Bump Over To June 2006....

NEW! Alpinestars "Burning Up" Alpinestars - White Noise - Burning Up from their new "White Noise" LP (2006). We've been waiting on this one..."Snow Patrol (Pt. 1)" promises too my texture. Sounds like Gavin Bush.

Not until another pot of laundry is done - not if while you rent videos or prepare it for one. I steal that video, get it some anyway.

Enya "Evacuee" (um "every time I leave you [I come right back as yours truly seeking more of it but with you too]" in gaelic springs of loving others some and more than others) Enya - Shepherd Moons - Evacuee from her "Shepherd Moons" LP (1991).

Roll Over Beethoven
06/01/06 1710
I was lying around watching "The Brady Bunch" on TV Land the other day (what offers never more than what I'm willing to see and on that day) and it was their little Christmas special - looked like the first one ever and so young. Oh, the mother was gonna sing for the church choir - much like Cybill Shepherd's gonna sing a selfish-type warning of sorts says she "had to" the usual moffle ensues - but she got laryngitis (mercifully somehow if holidays approach us). Laryngitis? What bullshit ! she herself trying to get out of being heard and let's take all gifts back then to protest Christmas until heard they'd say once before hearing my offer to have none at all by mine Alice who's been there with me before. Anyway the little girl Cindy asks Santa Claus to bring her mother's voice back to her on Christmas morning and the Claus reluctantly agrees but receives hard sternship from the father who asks "how could you promise a little girl this?" in the locker room. This all filmed in Toms River, New Jersey at Screen Gems (something painted as in a santa suit, something added in - each frame) what is Ocean County Mall now. The mother got her voice back and all, but I have laryngitis now and it is real somehow - I can't sing as per usual, but see me try anyway. That means no Karen Carpenter "Superstar", no Radiohead "Lucky" done well. Nothing as we wait. And who will pray for me? June 2006 to be made soon enough.  

The Carrot Stick People Of Manies
06/01/06 1530
Now that the cascade islands have formed and have been on tv some with a vicious luxury liner white sought among them (the new islands will sink ships like that and throw them down a hole in the south pacific to never rise again) we should talk about the people there. You will go with four (4) others at a time in ghost form like carrot sticks dark and tall and reshape yourself and your mind with your mind to be who you want to be - maybe yourself then - but to please others only. No locks on, but just as long as you're there and fighting people you will shapeshift to be anew and perhaps better minded while with me somehow. Each little change becomes me then. No fighting over this - you will die harrowing me. The whole island mass will be sunken against trees and a harrowing drop for ships who stray there. Unwelcome is unwelcome period and then sharks come onshore if necessary. Walking some they do.

Journey Blue Heaven "Eye 2 Eye" Journey Blue Heaven - Title - Eye 2 Eye - as one of us has gotta go " it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong "...Rosie O'Donnell sings this in 1982. I loved the re-version of the song played on WMMR and as by Eye 2 Eye.

Daniel Powter "Bad Day" Daniel Powter - Daniel Powter - Bad Day from his self-titled debut LP (2005). Nobody poor makes records, Fool. Tied up is all I'd say. Nice slacks.

that's why they call her 'madge' in the press - always soaking in it
give it a rest...we honor the music of madonna and in our graves anyway
so god-like
so undying
'it has fortune no matter what'

Madonna "Get Together" Madonna - Confessions On a Dance Floor - Get Together the second track on the "Confessions" LP (2005) - good stuff that just dawned on me too. That shitty-looking cross is too good even for her - send that back to the oversize sweater with bulletgloves at The Limited. No offense seen just yet...

Lynn Anderson "Rose Garden" Lynn Anderson - 16 Biggest Hits - Rose Garden ...from her 16 greatest hits honoring me, I guess. Some. Is Loretta Lynn, but for "quieter, more studied audiences no fanfare"...."no fags" she adds. One of my favorite songs from my grandparents Moon - they are country itself and ran "Hee Haw" (means "held over" in slang or "made to do more for us" as in sex and drinkin' too - gay says) into the ground making demands, 1976. Stacks and stacks of country-time eight tracks and mostly RCA on their Admiral grand as this played beautifully and onward for me one day visiting. I searched the tracks this sounds best remastered once.

a woman as god taking care of nothing our way bitter tips (lacings stop maternity from entering the lips - a surrogate mother milking won't touch you if it's said)...coming soon and finally ! sidewalk talk
this at the northeast corner of doheny and santa monica boulevard...get something in here was a flower shop and put back the Chevron, please
you hafta sail all the way down past la cienega for gas or enter nuisance...replacing old tanks fucked people over they wouldn't pay...taxes paid anyway...um, $100 per ground tank

note grecian god "mumtaz" for "hard learner" (if says "mums the test" as then "most test well, i won't") is in the background as palms with cross seen lying on left other views
i am dead to you yet, you'd say

that innermost square looks like the framed picture in 'basic instinct 2' the cross with the ghoul lower right...more shots of the interior

the ol' homestead met with its end...sadly, all is lifted into the air i protect and will one day return
...in new digs, no less!
how 'bout that washer - a sear's kenmore still clappin' at it to be clean

Cathy Dennis "Just Another Dream" Cathy Dennis - Move to This - Just Another Dream from the "Move To This" LP  (1990). And always remember her with D-Mob's "C'mon And Get My Love" and "That's The Way Of The World" both too.

Silent Night 05/26/06 0950
I was walking up and down Robertson Boulevard with my roommate (if making sure beauty boutique "Alessi" didn't die from the once reference here) as a big ol' reception-party at a boutique (a makeup place) called MAC (for "makeup and cosmetics") Cosmetics ensued and was pretty lively - what that takes these days is plainly money. We went across the street and another boutique has the movie "Roller Boogie" playing on three (3) stacked tv monitors and most silent in the window. We loved both Neilsy and my cousin Melissa (Blair who is now recording artist P!nk) starring in this and note the tight disco t-shirt on Neil that says "Heaven" that little style is great as the name of their beloved roller disco is this. Anyway, the point is, another bar called The Normandie Room and near here had 1982's George Romero hit "Creepshow" playing the other night as I stood outside and watched through that window in a miniplex. The Hal Holbrook character is simply me - trying to get an unruly bigmouth such as Adrienne Barbeau (of tv's "Maude") under the cobwebbed stairs in that university basement (ostensibly to care for some other woman hiding there who has a vaginal distress - her only key to it) to meet something new with teeth, claws, and beady eyes living in an old wooden crate underneath. Just like me - old, tired of - you toss her in there brutally in a very last-ditch effort-attempt to make sense of this woman had, and she's all "oh, god! not again [another feeble attempt to love me and this way]" while you wait for the sweaty palm-warmed nuts to make all reindeer fly out and her way as the dead coming once home to greet. Finally, the scorching red lights blare and she gets hers as silently as wheeled or just thrown out of the ring in roller boogie "Heaven", but what I had to go through to see mine done merely makes sure I wanted this clap to her at all. No undoings here, and you see it done. That creature must've closed a tooth on her, and finally then I just left as usual.

