Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes
was lookin' for rowan university ne glassboro state, new jersey...the very wharton school (an only boston affiliate)
they had it...took it out
moving early march bear, communications

that's not my mother...she already got hers
'again and so soon - are you sure?'
that's catherine deneuve of rob lowe 'class' fame...jacqueline bisset too?

Apple iTunes
it's called a 'cloud' fish for making clouds of color, not a 'clown' fish although suit
a soul has their eye surround painted white with outline color like triangles, kinda...sad for people, kinda
diamonds are mad as hell....
they fixed the '2,000 leagues under the sea' ride at disneyland using this film - by my command, of course, you don't lift that out
next command enter: put back 'captain eo' untouched - many didn't see yet (touching to say the least, god-like that nigger)

July 2007 Is Barely There Struggling To Be Known For Faniciful Way And Taps On The Upper Rear Of Head With A Nail Chasin' Clawhammer
We're gonna close this up at August...enough said.  

Circuses, Parades, And Fireworks 07/06/07 1310
Was watching an installment of "Little House On The Prairie" yesterday on TV Land -  Michael Landon's character had to nurse some boy back to health after he hit him, it seemed. Sure, with Michael being played by Dennis Miller and the boy was Rob Lowe circa 1972 (Dennis is Rob's real father we revealed earlier). This epsiode is real strange - maudlin (carrying its own belts or thinking others should help more) almost. Anyway, the bible at-hand predicts an altar be built somewhere else for the nursings at-hand and we just don't want to be bothered looking at your arts or having you bother and we then quote Abraham "We'll get there like you did, maybe not - too much damage already. We'll see. No foundries or starting cults though, or we'll shame you again." So - don't fuss too much and you know others weird and needy are around asking all the time for a bit of your boot soup actually all cum baked inside leather or something gross the father weds his kid yuck a clay cup covers all distaste. "Little House" - I watched avidly - has tackled other affair nonesuch with Karen Grassle on the side awaiting the outcome "I married a man and that means I wait to hear" and we see one kid being unnecessarily touched by his caretaker father. In my favorite situation (however we loved the mercantile stories featuring the girls) a male stranger stays in the barn while only the men get to tend Michael Landon is no one real yet those eyes half cut off by makeup.

'captain eo' is all grins-smiles...'we are here to change the world' is the song never heard else - 'on a mission'? no, no
thanks again from doug moon i loved it at both disney world and disneyland itself...did you know disney world was built at the same time as disneyland? yup - they couldn't get airfares down enough to say + fbi rejected its life
they redid the castle in the meantime not much larger actually but spires
p.s. actress angelica huston plays the organa in makeup dropping in on black hoses and also note no other clip features the song but holds other clarities and for you

loose photo talk that concludes us 1 asup:

i made dionys grow stuff more 'round and 'round we go but see signs of on santa monica (boulevard) row
the symbols within make you think some government or blacks fucked with photos - they didn't of course
these are left to right a gay-type disneyland itself: koontz barely, (a cafe-bistro or cake place unseen), a key shop, drakes porno, housing-rentals shop, hybrid internet, unicorn porno, mother lode a gay bar
see to for yourself...a new yogurt shop 'yogurtpia' - one of many distressing neighborhoods with thoughts of idle - features sushi and chicken plates on the side how odd but free sample was adequately pleasing me
that's where the cookie shop 'mrs. field's' was...and an old fbi post

the height of sunset boulevard made to eat shit with wyndham taken down from the closed bel age hotel as upper right and a defunct now be tower video
all devotchkas...your shit for dreams   

taking back, we approach tower records easily enough remade for the day to promote one capital complex as record (and, be more importantly, sell the very basis for more beauty in liquis cans on the side you)
icky thump is waiting for people nonesuch to fucking die of their own disease now is our living center
remember - easily enough remade to you no matter what you did to us, when...right? right?!?

the dead with us run and make everything it seems...and i don't want our people serving yours in opposition but carnival we do seek
the buttons on clothes - all delassandros - honors the dead by taking one from each as payment for doing in the grave and we've done alot
the square flats as posted (left to right):
1) we love each other, we really do - and as we love life being left alone
2) we know you're here too
3) we see you
4) we leave too when you show up
5) we're here, but you're not with us - we have spirit with us something says 'this is not right' over yours
6) you're here, but see us in the distance as apart and separate
7) we leave, but not with you no matter how seen
8) we honor each other not always
9) we reach for yours not, but maybe never yours
all in all - no thanks, don't even ask (to adversarial women everywhere with a chance, not a bargain to).
[small lesson here thanks be monsanto]

The White Stripes and the title track 
The White Stripes - Icky Thump - Icky Thump  from their new record the "Icky Thump"  LP (2007) - shit's funny right away.

