Take It Out To October 2009 And Yes Already

'two divided by zero' from pet shop boys sept 24 date at the greek in la
the album? number one 'please' 1986 the first track
this new tour was called 'nightlife' to insiders and is staged largely by madonna's factory
drummer chris lowe says 'we can't mount a tour in time'...'thanks, doug'
those are milk bottles like birdhouses...'they fly out here'
we think milk is important food yet 'stops your body from being pathetic'
a perfect food, really...'add chocolate, if must' says doug 'you'll be having weight-control shakes soon enough'

I've been considering three (3) costumes at Aah's (with 30% off through 10/15):
One is a hooded sweatshirt to be worn with jeans it has bones on black with a skull hood that zips up the front about $56;
One is a full-scale Disney ghost in green-gray suit and wig for $145 about;
One is a full-scale Jack Skellington with round bubble mask for $49 or so.
Still looking too...they have a lot of cute maskless costumes for men (and women) too.

Vice President elect Al Gore to do a signing at Book Soup November 12...$40 admission plus the book with ticket. To be held at the Saban Theater ? I'll go if he brings his son, Scott...meanwhile, according to Terry, UCLA plans to go through with their 'furlough' (um, shaving the belly 'even though we hate it' for nineteen people this pay) what is sixteen days (16) off this year or $250 a paycheck. Starts coming out of pay next month or November 1 for two (2) months prior as at September 1 and we think it sucks with no raises last year. Where's the money going as we follow...cut programs like you cut our programs. Still waiting for 2005 federal returns filed 06/09/09 and three prior state amends too.

the official note about

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme is from "Pippin" and is called "Frolic", simply. It's from the opening scene onward with vagabonds around a bank looking for cash. Know that. 1936, about.

a tour of the neighborhood up santa monica boulevard west and on this day september 29
here's the any link for philly steak depot you seem

the other end - santa monica east
starbucks' frozen mocha frappuccino has oatmeal ground up in it as malt - that's oatmeal only
remember omar's exotic birds now missing in action here

Ode (um, 'owed') to Meg Ryan The 101 (um, "Hollywood Freeway") Coffee Shop...Adam Brody is none other than Al Lewis ("The Munsters")? That man lived forever...96. He put the body to death two (2) years ago. Our good. Our Richard was also the fat boy who died in "Fatso"...

Time Warner Cable had a smaller Motorola box at $8.50 a month for HDTV (high-definition televison) to work (looks like glass, it is) and get upper channels like HBO (starts at '503' here and upward) freely. You don't need to get HDTV, but it helps some. Cable in to box, one HDTV cord to tv - that's it. So see.

reprise 'where the wild things are' cartoon fifteen minutes, tops
sounds like penn and teller - penn, the heavy one - did it

odd wine glasses 'goblets' kinda from cb2 the 'crate and barrel' store number two...the wine is 'charles shaw' white zinfandel from tj's $1.99
we reprise the coffee bean mat from target way back when - their (african) monthly diet made in pegs with spit i say...see hershey's then

Someone left more Michael Jackson-type incense (um, predominantly coconut) on my doorknob this am...and fine...next time bring gift. Pedophilia (a pulling down of panties as attracted to by stance, someone, a smartie, sparkly in or along your way) is more than you and me - it's me. I need people to squirm, I need to know them this way. A comfort noise.

broom hilda at bugs bunny central...foghorn leghorn stacked in heavily to as firmly foul
great art ! both some

Exclusive at dougmoon.com: Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe's father Pete - the one who died on Swiss Air with Donna Hartshorn (Billie Jean King etc. - swam the English Channel she did with oyster bites on her lips) and other - is here with a photo matte. Thanks. The show? B+ I hated the sound and I "performed well." They kept me unresaonably dry here until time was clear a dummy in the head. They were around today come in next time all welcome....

saint etienne bits of 'shower scene' by some request (mp3 here already from some time ago...mix and match)
in the rain
in the hall (alts 'stall')
in the [laundro]mat
in the car
in the mirror
in the fog
in the shine

call my name
in the rain...

i just love the sports pages these days...la times days, weeks ago...marc? che?

World AYDS Day is October 1, 1998 - the day it died they say. Now, reports of 'real progress' against the disease-syndrome with vaccine. Faggots, perhaps artificially spinewed by the fight (we had little..finicky) vow to never stop fighting the walk and the talk for being bothered ever. We hold that date as true...and perhaps meth as the only protease inhibitor, ever. Someone else says you can staple a half-inch of pepperoni behind the skin to make an areola (ring of pigment...in sports see player "Arreola" and thank him) in skin cancer or babytooth patient. Six (6) months then glory...PU!

