move all your shit to july 2016 i'll be there on the other side - where i come from - i extended you a plank, fool

fleetwood mac 'straight back' from the 'mirage' lp 1982
verily, it's the original mix
the right one helps any shadows fade from the head it's so noisy from being just an earful and witchy - no sale should have any other i bought the lp here in america for 'hold me' the hit in 1982 i hate what they do i bought the cd and then this fucked out what crap
incredibly, itunes has the shitty one at 2:21 hence our cry out to the flame

update 2016: terry says the office here offered to drop their lawsuit if he vacates by sunday - good luck - i'm here too does it ever matter? we'll see - they threaten $5,000 in fees if they don't resolve and win but i don't file lawsuits for that a countersuit actually...thank are niggers

where's my money, apple? the wait's getting long...

i realize the individual melons i buy at quarter length (pavilions) might be the same as these one-pot melons...maybe you didn't see the core made in the middle?
the taste is still good and recently - you didn't see any longhorns around did you?

these are supposed to be ghosts and for that they look good enough as stretched lean
not right enough but among the best i've seen that means at logo i know the look
camera angle? i tell people 'filmed in life' then no insides to make? no - but a good joke
west hollywood park san vicente...the red-pink dogs? because my attempt to paint-recolor the purple to red roof at ihop dismissed for qualities lacking

our monthly page title for june 2016 - just now ending for all government spending grace 'on paper' - is my own famed menu handed your table - it was easier than getting it right? 'no, i can do that~' for just thirty bucks?

on far right (or just in the middle them) is the french market on santa monica bolted down now for no current use...the photograph is using the iphone 6's 'panorama' setting using one button as a rail-timed exposure (a yard-stick length)
we were walking on saturday morning to a free renter's legal clinic at plummer park's community building across from the smart & final store...
i tipped-donated our advisor with lime green fingernails - a cleanly competent female for easing our breadwinner's plight and advising us to 'walk in' and get a lawyer at a eviction defense league office
i didn't like it but okay he did free up his mind to the idea....we asked and sofore there it is with court costs and fees darting back and forth downtown and santa monica him not me on monday
if he gets me to go that's the point again and no gifts need to be mistaken yet 'that's too bad' from the 21st 'til the 30th june unpaid 'can he stay' onward i no mention but see me just pay all late but soon? fourteen sheriffs police just sat someone squat down the hall opposite our own unit as i waited for my own house of oldsmobile dealers to give me a hit for the hand dealt...17, no hit? ok...the finest station wagon ever delivered a corpse for no waiting carpets shags our home in new jersey it seems liz taylor $265k (with the tiara pictures is our fireplace room before being remade to brick 'now throw that shit out')
hoping to pay something current loans-debts outstanding listed sources in-tact but lease now expired but at month-to-month prices since $1,150 entry price january 2006.....$1,435 next lease recouping the $3,300 cash to lift out of prior to be here... or the $1,950 we now shed as effectively scheduled or month-to-month our max ever for late sign or no copy made...we did get it's insurance as demanded and still....

1) who's more deluded the actress who married and bade your request, or the great unthinker of pride and fashion i kill you;
2) when two become one - i had him here yes we fight too much and that's nobody's to grandy up later i loved everything i took with my skills later on and want my undue happiness extended to geographically undesirable them/us a tomb of dinners out with any family remains i can't come ever another annie hall? you can't see just how ugly i am before meeting them at work...age '52' very soon
what am i your fool? hi new jersey who are the fuck are they anyway? middle management at orisis if i don't ask that to be first for no haiku

3) making my only one point true: the french market of some junk bouquets nevermind panda express pavilions now farting apples and toilet paper is the place i decided to visit at first in 1987 and three months later a job a jeep to make myself a gay happen...lovely souvenir-type shopping and discreet drag at-night bar at parking lot end...some blonde kid's firm but skinny dick felt at the barstool would do for now bitches still travel to glendale 'forest lawn with condos all over it' - no man would touch me own snap of meats before this or before i knew where that was not so far to the east with huge mountains no one will climb ever or think 'what's beyond this my asshole of fruits laden?' but die of soon to be enough the disneyland adventureland magmas of sweat and terror parked i bowl it all more slighty weekly at benight...oceans of tostada bowls...nice enough, bitch

though unwary of the gifts you've given:

