me: a vaguely personable doug moon and exactly fourteen dead sons circling the food and blood bank
heteros (hertivores - will and eats anything homo): the original fourteen 'colonies of sin' america was called by haiti - a turn-away society adds florida we were still getting them to buy their own stuff beads and shit

The cruel taskmaster at once ! if obliges...

Friend Of The Foul Four-Lettered Word - August 2009 (Working Schmitt: 'That One Speck In The Eye Or So I'd Be' Lindsay Holme Ol' Blood Beard)

Terry back in the door with a new LeCreuset (means "the last crumb [I've eaten from you]" on and on it goes...saying from me) pot and lid beige/putty color - said a black kitten was let out on the plane it was fully black with just a white-tipped nose. Hi, Pearlie...out of the bag yet. Says you can have one and that it made noise taxi-ing only? Huh?

More 08/18/09: Remember, LeCreuset is what delivered my most meaningful and memorable burn from steam in my youth - my hand got burned. I lay or woke up crying over it at night and used Lanacane from the medicine cabinet to solve it luckily and at-once (I was cooking a roast for my mother while at work or school). My mother has one and only one of these brand pots - a two-piece white job base and lid same with a 'Brasil' looking logo on the bottom - has it still.

By the way, Madonna's new record "Candy Shop" is a great giving with many nice songs (I paid full price). The song "Heartbeat" is especially cute right now each song opens up in time. I'll keep it on some.

Terry home today and to see new Pavilions and all 08/05/09 - new page and for or by August 6. Happy Birthday to fat Rosemary (now cooking on tv with black peanut mother will say is fave person 'Nancy Rinaldi' from France - mean, meaner yet serves chills or foods to folks and leaves). It don't come from here. See here the 2006 OLT federal return has been paid and with interest as if to thank you all. The state has been issued their three (3) beggars for their side of it and now too as stimulated by their brief papershade audit of 2008 (we wanted to see how the federal ones went first, I guess)...demand off while we wait. OLT now has just 2005 federal outstanding and even with little problems performed art beautifully OLT.

Got me the brown Coke glass at the LaBrea McDonald's near Target - the hard one to get - and that concludes our collector's promo and such interest. So purty to me. The glass is Warner LeRoy at stages (um, Dan Moon). By the way, we love the class and gesture of prayer at homeside meals...sometimes it just doesn't feel right. For people who are truly thankful - or unhealthy?

here, we allow for the goldenest of it moment that i am tennis playor 'andy roddick' (your purse, my price if once at all played) in any close-ups of at runyon canyon
the legs-shorts definitely mine to enjoy backwards if pieces have been shit in by void
the green-shirted one is doubleplusmad they bit off an old wiry dick inviting we in so just hitting hard to no enjoy=no frozen sperm without once reveal (you, 'secret chef')
the other is neil as rare, richard (someone to blame, an always made to have and that) seeking just greater moments-thoughts in passing? what? can't you fuck out by you and with me what attend
that person is not really too concerned with us but 'huh' - i'm just now wondering why so the fun? ugly? nor will you be to so seem!
i'm everywhere unfizzed but floating point world conscient passes by and passes by unless zee
to 'z' red dress, roxanne! the 'raspberry beret' said she stunk by being faded from black (basically a pig...pu!) a please, petit-small holding all greasy hair skatched for at one
'don't work too hard' the maharwashthis' venal ass check? must be all that fucking + bad behavior (be-have yours, please)

i can't find the these gray panties anywhere...from jail with 'fruit of the loom' ftl (frats 'til lockdown...fraternizes means 'mixes with solvently or only with good in-hand' - now see that)
got me a swank blue pair in the basement at mom's - no longer needed after a spanglished bully club rokked the casbahs...ribbed and veined
gotta few pair of black calvins briefs too they have some 'pils' (thread balls or odor purls) around the front of bag but why trim off ? only to see your nuts exposed by the very hairs being pulled out by it
and if october franch (late in the year if no plusses be extended yet, then is 'borrowing' as burned) is now somehow by up in my heart
what is october franch then? sharing without knowing you - a great steal

click here sci-fi and mirrortalk's own charm fool to see short video on franklin's 'stabbed her and more' pyor lava kim and most pau is hot chi ming! eat the grass if it's grangier while the others hide

both and be wedded shahabb! do you take the ring before it and so has awaken us and ask but to just symbol?
' you are the girl | that keeps me up at night | you are the girl | that makes me feel alright | you are the girl ' - the cars

