Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
meant to get this up earlier...a whole world of it undone to you
'i used to like talking until someone told me i had to mean something or brighten the day'
i used to have no one to talk to then i kinda shot my load connecting with fun and how dumb
first, timid...not sure you can speak - then a terrordome of it knowing and for sure
i leave all to those who wade in it i hate the thought
fuck 'em...a king's ransom in pluisk and fold
those amazing stories so boring in me, vesk to no fin eat at bestink
onward win, we win...i say 'we'
maybe all of the shittiest lists in the world are within...all new to begin in me again
if so get mine 'people i'd never fuck - types of people since to be, used'
followed by my list 'if the world lived on your very sperm, who should not have to say it even once and get most of it due you and with for'
'who actually eats that even once if bald since is weak and ineffectual or not appealing to women, runs away with them and is still a simply so too true'
moons thin they do not bald - bald is forged in tanks of purely said to then asks of me a fortune of karras bald is lain in camper farts and has-beens eating loud
alchys keep their hair so what - the teardrops but and of hance fumes command you even in death's merthy port of bitten shorm lace and ponce d'loon
wear a hat alvay to bed - see balding there only, tuna
stay sharp! sell nothing below cost if it ain't that much to pay
i'd pay to have one more terminal hair growth for you to pick at while i sleep
it's just me with hair, you still circling above and beyond always crapping in self 'sorry if it's only me'

Apple iTunes- Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
smarter than your fifth grader i learned to cheat off others not-so-dumb and to stop trying to impress others by touching their penis with a finger (not to neil who is this...hilariously cute)
i am that...i was 'smartest boy' in fifth grade fuck you wrote it out meself just to make sure they got it all right names and all 'dumbest ever you'
people flatter me ever never so true...never that all-around i send in a bully soon enough you clap dumb like a clam you do it all dances we make them up
first poster contest i ever won 'exercise schafly' my mother did - it all begins right there with smarts and crown that to be that dumb
smart works in a lettuce ghetto proving out thurms daily...the ol' hellraiser box ruse only you would know this much for me to see off pray tell
so smart you fagged on me to be an outcast no one i know does that no god will since seem with you - hearsay.
smart is cheating, fool - be that dumb - nest: the pinewood derby (of boy scouts fame) is supposed to be assembled with others participating all in tow not at home where all moles grow alone!
p.s. the actor above is brian laurence mohl posing for u as tom connelly in makeup...hi to the bri...bri and i both know that a business has the responsibility of protecting itself from thefts etc.
'a river runs through it'
otherwise - what are you doing? letting your fabulous friends steal until seen by other else? i love people like that - a real cherish both ways
you wouldn't steal if you had the cash, huh - like i wouldn't write checks
i.o.u. - sure
p.s. brian's sister is officially acknowledged as christine koshak, chris' first wife who is finely jewish my #2 for having received and sta'n steady..that is, is always nice to people without changes factored in. denise still #1.
p.p.s. superlatives or votes by classmates: after fifth grade accolades (just our classroom it would seem i lost one nominate to the 'most helpful boy' ?) eighth grade rang in 'most studious' and 'most likely to succeed' i gave that last one away to another runner up last entry as editor of yearbook and having secured all my way...high school saw me get my ass kicked...fair/unfair thanks to all who remember me...keep cheating no care be mine, be with...we'll understand and after all. remember, no one lights up when i enter a room a river runs through it you set me free this way.

no intro by me, no gift toward shortening lengths be frank be pit be since seem a faulkner (sees cares from you hates it personally - a wife)  is me having flown having shat eat dints aworm be frank you with me daily you fin and decline me so what wince in it.
so much to know you'd die off having no thought of try - you did poop right down it admit that false memory is: you remember or you don't you don't no one was there in your room with a dart penis and 2000 flushes pouring me a shit-free barnyard and purely aniss-environmental peedome wassis. someone's mother would break that pantie right up.


See Who's Working On Your Behalf Unless Shunned Personally In June 2007

Alisha "All Night Passion" Alisha - Alisha - All Night Passion from her debut studio days, 1987 or so if backdate...the Jewish girl who would be Madonna (and had she not rejected the saviour in teletype). Alisha news and bury.

If of the captioned twelve percent (12%) returning an Alisha song ("...and so, me?"), may we suggest E.G. Daily and "Say It Say It" (additionally noting Madonna accomplice Stephen Bray)? Elizabeth Daily - Wild Child - Say It Say It


See my latest e-mail to mom for what's today received entitled "(Are You In Jail - Maybe I'm Wrong You'll Know All Now And Yes About AIDS Too So Gross! But Not So Fast To The Tombcat Nets Again And Again Were You Ever Envy-Driven To Foulb But Sees Us Same?) Dear Mouphart, Dear Bra, Dear God-Lick, Dear Halfway Thru I Realized Nothing Threaded Out (But What If One Actually Shows Up I'd Die Of Conception I'm Gross Now After Days Anyway Slice - Wait Day Two No Shame Ever That's Not My Ass Clock Counting Me Out Come See It Bitch Not Really Burning Shitsky Skin Back Down Now But Come In Nigger My Only Black Maid):

"Is that it - $100? Geez, you really must be strapped - was expecting about $300 but there it is better than nothing (close). Did someone tell you I just paid our dealer $500 in arrears for our powders what keep me alive and stable when no one provides anything but basic daily eats and an affinity for gray pubic hair? No matter who tattles or starves to death who cares, no one comes around much and this needs to be supported until no more seen and a bombing to the death ensues I'm sure you'll see. A whole state of niggers and the French who depart sad gays to die of cancer is Ethiopia they call us I don't hafta be nice I'm smart and choose it as cheaps anyway you fuck yours in. Rather than fuck yourself opening weekly paycheck-sexquerades and shooting the obvious winners to death every day after they kill you personally and alone.

If I actually fuck anyone at all here or there, we'll talk more (white ages then decays to be you a graven image but can make an effort to avoid disrespects of blown hairs given or think about how it took me years to see you clearly enough to say anything more...why me? You?) Send love next time it hurts - threats pay for this still is worth nothing like them but I'll take it.
I have none.
You neither but wait see.

Thanks. US: See you out and about, Niggerlovers. Me tomb. Thanks to the anglo-Jews (sort: three guys all attractive, about three girls - who can count? the present loose and charm-filled) in the jacuzzi the other night (a bonus! sweepstakes entry it seemed poot! for one right off-put entropy said their way blame it all on empathy you turd peeler I fixed the jacuzzi by my command alone paid for and can move the pool enough with my mind to call the police in for mandor vandalism - you'll fuckin' freak again) a half-boner and married pigs still pay for my croms I reveal nothing but well. I sipped a drink left by a girl to suggest fair play if I'm really that dry and the fucking thing was a red douche! I tried to play along anyway before and it said and you should note SARS "still AIDS really, same". Like shit isn't better said and preferred in my hole as yours made me to say it once alone. "Live thru this that's my wife, if you'll once be the beggar and look again to note my scabs are not the actual lesions she sees to you we're on the mend with yours heading up on to it says again."