and although it's not the witching hour (very is real - you need dark all around us to see faint lights and darks made them), a guide to fool:

the overworked chinese lanterns while i wait for new wood rails as taken off - sure, our lights hang there (how best to signal gay fest once there or as approaching fest?):
1) a huge tableau that rocks back and forth as flat signage - doesn't say much but move with my mind...i make this roof come to me too and the building shrink and grow;
2) theirs tableau covered with pink flowers - they arrive like a day dressed like a cloud a sometimes depress others with no thought but i, i guess;
3) they the witchy dead are filming a new version of 'king kong' back here as pieces and sets come and go with half torsos climbing all over it - the roof here is actually a roll of black weave that pulls over sight i see;
4) this is the head of the bald black man in white t-shirt that stands talking to this window nightly - the dish day made covers the sight seen and if seen.
the yard full nightly mostly of change as has not to see the next day - an altar of honoring and making noise for them ghosts - no one bothers this ever...see mostly aztec types with headdresses and cartoons most.

sees some change at dusk toward day they can see they're looking at you as photographing...

even if you clipped us up in response, they'll be right back...ask for this beharming not - we'll be there to haunt you and your lack of disrespects to me
all buildings here have the recent of dead mending their ways to accidents and shit, volvo cancers
you do the work, i pray you seem

our secret garden featured somewhat and soon...july 6 sees us new

dionys moved here in-between times...the corporealis or center of control (um, literally 'body of thought') has been lifted into the air, sent away for now...too many freaks

settling back in we plan to strangle a few sinisters...the plant blocks the walkway down the view and it disappears when you go there...
citern is the green fork and spoon in the back right

our main room is no memory in the making...when one enters the room, i leave
just like at your house, huh

the very command center...doesn't look like much, and it isn't
'i can't believe (it)'s not butt-hurr'...well it ain't

colored glass balls ask to a fate...

in all, we keep plenty of african-style meblos to poison your life...meat bowls, womb-like cypherans...

a heavy green glass dish for someone's pussy -  'what's smoking in that ol' hairy ashtray? lake swiss?'
no one comes...go figure - ghosts hate noise always fighting with me like bitches

updates the ol' homestead at 916 hilldale...we spoke to an old black man there as we have first dibs in about 'six months' he said when asked to estimate
first dibs...a 'black construction' (my term: no building codes, two or less workers) takes forever we see

our apartments at 930 palm 'villa francisca' with new railings as wood and all, the very view right across the street...i picked up the other night sitting out there at night the ol' night owl...tell no one 

the view southerly toward santa monica boulevard...the view northerly toward sunset...only west hollywood has green boxes for dog shit and little brown plastic bags to boot

i love these new orange buses joined together with an aluminum metal accordion in the center turning corners and all as stretches open
like trains on the road kinda...i haven't ridden one yet (they are new for our route east west on santa monica boulevard as red ones run else) but i wonder what it's like to be there standing ?

next: peeling down...franks...weiners...maybe sucking on them just now for lantin barbeque on the scoretop this plum you'd be screened out with gourms way before the odas corn pie is since slerbed a homily...outrage

our rooftop pool midday or at very night skim has no other but some to no bother...very nice always to be (note jacuzzi: i demanded it fixed by me)
the rooftop party ostensibly for residents and guests yesterday afternoon-early evening was very lovely to me a guest murderer, but as neither unwelcome nor asked to be...great
many attended male female and i asked the female coordinator of cards left on serving table 'was the box stuffed?' no - not really it said...great
live keyboards, music if certainly honoring my tastes we the male singer-playor and i spoke together of the tori amos-type cover of tears for fears' 'mad world' the piano intro so pretty me
my mind says the guy helps her write the arrangements for her piano covers, but i caution those two fags and others about crying for the world's injustices like i did just 'cause they're young, pimply and ugly
(better to die of sad than bother me once more with rampant hunger...please - eat mine)
and all like i wrote and played it meself...i still well right up with tears basically over my own 'homily' made mention to the preparers of any donated-type food...(sniff...where's mom?)
the original version of the song precludes thought with high-minded production and capturing me with notes - remember that
thanks everyone...lovely party to me but am i so scared of assholes making me think things these days i have to lock out all unwanted outcomes in advance of and guide to home with my mind
p.s. bose machines like tall sticks there sample your minds for who's there, why you came, and then distributes and retrieves little questionairres about sex and other stuff
(sure - an at&t card in a smashed iphone see youtube? get real...masks it further only three 3 years)
in the future we'll play you what we got and you'll be asked to say more...not necessarily anything but maybe a praise
one says when asked to explain further 'i wouldn't say anything more [about my sex of past] because we have to stop [making mentions] that hurt people'...why is that?
we need to know you better and at dates marked with comings and goings - you'll be impressed
what does a shower bar hanging in a stairway doorway mean? i thought at-first 'a clear shower curtain curbs noise'...they say 'water-type sex coming' bung
army bung...but maybe not

the box is our gym with weights, soda machine etc...some say was a penthouse with adjacent bathroom, shower stall, and sauna but i doubt it
no elevator to keeps oldsters right out...pacific design center is in the distance as green     

then, and then again...a splash of borrble egg-white reveals no true shot made it to soon
the first of a series: the m. escher-type canvas i git from my mother's soimy b-condo...if piss painting...a hot and holy hell of it with lift off charamers only you'd see when ploubing as first-an early frost naked

hint: those are babies swaddled in the lizard tail...they move and come out not
the lizard and limbs tick like a bezel clock out of the way and an entrance to hell is to be seen but as slight
all once green, the dried brown of harvest is as an enter if you will from my winter swamp
and the clock responds not to so tick back in place


what's missing? pet shop boys 'for your own good' from the 'montage' dvd - how they opened the show
'for your own me tonight' - or else you
seven deadly sins - the sins that kill christ - in the 'it's a sin' video
avarice - the woman sniffing smells something not hers to see
envy - male green with long fingernails
sloth - the man with flared eyes in hood - won't do what you do, either...slow to act upon
more later...we sing this perfectly, you know
could you imagine pet shop boys competing favorably with madonna 'who's that girl' that real to you?

