sometimes i wonder if it's me
mostly it's not - it's me and you
hardly mistaken, i ask you to review
not just wishes you tend to criticize my fee
nothing seen by nothing's done
or nothing to see
you can't trust that, you know
there's always the feeling inside that i shouldn't aggravate others
- or risk being seen -
that old trick!
this isn't a trick
no one need risk being seen
if that's all you meant to say
sees the day

what 'might be' your link to opportunity and its true cost knowing why not even better in june 2019 'because because because because i hated his junk just before that or when re-experiencing such things...sheer greed, no grace, the fool for it...them but once again still trying.

what set off the stonewall police thing? some woman 50's about, white grass for hair though, was dialing their pay phone in the back with rubbers on her fingers making mistakes in a hurry and they punched her down...the police banged her again it seems stating 'who cares'...she cried and died? not then years later...what's a free buffet dinner without finger foods? 'a tree in guam' she added...you don't call the police unless you want mr. trubbles, it seems...'what?'

i kept sunday sacred to appear and reappear throughout the day
really for travel-type folks and sometimes i go afterward or every day to the market
miss me? i was there and it hurt bad being alone ? or at-least a bitch about kids and stuff...ye olde?
a drink at starbucks was real good a mocha frapp...a reward have you the cheap skunk around hopes of having
my bitches are invisible or then around town so it's not so easy i tire fast of people
i've grown weary just now....
p.s. there was damned magical tunnel work when these chumps are around, as i think
a big vibrator in your butt?

a few more gay longings - it's a numbers game:

you could lose it all - spin that wheel
fyi the pink and blue flag is for trans bi sexual or whatever sex trance - you may hafta get back on the double

if a picture is worth a thousand words, these aren't too meaningful
god told me what to do 'to shut that up' and hates mingling 'wait four more minutes, then we'll all go over there'

starbucks handled everything well - served you fast then back to the action plate
they must use up alot of milk before expiration - saved by the cowbell plus chrome electroteats

surprisingly enough, those aren't rocker johns in the distance - like climbing hoover dam 'just outside of vegas' it's a gamble
people are all 'too much forefront'...too much browbone too much alba or stagefront

even though humility sets in, i was still ornery this year
i don't want pictures, ya know

---------------------------------------------------------------------------you're not gay but your friends are-----------------you are gay-----------------------quincy, stop playing

saturday, or sunday ? saturday, june 8 remembers no one came: looks like everything colorful is shaping up nicely 'round town here mostly the same vs some new there's nowhere else i'd rather be and with you handling all the details we press on...busy noting others now...we were only thinking about a bike (thou, you and yours)...um, no...hath thee no ride no cape to fear? i can't bear the thought of a new movie anyway but orange juice and iced tea is on my agenda...nobody knows when...it used to be they else wouldn't agree now that's progress...more lateur.

this picture approaching fest - cynthia street very gay and somewhat prissy all year long
mine is hancock (like handcock - get it? the president's office signing off)
the firehouse a failed eucemenic - now get that
p.s. some online gameshow is all 'how long to write the us constitution?' or governing body as went - you'd know that? i get six (6) weeks flat from the above
p.p.s. my personal 'guess' was the greatest amount of time optioned or one year as such - 'we the people' is nouvelle, by the way (nobody knows - see 'jeopardy')

i couldn't get through the la times today without the whole 'ipad la unified butt property taxes buying lottery a ticket' thing arousing my interest like on page 2...you got a samsung anyway but some thirteen year old 'only embarrassed' having sex with a woman? now that does it! any classes for 'pleased as punch'? where to now? i'm still a retard how could i know? i have that. you need a quasi-ipad from the supermarket desk - no seeing that stuff here - i can't even extend a general guest user on anything without going bald and blind in the rear...why would you do that you yourself who never fear? you wouldn't.

madonna herself speaks out on current 'ragtime' [um, gay pride] issues - includes 'it's still too hot in here' [a prior 'where's the air conditioner?' video] and 'who's still [playing] the fool [from last year]?'
a bit somber, we like seeing her updates on life and music
madame x a big 'p.u.' - is from france again? nevertheless, less effort sells for less (see 'food for less' if you just wanna bitch about stuff)
the jacket is from michael jackson i hear 'yes, but i want it back'
the queen gave to him? 'without murdochs' end quote

if now a trifle: you may simply love delusions of grandeur (watered down, temporary feelings) like i do, hold-keep the serious stuff in check...some of it can get scary but i'm not talking to just you only? let it to be that again and again. pooka pooka boom!