while 'heaven has us waiting for the phone to just come along' aimee mann 'looking for nothing', macca (maccabee) comes to hurt you as soon as it sees...9/10 or up to but not including actually doing?
a great clean payphone is at the tennis courts on vista at fountain - maybe at 7 eleven too? rare of art just fifty cents a call

two child artworks selected by me for being in a long line in that community center plummer park...the first wins the rest to wonder off with

this plywood-only ceiling at the community center startled me - angles and all with fixtures measured
like you dreamed it up and made people do it anyway (a red ship that touches the road? some two-eyed space satellite on the side emerging a crab louse?)
jailed convicts with lightest shellac say it makes them happy with poisons dripping
'oh, this old thing!' no sheered pine would agree

for pistorius and me - i hadda change the word from 'evict' don't get too happy yet lamenting me unless you rubbed your legs off for the occassion
my intent clear is all happy enough scooting back into their seat
more musical chairs, more risk please
if you injure a foot running or nail a hand you'll see they just don't work - you hafta pull from the side like a club better the fool
the left vascular, the right skull and spinetail to walk fetus - maybe just me?
if you run, the more do they cum - get that

'fall in love' phantogram

1969 - kindergarten starts i'm there boostered back a bit....1970-71 is first grade thus 1982 is k-12 wrapped right up i am not 18 yet new york city's drinking age for all night?
1993 june i met terry a big value then - let's just say our day was the 26th and from gay pride see how it pays for no guise but i only think that's the day said - i rule out the 23rd as socially significant the day no one leaves but then teachers must reduce their pay to see anything during summer a fool? whatever - i'm not yours to care for yet but you're kinda nice in the butt and hairy, huh...a woman?

eurythmics 'don't ask me why' from the 'we too are one' lp

key to apple phones: [s] for students not alot of calls, [se] student edition no ringing outside in buildings mostly for females, no bending...i thought 'just nostalgic' along the way...

'i'm not the only one you need to know - there are others...' - the tall man phantasm v neil has seen three times now he says 'looks good'

'nobody will hire you...' - dM with dots on your head?

couldn't get pez (please? a pig really) refills 'you're gonna need 'em' anyway so we got two of this guy for $0.75 each at aah's sunset with two fruit cores a piece
at pez center $1.59 for refills, $6.95 to ship
the children are fed now - usually we go to bed bath & beyond for ours to say
and with a great substitute for pez penis! cvs, a close competitor at santa monica and lacienega is still in serious disarray

no words yet from villa francisca it's that easy to evict? i don't want neil and his father fucking around with debts...

champagne bakery is sorely missed here in west hollywood still vacant too (other locations include beverly hills and sawtelle) but see corner bakery has a nice pesto sandwich also...

got three (3) calvin klein 'folded like neckties' white t-shirts for $20 at marshall's - not bad

06/24 should be the first full day of no school k-12~ hooray ! a grown man like alice cooper 'school's out!' he made it to forty-eight years old but wars include...

went to apple store this morning in beverly center to try and get my phone to ring aloud to much complaint always - basically was the moon symbol on the rise up or greeting menu i use the real bells-like 'presto' thought maybe i had buy a ring-tone last time i could recall it was madonna's 'beautiful stranger'....i have the ipad to advance learn but this is not gonna be easier stuff reading and all 'let the phone teach you'...'personal hot spot' i love though my own starbucks living room to hatch into with code...back to, you call in to get your number transferred and also when you get the phone i was livid! great results though...

watched a very entertaining tv show on the swiss alps last night mainly gstaad i wondered alot as california and the usa (am i king truly being dropped off?) were pigeoned for forefront and feelings - the queen joined 'us' for a while we deduced primarily french as language and she said 'too rowdy' and the partying everywhere was slimly alchoholic it gets serious in february they say - seasons the same - but i lunched at its lack of opportunity to sing and play among its midlines or days in/out...they say they work elsewhere for a while and pay their government to go away basically they have a baroque lifestyle or instrument to instrument you can see all from a plane they say lovely clouds the skiing is for the dead i say breathing it all in today but bravo to the blonde woman showing you around she doesn't mind hang prior self say loves to dive as ball and create flurries around him for hours...two buildings featured among the royal elegance - they don't get together or mood it says - one was 'a sun' as shining above 'le si' and then 'a milkhead' 'le vis' i think...their cattle black and wounded looking as by swords they roam and get cold enough to hafta to stay in with someone 'shit and shit' they say...we mused on the saying 'like a pig has a parlance to paris' the french decline really 'le cochon st. germain sat paris'? duh.

