for your consideration and to free your mind

advance to july 2017 and pay attention - we don't want the old ways around here food worshipping and lying around on the job -- go now

the checking number is removed but clinged to by me...same branch as terry add if in ralph's labrea and fountain
still waiting to see $3,550,000 is the amount one month now

and to free your mind

last day of june is today - friday, june 30th - the fiscal year ends today and so does calendar quarter 2

big award night enya 'it's in the rain' world awards
magical? moves the unseen...

abfab netflix: loved the christmas special patsy rejoicing was great sounds and the evangelical couple make my day each time they arrive - great fun - eddi looks great! thanks

view from terry's garage at ginger lily place - see community center/pool
ours is eagle marsh on jensen beach boulevard golf and buffets - food or vending is very important here
we also have pools and tennis - this is very nice this neighborhood and place
terry's place is about thirteen minutes away...river place off of st. james place
good citgo just before for coke etc. - nice people
rains here alot more too - two different weather sleeves we'd say - heavy here

few people know the glamour of a washer dryer stack - most leases preclude
people have them anyway

the common areas within terry's house next to kitchen and wrap-around patio
i like the idea of periscope windows-lights nothing direct...i love light yellow cloth, muslin

the master bedroom his room for now
there's a full double bathroom with shower stall in there and access door

the guest room when i stay over i sleep in here
we just got cups for under the bed frame less wheels (two-sizes available $4.88/$9.88 for set of four - see walmart) plus air filters for the ac unit (target is cheap - we got a spiffer $13 at publix and a 3m filtrete real cheap $5 target 20 x 20 x 1)

breakfast on fridays: this is american café at 10193 us#1 in the beall's shopping center
across the street bits away is rick's in pink try them both but be

new to explore: a new ranch-like area of shopping to explore is 'tradition' along i-95 south of assumes larry gatlin's influence with bridges and covered mills kinda they have a 'wawa' convenience store with gas and a new panda express we just stopped in going to target not bad at all a nice community feel all around townhomes, princeton market fair in look-feel...

ac moore has fake geraniums $30 a pot

new poolside bullring to ride at walmart $50 or so

these are 'real' rentals i thought weathered to look classic - at walmart
jack reacher - ok!

love this - now studio promo - saint etienne 'magpie eyes'
the album cover is where elton john grew up (blackburn) lincolnfordshire
blackbird fugues guide a voice along 'heather'

motels 'only the lonely' i made terry play this in the car on the way to fort lauderdale last selection to sing and laugh to
i laugh because i'm so good at singing 'suddenly last summer' and 'shame'

we walked
the loneliest mile
we smiled
without any style
we kissed altogether
no intention
we lied about each other's drinks
we lived without each other thinking
what anyone would do
without me and you~

yesterday 06/25 i asked mogul marvin davis (honored in name at cedars a building) if you were the king of the cow palace or selling stock at astrodome - he said some woman even bigger in name i got further she was from brazil...his mother?

gary numan 'she's got claws' from the 'dance' lp 1981
add if 'down in the park'

wait - these hold plastic bags for england they use alot - thread handles up through holes
the bags are illegal kinda everywhere that pays people to bargain or make their way - nothing bothers you you know it
only soda...while walking down the street

both the next items described as very 'tomahawk'...good immunities? i've been shitting out my brains and spinal cord all ruptured kernels of corn in taco (and thus tomato) sauce as prescribed a brain~

the lane chest left dead and painted light green in terry's garage - i swear the middle was balsam wood junk i added on to knobs missing and no tray inside metal guides missing
this is the finish i uncovered with paperwork and keys inside yet - let's negotiate the legs? any screw-ins will do

meet the swills...

this is my mom and dad's chest that held my mother's wedding dress and veil
leslie my sister probably has this among other stores...this is it though the exact model
cedar is like spinach these days no one agrees there's value cause olive oyl isn't loved i usually eat a trader joe's quiche weekly (mid-size spinach $1.89 quiche a la maison) for the cottage cheese alone i would never choose to eat that willingly let love rule
the knobs say 'fleur de lis' the french national symbol if you look from the side like all waterways never from on-top a falsity at any rate

lane cedar chests at google - perhaps wider selection than ebay or for sale items...alot here are little sample boxes i have one somewhere with cedar chests of quality abound at

terry's church cookbook great recipes from neighbors ten pages a day ten days...taught me baked macaroni and cheese a big plus...