this needs a special-type someone to enter field - you and just then, see you too? the wedding-funeral must to be proceed! thanks, shaw
this song is michael jackson to us, you all so exit the fact - 'to blood on the dancefloor' i offer my body is in there
very hard on me is also very good -- says now 'i can't believe my every day lived leaves us here' kinda if as you 'stand back, take a look and take heed'? no?
forgive the trespass a gift but little signs about (a red green pineapple covers up my tears as crowned) are hand-picked by me only
fat? 'let me see each one' said jesus then he upped and ran right the fuck out with each animal offering a harsh bite to those who eat out but every so often
'fat suits' can cover up a demi (diamler-benz?) god you seem to be me but sperm monograms 'xxx' very personal you poison is only just fish?
i feel 'raped' by my family oh so only what to remain...the enemy befin but breathing to each a useful gas everyone has 'acorn' -ive
thanks now fade to black for harsh beatings by the children o come emmanuel!
so little to give now greeks olives in israel 'is real' nothing yet will come back to see
'you don't have the right' meets the blind man at the altar 'what?!? a nigger!' and gets many sweet moments returned in highest esteem...
[ ] i agree never [ ] i can't say well [ ] to fool with grub, coupla paper plates...never do that word, ever, never
p.s. that is conan o'brien now on the tonight show sans jay leno? johnny carson's son who died...the church is the first avenue (players, as inglewood plus jackson nj...great adventure) on cynthia
the 'bk' means 'burger king' lounge to me ? but is 'jacko' or 'jk' on film - i hate that media plus

P.S. Michael Jackson is going to be 'formally interred' at Westwood Memorial Park one day (just behind a movie theater on Wilshire just bits east of Westwood Boulevard 'AVCO' it was). That is where Marilyn Monroe is in a mausoleum of sorts (the dirtiest hide it is said of the wall named 'I touch it' she says now on Larry David as the wife, kinda...I've been talking to my Uncle Joe who is Stephen Dorff as that and we don't get along that well to post yet "Remember when those niggers fed you a pile of shit in 'The Power Of One'?" I said).

Note that my cousin Michelle (Paul and Judy's daughter - as McCartney's then) is the girl who wins the beauty contest in 'Miss Congeniality' now on HBO (as I accuse the lead girl Sandra Bullock of being the monster who hatched Ace Of Base "All That She Wants" with Madonna the money now is here..alot of the people most girls won't work with showbiz idiots at all - they simply leave it the army so mean too 'they get things done though' it's said). It's been a long time (since 1983 in Kingwood, Texas) and people say she's pretty snotty now, but these girls were raised to be seen and not heard from. So see...her only sister younger Kristine writes about being in Argentina buying snowmobiles and running over snakes in the road (some psychic connect here) and was the girl in "Phantasm III" who took an ax to the head (these are being forcibly deleted from my YouTube account now). That is designer Stella McCartney too...the grommet handbags really mine I love grommets and have a few kits of them (shower curtains, etc).

Her latest email:

Yes, I know. I owe you an email. Whoa, what a crazy few months. I think I was in Kauai around Easter when you wrote, then. . . .I was packing up to move to South America. Yup, I am in Caviahue, Argentina. . . with the French guy. I think I told you, he started a lodge in Las Trancas, Chile a few years ago and is doing some exploration for another operation in Argentina somewhere near the town we are living in now, Caviahue. Weíve been here two months. We spent the first few weeks at his lodge in Chile where we hiked and I happily ate like a piglet because they were testing out a new chef who was eager to please. He (Jerome, the French guy) shipped 2 snowmobiles by boat from the US to Santiago so we hung out in Chile while awaiting there arrival, buying a new truck and having a trailer made to pull the snowmobiles on. We crossed the Andes with them in tow a few weeks ago and are now settled in a rental house in Argentina. Winter here only lasts until October so we will fly back to the states mid-October after months of Andean exploration. So that is it basically. I spend the days hiking volcanoes, snowmobiling, snowshoeing to craters, hiking to lower lagoons, practicing my Spanish, snowboarding, experimental cooking with local ingredients and constraints of product availability. We had a girl cooking but I didnít like her so, sheís out! I may try to do some design work here if I can improve my Castellan Spanish. Their accent is nothing like Spain or Mexico so it keeps my brain active.

I donít know if you received the group email I sent last week (from address); it had about 4 photos attached and I received a few error messages that many people couldnít receive them. Iíve attached the text below if you want to read them in your retired time between golf, water aerobics and toddy time. Send my love to everyone. If you have time, Iíd love to hear what you have been up to.


The Brat [my mother's own nickname for Kristine]

1st Group Email

Hello All,

Finally, a few photos. My hands are freezing so I do not intend to write too much. The snowmobiles finally arrived today so I am sitting on the side of the freeway in Chile in a trucking terminal while the crates are forklifted off the truck and opened. I am sucking it up (freezing in June) since I have had plenty of cosy days by the fire while some else cooks for me, cleans and does my laundry. Based off the photos from my snowmobile trailer at home in Colorado, Jerome contracted a guy here to build one similar. So, today with sleds and trailer in tow we plan to drive back over the Andes into Argentina with the snowmobiles. The drive with the sleds should take about 9 hours and 1-3 at the border.

The pictures below are just a few from the last 6 weeks. Internet is slow and hence the reason I have not uploaded many photos. Included are: a view from the room in the Jerome's lodge, the small celebration we had with had with our truck at the border of Argentina/Chile the first time we crossed without issue, a sunset in Patagonia during the last hours of our drive into Argentina before reaching the town where we live, Caviahue.

