'They Don't Make People To Die' Do They? Writes 'Not So Sure About Eating The Cym Anymore, And Why You Won't Just Signal To Me' In Our Flounders Month, Jew-Lie 2009! You Just Eat That, Huh? You Take Me To The Pilot And I'll Fly It Right The Fuck Out Of There If Two Cheaps Still Fail To A Sure Thing...dialing up to the cash you can still avoid a win. This time (and 'no', I'm not desperate, I hate a bore being with me...you are like doors opening and closing to me no match will some but find).

Here we are July 1, 2009...a date Michael Jackson wouldn't live to see and after all - and mine? If you had braces, you know what your teeth will look like in the grave - not good (provided we don't meet over cheapness and talk prior to). Saw Jason rollerblading on the street last night full of well-wishers who get out and about during carnival times but hafta pay something for it. He's dyed dark for a role...Kenny Chesney or the comic Dane Cook.

itunes now has 'innocent blood' for rent - a vampire movie with italian woman with a mole as vlad or sucking on you
the movie that taught me about toaster ovens - their beauty - and as by robert loggia
maybe you'd like this humour by director john landis...i can never remember its name 'blood simple'

a little less from 'innocent blood' with don rickels rising from an early grave to a blaring curtain call
interferon (a plague of light) in your water bag does this, apparently - all melted down in a day in the light
i watched farrah dying noticeably on tv hair all gone but some in front - she really did die of breast cancer years ago 1986 and was buried on a farm in new egypt, nj
she would've got up fast from treatment - she refused all in favor of holistics 'anal cancer' indeed

contrary to prior belief, this 'johnny sokko' stuff is spanish not japanese...really?
they are in hindi or india east 'fighting souls' outright 1956 - spanish war
i dunno - seems proper for rude-ish space giants to flesh it out and fight here - kinda cruel
giant robot - his name is 'akin' say 'avah-heen' (rev) say the boy paid for him with cashes, really - $6M

my favorite 'lost in space' theme

a rotating floor is called a 'varidyne' like that used in log flumes at amusement parks
a 'teledyne' is what manufactures at a distance by phoning specific plans over the miles -- see 'itt' for 'international technical teledyne'
a 'mosedyne' tells the ocean what to do at regular cycles...germany has these anything 'dyne' as 'dynamo' or 'makes me happen' makes things happen or manufactures regularly - now see

'There are rotating restaurants and lounges around the world. In fact, the one rotating lounge left in Los Angeles is a Westin property, the BonaVista lounge on the top of the
Westin Bonaventure Hotel. This rooftop lounge rotates one revolution per hour, and is inexpensively propelled by only four, 10-horsepower motors. Westin is a large corporation and has built such notable hotels as Atlantis in the Bahamas and Bacara in Santa Barbara. This corporation could better serve our citizens with coastal views.'

i personally loved the oprah interview at home - the angers - enough already
jackson won a grammy in 1985 plus plus - i was there, in-person and so was he
i watched and watched behaviors from the mezz...
nobody pays for these but send...thanks cheap...not verifiably good...no one watches your shit period...oprah is diana ross soundly
michael jackson is me as black and jason erickson or terry's father youthed who was also andy gibb - actually the last bag of cum i ate (gagged on - my gift)
we found a perfect body to honor - lets see whom and how
michael jordon is jason's father 'crime and justice' or the head bee gee michael kaplan
farrah is ondy's mother, both bobby sherman and lee majors are elvis or just chris
the jackson character - a face of god to me one facet - was made to die pubicly for no pay but bother - i love death and want to believe in it, but it does not mount me really
see ya at cbs intl...more: my roommate terry is christian dior that is also paul williams, his father jason is yves st. laurent too

"The world needs a forty-four year old man that sleeps with children..." - a rough interviewer seen at CNN...is that about me? I was just thinking about one balled up in my lap both lying to the right...now watch the video for "Jam" from the "Dangerous" LP (1991).

