go for it in june 2004 - you'll be back and hafta catch up on all this later on

why was conan also the guy who plays jupiter last night? nice

kashkari (cash and carry) - what is that? is that about me?

cvs had these watches at the counter we got two of them $5.99 - not waterproof but stylish enough (they radio fezz when you talk about them)
don't laugh i'm getting three (3) new free cokes at fifty (50) points the each...i don't know how many received to date by mail coupon and as my teeth rag in the back
the new love of my life is the coke bottle six-pack at $2.50 the each pavilions and is normally $4

they finally got a 'one spot' ($1 spot, that is for little gifts) at city target beverly connection
one such gift is white plastic plates that look just like paper ones and short-stop mustard and ketchup dispensers there too

these string lights in green and blue are $3 and however, but make a nice discount

we started using these dish cleaners from cvs home but it fell apart the yellow and green pieces - i use the 3m heads instead we like the cleaner plus the quickie brush (utility brush with microban or aspirin) what is miles harsher
be the both and note these electrics at walmart

note to be pleased: the mother was in new jersey from the 23rd baptizing the twins of my younger brother (e) if they failed at all i did it too...be welcome somewhat...i watched versions in my head one baptized the other processed quickly and then?

alanis morrisette 'are you still mad?' from the 'infatuation junkie' lp
i sing it always...

gay pariah (paribe) is upon us this upcoming weekend june 6-8 and the response is chilly
this black angus-type iceberg set is featured everywhere right now for coors light
all that's left of close friend burt reynolds (and cannon and his close associates and james garner too) says it's bud with a bit of vanilla 'a buzz' he says
you don't turn down the number one brand being who you are a second rate - see miller lite 'we tried'

today: was watching this person get pumped while watching in my head last evening and though they made a mess outta her, a single claw comes out of her heart area playing like she was gonna get fierce a note from the spirit end not to bother much...made me feel really good...

me this past weekend soaped up before rinse...

i think it helps with the rhymings of light

all in the year i turn fifty...neil woudln't live to see fifty-one complete, but hassles with people alot
dying don't matter it's the puttin' it back together that smarts you gotta help people here with study
you can always be this again~

'you're not off the hook' - dM

the new apple os is called 'yosemite' (say 'yoh-sim-mit-tee') like the park in northern california (the name means 'over the hill' in a jewish slang or indian then - mine 'you'll see me' there they say 'yours will simmer' or 'assemble' please)...we're progressing nicely with ipad but is a phone no matter a big screen phone so take it easy with the facts - the internet is a glorified phone too the screen clarity is amazing though...at sixteen (16) gigs (clocks spinning and writing at each hand) is no computer is not receptive to excess files and nuisance but gets you around fast enough...

the orangesicle ice cream (described as orange sherbert a la regular) was real good too...the others may to overload me liver the girl scout cookie 'thin mint' one maybe i'm a plain cheesecake person kinda and wonder if the pumpkin is too much i just ate a whole one though from trader joe's about $7...and all them tacos too...the other makes his version a bit classier with weight problems and doctors and staves off with it i eat both around the moon like i ate this girl's desserts from jennie craig not bad at all....remember diabetes the clue inward and gift to busybodies the world over is like diarrhea doubled-over on the toilet with really bad cramps but even worse draining-wise plus your toes cut off while you sleep...no bother say those fighting in winter at valley forge with a musket ball in your mouth or was that allentown's dr. imlay? that's the answer for the town one yard out...excess energies are to take care of oneself seriously your only bother...

i rail against old black cherries too for dysentery like alot of milkmaid or egg whites - it was good anyway i just woke up from a la france

here's the turkey meatloaf i enjoyed i don't know what fontina is...i could certainly ask myself but hate the answers? good meal martha stewart the oatmeal cookies that follow are simple yet nice to eat too for a soft pallate (oreos? almost too hard)
goat mead or dried milk versus a black woman's dress? did she dig up your mother first?

moist like dung they are

them eight-dollar franks although sold by the pound even as packed in (a wrong pack same price cost $0.18 more somehow) are still killer btw - the gas grill went out just as i placed to flame, but i boiled 'em up and that is the answer...'perfect' and well-worth its chucks...like the red films below a series of hateful failures on the way in - so irritating but now is fold...why would anyone have one camera form two sights and p.s. you can't use magic jack and facetime on the same wi-fi line...your dreams of getting to know me as casually are in your own way excluded by technology's widths...you resist danger like flies resist the flame of a thought...the talk here starts simply with you don't have a right to be here at all let alone having anything at to say...i demand to know better at-first of it as i thought...be knelt...or 'kneel' will come...