See the benefit though an old movie - like paintings on the wall.

our new building with wayward solar pads right rests behind madonna's little dance studio just torn down...numbers at right is where you go to sop yourself to an older distinguished man
carolco is the brick wad way in the rear, the bel age hotel is upper left

our bedroom and bathroom windows on palm are lowest...better be sure it's not really mine

rotating grille on the fan and with singer remote now at bed bath and beyond for thirty bucks $30 and made me think
with heat being what it is and all - forming cones and staying out of the way but with you cookin' ass - is this the best choice overall?
no, this is for baby's room - blows air everywhere around but directly at and dries with you
a straight non-moving ("non" means "no answer to me - nothing said") fan forms a cone like a megaphone with the smallest point closet to fan and the heat all around dead and shrinking you
an oscillating fan what we have back and forth left and right and with face that tilts is what we have and keeps heat moving around and outward then
one button on the base of turns that movement on - sure, or then not to have - but people entering and leaving rooms make the difference with heat and objects forcing all the unpleasant out
a ceiling fan is for tables only - blows air down and across outward over foods and stuff
use for high spaces too - it works
vent fans in the ceiling-roof or kitchen wall are what these all are
air in the back is now entering and moves it forward out the front but around - whatever's there
the fan pictured is perhaps for nighttime, but is not the best for here (know that?)
i'd get one anyway - i get sore throats at night with blowers on me
and singing

sav-on now has beautiful chinese lanterns and other string lights like little metal watering cans in multiple colors and for sale just to make up for target being unhelpful once...beautiful stuff and so cheap still...nevermind these are prettier than ours, we had usage or then utility value ('utility' is someone else's, 'usage' is yours alone) all the while or the ability to see and know as ours and while you waited....trader joe's had the nicest salad served me yesterday by a young man like we was at home together and alone...rounded green leafs (very little radicchio of), greek-type feta cheese, a raspberry vinaigrette of some sort made, walnut pieces, and little dried cranberries like they was raisins...nice, real nice...then some of that dixie peach juice...nice...did you know 'dixie' is for 'dixlexia' or falling drunk...yup...southern types falling down drunk and happy all the time....you can still winn-dixie by living well here.

value systems to me:
entertainment value: made enjoyment for you, i.e., made time fly (a movie on a plane);
convenience value: was on the way, buried in some place special (a 7 eleven or if in-and-out, a gift shop soda);
actuals (an, or large) value: everyone sees and knows they cannot afford it yet (a new car - no way you can afford it yet);
principal value: everyone sees and knows it's yours for sure (clothes, perhaps a food spit in - and all as only to you);
candor value: you get to show yourself more (a t-shirt with something emblazoned on it a logo - says for you without saying);
match-made value: goes with something you have already (a volume 2 or small appliance attachment? mostly if furnitures);
candace value: asks others not to belong (a black face eating or using product on box, a child's way with paints maybe, colored candies, multi-tinge popsicles, etc.);
refresh value: asks others to participate with you if seen (a box of kleenex is one, handily soaps, mask tissue papers of color, holiday decorations, etc.);
mocking value: avoids off-color remarks with others (toilet paper with songs, dances on them, candles with sayings on them, birthday cards sent - makes sure you enjoy yourself when with);
certify value: stops you from being asked and asking too many questions of (an atm receipt, a bus pass with pictures, dates, stamps on them);
hondace (or research) value: stops you from making too many dumb statements at the bank or post office (all is official with you - no entry by others);
clapboard value: makes others know your status of wealth, enjoying them or not (tissue again, is hard or soft - whatever - a cheap made is labor bourne and you have say, so is with bowls of wax fruit on the table)
carnage value: gets rid of things you hate seeing or knowing about (an alarm clock is here gets rid of late, others bickering, bug spray is another, any provides comfort value is here)

or, then marginal, margined value: just one (1) or two (2) more won't make me any much happier.

Radiohead "Lucky" Radiohead - Six Feet Under: Everything Ends, Vol. 2 (Music from the HBO Original Series) - Lucky is from the "Six Feet Under: Everything Ends, Vol. 2 (Music from the HBO Original Series)" LP (2005).
Hurt? Is being made to know. Being made to experience this, to answer back somewhat correctly or else. Pain? Too much person in too little space. Daggers of type enter (perhaps as in skin), you can't leave your area of for else. Adds some.

"You're being hurt. I'm in pain." - dM
Hurt is but a memory. Pain is with you.

Harm? You were made to change your path to by seeing incident. Half arms reach with no fervor. You hesitate to be with now.

NEW! What Your Cigarette Brand Means To Me And The Above 05/25/06 0852
Your brand has a name to me - see this:

Kools - a ladies man - see no other here (no gay now - gave it up);
Marlboro Light - hates opinions of others, asks you not to speak so clearly then (definitely mine and occasionally, you terrorist me with yours);
Marlboro - hates their mother, hates you too;
Winston - eats you out of house and home, smells;
Salem - wants to work with you, won't make the effort if you're there;
True - a woman without money seeking women too - a man's man has this down, ruined forever;
Carlton - all money comes from your mother's hand, you hate her too;
Virginia Slims - you drive cars and fast at that, a woman here is bothered by you;
Capri - asks you not to live so fast yet, a heart attack suffered;
Camel Lights - tells other people's secrets alot, a scumbag;
Camel - hates identities in people, works against them being known to you;
Camel Menthol - works against the government, only;
Lucky Strikes - a homosexual seeking same identity with others not out;
Viceroy - a southern homo seeking homos only
Newport - asks too many questions of others (is mine choiced once again, and when young);
Dunhill - you sleep with women and are a drunk all the time - a loser at it really;
Nameless Brand - eats others all the time as asks no questions just answers everything;
Kent - makes others eat cum (not for children to hear either);
Pall Mall - eats cum (hold the line here - a good person still I your savior ate lots);
More - wants others to play ball - no feelings to be expressed to this, eats your food often enough, though;
Merit - holds the line on people, makes them wait for everything - a scumbag to you;
L&M - wants merit done to them, also then says to: make us earn nothing from you - a haste of it
Next - opens pill bottles and adds to them - a fright of having to know everything around you for this;
Parliament - maybe yours...is this kent? it is;
Basic - is just salem;
Benson & Hedges - opens your mail, asks others not to use you if under the carpet with bills;
Doral - takes care of the retarded of us - uses your things often enough
Enough - and see we know you.

Stevie Nicks (real name, Debra Connelly), walked by your recording house the other day on Norma breezeway on top: TDK or else named is for reprints only - copies of tracks. Never record here. Maxell is for recording fresh. That's where the quality of yours sound having is going...and all from the head passing by. Meanwhile, I stopped into Perfect Beat to listen to Bananarama's new album - sounds great the first two (2) tracks pay for and lavishly so pretty to me. I was looking for a little 'thank you' from the girls quickly scanning in the liner notes as I channeled them as some nut without headphones on but standing at the counter was looking at me strange, but I'm all "the lyrics to the second song really are that for me...." there's no one on the floor 'cause we're here and perhaps you wake up alone the very next day and move it around but some more (see Radiohead's song below...'move me aside next time and save me from this' it says). She - one the girls - said "please we had to get this out [as the right way with no problems] you see it..." OK! I see the newer label is yours. Thanks. "You really are a shopping bag..." she says now.