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett decline your businesses further - both I talk to as here and there and don't worry it's like AYDS: if it was real, I'd bring it right back (I can get anything unless it's for me it seems). I wanted to take a few days and immerse in meanings anyway as is appropriate for communal spirit and how it is you're touched. A (black) man was shot at UCLA over the weekend (with so many appearing for Jackson's imminency and on tv) and I was asked to intervene - he was stealing body parts I love that stuff another batch of arm-claw soup with dick snausages. Just helpin' round the bank. Apparently, my son with Neil, Marc Ondy, had to go to UCLA over this past weekend to do a movie opening and he got in trouble too (re the "Transformers" opening with Linkin Park on-site and actor fermet labouche within picture of all to follow).

this from the
'people' yearbook 2009 (see here at target) - they just sent it to me $35 billed and with puzzlebook
you need to get paid for your subscription first...soon, soon
i sent my dad 'field & stream' and 'in fisherman' or whatever for father's day (both ordered here) and i got madonna's 'hard candy' from bmg a dying breath goodbye to you

Fact tray with condomints: 'Tie a yellow ribbon' is dare to come back, Fool. Really a rope if should must say, you threaten a return after leaving. 'It's been three long years - do you still want me?' No...thought be it knot.

That cell phone from Target is a magical deal - the minutes do not get used in waiting for calls or previously shat out as 'airtime' or waiting to hear from in $50 basic wireless plans flubbed. So, the card is for rock-solid minutes of use or connected up and expires your extension of this pre-pay service in month's time mine is November 5. Cheap - why don't we? Why don't we. Note us again. We submitted a 2005 revision for back taxes finally the last one up to three (3) years back and all of these are still waited upon...the only paid yet are current year and you? Don't go away mad. The Magic-Jack works too hard to save you money maybe like faxes from scanners-printers - you gotta have it lit on sceen or it fucks you over with no incoming calls, but is fairly good for people who call across homes needlessly to others over time and in distance. Most notably is cheap or a frailed attempt to govern your phone line away from having sensed others not called but you speak for it never nothing comes the right way but bills speak to you and if they cared they'd rush in as usual. Branch out immediately, have the computer run the program as soon as boots up - they won't add that line and I would never have this as only line in/out. If you get moderned, get out to cheaper only. Rule: Who educates whom when its all over? Who came in? Mostly, who was gentle and never gave a concern or fuss. Who is most reviled for speaking to? Finally? Who asked about this? Did you actually think I'd care before hearing about it just once more? Europe is full of people making do with less...very mental or unseen in their processes always. Talk is heavy I'm blessed with being understood readily and by me.

"What you can live with is best said." - dM in no relation whatsoever to 'statuatory' or specifically ruled out talk of rapes and other junk I don't want 'fuck her - do it now' + 'put it up in her ass'

"Your mind will require professional services with its own of taunts as yet unseen. Completely unbearable, most are shattering." - dM in any pre-given nonsense as 'no one sees for self' situation

"You will never deliver to me yours, you will never be yours." - dM you've got to be kidding my sacrifice of various and of selves seen to be seen and as first...stop-press value is: $0

----think of me less as i cry to myself alone, lonely, unhappy you dress...cost is $0

this the most important scene in brian depalma's 'body double' - the little song she dances to is brilliant movie-making to me...what makes women acceptable to me, a gentle framing of self
the original plot is a plain ol' guy asks another plain ol' guy in his hollywood acting class to house-sit for him while he travels on business 'just water the plants'
before leaving his hollywood hills pad to this guy - around famous mulholland drive, modern round spaceship-looking kinda - he shows him a telescope lens that he uses to spy on some bitch undressing all the time...
most notably melanie griffith? she is a man professionally ? if not just a snotty-type european married to the masses, the traditional femme fatale or dying of her own beauty
a french person always being hurt as misunderstood then...that is all real human cost-content
here we thank jewish people their raw extents valuing us in america so smart who never let expatriates come here to fuck in front of us without their fees and their fees for fees - thank you bless
the guy renting free, of course, watches and 'sees' her get murdered by an indian-looking guy who is ultimately the man who hosts him wearing a mask to kill his wife an unintentional witness in a one dimensional read - no one is this or either of them
ultimately, you like this craig wasson (note: andrew mccarthy's father, auto is nasty) who is an innocent crybaby in the hollywood machine now running things as from new jersey you see -- the blood here is extra rich
you'd be firmly body-bagged with extras sent long before people listen to this too many had cum and fucks in their ass
you never seem to know too much but take with great care
this a father in the great beyond reaching out to his son while in drag the very market manager...hard on you ever, but this guy wins with little or nothing in tears 'oh! you should my trail of disgrace ! now a demon
you make the meter ride high and hafta go i guess murder? that is not real to me how you see it all
people shit out the racist-gay inventions here as always self seeking selves but remember regular folks don't give a shit ever...would you believe i have the good always ever and you don't?
in truth, the little song is all i would care about ever and onward your sex may fades

