keep in mind the sharpie brand fat marker fat wick stays pure and colorful long after you figure it stores upside down or right-side up!
just remove any errant or serious markings with a rubbing alcohol-soaked whatever and you're off again...
hats off to you sharpie keeping the american dollar fit and lean while you shop elsewhere
p.s. the keychain sharpie could attach to the cap and ring better we'll key on it for the meantime

thursday, august 15 lets you peek at the next page in development but doesn't help you leave it?

from the make-up desk of august 5: the girl i moved here with should be mentioned lightly for teaching me important jewish words at any rate 'gentile' a nice enough person lacking in sophistication but is somewhat dangerous that way...'abraham' turns out we knew each other somehow? moving on we don't speak much...piano keys on my station(a)ry implies i can write and play but not well...i know what goes wrong...see ya later....

tip: we use 'stationary' as a term to describe what doesn't move (your desk?), the other 'stationery' to be made of a paper - cemetary? 'is in poor taste...' you helping me...like cement has no a's....

you always wait for better news: the la times positions me well had i read it or at all online - go paperless at their e-newspaper just about $5.36 a month billed slightly and with pictures that are too nicely developed for the print version - add in no sunday ads and you're off to the newsstand yourself cat in hand! no, i go through the 'houses for sale' locally and just to balk at it...you can forward the paper to another too had be if....

also cheap to the ford the cost of cable wi-fi is netflix - keeps your homelife errant and with waves...what is that - $8? dilly up.

our new page for july 2019 evolves or goes around the center clock even as we speak! but that was then, this is you and me - august 2019 soon enuff (as opposed to 'tough enough' plus,'all the right moves' tom hanks?)....

the day before august 2019 the month with absolutely nothing you can use to stretch it super lean and polyglycoat an ugly - with absolutely no shame in them redoing the pro-start (hair done) crew...the year without a pussycat...that old thing trying me patience for zero gain....

madonna scored her three-record deal with warners just in time to tout their advocacy of a 'mentioners claim' to her soul...so big i hadda hire a bad breath machine for beggars at the piano...no countermelodies after playing we just can't be 'it' and hire us again that's all...who wrote 'take a bow' ? for her mother's 5th engagement to redress chocolate needles in her bezzle bag after she stabbed a 'who's the new cunt?' message in her mother's cat chopper and 'fur taker' pita cleanser....

for a lack of greater efforts, we replay creed 'my sacrifice' god unhappy as found to be as normal and left with women 'nymphs' afoot? i had 'em cook for all some good
you could been nicer 'do you confess all your sons before god?' (of all things? a penance)...answer me riddle next time...'tool'

just for having asked...rolex date-just - funny that

friday, july 26: found myself at a packed in showing of quentin tarantino's (mama celeste's) 'once upon a time in hollywood' a title that breeds doom as any a nostalgia me right up front on the right but the film kept me interested as we waffled through locations - musso and franks, ucla westwood, hollywood speak-easy's - that are very familiar and he wound his story around great actors brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio...brad pitt fighting bruce lee was funny but you wouldn't want either position trust that...more later...they treated sharon tate like a queen here she really held up but is no comedy actor per se...roman polanski...the film over two hours and forty minutes long skipping trailers too....

rick dalton? robert altman

hotter than christmas in july or thursday july 25th: the heat stinks here finally and all i wanna do is sleep - how 'bout you? the longest day was yesterday. glen, hi.

netflix (to damn 'dead to me' - rewatching for clarity now) has 'mary poppins' somewhere if you haven't taken that in (it's somehow through all amaze the very same girl? nyup! sezame...dick vander dick? like a dickens he is - no shit, no old bamboo - no fuckin', no greaseballs or lightnin') other greats include spiderman the black one by sony take a look - the latest one doesn't have that cultural distinction maybe the best who knows billie 'gene' elliot - no good reference 'allo english faggots' cherio now for the teeth...mello allo...i have them here with me...chat me right up then....

still hatching new schemes within or as my mother used to say is...'sinister'...one point five years mia on this very day friday, july 12. sin meister? miss you, by o'poopie...o'stouls rib meat)

7-eleven celebrated 7-eleven day yesterday as their new app taunts you with home delivery
maybe you need that - good luck!
i like their chicken breast tenders among others
ok, i pretty much love them...you have it now

facebook still demands our attention...you hafta pour alot of person into anything you have so don't think it's gonna be easy for you - add to that any personal concerns and you pretty much have my current predicament: ugly...keep working on it any way you see it..could be nicer, i could be you too...that's not her, fool...

lectures itself: read from bottom up (this message for me) - just 23 skidoo before any lessons begin...even if you do it their way (2+2, 11+11) there are no prizes afoot just being sure you chose it well...forgive yourself then.

big budget the firmest grip relectures 'inflation': waiting for the longest time i remake inflation as not just costs driven upward, but a refusal to note a lack of inner activity with the consumption of being too slow or unresponsive to our commit of no output delays (regular, assumed) and the regular expected use of production means (declining suppliers their due)...not just pay raises, you asked for loops of time and as granted to keep up with regular exchanges...more later...fyi scope is work to be done more or less and inflation was costs escalating...raises take the brunt of it.

what's quite nearly similar only, what's about just them only:

recaps: nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do