got me a 'sugar kiss' melon at gelson's yesterday $4-$5 - and why not? - the free samples were great two melons now on the balcony but boy they stink you should float them in water to see if ripe enough...

kudos to tnt's animal kingdom - did we mention that ? racy ellen barkin and her dream family...won't be long...that is like my mother alot grabbing her arm
p.s. the new kid's mother died - truly hurtful - and she is recruiting him to her new family 'your uncles' - the older guy bleeding is both in the casket and surveying the new arrival - he has to let go? not necessarily - altered being or no one special he doesn't hafta be for the woman strongly family we'd keep...

june 23...went to chin chin for dinner last night - the jailbirds here (who always complain of not having enough to eat - be it at a supermarket or whatever see the problem) have filed a plaintive suit against us effective for five days from 06/21 to try and evict us for not paying june's rent (this was at attempt, but may have faded from view by now) we are now ten years strong here and i just want to pay month by month $1,950 and without their guide the pleasure of such late is is 6% per month (or $60 per thousand very reasonable for renovating each unit from the ground up but not ours) and we are all paid up otherwise 'we have a lease'...extras tagged on each month in the form of utilities $50, infidels at the banks we use, and other crap (a parent co-signing?) make a fuckin' noose around my neck every day not to mention the weak person i live with wants to seek a lovelife on his own what about the fact that i can't enter any kind of plea without pay all assholes recognize you are the beggar long after the work is done...niggers everywhere don't joy me...wanna chance it? beggars.

that smart mexican from koontz might notice we got fed a filming permit for 02/16 in his stack of sureties delivered by hand - thanks brown fool

did you know three to four months of gift rent are here in the balance if you go before a judge 'in santa monica' - niggers - we have at least one real job thanks along with the loan from the credit union you considering for some reason we have excellent credit but had to pay loan back early touched paychecks never forget are niggers like bmg, like columbia house, like mother still gives me $200 a month and tries to recoup it this way?

gift-wrapped chicken appetizers - hot to the touch
chicken fried rice
shrimp with snow peas
mongolian beef (serving is bigger - know that)
$80 with tip

no thanks~

don't keep playin'~ said 'crepe-y' skin

went to the shake shack for the first time the crowds died down
it's okay~
this at the old 'koo koo roo' site on santa monica

june has those painted string bulbs at about $10 today (city target beverly center)

where were you at 10:10 this morning? waiting for loan approval...done

just noting my 'to-do-and-to-you' list (aka acorn 'while you was out' in pink) look for oscar in court neil agrees however hurtful you don't mind...a veritable lifeline however the black woman is charming as sampled by me in the head their renowned education system a mouth full of shit (see 'the power of one' less) only know too much i wrestle with the facts just being here...demonstrable waste....

the oscar affair: this guy says they rubbed something like butter on his legs and they disappeared in minutes and that he was 'a ghost'
'that couldn't happen if you had a gun to your head' - dM
now the kicker - where's her screen test? not so fashionable she decided to walk on with similar stumps
what's the world coming to? 'love, sweet love' burt bacharach? the love of too much money, and the richness of cakes and disease...the love of backfires
long ago feared when i was young (that and a hernia my dad checking my nuts), people keep saying i'm diabetic...too much rc cola probably

a personal plight from across the street 'where i might have died of aids in the back [simply gross and henpecked to death]' it beckoned me visibly 'niggers'
we can meet, never
marsha david's last prayer ['o, lord - to be what i want to be and my last wish'] to prides

flash, checkpoint 07/20: having checked thoroughly for your intents (besides little in the action pack, nothing i'd want or agree to being active and solvent) we proceed...some asian called today on the home line $9,000 for grants, grants work - you send that no more money coming half-ass satisfying of external pressure to quit and save the breath of tricks i'm gonna catch you...'there is no life in this body' - dracula romancing his own death a simple perish like 'terminator ii' you got the dirt yourself but no kyle, no shooting madnesses hot topic? be there show me i have victims either way you and me or they're here solving with - no deals you live and to die for me

iphone 6's personal hotspot is bits sluggish i guess but it is the answer you give your friends or whatever the passcode and off they and that is excuses looking over the shoulder et al i hate that only 'nothing here is still yours' vis a vis see it my way there is no you yet you...rights to know are like rights to die - no one bothers with actual work just talk blahdy blah blah fishy fish fish blah blah

