see our july 2014 page soon, queen bee...mow your way to july 2014 'hotter than des moines elk's lodge' sees any 'age-full' grazing privileges now revoked at the abby knife fixin's bar 'cept for tom-toms we can't stand the stomach noises and mr. grumpy's half-arch? time for my nap-poo 'falling asleep on the job' hawking beads is job one....shaking it down, off...'if you kept some worms in your hair they wouldn't try and claw your eyes out' and if i had a three-prong feathered hook in my ass i wouldn't hafta share a taxi with graverobbers in the south of france - or pick my nose right after i cum...'you fart one more time and i'm gonna hafta taste that and fuck it...' by mr. jeepers

our rooftop pool now warns chicken eaters that no one with individual jankpur-cocli or cytoscopic 'diarrhea' in the last fourteen days should think about shitting in here again - or elce! remember hth 'holds the hole' says batfink the riddler 'ttth ttth ttth!' there's no masking unpleasant've got to char for the must dust for and bury the hatchett the both...p.s. 'cytoscope' is what the dead use 'is light infrared they have it somehow' (prefix 'cyto-' without light)...

nature's warning...vibe
only if: you'd be surprised how a hot jacuzzi clears up a bit of poopie - take a tip - but how to get one upstairs?

use the 'just for u' program at pavilions it's simply better: gas rewards - what do not keep up with dollars spent - impossible - or per month then i never use any and have two rewards yet and i'm working on my third that is over $200 spent - gets you $0.20 off per gallon at the pump that is if you spend enough for twenty gallons (at $5 is $100) you get $4 off at chevron or whatever - big deal, let it die (my '88 jeep wrangler was reportedly 15 gallons do the math - the tank metal itself is worth $100 i was thinking $22 per fill-up at $1.25 a gallon or so supreme only or the carb ran along)....

them old navy flip-flops are severly anti-skid now they will break your neck and right fibula the foot out on smooth, wet surfaces - new now $3.50 retail but i found a dollar on the way over...adds it up i have brown now too had to get the staff ladder on wheels out though...too cheap not to find

10:24 am 07/09 the usps letter came

05:11 pm: woke up from a dream i was sitting in a big old car in someone's front yard and i noticed a big propeller blade overhead in the windshield from an open-air helicopter on left a single arm of it was impressive enough i got out and ran far from this as it meant a ride for me somehow - no way in hell - the positioning is to honor the moon right in our face it started off as silver dark cloud on right looking west from in the house then a full-on spectacle with it getting closer and closer 'til it was quite magical with little lights in it and right in your face (it began as sideways with craters formed and crescent then was full-formed and round - they supposedly 'smoke it' they say or shoot things at it to get it to come)...i got back in the car with phantasm types all quite strange and it was off speeding crazily to some outdoor mall or whatever to park behind and couldn't get my shoes on or off to save my life while exiting and that led into the same house of the dream's origin an outdoor seeming bungalow with hawaiian-type themes where i found large white pills flat oval or egg-shaped left for me in a pill bottle kinda but they were mine to have anyway somehow all my things there in my bedroom drawer or whatever...violated again...a friend suggests two (2) pecks of wood (we get a half peck in the driveway $60 that's insane for all winter) to burn to make this happen within six hours of stable sunshine and light in northern climates (and at least $140 spent on woods)...

around 1:00 went to chin-chin (mine: eating and talking) on sunset to get my favorite chicken fried rice but balked at the price now a flat $10 for a pouch-bag (used to be $7.95 a good bargain who's sitting on their ass now?)...all nuts...should you leave me?

cash and carry? 'better to deliver to my house than yours' - dM at least you know where it all went and besides a hard quote to form either way 'than, then'

this stuff is a tort (aggravated assault or then 'kiwi') in the making - not delivering as promised so i fail others and offer to beat you - dM another business law term and see gay marriage here too rife with doubt in exchange for my sureties

this is disney world's magic kingdom just north of miami with lighter muds
i don't know where i got impressed with the everglades 'no entry' and i quote 'an earth mover gets it all and kills things too'
they were impressive when the second half of my neighborhood was being built on our fields 'indian run'

this is disney's epcot but is not easy to place monorail and all - it was east of the magic kingdom to me the ball is southerly looking on (epcot is south the ball looking north - go figure)
this houses people from 'round the world as they showcase and bazaar each of their particular cultures...exxon has moss-eating dinosaurs showcased
tip: inside the ball at epcot is conveyor belts for a journey through mankind to present time: cavemen, atlantis, apollo, etc. i was there in 1985

let's toss in six flags great adventure jackson, new jersey (suburban trenton or william penn, roughly) from google earth world class safari on right
albeit, that's the east coast for ya - and other parts - trees and mud
know what you fight for

9:41 on tuesday night what the fuck good are you?
west hollywood station closed for non-profit vacations
fuck you all - i don't need anything

'wh' on cnn (um, 'see it end') is for 'white house'? 'west hollywood' the building next door with pool painted white in back only would be it...very diction...

you pieces of shit at facebook (got your credit card handy - what are you buyin'? black cocks at dinner) keep it up editing posts fuckin' black english niggers - you won't get paid...get me fuckin' mail first next time fuckin' niggers oxx p.s. i'm just waiting for the report from fat-ass women and black faggots following you around to see what you look at - what shit i'll delete mine with one more word - eat shit

'he hates women' - we hate you, cocksucker...die to be me again pray to me you nigger

logitech revue google tv - anyone else having problems with world cup and all? the set doesn't come alive...

refresh summer: corey hart 'sunglasses at night' (1983) some say pet shop boys produced
'don't push the blame on the dying shades of love' this is berlin simply psb helped 'we don't like her too bossy and cheap' and she doesn't offer a drink to others alone and nearby when men are around
toni is in the video adding 'it's you' + 'you take too much we prayed against you'

consider beelzebub (say 'be-el-ze-bub' reference freddie mercury's 'bohemian rhapsody') is not only a suspicious or fake gemstone in a ring what bothers you always but is the devil too as in pronunciate twice or putnam 'dev-vuhl-vuhl' but backwards somehow (adding 'the') the devil special? one who subs for you easily enough and makes your trash into treasure...anyone else gets one to play with...

see how pretty - i think they're fresh out now
remind a bottle of two-buck chuck 'charles shaw' at trader joe's is still less than $3 (um, $2.49) and has all varieties showcased right there red, white, chablis etc.

