the only banner i left alone at the close of 2013 'office depot'

the august 2014 page 'a piss in the ocean' soon - my mother always says that to describe a smallish expense

the queen on diana's viewing in morgue imagine she prepping herself for the sight downstairs: "her [right] leg was bent slightly to the left, and then the head injury a magla of blood on-top of the head with hair and the [right] eye missing, but not missing enough [as gouge some blue] -- she was dead but not dead enough" to which another adds "but she is dead let's leave it at that..."

makings: chicken salad (trader joe's chicken breast in a can of broth) with point celery and whole mayonnaise and lawry's salt on french bread, candy apples 'yapple dapple dapple!'

surprisingly, two and a half cups of sugar - who knew?

the closest you'll come to the 1981 concert experience (for 'telekon' the height of kingdom being 1980 or so) - a gem this is what i'd expect to see
the new music couldn't be better usually a sad route
p.s. remember gary is singer john denver reinterpreting himself in modern 'sympathies' or strings as crying
p.p.s. note the opening dial tones - a le grand at any rate - is 'replicas' also

this week still: three (3) 2-liters of coke, $3 - must buy three, limit three at cvs through 08/16 no dr. pepper but

this a mango or a mangrove although usually oblong, green, and smaller - get it right
we bought ours $3 pavilions it's in the fridge still - also cranberry juices and blends $1.88 right now 64 ounce bottles
ralph's has cantaloupes for $1 all this week - sweet and delicious sliced up

motor, motor: the finest oil to quiet ceiling fans? the one provided with oster shears (nabisco's hair trimmers and parts) ...and by the way, you're gonna have a hard time matching their professional of cut...dogs, persons...p.s. at supermarkets, the box and the complaints are nabisco's, the food stuffed is the market's...hence the bother

with three days left to their receipt-savor deal, some argue the mocha frappuccino at starbucks is just a high-priced chocolate milk...despite its obvious sanguines or adult codes, there are only liqueurs in the frappuccino, and the iced whole milk is glorious to the body it says - no chocolate or alkalai (magnets to nutrition only) and twice the caloric content or heat generated without milk, and a richness you say...

cocteau twins 'tiny dynamine' | 'echoes in a shallow bay' - explained
your soul, god, and the earth - altogether the ornaleum mass august month

pink orange red - a western or cistern sunset, skin, grapefruit, secondary colours
ribbed and veined (instrumental) - 'ripped in vain' your leaf as fallen in a stream heading south
plain tiger - you love fellatio (horatio as fellow or false friend) and leave few stripes or enemies known
sultitan itan - (say 'ivan ivanovitch' i ran, i ran to you) i've removed heads as german arab surrounded in the sand, i'll remove more too
great spangled fritillary - the nighttime starry sky over england northern parts, as it moves some
eggs and their shells - women left to sell theirselves and us, half bestride
pale clouded white - a cauldron wishing as you were here
melonella - a spotted hide we spot with behaviors too as impressive and as butterfly names wow-wow!

and all to foster greater understanding of things we hate~

twinlights? two small lights like fireflies floating around each other in the near dark maybe more as matching sames

'ascetism' - you don't talk about it aloud so you don't get beat up

i made ortega-lawry's turkey store tacos last night (08/13 the tablespoon of whole sour cream i applied pushes them around - trust that) they had a wet-apply ninja turtle tattoo inside i'm wearing it now inside right forearm - strangely christlike a thorned heart

don't say i can't get you excited - $15 at aah's on sunset

was walkin' down this street today 08/14 and i encountered a large shiny green beetle but dead (afterthought, no pix) it left its body
it told me the shiny green was to attract its quarry and i'm all 'oh the eats were too big this time, huh'
it said 'no, i ate already' and that it likes rats the last one it pilfered got stung on the lip and its 'jawbone just dropped' (this goes with leaving food around)
the rat, alternatively, wakes up in a pool of water trying to get ashore - 'not bad' and that it gets there if it really wants to
so there~

here he is after all...waits to feel like a bite if it stings at all 'i wouldn't know'
i don't pass dead things without photographing them - it keeps their numbers down

ucla holds their 'all staff day' annually on august 14 and that makes it hardest to avoid the 16th as per thought
it was turkey and swiss in the box served us, cole slaw, lay's chips, chocolate chip cookie, and klondike bar and with kettle corn - nice (and while some people spend their last cent enticing others)
someone serving remarks it was a $30 box - about that, classy
p.s. there hadda be at least a half pound of meat on that bun

cerevellum: parts missing at fifty or half-peeled back the earth
crysanthemum: your crucifixion* or parts held bowl what you cite the most as the worst

*inability to host others ever, the por favor please help yourself taken askew by others

just $2 at trader joe's the official flower of death and weddings another kinda death - ralph's too same price pavilions

'behold the only two things blacker than yourself' - dM, and from 'roots' - they always find something extra

note: bristol farms has certain delicious thumann's franks too (and pork roll) - same price about $8

rumpelstiltskin = 'run while you still can' overheard and a fire (lucifer lose the first born)

remco 'lost in space' robot needing a home at ebay - too much money (at momentarily) but is ours...mine was black and red trim

fyi, the ralph's (fresh fare - means 'french' lights, flowers and brown metal trim like the eiffel tower is brown) in westwood (near ucla) right next to the geffen playhouse is pretty big and quite charming the store...went in yesterday 08/13...cashier and self-pay are at opposite ends of the store...they have a long gift hall of sorts too clean and nice with picnic-garden stuff, glass candle grenades, etc...we were looking for string lights that are like little red party cups...mia...i'm bitterly opposed to them touching any the brick at chs (ucla center for health sciences - no signs of water period i was at ackerman student union too) and you should see no brick has been turned there no building has been removed not jerry lewis not max factor...not even there....other places to see an eiffel tower: paris casino, las vegas, nevada is all wood and king's dominion, richmond, virginia...big one there

urban outfitters has the string lights after all with free shipping ralph's were $10 (maybe they should be upside-down? ebay is a treasure trove of these and upside-down green wire if need be - mine are upside-down i think)

rifleman (and inspiration for pete puma) chuck connors = ronald reagan - get that

exclusive modani furniture - is on sale deeper than that at $590

today on sunset plaza - a rolls royce corniche ii (circa 1987)

note change: fatima = panama (and speaking of 'the big stick', robin williams really was teddy roosevelt)

got me my color changin' nightlight...$5.99...pavilions has plenty in the 'cold flu' aisle #5 really the paper towel aisle
at amazon

