get too smart yet. A day, two or more I'm no grave of it with real fucks still possible if somehow.

2) Advit: Never talk to people you don't know like you're the law or something - you'd better fucking be. I screw you out of everything I'm sure that's true simply because reasons left with you when they left, but the dead make this place happen and killing all seen as unseen still works real good they come here to shine brighter at all at one from everyplace if somehow their little dreams amiss - you die to be left on the side as nonsense, any  of your cheap-ass friends, really so agreeable to all work and no play is no damn this cheap. Gay are more agreeable to them. I'll bet - all made of the rags, its fuckers. Be that - be clear be apoken for. We had that clearly you died be civilian so what? That's who we aimed it at. You have that there...this is so small like God's universe somewhere in nothing anywhere said but not for you ever. As if to be yours, but never in truth, not. Still AYDS really, same.

I should be dead of that, huh. Nothing good comes true for you - just be me then. More at wishing - some doing then. Somebody here among us and with can do - who cares who that is? As long as we have that, yes ours. You'll suck alot of bald (says: weak, ineffectual - even to me) dicks before getting yours again as the one delivered "us", "just for you - somb". Maybe never will euripides fadden stop you from being that at per drink minimums stade by calms "no spraying of pests". Like those three strays I was gonna kill for living under my shed eating cautiously ever but not letting me bepet - who first then to see us true? I hate the smell of having given too much to too little can say. What's another dinner, another movie? Pay no one to be me then - we'll shop with you happily and leave out the rear unpaid by you and of course and by scheme just as soon as were through killing off managers in your neighborhoods talking and taking too much by rent crimes and bills made. I wouldn't pay you anyway. Not you? No - a pay keeps you there we said. You, there. Your money is only as good as you are. You're very good, aren't you. Follow no gift then.

Go legal again, if tu le must. Then remember paree.

Then someone stupid sent this shithead who spoke no English at all but was here anyway and in my face tried to cozy up to me like a fucking freak following me right to my door if had no actual turn off and to the roof. Yeah - no English or even his language when used against me - I have all of it - it was refused its own currency like no one knows anything a real jerk. Count that among the loss you serve dinner. I hate freaks. Your point? Have that back with others seen and noted selling off free. That's gonna eat major tit for days over this. Every stink and bother you'd never have now just doors away and vacationing in a refused type hell to no say. All will die being just that casual to me someone who thinks better of it ever - you? Why?

Never would I eat at your sink. I wouldn't show that to me or value you just yet either. Hell is this formula driven no polites received ever but sent by wire anyway my part done. And you wonder why people suck off dogs and dream of you at else ever. A woman is no sale to me says you. No - that is twice sold now as pre-used but afforded as with. When people can't pay, I say "Who do they make it for then? Not us." Everything is made for me. I don't want that. Use both - be me, like me to see why. Keep it all up your ass 'til then. A dump is a dump - it smells anyway. Like your breath? No, mine. How would I know of yours?

P.S. That mole - get another. It works its way in still.


Chipotle said they'll give you a free burrito if you dress up like one today (I will not). In the meantime, their little videos "30 seconds of fame" are funny at YouTube. My favorite? The exorcism one. I like the reheating one too that asian (tip: use a pan with foil). Remember to hold down the back button with your mouse in Netscape if the video don't play right.

Justin Timberlake "My Love (Single Version)" Justin Timberlake featuring T.I. - My Love - Single - My Love I missed that with all that shit on top.

my grandfather clement was orson welles too - both in-print and on film
he told people on radio kssx in 1952 'they're here again and they want money...'
cbs then was 'capitol broadcasting system' for moneyed brokers
'we thought money should speak first, then you' - that's him talking
'for you' doug he says...
war of the worlds came later he talking of women, guns, blacks, and hee-haws (gays with our lifestyle) only
and in browns mills, new jersey
oh, yeah - and the flying spacecraft he saw daily as from france and abroad
'like garbage cans full of exactly that' and hence the hate he spread back and forth
that's me too...even though we were from there and paid me somewhat
'so what' i say - 'see the news then' he would add
'orson welles never died in me' he said - 'he'll be back soon enough'

"You're a real wintergarden - nothing for you until I see." - Neilsy
is what I got when I asked "Anything for me?"

Made that Chef Boyardee pizza last night...not bad. Will note authentic pizza crust has the wax and fervor benefit of swiss chocolate in it. Broken chocolate halves sweet. No other see.

Pet Shop Boys "A Red Letter Day" Pet Shop Boys - PopArt - The Hits - A Red Letter Day from the new "Pop Art" release (2006)...stir and stim. When you get to the prompt as pressed, note it is the song before. The cue is fucked up - or else then you get "Go West" no favorite of mine.

One New Book at iTunes
10/30/06 1007
Let's do Stephen King's "Lisey's Story" before we even read - a very long one too: This young girl wakes up in a midwestern United States town with bridled breath - someone is in her room, but a fantasia of it ensues. She fears it is her father again playing games, but it is her old roommate from college last year her friend Lisle. Lisle is really mean too, and asks "when are you going to die and be with me?" Here our story ends for Lisle, but not for Casey the girl we meet first in bed. She goes on and on over the dead in everyone's face over this one argument and we find out that no one is actually dead yet. They are in the market, in the stream as fish, and in her head playing games all the time. Is this ours we ask? Our future at it? No. She is being tortured to death for asking three (3) questions - am I the savior? Am I the one chosen to deliver sound to you by voice and hearing voice? And am I the one who knows more all the time? This never ends for her but me. Evil never speaks to hear itself said, but your evil does. "Why ask why?" it said. Lisle tells people "I'm not really your enemy, and I'm not really your friend, either." We are neither both too - and see that for what it is: a someone to another someone who doesn't listen either, and but to herself.

A "lisle" in French keeps leaving things around never picking up. "Fuck you 2."

"bat moon" from the bobby boris site already mentioned at my little rectory under 45's...thanks again mit

Nirvana "Dumb" Nirvana - In Utero - Dumb from the "In Utero" LP (1993). Nirvana sold their catalog to David Geffen again (the news states "Courtney sold her share" - it is only his share, you seem to know) and get more for it - eight million ($8M) all told for three (3) more years. That's Neil and me somehow, right? Toni production. Toni says "You're doing drugs alot, and it really makes you happy." People know I don't talk about drugs because it makes people think they're cool. I'm the coolest, and bristle at their plural mention although I had "them" at my parties for by the mention of others if need to against majors (um, other cool kids everyone wants to know and visit at home) failing my invite (few, if any some). Scathing this. Their mothers explain it was your father - a recent divorcee - failing me, and my 'glamour' kid being too much trouble already. Back from they dead, they probably had all the money too somehow. Nevermind. Someone else denies that the human anatomy on the cover makes reference to me. From nursing books I studied at my mother's house during long, drab summers. And actually is China Wall in France (lower Malayasia) where people dress like that in stockings and makeup to make people think they dissected the dead and they came back unwillingly walking around blind and hungry. "In utero" means "without your consent", some say. "Without your needs in mind" is ours. "Utero" is taking for yourself in Spanish alone.

