for your consideration and to free your mind

here we are july 1:

the wells fargo account has said nothing yet - checking #3033572284 routing #121000248; no, do not use
the checking account has been used to pay bills in my name since being locked up for $160 in deficit ($125 theirs, the rest mine);
this is the account that sat waiting for direct deposit only;
i've paid phone and storage only using routing and checking number;
the storage fumbles backwards like they're taking cash i don't want it to snowball and i don't want people around;
my atm card still here does not let me sign in but suggests a phone call - is not useless it still works somewhat no cash or accounts summaried;
is my money there?
1% of 1% is a forward tax bill as w-9 - that $3,550,000 x 1% x 1% or $355.00 due; bogus? maybe not
people say they don't want little girls with paper checks balled up in their dirty hands holding their money out...nothing said is nothing done.
a visit to bank of america here last monday - a good place to start? - said 'maybe is real' but cautioned me from the standpoint of being robbed with account numbers and routing number published - anyone can see with checks written; therefore, is a local of no help but no account was granted either as you can fund later on 'you don't need it' i know less when i leave...
cash niggers like neil and richard don't want anything for me as i take the lead...
*still couldn't pay my fuckin' phone bill today 07/03...while someone waits to be paid for my money - no deal - everything backcharging holding out for money - no way
more on 07/06: like one liar to another still no pay in any account and that means you covered your liability with a false payment received by the same beggars you lend money to - there is only one faunt of money in this culture and that is not using your pay someone else has it with burdens mentioned - get over it bitch all things wind up with war it's no cure but you'll be dead soon enough...people shoot bullshit dead wished or not. fuckin' cash niggers working their kids like magical jews - good luck beggar. i'm not staying here no matter what~ face the facts you can't pay for it all cheap or otherwise you know i don't care but can't say legitimately beggars...god blesses niggers

note: no ranting (um, renovating) lunatic woman is gonna make the difference here i'll simply leave. i'd rather die than listen to that horseshit. like you, i don't love like that i fear the loss eat shit.

crackpot? what you shit in under the bed - a piss on a pole then no bother.

'you can't ever help with the problem - all tied up with polites.' dM - break something cream and sugar with a smart cup of coffee does everything down got that new lenovo up and running hd password 'scout' plus love the new guest sign-in that photographs you for entering and makes a sign-on for you...who stole it from the water you alone may feel?

'utah' is for 'utopia' you told people we see it all on mountaintop...brings you down ultimately

-------------------------------------------------------------------------be the hero - someone you never meet but hear of - yeah over the miles nyuck nyuck nyuck

'boing boom tschak' goes our time machine already being mispronounced in august 2017

08/01 called wells fargo technical support i don't want a new account i want my old one (from west hollywood, ca reinstated after being falsely closed 04/17 - you don't play me after a year) and my treasury secretary mnuchen deposit of $3.55 million placed there...we'll all wait then...the fbi needs to be more involved...people who don't do their job won't be able to keep one i promise you that...

at home depot a bigger fan - some are pricey

in keeping with our current theme 'why not you?' this is home depot's hot dog stand $488
if just for the umbrella, alot of wieners (not your right, is to be removed) make the grade these days start with foster farms chicken franks only in broth
oscar mayer...nathan's...thumann's

08/01 according to the la times, sam shepard 'he had the right stuff' died recently - honor him by watching the film 'frances' with jessica lang it was good all over again...

olympics back in la in 2028? 'we want money' it profited that bank seventeen billion in 1984 we need fourteen billion yet so good~

grandma moon's iced tea recipe (she always chilled hers in a reused apple juice jug with a little screw-on top - glass 'xxx' three initials but not yours and if answering their questions puts people in-charge):
boil a gallon of water with five or six (5-6) tea bags in a pot (for pouring over ice - never seven);
carefully remove all tea bags when steeped to perfection and add two cups granulated sugar to hot tea;
add 1/4 cup lemon juice;
add 1/4 cup lime juice;
chill to refrigerator temperature and drink or use over ice in a glass

celebrating our country at two hundred years: the bicentennial in 1976 produced the two dollar $2 bill with author penwrit thomas jefferson on one side and the independence hall in philadelphia on the other - i hear you can fetch up to $4 for an original issue, but isn't the artful uniqueness good enough for any present? these days there are car washes dealing exclusively with the new gold coin dollars - one is on santa monica boulevard in west hollywood a self-wash business with absolutely no quarters it was $2 a wash...bonds or government borrowing of tax funds in advance are pretty pick the beneficiary by bond: education or college funds, housing bonds for mortgages, and paying farmers not to grow and glut markets with price challenges are your russian sentiments expressed exactly...

alot of folks loved suisse francs those little bendable bricks of gold as such marked perhaps hanging from a chain - more pure, was worth $ $50

07/31 1843 it's raining hard again - we just back from jetty park where it rained on us what fun, nigger! i'm still outta breath so i couldn't some pics making sukiyaki ground beef and rice, onions call...watching more 'dr. ken' this one about a boss' physical...strange mothers...

shots up close...this is the branch off to the right side you see in the distance

you can watch this shit on webcam all day long - people running from the rain, boats coming and going real adventurous types
there is no night vision just shadows alot, some rain dots

at the other end of indian river drive and adjacent, they actually have a menu for fixins - a bit elaborate, the spice hut near lifeguards all good people raised up on a boardwalk
i located parking, the bathrooms
lots of kids in orange whackers there earlier this week surf camp
i tried my new screw-in umbrella stand from cvs $7.50 on sale - excellence
off we went then

just $7.50 with cvs' 25% off mailor - works great - see no more but opposing thumb screw on the other side
this one is major tom - home depot has something for $20 with wired whirly gigs on it - not necessary
thanks cvs for the $3 birthday bonus this month in extra bucks

gets rid of grease bands that survive the wash - pretreat head grease and wash

and for cleaning excellence cited: spic and span green spray has majored us as a great cleaner for the light brims of baseball hats - jusy spray it on and discount the double-decker washer and tide liquid to be charmed all over hats are vented and from target of particular interest was a light green model this did the can only try the new clorox piss remover be you yourself sure...