If in West Hollywood-else, go to Famima! (home of brilliant panini sandwiches) and try their chicken curry hush puppies, large. A crack-wheated hush puppy crust large, perhaps as big as your hand and in a white french-fry cup, filled with chicken curry spices and meat - delicious at one eighty ($1.80) each plus a tax. I hear in the head Toni Halliday makes 'em in jail for too. Delicious - I've had like four (4) of them in so many days. Called a "banina" or then "broken bread" from France proper.

for poop problems

I use only Pepto-Bismol for stomach distresses and it ain't cheap. In fact, the bottle I have right now was about eight bucks ($8.00) at Pavilions...see that.
Pushes out and scars ghosts. My mother is Mylanta. If you like drinks and are older - for you, ends the shakes and heatstroke too. Her aspirin was Bufferin only. Our childhood decongestant pill? Coricidin D only. Our cough syrup? Rich red Triaminic - went broke or something still here.

for heart phase, dried-up drinking 

Pretenders "I Hurt You" Pretenders - Learning to Crawl - I Hurt You from 1984's "Learning To Crawl" LP..." i hurt you | 'cause you hurt me | so i hurt you | 'cause you hurt me " more:

i been cryin'
like a woman
but i'm a man
a big man
because a man
a very, very big man
hurt me

a truth to lyric some

also try 'when i change my life' soon on the pretenders 'get close' lp from 1986

go to my message board at dougmoon.com to see about rolling stone's top 500 albums made flesh for me from the book seen today at book soup no page numbers or for chris ondy no (here now: page 131) 

finally! someone recognizes my potential and future statement....waiting yet, paid $15 fee
$300 credit line but no card is yet...called in again
received saturday...$160 cash advance taken at b of a after atm said over my daily limit with new pin selected while on the phone activating your card (see two unmerciful pledges to bother with an offer to protect)
up the ladder we go...see more
the supermarket will not give cash to credit, but see an atm card gets over cash here with no bother if regular atm banks down
i get mine this way all the time no one no makes me know any less at the ford 'what? sorry - 'your' card don't work no more - see ya dumb at the branch on monday atm' then returns it
then see a $79 annual fee logged right in reducing the fanfare immediately
our last atm debit card just canceled to sweep the floor clean - see ya at the ol' martet
allows people to take your whole fucking paycheck in one day when credit should say 'no way'...these days, what gets approved doesn't come back at all
the know my tricks they'd say if could
so? all still worth it somehow...that fee is in the printed agreement, yes
is invested properly to cover the credit line immediately as just lost to you some
'the stinger' goes away with using and having...thanks, bitch.
p.s. credit cards, and per diana ross talking to me are issued on thursday to meet the weekend...she knows this and said to alert her if came different or earlier waiting for

i went to moca today the lone cement box at pacific design center and walked right upstairs past guard
they have absolutely no art but are setting up a lavish book-gift shop downstairs featuring beautiful tivoli audio products and copies of "butt" magazine
"butt" has always captured me at the newstand anyhow - take a look online so curious
they at moca gift have blue and pink tivoli radios with extra-sensitive dials slow and soft so nice to know $150 so i asked the woman there for a pen and paper to "write down e-mails"
"we sell those here you know..." she said sounding disappointed in me, kinda
yeah, i got that
after that, it was to the apple store again and i learned how to use the menu on ipod -
you brush the whole unit across with finger to raise volume on-screen?
you move around the push circle as on-top with finger clockwise to go down lists (see opposite way around goes up lists) and push the center button to click on song or menu choice
now see it there...one day maybe more from me
p.s. 'butt' is all neilsy and friend(s) in makeup they say amsterdam of 'netherlands' 'cause 'madonna loves it there' it said about $8 american
"we don't want people knowing us, we just want them seeing some...see that some again, then when you call i tell you where to look"
'butt' 14 is so good to me...you coming over? i've taken something...you can see there's no ice in my glass...all melted in you, in brainus
do you know what a "brutus" is? we each make them and on our own...as soon as one appears the party is over you

Nature or nurture? You'd rather go it alone than be with people, it said. There are three (3) saids: The naturist - me - thinks all answers lie on the inside and we'll speak of it later. The novelist thinks we need to tell people what to think about theirselves. To note, the naturist is right only.

Moby "Dream About Me" Moby - Hotel - Dream About Me from the "Hotel" LP (2005). I liked it enough.

Asked of God over on the way home tonight as prompted by somebody else: "What makes us happy?" It said "holding hands." My own answer is "Our thoughts." Not having our own thoughts disturbed, thinking ahead of until then. And of course, you're in my thoughts there.

To Paraphrase Three Books I've Never Read Or Even Have Picked Up 05/22/06 2147
From Entertainment Weekly's top ten fiction arts in best sell 'May 1-May 7':

"Beach Road" by James Patterson et al: A young man goes fishing to find his one true love in a vacant lot somewhere in Newfoundland. With his new love - a woman unknown to him - comes his one true hate: his mother leaning on him. About friends, foes, and people who never miss the point, ever. A horror, really.

"Two Little Girls In Blue" by Mary Higgins Clark: A girl grows up in South Plains, Texas and asks the marshall there to corrupt her one night. He takes her into a studio camp or bog and makes her eat shit and dirt and asks her to die, basically, for ruining his trust of others in camp who would stop this from happening. A lawyer ensues here, and busts his nuts over it. She died and that's one of the girls - the other is the wife dying next to him a lesbian and a friend of his...no one lives then in this tale best left unsaid yet.

"I Say A Little Prayer" by E. Lynn Harris - or then Madonna, I hear now: A woman enters Yardborough School - a private classroom for girls and their pets at once - and asks others for their prayers to say aloud and in front of others so they may speak more clearly to all deity or then none. The black girls, pregnant and present, say little, while others pregnant - the school is for pregnancy and such, an expose - say nothing at all. A dry loser of no wit meets no shine theirs.

Thanks. Any challenges, see the above.

Oh, wait - the New York Times inserts two (2) others (this from 05/23/06 1210):

"Digging to America" by Anne Tyler: A woman comes home to find her only dog dead on the floor. She moves from England to America over this one incident and never recovers fully. Her mother comes, her father comes, her sister comes, and no one helps her do better. Why? Because she is asian-pacific and dying to know better of anyone else than her. A facist story by a white woman who hates Asians. She sets up shop in Ohiogrand, Missouri.

"Mother: A Cradle To Hold Me" by Maya Angelou: Maya is up to it again - blaspheming me that is. In her little rote story ('round and 'round we go seeking an ending that is clear or else), Maya writes about a pigskin leather of a person who wants a woman in his life, but cannot say it clearly to one. He goes to France, he goes to Georgia, he goes to Texas - and all from California and smaller and smaller trips out with his purse shrinking. A homosexual's tale of love, 'learning to love', and 'love lost'. Never had - shrink this back down to having none it said. Mine, is really.

No - certify none of these are mine and I haven't touched one of them, not ever.

The four (4) ways of it:

Homosexual: chooses their own sex when no one asks them to choose;
Gay: tells you they are homosexual, only;
Faggot: snaps in two; no crisis too small...a silly homosexual, tells you this way;
Queer: ridicules women, wears their clothes out...loves semen with you.