six flags magic mountain at a glance looking westerly - colossus against the parking lot unseen but some in middle
a bikers union burnt it some last week at bottom but it's due up north near san francisco vallejo i think
and why not - they closed the most famous white wood coaster 'rebel yell' at king's dominion in virginia same company paramount
p.s. colossus is the titan (um, mark spitz) that freed france from monarchy one day ? by halving it with strength breaking ties everywhere with threats 'no king means no ground'

magic mountain from the air using-suing google earth
the name 'magic mountain' is magical to east coasters (maybe most magical even over disney)
people dream of this place but not coming here too big an idea

see netflix: 'john dies at the end' (still) and 'journey to the west' both great! see magnet releasing's full roster
then: 'elvira (um, 'old body') mistress of the dark', 'mr. nobody' (jared leto from stevenson ranch near valencia he says) looks weird enough - good matte me: someone caught in the middle of a fight a cold war he says michael connelly 'like i'm not real'

pet shop boys of erudition or 'book smart' fame have reduzzled b-side 'don juan' bear with it the disco remix also has a radio edit on the 'alternative' lp (1995) and the 'domino dancing' ep (1988) produced by lewis a. martinee or then vicki sue robinson

the both: i can't believe the language-vision of diner sitcom 'broke girls' keeps me attention though them dirty ketchup and mustard uniforms the one girl is horizontally pretty however...last night's episode steaming each other with a cappuccino machine russian immigrants having sex as parlor and all

got ol' dummy off on his flight today 07/08, but not before him falling at the end of the stairs here east side (darkened, somehow adds a step down) and me nearly repeating the same business once he changed his pants (above, a flight with skinned knees and band-aids? he landed on all fours me just skinned a bit on elbow same step bits afterward)
must be too tired...i was at 4am when this happened
anyway, we tried the zip car out with a 4 am reservation the blue one the rear window is oddly split horizontally and we couldn't find the door unlock at airport to save our lives (it's on-top of the door latch), but okay
i recommend getting to know the car first mirrors and all is additional hazard otherwise the dashboard mocked with light (and sound?) to check tire pressure constantly
now that that is done...started and ended with more than a quarter tank of fuel no shelf needed but find the universal-use gas card on upper visor band and also note the car pops right open waving your zip card on the windshield within the computer-driven reserved time only i guess it wouldn't respond previously but maybe if free of the plans of others the keys on retractable string near ignition...that's all for now

thrive these could've easily been my slate blue levis purchased at the same time but better chosen - not supposed to care i guess
compare the heel on left - i hate people who don't redeem my comfort level for their own trying to manifest theirselves-themselves as group unit

flash gordon, tit for tat: six flags valencia reports a tree befallen on big moneymaker and fave moon coaster 'ninja' (with disney's space mountain the both florida and anaheim no trees but pee 'someone pisses at night') - like three years ago well, be well

old navy have their flip-flops at about $2.45 right now each size that's 30% off
i got orange to replace my mocha brown ones - he got pea green for his trip
p.s. orange is visibly loud - back to brown? i loved the mocha brown (no one sees first - 'on my own') and class (nobody improves this)

these at city target and new: a light string style to brighten the way down $17.99 - oreos are $2 a pack right now

this swank woven bar at cvs like $129 both stools and bar - is off sale but lowered as in price - see your store

pavilions has a big fat sale on frozen dinners right now the banquet salisbury steak dinner (potatoes, corn) was $1 each along with other meals and was quite tasty just now...two (2) eight packs of coke $5...until 7/6 unlimited at the coupon oscar mayer bacon select varieties (we got 'maple') $5 a pound

'christmas in july' was featured on today (after the $500 dyson purple for kitty litter exactly only) two styles of fresh ferdinand wreaths and they're all 'pick your week' for delivery but it's late in november and onward only - one has two red cardinals or turtle doves on it kinda nice but wasn't the idea to feature in july the wreaths? not available...think sun, airy bright in your home, and the wreath placed on the front door now splitting the year in two and rushing the second half in...this isn't choosing your costume for halloween yet...

went on the roof last night 07/04 around 9 pm for bit of cherade and there were little spectacle anywhere but along the shore communities in a straight line south of here - the firehouse in west hollywood charged with the task had some on their front drive, i guess all shiny stuff...the roof packed with people though...930 palm

happy 4th of july, nigger...don't get burned talking it all over 'and the war's begun' (elton john 'levon' or 'let it go'...'home' he says) those rounded memorial drapes (um, 'suravets') red, white, and blue the heavens overhead top left of our flag as hanging is truly good to us...four reds on top, forty-four stars starting and ending with another set of six adds a chicken foot scratching at the wall over casket...

good movie on netflix the vantage point: 'boys of abu ghraib' (or an 'average' education a 'd' is still sixty-nine percent subjective 'poor'...not in achieving partial erections or laying still on your side without your asshole showing...'lovely, phalanx' pu!) charming pot of rice eat me (naturally enough, the lead is french prime minister francois mitterand who incidentally shot himself 'in the neck' and by suggestion alone on tv one day thank you for stirring my pot nice looking though throughout add doubts about being alanis in cloak similar only - someone compained his shits were pernicious or taking like needles that's what you get allspice all day long and thanks to faggots and their old mothers clamming me up while they see to nothing i can see with them talking aloud and bothering me...i love war stuff understayed homosexuality the sumo-golf reality...'combat+service' no radioactive female turds without helpin' with hair powders and medical buffoonery...'single white female' know who pays too much being nice and natural watch it all over again murderhut carrot-top! people cry learning not to provide such sureties to opportunity knocking take your time but take your time that's better for us soon as you turn your back is yours aspoken to as aloud...

'all apologies is never better than having it done for yourself - i don't care either way who knows that better than me' - dM i do it well enough to know its leisures about me

'i don't pray' - dM trust it, it still works just like always 'be seem'

'you know nothing, so i often ask myself 'is this somehow going to be real?' but in a one-world (aviary) sense and on the phone (advantage plus)?' - dM is anyone like me at my skill level #1?

at pavilions floating flower candles by fave lancaster debi lilly $5 regularly $10
the candles have a slope-in tree trunk underneath...
think here: perfect for float-in m-80's (they go off underwater) with the fourth just around the corner?

this was exciting ! as garage door and upward but alas is a restaurant coming~

aimee mann on the right side of life 'charmer'
this isn't the song i've been waiting for from weezer, either
p.s. the holy grail is jesus' cup - hard to find, something farm-heavy dragged behind you not ahead of you
p.p.s. try 'til tuesday's 'have mercy' on new webservice 'spotify'

07/01 haven't used the zip car yet - alot of financial stratagems to work out on the way to terry's upcoming trip...

tidy sums: 'phantasm exhumed' is print-on-demand so order online is the news of the day...barnes & noble have it

watched this great rollercoaster-amusement park special on cable yesterday ('great old amusement parks' on pbs - link majors at youtube full film special) but it was quite in-depth kennywood (pittsburgh) we owe you an apology kinda over noah's ark you are lovely looking (though he 'noah' 'noel' prayed beforehand to eat them - exciting topic - three major faunts at the top of the world guaranteed the laughs as late as 1712 they say) and coney island still a vagueness to many from the east coast (brooklyn) your ferris wheel is damned special with cars sliding down and along loops - crazy - we trailed off with a radio station marathon on a coaster in san diego that's family run piercingly a drag three days of begging this to quit then add on days at schedule what a nightmare for $50k make 'em divide it they hadda pay some too...if i find the name of the programming i'll tell you and remember 'colossus' as #1 is seemingly barbaric but i don't take stands...was mean mean mean...