making egg salad with lawry's 'season all' for lunch today 07/31 and to honor 'ellen' the name synonymous with 'salad' to me...'alan' stuff is great...did you know the first coke ordered with breakfast here in florida is real and satisfying the second an ersatz (inferior substitute)? where i eat you gotta get approval it seems for fountainbleau (the maker's make)...get approval for that second one the quality difference is real...trim your own fats...and while you're sippin' on my salts...

the house we grew up in? the one we had to play with by fisher price - was sister leslie's
these were unbreakable, unchippable even - take it from me they still sell them these days
i tried my damnedest to understand their nature - a fluke

another look at ellen behind the scenes at oscars - i know all the sites seen but hafta do nothing ever
isn't this best? psst - michael jackson is singing a la bruno mars in the background

the greatest gift: monday morning july 31 0700 it's raining steadily and that's a great way to start our week, our segue into august 2017 i'm 53 on the 16th mind you....

watch the 'dr. ken' sitcom while i do...audition episode (cobble pot: you wanna be an actor full-time over doctorin' in the ghetto - no shit! showbiz is all about payin' girl - unless you're tom selleck 'executive' producers don't pay...lending talent...excruciating and in real-time still lookin' for that bearded and bespectacled seth rogen lookalike in skinny white europa espionage - cleaner set)
tisha 'martins' campbell - amazing person

god's key to surmeil (saying for yourself):
instagram: you shouldn't know, but you do - why not quit?
twitter: if you can't figure out what to do, we'll help you - help yourself first;
facebook: i'm not here, you are - why ask for others to know? they don't know theirselves, yet we ask you not to be here;
pin interest: i'll get back to you, but not yet - i have other interests.
all else waits.

stopped in fortunoff's backyard store - like trenton's 'extension patio', is a bit exclusive... take a look

07/30 1300 it's finally pouring cats and dogs after a warning shot earlier...yay! admit you hate it~

watching the sky cam is too much fun - but minutes delayed

while we're waiting for rain people hate: 'the equator' - where is it? up through tallahassee and above beyond that...believe you me...-y=x

space port: parts of bally's pinball great xenon - aka the sexual approach to god truth...moans with each touch...p.s. malls came around in 1976 the birthplace of our nation - this pinball machine surfaced about 1980 or space ports the arcade rooms uniquely present...

target still coming up flat thanks to the feds milkin' 'em - see hp buys this last week of july
you won't be touchin' any new laptop for less than $200 - this one 14" big as any...pimseur (allocate some) to the printer too
4gb ram 32 gb internal memory not bad windows 7 is still lovely this is windows 10 yet...not extrapolate or shorthand to obtain, i think a gigabyte is one minute of video and sound synced a coin writing and spinning and moving outward by the second...reading then

was watching m. night shalamayan's (shyamalan's...shame among men?) 'the village' last night 07/29 again each viewing another reveal 'great shot'...they made the autistic assailant dead in feathers and bones not mine a grave inside merely under the floor and collapsed down on them none related (no appeal as forejudged? pu)...still a great film...david cassidy's real mother the highest female elder saying she was gonna kill herself over this...a carradine some say add the transcendental kate hudson...every mind polluted with facts...

alanis morissette 'one hand in my pocket' little baggie sweating it home...'here comes the judge' you to get on the bus
jagged little pill? someone always bent over laughing when you get there...sitting
who is this portrait - susquehanna is dangerous driving you to your rest mrs. gulch, the wicked witch of the west...hetty green...mormons, indian-swedes, the 'miracle worker' as charged, larry attention

jc penney was mobbed tonight 07/29 with rewards in mind - take a tip; found a great shirt one-of-a-kind you'd say $6.99 clearance the rest of the time spent trying to hit $10 or just over be warned no sale less than will ring up...other items i've tried to get the balance right: bottle of glacier water $1.99, three-pack of tree air fresheners love them but three individually wrapped trees at a time ? $2.99, candy bars $1.49 each. tic tac $1...i'll be back...we're not niggers i spent every cent pleasing drunks today...stay home grown...' she's just someone's favorite daughter | small and ugly | she put in their offer | friends and enemies | are all the same ' - curve 'chinese burn'

ignoring their call is best

another look at the loss...arizona jean see styles
there's a prominent road here 'airoso' - say 'arizona' to be proper

'before you lash out - and i know you will - remember, we don't know each other's pains in life (and as unspoken sometimes)' - dM kick your ass

'then there's the indignity of listening to those who beat around a bush...they are harmed however always deflecting me' - dM

2017 was the 89th edition - think dancing waziel (chinese raccoon) emma stone

ellen mentioned a best actress for some woman in 'nebraska' about a man who won't admit he's rich overseas and tries to kill her his wife with it known - i watched a bit and bruce dern is in that too along with the two-headed film below...nebraska a big ol' clean breadbasket should be right next to california up north...government funds flowing, not caring why-how...

when you get serious about bug bites and their welts, reintroduce yourself to family style 'off' - this very can
there are no bites forthcoming when you dust lightly with this mixture - a bit yellow the skin maybe
also note buying large quantities of fruit juicy red hawaiian punch need not be disappointing - make sure you shake bottles vigorously
i was lamenting the full-strength canned mixture yesterday - kool-aid tropical punch is nearly as nice otherwise
shake shake shake the cherry-ish holiday juice is nevertheless expensive but now see from two cashes?