California motto "Eureka!' from where? Is the state name "Oregon" actually or gold from high in them hills. Or alts to "urea" (salt, water plus urea) - like a hard piss it sees. See yourself shine.

You know, as a separate thread, I talk to Madonna all the time about "her" songs and meanings and she has the nerve to say of other or that she doesn't like it to sing. Take "Drowned World / Substitute For Love"  for example - one of my favorites when I wrote it all out as gay man-verb doing seeing. It's about a world drowned in tears and mayhem and, the thing is Big Red, if you can't get what you want from a man, make his baby for you alone and I'd say. And I quote me " shall I wait for you | my substitute for love " my capitalist humour?  The whole of Madonna is a girl - a big girl like my mother - growing up right in front of you but as a big star and with graces all around some of us playing roles within. Blacks...

A "senellen" (for Captain G. Senellen of the U.S. Army) acts like they got what you want until you get there. He would sign people up on his ship if they'd just be quiet a while and then get thrown overboard for not having the good aseem. A "senellen" or snap shut then. Reason? Violating probation by acting like you was on drugs again to fool folks. Not actually a contraband. "Just 'cause you said you wouldn't and gave your word doesn't necessarily mean you won't."  - dM

Not for return on your best work (yours, may here): Two unhappy takes on ecclesiaticals from way back - beneath my standards as i joy to for you, but said some:
"Just Okay For Now" or Take 1:C
"Simply Not Aroused By You" or Take 1:2U...
I expect better - and I get it too. Leave it to beaver...believe u tits: it's worth you winning at the dick. Luck be a lezzie to knife.

Percents at work for you (mine thought up, actually for you useful):
2% has some, yes - very little to speak of - an avoid clearly made missing for you...has none or little may be suggested though none;
10% is to be noted as included surely for value, not a great value however if avoiding as such...made with, is not useful at all really - a junker to think of;
20% a full fifth and that's clearly a good as not what you need but what you want consider maybe a forcibly hateful toward people nothing is real, Jews again call in;
25% may as well have it all as approaching all-natural filths we cherish process against to mite nearly all that - why wait.
100% nothing to think about, you'll hate its pricing too - simply an idiots thought of self seen to be - nobody's proved junky for junky people (you got all the cancer?)

Most satisfied with want you to be sure nothing is real or toxic with its neo-naturo soaps and leachings to me. Worship people processing out nature's own filths and freshes.
100% shit - we make it that way just to please you some bald man eating crap outta some woman's ass in Fresno. "You really love me." Like he loves cans of hassled preak air after you fart inside that dutch oven you larve in, Bitch.   

I put my time in thank you.  You should practice what you preach--Ha!
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I'll say...maybe you should go back to work.

    From: "Geri Moon" <>
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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 10:43:03 -0400

We leave on Sat. and will be back on July 14.  This is my last year because it is really too expensive on my retirement income.
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    Thanks for the snack money $50...let me know if you hit it further. Your beach house is coming up soon, huh?

(she in-turn replies "more to come"...unseen here)

Sex-capades...sure. Glad you liked the [Ikea - given to be free on the street as previously noted x 2] bags, thanks for the extra $20 or so. OK!

>From: "Geri Moon" <>
>To: "Doug Moon" <>
>Subject: Better Mood
>Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 16:22:02 -0400
>I hope you are doing a little better this week. Zachary graduated last night and he starts at Mercer Co. Comm College in July to major in criminal justice. It was a nice ceremony. We got to see Aunt Jeannie and Chrissy, whose daughter also graduated with Zach. Skyler had her first dance recital on Sat. and she was very cute. Has a lot of stage presence. Your father attended, but he didn't go to the graduation. Let me know how you are doing but keep out the sexcapade detail.  Mom
>Geri Moon

not even once or you'll get to know better...can't have that
scabs are gross, but you get on top fast without them moles
floss always for healthy gums, breath - it heals the pits from smoking, fast

You know you're a "capitalist" or money-bearer when
1) You share rides to work (pays nothing to get there - you're really smart this way);
2) You wear wigs;
2a) You wear rugs around town or heavy garments to keep cold out (and avoid stabbings at - see a leather);
3) You make your own meals often enough without others around.

Quote: "Only you make me happy." Alts "I got mine..."

You're a "socialist" or rag-bearer as keep things too long when:
1) Your mother owns a home, you don't;
2) You rent homes to each other;
3) You shop at supermarkets for each other and alone;
4) You drive your own car to work.

Quote: "You and I both or no one will." Alts "Any extra?"

America are socialism period (adds France and China easily enough...Russia too). Japan are capitalist only - the rest are skim...whatever we're having.