P.S. We get a teenager or six quarters of meth (no one need apply - we'll take it for now, then) for one hundred twenty dollars or $20 a baggie all night passion alone and without need (we each see three weekly at worst and each alone but separate and happy enough - no flucks - he the test or "control" value - all the sames in, one wonders aloud at my scale but one potch over the pock sez me). The price now goes up for tattling and home invasion type beggar-of-liberty laws shouldn't cost me any as someone big enough to shut all of it down forever with sex and you have that already naked blacks sucking each other off in white behelden graves simply square and no furnish join ya later black-at-about-town - see my other blessings you dumb Jesus bitch - from: a world-wide Jew in the one true jewish, me) but who cares it's your money we always do this anyway. Be the one who tells wisely and afound, not finds out more about after at Hotmail retentions and read alone. Never for me...three sex partners your whole life paid me for that $100 wish by you living above but without blacks (one is noted near anyhow and saved for cancer its research paid me well after caring for my mother never once bald but fucked by a fine Barbados-looking blackman in a wheelchair and that pays me to see blankets rings missing to their homes). Fuck 'em I'd say but why you - is your ass rubberized and privately sunned too?  

Who cares...the damage is done and reading just now. To react sharply is to be me: infallable, and never once used for your own sex. Never have, I mean. Enforce your clause against seemingly said one. Jail one you should be a cunt-beggar for pay and plastics. Lonely."

New for you only I'm still staying around the thought: I don't want gay pride this year, Bitches since May 20th or so a thought levered to you in silent already you flax actors just some fucks and sucks at a fuckin' sewer of plasteege and redump this. I'm not a producer of with-and-without-you-seems-this-just-as-costly-is-not-10%-down-a-drain-max's-it-out for less paid them over to there again no blood-boogers in my metal hangers gliding out matted skatches you bedimpled nigger and elfin tit hamper. Maybe I'm serious you poor cheese cunts. No party for poor bald bitches with moles and sustioperouiss? Better not say any for me? 2007 take it downtown fuck you with that anyway why say it with you you dumb cheese fucks. Eat yours again. A gay should hurt your feelings with beauty and love you died of trying me out for a change and long ago wishes me a buckle of zits. They are mine forever popping in my hot mouth and you still needed to be here why me to see you out there. Who eats more pound-per-pound of their shit chosen by me still? Me - and most is just shat out by my family you re-bebalded eagle framp spraying piss on your head just if and to be sure and even if it smells like piss you know it just may be yours.

A woman? Why have it to be that seeming but again with u only u? I'll care for that like this but less if I find it any some while there. They save and I hate that frowning me having more to leave. Anyone higher thinking thought got a knife in their face long ago. Think again, Bitch I'll handle my own cares to change a heart helven. Thanks got it too, but I say in "that fashion" or "just for me" should I see more but over there same made as said it is made. A Gap shirt on you is that. I have some of them but older or newer whose is this anyway the jeans from the UCLA student store still make my ass millions better than Beverly Center wishful fathouse cunts eat with a gerbils tip at it a pound only and it thanks me off your preferred customer is me after all no secrets when all just as failed, and fucked out. I'd fuck me I'm sure of it but moles? No franks I'd put my cigarette out on your face, sure.

Add it all up $4.38 plus this from my own sweaty tits milm pu? Dear Jesus - you lived this bad? Why die? I'll leave you to piss yourself off in an art deco palace of duro-flame you fuckin curtain bra of egg-laying houseflies larching all over the same two pilbs expressed best in slowed-down Polish nephraims "bull-by-ah borr-day-you-bupp-bubb". I never put any cum of mine in any one family or office now serving I know it's gross but it got yours so good I'm sure I've got mine and from you it cares for me in me still! Even jail won't make me see you with it having mine. Slurp! Memories you burp bill blass like courgers in and of my mine as Elton may have sucked off hides and harmphs since me singing it all down throat farting at my money's many moods a fool in black type but lourds in albums outfolded ours only all baby love you cum but to beg me to play while editing down money it matters only over all a gay is god off his nuts with franks and largo-biggers franging me fold shim ouff bupp bubb.

"Walk much?" - a woman whose son worries about being brown - whaddaya mean? Look - it's right there. "Polish." They got all of mine - is that still any good to you? Meth has come a long way from HAIDS, but quite frankly, I'm all out of humours having flown all night down and around hound. "What does it mean when someone you obviously like by appearing in Calvin Klein undewear brief 38 loob opens a door and farts at you?" Flori-positive only. In such single intimacies are not traded they are kept well. "You don't get to smell my farts, Bitch." - dM who adds "[is] drug talk" + "i fucked your girlfriend, you know" and you still hadda ask to see if ever true. That's me - I already and simply said it now I effort to have and shoot the any ones who walk away with some or none at all said. Shoot to be me so bled.

Final: My single acid test to reveal and is to say "Look, Fool - I ate everything I ever thought I wanted forever and had tons of bad habits as if made outwardly sane and I'm acting out still at nearly forty-three years old." It matters to me. See? No cheese under my tits - and I had all I wanted and still I'd want one of me each made to me. Make one more of me each and it shouldn't ever matter to me again. But a fucking flying insect that stings like a bee or wasp does? All of magno-electrocution for having met at that little piece of shit even if a tiny foodmaker? Someone's gonna get it up in the ass in mere maths made me women do this too. Sting her ass all over daily but I hate that for the extras in my meaning. She'll get hers all over the map while you feel and I bitch. She bleeds for me the blackest hate is hers made you. She is dying for me still no more disgusting is life made with these dead in graves all send me in everyhow my mother is done.  


Neither To See Nor Hear From Me Up-Squelch 06/05/07 0419: The "hoary" June 2007 lepage mebly titled "Kinder, Benign: No Sorts Of Strata Sevary" starts at June 6 so hold it in your own. Retitles wreck the first part "Cattle Green" laundry soap and spetsing with harmed ovals of clintworth-in-skatchford pribe desmints. Broorf! Forgive any trance naked stuff if too touchy-feely but see how we love and play it said beware! How best to hurt as ourselves gone as and gone by again? Nude sketch agin.

"Untrained New Stuff We Learned At College" a harbor of it be it a new thread: In a humanities-type sociology class for "management" calls from the "informal leader" - simply, the one you hafta reckon with even though not actually a salary or paid title or public office by official election. You know, the one guy who sits in the prison ordinance office redeeming morale in the cellblock sportshop. "You need to have a flame for it, so to speak. No underwear or panties will get knowing stares back at with ropes around the bafflers neck." - The informal-type leader from his web-skin tent under the collage entitled "more or less dade...tee hee hee hee". "We called the gaffney and he said if all is well - and to take the motherfucker back down and I'll hafta scream it all off again-on again if you're not really a queer and I'm here bathing without one on." - Signed "KLee". Hides in closet while others question a harmless naysayor about you if behind your back. "She should go fuck herself twice then once more for fisking it up after it left me. I stole her only blouse over there too and seen it since wouldn't say. She has no clue either you'd say if bra tried on the glue it harms me with. Fucks as a branch up her neck - warts in their hoferly ate it too."