explore these textures on robertson across from 'the abbey' (a rousing success? but no coffee house of plain and volume) while i buy more gas in the tank for grill $20
i don't cook but hafta 'help' - the oddco meatloaf with two plus pounds of meat, leeks, and crimini mushrooms was good so are the cookies oatmeal raisin they are good too
someone on tv sold us white 'mexican table creme' (um, 'crema mexicana table cream' by marcela valladolid about $3 at pavilions the name means 'i don't want to know you, either' cream o' mexico) but is explained rationally 'to pay us' she said kinda - bless to be back
meanwhile, i get mad at a good day all provided no qualms it's called for then however i move it i and don't want to know and hate questions evolving me you are no one to ask me anything being sad and sorry - i have, you have...have it then i'm getting known for being like you or ethno-centrist i hate that most
you need to know where the food comes from, this is the land on the other side of a fence

moving outta state? abf (arkansas best freight 'adios butt fucker' or 'a bitter fend' or 'answer before find' my own) handles these things actually another note
if this is our own cooper-jarrett (nabisco, ford) i'll be damned again buried alive in a square box of loose red hots - smell for that
i queried another jail-type mover this weekend really nice but the rates are always heinous to them we paid $80 an hour flat for boxing and moving lots of sweats too cheap in 2006 i threw our couch on the lawn over it it was from the trash anyway like my friends? i love garbage picking but don't need anything new - a very conservative type 'you won't always have, i wont always need' - dM
maybe i can get people like them - handsome enough lost my keys with phone turned off upstairs but i'm picky to whom i enter - to clean our carpets later this week it'll be some woman with a godhead of fleas in her wash bag no target one-step bra with flash and spray 'powdered' lining three-hundred police state pizzas later...a fish cleaning the toilet with green snails and a conch eating beer glass in the tub
a cheap round vacuum spent all day around the litter box too dirty to sit in...
the last guy in the halls - a russian-type guy for the olympics - suggested lemon and salt to clean in the head i ask ($80 for the living room $5 for the bedroom i love that but i'm cheaped here 'can't buy a thrill') i use it some a bleach solution is real good as it first sprays down and is generally brauvoun anyway
though we bomb friends 'russia' and the ukraine in my own mind much like china bombs france or england, they don't just poop out and leave these are pigs boy some are good-looking to boot the ukraine is all dumb fuckin' women and their trash think about faggots the boys the only gold ever to a saudi-lookin' slag living as intestines in the cradle of their pelvis only - you get married to hell here maybe i make you a bliss of housework in a sun-belt apartment somewhere in the fall-out of our friendships never to be expressed by niggers or at the national level i'd say bones for the hair and nose great those are mine to give at 'vixen' the asexual's (um, sensualists) annual honor meself gala 'keeps both your balls handy - for now and later' like the heart on britney spears when she lost her eye fencing recently (halved at the bottom, i hear)
never classy or grace from top to bottom just over-used economics or reductions i'm forced to admit, you gonna be a star, girl 'i don't live on glamour' but how do you get by on so little?' by stealing my tax money $614 we'll be back
like microsoft powered by women the work having been done for years and years now the furniture just shines on the walls by projector - try it
don't blame me - you don't live anyway i don't pleasure this way dinners out with creeps who don't agree but take the time to say 'really? you gonna die' and thinking about everything that doesn't matter ever it comes and goes like cosmet funerals for an ex-spouse 'i can't let this show' - you to wait with me for pain, any emotional depth
try them cardboard boxes for france 'parle ss' i'd add 'pissuant' too cheap to rot 'je etont' even in swiss francs worth half at tomorrow...tied to a peace pole with your panties pulled down is for drying out like a cob of corn i'd assume better have a nice fat dick to show off it helps counter the whole affair
p.s. alice nelson died on record on june 12, 1989 of breast cancer...love, alice now young in fordmont, illinois alice gets what she wants if it doesn't involve me ever working from home your shit on ebay now selling briskly telecommutin'

in my own lowly opinion, my father had a hard time with women and their hopes for theirselves in the workplace sanctioned even with having modds of zits covered in foundation i love 'em, - before i get there and after i leave we talk about shit like this 'what you can have, less frights' as my code 'nothin' bothers you, huh'...for a price i'd say very exclusive...the years never harsher...wait to be heard and not for fame or money you say...

for the record, taxes owed are never yours to quote outward and i fuckin' mean that - we don't sit by while you rage in hell i hate the privation of ugly communist motherfuckers still here livin' next door with every gift to me taking from the nation at large a new six flags with jobs - who the fuck are you? i signed up - remember that they were serious about killing me on the way so what even imminent 'reversible' death made rope of necklace and still any credible gains are poached by the mouth at-first like paid-out vacation time...get up, go to work and do it every day to money what reveals all to you at no further cost you won't ever get to measure my things discreetly in a service-oriented economy while you scrub new tubs at home you are franchise or look-alike merely if you get it at all...as sure as the word 'pacific' is stripped away same junk...go to hell...the money the day granted to turn away once before landing and keep barkin' for it what mattered most...you receive first in good order then any the books done backwards trust that...keep your lip it won't matter here to a suck of numbers...use them astronaut coins to pay i'm done collectin'...buy, sell? sell. buy...you to remit...be seen with it clearly made to me.

june 1 was supposed to be saturday? ho hum: just added skype (video calling or plain ol' voice) to my ipad now secured with its own screen code - they offered a month free valued at $13 i put through to paypal...you can too...i don't call people for their bad news i hate 'em...my mother, father...

