minute: if checking the facts can leads to a few less details next time - just checking them then to be yourself?
the 'non' prefix means 'not asked for' ('nan' is 'never said clearly' then)? another 'candiote secht' and just at that if 'un' is such as 'undone' be that around

welcome madonna's remix video for 'burning up' the first hit from her eponymously-titled lp (1982)
this video has quality you may have misplaced - i've watched it three to four times now
this was filmed at quakerbridge mall in lawrence, nj late at night in the parking lot they'd say (jc penney - 'they paid for it')
meanwhile, preview madonna's new video for 'celebration' at the itunes complex or see all there at you tube

And finally, flicks this up to September 2009

September sound...that's not really me. Is it? Are you sure? Me? The girl who sings the song below - Amy Lee - was a real ghost on my bed this past weekend during witching hours just sitting there I hugged it briefly and left the room on detail (played by Richard? whatever you). Like a doll (or bag of potatoes if you will) as noticeably her but with warlock-long nose and overall like a gremlin or troll with cloth points. Fun...quality MP3 of the song below (10.4 Megs)

every now and again, something beautiful from evanescence - this, striking
'good enough' the title for you...and supposedly the last track from 'the open door' lp 2006
full frontal with towel? here...there

will and a pin drop:
under your spell again
i can't say no to you
crave my heart and it's bleeding in your hand
i can't say no to you

shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly
now i can't let go of this dream
i can't breathe but i feel

good enough
i feel good enough for you

drink up sweet decadence
i can't say no to you
and i've completely lost myself and I don't mind
i can't say no to you

shouldn't let you conquer me completely
now i can't let go of this dream
can't believe that i feel

good enough
i feel good enough
it's been such a long time coming, but i feel good

and i'm still waiting for the rain to fall
pour real life down on me
'cause i can't hold on to anything this good
am i good enough
for you to love me too?

so take care what you ask of me
'cause i can't say no

(regaining our composure, some)

We just installed Apple's new Mac OS X Snow Leopard ? and why? With movies on tv about folks being eaten by lions, forest fires, and Neil and I visited in his afterlife pad off Hollywood he is green (I wouldn't look at or say much it hurts him and me). In dreams. There is long box to step over along one room to another. Fraser is there and our behaviors normal after threat made personally up against a wall. One more person there...many dreams these days.

News: NJ friend Peggy Blaze is Julia Louis-Dreyfuss - get that. "We don't want people knowing." She introduced us to Sam Kinison at the Comedy Store back in 1986.

dusty springfield 'reputation' six (6) weeks old - prove it

'the fantasticks' may help spend your money...'sell your codes, really'...has instant appeal
the girl is elizabeth fraser, granny, morticia, the queen - whatever - and being left off casually in favor of a boy
her father's 'soul' I guess, in the form of impresario, tries not to be so blind to it and with more hair as grey (scott b.)
if you won't help me do better here, i cannot stay with you two halves two parts to play, two of hearts, when we connect, don't make a fool of yourself
her brother is richard and is uncomfortably met no doubt

I hate the hassles that ensued when I bought the Gigaware webcam-mic (now yes for PC only and tried on my Mac (everyone hates this but I learn why only). I hate that shit for a USB. Go to HELL I'll be back. I do not want platform specific files like this or both to make. Junks me to spend more 'how?' it's everywhere.

Just went to the dentist in Glendale by bus on Wednesday afternoon (Twitter codes in...I'm here as no third person)...x-rays $106, cleaning $89 (u missed dat part). These freaks wrote me a bill for like ten grand of work in brackets about ten of them sessions on paper then (like all clerks the real dentist quite dead of the ayds and now a house outsourcing for freaks..,a bald-ish england person failing to me - Richard again among others there all fucks) they say. I couldn't fucking' take it and left it by a bolt - like ten of them a treatment plan (you trust that...'just one filling' I simply argued to it plainly): including how many crowns? root canals just like that? posts - what are you fucking nuts? root canals my ass! I never had that, ever. You can expect major domo for this stuff what are you fucking me - abscesses, random infections with video cheap colored monitor no way excrement. My favorite game - get ready to me faggot (I thought 'hmmm - I kiss the grave alot'...I do like I sometimes eat an ass out). Nuts. I'll kill myself first - promise that. Fuck - you get this to me to die and you will 'insurance house' crap worthless but see your crap fail everywhere as I pull teeth too all of them one night as if by chinks helping. A toothless faggot...will so be. What I just don't? Meanwhile, at forty-five years I move to shit on you, again (you to come and play):

If you luv tits (a milk maid? blecch, blecch!) finally, mesh (green with mustard-yellow bulla lox, someone smells guldenses grey poupon?) underwear ('fisherman's pouch briefs' they are) for like $20 from the very 'gay' um, 'festive' athletic sporting club ('lasc' los angeles sporting club me first) like english niggers I blacked right out their proud logo with maxis a sharp point vis a point: 'coupdeetat0809' 'meshhallstabbing0809' 'shapeoftheeye0809' 'whitehanes4blood0809' and that's not all (not you - not you, not for you the heart of the problem to be seen and knows no bounds)