they sold effy to death and with world-famous macy's in tow?
they took all to the world cup they said where you need to exchange jewerly 'give me the ring' - whatever - give me fat legs with hair you paid for them by having nothing to live your part skip the mess they kill you if you don't win

love this group of plastic adirondack chairs we had 'em but they burn you bad being dark green and all - here next to starbuck's on santa monica

oprah is selling her brand of chai (fruitful - no grass?) teas at starbucks - all grass she says no lemon, fruit
according to they, they have new sodas you should skip like daytime tv - 'spice' rootbeer, homey ginger ale, lemon ale etc. three - you can also mix berry teas up i hear
although fights ensue, i watch old people suck on orders to get a free drink - is this mine slurp? they take 'em back too - one faggot's all 'can you believe that?' jumping in like they got the order wrong...i don't think they put malt in frappuccinos (um, about $4.35 grande size i get mocha) anymore i asked it was discontinued 'a while ago' they say i liked the nutrition of oats-barley within and if asking is no fruit what can you do? pay more? return with receipt...btw, my early understanding of oats was a stem pod like a chicken turned or tied up with a string into a ball, kinda...the oats loose inside to a crush - after all, those felt triangles that sick to your clothes during a walk in the woods no one makes...stick-tights?

presidents while i vote or pretend to:
76-80 carter new, no
80-84 reagan x
84-88 reagan x
88-92 bush sr x
92-96 clinton new, no
96-00 clinton x
00-04 bush jr x
04-08 bush jr x
08-12 obama new. no
12-14 obama* x

*election was supposed to be this year make sure i can't believe it - two more years of no gift (true - i did vote him in - i gave the incumbent another four years is how i say it...more to the point this whole thing is about avoiding another romney-type election, i think...if obama is pillsbury, who is romney?...he 'eats' he says...mitchum products i wear mitchum when i wanna stink and i mean it no anti-perspirant)

featurette: iTunes will master your cards (albums) for $5k now down from $50,000 per record (any takers have to pay this first to Apple who never pays anyone anything distributes to paid sales only through supermarkets I got $18 at five cents a song and all on one day that's alot I guess* - half of it wasn't paid that to be made 45% and they 'don't wanna borrow money' - that's great you borrow under terms now). This is how our money is spent...waiting (this is double taxation itself people go to their orange hot and bee-infested graves like this you're gonna fight again and again says they 'we are peacemakers' you can't sting a bone as lifting to a permit no defaults ever) gets used to fund AT&T routinely and also least they're not stupid ventures - put nothing past them talk equals stupid...stupid for me...and don't question my writings school marms take a test to see you comprehend and then try and communicate what's said better you fail me first plus i hate (have you already) you figure that in always what you are 'no chance' being here...a woman all fat and scared and halving at it too...this is defense against...fat boy? milkboy.

*I honestly believe that you hafta have ownership unstated somewhere or they wouldn't let you sell at all...the two umbrella companies involved are BMG (RCA) and Apple (Universal)...that's enough for me (stevie nicks stanislaus: aftermarket's job is to make a fan and have their sales market upward)...people giving nothing a worthless prestige and taking it away like citing you on bankruptcy papers indirectly...people are selfish crap you can count on that but at least they use shame to care and cover for theirselves like a burlap coat growing with grass...p.s. you don't sell shares for money, just price - in evaluation, all goes to the company that worked for prestige via dividends...they don't pay by share, by tokens taken with lab results - nothing company goes to shares period

i have everything from you already - what's new here? oblama asks in jest 'should i quit?' you've got a half a year - max - you make it work this time

on the lighter side of fat and selfish, cvs quarterly rewards are me three (3) 2-liter bottles of pepsi though i'm drinkin' mostly personal cokes right now in six (6) or eight (8) packs...they've been on sale, kinda

you are fat (old only) and have no teeth and so begins july 1

had trouble sleeping last day or so, but last night shirley temple was with me she wants to make more film she says...she was really here dancing and singing her hair is blondish and long with her fat knowing legs and her eyes brown a good look...i wanted to dance some also and came off doing the decorated dance from 'phantom of the paradise' all dressed up...notes neil's father now 'he is not special'...faggot, get a clue you wash-up (more fat dancing legs) and remember you owe money that's all you need to think about creatively (they think one turkey in the pocket is two more shows to make it all up - get to know negative numbers (integers) they hide the truth and stink is a trail that on goes on and on forever and if you spend to do think of spending opportunities only and it never fuckin' ends their right as having gone to war what ? doing hair here ? $40k down the drain each time they run to a studio your stuff is pure shit or at least all revivals i'll erase ever and what of it (if you feel special enough we already empty out your cans fuck you running stores and the police garbage cans full of sex addicts still trying)...get off it, faggot you are going to hell with pork in your gums and that is right here and bring that dumb bitch you work with all of them simply one non-person to me you are all ousted...or you are at least from the middle east...go to hell

if you listen to niggers and this garbage (sprinkled on my food) you have nothing to live for...don't you threaten me again i know how to rid the world of what you are but like company...just 'cause i don't say doesn't mean anything i still work on it every day...know hate it ain't the winner's circle and neither am i - i hate bullshit people half of 'em run outta here and should stay away

the last day of june...the 30th

six flags magic mountain's 'colossus' is supposedly shutting down on my birthday 08/16 (source my facebook page)? thank you, i guess...remember it's mighty mean...meanwhile, people report in the head that 'arc triomphe' at six flags great adventure - maybe else - as slow ride up around and inside loops from holes in the ground is mean mean mean too the sister hated it but the father reports 'breathtaking' and 'not too bad at all'...who knows?

new: i scanned 'thing' on the 'addams family' tv series - did you know that is the mailman with letters somehow? there is a small door on right where he gets in sideways and underneath to present the mail through that box he opens by touching a knob or something within it - is delivery style to avoid each of other adds wine or beer, milk products, and mail stuff or boxes left around there too...

take a tip: isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol gets rid of white-ish battery deposits on toys, etc.