write it down - 15th and wilshire here or thereabouts
west hollywood has a new doughnut emporium high-end trying it out where tango grill used to be...e.g., red icing on a bearclaw with uncrushed walnuts blecch
we'll let 'em get up and running first...i guess...penis-shaped doughnut with creme balls
i love 'argentinian' food (hammered to the gills) but never go $60 a dinner full-fold? the doughnuts aren't gonna be any cheaper - but no creme doughnuts? krispy kreme

' now howard the duck and mr. stress both stayed | trapped in a world that they never made | but not me baby i'm too precious | i had to fuck off ' - chrissie hynde of pretenders 'precious'

actress lea thompson (now someone else...penelope spheeris) complains she didn't get paid for 'howard the duck' (nervous, keeps talking at alot) the george lucas-directed movie - producer (darrell) zanuch says he doesn't pay 'anyone' they get to be there...exactly...asked 'how do they get paid?' he states 'by being there'...one guesses at-first that movie needs to be like that other chandra 'ishtar' - to your interest what folds in? both are noisy in the hynde reference above 'gross' she says...omitting her other comment about howard's dietary needs...for the record, mr. stress is a 'dick tracy' villain that keeps sweating as his skin is rubberfold and him featured is dampening with hankerchiefs all the time...

attention snackers: pavilions has bugles and chex mix bags for $1 each - large, regular bags

we just signed up for a zip car...through ucla, that is (this at santa monica and handcock the street right behind us where our parking garage lets out - get it?)

sure - they park 'em in designated spots around you and you book by the hour $8-$10 or so, monthly charge is about $6 here i think (they bill you - the keys unlock radially with a magnetic card they send you)

another driver on your rig is a $25 fee and $25 a month
check it out zipcar.com

progressing this project...fyi (funny, your inkling), pdq (and for those you talk of), xyz (yeah, thanks - eat shit), amu (all my mothers have and do)

electric sight from store avenue this week (this all that remains of the 'pho' noodle house somewhat next to koontz on santa monica)...shows you little, how it's really unmade
they'd take the building down if ever they could owe on your very own and not enact trade laws against theirselves 'knows to get where mine is - before it's there i will somehow also have to know'

happy memorial day 2014...'you got yours, and i got mine'

abusive truth: not just to fly a flag, but put a quarter (1/4) pound or stick of butter in a bucket on the lawn all day and tomorrow - brings 'good luck' nobody interferes? it's hard to say and then to talk about burning the hand~

star-sighting 05/26 (is noted for you then the reader as 'real', and perfect to the encounter or fyi) mark wahlberg ('marky mark' only if someone else is using that name) at bristol farms beverly and doheny while i was getting more sausage (two of them 'hot pork' so good even on the grill made me wonder off - try the others being had i won't $5.99/pound) and a labrea bakery sourdough demi (half globe as taking less than expected desti- destiny or then one-tenth of your army deci-desi)...is family somehow dan moon (john denver, gary numan...andy warhol um, warthog) related...

no one writes a book about that: along with psychic awarenesses and a finite lack of prosperity comes water problems and a new-ish dishwasher -- way too much oscar mayer bacon in the last few months makes a dry, white gunk on the plates and cups i deduced after accusing electricians the dishwasher install 'two cables' brown poops in the water (my own remind to demure if seems in the shower) ? cascade can't cut it all and being cheap (about dishwater and cups-mugs used by the resident alchy) i'm amazed at all, and if the johnson wax 'raid' ain't what it used to be under my business plan ('knowing' is the crime quoted much if kill, otherwise 'euthanasia' the promise of being a youth in asia is cheaper and all or i'll fan plasmas about as another noise) with ants around now for disturbing them i spray to get the washer to calm down dials racing around old seals quieted right up and thus is down your throat too...nobody came to water...credit that or the new rinse aid we demanded...we remind that morgues love hand washing i never mind as mindless function (a bliss? god knows? too much stuff some things i hate and i never test but seek affirms the hurt - your abject hurt or what's missing mostly from others - is flame to me an energy something 'unnerving' guilt is to be no ongoing light to source of mine 'ring-ring..ring')...it's the war against phlegm i hated being bothered with twice now as expectorate now see all press and seals no you...no little gummy hydras replicated everywhere and how in the mug under your bed if retirement no longer equals death as i get there or approach it thinkings both lines drawn as one my mother...remind: i'm not right because i kept it all at a nagging, it's because i changed it all to match my feelings on things...being wrong is no inspiration to others what if i just blow people and get it all for you ('how does it all work?' asks a woman renting wool its varying of cancer-promoting salts and fumes from me no kids, no old without receiving checks for me...elevators)...and i'm hardly right ever too child-like in the hoping 'is this it?' and with its assumptions 'i made this'...'guilt' i guess...get rid of the trying, i'd say (you wished for aids? 'give me a bomb that gets rid of people, but keeps their stuff' not much of the worry works cures or even sights simple solutions, i'd say - 'angry'), if it didn't honor you being near me...

i remember you, too...a few friends allow us to peek
the hellraiser box 'cinagen' ('burns the hand' and at touch) is in hand somewhat - a regular theme 'so gives the gift of truth'