a saranthe short of howling big bad breath lurks 2016s wretched troibhant: someone carmine with rotten indian gums tv's 'bologna whisperer' alerts me to our card game being short of a few sequences and i'm all great~ well i hafta work that ten letters thing out further queaf feathercunt...can't think for all of us...thinking the addition of one new card is times the previous product and that is no vast for the effort you'll never know xanses salami...we'll see about the missing sequences when i get there sail on silver girl - i'll be damned by some freak - seven hundred twenty freaks ten nine eight then sans wampum...steal some water on gunsmoke...digging for water all parched and in a wool takes a village, you know...faster and faster out front on hot tracks black suits

did you fall in love with elmer's pro-bond type gray glue despite argument against the shelves wiped-out? anawalt lumber and hardware has it fairly enough keep that in mind i like it alot...even target is remiss (or asking us not to see it)...

devo 'dr. detroit' an unfamiliar but good enough song~
this is actually good - take a tip - i like face implants on film a great idea a person lost in it all 'swept away'...svengoglia two broils the both since keeping time

'i'd like to buy a bar of blue [candlewax] soap...' - dM from bliss, ever...instead a six-pack of men's dove green band, target has eight packs for $11-12 i got mine <$5 at cvs with quotes

caution cvs at santa monica and lacienega is going through a major refurb inside - all men shuffling - and i asked in my head are you gonna be a sav-on again ? it was both a red rite-aid and sav-on prior to but 'no' just adding cigarettes back i think and playing with walls and aisles and is basically a dump right oppose is minute clinic a doctor-on-call in the store for what cedars calls 'a cough that won't quit' at beverly center its ads....

look for something cheaper in terms of an apartment terry says
i want my money - i don't want women's advice while they spend mine (made at sale no? five cents each dollar related three years of everything i could think of 2005-2008 plus all these)
you just sit there while people work on jail terms to be questioned like them - how long does it take?
this is jailbirds investing at supermarkets apple itunes is supposed to be here i'm not paid ever
i don't want inheritance issues no one left me anything while you switch out funds i don't wait 'til people die for what the same bargains?
i don't sell hardware just songs and movies '2 billion songs' plus later and all this too - no pay to date? get me your stats
don't risk your life just know how it goes at this stature of sales - thank god?

okay, i tried - no more meaning to distill unless you're olive oyl - her father brown ale 'love you for it' a tampon? the sights necessary to make something moving left to right in a cartoon
a tampon says you can see a human ova (the waste of a month) every now and again - they buy 'em you know
by the way these balloons no matter what color - blue - say you could make your own full moon in the backyard and avoid the trip to tahiti (we don't have a moon either so what tee hee hee)

'i don't want or won't pay' [him because of the things he says] obviously a clerk-type covering a fat eating kill them a figment of showbusiness and their junk before they try and kill me? mine is a waiting game of making myself happy if any heaven rushes time forward only to check in and see? kill them for being unamerican or as ronald reagan says of 'evil' russia for 'not paying their bills'? whatever...evil 'eagle' eye comes to take anyway and without you - you eat scraps and they are be here is hardly evil but blessed with your grace? you cooperate to be this back and forth you are pleased.

'like food drives to a hunger strike' - like any cruel or cheap humour is not mine in the face plus no additional work that's appealing as resolving itself studio-wise

you as successful and sturdy sit here day in and day out waiting for sufficient challenge to arrive and unseat you? i am geographically undesirable, your enemies are somehow local...

here is this next wall in from the last - the one i think of only - a lesbian bar called 'the palms' is missing holds about fifty folks in in any sit-in situation
the plea was not to take it from them - it was free for the using, they say
the wall you see is a commercial gym on santa monica boulevard here in town
so, many metaphors away, the usual suspects may not have any sanctioned place to be as yet (they are ghosts and such and need approvals somehow)
how change is measured is in direction towards all the way when it comes to a reality being altered and as a winning team...not necessarily me 'you are not gay' but friends
i guess i should i hope too after many years of laying my bricks? i hope it's what i wanted or said earlier while others say you don't need to know anything and dither outward
is that why nothing is there for girls? i polluted your nests with regulars - women - and maybe i can't undo - your rules may affect us then
i hate being your fool but can't see the light here - why ruins? why here?
because it's a graveyard - wouldn't it be better just to stay still? no
'you can't do anything to contain my light' - curve (we don't mind your light yet its your mouth of rules the same always you were meant to suffer us, only)
p.s. the beverly hills at doheny restaurant the palms is duplicated elsewhere find it as such along san vicente fairfax olympic then see at flower somewhere that's nice