Photos? Us and you together here in LA soon double-plus busses for one, and my M. Escher portrait...interiors.

You don't get paid: West Hollywood Public Library allows you to borrow top-rate DVD's for free for one (1) week - check out all movies, films "up to ten (10) of them" if you want (I myself got "The Covenant" and "The Musketeer" again on 06/26 until 07/03 that is). A Different Light bookstore (most notably by Matt Fauer or then "Del Fuego" if you'll see this honor...and you) has free lube (Wet original - see CVS has a gallon jug of lite formula for an economical $75.00 and hardly no others with orders backdated this is not is business either - our economy sells, not to you) and rubbers with newer lubes to sample out in ketchup packs.

We don't need your money, you: Monaco Liquors, 8513 Santa Monica Boulevard at La Cienega has wrapped DVD's up to B.A.L.L.S. studio quality five (5) hours two (2) for $9.99...others too. A useful gift from god incarnate on up. 

Don't delay: Kyra Sedgwick > Jerri Blank > Rip Torn
Our windows open both top and bottom - yours? Waiting for new wood banisters on night? Made turkey (a better beef paid as) tacos for dinner using Lawry's doublepack of spices...yum.

Sade "Haunt Me" Sade - Stronger Than Pride - Haunt Me from 1987's "Paradise" LP..."Stronger Than Pride"...

Garbage "Medication" Garbage - The Faculty - Medication from "The Faculty" what have you (2004). Alot of song links dropped in the past but still offered as...that sucks. To continue doing this? If this is how iTunes Plus spells out, we'll cancel everything for it and you will not be paid - period. This is not business. 31,918. Deadline 08/01/07.

If tuna can makes you bald: Having chopped white chicken breast from the can with celery to ease weights borders around - chicken, celery, Lawry's seasoned salt, real Best Foods mayo on Oroweat Oatnut (at $3.99 per loaf and as if political...see the new half-loafs on shelf for about $2). Went to Peet's today on Sunset to have their artichoke hearts bread, sweetened red hibiscus iced tea. Some. Got a card with $50 cash from Mom on Saturday for "snacks"...some. Got two (2) Fuji disposable flash cameras for pictures in and around some about nine ninety-nine ($9.99) for both twenty-seven (27) exposures at the each and at Pavilions who has a barbeque grill outside daily and all month hamburgers hot dogs for cancers, sure...outrage.

ABC "Be Near Me" ABC - Look of Love - The Very Best of ABC - Be Near Me as originally from the "How To Be A Zillionaire" LP (1985) now greatest hits...

Thompson Twins "Doctor! Doctor!" Thompson Twins - Into the Gap - Doctor! Doctor! from 1984's "Into The Gap" LP

Q: What big star ran Doug Moon's ass over in a water slide in Seaside Heights, New Jersey? A: Rosie O'Donnell. Yup - the one next to-under the Seagull Motel blue yellow. I was sliding along then BAM! halfway down. Circa 1985...Chris Ondy in attendance slows down fret. Was Chris my boyfriend? Until you open your gay mouth. Yes, no.

Payday's early this month Friday 06/29/07...bills, bills.

Coney Island: They say at CNN that Coney Island's roller coaster turns 80 this year, but that is really "Brooklyn Heights" north of the city. Coney Island - sad and happy to see you from New York - is really Seaside Heights, New Jersey. England bought it after raids there in 1912 and made it the new Seaside Heights. Is the only Coney Island ever...and lives up to its name too. Coney is for conger or rough houser. Blacks, really, as they made it. A coney is also a stuffed man. A black man stuffed, a conehead. As for Seaside, the Garden State Parkway goes just about right there from airports Newark.

On the way to take-out at Chin Chin (Grill) last night (Friday 06/22/07...chicken and snow peas $11.37, chicken fried rice $7.52...both so tasty $$$), we stopped by a place a studio lounge-grill called "Ketchup" it upstairs with balcony seats over Sunset (the windows slide open all the way across the wall over traffic and view) and just red and white decor largely a short-order type place up to meatloaf like an Ed Debevic's (Neil reports being drunk there twice and having been turned down twice for paying or dutch dates so what). Check it out. Madonna says she can't take profits, so there it all is sitting for you. Rosie owns Chin Chin now because Madonna fears loans outstanding are eating her alive - they settle debts within ten (10) years after close of business in her name, but both must be actively employed elsewhere making steam happen. Rosie is $400K in the black right now it says...."you can eat that up in six 6 weeks" Madonna says.

Some black man punched Kathy Griffin yesterday-last night "for touching a podium" and is now missing a thumb divine interventions are called for. At the end of a seance with Kathy being talked to by Joan Rivers as in an audience she says to her "I've seen you...downstairs tending bar, right? Your awfully 'prim', but there's something wrong with that, isn't there?"