We've spent plenty of time eating seafood on the coast, hiking to vapor caves in the mountains, exploring volcanic lagoons and hiking under 300' waterfalls. Snowshoed yesterday for the first time in the Shangri-La Valley of Las Trancas through a forest of trees with filled with weeping moss and lime green parakeets. Fortunately, we will probably also snowmobile glaciers and volcanos by weeks end. We attended "hazelnut days" at the elementary school in the tiny tiny town of Recinto, Chile and gorged on a hazelnut and raspberry torte. Another day we picnicked with a couple from Belgium at their Chilean grandfathers 3000 acre estate in the mountains with a landing strip next to a 100 year old plantation. The family left during the dictatorship and only returned recently to set their grandfather up there temporarily with staff until he dies. The 6,000 sq foot plantation house and its contents were as it was when built 100 years ago; unchanged except for a few lights on an occasional extension cord. They had a distressed butcher block table on the lawn which we covered with a white sheet before laying out the cheeses, wines and meats that were cooking in the surrounding firepit for our picnic. With the jagged mountain backdrop, the 100 year old plantation and fall leaves in the foreground the table setting looking straight out of Food & Wine magazine complete with a varied assortment of guests around the table. We stayed well into the night huddled around the outdoor firepit exchanging stories in 3 languages. Upon arrival in Caviahue, AR the first night, we were greeted by an entourage of old friends Jerome had, and that I had met last July. They prepared meats and sausages in true Argentine fashion in a brick oven in an extremely modest kitchen with 6 sq feet of standing space. A truly rustic and rural experience it is in Caviahue. I love the contrasts.

Next time, photos of the tiny house in Caviahue we rented and of course, snowmobiles and tents! Jerome and his friend received a grant from the Banff Film Fest to make a movie in Caviahue this August so the next few months should get exciting. Thanks for all of your emails, keep them coming! If I don't respond quickly, it is only because I don't have internet.

2nd Group Email

Good Morning,

I hope you all recieved last weeks message, I had many returned, probably because of the photos. All is well here. The small ski resort of Caviahue is open, Iíve made acquaintances with both the Director of Marketing and General Manager thus resulting in the ability to obtain a ďresidentĒ season pass. Yippee. Iíve only been twice, coverage is a little sparse but the views of the volcano and lake are unmatched. It has been nice having the house now. I spend mornings with my Spanish and coffee, focusing on one tense or grammatical element a day, then I go out for a walk around town and talk to people and practice. Iíve realized I need my Spanish to get a little better before I can work productively here. Within the last week it seems even though they speak Castellan Spanish, Iíve really been able to sit down and have a conversation on whatever subject is thrown my way.

We went out for our first snowmobile ride a few afternoons ago. We started on a snow-covered road then made our way to an abandoned military hospital. The location of the hospital is set amongst mud baths and hot springs. Most of the natural pools are protected from the vigorous wind inside the dilapidated walls of the old hospital. They are accessible after making your way over the snowdrifts (both outside and inside) and through a hole in the roof. The ceiling looks like it is about to cave in on itself but it also appears as if it has been in that state for many years and it has settled contently into its new configuration. It was my first true ďmudĒ bath experience. The mud here is slate gray due to the volcanic rock in the area. Even the hot spring bath had a grayish tone instead of the customary crystallized blue color. We made our way out after a chilly change of clothes from swimsuits to our ski gear and road the sleds through blowing snow in the night back to the truck and trailer.

Attached are a few photos of my little house at the base of the volcano and ski area (if they did not attach, sorry, no worries, you aren't missing much). It is one of 5 that look the same because they were constructed to be vacation rentals (but arenít, we had to beg this old man to rent it to us Ė heís happy because Iíve cleaned the entire space and as you can probably tell . . .rearranged a few things as well).

Thatís all for now.




living proof we get hummingbirds a madness really lots of them this picture on monday 07/27
i mixed up more food today from the mix about $2.75 for twice that amount plus waters you add
happy birthday neilsy lest we forget 07/29 and grandmother moon same day
hbo showed both 'batman' and the 'molly' episode from 'hung' last night to honor me
i shut that crap right off and when anyone hits anyone's face but they showed me again right where i left off so i see
stole some of the new 'harry potter blood prince' online they get shut off when they pow-wow as no ones..hi denise ashley whatever
made 'chicken tarragon' tonight after cutting meat off breasts i guess: breast meat cubes, two chicken bullion cubes, one jar of artichoke hearts, tarragon, heavy whipping cream served over wild rice

'Navajo' (um, 'never home') white? A paint for apartment interiors as 'off-white' - I had some mixed up at Koontz for touching up...easy enough ? and I hadda have it lightened for bits yellow. Now is perfect.

