next month 'soon' back to thirty days give or take 'roll it, nigger'

muhammad ali is the grandfather (moon) again 'unhand my casket' (i told him no expense spared for rosary white 'you pregnant again?' men don't use rosaries they have 'em at first communion-penance about seven years old but without guide your soul ran away but you pray them back down plus 'i'm just there to see a cousin' + lies 'i died first' blacks make you retire the body with respect 'the cancer ate you up, huh'...likes zanzibar (france alot) the world 'hates peace, and violence more' is perfect but waiting while you do atrocious acts? a frankfurt - 'i leave' then try and know a d-day - my own muslim nuts are hard to get around these days they can be bought you know...cherchez 'la femme'...

garbage 'empty' official promo
excellent - about mtv? good - she wants to know all about you when you strike her fancy (visit her page then)
good stuff, good hair

gary numan 'down in the park' from the 'replicas' lp (1979)
stay current this stuff is duchamp flatly - gay-type westworld (burt reynolds again)....very 'hydrol' of arts, using water well

for all you draft dodgers out there~

free burrito if you buy one at chipotle this next wednesday, june 8 'nurses [that kill] day'
there is no chipotle at beverly center right now with construction - see sunset boulevard just before curson heading east, 7-eleven
beware the lemon grass~ pops out at you

candy warehouse...keep willy wonka nerds in mind...root beer barrels

depeche mode 'music for the masses' reprise

the first mistaken is from the rear of the red and yellow bike is 'laforce' or la force and carbone bros. in brooklyn

shooting on campus notwithstanding this june 1, terry took this on the way home
i'm wearing adidas alot more now - i borrow his one of six pairs
last time i had on adidas i was in the laughing stock at busch gardens williamsburg 1977 'the wages of sin' it said

a 'quiet tongue'...i sat in mine somehow
a 'quorum tongue' i thought


to see and know

on the map now 05/31: one iphone6 [no, pfft] using my old number in process - you can risk ebay for the tracfone edition just stolen they have swiped everything here you can't buy one 'cept cheaper/earlier...more later not easy but white gold bullion 16 me wondering yet...

living just past the future lockheed: all praise to marshall's for plum-colored diesel jeans poplin too $77-79 a pop no foolin' in great abundance at beverly connection...if i ever dumped jeans it wasn't the rear pocket stitching (one line trading with another) - the ankles way too gay or tight a foolish look like guess? is for might be cute enough just to get levi's in the door 501's just hang there no one's mother...calvin klein tee's sold like silk ties @ $20/3 i guess the panties colored yet but half off macy' turbanz

you want it, you got it: the factorial spreadsheet is left with the brilliant of programming that knows fluently for you and that points you in the right direction...we examine each factorial or sequence of five cards by number in ascii order (the computer as sorting individual characters by code), relate the numbers back to input by letters and that generates an anagram or word puzzle in essence five columns and thus concatenated or chained together for you to talent with the one true human feat or what's seen or recognized as logo or your name thus....use one factorial against the other or hold the first factorial (review as any a-z) in a template to examine against each of filths generated by the second one - get rid of ten factorial - a generous amount of letters - in this way...i will program this up soon for quick response no flaws to speak of...remember, one number off from the function and the table fails backed into and is thus not true or god governed you can't just take with math they fuck you over trust that and could die doing it...p.s. initial source? like the 'venn' diagram (two circles overlapping in a universe - what's shared here?), is statistics 101 - i worship (wordship) math, computers, and business majors as smartest always...they are working on it while you sleep 'beat the clock' is their game...p.p.s. decide your own curriculum? you have an interest in everything not cheating but learning with a chance to do for yourself the social standing follows disappointments - help no one outta their egg to be here complaining you're home again? great isn't an amputee - 'has a past to be sure' - dM loves 'carnival' something wicked this way comes~

keep motors and bicycles in mind (a bike no-how four wheels see google yet) - a bit hard on the help, we love and inspire penelope behaviors especially in tourism areas (english faggots? still charged with transvestisms or hating women-chickens)
i had alot of extension patio or french to floral design in my life...remember them
you know there's always time to reconcile to cheap with a thought somebody better that's real
garden centers, cern - what can you know? 'get mad, then get serious' - dM fake breasts but saline?

new rooftop .avi clip from last week or so '' and yes don't bother people more than we've been bothered already - you don't know anything right? i don't...franks? thanks...still working here qt all dark reconstituted though nearly one plus gigs...dark as fuck yet

kudos to consumer cellular another conscientious mobile service...check 'em out

watched more pee wee herman on netflix - mean spirited to say the least...cvs has 'sugar-free' rootbeer barrels when they want to - see their brand 'emblem' and sugar-free...joe mantegna (mangiello - oops - 'magic mike' oop)? his grandfather? charming is him somehow has been cited to prince 'rogers' william who's also in gorillaz melancholy hill as french cartographer-cousteau calypso calico what's the difference - one's dying to know...

prince's drum kit on the road today 05/28 - a green buick riviera

at city target today - though there's no meal just kickin' and surfin' (schwinn shuffle cruiser $99)

thank for solving the last two combinations of five factorial for us namely 42513 and 42531...more later


From: Douglas Moon( Sent: 07-14-2013 To: Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program Subject: Account Status Request No commissions in over a year now - are we worthwhile or should we just pack it in? Vendors deny any sales. Nothing represents our effort...tired.