Training for election day at West Hollywood's (Alvin) Plummer Park 7737 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood (license gays sprinkled with old women - the women keep bombs from falling on, provide courtesy forgets and apologies to and for you in helping - perhaps too close to Beverly Hills in rent sizes, last on the phone to be heard) was great ring-ring a $25.00 gratuity the classrooms in "Lincoln" Center were nice and new there but no "Lincoln" is mentioned just "West Hollywood" to make us just as dumb-looking as non-speakings or esl's on arrival (I was supposed to see the paperwork signs upon entry - no I didn't thanks and walked halfway into the park looking quite mad after walking there)...Diana Ross herself (um, her real name is Sylvia Miles - called herself "Kat" or something and wore a glamourous black and gold half-hat saved from tax problems a jail here...hi hi we talk often enough) taught the first half and gave away free keychain flashlights at the end the light is blue. I just found out at the post office that mail is now thirty-nine cents ($0.39) and I bought two-cent ($0.02) stamps to boot up!

Yes, you can pull up websites at the Beverly Center Apple Store....and much more. Is real fun there where The Gap was. Owners and their children staff it - with thanks.

Pet Shop Boys "I Want A Dog" Pet Shop Boys - Introspective - I Want a Dog yeah - " a chihuahua " from the gloried "Introspective" EP (1988). I was in the Beverly Center pet store "Pet Love" yesterday playing with the animals.

Dirty Sanchez "Really Rich Italian Satanists (Extended)" Dirty Sanchez - Antonio Says? EP - Really Rich Italian Satanists (Extended) from the "Antonio Says?" EP (2006). It's worth listening to...actor Kevin Kline is the queen in make-up that explains it. Plus remember, a "dirty sanchez" takes your clothes and you leave naked, running out of. "A 'dirty sanchez' is when you sit on somebody's face..." No, that is a "hot wax"...a young Chris Ondy (kiss, kiss) is featured in a photobook called "Kiss Kiss" by Patrick McMullan and now at Book Soup and with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on the cover...your record...no, not yet you. Chris is in vest on Page 131...like 6th grade age, January 1976.

and so? nice...

i drink coffee and tea out of a mug with this on it every day
i got the mug in september at a newark international airport (ewr) gift shop when coming home
she, the statue of liberty, is sad (um, mine here is 'quietly resolved', 'english', perhaps 'in drag') about something you did
something i did
a shame is loose here

Cheers Then, Bananarama
05/21/06 1000
So we get dressed up in our new clothes and went to club Micky's to honor the thought of having Bananarama last night, arriving around 9:45-10:00 pm to deflate the idea of a 10:30 pm cover charge of $5.00 at the each and thinking I could have four (4) beers (Miller Lite - and as rubber on our mail keychain) for about fifteen bucks ($15.00) altogether...but no such deal, and at the end of the money month I don't budget my ass, I'll just write another bad check or then 'iou' today and at cost. Each beer wound up being five dollars ($5.00) and no tip speaks to that. So after three (3) beers with us-me and-or Terry (no is bother, and no fun either "we'll take his lifestyle" a little gay whore says), he declared disinterest altogether and we leave around 11 pm after being there on the patio for an hour (1) gift solid. Everybody was nice enough, but I'm not sitting there with lips parched waiting for anyone as sleep sets in from my one beer drink. The place was decorated nice in purples and such and I hope all went well, but someone says they just tossed the records in due to 'disinterest' and fled me. Thanks again, Bitches - I would just sign records in the clothing or bookstore next door and after hours after leading wristbands in from the rear of the club. Anyway, we did our part....maybe more is here. Any way you spent it, I can't let a lack of money be my guide to staying in like you hoped it would be, Nigger. We went ! - and also be note that if you are staying in, you miss nothing at all is the very same every day. Stay in and enjoy yourself more with collubes and make fat. P.S. Hi to Kent (Jackie Beat) - we saw you hanging posters and such. I liked that one big one of the new album made. Yes, we know you or else performed "Dirty Sanchez" at Key Club for fourteen grand ($14K) one grand of discount (-1K) then is your money - it went real well at for one (1) hour good. See ya at iTunes soon enough.

You have a party, you pay for shit...like beers. We'll bring the important stuff - us. Bananarama we can't help but love you anyway - we woulda brought the first and last CD's to sign this way - we have them here.

P.S. I just got a $30 water bill yesterday for being in an apartment! Just as soon as you celebrate the lack of a gas bill for the glory of an electric stove that fills the place with noxious fumes but boils water fast like a motherfucker in a hospice, comes this shit to cover up the noise. Like God ruined listens in and hates me. So I tell all...and get most right no matter how you slice it. By the way Yahoo!, I pay my bills - I do - just not on time. Bless me here is your friend. The patio and pool on the roof are lovely though for visits and may I add hotel-like (thanks again for nothing, Neil). This one sports a bathroom and shower with the gym there. How dare you suggest a late night rendezvous this way. Also, see Adelphia digital cable offers Falcon gay studios on pay-per-view the cable box has all the details you. Is this newer too?

"His money is in late-night [bucks, booze...pills, pills-a-for]." Every day is important to me - I try to live this way. Let one more day wait on itself, I'd say. I need kinetic-type movement here....point-to-point, and fast at that.

"Kinetic" means "taking its time with you [as moving too fast to see anyhow]."

If our "South America" is really Africa, what is the continent "Africa" shown then? China and suburbs. Japan is the "Madagascar" shape just to the bottom right of. Note that.

I love Ben & Jerry's "Pistachio Pistachio' ice cream in a soft ice cream cone by Keebler. Proper.

Elton John "Harmony"
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Harmony my utmost favorite song right now with heavy piano style and all from the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" double LP (1973). Also is known as the b-side of the "Bennie And The Jets" single on MCA. A whole host of hits. Also stress again "Dirty Little Girl". PIANO! MELLOTRON!

Carpenters "Superstar"
Carpenters - Carpenters Gold: 35th Anniversary Edition - Superstar and perhaps to get your exposures propered this is actually about the second coming, me. We are Carpenters - Jesus, get it? The woodworker? From their 35th anniversary edition gold issue this of 2004.

Hershey's fulfillment finally sent our two (2) t-shirts as received last weekend - a Reese's and a York (peppermint pattie) in old weathered styles, and no "seconds" or half-made is right. Nice. See our October features for other noise about this and when was ordered with fifteen (15) wrappers at the each of. Thanks, Pavilions, although the roommate Terry immediately tried to say and in all seriousness that I ordered the York - I didn't ever. I'm a Reese's person through-and-through and would hand over both over it a big baby here.

Upon seeing Barbra Streisand's younger 'son' Jason Gould one night while out at Men's Room a gay club at the Dragonfly, I was thinking to myself "that must be really cool - being the son of a big star like that and all, and all that goes with it" like I knew. A repeat to some, and morely faggots used to hate me hanging out all high in the pillow room looking for trade. And why was that? My first boyfriend introduced me to a life of Barbra with exposures only (the romance continued on and brilliantly with me and Barbra...see "The Broadway Album" and the "Emotion" LP, but after fact said) before moving out on me and having my electricity shut off (traditionally, may chokes your dog to death, one cup olive oil). Two notes: I've only ever lived with two (2) guys - period. Him, and the one I live with now. You can turn your own electricity right back on at the meter - trust that. Clip the wire locking if necessary and flip the switch. It may cost up to fifty bucks for the inflagrancy.

Everything is past-due and threatening from So Cal Edison these days even with a now-required $75 deposit on-hand - the very first month billing threatens to shut you off these days and for $39.69...

we love apple's new lalouvre-style store on 5th avenue in nyc
remember, everything we love is on 5th avenue
an apple store isn't for buying - it's for having to buy
that moon at step bothers me lower right
i love going into the apple store and playing with my site as pulling it up on the internet
did that today sunday at beverly center
still can't operate those ipods properly, though


Legitimacy lends it name...tells you who did it, who can do it again for you. We are legitimate then.