A recent dream of travel out into God-type of outer space and its old home we see a long dark hall heading south has most-notably a Roman palazzo or open air on the right side you could fly down into and be in a right-running hallway with vases and tables a maid cleans to order still. Back out and overhead and outermore to be central a huge television planet-sphere shows all current news and cable-taped programs playing world-wise on huge screens or facets with the viewer floating around it in a largely-dark area setting. No natural daylights - darkish, like rainy days. All I can remember is here in print. Last night in my hot of jacuzzi on roof, human-like male nymphs (heads with body, white of skins) whirled around like fish under the surface of the water at full size no less! Loved the legs be it touching and yes, fully opaque were the clears of skin near the surface. Cool man! "You are dying." Let always, and not mine at said. Dying is mine to relay and pisses people off for the one-sided nature 'no one cared' then pop ! goes the weasel I'd say it matters to a human family-type keeps beggars within entitlements. My one sheer point: to upgrade your arts thoughts of stuff - we have better you see it. TV orb: Never in languages, is in my head. I understand nothing I hear it right here. I'm not too big for people, I don't want change to the size fourteen (14) times down. I have people in me too...much more agreeable. Here, I try and get others to sit in my home theater of sorts in my head to see what I see and react with harshly what's different? Closes from time to time. New: The Wyndham Bel Age (only our love will remain) Hotel is closed now permanently no matter what they say 'renovations' thanks for the job as applied no message - sold to franks or the government. All haunted by clause and you go. You can't live that threat you'll see nothing crawling in the dark seeming being grabbed in ways I cannot describe to you a hell of it you can do nothing but be again for it. Your heart aseem.                 

Enters the exit sign reversed outward and someone will mother hates this calendar cat talk so be: "A Necessary Recap Of Early DOUGMOON.GUAM Morays - Or 'How Much Will I Know?' As Neither Have Sent".
These weren't easy to format, you know. Take in:

I was born and you were not here.
I died and you were not there.
You find your place somewhere between here and there.

When all is done,
I will be and you cannot be.
If I make you be before then,
isn't it better than having not been at all?

People make people live.
People make people die.

When you give someone life,
you also give them death.

Neither is what you think.

When people stop hurting people,

I'll stop handling your affairs.

I'll never stop handling your affairs.

When all is said and done,

all will be said and done.
Nothing will remain.


Three people in one God is false.

There is only one God.
I earned the right to be God when I was born into nothingness.
No one was here when I was born.
No one will be there when I die.

Therefore, the universe is not governed by anyone but me.

No one eats at my table
without bringing something to it.
You will be permitted to eat,
just not at my table.

The universe is my table.

Three people in one God? No.

Three persons in one God.
A person doesn't need to be all of the time.
People do.

Three persons in one God does not mean
I am a committee.
I am not a committee.

I am God.

No one eats anything but me.
I am the only substance in the world.
When you die, you leave the world but you don't leave me.

You take me with you.

No one hates Jews more than Jews.
No one hates people more than Jews.

Jews don't like like people because people don't like Jews?
Jews don't like people because Jews don't like people.


( End the entire of brode recaps right here and then it would say for it and now. For it to be so fool again. )

Doug Moon trivia: What word did Doug misspell to lose the second-grade spelling bee from position #2? N-U-R-S-E. Meow. Still waiting for that cash from Mom....noting at fifth grade I still couldn't read the word "determined". Who's who notes me still. Celebrity? Your name goes into Yahoo! twice and comes up once well enough as you made.

"My royalty [for singing] was as low as six cents [per record sold with me on it. Some were mine]." - Madonna

"Any less than twelve cents per record is royalty - not pay. Pay is you and me. That's you and them - not me." - Elton John and per se

"The thing is, this is what I'm supposed to have negotiated but on my own. Then, and ironically, you speak it." - dM who adds "I don't want you, really."

Apple iTunes 
Apple iTunes
they have a gold record at my payday advance check cashing place on sunset
sunset financial...ol' kitty menendez shot by her sons works there  - real cute
sure, near mcdonald's on laurel canyon

"If the only difference between bread and glue is an egg..." - dM or other made

usually but a buck a loaf anyway...

Huh? How to make French bread original? Two (2) cups of all-purpose flour no yeast and the equivalent at half (1) of egg whites no yolks (these require a yeast or grass be made in it). Roll all together and add a pinch a salt. Water to taste and yield. The flour mixture must roll with the seconds of a clock or one (1) turn over per minute in a basket weave of metal or lathe or pot then. Sixty (60) minutes should do the trick oven-baked. Do not rush this I'll help. Is Abraham's favorite "I hate yolks. They were made for bird and there." So there. Suntan oil? Should be all Crisco regular with half-water shaken in it. I like Hawaiian Tropic myself (for expensive coconut of smell) and Coppertone mostly. Bain du Soleil is ours yet too.

Roseanne is set to replace Rosie on "The View" and had begun already. "Even more fights now" says my cousin. "It's all about money - and it's not mine even" says Roseanne. Both her and Rosie play the part open to Whoopie Goldberg and other be one leaves, they just won't pay.

Last night someone playful was biting through my blanket forcefully as if really here - like a vampire I fear however no fangs. One of my unseen friends did it...while I slept some blanket over head to chill out. No, I was awake mostly during this.

Barbra's new record "Live In Concert 2006" - a very clarity itself - sounds good...interrupting "Evergreen" Barbra Streisand - Barbra Streisand - Live In Concert 2006 - Evergreen for chat about how she wrote it herself.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 1533: At iTunes, notice the new version of 7.2 iTunes Plus is greeted with Paul McCartney's "Wingspan" edition all their hits Paul McCartney & Wings (my favorite is "Jet" Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan - Hits and History - Jet for many layers my uncle Paul sings these all but with backup and a gun to his head while a guy named Jester performs them live without Judy Eastman Gilliland who died - her sister Meredith does it all...) - the number one darling-babydoll of adult contemporary is now here. Links are not ready enough though for us. However, I put on my 3-D glasses saved as such from NBC's prime-time show "Medium" for both the Wingspan cover and Segway's 3-D tour - neither of affording as such said and basically said....more later. P.S. Who was Beatles (and Rolling Stones) manager Brian Epstein? Brian Mohl. Died 1952...early on. Back to you Kingwood, Texas...

Poo-poo! "DRM"-free music? Doug-Reduced Music? Are our comments fudging you? Sell 'em yourself after declare - we'll talk about someone else. But seriously, we all hate comment on our work, but a revise or note made of some sort required explanation, I guess. The revise is why and how 'you' would be notable for any one record as above others presented, etc. Kids talk about their faves and we see why you with little notes placed on record store shelves (good luck getting read or getting interest for writings - Tower's were cute with sales people writing them on yellow cards with black felt pens - keep 'em brief, no one cares about music anyway no one buys much I see but with plenty left to say "I hate her one eye...") We stop you from being cold and impersonal seeking my wealths or then it's simply no bother to let you sit by gathering dust the actual "D" in "DRM". Friends of friends is business, not selling for bits more than you paid to assemble with-for. For bits less this conversation. I hate your dumb notes too, but better than paying a fast-acting conglomerate (congo blacks made to be as yours...sure...see my new idea for a porno magazine featuring black males in their studio prime - I'm gonna call it "Grape") that know or pay no one you know but "taxes". I make everything new come to me I hardly sample all the foodjunk available with...consider the fortune. P.S. I apologize to all for having made you money and black...the sincerest apology is yours. One more thing - you buy first before commenting to me, Bitch. Maybe you too iTunes? You give me $0.99 for this before you speak it out here. Otherwise, your own little site with MP3's about nothing paid. Suggested track listing is below my comment sales are a few.

Say no more here - no one asked you anything, thanks. Yes, I bought this CD at retail I swear the mix.