'you get a life, you get a death too what of' - dM

august fest: ralphs has turkey store turkey meat $2.99 a plat tacos, meatloaf, lasagne all perfect (don't skimp on the ricotta get 'precious') - meatballs! then see raspberries also on sale 2/$4 both until tuesday 08/19...others

out for a smoke: a bit of white chocolate 'cordovan' at bloomingdale's home of the $50 single-stitch novelty tee shirt
i don't get that roll of buffalo fat~ and you?

what acapulco on lacienega became - 'me so hungry'

the robin williams marquee at comedy store 08/12 in the evening - he never played laugh factory, ever
only the second city in chicago 'they were mean'
i don't examine too much as i liked spontaniety-writing and 'garp' mostly - no human interest stories, getting ugly laid

this on the way to beverly center today - san vicente
tried their wi-fi after apple's genius desk today - lasts forever, you gotta go to safari and agree to terms that's all

'um, no and pardon me gay' - $0.99 at 7-eleven these days
we're not anti-gay, we're anti-affinity

the full moon struck at me on holloway last night while i sucked on a wild cherry slurpee - two pecks later ihop at right

california is number two in syphilis (shit for lips) cases? bike riding (and with women) does it
i thought 'doesn't announce it's there - makes you sterile'

for crailtap riders - a little picnic table on third street today
nah~ they said 'nah~'

intraocular - you think of or see yourself as closely as possible to what others see like robin williams

robin williams? six weeks now - emphysema diagnosed at sixty-three he was seventy-two

the father's blue wired vase sent by ups store on santa monica days ago 08/07 $22.49 as boxed in newspaper....they other fascinate with the la times newspaper reading all of its boffs

08/11: despite the fact that someone inspects our mail privately before it's delivered and they hand-scan it all in port to port, i hadda file a federal complaint today over my missing birthday money-card ($200 stipend a month for no income plus cares) 1-877-876-2455 is the number for usps...will get back to us the envelope flatly opened but in walk today was the doheny unit to the beverly pan pacific park bank-postal office nice enough to know but heavily guarded then the phone number...$300 later

p.s. in my head, niggers name it like it's your drug dealer borrowing...have a day with it it says...i take 'all pleasures' when i collect 'there's blood on your hands' it says really the right thigh...

this the doheny office is pretty - the bicentennial office at pan pacific park on beverly is like a bank with gunfold-shot windows

subway layered three loaves of meat on their steak and cheese footlong sandwiches - that's alot of meat these days - and speaking of which, chunk meat at pavilions is fine just avoid ground meat with me i hate buttery lambskin in my food they make wool (and thus moles or wolfsheims) that's good enough some say six (6) shaved heads a $1 though!

gary numan 'love hurt bleed' from the splinter lp

the starbucks finale this 50th birthday week (is saturday) - got my free grande ('venti', actually) with stars on my card
this is high time for regulars vacations travel and stuff (think east coast interstate 95 and amusement parks along the way) - sexy - then back to school

warning: wi-fi or apple is making screens larger than needed, refusing shut off values and holding magic in suspense to reduce expenses - i tell my ipad to shut off and it stays on and ignores me....

these are pictures from world-famous 'vaseline alley' - where homosexuals used to go and pick up new friends at night and while others slept (i myself used it too often)
handicapped? only ru-paul helps put make-up and a wig on someone sitting on a stretcher with no legs

i'd slump down in the darkened car as i parked alone hoping to avoid others unwanted with nervous-type talk and as my cassette-radio played 'you're kinda cute, huh' at my window but won't just leave me out
once, one kid going 'round and 'round at santa monica boulevard only in a white compact ran out of gas in the road by the bookstore 'circus books' just ahead and still open
madonna was his choice of music - note that 'vogue'

you can go there during the day - sure - but the traffic is lighter as is parking for bars like gold coast out front at la jolla
the neighbors supposedly complain at night all around the block clandestine walkers and thus parking restrictions some but the guide remains
also note dirty aids charity and 'white elephant' out-of-the-closet is right here and in back if you're feeling charitable - expect nothing, but everything people won't admit to value and buy goes right here to homosexuals who scratch the money out of every eye every day - let them abuse it
better than them being in your home these days stinking it up yet remain disease-free
let the drug companies pass it all on or is felt in your sac
as for road 'sex' i tell people i seen what you was doin' as i walked past cars at night - just a little joke i take 'em home if can ' before the cream sets out too long | you must whip it ' - devo

even less than thought - ru paul's entry with no legs (not real is 'marcy' he says)
it's like going to a wedding in a shit suit - no hurt feelings, but there's other things to talk about first

cvs at santa monica and lacienega has cheap digital watches again and galore at just $5 each a $0.99 savings
my new one is second from left the second row from top - too bad!
p.s. the first watch lime green was tossed against the wall for the alarm going off at three am but still works (right top button for ten minutes more, right bottom to shut off - i didn't wanna teach myself yet)

sunday, august 10: the $30 microwave is back at city target! sunbeam black $38

-----------------------that being as well, early and sent (never have i)

nice, and nicer yet: my old mother was nearly in tears reporting that yes there was three hundred cash dollars in my birthday card that came with pictures opened and empty -- any bets? too bad we sent cash? wait with me...we'll wait for this one...

i ordered two worlds of fat trouble for this mount and you will know me to be better than remain hopeful a no one throughout my cheap surmise and fingers get nervous as i clip them off anyway you feel it...bring me the receipt soon as soon as you's paid for

