this [x - now see here] is my place for ruling out the teacher of adamance ('you'll just do it') or the auto-didact (the test and then questions you yourself 'may have' answered) once you understood this much here [x]
no one to blame, we offer bit pieces of our own 'selves' to appear similar in tone
'i never said that' or 'when mama was young' in the cloak of 'beats your best guessed' when perplexing around me
you can't keep building outward without covering up your struggles
'there is no beauty in struggle' (as seen in a headlock and a mirror?) i'd add to your
'no one leaves the scene in a cadillac' (too big and luxurious a ride to notice your most recent foible?)
too rich ? like you couldn't eat another bite at chin-chin (it fatigues you, we assume - as too specific? mongolian beef and cfr?)
no - you don't even know where you come in 'the very first samsung in the ashtray?' reception won't follow for years
all of that wisdom is hard on you when just setting the example you yourself won't follow 'decadent'
too much vice? no - junk talk you can't keep doing that
be slick - don't try to steer off course with a wrench
all you get for the price paid with no real spare
adjust at home where i think of it and laugh anyway
be saved of it

this stuff is the same - so what. new page more than soon enough!

working for the weekend, july 11 no airplay, please public versus private: despite the news and basic cable, my latest dreams include 'i'm no one' or 'i'm just like everyone' and both fade away when i decide what to do today...some laundry, celebrate 7-eleven day...see facebook and no, i don't need alot of responses for me...no, no movies yet...none...it's summer....

i had one, seriously...parker brothers oujii board too...most worthless? the oujii board a work of art then
because i'm here? that never moved
q: 'am i going to be a success in my chosen field?'
a: 'yes'
q: 'in my chosen field?'
a: 'that's all.'
pip: for grade 'c' - the moon and the world next day waiting - how does it go? q: 'like that.'

from the 'your obvious of prowess re-explained in everyday body languages burp-fart' or the 'probably it's just you' file both under 'what stinks to you then and now': the quakes while making their little debut yesterday and today again or again today re fool are not 'aftershocks' from 'fresno' but real and quite disturbing...'like aftershocks' had i not been talking the live long day 'wasn't that good enough?' and 'enough already'...good enough for a polite follow-up day off and just as nicely placed as it gets...4:00 am martin luther king? you're lucky i remembered anything or any reason not to say...good enough for you two...don't be stupid it matters yet...today i barked 'enough, fuckin' pig' something like that then the obvious appeals to no one you know ensue...i didn't mention getting your ear clipped off by 'angolans' and their warning not to say...more makes more i need the truth, the skin-so-pure fat-suit replete with bicycle pump says you cared while being seen doing whatever it is you do (my little film nearly black and white - color an obvious nothing to say in the wild west)...my ear on the floor still so what then? 'old nigger west' you learn not to talk like they said...i thought 'whatever'...my visions don't say anything to me i do the work still what it means why you to me any fear clearly mine to over-portray 'r you real?'...if u r okay, they still warn you of better off for no quest a g.e.d. for high school graduates? no regular piglet fixes that ear with staples you need to die to get rid of that wound trust it...try not having like i do...or having less then see what of it.

p.s. bitch was damned manly about things - get that. no way out? never wins, officiating.

greetings! today we celebrate all-american movie great 'drive' with ryan gosling and urge you to take a closer look
this guy plays a great role in the movie as someone from prison who has to deal with a few minor problems - good-looking guy and our friend (he gunned two freaks inside the loan shop? i dunno over 40k from pizza?)
then him - we mourn him still
see the flique and don't mess up this guy's look again...he's not you keep it rough

great new porno site for the 4th: red tube...very generous, very good-looking...hey you hadda get it right once and you did...beautiful stuff

sunday evening june 30 the day fiscal (or paper trail, fistful of cash) budgets everywhere come to a close but yes someone just decided it and there were no good gifts this time too (now for christmas in july? i don't want you): had a good day i guess but that's because i was thinking about things in general and that brought about the word 'redacted' used in a comic strip (um, reacted, re-enacted, redirected) and that further suggested trump-era gunk as something i never heard of before as posted nearby on my imaginary front-load list of all-time greats...something i should know? i still don't know as what goes wrong and when, but okay it's important now? it's important to discard when you have it in-hand (where all else is?) trying to get cheap eats or entertain - in a wig and a dress no less...we'll add in more later from the news bag you stayed tuned anyway....