Curve - Cuckoo
' all my friends are heathens | they like to know that | it keeps them safe from harm ' - 'turkey (turn-key) crossing' you don't father me, pig

Do you like the 'Jack Ruby' legend as well as I do? Vigilante-isms? Jack Ruby was Lyndon Johnson (seems buried at Admiral Fort, Texas - a little girl lives in there now?) and he shot Oswald? No - they shot him Johnson 'Wax' too outside for trying so. Oswald lives on...apparently. No truth ever but link that up. I tell people the Kennedy autopsy photo I linked you was really fake - just for fun. He was nearly black with gunpowder resins they'd say. More: I've been wundrin' about Ted Kennedy if so old these public retirements get lengthy...watched the funeral televised 'live' yesterday all tape worms. Obamas and Hillary looked great, others too...the church not mine makes me wonder more...okay. Shenanigans about, inside...a funeral lets people speak before me maybe my dad would be hurtful. Is that all? Is that it? Thanks a million, Ted Kennedy. My wish would be for the three (now four they say with Joe murdered 'skiing' that word wonders with Hawaii) principals to appear and they did briefly I hear of it.

Britney Spears - Circus
give it back to britney spears via jason's ipod he was here again...bothering me
get from the 'circus' lp the song called 'unusual you'...the staging for the live shows was fun all army-type couples in the round 'now you go'

Lighter this month...watched Jason Stratham (Tommy Carpenter...a family of filmways then) in "Death Racing" yesterday...'pour, no?' The woman in there is good enough (of the Justin Chambers family, I believe) as in-charge but pretty and as ironic (a woman's touch for no sum hurt), but how does this pay ultimately and with so-and-so such crimes afoot? I'll watch that again with heat mask on I make my own to burn you...those blacks died bad in a forked wrecking machine...what will you give to see more come? The most I'd do is the long hospital compactor with bags shummed slowly up in your face a button held and up the rear to be let out later maybe as you 'psychically' redirect flows of bio-stink inside with '[like there were] angels' assisting you. That was cruel, Girl, but I like the speed and thriving of other hits like you sped up some for momentum's sake a very clean bashed out forever. Rule: Getting hurt makes it just easy to hurt. You'll be there after a word from our sponsors. Never to see. Honorable mentions: The psycho-queer in "Lord Of Illusions" is only to be mine forks and and other shitty dull utensils in your rubber throat one at a time and all over some until you tell me your junky ways like you believe in me ('hurting folks is like them touching me' they like it alot see here on YouTube under that same title 3/13 full installments). Then running away like a gay in tight gold 'lame' pants the final insult. Matthew Shepard and his father Sam Shepardses are right in here Cybil Sheppard how dare you to seem me my parents wrote 'Speed The Plow' my father 'ye old merrymints' says it's about French people Marcel Morceaus pantomimes. What? This is to be my junk.

here's the third part ready to rock...swan is jesus himself living in hollywood (the wife is mastrantonio, raymond, or then decease vipd anthony depinto may god stave you)
richard (desandre - michael) is the queer with knives in the film - scary person at first, but well done is matthew shepards for real or whatever that is gets slapped for touching someone's dick
that black with forks in - nothing stops him from greeting a guest with gay (no tenure seen) tarots and goony palm readings if neil is also scott bakula
that building the window is at venice beach where record shop 'penny lane' was-is (no discs or cases really, but you can look at liner notes-jackets? okay)
cousin 'pink!' has been lorded to the pantages (always dying-dining in) for her brother's sake - you keep that...my family 'doesn't know people's names' to quote me a 'studio guest' at best all open face turkey sandwiches, hot

finally, a dougmoon-style re-entry from the hollywood spa (not as rotten to the core as you think, where a thought may meets the mind that makes you think at all...all day)
not me? i'd say very doug...very direct...a spray for everything that bothers with you...with some pay
p.s. thank you to fool for all the courtesy of pictures too be with: we love you some even if you're tied up and against my will...sniffing butts is not every reveal so seem
photos of you? we see videos in motion make great stills and would use this to sample a photo;
a movie (unthinkable of hate to make)? horribly made of stills and paint...nothing is truly good as only high-tech portrait...stills, backwards
like recording your own voice - you know it's bits off or simply perfect to me a marvel
mine whenever possible: 'you are kidding yourself' + 'wait to be asked' + 'please yourself - be that good'
are we simply crazy? no...you don't know anything and hope to be there - admit to the nonpluss

the letter set is like candy cigarettes...what you get after sex like that
she says it's
'lik-m-aid' candy now 'fun dip' - go figure

Madonna "Heartbeat" MP3 (3.7 Megs) from 2008's "Hard Candy" LP.

