noting there's only so much to hurt, redeem yourself in august 2016 once bathed of its codgers noting a source of flame or calorie versus being burned a stack of books switching places with nowhere to minding the shop ice waggers on top keeping heat around for water...

soul ii soul and song title keep on movin' the clear winner, no?

new month as soon as others get off their ass...i'm a stalwart type they lay when i lay, but i occupy my time dates firmly in-hand

08/05: went for a walk to find cvs down labrea south is quite near trader joe's i wasn't paying attention on that miserable trip walking back from a busstop taking too long though i demanded service from the above great junkyards on the way however and yes that $86 handwritten check cleared without delay (see earth-mother jeannie waving her ass around down there some other indignation) - they cvs ostensibly had $2 in extra bucks a reward that failed to show up on my receipt or the two malfunctioning coupon labs 'red' in the aisles the stores still ripped up these days this one definitely not impressive but i bought a bottle coke for $2.17 and was satisfied with the review - both are at the third street intersection no small feat a'pied...or 'on foot' in french...

personally, i recommend two (2) cvs stores here in hollywood one is at hollywood boulevard just past labrea on orange grove, i believe - the other on cahuenga just past hollywood boulevard heading north at yucca (a desert plant) i think...legion panda express just before that...nobody wants to work these days, i don't wanna pay...

super big buy! ralph's on labrea just bits away (at santa monica roughly) has this tang mix (20 oz. for 6 quarts) for exactly one dollar ($1) right now
if you love regular tang, you'll love this - and by the way, beware the extra taste-bother this tangerine only
on the q.t. or queued tape but um, scotland makes this and incidentally shaved slurpee straws - to thank them?
p.s. you can alternate with country time lemonade same volume if you want the very rhine of yogurt fame with milk? target's price is currently $2 for the both

still aggrandizing the self~

see your place 'it's easier ask for forgiveness than permission' credit a black man: bitch terry won't give me any more cash than the $30 he left - has toybox syndrome a hole in your heart then - i don't play it that way i submit fully to the time involved but call often 'anything new with the furniture?'

for posterity's sake: the place me and rosemary (shulman - tv's barefoot contessa) first looked to rent (wound up at forest lawn or then glendale for year one at 214 louise street #9 i believe - a brand new condo two floors skylight two sinks master bedroom a good start close by just past disney 'buena park' on the 134) as gleaned from the los angeles times in 1987 with not a clue 'gramercy place' a bit san francisco in feel, asians...happy birthday august 5th no talk

the fishburger stand in grand marais, mn this year 2016 - note the lion's club aka knights of columbus
the fishburger is akin to burger king's 'whaler' i guess...tilapia? i had a whopper (whopphur) last night (08/03) combo #1 no cheese

more or less is new for you too - a bit of deju vu i'd say
q: why have i been here before? clearly

------------------------but moments away from going live on in-house wi-fi again - watch me bleed~

for people who keep asking on your behalf - hear anything new?

i brought these back from the brink independently - the fruit of a nation
i need 'em for a hairy ass and balls no chem or pu (smellbag)...the nicest flavour to me 2/$5 at ralph's
still trying to get free ice tea from yesterday (the frozen section? kinda i guess), a job? give that away (the ice tea sparkling and not sweet i got it later for the complaint)
i decided to help run the whole story a favor to kroger see it come big brite

like a naked jew touching an outcast on the way out the door - lightly english-speaking to heat with a hope for flame the clock or phone is wrong too 424-326-6261 they got it right first too calling me
i won't be delighted later~ you lie it's wrapped up in false (parking) bonds or government tax plague it lies though saying how much in billions when furthered out a year or so no cd's or treasury bonds afoot as your money stolen when you buy - the bank hopes to switch out for gold fillings left about in penny bags the money made in boxes that explode randomly if unless they seat options well
no bond is worth more than six billion i'm told - this is half that or nothing you know - i cite 'republic' is garden shit like your education and quote the cards you buy from itunes the dollar it takes one-for-one lost to opening a song with a key the real money with banks as half given away already or not needed for burning the walls with wires not but fuze
the keys don't cost but a $1 each - no big loss but promo not releated you help not here
thank god i'm not you simply obey all to suck on a nightmare toothless - this the latest crap from my needs placed at rakuten or 'racketeering' to be quoted the feds - someone who died? no bankruptcy asked yet
needs? what you don't have met when you die a'calling - very personal at three days outplaced still i checked
worth fighting for? attractively priced at no need - second time around can tell 'em you left that's all i'd say
fuck u niggers both

