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1 - not just enjoying theirs in front of us no say, theirs come with thoughts for us devo having feelings too another yet to be nightmare before christmas;
2 - if we were trying to get you killed as naturally, you'd be sent with madonna to camp rock where no one is too tired to dance and sing it out their glory hole as no refuse and as if no disney show unfounded by me;
3 - if not this, get devo's song by the same name...we watched some it looks nice, but is a death of childhood-type thing like 'phantasm' tears for fears
4 - roast bob saget sure we've dying to hear the stuff from his home and his beggars union of lot - no greater gift givings unprecedented or not then seen before; bob is mike ivans a good friend + fathered ashley 'potter'
5 - warner bros. is my favorite studio label to not - see what's in store from them and yet again....
6 - looks like great stuff musically speaking you vincemeat hog ...take another look yet see (we did that up the ass...hardly a few notables left like the early rca music club just my shit posing as you, richly drawn in feathers)

Apple iTunes

7 - the first few minutes are and again like 'married to the morgue' shiny and with money it seemed...the limo driver from 'dynasty' gives her a choice nyc apartment and tells her he owns the 'square pegs', really
7a - amy heckerling-heather hinckel does this too with campmates...she's the one who lives with sheryl crow as friends more, very serious types, terry's old roommates back up to johnson & johnson wealths, spiderman...add in kim basinger up at the top as terry's paternal grandmother dorothy, his dad is mj and eminem?
4a - ashley stars in 'harry potter' i fancy myself her godfather you only get one they are probably full-on jews too...savvy people...mike is mike of the monkees or his father is one or the other mike is ours
4b - they had a wasteland of fave monkee peter tork's funeral at universal hollywood on tv - they have a box and bicycles crashing into cars...look for on 'trutv'
4c - davey jones is my favorite 'brady bunch' episode quote me it made me feel so good...and for now

Octobersounds 2008 Awaits You To Be Here

"FTP - you fight at the top over little things ceding your stake in it to be not." - dM who doesn't use acronyms to speak to you but use you again to say something not yours

"You 'wonder', you 'won' while others get to know." - dM who adds 'you know you lost'

"And if not still I'd pray - it couldn't help." - dM who much oft refuses to candy-ass these days -- make me know (and finally then see where two dashes are to be used)


James Patterson "Cross"...a paperback book found here on a shelf one assumes the roommate has this to read from another...we haven't read a lick of it, really - my gift to you is a quick review two stars:

A woman comes into an office demanding her share of textiles from the government. The textiles are rubber stamps that make government prints like cash and cash instruments. When others make her review her choices for the future they say, she gets mad and storms out making others know her way with it - making cash that is - and the government calls again. "Never think you can't get them down" she says "even Christ volunteers informations against them daily and while they wait to defeat that too." Here's where our story ends, but she gets into a great deal of trouble like I do making sense to no sense. See me review no more later as never having read anyway....thanks is due. More: I read the excerpt - simply gross 'papa' stuff like it was written by beggars but ties up neatly as homosexual fare. Madonna again.

Thanks OJ for leaving and again finally. 1) Nothing good or newsworthy comes from LA - we are Heaven. Trust that....the children play. 2) "My Cousin Vinny" (see 'expert' for 'ex-pert' or then 'doesn't get excited' at first mentions afore...a 'perth' is actually the sought metaphor for someone who doesn't think with you...not ever) - like OJ, they really did it you know? You gotta negotiate stance? Changing history (your story told onward as by you...demanding attention for it as prior to) is more to the point. If you can't get to the torment, get someone. Get someone I'd say.

Polaroid's video maker needs Mac disks came with PC so stop the rest with this. Cum undone to me...Dan, 19 + Ray, 20 of Burnett you shaved me down.

Check out this new mentos-type black cabbage maker (of no great import, kim say) that uses a usb port and internet + dsl to hatch a heurvo of plisk calls over the wire to many a savings you said some. It's called "MagicJack" spooming a 'lifetime of hint savings' as he the roommate thinks and if cagily about replacing local service with this mott to make me savor it the both watt for unsound and as unsaid. Anyway, the unit was sent by father at about $40 of cost and may be the threat additionals of cone hassle we seek not often but yet to seem. Check it out the simple AT&T return of our deposit now made double or none. Kiss album "Love Gun" is style 'casino' all  mink of hard-heart faces whited off with little black of spades and cheat-at the symbols...'If you lose, we'll see ya 'round the fountain drinks at ten 'skins aware', not frenzied around the meats and clammed-up carts with cooler parts saving the heat for your mom's bristle night at the 'share-it' sound factory 'lumps of it' act mean or hard then both be. Be hard of hearing to me off-loan and we'll talk about it never then never again'...'round that off, you chinese legworm with pins in your asshole's netbag and cash coolant in a server called the "thin mint's" bag an actual bag, yes hold one off.