Toni 'Antoinette' Halliday Interview May 9, 2014 >> 'Toni sings Curve exclusively - is no one you'll know.' - dM bearing in mind I do what I please, 'it's the talk people hate' plus that new Russian thing is sensitive, appropriate and good listening...died trying? wolf in the breast you give too much 'driving across town to save ten cents?'
dM: Letís get some words in before too long...
A: What does that mean? I donít speak?
dM: Never enough for me. Usually signals gift.
A: Keep balance in strides here. We donít talk much and thatís because you're stupid.
dM: Thatís almost obligatory. We could talent that a bit...never have. Letís get on with it.
A: You write in a book sloppy - why?
dM: Sometimes I canít figure the stuff out - itís a flaw, but among a mind's rewards for not bothering much.
A: Who is the greatest composer?
dM: Iím not big on naming names and I donít think anyone does big work these days. Who? Musicians are good enough, better if they annex other peopleís stuff.
A: You didnít answer the question - who is the greatest composer?
dM: Tchaikovsky is mine. He is the greatest.
A: What about all Russians?
dM: England is my market [unknown text]. Weíll hafta get back to you on these.
A: Who made the world?
dM: No one you know. No one you will ever know.
A: What is the world?
dM: It took alot of smarts to make the place - more than need, you wanted it some.
A: What do you call the world?
dM: Earth...each name must be perfect in its meaning-symbol. Earth? Who made that? Wyatt Earth. Back to songs or else I sing.
A: What is singing?
dM: Selfish, for one. DJíing is hateful, too...I hate singing around me unless it's talented and new. It happens.
A: What are we?
dM: Englandís major export - sad, pretty, solemn [um, 'alone in it']. Youíd have the [word excerpt - 'wheel' as repeating important milestones, could be made better still?] again here. Makes the case for sad times and possibly hurt.
A: Who are Curve to you?
dM: Curve reach out and pull in great evils...more at foreboding - you know - 'youíll see' before too long. People want to be Curve and I think their audience is outrageous Ďwho?í as far as channeling and Tibetian-type stuff. Hard one like it.
A: The dead.
dM: If youíre dead, youíre also vampires and bootleggers out in the forest.
A: What else assumed of them?
dM: My mind swims with odds and ends as I try and fit in at the helm, Iíd say. You know the type - is punished with beliefs that match. I hafta reach back and get my head on straight...before embarrassment corrects my code.
A: More later...Iím not really here.


neil has painted some of the most seriously flattering pictures of marilyn - his father did this

tomorrow tuesday august 5: 'national night out' block party on harratt between palm and larrabee that's just up the street from here! tel aviv...'tel aviv' means 'everyone wants one' or 'whether you like it or not, you can't see'...anyway, turning the corner this was a bit weak like pygmalion (hyperion, endless summer) until the sun went down and i left and came back and still not much...threatening me, i cited local aviary artist tom demille (he could make more effort i say um, 'his hillary has no mole', sometimes is neil who played with my dick one night in the little artist home at the end of the street 'like i was a piece of shit, but okay' - his father does this routine too (one shows you how, the other 'why not'), neil arrests people for being 'nudge' and with another person - very funny) we don't want ingratitude, so the band was good (on tape? the drumming and guitar were good...lousy 'aerial' material 'la bamba' that stunk and i translated it too he should've died right try ricky ricardo instead 'babaloo' about the blackest shit - i was cautioned i wanted to dance as the 'shadow' at halloween when jamaican-type drummers were zaning at wells fargo on steel drums), there was a judy garland singer way over tips (i am firmly liza's only? it's like that)...that street is bewitched by the way so i thought 'demille' who runs for office again making trouble - you can't just think of it it's protected in mind the street (why would you know anything? i needed to know this not and repeat nothing to avoid you what said) - also, jailhouses rule the day here (if jail defines being with you 'unconscienable' is not just a bad deal i think of you being with never a failed bladder defined forever as not real or there when you actually arrive 'rartive' or 'old man speech' drawn 'no cocksucker ever said it wasn't butter...and believed it still 'itched'...'scatched') so maybe no outlet - this is the second fright now but okay last time i got to meet the blind girl from 'little house on the prairie' perfect and young green eyes (my quote with nice brigham jung boyfriend 'i wouldn't see anything, either') that other one still lives they got barbared into having her own family shown is there no end even hell opens up one day...scant firefighters looked good and some residents added content...nice to chat a 5? p.s. we don't hate (gather up rope talk to emit calf) laura ingalls, we hated being her ('no one said i couldn't make cum')...for naxprinde (rolling your own tampons before dinner or mixing 'water for gravy') cheats and second-hand rose (a liver that talks to you or farts aloud while you finish making yourself the next-to-last plate of stye-eyed cod and squence...smelly old orange craps eating the last candied tea cup...

ugh! wrapped ground meat in the butcher section? not mine with butternels...forget that use turkey meat or perhaps frozen patties - no wrapped meat...

do you miss red lobster? pavilions has their seaside muffin mix on sale 2/$5 - i'm still tasting them from thanksgiving in florida

give us rain, you moon - this at dusk on 08/03

american apparel has panties in all colors-white trim still
this is the stuff dreams are made of 'home sewn' - don't let it crawl even the plainish waistbands seem to compliment you

08/03 rent due: the niggers who run the place actually let us have a little rain last night...

lay's (facebook) has a new wasabi flavor - dries up your sex?

hold your morning receipt and get a $2 grande later at starbucks on santa monica near trader joe's - hope it's not just their sodas
at least one other location (santa monica and roberston) has this special too

bougainvillea (um, 'ghost house') at church on holloway - 'chose [your] color find a star' boy george 'do you really want to hurt me'
i could just pinch you you're so cute

good parts of the morning, night and day

stave your anger, 'always a hurt never a sad'
both all on santa monica near 1) big mama's pizza and 2) ihop

west hollywood post office staging (usps with blue building on san vicente closed at santa monica) is now on doheny near grace sun (gay son? i don't do aids teeth even if they floss for me upright and still you died of a single needle stick we call it the purple thread 'knittin' lip' too much oral care for inside the patients behind or 'agua ray') dds right next door full service post boxes, clerk windows...the regular facility has new cement poured in back so don't go wasn't piss, calve's liver this time and some hot piss 'serenade [the cot's bolge mandalay - in a meal]' q: is shit still somehow a piss? a: a piss may in fact be shit if the liver knows its business and doesn't get too excited 'knowing it all' each in their way...ask it when you'll actually die it throws your clothes away 'a scroulve each, and a night' sclame...

martha stewart cream scones recipe not too rich
we make 'em here - maybe you make 'em there

fisherman's picnic cam sunday august 3, 2014 grand marais, minnesota
terry says a fishburger is like 'the whaler' - hope that helps (he works the fishburger stand when there participating both and breading the flinty fingertips)
'they're all red-ready and they're all red-hot | fish in the middle and relish on top' - some faggot about the connection between upwardly hoveling women and as a rind, laterally speaking is 'no pew [backdoor as pooch] to a killin'...'

add elmer's probond glue to the list of must-haves in the home workshop (that plus gorilla glue for wood and veneers) - i've done three metal to metal projects and although untested by the heimlichs of time, it looks like we have a winner here - dries as hard and semi-clear gray and is durable...give it a try

someone at beverly center's apple store insists there's mo room in at&t's roaming heart for the wi-fi model - we'll see about that...the volume or on-off switch comes out with a prong and in goes the imei or 'i'm me' card white and gold we'll ask at&t later...

this first day of august...

mark's lacienega ('rose' whatever) trying out another alternate format again now open

loved the cowboy rack furthest right at trashy lingerie on lacienega
the focus is supposed to be the maleficent costume - the 'draggit' horns are from montalban in brazil a farmer's friend 'things don't grow we curse people' the female is 'desdemona' the shop says 'hard to sew' the cones 'is not your right' to go shirtless either

sore or lacking: ebay has these replacement lights for $18 a set if sore or lacking (retails for $20 fresh) - just bought a set for replacement bulbs we use these always for nice, economical light at night...