Sidewall, position date 06/21/07....nothing that grand. Working on new threads, kinda. Until then, a small quote taken from a survivor of a plane accident speaking for all:

"It hurts. When you get there [to the bottom] it ain't bad, but it hurts. People are unbelievable - they rage over it [a nevermind being in fear as very stable but mad]." - Someone who saw again and again

Recent news of sex with and between Navy midshipmen? Yeah - you get there and a woman's involved. I'm told no women are Navy midshipmen...find me. Was also reading the lowly "Meth" magazine (see at "Got Meth"?) from a link showing bad teeth in a rising - supposedly you lose your teeth (these punched at - the two up front). Coke takes your teeth with baking powders (nitrogen pellets in there from leaves keep your life one day, active salts from baking powders only burst open on your teeth and lips...supposedly the alternate recommend of corn starch makes breath stink) get new nostrils on top too. No matter - see the dentist always, floss. Even I have a pit in my lower gums from popsicles, not flossing. Keep clean.

someone says they call meth 'white cross'...a symbol of purity yet?
one offers 'ours, theirs' as stops right here the very end of it made an 'x'
a white cross on the banks of the rio grande stabs at 'ours' a land, 'theirs' named across top
the french 'et' says 'even you'...just say 'no', never have

Sidewall...sample "The Most Dangerous Race" by Helio produced by Curve. Not wide yet...or ever. Theirs is at iTunes and is as to be called "The Most Dangerous Race" the "Inventing Shadows" LP (2007) THE MOST DANGEROUS RACE - inventing shadows - Ashes in Her Eyes
He doesn't have the right to use Toni's name "Helio" yet..."He won't work with me for pay yet - an actor borrowing funds" she says. Is the guy pictured below dying of you yet...a little friend to me here. A "helio" is a person seen too fast to be good. A sun made black by the sight of demons is real too. Seeing too fast (punching at photographs moving by and understanding each at width) like God does makes the flashes dull to original basis state  the bottom-top of really as hyperstates or then black orb as signaled off. Made sweet too as any sight said - we see the 'offs' instead it said.

The Cure "Signal To Noise" The Cure - Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities, 1978-2001 - Signal to Noise a similar from the "B-Sides And Rarities 1978-2001" collection (2004) thanks. Signal to noise is how many times said to how many times heard - a blasphemy to God. "You say no matter how much said, I won't make it. I will." I add "the sounds that pierce or take your attention versus just being heard"...a nuisant of crime to me. A 't' word of constant bother to achieve someone's compliance before achieving your own death it seems damned. 

Another parable from the Jesus camp - three (3) frames:  (1) a man pulls down his pants and there is a face smiling and one wonders how; (2) the man turns away and looks up at the sun to see another smiling face, but brighter in image; (3) looking back down at the first smile there is now black smoke and but two eyes looking through but blankly.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY IF YES PRIESTS SWITCH OUT....percentage of whites (males, mostly) who fucked their father in their own lifetime: only twelve percent (12%)...of priests, ten percent (10%). And you? The true homosexual or then "pansexual" as added value? Nineteen percent (19%) over limits actually thanks again.

Key terms to describe stink and stink-like emanates with an english or quasi-clinical term set: the "halliford" smells of the body and does not refuse your offer for more news...a real badgkin. The smallish "halfen" (much like the egalefin or hate-simmer "wolfen" or as "elfin" as in to be assume and as tread small) does not know their feet stink (Ol' Sourfoot - that's right Ol' Nigger West). Like roses? No - like foul or fish-like odors. Of the sea the hermit the very scavenger. A hall of scent then. Onward, the "hallegon" (say "halla-gen") has the breath to match their feet when no other will come having scent advance and if all nebub hair of coarsen maps stink to it center guard layer perhaps then of a hirsute languages. Bad breath (or the clinical, remedial "hallitosis", if then ensuing a "chronic hallitosis" - have you tasted of this?) is contagious, however, and noting stink brings yours 'round from the back. Do not enter with hate on your mind's eye. I hate hate and your hate brand smells too telling of you and in advance (her? again? with whom? why we'll begin?) Finally there is the "holoford" (say "halla-ferd") what is your garden-variety older person smelling of salts and whiskers like dew. In the morning? All day long the smell to you so bad. All can be remused with vinegars in water pistols or simply a piss wanocher or smell bag in their car. Remember, smell is half of taste unless fatclass gas what can be up to ninety-percent (90%) secure in its center of surroundings. Some have charm you bear no gift I can see but smell some some. "You wasn't asked - you was told." - dM

Been watching boxing on Spike TV I just love that stuff (you don't need to be real - you need to look good doing, then be some). Makes me wonder 'what if an asian or black wins and hurts a real beauty?' And you? I hope you're like me and get rid of boobs perhaps my understanding flawed and if always a pure set-up. Just between you and me, I power up my faves a whirlwind to whisk others unsuitable for me on by - why would I watch that shit (like people would get rid of my cherish at siblings if be fast at it)? The intro's enough ! and remember everything stupid-looking gets corrected right here and in time. In time...junky winners everwhere. Keep yours to it.