keep williams-sonoma glassware in mind - i like bar wraps that crack with powder iced tea mix...'nestea' 20 quarts is our girl orange cap...firmly our choice about $6 each...

allah - our love

terry watches this quality tv station here on xfinity cable called 'comet' what is loosely akin to 'spike tv' - yesterday 07/28 had a movie feature that was uniquely haunting a guy with two heads roaming a prairie-like ghosttown setting his movements ultra-strange while no one else moved fast enough blue overalls, red shirt, and getting around as maddening pain in-between the ears (one said the other head was like a nose only - a focus point)...good moviemaking the munster's pat priest and all? although bloodlot and police-surgical in setting, this was ghost fare one head but traumatized going for the ride 'a hypertornado'...under water...spanish in legend...'the incredible two-headed transplant' is it~

07/29 the days drag on and on: was disappointed trying to have a potent high-wind electrical rainstorm last night - all peters to nothing the clouds had to rendezvous with colorado it seems - we had a good start with a handful of tornadoes up the gulf anyway...vermin...gotta get outta here...

you should live in the very hell, anyway: while all the saline in my meat is making you sick while you breathe, remember it was england's 'adp' time sheets automated data processing that fashioned paychecks with banks in the 80's if at first - know it...a stack of cash, a stack of checks in that order...nobody smart here just taking from...cities must analyze the reduction funds from year to year no valuating for inflation just programmatic or scope losses...follow the grave firm analysis is striking up the band...

finally caught some real manatees frolicking in the water at hutchinson island days ago - these bitches take forever to surface but have tons of friends like schools of fish and flora-covered rock that are human and can't see 'em? good.

click here: our favorite inlet live webcam where manatees were on right pocket click here, fool
yes, this is our favorite walk along rocks and jetties...jetty park
roughly: route #1 past car dealers big flags port st. lucie, cross over streets a, b, c, etc. cross over indian river drive 'to beaches' bridge over one near soil stacks big casino boat harbor, then drive up beach to very end no further...jetty park is here
very gentle bathroom water fountain atmosphere plenty of parking some grills no fees just people touring walk all the way out we do and notice the wildlife it's special only and storms come and go...
note the live map at website zooms in and out for your reference click on geo-map icon

btw, we hafta accept answers as given on nonesuch issues and with no property masters or paper - take a tip 'never our intent to mislead'...think it over...twice

word for the day: a 'fortnight' you just went ahead and did something big and bothersome anyway, and spent the night waiting for others to catch on - seriously contemplative and's one thing to get your ass kicked, quit another to ball up cowardly and wait it out~

hotter than july: i asked an air conditioning guy (just $55 his nominal fee) for the optimal temperature setting for cooling down: '76 degrees'...mind over says '74' anything colder might be too titty...

07/27 mom's doing well being very polar with hubby all quiet and without intrudes - threatens a christmas in new jersey to set the wheel of fortunes astraight...thank you to public storage for kind reminders we'll be in...long before they are...promise you that...i keep her car a 2001 mercedes in my midst for the while...

a better aldi (um, 'all dese') is on route #1 near walmart in jensen beach...true...similarly, smart & final takes the cake with 'first street' something 'the president' does or did...the black one...very nice


been trying to figure out when ellen was shooting in new york on hiatus from la (i've seen both her and rosie o'donnell there at nbc and warner bros.) the retrospective plants mercy FOR HER everywhere - when did it happen last with mrs. clinton in tow? LAST YEAR IN AUGUST AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER AND AMHERST NEAR CINCINNATI, OHIO...AS for CLINTON long time no see - trump was given a firm july 15 deadline and he's still weird...still here~

we hate pink~
5th avenue is the only street in nyc anyone need know rockefeller nbc and donald trump all are here - along central park, st. patrick's cathedral is right across the street all its beauty
tip: i made that ring turn beneath the set - watch it sometime

bad idea overheard: trying to get mom (or, her impostor with dentures) to deliver me back to la in person via flight and form - stay at sunset marquis a best western motel while reforming and reacquainting yourself to life - what are you gonna do die here shitting your brains out? a jail, a morgue too the air here so bad...retirement has balls, boy~

jerk-off: why would anyone put a non-existent movie on a drop down list - to make old hags happy being right when everyone sees anyway? to shit in a bag...most get ignored rightfully, fitfully eat shit...

we bought too many black cherries at walmart: see sally's baking addiction like we will all pitted and ready to rock...trying to make sense outta manischewitz potato pancakes too...knish...more: he burned and denied the cherries i skinned - no more buying now i give up... - just don't rent, own one for yourself again...'where did pee wee herman get caught jerking off again?' more purchase, more pixels equal more broth you know that now~

jc penney offers $10 from their app for siging up - we buy lots of good there clothes shoes st. john's bay is a favorite here...more 07/29: got my $10 reward today via iphone, ipad...easy is like cash in your rewards wallet-bin...two (2) days wait...

rockwell featuring michael jackson 'somebody's watching me' from the big ol' days
i still love this
p.s. embrace anthony perkins 'psycho' performance seriously he wasn't stupid but bothered alot

my current address is 406 ne ginger lily place, port st lucie, fl 34983 (terry's [310] 435-1517)
my parents address every other day or so 987 nw mossy oak way, jensen beach, fl just minutes away

tall antiques store on midway? white city mercantile

the greatest buffet ever seen: golden corral in port st . lucie like $11.99 each person-plate until when? about nine...lovely looking building red and yellow just stopping in imagine a great specialty mart with all still on sale, kinda - looked great...a greenhouse partition, a wok partition, bakery-desserts quite big and very and new-ish golden corral sits vacant on route #1 near walmart...

a while back, my wells fargo debit card was rejected at walmart burger king with the code 'rvm' on the register receipt - means recreational vehicle male with kids on vacation? i had cash anyway but maybe you afford their small of food blindly? 'repeat vehicle manger' - whatever - may be you feed anyway...meanwhile, only two workers around july 4 cashes issued by you yet this on 07/25...