i was talking to a friend about going to a 'studio lounge' as a celebrity of depth they say one is starbucks 'perfect for three minutes' he says another is a motel for appropriate background and the conversation ensues 'why are you a star - let's see it' then he says 'i can get ready in four (4) minutes - you drop your pants and i'll drop mine...' personally, i'd revert all to the four (4) minutes rule of having said - 'you've got two minutes before i tell you to shut it off a song you're bound to play, and another two (2) minutes to make it up to me with another such said' - dM, then nothing sent

marvin's drugs (where i bought my halloween tree) being revamped on santa monica - looks like a coffee house coming into view with pine shelves being built inside

to some, a lucky puzzle piece to be found by doug on the sidewalk heading to pavilions

tower has been logo-renamed as such 'flipagram' take note - it looks like nothing but an office inside yet chairs, tables, and computer-white for records? sounds like a jukebox reference - 45's, cd's not being able to say for yourself but pecked out phonogram

a cute christmas dog all happy to be out and about on sunset as we go to the bus at san vicente (arguing whether the 302 or express bus skipping every other stop was still in operation past six o'clock i hate the bus simply passing us by 'cause he the other is tired-dumb and it came the 302 or fast lane over line 2 sunset schedule, that - you'll wait in hell there on the side fifty-nine minutes max'd the zip car card came in the mail just yesterday 06/28 have yet to use) but somewhat gray here...a pomeranian

it was hard to get her little face always looking around to see...some say they get big after all no red satin or regular grapes ever stays small

special feature prompted by a celebrity-type shot outslde the moniker fence recently - i love this place on sunset just east of highland the front box rental office

it has a rare hangout quality or low times quote...view left that's terry

left with depth some boxes, 'cartigans'

view right no fence entry

the famous-type fence that prompted me on left

for the record, the official name is 'hollywood center motel' next to rite-aid on sunset just past highland heading east

speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil - brought to your life
don't ask me to say your name, i don't want to know you at all - not surprisingly rejected by them (is old)

some r.chast (see at google) - the home test makes sure you're not taken for a ride, but i make 'em roadside and help the helpin'
whatever you want you get to it same
'you can ape the ape | you can rat on the rat' - peter gabriel 'shock the monkey'
p.s. touch up with sam gross

1) a woman tied up naked in the basement by rats with a gun making a candy heart valentine 'just a few more of them chocolates or we'll blow your brains out'
2) sister melitta crouching and pulling up her cassock - using her 'boils' to predict rain
3) egyptian tour guide with husband and wife photographing at the rear of the sphinx - 'spinchter'...'pay the man clarice'
4) priest whispering to a blind man at the altar with a black bride in white 'a nigger?'
5) first homosexual's national bank with bare butt in the night deposit pulled down

regarding so cal edison ca climate credit in april and october $40 each time one just received my bill thus about $12 although still mercied me a week...someone speaks of arriving always at a debt ceiling each to month amortizing debts only and no prior pay - that's how i get bit being cosmopolitan or having drinks at each of becity but agree with an excess of unknowings that tend to accrue too - fuck 'em - i just wanna know what's mine to spend and against economies (savings-retentions) already lit up or taken slyly...don't try and thank me for that i come right down in it but have had long-term arguments or/and pet the don't hafta be me reversing titles with each taking home...i don't wanna be labled a little girl or old woman guarding a silver pot of ol' grandad i don't wanna be your nosegay with flowers and barbizon either what are you gonna do?...the plumber from jail is my updated image shorts on to get around the hard stuff it's not lipstick i still smell?

it's hard to give your gift: i was walkin' home the other night with a pizza from big mama's on santa monica the only one open late (went to in-and-out burger is what mcdonald's was at-first, the food - and with rootbeer, is that good too in hollywood last week one evening) and when i crossed the intersection this black woman in her car is all 'pizza - yum' and i asked her 'do you want a slice? she took one and ate it up i had had some already sitting there in the pizza parlor - that's my idea of a good neighbor...the people who work there are kinda cute and i went to the bathroom what is best described as a plywood and stain moniker for the movie 'showgirls' one leg showing aside curtain and a hat-size hole in the upper door fell out - is that for me? i'm nice and quiet you wanna die being mistake? plus you owe me $1 for a fuckin' tip taken twice, nigger...on the qt (queued tape), is that a payback from some dumb bitch or her aka male cunt? call me to make sure i know - don't be a coward i kill people i really won't take long...

an original episode of 'let's make a deal' with monty hall who says 'nobody made a better show'
i think much of it too but go with the $400 every time...

magic jack the word: no complaints, delivers it simply all we pay is $30 bucks a year for a phone number registered otherwise plug and talk (calls out) i have an extra one that has to be cleared of note because i wanted a heat-resonance wire from it the kit but i do not believe in permanent customizing of tool or apparatus...

more trouble: in our neighborhood in new jersey there was a party line for others to talk almost anonymously to each other you pick it up the phone and someone is there and you just talk no people do it homes with five (5) lines have one

the roommate in minnesota july 8-22 the plane ticket to duluth ? was $657...i can gas myself for weeks...the pecking begins as to pay for my glory

styx 'sing for the day' from the 'pieces of eight' lp (1978)
i never understood 'renegade' (um, 'blue collar man' the crime) thanking people for a job? that's your life~
the title 'pieces of eight' sounds like money to me but is hard on you - the queen says bits of food all day taking some
that woman suggests not seeing for just her...others about on easter island

new ipad apps i use: the piano app smule 'magic piano' - the sound is astoundingly good note for note and can be loud but i need some sheet music, kinda...itunes copied all songs over you can reduce if necessary the album icons aren't good-looking to me still working on it; photoshop for pics is new...most are free apps via itunes if you avoid games and i never play any as serious-minded...never to do in-front of me just watching...none

these days, alot reinforces the idea of not sharing information and being cautious with declarations - you can afford it, huh...i go running with any news of your breakup and wartime abroad 'tiny dynamine: echoes in a shallow bay' don't bore me 'cheaped versus cheated' like banging each other over the head with wooden hammers nothing helps...

wednesday (wed never on this day or on any day next to it? whatever you want a way out? ring of fire) 06/25: now that our official schools-out day 23rd has safely elapsed the first real day of summer was last tuesday the clock a few days early or late how ever you seen it...early for 06/21, the 22nd the first full day...the quarter 'q2' closes june 30

i got all excited by the sound of destruction the other evening bang boom bang bang!!! a spray of bullets - sick, no? my hero? all that paperwide by agreement stuff makes me sad nurses too...'if the firmest insult is replacing' - dM 'i don't want anything' i want you outta here 'i don't want you' as mean, stupid, tired - sure, short-tempered why not? anything official 'it'll be in the paper' no less than ten niggers 'raped someone in her ass' why would anyone fuck that for insurance ? god bless touching see the animal in it it's like i tell cougars leopards and other african shit that flies by night - 'don't take that - just come here' why one was seen nesting with cubs in polar regions? i don't like being fed like you...come here...let 'em fight for a reason i won't have...when your snake pops out of a bag i'll be all 'oop!'

a loaner 'you are dead already and you know it' from some jerk - you're gonna live in front of people i'd like to see it no matter what no matter how well i ain't good, nothing's good...try it i discovered kirstie alley in a sushi bar?