new page for june 2019 soon no informal of deadline too great! cites nothing to say, the weather - blame yourself that's new but unfounded as such maybe it was you...doing well the world of having too much choice plus no hardships in leaving things in one's way or along the way? anyway, you can still give yourself a purty raise in the current economic environment with payday advances (we did 'em always cite no new feelings yet e.g. $600 as two such loans would be $510 cash if you're good about scheduling checks that repay $90 in interest why bother is never real until you pay off the revolving part...give thanks also try online lenders like san francisco's lendup.com - use a debit or credit card to pay back and with direct deposits of cash made you in one day usually - all benefit here no florida they tanked there and will also make you go to classes for nonesuch your problem with gambling the farm)...news you can use:

suffering? you can't host your friends...who are they? now you know~ i repay suffering solemnly with ease of information exchange...you, repay me then with hate or ignoring us.

apple computer's periodic update includes the new OS 'catalina' good name for an island off the coast of california no staying at night ? and possibly a clear shift away from iOS or mobile mac...os was a box you could buy it was that exciting this ios makes me know spare change...mac culture was extra cute get back to it some day mobile is no great yet...a friend called to say erroneously that itunes folded up and that's a joke they love that kind of thing a day for everyone i don't like cashboxes everywhere or individual takes on the same store see it come to nothing special as offered anyway...what else? everyone with phones now what? privacy (working your way in against time constraints - all there ever is) is still a major issue point to point...rebock: make sure you understand apple tv is now incorporated into the ipad more fully as app before you decide to buy another? we had two (2) of the black modular units by family avee (at $100, $60 in times various - the market came down to see no internet browser still - what a fool!) you couldn't have paid less? don't do it, senor. they pick out your youtubes, by the way, as not the same - like you home-done's ever mattered...talking to myself as flaw? there is no tv or 'hdmi out' connection on the ipad (not so yet then, be still)...my mind didn't fold like sandwiches to be one, then, no complaint still looking to be liked...imagine if i had the job?

our annual gay pride feast in los angeles (angelic merely) is this upcoming weekend june 7, 8, and 9 (be proud as numbers showing, gay boy) and the weather is still a bit chancy - lots of clouds and wind that's wet or cool at night...despite my lack of communication we've had plenty of rain of late so be forewarned - it's no vacation 'out of season' you can still be warmed by the feelings people generate with you in tow...feel sorry for folks embracing holidays every single year! welcome the stranger signaling more food....

another poseur from dougmoon - these on tumblr and slightly home done (thank u ! hp laptop among others - you were good to us both)
maybe you see the point? maybe not you?
my order is to see everyone in a positive light, at-will have you
no, i wanted it back then....

see this next wad of text (as within carets <> all of it) 'img style="width: 241px>; heightens: 250px ;" alt=s" src="http://www.dougmoon.com/starpower.jpg"' it's for a picture and it gets worse for embedding a link...never will i memorize this text, never. we think html is perfect really.

also citing louisiana ? we take on madonna's 'i love new york' the studio version
this as opposed to the live version on that excellent english showdown what quips about george bush and what be as timely as versace?
pharalees are whatever production is rumoured to be true
give them a call? spit and a prayer?

saturday, june 1: still recovering from the debacle that is 'rocketman'...next? elton john no one you will know - trust that.

memorial day weekend was nice this on tuesday, may 28th ('we're not friends, right?' outside your window at night) and the usual symbols like flag and family 'posse' are rejected at sight but hung here with care still - you can always hug your dad? anyway here we are waiting for may 31 openings of 'ma' and 'elton john' but need to make happy then...or rage! housequake! to the girls of soup to nuts a-z 'booksmart' maybe that too...when some bookworm in my high school was all 'i got 1600' i believed it - what do i know at 1000 flatly (510/490)? the classmates site still a cautious romp through the behind...fear that...they went on to discover color 'mauve' bea arthur and florida when touching the saint....

a bit careful with this one, we wanted to share cocteau twins the heaven or las vegas tour in sight and sound 1990 and maybe some in 1991
don't judge the staging - i was there not once but twice it was awesome!
i keep my memories to challenge and disturb those who came to be with it late or whenever
set list: 'dials' (pre-recorded set intro), 'blue bell knoll', 'from the flagstones', 'my love paramour', 'cico buff', 'pitch the baby', 'crushed', 'iceblink luck', 'orange-appled', 'wolf in the breast', 'mizake the mizan', 'aikea-guinea', 'cherry-coloured funk', 'road, river and rail', 'a kissed-out red floatboat', 'pink orange red', 'whales tales', 'heaven or las vegas'

note to stonewall democratic club, i was in new york city going down christopher street one year (with my friend timothy or my lover terry one or the other) and the stonewall had this homicide victim outlined on the sidewalk - true - and the way new york city a very nice place anyway decided to note this person...by my scan one following another in or around with a handgun...for personal note...what i think of each time and why not? p.s. the stone pony is asbury park or bruce springsteen fame there's a weird paki movie about him soon

when not thinking (wheels spinning behind the eyes) or being forced to run (fight, fright, flight - only fright):
q: 'would you mind helping me with something?'
a: 'no - not at all'
inspiration netflix's 'dead to me' episode three (off thinking paul rudd, carolyn jones?)