"The same guy who sat on the rim and pulled forks across his bare teeth puts the soap up his ass daily besure. The soap gets rinsed of almond chips and band hair neatly enough and then you see no reason not to object." - dM

"Never be too sure about who weighs who in. I complain bitterly about myself being underweight mostly as you battle for the heavens to have one more time with whatever you bored out in the morning to be so sure." - dM

"No one sits in my home during the day eating my food while I'm at work worrying about it all being there when I get back - you can trust that to fuck. Only a 'lover' gets to do that and one way or the other you leave in the morning when I do." - dM who notes women and beggars object strongly but I don't live that well yet with all my neighbors living in the houses I paid for well under one or another a butt...we share one key even now plus the skeleton or boner key (the perimeter, I guess). This bitch wouldn't let me in the other day I got locked out for you no seem (seven years for a cheap brown bitch never before seen is paid fine) but note my Starbucks card slipped in and fucked you back up your own ass plus I'm going to make you some new keys too outdoors and away you go unheard. Unlike you, I see the upset languages before as it is said to avoid me being at all.      

elton john 'hard luck story' from 1975's 'rock of the westies' lp...another good one grow some funk of your home
a hard luck story is when no one will leave you alone long enough to do the right things and mostly for yourself
you can't get laid? truths about you can be retrieved at the nearest 'lost and found' or 'who made it after all by what then another famous and yet be this a fool'? than hour's very own dogwipe!
the car wash here has your pictures mounted for said and as sale, the burger hut ask you not have this over yet be me hell of it so samed using all hot califragils knopp's hombly spray
wash the lucred tits on that maureen-colored rca caspmallah and make it clasp while our brint surgeon of baboons peel-to-eat the white-fabled sirloined banana off the half-rear of the upper trask you'll pet it all off at me

Elton John - Rock of the Westies - Hard Luck Story

ma barker and her boys from the 'untouchables' parts 1-6
thanks to 'n9neether' ma barker is dorothy parker et al and ho hum

Soon be alert !! Payday not even mine...and noting Halloween is payday this month a Friday (finally I'll have some change on-hand only a cocksucker finds his money on the street and loves it the whole amount be a twenty the greatest gift). Every day is to be wasteful and at friend away with friends. My illicit joke to gays: "I provide a family..." of vampires, of apes.

"To me, morals are like murals...seen to be, is on the way. Like in LA, artist works perhaps commissioned to be the last word from the last word on topic. Anyone?" - dM, and is morely moreover

went to cvs on lacienega and behind the counter they have these figure-eight pumpkins...jack o' lantern whatever
to honor me ? a double-taking at once moderate and be used real bad
no - turns out just two stacked!
lol! like two serial-numbered tits behind 7-eleven who else could it be ? they match your late mother's one medical record at county loans
the eye patch is very pete burns, very jesus, very barbara boggs sigmund and of late (see actor jerry reed just died - we liked jerry reed my father) mid-advanced stages of leprosy shirtless on the boardwalk in nj is hers
mine too...anything goes with egalitarians (you equals me anyhow if a communism is no value to be shown as 'murderers') plus women and their narture of speaking to is harm's way a science if nothing is to be said...evil people

like the white stripes on our flag...still waiting to be said as something growing too old to be that serious? dairy queen is just god-like, or seemingly 'like-life'
you just do what we tell you ya - you're still here and we still can't get you to stop asking niggers for the same bombs that pleased them so and long ago
met their very own standards against trying you, i mean
now you think nothing to yourself authors again and again
on the boardwalk in nj she gets them an overweight man with advanced rabies (brown raised shiny oval lesions) all over his body from these her playful types...'put on your shirt' anyway then
- just because you're you still you ('anything goes' when in roam or 'why not this with them fries?' while i stink it all over) and we have better to show you yet (romance 1600 - you might win again says me)
is anything real to me? not real enough to say anything to a woman with a pum mole under her nose who cries unattended at the very mention...she devils, it she

my notes since 09/18
before - pet shop boys (to me, a jerkoff to people seeking 'love' it's all around you...honor that first + jesus, second coming too = another jerky boy, but awful pretty to me too and with 'blackup' singers)
tradition of love - pretenders (get their new mp3 'break up the concrete' at quicktime headquarters - i did)
have mercy - 'til tuesday
the end of the world - pet shop boys
don juan - pet shop boys
i want to wake up - pet shop boys
never do that - pretenders
metal - gary numan
west end girls - pet shop boys
only the wind - pet shop boys
my sacrifice - creed
triumph - curve (see curve's musical theory at wikipedia under heading 'disambiguation' or making it sense to article and then 'curve (band)' or describing as 'english music group')
make no mistake (he's mine) - barbra streisand
42 - coldplay (got the cd's days ago and at price...thanks won me polaroid video camera at ebay too about $30 all-told - see ya soon)
evangeline - cocteau twins (last line: 'i had to fantasize just to survive' but see 'my hands are cold as ice - just sinful life')

others i failed to write down some...more later through to 09/28 one week

almost a curse in its terms of having a bent metal like tin fashioned to be its edges...a metal shop-type figurine, jail of has-been
this is a tip box that i wanted you to see - a gift wrapped in cellophane, perhaps a rely languid of personal objection for places inside
no beggings just symbols rich...and note the still life or light-hue to color actuals of tin 'how it could be'
people question 'is it really tin?' if burden is to be sought by sight until it cuts your ass much like a shark's tooth has plasmas for clean cuts down no threads
probably from bullock's is macy's at once then six inches (6") high the vary around top to bottom no greater width as

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! "The Fearless Vampire Killers" The Fearless Vampire Killers somebody loves me if I live for you exclusively a non-person endlessly appealing to be as you. Roman Polanski (who made this like God made the world: two larger cat paws patting dirt into place with some spittle probably actually a litterbox of thought some say is actually, is true) just pinched my tits in a dream like I would know (he had on a knit polo-type top), like a nutcase, but here is our own story of vampires as Spanish negroes living off of scabs in an arthouse setting - very good shit (see my note of, December 2003). A glad experience seeing this each draw is careful you meet people like "Panchkin Lameru" the housemaid here. An insider's view of mud-dauber Switzerland hiding hams in the walls and their yet humble of homes - great stuff in moviemaking. Don't touch my tits again....may be my Uncle Paul after all.