1. Another Day
2. Silly Love Songs
3. Live And Let Die
4. Junior's Farm
5. With A Little Luck
6. Band On The Run
7. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
8. Hi Hi Hi
9. Let 'Em In
10. My Love
11. Jet
12. Mull Of Kintyre

Just for now:
Cocteau Twins "Whales Tails (Live)" (WAV, 856K) from the "Heaven Or Las Vegas" Tour, November and March then 1990. From deep within my personal vaults you seem. David Soul "Don't Give Up On Us (Baby)"...

Cocteau Twins "Know Who You Are At Every Age" Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café - Know Who You Are At Every Age from 1993's "Four-Calendar Cafe" ! New from catalog series!

my senses are addicted to
a desperate desire to
observe such
feel such
behave such
neglect is hard for me

i'm not real and i deny
i won't heal unless i cry
i can't grieve so i won't grow
i won't heal 'til i let it go

cry cry cry 'til you know why
i lost myself identify

Cocteau Twins "Serpentskirt" Cocteau Twins - Milk & Kisses - Serpentskirt from 1995's "Milk & Kisses" LP if also do "Violaine" and "Eperdu"...

Finally, the return of "Primitive Heart" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 2 - Primitive Heart from the b-side comp "Lullabies To Violaine, Volume 2" EP 2005. What about "Mud And Dark" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 2 - Mud and Dark from the "Evangeline" EP (1993)?

echo fell in love with the handsome narcissus
narcissus strongly to her liking, it was the nearest to perfection
is anyone here, here, here, come, come, i will beckon
before I give you power over me, i give you power over me
and that remains her fate, always her voice in vain
and that remains her fate, always her voice echoes
still repeating only what others have said
narcissus we both are ugly
for i dreamt for him to find, hold a lovely face in the reflected image
construed by the futile, befallen to have his affection
it turned her so so slowly wasted
i know you didn't come to me to lay here
and that remains her fate, always her voice in vain
and that remains her fate, always her voice echoes
still repeating only what others have said
and after that she hoped to come as he said
he's found it funny they all want to piss on her
and she repeated the same words to them
and echo's flesh has always start all again
and she bows down to starve to death
oh, but she isn't thinking this before sinking
is anyone here, here, here, come, come I will die
before I give you power over me, I give you power over me   


HAPPY MEMORIALS DAY 05/28/07 ALLENTOWN, NJ 08501 ! The view is from "Green Acres" on the pond Allentown across roaded bridge to the Old Mill at side-back.


"Ain't nuthin a ride on a snowmobile or jet-ski can't fix." - fixed my sister's marriage the jet-ski - and within six (6) months' time

David Bowie "Loving The Alien" David Bowie - Tonight - Loving the Alien from 1984's "Tonight" LP do "Blue Jean" too...also "John, I'm Only Dancing" David Bowie - ChangesBowie - John, I'm Only Dancing from the assouged "ChangesOneBowie" LP a greatest hits of sorts from 1976! A very siamese and with petty screams as though being goosed...a la George Michael.

dead or alive 'i'll save you all my kisses' from 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' 1986...newer
some scope

Dead Or Alive "I'll Save You All My Kisses" Dead or Alive - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know - I'll Save You All My Kisses from the "Mad, Bad And Dangerous to Know" LP 1986...all my intimate kisses are what it might takes to sexdrive you away when complaining about any distance between us. Otherwise, I'll be all about yours...a great tune any way you take it up with me.

Madonna "Why It's So Hard" Madonna - Erotica - Why It's So Hard to cover this well (see Dead Or Alive's new EP "Even Better Than The Real Thing" 2007 for the cover  Dead or Alive - Even Better Than the Real Thing - Why's It So Hard plus title plus else) from 1992's "Erotica" LP all high out of my mind. Still in my "Secret Garden" a heart that will not harden a rose without a thorn.

you get these softly to ease the bake-off bewteen man and what's merely woven once taut in the part that pays pelts off the fats that shed capes in corner lots off broadway not just offering it to be as you stay
loves number redress ever simply as said

Thanks for the any support again - don't bust your ass delivering calm I'll keep suggesting to some on the way soon. That list of to-do-dads is hideous - you must get tired of hearing about others getting this and that. Fuck 'em - it's good to be poorly addressed but I wish I could give a gift better. Nothing yet be yours soon...Christmas was damned embarrassing no matter how little could have mattered any much (those sunspoiled suits - however elegant Brazil '66 - at Burlington Coat Factory are from the presumed re-dead - mine is Chris Ondy's seems awaiting me purchase - rock on! got the undies and anal-strength stoulper glue?) Cherish (as opposed to what's "concerned" and "fulsom" or never asked for once but seen) blacks have your mother's wearing made daily in sun since once risen the self had. No note too sure of her births made me.

Good news! Just got my very first titty check from iTunes at $4.38 maybe yes testing the sharp waters for radon tooth. I'll be here to receive further bras, but maybe this will help me out of the biggles soon enough. To the tip of it be knelt! [
Error made then: What? That first payment is eighty songs plus seven (87) or more! The first week plus little some. Twenty (20) for a dollar ($1.00).]

Sends self flowers soon...I'll hate them whenever they pay whatever what's won simply among all them beads balking.


>From: "Geri Moon" <>
>To: "Doug Moon" <>
>Subject: Re: Thanks $20
>Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 13:54:13 -0400
>I try to do what I can.  It's a lot different with a fixed income. 
>I am doing nothing for Chris as he is finally getting ahead.  Scott
>is still here and has to move out because I feel he has to move on
>in the adult world.  He makes a lot of money even tho half goes to
>child support x2.   Zach is graduating on June 18 and going to
>Mercer Co. Comm. College to take courses in criminal justice. Ricky
>turned 10 a few weeks ago.  Skyler has her first dance recital next
>month also.  Looking forward to the beach house for 2 weeks in July.
>  Went to Belmar yesterday.  Eddie and I go there for our day trips
>to the beach.  Less congested than Pt. Pleasant and we got season
>beach passes for $15 per person rather than $70 at Pt. Pleasant. 
>Hang in there.  Love Momma
>----- Original Message ----- From: "Doug Moon"
>To: <>
>Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:49 PM
>Subject: Thanks $20
>>Thanks again for the extra $20 --- if you're feeling rich sometime
>>please send me more. Bitches at me daily (help keep it just that
>>dumb). Chris is draining you too? Sorry 'bout that.

End that to me. My mothers grathers $150 a month to my roommate Terry each mid-month for additional support of hampers and be drama-mean only. We take it such to be greedily I make inside it meaning like bankers hate to be offering them notes ("...but if I paid you that I wouldn't make anything - I'd be niggers in the morning baking cheese crisps for the columbus society at-large - 'no four-cheese parts, please. No further of cheeses you just made. Buy them bigger once again once off the poll they leave for them at your home baking school-amending society, as at-first you call it.") Plus bepoint: No matter how little to be made frank, I never have enough for the empire sent me to be airing, and anyway, you may see how it very well goes down all-to-be-potent with thanks again made of good-to-be third sense. If: A 'third wheel' as extra-to-be-note mentioned just now is: on the back of a two-seater bike somewhat eleganted as to be the wind as rewinds you to seem and inside. Forward and backwards left to right, see just one side of the three in-line mebub chandlers get the parskened active worn, the other up to just no good an else as others may have rehad. The ride back is simply smoother somehow overting it once since be this offing. One met other? A capstan such from motor at a fastest re-read drives a large slowing-it-down gear to distribute less work per motor turn to a smaller-be-yet gear that adjusts easily and enough if somewhat an off-nut to be the sip and per spin-per-moment required at little to no further upper have burden. Huh? Another wheel would do no turn extra, and that be bid it had just well. Have it generate a reversing mite-might at any length to else if just some should be as quickly seved and just as unmade. A wig wearer caught off-stairs by an endless part-loop tight-scayed mightier mitt.      

enter less for this it is me too
have no heart - we enter misk and be it alone...that summons the half-heart homed

What? Quotes by famous men on masturbation?