07/25 destination hillary: white house congressional aides - 'fortifying' she says

go figure: this person doing press at the white house 'jared kushner' has what appears to be tuilerie in the background (palace and gardens in, tivoli lights...tripoli in libya, lisbon)- too close for comfort? via usa today...hey where's my pay?

watched my boyfriend in 'phantasm' number one today 07/25 still understanding all with others...

reminisce, why you don't live: mattel's v-rroom an early birthday present - summer, 2nd grade? handlebar key-ignition wire ripped in two, batteries bled overnight in the morning dew (though on my way to grandma's this morning, this toy so exciting i hadda get up early) up and for tee logos tru-smoke dump trucks by 'remco' i had two - one from christmas, one for birthday as they break~ p.s. the tru-smoke bulldozer ultra rare a neighbor had it however...thanks

get the picture - a new faded glory
children of the 70's please - the smokestacks have drops of mineral oil in them and fume in a ghostly way by electric stimulation

some johnny sokko one episode to full feature
nice and short and just a bit will do...the heater coil wrap is totally rare
see same as mattel's shogun mazinga that's him too - not as stately
maybe like god's mind nothing kept between the ears no punishment to be as unexpected
tip: the two johnny sokko opposing groups are 'chaos' (earth) and 'unicorn' (heaven)

fast forward: you can place a copy of 'cc cleaner' on the icloud drive (see '' - is useful) you have in your name and it overrides any security check as installed there as it's entirely on the internet - just run it and it will clean your machine well for deleting stuff you hate?

sunday brunch 07/16: we passed on the downtown area 'pu!' (i thought nuthin' of it - the sewer, the sea) to go to the 'original pancake house' just so named on us#1 -- mom had blueberry cheese blintzes i had thick french toast (3) with a bit of marmalade mix syrup and all was clean and nice i ate them all over days like at burger king your mother still working for a living?...ed? couldn't discern his slop meat on or over white pig hominy i hafta hesitate here my therapies produced nothing but corn outta my asshole i positively love hominy and fantasize about birthing snakes in the sewer as shoe peg encephalpods one eye activated - total bill $40...stay tuned...richard was there bussing tables showing me his ass yes...yes, yes...wanted my french toast as for a snack, the dog? i get left being observed...disappointment is everywhere, spending is glory the 'hermes' hut

curve leave note positive upbeat never with...never with you

justin timberlake sounds like ed sheeran - who is that? oh, sheila
this song noticed on a trip down to fort lauderdale recently...
'a four-track on either side' meshing center...'the drums'

another tehran? i was thinking about a bearded everyguy in some woman-dominated espionage flique with serious - but underhanded - european types cracking codes all smoke and nirvahls ('what happened then as berlin blonde, decidedly female - did i live and impregnate? did i burn up calories you dried? am i sexy enough to be brokered by slobs people hate without knowing names am i techno-shit?' you don't fuck me as a rule...we don't mention 'moles' no you have them via pre- or post production or to be you possibly you or young...god said 'no' but okay i'll help some i said no changing you...i wouldn't remove that burgerland on your cheek because i see what you do bunless? i wasn't good enough and i know more of what i hate as being snuffed along lines to you...) liked that bearded guy the government woman it's not all about fuckin'...some is 'so what?'

i watched 'snowden' (dearden, the bloodiest mess) the nicest thing ed norton ever said that i could stand...still, some japanese fung best left with the thought 'a secret chef stopping at mcdonald's cheapening the worth and good feelings work provides for some smell of the fetid asshole plus ed norton nor them you can't do it fast and on-demand as all-present anyway you will never live or be heard from either tit's black cancer living or dying what do you hate being provoked left to chance nothing new or creative nothing i can do anything about cures the feat' - not offensive but he's been goaded up the ladder from not needing to reheat the guy who made netscape alone, the guy who made the stock market do whatever i assumed what? is neil again? this guy is gonna split soon - has security clearance to help you know what? i watched it is about what? pleasant enough...tehran...tip: in all of life, you alone see the problem, the application - the waddling through time delivered some computer shit better than resting up, eating well - being acknowledged - some shithead helped another shithead provide lengths and morality lacking and thank god for that! if you see where it's all going you know you hafta do what you can when you can and avoid obamacare...i hafta get everything i want to make you look good or sell it all off what can you say you won't live? 'a nice ass goes on forever'...ash cold and dead nice.

now try to foil this one - 'absolutely fabulous' is on the dropdown list at the theater good enough
decorating my belly to be eat~

july 15 - no money received yet

we simply hate security passwords 'like people hafta reckon with you - not just a bother an administrator' knows what do more japanese and women horseshit you're still fat and ugly...i'm here and i have an account you keep stopping by to annoy and i'll erase you everywhere as a program ever to see it gone 'cccleaner' - it's unmerciful but where to run an application as such before cpu attention is snatched by permission cunts? on your website server? seek and are outrageous horseshit yet...we'll be back you are crap...

take a tip: 7-eleven day is tuesday 07/11 so pull up and get your free slurpee - the cup is always a decent size for spendthrifts - between 11 and 7 that day...