'there's a twenty-five cent difference between hiring someone and paying taxes* and you had to bother me over five cents...' - dM that's what you are - a fuckin' paid bother

*a payroll dollar that falls to the bottomline is taxed at 25% corporate federal levels

taking economies too much is the fat layer already stripped out and now what? excuses? see a paper route

six flags magic mountain has this coaster 'full throttle' like what we call 'arc triomph' at great adventure...mercies to be slower the making and pay

add transduction to white light unharnessed: blight is pulling is to seek depth and photograph by nerve center eyeball...the lacking center is transduction or light coming down and across through some sort of extension heat opening up? no focus (no more detail at depth) thus is white surface with shadow and with reversing the initial hit bas relief of some sort...more or less...less

ikea has it's new 2015 catalog on the racks (has a swing lamp and bed lain before glass) - is smaller and gentle to the read

you're in mother luck the salvo table at pavilions weho still has those wired exterior vases for water vapors one still heading to my dad in nj for father's day somewhat late like his stuff it's boxed and unlearning it here
you see the starbucks box has little sandbags in it - great stuff i'd buy myself rich coffees of the world if they paid me yet all them individual coffee makers how many i sold? 19,000 it says plus a few
i'll get something small for free soon - that's not right they're full-fledge, i guess
p.s. no sale evident yet, but pavilions has these weird marble-type cake mixes as all blue and tie dye - pull that beauty off i doubt you
the brand is like jones soda i can't recall just yet - darkish tattoo artist stuff
p.p.s the wire vase costs $22 to ship via ups store the post office nowhere in sight this month

duff cake mixes the shop here

for those outta the country, rage of west hollywood - my favorite mausoleum-nightclub bar none - has a new sign for the 'g spot' one says before climaxing her and leaving with her man
real - like milk, cheese: 'but before, and for any reason, goes god' - luke 2:19
another: 'but for the grace of god goes humanity' - dM

i got distanced recently to 'tumblr.' - they have alot of good nudes i hit a veritable treasure trove of latins by some instance of reply...makes up for twitter? 'twitter's better...' - the queen somehow

'maelstrom' like the black frond on horse leading procession - neil (a noted advante garde or no benefit seen by being with, looks to make room for it against the grain) 'nothing is seen by me for not actually having a say'...mine: 'nothing to be said as having replied for asking no questions'...not to be confused with 'whirlpool' taking the light as air followed, 'baby elephant walk' is like the national anthem 'oh say can you see' or 'oh i see, can you say' but sped gotta watch for those...

a dream come true at ucla with cars damaged at water levels - $300,000 price tag we estimate they say $700,000 but subtantiate no costs is no 'act of god' but a postcard on cnn for greener didn't know they were so nice, huh that rummy road runs for better or worse to the beach the school nearby with virgin is marymount (i chat alot with holloway's fatima (panama) version touching the hand so to speak) not to be confused with loyola marymount in playa del rey on the water above cliffs...meanwhile onetime ucla number two person (executive vice chancellor) andrea rich head outs to what she calls 'something something' from subsequent position(s) at lacma i talked to her with news of her passing in the paper a few days ago....

watch that 'mh17' stuff is a reference to not getting what you want on announce or your flight now...think of the perils piloting your smaller flight with laptop parts missing, cars revving their own engines in the back, no place to land but still fueling up mid-air...air tokyo this is france calling...'is this mayberry usa?' don knotts the star dressed up as duck hunter mannequin in a department store, you like 'opie' opec covered with oil in a draining pit with some girl now herself authoring the foremost of shoplifting law on the books against 'pilfering'? 'an economy in itself' is stealing but what if i don't buy at all...julia roberts reacting not on jimmy fallon and apparently still in an alabama jail (by way of georgia court) for removing ('ancillary' or payroll) funds from a production she didn't deem worthy after all her money...'rain man' redone take a tip~

all flavor of oreo's still on sale $2 at pavilions through august 5...

by the way, the 'spotify' app is quite nasty - all inclusive like paid for (except for toni halliday curve - cocteau twins catalog is still lush)...too sleek

as i approach my fiftieth birthday, we thank:

bmg music service
columbia house
for ignoring my business or 'sales' claims while people make their stupid excuses
call it what you want the list goes on...thanks again...more than a fucking political joke any first of payments would have alleviated the stresses you create + you are niggers
go to hell~

that arroyo ('a royal' as in targeting) dam (versus buried bridge under the quad) was just as they said it would be for fema (forget everything make another) purposes - exactly good - see video the source over sunset near bel-air too much water held i'd say the hole in the road is tubing ranting video dams hold water for evaporation the countryside is lush here

'come to the cabaret, old vet | come to the cabaret' - dM what is that - the wine cellar?

big agra-beef finally downed james garner asap - keep thanking me as the girl with julie andrews (psyche) offers to me ear a writing job on a sitcom (i hear you and haunt false items to death)...

i never take vacation when others are away...unless roadtrip...i'm not sick - how are you feeling 'relieved' (it's real and you called in)...

lyin' king with black knightsbridge hat: ipad makes these too - the whole godhead movement made smurph
gay roadster neil patrick 'harris' (hairless - never a kind word) says this helps people who are in the business 'feel' (kill)
i've never been so belittled delivering words, care downward! i used to be gay - now this 'how i met aids' series complex and mesothelioma white sugar and salt disease your mother with moles and shoe straps on her mouth? that is aids they are 'ghosts' wayne gretzky died too - i believe - with wayne newton and host of other ugly eyeballs missing and stuff....gentle with the facts but get them i'm still here
we are niggers - only - and we eat people and thus sees the point god's law of the jungle 'no man should know they're dying [but lesser more gets eaten to the sides]' (sometimes, unless there's poop and we mean it) i love people who try and are kind like a father sweating aids bills with his eyeglasses off not the freedom to gross me out...we like a) kings 'plump'...b) the dark-haired hindi man who lived before somehow and is a girl (on 'big bang theory' or is him) is interesting not of aids but colo-rectal cancer and 'berburring the dodd' or fart fever in heaven-sent no way 'sustecal'
long live the so blow! cico buff~ don't tell people they have to go...let the wind blow them away like scissors

bj (black jesus alternatively titled 'nigger, please~ the grape sunkist soda story no tight weaves cleaned by witches in the misting shave toilet known as hair') and the pooh bear? china don't have no blacks...yin, and yang aren't black but more like leather...'he's a jew'...achoo...remember, the cross means you 'like men' and the star of david means you like men too? it's like that...