'hyperion' is his name, unusually

the phantasm balls are shy - one at right, one coming in the shades at left rear, one on the table on closet placemat...others around
when the balls enter they really cause the place to shrink and divide that i noted a bit fearful

a black chiquita banana lady kinda - franks? thanks

breyer's (once my favorite funeral brand before haagen dazs - here they have the ersatz 'dreyers' too) is on sale at pavilions 1.5 quart box $2.89 mine at 'just for u' but they scooped up all the new orange creamsicle flavor with official brand but everything else is there reese's and all...i bought creamsicles by lucerne (good store brand excepting ricotta) instead...$2.49...went to bristol farms today for my favorite hot pork sausage $5.99 a pound and they had this cake in the bakery section covered with nonpareils only but the little colored ones (um, 'halphenals' for 'little ones') - odd-looking, boy lke a mitzi wig all knowing inside...more: the new-ish ice cream turned up the very next day...just as plain as fat...fat? but, um...'i can't believed it's not butterededed' - well it ain't~

with rising or unprecedented (um, price per gallon gasoline) default-to or lazy-bones costs, did you know that walmart prints personal checks and supplies for use with your local financial institution (your bank)? yup, my roommate showed me (why i live - to receive these strange notions on your behalf) - just like those print-mail direct marketing magazines offering on back pages but with greater prides in mind...check it out

these are them delivered cute and incognito, kinda - six (6) flats of twenty-five (25) and with duplicates
so, $14.13 for the total order including $5.50 trackable shipping - no bank logo though? oh well the only difference i'd cite
nice enough and probably is demonstrably cheaper - 'what about sears?' someone asks (it's a no-go, but why would ask?)
p.s. the placemats why? from city target this week

'sears' the name? shears and roebuck or canvas 'roebling' as ours is tougher see 'toughskins'...

find mint asure at amazon (this mention from my mother but in the head as possible mother's day gift...a star-related meet-and-greet thing...obscures to me then...fills the bloodstream is okay by all regard)

homemade boxed broth versus pizza crust: methinks the jiffy box of pizza crust - however unpriced for sale see-and-then-know - was the darling here as somehow upsetting, but you know my opinion unsure, cheap - go with what's noticeably cheap and from what's available nothing (less than $1 your business plan thinks alot)...the betty crocker crust mix was good enough too (how else should i be more like you? thank you - exciting) but the jiffy one? professional results (the uncovered edges rise is that good ? and the taste is of corn or something meat)...no homemade salad at restaurants with dirtballs and bugs definitely not? try and get the good stuff you can eat that other stuff with me...should i not eat or just say? good ingredients (nothing new or you, drifts off in the head) doesn't cost much more, but i don't hafta come here to get anything, either...what's up?

you're not fat just 'cause someone says it, it's 'cause - despite the cloak outward - you still see everything with great clarity...say nothing to me...i'm on the side insulted you asked me...who am i? fat isn't skinny starving of noise - it really is you - let's eat...never coming to rest anywhere, i don't think i'm fat just non-specific 'fuckin' gross' i can't say why i won't matter...trust me, i looked to you first...how do i help? don't admit me lacking with you i might win something...now split up...three or more casanova (um, 'a cast of no-one's') toilets, firmly one stench...

sheba on sunset at a tattoo parlor across from tower extra parking says 'be nice, be well'
buddha, sheva, sheba, battashivata (sp?)...alley oop...thought there was another one

an update of styles for the carolco building and its awnings

sunset financial (sunset and laurel) now closed down and referred to third street and lacienega ('til 8 monday through friday, 7 saturday, 5 sunday - near beverly center) i was getting mad at mcdonald's last night trying to pay my electric bill
make it up with the big mac 'after 9' special 2-for-1
the electric bill has since been credited two halves of $40 each - some clean energy thing
you hafta be careful here - no security deposit (now obscure on record we've been here since jan 1, 2006) may mean harsh personal visits the day after due - 'what - do i hafta blow you?' threaten you...neil is this - always thinking about me they like seeing people sweat i like seeing 'em at a crossroads in life but i learn some
p.s. #mcdafterdark is for twitter use don't be misled like me...a: nothing for facebook, either

this on san vicente the sewer house that pissed me off as apartments continuing down the road is actually just a sewerhouse and being fought

in the rear, they wanna clean down their soil stacks and then spray water on the lawn a strange-ish idea
pool filters and sand maybe?

this was the six flags-ish garden grove today 05/20 at pan pacific park the farmer's market on third and fairfax
i stopped by sur la table for a long bamboo spoon replacing the one i damaged $6-$7 and some franks from marcona's meats farmers market $8 thumann's beef franks squirmy pack 'linked'
stopped into k-mart too

these are them - they are linked so i say 'squirmy'
definitely tasty and worth the extra coin over foster farms chicken (not turkey) franks my usual favorite for no falvo

'the' martin hewitt redoes 'endless love' - is that right? otherwise see 'magic mike' again i skimmed all this weekend...