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"No deals with the devil...I am that reasonably, and hate having you hear. A change in your purse is no purchase by me. Be less for it, what then I'd simply sum." - dM

My Mainline Manifesto I Won't Go Anywhere Today 10/27/06 2014
"You're looking for some sort of guillotine to come falling down if some date isn't met. That is not what this is about." A "Donald Rumsfeld" (Michael Hodges - from "Silhouette" in France) quote whatever that is. My guillotine snaps up from the rear of bed harshly (to sever the balls once lit same? like hogs - all screams but made and external, comes back to see if it's soup yet? try my simple-yet-tightly-effective "nigger toe" up the front of the big toe with a (kick?) blade never to return to seem like not even the first time was there...but like South America sees, you might need to kill mama's boy over that blowjob he was made to do - is worth it yet and to him and her too - finally another nut but so good to me you I ate the foreskin she said it once and I knew it was wrong - think extradition back to Puerto Rico for one day like Lithuania, euthanasia, where Hong Kong meets capstan for fighting women and their women at work and at home) and the blade that drops cuts clean only like AIDS cleans up a harsher truth to you and for pay "can you show me how we contract this one since item", but independently no taxes taken this again if AZT says not to bother this right away unless willing to get all in an A to Z-type blanket at one foul rate just to interest you no other would bother just yet with poop and its play, this part I'm told. Sometimes you need to see things coming to appreciate the whole vannage of pain I'd see first too I test for you first yup still up in there digging waxes a showbiz hyphen if any - you? Still starring in that unwritten send?

I hate people who care, but bother with you caring-types (I once cared not to) in my way to them. Will one day "tap mac" for that last five dollars ($5.00) again. You took it all a hetero thinks best of it anyway. You seem better, but do not deliver to me yet - I know of your being better than you and then there's me too. I am that unless I speak no bitch ever made me cry by leaving she gets punched in the head fast and see AZT has your name in it too 0-9 in just ten weeps of and at fast. It was not ever coming home that night that killed me dead one evening so cruel we do it anyway and for laughs - but to me? You frank. Don't pay for too many of my laughs - yours are still vast and cheap. I could think better better of you I use no else before its doing a proof. Me? You < > me wither I win take that top back down "will you accept that for me if real? " = make me your savior then a dumb fuck is here that's me too...I'm okay I guess...what happened is real? That was not me ever but in a vision I was wheeled down a hall on my back with a ball floating above yelling at me inscrutably. Is that me? I would kill that with heights of cruelty for suggesting this real, a ruler as yet unseen but no one actually effective you'd say I doubted my own divinity yet my feeling vague. I was ugly, a cripple, tan. I woke up from that dream and I certainly fucking died but not as bleeding and wanting to live scared out of my wits as just one again many? No I died fast my belly bled from a shot in the ass I woke up. I just fucking died then I woke the bullet was in the mattress and healed. Whatever it said don't do it again if I shit that out too. Embracing death is silly all on drugs and is never what you thought it's real bad that makes sense although I guide a breast cancer to it as not bad I'd think maybe I remove at the last minute with the same failings you use on me when ten cents tries to comes my way by you with thinking alone - nothing will too left. You go raving mad don't try getting me to say I want it my own death because you are a nigger no one needs your love. God made niggers by saying it once his mother said it first what if shit lived like people live I didn't want them but agree it the best thing for that particular problem - being infallible, being witless yet unchallenged in it, being mean, and undo-able as having to show to prevent it more. And finally you suspect more are there hiding and at additional bother if not acted upon now in the silence of your lonely homo's retreat while not disturbing anything but five minutes then another line will be done to ease the near-pain sometimes felt from having to lie back again. If you are God, this goes on forever unless it gets harsh. If you're God, what could this mean? Niggers...I learned nothing I was taught - not well anyway. They learn for me and check back often. A women clings to her simple matched-at defeat here - a win somehow by her if me - if I never again do like she never did or had the chance to ever if examining minds at all. God and women are therefore one coming in empty-handed and smearing what's left of me around like memories cherished by two cruels - always unsure really. "You learned to be cruel, I found out at gun school [like niggers no one is that bad to know me yet, but armed to the very tits with your own undoing right at the nip]." I would kill you all except for the defeat of being good only and not just to me. God is no woman yet while that dies of being me to me every day and comes right back to be herself in no page I would have turn. See snakes come to me not I am no hole for it. No lover of buck-razored fishmeat or their havings at being stink, I get scared of what I make in my closet with vapors issuing the harmless-to-you drugs that make these as black and coiled with all of unseen but still present looking on, it changes back into black sneakers or the snake back and forth some if I reach in will I actually get bit horribly not it was there coming in many other places to you but no the real must at once leave. Never to come? No - too cruel to see, to coil around the arm, or even bite at all you still never reach that being working within me "but sees me I care" - come, but never the meat to me my darling as all alien, beautiful, really, but undefended like you out there wondering about me too much? You see it. I make you snakes all the time with sharks - as ghosts they leave me and I see it then trust that. My disappointments arise from them not swimming out as just as real and as seen to be best by me. A cartoon fails me bad, but in these lies trust a foul to me but really is that right? Maybe not to you is all I add. Maybe you get your head cut off instead a leisure to me as only I do this and to be seen doing by those who can care against but won't or can't to me as to be done on the way so serious in it.

When it gets too tight and everything done is undone because of one good (me?) - an "apex" I call it or marginal-type utility or use, a very small hill of what's un-had but desired me yet over and back, we switch over quickly but no actual truth to a few people "the pharasees" (sic?) elevated fuckers who hate people and God no matter what in a tit ring another cheap zodiac of women, blades, blacks like any creep wisdom you collect against any cheaply lit tears a just not to be our ruler who probably will hate us despite my any embrace against false pairings (we friends of any faith in dying off happy enough but heard griping, choke each other to death over one more shit day yet I forgo zeons here in the case of a woman being had against me - that cheap and shitty a thought to me the guy who said no and left without even being asked once? for even suspecting undue no parity anyway you slice it your favor? Jesus again no sense of error made your way a fool's fool the one who entitles against sense and making sense - makes crypto labels on your cans of food when starving --- I'm the mother cast aside by cartwheel who died protecting her baby from living this shit after all the drugs I guess and you sitting nearby fat but in-place but needing to let me in occasionally what are you nuts? you never had the good I gave back but to everyone? probably - your babies are brown too, you know...for sexy but for later all babies replicate fact undone and are not just for's actually him? thank jews ! hope he holds up again and again ask me how...besides that ladydeath is lovely and quite sad too a bonus any tears are thankful and just for me I cried just now so sad like mordant-plaintive made by me on dilly-piano, a dying ember of a self made to hate for one self seized against one or then one too many for one so many one - nobody make me special or eat at the flue all chomps with savor and a low life made in butt's gravy) and then change back rapidly as soon as that zodiac frees the mordant meckel that thinks you're me from just being here to another candy ass firming it about back to what actually hides all answers for you in trick and scheme and provides all of the bad ideas it requires at shop prices and in its ass like me up in a hole where nobody hetero knows why but agrees softly I died and beautifully at that ever from "love" my cheapest symbol yet for satisfaction and no fear. A veiled mother-type I died with an unforseen un-godlike rock to me head and I cried again and then now. What was I thinking-crying about now? "Fuck you with all the right nuts 'til you agree that I died you pig litter and foot"...I liked you simply enough for coming and said so anyway we never fucked though and that hurt bad I guess a memory now and then like all fucks are to be made searching wantonly and away from me. Keep tricking the bitch like "good" tricks you into buying me and at a very cheap sex while Jews take pills against seeing you move into me I'd do the same waking each night after exactly one (1) hour of lying on my own dick beside someone I throw out when I can and in his bed "good companionship, like two little boys - still" to jerk off - no hanks their fall is short but bittersweet you'd say, getting to make up for all the times you fucked over your wife (see this quite legit as me, but easier for you as too), but not on tv "so what? she had me died" we came back and made up simply as better than other else - "a nigger has these too...not ours to say we like them anyway like tigers in cages" I am a zodiac of your having to me live begins at divorce. Get them here with no harm is me I love shit in my mouth I agree. I agree!  