looks like ucla finally popped arroyo (or culver) dam too much water after all - like turning on the sun, not quite right...the water table is thankfully high

update, moss...

repeat, reshoulder...depeche mode 'nothing's impossible'
a veritable genie in a lamp sittin', wishin'

--------------------------------'you don't know...' - dM, you don't know much

note for logitech revue: inside the unit left there is a long, dark diaphram or microphone kinda with a single wire on it and a small circuit board nearby it attaches to as elevated - i attached (or reattached) to the circuit board the single small screw cap (bronze) to a small screw on the board (bronze) that at-once appeared bent on right - this isn't necessarily a problem but it pops off easily enough with spring action and is weather-wise you might wanna check it out...the black rubber linkage untested at half-point but appears ok...first sign of hope? the logitech revue logo then to fail...keep was important to rule out wi-fi as now maybe more picky, batteries as stingers may be required as rechargeable is now flooded out with traditional use and toss batteries, the twelve volt transformer may get resistant with heat, etc. - we're not cheap, we don't repair or avoid questionable practices but stay informed of current...

boys and girls: you can't just sell a house ('flanders' one says) boys lived in, the furnishings and all...all helpin' to the hand as girls romance not just with balloons, boys try and catch something bothersome...if no carrot can catch can what if? i don't know anyone who died (another of sum bother) just the ones that got cut, scared...smoked...who then dies more than me?

i'm gonna hafta kill you for this, nigger: link to prior episode
'oz' is for 'bozo' or the ruler stephen king's 'it' - james garner on the police mike and the 'see no evil' monument is his from his home - now see it
meanwhile see england 'pipes of peace' versus new jersey the kid is new jersey kind
us, them

news from the big top - right now! favorite clown is kelly jr. (hobo) period but don't deny many other greats larry 'bozo' harmon (my childhood) or 'it' (teen years - not just an abomination a room of folks, kinda) and i negotiate often during viewings of after-death paravise 'oz' his body of crimes notwithstanding (the young negotiate cute is him and will die also but not as him just a trying out of, cute - all die as niggers extract heavy rates from thinking up-the-neck or broomstick minds i don't care it's what left to see wronged by your words women) the bare snots in 'pulp fiction' i need to see it shined of me...all you share is to be science fiction...go to hell....***i got logitech revue back on (lost in space-type info robot f.g.i. faggits shut off for world cup as weather but money pump from seeming drought no drinks with you around anyway) and despite your dumb-ish hate of years on years held, my cleaning revealed a nice machine that just needs the new android module (logo is google tv with antennas but blocks inside no text) or works but unplugging it short-stops one and again and again it'll get there trying and its buttons try - this is harsh threading but it works now not module or they batteries keyboard if in fact (the problems always posted in advance with your monies lain and in mind i'd end that or post to delete after seance its date...ugly video skez post logo or codec shrepping yellow pink is well on its way...has a motherboard small and fan is not cheap inside...a phone is a phone, this makes a tv for answering the phone...hdmi...try magic jack sometime? p.s. ronald mcdonald is quite personable coming along times ('use the trash bins' he says and you get to meet them finally) add him too the simpson's clown is great...possible: if mcdonald's was expensive, consider people on tv couldn't come here much, really - they provide alot to life still but as component of pay to having worked the sold that to us no talking about you stilled...a burger.

re-inverse the humor 'i don't take hints' even as those who restrict fonts and add costs keeps you out of it and in my head 'no speaking to me' i let you do it when the fun to shine is on...i remember that question it was okay then the e-mail tell me why it hurts when no news is nothing good too but more of no good i for nuthin' is burdened by the cap i wear...

neither a god nor is devil: 'thanks for nuthin' is all i'd say about the hush tones that deliver me from what's set in and travel...hope it was all worthwhile (my little part averages out pretty well from the henpecks and sleep, but keeps the change) less onslought and sharing is veribly nothing? nope - pretty good to me think i'll toss one of your shirts new and unworn to your standards right in the garbage for that, but not so directly...phalanx

never pleasantly surprised (as opposed to 'doing the right thing' see no pizza parlor i use, anyway and hearing of it and as no info center, i) i try and get a little better at recognizing my faults it helps to see why it's not going to matter much again...'this is mine, usually' and 'no' i still hate thinking of it and while you think as 'stilettos' cash in a prepaid wallet its inverse the world churning of buckets handed down and proposed health as fez what if what glum from it fish and sank to drop hook here but thank you for frying at least (what do you mean? why hafta say it i'm working that's why the words make you go away the crap of yours heard is artful mindless chatter drop-sink)...milling a thought to pure excitement! cowardice? coersion! erosion? retirement! death - that's mine death it's true! some woman. death! disease. you. but me. 'our love' there's no upstaging me as i lie drummed out...i die of keeping a brown cow (more than the last vestige of carefully moles or the mexican hair disease 'goggle' smeared around in no surface of intent an old woman in dress, the things you would correct about me language expressions unheard, unshelved -- you hearing of to me now and with you) quite milked but dead in the head...there's no milking of me 'garrulous' eating drinking sailing while they count bones what brilliant a single one bone in song sucked of clean and return me prosper crutch flattened by me books i can get busy hobbling around as fruit orange pants you never mention me the teeth for fear of it denting as yet to fore a memorium of yet having seen...