wednesday 07/12 with a heapin' helpin' of school daze (you don't know what day it is for a lack of needing to - ask someone be prepared to argue) missed the party yesterday at 7-eleven but i went to the beach alone and found a sprawling cvs directly across the street for lik-m-aids and a wide assort of hutchinson beach t-shirts $10 - this is on indian river drive and is excelsior in lengths - bathrooms, volleyball, bushes like everglades, a snack shop for burgers i guess 'new! hummus cup' when they feel good about things maybe has the day off...on-call for fucks only a weiner length no my cotton candy slurpee today also note watermelon-lime they're very serious here...i've been re-warned by terry over looky-loo behavior and off we's raining and the lightning was more like a fuckin' bomb was going off - know the difference, seem to be new isis boyfriend...i got lost coming home from the beach as left in the lurch but moving like any nut - roads dumped me off at hobe sound in my merc wondering before daytona am i too far north so stupid the signs vague and worthless i had to ask as penniless 'how 'bout these yams?' but with gas in the tank...thanks iphone niggers still waiting for service but i thought they said okay i working too hard? effortless but to call? 'a woman's success' at lifetime: these aren't for you, black nigger (old stp)...see you at the gene pool with your blackest shits on...use dixie highway right after the one bridge stateside it becomes green river and intersects with our jensen beach boulevard...

thursday - still cheated by my favorite charities, friday leaves you half done in the kitchen turning a feather...may god puke absent-minded sequesters and firezilla off my laptop...i hate post-audit day java will die a fitting death don't you threaten me, money clod...lesbians with aids now have cup of soup...can't toast 'em in a moat...onion rings 'round the pecker...

you were born blind and bald, but you still see the truth: amc groaning our way over 'absolutely fabulous' coming soon -- shoot me -- these days action crumbs follow you around restating questions like it's news and he we are it's not good stuff no one cares...always some sacred trust 'what, where' along a road is good enough when you don't have anything in-hand ahead of time...

remember the moon dough petting zoo - along with play-doh barber shop yellow peg with cuttable hair issuing and play-doh little beads it is and

counter coordinate: cell phone washed in the laundry? place the battery only in a cup of water and store overnight in cool dark place - all will be fine when the battery repolarizes itself...we promise it's right...use the charger again...other batteries?

the church cookbook is now and forever

see the secretary of the treasury - no to fool

still fraud - not one cent paid yet i hafta rely on old poor beggars everywhere
i'll never come here again if you don't get off it~

i can sell dicks cheaper than this~
welcome to niggerville: because this lunatic babyfat jackass has co-signed while you breached and at theft he was able to go into an at&t store today and change my pin from 9561 to something of his choice like 2233 his atm pin - the account holder who no longer has a job is in charge 'my dreams came true first' - however i have the phone and will destroy it promptly and reclaim its number see it come
this nigger is no one and licks his wounds being unattractive only...another woman laying down on the law - i would extort money for another drug trip you off we tango i changed his account password simply at consumer cellular...fuckin' nigger jews you own nothing anyway you suck slime making it go me i'll take 1,500 stinkbags on easy enough moled stink...of course you can't do who asked you nigger...i made my way being religious right and kind and know i don't care ever...stink niggers make their way being ripped off~ you can be understood too well you know nearsighted shitbag with ayds...trying to get my work for free you don't pay...jail nigger

our backyard lanai with water raised finally the view on 07/08 - i may be leaving soon the airline wouldn't accept your pay yet on my atm debit card
no big deal fiscal (spends only ending 06/30 each year 07/01 is new or next year) types know they spend (budget) and journal (tit for tat, hide or suspend on the side) this month well through the 17th
on the side so many new birds and flowers come - is meager of me but so welcome too reminding me to be gentle and sierra club in princeton before they killed their parents over 'sexual' mother left her 'video camera' there at richard's last lorenzo lamas or studio wedding to his mother liz taylor...brian's mother too had she lived...a legend is born but with cuts to the bone...
note: we gotta let go of the iphone for the while - enter olympus camedia via my sister and the angel marc ondy
note: the 'girl' next door has an awning in the lanai that rolls up with side poles a perfect answer to the problem of wet drops outside barring winds that lift much - classy
more: i decided water seen from on-top is 'conic' or producing too much length from the bottom to the top as a line is used for night vision or low light situations by the eye - see google earth

here's the view later on same day from the side of the kitchen - i hear the pitter patter of rain as the music fades (hate cottage cheese clouds as stink but see the sun)
a big up plus birds out there you may not see - they love it
i've had a muscle pull on my left side now for over a month - they don't heal easy no matter what - where did it come from? shredding fat and muscle almost surgically inside results come and go nothing you follow i don't favor being hopeful ever lets fail some to steady results we can keep
i live to relay positive results not offer hope~ hospitality? no
'maybe you don't make it...' maybe you see that is not special to us but a commentator what are you missing yet? stature? we can't stand 'fraeked' as 'wig-wearer' results you can't touch, you can't sell - people won't have it and as we pay for ye all published maybe you see the point - we wonder about stuff largely and don't want sacrificial (me versus you never the both) planes taking off right away i pay for everything but fuel...fuel = food sometimes one day to another...p.s. rain is like a pot of water - why can't you just call them yourself? when poor people run the world, you hafta sell and i go steal...i go fishin' easier than living every day are paid some having and knowing nothing useful to a cherish i guess 'and with all that they cherish we can let them down' - curve

'new' gary numan (um, 'barely human' as waiting list, upbeat) called 'my name is ruin' with a bit of horsetail or philistines as i say...those with desert horns riding camels
sounds alot like 'love hurt bleed'...'everything it bleeds...everything it bleeds'
remember 'ruin' is personal as destroys the self, ruinous

an opinion rendered as fact: the 'google maps' gps (geographic positioning system) is held in high regard the female voice is great - i noticed that another person in the car confuses a left or right turn to short-term memory or is talking over listening - on-top is a green band and if you pay attention it tells you the very next turn no matter how far away it is...on the top entry just mention where you wanna go for starters don't get too technical - just say mcdonald's or walmart and it will present your address options don't mention where you are yet it'll know by location services if left on...more later...on-star is live help and is not mine yet a lot of tacit (unspoken but understood) arrangement for drugs i'd say 'your right to know' without talking to me they jusy pushed that down from the cadillac model everyone may have to chevrolet with no apparent savings as yet...battery charging problems afterward? turn off 'location services' under 'privacy settings''ll find somebody is always paying more than should be...learn the ropes, be more for it...until futile sets in...feudal - you just tell 'em what to do...