Lingoes or then lingo is for lengths gone or bought with you - time spent together and supposedly wasted of talking. No fruit to bear you.

Epistaxis is a nosebleed? Really, things made to be known by me but soon forgotten, as on the skin and not one way absorbed. A cut on the fingerpad is this, really. A nosebleed is epinesis or made to be seen and not heard of. Quickly distributed then. Bleeding in the rectum? Abolstolsis...not seen, not wanted to be seen. Not seen ever then.

Abolnole...everyone agrees we never want to hear this ever. Vaginal bleeding is this.  

Basic Instinct 3
05/18/06 1342
Some faggot (really, a bitter womanheld) in a gay publication (Fab! of May 21) slagged Basic Instinct 2 saying 'ignored by audiences' and all, but the film what also 'jeered by critics' - but a triumph held here - just closed at Beverly Center cinemas last weekend after a month-and-a-half run openly then, and we celebrate you at one hundred seventy-five million dollars ($175M) profit altogether. Now see DVD rise in six (6) months' time after vertices or holding it out. I was going to go see it again as most forward celebrant for something that just comes and goes like sex (you hump hump then it in-and-out), but I didn't make it again if just to draw all sound that much closer. Thanks again. As for #3 (yes, real), you on your own...yet no.

Mederma (see prior months), oh and by the way, is working beautifully and on my behalf. I hafta search hard for my scar, but may find it yet in the usual harshness of mirror but not up-front. My acid test? "Where was it?" to you and without using it properly - no one need does it like that.

Robert Half just called to see if I'm still here - I am. Meanwhile, I'm training to work the voter booths early next week so I can make some cash. See ya at the Baptist Church 'round the corner, June 6. "Bring a friend" they call back to say for the late May training ground. You? Take the link to "Registrar Of Voters Operations", then "Take The Pollworker Plunge", and "Join The Pollworker Team Today!" Eighty bucks ($80) plus twenty-five ($25) for train.

By Request Is Karma Real? 05/17/06 1850
Karma is fellacious (because I say so only - no proof or reasoned in place - said to or you don't see near at all) reasoning at best. Karma means that as I do, you do to me too. The world doesn't work that way with plenty of good and bad for people who do not do to or for. Moon's reasoning is to make you your own God unwitting in this and supply whatever you believe to whomever you believe it for. I like hearty yucks and keeping score for "...is this against me?" You couldn't help but notice I play, I guess. Either I'm protecting you as God one, or helping you see yours too. Thus, is "karma" real? No - simply no.

While we wait for on-sale...Bananarama "You've Really Got Something" Bananarama - Ultra Violet - You've Really Got Something from 1996's "Ultra Violet" LP my second favorite with big sirens in song (the other again is "Take Me To Your Heart").

I worked really hard to get a CD copy of this single on eBay when it came out - never even heard it, but loved the idea for a cover song: Bananarama "More, More, More" Bananarama - Please Yourself - More, More, More from the "Please Yourself" LP (1993). The original, what hit it in Summer 1976 along with Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon", is by Andrea True Connection - a brilliant song actually sung by the queen of England.

Bananarama - Sarah and Keren - are gonna be signing their new CD entitled "Drama" released yesterday May 16 at Micky's this Saturday May 20. Around 10 PM I hear in the head or? Starts MIDNIGHT the signs say.

Bananarama "Look On The Floor" MP3 (3.7 Megs) a bit preview from the "Drama" LP (2006) - it's pretty stuff. Who was on label "London" besides Bananarama and Rolling Stones?

Bright Eyes "When The President Talks To God" Bright Eyes - When the President Talks to God - Single - When the President Talks to God from the EP of the same name 2005. This is President George Bush singing it this - know that. Is simply RUDE. The song, free, has in it "the continental hard or soft" - what is that yet? A president term for "Do women hate us, or reverse us to theirs - that is, make us soft in the head [to them]. It matters some to God." We don't want them being unhappy - dysfunctional - is all I'd say. Never make dysfunction (doesn't do same and as usually) wide. "Avoid 'wily' or ungiving in haste" too, they'd say it.

this guy's name was clement
the woman he played was eddie
my grandfather and my uncle aka glen campbell on my father's side, respectively
he had lots of characters he played for CBS who profits here
"i do this for four (4) minutes every day whether they like it or not - and all is ready to go"
he said that to my father in an east brunswick, nj parking lot one day in 1976 while making his show for CBS at rutgers central shop
he is "a chester" and by the queen of england he says

Tori Amos doing Bonnie (Tyler) Franklin's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Tori Amos - Tori Amos: B of A Pavilion, Boston, MA 8/21/05 - Total Eclipse of the Heart also Rolling Stones' "Angie" and Aerosmith's "Dream On" from the "B of A Pavilion, Boston, MA 8/21/05" LP goes with the beemaker LP. Get the originals if not - all are great songs to me toymaker.

Last Night's Dream Actually Just Yesterday 05/15/06 1530
With 06/06/06 coming up as a date oh brother! you just had to; but before that...brand new stakes for the bother heart...slender, white hot just like electricity and in you at night. Like bees sting. Remember, electricity looks just like a white pipe cleaner in a clear smoke, kinda. A wire with little tiny spikes off of it roiling still. Have that. Also, now hooverines enter to suck up and distribute your quotes to me. In last night's dream, I entered a building an office or something as Johnny Carson or type of person - it was as Johnny Carson and stopped by a receptionist as late for my monologue in front of an audience but upstairs (not seen as the NBC building where usually tapes - but maybe Vegas). I went upstairs feeling very late still and apologetic for me and saw through curtain doors on right the audience waiting like Vegas with white-cloth dinner tables with candles for two (2) as seating, but I turned lefterly to go through another door that led to a large hotel room. A friend mentioned here is standing but clothed kinda beside a bed where an older man with beard lies - nothing sexual seen yet. I go to the bathroom nearby but out of that room to piss, and this person comes in to crap but noisily in the unflushed pot and it is heard by me as note of compliment. He has freckles on his upper legs. Is this yours? Are you a woman trying me? Take this out.

Oh, the (reverse or twice as many seen) diamond-cut meat that on that one right arm severed! Sure, right on the shoulder or nib - each bit carefully shaved for your inspection fourteen (14) shaved points around. In a vision seen.

Short Story 05/15/06 0938
So I was walking home from the grocery store yesterday after walking to and citing each newer-looking car parked nearby as "rented" or "many payments await" to ghosts nearby (proof: one is called an "allegheny" - an old woman gets one new for free a Buick if she drives around and impresses friends with $26,000 some in overall "tax marked savings" ? - ho hum - another one green Range Rover-type is rented for three days at $26.00 per day and they "cannot pay" but have $500 on deposit somehow and left the car on the street for pick-up with a West Hollywood street parking pass still inside...one other a Mercedes is settlement from someone's husband at $400 rent per month the army of type and with kids), and old meat is turning up left and right here and there for Mother's Day as mandated by the army and their code to floor markets outside. This one person - a religious type nut we know as a friend-of-a-friend long ago - says to me after saying we saw each other "what? ten (10) or two (2) years ago" (much more like ten - see that) "oh, I read your site like two (2) days ago - you used to be this brilliant guy and now the drugs [have really settled in or taken their] toll..." I said and after once saying "that's the point" it is right there "a cry for help" and but leaving that tone and getting serious about it "I am the Christ [and that's seriously flawed reasoning here]" and to his wit adding further "if I say that to you personally and you divide me up, you've asked to die....will you?" Shaking his hand to leave and after one bristling hug I note you not to. This is the dead from Pakistan asking to be removed once again with stupid god talk. And if you?