terry called me to attend this vigil at ucla's quad (the refreshments table cute) i assumed immediately to get an official check for rent at the student credit union he's a bit waverly when it comes to borrowing sums 'til next payday this one gonna be bigger with vacation looming too july 27...thought i should go but he didn't call me in i had bus fare more day to think it all off:


p.s. the rainbow flag is on arthur ashe's laminate or lean-to, kinda, an add-on building quoting his wife 'i'm not giving you anything'....the other good-looking stuff is powell library...i couldn't go but sent the victims about forty of them 'no bother'....

there's some vigil on campus for orlando (rosie o'gradys all i know since then) this afternoon at ucla...i'd like to know more can't catch my breath with it...another reason for the roommate to moan at me, i might punk you...solemnity didn't attend our parade the casualties few yet...4 pm (pictures tomorrow see-feel)

no metaphors just a cup of soda, ice tea
you to eat, beautiful boiled down rice cup - eat that

look at the license plate beyond the obviously attractive new jersey garden plate - stop and take a minute
the 'baugh' is like devo's last name 'mothersbaugh' - all she had to offer was in an apron full of water her babies
the 'boss' they say - mark's mother bought the credited song as leader $$ many more odds
black socks and dots i have other things to think about - a cock on end, one of my favorite go-boing looks the 'doctor detroit'
boing boom tschak out of arms into another

the size is important here: see that brown bougainvillea at right? i purposefully fed that a big snake one day (no edit) at the base a mouth opened up for my entry them
i hafta get them outta standoffs always at odds with others...this one left around in the driveway my window in back
no harm meant - the last moving job was a brown wood casket into a dark hutch on the rear fence - books, dishes
then i'm offered somehow a motorized metal ramp up to sanctify someone else here nearly a trefoil the angle sharp and to foresee

today's tip: national lampoon (major proponent of homo-x activities among the well-bred plus fuse) always used to say if you're gonna suck a dick, be flaccid - them, not you, fool...

credit where due: see further all pictures mine by iphone 6 [no]...

new sur la table in westwood where the gap always was...i keep track (the bank of america building is the where this perspective is coming from...them)
before that it was the gap, no? so much change then none
serve yourself...we like 'em for big wooden bamboo spoons (credit picture terry on his motorola)

i just sent $30 of my mother's money to the la times - that's the whole tragedy to me what crap...she dutifully courted the noise in a special note - why now? is it special? not in this country...i might have had a meltdown so what let it sun...your laws forbid pursuit of ideals, dreams - not here will you as half-rates...

entrails: nevermind that, i couldn't get two cunts outta my bedroom this weekend (voices, presence - i don't have anything per lease they say - either way stays the same you go) and thats loud - i know rubber dicks, thanks...we here lie alot and that is because we care but not enough to dredge our ass outta of a river and think 'oh, why not you?' back here, yes i did it and other things too cruel to be kind, soup to nuts, whatever~ bring bacon, sue bee lease for bacon, sweet taste - that's a honey-tongue...freckles

stun gun for spirit and beyond number one weapon - giving the voices moules - fact they run right out if you can keep a thought...sharks coming to dine are great looks too but somewhat time consuming in the shower...thank pu

yes, we have the spirit gun (pulling down two gathered strings two balls) it works only but i need to be clear in the head not a zen argument less is more...i'm not important here and you are~

cunt - i assume you live there's alot of death, no? my mother's at home $200 lighter i'd phone you in for being the wrong person the fiftieth time - choose to starve
too much like 'last year' as introducing a failed zip service add $50 annual this month both of us deflected? must be newer as paid for now and means personal lendings - forget it i had to help a chimp who leaves banks with a used car don't sniff at me glamourpuss
stay away for 'two years' it suggests 'maybe three?' come anyway that's the job at supermarkets the new king cum god your belly hatching with sound
start small - stay down you might miss a great lay that needs to be there among the older eggs
you are not gay (worthy of death? no) ...have something else in case it's not you again
boom! you go - plus the words are as interpreted you can stay another day or two bring a friend - it's not you the tears are for me - i hate 'em too happy little pigs squiggling like that i wash my balls and trim the fat as left out