per 'the view' and my guide that people don't know you [as abroad and in reference to hillary clinton] the one voice i use as for speaking to locales says 'land of the free' and what does that mean? 'people don't argue you' that's russia...the united soviet [sole owner of one's self, 'so be it' we'll get by] socialist [solid standing as for aging along lines, no one knows what you have - a farm at lengths] republic as asia full of young people? by the sea 'aegian'...

lenovo the computer name? 'never thank me' is viable to me now having used we are hp people yet...'novo hosanna' never praise me [nobody does], 'novostasis' [no one says this as content] is black the color as obstacle no radiant...'monostasis' is white as one voice made one...

the medusa lamp checked out at lowe's again - no resolve powder for the carpets though? get to the lamp about $140 yet...our helping to the lamp keeps it afoot until you have your hands on it and know what you want for yourself a hardwood floor perhaps - terry would eradicate all starting with up he doesn't decide for us just yet, the lamp is not gay (all telling before asked these days, a big head? you're gay and you alone know why) it is studio talk with purple missing seek cuban green and red only like at a bar in your switch variant*...until then 'a world of words'...p.s. the sconces like mcdonald's coke glasses nearly unimproveable an opinion merely but orchid beauty at heights...*switch positions by arm: all on, two on four off, four on two off, all off...the sconce and color placed decide which colors on/off.

absolutely fabulous: i could kill 'saffron' nearly a nomen 'no mention' the daughter on abfab for getting pregnant their theme is ghost talk unfortunately an old women expiring inward we forgive you she is the grandmother with a lovely india-ezn last name 'swathien' a mummy of sorts no men in your at night...the black irs' 'fun boy three' nobody takes a pleasure but i have blacks sitting in my kitchen at the table i watch from my bedroom but then no bother talk bothers me...the son too pretty? get it out now exorcise demons at home we are them...lapsidae to avoid thoughts racing...stare like you're looking...ghosts have lives of their own i'd like one to myself...

upcoming feature: songs to die by - ten (10) of them to mock you on the radio 'til fade
1) hollywood nights - bob seger
2) having my baby - paul anka
3) boogie shoes - kc & sunshine band (note: the above strenuously quotes 'boogie nights')
4) it's gonna take alot of love - nicolette larson
5) come see about me - diana ross and the supremes
6) after the luvin' - engelbert humperdinck
7) summer breeze - seals and crofts
8) coat of many colors - dolly parton
even more later.

cocteau twins 'pepper-tree'...counts heads of sheep: none
from the ep of the same name...kinda - quintessential box set: the high monkey-monk

revisit six flags astroworld with me (houston, texas - literally in the parking lot of the houston astrodome...see new structure 'lendup' bank cash cow) - has a hanging coaster like ninja see that sign positive...i was here in summer 1983 after my nose job...p.s. astroworld has a troika or early-version wunderkind 'wild thing' huss-schwarzkopf amazing ride!

thursday 06/22: in a movie preview or else, someone made mention of mcdonald's 'rolo mcflurry' featuring the famous hershey's candy with barley and caramel 'rolos' sure enough i tried one after i made certain the ice cream was the same as soft serve and it was delicious just $2.66 with tax and square throttle spoon no bending...great! the full-size rolos are crushed in the bottom of the cup, yes...

been loving 'absolutely fabulous' on netflix 'eddi' looks great in the 'gay' episode with whoopi goldberg a non-sequitur (whoopi says 'about eight years ago') - she made them marry...was touching anyway for no offend...

phil collins 'long, long way to go' a taipei (tight position) with sting vocals in the background
by need a jacket and tie at nyc's russian tea room they'll give it to you

from target's site...expensive

' geranium lover | i'm live on your wire | ooh come and take me | whoever you are ' - the cars 'dangerous type' the 'candy-o' lp (1978) that's one rare plant these days the one has them...'cept target?

new york city's tavern on the green is back in action in central park west take a look two months for a reservation yet...others sought in action pat's diner on south broad (near the omni? odyssey was in la) and golden dawn on white horse-hamilton square road aka 206...trenton, nj