what keeps talking from the the 'great beyond' is still fat and freckly short and squat, moules and chinese peru ass folded like a pair of them shipped in a book with ex-lax in their hair why me? i listen for good

this little ghost guy outside is not me but medusa was nearby waiting to meet the real one? to compare us only - this was loaded with snakes that are fruit friendly at the mouth with fingers eating and also a pretzel-look behind with eyes glaring - maybe is real i made snakes with no true capital - maybe

back to my little friend - see his legs are folded spine against wall...some shadow

why am i up? why?

phantasm outtakes - the intended video
one good turn deserves another:

behind the scenes...usually raving good

'little hearts left to wonder and hope things get better...theatening, words i never use' - dM nope can i avoid being cheap, you

watched trump at his convention the spending tidy and having foregone the $10 each 'a piss in the ocean' nice work blubbery good listening and now the satire of having heard 'i beg your pardon' thanking his kids and the very funny 'ivanka' braddrumph we'll leave it at that i vote for the winner hillary is on the ballot three times now and she's being hurt mean bitch will you kill? trumpet~ thank god he hates people 'there ain't no fuckin' way' trust that...can you believe yo gotta get people inside the vote - you don't fire the money, sometimes you can't hire...hire 'sell' them

'i am so fucked' - dM hot hot hot

07/22/16 i wrote (apple itunes 2005-2008 and the whole list of below selling at to tell them i need money and that i was being thrown out into the street) some guy from new york city called and said something after looking at my spread he couldn't understand english...i have never been treated so bad in my life...i need money my roommate doesn't want me here when he vacations next week july 27...the christ, yep

i changed our addresses at the post office today to this one at 7171 lexington #2, weho, ca 90046 -- our eviction trial is august one though we vacated and they dropped suit 'for all parties'...that's your law

---------------------------------------back to the old days two weeks for cable and tv

q: did you know a computer at kinko's is priced at $0.35 a minute? still a threat...i used one recently for placing the photographs you see and i had a hard time but i consider myself a good-enough user with other is nothing to use on the road i'd say...let's forgive ourselves...the library is not stink-free and it smells when i get home about that? still a good resource in hollywood on sunset i guess the computers real old though...this session furnished by at&t's iphone connection...$15 for one gigabyte or transfer more...

we hadda write a check at trader joe's last night to fruit ourselves a liquor - no problem - because someone charges $363 to our checking account at wells fargo leaving us $258 in the negative with fees (we have $750 in overdraft protection i couldn't use too for the complaint)...nothing stop people from leaving you cashless i'd say but you know a mountain of free spending proceeds debbie wilno who charges us extra anyway 'let them see it first this time' at colleague central...ask me how (the money is back now 07/22)....

remember lendup who provides cash to your account anyway i just got mine today~ despite everything (about $15 per $100 for 30 days - who's the fool?)

still nothing -- date 07/20/16

instead of cable (why not be civic-minded - 'cause i hate 'em an afterthought being heard and seen?) why not rescan your vagining tv au flat with this new flat (same novish) metal thing in the back of your tv a paint tool or flange? it worked well enough~ not like you care anyway the time spent rethinking me is no tomb for you yet...