That woman from tv's "The View" (Kathy Griffin hi hi both sad) had it coming. She plays comedienne Joan Rivers at YouTube (you look it up) and basically dies on stage trying to be her. A tip: Joan sat with audiences and never let them loose - she picked from the crowd and was viciously pleasing to all. Really confident and I couldn't stop fuckin' laughing so hard. Brilliant. Remember that - she didn't do that run-by stuff about penises. Show people better. She got fired by hounds doing what she does best - remember that vistory. "I never question to the self, really. Not over you and what you made with it." The woman on "The View" Kathy Morrison made her mark selling Lenox china to outlets and touch-of-class whores for England and is Joan's oldest daughter Marie (53, she has three darlin's by yuckmeister Howard Stern - the other two you know of and barely is hardly: Jewish harmon Lacy Stevenson of tv roles fame and Melissa "Frankfurt" who is now deceased of breast cancer at twenty-nine self-induced over her mother hating her - whatever - I hate knowing of a life simmered too). Fucks to you both all ever. Wrestle the fates (a coupla snakes, usually - every hold to be the meaning and at knob).

Beware of old stuff on tape - is criminally remastered to fuck people over I hear. I reject everything not good for them as I listen to Paul Lynde go on and on over women's breasts so dirty to me. "Not here - to them. Over there. Who's paying you, after all? Would I charge a shark to make me happy again, then run for it?" Too much nudity is people trying to know a good....and still there is desire like fuckin' an ass. There ain't nuthin' in there no matter what you come right home no stops on the way. To each a groan. The excess of nudity here is because of friends (Marc is in the strip first and last...cute but long on hard) and so what never would I go to such lengths but me. I hate going overboard, being the exception many will die. 

"Take me off." I'll have someone kick your ass.

"Age before glory. Glory before 'needs mending'. 'Needs mending' first." - supposedly my mother spoke this once or twice, the army is somehow   

Genesis "Turn It On Again" Genesis - Genesis: The Hits - Turn It On Again - Turn It On Again from "Genesis: The Hits Turn It On Again"...movies are "Dino DeLaurentis' King Kong" King Kong (1976) +  "Primeval" Primeval  + "Transamerica" Transamerica  with Macaulay Culkin in drag.

Foo Fighters "Times Like These" Foo Fighters - One by One - Times Like These from the "One By One" LP (2002).

text: these issued with paid subscriptions by 'freshmen' and 'men', respectively
both good stuff with 'be a man' taking top honors
even though broke i support details about may simply purchase both at photo link
both annual subscriptions with chi chi larue-quality dvd's only $60 paid thing leads to another
johnny depp earns his people mag 'sexiest man' title in 'camp freshmen' post-sahara i pick them all i swear makeup, very cute with a black man
the discs come from the publisher as plain in a square white cardboard envelope - no dvd covers no frills but you can make your own from the link given and as such is promo only
don't let flim covers fool you - exascerbates all of me
my father says he makes these and i'm so fuckin' proud of what may be...saw an unmistakeable nightstand of ours in one fold
gross! in the head we can refuse info as per usual and per per  

[pictures? insert right here the beautiful one-eye man from
wahl pubis and mite trimmers - everywhere in print now thanks deregulation for "no men skiving or taking theirs seriously with women about dying" whom well?]

this is supposed to rob lowe's first-born named 'ken'
to gymnast-actor cathy rigby
i took that (source is people mag of june 18, page 38)...rob's new look is scrummy too
fighter, with sample eye look about, to see (oh, alright he's in 'be a man' and is spectacularly good, very kissable)
some: "if you have rob lowe, tell him he's missed"
yeah, always a late
more good stuff the tv show is abc's 'traveler' finding the dead their bodies, supposed some
you can watch the actor at youtube using his name 'matthew bomer'...i did

Another made to be with me: Orchestral Maneouvres In The Dark (or then OMD) "We Love You" OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) - The Pacific Age - We Love You a great beauty from the "The Pacific Age" LP (1986). Add closely "(Forever) Live And Die"...these important to me in a Spanish sense for an art-type sense be it larger than life. Also get to "So In Love" and "Secret" on the "Crush" LP...all of these special in voice, really. No girls. "Dreaming" is good too...boys in jail made this stuff. John O. sings "So In Love" under duress but "nothing is ours anyway so there." Whatever - you gonna take off now. Bits, pieces and nothing you can know for sure says it my way.

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) - The OMD Singles - Dreaming

Placand Of June 11, 2007 1734
Gay pride parade and festival money however vito 'permanence' checks staled at the ol' starcape. Thanks means just the basics...look-see, clean, and nice enough but carrot calls to me piss me off. I pollute only. A trip to it alone keeps me sane I'd barf on your head I made a new building in the vicinity anyway and fucked around mostly maybe you died I lived. Says to scuzzy women everywhere: fuck you love god you saint to the same lates for sinner. Blessed so too is the bitch. Fuck the smallish elven god of poor bitches in unit health listing everwhere. "Jesus hinds."