Vampires are real so are all others too don't be fucking dumb. Under a tent. Near you. Nothing from that space. Is too cruel but done always. I think about you. I think about me sometimes. I never get to think too much with you around. Life is reason - like a clue. My shape is shapeless in your suit. What would you wear to an inquisition? A crucifix up in my ass, only, to turn out that black light. "Light is reason, light is clue." Then, a harsh bite but afterdone, aftersaid. With no proof to an idiot made to you a proof where is the rain ? : I sat and made a snake in my closet the other night - some outside, a big fat black one last night or one before like towers for ghosts who talk and eat shit near my face. For fun no good ideas or to share. Because I was nuts and still scared of what you do not being seen as just happy and fat while you trim the fat around your ankles and the snakemeat salob packs drooping linguidly from your dicey bharma skin no real witch eats one before or after one made by me asking how you feel for it nice around the box but outside of local touches you won't either see. I don't race to hell alone in cashless term-comfort - so what you see that *no pay for her then, or either* snak-mate happens with no pay made to me no speak no say. Keep them happy with trim but not as with happy you're dying. You die I'll wait for the bacon to zest me back to life without you saving simple for cents on my hot pimples and hacks at both back I've sent. Moles? Blaacck! Like I actually spoke first and added some in for safe handling against all sent safely as sent handling. You're purrfect my spott delarb come in and too dine well. Bleecch! After all, I'm here, and though well-spent, no one is just seen with me leaving. They come to have their say one day too often it's said.
Yes, a length of line has one area within only if no doubles up. The area is attached to the line no matter what the distance corrected by turns as turns and always to be within. You battle that off and around like fools who talk to be seen knowing like an x-ray it would seem but no cloths. Who bothers it and with who will be the bother? The spelling "maintainance" is simply stupid too - I've used it that often it made feel good like blacks elevate the quote to may status. Like I question anything I ever did - not for real go back and to see nothing new. One all-nighter left me dead all day - now all night every night like the dead only. There are no shortages of doing better only having same with same said. See that said again and again but never to you. Maybe you are in-fact better - do I need to see that for you too? Not yet should you and I both see. See back to you.

I'd kick your ass every day unless with you...twice a minute after and before lovemaking you'd quit stopping by and ask anyone wouldn't you? No fool speaks it twice but I do as never impressed but with some I should say are very good laughs I never get in their way a rhyming at best. The sound ones die right off like flakes in a heroin addict's chisel grave (always above ground shipping toiletries in to me) the hair so flaxen or ungiving to curl pushing to woorth no not very "oily" yet.

Getting married costs lots in our grave, Bitch. Be cute as shit or we'll hafta show you our family plan - it worked twice on me: two (2) beautiful best-mans to date that stand out like holes in a forgiving contest. For me? Chris Ondy, Fran Ermi only - ask me first again for being gay and just that far away the wife however must near. Dennis Murphy. I hate fags for you, I have both my balls too - it matters when knowing too much about why not for me. Check the fats so hairy bei yum. A bacon grease, 1923, since sex in my head. TX.

"People can know too much about you." It ain't about me come see again - see for just you, again. Nobody changes me with tinkerthought and homo zit wiests. I eat that right up and bomb the asses of my lesbian lovers at verily hole after lovemaking my act. A snake knows about meals better than I ever would no, that scar rasped above my nuts healed so well I'd hafta show you my moles video in harshest of crasp light while still naming the future is yours. Some still say sex gets you naked for all too see - no risk is so great to me yet remember when rape meant throwing them into the street naked with no such as memories and fucking was just a ridicule? Me too. The hopeful all at once as I note only having taken a report on some boy - God is with thee. Santa Monica never gets much in terms of my sexual needs, but some I'm still caging the homeless at what may be just too seem.

Your name so what who are you? Is Kyle's mother also Mrs. Frost. Yup - a town founder and is real scary too. Check that never she kills weeds and their causes. I kill no one or ask nothing you seem to bother me. I care for what I wanted to see, not for what is the bother being seen. See me choosing from what's left inside me...I remember only what's in there and never placed to be seen. You see that again and again now another bite from what only bites me with no thought beyond this ever for having touched at what seem. See then how niggers die - like an overt evil. Just had to get away from this, you. Is that truly mine? Ours? Only you talk to a horse's ass and turn it with sticks. We try to get same from less of it said in that way...and no hot horseshoe trying to win back need bother me over the snakebite that ensues. Like hot stamps to the face return to me sender.

Somethings The Hairless But Of Women Will No Doubt And Hate 10/26/06 2120
Remember we talked about "secondary sexual characteristics" (not of women, usually pane-perr, unless unusually seen and quimle hirsute - um, frankel) and how they made me gay hairy legs and all I worship my own found praying for them daily as surrounding by the dead second time around getting me right anyway? How women may take this precious unaddle in extensive bargaining of destiny found "you keep yours right in there or get it here twice the leg underneath...see if the tit's too near." The dead and offset of bechildren finally tell me you hafta dye the hair on your legs to get more sighted and so I do that for them and me rubbing in "Just For Men (You'll Seem That, Officer Lt. Lyle Spraymy Graysh Pubes & Lipple Vournish Matte)" it looks so Latin I could put squeeze Parkay back into the butter dish with the ol' baby bottle full of vaseline and hammond cracked glass for a heat-like symmetry even in a watertown's harsh pantoval. Anyway, if cherry pits ground-up fail you like Rogayne-for-women (um, the "alopecia" formulas - thirty microns per savarin in thirty days we know it works just as well the second time per each and of if citing normal skents and by halitosis, but can't say why, not to you, not for this patent with handlebone purchase) fails for been having been used all-at-once while you pre-pay at actual our price and necessary scale by reductions and you went, use the dye and other adds glues to thicken up harp (skinty cream glues..."you look just like Nacho Libres, not your type...") I can't stand people like this keeping truth from my own red door. I suspect my father is even now femming the legs to be withered in preparation for our annual gay-bait and mack salve, and someone has to be the man-child at the 'wide-eyed wonder' - our smats scemry booth next to the casmarage at funnel cakes and the 'basilisk, rear-retro' the tightening flormb dance of the raw can't-be-me ages and pearl wisdoms not beshime basically a turm. You be pay to exact change no skims of seeing how before why then and when not to not even once like you said it once every time just as went well.

My legs are now darker, hairier as you wax and trim hallicourse ferdinands off of public-institute and form handlebars for the grass growing around the plimpton spraggler for when no net - no wheels asking just to, you do then make an irreparable heart by announce from not just with and now at, but soon to be seen salving the next self seen unaware but proving aground. The Doctor Shoal's angry-grommet pindlebra with banxskovy hole tappler pushes the standard for lesion wear just bits over the xusian fonnicle - you'll see nothing to to be true, but feel the richters within marshalling butt to their tammy sounds anabait to one and another wendelling you a-wed harms previously sholmbed. So, you'll do better next time...and tell them again not to bother you've already noticed with thanks once again but she just left - anybody else you seem to winter nicely too? You paid for those pubes in fiery stanzas and short-term bets against reasoning with frappe sayings asking the seams to notice the savings made of it threadbare if the fabric stages its very own making-and-at-a-stealth p.p. then 'what undry-type rigor speed should you have had and what if at muse?' Then be simple she poughtoft not again but whiff off at.