I caution people not to use this Japanese stuff - is fraud and they live here. Who are you - the limp cock of the law years later. Then to have your earning potential smoothed over a hundred and one shitty prospects - fuckin' junk everywhere. What are you selling - bankruptcy?


metalhead: seen in beverly center today 05/26 a black and white checkerboard behind glass with gray checkerboard only same size as seen from angles...

michael jackson recently said he issued a draft to buy dodgers stadium for $100 million and you can live in it as performer-homeless if you seek its registry - is worth $600 for a thought...he said performers lives expand to fill some need...

alice looking glass monday 30th

beck 'the new pollution' never before seem?

haven't you ever keyed someone else's door by not paying attention? i do every now and again and at what widths? i say car same color style but odd of parking, the same apartment upstairs - while labbering (lathering)? talking to others while working? i never chastise others is like surveillance - never to the point of confrontation as is not in a dark room and turn on the lights as coward...

btw, fresh brothers (and john singleton's) pizza by the slice (about $6 for a slice and a soda - bits more) was thick and excellent with cheese yesterday...have that too

went to domino's pizza at the top of lacienega ('la see a nigger - damn! right to my face' - sunset comedy store 'the belly room' upstairs 1986 with sam kinison in tow in the parking lot) the studio nearby where stevie nicks performs naked ? with candles while recording - i got that driving home from work one day - just riding - on sunset curving around doheny at geffen records ? or just leaving beverly hills was it the same day beck made 'new pollution' for me to notice or just before kurt cobain's failed attempt to o.d. in rome? like that~ just under ten dollars for large pepperoni i ate it all myself, i believe, over days that is (regularly cheese plus one topping $11.40, three more bucks to have it homed in)...what's the day quote (number of days to be required) for therapists to end your need against the light seen at the end of tunnel that calls you like stores with a small deficit of cash turnabout? i don't ask - i'm made to know...only...thumbelina all rounded with thumbs's all our duty to respond in the used to be against the law here alone to notion christ with pins and needles from being had of your own dole-dowry - that means jail and torture at any rate - who's interpreting the loss? women already freed from laying under a bad choice? a jail-time?

'nobody chose you'? both god and child be threatened i sew you together to seek each others' help in a locked cage in the water - (a charon to emerge) 'he's not crediible' and you're not publicly dead, either...a jailhouse or jealous woman is all you could afford? i don't pay you. to know what's one needs to tell you...

the grape - know anyone like her? thank you - nefertiti (not friends ever)? looks right
snl 'michael jackson never films mike myers stuff with people around'
see the prince cover for 'sign of the times' zaning in glasses 'i'm verklempt'
p.s. moet chandon? morely you've eaten

radiohead 'burn the witch'? burn it back to them, i'd say
no gift to the gathering, a grape

phantasm outtakes...scott ekland? more insight: the boy is their mother - well done i feel better now thank you i used to think 'french clown' i'm happy now is that me?
the father? mr. ice cream and parlor

garbage you still got it and rick rubin i guess...'empty'
cover: a belt buckle for a hyaena - no carbs too complex?
lead singer quote: 'that is a fox in a hen house'
re lyrics i wanna be 'about' something - without/about something

just 2 sequences left under 5 factorial...keep thinkin'

add to one big plate of black motherfuckin' shit those 'beats' wireless headphones we were selling here along with coffeemakers - they don't even mention them now like it was all a joke these fraud niggers need jail...fraud fraud fraud

'the bigger the eye, the bigger the lavender' - dM

had a big mac meal and shake (dessert) yesterday 05/17 - so so the soda (dr. pepper) 05/18 it was kraft mac and cheese hot and nice...taco dinner

seen on andy griffith lately the shoplifting episode: 'feed the kitty' or cash basket you pet but coffee pitcher seen...

factorial is generated again with just six sequences missing...look, see...duplicates revised six left still...