'you know when you got it coming - it almost has to happen' - dM there's no escaping me but the notorious side haunts me? not really

angels were commanded to continuously fly in the air no rest (and or arrive and leave too soon - they can usually decide to take merit upon itself unless i'm mad and i always think of myself being number one where mercy begins and ends - they are made to be complicated with cigarettes on their mind only) but don't make memory? i have things eaten to be a part of something that works for me a pile of shit with hair, a nest of bugs


the ghost 'phallus'?
the nightstand comes from bullock's (the western front macy's et um) way back when...terry's mother has been seen with a black pink ladies jacket on satin and mullet hair bunched black on-top with back fall going through this nightstand at night she shakes and rattles while doing too - was in a bomb here supposedly when china '56 - dorothy stratton, dorothy chandler, elizabeth dorothy johnson etc. we can't just stain the top it has be regarded or they'll bitch an eye of wood is her target to source somehow
btw, i have yet to have home that is ghost-free they are everywhere always but do not desire to be anything to you...i let them up in the hills recently they get away from us

late at night but hard to portray - says one 'we get rid of everything [like that] - and they get rid of you [and your need to harmonize]'
remember a grave splits and they go running...any bullshit by russian whores (proletariats i wanna fight flab, demask it) gets you locked up at night 6 pm you are free to be with me only - the rest is shit you'll see there'll be no helpin' it
what else? i have a problem with unnecessary cruelty (keeping) only - i'll get over it
don't tell me how you feel or you'll get more of it
no talk

are you my hero?

ben franks on sunset (now the 'happy-days' styled 'arnold's' or whatever) was called biff's - got it from 'adam-12' (the twelve is 'one and another' and 'does it whether we want to or not' is 'adam' up and at 'em or 'am' the morning 'anat moratae' all safely after yesterday's death call) i think the older one is studio 54's ryan phillipe...

rock n' roll ralph's on sunset has lawry's taco mix for $1 each ($10/10) - a significant savings all year long...

my cowboy majur hitting the neats again - is ghostly like an african-type spurl disease i'd say - no mating with the 'big bob' babcock or its bulloches once forged by its cavulet of fumes
no thinking: the big vat of name-brand vaseline (like japan's 'giancoma' flag all blood or one drop how can you tell ? or the sun of china's flag) - however opulent at just under $5 - isn't for the asshole not here anyway (what am i 'vaseline alley' at the parking alley behind circus books on santa monica at la jolla if bob damron assumes my knowledge word-of-mouth pre-internet)...vaseline is still touted as 'bacteriostatic' no change won't help it grow doesn't hurt 'em either...i like douching externally 'gantrifying' with reddish wet ones (or lesser brand) but the anti-warts sauce tastes bad the next day? people are very natural making the case for not wasting but not me...i lose stuff, while you're on your way out after making finer points for me 'all this time then you~'

vaseline revives skin outwardly by just rubbing it on...may be somewhat to dangerous heat-wise otherwise is nice enough

great pancing space on the walking side of our usual cvs santa monica and lacienega - i'd have one of these exhibits made ladder down to color wheel or pet smart

got that $3 light set previously featured from city target is oddball as plastic and has an art appeal up to hang or hook
also verging with pomodoros is the pink, yellow, and white serasure, i believe, if that is a gathering-type wind from below you as it rots

pop mabel styx (coined breath still 'stinks' actually not the tigres divert as tube under to ganges but euphrates-euripides aka the sienne, as opposed to artesian vomit wall to well) making to the other side and the nile valley of the dead - 'get out') tommy shaw possibly meulron rolonge robert 'mutt' lange - how? ask robert 'sad eyes' john don't look at me i'm not sad (hairy pooped in moutaineer sasquatch fresh outta talk, ribmeat)...keep in mind while i solve for extra peters (one fat cock in my 'fanny farmer' trail of turds and zipped-up 'sing it farrell' belav fourosi mcclintock by underprivileged manufacturer 'keeps it the fuck out' as designed by craving sensation ('got a yen for cheese mate cherry-bloff rubbers made with real hankin' banana and frybait with glocks of sticky glum?) not just 'haze honduras' the bodyfat pinch-off by some dumb cunt fasting in my belly her poker straight maudsley of thatch hair previously sewn up in a paper bag and rice dawn) in my pickled pepper peroni...and glare-boiled nightpolk...

update the liver there's more to life...

bark bark bark!

the bamboo shoot sparray (as opposed to 'olfa') is almost striking
toni used to run cabo (on sunset across from the mondrian hotel? no - one more block east across from the standard hotel) when sean and i were in love maybe i still do - i threw up the fish tacos the next am 'pomeroys' or cantonese citronella 'cilantro' while parlaying my vast fortune of sans frigoa (lazy days) and scheets mantalay (their refreshments)...the other here on vacation in august the flight money having just been received...

johnny depp's ? property above - 'shaking' was described pounding the girders
'not real' toni says broke his 'rivers cuomo' dollhouse (that's 'sweetnix', fool-m)
shave it in there~
if you killed it, they'll be more than 'bummed'
quote 'take a rancher out' - stuff's not one kills anything and it's bloody well you should have died being brined of it stritt

this artificial grass holds up well $3 a square foot?
how 'bout that

'the legend of hercules' upcoming daialo (deity with connects to the above although they mix brutally) and legrand (those who are high-minded, but are commonly held - 'only god can adore people' as adorn or keep them nice to the eye)
hercules (half man and half god is a titan) was born to jupiter and a 'nymph' (pink, like me ? and if minerva entering with a nose helmet, shield of armour, and a light sword - sprang out of his head one day a headache relieved basically) and was sent to die by juno the silent female partner of mount olympus whose christening-type gift was hydra the nine-headed (we avoid '8' for the obvious quote the seven sacraments longing to know of me too) snake babysitter a great gift if you know what i mean (he killed ? it a rite of passage guards a grave from extraneous taking basically) - as hercules he beseeches himself a statue-like being on mount olympus when he needs to know better a path prescribed as a fathering who never wants anything more for you as a person...a fellow, fellatio, false friend then someone else as i see it and not to dishonor and not be as the same self seen either just someone else you look out for as here ahead of seeing
i decided one day feeding marc ondy (aloysius 'allo-wishus' or 'someone you wouldn't know' one says another titan or tight-end) to a boulder chained up with a circling hawk eating at his insides over a highway cliff for any rescue attempt that immortal meant i didn't have to bother it would put itself back together if i mauled it - better said to the question of merciful release and why wouldn't you want to be around that or to die...