Previously slate with edit sense:

I demanded Paris released from jail - I don't bring people back for that. Is my childhood friend Sheila Saperstein who was her older sister Bonnie who gave us our siamese cat and then somehow died I guess. Like the dying die - once dead as that always dead and learning knew upgrading downgrading maybe. A Jew is that...see only now up arrow down arrow mesmer pussy "remember David" it says after recome. Visited us in LA in 1989 and freaked over me and my boyfriend Dan Badillo (still here? check dates, facts...follicle impairments) she is a lawyer hassling franks had heroin flakes in her hair (as opposed to "bad apple spots" on your legs, hymers) left a pile of schmez in my bed - thanks. Where was Dan (hi Jeremy...franks again)? No one stays in jail unless I ask. I tell her I always think of Paris being heavy in trenchcoat with long blonde hair. Is in the family. Hates people and as per usual. When people move away is like they die so foreign (friends, who will be blame) I reject them and throw away all of my letters as opposed to sitting around like a spinster remembering old days. Dumb move, kinda - keep your shit. Unless defacto foreign fiend (no true duplex, you send to me alone spark ignition...asks you if okay, does it anyway) throw away, alts switches I have nothing for lovelorn yet 'cept ur pre-owned truths. "Sure, I got my hair back, but it was just me. Me and your fuckin' friends, that is." Poor breeding...outrage.

Yeah, I saw that guy parachute in and eat a broiled rattlesnake wrapped around a stick like a la hippocrates a very of pinafore (wraps, canes) while camping at night "Man vs. Wild" in The [Colorado] Rockies. Unfortunately, you'd be dead within six (6) days sepsis (a very blood condition, of unremoved sewages gathered there; the liver won't work anymore its electrolytes destroyed by small fires within: hirsute or scandalous of drugs, candors with stealths or borrowing very flame from others as stealing theirs in and of nervousnesses) no cure. Are ghosts, and thus hardly good. Have names, is not real - purposeful. A serpent is God, and is also considered a capital crime against people to use them. The meat red then black. Never eat red meats when cooked looks bleeding. You would die - simple - is not yours. Gross.

A Flock Of Seagulls "Remember David" A Flock of Seagulls - We Are the &#39;80s - Remember David from the erstwhile "We Are The 80's" comp (2006). Anything like this makes me happy and new. Remember David - he died trying too (women of no further note but insert should hold their incests here - we follow no one like you into battle - he did often). "I will never forgive that" it says. Forgive me hating people. He gave everything, it wasn't enough "that's us too" says Flock "dying up front with nails on trying to be funny about things. New."

Quote from lair: "I went to jail to protest people they made it worth my while - they're cute. No message thanks again." Jail's kinda funny - to release brogly (without the care of others afoot being me...nothing's worth that shit in a world full of thinking-better-of-it types who change their way to you - pigs), or to stay for nona prominents, maveure (making the best of a bad situation, and for others too). "Hit me." Keep your yourself for "the bastards" my name for the ermeau (place in the center of our being, a sex type) known as "the hamptons" kinda, the MCHammeurs, the G. Smiths, et al "wonderful lyfe...a queer in Hell's bait showing you why you wouldn't know of them at sight made" you shit in bed - say that to them too. The worst thing ever is a change of venue like going to downtown here in LA the very cryptkeeper a fuckin' stonehenge - worlds away and not very nice at all. Tips from camp CYO:

1) Never let any adult idiot speak to your child with candor as may be harshness perhaps indicating they are "no one special". All them hostiles and your child mingling with their harms under duress. Keep their choices afoot;
2) If it's brown's fate to fall into the hands of nutley whites abroad, it is our obligation to see a few blonde to brown households. We know your preferences for each and other, but a white mouth needs it care to bath;
3) Boys need to lower their sights to female apparitions and in locker rooms - not the other way around. See why not, but secretly and wish. The one day you did for yourself you were tried and hung. Always great laughs;
4) Nudity - is it for me? Always is this for me, never not you. Porno...right out front - you name it. Never for you as other. Have mine ready to go - I've got yours however shitty. I fear being that white on-high noticed bell.
5) You fear nuisances toward you.

Ya know, Bonnie, Sheila, Paris, started Bonne Bell cosmetics back in the 70's and she had it on her when we dated and threw a tampon with red lip smacker off the big wheel at Great Adventure (true...and here's a better link). Apparently, she just melted down Chap-Sticks and poured the resultant flavors in new tubes of her own design. True - Lawrenceville, New Jersey circa 1978. Revlon purchased the line for about $70,000 the each another partner shall remain nameless June Bell's mother both met in jail of sorts. 

" one time when we took off clothes...and stood there crying " - C. Hynde "Birds Of Paradise" The Pretenders - Pretenders II (Remastered) - Birds of Paradise (or then "Waste Not Want Not The Pretenders - Pretenders II (Remastered) - Waste Not Want Not ) let leaving dream a dream in paradise. Bleed it to me. All for you. "Paris" and I were like two freaks upsetting Jews at Great Adventure an actors guild and I caution you not to redress. You've got work to do - both nosejobs...other. Get busy, Freak. Be chalice - giving and taking at once, a cup for you only. Oh, I couldn't do anything for the old Jewish mothers standing in the hot sun on concrete selling Icees and crying sweetly under great stresses on their feet always and much like Jesus wept. Like I wept carrying my oversize bag around the block in February - ran out of taxi money on the other side forty-three ($43.00) bucks later the dead know every cent but boy ! I got outta there fuckin' fast like days eat gnast (things you hated seeing once even, as quickly forgotten else or).

great wag in guitar we seem

[picture spot? insert elton john anst palm trees from the 'caribou' lp centerfold i'd say  - a lovely pair, always only elegance...but some play]

Our first found song of the month! Marilyn Manson "They Said That Hell's Not Hot" Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me (Bonus Track Version) - They Said That Hell&#39;s Not Hot from the new "Eat Me, Drink Me" LP (2007) precious paperdoll cover and all. He wanted me to put up the hit "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)" and I said "Is this for Elton John who has a love for music and not then to help people at-large?" He replied winningly "No, it's about people who love people no matter what. Who see who they are." No. "That guides the hand" is who gives his musical gift for to others to be heard. Usually, we'd use palm trees or something but that's even less intuitive. Okay, so you're right again...the hit is good too but I specialize in album/God/babydoll tracks you can cherish. The ones people demand open. THE VIDEO OF "HEART-SHAPED" IS GOOD...GET TO SEE THAT.