'friended to death' looney toons a la facebook - the champion of champions in a world-wide cyberhut finds alot of difficulty making friends in the real world similar to a young-ish john ritter - he made me sick in an episode of 'three's company' this weekend - they were skiing like lucy does all backdrops and he got caught in a lie carefully structured - aloned, said he sailed down the highest, most fearsome cliff only to have someone bring him a single ski in a lodge and then when quoted again on a single ski, the officer who approached added it was up in a tree still...how best to resolve? that's tough structuring 'anything you wanna tell us, jack?' his friend from the regal beagle quipped...you can see the kardashian reference is plainly good...like gabe kaplan, people wanna know...

kmart open for business: large above-ground pools (must protect in winter from cold with cover wind chill cracks the supple liner), push lawn mowers weed-eater push is detail-oriented, hanes underwear briefs normal waistband rare these days no target maybe cvs almost kotex blood-band looking is mine, a mini bike $300...schwinn bikes, etc.

interesting japan: as no scientist can say, and when asked to describe what really happened in hiroshima, mind answered a big war plane was made to take off with many ropes attached and stormed the air continuously until it crashed and burned not bad a guess good stuff...a b-52 bomber, nobody in it as all dived out - three of them all major generals in the army (one died after - major john hughes), and a total of three 'and a half' minutes solved...i loved that story practical and all...like buckets of water...salt lifts better no salines or seawater two cups per gallon...p.s. bombs are real, a green-wick m-80 that goes off underwater is quite real gauge the damage as two-feet of mud dug out...more: the ropes were seven hundred feet long nautical width - that's almost five times the great adventure (a major six flags destination right between philly and new york city) ferris wheel what is twice bigger than trees at one hundred fifty feet...

view progress on the lemon boutique structure how it's done
an open-air half-tent i saw them taking down the lockable yellow metal gates in the windows (old, very exciting) i wondered to myself conversing how many witchy embalmings they've seen as they claim refurbishment elsewhere

obama healthcare: well meaning black nigger? like calls from jail about my credit card bills, essentially a charity as cheerless - we comply but they want $$$ and they make it clear call after call three hundred bucks a month then nothing? good luck - i'd like to know more but people don't work (?) thanks to the luxury of their junky hopes and seriously uneducated opinions (personal junk belongs in a morgue) but i here do it all dear nigger and i look good at breakfast too job #1 unless i was looking good naked the night before - maybe you are better than me? - we think maybe you know more count my dreams outward so many goods so many satisfactions already and yet you get some of my wastes too - got that? the first notice is the income tax i submit every year on someone else's bill - you are supposed to collect taxes due and no one cares how much money i'm owed by simple fact and no business school (?) advocates paying bills outside of the year incurred (um, is fatefully internal i don't use law 'i get what i want only' things like san onefra i want it only see you again among yet with great graces i never had to know anything to get paid amazingly, but is called 'prior period expenses' or is abnormal as 'extraordinary expenses' something rare and hated we assume the budget analyst failed to say - and don't think a degree made perfect over twenty-six hateful or divorcee years is gonna submit back to the ghetto unless you hate me with me and is all about you not seeing truth anyway - my truth-truce is to ask me not i apologize only ever) - why ask...there are no personal wealths with corporations feeding all at mcdonald's out-front and to fail them is to be who you are shamefully 'political' hateful guests choosing sides the animal that bitched about stuff no one knows for sure like obituaries in the paper one assumes you're being raped again as unhappy but heading into the light now you steer me...catholics teach there is no one like you i say 'run for it' i guess, 'should i not sing?' a deadly nightshade for the likes of 'rocket man' william shatner who also takes years to perfect if i were to live at all...pay me, or pay me and i'll pay you or he says 'i didn't know it cost so much' what you have are pools of risk they assume working (verb) people too hard a blame only we'll pay any of these for the fall-time of our lives (naming your own demise literally - open the door it made me happy only no you at all) or failure then or a cheaper suit to wear 'carpal tunnel' or too many hand-jobs at left is real still so is admitting overuse to nonesuch thought simple compliance then is boss (what can't be fired i don't type, fool, unless my own job description is being described outward for more pay and that ain't in quietly reserved opinions i pay people flatly to deliver like i had simple rights to know them at home and at-will, to finger their kids there - i didn't go to school to be a secretary (or speak spanish to a maid) why bother ? anybody can be honoraria or the best ever at it but for whom the bell tolls - a richness like that) i'm amazed at the produce all green leaves and the perfection of clean toilets and stadiums of water they use the concern is the employers only we fail to what - self pay? that's my experience ten grand or so what ? a hernia did you down it smarts see the ones in africa-europa air-sea that's a hell of a poke in the belly catholics show you everything like tubes of meatloaf they are you wanna live that ? keep talking to fools who are young and stupid and anti-person not just communists jews eating jews that is abandoning deals with each other for breakfast or the french then every outreach who knows you?) a house of good-god perhaps that took you in by chance by weather by the fact you are so dumb to be there too much owed by me instead a good buy like kids a good idea worry then pool yourself together fear death (exposure versus eventuality - dangerous words i surmise they look for beggars to pay literally is not yours to assign yet) i do fear death in truth a bass weejuns outlet so many pairs so many repaired too whether i like it or not and remember gunslingers pay their bill every day showing up and not showing up, take three months for a hernia (or a top-down inside your belly a string i pull on but simple fix hardly a burden sausages remind meat not to pay me a visit just yet) but know medicare and medi-cal or whatever are what they are a 'welfare' have kid or two i double down a branch to a real home or two like naras all horror stories fully funded by horror aflahs or no meat in the pan of hate...these dumb-ass childish old niggers rush out to coin me savonte or all used up i'm not disabled (i can make a bomb and i teach studio frightening mail ones for litigous jews with heat and light a polaroid versus sidewinding or then what we call 'waveform' no less of a facility though you are proctor with your own gas stay in my asshole if it smells you do too a rule of thumb) and i'm not interested in your hateful life guide my sister is just as dumb i assume always my things offered (what i brought in the door) out front your sale no way...now that we know nothing for each other, leave it alone or i'll throw it right out like i did in september of 2003 was it? we don't work against you but you are dumb talking to murderers (wrong street, seen just once - in my home? in my way don't be hard to know) or people who tried to help you the same one being life's simply too good right now? you pay me the compliment my life is a horror to you a basket of good sense unseen here don't help me to conclude your affair...tax the people who work, great! we tax people so they don't live in front of us looking like that - junky squat royals no dream unhad - learn for political reasons we redistribute income and provide for underclass privilege to skim and sue - is having niggers in my home as great as you think? i don't hate with them they are angels to me (for you) me and them waiting for a commitment to hate or they hate me i didn't wake up on any day to wish 'dear god [pimple], can i be them?' i only thought i'd be better at it island life a bit of ocean water to clean banana and rubbers from my skin and no white people ever...what is that? sugar and books...pain? i get lost in it...$300 i'm not you...i really like having the card's value of the doing right thing but don't try it here i'll or pay you in suits...obama is like hillary clinton his boss don't be so dumb what's the new one? abusive stink kalfors? train stink that's mine build it or see it come later...i listen to reversing progress fags they are gross build it to me they can live doing what they do at gunpoint never true...plus plus