'hurts like a dickens [um, difference]' - dM madame lefarge is 'letharge' [leaden, in lead crystal] or is slow to act, arrive

secret: 100% of death and it's struggles delivered in 150% time - no rushing around, then is death i don't know you but need the chance to see better off loan me an ungrateful fact i to surmise 'i'm not you' being stupid...i'd pay if should

sum: eat shit i don't need no vacation? this, then that? why am i happy? i'm not unhappy with you

was out at starbuck's last evening 07/20 (terry's back tomorrow with no further gift cited - did you rapture or run me through the gulf war quickly and with its apparent benefits me still intact too laying with a jewish lawyer who thinks you're not talented although they resist a compliment from what is assured by me as just below (the limits of the law? your window at night?) even christ knows all satisfactions less all payments equals nothing white or not held...thanks for the silver screen, blight or sharing a toothbrush asking of and saying at the same time a challenge for you even in reverse (although you saw me scrub the toilet with it when you were too happy - anyway, praise editing never moralize or paint poor whites being ignored here rent ever) and of three beauties (like i made 'em - that nice for me) running the place i placed first again although one latin (always up at night or then not at all) failed to be more than what happened last time after hours in shop beneath behind there's someone weird outside and there is no sex of it ever - see? it's more than a bath but less than the english 'graverobber' (hooligan, the rolling stones) escorts smiling at with each to keep you aloft and scared still i made a small motel sidewalk second floor near my window you were always coming then the roulette of demands from taking the time to frame that keep me moving to other keys although i like 'minor keys' whatever you need to play and we don't hear over that noisebag after hauling your heavy shit around too...i say 'sneak around' to turn your back at it you foil me not but seem fee for fee against all i keep paying it) ...usually, the taste bucket there makes me unwelcome of popular opinion one flush a yellow piss you buy elsewhere unwittingly (besides the bueuch of sample wastes on certain days no pick-up the means of production is production or paying never tax with having to making some for them we leave for the poor or gays who think but don't run out to think of no progress) sickens me with one topiary of no thought a parenting level the japanese yew 'never eat these' and i don't but the menu assures me of great care and cost the logo now suggests adorning the self with your own arms? thank you for smiling and having no friends around at to 11 pm - is that new? i don't own you pet - nabisco now was nestle? that good? i dunno...don't wonder, ask yourself - is that real? i only ask one thing - 'did anyone see?' a dog walked on the bus now? do they pay per poop? only euro faggots say nothing and pick it up hot hot hot a.s.a.p. a threat is best placed in the cup you hold between your legs - anything's thought of...holy? you don't think of their dick as a separate being...sainted? a bar of soap in your ass...the feeling when you say to me

some fool posited filth for me yesterday with a machine language table construct i cure by cipher (mirror) only at half past - there is no two '2' between '00000001' and '00000011' or then '11111111' the witless first offer. This retard stuff (needing to be the one stick on the camel's back never to mind the shit in your hair as you comb) takes your time - pay me more i can just ask but to understand is to be you at lengths writing before reading...jerilee...more: this is cop out but don't limit to numbers can be symbol? yes...maybe we can flesh the table with formatting conquered...ciphering was important because that is what it is only - no computation but what a dead-ass argument if cubic means will have every note on the clock 490/2=245...on and on...anyway, we do the math for table 2^8 (byte) or 6^4 (the honda car radio four places, six digits or characters then) no extras just omits signs or flags...then rule out extras if need be...

afterthought - two whites treading a water wheel in boat of hot sweaty niggers from the ivory coast...who am i? the clock that keeps time and the punchline if you get my meaning ba-dump! only kimba (marc ondy) swam to be with

the echo-friendly - 'there's a part of me that nobody sees but you'
from pizza maker to the hat and it scarves 'fresh brothers' - we're not pizza hut, but somehow it shows
p.s. love the disagreement or semantics on and on revising each other

'not illegal as guilty, not so crude - both found as to be dead' by mr. lemonhead?

this a copy-paper wayward scan of an mri most have here study (test to backwards of it with no further of notes) around here...a lot of color and wanton depth simply tree roots in muddy dirt like you already have your new accomodations as rationally and as afforded one
remember my quote is not all glee - these are still portraits and like rubber stamps they never use the right faunt as purpled afore...since missing
what's real? through the skin you may see with light - let us all be seen of it
p.s. the names are the subjects, we believe frank 'spine' grant -- the last two ate laying on-top of one another

q: from human 'rights' activists 'yikes! maker of the original (or measuring stand to quell seconds at firehouse finials featuring popeye's 'deveined' chicken no wings made bite without thaddled bones that anchor no flex but decalved as lifeless bauds ephemerally and just-that-once-thought as shrin'd of no meat - hop on over on our trans-fat suppled fish oil boasting pan what bjorn-sale 'great white pork' caloric j.m.j backus 'oh, mister rush!' and sweet-sixteen depths ('just know nothing, i'll have noneother, just nold none') and tan raster danielle brisbois (danny's be-boiled cock-auld-bung or denise denies it's not about cronying me) says is not a sinister person's fugue carpet blaster steaming 'one big bell' back down into the virtually indecipherable 'big bang baby' before someone get's paki acidolphilus levels back up to the 'nearly-cone' or blown around 'piss size' freedom levels of the gnat-skin or fart-bladder 'rayon blend' 60's 'i oughta stall to seek my watch and rescinde the essence phone'...just last past o'rourked the get a whole caffey of cross-cabbage bacos right here, i just passled them a bag of cat shits from each afoul of the one true milyko feather having fled first pance...i don't weave the gold - i vape it with basements paneled of cotton singed agoura-strength mould 'it won't kill jews yet - no cold changes a color unless marked as 'reduced' - but as inventory yet to be received, is resold to you as 'junk', 'labels ignored', 'size small is shrunk by the vents or scalps being braided for ignoring fennel what's devouring-deflowering towels re-rolled by our folger's golden townhaus by tabitha 'nobody jews-us, featuring balloon valance 'if you like chintz and charge by phone or fingerprint at 'i magnin' bridals by jake' tudor store'..the black market is so rare these days - no sno-cones or back brushes being fragiled with pin jade or rheems of 'glide yoplait' - now with no hairy old moles on cabals of winter sun-managed skrins...

isn't it gut-wrenching (true?) that those as yet to be unspoken 'no' who want to get married can't offer aren't allowed can't get married but you can spray paint their cake with a picture of them shaking a child for passing a fling-resultant skin test for 'escaped beings' who never paid anyone to re-invest or savor their own feelings in a 'pest control' dressing room that promises to undo every 'even-if-i-know it's wrong' done to my softer side 'first mask with tape bounded up at sear's malldron of charm school ring-tones 'picture deleted - or 'who deleted this?' contact nothing will be repeated not even once at gus guessworks, then do the math - don't scratch with paint at the corners or pre-paint floor mouldings until you see any foolsworth in one plus-year of mating with a dorm room ever made me happy by paint alone, i hadda note the groom isn't actually ever missing if you know where he sold you this time-share traded off to mention he hasn't yet sent for what's been boxed up for storing before those sent for a toothbrush to then start hinting they'd offer you some rent or snoring to seem asleep no food for not bothering to ask will enter our broom...