berlin do 'ordinary girl' from their upcoming lp 'all the way in' (07/07/09) - from gay pride los angeles 2009 real good stuff!
as side note, terri's gonna sign records at borders on vine in hollywood july 8, 7:00 p.m.
'sacred and profane' is 'marriage' specifically a dull world is this...adds 'if it weren't for the world, i'd have sacred and profane ruled to me' or 'you'd ask me first'
on the side, strange days is hitler's story with ralph fiennes as neil and (ne) jackie earle haley is the one whose mother dies of nervousness she made the hummels (his) and goebels (hers) too
he smashes them in the movie (the title is actually "little children") when she dies...then the channel changes on me (see some online and for free here)
they put ashes of people in them and it 'brings them back to life in time'...and still is there
the dead appear as these figurines high in the alps or 'finlands' whatever - scary skin colors ashy and eyes always looking down...their neighborhood high up, playing pipes
berlin is for 'autoberlinde' and means 'a car' but as with women in it and says to me 'bury them in it'
gay pride is for young boys and girls out there - others like you? you are not enough with no thanks to me...i'd like to thank fuck!
gay pride is important, no? all those people aren't really gay, but we threaten them and that's that
you can like anything...just you try
recommended berlin in order and as rich not needed from: 'masquerade' + 'sex' (make sure is the original geffen a demon hut) + 'metro' + metro + metro
more: 'no more words' ? 'take my breath away' is their tour de force and was very expensive
is for the dead a gorgio moroder faltermeyer impossible...make all girls one person here none is that, god
if you like other stuff so what...died being rich and is troublesome to people who just want to be there could kill you in days of time doesn't want the work i starve you instead

watch 'green eggs and ham'

Our lincoln-owned gay pride vlah d'vlahala seems to have gone off noticebly well as I raised my botha from the kardashian state hearing brash lead-singer Meghan (singstar Terri Nunn) from music-stoop Berlin speaking about me and begat threats and convers (I noticeably ran into her earlier Thursday at Ralphs on Beverly the 'Fresh Fare' I was set to make plain lasagne $5 mozzarella, $5 ricotta, $2 noodles no bake if to wait one day - and probably then sot 'still on time' with you hi hi). Doug washed-and-ground gets over there tonight Sunday, June 15 and sees Sunday night boiled out the eggs my face in a white ice cream cone and nicely garbaged every how. Every how. God enough we'll retort any-all minsk chances taken a loop later the multiplex rows of Candy-Skunks (Andy Gumps) speak to your misdeeds, but don't thank people for being as me and just then met. Thank a god night here with cash and linens and things by everchaste and be-then sue clowes (Boy George's clothes mcclure still running with colors and at-word they shoot). Like 'Mein Kampf' speaks to shaved-down weiners, the rounded chucks who punk you, and harroulb franks as 'mine own cum first' (the very source of these vicious nouldings in song and still), it's always been available in our schools for a read against book learnings (small royal-blue chip mit blackish stamped-out name a french-purse mcvie), but is not recommended as serious reading for forming one's own mind with an advance on your own of notes. I hope to love everything here says a book just at crack...I know I loved being me and with it.

P.S. "Milk milk lemonade" is a very funny childhood taunt from Hitler who points at his tits and pussy in bouncing-ball way before leaving its verse to be in the back as explaining his 'Tootsie roll' process and as begins 'around the corner, fudge is made'. I love weird people who remember this shit from childhood and still to do it well. 'Mexico' gets its name from 'medical', 'medico' a medic company of sorts only - a place where old whites go to die some. Texas is for 'teleco' or phone companies all of them where AT&T fashionably is vacant now. Taxes too? Taxco...a finely grave yet. Heaven 'C' a chaperrel or thrown shit to government officials picking up bears or bites at cost.