'Helio' ('back from' as in space?) is for 'heliocentric' or our solar languages and the type for extras too if a mythical unicorn is 'capricorn' with 'caprice' and 'unpredictable' way with it the point at plus candy corn looking and the single horn is pointing down on us you see what they mean by a hole falling, kinda. Space name 'andromeda' is no galaxy, but is us still the entire milky way and is called 'Magellan' a space cont (for 'continuity' you see too much). The sun's name is "The Sun" and I want a clock that models the year of flight in real time it looks like a quarter slice of orange with swinging drop across in one whole day...someone says 362 days is real. Not to me, not yet.

Sunday 07/26 1450: Been watching some stuff on tv trying to escape the nuclear void that surrounds me. That show on HBO called 'Hung' held me in there for whole episodes that is supremely junky thinking (a male schoolteacher-coach ungetting turns into a ladies night in...a whole creepbag of it in-and-out of good sense) and I hafta watch stuff that makes me know more about me where I am 'hey! that's me' is not my idea of good entertainment but maybe feeds the dogs at your house (my price is $0 and is suggests of your price - will pay most other stuff no gas or bar dues). All this comes with colored pills (like a drink never asks - why would you do that??) if you get my meaning and I hate being victimed into being yours to abuse. So watches the clock. How will I be victimed here rings loud enough, but remember why we're at each other's throats...good pay equals good feelings and asking for what you want at no cost or bother you communist. I've only seen bits of 'The Dark Knight' one scene twice actually knife to throat of that girl and everyone has that pulled for pay (no iTunes, no pay-per-view). The Joker ('Rubien', mine) is compelling and is supposed to be Neil what he first saw of himself in the grave upward but with hair ('was grown' he said 'with spiders in it and moss'...Shecky Green? Who's that?) A French poodle with dark eyes is the paint of me...compelling with each word under heavy review to and with me. How best to say and no need? See for free and with me here...fuck 'em.

'everything but the girl' they'd say
the joker and the girl are batman's parents - they hated hearing of him on 'teletype' and came to see what of..'a bother to' me yet

The Pavilions sneak preview is tonight 07/23 - they looked great yesterday but see the monorail still isn't poured yet with dirt paths among cement floors...don't be dumb nothing goes away - your way. Back from just now: A really crowded wine bar and fruit-band showcase, and although the cashiers and all seem to like it (like our friend Denise Watkins hi hi), I hate change. Panda Express is MIA too. See all come and go they had Bobby Brown serving meat bits...I spent $27 on steak, potatoes, A-1, Coke suitcase, etc...10% off at the door. More on Sunday 07/26: We've been back since then and the normal business makes up for alot - take a walk in there sometime, is very nice and the prices are good and looks like the whole staff is there too. They have them cheap cell phones again too if need $10. One day the back of store eaten up by stocks again and you have less in front to say of bananas. Great buy: Crush sodas $0.59 each of 2-liter bottles usually they be expensive (grape, strawberry, orange). I'm making chili tonight...

Last night's flight (just after midnight and is technically 07/23) for Terry to MN ended safely as I listen and listen to others foible me the next trefoil to them. One left blood eye for me from shampoo or something says 'heart attack?' if now not so special? I did cut my finger on a can (of Trader Joe's chicken chili) last week too. Should I ask as healed so fast? I don't want to know anymore than you do if you're actually special over me. I did better in life and can reflect that well if simply. Questions to Ann Frank: "Did 'Rustler' steak house make A1 steak sauce?" I'd say yes, only. What is the name of the sun (no one knows this - probably A1)? The sun is "Capern" spell like "cathurn" but is not from "Copernicus" (we're guessing, that says). Is from "Cap[rico]rn" the hole of that never stops falling (hence the movie name "Capricorn One" for falsely visiting the moon as claimed if the moon is "Ex Libris 1" or taken from my library or belongings it says). Adds colour white as 'monostasis' ('mono' is nothing said yet -- one of many reading, one direction) is 'novostasis' (nothing said, no vote, nothing yours has said) I guess.

'go quietly or just go'...fanx
for me? you'd be here watching stills on tv shopping on local crimes

Gary Numan "Telekon" MP3 (6.2 Megs) from the 1980 LP - a second coming of sorts said

where is my outline
i start to fade
no concentration means 'fail' these days

i leave the table saying 'i am real'
i feel the pressure like your eyes on me
don't mention that name and books on love
i can't be sure, i can't be sure

you end on reel one
you end on reel one (alts 'you and the real one')

you quote from 'anxious' and things we do
i need protection from the likes of you

do you begin to see that i don't know?
i live on memories that are hard to find
send me a card and write 'i think of you'
i'll say you lied, i'll say you're lying

you are, you are

tell me a secret i'm sure to fall
my dog runs a.w.o.l.
i blame you all

we're in formation saying 'safe, safe, safe'
turn up my collar and mix with dark
the speaker turns on me spot her eyes
it's hard to breathe, it's hard to breathe

you end on reel one
you end on reel one

you are, you are

but you aren't, are you?
that strange sound notes a holocaust of your dreams, a siren going off while you die
'war, i'm calling you..signing off' this wreckage...coming up next:

Gary Numan "This Wreckage" MP3 (5.0 Megs)

i love this one, me?