WOW! WOW! "Valley Of The Dolls" Valley of the Dolls for rent-buying - a must see from! Meanwhile, I loved Kevin Bacon (Madonna) and Sean my hero in "Death Sentence"...almost sexual in its poundings so violent. Kevin gets one kid back from the grave (the wrong one - now see that a dream to no speak?) after his own shooting melee. An irony...the guy the 'pinwheel' is his secret lover being ripped down like Cunanan left to die after many Jewish-type givings of extreme nature to no value seen. I'll pay gladly if can lose the institution of bargaining me my good. See this at Rapidshare UK if also the system now known to you as some will say and do the right thing to me.

Marvin Gaye "Got To Give It Up (Part 1)" Marvin Gaye - Number 1's: Marvin Gaye - Got to Give It Up, Part 1 (this somehow is inspired by "Dare" late of Gorillaz a favorite soundz of mine if a 'jubilee' is just one more black to reciprocate the cherry-blossom "one-per branch" ridicule of each being "so black to me" and thus laughing at each other in hysterics right hand outstretched in a bow to of sorts my type of humour what you did to me and then) from his greatest hits session and see others around this offering...all bedevils to you.

"Suspiria" soundtrack anyone and by Goblin (1977)? Goblin - Suspiria - Suspiria

Can you bake a turkey pie?

Pasta-crust Turkey Pie: Break 16 oz. spaghetti into halves. Cook as directed; drain. Mix 2 beaten eggs, 1/3 c. grated Parmesan cheese, and warm spaghetti. Pour into 9-inch buttered pie plate; form into shell with back of spoon. Spread on 2/3 c. sour cream. Melt 1 tbsp. margarine in large skillet over medium-high heat. Crumble in 1 pkg. (1 ¼ lb.)  fresh ground turkey into skillet; stir in ¾ c. chopped green pepper and 1/3 c. chopped onion. Cook until turkey is no longer pink.  Stir in 1 c. Italian-style tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce. Simmer 10 minutes; add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon turkey mixture into pie shell. Bake at 350 degrees 25 minutes. Arrange 4 oz. sliced mozzarella cheese on top. Bake until cheese melts. Makes 6 servings.

We tried this a few times and bakes like lasagne. Is not lasagne, but the dead love it...use a long pan.

Try it out.

Irene Cara "You Were Made For Me" Irene Cara - What a Feelin' - You Were Made for Me from 1983's "What A Feelin'" song on the cassette inspired Cocteau Twins' "Watchlar"...the song "Receiving" is like this...cakewalk at night, syncopies, kinda Gorgio Moroder (Donna Summer who was just crowing about money made with me on her single "There Goes My Baby" - a great to me).

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and the original version of "Silver Springs" Fleetwood Mac - Crystal Visions... The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (Bonus Version) - Silver Springs (Advanced Resolution Stereo Version) as originally from the b/w of 1979's single "Tusk" could be my silver springs | my blue green colors flashin' thing going...bella donna my little beauty every day for caring against it all some. 

This caught my eye - a walking tour of West Hollywood this Saturday, September 28
...yes, we'll be there for sure no stipps last night. Update: Only about fourteen (14) people showed up and we waited half an hour and left the scene at 10:30 just me. She was bringing a bus they say. Hi to Jack Black (Bob Cleary), Kathy Griffin, and Dan Moon who were all present with me but incognito...that's me. Dorothy Parker is supposedly Rosie O'Donnell "an angel - but one wing in back" that murdered her parents one day in frustration says God over "1943". So that's who we were waiting for as her friends...she need eighteen (18) dead-set to appear to us and that never came. Madonna was there in cloak along with others Dan Moon was a black man. As Olivia Newton-John said about her concert (at The Greek, half-full) it was "private"...we get to meet our fans it says. I believe that and love the stories. We forgive you...a "divinity" coach passed to much interest on my part then I was told to wander off and in my head I did.

Devo "Speed Racer" Devo - Oh No! It's Devo - Speed Racer from 1982's "Oh, No! It's Devo" LP

"The numbers at YouTube are way understated. Websites get pulled into hubs (the US has 17 'markubs' or tellings then) and they feed off that. If you update alot, you have excess traffic." - dM

"Mister Kadali or co-dolly (or codenys) doesn't say anything to you about God usually, but goes along or helps cart shit off. That's a spiritual leader - helping make happy." - dM for Sing-Sing

Went over to KFC Express third floor Beverly Center last night (09/24/08) to get a snack box of their popcorn chicken and potato skins for having bought a 32 oz. soda the coupon from the Clipper Magazine in the mail. Sure enough, the asian girl working there wouldn't honor my small request although the coupon says "participating restaurants" this says you are KFC and "not in San Diego". This expired 09/30/08 I previously asked Terry to extend his hand with me as I had another one expiring on 10/31/08. Use these too because I believe in a little attention for bulk mails and a small reward for it too you get your shit back with demands even if you don't have the time - see ya soon Gelsons their five-dollar coupons just received by me. Here's a failure I took my five dollars to Starbucks instead.

Having just watched people fighting on "Sopranos" all-real to me (no thinking ever, just slow talk with feelings only - what I do at home), you get to the real KFC sometime. A bit expensive, but I like getting the whole meal every six (6) months or so including the choco-pud dessert cup. Original recipe. The "Sopranos" I just watched on cable has Robert Loggia in it making someone leave his desk after being offered a dick to suck on first from his plate...A&E "Where's Johnny?"
From Season 5, the "Sopranos" episode called "Where's Johnny?" The Sopranos - The Sopranos, Season 5 - Where's Johnny?
They rough up a woman in colored leather hitting a bar for change and someone shoots her chest through a phone book "Look at that - you only got to the 'r's" he said. "Better luck next time."
He told me in my head "you have to use a Wall Street phone book" - LOL!