watch the abfab movie right here, right now
more to know: the young black girl lola is kate moss
her father is a cherish to the above for as we say offing others routinely
unfortunately, eddi was offed one night and is recuperating but is not the source as we say
patsy never errs but leaves when told to...more later...the young girl went to hell or prison reacting sharply to her mother's death...the gay son went too
enjoy - this two-hour flick was brought to bears so expect ninety minutes past credit as perfect stuff
more: our movie gets two thumbs up - complicated gathering and with lovely editing (the front credits roll where investigation begins - we hate it)
tip: heavyset woman at art circle with short-cropped hair: omega watts

7-eleven has it all every day: sausage mcmuffin - we eschew (pretend i'm eating) canadian bacon i guess - is $1.00 on the value menu these days but get the 'with egg' model i had one today and it seemingly changes and rearranges everything in a jail-type eucemenical (stay free, easy) setting - get two coffees any size for $1.49 each and the wailing wall comes up outta the ground 'eight dollars!' i used to think about whether i could survive eating another meal or not~

you, know i just pumped up my mother's tires at a 7-eleven gas retailer and their $1.50 credit card service is pretty classy unless you're lacking with help - i liked all - their one-box automatic car wash starts at a faceless (and shoeless?) $8 - gas is promptly $2 here and is because i drive some why ask of it? a fancified fountainbleu and fish florentine for us all anyway~ snagged a six-dollar bottle of elmer's blue technical glue yesterday at cvs 'pro-bond' dries like glass i don't need it gotta keep it coming since introduction love seeing it...tomorrow we cut the dried candle wax off of the 'ceramic hand' (the exact term delivered to me at night for searches - we molded in a 2-liter soda bottle) using a cheap straight razor set from walmart again three sizes of blade holders for under two dollars...for the fingers, it itself said keep blades inserting down at until you hit metal and pull out (break off some too?) as for opposition always bleeding it dry, we remind 'it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission' but why do i bother? you can't always know - the image reaching up outta a watered drain will do...wash it back to the source without notice...'no stealing' the motto from beggars and their rags that stink - the movie 'curly sue' if it means just scaring young puerto ricans back into someone's loving arms...

curve 'some good, some bad'...all i wanted was some bad with my good

'saints alive' as heard in the movie 'auntie mame'? you don't eat well or don't want to know these things - 'say it's a lie' its closest mispronounce if there's no god be that for us anyway~ 'heaven help us - you know you have one'

see 'windows fax and scan' before you need it under the 'windows accessories' menu - if using, restart all anew first with your printer-scanner attuned to wi-fi already so it can connect fruitfully if at first...i used to much success! loved scanner-fax bullshit from apple...with data line before dsl...

almost de rigueur in seasonal fashion circles, consider walmart's latest offering
know i hadda lay off 'frozen' (the movie) shampoo for health reasons - curses abound (like wool it is - see bliss)

i hate the beauty beige of dead winter in a red sky - gross
come to me
more: they the garbage men (um, 'sanitation engineers') picked up all beautifully - like nature - while i slept

peanut butter sauce for steamed broccoli (note our religious group cookbook had five-cup salad long before it mattered 'ambrosia' with sour cream and marshmallows page 27):

1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 garlic cloves, equivalent (trader joe's* sells garlic cubes in the frozen section 'dorot' or without asking - one cube equals one clove)
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon creamy peanut butter

[heat in a saucepan and] serve over drained, steamed broccoli - i love it
*there's a full fledge trader joe's mere exits before fort lauderdale off of i-95 south 'pga boulevard' very sculpted gardens near the airport 'palm beach gardens'

half price at hobby lobby $2.99 each but then see is at 50% off - 'florals' that is
the grave and all

i didn't get this decal - cross in front of a dog house?
kneeling by the harm? and i quote 'my mother died and i don't have a home' - israeli

freaks ask 'who is dan curtis' of 'dark shadows' fame? stan lee the spider-man creator...source of flame? 'campbell's soup' he says...fine, fine...for those mourning julia roberts for the umpteenth time in 'steel magnolias' sally field, know olympia dukakis is obviously her shedding down the sides - she 'can't take it any more' she says...the expense...i need a little albino olympia with sunglasses on one day to be our heroine in 'geek love'...'boom!'

mom and guest terry enjoying the fourth with us - both cooked and were heroes really
we're enjoying ground clams and shrimp cocktail with drinks here before dinner
terry brought barbeque ribs and homestyle baked beans to round out moms macaroni salad and filet mignon - then we burned some things 'round town
i have a terribly full schedule, mind you - why bother it?
p.s. i love the christian dior look of terry's here - that's who that is too never did anything but drag it seems colored stockings his father yves st. laurent

the latest from google analytics - useful?

is this good?

this is fraud - all good-looking films but missing 'abfab' my case for learning of you

good morning to all on wednesday the 5th: all of president trump's tweets by category i assume 'wed' 'unwed' at cnn...i don't tweet because i don't blog 'blah blah blah'...'twitter my thumbs' you having your derogatory first? no...not here in england maybe...'it isn't us, zimbabwe'...fake news? too much hype and having your opinion hype...hyperbole? even 'gangsters' in 'casino' needed to be heard having and and hosting the ultimate sacrifice as in front of others like giving blood it is - as not yours to give 'i scrub'...very christlike...overheard on my voice recorder via iphone 'this is donald t. trump' me speaking...yesterday i was trying to figure out if this square-jawed girl on the news was giada on other assignment~

re the rolls royce engine from the last few pages: people love the expensive accuracy-nobility of rolls royce (airbus-omnibus), but general electric (boeing) gets it done three times cheaper - no one downs rolls royce easily i'd say - ge won't take off if at first...