06/21 just had dinner at indian river's 'prawnbrokers' not bad near kemp's shoe salon the hot pink bag...take indian river right at the beach (jensen beach) and drive to the end it's all there...

should itunes feature lorimar's 'apple's way'?

rolls royce assemble trent xwb for airbus - engine 1

first day of summer is 06/22 tomorrow school's out usually 06/23 the official day year-round...

apple iphone 6 stuck at 37% charge or near that? turn off location and background refresh for now turn the phone off and on again will reveal 100% charge...mine did

the 2010 chevy cobalt 4-door wouldn't reveal odometer (about 61,000) either just a tire service check keep pushing the 'info' button on the steering wheel'll be pleased...two rear tires 'douglas' at walmart are $150 installed and balanced we have a written estimate now maybe bits more for disposal 'goodyear' are $188...we have the car's title i've seen geico general electric insurance company 'the general' on tv is the same but for young mother paid him already for the tires the cash $150 misappropriated yet...tire size p195/65r15

new discovery - jamaican-style 'pollo tropical' give it a try like popeye's but with meat on the bone...i had a delicious caesar wrap and rice with beans all were good we both ate for cheap like $11...with drinks...the wrap, beans and rice were excellent but each as separate - nice i also recommend the garlic-tinged 'sun vista' pintos frijoles for rice when can...

usps money orders still cheap (about $1.20 > $500) and they cash at the door - trust that - western union is a cheap send by minutes for cash too have id in both cases...

enya 'only time' be that ready...
apparently 'dark sky island' a new lp that harkens back to earlier releases awaits your to me...'it's in the rain' my choice from the 'amarantine' lp or polish-type hidden sun with promo video
'the longships' album number one 'watermark'

also - great regard for taking 'commercial' boulevard (exit 32 on i-95 south i think past the airport) all the way out to the beach at ft. lauderdale turn left off 95 - plenty of cheap motels, skyrises, the beach threatening with water plus storms you can see coming down in sheets...try sometime public parking every the beach...tip: public parking by meter is $2 every hour - bring a roll of quarters for five hours out and about...the meters in-between all such and suffering by the beach!

another summertime singer limahl 'neverending story'
along with the moss ball in water this was laying lifeless or vacationing recently

try this? black pepper as salt in kettle corn? spirit says raises the eye instead of making sleepytime...'raises spirits'

le creuset braiser my mother parted with ours somehow the one that burned my hand in my youth (see lanacane add if)...ours white both sides same...choose your color...was a 'brasil' from the bottom of le creuset...

'you can do it duffy moon you can do it' an abc after-school special starring ike eisenmann (witch mountain)
'five-finger discount' not seen to be true on their master list of showings about stealing from stores and being black?

mom and ed at pineapple jacks the light and chairs perfect

happy fathers day 06/18: i was in the hospital and traditionally for mother's day (and see circa 1974) but we capped the moment today at pineapple jacks in jensen beach a nice enough clouded day with mom and ed and terry stuart (no - hadda pay back $80 at the table) - i had chicken parm and a crab cake some salad (my weight now '198' versus the pus height of '225' my '200 limit' for 6'3 simply ignored)...terry had salmon, my mother had prime rib the special $30, and ed had venison sliders two of them...ok...i forewent neopolitan (equal slices of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) cheesecake sounds great though...

suicide? keep your marbles you told someone beforehand otherwise homicide...sometimes people float away gently know that...we're here...sometimes you might go right to work all balled up and upside down four years of float? yeah a deal expressed to help build a womb first for everlasting is here...

how do elephants relate the lifting sucking by trunk? it's their right arm don't be a bother here...the alligator poached in fort lauderdale made onlookers mad on the news last week bit the game hunter's hand - did you see that? annondale (for a hockey team in france his favorite) hates poaching but just a bit of skin lost...says 'i'll get out fast 'cap gun'...' or no flame news runs over and over if you let it sink in larry king selling a nasty pain-killing sea-faring plant of the minut for 'omega' xl is it...just $50 two buggles...then wendy williams perplexed me over and over...who is this?