You watch them receipts too these days - everywhere a rip-off a mistake sure you'd never see that ever unless you. Make sure you know when you give a gift or someone small cherishes you the wrong way.

"Fandango? Yeah - you enter the room here dumbly, happily enough with a fang dangling on a string." - dM who notes you got naked and ridiculed me but it cost u extra o! say can you see

"Sigue Sigue Sputnik makes sym reference to Cocteau Twins with Jean 'Cocteau' and his mohawk only. The name ridicules waiting for others to try maybe two then leaping out awkwardly." -  dM
Cocteau Twins makes reference to filmmaker Jean Cocteau and his white rooms of heavenly mist used to house a spiritual double or doppelganger of ours getting it right above for guide seems to tell us in feelings. 


we loved lee curreri (collecting the best of it) the jew playing originals on piano on nbc's prime time show 'fame'
the whole shmoo remember with us (is neil i hear now...we were not close ever be yet)

Further more helping saint (when you present, others burn to present theirs then..."they just wanna be who you are [heaven help then we both turn to you]"): All files called ".rar" files must be downloaded before assembling into one ".avi" (audio visual interchange) file for viewing - they check for the very next one in the series before unraveling to you and I dumped that right away as being bothersome altogether without their premium service what delivers faster or many files at-once too to a beautiful Apple Mac OSX window called "Downloads". The downloads take excessive time even with DSL (true duplex or sending and receiving both at-once) strength afoot. The ".avi" file assembles automatically then from clicking on the first ".rar" (for "random accessing reader" ? or no extrapolate without all formed before us) downloaded from source or seek their software on the side then at source. You open the film in QuickTime Pro to edit, but I view in VLC media player myself for a clean present somehow (pause and play if any bother...and by the way, try enlarging YouTube with the rectangles icon lower right - it's cool for watching...pull your chair back from the table too for a better thought). QuickTime has arrows on the bottom of the cursor once clicked on - you pull the right one (a half of the marker then) far right to adjust later and then move the left one to the right or to the beginning of your desired sequence. Once placed at the thought, you move the right one back in if as more lefterly to end the clip by you yourself made. A little messy in feel that's all with adjusts in framing to be determined by source. You cannot type in specific edits yet. Then choose "Trim To Selection" under menu header "Edit" it shortens the file then lengthens the whole thing as the edit across the timing bar to seem as a whole film. There it is - you save as a ".mov" file and it flattens the whole thing in a small process of seconds on the displayed screen. This uploads easily to YouTube or whatever then. I was asked to do this stuff ("a great thing" like Martha Stewart shows you), and wouldn't bother with it ever otherwise. Now we know.

YouTube is great as one source for many plays to be uploaded not at all. Save us this money collectively somehow...if never a feature film to be seen too well.

Additionally, the new Firefox browser its update is proving lovely over old basket Netscape what keeps asking me. Microsoft coulda killed Netscape easy this is theirs too. Screen or text shrinking both or one, all fonts radioactive, picture resolution is times brilliant, and finally give Netscape a rest it says. All YouTube plays well here now you too.     

Stone Temple Pilots ride my boy into the future with "Creep" Stone Temple Pilots - Core - Creep from their debut lasasse of 1992..." take time with a wounded hand | 'cause it likes to heal " and tell that freak (the 'doctor' trying to kill me friend before I make him do without you) in "Oz" he was gonna die if he didn't appear remade of beauty in any hair in my tv set and unchromed (look for yourself - the eyes of any dead guy still illegal to show or perform from, the center pulled in deep I guess). Everything's real to me. It saved your ass, now back to restoring those white boxers down to be as health would have it. What are you - without nuts? Always zaning between eating a dogpile of shit and having none, thank you. If for any marriage in the street....

Rick Springfield "State Of The Heart" Rick Springfield - The Best of Rick Springfield - State of the Heart there's no room for you here...originally from the "Tao" LP (1985) now seem greatest hits 1981 a fool's fool.

Thank my roommate Terry again (and prescience or having no bother arranged in advance of knowing why - see little here) for having paid QuickTime Pro (all editing to save ".avi" files and as your own ".mov" in limit of lengths) and RapidShare UK (faster or then downloads of source media) for upgrades beyond basic-free some much earlier and so too our movies flaned. Usually, you pay for any it and it then upgrades or a slim cancellation ensues for "misuse" a cunt's domain of no ask just flipping switches against having said and done just like that against no expectation at all (see gratuity only then - the love flows down not up your passion for cooking out not withstanding). He pays them while doing what he does on the computer overnight and so we have no real bother with playing or paying. We don't mind paying ever, but I have nothing for extras, really, and that is what I am apparently. Have some of theirs often enough then. The movies shown by me are somehow expensive and charmed to me, but I swore I would never watch another bitch of that film having been fully stated a place no one goes once nearly begged of another to handle. To me, the finest mortuary films to date for material none thinks is funny at all - a sickness, an unwelcome ever, a necessary evil at only. Thanks, friends.