Richard Nixon: "Should be restricted - it weathered me."
Magician Doug Henning: "My best trick yet. Doesn't fail me ever."
Doug Moon et al "If you don't, I'll make you." In the car too.
Stephen Sondheim: "Every day whether you're here, or I'm here with you."
Tom Cruise: "Never with you." Dougs adds "I don't get it - I hafta do this and you're here."
My father: "Never for you."
My maternal grandfather: "Never if you're alone." He likes to treat himself to you, it seems.
Andy Kirbee or Nelson Rockefeller: "Should be the law - you'd be caged in for it again."
Andy Griffith et al: "Opens doors no one will ever close again. Not to you anyway."
Doug Moon, again: "You never had it so good." + "It's all in me - and then there's you, a reality check." + "I know it wasn't you when we meet on the street and you have no questions at all."
French TaSauro a female impersonator:  "'Round and 'round we go - where it stops [when we talk], you go home to yours then."
Forrest Whittaker: "I ain't masturbated never. Why? Only you know."
More later.

Soon - the Kinsey scale (a common gay reference when feeling for others gay or delivering a man to a man for enjoyment at norms - who else would care? has changed from early 'abnormal' psychology books 1-10, I believe, for not being able to quote much outwardly at succinct or money - some inspire hardly, other bargain the bank or require care too much it seems...a she heard "he's against gays", he's against burdens or purely shitbags placed while others share no joy ever...abnormal of note is not thought of by others richly or at all then...deviant falls outside of what people think they expect of you a girl a boy? no - kids not made as if budget (really, deviant will not describe theirselves to you in ways that are meaningful or can be used faithfully - if so, then? adds 'wayward' does not do what they are told to do well or enough well)...your tolerances for behaviors or you on your own and against is capped neatly like in a budget..."no more than five percent 5%" over our projections or plans then nothing more made me or a ( ( ( BELL ) ) ) goes off with-for the monies being may fall within our tolerances it said but be deviant at once one cares for yet, is burden itself...a woman another such burden to pride or cheap says no money adds "you lost everything [going past six]" trying to stay out of, you don't get satisfactions like I do and wouldn't have spoken it ever should you have it see - why budget it? your tolerances for me so low...and no money made yet..."what can I have safely within your monies made me?" is real yet for doctors,, sure - be me no shame) for real we have it 1-10+ a blessing only:

-: Opens their mail, hates the day. Is never available for sex or other. Has bills and bills and bills to pay. Is so straight (to the bank), they could die of it.
1: Talks like they listen to you. Never listens - never hears either. Will not be, will not stay around once heard.
2: Opens the door and laughs at you. Is not real for theirselves each either. Elves, as elven (no sex, hates it as "eats at dinner...we have everything already, wants to fuck me"). Will not speak of same with you again.
3: Opens the door proudly - wants you to see them first. A school marm or hurt soldier of fortune for selves still working on it.
4: Breaks records or labels on people - no one who will be gay.
5: Listens least, will be either for you.
6: Opens packages too soon - is this, but will not stay with you.
7: Stays with you, lives with you. I'm here. Crown as the rawest gay to be ever is seven "opus" or opening presents. Never leaves gay ever as youth fulfilling itself. Very mean to you also - people hate it by them.
8: Opens the day with a bang. Is least liked here - too robust.
9: Women like me, I like them. I like them better. Is gay - me sometimes often. Note: Is not about women and orgasms pulling you down and also with fits, is about their colors. They are true, mostly, we are willing off some.
10: Lives on others always. Is their beggar too often.
+: Won't have babies. Is theirs somehow doing odd jobs.

Um, is the kindnesses (seeks safe) scale - has no bother for me. Thanks Alfred Kinsey a philanthropy from France helping others hurt less.
Is not for describing self as assured "I'm a ten for you" as for describing  "no problems with" to money and money held noting money as 'thank you's' from people at-large dying of sense made them.
You'll stay, alright. "You don't choose nothing with people, Doug - they choose you."
From what's available, that is. And If. And as if and. If and.

i just love the comforts extended me by you...some seriously we went
love it some...enter light

Stevie Wonder "That Girl"
Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - That Girl hadda have it.

Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" Daryl Hall &amp; John Oates - The Very Best of Daryl Hall and John Oates - I Can&#39;t Go for That (No Can Do) adds "One On One" and "Method Of Modern Love" as get alongs.

sexy? "involves you"

Amending last month's compile at 05/22/07 1933, we also get as "assault" subscriptions both "Food & Wine" and "Travel + Leisure" in our domicile and as nearly free to me at once canceling "People" for newer billings at $28+ please we are cheap with nudities that try and pay us you are not the 80's. See the latest "Out Magazine" (June 2007)? I loved its feature "Equus" he's real. He killed his mother for God (by choking her to death with a reddish towel device in their 19th century apartment in NYC, June 1973 - very wealthy - says he to her "you are an abastein [or lonely child of death ostensibly after hurting people now to making amends, etc. - ruined our lives]") and asked to be forgiven (no - never to me will you be you live in HELL). She strayed them both one day announcing blacks 'king' to 'France', Francos everywhere...lots. Hi and thanks. "You're really into masturbation [um, keeping yours while thinking about you entombed by shrouds] - we are lots too." Yeah, the silent killer...the 'quality assurance' department here inside. Q: "Does a woman lie around looking at her hairy legs?" Maybe. A: "No, her breasts" says her above. Secondary sex characteristics do confirm the tone - bones-hair-teeth. Role playing against youth and women at-large or egg weighers? Wears the right suit - no problem until seem bits, bytes off. Pop the blower lids as already working too hard and at you heard seeming.

Notes the above for 'recent' decease (um, "almost six years ago"...January 2, 2000 as six full years down anyway...heart attack on "longview" pills) Jerry Falwell (I don't think much, I don't know much personally - no cliff notes, please): "Nobody knows this person is real and died speaking in tongues [singing their way] to women who hate faggots period, like I do. I hate faggots for ruining every life I ever made you as clean and borrowed from. The math here excludes your countings what derriere - spell that again. Jerry Falwell is neither friend nor foe, but is my team. Thanks for playing." Team? Eighteen percent (18% +) then there's Have To Know Anyway-types as good making me everywhere at ten percent (10%) - no other as noted. "Angels among us"? Thirteen percent (13%) honor God this way.

Great works addendum: "Replaced China with Japan who are better for us ["they're kinder" he says]." Please, kindness is perceived as a reduced stature, usually. Your bond ratings drop and all. Friends are inappropriate at national levels I'd hafta hassle you. To wife Janet as favor: "Buy nothing new for six months. Promise me that." - From "Jerry" or Tom

That little British girl who is missing fell off a boat outside of Italy and was eaten by sharks while still alive ("while I sat by" it says to me)...too bad. Six (6) weeks not real ever. We stopped making babies real and the dead fake them (always they do look weird - hurt them not)...for claims, etc. Believing me isn't cheap. This girl Terelsie says "We make havoc and you make havoc. Ours isn't real. Thanks." Scary little bitch is his mother really.