Who Them Inspired The Blog You'd Eat My Crap After I Ate Yours Verily Them A Ladyfinger, Just Ass Me: Facebook (um, a baby-was-sloppy 'face up' to it - a low-life has these remouns daily up wash but is not so reference material to gluten-freak scoomes and cabbage-mould jello puds) is a funny way of framing know-it-alls for red-hot pennies on the scalp from well-wishers and the life-like ('please, I've had perfect coitus too many times to think this makes uor namesake of physiological impotence resound in me with famke creams...I know I'm getting the good and as with joust me you'd simply have that 'how?' and at badge rates') but make no mistake, you've been a coarsen-haired vlad girl all day long and at loans you've had to remake at a hopscotch of that same old price. 'But I'm not' that easily plimmed asks not to know just yet says Heather Locked-but-quite near with Russians worming a skid roe we talk some to not....the things you had weren't reported by me your own remarks 'just' at friends. Be tipped firstly and at last. People who strive here are thrown first and at last tossed out too. Throw that in the pot with two-assed cherries from Jan's a big-boxed wenner I don't eat anything that makes me think of having better just then but okay you bit some. Bring to me the extra hair on my legs now from in back as eats that back to see you having me just as well. Some of this stuff is clearly wronged - show us how so the good.

Got me praying mantis cocoon at the door today about $12.95 all-told now we can raise suspects here on the patio...put 'em in a cracker or individual saltine case from Koontz...a single piece of mint gum (Orbit spearmint) and water inside on a leafless stick up for now. The gum said to me so dare.

got me new phone over being nervous, missed calls on ms. magicjack ? and how does this help ? from
nobody calls me anyway, this won't help i dial out to you only $19.99 plus card well under $20
doubles your minutes no startup kit or minutes really but i need to study what that means with other studies afoot air time and all - starts up at home no office
how could you go wrong i labored forever at that price and so many fine choices (lg, the samsung) no original nokia seen but wow ! motorola a big name-style to me
a destiny change is to my model 'w376g' i'd buy my old underwear and shoes back in so little
all by trac-fone the cards and all...so many errors in me yet

watch "the lorax" by seuss until embed...
this is my favorite dr. seuss bar none then 'green eggs and ham'?
the gray-ish arms of the dead no face seen in 'the lorax' pleases me to no end...when knitting balls floating around like you can't know lol! both great dub
onceler purrs about 'the sweet smell of fresh butterfly milk' as if holding a pillow...perfect stuff in both
songs by harrigans in nyc and ohio mostly (a religious sect) -- i can't believe 'green eggs' is so good to me a jaunt and is captivating yet...strange
about women not being liked as two envious tits and watered hams, to me then segues into not withstanding so while we eat and demanding us more - well done! you so freak me scatman crothers?

Went to McDonald's today 06/04 and got a free Coke glass - one of four (4) blue-green shades - just for super-sizing my 'Big Mac' meal - but an extra forty-nine cents ($0.49) is all (I never do super-size, ever). Getting home, the glass is the same one I bought at CVS for $0.99 each I got two (2) green ones. I wouldn't buy more because I live with opposition here breaking and throwing away shit like imperial mop, and besides a fishy smell is detected by me with each glass if recycling but maybe me. In time, many washes it all seems good we'd say. Message: They are stature if all is gotten right.

Went to Off Broadway Shoes the very warehouse just east of Highland on Sunset and got my Skechers 'Tom Cats' (formerly 'Cool Cats' I'd hafta guess style '4477' what are brown industrial, 'no step' as on toes my fourth pair and as to be worn-out) for around $44-45 they have much and as cheaper as is. The girl at the counter said to me with grecian pen 'is this real?' the $100's we paid with and I thought to say 'as real as the leather uppers on my shoes' (we'll both check on these later to not). I get shoes when Terry gets them a bargain of higher rolling and as around I'd say. Usually, is there nothing I'd want ? but then to see.

they have the biggest house on sunset too the reagans...cements with goldleaf
they're going away 'forever' he now says