trying to get the 1/3 ($614) of my (our) federal return back from the state (what drops your payment arrangement altogether at first default although re-billed and bills that figure without review i'm told) is proving a pain in the ass...some natty black on the phone says the 2010 year wasn't paid off first then 2011 what stopped billing in january what sum - who are you kidding? someone borrowed a match kit via ach...you handle it or i will...we don't pay showbiz faggots or the ring of shit hiding in their asshole...two letters since unopened says go to hell

one female prock issues 'i don't live like you do - hoping'...methinks 'i don't live in hell - waiting for the day it all shows up' - dM nor do i brace myself to rush in unless rooftop threat by gun - it's not my job, being proper (spared the whole of issue) is

quote me twice: 'i can't be bothered' + 'is not for you [as overhearing me]'...excuse yourself it says

ultra-conservative the updates:

electric freckle remover: i hate to admit it, but progress is forward only - sometimes revision, but overall see improve - period;

apple ipad: slimline, weighty, clean...requires some thinking forward, but is a fashion show of a device as encompasses all beneath...ignore the phone part and thank wi-fi (you can get a wi-fi router somehow afford) for every node or grace as i don't talk much if all is about you achieving in a standstill or at least is not readily understandable why i would know this junk (i use, i don't use, plus notes fails enough - eats art)...the unit will try to get you to buy some apps (applications - e.g, midget versions of 'word' and 'excel' both ostensibly 'free' at the apps center want to know later if you paid for the ms office suite one day prior or flat fee $100 - did we? we have it on the system, yet another stop on the way to glory 'just pay it' they'd say before being tossed right out) but as is is yet progressing me the computer still the full-fledge gallup yet no perceived threat...a phone chip model is sold by the phone service only...they can wire any of them using the vpn (undefined yet as 'voice private networks' - allows use) setting i believe...noodles to me meat...i don't want facility reduced along the way to my house a bother anyway all techs turning about me a psilon made of top choices no beg to remove...

use this 'maldehyde' for arts it aches aloud and as repeated from my facebook
replace colors if to be use

got this ikea idea with wheels from another unit $30...more later
drona box
kallax shelving unit
expedit casters

where the sales come from - people part with alot and although raven i'm not allowed to take in much is not mine to say
thank you all hope you do better - by the way is how the dead get in your home no bother yet an open window (to leave too)
though bitches, we advertise any doubleplusgood like we got some sort of endorsement job but no serious bother with any an applicant