disney says hello i was there for a while to give my gay (only) respects like i used my drivers license nights before to check a friend with luggage in great army-style ride to and fro $20 in-hand i'm cheap but clean
nights later i'm in the jacuzzi on the roof no one around enjoying one or two friends you can't see and asking a lit window seen from there 'is it ok if your [driver-type] hangs out?' a warm stringy rag up and down my legs is the feel
a party at the ramada or so at lengths may not work out hence our fightings
i gotta wait for lays (layovers, kindly but hurt after) to work out or have $10 may be me on the way to true wealth your rolls nearby but ivory i see
very nice uber again it was nice but alot of touching playing cab
and you of course made this but hey have your pay - no tip
p.s. i made the cloudy days and permitted sunshine rays for sunday - i love clouds all cool and clothed well the clouds were raspy and left us nothing prior planes or something
sunday bars and nudity tricks the line was massive for the festival in rear at the park but these are obligations looking to paste and suit you can stay but you can't leave i know they liked it alot doing vows and all 'gross'
inhuman some comments we'll stand by the festival is on at the last minute as largely ours to say - i'm all 'no' on tuesday then capitulate 'four week notice two week claim'
alot of pan fries a weiner wrapped in bacon on school-lunch baking sheets for the street plus vendors it'll kill you
you coulda been this and that together eating shit in a hell

thank the firehouse for presence engines 7, 8 god numbers as royal crown ignoring any stigmas of course
the women seemed as missing are still investigating shower incidents at stagings about the parade route prior to our shot
i'm not suspicious of anyone...i'm here the lead singer from evanescence me out front ready to do battle with anyone (see 'swimming home' to prep up)

more schmez from the sky dome coming as castle and confusion from pictures in my head
pictures are a memory box in your head, actually - i know there was a christmas before with no toys i know it colors and all tree center

oh, gay susannah...parade puss

2016 gay prig still unfolding around town...nice for big gals in scallop pants and pick spices we'll be around lording it to you - who made more money when john hopkins up and died? his 'lover' age 19 take that some 'bet you did and peach diddly your sorvay bff black fuck finder...dial roger pope...yen for cum...sushi gal fart sauce with doug henning again - free slaps' scalawag carpet bagger, it'll turnip after death, re-edits....

no barfed at pizza box 'simply the best' tina turner - real cute
better than you think - who cares

meeks in the middle: pavilions features this watermelon slicer like a pineapple one -- one solid push down, one cutter to one plate as served and a rod hole in the middle -- this site offers a lesser thought but it jarred me memory the one at pavilions is better as all-encompassing and they have the fruit to slice a mini melon (i myself buy quarter long of whole at price weighed no extravagance ever about $3-$4 is that right? right for now...with slice grapefruit in gay pride the height of gay thefts at the store what can't move out when they come (vs. ragtop halloween)? halloween wins ten times over it says $4k...that aids walk is third can't give a damn~ talking up a great vince ain't playing right makes ten miles look like dinner out on the town...hero this year? arby's...that one in westwood is good find and out of casinos for a lakeshore dinner way in the back i tried tony roma's for the first time ever - see? i'd hafta suck on dicks to visit england by euro rail as heading out they don't fuck here see the problem? you'd hafta prove your love too cat quarantined miss ya~