More on UCLA over this past weekend 06/04: I got bitched at after visiting the (Peter) Ueberroth Building where Terry's office is because I wouldn't tour the new Ronald Reagan hospital (on Westwood Boulevard and Circle Drive) briefly. What a cunt walking ahead of me in anger always (it never came up beforehand, but I hate any deliveries-mentions to me yet as never the first to ask), but I agreed to after going to the student store and then having-seeing many other nice sights (the Gonda-Goldschmeid Building - me and Neil - over-oppressing, seeing the MacDonald brothers building for vivisection down as my father and brother and as Clintons in fortune - including the reconstituted SEAS 'school of engineering and applied sciences' the engineering building...well, well I'm not so fortunate after all) what we came for (I fight with people in the head wherever I go - they may not leave to come here, but get their ass kicking when we meet - ASUCLA is full of dead and maritime students-types rejected twice or more now loyal somehow as junky be yet). Adds:

So we agree to go into the new medical center next to the diminished 'chiller' cogeneration (cold water-electricity) building (ho hum but still not connected we work with this yet and as I fight Terry aloud you see how I live and for tape) and it is beautiful and mocking lots.
Mattel 'toymaker to the king' or whatever is the donor heart of the place the children's hospital and that is nice for me along with substantial donors 'Ana and Mitchell' (see the boy's picture last month yet not so easily disposed of - the hospital logo is a hanging epiglottis the hands of white rabbit inside dumb and dead yet lithe we care for you smally when you're screaming bloody murder and 'don't agree with me again') if and my mother is Queen or Saint Ann see me and my mother from Bel-Air beforehand and with donor hearts Andersons who are afoot and who cared for me when I was young the first Mercedes was here (they have their station wagon now) plum and grove (Merv Griffin, Joel Schumacher - as 'lesbians' he now says - Chris O'Donnell both all and his wife known to us as Patty Masgay, um Queen Nasfri simply my mother-in-law). The building inside has mostly eats on the street level, an exterior emergency room (still vague to me but enter on the north side somehow) and lots of radiology context what leads me to dreams in my head of super-serious surgery suites with corpses being valued in ways you'd never get to see or hear about. Inside there's another long room like an admiral's club that's big for hanging out and eating I guess that is mocking to my way, but I can't remember the name some a woman and her kids who is problem always but seen. Anyway, we see AGSM's (Anderson Graduate School of Management) famed glass-walled staircases take shape here what may have failed some in that construction due to budget cuts all mocks now addressed formally. Nice, thanks. Should we have gone in? Yes, this day was finely tailored for me yet seem. What? You are no one still...trust that.

Note: The new computer (the Mac Mini, a small match to all I bought) required keyboard and screen beyond cost and mouse, printers whatever. All hook right up we have some mix and match but handle this well. The screen was always made for this with waveform or reconstituted waveform pictures moving as sound in something something. Anything soft (as in screens) is here and as placed best - ours:

Apple white keyboard direct wired no extension;
LG flatscreen monitor as 'Flatron Slim' and soft;
Logitech 'cordless' laser mouse;
Altec-Lansing speaker set;
Hewlett-Packard PSC 2410 Photosmart All-In-One printer fax scanner copier or better yet at Best Buy

He just bought the MagicJack again to cheat DSL and cancel local service? Whatever...can you get calls? Will report later I don't use the phone much will get my own cell phone soon...see above no news yet with failure to be as me.

Gay Pribe (ne pariah, pharaoh) is June 12 in Los Angeles all us here showing you there with grandmasters flash Berlin and Terri Nunn and Expose will be hoped (last year's Olivia Newton-John full-frontal so close yet so far away - by the way, I just paid BMG for my September CD order now get to yours Madonna "Candy Shop" next up if see thanks for waiting like pigs they do). "The Day AYDS Died" is the quote from me? "The parasite that consumes its host.." be it beggar and if our own true curse is knowing (as opposed to animal being) or being over-watered or then cared for. 'There's was no one day that made me evil' I wasn't cared for then or now. "Just because two men got together..." No, but kinda. Make it up to me (to be curses xxx): Streamen I like this site...no you. To Richard H. we love your body, your mouth stinks (make-up). Keep to cooking with faggots on tv...be warn.

a few of the folks i bothered recently...been holding onto them waiting for inspiration, guest privour

Things Can't Only Get Better, You Might Know More Than Anyone Else Does
That's my problem you see me with it, having me over.