debuting at the disneyland for gays (santa monica and robertson) is 'vanderpumps' (my own envision: women like four-time emmy winner susan lucci in silver lame and heels as misplaced, wondering) or whatever something weird
a well-wisher though i hate terry's inference of me being 'insane' or removed from obvious truths, i was there during the install and the 'mexicans' doing the letters up wouldn't answer my simple inquiry shouted from below 'what are you spelling?' 'porn' i thought ? what they shielded off now i see
the garden now protected by the frighten of buying to their food may be still tea lane not my conclude with drunk faggots next door, but running a tab while they hold your debit card (trust it i just had the whirlwind of a $5 taco 'buffet' one plate each all you can eat but spicy as shit a ploy with $22 drinks (two crush margaritas rocks-salt mine one is 'free', one double his) plus tip as served table - not bad a hayride kinda just out of circulation a bit me all ordered through the police and with nighttime assist available as i listen no jukebox now all serious considering each other...woman-had: you should stay home (my advice for not tipping i hate my own of thought) me: one day you're gonna hafta fuck - i fucked alot already so to resist...alcohol is for the surety of fucking but makes me sad - you?) more vander: they had opening night days ago i stood and looked at the garden all lush like the upgrade of restoration hardware and it was full of folks-fucks one night and one of the police whores guarding the garden as very particular and again denigrating keeping it all very private...i hope you get it right one day you're in ours don't get fancy here we like blowjobs in the private bathroom and not by fat and old with credit card money - you to beg forgiveness while take your money shit elsewhere wired radiohead for what an old havelin whore with capped teeth i'll shut that crap out soon enough...what exactly are you for the $10 bucks and the promise of head from woman unspoken 'you are no one to look at, let alone see' - dM any further sees me to come back i don't care who you are ask neil a beggar only p.s. nigger i went to 'spago' name-dropper and they knew how to do it a month in advance only as ralph lauren too p.p.s. as major ass-licker, i certify shit and piss only, 'it's never in there'...is it? a little pee-pee never hurts anyone and is pay too...many plans so few to pay me...

the only truth here is 'taco's tacos' a great taco stand like 'baja fresh' it was i love baja fresh
favorite dish: chicken nachos with black beans - my favorite to bring home about $8

'god is a gas with a mask on' - dM misinterpreting 'mash' last evening their camp for filming is in malibu canyon up las virgenes

faggots fashioned me this at chi chi larue's (there are praying hands and foot too both in red) - it's not like we don't think about hurting people in our name 'with blessings' no doubt (credit 'the exorcist' as she hates you still)
'people have a right to hurt you' as they have the time an afford if no cross have-use balls
send me to the moon and note poppers (um, 'amyl nitrate' a glitter bomb and for dancing zydeco - harmless? scotch and water) are over $20 there! they used to be the price leader at about $6 the yellow bottle 'rush'

super underwear perverts...or, better yet, comic book superheroes ? shirtless...'people told you to go to hell' says some faggot or bitch...why go off in the woods when you could just burn an old lit mattress right around here...stocking stuffer...ol' st. nick of time...the fire just went out...the peels on wheels dumpster still hot...

there's nothing sexual in 'sebastian o' just all-american world hate
thor (thorin) throwing his rainbow head back and laughing is still captivating - a call to arms?

tilting your head back initiates any super powers, apparently
source: 'deth ray' on facebook - real name in spanish is 'regul' say 'rugula' he laughs at women insane 'and thinks of better'

something new from michael jackson 'slave to the rhythm' (oxy cont) same to the rhythm - here is the mp3 'michaeljackson_slavetotherhythm.mp3' mp3 (4.4 megs) (oops! sorry for the remixed crap load)
also good is the title cut (great, little noises)
is working at great adventure he says...host department...i have three jobs there two girls one black one red-haired boy...cute, small...michael is female 'nothing works'...'you work not' my nephew is in rides but and so is neil...some of the females are darling...


she dances in these sheets at night
she dances to his needs
she dances 'til he feels just right
until he falls asleep
she dances at the crack of dawn
and quickly cooks his food
she can't be late, can't take too long
the kids must get to school

she's a slave to the rhythm
she's a slave to the rhythm of
she's a slave to the rhythm
a slave to the rhythm of,
the rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

she dances for the man at work
who works her overtime
she can't be rude as she says,
sir, i must be home tonight.
she dances to the kitchen stove
dinner is served by nine
he says his food's an hour late
she must be outta her mind

she's a slave to the rhythm
she's a slave to the rhythm of
she's a slave to the rhythm
a slave to the rhythm of,
the rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

she works so hard, just to make her way
for a man who just don't appreciate
and though he takes her love in vain
still she could not stop, couldn't break his chains
she danced the night that they fell out
she swore she'd dance no more
but then she did, he did not quit as she ran out the door

she danced through the night in fear of her life
she danced to a beat of her own
she let out a cry and swallowed her pride
she knew she was needed back home, home

'cause she's a slave to the rhythm
she's a slave to the rhythm of
she's a slave to the rhythm
a slave to the rhythm of,
the rhythm of love, the rhythm of love


meet actor jason priestley at a book signing at the grove - barnes & noble wednesday may 14, 7 pm (source: la weekly) we'll talk about dianne keaton later...she 'hated it - literally'...hire a fake and stand nearby with crotch buzzer on...no! tap tap tap no no...no two yet...tap tap...diane keaton belongs to woody allen literally (producer) and he is new too...he got big as scorsese and is kinda serious...