If you don't mind selling, you won't interfere with what others want to see uniquely "we hate your shit" but wall of sound somehow, culture ensues. You come to me and not without an introduction by another man I love barely, basically, or without. A woman without stopping by then. "Get her, Doug"..."kill her, Doug." CBGB's..."come battle great bands" know you made it when you rage over someone lesser being there you could just die of hate the 'initial' setback. Best said: "I don't want to crush people's little dreams so I keep my mouth shut [mine again: "don't tell me what you're gonna do - tell me what you've done"...yeah - over at the next table] or then "I know who mercies [um, thanks] who."   

Picture tour: West Hollywood Proper 2008 - back by popular demand. Now adds "The bedroom was a big hit...someone said 'show that' and I did just-as my favorite hate practice. That boy is used for being just like me, but without the discounts afforded for no fashion (you can't know for yourself the price goes'd need two wins as 'is this good stuff?' and 'do you as other-else like it?', like being gay has two necks with 'are you gay?' and 'do you like me that way?'...asks you out, purchases the same for, crimes you one night...can you enjoy it then? prey tell). Are my legs that good? The 'beaner' looks says to me 'in the family somehow, not as welcome elsewhere' my body is my own I so do pose that off. I am yours...and thank FUCK ! no one likes anyone else, we'd say it if."

Until the movie shines us on: Jerky Boys "Sol's Warts" The Jerky Boys - The Jerky Boys 2 - Sol's Warts and etceteras you from their only albumseses I seen it "All-Time Greatest Bits" as if you could spell it then "Jerky Boys 2" the LP. Get the movie back from mayorses Frank Rizzo. The name "Sol" is for "souls" deep inside you. This stuff is intelligent - not just offhand gay comedy done for selfish reasons.

terry and friends found a new praying mantis - one beautiful pet for a few minutes - at ucla yesterday at the 'med plaza' - note that
the picture is real you...a coccoon hatches hundreds and hundreds of them like little green baby spiders no web just them
ours in kindergarten held in a large mayonnaise jar no lid hatched overnight to having to gather them all as just seen
i brought it in for show-and-tell limbed from our crabapple tree on the east side of the house

More 'eva' lamps? "This is why you crash" says Neil: Princess frog, blue fin fish, dolphin, seasonal jack-o-lantern, bananas monkey, electric guitar, kickstand football, butterfly pink, pink flower eva, butterly blue, cheer! megaphone, pink furry smellbot (question 'eva' at all), Disney's high school cat (if again?) We help you to better stuff...electric bored.

What is it about Janet Jackson's song "Nasty" Janet Jackson - Control - Nasty ? It's the national anthem sped up a's called "DeTwilligers" for pubis hair. Anything choral is "longhair" to those who know. I like "The Pleasure Principle" and as remixed myself..."the principal [intent to be] of [having] pleasure." Whatever. Both from 1986's "Control" LP on A&M.

brrrrring it 2 me, a 'cynthia' phone not 'princess' what just has cups for talk
you don't need to hear anyone...just two cups for voice over a voice a bra of it said

"Calling your dealer who also may haves caller ID? For the ebullient (always seeking new at the door), we recommend the "French phone" - the one on the street that uses your money only when you pay and each time." - dM who loved that name last night while out - French phone! Like the ol' princess phone in the "parlor", you're somebody else tonight. "You're nobody to me. But be nice." Tell your father to shove that out before I choke it to death at night all favors inside me.


drive a line up each triangle bottom to make 'thirds' each...if a line is but cut with scissors and is not actually there

Let me tell you - the last time I was at my mother's, I cleaned out bathroom drawers trying new stuff along the way (if one childhood dream has me crying in my sleep over someone breaching the padlock on my bedroom door - sure, sure got in an unlocked window while I was at college ? and after stealing theirs if liberally for no embarrassment further or just for keeps). One of things held for a good year but now proven sane is Orajel toothache swabs. These nearly the same strength as what the dentist uses to give needles to no further felt or then is "novostat". I can't believe the relief from sinuses, really, traveling around up and down each a tooth and plus see Tylenol sinus treatments too for killing these effects dead. We don't care why, we just get rid of pain until dead. About seven bucks (~$7.00) each product I do and do see. I'm not the best person either, but I hear there's additionally stuff in the water some like chromium and fuels now as yet be unpaid. As for the q-tips, you simply crack the end of the swab near where the blue rings are by bending, and sovleign richness fills the other end as "quinine" (rich vein salts galore...from horseshoe crabs) if you must know. Half the swab drains in mostly only and that's that you gloss around instant of relief. Use with joy the big guns.

"The 'perfect crime' is no one knows of it yet." -  dM

"Bones in the body - always mean to me in thought had - are like the one that hangs between your legs. Seriously - up to three weeks hard and spirals there actually." - dM and as no one knows me yet

"phantasm iv: oblivion" is with us now same source codes...i've watched half
today will see you some more at youtube...great gifts in await
nine (9) parts of nine (9) now up with some or none chronic synching difficulties but okay i guess not my movie not my kind of work either
link to buy is below...check previous pages for rabid add-ins
my cousin melissa albertson (p!nk, exorcist, scarlet johansson) is the girl driving the gold maverick we see at-first and with you
the dials and gears are at disneyland's special restaurant '33' (um, '666') upstairs kinetoscope with light anteriors or rays of light within
'phantasm v' shoots next week: we toy with names 'antwerp' as nothing more said to you then, 'antioch' or last words to you before leaving us, or then 'activol' the blacks of embalming choice liquid
thanks for many mentions (the pillowcase 'doug' then the burning wall moon, 'doug'...1954 for jody pearson)
also, robes change to maroon...god is here now sum 1998
great locations in los angeles too...the tall man up miracle mile for doug and as walking? sure, and all in 'part 7'

Well, alright! "102 Dalmations" ?!? Start with the first one "101 Dalmations" 101 Dalmatians live action and by Disney. Scott Balyer's (another hometown, my first live-in boyfriend) featured prominently in this as one of the villains with blue eyes - it is very good...he is good. Was Joel Grey. "We never had sex, really." True...tongues and fingers aside, "we" loved "the collegiate" only.