Are we going tonight? Probably not - our stuff wasn't any good last night and yours isn't gonna be good either. Meanwhile, Steinway piano opens a new showroom on Robertson just before Beverly from north. Remember International Silk & Woolens on Beverly just east of LaCienega has all your holiday fabric and sewing needs - I was in there again today for thread and bobbins...you pass Light Bulbs Unlimited on the way there and they're fun too. I hadda also send knives back to Henckels today for their lifetime warranty still in effect (JA Henckels 171 Saw River Mill Road, Hawthorne, NY 10532 Attn: Consumer Relations 1-800-777-4308)...$100 knives bread and baskings...others. The black onyx handle breaks...can't say I don't love our new Ginsu-style Wusthof razor-length although others are bits quick to mention its cut...CVS at Beverly and LaCienega has tons of our new tv too and at price yet.

pet shop boys with 'west end girls' at the warfield in sf last night sept 22
west end girls do not get up with the east-end sun and like vampires running out
they are relaxed, easy on you to know, and quite christian (thanking of you being with) if you will...oh, its easy to pray at their table

Suspicious plot is "Lakeview Terrace" two (2) neighbors Samuel L. Jackson living next door to each other and what then ensues. Heard at night in your room "We're not friends - are we?" This, the first day of Autumn, September 22.

Rodney King cooks on "The Neely's" on the Food Channel with Coretta Scott King youthed (MLK is the star of "Phat Girls" the woman)...all is well you seem. Did you know all of California eats but twenty (20) steer a day? Yup - New Jersey eats sixteen (16) I hear. This is how much is called for new each day - figure it out. McDonald's uses real ground steak for its burgers currently.

Check out BaitBus the homo equivalent of stealing your own meal and a new tv fare coming. Crime doesn't pay - it is paid, but is this real? These guys are superfaggy and what. Then ChaosMen could use some attention too. I paid a little some...Braydon, others...thank you. Too soon...a great Michael Jackson window for Thriller nearby at Lemon Tree.

the star is elton john from the back cover of 'goodbye yellow brick road'

Gratis, sing-along: Elton John "Love Lies Bleeding" (MP3, 5.1 Megs) the second half of "Funeral For A Friend", kinda. From 1973's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" LP...I think I'd show you the inside of all of his pre-1980 records if could.

the roses in the window box
have tilted to one side
everything about this house
was born to grow and die

oh, it doesn't seem a year ago
to this very day
you said 'i'm sorry honey
if i don't change the pace
i can't face another day'

and love lies bleeding in my hand
oh! it kills me to think of you with another man
i was playing rock-n-roll and you were just a fan
but my guitar couldn't hold you
so i split the band
love lies bleeding in my hands

i wonder if those changes
have left a scar on you
like all the burning hoops of fire
that you and i passed through

you're a bluebird on a telegraph line
i hope you're happy now
well if the wind of change comes down your way girl
you'll make it back somehow


neil did some photos at saks fifth avenue in a new catalog called 'guy stuff' we got in the mail
this saks is related to sol saks and 'bewitched' yes

Asks one afoul "Can you prove involvement?" Numerous successes (again and against you ever? so smart about it all but a bad lay) suggest it wouldn't matter ever. Spread your legs to you, gull-wing...you proved it all out to me way back when (seem holy water, beads). By the way, I hate bitches with reciting me ballask the questions and simp proving me all the time. Are you real too? Ten slaps (days as that with me looking on, a mere pity) for that shit. No one ever fucked that and thought 'you know, I'll kill myself' if she doesn't call back I will? I wonder if the call is ever welcome and hide my good usually as I query of yours (hello, honaugh!) Why should I be the first to call? Who's kidding who I got the dimes handy? You, can starve...I got food rotting to you in my fridge. While faggots wither and die right in the doorway, women seem to improve with time (if sentencing is both harsh and unusually firm). Is HELL then to be real? Pray be to babytalk! Religion may fade with your own caucus and of syncopes (circling ever off-balance not again) to be your own quite frankly vicious (taking things you can't afford to give) of death, but mind stuff is ungodly real and everything is so tight around your broken Russian tea-neck - trust that so evil you have feelings they know your thoughts before you do there is nothing people can't touch in this a fernly torment. I like to talk, though, the things they've done to me ! cite for no discipline or complaint (we give nothing to you, your own is then to be yet accommodate)! One more thing adds ('a thong scholls to a long, flat ass but covers your hole with a bootstrap of charcoal molasses an own adhesive...choices layered within more choices guarantees 'u' nothing yet offers no more to firm in a no-strain of some stacks, shirts stopping in front of you so sees no shelf rare sells nothing by so cheap wheels-track same metal lynching us up, out) they make you move no talk of why-how like lights failed in you but burn someone else nearby bad. Tip: Play along great fun. As being with any of each such you learn, vance you too may keep such bitters of at a barely negligible and these should match any sums you yet too vandal.

if this doesn't fit, try selving not another as well...my lyrics fend you off centers of thought and yet you too may view
pet shop boys relieve with 'more than a dream' mp3 (9.1 megs) from the 'yes' album (with just 'bits off' 2009...now an mpeg)
still, i'm here knowing nothing of it to be first as citing and searching meself be else...
cover: check-box mind these days, eleven album tracks if as just making the grade this a lavender as having a wounding, a luxure to you if vocoder (a process result of voice over) says 'pay me' next time pinched-stapled you're working on it we'd have that done...others: our checkmark on copy files having noted a right angle 'ok', 'to file', 'file copy'
one more: the wall in a jail cell that stops you from knowing 'who' you hear a ghost or think nothing of a toilet no security levels to be noted a pen revealed under microscope says this was fucked with...you can know, a friend...what do you see?