and what if god's dead?
we must have done something wrong
this dark facade ends
we're independent from someone

this wreckage I call me
would like to frame your voice
this wreckage I call me
would like to meet you, meet you

we write suggestions
suggesting fading to silence
and that must please you
my mirror's tarnished with 'no-help'

this wreckage I call me
would like to frame your voice
this wreckage I call me
would like to meet you, meet you

(japanese phrase - means "goodbye, forever" probably not 'war i'm
calling you' to me i can't get it going on here to a spite)

turn out these eyes
wipe off my face
erase me

replay 'the end'
it's all just show
erase you

i need to i need to i need to

this wreckage i call me
would like to frame your voice
this wreckage i call me
would like to leave you, leave you
leave you, leave you soon

war i'm calling you!
signing off

i wanna get outta this now
take nothing from me then if all is yours now and then
simply a gay alien nation is my first to thought

now, onward...vie for some attention

To the 'you had a natural right to become, to denude' file then 'as if any remains were as yet unsent' my own filigree (horse-born) and shadow (what's that, now what?)': "Kelly Hildebrandt is in love with Kelly Hildebrandt, and soon they'll be married..." - CNN means these were killed in an Iran-type battle 'could be you too soon' if all goes well (foxhole chumlies? we'll smell around for something of that latuhr my opio-shhh breath). Yeah, and the Shah was Ayatollah Khomeni too - I love that guy. His funeral was like my own four-coffin solube I told him in fun while we chuckled over the hostage crisis and Reagan muds ago he hates me anyway. Show me your ass before we get down to business and maybe I'll grout your head right back on as if I knew how it takes one more to know more than anyone could know something like that. My favorite story-made-to-me is the engagement ring heist shootings (screen gems) but okay priests being raped with nuns in San (satan's own) Salvador is no number two in surface-type bean franks. Thanks again to our armed forces even if you're trying to impress that one special guy that's 'better than you' picking weeds out of lines in the sidewalk 'he's just not that into you neither' what crap see you back in jail with them into you driving out our own free sample of macro thoughts down in it still no xmas thanks you meem. No more should die but if do why? Be like add just-this to that 2006 OLT - prepared return to add back from original 'taxable income' and 'tax due' entries to now include any-both upward changes to his standard deduction and exemptions the forms have delayed me not much I pre-guess with you. Could've been lost in the mail all these have mirrors showing you off like you do at home sometimes even when 'I'm never in that good of a mood' the bottom line is you're drying off with someone upstream and tons of new james jones suicides open up to reveal split-level homes for each rosebud in a hometown not unlike my own, so seem a bare fruit. Clays in the soils, the swirly high-pitched dyings of children by kicking railroad ties somehow sandals barefoot now mercers in the blood is actually symbol you taught yourself to scream up on a chair too 'lice' the very first time you said my sex 'never again' actually never challenged me in colored Calvins see the chiefly same talking back at me under one 'you fool' I'm not going too form width black box small golf. End me this then. Terry on vacation two weeks Wednesday another stinky cheese-bread wedding pray for 'd' cups both sides big dumb christmas-type bow 'don't hurt me again' or I'll show you more crazy legs while shaving my upper back for the trolls under the name 'vidge'. Signs me 'vadge' while wiping breast cancers from my ass one (less than) eight-cent 'wet ones' plus any gravies should cease one day soom you'd make me one too no thanks for choking me down in it yet adds new turd (claims) 'Frank' even if you don my own task I'd cry and never say a thing you'd try-take something else milk under the doors kisses the walls too.

terry 'jackson' (um, 'japanese son' if 'moon' is 'moondoevr' or 'mind over') picked up some 'michael jackson' incense in westwood (um, at ucla) last week (one pack unseen for a total of three)
usually i get 'nag champra' (dot your point 'not our friend yet' it says in hindi) at the bodhi tree on melrose
both chase off spirits we hate with pure stink...not my usual feelings on things but okay problem people to you...hate
we did our part now see that

Finally ! Pavilions (8969 Santa Monica Boulevard) will re-open for a 'sneak preview' on Thursday, July 23 from 4pm to midnight and some get a 10% savings coupon in the mail. See you there...see you there the door or entrance is right on the street now chatecorner to the sidewalk. Finished watching "Innocent Blood" last night or else zoom iTunes - not bad, but some there is disgusting. Not bad though and is worth the watch. John Landis is the girl and plenty of alumni you see.