avec moi? c'est soir? don't get mad - nothing has to be real 'feridex iv' is the manufacturer don't bug them 'may grow unwanted hair scattering smiles'

like juniper polyscorbate is half-way made with real liver? ah-hah!
deboned and ralouged organ meats know goggledy-goop nutrition - avoid the common pratfalls of squeeze 'auto-carlon' mayonnaise tastes like plain ol' canola and the absolute butcher's block of spatchled pigs feet with poffled vannich and dancemeat-cava vajurles

someone asks if madonna's fillet of fish (filbert) was ever returned to its rightful place? no - they tossed it after someone questioned its merits...'what's this - dirt?'...right - you ate her father's latex 'forshorbus' a talent for mocking people who eat without prayin' first 'well, shit...eggs made frere but no breakfast meats' - n'cest pas au revoir
the interactive vagina has helped me again the ovaries not so high in back hiding behind 'lara barrhoga' majoury shutters - i guess they're ovaries?
holy means you keep them whole in your head like any bullshit
p.s. dr. scholl's wart-mints 'for right under the asshole' just in case you're a hairy older girl 'gal' - the dish is from terry's family the first 8-track tape decanter 'smokin' butts? put it right out in our fergie silk ham' - it's 'furguhlishus' and as yet unshaved for market! tasty tastay - skunk cabbage boulbs in strained cantlievers of flanded piss wallace and a hot gaunce of tray-table skotsb'hal or white rice with dream wectmore and choates of jantz biden by the cofton or slice...

the folks at godiva chocolate beverly center have starting selling soft-swirl cones of chocolate and a waffle-type or honey-crisp cone $6...their stuff is really good...tried a little in a pill cup and got it all over my shirt and bra...ovulating? 'i don't make milk' but when wolves (foxes) are at the door i just wipe some around my cunt...try and trick 'em...

richard gets mad 'cause i said blacks were gentle taking his head off (this won't hurt after you get bit) hafta swallow sticks and drink some dog spit (a specific dog, no less) and then they put three needle-like sticks in the front of your throat and then voila! wonder how they poke your eyes out - with party picks and cheese with a just hint of pimento? i'll get your dick and balls with an mg midget and a pothole...oops...wrong meatloaf

between the internet and phone numbers: is pioneer boulangerie still open in santa monica? these dumb motherfuckers don't let the remote plan...

'phantasm exhumed' an ethyl history just $17.40 at barnes & noble..did you know that formaldehyde comes from a clipped-off stalk of corn growing in water?

remember, casey kasem had a big ol' house in beverly hills above sunset (nothing nicer ever) grey with lots of glass and night

at least through tomorrow june 17 at pavilions:

haagen dazs ice cream pint $2.99 (cherry vanilla is out of practice and however - get green tea)
oroweat oatnut and varieties $2.99
oroweat jewish rye and fashions $3.99
jack daniels barbeque sauce varieties $0.99 (was kc masterpiece i got two of them)
oscar mayer bacon is $7.99 but $5.99 with just for u coupon
kellogg's cereals are $2.50 a box
refreshe sodas are $0.75 a 2-liter bottle for four (4) purchased (or $0.69 with just for u one-time)
father's day cupcakes from the bakery vanilla/chocolate 12 for $6
keebler pecan sandies and varieties is $2.50
eight-pack coke bottles $3.00 with just for u coupon
bush baked beans big can 2 for $5
safeway orange juice in the can $1.50 each
oreos varieties are $3

this at the dialog cafe on holloway is our next challenge making sure these connections work well out and about...we have at&t wi-fi (general hotspots are starbucks and fedex centers)

here's the flowers at carolco was hoping they weren't too far done already

outside pavilions this new volvo convertible ($52k it says maybe as little as $46k) - see beachcomber hamburger habit (um 'haven') in the background
their california special a cheeseburger, hammer fries, and a coke is very reasonable at about $8 - good meal

new gifts at pavilions

'vander' finally shows up at the pump - 'vanderpump' means strong enough to resist someone who doesn't know what they're doing another vandal of sorts cited

these hurricanes at pavilions are $35 right now big and brash for the summer
is cage wired on the exterior, should have wires to lower a plate inside like the orange one from rite-aid
maybe not?

a recent favorite of hillary - like my mother it is

alanis morissette 'everything' with lyric this time

i can be an asshole
of the grandest kind
i can lift whole [wheat]
like it's going out of style
i have the bravest heart
that you've ever seen
and you've never met anyone who's
as prone to diff' as i am sometimes

you see everything
you see every part
you see all my light
and you love my dark
you dig everything
of which i'm ashamed
there's not anything to
that you can't relate
and you're still here

i blame everyone else
not my own partaking
my passive-aggressiveness
can be devastating
i'm the most gorgeous woman
that you've ever known
and you've never met anyone as
as everything as i am sometimes

you see everything
you see every part
you see all my light
and you love my dark
you dig everything
of which i'm ashamed
there's not anything to
that you can't relate
and you're still here

but i resist, persist and speaks on whatever i know
but i resist, you know no better
[no matter] how low or high i go

06/15 got a call in to the father in new jersey today on ipad using skype (it's very pretty looking) - not bad but a bit of overtalk with no true duplex (hearing and voice wired separate - as learned in 'management information systems' at glassboro - um, 'gloucester' glass is fogged where's it all going - state with the second taco bell i had seen ever)...he just got back from virginia with his brother eddie the glen campbell one getting sister shirley for a visit with jeannie back in nj - friday to monday or monday to friday didn't stay 'cause he said there's nothing to do it's really deep inside almost west virginia marion...i loved my single trip there with same back in the 70's)...but back to...

bridgford frozen loaves in the freezer section $4-$5 are still excellent for a little baking at home or whatever i had the bread this morning...great at pavilions...let a frozen loaf rise all day under dish towel in pan...rise once, do not push back down

'i don't pay for tampons'...grime doesn't pay you to clean, either

'i don't stand around forming questions for others, nor do i take hints' - dM i don't write cover letters neither - to who? from who?

i hadda settle the seven (7) catholic sacraments with an extra one see here 'last rites' the deathbed confession heard is 'annointing of the sick' as recognizing to a serious illness too...i guess there's no perceived gift to the dead...the dying

what i call 'em: baptism (to forgive original sin or arriving here open-mouthed but empty-handed, introduce to a life with god), penance (cleansing your soul for communion with christ the holy redeemer), holy communion (introduction to a life with christ the redeemer), confirmation (commits to christ your life then and much like marines the same answer given no matter whom you ask), holy matrimony (to be married before god), holy orders (to become a priest or nun the brides of christ), annointing of the sick (to bring attention to worrisome affair and hear the words of surety again), last rites (the last confession of the to be dead sometimes a step-wise with you not so involved mostly - see 'the exorcist' that was crude father karras says 'it saved my soul - it couldn't leave')...

q: 'catch 22' what is that sperm? aa (ask me again and i'll know more or less): adding up the two figurative ones laterally or vertically (vasuoules-ly) it just doesn't pay to say or to do or then not do...'23 skidoo' leaving to the side couldn't have been better left off...i think i know now...