'with me, goes the money' - dM

been having a real shitbag time with mobile phones this week - magic jack fails you on ipad by declaring your trail period over with on the same day you need it to work - after all that time a jerkoff...'round and 'round you go

around 05/17....

back to excel i'm nearing the end of 5! or factorial fleshing it out that is the hard part - not the number of entries - then we'll logic further whether we concatenate or must index one down referencing the other list...whatever...i made cards numbers one through five to sort over and over until we hit paydirt and now just twenty left to go...left to discover that is...

best wishes but monopoly wound up being a pile of crap looking to join forces with nevada stores and their stuff...quick thinking though monopoly looks good but i'm not the rule bearer that's fatboy again being indulged...cyanide btw is gas only and it works forever too what do i know you can't breath ever a loose code based on days like drugs wrong day wrong use...pop open timelocks? a clock keeps clocks but are favored i cite too much use first...

'he's wrong i don't pay' - you die explaining yourself every day failing in line being tired to a truth or witless sum i snuff that you were intended to defend yourself an overflow of hate i'd have you understand as witless (writhing you imply as a nigger) i don't know what it's like to be without you - throw it all away it's like what i do very impressive but no one does anything for anyone for or against - reduce to all colors of one gap shirt it's relative stance for those living too long or finally a failure of rebetting theirself all in the trash and is what? the box of crap just shipped here by a father paying in - i picked out more than the son did i could say you were dead already~

i coulda paid for everything in a sea of stupid but charitable niggers looking for fllthy luchre with you witless always a hindi the absolution of snatching first - every word - but understood like a dinner bell - reversed to you still playing games with half-understanding some where perfect a precept might come from and in time you do it once only now you've got a right to be there as someone naps in your place - it is your humility i crave a bird seen circling overhead unless filmed as too afraid of being seen:

things i don't charge you for we could all just eat - should i be broke and blind over the fact that the sunday newspaper isn't paid for yet the true source? you are a nigger like the one that stole my phone matter of factly this weekend for a failing craphead enterprise of buying minutes cheaply at pavilions now quickly shut off as you prioritize women who make unreasonable sexual (smooth, unattended yeast breath) and concommittal (i hafta be there bothered by mouth while others run) demands i hafta be there? i hadda be here that is enough you are destined to be you i need upgrade always soundless or a trifling upgrade - next up an apple through at&t they pay for everything missing with delays nothing west of the mississippi (missed in shipping - use your mind and asshole to cover it all) and then a woman again? give it up to me and don't want it - i want my pay for thinking about you only - why bother it you can't help ever like a handicap in the bathroom it's not that bad wiping and shitting for:

this our own grill (with tank $40 more roughly, with and including $20 deposit for tank exchange - $20 otherwise refilling) now on sale at target
i just inquired about this model recently at anawalt on robertson while job hunting, sure - they don't have them
i just replaced the drip-vent plate in ours $10 cheap plus ship $5 - the tank everlasting with gauge (not included a real savior)
gas balls? i light with a stick now hate the installed red button but don't be a fool - i use metamucil otherwise what do i know?
* in assembly (you need to win, i need to wonder 'why a black wouldn't be better and after the fact') the legs must be flat in back - don't make the mistake i did almost drilling the bottom of the pot for it

marimekko tee-pee for the beach anyone? target again

even though i was locked out on the ol' ipad, i went to starbucks yesterday and put $10 on my favorite french-looking cafe card and got a venti-size mocha frappuccino - much to my disdain was 50% off (find the reason around 3:00 pm - happy hour 'til sunday 3-5 pm)...the cash in and out was confusing but away i went with $7.50 still on my card...the drink is about $5 my mother got another gift card for mother's day although others bark you can't cross cashes in the mail...for shopping and when alone a few drinks....

friday les de 13th

angel hair? i got fresh shrimp from easter sunday but frozen to have today on the 13th what's more appropriate...more: fresh as saint they are as lightly thawed last night with some homemade cocktail sauce (ketchup and horseradish) both from my bed yesterday prior to my nap (such luminaries include the girl from evanescence and batman's adam west) was a nun-type person that eats hindi babies (like gwen stefani portrays) at the skin-cheek, she was nibbling on one such they say like licorice 'she needs to eat' dark photo-sense eyes caving in...the whole phantasm thing originated from complaints of having to look at sights heretofore unseen....

evanescence 'swimming home'
'nothing compelled me...'

exciting coleman sheets at ross~

you can lunch here at pacific design center outdoors

apple store at bevely center - someone getting paid?
remember, i sold itunes 2005-2008 flatly and sold everything i wanted to sell too - everything
should i wear the green?

walked to city target today four 2-liter bottles of coke $5, others another free 20 oz. coke for fifty-five (55) points and ragu for angel hair (egg) pasta $2.12 you to shop....wi-fi on the roof? a soda machine that takes credit cards too by antenna...both bottles ($1.85) and cans ($1)...

apple pay soda - i could use that 'the chip'

cvs? no sunday circular now two weeks in a row - pepsi two-liters $1 and scott toilet tissue 12-pack is $6.99...bounty napkins $3 i got mine at target $0.29 more as prints...