Pet Shop Boys bend over at The Greek in Los Feliz Park (the best shows, really) on Thursday September 24 and still have tickets there are each no less than $45.55 (this plus that plus this, and this too) and see doubleplusgood beyond that seats may be more. Maybe scalpers (Moons, again) will do you...Chris Lowe never buys tickets and adds "I hate them coming." The singer says "I pay - they pay me." Cheap cheats us all...I've been cheaped already. You too. Don't be Pearl Jam we own that by the way it's in 'the family' kinda. "Don't feed the pussies" they said. Someone asks "What's cheap?" Selling for profit...gift-giving? Recycling is cheap. Pothos is cheap. Sometimes a word crossways can be cheap...easier than caring for you. Cheap=cheat. "You cheap bitch."

Note: I fished HBO (and Cinemax then) back in for $15 a month at Time Warner Cable...thanks again a $12 savings per month or $5 more than before. People think that's Michael J. Fox (um, NBC's "Growing Pains"..."Family Ties") on "Entourage" the strawberry red-haired guy. It's really Vince Neil lead singer of Motley Crue and that's his younger brother. Quotes Fox "I don't like him - he spent all my money already." Producer and sometime singer-toucher Dan Hill is their father (his song is from Cher a loose friend of ours as Lori Davis then and now, really and their aunt - she couldn't handle it an Elton John composition).

curve 'turkey crossing' - a rare perform from the 'cuckoo' lp (1993)
we're living alternate (other than what you choose only usually) or album (the price paid for seeing more of it, us) tracks these days
unreadable communication: 'it'll make no difference at all if you know who i am'

finally bought me this craig 15 inch high definition lcd tv - i couldn't remand (send home)
sure, sure at cvs - it doubles as a computer monitor although tunes nicely direct to cable with channel scan - so pretty to me and analog
the price is awful for so light and so to bond, but it'll pay me nicely somehow...i just loved it if add $16 garbage fee

Today is Terry's 45th birthday (09/14/09 cRIsP Gratia Patrice Swayze - 'please [bring to me ! pleased to meet me-he], she drove them out, and he helped her alot')...next month is will be Chris Ondy (09/09/09? the last user of it be...see white wreaths about for 09/11 past prior I hadda think that one out in a local park what of you ? - gets to you flatly tossed from 100 ways to see you down heats riding up in your ass). Chris is working as a real nigger at some Kinko's or something, I hear. Chris likes being real...a natural-type victim (a staring deer in jaws of lipe) by a higher calling and simply. A passive-resistant type I offer 'I don't mess with the meat' (to my father, or then 'milkboy' hi Branson - if a known fat stains a brown bag) and I say often if a ton of angry babyfat enters to be in yours a stick-pinned pure pleasure. People fuck with everything these days...covers me down.

'justin case' (actor, a phlegm) you give a shit...helping yourself by helping others (into an early grave i'd say usually to be phanto-mime)
the paints applied are perfect to you, darling - trust that so many names

it dawned on me the color wasn't shown you -- this the oil or acrylic version for kitchen, bath
water holes need this

something from pink floyd's 'the wall' (s/b 1980) - pink floyd is just my cousin david (dave mason, d. 1936)
waters (ozzy himself, is gilmour an activete then) produced and gaines (george martin, hmr) makes some noise with neil and father
pink floyd is just passing stuff (credit 'seralasie' no home with us in passing, but meets us here or blacks sassing us), but this was borne of led zeppelin doing well - theirs, some
i have become comfortably known...then they try and kill you...the wrong guy equals suicides and hate crimes everywhere...hurt, if so being hurt

Watched two movies of note over the past few: One starring Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell was "In Bruges" one chases another to hell and then offs himself for it. Good enough. Then Matt Damon (see no comfort come, relieve as Casey Affleck only no further to fag I feel no hurt for yet entertain to you still as for sale and hardly each bought all junk revise this upward to be with me only) in a ridicule of sorts called "The Bourne Ultimatum". I argue a press person who got shot in this is just wounded for play and effect and will recover nicely. A jerk-off for informant types. See online - we cancelled HBO today after one year at $10/month (normally $27/month)...my mother heading back to Florida September 19. P.S. "Bourne" means "without guessing [about you]".

One more flick was "Street Kings" with Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans trailing along like England's Winston Churchill trailed along with Russia's Josef Stalin and America's FDR.

Aah's on Sunset has watermelon and wild cherry Nerds and other stuff all ready for Halloween...they gave me a 40%-off bumper in the mail, I guess. Good all season.

Take Me To The Place August 2009 Was Never Real, Of Course