Happy Birthday ! Doug Moon ! 45 Years Old ! Colt Forty-Five! Hello, Honaugh! (say Haw-Naw! That's 'honey' in Texan fool 'Hello Honaugh!')

michael jackson wants you to hear this 'earth song' i like it too - faggots need to art their only death the melody is real good a babytalk is finely drawn then
nature is the sworn enemy of life everywhere - as truly dangerous and as far as murderers will go
only murderers cherish its painful death - i'd cut that shit up but you are my fool all the laughs pray like a desperate motherfucker then still see nothing praypraypraypray!praypraypleasemotherdungpleasepleasepleaseseecancerofinmyballsweprayedaboutthat
when you die, you'll see - nature is just people hiding their hate like naked people get the morning paper fast should a shit leak..heh heh heh
'mother' may i? one more dirty diaper won't hurt the environment like toilets snapping down bags of bloody oysters and massive stink what about all the shit we put in you?
what about hate? an ax to the head you won it and how now!
i tell niggers all the time 'you should kill that...' - all the white junk thriving in garbage and bushes and you won't pull up them special trees for me out in front, you won't defruit to me so bees
in heaven they don't scare people...they just push 'em out a glass window high up as no sum strap will keep...sees it then, bitch and someone simply that wicked and again at it fingers your butt
but seriously, this is about me again can you believe it so thrive? neil is the only son god gave and he cries that matters only...not you/me...not me, you fool! when people cry that sucks i get all choked up too...
i can't take it and cry too-hoo-hoo-hoo! like demi moore teary-eyed in the ravaging of 'ghost' too - 'not him...not, him...the other guy...not him' just kidding again...never to see it never

Been doing alot of odd dreaming this week. In one patch, we are in our original neighborhood in Allentown and the houses unfinished are going to be bulldozed. You lied around inside in dayrooms but can you imagine that? Like a sixth-rate Brazil with white shudders with no one else around but unused farms. Then on a hilltop two houses exchanging folks bitterly like dogs with dirt floors inside. More later...but can you imagine the houses you grew up in not being there?

Watch 'Pete Puma' in the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Rabbit's Kin"...

john hughes? why? we just saw him alive days ago outside...was the rich kid in 'sixteen candles'

'prelude to a kiss' with alec baldwin and meg ryan, kathy bates - one of doug's faves
about 'inner beauty' versus looks and all - an old man dying of cancer kisses a young bride on the mouth and takes her body for it
i love meg ryan's latest 'in the land of women' with her dying fruitfully of cancer the young man she has adam brody (scott wilson) is mine...supposedly
hulu also has gregg araki's 'doom generation' and may search for it rated 'r'

Tuesday, August 11: The propane gas tank for our new grill wound up being $45.99 (um, "propane purchase-no exchange" met) at Anawalt Lumber (very heavy to carry home from around the corner on Robertson but so). We cooked on the grill for the first time last night (average-type steaks) and it lights fast with the push of a button and all dials on and off including the tank's valve. So, adds in cost. Other than, cousin Kristine asked my mother to have herself removed from any "metatags" here and you can guess on your own what that means. What - you don't like the content here? This is for informing us about lifestyles and climates while wait even though comments beruse to us. So seem.

Someone played this song for me this weekend and at a height of (nothing but good and you seem): The Korgis "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" - is soulful. Is John Lennon after being shot and apologizing to me for it (a sad French clown like my dad - lectures and borrowing then). Nobody needs this, but do you say? Not mine usually, tranquil eye. We see looming and then out and about is mine. "I hate being seen with you" mind over says and I'd only say that I was embarrassed for it then like we're poor yet rich with feelings the Hearsts publishing me. "San Simeon" or "so say you [we'll speak later]".

Here we go...'proceed!' said the fool's fool or sometimes feels the fool himself! Herself is just mostly her or her being with or without me. You follow the first fool across the road without looking, I'd hafta say it's just a woman but it ain't and sometimes is me.

'be white come along' 1964 (my year of birth) it says as if to honor me with the black boy's crucifixion-style death on oars in 'exorcist iii' and mj holy mary's pointy sagging tits - from terry's trip to minnesota it is
'be always a bother as if to further one's bother' it is said (the whites went rowing each morn as if a sextup, the boy's mother 'transcribed' tapes of the original haunting - me, me again)
we leave garbage around your neck - you'd hafta see that yourself but with ingots (dental hooks with 't' handle for tooth extractions) used to pull out his eyes indeed! now to clip off your priest's hand
you just do it to them and laugh...trust that...blackface, whatever says you know me 'well' so few to come
the black kid just bugs the shit out of people who know too much for them...i have to art these things up to the level of being an abomination ('never should have been' but is this real to me? no never know)
'bwca' before and after a 'doog-lavay-say' or water closet in french 'wc' was not permitted by christ

Back To The Furniture Store, But If Hypnotists Aren't Real Who Made You Hurt Me So Bad? July 2009 Knows What Little You Could Stand To Say About Me Telling All