moon - 'move over on nuts' or so to drapes the fake ones hanging on black sutures bar of two perhaphs...'muehls over or naps'

why does nudes (news) of magic mountain's wood gunga 'colossus' closing phase me (in the manicured ixtapa of valencia, ca)? the last coaster that convinced me bodyweight to stop and drop - a hell of it the first lift up dug out below is like a forty-five degree angle (the '9' or forty-five minute mark on the clock drawn diagonally to the '12' mark inclusive or exclusive? exclusive to the next day - or worse really - as the perpendicular or line down to right angle senses me) a mexican nonsense...i move to rid parks of all dropping rides a taking of the entertainment dollar better spent - no hells should arise here - we rode these things backwards at great adventure (as host working, there's nothing to run but seat people - the control board is a serious tone and not just running all day like log flume) and i made my mother go too - revise all downward? belly flop on drugs? too soon for dentura, caps p.s. they have the first looping coaster up the loop from a straight flatlining 'revolution' 1976...i don't go but i'm there in spirit (in spit)...too many niggers? a 'living joy' (like 'beauty' believe-you-me is somehow 'beneath me, like i made it all') to us in new jersey sandwiched between nyc and philly...'you win here to lose elsewhere' adding they 'you lost' preservation (ensuring for others) itself or the fan of conservation (a self-important limiting of some use or abuse to foul) another fool acting on one's own behalf a nihilist killing with short breaths or speaking in self-conscient rheems...i didn't kill it, that's was in my way, too...a tree...sometimes you'll die down...a tree can kill but is like bad neighbors you don't how good you have it...

p.s. a regular little kiddle-type coaster (for the backyard?) is great fun too kings dominion on '95 in richmond had a good one in summer of '78 all lit up at night...

my facebook soulcage 'mink stole' or clover fishpunch to the tail entitled 'doug moon' to fool has the latest posidor from own collection most go to the trash as i study 'how jews look when they smile' what? i'm not sure about facebook people posting and all some editing but i never put anything truly good (i simply love it myself) there but this monkey from a resident keats (i honor all friend requests - vis a vis) is hilarious shooting a rifle - i love niggers-god me for that...they make people act like dogs i'm sure 'but they stink real bad' one reports it's more than a bath but may be a dial pause and redial but they still understand a fresh warm poop hoisting a big fat hook in the dark like the airship in 'close encounters' flatzed out of sight with hardly a gas so to emit...colour my surely: the alamo is the first taco bell only a veritable gold mine! honor it very rare and quite exclusive...tip: we our generation made it famous with 'pee-wee's big adventure' and ortega (i.e., poncho villa) products in 70's, garbage their own recording studios madison wisconsin the cheese they use and label 'we want it real someone was shot there [like john stamos by 'his mother' natalie merchant 'hated his looks making me finch every day' you gotta sing - the tip of it shit: you know you're a provincial great if you and your friends get laid or you never worry but hag folks with having them spayed (may each shot be count) as to be to-from with languages, others praying off the rope-kelp connection to no further wit] a hamburger stand' - the maker of such gianfras with elton john would be the keen hate of danish moon courts-drop...'we like fast food' and why weight?...soon back to ej...get ready to talk records, pursuits of youth...gonga....a: wasn't me...i didn't even use public toilets and scheduled meals around me liver what wants a bag of grain to pick through and a quick pipe to the hall of black popes - as for reens, a whole piss-cow of steaks pulled from the leg...'talk to you'

carolco (x-mas co my own assumption of mary...not all are carols or are created by and with prayers 'pairs of it' to pre-porch 'evil' robbie neville or the eagle eye from one assumes 'above' a film buff, a firm ass that pleases everyone it dutches or makes sandwiches for, one halve folding deschas quietly for the other halve that snatches from within me butt loins if so now mists) is now a bit of a hot potato narrowing in the dirt as flower beds 'hey - you picked that anisette in my life...sprayed with corn and banana puree' - a big theme now along with endurances and big piles of personal or smurf-style quest 'if you go, i'll hafta go wit' ya' - who, on their suspicions of having been poisoned or 'fished of' (fisted by an auburn of hair) their one known by-product (the spore acids of milk and salt thribbing in ground-fruit), will seem to care when there's no smokes around? 'piss on you'...'avocado' phoenix river's 'the only ovum' or male egg polite in their muzzled murderers language means 'i know i'm wrong' ['nobody's proved it'] and full of silts the hair-brain ravager of ferris (fairly useless, 'a fool says this') iron in every shiny green apple...the banana-corn won't have many flies instigating for ya...

we eatin' like kings...congrats...good to fashion...finding....two nopes: 'doughty' doug hi thank 'flaherty'? q: piss then shit in the bowl on top (my conagra-niagara 'god bless us each and every one' uh-uh 'to your health, you black bitch' and then the parade of nominal or small sums not worthy of mention but in your home nagging me) the deloitte-touche or ratchety 'debna-detoyt' taking the time to remove and wring the rolled rag of suds in your crotch you to be of talk and thus taking the time...'debna-datoyt' old russian crouching from the light or from sight with razored hair...before looking each way

cocteau twins 'treasure hiding' from 1996's 'milk & kisses' lp

he loves [through] no fault [of his own]
he feels he's frightening
feels with fire
and makes to the brim of it happen
you're to be at fault though
the heart's in the soul
the part biggest broken ashamed
take no worry to the harm
it's been here and burned before
be before him be then as before
burned and broken
and burned of him both
be broken
as to begin, and to begin...

these olive pams aren't real (never are with our phone-ins at stake 'portmanteaus' poor man's tome)? is word-for-word dictation from the above with flying playwrights comedy and tragedy the true wellwater as cocteaus complex me outward and are gifts against channeling like a thought is a gift against liberating me 'i so surely [wouldn't] say' to me the 'our father' cleverly reworded demasked against your own speakings 'who arts in soul' or 'the heart's the soul' as blue-green gas bulb or haven't we heard? can we have more than what powdered milk takes me to the rat-infested rice bowl with priors of pork, please...cinnamon? p.s. my own favorite givna ebshroud or dirty penis is the 'act of contrition' the pillowtalk chicken fresh and afeather with a plate of fresh eggs 'how 'bout these'...'i loved them' but i'm sick of frittatas...i mean it some...

one day and however 'suckling the mender' rips me up the trying of orange red 'ignores his choices'...first line...sees them [to ultimately] be them

nutsy - ideas, feelings
nutley - a bit off, pieces of you
nutbag - something's missing

the phantasm v preview is not fake - put it on the tv and play loud - is damned mean the balls perfectly serious about that...creeping phlox...'is not magical but is seriously good' one teletype watcher mercy i'd say...people are trying to kill our friends, not to mention trying their hand at it all...'i'd say you were in trouble - again and again then one day we'll reconcile but i say wait it's cheaper' mucky...window-work 'clasp no one prays a-ponce - then and even just hearing of it' - obi wan 'one nut in the sack' one ball plus the name 'aja' was taken by eunuchs 'unix' i feel so nyuck nyuck nyuck...eggs, beets...

the ipad is coming along well! i'm getting there...wouldn't get one of them little plastic ones unless gift, what did you get i-sids?

reminde: father's day is sunday, huh...why? what did you get your father? a bottle of two-buck chuck and a few tide pod samples 'i don't need no orange rubbers' they're seedless sour grape plucks her right up...