Retard of 05/22/07: "We don't like you making up stories [about hardships and deaths for us] - a fool." Yeah, like I'm a piece of shit. 1) I lived better than you, consider myself out of your range always and prove it to you if as could. There's always time to know who you are made me less plus notes I never put my cock in anything like you by choice and always had a choice for me. 2) No one cares more than me - I get hardly a care like you mattered or could matter somehow. All is left to remain and without you - get to the facts life needs no one to me. 3) Yours - your choices among and without me having or saying - play out daily like film against the truth what people keep and are able to claim with you. There is little truth but much looking your way. Will you deny another's hurt? That insurance companies have extra money for claims and want to choose well but prove nothing to you? That sex you've had isn't real and that others won't hurt you bad for it? No one thinks this is heaven, but I'll damned if anything is as you describe with hurts and being left to hurt. You hurt yourself. Leave me to be with this a dump of not having and not having to know a shark bit her ass is bad faith issue and no one here pays to improve that we have winners (thinking better, being better for it should it come to be - being a victim is always near and hardly worth mentioning you but pay) and better breedings here. No one does what I do for you ever, yet my roommate reminds me with threats of leaving me high and dry to work another deal with else and else had (being forced out opens the beauty too, but as unnecessarily scared for whites breeding reliable and calm - and as others breed a type of catharsis for not hurting me again) that you are here every day making me miserable with your junky thoughts of bread eaten and although that's key to my win of being cruel and a handsome buy to others, I still ask others outlying to come here from entreat and as all is their way in happinesses extended, to hurt you in the way you perceive the world you are junk this is junk. Junk. But please, change nothing I'll die of bites without you in some remote my win again somehow. Somehow just me then you too. I'll suffer the wanton ways of it to you.

"Everything here is good only - and to be fooled by that again reason me out." - dM

patron saint of masturbation at national levels, jocelyn elders xo
discipline is a loser...mind don't matter for much
mess with sex you lose some know-how
then, silent and abeyant for having bothered with u
never be the bother...bring yours gift
or be, just to be, just be
be that
is that me? hard-lee...we use words like 'intrepid' the kinsey scale 1-10, 10 is best of looks
one is the only one who will admit to the major labian saffora or platen duct type
two thinks the umbre scrotum covered with miniscule exit-entry papillomas or virat harlogees emper
seven denies straights are just kidding us - they are simply without a tinfle of hask or then naturo-musk
"the penis needs to be cut off" so nuts it did hafta happen - if you had one, you'd never fear de-horning...even diseased skaggs have it pushed up in their butt with coffee stits they never come off we stake the balls
"we use words like drugs" can't afford it legs all spread in the public septor again the visitor's lounge! "harmless" seven years it would still itch.      

"M*sturbation is key. Don't be the first one to reject your body and always as an asking for compliments." - dM who sees nothing funny about it, you'll always be just another bother to me, if only me, then (p.s. you were great! not one word off...your mother loved it all up like dogs eat fist under it flabb)

"If you don't enjoy yourself, you are certainly going to be a who's-who among freaks. Selfish people are made by pieces of me...then there's nature's numbers 'take two - nothin's good nuthin's real neither'..." - dM

"Someone said 'men don't want the comparison of penises on-screen...' yours at-home may be even smaller than that it said. I'm still reeling over tits yours are so big to me and you haven't even paid for them yet." - dM who hates seeing your dopey sex stuff you are that too so scary but we have ultra-massive stink what makes all so real! On-screen I'd be small. Real small...however, still is external.

"Thirteen. Perfectly is, normal." - dM who loved the tub onced sanit, at and of course, and what watery grave, sans          

"I can't believe we have to watch this crap [someone profiting handsomely it seems]." Should be shot in the mouth be sure out back - the right people, the right time. Any profits in life come from devoting to others and their knowledges first while you speak of me off-hand. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, christ, the first woman to ever have and know, etc., like freaks. I'm trying to stay me while you die off of being that way so detouch. Change nothing, thank you very much. Somehow you'll get cared for without being in-charge unless you run from the gun keep thinking. P.S. I wouldn't let my own mother get rich it sends the wrong message to people who out-did out-fucked out-cleaned out-manouevered out-spoke out-danced out-stole and out-did you handily. Why you? Oh. What is rich? You own everything and pay for others. You never fear your bills. You also have extras of everything you love just in-case someone breaks something or steals, what's almost naturally theirs, back (and with hidden microphone to relay bits by facts). Someone who is rich does not get angry at people they understand everything just a mistake always welcome never to be used as suspiciously. Yes, you tell people and pay threat easily enough by check money order.

If I mention you it is because I like you...did I mention me? Check back with the folks at Segway and see their latest line of two-wheel acid bunglers with scampi packs in the rear caysh d'cauper. I hear one of the space-age dildos exploded like asking bastards in the sparts 'contra' arm and hatched a bupp tooth on some woman...took six (6) stitches to biggle it to with her lip a bloodlessness and gore stick hit at her face too. Get the ass-cart next time the holes let it out some and help to steer off embarrassing wetnesses, sanises, smells, any arthaus b'flot.

Pretenders "Private Life" The Pretenders - Pretenders (Remastered) - Private Life from 1980's "Pretenders" LP...this record remastered and full of good things " j'ne glands [for] your theatrics | your acting's a drag..." is here first up. Favorite song? "Lovers Of Today".

devo sing 'that's good' on tv's 'square pegs' - this is segment 3 of 3 the prior two are there for the fisking, 1...2
amanda blake stars as the jewish godmother to cape and stole...devo were six grand ($6,000) (plus them toiletries "wapz soap, douche for mothers") for the call
do devo feel bad? they hated filming that "because people were rude" (only god knows why too live) - even your fans suck "coupla faggots in them yellow suits dancing on their chairs"
yeah - they pick up the excess beef for it blowing each other "for new furniture covers"
"success settles for less every time you side with it" - pil
we make people think it's me and they die of promoting theirselves as pee-launch of chopped vox-it
"he ain't bad, neither"..."some is all"..."be that lined in it"..."people hate yours back to you...first annual sing it all down off me...most burbs, cheap stacks of shit made to be even as it is cheap"
"should pay for your practice the ornagy in-full be it an early-time euth-opia settles the kiss down" + "one more tape won't make you good - translate this to me should you hear back at the ol' apple jack"

'that's good' is from 1982's 'oh, no! it's devo' lp Devo - Oh No! It&#39;s Devo - That&#39;s Good
another 'triumph of the will' produced by roy thomas baker of the cars and queen fame
no 'til tuesday is produced by rhett davies  (who? both elton john trevor horn nunn too)
anne beatts is carol burnett...jail sentence remorsed

have i lost my d'elegante? juze boorlehans?...outrage.

those square logos so ugly to me as almost fixture...seem better
it mattered bad   

Apple's iPhone at the winner's circle price? Five hundred ninety-nine ($599.00) with or without speaking plan ($499 something then maybe lowered yes). Add a couple hundred for speaking plan I guess see base price. We never recommend a plan unless disconnected formally from life prior me too. Sometimes, I think I'm just too hard on the phone's looks. Maybe an actual smaller in appearance will make do...artless be seem like the palm pilot and of spare parts.