nom de plume writes: let's get together...but, um
p.u. writes: you are fuckin' gross...stay silly, old
black 'cat' writes: bb

journeys.com - got the white jansport backpack more than perfect replaces my black one (borrowed it from st. francis' lost and found it frayed ultimately) with that $5 off coupon (got in under the 05/10 bell at starbucks too a mocha frappuccino memory now $2.15 or so)...no place to write me name, however...

the photograph is taken by cameras front and back
the unit using wi-fi calls other computers-units using 'face time' only...will be broadened

just got my own apple ipad today 05/10 - the full-size ipad 2 and easily enough half-price from ebay what i call 'aftermarket' or what cleans up first from 'dissatisfied' no reason to be loss they have plenty mine came perfect although hideously minimal in packaging and got busy fast using itunes to set it all up...do you need one? ' i wanted everything for a little while | why shouldn't i ' - everything but the girl 'wrong'...' and there we were in that little house | just hanging out ' better to have...more later i wanted an apple...also note, lets you locate, lock down, and erase everything by remote control with a number you designate setting up...hideously forward thinking...we'll let you know what's what...when and if...when...just noticed no usb ports at all (except the charging port - ok there it is) but bluetooth the user's guide online and smartly said as the premier unit yet...and that is raw, nigger...a true phone, largely...

more power push from ebay convelva panties for men - my mother used to wear these for sure...no crotch bulb, however, see no light days in the wash...

note fairy door molds for plaster, cement at ebay

curve 'sweetest pie' the one you don't hafta share as perhaps 'sweetest' the biggest pop song from 1993's 'cuckoo' lp
the video is new and deserving...i interviewed her on the books last night is questioning of me alot...tbs

update 'hue' or 'heat unilateral enervaesis' - it ain't all sight as heat carries a sight or feeling of pegs or code (quantity versus quality or what's seen to be true comparitively as shown) off to the left of seeing and codes for strength...sight ain't everything there are no colors there and are resident of the omnivax, omnivac (a type of man-made person resident in high or nordic outer space - one match of feelings and perception - is daylight and governs the macular seeing of the living and dead with a red-hot and yellow concuval diaphram, compare 'hemovac' the russian man-made liver)...an empty vessel is conveyed unless you feel or remember the differences stated...

cocteau twins 'three-swept' from the 'bluebeard' ep (1993) and the b-sides konet 'lullabies to violaine' inclusive that, is a span of releases

godzilla offers alot of great art...big, big, big...and that junkyard dog scream of his! his real name is 'gondola' an italian-type lover? ricola...anyway we'll see what people think looks great though...i invited him over for a look-see sometime...don't worry...i'll worry for you...true: japan gets these for hosting well they don't mind...

i need something to look at, something diazo a dance of shadow: this is my choice for a 'godzilla' preview the madonna or 'mad dog' at end
much like the phantasm balls of gas and fruit-sized fame, is bigger then shrink somewhat to form fleshen (your own mind brought to bear with talk? see below 'a ghost [shark] for a ghost') - otherwise, a great force of nature never should you see or 'an eye for an eye' or no such will you again see
p.s. the cute marine boy in the movie is the star godzilla (driver chris noth? some of you mothaphers are as old as hat, girl) - get that - normally lays down to form mountains or range (don't they mountains suggest a blanket to hide under always? they do to me) but has been drilled with too many pipes like hoover dam is drilled to pump shit from toilets? electrical work sum
more: mary elizabeth mastrantonio (as lying: 'on the rag' in italian-french but then again the alazzo word 'penis' means 'between us' to them from the the song 'clitorus furshoris' my bonnie (um, 'brown bath' as underpriviliged) lies over the ocean she don't really love you 'between us (uses) | over the seam') is back 'you need to look with better eyes than that' meets 'you need another set of eyes' to take a look 'you could be smarter'...'i should be dead of you[r influence]'....the prior godzilla production has the real matthew broderick and that's freshening we here didn't see usually people will guss it up or then is thriving hate and against them they still eat it all up in favor of ideas expressed cleanly to us a real hat trick or editing or paying for the spirit (not just the zeal of red hair, freckles, and prayer, but sexual gifts 'i hadda open my ass for this' and it was worth it, child, even as i endured your movie some)...me 'why you don't know, why you don't go' but no talk? no one need know more...the guy from the meth show? the guy who plays gene simmons of kiss, etc...george harrison

it's curtains for you too? that's a blanket forming me...if you eat this well, you might get to eat more from the very teat

still not impressed? never just around we go upstairs to stim
who's the girl? just never you mind - people are never just around, you know
you could be smarter too 'please - i don't want you, freak'

skin mavens are a halibut - then, not quite

the black screen of the tv helps a few friends get seen

if you don't see anything, neither do i
may i suggest azure (mint asure? i thought lavender listerine or then target 'up/down' - i just douched the windows 'taking the time') celebrity mouthwash 'hot hot hot'?

may i suggest a bit of vicks under the nares - is it me?
my halogna

You Shouldn't Have To Respect Yourself Oh, Nevermind I'll Just Do It And Tell Myself Not To Ask Again - April 2014