Having trouble getting a reload pak for your Green Dot card (as they are scarce these days)? Radio Shack and Rite-Aid have them still. They're trying to get away from pre-printed numbers on cards it seems and just issue reload numbers on and by receipts. I got mine at LaBrea and Santa Monica locations of each store. All CVS (um, 'Consolidated Vendor Services' the mall medic, can't verify sale) and Ralphs are shot out with no cards but advise to them a waste of time. Meanwhile banks hold a grudge for paid checks with tales of fraud and no service. Fuck you. Five (5) years off for you? We'll see about don't work for me, you don't work for anyone. Five years you are one needs you and your charges forth see credit unions if must loan.

someone special from history sings butler aames ? in 'the pink panther strikes again' 1976-1977
no one person is hitler signs me shot for it by being no star anyway you talking our home is hand-made and repaired with most store bought
more lies by speeds to air an aids-death a type of fame 1986: pet shop boys come from here and would have covered this...can you sing it like you always knew about me and lied here never?
you don't need to be anything big to love it here in hebron california be it we love nothing while you make me look bad to humble to myself and so not ever should be - see yourself prim in a coffin, waterspots a nightgown
see yourself the vice-old piano catapulted with you bench over the sale while playing - get that just done

These shorts from Beall's in Florida really make me happy - I ordered two more pair blue and olive (at about $15 a pair delivered fast - the blue have gray bands and olive has orange bands). Test fit...ours are 34 waist but I couldn't wear his without getting mad. Don't all rush in.

liz fraser offers some from 'studio objects' called 'mary' - i thought it was good enough for us here
the plastic-appliqued 'old slim duke' mouth singing in 'german' ghost no plastic if rolls-royce 'yes i'm rich' studio voice suggests we document nothing you have known ever anyway
'sympathy for the devil' introduces itself as mary's mother 'this is morely a pure shit - like you made it to me first' and 'my diary' says you couldn't have known before four years old how we struggled or not is that pretty in the face, yet later we make out to 'you' and you and you and you too 'so good pays me in having that ready'
um, no intimacy pleased be or else you hear it again within a quick unbreaded punch to the belly lower like farrah got from a younger man to quit talking about ryan o'neal crap to newman's own newer junk neil diamond turn on your fartlight 'okay, but not an owed-type good' while i swallow for you in capshaw but kilns fire up for your mother's heart and left leg
this a demo (fewer plays, if 'pepper-tree' sings for 'the hardest part of the hardest heart' says 'hi') no song 'of the lion' bunions my lovestink could i take shut it off now with falsetto boys shit from phrams and heat takers up my ass libbing earl scheib masks on old-same shit smoking out always
a great beauty knows me a great beauty and we certainly have to fuck to know about never having fucking and no you, else peter gun, the lowly pisser
the bw film says this is how god's claw sees clouds on top as dirt and how the world is seen for real as she visits outer limits but see yourself meaner-dumber here and now with me liking but not seriously taking anything back to save my life eats one corpse licker showering off in my butt
the lighthouse (playing nutcracker is just taps in time as no pitch? psb) doppler, but in effect the world only travels its fastest meats as slow as a clock you big too...
so how many thousand miles a minute against sun with no atmosphere you?
no...these are our box homes, where dead kids live in rocks or stonehenge what's left under dirt...antennas usher in clouds of resources maybe backwards 'no two trees' are our universe seen by us once as dirt flowing
what an ethereal mess!
with 'real' stuff comes comments of my having commerced but no pay, products, smarts, nothing being sold actually but selling and 'mastering' being called 'the ability to perform these as held by anyone, just one' then beaks it engraving and if 'producing' just gets it around to sale by selving the shelves with it
'sure you dumb fuck' when i wrote this i was talking to lionel richie's black-box (commodores) recorder in the car while turning down 'for phoebe' and 'cracking a window' something no one knows how to say she 'knew she had me a voice', 'studied opera' simply the scary face but like in happier days, each note like a plaque and fishes it tartar
verifably algor not rigor mortis under my fingernails painted red-gold flasher in my hyman
things aren't that bad but we don't deserve to talk of any hate crimes or lesser beings (no money, has seen cash being radio-templed on tv's dach's notright is at it agin) being accepted as cash anywhere nearby yet...sad demo they look for you is their pay of it so small yet big my tum tum
a woman presents me to me your coffin as heralded a big black death but i pull it all apart symbollically and forever to see nothing but what's unsent while i know better than to talk to you 'no event'
'fraud' (the sad french poopie the clown) equals an only outcome i never worked at it stinks in me still saying...i never wanted anything for you, privates hanging make me change a tape
you are not real in my dreams suitcases pipes overhead take care of these demanding me with aids be it gay or then hebron's sent...believe in good it goes home for sixteen days no pay starting september sound
elton john 'sugar on the floor' is great too then poops out (um, 2:21 stevie nicks) doesn't have the money to issue what and i die of having had the promise made flesh - see it here thanks expose too with the chant 'death death death 'til the sun cries morning'

another great bargain picked outta the trash or maybe moving in process near elevator
simple human is available locally at koontz and the shit's not cheap either like $100 for this model
like new so we mention you i have other stuff too i love the muffin pans and the homey skillet you shit in
when i was little i got this black statue from the trash that pissed wine electrically - very elegante
on major trash day you could live a little - some of those wire bookcases we still cherish at le faux
i clean up a murder at your house it's so nice there...ghosts get to enter your home at price, however the jarvik-9c has a whole family all bald too like lex luther they are all pumped up

i died making this...i can't believe a fool would bring this box on a bus
for food? $89 at target and if will - now mind over has it put together for guide onward
important tip: the screw holes on top of the rack assembled must be innermost - outermost won't line up when the grill itself is placed

At ten o'clock this morning 07/09/09 she's gonna file suit: Neil says Madonna just tried to lift the lid on Michael Jackson's homebody at another private service a real retard there a mindgam. Was arrested, finally, and is in police custody still ('they asked me to' + 'a black - who cares?!?' if the scariest leak out is a white man all bedfellows). Michael says he has electro-magnets locking it up and 'she wasn't kind enough' on.