prince 'i could never take the place of your man' from 'sign of the times'
the ballad of dorothy parker~

wednesday 05/11: thank the moon and glory for sunday night's fest a jupiter-type look with orange rope lights underneath like train tracks...someone alone soaking in the jacuzzi filming a bit however too dark more later a full gigabyte of ghosts later...another rainbow half-hearted? i hate the bother...

they have pandora installed in the lobby here under the guise of being able to help select songs it even plays dead after hours of no sampling but a touch of the screen reveals a dj - i hate people dj-ing for me when i'm around...don't be so selfish i'd say we've heard your stuff 'it has to come to me' counting crows 'walking home'? wounding...if that's the name...overheard trader joe's

begift yourself: little chocolate covered pretzels aren't easy to find at trader joe's both milk chocolate and dark chocolate bags at about $3-$4 have some of that good i hadda ask to see...over the frozen section not quite at the fish...braided salt, yes...seeing is believing, having too...

05/11: the 'phantasm v' film was graced me last night 'the real opening' i'd say and it was scary but slightly missing is the first look - some older kid is coming around cars from the street walking casually kinda but popping he has maroon pants on and a blue button-down shirt hanging out he comes around one car on the street and on the sidewalk at left is this newer hearse growing in longshot or moving along northerly - what is odd is a finger hanging or something as he slows down in dread or disbelief and it was scary too i got up to pee don't get to see who this is by the way it gets cut off at the chest...angels were around alot last evening as i napped...

like anyone frowning but one million satisfactory meals later, we really love and object lindy's italian ices at pavilions here and there about $4.79 a box unsale
gently prepared and quite sweet i dream right off (note: you can get regular lemon italian ices at gelson's on any given day - labrea bakery items too)
usually i reject any fanaticism as understood simply, i thought i'd never reveal
your flaccid entry as 'franco-american' or spit stuff from my babysitter (i craved libby's meals too - the very birth of the 'weiner' sic wrap as vein) rummages my 'never gets to touch anything for real' in food preparation plus you're vying for mine a short duration or as i say 'we don't have food fights here' over drinking soda or whatever in short supply somehow - have it now while it's there
i still hear ocean spray in new jersey locking down for home carnivals over the mere suggest that someone knows them better than they do - 'this time it's serious' somebody has real cranberry still growing~
i have everything i want and backup leverings as powders 'sees, knows'
usually a hospitality agent (e.g., a douche tube in the shower-morgue), diet is the alert to running low~
soda stream is diet, by the way - add a little sugar be samed, samedi an afterthought as invitation who would have the sheer mess of unfolding in their home 'no pupas'
i demand no giving of lands taken by reveal, but roots advancing steadily and retracting the past as a self only a lego piece screwing in silently as moving center...rule me by suggest then

put sum: 'before carol king' was remembered fondly with the missing-in-action king family a favorite anita gillette-type of mine in the singing world, and long after gerry goffin stopped playing with his boiled-ham-as-genitals breadbox in public 'you gotta eat'...she was in 'serious' trouble doing elaborate money schemes ('panzas' say 'pantas' - you try 'em on to wear them 'outdoors' she says) and couldn't get out? she was at camp cyo (catholic youth organization) anyway you slice it (wearing from but a big box of plastic monacles - i had one too) and that stunk both peeking at others and stripping down for it...the mother took off in a flash departing and lost her wheels that's part of it...where did she get it? same mink stole an influence of burt's wife...

'doug moon' factorial produced 'um, no good' see the need: hadda go back and review-evolve the tables involved in making my 'anagram' word jumble routine to know for sure that you can concatenate the four charts cited 2-5 or 1-4 as long as any tandems stabled produce more elaborate card puzzles the remaining work demanded of me as right now there's just about seventy of the one hundred twenty possible sequences and there is no such help unless you strike out the cards missing or namely any having six through nine plus zero (6-9, 0) in any drag-down list as made in ms excel and that is still functions 'fact' and 'fact double' (what is that?) the missing cyborg just cited? not mine numbered or colored cards on a table this should be easy enough - see the excel workbook in motion fact2.xlsx tip: nothing to gain, i always back off a pennywise....a hot penny having eighT