Our erstwhile friend BMG Music Service just sold me the most recent and last Coldplay albums "Vida" and "XY" for three ninety-nine ($3.99) each or seven ninety-eight ($7.98) for the both. Sure, five fifty-eight ($5.58) shipping and handling makes thirteen fifty-six ($13.56) altogether you. Get yours too - makes it worth our while. Others.

Sing-Sing "Mister Kadali" Sing-Sing - Sing-Sing and I - Mister Kadali and I repeat "I Do" from 2005's "Sing-Sing and I" LP...eventide...others, are Lush in hiding.

Remember that ape (chimpanzee, enlarged) at the zoo that demonstrated cares toward a young human that fell in its wake? The new one wasn't so lucky but six (6) weeks later. The ape raged at the child's presence, grabbed the kid, threw him down like basketball arms up, and then ripped his very head off like kidding around. I guide this to make real with you. The ape's name was Annabel. Chicago zoo. So much for nature and nurture the ape was placed asleep then with electrodes. The dead kid is Kelli Morgan to honor us it said December 12, 2007.

terry's mother sharon (dorothy johnson-chandler-stratton) sent us this recipe from emeril's magazine or whatever with his birthday card and check for $125
we make these type things right away to honor any gift forward 'yes, yes - thank you veddy much' it says grandly, positively
they were delicious though i question stuffing all back into skins like he did...emeril will serve you personally, i hear but is over the back often and seeks our understanding often, too
delicious...(source: 'emeril's potluck' pages 225-226)

My favorite 'round-the-block dessert-type drink fail none? Starbucks "mocha frappuccino" regular size me with whipped cream on-top like a Slurpee - is the best to me in terms of satisfaction, paying. More than a premium-type chocolate milk, is made malted too. Very satisfying me. About three eighty-five ($3.85) all-told no headaches neither.

Owe the word "stupid" (mine: still doing that) to "stool pigeon" or or then "stoopid" - will be at once chased away by someone who knows better than what you proffer. I say "stupit" or "retart" to conform to my findings. We just got HBO and Cinemax (channels west are 503, 523 respectively) turned on for ten dollars ($10.00) a month for twelve (12) months only (as seen on tv an ad no less the eye still quick to the ear) to see "Dirty Sexy Money" is on ABC. Thanks, Girandolas (watch some at ABC if premieres October 1 - is real good shit). The offer is through Time-Warner Cable, is regularly twenty-seven dollars ($27.00) for both cancel at-will after the trial period.

Thanks to whomever removed Bank Of America's new green logo (now see a 'scared' red) from my site Neil you fuckin' beggar -- I hate edits by Jews. Will burn it into your fuckin' face for that. By the way, we're not selling our house, we wanna see how much it's worth without you involved.

They've been setting up for Madonna's annual shindig at Pacific Design Center tomorrow evening (that is 09/16) exactly one month past her birthday mine - all must not attend, but admittance is free they said wearing pink and orange. More on 09/16/08: I took pictures of the beautiful crush blue velvets and tent covered with light blue see-through vinyl in case it rains (it Got some of Pavilions being razed and also the cactus house nearby. See ya later.

Fleetwood Mac "The Farmer's Daughter" Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac Live - The Farmer's Daughter from 1980's "Fleetwood Mac Live" double LP. This comes with recommendation from the band - two of them the McVie's. The farmer's daughter is the one you bring along to please people at-large as the one who stayed behind and learned much for you. Otherwise, seek "Fireflies" again my favorite only, a "gentoo" or German folk dance - lots of kicking.

"The Devil Wears Prada" The Devil Wears Prada good enough to you...."Elf" Elf is there too I didn't care for that. That is Jon Heder, Molly Shannon, etc.

Thanks Chin-Chin
09/14/08 1114
Happy Birthday Terry ho hum...went to Chin Chin yesterday by himself (I was eating small already) and he came home with mongolian beef (his order with scallions or long green onions in sauce), potstickers, dumplings, egg rolls, and that bitty chicken you wrap in lettuce my favarite of that all. And all for fourteen bucks ($14.00)? Thanks again he got the wrong bag he says. Thanks - but make sure you try the lettuce wraps they were good we have leftovers still for today stay off my credit card.

Nobody else ordered "mongolian beef" to go $11.50...the other was "minced chicken in lettuce cups" for $11.25.

Pavilions Closed Today
09/13/08 1339
I went into Pavilions yesterday to get a roll of quarters for laundry after hassling with Target in-person over that brown lamp they had (now see an opaque white too 'like white on rice', hot pink, and fader black search) to see not even one after I held it in my hands last week -- wait to decide and 'yes') and was surprised they let even one person in to see that: two leftover lanes of marmalades as old ladies shopped to no staff I recognized - a true holocaust I begged out. "Is this bad judgment itself?" I wondered aloud - getting quarters here let alone being here to sell with gates open. I hadda see for them I guess goodbye and now the gates are firmly locked up I got my quarters at Bank of America while I presumably attack them with check deposits on account. Anyway, we ordered that lamp online at about twelve bucks ($12.00) all-told including shipping and tax and we see that soon enough for Terry's birthday tomorrow (nothing I'll need to keep but enjoy just as same). Where will we walkers shop in the meantime? This is more burden than anyone knows going to CVS for Swiss Dairy's milk? The 99¢ Only store has Soft Soap (for mands, yes) in "pink grapefruit" and "black raspberry and vanilla" flavors as for any lesser gifts - he loved 'em. Great for the face, too.