"The hair you would put in pictures of you. The ones brendeling the soap after it task to master zupp, stilms on the Lingar 2010. You weave whiskers, not wear as just washed it again, and well to be just as you'd have it and as well if could and could said. She said something - " P.S. A bit of laundry detergent and regular "pantomime" bleach in a bucket of water gets right rid of mildew and wimmle nest in the tub-shower without the expensive titbox made by Tilex - this cleans the shit out of the grout by sponging down and leaving for a short time while it removes all the junk you can't bear, then just rinse it the fuck off with somb cents saved at doing harm and harming some if and anyway again. Then you'll hafta actually fuck 'em for that one down wind - up one note, but off of it here.            

Last Night's Shopping Trip To Target, West Hollywood Explained - We Still Marvel At How Big, How Nice 10/24/06 1031
I rescued a dismal Monday evening by going to Target by bus and using that gift card to my own wit - the crime of it all so many cute decorations and bright red I needed that. Those same soft fruity bras still passed by in the aisle I don't need anymore underwear right now some stuff never worn yet. The first receipt details the snack bar where we stopped first to dine. I, like Yentl's father reborn to youth, love to eat publicly - thanks again for being perfect our total bill within seventy-five cents of the total gift made with no calculating a few things held out at the register just in-case and they are with asterisk:

Snapple Lemon Tea         $0.97   Mine
Deposit On Same            0.04
Archer Farms Water        0.99    He left it at the table a fool.
Deposit On Same            0.04
Pizza Hut Personal Pizza    3.59   Mine. I don't care it's so good - pepperoni always.
AF California Salad          3.99   I took half into my pizza box - "tastes like rubber" he says but I enjoyed my half thoroughly. Walnuts, raisins, chicken some - white creamy sauce.
Vienna Beef Hot Dog         1.25   Is combo meal with below fountain drink, hence water was left overbuying I don't discard balance weight.
Fountain Medium Drink       0.75  Jones green apple soda he took on-tap.
Subtotal                     11.62
CA Sales Tax 8.25%        0.79   On $9.58 worth - you figure it.
Total                       $12.41    

Dinner Set, Multicolor     $29.99   Absolutely beautiful - and to think I hesitated (with oft thanks to Correlle for showing up again, too - not at Target yet this bit of Americana)
Trail Mix                     2.99
Spaghetti-O's (2)             1.34    Broccoli and other ground up inside - a real nutrition somehow.
Dole Pineapple                1.04
Ragu                           1.57
Haribo Gummy Bears        1.69
Cane Sugar                   2.49
Kellogg Pop Tarts Cherry    1.67
Smarties Candies - Bag      1.66
Twizzlers Strawberry        1.99
Jolly Ranchers               2.29   Yeah, we put back the five-pound bag out of fear of going over, and who needs that? Watch unit prices here - you'll pay more for less here see the Ragu.
Jack Links Beef Jerky       3.84
Halloween Tissue Garland    2.99
Haagen Dazs Pint (2)        5.58   Cookie dough, of course will sleep like the dead egg yolks. Informs: The name "Yentl" suggests you suck yolks out of the hide.
Swiss Dairy Half Gallon     2.09   My grandfather made Swiss Dairy from powders they don't believe in anything less as blacks and whites - I love the name too.
Rice-A-Roni Chicken (4)     1.88   For holding out on, eats like a meal.
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix  1.84   I like pancakes in the morning made on melted butter and with sausages in maple-type gravy.
Nestea Big Jug               3.19   "Makes 20 quarts."
Veet Gel Green Label       4.49   So as not to disgust myself - lends a gentle beauty with apologies to Nair you dropped the ball like Lewis Red Devil. Like Bold. Like Peter Pan. See Men's Nair, though.
Cherry Coke 2 Liter         1.49   I didn't want to haul soda on the bus, but. The clear adhesive strap glued on the dinner plates box at register gave way near home, however see no damage. The bottom of the box gave out.
Deposit On Same            0.08   Whatever - we need this isolated.
Jones Soda - 2-Six Case*  3.99    I love "Jones" soda the name comes from a diner on Santa Monica Boulevard...Neil and Madonna run a cafeteria there for study types. Made by China, my favorite is orange cream.
Deposit On Same            0.48
Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit*   2.59    Makes two 12" pizzas - I used to make 'em in my youth a slender yellow box...uses your cheese, is cheap enough for kids to help out, really. Fuck 'em.
Subtotal                    83.25
CA Sales Tax 8.25%        3.59   On $43.51 worth - you figure it.
Total                      $86.84

As an after-note, we went through the whole store and we don't really need any big-ticket items although rich with it! Was praying not to, really. Just getting by then. The Jones soda I bought was watermelon flavor the jury's still out. Also note they have Halloween flavors in bottles...Famima! on Santa Monica sells most flavours one chilled bottle at a time - to note that. Jones, not that sweet but flavorful in the nose and, tastes best with a sandwich or food then - like a fuckin' beer. Keep it temperate - I get sick of sweets, some.     
Love, Doug X              

The Cars "Misfit Kid" MP3 (4.2 Megs) from the autumn day of 1979 this release - one of every two (2) years then - "Panorama" or then seeing everything first as related to you, a camera's eye. Putting all your lays up on the block for others to see and thus before taking any. Like HELL you will. This the 'dark' third release the sophomore effort having been secured nicely now most lights off in the studio but. A neglected record now you will see me with it. Notes: I was there in Philly to see them live - great show ! The Romantics opened big bomb on drums. A proper panorama is overhead and you see the top of heads only; to number heads of state made and seen. A government official does this only "like gunshot" they'd say. This record sold twice as many as any other and in Spain and abroad because no hit is apparent they hate hits? "Sounds too good for us." Lowlifes.

"Like women eat crackers - I wouldn't know." - Elizabeth "Cocteau Twins" Fraser quoted by on her supposed and recent touring with Massive Attack a highly unlikely process
for a gift from God above - a very second hat...I tell her in hate "no one knows your name - see that" but true stardom asks no questions of lesser known and then you died of it

"You know, Yentl wasn't real, but she got real stuff." - Barbra Streisand in-character commenting to me at-once on the true meaning of "Yentl"
yet complains that her erstwhile man taught her to be 'evil', really - to work people over for food and stuff, 'for life' she says

Finally! Barbra Streisand "Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way" Barbra Streisand - Yentl - Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way from "Yentl" or then and also do "Where Is It Written?" (a song I sing beautifully and as God then - it's in the genes the sound of it said) because I said not to that's why, you are not me but I need you somewhat close to understanding me and then what E.T. felt home. Yentl's aged Jewish father died and left her without a clue. She left town all beholden dressed as a young man - completely unbelievable, but as Olivia Newton-John notes us as twice appearing in one frame "Xanadu" it's just "the magic of movies" and to actually then 'suspend disbeliefs' - to pursue a life anywhere but nowhere found. Traveling alone and scared at night like any snake in the grass but painted blue and therefore seen by all (note by me: in-fact will bite you still no matter how many times having held), her old tired father is never heard from again (as sings in "Papa Can You Hear Me?" the lyrical "Bergmans" and all if once hung for their crimes " looking at the skies | I seem to see a million eyes | which ones are yours? " none of them will see, and on to you if my spirit of child should see). Her father is dead, only. The man she met studying the word - one who desires food over company, "no one eats like hungry" - wouldn't acknowledge her gifts either way and she left for America or then another or second "piece of sky" once my favorite song for the long note sung but held viciously at the end (in real life, he gassed to death by the rear of a car if held in place with a rubbery-type heating pad - see blacks for guide). As a final note and adding, her husband that guy was butchered one day by a "pogrom" (a loose-type gang against Jews, goes with their own "proselytizing" or the english then "proselytising" as mostly theirs expressed or recruiting to their sexual-type faiths, if so-to-speak, and owning people as in their favour - who cares ? a whole grave of it then) who doesn't like the way he eats his way through life. Too well known for it seemed and now is Jack Lang. Whatever - like gays have spirituality on a serving plate to please self candles and all the whole beauty thing but at being cheap and now but alone and dying too it mattered.