the bathroom floor at saharan okay slightly expensive $173 a night? $60-$80 would be nice maybe motel 6 on yucca? army, family
that's mindful a woman walked in us too - i wasn't naked but okay be that a killer probably 'the beach' where did you go? straight to fatty acid hell, faggot
after all they fucked them norwegians (okay not so bad in a pinch like normandie beach) that's free will at work no? 'a big gun'

just cause it's how i live - couple of impostors? i know who they are the burden is on them to be good at it - no talk, ever (richard's parents often enough - the company is ok as new tenants)
the zone a blue light i look in on as threatened was simply a good feeling saturday night i didn't pull my pants down once but i tried $25 later thank u for being there and now is better at it
best described as the munster's house a stage kinda up and down full of faggots seeking slop in the dark if i need to i will the ghosts are outrageous to me!
simply great, again - be wary of hate (open disagreement) i'll be here still killing mistakens while you grovel over the pegs missing in your pisser
the only true binomial (curve on a chart to be colored in as only always true) : piss equals shit...parabola? welcome everywhere the sooner to rise

you're the mother, fool - despite the fact i buried you once in a pot no harm done
no early winters, just winter - too good for you calling in sick feeling a pervasive guilt - be like others so happy they're really sick this time or know adults don't hafta answer you ever not for two fucks from three sweaty but cum-laden dicks their whole life you eat that sideways and up still...running makes more you know but no foot 'tworks injured even slightly
micelli's in hollywood surprisingly remains in-tact we ate there (the handwritten dates on wine casks frighten me and say toss all overboard kinda meaningless invites to pobcists or those looking to add-derive meaning you can i'm upset chan darae is gone now pink pepper we ate there 'too spicy' the curry (also burns from burritos a cheao act from chipotle you live too much only gluttons eating whole skins) back to good thai ice tea though
pineapple soda by fanta was good from the laundromat - real good see smart & final as is france's shit via coca-cola you know nice logo i hate no caffeine as no value a salt water the nutrition is purified water in coke a great thing takes six days to defeat salt and is lime-based caracao a butter rum
p.s. i had chicken parm with a side of spaghetti - fabulous but with a bad date only lecturing a turd - me

with color added...that's all 'nothing that isn't groomed' is the message i want what's in women's homes - don't offer me anything' a fish-eating glutton walks the street errantly appearing provident while serving others their portion a'pigged
remembers mcdonald's - it ain't about you knowing everything - why wait it out to see yourself linfined by an elegant the pinky ring with weeds
better to feed hogs i can eat that around the ears and live forever with worms and snakes hanging outta their ass
i make 'em come back home after a while and change my sexual orientation to get laid too (the next guy as me is no better? is no bother, really)
p.s. mcdonald's soft serve is good $1.30 a cone me marveling at the paper-lined cup - hated mcfrizzy ice milk junk
this photo is next door to 930 palm - the friend there is no stabile three days tops maybe i really need 'her' some day

when will you stop trying? nature runs side by side i never ask i have it all still this is you asking about calcium rich rolaids 'room aids' what it takes to stay put - if you could leave something out you wouldn't bother see farting and waxing your belly 'with odd-such creams'
new chairs i liked at 'alessi' that ol' teasing me withy ribbons from your hair bullshit why i live gays
what are you anyway a secret poopie joke? the woman (has the nerve) from pu!
'bitch - you shit' is no tomb of half-hurt we're gonna catch you anyway

the anti-thought here is i'm uncomfortable...the iphone takes pictures that are richly beautiful but memory or dot laden no squander ever for a meticulous portaval (leaving as put with nothing in-hand but as gasses emit 'now read it back to me but as taking exception' need-you-to-know types (the source side) is a drag usually why would i burn right up making you know? asians crap their brains out flying and as i appreciate niggers more 'illegal' they never travel...all mine...

remember the 'heritage usa' park 'dream ride' holding hands with jesus but waving arms outright as figure eight opposing each other at angle the exact movement - he is big, plastic, red and white vestment (either, or - if politics are male and female opposing exact portrayals of linear sight i.e., male to male, vixen versus venisson what hurts is managed outward them 'look i eat 'em' as pus only 'bandage that') and big the icon you know 'by hearing it said right away' yeah with a mask and fruit wig on 'no llamases' the ride is like a tugboat all wind and force change exact words 'the wind and the rain' no sun...enjoy us it says i laugh loud like i know everything and you drag me down to it seeing for real...