fat in the face, as a 'success' but is silent: been keeping up with the newspaper recently as names like 'sigh' and 'searching' meet tales of american forces who insist you grow foodstuffs but also demand green chlorophyls within to round out their picture...the americans are cited as 'will not work' on the problems as such just demands these items...ho hum? i've been working on the names to make me more interesting one coup is mount fujiyami as pronounciate 'mitsumi' i like that pronounce alot...just a bit more this particular consume of yours: 'what part of the egg don't you want [as in baked goods?' as different and saleworthy mixes of yolk and the egg white itself like egg beaters? still viable]...'the shell' i said to no translate, kinda...not good for sunlight issues, i guess...i'm pretty sure i don't want this for me...not only junk, a pig's plate? harmful...and so what? you wouldn't eat it if you knew more? 'bout some speckled quail eggs...big ol' brown egg like a big mac with two yolks?

despite korea's recent fanfare and the sizzler-type fruit desserts, why would i leave in the window all night? is that what england does? you gotta watch your meats, they don't want killing...everything dying is out looking for work...a steak with shrimps?

jill and kevin again just for identifying the words out - ongoing
so special you'd hafta to be the ayatolla to do it better - i love being ripped up by fundmentalist nuts? no one came to me.

lyrics as yet:

it's you
and me
moving at the speed of light
into eternity

is the night
join me in the middle of ecstasy

feel the melody
and the rhythm of the
music around you
around you

i'll take you there
i'll take you there
so don't be scared
i'm right here, baby

begin the weight of the world
the wait of the world

the way that you were
what's worse
it's your chance
take my hand
come with me

it's like i waited my whole life
for this one night
it's gonna be me you and the dance floor
'cause we only got one night
double your pleasure
double your fun
and dance forever

feels like we're all alone
and that lovely
feels like i love you
this once
we can be together
we can lose
we can use
you and i

all you gotta do is
watch me
look at what i can do
with my feet
baby, feel the beat in time
brother, you can take the front seat
just need you to trust me

(you on your own now)
(let them rule the rent~ no...atmospheric)


more later this one is difficult but worthwhile...michael jackson-type memorials starring a few miscast jews and various nerve gas victims
don't be sorry i'm in there, others
i can't donate a kidney for you, you'd try and know

misstated or while i was dreaming at least: 'i don't wanna know all the skins and bears....' (sinks and bearings? nyuck) i got that one just talking never heard it before black nigger (one for whitey needs everything spelled out)
another guber: 'two and a half of one, three and a half of another' (the whole 'no three pieces to a square jerky' - not unlike 'a clit is hairy all the way up?' never trap folks in your claims that's a clit-type joke furr it's kobe in here)

today we add lush 'sweetness and light' a great track from the first lp i loved hearing again
no they would be enshrined here - i just hafta learn their songs over somewhat

as rethought:
'what's good to the goose is good to the gander' (meaning way too cute to kill all fluffy - let 'em see it)
'will it ever end' (see to date 'never have' or then 'never say never'?)

thoughts or caught in the wool:

'you're not here to teach people - you're here to make their mind.' go to your place to hear it back.
'you was trumped at bergdoff (sic) goodman? bergdogg' can't to go taj mahal (mahatma) no more...'you can, but they don't pay for it' you gotta bet the whole farm in back? take a tip: motels are for fuckin' - hotels too 'not here'
thank u trump (for doing the job) + india (lending nice words plus garb to everything) what do i know?

more features later...maybe 'ma' this father's day weekend
others in need?
'the dead don't die' (not too bad but they repeat dumb words like 'maybe it was a wild animal' and 'maybe it was several wild animals...' speculating about zombie attacks - good enough cast and crew)

continuing our street names discovery

sees same: read from bottom up (this message for me) - you don't know what it takes but i think even less of it as red carpet on a dispensing-type roll however tough as nails this one bitch...if you shine brightly they will rub for its natural of oil and perhaps any whale blubber, with eskimo snacks and/or san francisco treats.

what's quite nearly similar only, what's about just them only:

recaps: nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do

more from tumblr - nothing exceeding good taste?
all over age fifty, too - plus no dickmeat!
that's not anything special in terms of income or body hair but what would the young ones know besides fear? snoring.
the compliance with the overall look that comes with any extras, i'd assume...a line in the sand plus the choke?
'that dick's older than you know, bitch' - it's not about the mother this time out