And you thought you had better to decline me. Trust in it twice to be said some. Call on me the way I wish for you. X

"You know, you're supposed to want the best for your kids...but not until you try it out and know for yourself, huh." - dM

"I don't know for sure, but I think I would die after losing just one. Is that you too? A gay?" - dM

"Don't bring that stuff to me - we're in the 'life business' more direct, thanks." - dM

"Oh, don't be so chalice - giving and taking at the same time." - dM with his little cup still being extended it ain't wood, neither a prayer

this is ellen degeneres' sister or whatever she says - is really her at play with no designings afoot
we see why you cover up with death threats ? and all...i guess that's right
did you really ask justin chambers to take his dick out for you like i would too for that stature of person only keep yours?
i keep accusing my mother's husband of being his father, but only bringing me his shit like my father does a real queer
oh sure - wrote that crap about kevin bacon and who he knows pure shit but redeemed nicely in nudes
i'll get my hands on that mcdonald's in hamilton square yet, nigger - keep your dick the number one mcdonald's ever and just for kind embrace
i got that justin powerses was on the show (my longest lover napoleon but blind and smelly - it's not all glamour) but missed some important parts
best wishes - also that elton john song played live at the new car wash probably...
was that nasty little lyric for me or his lover david furnishes again?
what is about an old man and the improbability of love striking to me?
'he's a success in his own right' yeah - sucking dicks
people hate the ellens and k.d. langs the dougmoons of the world anyway for being perfect and above you only
why not buy a few of the same shirts your size but in different colors and through them away for this?
your mother dressed like a prostitute under the bridge she died an icy death
our girls walking the street don't eat dimes all day - they just tell you it's not yours yet, nigger
not just yet...i take so little of it but enjoy most thoroughly all welcome to the decline
the photo from yahoo! while looking for penguins ellen is a shark for real
i've never seen her outta costume you know...and we've been in the same room a few times
k.d. lang too big mouth 'mister douglas!' all loud to me on meth

someone says 'if people know where you hide baby sharks...
snakes will follow' snake moves over the spooned ice
penguins make sure to be cute and fluffy
just until mama gets it to be new and in her featherless booly
the feathers may one drop and skinless boolb they die into be deep
then one day a hawaiian gets bit right across that fat face
aloha, you rubbermotherfucker - chews it down to that fat ass
taste the gollura! that ain't no snake bite but a three-tooth vampire
on the armpit-neck like that with the three dots across?
toss you in the desert so risks the fate
they'll get you one day...pooping out on the water with no fumes
that ol' bag-of-ice trick don't work...and know you know
niggers are supposed to be sharks too - can't keep them around neither!
thought their teeth were pretty because they can't afford sweets...who knew?
mama so should never get bald!

i send sharks to them at home when they forget who made them bite at the ass
sure halfway through a wall breath so bad to me
bleeding gums and all musta smelled the chicken's fingers and in home
like that black woman yelling at me - couldn't hear a word on and on she went dark grey face, glasses
died flickin' at the dead they couldn't take it no more musty colb!

is it real?
like pussy can't just count to be
you gotta add yours sum

tip: penguins are actually upside-down when they change into - maybe you'll see that
like me, protected stridently by mind over but allowing of fun and hurt some

Holiday movie? My perrennial all-around favorite is "Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark" (1988) for great laughs and no boring, really. Elvira's checking into a local hotel over an inheritance and the woman behind the desk upon seeing her goes "Well, I never!" to what Elvira adds "Well maybe you should - that's your problem." I love that shit! Teaches you about what a "familiar" is too - one like Terry who goes first opening doors and rents of convention for those estranged ones like me. Like me. Didn't get to see the new one "Haunted Hills" but I know it's good stuff and is Olivia Newton-John? John Hughes is credited for the first film add know.

First world - where everyone knows you and you can get by without seeing them every day;
Second world - artists and such who beg not to use things for their cost to them;
Third world - no one wants to be seen for having used bad items and having not worked at long - no toilets or ongoing costs too;
Fourth world - no kids, no cars - no phones, either;
Fifth world - no cars at all.

Your world is expensive, but no one thinks about too much in the way of mortality, dying. No one dies while the kids are at school - she lived until rush hour then that one black tit came down on her so bads then nothing at all. Like any night come the white of your eyes just exploded. Saw Heaven, I guess - like one of them priests blind at it all bald from the high fees snipped right up at beauty-for-a-price.

Remember, rice itself comes from tobacco and under the root - we may have lost that in-fact.

Eurythmics "Put The Blame On Me" Eurythmics - Savage (Bonus Tracks) - Put the Blame On Me from 1987's "Savage" LP - lots of good work here. Also le do: "I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)", "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart", "Brand New Day", "Heaven", "I Need A Man", "(I Love To Listen To) Beethoven". And look up "For The Love Of Big Brother" this month as from the "1984" soundtrack.

Aerosmith "Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)" Aerosmith - Nine Lives - Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) from the "Nine Lives" LP (1997). Tom Whitman is a brother also. Try "Hole In My Soul" too...this album is pretty cool-looking.

this year's winner in the ben cooper costume contest at ebay is roseanne barr!
just saw roseanne over at the new cvs what was the old sav-on at lacienega and santa monica boulevards
she isn't doing that great she says but we wish her well!
the mask is actually supposed to be a 'bomb victim' from m*a*s*h*
if you can understand that?
cvs hasn't had their grand opening there just yet...

this just in...
i tell people the best stuff is in jars, cans
somebody bigger than you cared to, maybe not
meat flavour to cook with meat, so
onions denatured they spoil the mix uses garlic some

Dinners We Ate Every Week 10/20/06 1105

Beef Stroganoff (On A Bed Of Mueller's Yellow Egg Noodles)
Roast Beef (Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas)
Lasagne (Garlic Bread)
Stuffed Peppers (Rice and Ground Beef In Green Peppers On Tomato Soup, Yellow Corn, Mashed Potatoes)
Pepper Steak (Steak With Tomato Soup And Green Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Yellow Corn I guess)
Roast Chicken (Mashed Potatoes, Yellow Corn)
Spaghetti And Homemade Meatballs (note: meat flavour Ragu, as 'flavoured with meat', is to cook meat in - makes it taste right if crumbling meat within - now you know...I throw any-all away just for tasting bad)
Pork Chops (Scalloped Potatoes, Apple Sauce)
Meat Loaf (Potatoes And Carrots with Tomato Paste On Top)
Hamburgers, Homemade French Fries
Stuffed Cabbage (Rice And Ground Beef Wrapped In Cabbage And Cooked In A Tomato Soup Base Again)
Mrs. Paul's-type Fish entrees
Manicotti, Stuffed Shells

Desserts Always? Lemon Meringue Pie, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake - and that's pretty much it.