'oh, those little bag of secrets you chose~
to hide me is to show them it said.

as both shining in the sun'

tower looks like ben franks now - orange fudgesicle

update for carolco - still playing it out
looks like something i'd make

06/11 still not a dime from (this isn't rent, boy):

bmg music service
columbia house
office depot
and the all others we sold in my name (a stable of glamourpuss lies by me, really - nope - i can't keep pretending it hurts me but like the weeping willow i can mend)

what is this - a joke? women in-charge again? 'they're not allowed to be starved' someone says no but they have full privilege and say i'd kill you for it weak lazy brazilian men everywhere...'that is your problem' stealing worthy of the pen is mine?

fyi - had one of those dead person's dreams like 'phantasm' last week - you know, they are all over you while you lay - dead and pawing at the sides - and all i can say is it was half-wattage for the individual fright sent and is usually bad news for the recipient no matter big deal...don't get scared i didn' and giggles really....people are cruel you see it...

the carpets cleaned friday 06/06 no charge - by a woman again (scott thorson - thanks, i guess)

we got an extra day on saturday evening like it or not - that was sunday

prettier than once i thought prior to

la pride 2014...i was there in the middle of it always but no festival as such, not me i'm in pavilions alot and tired from days and days before a rise up to greet...the pool upstairs...seeking susan 1:15 is no gift to be you
by the time i'm done talking with spirits around, most fun are ready to leave
caution the revenue was 1:27 split by police unions then forward 3:1 studios then 1:1 all permitted in fold investment - a:1 that's good enough for you no ask

thank you nbc4 - make it to be here, or be born to it in june the married persons one month of
school's not even out yet where i was fashioned some over years and years in pure hate or being left to it
pride yourself - you couldn't have done less by force but i cherish the wounds forward only to meet it again and explain myself maybe

father's day is june 15 (ad here)...this 'stiff upper lip' the tropic of cancer (or land directly under the equator) coming through...that is, india and china now as one of two mirror halves what reciprocates with us nicely enough here and there

all they want is new tears to fall...
all they want is [for] two worlds [to] become one (see the point: is one already broken)
- gary numan 'walking with shadows' though some disagree
this outside chrissie hynde's apartment house i showed you previously on san vicente
remember paper mache as shredded newspaper strips dipped in flour and water allowed to dry - lain over a balloon or other dentrifice

the official promo for kd lang's 'watershed' lp the last album i listened to and from last year's pride effort and more than anyone thought wanted a deluge
but seriously, this is for dr. bronner's almond green label i use still and always doesn't rob the skin of oil as fallen cypress in the everglades and at nabisco and not just the coffee grinds of old black women? that's sage flavour
this tank at universal somewhere for men and no women (no 'ellen' twisting my balls as a one-liner but show and be that beautiful as hairy much) - get that? tell me what to do and when and then the fork is decided of my own meat at the 'y' or crossroads of choice

loved the flags on this float to pull up later - atomic yellow red and blue in that radial order (pushed down center - my immediate read and thank to was yellow red blue i was tricked) and the chained limiting influence of the infinity or water sphere keeping our radiance within
french eucemenics not so seriously is about and for me also as i accept your honors only a new jersey in the middle no flag uses yellow per se a light yellow the bullfinch
coffee bean gay 'sell a little off' to get something better something you wouldn't sell off perhaps
my note to the aunt who makes this somewhere at her own luxury thank them i guess it hurt and is the turtle once dressed in purple? see siousxie's 'christine'

more lathers - just be sure you see it the source of pride

on my way to pavilions with $20 less change (cooking oatmeal, cokes) during the parade more honor to the flame - moonballs from the abbey on robertson
good days to be had but are not changeworthy as making the best if it wherever i am

more about disease and your fashions of self (lavenders) as we hide hanging from above - organics sure
whole foods was lovely shopping at night recently, add the pleasure chest for a black strap cock ring (his and hers) and lube on a day off...the bespectacled woman there very studious and helpful (see the gay flag with black glasses on them?)
i chose my favorite of lube during a whole kamikaze class learning cock insertions or something right next to shelf - nothing is missing but hardly is gained
they say the dildo supermarket didn't work out but uses our minds too much as porno is supposed to be our minds made flesh
you're not big on details when i rape it all and i hafta seek myself with what i made being questioned alot an etched glass blocking sight with firm statement of (something, both in commissioned space as i see)

this performer on-top swung their hair around alot to dance - it looked dangerous
my mother chained up?

this weekend is about numbers 'seeing is believing' believe you/me gay for 'going away' 'a parting' of some you try one...gotta put my flag out and pray for a man to clean carpets the women cheerful however unfulilling ('but i'm still thirsty' no hunger for the flesh what if fit in somehow) to someone who thought of being made happy in a morgue only that tightly made to no talk 'i like dicks, bitch' - sharon or joan crawford way back when in a bar 'there are no real lezzies are there?' no sheree...soon a le salle at a grave after years in jail 'be spirit'...honk if you're neat 'round the teat! peck her out in her own corn...quote 'what's this - dirt?' from 'she's having a baby' steaks on the grill fell on the ground yet are cleverly marked with fresh dog crap - kiss that up to heaven 'something sure stinks' at heaven's gate 'it's her again' do ask for her, in a way...'never should i...and have one with me too'...'der goddend - i hafta cook my very last hog is it mein own kraftwerk und schell?' peppermint pig - my favorite guste schait? half a bottle of schlitz, half a bottle just up: the gay industrial practice of white men nine inch nails and front 242 'no, you are front 242 what is not ours as such you yet...not ours not as yet quit venturing your talk i am data honding you not to be with us'...not yet

'stay free~' a soft spoken aside cathy rigby as 'playtex is too cheap' i don't use them me myself and can't say what i'd be but if you love the tampon you're gonna rave over the paper applicator like a straw - try charmin too

Last Month Didn't Make Me Feel So Good I Could Just Go To A Kool-Aid Party And Toss Myself In The Pot Or We'll Just Hafta Wait With The Extras - May 2014
most girls would hafta get fucked to wake up from that...'it's real, isn't it?' q: who is it?