Was watching bits of the Jackson memorials on tv - a real metalhead there the blacks speaking seem dead serious I have the sound turned down though for nervousness and ears off. I scanned the metal box(es) there are two (2) it seems on a ferris wheel of sorts switching out somehow. One has a dead white-ish goat in it and the other has a narwhale or long, fat, brown seacow I guess. Strange but okay do not disturb or invite. It's supposed to be three days of such ? at Staple's Center (maybe nothing seen...ask anyway - sales of this nature are verboten here, kinda) with two dollars or ten dollar tickets these cost much a public outpouring of nudes ("I feel guilt, I feel fear - love? Okay...all about you" and me I'm guessing). I doubt I'd haul it down there (Berlin at Borders too...but also on my rooftop earlier no class if 'men' are there -- we shut off sortings) but maybe somehow as not opposed (I wouldn't be invited or welcome, no?) but Jackson was here briefly in and out last night to rejoin you in spirit we talked as he stood in my closet I grabbed his hand at request (he has on a black military jacket woolen and a black glove - very elegant). I told him he can 'introduce' me as ghost double or whatever to whomever but do not speak of seriously topics we don't care cry and die - it was good enough for you. By the way back taxes refund number two or 2007 was paid so two down, two to go. Thank you all to some to not. Nothing else major.

the 'sea salt' we use at home and we do use it
'baleine' means 'believe in us' in french-austrian

Aspirin might be penicillin too? The other way around if you need to try and get something in place for infection of nasal nature or penis drips my logo (penicillin is supposed to be green mold from oranges - ten days I'm told but I decline most home-alone stuff as shirking real moneyed efforts and their resolves - try try I made gunk mayonnaise from an internet recipe and it stunk up the the drain only - dry mustard and whole red yolks? See that southern woman made it for us post-haste - we see that - and I'll just buy some from Best Foods when I get the money). I'm never sure if I rode a non-specific syphilis out that left me infertile. Well, well, I live to tell. Lemons (the rind) get rid of mucous best by the way made from too much water and tank water (no lighting it). Some say salt - sea salt (Baleine our current brand at home). That's not real though if water-placed or already mixed out as best served. We have sea salt here and I objected as takes your teeth...'not real' they say above.

See below...

watch this - 'jam' live in 'new' mexico...a fantasy in rhyme...i took a little more in
although most others (the three prior lp's), i didn't get around to buying 'dangerous' and suggest the box set
i bought the 'jam' video from itunes though...they don't target me for sales here it seems
'thriller' sold fifty-six million, 'dangerous' sold ninety million then 'bad' eighty, then 'off the wall' not mentionable at sixteen million

(Preface these quotes with me: You are no one, it shows to me. I have everything and nothing too. With celebrities - and Miley you need makeup at night last night out we see you - I lose something always in friends to myself inside, but above and in me are perfect beings that are me and not me that play very well. Hideously beautiful to hear and know. 'I'd eat my own shit before I sucked my own dick.' Quote me...never.")

Ed McMahon on Michael's death: "I never used that it comes with knockers [or tits I'd say]. A woman's man only."

Heidi Fleiss "Never actually much to us here. A vagabond, really."

Obama: "We have nothing for that. Useless."

Fred Ferdinand (Fred Wilson, the manager): "If he were here, we'd kill him again. A monster."

Owen Wilson (the actor, his son): "A true friend to the masses is best said. We love him for that."

Scott Weiland (STP lead singer): "No one knows this, but he is not me. Not ever. We are brothers in spirit though. Goodbye."

Anne Dudley (sometime orchestrator, lead singer Portishead): "Welcomes no one, is a nigger. A nigger - eat shit."

Scott Ferdinand (Neil's father aka Greg Hines) "We love him - period."

Katherine Jackson, mother: "We leave you to love nothing. If you're here [as in reading], you hate us already. Hate is verboten -- see you there."

Joe Jackson, father (aka to us as composer, cosmetologist Stephen Sondheim, somehow): "That child died in my arms nines times yet. Die again for getting out of line and again yet. See you down."

-----more said to some

Before: These will be more after a good night's sleep. You could ask anyone - anyone at all. Who? No truth stuff - sideline that to shelf (what? continues on now):

Mendel Chemtz a religion adviser to 'kings' he said: "No one knows how this person struggles to be with us now. Help him struggle. A real bastard to women only." [We hate women...for dullards.]