up down the dregs (furthest reaches) are wrapped in skin each of left by mitochondria (the figment liver of vampires? let's the real one do its job as heart 'atriums' and pancreas, skin, and shitmace): 'she's two times bigger than the world when you add her people' (about hillary clinton at my query - some jew or 'zit bag[el]' left out on a ledge at night or seemingly dumped before any given morning entreats softly' ) a blind but seemingly older ? jesse helms woulda been written in if i wasn't denied my voice by forgetting to check for any sign of life just waiting for my moment to arrive (i forgot zoning pot heads for hemps posing as dry cleaners with soap crafts in grocery store aisles no one hits the beach when they're still tanning from decades before to lurch at me while i'm still waking up before lunch 'you can cum' i don't hide to masturbate yet there's still no tomorrow with you laying around with me in it and i'm no andrea mcardle $10 million yet to pay until mama 'dome' says 'no, i'm full thanks' 'blowing some nigger' the matinee card says after the mezzanine closes for cleaning 'steacy keach is blacker than stephanie mills...looks it...his mother insists its cot true 'no further steve kipner (elton john the snow part is anyone else)' and will help him read with 'franz' instead i care too much but hafta steakhouse first t-bone burnett says 'is shit by a comb' or 'like a [real] mudpie on the east coast') - nobody's going to be president yet with margins slim but almost doubled them too but foleys make me feel you still have a chance to piss with me on-top no gift threatens me or has risked placing me as someone they thought they knew to rave over ever the bet $$$ i'll get it even if you're here being manned down either one in a dress (still cool, casual...savidge? no teeth...sensual) pleases me naturally enough to be caught in a net or no funny uncle to bemuse lashes out at me privately over their mother's peanut shells and 'pup' pussy in a stretch limo the long skull in the whack [under the phlegm and hakoris] thought no cantilever remembering the hood like a inset of who you masturbate to moulin 'oval' jones but a blowhorn fool find the hole later...'what's it's?!?' a mexican word than means runs if you can't...has the paba in coconut teasers skills and jump gets shot at then a few good men flac a dirty sword in your neck and then demand to see the peter unsipped by dyna-girl and electrosol's new active ingredient scope...'harvest squallow' is blue-egg'd from heaven 'more poor people than the earth can portray' with green eyes [brown plus blue only why ask its still there when i say it and after that too] foreign checks will do for now...harvey films says casper could never scare anyone anyway...he viciously scratches a cats face fast, fool...likes to be peaceful for a place at dinner...threats include 'will eat his cat'...'with doug moun'...the 'razor's clit' is mine an anti-flicker stance...

vazo lequeens from lush and their reunion tour april may this borne of 06/12 emma anderson facebook 'um, no it's just you'

'i didn't quit my job - they took it' - bill cosby's show #1...these days it coulda been you having a comeback after #2 'its syndication reveals shots of 'new' coke they think it's new when he shows up at home too - no more foolin' he says vhs news clips help him steer clear of 'dowager sins in the kettle' nestle's strawberry quik 'hadda pay me to be here' a schmitt ovaltine quips 'no milkpiss by farts'...

'there's no job #1 at ford 'til the loan is signed - then we tile and grout.'

' can live in a dodge' - dM lives and takes 'heeded my warning while you're hitting shore just bits off and backlit' that golden cross helped me to see time after time a rotten carrot in a furs dump near mexico 'tiapa' bends my old yellowed spine back in time to spay the dirt, count the ways back down to a simple slight, as knelt combed back and simply silent...

'you didn't give 'em a loan, but you didn't lose anything, either' - dM one day later will do if you note the amount to yourself before leaving it around - i know i didn't lend anything to you hoping for another cask badger from the cellar at macy's while sorting whole chicken skins over fucking chitlins in a cage of roaming minutes here - rise up to greet me with $77 of tips from the ground you fruited with names and donation amount - what is 'its?'

'be pleased as i am to meet me, i'm man of wealth and fame i've been around for a long long year so many a man so many unmade - you, go' say no more 'he got up to be shot in the head - what do you know? now wash your precupice a hole 'a year she wouldn't live to see as glaucoma itself let alone consider that very once and forever merci 'tilde for taft' it wasn't mine as if to say by person a flag 'oh, flay by the seed just to wax a devein often flagged and removed what-wheres of nobody shamed' how?!? ...come together, over me? stop hari kari more googledy moled-up junk before its too pate a hair raimed of freckles and in time saves no pine of pans for some rerouted trashgain sulfurs linfined with air-acids ain't simple to ass-make let alone potent with it...turn on your heartlight vanity kills and lives to quibble with over a dogshit too...shouts out 'bark - yeah!'

'with vhs, i know i'm missing something' - dM suspects dvd's won't haggar in the sun with a proposed 'dockers' suitline by newcomers 'bib & tucker' - if the first insult is replacing, phyllis diller 'go-dollar' at sear's should feature an inner-wrist face-plate for timing-gas-x - how long 'til they know it's simply not coming have another beer? they'll know to get up when the levee breaks you drown her car 'better to eat the crap. no?' you will anyway a cuckhold for coco puffs and choco pud...

talk talk 'life's what you make it' (a geranium lover live on your wire...still white, growing windmere fortunes of broccoli - how so?)

time majoram: my favorite part from exorcist iii - the taped confession of lou reed

thank you tracfone for a year or so of good service, now enter the apple iphone 6 starting today and yes white gold model with
at&t same number ported (424) 326-6261 for me personally...the house line via magic jack is paid up again (323) 375-6627 and terry's number on consumer cellular is (310) 435-1517...tell a brud...i created my own dougmoon hotspot for the wi-fi ipad2 and it's just like you have service now - on the roof?