'every day needs to be different' - dM come and go

'happy 4th of july, america' - dM party like it's 1976 the biggest year ever, philadelphia, president ford-carter

'you know you're right...' - dM doesn't matter though - we need to have our hands on it - too much head

'despite everything paid and made by you, it all runs neck and neck - you should largely net zero at the end of a convenient phase' - dM your self-made of savings means not having to buy again, largely

kim: saw kim kardashian ! on 'the view' recently with whoopi and argument: am i caucasian? do people leave? tip: spanish-spain (with hats as cultural) are truly white made by the hand itself...

two smoke bombs tied together wick it out all along the watchtower - sparklers? fine i roll over and go to sleep how 'bout you? great night...

trump white house picnic on the news: during obvious of fest, i watched due north on my iphone 6 compass last night (360 degrees is obvious of yet) to see spacex take off at 7:37 or so deferred from a day before - i was in my driveway looking down the street further - the clouds played games for me making headers but no bright spot yet from cape canaveral near disney? i thought south like key west near cuba we'll wait 'til tomorrow maybe 07/05 just to see and say for all the hullabaloo and sake...a bomb?

i gotta get a new hutchinson island tee my old one was light green and gorgeous - god rubs them out for some reason 'where people huddle...' he says

idea hut: mom wants to carnival cruise to cuba no air or toilets - i gotta look into a passport people steal 'em if you have one made, ever 40% are miscued - i never go anywhere trust that bits of canada and mexico but i go everywhere inside the cage...


your one fan letter, ever, to 'genius' hayley mills unanswered...

you say the nicest things online only to get beat up ritually (without asking why)...

i personally fear: an ikea opening in the neighborhood it's not about resources heaven help us, church groups selling for theirselves their own gain, opening a sole proprietorship in the morning with produce and quality on the mind, a newer ocean meeting grass on the grain...water in and of itself...someone you just got rid of returning to you fairly and much too soon...

the above, as correcting for my coffee table book 'knowing means something': 'heaven can't wait'

target has pizza hut personal pan (sweet crust, deep dish) pizzas again - one dollar more than the value i estimate at $3.29 plain or pepperoni - so, not seek and be seen more cherries (and a plum) they're getting old though as vanilla milkshake types...$1.99 a pound all week they'd say...

skip confrontation: these days with 'find my phone' and 'find my ipad', you are cautioned to be less than confrontational - a joke then? be afraid - it works...back around tax refund time (like i could afford it) i would leave 'cash back' at the self checkout registers often enough - four times easy - each time i asked a clerk after walking away the junk was there like sixty bucks i'm not bashful just forgetful...nervous?

'absolutely fabulous' the movie - amazon has it just yet to rent starting at $3.99 - itunes? yes $14.99 to buy only
'for fandoms' she said aloud - temerity tremor free
extended trailer featuring kate moss (length 7:42)
despite all, treat this movie as new july 1 and in theaters july 22 - uncertainty abounds
alot of greats get mistreated - you avow me (ask me not to say)

the trip i took across america with some girl back in 1987 - barefoot contessa - thirty (30) years ago tomorrow
the red line is the i-70 across the states you name them, and it hits the i-15 directly down utah and through vegas
nowhere near people, utah is like hell on earth or at least an ocean drained - nothing in it then vegas a sight for sore eyes at night
what does god say? 'take the 70' map from google
pure prairie then utah from reverse: california, nevada, utah, kansas, colorado, missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, new jersey...
dropped my muffler in indiana - ate at bob evans too thank meineke muffler cheap about $60

enter the rockies with denver a roundabout on the right entirely all skyscrapers and roundish - this after the gateway arch was found to be stainless steel in bricks and all on one side of the river like mcdonald's made it? no - up in the mountains next was boulder on the way up then after a while vail, colorado on the left only all long lodges of green...many truck runoffs to follow there is no air or combustion up in here - down slope we encounter flats and then kansas lived up to the dream of having to pull over in summer storms all flat but dangerous need this place a prairie before utah but the hub airport is somewhere outlying...with denver? my award for the shabbiest airport look after blacks in lax ruin everything with mindset? charlotte - they are fucking gross their whole thing is delta queen windows...on the upswing, florida has lovely park-like rest areas to and from fort lauderdale on i-95 very sexy places a la the fin de lis of maryland house with vending only...unowned kinda...'we hafta stop no matter what' cars in front, trucks in the back the buildings in-between...

armed with just a place to live (in glendale, ca outside of hollywood simply - beautiful - new with stairs and skylight double master bath - under a thousand dollars a month and arranged earlier we knew no one really) and about a thousand in savings each (you buy the fridge, i'll buy the couch or vice versa) i sweated getting a job until august 18th...ucla medical center the both of us her first slightly higher, me doing payroll for the operating rooms and eye operating rooms dressed in scrubs with just a few accounting credits - then i bought my '88 jeep wrangler convertible (258, 4.2, inline 6 - black 8-ball sahara edition simply and automatic with four on the floor - for drives on mulholland, principally...visitors) around september 1 three hundred fifty-two dollars a month ford motor credit traded in the '81 datsun 210 for one thousand i got that brand new too on my birthday in 1981...source: a 'national lampoon' ad...both models honor me with name changes immediately thereafter the jeep amc i had for fourteen (14) years and i estimated the annual cost at two thousand a year all-told after the fact...maintenance, repairs, the whole shebang...i got $1,500 for it ultimately...shaking loose anyway get new i did alot of my own work...