Julie Howard, an actress in France for feelings "No one need advise this - America is struggling with itself again. No one knows why or how, but this stinks for Doug." [Doug Moon? Doug thanks providence for being better at providing for others and their needs somehow i.e., no dysfunction introduced or falling off - poor-breeding (thinking too much, taking the time) or acquiesce then (agreeing with at ends made) rules us too often...thanks for dying with significant hair too...I love carnival (community upset, and as eating your pets in a struggle) and group feelings or running room to room as having scared them of exposures, eventualities (a bad faith, no margins for us)...okay I wanted this over with yesterday as vagabond makes me feel bad clouds everywhere....]

Julie Howard (again, not a response to me said) "Nevermind, I'm feeling better."

Ronald Reagan resumed "A bastard about politics, has money riding your ass around Doug Moon. Clean it up one day." [Doug: It's his money, and it's for sale (the money that is). I've noticed people come around more with simple money requests $30, $40, $55 if they think you've hit it. I'm here...kinda needy too.]

Talking at others while speaking is frowned upon. Launching at? Never - but some will see caskets.

Susan Saint James (recently died in my arms yes yes "Love At First Bite"): "We hate advice - just do. He just did to me by rolling my husband over in bed dead. Thanks again - fuck you all." [And that's not just all - see it as being rude.]

That's that. 'Jermaine' (if blacks are truly deity or simply perfect for you, this is my own black with dimples) says quote 'the queen of England' who I hate hearing from ever: "We hate blacks, period." [They rob you bad, huh...the gift given me. She continues to this my own mercies of "You have no friends." If friends are people who aren't good enough to sleep with, we still wouldn't get along. I see you've been to my home too many times now while I masturbated to guests and above net - Michael's plastic surgeon Dr. Hoefflin, for instance...with no thanks always to John and Neil Ondy my one true love].

Note again to you and you and you too - all direct quotes are not by me they are dictation purely from mind over and are quite perfect to me with limited mainstream interest always but requiring great acts of a giving sense. Mine adds are editorial I just can't resist me offhand a flurry of it don't be dumb here. Don't be that dumb I know more than you will and it usually stinks.

our 'vampire with a mole' theme moves out, onto you 'love at first bite' with supertan george hamilton (a faux)
the trailer repeats itself but bear with it a serious solemn here
i rented 'innocent blood' (a reference to a real killer in-waiting) for 24 hours from itunes - my very first there with half an hour in - not good

La Bourge the poor man's height: Oh, finally it's called a 'favicon' (check alternate spellings 'favricon', 'fabricon' for be it a 'dump-waste' for no-ones learning it at me) you get that to me now (actually, the smallish logo or icon for a company say that's found on the left side of the formula or IP address bar once a website is downloaded to your browser). See Adobe minor website cozy up to greatness if a name is worth nothing you sell their clothes at them 'given to nothing' you do sue me. Learn by doing it to you. See Mac website for favicons - it's that confusing to no-learners just doing fine thanks. I questioned ? Yahoo's logo in my head 'what does it mean?' when my site featured one quite often but is a blue world now (they stopped using around town they said). Someone opens up about respecting people's money and when I hear the 'someone' speaking dump me off at the queen's office, I launch into hate over having heard her shit again (watch Apple's Safari do this too). America is serious about you fucking off with her shit - you should trust that. I sense you're planning to segue here and that is unkind to you. If you want to know further about private property, that ceases to be true with any sales to or public disorder. We are not legal eagles but eat some leftovers (now grab that from the back with a rope and choke its eyes out).

"Just give me your name, get me the pills. Give me something to look at - it matters only." - dM who never ceases to please me, adds your work

"You do the right thing per labels as you use the shampoo leave it on burning all out and Rogaine and glues. You do everything anyway unless you're poor and it shows to me." - dM a woman isn't defeated naturally winscome, but gets old and dies too well - is second only to homosexuals who are born dead to a mother dying of it (you are made female to be sure you lost everything, you have a baby to get out from under and the next by gets pulled in against their will like saints give niggers their money...never) it works every time you ask me again or hat in bed like a bald woman a grandeur grand jury

Nyet ('not yet' in Russian - polish would be 'nyot' not you, not again...not ever will you begift me with lichtens touch...'you take me' as in records voice). My praying mantis eggheart hatched already over the weekend now I'm sad they are fully formed brown and living everywhere while some remain inactive on the bottom (death is not real for these I am theirs). My blessings are to be that a 'rage' over not doing well with me. I took MJ's body too along with other stuff you'd hate. People need to be with me not you...I'd choke that Thai guy with a towel you'd get that in the box down ('die me'). Like real he is - so lifeless yet smidges of a real duke fordham 'you gunshy, me found'. Thanks you for playing honoring my play my fords in it. As real, if real. We care too much while high on these ramparts. Back to cares.

Jump Back In A Quarterly Flash Your Money Plus My Time Equals More Of The Hottish Candor Of Flame You Beg Me Back In Should I Go Back On Your Word Plus Dwarfen Fee For Begging Me In Be It Through And The Bowels Of Your Home
That's not going to cover a new dress...campfires, clogs, any sharks teeth, bandwidths and macrame.