When you're in business, you hafta pull down a building after thirty (30) years or so - that's how long any loan is and they need to pay people. They hafta pay people with depreciation (the cost of the building allocated by years of use less any projected residual or sale amount) or construction what's the same over time. A business that does not pay people (less rent) is nothing to have around we say. Pull up the floor for any contained service - it's time.

We just joined schoolmate Debbie Bender (mother is Katie Couric-Ellen Rue, sister is Michelle of singing group Quarterflash both from 'Christopher' Robbinsville) with Ellen DeGeneres and Morgan Moon the girl who died young. All three the same are here. Ellen appeared as Debbie Bender on "Everybody Loves Raymond" dating the brother and then someone else too to madness - pretty. See Debbie in the 1981 yearbook, one year ahead of us John Ondy's book. Long hair, glasses - laughs at everything weird like me...I'm "Moonhead" to her girls are addressed by last name only as in "Bender", "Huss"...very military only.

Who else? Orville Redenbacher is Jimmy Carter our old president since 1976. Loretta Swit is Sally Kellerman of Hidden Valley Ranch my favorite bar none.

Loverboy "Turn Me Loose" Loverboy - Loverboy Classics - Turn Me Loose from their newer "Loverboy Classics" LP (1994) -- great stuff I love their background vocals still. Also to try "Take Me To The Top" another big favorite with grinding synth, "When It's Over", and whatever else you like still working for the weekend a bit anthem me I laid around all week...we like "Almost Paradise" alot too and with Ann Wilson and Colleen Keegan of Heart.

Heart's Greatest Hits "Barracuda" Heart - Greatest Hits - Barracuda 

Being "86'd" from a bar here? You was asked to leave and not come back. Seems the code means prior to 1987 when I arrived here (maybe you, sure, maybe a law passed)? Get real ! and go back to those pre-gay nighttime days by Disney. Thanks again - I learn of new every day. Everything was new then honor Pet Shop Boys "Actually" album for night travel to bars or of asked out. I've been asked to leave once with my brother Chris and at Rage - Lavender (the security guard at night...and still hi hi) came in the stall while we was doing a bit snort off the top. For Dad...

Pet Shop Boys - Actually - One More Chance

"My grandmother Moon talked about others as technique 'peach pit' she says (now "Grandma Nicks" butthole camby). Both oven mitts of having pluth, here to there..." - dM
Seems 'they' don't like a furry clothed of garbage placed?
Continues nonsensically rumour to be that breed "The judge [um, the original peephole's court on tv] didn't care for that. Neither did her husband." So? She'll only try one another as off up it again. So soon to be without ours.
No one will have say...peach pit. That'll do...that's the price for having it say here. No more by you, only the good stuff...without you it works both still. And faster at the fact you salve none.
The rest is -- simply shit.

what? it is cropped, fool...'eight' is for 'eight ashbury' san francisco - simply fucking gross i hate ugly fuckers showing me their dick first and then last too
the golden gate bridge has been fixed up since 'courtship of eddie's father' we hated it all lotus-looking fong but see now no original makes me the haves puke
'get that shit outta here!' really the prettiest city since the neighbors (sars) returned from each war to mow our lawn once again 'why the mike up?'
they was here with me too one kiushu see that...all 'honoring' strangers again, sure...when it's real you don't 'know-rot anything' just yet 'we'll wait 'til it's mower heem'
okay - we didn't see it at all, 'so what?' you said, right? i'll get that underwater piask to dry out and up soon or has been none felt by...we seek the makers of unclean not just one volded detergent
ascap finds threat, we deliver promise to vow a charity of 'nothging' for smarter than that none yet have said or 'no for you' yet we said yet! yet use! if you use you! rent copper...we don't make hate if it's actually therein late
if aids was half-real we woulda locked your asses kisses up to eat at the fry egg...not enough signatures for a bald tooth! dying makes it matter some, you waited to see someone as 'ebullient' another cast-black truth fairy
replay my death at nine it was short but scary no gross roommates to make life out of thinking nothing at diamond but the bottom drove out? i enjoy any other you seem to know of me as 'just not as mine...yeah'   say it again i said 'no - just fuck that out you do it' the cocteau twins on hairphones...angels make me die (fruits to alm) of beauty not whim and flavours you 'at once made' having met you 'never it seems' a passion for cassion
this 'is' yours, fool - we got ours well since then or begin saying this way as is you don't humour as me yet these - do
the cocteau reference is fact-real bitch - as real as you singing of these filths to anyway...matters each one so the sund nade any but a 'pisspoop' julade
you don't sing during my having of 'jonk' sex...i don't hear anything like that when i come in a hairy ass no rubber dung shusts it ormin - 'fluck the heatwave britche sing to me ott'
when i'm alone is best for being two - a beggar doesn't meet the house-of-meals out in the street if it finds one in trouble outside - you seem to be the difference between paying and having to pay: each, at the time may
'for your eyes only, if its only just you'...'nobody does this, ask her' singing just vocals by notes!        