one pink elephant with signatures that say 'oh, well you're nobody...' but as the unwelcome live not being able to ask or say
everything isn't full of resentment - not if you don't convey yourself well
people would rather comply with your wishes but i tell 'em i'm happy enough thanks

i don't take hints well 'no comprende' the pay of those who can't compete favorably in an all out half-and-half praise to the prayer or who are known as 'shiesters' putting shit in everything behind your back
we can't get rid of you becomes 'you know - i kinda like you' but i put something in your name extra 's' to annoy you
for the sewing and pleather chest: a dead dog is more my style no eyes - and i like to fuck too

the underside by popular demand - notice the flae stitching

elia the dress designer has a site - at least as noteworthy as shoe maker 'robert clergerie' helping you see and know - beautiful gifts from heeven as it were...names, anglicized mostly only

an interesting something very heavy very discreet has a solid screw insert - you push down for water?
ol' whitey don't know to shake? this like the one in jacuzzi's i've used a ghost hand -- not the glamour i seek they get better at it
you put over a drain like in a tub - won't keep water forever can be chained to hole looks great too about five pounds i'd say

an excellent ikea-type idea found here (see sur la table) - no lickin' the pots 'til you get one down
the chain work to the ceiling is a bit busy body with studs and all - you can do it and be sorry for it later both 'stud finder'
mind over suggests fans power up for work in the yard and at-large too - eat that up your old washer in the woods

the fbi hearings are proud as aired - tired of newsline incompetence and radio hype* the president is speaker for the house senate - fifty states one hundred chairs and the likes newt gingrich is no such threat - veto? not just ready; the senate our kings for life~

painted metal rooftop on buildings? a 'cincinnati' building i call it for snow or wind (maybe a repeat - is dominant style among winds, no heat) metal unless tin engages heat to melt snow~

these the finest scissors i've ever held - expensive, sharp 'gingher'
we have them - to be found at jo ann fabrics, some at walmart these are heirloom no paper cutting (terry went to fashion school - fact, worked at clothing manufacturer 'rabbit rabbit rabbit' mall court 'the limited' sells their stuff...maybe you?)
makes up for the morgue 'bell' scissors from 'exorcist iii' - no one will admit them real

out past fort pierce today 06/14 over a bridge the excellent hutchinson island
great jetties and indian river scenic road along the way - good stuff
imagine the washwater! take hutchinson island by bridge all the way to the end for jetties in a port st. lucie county park - great stuff plenty of ashes lain too by plaque

was watching 'animal kingdom' on tnt finally she the mother hadda go pay her respects in the desert i was hoping to god they didn't produce a fucking body from under that tree but the guy was simply staging a funeral he axed the deceased a long time ago -- momma (a near perfect match for my mother - fuckin' mean) so proud her son staged a robbery and on we go? is that brian green 90210? more: mom reports pulling people apart with pliers ('til they 'stink too much...') and how all fluid is bulbed inside and it spikes out with pulls...gross...'they wanna know who people are...' more: the head goes first they say gripping teeth-jaw as some pliers are extended naturally enough - you don't wanna get too close or see too much...

companies including the list below that used this website for contacts and revenue and have never paid their formal affiliate while your government refuses the work:

bmg music service 2003-2005
columbia house
value web
apple itunes 2005-2008

we are formal affiliates of these companies the biggest offenders are right here...used to be you forfeited one for the other...when will it end? niggers.
no - i'm good about things i personally paid columbia house over a thousand dollars for 'lost in space' alone forty-three tapes two episodes each $25.50

the donna's 'fall behind me'

'trending'? changing their place in the world - talk of the town

monday, june 12 went to see 'wonder woman' the 9:30 showing at amc port saint lucie (carmike - exciting environment about $10 a ticket at night, $10 popcorn and self-serve soda with refills) and the film was fair to all especially the 70's tv show but long at 141 minutes i was dying in my chair around midnight - good film though grade 'a' - the woman was very charismatic and she helped her strange friend get by until his ultimate, predictable death the same roughly as when he arrived her scruples kept her nice and afoot is roughly joan of arc kid you not...great film upward through battle and beyond you follow it all closely her one kill highly questionable but ascertained with further strife along the route to pension and pleasure...