Then Me:
Ground Beef And Pork And Beans Mixed

Was I on the high school A-list (and decides you 25th year out now coming soon)? Yes, for sure. Wait to be asked, please. More later...Chris Ondy? No - has truest wealth against others people hated him but ensured our losses. A gem still. Denise DeVitis, sure (aka teacher Guessman's dead wife, Jill - damned shame that little mentions to little poeple make big change) Robert Girandola I never understood that popularity. Aileen D'Atri never understand why I won't adhere. Vicki Halpin a gem, really a friend to the bitch. Val Vishnevsky - her sister is now Marie Antoinette...says she died like Michelle Abate to lose weight and with striking losses believe it all. Renee Waldron no explain. More later - and not to you.    

got a target gift card from terry's parents finally
$100 to spend at this christmas store
'it's not yours - it was my birthday!'
these are worth up to $1,000 - note that for 'greater gift giving'

Gifts Galore 10/20/06 1023
Cute Halloween gifts at Old Navy (e.g., flashlights with two [2] plastic masks like a red devil and a white ghost around eight bucks ~$8 I guess, others and well-done to you now at half-price and with plush costumes all cute) and Gelson's (nice plush bags and hats, etc. - rare treats). Was in the remodeled, removed Old Navy at Beverly Connection two (2) nights ago for their fifph opening night live band and all serving Martinelli bubbly apple juice - real cute. Marshall's (hi, Will!) is there now too their costumes are dirt-cheap too like fifteen bucks $15 for a full make-up or skeleton. Cheap cheap. We expect Ralph's back there too as untouched yet inside all aisles apparent but as yet unopen. Six (6) more weeks until I get in the head no notes outside. Stopped by Taco Bell for dinner too I got a #3 combo three (3) hard supreme tacos with blue Mountain Dew in a big cup (plastic cups preserve your taste without soap, lathers ghosts put in).

Meanwhile, Tower Video on Sunset is also making good on their promise to leave us - is selling all of their rentals of porno off for eleven dollars ($11.00) each yet DVD (and that includes Falcon, Babe). See other soon.

You know, you have roaches because bodies are buried nearby and haphazard. Know that. The longer you wait, the more severe the stripes on them like Chinese brands. In fact, we never had roaches growing up (black waterbugs - yes), but apartments and transient housing are rife with them. See a bug for what it is - yours for being dirty like that. Conversely, a hummingbird is for clean areas too. I had one inside one day and for me.

our annual pick! thanks yahoo! images search on 'pumpkins'
if 'jack-o-lantern' has hyphens, apostrophes
and since we're working the vote this year and so often

Pet Shop Boys "I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)" Pet Shop Boys - Alternative - I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) originally the b-side from the "Heart" 12-inch (1988) and now on the much-called-for "Alternative" LP (1995) or "The Samurai In Autumn" Pet Shop Boys - Release - The Samurai in Autumn from the "Release" LP (2002) its real name is "Moorea" (um, "maiden ocean as "so clean [to me]"). Either one now. Adds, from this album, also love with me the last song called "You Choose".

Meanwhile, the official Curve website names three (3) new songs of type for sale kinda: "Let it Go", "Get Me Thru This", and one instrumental with Toni called "For Tomorrow's Sorrows" perhaps a prayer. Seek not for I couldn't find elsewhere... signed, KLee.

From The Pumpkin Patch This Wednesday 10/18/06 1725
Right now, I'm taking in dictions on heaven and earth from the above as prompted by the History Channel (you in trouble again), but in the meantime, you can note this year's haunted hause in West Hollywood Park coming up one dollar $1.00 the each (last year's was pretty good for buck):

Friday, October 27
Haunted House
West Hollywood Park Auditorium
647 N. San Vicente Blvd.
Time: 6pm - 9pm

For a hair raising good time come visit our house of terror at West Hollywood Park. Admission is $1 per person. For more information please call 323/848-6534. TTY for the hearing impaired at 323/848-6496.

I'll be training for voter day on this day early, but will see shine later. We're using new machines to dump vote this time, and all should be easier to note.

Alanis Morissette "Thank U" Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie - Thank U from "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" LP (1998) I'll have it again any day so pretty to me thanks for just fucking me over and I mean it. "I still look up when you walk in the room...I was saying [to myself] 'wide eyes' [and how] they tell a story" - to be who you are again, but for me alone. Extras: The transcendental "Are You Still Mad?" and the lush keyboard orchestrals of "Unsent" - then you on your own. The quote from Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac's "Angel" on the "Tusk" LP (1979). She's trying to be better about things now that she's a big deal, and not look up so quickly at strangers and others when they enter. After remiss, I go back to being who I am - real interesting and interested. That's real need to speaking. "We need to be bigger than people, but I can't do it and thanks for having me fail." That's what it's all about to me - "providence makes me know there's other people if India says eat less be more with it." Thank U 2 (usually reserved for Prince type-things, no? i wonder u) Adds "thank you delphi - who I am when I'm not with you." Whatever to flame.

Extra! The Glen Ballard story. Glen is an uber-producer in Hollywood and plays great with, is Alanis' father figure, and Aerosmith's brother. A great tape here and expose.

All Halloween Month continues in the garden of eatin' costumes always rejected for sense off. Will pay for one yet...that robot made of boxes stacked and a real glass calendar from a wall-clock didn't cut it (like a 'protognome' [before knowing] or dead person in a box - too scary). Sadly no wins. Was it the wood-veneer contact paper perhaps halt-honoring the works Ed Wood?

More maladjustment...some other rejected yet we can improve anything but that's not much some:

"An eye to see an eye?" - Some said, if dM

And what's the point? You're here - I said never come again I have experience with this you are a ghost making me eat shit while you're simply trying to die being me. Now as just trying and to get right away. We'll greet at then, it said. To enter a bigger box perhaps then it saved.

"Never ! have you done, but will you ever is not to be said here. Save that to be again. Trust it - you'll do better some." - dM

"Go with the 'bad' feelings up-front for having done and perhaps against self as they fade out over days, minutes." - dM
(um, or "better to suck the dick" than offer to decline as not worthy after it was really just as bad as THEY said)

"It's for sale - that's one meaningful only." - dM
as perhaps back to basics and against our <black> massing of dollars and buying - who in-fact left letter? sorry, I one knew how paid so glory no had one done..rebuild rebuild the most meaningful type-text is worth nothing book yet and until goodwill says...true but to be undone somehow sure I've lost the things I've rented handsomely and at-wit and as decorated just as lavishly then showed you right to...I never cherish or explain the need for pain to others I'll let blacks handle that and so niftily they know how but see it less or sure.

Tower Sunset has announced it is going out of business with a banner out front.
That's like closing the one at Piccadilly Circus, ain't it?
My roommate loves torturing me with news like this and making it real...
...last time it was taking down their huge video billboard.
That's still there...
Hope you do better soon...

Diana Ross "Muscles" Diana Ross - Diana Ross: Greatest Hits - The RCA Years - Muscles from the "Diana Ross: Greatest Hits - The RCA Years" LP (1997). Originally from 1982's "Silk Electric" LP. I wanted the song "Pieces Of Ice" too - both elegant, really.