soon so soon...this september 3, three days as rejoins the 11th i'm not paid with any froumb in annuities you know...i take the any hit up front while you spiggle the lips...with nothing new and mean to write about, that is...i reappear vastly reworked...yet another little lie...among others noted to be yours...but accepted as cash for paper...flact: any two-liter of soda (5.75 cans about a six pack? go look i did) is because weight shifts when they use grass to make cola? you feel lighter and i place back on the shelf at any rate off-weight fails you i cheat you some too then ask if you have any left even when i do i may give to you some of yours back then one is off...cheaper rules for no less to be pay...none, plus one to be none, but some...waste not one, people leave numbers to be off and adding up in then unexpected as i tape to the penny and give some to little or friends refuse me money when they have it right over there under cock...unusually, i'd offer to stand to profit just when you do, but seek to balance my books, not have no account with me yet i seem to be me...blacks might be millionaires with donations from theirselves yet asking and no one is a millionaire when that's around offering to pay for this one over here, only (an exact return of botched gas is renounced, your demand is made neen)...we delay paying to see ourselves disguised yet soon needy if at first...a food stamp is thus elegant as paying for shame some time ago stuff so cheap still if you take 'theirs'? and yours you ate that already)...'you bought that yourself from me back in '22 when i left you a note only i need it not'...boy! that was dumb...the last word goes with the last breath or dying gasp...i just want the noise to stop truly wrong is embarrassed only no one thinks that's good stuff, but you won't stop the river on down just looks seawater until you figure out the land was just out there erect and one follows the moat to my home...fraud is any outcome that is not as expected like the 'fine print' (you don't know any of this shit - it hopes you will use it anyway when playing in your own office - 'pro' and 'con' is just who inserts until both refuse the job, then just 'con' it worked for you only but you feel guilt as any residual value)...try it once, twice but have yours ready...i never use words like that as you will miss my any meaning that and have some use for it 'you guess' if lalique thrilled you ever it was because you 'played it once or twice' or 'over the last summer' a 'harder ass' than thought. it was 'semenal' you said...say that again...a miseducation is no one right from me but does make one 'chuckle'...i laugh hard every time but fail to deliver one former student (babytalk, professor plomb of 'clue' i never play that to be 'refuse' or choice made off mine you have your own yoth to naple with olive-oiled tits each mood scelinge) cites me their 'greatest influence' since 'speed' reading reached it an understanding of missile by got scared already running all room to room is no longer afforded by just me having be so alone with no deitz...anne franks have the mustard already inside if you like that kinda stuff...pardon me? try one first then ask if you'll simply have not don't ask for the mustard much a rotten tooth glue by our own glitter gulch to rip the top right off our clatch you can't keep a party like that caught off a ear locks on the fence scares in it all off to but you...slow. 

next? if you choose to approve, you do only...does that matter to me yet? some just say...have their way over.

the brown 'mushroom' table lamp at target we saw
so cheap and yet so new to it...very harvest in feel
we call this a 'brouvhan' - you use to survey the dead top screws wide inside as flat to bottom
we got ours via ups on 09/18 - a nightlight bulb (<=40W) clips in just like the eva lamp - a clip
very formal in labels, tags too...not just a cheap to pick up

all numbers are up, up...still, nothing from neil

'triumph' by curve on previous set (an oldie but goodie yet!)
link up right here too to download the two-part cd
funnily enough, the cd is beautifully available at itunes' uk store
switch on the bottom of current storefront to see what change
a song is currently £.79 or about $1.46 (1.4548) using the currency converter at yahoo! finance

" when will you see me?

" without the lies? you hold the key

" this is yours...

" you are the prisoner | of your own making

" you control your thoughts | they don't control you

" you are the master | of your own world

" you are the saint | to your own ideals

" i am yours...i am yours

" when will you think free?

" maybe we can meet for tea?

" that's how it goes | don't you know | don't you know

this is called an "enerveusas" or say "en-r-jay-sus" or then "en-r-vase-is" i like that one...feeling and moving along with you...grecian only and highly priestal
again, this is a snake-like form going around a square pole talking to others as they meet face and 'round it goes each word coming in is to be yours too
lots of transcendental what means 'takes you places in the head', very driving of it...mocks ghandi mostly a neat but stupid man 'you are the maker of your own making, you are be this'
'never to'...god knows he's there because he's in hindi scribes (books they write to one person each)...they want him...they know he has it...ended 1912...don't think the film as so fresh

viewing stats for phantasm iii at you tube and on 09/05/08 then 09/12/08:

part 1: 150...247 you are here now an update
part 2: 107...178
part 3: 92...154
part 4: 121...209
part 5: 106...194
part 6: 96...151
part 7: 55...109
part 8: 68...125
part 9: 117...181

how could that be real? x 35 or so
buy dvd at amazon if could
or then preview phantasm iv at imdb it's great too

Download iTunes Apple iTunes
there are two ways to go: you're new on the left and see no reason not to?
you could still be the bearer of any bad news!
on right, you already have what it takes and want to shop up the sound
mp3's so tired and sad no one buys that
i scrupulously avoided any such pay with the curve double cd
you give your gift like i do
99 cents never made me any happier as just that unspent
'it was for sale' i tell 'em
that was the problem

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

It's Back To Cruel August 2008
We went to Target (one wiped-out cash clown these days) and got new pillows for the bed the old ones so crusty and flat with heats and albumens from the liver? Is that what smells so good? Our new pillows are "medium" (2) at $9.99 and "bamboo" (2) at $7.99 what a relief! What else did we get back to school and all? A new pair of Wrangler-type shorts (beige) for me and a few other jots to be down. Re-registered with my accounting agency the drivers license now new until 2013 and we claim 'exempt' for taxes unseen for the last two (2) or so years. Sixty bucks ($60) off the rent too paid here this month god knows why...goodbye to any summer we hate that season the sun and all.