robert plant 'heaven knows' from one of his albums 'now and zen'

sampled pointy pencil-like grapes in store (gelson's) witch's fingers or something...grown with no light? no heat or cheese either - pomegranate seeds naturally people who don't eat salt or'd be a bit surprised how little it may have mattered playing with lemons and all...people just want your portions literally starving body tells me to eat everything you eschew (choose for me) but ask first if they want helps a i don't want cod or giblets...not just yet...giblets...'what - they're no good with a side of lima beans' if cauliflower is gonna be broccoli what are lima beans gonna be? cauliflower...formica imagine that i'll eat some...i love beans, you know...

they're thinking about calling us (los angeles) 'west california' and with no san diego either a hundred miles away but is tropical-type light like dimes it is

eyeballing at pavilions west hollywood: a nightlight that changes colors! could be i like my blue one

cherry blossom wet ones on sale $1.99 well into august (well, until 07/29 then)
no such flavor, ramadan* or africa-europa hot-air balloons clouds water sand and sea adventure comes and goes but there is tv land 'pineapple-pina colada' in yellow cap and i got two of these cherry blossoms also i love wet-ones if anti-bacterial leaves a souched flavour
ramadan (world go ' possible) is when last christmas is paid for in terms of debt [laden] - never speak of someone else's debt

oreos on sale all flavours $1.99

these starbucks gift boxes are left over $20 now fifty percent off $10 scoop them up at the sale table right

' i'm mister heat miser, i'm mister hot ' - the year without a santa claus, rankin bass

7-eleven at lacienega and holloway are giving away 'mark ten' electronic cigarettes (um 'e-cig' new) for $1 (a $9.99 value) with coupons there and a rep nearby...i got mine they gave me a coupon for free cartridges earlier in the mail...recharges by usb! total cost of all seen $1.54

a smokeless world, girl? once charged, you take a drag and it's like a real cigarette - full of fumes
our favorite brand when and when not imbibing? marlboro lights

smokin' out back...these are just as dirty, girl you'll be hackin' and laughing silently in no time 'rhumba-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah'

cvs alert: twelve-roll pack of scott toilet tissue $6.88 or just under $0.60 a roll! i put my deal together earlier...

...i don't believe at&t wi-fi at starbucks is worth mentioning yet...i don't believe it...most there represented by chain link and as at&t offers roaming at $15 per 250 megs

finished watching beyonce's 'epic' finally a bit of catharsis, that

07/15 here's your update on carolco - still twining in it
looking askew, is like monty python's 'the life of brian' moniker...'ben hur' um, been around

tropical punch flavor kool-aid is coming up all aces these days...forget the meat

the moca box at pacific design center now features a short steve mcqueen exhibit on dead bodies rolled up in carpets left on the street and in gutters then a big theatrical view of how it looks from the loom itself...always spinning but no illness to report

last day for $3 jennie-o turkey meat at ralph's...always pure

don't send mail this way - be sure: overheard a day or two ago outside the window at the cottage next door 'is doug moon here?' with envelope 'no' and then they turn away - get it right 930 palm avenue #146 where i reign 'villa francisca' buzz the door with unit number only 'jackson' - otherwise they can turn around and say 'they tried' or 'he refused'...fuckin' dirty pigs are everywhere waiting for the law to happen...

hot pork sausage is just $6.49 a pound at bristol farms (don't forget the sunset and fairfax location)...

was made to go and check on the new townhouse mcdonald's at target la brea and santa monica - is firmly leased, that's all
all indications say 'go' the courtyards locked in with cement

lee shapiro knows 'i wouldn't say mcdonald's, but close to it - is nearly that'
fyi, there's a big mcdonald's right behind this on labrea - for now

all i can think of is children's book 'drummer hoff' when i encounter these hands at lacienega and santa monica the bus stop southeast
'drummer hoff fired it off'

there is a little movie maybe this

watch those flip-flops they'll make you epididymal (a dull pain in the groin) hitting the streets too hard...don't wear 'em too much walking 'round town

07/14 finally got pavilions-starbucks to own up to that free berry croissant on 'just for u' the last week or so - it wasn't bad a smooshed down croissant with three types of berries and jelly on-top...$2.25

toymakers to the king: this is 'king ding-a-ling' i had him too whenever he reigned in the early 70's...see extras
a neighborhood father (mr. umbro of rolling stones fame - is like ralph waite of tv's 'the waltons') fixed him once for me - a loose wire inside (the elevator wouldn't work - i don't remember 'brain' real well)
as an aside, there are link-together blue tracks with two sides of travel top and bottom like gears they are and for smaller stand-alone robots

stylish minor rubbish cans at aaron brothers now $40

don't turn away from yellow and red ('rainier') cherries quite prevalent now as on tree - they are durably sweet (seen at trader joe's, pavilions - certainly not cheap however)

remember yesteryear aka the things you destroyed
the rope bar at roy rogers

cert: terry's mutual fund (muhlenkamp) gained nine hundred plus from just under twenty grand ($49 under he touches it not) for year half closing june 30 (end $20,904)...add it up...the rate annualized is 10% was for half the year instead, not quarterly

i see fat-tress melissa mccarthy (who originated her 'role' - like john hughes makes music - in 'hangover iii' with her bearded son incidentally who is also her lover in the film see 'endless love' the update he's really girly in that) had placed her hands in cement at hollwood's chinese theater as people seem to ignore my gold standards for being and i listen to pat benatar's second record on capital-emi with pure amazement...they already have a mccarthy - war-time puppet charlie mccarthy - and i question the likes of tom cruise and eddie murphy still 'you gonna make that class of people on an ongoing basis?' maybe you - it's stiff company and the shoes so small...back to mccarthy (a baby behind a mask is the joke here) the new movie stardom centers on a fast-food restaurant she destroyed taking from in some way (with friends maybe) and she hits the road only to make a return effort selling any old food them and getting arrested for it they other wanted to let it lie in her reality, they are connected to resuscitating the dream-in-a-bone restaurant jack-in-the-box from what amounted to a gunshot insult...and then 'foodmaker' the purveyor of punk meat at safeway now resolved but some...nice people anyway, i for mccarthy, i dunno i don't worship those of no talk all but buttoned up (alec baldwin 'we step in and but buy their stuff' kinda about capitalisms and the third world - yeah for beads 'for their pot roasts' she says) but eats anything, okay fine...

plums: supposedly all plums (nationally speaking) are grown on plateaus in new hampshire by the queen of england 'the richest woman in the world' is recent ebay warren buffet's boss he works for her is switzerand int'l - she talks of throwing the trees meats afoul or fish when a season concludes and helped them the trees and fruit thrive this combination of fruits - go figure...has to be heated year-round too as asian or near the sea, buffet $300k they got for that online sale as interview 'is dubious not'...hammersmiths...'they raped me' he says although current investments excluded from sale 'til they hatch' he says...'i don't want to kill the goose before it lays the golden egg' - quincy jones about michael 'stinky' jackson 'i don't put my good before people asking them if they want it' i ask 'have you heard?' after i hear of mine...