movies we've seen thus month include (at amc's a-list of course less no immediate interest):
long shot (we noted this on facebook as being a political drought and a female secretary of state a la henry kissinger running for office - wholly underestimated the office and with seth rogen as homeless not good to us, no)
john wick 3 (we saw this - had plenty of solemn but good and keanu reeves what is naturally a good place to put your bets...i didn't see any prior to this, but so what the languages used can cover our losses)
rocketman (not good - opens with ridiculous rehab stuff and is the mere equivalent of wannabees and gay trying to fill these shoes - see for yourself a celebrity junk the songs are stupid)*
upcoming is ma's...no big thrills yet but maybe we don't matter much? all for me.
*in retrospect, elton's music and culture (the things kept by in bowl of sorts) are beautiful things to have once received - thank itunes only for making it all shine again if taking the time or just putting it on at work? dream big - as talk show and money pig he'll simply disagree.

from today's la times - still whooping it up over school loans?
today is monday, may 20 - in five (5) more days a new movie and another movie
'she just upped and pricked her finger'

madonna 'sinner' to enjoy liberally while i wait with
plenty of d'goods at youtube.com but wildfires like this are rare...for now
anyway, we love a 'sinner' theme here at dougmoon.com
a sin is an offence to god, you know 'i'm unhappy'
one sinner says it's better this way but doesn't have the burden of proof worked out 'who does this?' 'this one here - this one?' yep.
another says you ignored the guide doing just what you wanted to do while i slept off my sins 'just little things'
i worry that i live, not that i might not live after you get smarter to my clever ruse...now that you know, how am i excluded?
no dj'ing or just mike - better to pray it all off, and so enters the 'sindrome'
all complaints to seem swirling around the center, with it a hole

netflix addicts (um, a way of saying) great starts versus soup starter: 'dead to me' is wildly arousing though u shy away from an epilady (many epsiodes - but imported?) and we thought you were gone gone gone...both girls great feed

the olives? could've been more generous - 'i don't want them' or you don't know why

we here conclude our pizza caulk for an 80% chance of rain - we've played pizza peek-a-boo for days weeks now at a mere 20% (maybe some is in there?) but clouds were good (they wouldn't agree only)
six hours left, me so hungry

possible new features as yet unseemly: 'things the internet won't admit (as dubious or 'doubtful' at best)', 'people who don't want my pin (troublemaker to the stars, 99only stores is one such - glib? possibly no class to those who view any unsold crime as an 'untapped economy'...cheap or the unethused cites 'um, war' as the very spoon that stirs up that microrave your heat or mine?)'

don't get mad 99only - you know the type 'no one does this'

this 'the bells of st. mary's' not just talent but tone 'i hate this bitch' + 'she said it again like i didn't get it right the first time she said it - i hate that for me' + 'i love her that's not the problem'
back to half a reality i love the whole 'moon and the melodies' suggest me from cocteau twins and this very record what shows american knowhow and might to whimsy or inferior labouring
earning your place just to be that? ok
to me, i didn't have to like anything but i do
a dream come true no sex stuff

we honor (s/b 'ignore') ye old notre dame in france here but damn ! st. patrick's is better only you'd think you'd wait to insinuate false alarm to a big fat object spread eagle in stirrups...it didn't die yet...the scaffolding says don't rush out 'to fool:' no news is stripped clean across borders no one calls there (see 'calling france' a song-record they blipped out calling france! for some reason napster it had but went down the dez with it no one cares have it still as all it ever was 'um, no' yes i got it right there it takes more than being mean to outsiders it takes a thief - you'll get that can't steal a hard heart neither)...hope you're doing okay i don't go there poor and without love's blindside or a date~ princess di

read from bottom up (this message for me) - finally, but you to remain in april 2019 for now...

recaps: nothing here in terms of income yet since 2003
that's for you and me - maybe you didn't get so far
as long as people get to have their say (as in where to buy and for whom?)
they'll be paid over you
still thankful for the chance to do