cosmic red alert or then 'file in line, pig' but in the very rear you will seek: my new printer from black friday december the last, the hp envy 4520 just late of phone printing ease by hp plug-in accommodation, has indicated wi-fi signal strength on its very own that could serve me on the rooftop patio here a mere starbucks away no fear to be ever (no more stevie nicks-type velours will you see - can't blame lori perry 'i don't pay shit sandwiches' thank u india 'noodles') - i believe my apple ipad (an english digital clock that won't let you see just how funny as time flies 'try this one') has delivered its very d-i-y 'is dirty, yuck' genius at least once or one full link's worth this could be the very 'once de-balled' fix i seek if ever allowed to verse-chorus-verse the blanket billing threatened by maybe it's you, maybe not the rolex date-just the pre-frontal time-date...back to, i got it to work at least once i'd say but it drops simply in the meantime after such activity (twice the quasi to be seeming a thought seeming?) and onward in this dalliance we seek nothing, really, a line of fire in portugal three-sides water and blindfolds 'somebody has to be from bolivia - no boasting'...i was playing with the plug-in chromecast unit at about thirty-five dollars ($35) a hdmi quick-fix for sending-sensing media over the apple-tv hump to a new translating tv in the vicinity maybe getting around the whole rca plug thing as sexual (to sort your feelings and all over my expressed limit for having no food as ceiling and sandwater 'sandifer' the wholly natural fruit nation bedamned - about three days to be test 'nope') mental block...still well-abled and gummed with hate's by-product to be atinkering, i wasn't sure about these separate provisions for buying first-rate medias in a car so many windows to be individual satisfaction 'childless' a lard bucket among lesser crimes 'third party billings interstate' we'll ensmulch them later leaves and grass it's springtime for young niggers everywhere when bees are out to be nephrecting...these are granted you a stay of fumigation as always right still lacing yours, but not to be as just speaking fast a turd in water makes it speak but a french clown under glass to me crying 'le croix, darling'...christ's own nihilists raise him as interesting also...fade into you, into view...'comfortably known' is greater than its arts...sum...chooses its well...bits practical...

one more prince tune - 'erotic city' the b/w of 'let's go crazy' vinyl, prince b-sides
now see that you have it anyway~ magic moves the unseen, only
p.s. 'funk' until the dawn - 'til you stop talking cherry's gone, you are fucked...find someone to be my wife...i've been looking for a dream...that was my intention-dream see it my way a train stop to? whoa-whoa! thoughts so pretty you and're a sinner i don't care...all of my purple life...all of my hangups are i wish you felt the same me in a special world, space, and joy 88x31
card confetti-breadcrumb link to a hungry heart
they treat curve well i see, the green cauliflower ep is the 'fait' ep see it
why wait for broccoli i do

you can now buy single slices of pizza at fresh brothers on santa monica between 11-2 or at lunch just $3.00 a cheese slice!

newsline is beverly press
project map

prince and i mused the world is screaming for his music - 'like karen carpenter christmas' - dM

mother's day sunday may 9 - when will it end?

went to city target and got another set of these bulbs for $12.97 probably clearance (see online)
they were priced $14.99 but the cashier agreed that only days before these were cheaper
i'm sure they still have 'em somewhat~

here is the short resolve to i paid my extra $15 fee for me to make sure the money is there in repayment one day in advance now and i took the loan again for direct payment into my account tomorrow may 6 no damage there - will be due on june 5 $117.30 you hafta suggest a payday for you...this is $30 in fees now one is my fault for misplacing...still we have your money more than you have ours, right? right. por vous a day or two late is no bother them...posi-florive...

cinco de mayo blecch!

'we have a problem with perceived glamours - someone thinks they're better and i know i am...i don't want you' - dM 'take a test'

'i don't work for you, ever' - dM keeps his prices still, spits in your food

soft-porn remedy for excess fees: 'i have their money more than they have mine' - dM

beware the autohound, afghan: remember i told you about greendot's new loan service called imagine my dismay waking up today and finding that i had an extra $15 attached to my bill for not being ready on my due date may 3! the money was surely there ($117.95 available an instant transfer among accounts called 'pay people' is credited fast when accepted by email, but last month it was in an alternate account from my error) but i got it right this time well before noon and their take is some autoprocess that may prevent me from taking again and i never use auto anything it lets people steal 'you can pay this? pay this one too' and lets people in absentia pay for a fraudulent person - oh, well - take whatever you want but unless you get it right i may never take a loan again ($100 + $15 is our three-week deal) ...we'll get back to you...there are many ways to say you don't have the money 4am, 6am this is a loan payment on the very day to a phone company not a paycheck, fool...we don't list anything via that system my '5900' the end of direct deposit sequence some banking bitch thinks i'm dumb...i don't press anything to see you with it the payment twice you said it was cleared too...the dashboard we use said everything's fine the account zero but dirty old fuckers that have nothing want more pay and you have enough every day to starve it off...i don't want anything for you...

see you rent niggers around the 15th again - the moneypak (card you purchase to send a number or code to greendot friends for instant pay no credit card needed) back in action at rite aid i believe i don't need it pavilions scans a card right at the register here is it because you are my fool, still and fat too? gonna hafta use apple pay as long as there's communists (banks) and charity afoot...they'll forgive each other a bill like starbucks fills a cup for free - no one paid my contracted bill yet selling coffee makers and other monkey shit - can't prove it? you'll die...and die and die talking around it...i don't work for you bitch especially sitting here with my droopy ex hillary clinton says i need to work - you'll work - away from home too should i acknowledge you at work