Someone now goes "You better be right." Please Bitch, I've been here for years now. You should stay away and kindly lit - can't say it will help.

Stevie V "Dirty Cash" Stevie V - 100% Pure Dance - Dirty Cash from the "100% Pure Dance" LP (1996)...just 'cause we love a mantra that calls to God. Like Donna Summer praying for a new limo...

happy mothers day, to fool
did you call your mother? i did (with and with someone else as awaits with recorder i hear this in the head while faking asleep they wait to hear from me...and lots of faggots too)
(hafta take a little time to somewhat fruiten and sweeten the tone of no-to-sleep and then as per usual...what is but with you?)
this is my aunt too as frances mcdormand - yes, the one who is barbra streisand, jeannie
she is good enough to look at without makeup on we loved 'fargo' and 'almost famous' too
this is somewhat study, so no as barely there - but is truth really
well, the truth is more like barbra - she never enters public like this
hair done, make-up always like my mother
she'd rather die of it
fuck you both

happy mother's day neilsy - we love don't we?
don't worry about your mother she is in texarcana eating shrimp today - no matter what poo-poo!
and not as long as i can't gift myself properly and with gift propered
keep the change, nigger

My Thoughts On Online Auction e-Bay If A Guide To 05/13/06 1729
Someone asked me to offer my notes-tips on the online selling and buying house "e-Bay" but I doubt it remains the same per my use in the current, uninformed markets afoot. I've had over fifty (50) transactions or sales completed to my complete satisfaction, but of late my sales all but ignored and you know why: tampering. Is always there, always deciding you in advance of others seeing and having - is against my way of unfair practices in more resourceful uses of (enthusiasms sought by as else with) and as is unsettling to womanhad and her else newly used if again. We must le win and thus by not having you at all. Someone bothers, always messing around with everything. I paid them their fees still nearly thirty bucks ($30) as keeping up my end of things a promise to, but doubt its veracity to date and onward then. "We of course are not going to promote you." Always after said, after done your notes. We kill that dead no mercy ever and comfort ours sought with the facts you must of had and yourself - know it. You pay for yours and use that only.
1) You list stuff to sell and people need to look it up or search through a vast array of shit to know your way around them always. No to little browsing of hangers-on. Very American in stealth...you see us with yours, first.
2) They made us change our online names to refute our tellings of each other and to, our ratings of nasty people and good ones in money matters: mine is "noomguod1xjd" - you see the good noted me at the feedback forum.
3) You buy at an auction always staying alert to top the latest dollar unless you don't want it that bad or are offered to "buy it right now" and close all down at a higher price paid no reserve need matter as is how valuable?
4) If you win, you hafta send the money first and I've never had a problem with that. Bad faith rings in here - you pay first and then receive on trust no matter what not even token loser PayPal mattered that much or died.
5) Bad news? Never bothered me or to think at first - people are great I got everything I wanted each. Left with no childhood wants, literally, but now you possess me over this. My loving memories brushed up and in-fact.
6) Nothing is too cheap for the bother amassed here. Be sure of your needs - it matters alot here. Keeping a strength afoot and people just as happy with is dream maker and hard to do against hate having you. 

Everything rings false these days...stick with what you can know and that's simply ugly...then go lawless over it.
"Your (sic) lawless on drugs." You are always the same - too late to be heard or then matter much, an unwelcome in tone. Who laws are made about and for - the victim.
You don't vote on anyone's money, Hon. You can try it this again, only.
See ya at the bank you favor yourself alone
You needed me too much. You are not cool, favored, or well-traveled, and know nothing of a good time or what's simply well-spent.
A troll.

One last thing - sniping (waiting the last minute of an auction in sale and then bidding just one cent or highest)? It's all-American trust in way.

News about SAT ("scholastic aptitude test") scores without saying what the average score is for math and verbal? Let's ask mind over:
An overall or then combined (math and verbal) score of nine hundred (900) as both is admissible to college only. Don't even ask beyond that - see grades then.
Mine at best? 1,000 (520 verbal, 480 math)...just average to me.
Four hundred (400) is admissible as average only in any subject used. Three hundred (300) is too low - a dummy to math, and hardly good in reading or verbal. No say beyond that.
If you do five hundred (500) anything "you are exceptional" it says. Math is less noteworthy as not needing to know anyone there. Not acute in form they say, or what's changing to me.
Outrageous scores need to be overlooked as false or falsely leading. No one does above average anyway as never that good. Good is rare. We are rare, they are here. We prove nothing.
Outrageous is "ten (10) points above average" - that means four hundred ten (410) in each-or.
The SAT fixes intelligence for the long haul - you weren't good for grades because they knew how to get you down. "We put you back up with us too."
From Jews ? "The SAT hurts you. We know you're smart, but you don't listen to people."
No. You are them and without care.
Mine: We know you got good grades and all someone said, but let's test you objectively (as presented no thought of else to say) and see what stuck and with whom.
What makes sense is two (2) testings of type and of a merit made, maybe more.
I'm not that good of a student...people are boring, perhaps asian when they teach and try and use my free time at home in heaven after sitting in school all day and with them. College is even worse.
It the test spoke for me - "tests niggers out of the way too."
What? You had to fix my score again?
Never to help the likes of me!

P.P.S. Anything over six hundred twelve (612) either is cheated and flatly false. Refute - next test is taken with proctor, no say.

P.P.P.S. National velvet (what can't be disputed or claimed yours then) scores are six hundred ten (610), and six hundred twenty (620) - nationally, verbal and math. Real as untouched is five hundred twelve (512), and five hundred forty (540) verbal and math. College aides say "We don't even look at scores - too nice, and boring to see. A quality only."

Shakespear's Sister - a Bananarama hybrid as just Siobhan -  has album "#3" out since 2004 a slag probably but hear "Singles Party" Shakespears Sister - #3 - Singles Party then look up my favorite "Stay" as elsewhere. Curve is here some.