amc is good about movie going - lots of previews - stopped by a fireworks house yesterday on route #1 'sky king' the prices cheap for the upcoming holiday...father's day coming up this sunday

summer 2017 'no moules!'

you check each other into hell - couldn't look worse by the way should i suck your dick? still haven't received an ounce of pay for the years of labor selling your crap to hell - expect nothing you cash niggers you have a fuckin' dump of a house wow! you wig-wearing motherfuckers *fraud* means jail only

women=no deal

a bank account closes by your friends waiting for pay
the call was there now you claim you need money first - fuck you

you didn't necessarily see this - but you understand what's happening here
somebody screaming at you to get it right but from the other side~
the only brian eno that ever was is the portrayal - has done this to me personally with mary in tow

from marlboro cigarettes a gift - i like the colors and delivered right to me

'asking each other not to again? get ready for the ride...'- dM you to eat shit only

rain again today 06/07! want you to know we honored national doughnut day not by driving seventy or so miles to the nearest krispy kreme outlet but by buying a six-pack of kreme-filled chocolate iced doughnuts at publix right on june 2...go fish...back to, stopped at the nearest trader joe's to reminisce with their food orange chicken, pork carnitas and mashed potatoes, etc. down in west palm i guess on the way to wellness...ok over and out! just had tacos at terry's to help rebuild our health stature with jennie o at the helm...

found the great coleman lantern lights at an antiques shack - fun fun fun
great stop in the rain with rope lit stairs inside in red
lights can be found at amazon
the antiques house is all white and is tallest on midway - look for it country store feel

i needed a shoe horn so bad then this one turned up at a friend's...
i replaced with silver dynamo toilet paper holder yet to seem begift
a regular white spring rod is $0.97 at walmart - the silver exclusive $1.47
where's the old one - in your butt?

drop by the movie 'white chicks' on netflix - a bit of hilarity, a little hurtful for black men - but all in all beguiling and very funny...two thin black men dress up as white girls when a few real ones fail out of something fbi so a bit innocent too...

nigger sun 06/06: so thankful for the kind continuum of rain here in florida i could spit! keep it comin' i love it a healing brand that makes your lonely home worth twice its value....

$150 to get my elbows barbed once more 'my coumidin level is 7' (between 2.5 and 3 we shoot for) keep the change - bidil? 'being insured doesn't insure losses'...end it to me...i got a phone bill and storage to can die...

i'm of the opinion that hogging drugs results in one thing - no action - for the stealth of it and to keep you fit...a 'prophylaxis' or rubbery cover on the drugs as made by anyone warns it's coming the rest must fit - see the folly god is no fool for you but hates having to be yours...his advice? eat less of mine with...die

two test tubes each arm - blood of the christ unworthy and everflowing
fuckin' drunks wiggling needles around

ace of base - 'all that she wants' all blacks - blecch
if there's one thing i can't stand it's english out of a black mouth
to know the plan~
p.s. surprised trump didn't snatch this one - he'd be abba but hates touring

a great excerpt from 'clueless' with circus liquour (at victory and vineland a exit quick of off the 101 at universal - the 134 is here too) and elia the dress designer

thank trump for the lawn views of the white house - as for ducking out you had no choice the house voted 'no' for excessive violations on our part alone one more rocket to space so what? thirty grand each let them eat cake it's over now...

devo 'jurisdiction of love' from the 'shout' lp plus newcomer 'r u experienced?' same album

terry and edina with flower a few years back at a reception in west hollywood
back to patsy and edina season 4...with my newly (supremely) cooperative ipad2

google analytics - think you're right on target monitoring me - need your tutorial though...

this item - available in any drug store retail - really keeps the fit well
if you can't drill - consider it wed - if you hadda get it off you'd die of it
' just like a magnet [unwittingly dials all off and] falls ' - devo 'jurisdiction of love' the 'shout' lp
walmart has 'em cheap - imagine that

saint etienne 'tonight' adds 'people get real' from the 'foxbase alpha' lp

our car featuring the hydrogen fuel cell - the honda clarity for 2017 - $369/month with $2,868 due at signing that's cheap...