'the good times are easy to share - that's not your problem' - dM you are going to hell that's no reveal to a stupid are not going to be here trust that a pure mouthful of shit is everywhere with people who consume it naturally enough nothing given 'eat shit'

'let me die' - dM i can always be what you are - mere grapes grappled with meet my taj mahal ('mahatma' my hateful mother? what takes more of the more - why have it? why ask of it to be first among all of what's owned) full of bees seeking enlightment

'ugly, only' - dM who bothers with it being bothered? i will

---------------------------------------------------------------------if i play it right you won't matter? i'll keep everything and you won't be able to say it that well 'to fool: thank u agin'

07/15/16 during the interim - a rocky road though just around the corner from mcdonald's palace on labrea - and using my iphone 6's hotspot not bad at all via usb with mac mini - here's a few shots from fourth of july at night i want back in there!

another panorama at a friends

new forwarding address: 7171 lexington avenue apt. 2, west hollywood, ca 90046

same phones: (424) 326-6261 doug, (310) 435-1517 terry

july 10, 2016: despite all of our riches, we've vacated our one-bedroom apartment on palm avenue #146 to rough it on sunset boulevard in a motel at least until monday when he goes back to work and i sort a storage space etc. for having been a quick act (despite priors, got a nice clean unit at public storage and will float around some for the moment no problems so far....all other contact points the same phone including home phone (323) 375-6627 via magic jack forwarded at their site...

culture clemme: get a load of this old funeral home like 'from the moon' or whatever looks louisiana-ish the pictures muted a bit since...

' you can tell i'm educated | i studied at the sorbonne | doctored in mathematics | i could've been and done ' - pet shop boys 'opportunities' if you weren't here?

welcome to the sourbun july 2016...and happy july 4th when we defeated our royalty i don't know how and we will not review here...indians? i just cherished the liberty bell in my head its image the wood says in the water for a while i guess with my tea rose still a damned beauty i listened to the ring has extras like an echo i'd say birth/death...hand in the 'crack' as bolted-sawed-weld cut with torch down 'i hadda go they were gonna burn me'...i drift off in the head my facts need be simple...'pass and stowe'...'we heard your pass and stowe being as you never speak'...

i've been delivered to another standstill...will wonders ever cease? don't bother i'll tell you when and how, when...maybe someone fucks you over again anyway...i heard that...

a new catbox can be sweet - and swank, too

a few more lonely shots of the french market on santa monica from last saturday the 25th - 'don't fly here' it says no reason 'to jet'
almost looks better for the fall when we met in 1987 and i for sure knew kansas was after the rockies the plains and naturally storm-ridden, denver on the right just before a circular-type place of buildings, skyscrapers
vail up in the rockies on left - no aspen just truck runoffs (a small ramp up with guard to accommodate no brakes or brake failure everywhere) boulder? just up in a bit from denver, i think we stopped there
they have one truck runoff at greystone heading downstream from a canyon
i tell people sometimes things like busses aren't real but come as called - i believe it too
no reason to show up, i tell 'em i'm still mad at you anyway...not really
here comes the judge...p.s. a bit of 'laugh-in' looked good recently on tv the stars instantly recognizable

another great shot of this lonesome dove - i remember the parking lot drag club was called 'peanuts' (now is '1969' i think) my mother says means 'penis' of the similarly-named comic strip, 'penis'
just kidding - one important word i extend from is 'convalescing' - no doctor necessarily said, but i can't work right now i'm not well yet
if you're always made wrong maybe you find a home for it that might be one virtue
charlie brown's parents are ostensibly dead the dog is his father - his mother is peppermint patty no one to invite herself to the grandmother's i guess the mother's mother...marcy is the father's mother? no, the one in the home too

remember pavilions being the biggest french-type flower market for seeing and buying at some point in the 1980's a beverly hills grand dame
they still sell beautiful things by the each like these venus flytraps right now $5.99
buy one pay for them all as brought to bears daily - i buy them here and there

by-word: i asked madonna how much did you lose last year paying for everything here like at&t her oft sponsor 'i didn't lose anything - they take it all [for spending...they pay me some]'s to pay

even in a grave you just can't keep your fudge from june 2016