The song was written by Betsy Collins who plays Liz Fraser on-stage sometimes? No and yes - she read it to someone else "who verifies her usually", she said. Betsy is last seen in Tracey Thorn's video for "It's All True" dancing up front right as English marm (first one to stand up with big chest). She says she met Elton and he was so beautiful in love-shaped glasses 1973. They and friends ripped off her dress and painted "Elton" in big block letters red in blood "from her hand" she said over in Vancouver. "It was gross - but thanks, Bitch."

Seventeen (17) counts of arson means you lit seventeen (17) or more forest fires if they suspect? No, you was asked seventeen (17) times whether or not you did this and then eighteen (18) was tried as acquitted or until penalties of law not yet convicted. Convicted means you say so too and with certain tortures in light of belight. A room of light to sleep in for six (6) days is our personal max. Water that is hot only is another for teeth and showers. So see.

Ahh...another clean page to distort with my findings of you. Today my roommate says "Oh, I just toured the new hospital at UCLA so pretty to me..." and I'm all "So?" Always trying to inform casually at the cooler but with nothing asked of, official, or for certain per se per per. Didn't I say something about being neither hear nor there? Didn't I say I didn't want that and that I was actually named the chancellor (top administrator) years ago by the regents? No? Well then - see less of it to me. The other night I said to myself "Okay let's get something straight with my roommate for all days" by making him turn around from his chair at the computer and look at the fake fireplace as I made logs reshape and move in and out as the whole building is protoplasmic (actively x = but ruinous) and the whole town actually a Roman palazzo (further parts of the home where others may see - a patio, really - I think of weather may follow you is public to on your grounds hard floor for rain, simply a plaza....buildings come to me on the roof and if said if plants maybe will eat you and all at will). He would not. He would not agree but said something like he 'believed' me but wouldn't become a part of the pay. So there - I did my part. Is this denial about you not seeming to be a part of the agreement and still getting paid and fitted for yours? Maybe no, my threat is simple - you keep doing my way and no agreement is necessary. These things are hard for me to live with as no one shares much joy with me, but maybe you can't see a car lifting on the street before a vandalism occurs. Let me tell you what to see and you can say what you want still, but think of others and me as not so afraid to say. We have proved this to you. P.S. You don't seem to get anything much as real in terms of people and places. I'm real enough to get shot at.

Curve "Frozen" Curve - Pubic Fruit - Frozen from the master EP comp "Pubic Fruit" 1992..." in my heart and in my soul | everywhere i go | you are with me " but not really a simply of passing thought. Great sentiments for hurting the valves of... " i-i-i yi yi "

I get mad when I see Rosie O'Donnell and my cousin Cindy fighting on-stage at "The View" over Rosie calling soldiers "murderers" or whatever "rapists" and Cindy saying she was "wrong" with all feelings raging out a real dornaflouge a bucket of soapy water coming and going just as fast ("yes we'll show this" she said and had to agree "but softly" said Rosie - never really an audience anyway same stage as Todd Hooper or Regis we say). What did I tell you about telling people (like me) they are wrong? They we hate it as smarter always but Cindy is that feeling type of person we all hate taking exception to mere murder and of ourselves the symbols so a richness. Forgiving the simple scathings of our Cindy - seeing how we all love the crescent and norms of not saying but while we other strive to learn more with each said but not clearly as in interrogatory - we ask Rosie not to feel so bad as she lashes out with me. Being of divine nature myself, I'm sure I'm right anyway you slice it but I just can't labor for you each time additional flavings are required to assuage (lessen the severity of - that word from Madonna) your feelings of distrust and as heavy oats fall on you. Earn your rest too.

We teach people not to think but to take each piece into consideration, then bomb. We are smart. Who wins? The star announced, paid for, or you if quiet.          

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With All But A Dilly Theme Song By Junger Witt, You'll Want To Check Back With June 2007 To See If Anyone Returned To Member The Jacuzzi > > Seeking "Rag Muffin"
If full-size male nymphs appear in any humble to comfort you, I nudge them playfully with my left leg to thank them. I like them just as much as they like me, but when I get seen, still to die, and decay to others unseen maybe looking on as then corpsen with muskrat eyes and the anaconda starts coming up with dark greasy surfaces a simple brush by scares me all down like a small electric shock. I just can't handle it. Stinks too (ici pordou?) Next time, just for you. No, I shut off the alarm in the head that alerts you to stay away. Who do you think makes it?