Romantics "One In A Million" The Romantics - The Romantics: Super Hits - One in a Million from "The Romantics Super Hits" (1979). Originally from the "In Heat" LP (1983).

Ladytron "International Dateline" Ladytron - Witching Hour - International Dateline stolen from Jon Heder's ("Napoleon Dynamite" no thanks) list too bad one good one. From their "Witching Hour" LP (2005). Is Toni's mother making better choices again "Destroy Everything You Touch" I like that.

Live Sing-A-Long For The Movie "Xanadu" October 20, 2006
Alex Theater, Brand Boulevard Glendale 8:00 P.M.
$14.00 Each Person Is

Am I going to this?
Maybe, but will not know until the day of.
People love it they say and I could get an MTA day pass, I suppose.
"Xanadu" is the day before Christmas or on the way there it happily said. Mongolan or of Asia made ours, before the International Dateline is said.

No, I didn't go but sent third person a dummy kinda (drops down, runs in, leaves a little and for me...small-tyme talk) - for stupid and be stares. Said attendance was low I'm scared of making any effort at all I get too sad - stayed home and partied instead talking shit to feed the masses from your snort. What do you do? Fuck that - in the middle. Is gay your problem? We provide the lays as decent and direct only as by name - barely real now. I had mine...some of yours too that one butt so tasty to me. Be green we're here but not for the likes of her. Demands what? At the dick you will be asked not to source it as yourself...or else...zany pussyramas 'round and 'round you go...and away from this, hopefully. Nobody made that - it was just there like all of time no beginning no end a zodiac of dials...adjusts grip, length of hair, its kink and olfactory sensings.

Journey "Send Her My Love" Journey - Journey: Greatest Hits - Send Her My Love from their greatest hits LP and get "Only The Young" too. We had this before it dropped on me and I prospered that one song first.

you turn off the heat and the kettle still whistles, though...

We Now Vindicate Electric Stoves Like Bars On The Window, Like Minimum Wage, Like Slums
10/09/06 1004
Just wanted to let you know after several months now that electric stoves are good with me. They heat water and food extra-fast and the heat is long-lasting. No problem with the oven either once elements are replaced. So never fear one, just use well our electric costs next to nil no matter what too (but water bill). Our friend John Ondy (I call him "peanut" now because of the way his head is shaped) notes having been burned "bad" after fighting and falling on one backwards like gas would never get to really, but we see how no fighting in the kitchen might prevent this consideration if somehow still happen. What do you prepare for? The mother says she would never have one again because of that incident as it was really bad on his back somehow. Go figure. P.S. There is "maganite" in the air or burnt metal too (as lifted by grease and salts heavily propelled) - but is not really serious at all coughs, congestion. That, however, is not a heavy metal, thanks. More like a salt, and is Oxygen ready. The link is to Sears where bought one is may and their little Halloween shop too where I once bought my Boy George English bowler hat with gift ribbons attached underneath....white gloves on like a pauper.

Sears is for no-bullshit buying - you need a brown blazer. Underpants...overcoats, etc. Nothing too grand or short of wariness. Just the facts - no expressions of self, your little way with it here. To be paid, only - gets rid of 'em, finally.

Tom Petty "You Got Lucky" Tom Petty &amp; The Heartbreakers - Long After Dark - You Got Lucky  " babe | when I found you " and from 1986's "Long After Dark" LP. A warning to thee still...who are you anyway? I'll burn your friggin' house down.

this is pele is his new movie 'goal!' as previewed to me and other homosexuals with 'kinky boots' the dvd
nearly soft porn, i sat and watched with rapt attention if so-to-speak
another man - old - appears to drip spit in his food...all homo come-ons even if 'anguish in boxer shorts' was mine
we thought pele was black - 'boys for pele'? an object by me and tori amos
says her 'he eats better than me with boys and i really like them...we hate his porno sense too"
he is must god's angel now playing for sports
and incidentally, a maintenance man here in my building i see nothing do you?
thanks again...why would people abroad feed their kids to a black even if he was really good?
here's the only answer i can see - or - you on your own with hate practices afoot
having hate again? show me the black man winning you
what are you gonna do 'in private'?

more: 'in private' is a song because you had to know me too
tori says pele leaves her "ramshackle...he took mine"
not a good world view, says nutraspeaks who also has eaten well among diners
we rob everyone only here and leave nothing
and in the one true jewish state-nation we run here
if no one would come without israel banking to us
why would the yentls of the world be so happy and to arrive by boat?
my dreams are not yours to see yet
my prayer is unity, hopefulness among all...but not here with us
"my own befriend is no friend..."
and with prayer we all see youth and bounty some
catholic protects me from like-beings a wealth of influence, perhaps
one shot fired already is yours to be here and with
do polish like tori - us, we are slovak here, thanks
so is pele...
that small upturned polish nose like cassie elliott in the lysol commercials of yore
something still ain't right here the smell is off yet...
'blood roses' is on this tori album we like that one
Tori Amos - Boys for Pele - Blood Roses

Too good to leave behind: Beck "Soldier Jane" Beck - The Information - Soldier Jane from the all-new record called "The Information" (2006)...great stuff very cosmic-sounding but tight and active. Just bought it myself too. "You sold yours, Jane."

Catch the video at YouTube it's great (John Ondy and Neil dance some and in it as the stolid "Gulag" who danced first and shot later to warn) and this lyric is some off but we ask why not? We like it (hold down the "back" key on Netscape if fail).

Nobody cares what dress she wears at all [symone says and does what she pleases]
Tattered rags and paper bags and all
She's the one sleeping in the dirt
Drag her down, don't let her drown in dirt

(Gamblers trade candles for the dice [you drag your canes over the bridge - you don't even get a box to lie in]
Mothers drag their canes across the bridge)
No one wake her up, she's sleeping still
Put a candle on the window sill

Soldier Jane, don't be afraid
Taking heart out of the shell
Taking heart out of the shell
Throw it away

?? [Prisons to] strike the darkness from the room [we keep that locked up to speak their evils]
Knives, they take the poison from the wound
'Cause they drag us down into the ruins
Sleep away our cares, dirty boots

Soldier Jane, don't be afraid [as also from a starlight above no answers to - "says just do it to them"]
Taking heart out of the shell [take your heart out the shell and see nothing to be said by you ever - or we'll do it to you and see ourselves]
Taking heart out of the shell [don't be afraid - don't do it]

Lyric taken from Sing365 - and sure, they're not completely good but ours is a way here. People hate you having everything wrong, you know.