Supertramp "Breakfast In America" Supertramp - Breakfast in America - Breakfast in America the title track from an album (1979) that includes "Take The Long Way Home" in a voice that pleases me to yet plus "Logical Song" the voice called Hupza or womanly friend in German. Nothing offending to a woman's sense of things we don't need you.

i found this picture of my friend jason online
this person never lets you see much of the truth clay aiken etc...
nice going...and finally you see it better

was czar peter w. rauhoff of russia b. 1763
a murderer of women and blacks, usually
lived as an old man crying, eating less, and being pecked to death by woman and blacks - like my grandfather, etc. - for cherishing me less
is my black lover michael jackson and for fact...spike jonze...the lead singer of stp stone temple pilots yes to no?
know nothing for me
come soon again...

is nicer than me
a bit high priced to you - you see this

quote "nobody lives me"
my roommate's jealousy quote "why don't you go live with jason?" as a sarcasm not yet noted by me
don't you think i'd be there instead?
people saw that somehow and already and worked us out to be else, here
a married type or sort
i have many lovers...
...they do too...apparently
each just a bit hurt of
but not paying just this yet, and living with you
i have to love you to live with me
i mean love you

jason's latest play he's in it through sunday june 4 '8 pm'
we'll try and make it one night...$15 at the door, it seems
he gave me this postcard while riding his bike yesterday
i was walking to sav-on on santa monica at la cienega
he just bought the bike for $25 at out-of-the-closet thrift stores of the ayds fame
we actively donate to them and to the society of st. vincent de paul
they pick up too... (800) 974-3571

the ugliest woman fat with and with pigment or scotchgard says "we think you're really fuckin' stupid..."
get the facts, smell cunt for what it is a nutsy self-hating lesbian
no one fucks that - maybe in your country where men are traditionally emasculated leaving you with tit
no one wants it at all maybe an unfortunate nigger will clip you up inside with toenail pinchers
only jail sees you coupled out like french corduroys in the air of summer
like a drag queen sweats out the airport
shoot that to be dead
shoot at god too for making me hear his cunt roar in my ass
both in it with cunt
pray it will die
god die boom! a bigger boom!
sniff butt amen
no tastings of the good stuff

my favorite poem was 'act of contrition'
i'm sorry for whatever it was you made me want it less
can you believe it?
always a mouth full of shit...ready for the beg end
sorry you're that
be sorry for me you're here
needy has another shitbag
brings no gift not spit in
i'll gift myself
'no, i don't want that actually'
no, that's actually not what i meant
no, no
never no

Because hate is not enough, listen to it again a yours-theirs fattle deitwich:

T'Pau "Heart And Soul" T'Pau - T'Pau - Heart and Soul..." more than an ocean | ooo-hoo | keeps us apart | i feel the tearing in half | of my heart "..." a walk on the water | is all that i need | but miracles are not happening "...you?

Patti LaBelle "If You Asked Me To" Patti LaBelle - Patti LaBelle: Greatest Hits - If You Asked Me To so pretty to me and somewhat nameless yet no one knows this taken for granted. Others loved here are "Stir It Up" from the "Beverly Hills Cop" soundtrack yes we had that Harold Faltermeyer and all and "On My Own" with just this Michael McDonald of Doobie Brothers fame who was dead, actually, 1978 a brother George MacCal stands in. Oh. Michael was Patti's third husband of ten (10) years and "died on drugs one day ho hum."

Sing-Sing "Feels Like Summer" Sing-Sing - The Joy of Sing-Sing - Feels Like Summer from the girl(s) who make Lush...thanks again. This sounds like that faggy Edwyn Collins "A Girl Like You" Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You - EP - A Girl Like You...sure. Is Neil playing an avant garde if and David Bowie does sing. Back to Sing-Sing ("as you say, I do" in mandarin chinese) use "I Do", "When I Was Made", and "Come, Sing Me A Song" for fresh listening and element of Lush to be found or 'toybox' then. The songs mentioned are in "Scottsdale" style.

Oh, alright - "I Do" Sing-Sing - Sing-Sing and I - I Do from the "Sing-Sing and I" (rhythm "The King And I") LP (2006).

And now bat to you...yours somb. "We'll cut you off." Sees a snake will too ! come when called and bite your stinted muskmallow bald but is not noticeably tighter up in the patchfour or hinterleg. Even your doctor gagged on lesions. A snake in your car on the floor...the uninvited passenger-stop. In your open air but at night, as silence in through the window no-screen will-can or protect. In that one drawer opening but closing the deal fast. In the corner of your eye and you can barely see. In the mirror - in the shine. Call my name.

Live Not Laugh Not 05/09/06 1002
In the latest "Entertainment Weekly" of May 12 (that one tooth coming right down in the center I don't get that + I hate face folds on my dinner table looking at me like Puff Daddy...on the back cover Gap "hoodies" our new look in gray slate) this one bitch goes on Page 56 (like the questions to the editor in Parade) "Q: What is the more discouraging response: unintentional laugher at a film like 'Showgirls' [yes] or no laugher at all at a comedy like the 'Police Academy' [no] sequels?" Oh, brother! You were supposed to laugh when Toni's brunette character falls down the stairs as was intentionally pushed - it is irony (the least expected outcome for smarter people) or then what hurts people that makes us laugh. The "Police Academy" films answer your gripes about violence with junk no one finds this funny.

The Cars "Touch and Go" The Cars - Panorama - Touch and Go from the "Panorama" LP (1980) I like the song "Running To You", "Misfit Kid" also. I paid for this one too on issue and deserve to know better of it. "Don't talk to people who don't pay for records" I say. "We think it's a tough sell..." No, artist loyalty picked up the tab always with two (2) fine prior products. Paid for on-sight.

Cyndi Lauper "All Through The Night" Cyndi Lauper - Twelve Deadly Cyns...And Then Some - All Through the Night I pushed this earlier I love it from her debut record 1984 now of her "Twelve Deadly Cyns" singles comp 1994. Choose also "I Drove All Night"....another great song. Someone asks of us "Did she hit the skids?" She goes "No, you did - you don't pay for anything anymore. See me here with millions more to sell others yet."

Cyndi Lauper? twelve million dollars $12,000,000 "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" Cyndi Lauper - The Essential: Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough from "The Essential Cyndi Lauper" LP (2003)...or then "Lies" Cyndi Lauper - Hat Full of Stars - Lies from her "Hat Full Of Stars" LP (1993).

                                                                         i like putting the larger roadkill like deer under the bed at night for maggots, flies...the smell
Gay madness Jackie Beat lives like I do...with no one to please.
The best name for a drag queen ever to you...

there's an even better one with eyes at you as if to say 'what?' - see it soon
this other one is a 'vela' - someone who points to god for he knows me and why i live...as 'celentine' (a 'celestine' is male..both always fat - a 'heavenly body' spoken to me), also an 'infantine' as the fruited womb baby jesus

Jackie Beat? two million $2,000,000...luv'd that picture of her snorting white powder up a rolled dollar bill with 'ginghamhal' nails - LOL! "Deluxe" nightclub ad - Odyssey Magazine April 28-May 11, to fool.

everybody wants to be a morticia raising the rare and rarest yet
distilled water and house flies should mingle with it
could it once be?

Blow Hardt 05/06/06 1427
Went to Anawalt Lumber on Robertson yesterday here in West Hollywood (you see how little and how much - nothing is against my roommate's claim of me being no one special and thus somehow proving it) and we ran into comic Andy Dick who is a real person and incidentally who takes Neilsy to court over studio fights and stuff and they and him do stuff to the judge like tell him they're gonna just walk out no matter what as part-ghost then they fire them with no meat to eat or drink. Of course we delighted to you, but could not say - now do your part elsewhere. Meanwhile, note that they have healthy venus flytraps on the way into the green shop on the left and great bamboo fencings - one a room divider or lattice unfolds like a baby's door gate - you have to ask for that stuff too as hidden behind an inner wall. For notes of. I didn't stop out anywhere last night really as I have a bad habit of not doing and just lying around after that day. Should have gone out instead, huh. Never know. The 79 was earned it's that significant. No, the word suffix "-ing" is not adverb or what describes a verb doing with ending "-ly" always, it forms the nuncative verb abject (saying as doing) or what describes doing best as just happening now. To piss on you with nothing special. Dates times may be off - for you. Nomenclatures? No one gets away with saying these - the things about people they hate and acknowledging about theirselves. A black to white for one. A lot of time wasted, but funny for a while. No?