ikea is back in business with tabletops - see this one 'hissmon' (his only chair?)
also in white, this is a great desk i love it to this day the shape is very much suited to work and btw we got grey pole legs

look at that red-haired girl's crap at - i enjoyed her visit to disney's california adventure their dangerous fuckin' ferris wheel with slides - something by blacks it looks like it's getting there tractors pulling buckets that slide all over etc. and cars-type raceway stuff - take a look - besides the excellent western frontier look magmas that threatened us crushing, the pan pacific auditorium remake is a real coup almost innate to me even as burned down, the most exciting thing to me is the la brea bakery emporium in the parking lot...take a tip...they've got something new now for breakfast types croissants etc....

you're dark in my door: on tv is the new [toilet] bowl light see where you're shittin', blue, yellow...color for dirty? magenta...the persons here let the seat drop 'cause it's dirty? they don't wash their hands anyway with legitimate excuses? i wash my hands but could use more soap?

our dinner, many fights later on 06/05 (martha stewart pot, macy's - no heirloom? see le creuset the simple fact)
see we still have our tall 'cray' (sperry univac) for hummingbirds (koontz unboxed assembled $20)
no one will reveal a cray tower these days - 'measures widths' it says and how the rumble responds
a cray is an 'advance mind', simply (all you could be before being heard)

q: did you know busch gardens williamsburg (just inset from virginia beach at norfolk and the seventeen-mile car-at-sea chesapeake bay bridge) has a ninja coaster? yup.

their ninja excites me - same manufacturer as magic mountain (barstowe?)

lochness monster and its 114' drop in the back we got straight up in 1977 - note a bit of cave in a round with a single skeleton embedded in its mortar - classy, disney-ish
this picture reminds me my dad won my brother or sister a big curious george - a big one - my quote over rationalizing no wins 'gathers dust' [like a big stuffed snake - i buy them only with quote]*
one train enters the arena just bits later and they hit the loops together - you need to have people who are ever alert here (j-lo used to run trains at great adventure...of note)
ericsson manufactures this at $12M the installation (see coleco) - in new jersey we had the loops on catapult or pushing back and forth from stairway heights - the installation was during a transfer to corporate six flags about $6M (coit?)
neil's quote to me when i arrived to work there one day (he was the rides 'lead' or red tag) 'what are you doing here?' serious, but out of the blue
my tag was always only black but i left under eighteen years old four seasons later - assistant lead at times, he went on to a blue tag which is a big deal (army)
*i don't remember the stuffed doll at home at all...note that

i often ask germany 'isn't this nicer?' they have deep resentments still - are heaven's people trying to help out teutons tutors, two-times out

'you lost your life' - brown cow or some 'female' pig (please, i'll risk that daily for no care)

note 'passed gas' may 6 is national 'nurse's day' - worth honoring if you're gonna be there...switch out with pure flop 'grandparent's day' september 11 you're old honor death and weak-in-spirit first - i have your life no money, roy scheider fighting old and tired 'with fire' as it were only to remake one's selving for film 2...'allo english'...welcome montserrat! her newish-type name (we love burt reynold's son the mayor and i...amc 'although may come'...)

someone dj has someone dying on tape - marcy jones smtp twisting her neck

tina turner views cleanly - song 'the best' was heard lately not bad and not held well the head misses middle telegraph or phone sounds

still no act, no communication with me
how long does it take, that is to spend everything twice? nevermind making it for doubt old fucks with nothing left to lose
it's god's way, a someone (323) 375-6627
tell me i have nothing, then cry like you do
you're not getting paid...effy is on home shopping network, after all
my faked credit score is about 325 if banks are communism and they approve everything old women and niggers who never thank anyone
those missing headphones sms audio are nice though - tried them yesterday in the apple store i'll be watching every cent

'i hafta give them my money, the money you would use to placate me?' shoot that

you'll have my usual - to go~ boxtrot

who's the fool? still.

garbage 'empty' official promo
you can't get away

a pinata stuffed full of corn - now we eat

to fool: wonder woman is from istanbul not the amazon - difference? no one visits istanbul by carnivore cruise 'you gonna eat that?' how do you know sharks are around? sewer pipes seem to smell~

to firmly rebuke my statements visit april may 2016