05/03: the beginning of the rent season today you still with a box and carrot - better to have a pool and a gate to bloody your nose trying to get out? summer season opens officially when you're all paid up 'round memorial day...all the better to fly the flag...

i told people i was 'slovak' and 'french and french canadian blackfoot' - is that right?
i don't glamour with the french - let them say it all furniture legs

oh, you're breaking my heart: just filled out the highly illicit (wants to know) us government survey - one helluva fuckin' drag and now someone has whatever they need to search and sink out the rest of it...didn't ask about signing up for the draft though - see the employer is both linkshare and commission junction anyway 'round the clock...signed god, the god of your god, and your god's god's god...or god.

p.s. the roommate terry just threw it the survey away days ago i got it online...'is it important?' not if you're working, i guess....last monkey word (wants to hear you say it aloud as for someone listening) asked to be spelled out by me is 'ersatz' or 'an inferior substitute' then...couple with 'ennui' (say 'aen-wi' to use the schwa or upside-down 'e') to represent 'a quality or state of boredom'...

aerosmith (earot? asking nothing but taking) 'jaded'
nipple your own tit

bad penny not easy to take? 'be a peony' or impossibly pink-petaled flower-lobe now is in season some - like any ghost is panoply or multi-layered like a ream of paper and quite frankly a mess of a rot...

'i have sailed oceans of time' to be with you? quincy - stop playin'

for i dreamt of art and easel: with claims of a failing business being the source of store-like monitoring (the sterile humming poles what freshen a seeming cup but at 9/10 do not actually touch to a flame a lamp at night then to no sight beyond) and half-eyeballs overhead or as acolyte (the two in front of a nun as a mother superior) the 'phantasm' house revealed water damage by a ship pictured behind (up north, san diego, whatever) and water halfway to you the driveway - go figure...all psychically drawn of course...

another message from h8 (hell?): i think apple (those bald niggers) honored me again but earlier with this login logo - isn't that cute (and well below sight - that means you know what to look for and don't suspect anything's up just looking as you a vermin)?
note the colors and white (for now '/' a diagonal up width times height the black transduction or shadow left from center as deficit line), their arrangement and of course the '8' as comfortable the clock - and all in-sync with us or are both naturally evident but not
run run run and remember all things extended outward are burdensome and unfavorable in contexts construed (a youtube to no feather)
live well, do the right thing asap as long as it doesn't matter and note that isn't a little girl avoiding others with her fast food choices now menued aflame (others 'seeing, knowing' plus review a 'churl' my own god as a cheerless little girl, sym with 'ungiving' but one more fortunate, a small but dignified pot of money)
sad? a clown making you enjoy them...'a stitch in time saves twine'...source: my little coffee table book 'knowing means something' or ? 'a little giggle' acknowledges when listening along lines that you'd rather not hear it all again as somewhat 'belaboured'...thanks now go away? thanks!

is 'brown' a tint? secondary color ( of use) as saline...unfortunately, a tint of yellow...a barnyard

because no one asked: the 'ninth configuration' meets the 'arms of orion' when it comes to knowing nothing or prince fsol - the orion constellation or 'polaris' as the north star in the belt's middle has nine (9) points if you add your 'x' on the map somehow as on ship? ok for now add one single arrow in your back holding on to the hunter...just above the 'x' guessing...

with the recent spate of closings, beverly center - oblong home of apple store - now has big blocks down the eastern hallway floor level hiding the next set of food to be found but baja fresh across the street...still love their nacho plates about $6-$7 to start....

great givings abound~
think 'puppetmaster'
p.s. vod is video on demand like itunes

'people can't keep anything - but to act like they lost something is purely theirs...' - dM

'our love can't get that buried fast enough' - dM shallow then halo

'the sooner to bed, the sooner to rise' - dM and introducing the orgasm - why the wait in/out?

'thinking don't ruin everything, though it tries' - dM

jurassic casting call? older younger brother billy crystal (side: name from 'rabbit test' he says determines the sex as important to him only) see it, cameron crowe the younger or chris pratt younger, my vote - the red-haired woman marilyn manson a family of actors she does a woman well...see 'halloweentown' chris pratt is like mary pickford - never a bad day...

google never bing - don't be cheap, that cheap

i channeled the four folks on the front page of the la times this morning 04/25 regarding big bucks - they answered 'people make money (not really just me)' that was prince, michael jackson, john lennon and only recent dump-down david bowie said he keeps alot - they agree too a real

i know richard stein - buried in my room i believe
dick stinson is 'vargo' by the way or aka 'zombo' (great act that - great story but you shouldn't touch - eddie suffers it he says, but is cute enough)
his costume suggests no future telling
my pictures say one thing 'lamb' - the above says 'layabout'
no feel for and if people gave you every word you know, they attended school with and at-will too
p.s. the eyes looking over the bottom of a binocular-shaped aperture under water is what our truth is when playing with the sight - the pressure tank of steam hyperion

please don't quit: administrative professionals' day wednesday, april 27

there's always a first time, always: like two (2) bad checks crossing in the ring - i don't think cvs issued a weekly sale mart in the sunday la times 04/24...i hafta go online now~ (a bigger problem than you think here it is online just as you suspected two-liter coke for $1.25 and that heart's gotta go)...