Doesn't Justin Chamber's musketeer (recently at Apple iTunes movies there? no, not yet - by mention) make long hair on a man look good (he was blind too during filming - trust that - "When I talk to people, I'm still slightly off-center [as having been dead in my care prior and now just]...I can't stare at them well [as] they are presence itself and hateful too looking at you...")? But back to, I usually hate long hair formally, and earrings too for looking greasy and dirty on men. See the note. "Nobody likes me - trust it. Every little bit helps." Is me. Neil says "Doesn't wanna work - is hateful about everything money." Is me. Neil adds "[Is] a talker." Quiet, Neil.

Who is the real father of Anna Nicole's (um, Joanne Lentoski's) son "David" or whatever (she just has one)? My friend Dennis Murphy who was Jay North and is redone to us. Sure, and gentle said, via a sperm sample given in a jar (with extra? I tease the girl's at-once boyfriend an "incompetent" she says unfairly - and no, he threw Dennis in that room after painting a fingernail while he slept - about not delivering all was seen by us but sampling some on the way). True. This stuff is truly creepy and funny all but wiping some in my butt. That was nice of Dennis, no? No one asked for mine yet as I urge them to take silently for your dreams onward as with the dead or from blood samples. We have good features too...I think...if all tastes good.

Finally, you! Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" Nelly Furtado - Loose - Say It Right from 2006's "Loose" LP.  Just 'cause it's great stuff.

Huh? The song is about a black man - " i know you don't need nothing at all from don't mean nothing at all to me " on upwards to God with thanks for trying with anyway. This somewhat apologetic to one is worth giving this for. Keep it to light. Is Mozambique (or then of lower Florida), a ruinous rhythm.

More from her the accused making: "We didn't make this one, we signed on the dotted line. I was Israeli, but fashioned myself there and since dying have begun seeking more or less to be happy with others. See that here - I like it too." The song was made by jennifers or feeling types above and with her yet unknowing. Makes use of people, not against them. "Gets around to speaking of all made me - not necessarily speaking for them. People get it and leave it too and as artfully. No one needs this hurtful and you would murder me too. Doesn't mean anything to work that off alone we love it thanks Israeli?" - dM   

Happy Mother's Day (usually dead at a grave missing...all these fucking holidays for people). Spread the good if you have it, keeping the rest sound of it this annual May 13.

Gary Numan "Metal"
Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle - Metal the big one (to me) from the 1979 LP "The Pleasure Principle" the title means 'touch what you see' as glowing or add one your own. Zzzz. Touch and feel very textrous I'd say. Adds "M.E." I love that one too.

Then adds 1980's "Telekon" Gary Numan - Telekon - Telekon its title song - get to "I Dream Of Wires" too...'you end on reel one and are not the star here, thanks.' You just want to be me....'you and the real one' both decide and may be are nothing to me yet or all to be. The mind over issues, and issues again...but does not do while I do. Check out other noodles added in after-the-fact, such as "We Are Glass", "Photograph" with its strange queries in piano and Fairlight synth (Beethoven's last - made simple again all they could know), and the French-laden "Trois Gymnopedies" say the last word "gin-noddies" with "trah" to mean "the three of us who travel alone still - a mother, father and single of son". This is like the movie "The Beach" by Danny Boyle three (3) French twats (not said: is AIDS, Ken Harrigan - him, as mother, husband, and son reuniting in France abroad to die once more - I didn't get that at all when I watched - they-he took forever to die! I left finally ---- assumes I'd die sooner [than you...a favorite AIDS acronym] ---- did he....and finally?) on a remote desert island my very dream? No, lonely types dying together in France or abroad.

How does the below Honda sedan fuel for showroom 1998 avail? Three (3) quarter-size pills, six (6) inches deep in a funnel of your choice with hard water pouring down make six (6) gallons of petty fuel (that is, no one else uses it) that lasts eight hundred (800) or so miles each day only. Up to seven thousand (7,000) miles then alternately what cost about nine hundred dollars ($900). So, about thirteen cents ($0.13) a gallon, the car costs nine thousand dollars more (> $9,000) than a sedan, but is way more economical as this then. No taxes or tags extra.

We're not here to make money - we're here to stop you from having too much against us. Fuck yourselves dead. By the way, heard England central was bombed bad again over the weekend. So? Can we see? Russia dealing with spendthrifts.

No Choice Made Here You Are Being Forced Into It So What An Advocate For What You Are
05/12/07 1159
These are the latest cars from Honda Motor Corporation (with shown the "FCX Concept" under nouveau types and styles) - always just us - for my new fuel but I caution you, you made no money here or there. You need money makers or to take care of burdens from someone - that would be the police, usually. Get their cars ready soon on new fuels. No mercy for oil peddlers yet set in their ways. You bargained the bank and I wait sweetly for the day you are no longer here, no longer dear, no longer welcome, no longer seen to be, and no more trouble. You love listening to me always. I envision a beautiful world past me and full of the things you love and no one to enjoy it all with you easily enough. To the death with it. What you see is nearly good enough. Answer 2010 is your deadline to get it out of me or else you again with me in HELL. No one here changes anything much. Stay sweet and be bitter too. Kids here - follow your parents home every day or be with me and that means fun until you speak the way they do. I hate backtalk and explaining me again and over limits after all I'm only human. You get along, you get around (my fantasies, if you will, involve you in a pickle always and I get to befriend harsh types my way for loving people  - will you be that - so stupid and for me? no, we get sex and wealths the right way - practically begging you no order). We don't make special people - we hate that shit. We make friendly people and people who know us well. All else yours, elseway. Noting this, you should take no steed - to what? Be there for me or else you. One or the other only you have criminalized (won't talk to...hrrmph!) me against nature and employment I will not have you either way why do I live? You make nothing, you are nothing for no joy but splendours. Who needs it? You do fighting me. We hate that always.

For fact: Gas is actually ninety percent (90%) corn of use, the rest, six percent (6%) imported as, is crudes in oil (mostly from Pakistan who refines not and can't afford to) if all is refined gently over time. Major corporations Mobil, and Exxon sell corn grown and distilled. There are no others - all the rest buy locally as refined no crudes after that. "You have bankrupted us." You don't pay people - that is no one to cry about. The new fuel will be ninety six percent (96%) overhaul and the rest is corn or butters your choice for grass and greener. If you act up, you will most likely be hanged, shot, or killed viscerally. I promise - and no langors (hanging on) from others they get nothing to you.

Number of folks who died bad trying to get here to see me: nineteen thousand forty-five (19,045) - and who is that? Come see with stealths in mind...maybe one day a little list of some who lost nothing I can see yet.

Scott T. Wilson, Union Carbide Products, Tenafly, New Jersey - died hanging himself here at the Marriott central;
Mary Louise Jennifer, no person found yet from Oklahoma Central Storages - didn't pay my bill yet, will call on my things "and bland them"...has hanged once to twice now a "ghost" made flesh for you;
Greg T. Wilson no name match, from Russia planned to shoot me...has died having his head removed finally due to studebaker Chris Ondy having a rude exchange with him one night. No sex, thanks.
Scott Johnson, 36, from Oklahoma Heights, again storage-type woes of their own - again, planned to shoot me, we hung him too. All good looking to you, all just fags to me.