mine was silver with black side guards and black vinyl interior - no hatchback but sedan, and with a/c and am/fm
5-speed stick too...excellent first car for learning

at the time per united van lines $600: 2.5 million in los angeles proper, 25 million in los angeles county-wide, 250 million in the united states nationally speaking - 1987...a million is a thousand times a thousand, or ten times ten times ten forever...

this is the backyard of pure anteflora that has monkeys everywhere dressed in orange and yellow like workhands and what showed me the plant that grows in water (blue plus yellow of saline equals green only)
a big moss ball like the birth of a dragon it was with four branches reaching out to the ground - like sycamore mostly a web of it
fish make everything - trust that - plants make the saline part after fish kill it dead it dries some
terry just had a picture of a neighborhood cat - a fine pet - eating a black snake it caught maybe we see later

true to terry form (a sex of complications), the chairs have similar ribbon metal to them
the weeds below are a barrel of laughs too~

the other side of terry's backyard corner - no replacement for familiarity, you come to see how and why
it takes me months i love rattan by the way very comfort oriented no sweat

niggers: got some smoke bombs pack of twelve (12) for $2.99 at sky king (just past prima vista boulevard on us#1) plus one more pack for an additional $1 yes will be open tomorrow 07/04 and some bing cherries at target $1.99 a pound or box thereof - fresh...note 'tradition' target had no produce yesterday...

wrap-around patio with ceiling fans at terry's kitchen - river place - two sides

keep tabs on the church cookbook updated every day!

alternately, my mother has 'the tasty tulip' from brielle, new jersey
lovely name, brielle (that's 'farmland' in france)

karen black: we started watching 'burnt offerings' with dark shadows' dan curtis directing and leading man from 'oliver' bill sykes oliver reed that was hard to place...more: we got the real movie on amazon 07/03 $2.99 -- is the 'phantasm' house no less...this film gets an a+ for being genteel and quite loyal to the overall scheme - nice - no bother...itunes does not have...hometown? san diego...great watch

ikea catalog

new coke site (replaces '') to add codes and get free drinks and 7-eleven food and stuff! example: two codes get you a free fresh banana at it or not, i got so many free cokes from the last site i could spit! wets my whistle...

drats! car dealerships with huge, huge american flags in front have a cable to the bottom corner on approach but the top seems tethered to nothing you can see speeding up to it - the flag and cables curve outward too - amazing and raw the sight...i could simply barf over them like a blimp overhead serves it to us...ungodly...

we bought $2 worth of sparklers for the 4th at target today 07/02 that's six (6) boxes of five (5) wrapped up for a total of thirty (30) sparklers i hadda show id too - walmart has 'em too same price...i want bottle rockets whistle and explode and m-80's too for underwater playtime or green wick equivalent...proof russia's a real threat and japan...we'll be around

curve - video for 'clipped' it matters from the 'doppelganger' lp

big ol' hairy snake alert 07/01: was clearing brown stuff, fronds from the end of the lake near our property and noticed a big black snake kinda twisted molting-nesting between two palms up in the air the coils new and perfect...eek! i left it for alot outta there though...

note the fifth (5th) marks ninety (90) days straight here in florida from bother but bills to pay! the fifth would be thirty (30) years in california non-stop we left july 5 after the holiday by car (my car datsun 210 1981 with a/c on the 70 mostly highway-wise the rockies after denver and then the 15 kinda from utah-vegas and down around that - 1987), and never looked back...los angeles? valley of the angels - fact.

the pool here at river place is so big four (4) feet to seven (7) feet in depth with male and female restrooms, shower outside, water fountain...else

phantasm regular 5-cd pack on sale soon! blu-ray was earlier...

curve cd's re-issued on cd and super vinyl

spruce tip: checked on the oscar mayer plant that closed - it was wisconsin not the massive one in philadelphia...under the bridge, kinda

the other two 'unwanted' (see new order)
i hated the graphic, but it is very dougmoon

target has a whirpool 90-can beverage cooler with see-through front door for just $189.99 a la 'abfab' and their champagne coolers in the background (for business they'd say 1:4 - saffy just threw edina out and they she and patsy live at the store in a designer showroom not ready to buy)...i drank a whole martinelli's apple cider (about $4 we buy at 'total wine' with seagram's ginger ale too) day before last to play along at home...peach mixed in? not good - for the dog...i need alot of clear apple drink these days...people in africa brought it up as great giving from others apple juice, etc. when water is sharply there...

bev smith kia 5655 s. us hwy 1 - bev smith signs her name

a full-on key in the mail guarantees us $5 for stopping in to a kia dealership (bev smith ft. pierce - curious nameplate in cursive) this weekend - see you there our car paid for yet...with title...the chevy cobalt 2010...more: after much argument, went and got my five dollars and a coke my friend sat in the car angry over gps directions you just go up route #1 actually and then it was off to hutchinson island again the bridge is right off of route #1 - you cross over indian river drive easier here - in this direction we went to the end and parked and walked in jetty park some - loved it...again...

this was parking today at jetty park 07/02 - all free for two hours and very nice for a walk on the wild side
lots of beachgoers on the way too - why stop and stare?

for the record, lunch at burger king was $5.84 or so
this place is situated like grand marais in minnesota up on lake superior - lighthouse down right path
i didn't walk the very end signaled by barnacles on the rocks - very slippy
minnows in the water along lines alot - see the sides and blue-green water

added tip: pat benatar does 'wuthering heights' live the best version ever per me
originally from the jam-packed suite 'crimes of passion' the second or sophomore lp 1979

new for you too