04/25 halfway to hope: i bitched to my roommate about eating all the special k with red berries while i'm left to his brans and oats and no vanilla for french toast (glissands have to be reminded an unholy person uses the last of it any without spot-shopping for and oppose then) - this raisin bran by pavilions with granola ain't bad though - not bad at all - not bad...last night it was egg-breaded chicken breast for lunch today...some shells and whole tomato crush some offered...rolled me a jiffy pizza crust if...

found a dollar last evening 04/24 outside of pavilions (i don't play 'monopoly' out and about 'what am i your asshole?' love the board game 'go to hell, don't go home') after buying a bottle of refreshe ginger ale and contemplating whether cola and seven-up mixed actually constitute a bargain i tend to marvel over ginger ale made right~

be careful not to breed disease talk: beverly boulevards's 'lemonade' (in user or beginners ruled script) up near doheny across from ralph's fresh fare is one fabulous glass (regular, tall) of lemonade by the way and their a la carte service of salads and entrees $6-$7 patio dining only makes we wonder where all the supermarket saffron and curries are - i love that stuff but is rare these days...

don't write off kool-aid's pink lemonade flavor or blue raspberry then one cup sugar two quarts - ralph's is good choice in that market too...4/$1

gotta call starbuck's - i need a free bun in the morning, crescent rolls pressed down with jelly on top - the consommes or pie fillings are expensive, girl - like $5 a can similar or comstock - see ralph's for your next cherry jubilee...

itunes doesn't appear to have tv's 'lidsville' (see but you can get abc's dr. ken featuring the guy from the 'hangover' movies as doctor with supporting cast that includes martin lawrence's girlfriend gina (tisha campbell - watch them legs beyonce) and margaret cho (she's not dead, she has 'new life in [me]')...good format is reportedly on abc - still reeling from 'jurassic park world' and i talk to the animals for real - know that a black (who excels in insides or guts sometimes maligning them) plays the dinosaur that acted up the egg layer with points on his back (to move dirt - magically speaking they just rise through it to be like nothing is disturbed - reptiles don't eat or much at all the sun makes them - they want water) and the t-rex released is the purveyor of species their negotiate with the sun - 'no sunbathing' it says...lots of ghosts and half-mades...excellent...the san diego venture was good that boat hitting the ground at first as vacant...this three times more expensive than any other....

meg ryan...

phantasm v july 5, 2016

gary oldman renunciates god in 'bram stokers dracula' (probably adapted now - vlad the impaler used to make sure you were dead for opponing - a pole right up you i said to stand testament) - she was there?
my memory says he just got home after a holy war...this thinks a bit
catholics teach it's okay to kill in a holy war - hard to catch though

something special pavilions a while ago $4?

see, feel: darrin stevens' mother is lily munster too

eddie complains shock-crock zombo is not real - your father is quite a freak though
not real~ says they hadda get rid of that first white woman i believe it
you're no sandra gould

wolf-boy...gene simmons says widow's peak of the forehead look
widow drop

still working on the ten factorial mind fuck...10!

hbo freebie weekend: the new 'jurassic park' wasn't bad at all, nigger - not bad at all the male and female leads were a triumph (makes up for that black girl cooking pig shits in a camper last time out or?...that stupid 'he's just not that into you' held up with filthy ass-licking talk and women in their usual learning center on wheels with rubbers in them...ass-licking, ball shaving, dung tongue-ing...shhh...wicked witch jennifer aniston starred in that crap-ola now she is 'most beautiful' - is she really nice? i am - runner up: natalie wood...all the girls do well here...chrissie hynde sighted on 'two broke girls' and confirm nancy...who are you? they aprisk...ask each other?

tip: got my hp envy to print chrome pages effortlessly with hp print service cloud print yet...look it up

no more deaths! you should know they're missing~
before anyone - honor (ignore? let be) the past

prince 'girls & boys' from 'under the cherry moon'

everybody loves raymond's mother is announced among the departed also - we liked her alot doris roberts...

long dead? 'three times now'...eye donor? it's kinda personal

cb2 has this new inside cooler for bottles-cans $229

construction has begun at butterfield's on sunset?
that's 'house of blues' in back - the big black block

sunset and crescent heights near mcdonald's today 04/22 - smelly feet?
i had a big mac meal regular size (>$7) at this stopping point
the bathrooms at sunset connection were all locked up 'for cleaning' while i waited at the men's room in mcd's for some woman crapping inside - the women's restroom out-of-order somehow
i didn't hafta go that bad - but one must watch for lollygags walking home too happy