See you in your own home soon again, Bitch. Even with kids you'll croak of it. Leave me if you must.

"Life begins at divorce." - dM
who thinks little of it - remember needed your guarantees against kids and shit lifestyle decreases
please, it took me years to become this savvy for you...that billboard fell from too many takers over a thousand (> 1000) and blacks too they hate divorce 'less money for me'
ownership always spells disinterest to me...i demand sharings of, but with affords in place
you don't have a right to know people, do you? i don't
alcohol and severe lovelorns - even as somewhat ugly - give way to commercial quality drugs and mayhem and then you settle down with someone out of the way
you can't keep dying for it, can you?
also choice or choosing for one's self is the #1 fraud across nations had...still i blame no one for this
the pope says to me just now (who is that?):

"You are no one. People die and you die too." - this, is 'the pope'
i can't believe grown men fear death, and as just bald
you fear it for me
i hate people for dragging this on, but i don't want the stuff you deliver me...lowered to no further should i see
gas is so high and you bellow it

prices for stamps go up two cents ($0.02) on monday i guess
i mailed my mother a mother's day card with an amc movie voucher in it no expire silver pass
on me...sure
ikea gave us these great diaper bags (2) on the street too weeks been 'be brave not beige' whatever the bags honor moon with eclipses - maybe she'd enjoy those as colorful too
lunch...other sundry and cares

i myself love the liberty bell...had the copper one on right in my youth - see ebay
founding father benjamin franklin - now known as studio-stage scott thorsson - says he "owns the bell" he bought it for $70 made out of our pennies collected by the man himself
he actually paid a man to set up the burning only - "his time was worth more" he said
pay the man


"Rush Hour 3" August 10 the preview has a few good laughs and all now at Shatner et al decodes as directorship here...apparently he is approved for making movies at expense at Universal. One day, we pour coffee with cream and extra sugar in your computers everywhere (watch video at link - but seriously, will be Cepacol for best fit)...for talk. CD's? The ol' paint pen. Cassettes? Slice with razor down middle of tape for ten inches (10").

Add smarm lively be light > >  dust scratches > > simply said and should denudes and what's simply hearsay > > a basilisk, foy, foy me again halli-f.o.y. ('for ours, yours' an exclaim - we'll see it and respond to you promise) chronic to cronos in and of bad breath rococo! pu! gasct gasct

Mother's Day soon she's still here too (other mothers can't stand the way their sons live as looking down from fink who'll heaven it tits - fuck 'em geniuses I say take a tip, Bitch - no one shows me nothing new when its finally over for you and you too)...we seek to quell Summer heats upcoming...can we forgive this stuff to be me still - nonsense.

Download iTunes
bitch changed hard drives while i was away
who picks through poop eats at the savory side of the sage
erased shit i paid you i can't live at all...most of my songs were not of caprice and these wit
he used to have to call now he just comes in his own home
you'd be surprised how little i afford him in it keep the change, timely piece
how can your back stand all the sitting up at computer while i lay?
who cares for me more than me?
you do. you still do.
most is you.
go to work - you have the job.
i hafta think about having one and feel bad
a woman does this
can she be me without crossing over the line to import luxuries and narrating all fax'd porno as heaven-to-ruinsk?
mere titplay j'ne glands [for your theatrics, or 'there is no theater' should you doubt this] your acting's a drag.
bitch, please - you were matriculated (formally entered in 'undeclared' or then 'humanities' otherwise as never official and with no guide for)?
in business administration for four years at a two-point-oh minimum gpa or better?
no. thanks again be with it you there's no paper to cover that be apt.
'minimum standards matter' - trust you'll see no more about that, sims and to be you, such sim
'go big brite!' making ends meet no matter what eggs you lay
p.s. turkey meat is just better beef thank young again 666 see how we win past being you? 666 eat up, twat. boo-moo-moo!
is it true? never so! readers get what i get - some is no good, or very good...why would i keep that shit to myself?
that's what you do...making someone 'special' no takes us seriously = great benefit, i get scared of knowing too much for you...who cared about this?
doesn't turkey make you fart and it with sulphurs they only eat grubs after all?
pu! those seeded grapes...candid'd yams

Apple iTunes

you can print this out and on your gift as such leave message...
is no e-mail as it times you right out with envelope saying you
and after all, if you're gonna have your say with them, have it here
and then don't forget to mention the 'no-gift' enter of ''
many have to date about ten thousand (10,000) smarties leaving home for it
you don't hafta see the value with me each time you open - maybe later you
i had to be shown to told everything once too...
p.s. if you take a stand against websites, i'll appreciate you even more and less
p.p.p.s the ralph's at beverly connection still untouched and ready to amuse us shelf-wise i looked again just lately

The Lavishness Continues Despite Your Signals From To And Above We Make Matter Not To Issue With It Your Way About Trowel We Get Up You'll Mastit It Too
Why did I get up in the morning? I didn't...maybe you did. I can recall the rude sting of the alarm clock on many a cold morning at such ungodly the hour to rise and do what I do best - work and play. After my heart stopped from the morning its shock, I sat there gathering light system, massaged my limbs, and quite frankly no I'm not (yo)used - I never masturbate in the morning like I don't play with myself under water (leads to other endurances, chinese penis, then, a woman drags all out of the hamper to have an unnecessary discussion no one dreams of having even while under certain hat of duress or being pressured by elseone othernaught...ever have that? I could fucking die). Rule: Always to immediate reward after work-school or perhaps in some pricate never to share a thought indicating anything at all (it's one thing to fantasize another end-user, it's another to have it show up - I hate that and almost die 'oh, god no - and to thank my luckiest fuck' help heaven thank you again). Despite the disclaimers ('you're disgusting and fat [you wouldn't see it as soon with most seen to be laeckring on over me]' - 'anyone can have this, you know, i paid' -- 'not this, though -- there's no proving it to you but with all the extras simmer stirred right in you') we ourselves got things done and arrived in good societal form when it mattered to me most. These days I hear one word I hate and go back to bed all day. You try and masturbate with all of this noise in the head (but don't show me, I'll show you you in-times taken and with light comment - in the window sends bosquiat of haldone niggers). Like any task made me, I certainly can deliver you yours, but hate that service to me massages and other junk. I get so depressed all of them oils and shit everywhere I could die. What did I tell you? Wet Light formula only. Wet, please. Even the women I hear in the head dialing the police and complaining of sexual conduit in and around no fest can sound sexy...with all the help you get here you should fuckin' dry right up and cone for it like goiny mits. Help yourself down the veiny ol' leg, Bitch. You had some - I see the mits in you combing down fur. I don't take exception to anything you do - should keep for weeks you keep on fuckin' it all-new skintight frankencremes everywhere seem so moist me you sewed three (3) mattresses together for a 'lady king-janet robbi'? Presenting the new "Alto-Grecian" by Mister Man. You feel this way and that way. "Have it read to me in the Sands again so both could be born. Sew better to no poor and you shall be in and without it no two would be same." Prepare the way no feat unusually mates but before you come due demanding it no result be 'restful' at oint. You were someone special...wait for your cue. Meanwhile I lay little blacks eggs to lace up in and around in your spine you'll sleep on the floor for hatching these schemes.