Blecch! The Fifty Most Powerfulses Women Ever Then Maybe You Die 10/07/06 1608
Nothing scarier than women in-charge lighting matches on the toilet and to be talcum born at date (no matter how many times I masturbate to your husband's well-wishes and final payment of sacrals, I'll never be left on this list):
And the winners are...from "Fortune" Magazine that via CNN" - may an english dog chew off your face while a cat scrapes out your skull by reaching in the one eye 'taste-won like fishy humpmelons...meow' - but distemper, deatroes):
Call it the year of the Most Powerful Woman CEO. In fact the top seven positions on the 2006 list are held by chief executives (more to bore...zzz...the numbers are luminously arranged by the copy-paste function):

1. Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo - the above notes: eats with her mouth full at work - is posh, stupid and recalls fairly well...a nigger;
6. Brenda Barnes, Sara Lee - the above notes: no one to know has been dead for eleven (11) or so months is dumb and waits on others - has no real trade value is missing in action husband died in this office she did too - beware of blacks swindling folks here;

2. Anne Mulcahy, Xerox - the above notes: no one special is false a tip to foreigners to stay out or get ready for jail and having parts missing from your kids lunchbox at night - a scare of you again here waiting on tables I guess;
7. Andrea Jung, Avon - the above notes: has been dead eleven (11) years is no one and you know it - better done jasmine guy works hard is theirs "no big deal, really - white women spend black money here on darts at us - thanks again, bitches" - money draws attention to your particular shade you should lighten up actually black - like gay - don't pay, huh - you are shug avery dying of two nigger girls writing crayon letters as white stand by dying yet hopeful "she need it more than I can see and all so old in it and for higher yet" - hire the father he beat one to death although still prolific with a smudge and makes the other one guess if it's all real...he shoots people from afar for living, and you? 

3. Meg Whitman, eBay - the above notes: makes eleven thousand dollars ($11,000) a year giving head in the restroom - a pig done it too; small factoids: I never gave head or any else nor for money a tougher sell once if you sold - you too? I hate women touching my dick. Pay them both all should be meeting lesbians in a button-drawn madhouse cage with dog food smeared on the floor. Remember them when? Frances Farmer loved pussy too much. Jesus loved her way with a word "fucking madhen" "eat corbs [asses on blacks "as destiny has rings for you" she says]" her mother hated her and him both pooped out soon enough. Frances Farmer was-is Caroline Jones of "Addams Family" fame. Still see some of both egg-timing the wrist. I love that story the mama coming down on you already kill'd by it but back to you and unusual child rearin'.
8. Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Inc. - the above notes: is forty grand ($40K) enough for "America's Sweetheart" and her luscious pussy? You had it comin' too. That pussy was so sweet ablan nigriss ("she ate it and left a 'mad hen'..." - "the cook don't count recipes neither" she says "stick with the lesson you learned it of - be that central give it back to eat heartier at home alone a finch not a barclay or endeavor" choose that a lepoure for one's self a pride of that serious little miss Goldilocks tries all and KNOWS of no other to speak a BIG WIN of more pussies probably spin that wheel ruggle the dump!) Oprah is that an ignorant black bitch right hasty and to agree to all and to the very end (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh "nose all open" ?) A beauty of it made sane gives me black in a dime (smacks left inner-wrist just once, then smells cautiously - bring the jungles to me, get paid). Treats you to just like shit time and time again. Yours and mine, some. "I just 'looked at' this book about farting...basic and just insane in liking my ass. You, Bitch? Eat grass up home." Asian-types think farts and poo-poo are cute. I think that's HATE. The most gorgeous man farted in my face and I simply fucking died. Like a woman did it her elf - that brazier, the boulberdash - the breath taken from me halfway down the pipe. Kept doing it too I yelled at the window to stop from saying. "Nigger, what did I just tell you? No more to me from you." Nevermore, my Annabellotch. Skim wafer.

4. Pat Woertz, ADM - the above notes: makes her name shine in the press - is an advent lesbian of higher occult our friend believe it or not; is not a big deal makes about fifty grand (50K) a year - my mother is supposedly Gloria Steinem not her (we don't have this stuff are you my enemy? if you can't say it to me, why bother trying to hurt others if at all - let's end it all with you right now romeo but juliet why get up for it something's coming could be who knows?);
9. Sallie Krawcheck, Citigroup - the above notes: is not real to me for being asian and mismanaged by her husband (he locks her out of the house and rings her phone often, is a freak for her and is dying old like her both jesuits and eating me up);

5. Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft Foods - the above notes: is her real name, a shame lives in Philly walking her dog - is real to us by being the sole proprietor of a ninety-six million ($96M) flagship product plant that is nothing to us however makes crackers; notes herself prominently Jewish thanks for us - she says of this exercise "'re in danger." No - you are the dead return me. I will make you real again and hear of friends altogether and new. I have no friends. Friends - fuck that. PU! Smells bad. 
10. Susan Arnold, P&G - the above notes: relates household energies (how they as 'coastors' might spend their day all concerned about nothing but them - a flaez, or then, parts of me left out because you interpret too soon my need - a junk box of not having to say well and asking for it too) to modern couples to see if they'll bite. No man does this to couples they are exhausted and tired of talk. Beggars here ends the talk we are real too not you - us. P&G does our bidding you follow with talk and do well or we'll capsize that and make it ourselves again. To Haiti we'll soon. Have a singles party full of it to me made. Cheap that druggist pantie-maid. I pull 'em apart to see 'em fucking like ruby d'darts later on - and they make sure I know like I would care just not here in my place will you exchange hives and sinclair jellies. Black: "Where is the shower?" Where do you live? In the showpumper at Knott's. "Hold your fire - skunk." Another phlegm after odor: "Whatever that is, it worked too hard to live. It ain't just bacon, but made calls to the hog." PU!

Our List:
Caroline Devlou -"Time" magazine - makes big mistakes, takes men on well - a junker over time but does well yet. "Who the hell are you?!?" Please, Bitch - I just took the name down you are no one to me a recess of it. Like eggs - not sure I'd thank ya for one or for laying it just nice. "Just pick it up and eat it - or else you and miss pussy muss glance."
No names from me - adds "I love to masturbate." You do it for others-groups in LA unless you're retarded. May be. Some better to see off than to see if all again. Not you again! The intrepid never seek of advice - they have it all done in the head already. "No, I died right there - I literally gasped. This is not playful - it made me smart about your talk."
Keep yours...sacred I'll vow.
We like you Oprah but sometimes the truth has to be a hurt. Sue my holy dick...again.
Everyone hates me I still see no difference in me, up in my butt. PU!

The Police "Wrapped Around Your Finger" The Police - Synchronicity - Wrapped around Your Finger my favorite Police song from the "Synchronicity" LP (1983) I love the song "Synchronicity II" and is also for note. Then, "De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da from the "Zenyatta Mondatta" LP (1980) strikes me twice. Give these breadth to get inside they are worth you and are 'us' singing from the past very difficult to have good for you. No one spoke English well without lexicons. Neil fixed these up with his father over time and suffered bad for it. No one is Sting reasonably find. A guy named Gordon Mason plays him and is nothing the same yet. Back to the music...

What records do I have? The first two albums plus the box set - someone gave me "Synchronicity" on vinyl too and I still have it.

Welcome to Octobertpliss 2006! get that old tidy costume ready "you're a bride? blecch. i'm supposed to guess! 'you're a lace ham with spaggly grosvenors...some meat'."
I never do anything good ever - not ever.
More of the drolls later.

From the pliss bucket: Q: Do you believe that people are in danger? A: No...they are nuts, but not near the rear flap at all. Our talks insinuate we might know anything at all but I don't. Of course, "kedem" kill them.
The most I made was $53,000/year - that ain't from sucking dicks, neither. No one sits down and does your job - unless it is with dicks. That's $1,500 every two weeks or so less any deductions for insurances, etc. a small delta - where did it go? Why? Ez-cum ez-go.
Is making sames at lunch? [X] Sure. Remote but bathrooms at work? [X] You too? Don't be that little. I make sure you can't get in on it all with new demands about you that's all. Never make it to here...or else you.
"Just as soon as I say 'no one does THAT here', there you are doin it and for free. Right next door, too - like liars brieve me."

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