off-flavor meat (fish laden?) gets a bit of bread crumb from me - italian bread crumbs be sure of it - i only gagged once making meat sauce and that was long ago from gelson's i coulda fuckin' barfed...they are expensive too another remedy is 'flavored with meat' sauce by rago no onion but 'dehydrated onion' or garlic then this stuff was fuckin' human, girl...who is known for breadcrumb meat? carl's jr. they spare the meat, but is not their big dish bbq chicken is...whopper? that's flame grilled and is meat...i eat 'em always their extensive coupon book with 2-for-1's good through august 10 from the sunday paper la times two weeks ago...

there are two halves you get one here - now both

tracy morgan is the black man in 'john dies' - we add is 'jj' from 'good times' but 'it's not good to you' he says (like knowing todd bridges was always white) - is suing walmart 'the brakes they are shoddy alone a rent-a-car thing' per the above (per me, the guys in florida would make fine company in their auto shop) reach for cash, not for cash handlers 'not hurt, scared' the tires kept going they say...driving is bits nervous these days a fourteen year-old car with sagging seats is no paradise...

1) got my slurpee (lemonade with real juice ? we love 'realemon' only but have polished zacuma lemons here from tj's) and tried their new celebratory (or blessed) 'doritos' cheese-stuffed triangles on the way out - four (4) in a box like mcdonald's hot pies for $2 very nice but four is enough think of bread crumbs with doritos crushed in them - it's like that 2) pavilions has those large wired vases now for about $20 in blue and green and 'asure' or orange-autumn (blue is used to make it happen i believe is orange 'aszure' something wiry brownish is sure)...i'll be keeping my eye on them had to go to pavilions to buy stuff for cheeseburgers my guests relate them as 3) trader joe's has nothing less than $5+ packs of meat now and at blends upward i hate anything over 80/20 they add lamb or something flavour to keep the fat ratio down i had pavilions split a regular ground meat pack down to 80/20 (what drips with oil heavily so what) and at price...btw, lucerne cheese is a great cheddar in slices i don't have the time to cite the reasons why but is always a champ at sharper or wine cheddar...$3


(513) 442-2290 is my new magic jack ipad phone number somehow...feel free it's not always on however...see the app (short-term phone application or use) on itunes is new and a bit tricky to get but i got it! skype is on hold for now we're using wi-fi globally anyway and is not lucrative yet?

yesterday 07/11 like 09/11 '911' no relation - was free slurpee day 'atonin' (say 'at-toe-nin' for 'actually now' in hindi unise 'you-niece you need these') at 7-11...go today and get one for full pay and blesses to bless 'the firmest insult [to people looking on and bitching, gratifying] is replacing' - dM 'is replacing me' they'd say if could, now lock

niggertoe learns to wear their shoes, or then learns to wear their shoes: been working hard to get that word (along with the japanese flag word from 1960's world cultures like 'agra-po' fat in the face, grows their own food, from too many histimines or liver reactions...disease-related starts with a 'g'?) for a child squealing with high-pitched ethers while ostensibly dying of hysterics after a (big toe) wound...'naparene' death is another or the only term along with 'nihilative' death like gassing them - we want of ethers (light as solid state gas) made of early internet gifts mistaken (held to the wrong people, microsoft make one ride along...the first gay man depicted in 'mad' magazine he's all 'hi' with limp wrist, the 'indian run' entrance sign aqua-red with long arrow pointing in) or is subdued....note heats and colds that surround more as chain water and soda bubbles then...if the clocks closest bangs left then right, the furthest bang right, then left - what's more prevalent then? the one that happens first in clockwise rotation...maybe not? maybe.

the right light, girl - not 'a different light' this time: new eatery at melrose and san vicente right on the corner 'as all else lays dying' it's simply insert 'cinque' like zinc or something one of my 'prior' favorite things to eat
just can't get enough 'round the inside of the skull?
the washburn photo is on my old motorola by the way - a savindusky (old hand) but ok

welcome home, fool - in weedsworth cambodia they'd take your balls for coming here (oh, you've been to 'me' - twice now, mmm - 'pantomime singe' the dirt parts hand-on-hip the teapot squirting pinches)

q: 'this is where they did it?' a: no, this is where i was when i noticed there was someone in my home writing me apres-moi notes on cancelled bad checks...'thanks, bitch' from cunt usa i know her work - sure - after i'm done going to the bathroom to raunch fish she'll offer to eat 'here'...'it doesn't matter who pays' and 'i don't go out to eat here with signs and all' don't know alot of good so it's that much harder to find the junk table of stuff...'look at this shit - all prizes' topic sprays for that lingenes (a frankenstein of it, all connective tissues ligaments) fur...'no otters, ever'...s/b offers

Still Jaded In June 2014
not much good that i want to know of...savor it not

nature (while you sleep, someone peeps) versus nurture (is also - and naturally - not yours - if we don't tell ya, would you know? probably ott)

hey kids! have you seen these~ free ass balloons with hot strawberries and whipping gas

right near fifty yo! and still in heart attack country! peck peck peck

violaine ep the pink one - me? slightly embarrassed

sew the band down on one pair and have great glory shed by light - hanes briefs are rare and rarer yet

if i were black i'd look just like this...if a woman is just old, where do tits come from?
see - the armpit makes 'em tie off with mint-wax (deodorizing, chackel) floss and there's a nipple (but rosea or raised dots on your tit)

action shot

'you can't touch this' - sans genie pants (i used to tease my father in cords at football...'you workin' out?'...'til he chased me on foot that is...u been gettin' outta shape, huh)
'tuff enough' + 'all the right moves' + 'fascination street' all noise a monkey simply grinning clapping along

from a distance, same background at sear's

gray creamsicle, sherbert

the living and the dead unite here - my next album of falsities 'dying off and hoping with aids'
cocteau twins 'milk & kisses' cover is this: a woman nude but covering herself after weight loss plus single leg of the dead lifted asane (as delta or distance change)

like my teeth and ass, my balls are here but hardly insurance for loss
if a full one-half of doing is saying, what wouldn't you do?

you don't hafta use this stuff - i know you worry
i don't - i pair folks up and sit on the side
you don't know me~
i seen ya laughing...i don't want to be unwelcome, or the sad clown