from target the amazing laybag - see
they now have all the tent sticks you require - figure that - target looks great now

i hadda gather prunings and elephant ear (sea grape) for the trash today
ok i wanted to using those toybox can grippers
they have zillions of 'em at harbor freight tools less than $3
and don't forget them led flashlights

this is the inside of miller's ale house - had leftovers for lunch
though i left them 'to the dog' - on pills i'm still fighting for flavour

menu by guest: mom and ed both had full-on lobster tail - very personal eyes and all 'it was my pleasure [to serve her]' it said; terry a cut of grilled salmon - me was a crock of chili and steaming steak fajitas - saw the menu early at lunch it helped...

these rot curiously i don't wanna get too close disease and all - the difference a day makes?
these should be limited to texas

a favorite hawaiian tree the coral or bottle brush tree - attracts bees
they claim they have work to do~

a new honda roadster pegged at favorite package store 'total wine' yesterday 05/31
eddie hadda go back for a couple gallons of clan macgregor scotch
i got maraschino cherries and martinelli's pure apple cider
no reason to celebrate yet?
i got a real nigger of a pinched nerve in my upper left arm - thanks bitch

haysi fantayzee 'shiny shiny' or vimeo alternative
impresario malcolm mclaren turns out to be a genius after all...australian

this is on the moon flatly northern part; no freezing occurs here
three times smaller, three distances away - i match the middle for static and sight
look closer - this waterbed is four (4) miles across at its furthest point

covfefe? 'coveted prize fight'...makes you feel dumb, and focused on italian-french...fighting with the walls, arguing yourself to affirmed position

intrigue: fyi, is just a band-aid for the leaking lower home and my lips were black like a shark...

is port st. lucie (florida) the devil's work? think king alexander marsais morely said of france, then think lucien same name, then think saint lucia and the hydra all the same, is abraham's influence...p.s. mary lepescu? jesus le christ...

krispy kreme wanted to remind you their annual free doughnut day is tomorrow june 2
as for choosing something in advance - nevermind - you'll see what's available when you get there
krispy kreme is at wilshire and 15th in los angeles - santa monica then
florida? plan on thirty miles period to anything good: you get to know trader joe's for that slight

severe honorable mention: melrose avenue's 'betsey johnson' sheets at ross dress-for-less - finely printed florals, etc. great stuff as far as the eye can see...

another cortisone benefit - makes dirt and grease move it around on contact if not leave altogether~

with apple's recent refusal to use generic usb cords etc. you should note full compliance with their power transformer unit and usb lightning cord as being the birthplace of complete satisfaction with the iphone and the ipad - mine are functioning worlds better that $40 later...p.s. target has all manner of apple accoutrement by the way...

absolutely fabulous on netflix: the first episodes you hafta see 's3:e6' and the one before it slightly 'the end' edina looks great ! and begins manifesting widely 'the talking stick' lol! richard and mother edit in is fun here too...

what is heat, what is electricity? heat is the idea that a plasma is going to be the ultimate quest of expanding pressuring from the center of a chain link...heat slows down electrons but does not affect them greatly - what you get is some light but no true damage it corrects itself surely. electricity is light itself - or plasma driven...god said be plasma at the end and that means light. no spark is potent unless light delivered to its fume center...a spark is light condemned to be there it is what oxygen responds to - light in its center. more later.

'hey - that's an expensive cartoon - turmoil' - dM definitely molecular (water, color?)

update...first of the season
ramadan (um, last christmas is paid for) six (6) days in - kiss the ground, metal cross hanging in the garage - whose?

'in this world sometimes, half of doing is saying' - dM you shouldn't do that

first up: take a pretty picture kathy griffin with trump's head
-alot of us imagine having out heads plucked - i imagine getting mine a la ming in a basket
-i wanted to see it - i do see it
-we need to be worthy of the task - sensitive enough to handle if necessary
-i guess this is brought about by arab states visits - ask how many died vying for attention: 1976: 13 american servicemen credit hamas they are unworthy (angels)
not even one~ adrienne is kathy's real name i think we aborted a bus tour together once

remember living in mayberry, ohio aka 'the giodome' long before now...find my marc ondy? last sighting was helpful james at 'b' boutique call us sometime...

the white weatherpack from journey's mine? about $35 as suggested by a black one absorbed from a hospital lost and found