04/22: rent paid up thanks to mom $500 - love you

cinderella 51: le petit prince at 04/21~

my favorite prince song i think: 'the beautiful ones'

04/21: our rent for april still outstanding (an official check for $1,700 refused until $2,120) i went to bank of america today to see if i can get something to move more in my direction per the list below...they recommend a merchant checking account (open for $100) and then discuss sales any further while the likes of pavilions holds and uses my funds...the rent here collects $1,950 out of $2,600 for four weeks and it shows no sign of getting better...i don't want scumbags in here...

pictures from the current exhibit at he pacific design center box - liz taylor stuff trenton raceway (moca at pacific design center):

real? blecch

dug up few things...something old, something glued
steal my pantie and nipple shields from frederick's of hollywood
they know my style - shy about that

like the name - we have a wicked italian-style lamp from his flight, some mail

these rooms are styled well - take a look, horses

new chevy or pontiac at lacienega
mclaren or pontiac

04/19 still a party delegate, you have a way of getting everything -- i recommend just taking -- tell 'em after you have it secured forever:

women in the news seem to think something's gone wrong for not checking backgrounds first - may i offer some notes on two points:

is a 'college dropout': i myself took no loans, worked three shifts at a hospital when could and went four years above 2.0 in business administration (finance) and left it off at about ninety (90) credits i needed one hundred twenty-six (126) on a goldenrod sheet and avoided talk 'til then...i am a dropout? maybe...

mental illness bi-polar? i couldn't move back in with my remarried mother at the homestead (a sixty-five year old woman with a mortgage for $265k - maybe) after guessing my $1,100-a-month hollywood heights apartment (promptly overlooking the neon strip-chinese theater district at night) wasn't gonna support my details after fourteen (14) years and four (4) different units, the nyc incident not on the map yet...2001.....excluding others nicely enough all king (am i evil?)....we agree 'sometimes people are special' flatline a threat and now i'm left to regret putting her the mother on a plane on christmas day sometimes or going out at night without mention - you're are free to be here....

i have never been with a woman? that is propaganda as long as you weren't there ever...never have you?

an avid 'people' magazine reader in college and pre-forth, i was thinking back about los angeles and in connection a cable box offering movies to our sofa room - what excited me then? being out at dinner and having glamourous people everywhere (in brown and gold - thus nothing fruity or harsh shows you how)'s like that...the palm trees and spanish names never a threat...


china's paper currency (red with mao) avoiding the yen (japan) or a taste for something getting more prominent with you? cited the 'yuan', how would one say? the 'young', the 'chun' or kingdom for sale? 'juan' the world's greatest lover? maybe xiang (or 'yin and yang' say 'he-on(g)' noting the 'y' as symbol for at this point in time (published) certified gold by two or more analysts? someone like you, someone who was you, someone you might know or who is in you? see kosher labels - no one more sophisticated that's for alludes to this on orange juice for passover...kinda...someone concerned...

dead see scrobes: 'huh-huh-huhl' plus bit of spittle on lip ('clitoris fershuris' the song-hymen-harsh cackle)

mark wins...

kinda cute but ridiculing? jesus on a hairplane? be bottomed up
is 'perseus' the greek, not 'pegasus' the roman - like that and appealing kinda, persian or 'perfect people'
limahl of kajagoogoo (magic shmetz? baby hamma or 'and-ah') 'never ending story' simply fucking weird
enjoy! where do you go - to hell? and they kept on going all smoke and mirrors and a jobe in your penis just in case you shit over tokyo
me go now! oh, yudo ani~ (you die one night)

you're not getting anything done that's for sure:

no doubt 'everything in time (los angeles)'
'she asked how we are | she asked if i was all weird again | and of course i am'
...trying really hard

while you've been sitting on your fucking ass in jail: fraud fraud fraud - see it

since 2003 - bmg, columbia house, itunes....value web
linkshare (apple) and commission junction (bmg) failed a big fish
you match these sales big fuckin' mouth - you are no one

favorite girl name: blanche
boy: parker...lafrance...avery...vance...tth...tth...jughead

revisit march 2016

europe 'the final countdown' - is it the name?
try 'europa' air and sea, 'afrique', amerosa

phantasm v while we wait - two bits neil and me: i say the film opens with a rough hearse ride in the dark the driver 'wants to kill himself' as a body in the back falls out of the box left side facing while heading north; he says a rear to right shot of a woman being turned down by a bank officer at left is somehow the tall man and then not...october 12? a bullshit...fact: staple of the phantasm society diet? chicken

the little drummer boy the braying says i don't want to know you (people who don't eat...they want to eat me but they won't)