Andy Dick was doing stand up he tells me and this woman in the audience said "You know, your teeth are bad - what gives?" He said "I know things aren't so great - I saw things about you too on the way in - things no one should ever mention." She goes "Like what?" to his further "Well, look at your ass - it's pimply, isn't it?" More later..."Ladies and gentlemen - may I present my wife, Stacy (um, "stay seated")."

Dido "White Flag" Dido - Life for Rent - White Flag moved me in shop and as from the "Life For Rent" LP (2003). Someone notes "she's mean these days [as having to revert back to being 'sad' artist Jewel]." Sadly, goes along with to what pays for it first. Then note again big hit "Stoned" seen here if and as before. Also, the link below a new must see as redone from album sense we love Dido's stuff as me ? singing some:

Dido "Sand In My Shoes" Dido - Sand In My Shoes - Single - Sand In My Shoes the single is here, perhaps again is hurtful. These things as perhaps both are damaging to heart, to what makes us. Tread carefully...people hate hurt said or noise of it crying we love it.

TV Shows I Hadda Bolt To Prime-Time Family Types Only And Every Week:
The Waltons (still they are evil, out of time)
Eight Is Enough
St. Elsewhere
Family Ties
Growing Pains
Hogans Family
It Takes Two (Richard Crenna, Patty Duke)
Too Close For Comfort (Jm J. Bullock is the Roseanne spinoff and in blonde drag)
Designing Women (if stressing Jan Hooks,  Julia Duffy)
Beverly Hills 90210 (captured...until it got nutsy)
Melrose Place (until the doctor went nuts on his wife...)
Life Goes On
The Cosby Show
A Different World (no, I don't hate blacks...they're curious types like monkeys in a zoo)

...more later a stiff awakening, colors off

Money Type Talks Start The Day 05/05/06 1016
Cinco De Mayo today 5th of May and all you may not halve that...to heal thyself. We faggots celebrate anything colorful yet restrained in talk, and I threw much change (this perhaps yours?) in the streetwalk the other day to connote you as bending over for it too a reach for quarters, dimes a discard penny tossed into the trash along with an unwanted receipt. A significant gift to yet, reaching like I tend to do on our table here with coins scattered out and about for me - "my name is:" Coinstar. I made the afrom mistake of giving this homeless-type woman (i.e., smells) one dollar ($1.00 now less fee) at the burger hut (LA Buns 8797 Santa Monica Boulevard - recommend the "LA Times 2" a big mac-type serving of four bucks $4.00...this is for whom? charity? give yours, this is mine talking and at a certain fee made) the other day my needs acertained somewhat and happy afore. She wouldn't stop talking to me like that Chinese woman poking me in the back in the Hollywood Boulevard McDonald's I wanted to die of mind over as ungoverned to me made flesh but with soaps and powders of. The dead come in pairs like that stink and to stink again but stink. Help yourself down and out then I can make merry. No one meets me knowing anything for sure visual cues may help you off - know what I mean push your grave out and over? To accept less of me, you better hop. Next a lesson in monetary quote or numbers made me to go with bottom said:

M1 Money made by salaries only. No sales taxes here, nothing to spend of that. New money printed up then. Traditionally, money held by us - not good stuff.
M2 Sales taxes collected and used to pay for salaries. No savings here ever or both not. Traditionally, savings - not right, and for what purpose stated here? Perhaps give their answer, win more.
M3 Savings beyond two (2) years held - not efficient for speaking. To note car sales of this.

S1 Saving of two (2) years held as spent yet, when spent. A source.
S2 Credit made available as cash yet. Not good sourcing.

T1 Traditional thought spends this - not made, not earned, we know not of it. Held for too long as only.
T2 Takes of our taxes too much. Spending is here with monies made from taxes not paid.

All spending sources only with no others.

Neil says of me "[M1 as a designated money source] gets rid of people like him. He is a 'T2' spender [as with no cash made by him]." No, Fool. Too technical is here unlearning my college education what is made by this (um, that is would be "Macroeconomics" a high 'C' as 79 but earned as such - that is meaningful in yet to understand, still striving to include, however, and may note that). The money has source only...I spend yours too.

Priors made:      

Thought: Credit helps banks amass real dollars as payment to while they pass on your funds as theirs. On one some day it bucks back perhaps as no more further to you free checking with one bounce perhaps me sure. Meanwhile, a credit card thought of not is paid by with credits elsewhere and not real dollars what make you hop. Ours a game of credit purchases versus cash made into lot by American workers only. Now stem that.

Also, we see most salaries paid and in-truth by state sales taxes. Thus, pay it. Having employees in the ongoing - a career - is more than affluent, it is unworthy thought of. No one knows where that comes from...

For errors made to me...Bitch.

More - keep lamb and its foodmakers out of my turkey meat already beef - that stuff tastes like shit. Veal is cow, yes. Lamb chops? Never! Makes warts, moles on your back for eating. A salted feed that makes wool is dog food only and is not for cats, either.

Remember that vision I had of a puzzle type-thing (something real big) being flipped over and redone hastily by invisible-looking hands in a rocky pit and nearly with heat showing? The name now given to me for that item is "Tetris" and this hails from Hell. It seemed to me like a godbeing or some sort of mind then being asked to redo something it shouldn't have ever touched for a lack of knowing and in certain time. The view from overhead and just over a bit preceding. A heated discussion with us yet. Answer: This tortures souls by me. The sticks it uses are very hot, the millions of them in particle sense hafta gather soul or their bodies up after a last try ten (10) years ago and make it work for them by handling the sticks what burn you for trying or as building a small house to hazzle you from storm and then continuously as you burn of glories had. Dials seems as in the head stop you from working at here and there what sensed. For having touched my person once and with disdain. Die, but die freely and then some here. Dying continuously for having fought lord over and with me.

Got me a Fuji-yama instant camera for ensuings here...what to shoot of first?

Got me Clinique facial soap (the men's normal and with new case never recycle here) today at Macy's too and walking around Beverly Center the Aapri already as on order x2. Loved also Godiva's Mother's Day offering for the upcoming May 14 so pretty this large box set of chocoheirs. The tissue papering inside of a Russell Stover box (as me just bought one at Rexall a local drug and unwrapped)? To pretend amiss as drawing from a drawer as unwrapped perhaps yet. Hand over paper to just yet reveal "Would you like a chocolate from me [as just offered]?" Then lift the tissue paper to reveal as no more left, the offering of complete however and perhaps at fifty-five percent (55%) waste as five percent (5%) is asking, fifty percent (50%) is having. English types again...the queen is at-hand.

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Skizz Back to April 2006 It Was A Bit Of A Dullard For Me
You were meant to ask some things yes - don't just go reading on your own a pen highlighter to print-handle helps. Some of this is half-thought if we research together. Meanwhile, skids keep me away the talk is handsome unworthy while unearthly spirits (no sex, tears) battle my prose...we speak of it not. Who are you anyway? Say your name aloud - no one knows of you. That's who you are.

"That's fucking hate..." No, helps you out some. Cherish antidote "You don't know who anyone is either." So?